Day 038: Crime And Punishment
Summary: Kai and Britt watch the punishment detail and discuss Skaikru justice and carrying on the family name.
Date: 7/7/16
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Kai Britt 

Camp Jaha
Outside the gates.
Day 38

It takes a little while for Kai to come back to the gates, sans Elias for the moment. She can see the preparations, two poles instead of the one that Indra had set up.. but is it really all that significantly different? The Second is more mellow than she's been since they arrived, between pain and general disgruntlement at the settlement in general, content to pick a spot where she can eye the straps being fastened to the poles and last minute details with a placid air of vague amusement.

Britt does not look amused. If anything, she looks pale - though that might be attributed to the god-awful headache throbbing behind her eyes. Her cheek still looks a mess - actually a little more swollen than the day before. Arms crossed, jaw clenched, her eyes stay locked on the two offenders standing under guard near the poles, awaiting their fate. The elder of the two offenders lets his hate-filled eyes drift over the Trikru gathered on the other side of the gate. Seeing the red-headed archer among them, his gaze pauses for a moment, with a glare that could melt glass. Britt breaks eye contact, frowning down at the ground.

Kai turns her head slightly towards Britt, noting both the swelling, and the fact that she looks down towards the ground,"Fi mentioned it was you they attacked." she notes,"His daughter was one of the hundred." she informs neutrally,"He'll survive without any permanent harm, I've been shock-lashed before, it's not that bad." granted, her definition of 'not bad' might be a little off.

Kai's voice causes Britt to look up at her. There's a moment's confusion, and then she says, "They're not going to kill them?" She doesn't sound disappointed or anything, just surprised. "I thought on your Ark all the crimes were punished with death."

"On the Ark, you would be correct." Kai grunts quietly as her attention shifts back, from the redness of her eyes, not from crying but likely from marijuana use,"On the ground they operate by the Exodus Charter.. if you recall Grey.. the guard that was with us at Coesbur, what he had is a shock baton. It applies an ele.." she realizes that's not the best way of explaining it, and furrows her brows,"it is a weapon that does not harm the body, but will cause all of your limbs to seize with pain temporarily. It is non-lethal."

Britt's mouth opens in a soft 'ah' when Kai explains, and some of the tension leaves her face. "Good. I did not wish them dead. I saw the poles and thought…" She makes a vague gesture towards them, then shakes her head. "It is what we use for the Death of a Thousand Cuts." There's a hushed quality to her voice when she mentions the punishment. The preparations completed, the Guards move the offenders into position, strapping their hands to the poles. "I do not understand yo… the Skaikru, though. They would execute a child for the crime of being born, but not a man who tried to kill someone with a knife?" She squints at the punishment detail, trying to resolve the apparent inconsistency.

Kai gives a slight nod of her head,"Which is understandable, I would too if I were you. But no, it is not the same as the death of one thousand cuts." she assures quietly. The correction of the archers own words makes the Second's lips quirk,"They Boxed them for being born. It wasn't until they were eighteen that they were judged as worthy or unworthy of release. But this? This is new. On the Ark he absolutely would have been floated without question. But down here, they would also not box someone for having a second child. Once they have the rations to be able to sustain a larger population. Granted, I haven't seen them about my own sterilization, I'm not sure I want to." there's a laconic shrug of her shoulders,"Up there, there was no room. Every additional person was a burden upon the air breathed and the food eaten.. and too often there wasn't enough of any of it. Which doesn't make it right to punish a child for something out of their control.. but I understand the why of it, even if I don't agree."

Britt offers a distracted nod to Kai's explanation. "You say that it is about the resources, but I understood the mother would be killed too, yes? One mouth gone, one new mouth to feed. It's a balance. No need to punish the child." She shrugs. "Anyway, it just strikes me odd from what everyone has told me of your justice." Something Kai said, though, doesn't quite parse in her brain and she echoes curiously, "Ster..zation?" Apparently that word is unfamiliar even to her excellent English. On the other side of the gate, there's a brief preamble announcing the charge of assault and the punishment of three lashes, and then it begins. The Delinquent's scream cuts through the air first, and several of the Grounders react in surprise. Britt flinches, mumbling an oath under her breath.

