Day 037: Cold Welcome
Summary: Britt's first visit to Camp Jaha doesn't go quite as well as she hoped, but Fiona helps her out of a jam.
Date: 7/5/16
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Fiona Britt 

The Row

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

Day 37

Having missed the big entrance yesterday while she was out hunting for the Trikru delegation's dinner, Britt finally allowed curiosity to get the better of her. Her exploration of the Sky Camp was met with a mix of curious, frightened and baleful looks which unfortunately now seem to have escalated into something more. She stands in the road near some living quarters, her path blocked by a swarthy Arker man who's a good foot taller than her. The words he hisses are too quiet to be heard from any distance, but judging from the way his face twists in rage, they sure aren't friendly. A teenager flanks him - one of the surviving Delinquents, who looks equally pissed off.

Britt, for her part, looks from one to the other with a neutral wariness. Her face has seen better days, the left cheek sporting a swollen, seared gash. There's a second slash by her ear. Keeping her hands loosely by her sides, she makes no threatening gestures but snaps, "I understand your anger, but you really need to back off." The before someone gets hurt is implied in her steely glare.

Fiona has been doing her job. Which shockingly doesn't involve fetching coffee and copying paperwork. She's actually making the rounds, checking in with Trikru and making sure they are reasonably comfortable. And of course, that no one is starting any fights. So it's likely fortuitous that she's made her way to the Row, and quite promptly notices the little altercation that seems to be a-brewin'. "Britt!" she calls out, lifting a hand in greeting.

Britt hears Fiona's familiar voice calling her name, and her eyes flick over that way. There's a brief nod of acknowledgement, but her attention for the most part remains fixed on the men in front of her.

"Understand? Understand?" The taller Arker's hissed voice grows louder even as his face grows redder. "You fuckers killed my daughter!" And then the fight isn't just a-brewing, it's on. The tall Arker lunges in, grabbing Britt's shirt and drawing his fist back. Britt has two daggers on her belt, but doesn't reach for them. Instead she steps into the guy, leveraging his momentum into a takedown. She's only out to subdue, not to hurt him, but the Delinquent who was with him seems to have other ideas. The young man produces a makeshift shank from his pocket and comes at the archer from the side.

"Hey!" Fiona darts forward toward the Delinquent, meaning to distract him from his swipe. Hollering at the top of her lungs, "Guard! Guard!!" She tries to push her fellow member of The 100 off his balance. Not that she's a combatant by any measure.

Controlling the older Arker's arm, Britt sends him sprawling into the dirt. "Stay down," she warns, but doesn't let her attention linger on him. The Delinquent is duly distracted by Fiona's shout, stumbling a step when she shoves him. "What the fuck, Fiona?" he snarls at her, unable to believe she's taking the Grounder's side. The stumble takes him right into Britt's path, ruining his intended attack. He tries to slash anyway, but she sidesteps neatly and catches his hand. A sharp elbow strike to his wrist causes him to howl in pain and drop the knife.

A Guard does hear the shout and starts running their way, but he's still some distance back. A flick of his wrist brings out his stun stick.

Fiona has been shy of swinging her new title around…until now. She's an acknowledged member of Kane's council, and she has every reason in her mind to think that what she's about to do is a perfectly reasonable request. "Guard, detain these two citizens for attacking one of our guests." She looks back at the Delinquent. "Have you forgotten what the folks from Coesbur did for us?" she retorts. "You know damn well that more conflict is the last thing we need. You're not looking in the right direction. Go sit in the brig and cool off."

The elder Arker doesn't heed Britt's advice. With a snarl, he's scrambling back to his feet, coming up swinging. Tied up with the Delinquent, Britt isn't able to dodge as well as she might have. The punch is only a light blow, but it's to Britt's still-injured cheek. Letting out a sharp cry, she staggers sideways a step before losing her balance and falling to her knees. She just sits there for the moment, looking dazed.

When the Guard comes up, there's a moment where it looks like he might be angling for Britt with the stun stick. Surely the Grounder started all this, right? No? Fiona's orders stop him in mid-stride with a very confused look on his face. But he does nod and shift his attention to the two offenders, prepared to stun them if they resist.

