Day 022: Devil Dice
Summary: Cameron has a pair of dice. He (with help) invents a game. An orgy doesn't happen. Barely.
Date: 6 12 2016
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With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 022

It's afternoon-ish, more or less, on Day 22. This has Cameron sitting by the tend he shares with Morgan, going over his things. He doesn't really have a lot of things, but he does have things, and at the moment, what he's going over is a pair of dice. Where the hell he got a pair of dice is anyone's guess, but he rolls them in his hand and tosses them. Besides dice, everything else he owns is piled nearby, except his pants. He's still got his pants on. He is said to be utterly devoid of shame but walking around without pants is, indeed, a line for him. Just not a line of shame. A line his Mom poked into him at a young age very firmly when he would, indeed, walk around without pants all the time.

"Oi! Cam! Th' 'ell, mate?!"

Lip comes stumbling out of the Dropship. He's somewhere between looking better than he has for the past few days and looking like himself. It's a long process but he's healing. Slowly. He still doesn't like he should be up and moving around but Lip gives zero fucks about actually getting better. Death would be a welcome change from the constant pain. A wince-filled walk later and Lip cracks a big smile. "I didn't recognize you with your pants on. But I guess even you wouldn't wanna' get stabbed to death by a Groundhog while you're butt ass naked." Lip keeps on grinning because it's fun to tease.

"Why not, I've a great ass. But its very, very white. It might be blinding to them. I can see it now, the Grounders attack and I spin and my butt flashes and they flinch and their spears go wide as the light flashing off my ass destroys their vision." Cameron says this all with a hint of seriousness before breaking into a grin, and lifting upt he dice he threw into the dirt before him, "How you feeling? You don't look like death warmed over anymore, so that's something. I was thinking about games myself."

"I feel like I asked a Groundhog chick to the Unity Ball and she answered by stabbing me in the chest with the Sword of No." Lip grins and feels the pain when he moves too much. His grin turns into a wince. A Grince. The Grince fades and he looks at Cameron. "We're gonna' die, man. That's a given. But you're right. We need to have some fun before we go out. I vote for a few rounds of Scavengers."

"We're not dead until we're dead." says Cameron philosophical tone, giving a little shrug, "So I'm not going to waste a minute not being alive. Now, don't get me wrong, Scavengers is fun, but I have dice." He holds them up for Lip to see, "The problem is I don't know any dice games, so I was trying to make up some rules in my head for what would be fun and what wouldn't be."

It is soft footsteps that has the white shadow of Shi appearing out of the dropship, where she was probably trying to get Stone to stay in place while his bandages where changed. But it seems the tiny woman has given up that task for the moment to come back outside… in the sun. Yep, out in the sun, which has been very unusual the days since landing. Her face is covered so only those odd violet eyes show as she pauses her step at hearing Cam's voice, and turns to walk over to the shirtless male.

Stone's coming out from the dropship behind Shi, ducking under the door and grinning lopsidedly of a man who has won a victory. In this case, not letting her talk him into resting longer than he already has. The giant ex-C has had his bandages soaked and reapplied, so they're slightly less bloody/muddy where they wrap his throat and left side of his thick chest, and the mud and blood from hunting has been washed off in turn, his cargo vest draped over an otherwise bare torso, rifle slung off undamaged shoulder. Stalking his way along behind the comically-smaller white-clad girl, he casts a familiar, friendly grin to Lip, offering the smaller male a fist to bump, not saying anything in greeting for now though. Cameron, in turn, gets a minimal (because of the throat stitches) upnod of greeting, and an arch of one thick dark brow at the dice in silent question.

Lip smirks a bit. "Yeah. I'd suck at Scavengers right now anyway. I mean, let's be honest, I'm sexy as fuck but even my epic level of hotness has been downgraded by this whole almost dead thing. I'm only about a 10 right now. It sucks to be me." Lip finally curtails his talking enough to raise an eyebrow at the dice. "I got it. I got it! I so got it!" Lip starts to jump up and down with excitement but the pain of wounds and stuff makes that stop immediately. "Ow. Ow ow. Okay uh…" He takes a moment to shake off the ow-ness. "We roll the dice, right? And then, however many it lands on? That's how many minutes you get to go in THE Tent with." Lip grins and doesn't even look at Stone as he holds out his fist for bumping. They go so far back, it's crazy. "I call it… wait for it…" Lip raises his hands into the air. "TRAPPED IN THE TENT!" Lip then drops an invisible mic.

Cameron laughs. Its an easy sound. Up in the Skybox, he didn't laugh. Here he does. Starvation and impending death does weird things to people. "Minutes? That's a lot of time I was thinking a faster pasted game. Besides, who else is in the tent? Are you trying to make out with me, Lip? You know you have only to ask." A quick, teasing grin at that before his smile turns to Stone and he gives a nod in greeting, lifting the dice to show more clearly, "Got 'em off the Grounder I killed. Just haven't put them to use. Since impending doom is looming, I decided now's clearly the time." His smile fades a bit when he notices Shi, but not entirely. It's still a smile as he nods to her, "Hey, Shi." Then he takes the dice and rolls them, and they come up a five and a four. "So, I'm high roller. Next person can declare high or low, and if he makes it, he wins. Maybe? Ugh I don't know anything about games."

Shi notices the slightly less warm welcome and she tilts her head to the side but smiles nevertheless. "Cameron, hello.." Her voice is soft and husky, curious even as she glances up as a shadow cuts some of the sun and she can't help a little grin to Stone and a little shake of her head. But she does stand so his body blocks alot of the sun and then turns back to the other pair, "Dice? Maybe.. whoever rolls the highest, can ask someone a question and they have to answer?"

Stone gives a decidedly mocking, but amused, snort to Lip's mic-drop suggestion, dark eyes twinkling as he folds thick arms over his chest and replies. The reply is even more horror-movie horrific than usual the last two days. Ragged gravelly rasp of someone who should _not_ be using his vocal chords. "Good luck…" he starts, grimacing, a hand moving to throat before he finishes in a ragged, sinister-sounding whisper. "Good luck gettin' girls to play." Then grinning, he adds in wavering, strained horrific sing song. "Sausage party!" Okay yeah. That sound is the stuff nightmares are made of! He totally overused his already damaged voice and is paying for it now. The quick, guilty glance he gives to Shi right after along with biting of lower lip and slight hunch away from the diminuitive herbalist indicates he's totally waiting for the lecture to hit. But he couldn't resist! And the look on Lip's face is probably worth it besides. After all, his buddy hasn't heard how bad Stone's sounding between arrow through the throat and trying to talk too much with a trader.

"Hey, I'm sexy as hell. I can't help it if dudes, dudettes, birds, deer and spiders all want to get a piece of this. I'll have you know that I'm decidedly Lipsexual. So bring it on." Lip flashes a grin at everyone that has gathered around. "Hey. I've been a couple of Sausage Parties in my day. Not bad. Not /good/. But not bad." Lip just smiles through the pain that he's starting to feel and moves to get himself in a position to be able to lean against something. He's already getting a bit tired. "Uhhhhhhhh." Lip's eyes go a little bit wide at the sound of Stone's voice. "Yeah, I know I've said this to you before. Like about four hundred and thirty seven times. But uh… let me do the talking. Cuz: Ew."

Cameron turns a his smile to Shi, "Or, to make it more of a game, whoever loses has to answer to whoever had the highest up to that point. To lose is to declare higher or lower, and roll the opposite or same." That said, he offers the dice to her, "And since you came up with the idea, it's your turn." Yeah there's something there at the edge which isn't all nice and happy, but Cam's mostly shoving it aside. He grins at Stone then, "See? Got a girl to join. Stop looking at the ladies like they're vases, they're just people. Same as everyone else, just different plumbing, so if you want to get over that problem with not being a plumber, sit. Join. Let's dice, Big Guy. I dare you." Cameron's grin is wicked and downright challenging, before he gives a sidelong glance to Lip, "Clearly no one knew what they were doing. This is what happens when you have sausage parties and forget to invite me, Lip."

Shi wrinkles her nose as Stone starts to talk, not at the sound it seems but at the /talking/ at all. She turns her head and looks up at him for a long moment, "I thought we had a deal?" She asks softly, those eyes narrowing at him before she grumps and just leans back against the large male, it seems that is the best place to keep out of the sun. But at Lips words she gives a little grin hidden in her hood. "Sausage Parties?" She asks in an oh so innocent way, she probably knows just what they are all talking about but it seems she wants to see how far they are willing to explain it. But she takes the dice from Cameron and stops her leaning against the wall that is Stone before she bites her lip and then nods kneeling to roll the dice, "Higher.." She offers as the dice are let lose.

