Day 004: Deathsticks or Bloodmakers
Summary: Henry strikes up a conversation with Frankie and Morgan while making spears. Brief cameo by Martin
Date: 3-5-2016
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With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 4 After Landing

The rhythmic sound of scraping can be heard not far from the main gathering of tents outside of the drop-ship, a regular whisper of noise that is more often then not lost to laughter and and arguments and the other noises of freedom that erupt from the main body of the group. For anyone so inclined to follow the sound, it leads past a small stand of trees to depression. There, sitting crosslegged, is Henry. Beside him are a group of branches…not deadfall, these seem mostly green, as if only cut or wrenched (or in some cases both) from the lowest limbs of the forest. One of them is in his lap and, with a piece of scrap metal, he is honing a point on one end. His brow is furrowed in concentration.

Frankie is in no condition to follow anything or anyone anywhere at the moment. Just to be outside for the first time since the dropship crashed is a miracle in itself, and only came about after her somewhat incoherent complaining about the smell of too many unwashed bodies in the ship itself. Someone got tired of hearing it and helped her hobble out. Currently she is sitting on the ground, leaning against a fallen tree, probably used as makeshift sitting, her splinted leg straight out in front of her. She has been so in awe of her surroundings that it has taken awhile for the sound to sink into her consciousness, but as it does she looks around to find the source, spotting Henry a few feet away working on something. "Spears?" she asks after watching him thoughtfully a few moments. There is obvious pain in her tone. It will be awhile before that will go away, if it ever does.

Now where did the girl go? With a broken leg, she can't have gotten far so Morgan doesn't bother to call for her. Instead, he just starts wandering around till he spots her, as expected, not too far away. And wisely out of the way of people doing things. Well, most people. He nods an acknowledgement to Henry as he moves over to Frankie, a small makeshift cup in his hand. "Here, drink this." he tells her. "It should help."

"Yeah," comes the quick reply from Henry toward Frankie. For a moment it seems that is all he will say. Then, he drawls after a pause, "though I think they need a cooler name. Death-sticks. Or Bloodmakers. If you come up with any good ideas, let me know. No reason we have to use the same old words for everything down here." The scraping stops long enough for him to look over, spotting the arrival of Morgan. "Hey. What is that?" He nods to the cup.

There is a pained chuckle at Henry's joke "I'm not sure I can come up with anything better that Bloodmaker." Frankie replies. Not with her brain as foggy with pain as it is. "We renaming everything or just the weapons?" she's been out of it, she needs to quickly get back into the loop. Morgan approaching and offering her a cup has her looking at him dubiously "You sure about that?" she certainly isn't but she does taking the cup and looks into it at the brownish water contained within "Bottoms up." she lifts the cup toast like and chugs it down, wincing spectacularly at the bitter taste of the liquid.

"A tea made from willow bark." Morgan answers as he hands the 'cup' over to Frankie. He waits till she's finished it all to say "We're all pretty sure we found actual willows." Not one hundred percent but close. And who knows what the nukes did to them. "It's a natural source of salicin. Basically, aspirin." And yeah, it's bitter and unpleasant. But effective. And all they have available when it comes to pain relief.

"Rename whatever you like. Always felt like a Francis? I say go for it." The ghost of a smile appears on Henry's face as he finishes the spear he's working on and sets it aside, carefully examining the pile next to him for the next project. The explanation about the willow bark earns a grunt. "Booze would be better," he comments idly. As his gaze lifts from the sticks, he examines Morgan once more. "You a med?"

That dubious look returns in light of what Morgan says "Pretty sure?" Frankie questions "Thanks for not telling me that first." follows the question in a dry tone. She nods to him "That sounds right." she probably knows that, salicylic acid and all comes from willow as well, probably the same thing really. Glancing down into the poor excuse for a cup she sets it aside "I've never felt like a Francis." she can't quite do monotone, to much pain at least until the willow back kicks in and honestly that isn't going to do much more than dull it. "A still isn't made in a day." she furrows her brow trying to remember the last few days "I think I asked someone to get parts for one."

Henry's question gets a nod. "As much as anyone down here is." He does grin at Frankie. "You might not have drunk it if I had. And we need to test it out. Everyone's pretty sure though. It has a distinctive look." Henry's sitting under a tree sharpening a spear point while Frankie's sprawled under another tree, her splinted leg stretched in front of her while Morgan stands by her. "What a good dose is though…" He shrugs. "Trial and error." How much saliciin is in one square of bark and how long does it need to boil? He's a doctor damnit not an herbalist.