"And that would be part of why I do not agree with it." Kai grunts quietly. She's watching the Guard cross over, the charges are announced to the gathering, the grey-eyed girl raising just slightly on her toes as the silver wand is placed to the younger one's back and he seizes as if struck before sagging against the straps. There's no flinch from her, no shift in her expression at all in fact,"It is an odd situation. They detailed it in the information that was handed out, but I admit that I have not bothered memorizing it myself. I guess the assumption was that when we returned to Earth that repopulating the species was going to be more important than not overtaxing the systems." there's a dip of her head, attention drawn to Britt rather than even look at the second strike,"Sterilization." she repeats,"It is.. unable to have children. All of the hundred are sterilized. It's reversible." there's the tilt of her head in vague curiousity before her gaze shifts back,"I've been shock-lashed before Britt. They are not familiar with pain, but that's all it is. The same punishment would have been mine if I'd actually punched Beckinson like he deserves."

Britt nods slightly, and seems to recover her composure after the first lash. "I didn't expect so much from that little stick. It just surprised me." But now that she does know what to expect, the warrior doesn't flinch again. The only reaction, in fact, is a brief narrowing of her brows as each lash is delivered. It doesn't bring her any pleasure to watch, but nor does she look away. "If you are to become a warrior, perhaps this ster-li-za-tion is a blessing," she remarks off-hand.

"It is not being applied with force, either. In combat, from what I saw of Grey, it's ineffective, but for police action." Kai chins in the direction of the display,"We receive shocks as part of our training, so that we understand what it feels like if we have to apply it to another. Granted, the idea was mostly to keep them under control until they could be sentenced and shoved out an airlock." she rubs briefly at the back of her head before it dips,"That is my general thought. Though there's also the knowledge that basically my father's line will die with me otherwise." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders,"They produce welts, that close. It's hard to tell from here but they're probably using it about here.." she touches her own back near the spine,"But unlike a cut, the wound will be relatively minimal and the pain passes almost immediately afterwards."

Fortunately, with only three lashes to deliver it doesn't take too long and the screaming comes to an end. "With pain like that, I would think it effective. Maybe not on Reapers, though. I doubt they feel pain." Britt returns her gaze to Kai when the guards begin unstrapping the prisoners, mouth set in a grim line. She lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug. "It is not impossible, to be both warrior and mother. My friend Ibem has a bunch of kids. Her houman takes care of them when she is away."

"Not really." Kai opines,"Well, for them, probably." she tips her head back towards the Trikru camp by way of invitation,"I don't know that one, houman. Eli would be good at caring for kids. I'm not sure I could.. deal with it, though. I'm not eighteen yet though so I'm not worried really. Just one of those things I think about sometimes. Are you a mother, Britt?"

Britt falls readily in step with Kai, glad to be away from that place. "Houman. Home one." Britt fumbles a bit for the Arker equivalent, before remembering, "Husband. Wife. Ibem - she had one of each, until her man died." Kai talking about her age gets a weak smile from the archer. Ah, the optimism of youth. "You are young yet, but… if you're thinking about your line, warriors do not live forever." The latter question gets a little headshake. "No. I have no houman either. I never had a call to home and hearth." Though she does sound a little sad to admit, "My family's line will end with me."

"One of each?" Kai can't help repeat with obvious surprise, only to grunt,"That's why I think about it. One good axe to the stomach and it wont matter one way or another. Presuming that the next Reaper doesn't manage to find my heart, or my throat, or something else." she doesn't seem terribly concerned about it, nodding her head slightly,"You have no siblings, then. It would be easier, if I had sisters like Wren, but I do not think I am suited to motherhood. I am not a terribly good Niron, as it is."

Britt smirks briefly at Kai's reaction. "It is not so common, but yes - one of each." She shakes her head to the question of siblings. "None that lived. I had a few cousins, but they're gone now too. So now it's just me." She shrugs. Having come to terms with this reality long ago, it elicits only a subdued frown. "Anyway, fates willing, you'll have time. And not everyone is suited to it. I don't think myself a very good niron either."

Kai can't help but shake her head,"The hundred had.. plenty of people who felt themselves to be in love with half the camp, but I just.. that's never been me." there's a slight nod of her head before she gives a faint smile,"I do care for Eli, I just.. I'm perfectly okay with being alone. I have been for a long time. And while he's the only one I care about in such a fashion, it's.. sometimes I think it's unfair to him? That he would be better off finding a Skaikru girl and settling in."