Stone rolls his eyes dramatically at Lip, but gives his familiar good-natured, lopsided smirk back. His voice _used_ to be gorgeous realy. Rich, resonant baritone, warm and great, especially singing if he wasn't being too shy to. Now? Not so much. Not so much at all. Cameron's comments, especially the plumber one, gets a huge reaction. A betrayed sort of widening of eyes and a hand going up as if it was about to make a gesture at the shirtless Shameless that most people would assume Stone doesn't even know how to make. But even flipping the bird is apparently too naughty for the Boy Scout, and instead he's just shaking a huge dark fist threateningly silent at Cam, even while smirking at the rediculousness. Shi's comment earns her a small sigh, but a mouthed silent. "I'll try." Shaking his head at her 'innocent' sausage party question, he then settles in watch the rolling. Maybe he'll join in. Maybe he won't in order to preserve his voice (and his dignity)

"Cameron. Stone says 'stop that dude or he'll bop you one with his mighty fist'. Lip makes sure to translate as wrongly as he can before he turns and gives a thumbs up to Stone. See, this is why Lip is the one that talks. Moving right along, though, even Lip forgets he's in pain when Shi's question finally catches his ears. "Whoa. Girl, let me tell you, Sausage Parties are the best. A buncha' dudes just sittin' 'round being hot but not as hot as me? With nary a hot chick in sight." Lip can't stop himself. "Now, these are not to be confused with the Sausage Fest which is a lot more intense, graphic and entertaining. I've been to both. Pretty cool."

It's almost as if Stone's reaction were a friendly gesture. Cameron just grins at him all the more. When Shi calls higher and rolls lower, Cameron turns his smile to her and nods, "Okay, you lose." He takes up the dice and hands them to Stone, even as he purses his lips, thoughtfully, "Hmm. Tell us about your first kiss." Because of course that's where he'll go. "Roll's eight, Stone, with Shi being high roller. I just made that rule up: once you ask a question the last roller is high roller again. Higher or lower, Big Guy? And don't glower at me, you know you like me." He grins over at Lip, "No, he won't. Stone's a good guy. Doesn't strike me as the hitting Cameron type." Then he tilts his head to the side and inquires of Lip, "And which version, fest or party, involves taking off pants? I forget."

Shi wrinkles her nose at the roll but then shrugs as she settles down with the wince that atleast two of the males are carrying around, but where she has picked puts her in direct sunlight, so with a tiny mutter, she moves till she is one more using Stone as a shield for the brightness, this of course nudges him more into the middle of things. But the question causes her to blink and a quick look is shot towards Stone before she ponders how to answer. "Mmm, first kiss? It was before the skybox, with.. a friend. He was nice and had wonderful lips and was passionate but careful?" She has no idea how to talk about her first kiss and she so doesn't name names. But the blush that rides her cheeks under the covering is easy to catch.

As for lip talking abut the Fest and Parties, the tiny woman simply arches any eyebrow slowly, "So, just sitting around huh? Well, that would not be as much fun to watch.." She sounds oh so disappointed about that fact.

Stone gives Lip a big thumbs up in return with a snort. Apparently the translation was accurate enough for him. Cameron's offer of the dice gets a suspicious sort of narrow-eyed contemplation, before finally eyes are rolled skyward with a gusty rasp of sigh that silently screams 'Fiiine then'. And he's reaching out for the dice. At the claim he wouldn't hit a Cameron, Stone's smirking at him, shaking his head negative, then pointing to Lip, giving a nod, and finishing the miming off with a fierce scowl and another shaken fist at Cameron. Nope, he'd totally hit a Cameron. Plumber indeed!!! Snorting again, Stone moves forward into an easy crouch where Shi directs him into human shade, and then he's givin Cameron another sort of accusatory glare at the question before trying to wipe his expression of reaction. As Shi's talking though, it becomes quite apparent that Stone SUCKS at hiding his expression. Cause for all she might look a little embarrassed, the big bastard is positively squirming trying not to look over at her. Or at Cameron. Or Lip. Yup, he's totally fascinated with the dice in hand suddenly, poking over them, not blushing under his dark skin at all. Nope! Nothin' to see here! This story has nothing to do with him. Of course, the 'wonderful lips' part makes him cough and suddenly move into action. HIS TURN! He's making a thumbs down gesture for Lower apparently. Then tossing his dice frantically, trying to cut off any further questions or commentary from the peanut gallery (aka Lip and Cam)

Stone rolls the dice and gets… 1 2

Amidst the bustle of the Camp full of people trying to get shit done before Groundergeddon hits, it seems a bit odd perhaps to find a group of mis-matched Delinquents spending a few moments of the warm Day 22 early afternoon sitting around in front of Cameron and Morgan's tent, of all things, apparently dicing. A shirtless Shameless (aka Cameron), the slightly less death-like Sexy Beest (aka Lip), the diminuitive White Shadow (aka Shi), and the gigantic throat-bandaged and vest-draped Boy Scout (aka Stone). They make an odd group, especially Shi and Stone next to each other, both looking embarrassed, but they all seem to be having some fun amidst otherwise dire times.

Lip is barely paying attention to what's being dropped down by way of other people talking because when he's talking that's the only thing he can think about, really. Himself. It's weird being this selfish and this selfless all at the same time. It's a pretty weird way of living life. "Fests. Sausage Fests are always Pants Optional. Don't you know anything!" Lip coughs after that exclamation because, y'know, still dying slowly. Or healing. Whatever. It still feels the same. "Don't worry. I'll get you hooked up with a new Sausage Fest to attend." Lip tells Shi. "Hell, maybe we can have a celebratory one for the six people that survive the Night of the Livid Grounders."

"Congrats, Big Guy, you lucked out and don't have to.." Then Cameron is looking between Shi and Stone. Then between Stone and Shi. And his grin grows, and grows, and grows. Is he the cat that ates the canary? He is, but at least he has a full set of dimples on at full power. Still, he takes the dice up and hands them over to Lip, "High roll is 8 to Shi, current target is 3, higher or lower, man?" That said he gives a bit shrug, "Is it still a sausage fest if a girl shows up? Seems like a sausage and melon fest at that point." Then he looks to Shi, "Well, that sounds good. First kiss is almost more important then first screw." And no he's not at all looking at Stone then. Not a bit.

Stone was safe from being looked at for a moment, but then Cameron keeps looking at the larger male, and Shi can't help but peek up at him where he sits at her side. She then glances between Cam and Stone and just shakes her head, her blush hidden under that hood as gives a soft husky chuckle at Lip, "Well, let us say there will be more than 6, but I look forward to it, I think.." She is truthful atleast as she stretches and ends up leaning against Stone as he had shifted out of place for the human shade. Back being comfortable and wrinkles her nose gently, and is about to say something but seems to change her mind.

Stone looked so relieved when his dice came up low and he didn't have to answer any awkward questions. It was adorable really. Like he thinks he's going to get away with not answering some later. As if! For now though, he's taking in Lips comments, glancing up to give the curly-haired guy an almost proud sort of expressive grin for his last bit, risking further voice damage to horror-rasp out a nightmare-whisper. "Six is better than the none most think survive. Optimism!" Another thick fist offered out to the talkitive optimist for bumping, whilst very noticeably not looking at Cameron at all when Shi leans back against his squatting bulk. Human shade and backrest combined!

Gertie jumps to the ground from two rungs up the ladder that leads to the top of the camp wall. She's been up there the last three hours or so if her absence from camp had been noted, taking her turn in guard duty and enjoying the relative peace that such a thing can bring with it, though now it's time to refuel and pass the baton to someone else. After talking quietly with a lanky dark-haired, the burst of laughter follows, together with a quick hug and a bumping of shoulder to shoulder. As he heads up the ladder, she heads towards the cook tent. Or would. She would if she'd not spotted the dice game that's currently underway, and changing direction, she tacks towards the players instead, pulling to a halt as hands stuff into her pockets. "Hi. Can I join?"

"Huh?" Lip looks at the dice and just realizes he has no idea what this game is about. He hasn't been listening. He's been preaching to Shi about Sausages. They're delicious, apparently. "Oh. Uh, higher? Whatever?" And with that he just tosses the dice with probably no skill and even less grace. He's distracted, okay? Because there's Gertie. "There she is!" Lip flashes a big grin and even walks away from the dice game a bit to try and meet Gertie halfway or something. "Yes. You can join me anytime I'm doing anything. Just being near you makes all this pain go on a vacation to No Fucksville." Lip grins. And winks. Grinks.

Lip rolls the dice and gets… 4 1

Once Lip rolls, Cameron grins and takes up the dice, then turns a smile over to Gertie and lifs a hand up to her to offer them, "Sure, but then its your turn. The question belongs to Shi, current roll is five. Higher or lower? Things are getting serious, now." Then he turns a bit confused look to Stone and Shi, blinking, "Wait, six what? I missed something here that sounds important."

When Gertie is coming close and asks to join, Shi gives a little grin for the other girl and nods slowly, "Of course.." But her agreement is drawn out by Lip's reaction to the other woman and Cameron explaining the game. Either way she just chuckles softly at the words Lip pours on Gertie and then turns back to Cam's question. "Oh, just playing with Lip, he said there would only be 6 left /after/ Goundergeddon and we would have that party. But I am just trying to ignore that for now. Many more will still be here, and if my idea works, maybe everyone can be…" SHe doesn't seem to mean to voice the later and goes about looking innocent as she hides in Stone's shadow.

Stone tracked Gertie's motion just cause he's kind of keeping one eye towards the wall in case of trouble. So when the girl approached, he was giving her a welcoming smile and minimal (only cause of the bandages and arrow wound) nod of greeting. When she asked to join, he couldn't help a little snort of laugh, at once making a 'by all means, have a seat' sort of languid hand gesture and contrastingly, silently mouthing the words. 'Run away while you still can!' with faux-desperation in his eyes. Hey, can't say she wasn't warned for what she was getting herself into.

