Day 010: Mimi's Social Adventure
Summary: Mimi has a social chat with Lip And Alison, Martin joins in at the end.
Date: 5-15-2016
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The Grounds — The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and the rough beginnings of a wall stretch between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks being stacked up as quickly as the Delinquents can manage.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 10 After Landing

Mimi has climbed down from the wall, a bow and a makeshift quiver slunt over her shoulder. Moving further into camp she pauses in the middle to slowly take in those around the camp. Considering different things. If she should perhaps release some information or not.

The Camp is trippin'. There's a lot going on right now. Some people might way too much going on. And for Delinquents like Lip there's just too much for him to keep up with. Which is probably why he's standing out here in the middle of the camp, all by his lonesome. He's just standing here. Hands in the pockets of his jumpsuit. Wild curls looking even more wild in the lack of shower and shampooness that being on Earth forces upon him. He doesn't particularly seem to be paying attention to anyone around him. Not yet anyway. Instead, he just yawns a bit and digs out a wedgie. Shameless.

Mimi looks to Lip as she's come to a stop reasonably near him. "You seem quiet - this is not something that is your usual mode of operation. Are you ill?" She quirks a brow at the wedgie pulling. "I beleive most in camp would find this an improvement upon hte original formula however."

Alison makes her way out of the drop-ship, neck stretching to the right. Her eyes survey the camp and she gives a little sigh. Fresh air, open skies, a hint of cool temperature, give me the Ark. "Morning." The red haired electrician comments in a faintly drab manner, yesterday did not go her way.

"Huh? Nah." That's it. That's all Lip has to say. It's weird, that's for damn sure. But there's a lot going on and he doesn't even know or understand how to process it all or at all! The quickness with which he removes his hand from his ass is probably even faster than he should be able to move. He doesn't want to add 'gross' to the list of things people have about not being down with him in any formal or public capacity. "Morning." is offered to Alison and there's a shrug that accompanies the greeting. However, the shrug is to both of the other Delinquents even though these next words are for Mimi, "Heh. Yeah. Agreed." What.

Mimi nods softly "I see. Did you have a moment of self-inflection?" She holds up a hand towards Alison "Good Morning." Looking back to lip she asks "Do you require medical assistance?" A finger goes over to poke him a few times at the arm, seeing if he'll just fall over. "Are you damaged?"

Alison glances the two over as Mimi starts to try to tend Lip. Her gaze drifting off them briefly, but she does manage to question, "Is the Grounder gone?" Her focus locking on the tech tent where the radio is working.

"Only in my head. Oh and my soul. There's also my pride, my balls, my ego and I'm pretty sure there's going to be some new places by the time all of this bullshit is over." Oh wait. There he is. There's Lip! Apparently, it's difficult for him to continue trying to be quiet when there's just so much to say. "You're voting for me, right? Y'know, with the whole Assador of the Camp shit? I'm obviously the best choice. I could talk circles around those Captain Cavemen. With ease. Or don't. Doesn't matter. I've got this in the bag." Lip taps his chin. "Not that I actually own a bag. Because I don't. Since, y'know, WE WERE SENT HERE TO DIE! And stuff." Lip pauses and glances over at Alison. "Wait. There was a Grounder here?! Where?!" Lip's head swivels like he's just seen (or not seen) a ghost. But then it's time to put on airs. "Yeah, that's right! You better run! Delinquents Rule! Grounders Drool!" What in the hell.

Mimi reaches that poking finger up to put it intently on Lip's mouth to try to silence him. "You are confused, but apparently undamaged. There was a grounder here but my understanding is that he left and will be returning for the ambassadors if helping their sick goes well. I will be voting for Cookie, Morgan, and Quinn. I would vote for Cole however his language would bring trouble with the grounders in my belief. As for the council I have perhaps more knowledge of the current and past councils than most. It is my belief I know them better than anyone in the skybox that was sent here. They have differing motives. They are sometimes heavy-handed. We were not sent here to die. That is evident as they sent us with as many supplies as could be spared. If we were to die they would have not sent any extra supplies."

Alison drags her fingers through her hair is a combing fashion, gently untangling the lengths, "It is all a mess. Negotiate, we are sending the only thing we have that they want. What will we trade for anything more? And have you noticed how many of us are missing? Probably kidnapped. After all, they caught this illness from abducting our people." She shakes her head and drops her hand, "We capture some of theirs, and our own people help them escape. We are giving up our only leverage as a show of good faith. Where is their show of good faith?"

Since the camp-wide meeting and the subsequent arrival of the very large Grounder, the camp has been very busy. It's only now that people around the camp have been asking where Devin is. He hasn't been seen anywhere around the camp since the meeting, but it's hard to say when the last time anyone saw him was. Some say he left during the meeting while others say they had just saw him. No one knows for sure where the second child is.