"How do you feel about the moniker, 'lab rat'," Henry asks Frankie wryly after Morgan reveals the drink is a test. "I—" He abruptly cuts off. "Wait. Are you serious? You can make a still?" The spear, only one slice cut out of the wood, is momentarily forgotten in his hands.

Martin exits the dropship and looks up into the sky to get a read on the weather. He squints a bit and brushes a hand through his hair before shrugging and starting on towards the trees, grabbing his spear from where it rests on his way. As he nears the little gathering he gives an upnod of greeting. "Any of the hunting parties come back with any food yet? A few of the 'cooks' have asked." He quiets then as he parses what they are discussing. " Ahhh, willow tea? I think someone said we were working on a larger batch with what little water we currently have."

"True enough." though she isn't sure she likes the idea of being the test subject, but to late for that now "I'll make sure you will be the first to know if it doesn't work." Frankie tells Morgan, though she would probably tell him if it does as well "I've been called worse things." she gives a shrug at that the gives a pained grin at Henry "Yes, I can make a still if I have the parts and the booze you make in it if I have the right ingredients." she glances around the clearing "We are short on both at the moment." a look to Martin as he approaches "Yes. And I can't say I recommend it, it tastes awful."

"Try to gauge how much relief you get. If it's too weak, we need to brew it longer or give you a larger dose." Morgan's got that doctor's 'we' down already it seems. He nods a greeting to Martin when he shows up. "Yeah, carrying water from the river isn't going to work well. Hopefully the mountain base will have water available somehow."

Henry is still focused on Frankie. "What do you need," he asks. Only once that question has been lobbed does he turn to regard the newcomer. He gives Martin a cautious nod, then glances to the piece of metal he has been using to sharpen spears. His gaze drifts thoughtfully around the trio. "Since you all three seem to know a little something about taking care of people…" He slides the metal of the makeshift knife flat between his wrist and tracking bracelet.

Martin grins at Frankie, 'I think taste is only a secondary concern. Though I have been keeping an eye out for some sugar maples or a substitute that would have sweet sap. We might be able to add a bit to make it go down smoother." . He nods to Morgan then, "With the doctor's orders of course. And we have to find the river first. None of us scouts have managed to locate it yet but we think we are getting close." As Henry gets ready to remove his bracelet the brute force way, Martin notes, " You can ask Silver to take it off without cutting yourself."

Frankie nods to Morgan "Well it hasn't done anything yet. I'm guessing it is a slow build up." with the way Henry asked the first question about her ability to build a still she expected the second question. "Something to use as a pot, has to be able to stand up to heat. Something to use as a lid, tight fitting preferable, some tubing another container to hold liquid in." she lists the other things she needs as well, at least the stuff for the still making. "If you find something that works let me know. I'll need that for making drinkable alcohol as well." is said to Martin.

Morgan holds up a hand to Henry. "Don't do that." Then he nods as Martin tells him why. "Yeah, I was about to go find Silver soon. I want mine off and she's been trying to find out how they close. She was close I think." He glances down at his bracelet and scowls at it. "But it's coming off today whether she has or not." Then he glances up at the sky. "I'm not their lab rat."

"Oh, she figured it out?" Henry looks tempted to continue with the prying, but, in the end, he slowly pulls the sharp metal shard out from between wrist and bracelet. "Mine, too," he echoes Morgan. He gives it one last thoughtful look, then returns to sharpening the next spear. "I'll see what I can find."

"She has managed to get them off last I heard. Now she is trying to get them off while keeping them usable," Martin offers. "Though I hope she is successful in turning them into something we can use to communicate with one another. Two way radios would be nice." He lifts his spear then and starts for the forest, " Well I am going hunting. Wish me luck, as I will need it. If I see a sugar maple, I will note where it is for both alcohol and medicine." . He gives them all a grin then begins whistling some ditty as he heads off. Yeah, a hunter he is not.

Morgan frowns at what Frankie says. "Might need some more. I"m going to go see if I can find Silver. And then I'll be back and see if the tea has taken effect. If you don't get any relief, ask someone to find me." Giving the two of them a nod, he heads off to find Silver.

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