Day 033: Dance Of The Penitent
Summary: Kai and a hungover Wren about her bad decision and Starling offers help with clothing.
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Guest Village — Tondc, Trikru
To the northeast of the meeting green is the small row of housing dedicated to visitors, traders, and accommodated guests. It is primary a small courtyard of grass and white pavers surrounded by moss-covered brick buildings and intermittent trees. Each building has its own common room, and can accommodate up to six guests.
Day 33

Wren got drunk. Not completely and utterly smashed, but drunk enough that he's now paying the price for that night of relaxation. Or at least, that was the suspicion, considering if Starling, Rain, Kai, and Silver all sleep in the same room, Silver never came back to her bed last night. So yeah, three guesses where she was. Still, there's a bench infront of the house against the wall, and a shirtless Wren, carved mug of tea in his hand is sitting there, nursing his hangover, his shirt kept over his eyes. Because it's a bright sunny morning. Birds chirping, skies are clear. It's utterly disgusting right now. No mornings should be this bright. Ever.

Kai had seen Elias off earlier than they'd planned on, and she'd honored his words and not made any attempt to try and talk to him, keeping herself occupied for the afternoon and evening. But it's now morning again, and the Skaigirl had been up at the asscrack of dawn. Not because of the absence of Silver, but simply that sleep's generally an elusive beast with her at the best of times. So it is that it's not from inside the building that Kai comes but from the direction of the marketplace, slowing as she approaches the guest village from jog to walk and prowling over to squat within Wren's peripherary patiently. Waiting for some kind of sign that he is aware of her presence before she offers with quiet simplicity,"My apology's, Wren. I understand what I did wrong, and will not do so again."

The shirtless Wren, with said shirt draped over his eyes says nothing at first. "Sit down, Kai." he says quietly, holding the clothing over his face while he drinks his tea. "Here's a lesson: don't drink so much honey wine if you live to regret it in the morning. This is why some men go into battle drunk." Clearly, being angry just isn't the best smart move right now. But he sighs, neither wanting to be upset or caring to be. "What do you now understand, Second?" he asks.

Starling steps out of one of the houses, something in her hands, there is a pause as her eyes scan the area and then she sees Wren and Kai, and while a tiny smirk touches her lips, there is concern as well as she makes her way over towards the pair. There is no rush, just a simply movement with them as the destination.

Kai's squatting near Wren, who is sitting on the bench outside of the building,"Bringing him here without asking you first was disrespectful." she grunts, watching the grounds of the village more than him directly. Starling's movement is noted, and the other woman given an upnod of acknowledgment.

"Every act teaches a lesson. Whether good or bad or somewhere inbetween." Wren remarks. "I understand why. I know what love does to a person. And what good intentions can mean. Good intetnions, such as they are, sometimes don't matter. I saw what you were trying to do. I even respect it. But…we can't push our people too far too fast. It's enough that you and Silver are here. And yes, I know how that sounds, given that I was the one that brought your and I'm also the one that was angry. But that wasn't…the only reason." A sip from his mug. "Shit…I'm too hungover for giving lectures or trying to teach a lesson. Just…stop squatting and take a seat." A tilt of the head is given to the bench.

Starling nods towards Kai as her footsteps are heard behind him and to the right, she doesn't interrupt the conversation but a hand does move to take the shirt, and then a cooling cloth with the scent of herbs is placed over Wren's eyes. He will know it as something their Mother uses for hangovers, so it's clear the family knows he drank just a little to much. The shirt is then placed over his shoulder, before Starling moves around the bench and curls up next to her brother as she let's the pair have there conversation and leaves move for Kai on the bench as well.

Kai gives a noise of acknowledgment, moving to sit as instructed with a vague smile for Starling's actions, a tired little quirk of her lips. She's quiet for the moment, letting Wren speak without interruption from her as she settles hunched over, people watching those moving about absently.

