Day 028: Deeply
Summary: Gideon and Grey are reunited after the dropship battle.
Date: 26 June 2016
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Grey Gideon 

Outside Camp Jaha, The Wilderness
In poses
28 Days After Landing

By midmorning on the first day after Arkfall, Grey can walk without weaving back and forth. Usually. He even got someone's big baggy t-shirt that fit over his bandaged shoulder and head. Boringly, it's faded to a simple dull blue, with just the slightest hint of a white-armored being swinging around a pole. He no longer has to carry a massive steel rod to protect himself, the slim cylinder of a collapsed shock baton clipped to his belt, but he still has the knife at his back as well. It feels comfortable there now. Slipping out of camp, he looks back up at the arch of the Alpha Station ring, then searches out just the right place. Finding a rock-face away from the camp, he carefully pulls an iridescent blue feather from his thigh pocket, jamming the quill into a crack in the walk and looking back over the woods to make sure it can be seen. And then he goes back into Camp Jaha, but through the rest of the day, he keeps drifting up to the guard post already lifted up, searching the treeline opposite the camp.

It is almost sunset when the iridescent feather serves its purpose. A nervous looking delinquent — former delinquent, that is — approaches Grey, hands in her pocket and chin bowed. She steps up close to Grey, muttering under her breath, "Got a message for you." The girl flashes a feather to the freshly annointed guardsman, and then looks up at Grey with a quirk of her head. "She's outside, where you left this." She hands the guardsman the feather, and then starts to trudge off, looking a bit sheepish now that she has delivered the message.

Whenever Grey finally slips away, he will find Gideon seated at the base of the rock, legs crossed and arms resting casually against her thighs. She is dressed in dark clothes, and she blends well with the shadows and moss. When Grey approaches, she will look up, and immediately start to get to her feet, but stays tight against the rock face as to avoid getting spotted by sentries.

Grey is crouched over a computer when he's found, hunting and pecking his way through a report. The appearance of the other teen over his shoulder causes him to jump a little, and he starts to growl something at her — until he spots the feather. It is plucked away, "Thanks, thanks." The report is saved and shut down, and the feather tucked into his pocket again, and then he moves out of the station and out the gates, doing his best to keep his pace down, for all that each step wants to be faster and longer than the last. He keeps from trotting, but by the time he reaches the rock, he is walking rather fast. Stepping around it, his features light and relief spreads across his face. Apparently, he either chose the spot well, or he just doesn't give a damn that anyone sees him as he moves to wrap Gideon in his embrace, "Thank god." The movement lightly hurts his shoulder like the blazes, but it doesn't stop him. His voice drops down to a murmur after the exclamation, "I was so worried you'd gotten caught up in the mess outside the Camp."

Gideon steps up into the embrace, and her arms immediately go around Grey's shoulders. She almost clings to him, rocking slowly back and forth as they lock together. Her mouth rests near his ear, and she is murmuring something softly in Trigedasleng against it. Perhaps her own thanks. Then she leans back, looking over him carefully, and her fingers lightly squeeze his arms and shoulders as if checking for more wounds. Then she looks up at him. "I almost was… I saw the… ah… dropship? Is that what that was? I saw it come down… and I made Delano race toward your camp… but the horn had already blown by the time we got close."

Grey winces a little at the tightness of the embrace, "I'm okay, Dee…" and then he's wincing as she squeezes at his left shoulder, "Ow. Yeah. Axes hurt." It's the back of his left shoulder, and it's tightly bound, but still painful as hell. One hand stays at her back, holding her close, and he gestures up toward the bandage around his head, "Sword. And I'm glad you didn't make it to camp. We…" he winces a little at the still-hazy memory, "Things got ugly. Not just for us. And no," He nods through the rock toward the remains of Alpha Station, "That's parta the Ark, Dee. The crazy mothers brought the whole damn thing down. Couple other pieces might've survived too." Even as he talks he's mirroring her examination of him, fingers gracing her temples, cheeks, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms… and then rising back up to cup her face so that he can draw her in for a sharp, relieved kiss. "I was scared you were outside the dropship. We fired off the engines. A big blast of fire all around it."

Gideon is not hurt, but exhausted. She looks as if sleep has been optional for a number of days. She even trembles a bit when he draws her back against him, her lips sinking against his as he kisses her — but she demands it to be soft and slow, keeping him close. Then she breathes out a slow exhale, fingertips sliding down across his cheek and jaw. Her head shakes. "How many did you lose?" Then her throat jumps. "How many did we lose?"

