Day 031: Strange Bedfellows
Summary: Morgan is FINALLY allowed to talk to Kane.
Date: 7/1/16
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Command Station Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
Day 31

It takes a good deal of work to see Chancellor Kane, considering how busy he is. That amount of work may be extended by the Guard when you've threatened to kill the man in the past. Still, eventually, Kane accepts one of the requests to meet with him, shutting off and setting aside his dataslate and then responding to the intercom system at the door, "Come in, Mister Blackwood." It's a mannerism that he picked up from Jaha, although his voice is not quite the right rolling rich tone to make it work perfectly. Once the newly re-minted med-tech enters, he gestures to one of the stools across the high table from him and continues, "You've been quite insistent to see me. What can I do for you?"

Talking to Kane would normally be one of the last things Morgan would ever want to do but the circumstances are exceptional. And when he finally got permission, he even left his sword in his quarters, knowing there was no way he'd be allowed in with it. Stepping into the office, he looks around a moment then over at the man behind the desk. "Chancellor." It's said reluctantly but he's trying to play nice. "I need to know what you're doing to get Cam back. And the others." he says, taking the seat. "What you're willing to do. And what you know about it all because even though I assume Fiona and Grey have talked to you, I don't what they've said or if they forgot anything and this is way too important to just assume it's all going to be okay."

Kane's eyebrows rise sharply at the question, "Well, the Guard started patrols as soon as we had secured the area around the camp." Settling onto his own stool, the Chancellor laces his fingers together, "I've directed them to sweep the area from the dropship as far west as they think practical in three-person teams, trying to track exactly where the captives were taken besides 'Mount Weather.' We'll have to find an entrance if we're going to make any progress in rescuing them, after all." He draws in a breath, "And, on the advice of Miss Kattegat and Mister Grey," and doesn't his mouth twist at the latter name, as if he had bitten into something distasteful, "and against the advice of others, I've approved a small group going to Tondc," the word is awkward in his mouth, new, "to speak with the steheda," another new word, although obviously one he's been informed of and taken pains to learn, "Oxfor as an intermediary to the kruheda, Indra." He opens his hands then in a sort of subdued shrug, "As to what information others have provided me, I admit that I'm still at the point where I'm learning what questions to ask. If you wanted to submit a report on your experiences yourself, another voice certainly couldn't hurt."

Morgan nods at what Kane says, words of the patrols being new to him but welcome. "Yes, I'm going with them. I also intend to help them reclaim their village. It might not be our fault it was over run by Reapers but helping them retake it will build some good will. And some of them did help us when we were under siege. We need their knowledge about the Mountain if we want to get them back. They told me about an acidic mist the Mountain Men use to defend their territory. We lost three people to it early on before we knew we weren't alone down here. Can the rovers withstand acid?" He's about to ask something else when he pauses and runs a hand over his hair. "That Guardsman. Weeks. He said you've already said you'll do what is needed to get us all back here. Are you really willing to commit everything we have to do it?" That's what he really needs to hear it seems.

There was, apparently, news that Kane was not privy to. The mention of Reapers in Coesbur has him sitting up straighter, "I hadn't been informed of that development. We may have to work on communication within the camp." There's a very dry sort of humor behind those words, for all that his eyes look through the table before him, his mind working, "I can see how it would be useful," his eyes rise to Morgan, "and right… to assist them. We'll have to see how feasible it is without rifles, as I doubt the will want us bringing firearms near their village." And then there's the 600-person question, and Kane's mouth tightens, "There may come a point where the needs of six hundred outweigh the needs of thirty, but up to and until that point, I will do everything in my power to free them."

Morgan doesn't so much as blink as he watches Kane and waits for an answer. "No, I've already been told they wouldn't accept any help with guns. They're too terrified of the Mountain Men dropping another missile on another of their villages if they have anything to do with guns. Though if they really did that, why didn't they do that to us at the camp? Or here, before we get established and get our defenses going." Assuming they have any. But the Mountain Men should assume it to be safe. He's not happy with Kane's answer but it's better than he expected. "I'll let Cam's dad know that before I leave for TonDC. I spoke to him earlier and he went to speak to the other families of the ones captured." Deciding to accept the answer, for now, he sits back on the stool having unconsciously leaned forward. What else is important? "I'll write a report before I go too. But did they tell you about Mags? Before she was killed, she told us who talked her into killing someone. Some Guard named Lin. Was he on the ship?"