Wren forgets his sister is touchy, cuddly type. But it's his sister, so he tolerates it, taking the herbal infused cloth and putting it over his eyes rather than his shirt. "That's all I got right now, Kai. There's not much more to say on the matter. This is simply what being a Second is like. It is not the most enjoyable part of one's life. But it is…does have a purpose. I went through, Starling here went through it. We all went through it." Leaning over, he pats her knee lightly. "So now, it's your turn to talk to me. Of what's on your mind."

Starling did put it on his eyes! The shirt moved to his shoulder, but still she just shakes her head at Wren's actions and stays curled up, because well she is comfortable like that. When Wren tells Kai to speak, those blue on blue eyes look at Kai and she tilts her head to the side. The look is clearly to meaning she can leave if she wishes to not talk in front of others

"I know. Pontus and I spoke." Kai grunts quietly, her attention flitting to Starling with the slightest shake of her head and then back again as she sits up properly and leans back against the wall,"'s like asking how many grains of sand are on the ground Wren. I don't trust the man they have named as Skaiheda. He is a warrior. A man of few compromises, a man that my father respected. And these are why I do not trust him. Indra gave the bandrona a month after the then theoretical arrival of the rest of the Skaikru to find those responsible for Thripoda and bring them to justice." she expels a breath through her nose,"And I do not trust this man to listen to the bandrona and respect what has been forged. So by my measure, there is a very real possibility that in a month's time we will be at war with the Skaikru, again, only this time? My obligation is here, to the Trikru. And I will not break the promise given to you, or dishonor the faith you have placed in me, but it weighs on me."

"Kai, is there anything you really can do about that right now? At this very moment, is there anything you can change about it? Even if you were not here?" Wren offers to her softly. "There are still still three weeks. There is no defined fate to what will or may happen. The path is unlaid, no steps have been taken upon it. There is also a very real possibility that a month will pass and nothing will happen. It is also possible that a storm will roll in next week and the wind will shatter this village to pieces, killing us all in the process. Or that an army of Reapers will appear at our gates. Do you think about all these possibilities as well? You cannot change one as much as the other? Obviously, this may be a reason why the Bandrona is coming here to speak with Oxfor." That being all said, he smiles a little, sipping again at his tea. "I know you will not, you must decide here and now, what is most important to you. Something tells me you feel torn between two worlds. The sad fact is, you cannot be both. Not…yet. You must chose what you wish to support. I will not judge you for that. What you're doing requires courage. I know the worry weighs on you. That said, what can I do to help you?"

"Directly? No." Kai grunts,"But it is still something that I am aware of and tactically can be prepared for. Remember how I told you about Sun Tzu? One of the other things he said was the general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. While I am not a general, I would be a fool to ignore them." her attention flits to Starling again and then up to Wren,"I am hopeful that is the case, but if so, why is she coming to speak with Oxfor? It is Indra, with whom that deal was struck. Then there is that of course Elias wishes me to be with him in Alpha, that he is alone and in pain and the separation bothers him more than it does me." which is something that brings a grimace to her face in and of itself,"That.. is at once a very easy and very difficult question Wren. I am Trikru. In that regard, it is easy. But that does not mean that I feel that I could kill my own mother, or the hundred. It does not mean that I am not frustrated by being unable to go to the Mountain to look for those I consider to be part of my family, even if they are not Trikru. All I ask of you is be patient with me.. your laws and customs are taught from the day you are born, they are as much a part of you as your left and right arms, a thing known without thought. Skaikru's laws and customs are different, and so I am endeavoring to find where the old must be set aside and adjust to the new."

Starling is just listening to the pair, maybe her eyes are closed where she is resting her head against Wren's shoulder, maybe she is listening or napping, but there are no sleeping noises from the woman, which gives note to her probably listening to the conversation. Starling is good at the silent thing from time to time, so that is where she is at the moment.