"I don't know." And that kills Grey right there. "I still don't know, either side. There aren't enough of us here though, and they're saying that they drove off men in gas masks and heavy suits who were trying to capture us. But that they got away with some of the Hundred." His shoulders slump as he admits quietly, "Which is way short of a hundred now. I haven't seen more than like… thirty or forty here." It's not entirely clear which of them is clinging to the other for stability more now, with her weariness and his weariness and dizziness, "And the people of C-Bur? They got out okay? Nothin' fell on 'em?"

The archer is quiet as the Skaikru speaks. Her fingertips slide along the edge of his hair, and then she is pulling his forehead down to press against hers in a warm, soft, and silent comfort. She says nothing for a long moment, allowing the peace to wash over them, and then she nods gently, trying to not disrupt their comfort. "Yes… we will remain in Tondc for a few days, waiting out to see if the Mountain will retaliate. Arlin was smart to persuade Oxfor to evacuate."

Grey's eyes close as he rests his bandaged brow against Gideon's, some of the tension easing out of his shoulders, "Good. I'm glad they're safe." His fingers curl at the sides of her face, brushing his knuckles against her strong, defined features, "Will you help me find them, Dee? The ones that were captured? Cameron's missing, and Morgan's going crazy. And I don't know how many of the others are missing or dead… I know Cole and Max and Q were in the dropship, but I don't think they're here." And then he blinks, adding, "Oh. And Ada — " he corrects himself, "Kai's Wren's Second, apparently."

Gideon ducks her head, looking uncertain. "Men like that… those are Mountain Men, Grey." There is a certain nervousness to her tone, a small fear building up in her voice. "To help rescue your people means that… we would have to go to the Mountain." The archer starts to shake her head, expression remote. The Grounder woman starts to step away, brushing her hands back through her freshly oiled and ashed locks, drawing them into a rough gathering at the back of her neck. She turns then toward him, looking fragile. "We cannot attack the Mountain, Grey…"

Her words confirm suspicions spoken inside the new Arker camp, and Grey's lips tighten, eyes narrowing as he starts to turn his head to the west, toward the Mountain. The wariness and fear in the archer, however, halts the turn, and he tilts his head slightly in confusion. It's a side of Gideon that he hasn't seen before, and it throws him. His hands drop from her cheeks as she steps back. It's enough the stall him for a long moment, and he nods, his shoulders slumping a little, "Then I won't push you on it, Dee. You've already done so much for me. But I've got to get them out. I'm not gonna leave them behind."

Gideon brushes her fingers cross her neck, feeling the tightness in her neck and shoulders. She lifts her eyes up to meet his. "I will help how I can," she offers, noting his downcast reaction to her own fear. "And if you find a way to defeat the Mountain Men, I will try my best…" Then she sighs, stepping forward to take his hand, cool fingers sliding with his. "I'm sorry, Grey… I do not like telling you that there is something I can't do to help you."

Grey steps forward as well, crossing the distance she opened up between them. His fingers twine with hers, and his other hand slips into the mass of her ashed hair, brushing his fingers along the her neck, "It's alright, Dee. You've already done more than anyone could ask." Lifting his head, he presses a kiss to her brow, then smiles a little crookedly, "Just having you around helps. Really."

Gideon closes her eyes as she presses her forehead to his once more. Her eyes close, focusing on the warm exchange between them. Her shoulders rise and fall with a deep breath, and then she smiles softly. "I suppose that I will not be able to sneak into your tent anymore," she murmurs, words a bit sad while also playful. She glances toward the monstrous arch that now fills this region of the sky, looking quite small in the face of the new stegeda for the Sky People.

Chuckling softly at her murmur, Grey shrugs his left shoulder, "No… that'll be harder. Since I don't have a tent anymore." Lifting his head as she looks up at the arch, he adds, "Yeah. It looks bigger out there than in space. Not that I ever got to go in there except once or twice. That's where the posh people lived." He hesitates a moment, "Maybe you can come in… once I get quarters."

Gideon continues to look at the arch of the fallen Sky station, and she catches the side of her lip between her teeth. Then she glances back toward Grey now, and her nerves are obvious. "Will I be welcomed?" There is something soft and almost reproachful in those words, as every passing moment, Gideon feels less and less welcomed by those she once called family. But she is also very sensitive to any passing sign of rejection.