"With so many that age, every attraction is a life-long love. Until the next one." Such are Britt's bemused thoughts on the teenagers, and there's a note of respect in her gaze when she slants a look at Kai. "I understand. I…" Here she hesitates, not used to discussing such things with anyone, let alone a former Skaikru. But after a moment, she admits reservedly. "I am not so different. The man I told you about? The one I followed to skaigeda? It is sort of like that, with us."

Kai laughs quietly,"You're right. Not me. I started dating Eli when we were much younger. Before I became a cadet. After they Boxed him.. I wasn't interested in finding someone else." there's a shrug of her shoulders and a wince for the pull it createson her stitches, tilting her head before it dips in acknowledgment,"I had a feeling that was the case. As I said.. if Eli went to war, I would follow him into battle. Fortunately, he is not a warrior. He can defend himself, but he is more comfortable with plants and soil. Which in turn makes me feel like he would be better off with someone who is also into the sciences and isn't.. out there." she nods in the direction of the woods,"The guards here hate me. In their eyes I have betrayed them all, and that cannot make things easier for him, either. I don't care particularly if they hate me, if not for him I wouldn't bother coming back here, but. He's here. So I do."

Britt smiles faintly at Kai's story. "I met Erson when we were much younger as well. Of course, I think in our case that was a great many more years than yours." She lets out a snort. "Actually I think I've known him longer than you've been alive. He's a warrior - an archer, so at least I know he can take care of himself. I still prefer to be there to make sure." Another little smile is offered, then she observes, "Elias seems like a good man. He doesn't like me very much though. Not that I can blame him. Do you think he'll stay here, or come with you to Tondc once things settle a bit? If they settle."

Kai can't help the flash of a grin that she gives,"I'll be eighteen in August. So, by my measure, I'd have been dead in a little over a month if they hadn't sent me down here instead." she gives a dip of her head,"It's always best to.. be there. Nothing's ever guaranteed. Especially on the battlefield." that's one she's learnt fast, though she chuckles softly,"I.. he'll learn. This is his home. Maybe in time there will be a place where Trikru and Skaikru can live together.. but there is too much hostility on both sides, still, for now. He has decided he no longer wishes to fight, I can't fault him for that choice. On the other hand I find that I like it. So regardless.. I think there will always be times when we are not together." she pauses,"How old are you anyways, Britt? You don't seem that old."

"Eighteen in August." Britt gives a bemused, disbelieving headshake when she echoes that, but then sobers up a bit when Kai speaks of the uncertainty of the battlefield and Trikru-Skaikru relations. She nods a little to that, then smirks at the latter question. Her eyes tilt back, having to actually think about it for a second. "Forty-one. Almost forty-two. And I met Erson when I was about twenty, so…" She was right about knowing him longer than the younger woman had been alive. "We've spent more time apart than together, but I do care for him." She blows out a soft breath. "I can't fault Elias either for being sick of fighting. I've been at it most of my life." She pauses a moment, then seems to come to a decision. "I'm going to head back to Tondc. I've already done more harm than good here, and I don't want to be the one that fucks up our chances for peace."

"I know. A little old to be starting as a Second." Kai shakes her head a little ruefully,"Hopefully I can make up for it, however. I think that Wren is more concerned about whether or not I can adjust to Trikru culture than whether or not he can teach me to fight better." she gives a faint smile,"Forty-one?" god doesn't that boggle her more than a little bit,"You're about the same age as my mother." she tilts her head towards camp Jaha,"She's in there. Somewhere. I still haven't worked out a good way to talk to her yet." she expels a breath of her own before nodding her head slowly,"I hear you. I don't want to be here. For the steheda and Wren and Eli.. I will, but to me that place is like people living in the corpse of my old world.. and it's.. uncomfortable. Be careful, Britt. No matter what's happened in the past.. I kind of like you being in one piece."

"You'll do fine," is Britt's prediction of Kai's making up for lost time. "You already fight well, for a Second. The rest is just a matter of adjusting." She smirks a little at Kai's reaction to her age. With a glance towards the Ark, she offers, "Sometimes with an uncomfortable situation it's best to just get it over with. It won't get any easier, and I think you'll regret it if you don't see her. We never know when it will be our last time." Britt speaks from experience there, but doesn't sound too invested in Kai's choice one way or the other. She smiles a little at the last. "Thanks. You take care too." She nods slightly and then prepares to wander off.

Kai grunts a quiet acknowledgment, pausing to look back at camp Jaha with a slight frown etched on her face in contemplation.

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