Day 027: You Aren't Forgotten
Summary: Tuan and Starling catch up for the first time since Lark's death.
Date: 24 06 2016
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Tuan Starling 

Coesbur / Village
Fri, May 27th

With the evacuation of Coesbur underway as the villagers are being moved to TonDC, many hands have come up 'on deck' to help out. Those that aren't moving to join Sonia's warband are helping with such actions, and considering Tuan is still recovering from his latest injury (sustained at the hands of said warband) he's doing what he can to help get people moving by loading carts and the horse pulls and the like.

It is later in the afternoon, the Trikru man helping an older woman lift a basket of belongings up onto a cart before he nods acknowledgement of her thanks and goes to lean against a nearby wall of the house she had been inside of, reaching up to nurse at his tender chest and arm.

Starling has been packing up her family's home and helping with Pontus and Rain's place as well, the curved young woman is moving away from farther down one of the paths and is bringing a lost doll towards the olderwoman before she leaves. A small girl sticks her head out of the back of the wagon and beams as she clings to the doll as the family gets on it's way. This leaves Starling looking up at the lower sun and wrinkling her nose before she turns to move back to packing. That turn though brings Tuan into sight and she arches an eyebrow as she makes her way over towards him, "When did you get back?" Is her greeting, but those lips slowly smile, and the bluer than blue eyes peek up at her sister's former lover.

The voice is recognized but Tuan hesitates to look up, he has not seen Starling in several weeks, since before Lark was killed. Truth be told he'd been avoiding her. How could he not avoid her, to just look at her was…

But he is unable to avoid anymore, so slowly his blue eyes lift up to look at her, a soft sigh escaping his lips. When he speaks, its quiet; not mumbling but just softly spoken words. "I've been back in Coesbur for a couple of days. Healing so mostly staying at home with Ginia and Luca, helping them pack and prepare for the evacuation. Today was the first day I really could leave comfortably enough to move around."

There was the difference in the eyes between the twins, where Lark's were a deep brown, Starlings was that unusual blue, so that atleast helped many tell them apart. And the voice, well, Starlings is low and husky, clear like moonlight over the river and hinting at a singing voice that atleast the children know.

At this words, Starling tilts her head to the side as she looks him up and down and then moves close to peer at the wound for a moment before she just sighs and steps into his personal space and slips her arms around him in a hug. The scent of leather and cotton mixed with a hint of sweetness clings to her, something else just a tad different from Lark.

"Glad to see you made it then.." Losing a twin has to be damn hard but her voice doesn't waver in the truth of her statement.

When she steps in to hug him, Tuan embraces Starling. It actually is a bit resistant at first, but then he relents to it and just holds the twin before releasing her. He smells like he always has, like the woods, a freshly chopped log. "I have made it, although…" He trails off then and lets his hands slide down towards Starlings. "We should talk. Not here." The tone of his voice is different than it has ever been really.

Starling arches an eyebrow as she steps back, she might not have been at Tuan like her twin, but hugs were not unknown so she waited out his resistance with a tiny smile to her lips. But his words causes her to loose some of the smile as she glances around to the coming and going of others in the square and she nods slowly, "None are at my house right now, might as well come and get something to drink and eat, your still healing…" And she is curious.

Tuan slowly nods, not releasing Starling's hand, a gesture not terribly uncommon for him as he starts to walk towards where Starling (and by proxy Lark and Wren's) house is at. He winds his way around the carts and the like, casting occasional glances at Starling as he does so.

Finally arriving, but before entering he pauses, "Starling. I… I don't know if I can." He looks at her then and goes to move and sit by the tree. The tree so much of collective life has been spent by.

Starling squeezes Tuan's fingers as she nods in understanding and walks with to the tree, picking a spot that is facing away from the house. She let's him sit down and then slowly moves to sit beside him with a little sigh coming from her lips. She doesn't stare at him, but she does take that hand and wraps her fingers around it as she takes another deep breath, "What did you need to talk to me about Tuan?" She finally asks, giving him time to gather his thoughts.

Tuan is quiet for a moment, resting his head against the tree after sitting before he starts speaking. "I.. I didn't realize how much I cared for her until she was gone." He starts with those words, casting a glance over at Starling. "I know everyone thought that we'd end up together or something, which I don't really know if we would have of course but… I just wanted you to know that, to hear it from me. I did love her." There's a pause once again as he ponders, "The same way I love Benning." He looks again at Starling, "The same way I love you. I don't let you all know that enough. But I do love you all. It's what makes all of this so confusing."