Grey lets out a breath, "Probably not." He really, really doesn't want to admit that, but he's not going to sugar-coat that. "I mean, not yet. Some'a the Delinquents — most of 'em — would be totally onboard with you coming in. But the rest of the Skaikru'll have to get to know you." Leaning his head close and trying to press a kiss in front of her ear, Grey murmurs, "Because they don't get to like you like I do, but I'm sure they'll like you."

The tall Archer closes her eyes when he presses a soft kis to the front of her ear, and it sends a warm shudder through her. She brushes her fingers down his arms now, and then slides them to his hips. She pulls him gently against her, and her lips catch his in a slow, simmering kiss. It is not a soft, passive kiss, but one that speaks volumes about her hunger, need, and affection for the Skaikru.

Grey's other hand slips around Gideon's waist, settling at the small of her back. His head twists to allow him to return that kiss with interest as he draws their bodies together. He draws in a slow breath, then lets it out through his nose as his lips move over hers. Touching her lower lip with his teeth and drawing it out, he grins lightly, "Should we at least sneak into the woods?" And his right hand drops down to goose at her backside.

"Yes," Gideon murmurs, and then offers a low noise in response to the goose, pressing up against him again. She starts to push him backwards, guiding him behind the rock and further out of sight of the tall, looming Alpha station. Her fingers start to work at his loose shirt, trying to find a place where her fingertips can touch his bare skin. Her words are murmured against his lips, "I don't want to take you away from your duties."

Ducking his head a little to let her pull the shirt over his head, Grey winces at the motion, letting himself be drawn further behind the rock and his shirt removed to reveal the neat, tight bandage at the back of his right shoulder and wrapped about his head. They're fine work, stuck directly to his skin. "Come on, Dee… I'm walkin' wounded. I don't have any duties right now." His head ducks further, aiming to press a kiss to the curve of her neck, "And even if I did, I'd still be here."

Gideon touches these new bandages, surprised by their tidiness and precision. Her gaze lingers on them, and then lifts to meet his own dark gaze. "As you say," she murmurs. Her head falls back then, expanding her throat to his lips. She starts to smile then, and she lavishes in the familiar sensation of his warm mouth against her equally warm skin. She breathes out a slow sigh that causes her to sink slightly. "Grey…" She sighs.

Grey follows the extension of her neck with a line of kisses, breathing in the scent of her as his arms tighten around her hard enough to cause his shoulder to twinge. He doesn't release her, however, nodding slightly, "Yeah. What was that saying you had, in the dropship? About warriors loving deeply, Dee?"

"Uh gona nau hodnes komnau hod dep in," Gideon says without missing a beat, and she begins to smile — a soft, but playful smile. "You confused the word for love, for… hotness." She presses her hands against his chest, resting her forehead gently against his cheek. "A warrior does not love, unless they love deeply." She then meets his dark gaze once more, and her smile remains gentle.

"Right. Oo gonna know hodnes come-now hod deep in." Grey is still not any better at Trigedasleng pronunciation. One hand remains at the small of her back, the other coming up to press over her hand atop his heart, "I've never loved before, Dee. But I understand that saying a whole lot better now." His fingers smooth over the back of her hand, and then both of his hands withdraw, moving to brush the lapels of her jacket back.

Grey's words causes her head to tilt slightly, and Gideon starts to smile ever so wider. "Are you trying to tell me something, Grey kom Skaikru?" Those moss-green eyes shine with amusement, patience, but also apprehension. She looks down at her hand as it rests on his heart, and she presses her palm into that warm, thudding point. Then she drops her hand away, and she eases her shoulders back so that the jacket can fall away.

"I'm sayin' I like your smile, Gideon kom Trikru." Grey pushes the jacket down her arms, and then his hands rise up to cradle her strong jawline, "And that I love you." His smile spreads further, splitting his face and flashing very white teeth against his dark skin. "And maybe that's a little quick to say it, but I don't care."

"And I love you," Gideon returns in a soft voice. She presses her forehead gently against his once more. Then she draws him back another step, encouraging him into the treeline where they can find shelter in the soft trees and shade. Her fingers brush along his forearms, gathering his fingers so that they can both slip away from view.

Grey brushes his thumbs across the Grounder woman's cheekbones, and then his hands drop away to entwine his fingers with hers, slipping away into the treeline quite readily. He glances back over his shoulder once, wincing as he crouches low to stay out of the sightlines of the guard posts, a low chuckle rising to his lips as he follows the woman he loves into the forest… at least for a little while.

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