"Nobody cares. About us. About the Grounders. About anything. This is all bullshit. Every single decision being made. Every single time somebody shouts at somebody else. My Zod, even this shit I'm saying now is bullshit. But at least I'm honest enough to admit it." Lip shrugs a bit and just kind of looks off into the distance. His eyes glance across the females nearby and then off at the camp itself. "Here's the reality of this shit. We're all gonna' die. Whether the Assholes Really Killing, as in the ARK, up there actually sent is down here to die or not? Doesn't matter. We're down here now. And there's weirdos and freaks that want us to die. The same weirdos and freaks that we apparently want to have friendship babies with." Lip shrugs. "It's dumb. It's stupid. The only thing we should be focused on right now is staying alive. Building up this place. Get out of thest tents and up into the trees. Sticking together if only out of need. I mean, everybody hates me and that's fine. Nobody says we have to like each other to keep each other alive." Lip frowns. "Not that anybody cares what Lip thinks."

Mimi looks at Alison. "That may be the third faction. The one that stripped the pod and ran away with the parts that the grounders may or may not be aware of. Grounders do not have the skill to strip a pod like that." They are at least mechanically saavy. It is possible they were captured by this unseen and unknown faction, or they could be being forced to work with them." She looks between the two shaking her head "We are invaders. We crashed on thier land and our presence could only be viewed as a very violent and aggressive disturbance. If they invaded the ark we would not act favorably either. We are surrounded on all sides by grounders. It makes logistical sense to create a truce and an alliance - a bond with them. If you want us to survive then ties need to be created. And it is minute, gentle work. Neither you nor I are skilled enough for that work."

"There is us and them," Alison replies, "You are right, we are alien invaders. We are taking their territory, we might as well own that. Okay, I am sorry these Grounders didn't pick a spot a thousand kilometers away. We cannot move." She takes a slow breath as she looks between the two, "It is true, if they came to the Ark, we'd wipe them out. They are not even as civilized as we are. They have not welcomed us, they brought the plague on themselves by attacking our people." There is a sigh, she pushes the red lockes back behind her shoulders. "They have done nothing to show they are more generous or merciful than we are. It is sad, but he," She says nodding to Lip, "is right, we need to see to our supplies and defenses. We need to be more dangerous, it needs to be not worth it to wipe us out."

"Whoa whoa! Hold on there, Red Killing Hood. I didn't say nothin' about bein' dangerous. I just wanna' live. That's all I'm worried about. I'm gonna' be ninety eight percent honest here. I don't trust nobody. I don't trust you two. I don't trust the Ark. I don't trust the Grounders. I damn sure don't trust the idiots that might be going to speak for us and one of them is my best friend! I don't even trust myself." Lip shrugs. "But what I do trust? What I do believe in? Survival. From the stories I heard growing up? Humans? Us? We were screwed. But we found a way to survive. And now we're back down on Earth and we're screwed again. This time, though, it's up to /us/ to find a way to survive. And that's what's most important. If that means calling a Time Out with these Neanderthals? Fine. If that means building walls and weapons? Let's do it. If that means taking these fuckers out before they take us out? Hell yeah. It can be either or all three or something nobody's even thought of yet. As long as we live. As long as we survive." Lip grins and lets the eyebrow waggling begin. "… and procreate."

Mimi looks to Alison "You are correct that we need to bolster defense and watch our own better. Being civilized has little to do with it. We lock our children away for minor infractions. Are we more civilized? It's a trivial talking point. They have adapted to the Earth, we have not. The council would have reacted resolutely. They have not killed us all. In this sense they are more cautious and open than our people are. We both have things to offer one another. The only people that should be ambassadors are those with an open mind - who haven't formed a resolute opinion either way." She looks to Lip "We do not have the ability to wipe them out. If we by some slim chance knocked out thier camp many more would come and we would be a menance. Do you think this camp is the only grounders? I am convinced there are salvagable bits of technology left that we can use. We will never find it, hold it, or transport it however without Grounder assistance. Being careful in action word and thought, and presenting ourselves as adaptable and strong, and supporting those trying to create ties with the grounders are the best opportunities we have. That, and Mr.Wylde's Penis here. Perhaps they will want to procreate with us, and it seems that Mr. Wylde has stepped forward to 'take one for the team'." She smiles sweetly. Perhaps..the first time she's ever smiled in her life? It feels..strange. "The people dissapearing however is an issue, I do not beleive it's from the grounders. But they may know more than they let on. We should be extra cautious especially now."

'Red Killing Hood' as Alison has been named by Lip gives the boy a skeptical look, "That is all I am saying, we survive by not trusting the Grounders." The young techie woman says in a smooth voice, moving over to get a drink of water from a hanging water skin. "Open minded means you are both willing to work with the Grounders or not. If all we send is those who will agree to the Grounders terms, and not expect to be betrayed. Not insure some leverage. We are screwed, last I heard though, everybody up for emissaries wants to make buddy buddy and send our doctors to save the from the Sky-plague. Which, is possibly why they have not attacked in force, because they are afraid of the Sky-plague." She shakes her head, "You know, the one they contracted from stealing our people."