Gertie's smile for Lip is warm, and dragging her left hand from her pocket, she rather recklessly gives him a one-armed hug. Is the girl honestly trying her best to encourage him? "Well I'm glad you're feeling better," she tells him, her head canting just enough that she can look past him and over to Cameron. "Thanks." She dips a shoulder, wriggles out of her jacket and tosses it to the ground, dropping down to sit on it immediately after with a grubby hand held out, palm upwards, for the dice. "Law of averages forces me to call higher," she grins, "… though knowing my luck, it's going to go lower."

Gertie rolls the dice and gets… 6 6

Lip isn't even paying attention to the game anymore. He just got a hug from Gertie without there being some twisted punchline or something. He's actually in shock for a moment and then he turns around slowly. "… Damn, I'm good." With a magnificent grin attached to his face, he drops back down to the ground and tries to get as comfortable as possible. It's weird, he really doesn't look like he's in pain now that Gertie's hanging. Huh. "So wait, did I win or what? Lip is Champ! Lip is Champ!" Here he goes trying to start another chant.

Bending at the waist, Ariadne steps from her tent. The tall lanky girl has a bow and quivery slung casually over her left shoulder. She stops briefly to study the surroundings. She watches the scurrying from place to place and then her eyes settle on the small gathering playing with dice. She steps closer to them, peering over Shi's shoulder toward the dice with a brow raised. She speaks up, though abbreviatedly with a simple, "Hey."

Cameron rolls the dice and gets… 4 5

"Eggg-selent! Gertie steals the question rights, and since its my turn, LET ME SEE." Cameron feigns a serious expression, rolling over his options, "I'm going to say… LOWER." He rolls the dice around in his hand a moment, but doesn't look worried. There's only one roll that has him losing. "And no talking about Groundergeddon. We're gonna survive it, you hear me?" Serious now, "Or, well live to the fullest until we don't anymore. No doom and gloom." He turns a mock glare at Lip, "No you didn't win you dweeb." And hands the dice off to Stone with a quick smile, "Target is nine, higher or lower, Big Guy?"

Shi doesn't have to ask a question! The tiny girl seems pleased with this and simply relaxes a little more on her human shield/backrest that is Stone. But as Ari comes over, she tilts her head up and tilts it to the side before she smiles and pats the ground next to her. "Hey, come and join the game. Cam has stated no gloom talk, and I am going to agree, so only fun questions, but not towards me.." She gives a mock glare at Ari and then when it's announced it's Stone turn, she looks up at him as well, judging how he might roll but she keeps her mouth shut.

Stone refrains from chanting and giving people bad dreams of horror-voice, but in support of his bud, he does raise his thick arms in 'cheer-like' motion as if chanting with him, grinning a huge lopsided semi-smirk at him. And totally flashing him a thumbs up when Gertie's not looking. Cameron's 'lower' earns a raspy chuckle, while his forbiddance of doom and gloom earns him a solid agreeing nod. Ariadne's appearance turns the big guy's head over shoulder to give her a welcoming grin and a little wave. Apparently he's playing mostly mute today mostly. After all the talking that morning with the Trader, it's not that shocking. Moving to take up the dice from Cameron, the boulder of a young man moves his free hand to gently push Shi up for a moment while he pops down into a cross-legged position instead of squatting, pushing his rifle behind him, and giving her actually a more stable backrest/shade combo as he lets her lean back again after he's settle. That done, he's biting the puff of his lower lip thoughtfully while bouncing the dice, eyes narrowing at Cameron for his terrible 9, and then at Gertie, as if debating what sort of evil question she might come up with if he's wrong. Finally though, he's giving a thumbs down, indicating Lower, and rolling…a ten!!!! He literally facepalms, looking terribly put out by that narrow loss. And goes on to wave to Gertie wincingly. Bring on the pain.

Ariadne raises a brow at Shi as she pats the ground. She lets out a quiet little sigh but she does as bidden and she drops to sit beside the pair. Lanky legs fold underneath her as she adjusts the bow to rest safely next to her. Her elbows rest on her legs and she says, "So.. whatcha playing?" It's directed mostly toward Stone and shi, since that's who she knows.

Lip gets comfortable at this point. He's pretty apt to just watch when it comes to this whole Dice Against Humanity game. He plasters on a mock pout in response to being called a dweeb. He curls his legs underneath him and leans to the side. It doesn't hurt as much like this. Just a little. But not even that much of a little thanks to being in the presence of his Reverse Kryptonite: Girls. He closes his eyes for a moment and just smiles. "I have no idea." is offered to Ariadne. "Somethin' Camo over there made up." Lip nods in Cameron's direction. "It doesn't involve stripping so I stopped paying attention to the rules."

Gertie props her elbows on her knees. "Oh huh. I have to ask a question?" Her brow knits and her nose scrunches, her attention stolen for a moment by the arrival of Ariadne. "Hi! Yes, do join. It looks like you're just in time to see Stone get embarrassed." A twitch of a smile. She huffs a breath out and leans forward, contemplating Stone for a moment. "I. Oh shit. I can't ask that, I really can't. So we'll just go with, something dumb. What's the worst thing you've done on a dare?" That's it? Apparently it is, her mouth skewing a little to one side at her own failure to be 'interesting'.

Amidst the bustle of the Camp full of people trying to get shit done before Groundergeddon hits, it seems a bit odd perhaps to find a group of mis-matched Delinquents spending a few moments of the warm Day 22 early afternoon sitting around in front of Cameron and Morgan's tent, of all things, apparently dicing. A shirtless Shameless (aka Cameron), the slightly less death-like Sexy Beest (aka Lip), the question-asking Lip's Morphine (aka Gertie), a curious new arrival of Has Bow, Will Kill You (aka Ariadne), the diminuitive White Shadow (aka Shi), and the gigantic throat-bandaged and vest-draped Boy Scout (aka Stone). They make an odd group, especially Stone looking pained as if he just lost a bet, but at least they're finding some fun amidst dire times.

"Aaand Stone loses with terrible embarassment, trust me I know that on that face of his, but he's the new highest— as soon as he answers the question— at 10. Stone, stone my man, what is the answer?" Cameron does turn an accusatory look at Gertie, "You should have asked the question you meant to, jeez. This game'll be no fun if everyone goes weak on everyone else. To up the stakes, tell you what, I will answer whatever the next question is in addition to whoever loses and has to answer." He takes the dice up and hands them over to Shi.

Shi can't help it, after she gets comfortable against the Shade o' Stone, she looks at Gertie and can't seem to help herself, "What can't you ask?" That voice is soft and husky, and a little impish as those violet eyes peers at the other girl from over the edge of her face covering. She then grins at Ari and nods towards the dice, "You roll, which you should since you have not yet, and you guess higher or lower than the last roll, which seems to have been 10…" Yep she passes the dice over very innocent like, nope wasn't her turn. But she does peek up at Stone again, waiting on his answer with an arched eyebrow and amusement shining in those eyes.

For those who know him, it's very unlikely that Allen's been spending time on the wall for the good of the group. In fact, it's much more likely that he's been up there looking out onto the forest with anticipation. But, even the neighborhood psychopath needs a break every so often, and gripping a sturdy piece of metal at the side, he hops down onto the camp grounds and stands tall with his arms firmly held above his head. When his gaze lands on the teens that linger with their game, the massive delinquent reaches down, rests his hand on the head of his makeshift metal club, and heads over to where Cameron lingers. "What's up, Creepy," he starts, his voice holding no humor and his face just as dour, "This game looks stupid." He doesn't seem particularly interested in the responses of the other teens, only speaking to the addressed man now, though the perceptive might notice his gaze turn towards Stone's injury for a few long moments.

For a second, Stone looks like he's gotten off lucky when Gertie backs down from asking something that no doubt would have been horribad embarrassing. But then she's going with something just about as bad, though not quite as bad. Stone's clearly remembered something and is wincing at the thought, glancing aside at Lip and snorting. Then, the horror voice is coming out. Ragged, raspy, gravel down mountains sort of sound out of old horror movies. "You remember that big brawl that happened in the common room of the Skybox about a month before Landing?" The big ex-C looks around the gathered with embarrassment writ, landing on Lip with a smirk. "That started cause my wonderful cellmate got me to play Truth or Dare and dared me to go kiss <insert NPC Bully Delinquent Name> full on the lips." That fight was one of the biggest messes the Skybox had ever seen, with at least half a dozen people injured and Stone and multiple others sent to Solitary for a week after. Apparently that's why! By the end of that accounting, Stone is grimacing and wincing from the pain of his voice, rubbing delicately at throat and waving on the next person to roll.

"My lips are sealed," Gertie says to Shi, shaking her head on the matter of the question that hadn't been asked. Though her eyes are upon Stone, she's also attuned to Allen's arrival, though he does little to distract her from the delight she shows at the big man's reply. "No shit! That was you? Holy crap…" Her voice tails off into a laugh and she turns to Lip where he sits on her left. "I'm impressed, though remind me never to play Truth and Dare with you, should it ever come up." And with the dice getting passed around once more, she picks a bit of mud from her pants and turns to the next would-be victim.