"Most likely they have a limited supply." Kane's answer to that point is immediate, strictly rational, "The fact that your camp and this one have not received a missile suggests that not only do they have a limited supply, but, along with the capture of your friends… of our people," he has to make the correction, making it clear that he is not the natural politician that Jaha was, "suggests that we are more valuable than we are a threat. The point where that calculus changes will be a dangerous one." The topic shift has him frowning again, "Mags… that would be… ah… Miss Trentin? Only the basics." His features harden, "But yes, Sergeant Lin was part of the Rees' attack. Unfortunately, he made it onto the Exodus ship." The smile that follows has very, very little humor in it, "Fortunately, he made it onto the Exodus ship."

Morgan pretty much figured that part out as well. "No, unfortunately. We could have turned him over to them. You're sure they're all dead, I assume." What a shame. He wouldn't have minded watching what the Grounders would have done to them. Standing, he nods to Kane. "If I think of anything else, I'll write it up."

Kane shrugs slightly, "Honestly, I have no idea. Since they took the Exodus ship, we've been fighting night and day to survive. We don't know exactly how many supporters the Reeses had, or how many made it onto the ship. We believe the latter number is somewhere between one and two hundred." As Morgan stands, Kane holds up a hand, "A moment. You were at the initial summit with him, what are your impressions of steheda Oxfor?"

Morgan frowns at the question, more in thought than anything else and he sits down again. "He did not have to agree to the truce. He didn't know we had guns at that point - which, by the way, belong to us and are not something the Guard has any right to just confiscate. I want access to a gun if we come under attack and I'm here and there are extras. Anyway." he continues. "He knew he could have killed us all. And he probably could have. Most of us didn't know how to shoot back then." A whole two weeks ago! "But he decided not to. Blood must have blood. You've heard that by now, right? They killed two of us then we killed seven of them. Despite that, he took our terms. I still need to teach his healers how to suture wounds. And we agreed he could have the dropship once we moved out so strip it of anything useful but leave the hull to him. They need metal. There was also something about splitting the contents of some supply depots if/when we raid some but I don't know how that'll work now." Right. Oxfor. "He's as barbaric as the rest of them. But don't confuse that with dumb. They aren't. He decided we could benefit them so he agreed. It was probably a gamble on his part but then he upheld the truce even when his people went to war against us. Some of them even helped us. Honor is important to them and to him especially. I don't necessarily like him but I think he can be trusted if he gives his word about something."

Kane listens without interruption, nodding slowly at various points. "The Exodus Charter states that only Guard may have access to firearms, which I think is a wise safety precaution in general. If whomever is elected in a month wants to change that, they're welcome to do so." And then it's on to the important points in Kane's mind, "The fact that he stuck to his agreement in spite of pressure from above is a point in his favor, as far as I'm concerned. That's why I'm inclined to reach out to him first rather than Indra. But thank you for the input. The Guard already brought back what few possessions they could find. If you haven't looked into what they brought back, I believe that it's all in Bravo-23." Hesitating a moment, Kane offers out his hand, "I would appreciate that report. Your general thoughts on the situation and the actors involved. I want as much information as I can get."

"If we're attacked and outnumbered, fuck the charter." Morgan says. "They might not have guns but their bows are almost as good. Anyone who thinks primitive weapons mean we win automatically is going to end up dead. Speaking of which, I'd like to take a shock stick with me to TonDC. If trouble starts, it'll be more diplomatic not starting out by stabbing someone with a sword." He did already get his stuff and is about to say so but then he's staring at the hand as if Kane just pointed a gun at him. Clenching his jaw, he looks up at Kane's face for a moment before gripping the hand. "I will do anything to get Cam back." he says quietly. "No matter what, no matter who gets in my way. I'll even work with you. My dad would understand." You do whatever you have to for those you love. Even if you have to call it even.