The elder Arker doesn't resist, but does turn his glare on Fiona. "What they did for us? They murdered my little girl, that's what they did! And she was one of them!" The Delinquent nods his agreement, then complains, "I think the bitch broke my wrist." He clutches at it, wincing.

"We have no proof of that." Fiona says to the older Arker. "And we have every reason to believe that the Mountain, who is holding our people, would be invested in keeping us from working together. What happened to Beatrice and the others was horrible…but if it was Grounders, the steheda will act accordingly." Fiona doesn't believe it to be true, and she goes to kneel down next to Britt. To the Delinquent, she adds, "Try thinking before you go pulling a shiv on a Trikru warrior. You can see medical after the Guard processes you for assaulting one of our guests." She looks at the Guard expectantly to do his job.

(Editor's note: There was a bit of IC confusion here - Fiona thought the guy was the father of Beatrice, one of the Guards murdered and strung up outside of Camp Jaha. In fact he was the father of a Delinquent who was killed at the dropship battle. Just a little mistaken identity.)

"Proof? He saw her." The elder Arker gestures toward the Delinquent, whose accusations apparently started the whole snafu. Whatever the truth actually is, this man is convinced that his girl was killed during the Grounder attack on the dropship camp.

"OK, that's enough," the Guard cuts off the other man's protests, gesturing him towards the central area for processing. "You can tell us all about it in the brig. Let's go." With a fair bit of grumbling and a shit ton of glaring, the two offenders are ushered off in that direction.

When Fiona kneels down next to Britt, she can hear the Grounder mumble, "<In Trigedasleng> Fucking lucky that's all I broke." She groans softly, holding a hand to her face, and still makes no move to get up. Maybe once the world stops spinning.

"Ugh. Britt, I'm sorry." Fiona says, kneeling in front of the woman. "Do you want me to get someone from medical to look at you?" Pressing her lips, she tilts her head back and up toward Alpha Station, as if determining if she has the weight to bring Britt inside.

Britt shakes her head, but judging by the way she winces that wasn't a great idea. "No, thank you." The idea of ending up in the Arker's care spurs the warrior to suck it up and get to her feet. She does so, but then immediately sways to the side like a drunken sailor. Her hand reaches out for the closet thing to steady herself - in this case Fiona.

"Whoa." Fiona says, doing her best to wrap her arms around the taller woman's torso. "Then is there a healer in the delegation I can take you to? It seems like you may have hit your head. Don't waste my time telling me you're fine, you're not fine."

"Arlin," Britt answers immediately. She's not too proud to accept Fiona's help in keeping her balance, because no - clearly the archer is not entirely fine at the moment. "If you could just help me out to the camp…" She looks back and forth, as if trying to reorient herself to which way that is. "I'm sorry for that," she mumbles. "I should've known coming here was a bad idea."

"It's not your fault." Fiona says tersely. "There's going to be tension. And those two are going to be punished for assaulting you." Which is not a pleasant prospect but Fiona pushes that aside for the moment as she begins to guide Britt back to the camp.

Britt's gait is wobbly at first, and she leans heavily on the younger woman. But after a few dozen steps, her head starts to clear and she walks more steadily. She still holds on, though, in case the dizziness returns. "The old one shouldn't be," her voice is soft, but there's a noticeable tension in it. "For all I know I did kill his daughter." She sighs, and mumbles. "<In Trigedasleng> Blood must have blood."

"There are rules, Britt." Fiona says. "And while your people are visiting us, you are subject to them. That's what Oxfor agreed to. Come on," she smiles faintly, encouragingly to the woman. "It'll be okay. Not much further."

"Yeah," Britt agrees softly, even if it doesn't quite sit right with her. She tries to ignore the odd and in some cases hostile looks they're getting on the way back out. "I never got a chance to tell you - good work with the kruheda. You saved a lot of lives that day." It's a somber compliment, but a sincere one.

"You helped me more than you know." Fiona replies as she determinedly continues to usher Britt to the Trikru camp. "Which way is his tent, do you know?" she asks, trying to keep Britt focused.