Shi blinks once and then turns those eyes back to Stone and grumps as she balls up her tiny fist and hits him in the good shoulder. It's doubtful it hurts but that is her reaction to his story as she settles back against the Shield with a little mutter about boys and something else it's doubtful anyone but Stone or Ari might hear. But then her attention is on Aria and she can't help the smallest of hidden grins.

Ariadne seems to consider her options for a moment, rattling the dice around in her hands for a few minutes. She says "Lower, I guess." and tosses the dice. She leans forward as she waits for them to settle into where they will. Seeing as she doesn't really know the rules she has no idea what signifance the roll has, but she looks around expectantly to see what, if anything, is expected of her as a result.

Ariadne rolls the dice and gets… 5 1

"Hey, Allen." greets Cam to the new guy, not seeming to mind being addressed by Creepy, "The game is stupid but its also fun. Or can be. We're taking a break from the drama of life in order to engage in some frivolity. Blinking the life." Then he turns and laughs softly at Stone's response, "Apparently you aren't the good kisser I assumed." A sidelong grin is turned towards Shi before he looks back, "That means you shuold practice more." And then he looks to Ari, nods when her dice come up with a smile, "Good guess. Also good place to land. We're in danger space now." Then he lifts the dice up and passes them to Shi again. "Stone's got the answer at 10, target is 6, higher or lower?"

Shi rolls the dice and gets… 2 3

"What did you just say," Allen asks Cameron, blankly, as if he's more surprised by the other teen's words than anything, "The fuckWhat isFrivolity? What does that even mean anyway? Talk like a normal person, Creepy." With Stone's explanation, Allen looks up towards him as well and studies him for a few long moments. "Stone—if you'd kissed me, there would've been a fight too. Can't blame 'em. You at least break a few noses? Figure half've the pricks we got in this camp deserve it, myself included." As the dice continue to be passed around, Allen looks back and forth between those that focus on the game. There's interest in his eyes, despite his previous admission that the game was 'stupid'. Looks like even giant dicks can want to relax and play games every so often. Once Shi's rolled once more, Allen closes his eyes, rolls his shoulders back, and waves his hand towards himself repeatedly, "'ey, c'mon, toss 'em here next. Lemme ask some stupid questions."

Fiona makes her way out of the dropship. She is well recovered - still stiff, but her face is no longer ashen pale from pain, and she's going to have an impressive scar on her chest. But overall, she's moving a lot easier. "Hey." she greets the collective gathered over their game. Her gaze thoughtfully pans to the wall.

Stone's liking this game a bit more now that he's the one who gets to ask a question instead of answer it! Even if it means he's going to have to piss his throat off with further rasping. He's watching who gets the dice when Allen makes his comments, earning a wry grin at the man and three thick fingers held up in indication of how many noses apparently. After that, when the dice to to Shi, there's a kind of wary anticipation to him, as if he can't decide if he _wants_ to ask her any questions. It could get him in trouble in more ways than one! So he watches as she tosses the dice to higher and totally gets lower instead! Oooh crap, what can he ask, what can he ask?! Finally something occurs to him and Stone's looking down to the girl leaning on him and using him for sun shade. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" his horrible voice rasps out, made a bit creepy by the sinister quality, despite his big grin. Hell, he's even giving Lip a finger-gun wink as if to say 'that one's all for you buddy. Enjoy the imagining.'

It is clear the tiny pale girl was hoping she would get over looked in the whole dice thing, but then there is Cam holding them out to her again and Shi mutters but takes the dice. There is a blush that coats her cheeks even under the whole wrapping covering all but her eyes, and it's her eyes that give away a little wince as she can't seem to hide. There is no looking up at her backrest/shade as she let's out a little huff and says. "Higher…" She goes with the odds as she sees them, but a hand moves to cover her just in case. A finger is moved to see how the roll came up and she groans very softly before she peeks up at Stone, those eyes narrowing as if daring him to try and embarrass her!

But when the question comes from the big guy those violet eyes widen and there is a slow sagging of her shoulders in relief. But then that impish light comes into her eyes and she sits up slightly and says with a little chuckle. "Yes I have, it's different than with a guy, lips are softer, hair to curl her fingers in, it's nice.."Her grins seems to say *Take that*, to Stone, as if painting a picture for him. So, yes it seems the pair /might/ have known eachother before the drop.

Gertie rolls her eyes at the question Stone comes up with. "What is the fascination for guys with that?" she asks, turning to look at Lip as she speaks. There's an almost accusatory look for him in that glance, as if daring him to admit out loud that he'd not been as delighted in Stone's asking of it as Stone himself. A hand lifts from her lap and drops onto Lip's leg, her eyes remaining glued on his for the duration of however long it takes for him to react.

"Frivolity. The presence of those being frivolous. Not having any serious purpose or value." explains Cameron to Allen with a grin and a wry shrug, picking up the dice and handing them over to Stone, "Shi's got the highest at 5, target number is 5. Danger zone, man. Higher or lower?" And then he hands them off before smiling over at Fiona, "Join us, Fi. No taking advantage of learning the secrets without putting your ass in the fire, too." Then he adds, since he promised to answer the question too, "Yes, I've kissed a girl. Lips aren't softer per se, depends on the lips. It was fine. Didn't do anything for me though."

Stone takes the dice with an avidly shaking head. Noooope. Nope nope nope. Not doing that again. He mimes pointing to his pained throat, however clear it is he totally just doesn't want to roll, and is tossing the two dice through the air to Allen, knowing the other muscle-bound guy will be able to catch them just fine.

Allen rolls the dice and gets… 6 6

Ariadne gives a glance in Shi's direction. Her face is deadpan, but she does blink once. She shakes her head and gives Shi's leg a little pat-pat. She does not understand the rules of the game, so she simply watches with interest and waits to be directed if any action is meant to be taken. Her fingers fiddle idly with a loose thread on her shirt and she seems to visibly relax when it becomes apparent that the attention is off of her for the time being.

Fiona eyes the dice askance. "How is this game played, exactly?" She's not unwilling, but she wants to make sure she understands before she commits to telling anybody anything. "Glad you're up and about, Stone." she adds for the tall boy, looking for a space where she can wedge herself into the group.

Eventually the flap of Elias' tent moves to the open position and he comes sauntering out into the early afternoon sun. He's shirtless himself right now and has his wet shirt carried in one hand. The small clothesline he's managed to ties between two trees gets a wet shirt draped on it before he starts wandering over to the rest of the group. Stone and Cameron both get a curious look before he approaches just a bit closer. "What's up, guys?" he asks with a quick upnod before he casts his gaze over the rest of those gathered. The same upnod is given to a few of the others sitting around. "Everything okay?" he asks with equal part curiosity and anxiety.

Reaching out to catch the dice mid-air, Allen instead just kind of… smacks them. Down. LUCKILY, they land in the middle of the circle, acting as a kind of impromptu roll anyway. One die bounces down and hits him in the leg, while the other goes wide and lands something much closer to Ariadne. A six, and a six. "What does that mean," Allen asks, bluntly, as he looks at the pair of numbers and glances between those playing, "Actually—I don't give a shit, someone ask me a question." And, with that, he crosses his arms over his chest and waits. Clearly the rules of this game don't mean much to the giant, impatient teenager.

Lip is listening and cracking up at the same time. There's a lot going down at this exact moment and he's loving every moment of listening in on these people and their ins and outs. Questions are tossed back and forth across him and Lip just gets a little more comfortable. "Fi!" Lip moves faster than when he popped up to greet Gertie. He swings his feet, wincing in pain as his body twists a bit and he pats the ground next to him. "Come help me get back to the top spot! Y'know, somewhere I belong…"

"Right now, Shi has the highest number at 5, and the target number at five. So you declare, higher or lower then the target number, and roll. If you're wrong, you lose, you have to answer a question from Shi. Then you have highest and it resets. If you win, but your higher then the current highest, then you steal the question right and it goes onto the next person." explains Cameron quickly, "Aaand okay, Allen steals the question. Someone toss him a bone and ask him a freebie question anyways." He picks up the dice and hands them to Fi with a challenging grin, "First throw's easy on you, higher or lower— then 12?"

There is always room in the group, but while Shi is probably the smallest she decides to make a little more room, and shifts till she is sitting in Stone's lap, that way the shade is compete, of course the patting hand on her leg, has her pulling Ari closer and opening the space between her and Lip for Fi. Once she is settled glances up at Allen, someone she doesn't seem to know much about, she ponders for a moment and then shrugs, "When did you lose your v-card?" It's clear she is not going to say virginity because that is like a big word and Allen seems to like the smaller ones.

Lip fails to answer Gertie, and a frown settles on her forehead. "Oh right…" Oh dear. Black mark for Lip it would seem. Not that Gertie ever tends to hold a grudge, but even so, she's sort of angled more away from Lip than towards him now, her hand coming off his leg. to be relocated back in her lap. "Oh huh. Six, six. Same as I rolled. Are we sure that these dice aren't loaded?" she queries, attention flicking over to Elias at his appearance. "Hi," she greets, wiggling fingers quickly in his direction.