Starling tilts her head to the side, something she has done all her life, that red hair falling around her as she ponders his words, "She loved you as well, we all grew up together, it was possible any of us would end up with the other. I think we all know that, we were raised to survive this world, and that meant depending on and loving those closest to us…" She then wrinkles her nose gently, "But, Lark was wonderful, everyone loved her, her spirit, her fire. Did you both make sense in the long run? Maybe, but live changes, forces us to change. So.. don't beat yourself up in confusing. Just remember her fondly, and me as well. Since I know most are finding it hard to be around me now.." There is a deep sadness there, for really the twins were close and none have seemed to think how Starling might have been effected, or at least not yet.

Reaching out, Tuan places a hand gently on Starling's arm and smiles at her. "I have been avoiding you, not because of who you are, because of who I am. I'm avoiding everyone here. I…" He trails off and sighs, eyes averting away from Starling. "I have fallen for one of them, Starling. And I mean fallen. Not a small amount." There's no shame in his voice just awkwardness. "That is what I am confused about."

Starling blinks slowly and wrinkles her brow gently at him, there is a moment where she really needs to think before she speaks and then she sighs softly, "Don't they have enough males of their own?" She questions like any good woman would, but then.. well she has to be herself and she gives him a little shrug, "You love females Tuan, she is new and different, that is always an attraction. I've not met one of them yet, but I'm also not the kill everyone before talking warrior either.." She points all this out and still wrinkles her nose. "If you are asking my thoughts on the matter. Be careful, make sure these feelings are real, get to know her and well. I guess.. hell, I don't even know if you can introduce her, so just.. be careful.." She will mutter about these Sky woman even more when she learns about Wren.

Tuan just sits quietly before he laughs and looks at Starling. "I love females?" He asks to her after that statement had been made to start off. The smile cracks his cheeks a bit before he nods, "I do I suppose. But it is not a one way road. Except you of course." That's when he trails and thinks over the other things Starling has said. "I want to believe it's real. It feels .. more than it has ever before. But is that because of the pain I feel in loss? Have I always been.. easy with my emotions? Quick with them?"

Starling chuckles once, "I didn't see a reason to fight Lark for you. Not that your not handsome and all, but back then you were not ready to take something more than a few nights here and there.." She is not saying it badly just pointing it out. As for his other question, she takes a deep breath and turns those eyes to him as she tilts her head again. "I don't think you have ever had.. unreal feelings. But do I think you are easy with emotions? I think so, that does not mean there isn't depth. But you have simply always done what you wanted, when you wanted.." She bites her lip then, "Maybe you are.. quicker to cling to this new woman because you know what you lost. Maybe you have found someone you connect to or maybe it is because she is new and different. I can't really answer that for you.." She leans over and kisses his cheek, "But what you need to ask yourself is this. Would you give up everything you know, everyone who loves you to be with her? If you can truly answer that yes? Then I'd say it's real.." She isn't asking him to give up everyone, but that is a possible outcome from the whole Sky-people love issues.

"I may have already." Tuan says softly towards Starling, looking at her a bit sadly. "That is how I got injured. I was helping her and others escape the blockade of the Warband so they could speak with Kruheda." He bites his lower lip at that, "If… or I should say when, it is found out what I have done; I will either be banished or given the thousand cuts. But I have made my choice, risked everything. Not just for her, but because I … what if I had been turned away when my brother and I came here?"

Starling closes her eyes gently and sighs before she shakes her head gently, "Who else?" Starling really has a fear of what he is going to say but she let's out a longer breath. "If your banished.. there will be some of go with you. From the rumors many don't agree with the blockade. Since I could not really help, I have simply stayed out of things. If they are enough like us for you to love one. Then they should be treated like anyone else. If they harmed ours on purpose, well, would we blame the children for what their parents have done? It's a fine edge, and that edge is very hard to walk…"

Tuan looks at Starling with steady eyes before nodding, "Many see it that way. It is a disruption to our lives. I thought after the Azgeda war.." He just trails again before sighing, leaning forward and giving Starling a gentle kiss on her forehead. "You've always been a good voice to me Starling. Whether I need to talk my thoughts or be told something. Never change that, please."

Starling gives a soft chuckle, a sweet sound, but her eyes are worried as she watches him, "Well, I've yet to change, so I don't see it happening. I guess we will see in the future.." She then growls just a little, "But if one more person kisses me on my forehead like I am 10 years old, I will remind them that I am the best shot in the family…" She winks, but it's clear she is grumpy about it!

"I remember the last time I tried to kiss you upon your lips, Starling. Lark laughed but I thought I would never walk straight again." He gives a soft chuckle himself towards her before reaching out and giving the girl's leg a pat before pushing himself up off the tree. "I need to help Ginia get Luca settled in before they travel to TonDC. And I expect you to as well."

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