Kane doesn't linger on the handshake, "If the camp is under direct attack, I won't leave weapons in the armory, Mister Blackwood. And whatever you may think of me, I had no personal problem with your father." And then there is the question of the weapon, and Kane thinks it over for a long moment, "You, however, obviously do have personal problems with me, however, even if they may be justified. So tell me. Given your hatred for myself and others of the Ark, your rather explicit arguments with the last Chancellor, the fact that there was just a terrorist attack on the people of the Ark, and the fact that you only seem willing to work with me to rescue your friends, why should I trust you with a weapon that can be used to inflict great pain or to kill?"

"And my sword can't? My knife can't? Hell, my hands can't?" Morgan asks. "Like I said, I'll do anything to get Cam back. I'm here because I know I need the Ark to do that. I'm here" and he points to the floor, "because I know I need you to do that. Nothing is more important to me than Cam, Kane. Nothing. I don't know who might get elected Chancellor. I don't know if they'll be willing to do what's needed to get him back. Get them all back. You say you are. I think I even believe you. That means I want you as Chancellor because I need you." And it thrills him. Really. And then he smirks. "Besides, Grey will be there watching me. We don't really get along."

Kane nods his agreement with Morgan's first point, "You're right. But you owning a sword is not against the Exodus charter, and I'm not giving it to you." Shaking his head a little, Kane smiles a little dryly, "And I don't know that much of anyone gets along with any Grey, except for Miss Kattegat." That's cast aside quickly enough, "If I issued you one of the Guard's shock batons, what happens to it after you return from Tondc, and what happens to you and to it once the captives are rescued?"

"If you want it back, I'll give it back to you." Morgan says simply. "I'm not going to risk our working relationships to get Cam back." Working relationship being said dryly. "Besides, I actually like swords. I'd just rather not kill a Grounder while we're trying to make peace with them and a shock baton gives me an option other than risk killing one in a fight." The latter question is more complicated. "I don't know." he answers after a moment. "That's up to Cam. His dad is here and he won't leave him unless he has to. I wouldn't ask him to either." You don't abandon parents. "Where he goes, I go. But I won't try to kill anyone here if that's what you're asking. Not unless someone tried to set up some kind of… dictatorship or something."

Kane thinks long and hard about Morgan's response, finally coming to, "I'm not going to issue you a shock baton… this time. From what I've been told of the Grounders, if one of them started trouble, I don't think they would have a problem with you defending yourself with a sword. But prove that you're here for more than just yourself and those few people who are important to you, prove that you're here for the Ark, and the Ark will provide for you." He grimaces slightly, "We're going to have to work on a new name for ourselves, I think."

Morgan shrugs. He tried. It's a gun he really wants; the baton was just to keep casualties down if it came to it. "Skaikru. It's what the Grounders call us. Sky crew. They're the Trikru. Tree crew. To the north are the Azgeda. Ice Nation. I don't know how they got geda from nation." he adds with another shrug. "But they're supposed to be really nasty, even by Grounder standards. So the station that went down there is probably in big trouble. Oh, and Jumar thinks the Mountain Men are blocking our radio signal. He got it working again."

Kane considers the suggestion, shrugging slightly, "Maybe if that's how they think of us, it would help matters if we referred to ourselves that way too. We'll see if it happens that way." Evidently, he's not going to try to enforce the name of the group. There will be no Kane and the Kanefans. "Yes, I'm worried about Farm and Factory and Hydro Stations. I don't hold much hope for Hydro, but I have a few patrols looking for Factory as well. Very carefully, given the tenuous situation with the Grounders." The last point draws a nod, "Saint-Claire mentioned that. If we can clear up that interference, the short-range radios would be a solid advantage over other forces in the area. I'll let you get ready for your trip, though. And Mister Blackwood, thank you for offering your help."

Morgan will do anything for Cam. But he already said that so he just nods and stands back up. "Cam's dad and the other parents will probably be looking for some answers themselves." Cause angry, worried parents can get things done and apply pressure that one pardoned murderer can't. "I'll get you that report before I leave." he says as he turns to go.

Kane nods at Morgan, "I've told many of them about the patrols. As soon as I know more, I'll share it with them." And that's it, he's already reaching for his dataslate again. A Chancellor's work is never done… especially when he doesn't really have a Council, and he's also the Guard Officer.

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