Stone headhangs at that little smackdown of dice Allen does, but at the man's willingness to just go with it and get a question, he gets a thumbs up. After which he's moving dark eyes to the other newcomer, grinning and giving a little wave to Fiona. A silent thumbs up to her as well to her comment on him being mobile, even though his silence after that earlier croaking is testament to not exactly fully healed obviously.

Stone also after the fact is left looking down to a sudden lapful of five-foot-nothing Shi and he just lets out a chuckle and settles in to it with only a mildly embarrassed looking expression. Oh who are we kidding, the awkwardness. It radiates!

Amenably, Fiona moves to take the spot next to Lip, briefly laying her head on his shoulder for a few seconds. She eyes Cameron a bit warily, and then says, "Alright. Lower." A glance is darted at Gertie, brow furrowing as she gives a quick little tilt of her head like go on, get back in there!. And then she rolls the bones.

Fiona rolls the dice and gets… 4 1

Somewhere in the midst of his sudden fascination with Fiona, Lip realizes there has been a question lingering above his head. "Wait, what?" Lip turns to look at Gertie with a quick widening of his eyes that is probably too late. But Lip does this a lot. Either being too late or distracted by Fiona. It's a common occurrence. "Hey. Girls are hot. And I like girls. So girls kissing would normally be hot to me but there's a distinct lack of Me involved in situations like that so that just makes it kind of 'eh'. HOWEVER, depending on the level of Hotness that the Chicks in Question are radiating, I'd be more than willing to up my love of it to levels that are beyond the scope of human mentality." Grin. "Like say, oh I dunno, you and Fiona." CHALLENGE. That should get her to angle back towards him. Or earn him a slap. Whichever works.

Keeping his gaze on Shi, Allen furrows his brow a bit as he watches her move - as if the slight motion is wasting his time somehow. Then, when the question is asked fully, he suddenly scowls - a sight that might be particularly intimidating considering his size and propensity to punch first and ask questions never. Taking in a breath, he shakes his head, crosses his arms over his chest once more, and glances up towards the sky, "Never lost it, idiot. Been in the box since I was twelve, and with a nickname like Crazy Allen, didn't exactly have a thousand chicks tumbling over each other trying to fuck me." There's clearly something more to his frustration than he's letting on, and after a brief pause, he looks over to a spot nearby - where there is clearly no one there - and yells at it. Loudly. "They're not fucking laughing at me."

The wary look from Fiona has Cameron turning her his innocent 'what?' look, but that passes soon enough and Cameron picks up the dice, looks around, and hands them to Elias then, "Danger zone. Five. Higher or lower? Question belongs to Allen at 12."

Pulled closer to Shi and Stone, Ariadne looks slightly uncomfortable. She moves the bow to safety to make room for those joining. Her right elbow rests on ther leg and she drops her chin into it. She is tall and lanky, and the way her body is folded up on the ground next to them looks slightly awkward and uncomfortable. Her free hand taps at her knee as she watches. A brow raises at Allen as he answer's Shi's question, but she doesn't laugh.

Shi is not getting up, this is more comfortable than th ground and puts her into more shadows, so while there is a blush to her cheeks, she does nothing to get up and everything to make herself comfortable, ducking her head under Stone's chin as she glances up at Allen and his answer. There is a curious blink at the large man and for good or bad, she didn't think for a moment her question would get her punched, so when he answers she just nods slowly and gives an understanding shrug, "Well, other than being called an Idiot, nothing wrong with your reasoning.." She says thoughtfully before her attention is pulled to Ari and her position and she wrinkles her nose, "I have no clue how you tall people can curl up like that, looks very uncomfortable.." This is said a little softer as her attention is pulled to the next new coming with dice and she waves a hello, like she did with Fi really.

Stone can't help but have lips start to turn to smirk at the poor Crazy Allen having to out that info, even though it's a distinctly sympathetic sort of smile, wincing and bro-pain sort of thing. Ahh, but then there's the screaming at nothing and eyes are widening in mild surprise. Maybe he's seen it happen before, or heard rumors. Either way, he's rasping out in that sinister horror-movie throat-slit sort of voice. "It's cool, man. We're all havin' fun still. You get to ask Fiona a question now." Can gravelly, raspy death-voice be calming? Apparently it can try.

Elias looks back over at Lip, looking a bit more tired than usual. Still, he manages a smile that's warm enough and another incline of his head in greeting. "Hey," he returns before moving a touch closer to where everyone is sitting. There is a /look/ to Cameron then as if he'd just spouted something in the Grounder tongue. A chortle pushes forth from his lips then and he raises a brow. "Young man, I really don't appreciate your language," he tries in a paternal tone, failing miserably. Straightening then, he gives Cam a lopsided smile. "What now?"

"Seriously?" Gertie says, screwing her head back around to look Lip dead in the eyes. "Not that Fi's not hot, I just prefer to do my own picking, keeps things simpler." A smile melts over her face with that, and she leans forward enough that she can flick the end of Lip's nose with a finger. At least it's not a slap, and at least it's quick. Quick enough that she's focusing back on the game, dragged there by Allen's ranting at thin air. She blinks, looking for the source. "What?" She's lost. Completely lost.

Allen closes his eyes in open frustration as he grits his teeth and draws his chin close to his body. His breathing is audible as he attempts to calm down, and whatever length of time it takes he's broken out of it by Stone's comment. "I don't need your reassurance, dick," he says with an open outburst, his frustrated scowl turning into a sneer just as quickly, "Save it for someone else, I know what I'm doing." And with that, he waves his hand, turns about, and starts walking away, "Fuck this, someone else ask the question, I'm gonna go wait until someone shows up that I can beat to death." He's clearly a charmer. And with that, he begins making his way back towards the wall, his hand falling back to the club at his side.

"The target is five, Eli. You declare higher or lower, then roll. Question belongs to Allen." explains Cameron cheerfully. He doesn't mind repeating the rules apparently. Then Allen is leaving, "Okay, Fi gets the question as highest at 6 then."

"Oh," Elias says, still looking a touch confused at the game taking place. "Let's go for higher," he says, seating himself somewhere in the circle of people that isn't too cramped. Allen got up, leaving plenty of room for him. Elias slips into the other guy's spot and takes up the dice. Giving them a shake in his hand then, he lets them roll. "What kinds of questions?" he asks before letting the dice fly.

Elias rolls the dice and gets… 2 3

"Who said anything about 'kinds' of questions, Eli? Whatever." Then the dice roll and Cameron looks wicked, "Same! Same is not higher. Fiona, Elias is an open book before you. Destroy him with your soul probing, embarassing questions." he enthuses.

Fiona's eyes do go slightly round as Allen rants, but then he's walking away, so she re-focuses on the game. She blows a kiss to Gertie playfully, and then considers her options as far as questions. "I think they're supposed to be sexy questions. Um. Okay, so if you could pick any two people out of all of us you wanted to watch make out, who would they be?"

Gertie's flick of his nose is what draws his attention away from Fiona and now Lip is leaning more towards Gertie's direction. It sucks being in between two hotties but it doesn't. Lip hasn't stopped grinning since this group got bigger. "Me!" Lip can't help but to toss himself into the answer of that question before focusing back on Gertie. "So wait. Are you saying you're picking me? Because, I'm gonna' need that in writing. Signed. Dated. And in triplicate…"

"Sure," Gertie says to Lip. "Very next time you get busted up performing heroics, I'll smooch you. A promise is a promise, right?" Beat. "Oh. Great question," she grins to Fiona, lifting a hand to high-five the girl across the top of Lip before turning back to see what Elias says to that.

Stone actually reaches his thick arms around Shi in order to slow clap for Fiona's question, giving Elias a sort of pained 'you poor trapped bastard' sort of expression.

Shi can't help the chuckle at Fi's question, it would seem most are approving as those violet eyes switch from Fi to Elias and she tilts her head to the side as she waits for the answer. As Stone moves, she shifts a little to still stay out of the sun, but in general seems to be behaving in the large man's lap.

Ariadne can't help but chuckle at Fiona's question and she turns her gaze to Elias to await his answer. She picks up a leaf from the ground and picks at it while she listens. She's perfectly content to avoid drawing attention to herself, and as a result she doesn't speak much. She shows interest in the activities, however.

"Ooo," Elias sounds, furrowing his brows at the question and seeming to give it a considerable amount of thought. "To /watch/ make out? I'm more of a hands-on kind of guy myself." More thought is given, the question really seeming to stump him for a moment. Drumming his fingertips against his knee briefly, he finally just shrugs. "Gotta' go with the Cam and Morgan show. Those two are like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise absolutely shitty day. Out of those here right now? Huh. How firm are you on it being just two people?"

"That is a MOST excellent question, Fi. To honor that, let's change things up a bit. The loser still has to answer a question, but we now keep track of lowest die— and the loser has to do lowest's dare." Cameron nods his head, pleased with himself, "Lowest resets same as highest. So. Lowest, highest, and target is 5. Eli owns the question and the dare." He picks up the dice and hands them over to Ariadne even if Eli's question isn't complete, but he does grin over at Eli's answer, "The lady asked for two, I think. Two here. Only fair to give her what she wants. Nothing in the question seems to be you couldn't include yourself, I think." Apparently he's declared himself Judge of the Game.