"This is what I told you would be difficult for you. This is what I feared would come to pass." Wren notes a little pained. "That you would be pulled in two directions and I don't know how to help you overcome this feeling of…stress. I told you that this would happen, that you would be divided between your feelings for your friends at your Ark City and your responsibilities here. Perhaps I still understand why you wish to go through all of this when you have so many reason to stay with them. Your Niron, your mother, the things you know. If our ways are so foreign and strange and difficult to understand, why do it? The real reason." He turns to look at her. "You had all the reasons to stay and none here. Why do it? Do you simply hold that much resentment towards your skaigeda's leadership? Are you that angry with them and hate them so much?" He sighs. "You are difficult. Moreso than any other second. "I am not saying I will not be patient, I knew I had to be, but I cannot hold your hand either. I cannot give you differential treatment. If you truly want to be Trikru, you will be treated like any other Second. Otherwise, it'll look like you're getting special treatment, which is something neither you or I want. And for the last? Making plans is good, Kai. But you obsess over them. And you worry to the point of uselessness. Planning for what might happen is fine. Expecting it, mentally preparing for it, just as well. But when you sit there, and stew about it, thinking and thinking and thinking, you're not helping anyone or yourself. You must either accept what will be will be or you cannot. In that, there is no inbetween. I'm not telling you to go looking for your mother or your Niron or anyone else you might care about in a battle. And you must accept either you can or cannot fight your former people. I cannot help you in that, I can only offer what advice that I can. In the end, it is something you have to discover for yourself."

"I can understand why it would seem so to you." Kai offers with the dip of her head, hunching forward again and silent for some long moments as she considers her answer,"This is where I belong, Wren. And I know that answer doesn't.. make sense right now. It is not about Skaigeda's leadership, although that made the choice easier. And if you recall, you did say that I could look for them. That is part of why I am eager for the warband to return to Coesbur. It is not just about reclaiming.. our.. home. It is not about the opportunity to prove myself, although these things are considerations too, it is also that while I can do nothing to change what happens at Alpha, there are things I can do, and can help, even while being respectful of my other obligations."

There's a flicker of a smile,"I don't expect you to hold my hand, but do not think that I consider the Skaikru superior, or that I am tempted to abandon my word to you. I do not speak of these things because you've already accused me of such, and speaking them aloud doesn't.. change them. You are a man of conscience, and this is why I place my faith in you, the Heda called for war, and you and all of the people here did what you felt was right, not the easy choice, but the right one. So when you say it is time for war, I will go to war. But as you also know, it is against my nature to give up. The Mountain has my people, and I want them back. There are those in Alpha station, part of the hundred, that would choose to march with the warband and take back Coesbur. They see the strength of the Trikru and believe that together, Skaikru and Trikru could bring down the Mountain. I try to look to a future where the Skaikru will become Trikru as a people, but it does not change that you are correct, and right now that is not a possibility, and that while I would like to help my Skaikru family, I am Trikru. That is the commitment I made when I agreed to become yoursSecond."

Trying to have a conversation like this is not good on Wren. It's making his head hurt more than it usually does when he's hungover like this. And he keeps that cloth over his eyes, to keep out the harsh morning light. "No, that answer doesn't make sense right. And I say that as someone who goes on a feeling rather than other more certain things. Perhaps it bothers me that are you willing to give up Elias and your mother for us. That does not settle well with me. You have people who care about you there. And while I know that it's silly to think that you will never see them, it is still disconcerting. Family is very important to us. It always has been."

Eventually, he shakes his head. "No, your people as a whole will never become Trikru. They have their own ways. Obviously there are the small handful who feel the urge to join us, but not your entire Ark City. Peace can be reached. Perhaps they will become their own nation onto themselves with good relations with the Coalition, I don't know. As for me, yes. The right thing is often the harder thing to do. Even if that means going against your own people. Which, I know I did by helping you. It is a fine line to walk, and not one that I reccommend. I personally will not go to war with the Skaikru unless all other options are exhausted. At the same time, I won't go against my people. You understand how hard a line that is to walk?" He leans forward a little, holding the cloth against him. "You just had to bring up all these important things when I'm hungover. You certainly do know how to pick your moments."