Britt gives a non-committal mmm to the first reply, not entirely convinced on that point. As they come within sight of the Trikru camp, she pats Fiona's arm gratefully and lets go. Despite the wince on her face, she stands up a bit straighter. "No need to advertise the trouble." She figures word will spread fast enough on its own without everyone seeing her stagger into camp. "Thank you. We're over this way." She gestures to an area on the far side of the camp, closest to the woods. There's no tent there, but there is a campfire and some stuff around it.

Fiona keeps her arm around Britt's waist casually until they reach what she assumes is Arlin's campsite. "You going to be okay?" she asks. "Do you want me to sit with you until he gets here?" she asks in concern. She braces in preparation to assist the older woman to sit down by the fire.

The women get a few curious looks as they enter the camp, but Britt does her best 'fly casual' act and manages to make it to the campfire without falling over. "I'll be all right," she assures Fiona as she eases down to sit on the ground. "Just taken a few too many knocks to the head lately." There's a faint grimace, and she rubs her temple for a moment. "You can sit if you like, though. We haven't had much chance to talk." Her pack, with the bow and quivver tucked carefully underneath it, is also near the campfire. She drags it over to her and starts rummaging around in it for something.

Fiona moves to take a seat as invited, leaning her forearms on her thighs. "Are we going to be able to have a coherent conversation?" Fiona teases gently. "You took a pretty bad knock to your noggin." Considering a moment, she inquires, "<In Trigedasleng> Want to talk in Tree-speak? Might be easier, and I need to practice."

(Editor’s Note: Everything after this point is in Trigedasleng unless otherwise noted.)

"I suppose we'll find out," Britt remarks with a wry smirk, making no promises of a coherent conversation. She frowns agreement to the assessment of her banged-up head. "This was a bad one." She gestures vaguely toward the gash on her cheek. "The healer thinks the bone may be cracked." Which would probably explain why a second hit there felled her so easily. "But I'll live. How are you? Are you happy to be with your Sky Camp?" In the pack, she takes out some kind of plant root.

"How do you heal that? A cracked bone? We have ways to fix that." Fiona seems to be asking about the Trikru medical technique, but it's probably a better question for Arlin. "I am happy to be with my parents."

Britt tilts her head curiously to the medical question. "Our healers can mend an arm or a leg with a splint. You have a way to fix a head?" Color the archer intrigued, if a bit dubious. "I am glad you have your parents, though," Britt says, sincerely. She speaks more slowly and with simpler phrasing to help the younger woman practice. "Do they know what you have done for your people? I'm sure they must be proud."

Fiona smiles at that, beaming when Britt speaks of her parents. "They know. They have always been proud of me. Scared for me, but proud of me. My father wants to see Tondc. He says there is a great man in the past who spoke there in the city. He wants to see where the man spoke." As to the medical question, "There is a way to see under your skin to see if the bone is broken. And ways to help it heal faster. I don't know how it works, I am not a healer. But I know of it." She looks around the little campsite curiously. "Are you friends with Arlin?"

Britt starts to nod, then thinks better of it and halts the motion with a wince. "Well. If the truce holds, perhaps they can visit. Right now, I would not advise it. You've heard what happened to Coesbur, I assume?" Her mouth tightens into a grim line there. Hearing of the medical treatment, she mmms. "That is interesting. For now I have only this - helps with the pain, and the swelling." She holds up the root for a second and then bites off a little bit of it. From her expression, it isn't the most appetizing medicine. "Yes, we're friends. He's saved my life more times than I can count. Why?"

Fiona leans over to look at the root. "I could see if our healers would be willing to give medicine to take away pain." she offers. That wouldn't involve Britt coming inside, and would give her a chance to show how useful Skaikru can be. She admits, "I met him. He has much anger. You have control."

Britt looks hesitant at the offer, but then gives the tiniest of nods. "I would be grateful, but do not put yourself out on my account. I've had worse." Her mouth twists in a little smirk at the description of Arlin. "He has many reasons to be angry. Your people ignored his warnings, defied the Mountain, and now his village is destroyed."

"We didn't defy the Mountain. We never made an agreement with the Mountain." Fiona points out reasonably. "One of your people…Benning? Says we took away peace. But living with the threat over your heads, that is not peace." There's a tilt of her head. "And the Mountain took our people. They won't give them back."