Fiona casually returns Gertie's high five with a grin, replying to Elias, "Out of all of the people who came down on the dropship. But for the sake of the question, just two people. And that's a pretty adequate answer." She salutes him with two fingers tilting off her forehead. She snickers at Cameron. "Bossy." she teases him.

Cameron accepts the bossy decree from Fiona, grinning, "Someone has to be in charge and they're my dice. But since you find his answer good enough, I'm good with it!"

Stone froze a little with Shi's lap-shifting, as if suddenly remember to be awkward, but when she settles without being too troublesome, he manages to unwind muscles and start to settle his arms from clapping. There's a moment of sort of tryin to decide how to put said arms and hands before finally they're sort of awkwardly draping the outsides of his folded knees, sort of framing the tiny Shi in muscles. On the upside, if there's an explosion, she probably would barely get hit with any shrapnel. Shade, backrest, _and_ meatshield. He laughs a bit at Elias' question of more than two, shaking his head a bit and looking around the gathered, as if now contemplating various combinations, before he catches himself and looks to Ye Olde Supreme Judge of the Game, and he's giving him a look of horror. Dares added on?! Oh god, what is this evil bastard done to them all?

Lip is going to be quiet for a little bit. He just had two hotties high five over his head. Which is giving him the Happiness. That's it. He'll be talking again when he stops daydreaming about what might be in his future.

Shi blinks once and her eyes widen at Cameron, Hey!, there was no agreement here, but as everyone else seems fine with it, she just takes the excuse of muscled arms framing her to drift back and hide as much as she can in Stone's lap. But when Ari is tossed the dice, violet eyes peek around muscles and she gives her friend a thumbs up.

There's a lift of one shoulder then and a grin from Elias and he looks to Fiona with a smile. "Yeah. Gotta' go with Cam and Morgan. Seeing happy people is rare and nice." Glancing over at Cam then, he gives another laugh and a wrinkle of his nose. "Ugh. I wouldn't want to watch myself make out. I mean - seriously, could you imagine the level of self-criticism?" Laughing then, he turns his eyes to look at the rest. "So what's next? What do I do now?"

Gertie uncurls a leg and stretches it in front of her, foot rotating as Elias gives his final decision. "Yeah. Not enough people smiling around here," she says, rubbing a hand to the nape of her neck. Leaving her fingers curled around her neck, she grimaces in Cameron's direction. "I'd be up for doing dares, so long as it's not dumb ones like going outside the camp, or knicking one of the rifles. Because that…" she tails off, blowing a breath away before squinting at the dice that Ariadne rolls.

Ariadne looks at the dice dubiously. She seems to be questioning the wisdom of continuing with this game. As she rolls the dice and they land as just one higher. She gives a quiet sigh of relief. Whatever it is, she won't be asked any questions. She lets her hands rest back onto her legs and she leans back slightly. She lets out a quiet, "Whew" as she reaches back to the side and slides them toward Gertie.

Cameron rolls the dice and gets… 5 2

"Now you own the question and the dare at 5, until someone steals them from you. Sit tight, Eli." Then Ariadne rolls and Cameron grins, "So close, Aria. So close. You now own the truth at 6 and that's highest too, and Eli owns the dare at 5." He takes up the dice then, looks around, and nods to Gertie, "Yeah, nothing dangerous. That's against the spirit of the game." And then he grins, "My turn. I declare… Higher." And he rolls… and laughs, "Seven. I stole the truth and that's the target." And then he hands the dice to Stone. "Your turn, Big Guy."

Stone rolls the dice and gets… 5 4

The look Stone gives Cameron when he calls his name should be turning the guy to a pillar of flames it's so grumpily glaring, but the gigantic ex-C is sighing and reaching out to take the dice with one hand moving to Shi's leg to support not knocking her off his lap with the motion. A hand which is dropping off almost as soon as he's back as if realizing what he did. Suddenly the dice are all sorts of interesting, stared at as if they might tell him the secret of which direction to go. His hand goes out, thumb sideways, wavering up and down with indecision, and finally going down for Lower as he tosses the dice. Nine! NOoooooo! The silent horror is palpable! And him the first to get a dare!!! Cameron gets another look that without any doubt screams silently 'This is all your fault!!!'.

Gertie giggles. It's her first of the day, and probably not a sound heard a great deal of around the camp of late. "Haha, you loser," she says, pointing out the obvious as she picks a small stone from the ground and tosses it in Stone's direction. It's not meant to hit, and indeed it doesn't, it pings off somewhere to the back of him, though might go on to hit someone else further away in the camp. "Who's got the dare to give? Make it a good 'un."

Without really thinking about it, Shi pats the hand that has been put on her leg for support and then peeks down at the dice, she blinks and really she is not giggling, nope, not at all, she simply looks down in her lap and tries to make sure none see her. Like a pale white girl sitting in the lap of a massive boy scout can get out of being seen, but she tries.

Cameron claps suddenly, delighted. "Eli owns the dare. And I, I own the truth." He rubs his hands together, for everything looking like an evil madman trying to plot dangerous danger, "Questions, questions, Stone, I have questions. Stone, who do you have a crush on in the camp, hmmm?" He looks fascinated by this answer, and looks over to Elias awaiting his dare.

Amidst the bustle of the Camp full of people trying to get shit done before Groundergeddon hits, it seems a bit odd perhaps to find a group of mis-matched Delinquents spending a few moments of the warm Day 22 early afternoon sitting around in front of Cameron and Morgan's tent, of all things, apparently dicing! A shirtless Shameless (aka Cameron), the Young Hugh Hefner (aka Elias), the slightly less death-like Sexy Beest (aka Lip), Lip's Morphine (aka Gertie), Best Questioner (aka Fiona), the diminuitive White Shadow (aka Shi) on the lap of the gigantic throat-bandaged and vest-draped Boy Scout (aka Stone), and Has Bow, Will Shoot You (aka Ariadne). They make an odd group, especially Shi and Stone with her tiny form on him, both looking a bit embarrassed glaring daggers at Cameron, having just lost a roll, but they all seem to be having some fun amidst otherwise dire times.

Stone's fire-pillar look gets all the hotter with Cameron's evil question and the gigantic ex-C is rumbling out loudly in that horror-rasp. "You dirty fudging basketweaver!!!" Oooh, wow. It's all fun and games until someone gets called a basketweaver! The Boy Scout looks like he's about ready to pop up and kick the smiling Shameless, but Shi-in-the-lap (and the whole stitch popping equal bleeding to death thing) probably makes him slightly less inclined. Plus, he likes the guy, even if he hates him right now. "Can I just do one name?" Rasp-whisper-embarrassed murmur. Wait? So there's more than one person?

Fiona looks intrigued at this, leaning forward and watching Stone with eyes alight. "Cameron didn't specify a number." she says, "But there is a difference between 'think they're cute' and 'have a crush on', if that helps narrow it down."

Also as shirtless, but perhaps not quite so shameless as Cameron, Elias shifts his eyes over to Stone and considers the concept of the game. He liffts one hand to lightly tap his fingers against his lips as he considers a suitable punish— dare for Stone. The corners of his eyes draw a bit tighter to squint at the bigger guy. "I dare you…to say the dirtiest word you know," he finally says before giving Stone a challenging look. "A word you'd never, ever say out loud in normal circumstances."

Someone convinced Kai to go off duty at least temporarily and she was weaving her way over towards tent and potential sleep when she hears 'fudging basketweaver' from the gathering of kids in from of Cameron and Morgan's place and spots an Elias, which switches her track over towards the gathering with a rifle still slung over her shoulder to find a place to lurk and listen for the moment.

"Nope. All of them." declares Cameron mercilessly, absorbing Stone's fury with a dimpled grin that could light candles on fire with how bright it is. He nods to Fiona, "Right. Crushes. Zzzz. Name your crushes, Big Guy." And then Elias gives his dare, and Cameron's expression strangely falls, and he looks actually sympathetic and apologetic towards Stone. What happened?

Shi is not in the mood to move, and now maybe her sitting in the Boy Scouts lap makes sense, for with her pinning him down he can't do anything silly like jump up and pounch to the two males asking such questions. But even she is intrigued by his embarrassed murmur and can't help but tilting her head back to peek up at him, even a little, and her look? Sympathetic as she one more pats the arm that are bracketing her and whispers something very softly to the boy.

Martin exits his small tent and makes his way in the direction of Cameron and Morgan's tent. As he spots the gathering playing truth or dare with dice, he pauses and eyes the group, giving Fiona and Lip a smile and a wave. Deciding to join in, he meanders over to them and finds a spot to sit nearby, while looking to Stone to see his answer.

Gertie is sitting near Lip and Fiona, and so she turns to greet Martin when he arrives. "Playing Truth AND Dare," she tells him quickly. "Stone's gotta name who he has crushes on in camp, and then say a word he'd never usually speak." She catches him up quickly and informatively, shifting just enough that he can squidge himself down between her and Lip. "You missed some good questions." But not her own.

Elias gives an understanding look to Stone, smiling lopsidedly at the big guy. Still, he does cant his head in a casual gesture. "Hey, it wouldn't be much of a dare if it was easy," he intones, dipping his head in a nod. More playfully then, he lets his lips curl into a full smile and he leans back to rest on his hands. "I'll show no mercy and expect none in return."