Starling chuckles then, as if they might have forgotten she was there, "Atleast I"m not talking your ear off as well.." She tells her brother as she stretches and sits up a little, "And maybe my interrupting is a good pause in this conversation, for making Wren think to much is never a good thing.." She teases her brother as she stretches one more and then glances towards Kai, "But whatever you decide, I do need to take measurements if you are to have real clothing and armor, as Wren second, he can pay for them…" She says in an innocent voice.

"I've already had to give up these things Wren, that's.. part of the difference? I think?" Kai says with a brittle kind of laugh,"Presuming that we do not go to war with the Skaikru, even if you forbid me from seeing him until you judge me ready to be released, eventually.. I will be released, and will find him again. And either he will be there, or he will not. Will it be easy? No. But few things are." her attention flits to Starling with a flicker of a smile,"I would like that, but really, I need to contribute.. I just.. don't know what of my skills might be useful to the tribe." there's a small shrug of her shoulders as she asks,"Now?" of the other woman, attention flitting back to Wren,"Regarding my mother.. and perhaps when she has lived down here for a while we will be able to have a proper conversation, but right now I can do nothing but hurt her. And yes, I understand that it is not an easy path to walk, but I was never accused of taking the easy path." there's a low laugh,"You asked, Wren. As you have said.. be careful what you ask for."

"The one time you want to open up, happens to be the one time that I was three sheets to the wind." Wren grunts. "But, better than you being silent and holding everything in. Maybe you'll start doing it more. Makes things work easier for me to work with." Still, the matter of her mother seems to upset him. "You'll find skills, your develoup something. But you'll be a warrior before anything else. That's where you need to focus."

Starling shakes her head gently, "In time you will find such, that is why it's Wren who is paying, as a second you need to learn, that is why your a second.." She tells Kai with another smile and looks up to Wren, "And when you are feeling better, we can talk about her clothing, and other things…"

Kai grunts for Wren,"It's not about wanting to, it's.. trying to make sure we understand each other better, even if I don't want to talk about this shit. And yes, but right now? I would like to be more useful. To all of you." there's a faint smile and then a nod for Starling,"Gideon's armor has done the job mostly so far, but some new clothes would be nice. I'm pretty sure there's still some fatigues left in the dropship, but that's a long-ass hike through Reaper infested territory to go pick up a new pair of pants."

Starling chuckles softly once and nods, "Well, basic clothing we can get you without to much of a fuss, I brought most all of the finished pieces with me.." That statement makes her blink once and her expression goes grim but she shakes her head and the smile returns, "So, if you want to come and try some on, you can now, or before bed.." Seeing as the young woman are sharing the same room after all, even if Starling wasn't there last night.

Kai was there last night, but the night before? The night Eli came? Yeeeh, nasomuch. There's a dip of her head to the other woman,"I'll come and try them on, if you're not busy?" she unzips her armor to pluck at the tee underneath, it was once white.. once. But dirt and rifle grease and sweat.. it doesn't matter how often it's washed, it will never be anything less than awful to look at. Which is why she plucks at it with a wry smile,"At least under armor it doesn't matter that much? But.. it would be nice to.. have some clean clothes again."

Starling eyes the shirt as it is showed and the woman nods slowly, "We can dye that as well, it will get the stains and make it useful for something.." If cloth doesn't have holes, it can always be reused, or even if it has holes sometime. But Starling moves to stand and stretch again, she moves to kiss Wren's cheek, "You know where we will be when your feeling better.." It's clear she needs to talk to him it seems. Star then glances towards Kai and motions towards their "house", "Let's get you into something clean, but I suggest, we find things you want to try and then you go and soak for awhile, best to put clean on clean…"

Kai also rises to leave Wren in peace, the lean girl reaching out to touch his shoulder with light fingers before she grimaces at Starling,"Yes, clean on clean sounds good.. and this thing is lousy with rifle grease, I've washed it a half dozen times and I'm afraid it's pretty pemanent." she prowls towards the house at Starling's gesture,"It'll do for when I'm kitted up, but.. I imagine that even for Warrior's there's sometimes when it's okay to just.. be?"

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