"See? See why you should vote for me? I don't hate to say I told you so but I'm gonna' just prep a few rounds of I Told You So for when the Grounders turn on us and slaughter us by the dozens. I was gonna' say millions but we're still rebuilding from delinquent scratch so I guess there's no point in exaggerating. Not yet, anyway." Lip moves over to lean on something sturdy. He doesn't even know what it is. It doesn't even matter what it is. As long as he can not fall down like an ass. "I'm not saying I have all the answers. Hell, I probably am the worst choice ever. But really, when you think about it, doesn't that make me the best choice ever?" What the hell kind of triple backtalk…

Martin enters the camp from the treeline, making his way towards the dropship. As he meanders through the assortment of tents, he notices Lip chatting with two women and pauses. Deciding to see what his friend is up to, he heads in their direction, overhearing what is being discussed. "Lip, you are fantastic morale support. What if the Grounders react poorly to the talks and caputre those we send to mee tthem? The camp will fall apart witohut Lip here to boost morale."

Mimi shakes her head "No, you could be a poor choice. As would I. The grounders could come in and overwhelm us with numbers, take what they want. The fact that they have not shows we have something of value. We may be a potential ally. They are feeling us out much as we are them. Tact is required." She looks to the newcomer Martin "Good Morning Mr. Worley."

Alison frowns faintly as it mostly seems that she did not get her point across. "Hi, Martin." The young woman looks between the pair she was speaking to, "I don't know, maybe you would be.. But, I think the important thing is we keep cautious." A glance to Mimi, "Someone is stealing our people.. And the Grounders did it before. But they got sick from it.. So, they will not attack in mass until after they have the cure for the Sky-plague. Will they after, we don't know. But, there will be no protection or fear about it. We are strange aliens from space. We have flashlight and mighty magic.. But we are weak, except the curse of the Sky-plague. Teach them to heal it before we get anything to assure our safety, then we have only their merciful nature to protect us."

"We shouldn't be teachin' 'em SHIT! We should just use whatever to fix whatever we broke and that's it. I'm all for bein' neighborly and shit but come on. We fix our enemies so they can kill us when we can just kill ourselves? It's so much easier to just commit mass suicide." Lip's shrugging is at an all time high. "It doesn't matter anyway. Nothing we say right now is going to matter. We, or at least I am, at the bottom of the totem pole because I say what's on my mind. And that makes me dangerous instead of honest and true and trustworthy. Figure that shit out." Lip looks over to Martin and extends a fist for bumping. "I'm just here to boost morale until the day I'm sliced in half by the people we healed from the only weapon we had against them."

Martin looks to Alison, "That is a potential concern. However, maybe our selfless acts to save them will help convince them that we can be a boon if they ally with us. Additionally, I don't think the specific technique we have planned to help them is something they can duplicate. I believe we are going to attempt blood transfusions." He returns the fist bump with his friend. "Don't be so negative. Even if we cure it, it doesn't mean it is gone for good. We can always play up the threat of it returning and them needing us to cure it again. I think we should help them, but we shouldn't let them in on the secret either."
Martin also gives a nod of greeting to Mimi, "Morning."

Mimi shakes her head to Lip "I do not have the ability to lie. I was born without this innate ability because of a unique genetic or mental composition. Because of that I speak the truth as a literal. Speaking truth is not what keeps you down in other people's opinions of you. You are not looking at things objectively seeing your own view as the only view. Your view is not the only viewpoint that there is. There are many viewpoints and no one is correct or incorrect. There are only choices to be made." She turns and starts her way over to the Tech Tent abruptly.

Martin looks to Alison, "That is a potential concern. However, maybe our selfless acts to save them will help convince them that we can be a boon if they ally with us. Additionally, I don't think the specific technique we have planned to help them is something they can duplicate. I believe we are going to attempt blood transfusions." He returns the fist bump with his friend. "Don't be so negative. Even if we cure it, it doesn't mean it is gone for good. We can always play up the threat of it returning and them needing us to cure it again. I think we should help them, but we shouldn't let them in on the secret either."

Alison takes all this thoughtfully and coolly, "Well, I guess we will see if they are merciful. We won't have a choice. I mean we are sending the doctors to them. The could keep them, or since they have the healers, wipe us out while they have them." Alison says and shakes her head, "Here is the sad irony, if I could think of that, and they are not the savages we thought.. Then they could too. If they are, then they may destroy us as evil demons. We really need guns."
That said though, Alison starts off as well. More water from the streams.

"No. What we really need is to find our own place to live. Away from these assholes. Then we'd actually have a shot at, oh I dunno, surviving the night." Lip rolls his eyes a bit and just turns to Martin. "It's gonna' suck not being your mate anymore. Y'know, when we both die and all that." He then smirks a bit as he shoots a nod in the direction of both Mimi and Alison. "Damn, I love to watch them walk away…"

Martin shakes his head at Lip, "We /really/ need to get you laid, so you can get this out of your system." He sighs and turns to head off as well, as he needs to prepare for the trip to the round hill caves.

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