Fiona can't help it, she chuckles lowly and when Martin arrives, reaches across to brush her fingertips on his arm companionably before resettling them. Then, lacing her fingers between each other, she uses them to cradle her chin while she watches Stone.

The pyre-glare suddenly turns to ice. It's like a switch thrown and actually a little creepy. For some reason that 'dirty word' question struck some sort of nerve that all the joking about crushes and fiery glaring at Cameron didn't hit and actually dug out a flicker of real anger in the giant. Icy eyes fall to the ground for a moment, thick muscles clenching in sudden tension. After a moment though, the dark eyes close, a deep, deep breath is taken in, muscles relaxing, and in a suddenly neutral, still horror-rasping, but controlled. So controlled. "Slatternly." A 'dirty' word that he would never use, offered up to Elias in a way that seems to dare the darer to deny it.

After that, Stone, still cool, still controlled, is reaching to touch hands to Shi's hips and with all the effort he seems to use to lift his rifle, he's lifting her bodily out of his lap and setting her on her feet. Smoothly, despite the injury in his throat, the gigantic soldier rolls upward knees and from there rises to his full towering height, grimacing as his cool voice starts rolling out with bitten off reluctance pausing between each word. "Lark, Fiona, Morgan, Grey, Cameron, Tink,…Shi." Horrible low gravelly death voice makes the litany into something a little dark and gloomy suddenly, or maybe that's just whatever triggered that horrible reaction to the other part. Either way, after arching a brow at Cameron as if to say 'that enough?', the big guy rasps out a quiet. "Excuse me." to all gathered, and turns to start walking away, heading towards the wall to apparently go relieve someone else to come back to fun and games.

Well…that went poorly.

Martin is squished next to Lip, separating him from Gertie, since it was the seat that was offered. Sorry, Bro. "Oh? So who have I missed?" He looks to the three of them. "Lip? Fi? Gertie? Have I already missed your deepest secrets being revealed?" His attention shifts to Lip, "I'll be honest, Lip. I don't know that you have deep secrets. You seem to be pretty upfront with yourself." Then Stone is obviously upset and leaving the group. Martin takes a quick sniff of himself to make sure it isn't him.

Ariadne's eyes follow Stone as he rises, and she gives an empathetic look in his general direction. She shakes her head and looks back toward the others. "Well, that was… fun." Her voice is sarcastic as she says that, and she then turns her gaze to Shi and lifts a brow with a little grin.

Shi is placed on her feet and closes her eyes for a moment before she turns and watches Stone, there is a brow wiggle and then the tiny girl turns back to the group. "Back in abit.." She throws a smile to Ari, maybe even a wink, but then her worried gaze turns back to the retreating Stone and she moves quickly to come up next to him, touching his arm. Not trying to stop him, she walks with him with tiny muttering if he allows.

Yeah, the bad word question has Cameron looking apologetic at Stone's icy glare, but? He pulled it off and Cam has to smile of pride: good job, big guy, his face says. But when Stone names him as one of them he just blinks, looking completely surprised. Then he scrambles up and goes to try to intercept Stone, saying quietly, "Hey, man. Don't be mad. He didn't know what that dare would mean to you. It's just people blowing off steam."

Fiona blinks as she's listed. Considering she knows he considers her responsible for being incarcerated (though also considering, she's made it plain she didn't require his forgiveness), she's empathetic of his distress, but at the same time…he didn't have to play the game if he didn't want to. She chews on her lip a moment as if trying to decide whether to go talk to Stone, but then Shi volunteers, and Fiona considers that right with the world. Smoothly to Martin, "You haven't missed anything from any of us, but I suspect Cam and Morgan are salivating at the thought of pouncing on me. In the purely metaphorical sense."

"Our secrets? I couldn't possibly say," Gertie laughs, nudging her shoulder to Martin's as the group rearranges itself around those coming and those leaving. Sympathy for Stone shows as a wince on her face, and she dips her eyes away in order to fuss with the laces on one of her boots instead. "So that went well. Slatternly. Huh? Weird." Double knotting her lace, she tracks Stone's retreat for a minute, a quietness settling upon her shoulders.

Rather than being amused, Elias looks rather impressed at the word he winds up using. "Good word," he says, nodding his approval to Stone's raspiness. The young man shifts his eyes over to where Kai is standing by. Twisting some in his seated position towards her, he beckons her with with a wave over. "Hey, Kai. Come hang out." A warm smile is offered to the girl before his attention switches over to Martin. "Hey, man," he greets him with a quick upnod to accompany. Stone's answer regarding his crushes has him raising an eyebrow sharply when he mentions Kai, though his expression shows more amusement than anything.

Stone, on his way out from the dramatically odd revelations would have paused long enough with Cam and Shi trailing to murmur a rasped. "Not now." With a hard enough edge to mean it, after which point he's continuing to the ladder to guard position on top of the fence, and soon enough sending one of the other watchers back. Here's to hoping he and Allen don't get into a crazy contest while they're both up there.

For once perhaps Kai can't be blamed for ruining a party atmosphere, unless it's the pall of Captain Buzzkill's mere existence in proximity. Certainly the grey-eyed girl lurks at the edge of the gathering silently, watching and listening silently. She hears her name and the reaction and can't help but furrow her brows. Elias' request for the moment gets a small headshake from her, nope, not going into the circle, and from the step back perhaps endeavoring to assure the players that she's not there to break up the fun.

Cameron nods to Stone with a bit of a wince, but then he heads back soberly, plopping down in front of his tent again, and picking up the dice. "So. Martin, my man. The rules say you gotta put your ass in the fire if you're gonna hear anyone's secrets, so the roll's to you. The number is 9, and Stone had the truth and the dare, but instead, let's revert it back a step. To shake thing sup, Fiona's owns the dare at 5 and Elias owns the truth at 9. Why those? Cuz why not." He grins and gives a helpless shrug, then eyes Kai with a smile, "Then your turn after Martin's." But for now, he hands the dice to Martin.

Martin grabs the dice as he is selected as the next victim. "Alright. I think I understand how this plays." He starts shaking his hand to juggle the dice within. "Odds say I will roll under nine, so that's what I am risking." He gives it a final shake and throws the dice…

Martin rolls the dice and gets… 2 3

Martin grins as a five comes out, tying Fiona. "Now do we share or does she still get to keep the dares?"

Gertie pushes to her feet. "Okay. Well I'm done for now," she says, bending to retrieve her jacket as she leaves a vacant spot for whomever might want in on the game. It might well be that she's simply avoiding the need to have to throw the dice again in a turn or two, or it might just be that she's got a few things to do. Swinging her jacket on the hook of one finger, she makes her way towards the dropship, weaving her way through some of the other delinquents until she disappears up the ramp and into the interior.

"Five, I love it when we roll five. Five is the danger zone. Its almost as good as six." Cameron grins suddenly, "And Martin steals the dare from Fiona. The target is 5, Eli owns the truth. Kai, you're up." And then he grabs the dice and passes them over to Kai.

Kai gets a turn? Wait. Really? The dice get handed over to her and the lean ex-C can't help but eye Cameron like 'you're sure?' as she shifts her rifle to an 'across the back' type sling. Her attention goes to Elias before she prowls into the circle.. must be a miracle, Captain Buzzkill's actually going to play a game,"Less than nine." is what she offers in a quiet voice before tossing them.

Kai rolls the dice and gets… 5 6

Martin eyes the result, before he leans over to whisper conspiratorially with Fiona, as he watches Kai. Nodding, he finally gives his determination on what the dare should be. "You must kiss the person you find /most/ attractive out of everyone present." He nudges Lip them and side-whispers, "You might get lucky, man."

Ariadne shifts slightly to make herself more comfortable as she settles in to watch. The bow next to her is shifted to keep it safely away from feet and any other damaging possibilities. She raises a brow as the super serious-seeming Kai loses and Martin professes her dare.

Elias watches as Martin passes his roll of the dice and then Kai's terrible, terrible loss. Leaning over, he bumps her with his shoulder before sitting upright again. "Truth, huh?" He considers Kai carefully, the smile on his lips growing just a bit more. Martin's dare distracts him for a moment, but his attention is certainly returned to her. "Uh…what was your first kiss like?" The question is accompanied by a bit of a lame look and a shrug. There's a coloring to his cheeks, though, and he's clearly playing softball with Kai.

Cameron nods encouragingly to Kai. She totally gets a turn! And when she declares lower and rolls higher, he claps again, laughing and grinning, "Martin's dare and Eli's truth." He rubs his hands together again, delighted. There is such mischief in his expression right now. At Martin's dare, he has to laugh. Elias' question though gets a grunt and a shake of his head, "Lame, Eli. So lame. I had such high hopes for you."

Kai can't help but stare at the dice. Damn you, random pieces of plastic, for thou has betrayed me! And so when she straightens there's a flat-eyed element of chin-up face the firing squad as she listens to the two boys and then grunts,"The second one was better." is drawled at Elias before she elects to prowl over. It's not even a consideration for her, and there's at least one person unlikely to be surprised when she beelines to Elias and leans down to give him a kiss. At least, to her credit, she doesn't go for some kind of shy peck on the lips, no, the gruff creature at least getting into the spirit of things by going for the full-on snog.