"The Mountain Men don't make agreements. Only demands," Britt says simply, taking another bite of the root. She washes it down with water from a canteen, and then holds out the canteen in offer to Fiona. "Benning is young enough to believe such things. But peace is nothing but the time between wars. It doesn't last." Teeeensy bit jaded there. The mention of her people gets a surprised look, then another tiny headshake. "I am sorry for your people. No one ever returns from the Mountain."

Fiona adds belatedly, "I heard about Coesbur too. I am very sorry." There's a faint smile then, and just for one word, she switches to English. "Maybe." She leaves it at that. "We will get our people back."

Britt forgets not to nod, and ends up putting a hand to her temple to rub it, closing her eyes for a moment. "Thank you. It was not my village, so I did not lose as much as some of the others. They have reasons to be angry." She snorts softly at Fiona's latter comment. "Good luck with that. You will not get close to that place alive."

"We know they have defenses." Fiona says. "But a month ago, I'm sure you did not believe that people could fall from the sky." There's the faintest of grins at that.

Britt makes a 'give you that' motion with her hand, granting Fi's point. She sighs softly. "My uncle was a warrior. He told me the stories of the last time Trikru went against the Mountain. We had guns then, too. Far more warriors than you have here. And none returned. Not a one. It's a fool's errand." And then her face hardens, though her voice remains entirely calm. "And what is the price for your attempt? You've already seen what the Mountain does when their terms are ignored. How many more of our villages must pay the price for your war? Will it matter more to you if the next time it's still filled with people?"

Fiona does not immediately reply to that. Instead, she visibly thinks about the answer before replying. "I think that is something Kane speaks to Oxfor about." she says after a moment. "But it does not matter less now. I think that the Mountain does not strike to show its power now. I think the Mountain strikes because it is afraid of what would happen if our peoples decided to help each other."

Britt lets out another soft sigh. "Yes, well, that will be for the kruheda and the heda to decide. I will follow them, whatever they decide." As she probably already proved with the dropship battle. Changing the subject to something less touchy, she asks, "Have you seen Tuan?"

Fiona's skin is a shade too dark for a full on blush, but there's definitely a sudden rosy cast to her cheeks as she looks down. "Yes. Yes, I've seen him. He's met my parents. I also met Starling and Benning. Starling assured me she hadn't slept with him, and Benning informed me he that he," she pauses, frowning a moment and tries to figure out the words in Tridegasleng. "…was her first? I think they were testing me."

Britt arches an eyebrow at the talk about the Trikru girls, the tiniest smirk touching her lips. "Well, I do not know Tuan well. But whoever he dallied with before, he must care for you a great deal to risk what he did." She chews the last bit of root, and washes it down once more with the canteen.

Fiona lets out a little laugh. "Yes." she agrees immediately. "We care about each other. We met in Coesbur. Under the apple trees. He was trying to decide what to do about Skaikru. We talked. He's got a beautiful soul." And let's be honest, the rest of him isn't bad, either.

"He has a good heart," Britt agrees. Tuan is entirely too young for her to comment about the rest of him. She stretches out her leg a bit, tilting her head to regard Fiona curiously for a moment. "Is he your first?" she asks nosily, a the smirk lingering.

Fiona's gaze casts skyward, "Yes." She looks back at Britt askance, feeling compelled to add, "But I wasn't," Another pause, and she switches to English, "I wasn't ignorant or anything, there's a lot you can do just shy of intercourse." There's a shrug, she leaves it at that. "We know we have to take time to really know each other. And there's all of this." She makes a vague gesture around them.

"Well," Britt observes with bland amusement. "I suppose some things aren't so different between our people. It is a challenge, making love work amid war and crisis."

"Sometimes when things are hard, in a way it is easier. It's when things are calm, and life is safe, that is the challenge." Fiona isn't quite saying what she means, but she hopes Britt will get it. She rises from her feet. "I need to head back." she says in English. "I'll check with Medical, see if they'll give me a painkiller. Who knows, maybe I can convince Kane to allow you and Arlin to come into Alpha Station. You can see what we can do. Be well, Britt. And thank you again."

"Both are challenging, in their ways," Britt grants softly. She inclines her head a tiny bit when Fiona mentions visiting the station. "I am not so sure that's such a good idea for me, Feyona, with what happened. But thank you. May we meet again." A faint smile there. She remembered.

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