Martin offers a cheer and a clap of his hands as Kai doesn't shy from showing her affection. "Well, that was a combination of disappointing and not-disappointing. Disappointing in that she didn't even hesitate. Not-disappointing in that she knows how it is done." He looks then to Cameron to see who the next victim is. "Who was going to roll before I showed up?"

Yawning quietly, Silas is finding his way out from the tenting area with a yawn and a hand pushing past hair out from his face as he meanders over to the group with briefly shut eyes. "Yo, what's goin-" he begins before his eyes open and he's watching Kai kiss Elias with a quirked brow as he looks around at the group. "And now I'm really interested in what's going on." he says as he quietly comes along to join the others with risen brows. His eyes fall upon the die before he looks around, "You all got room for one more?" he asks, a small smirk playing on his lips as his right hand comes back to scratch the back of his neck.

And Cameron takes up the dice again, "Kai owns the truth and dare, the number is 11. Easy-peasy." He grins over at Silas, "Of course, man, but that means its your roll. Declare, will you roll higher or lower then 11? Then roll. If you lose, you're Kai's bitch and owe her a truth and a dare. If she stops kissing Eli in time to breath. I approve of your style, Kai." And then he hands the dice off to Silas with a dimpled grin.

Silas rolls the dice and gets… 1 4

Uh oh. Prowling. Elias lifts his gaze to Kai as she moves on over towards him. As he's currently propped up by his arms, he's absolutely no match for Kai as she leans over to give him a full-on snogging. The kiss is returned and deepened with full eagerness for those several moments and one arm even comes up so that he can brush his fingertips across her cheek. An amused sound is vibrated into the kiss before his lips leave it with a smile. Hazel eyes linger on Kai for a moment before he turns his head towards Martin. "It's the eyes," he says, opening his wide and then laughing. Turning his head then to Cameron, he allows another laugh. "Hey, I might wind up under Morgan's scalpel someday," he jokes, reaching out to playfully nudge him in the shoulder with his knuckles.

"You can have my spot, Silas." Fiona says, rising up and smiling at him. "I actually have to go take care of the few things, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't up. It's fun. See you guys in a bit." And off she walks.

Lip has fallen asleep. Wounds do that. He's probably on somebody's lap that doesn't want him there.

Silas looks over and offers Fiona a nod and a smirk. "Right-o." he says as he moves over to take her spot, crossing his legs once he's settled down. He leans in somewhat to retrieve the die, taking them in his hands which he cups and begins to give a shake before rolling them out. "I'm goin' higher." he says just as he's rolling them out and watches as they fall onto fourteen. He stares down at them with a risen brow. "Cool." He says with and a grin, "Though I don't really know what beating the roll means. I don't do this often." he admits with a shrug and glance up from the die to each person around.

Oh that can't be dangerous, at all, Kai owning both truth /and/ dare? At least it seems to mean the grey-eyed girl settles next to Elias rather than retreat to the peripherary again, half-hunched as she eyes Silas with shrewd contemplation,"Truth.. if the rest of the Ark comes down, what are you going to do?" no low-ball it seems from her,"And dare.. the old nursery rhyme.. 'I'm a little teapot'.. shirtless, with gestures.. in falsetto." the additional conditions added with pauses of consideration from the grey-eyed girl.

Cameron says, "Ahh, brave man, Silas. Brave man. You have balls. I appreciate that in a guy." Cameron grins, grabbing up his dice and then smiles at Elias, "Coward." he accuses teasingly. Then Kai's truth comes out and Cam wrinkles his nose. So serious! But she makes up for it in spades, and he cackles and claps. "You heard the lady, Sil. On the bright side, you own truth and dare at 5, the sweet spot. And it's my turn, so as soon as you're getting done with that there… show, you might have a chance for revenge.""

Martin was sitting next to Gertie, Lip, and Fiona, but, like Stone before, have all fled. He takes another sniff of himself to make certain it isn't him. At the dare and the truth, he looks to Silas to see what the man says and does. "Little tea-pot? Shirtless?" What is it with the women and asking people to be shirtless.

Mid afternoon and all seems fairly quiet save for some laughter and conversation. Elias, Ariadne, Kai, Cameron, and Silas are all sitting around in a circle outside Cameron's tent with Cameron's dice. Elias and Cameron are both shirtless and it's likely that Silas is going to wind up much the same soon enough. Elias chuckles at Cameron and then nods his head in agreement with his teasing assessment. Kai's question to Silas draws his attention easily enough and he looks over to the one being questioned expectantly.

Grey comes to the party shirtless, so that's not really fair. Granted, he's carrying his Grounder-made armor jacked, but at least he's not wearing it, in deference to doctor's orders. The assault rifle slung across his torso really completes the image of the warlord at his ease. Departing the Tech Tent with Tink (say that three times fast), he nods in the direction of the little circle and starts off in that direction. Schooling his features into a totally-false scowl, he snaps out, "What in the hell kind of grabass is goin' on here?" It's the sort of snarl that would do his asshole of a father proud… until it's broken by an easy grin, "Morgan writing more prescriptions for shirtlessness? I think the job's goin' to his head."

Ariadne scoots slightly to make room for anyone joining. She pulls the bow into her lap so that it takes up less room. She nods to the newcomers with a rare, but inviting smile. In greeting she murmurs a simple, "Hey…" Then her eyes move to the person with the current dare and truth. She watches him with a brow raised. She is not completely immune to the sight of shirtless assault rifle wielding boys and she watches intently in anticipation.

Tink is shadowing Grey as she leaves the tech tent, curious to see what's going on over at Cameron's tent. She flashes a grin to Kai and then looks at her with a 'what's going on look' just as Grey gets on his mean guard act. She laughs when he makes a joke of Morgan writing a prescription for shirtlessness. Then does her best to find a seat next to Kai cause that's her preferred person, "So…what's the rules?" She asks Kai who has her shirt on cause asking the shirtless ones how to play is probably not the smartest thing.

Resting his chin in his palm for a moment, Silas stares at Kai with somewhat furrowed brows and a lopsided grin. "You had to choose one of the ones I barely know as well." he says with a huff from his nostrils, looking off to the side for a moment. His fingers come over, tapping his lips for a moment or two as he thinks- either recalling the lyrics for his dare or figuring out the answer to his truth.

Finally, his mouth opens and words begin to leave them as he's rising and beginning to pull off his shirt to reveal his two long diagonal and still fairly fresh looking sword slash scars from the prisoner rescue. "If the rest of the ark comes down.. I'll probably try to make sure my parents are alright, and do whatever they will." he says with a shrug as he balls up his shirt and tosses it behind himself. "Boring answer." he admits, before he brings his hands to rest on his waist and looks down to the ground with shut eyes. "I can't believe I'm doing this." he says to himself with a scoff before he sucks in a breath.

Beginning to sing as unmelodiously as a human being possibly can, Silas furrows his brows as he wears an embarressed smile and tint of red to his cheeks as his eyes look off to the tree line, "I'm a little tea-pot, short and stout~…". Silas brings his arm back and archs it, "Here is my handle," he says before he pushes his arm forwards and down from his waist to make a snout-like portrusion with a middle finger pointed proudly skywards at Kai, "And here is my spout.~" He sings with an amused glare at Kai. "When I get all steamed up, I just SHOUT!~" he says, indeed shouting that last bit as high pitched as he can before he's taking in another breath.

"I am a very special pot, it is true." begins to continue Silas until he pauses, seemingly at a loss as how to continue before he simply looks to Kai, "I forgot the rest of the lyrics- honestly Kai, fuck you~." He sings the last bit, of course.

Kai can't help but crane her head back to look at Grey with a loft of her brow, if anything, him coming in fire and brimstone brings a smirk to her lips, she's seated next to Elias at a proximity that can definitely be considered less than strictly polite,"Truth and dare." Captain Buzzkill elects to offer to the tinker,"There's a target number, you declare if you will roll higher or lower, if you lose, you have to do a truth and a dare from whoever currently owns it, as determined by Cameron." there's a nod in his direction before she shrugs at Martin,"It was the best I could think of on the fly."

"We're remembering we're still alive, with a game of Devil's Dice. You wanna sit in, then it's your roll, Grey. The number is five. Declare higher or lower, and if you're wrong, you lose, and pay the price. Answer true AND do a dare." Cameron grins, expression friendly and even welcoming, "Currently Silas owns the dare and the truth at 5. Any roll lower and they steal the dare. Any roll higher and they steal the truth." He hands the dice up to Grey. Challenging. "Brave enough?"

Cameron stares at Silas as he begins… 'singing'… and he laughs. And then laughs. "Silas you are awesome dude." And then laughs some more, looking positively wicked with glee as he grins. But then Grey's wanting to come in, so he responds through the mirth, "We're remembering we're still alive, with a game of Devil's Dice. You wanna sit in, then it's your roll, Grey. The number is five. Declare higher or lower, and if you're wrong, you lose, and pay the price. Answer true AND do a dare." Cameron grins, expression friendly and even welcoming, "Currently Silas owns the dare and the truth at 5. Any roll lower and they steal the dare. Any roll higher and they steal the truth." He hands the dice up to Grey. Challenging. "Brave enough?"

Grey rolls the dice and gets… 6 5

"Shit, you remembered more of them than I do." Kai grunts, not seemingly bothered by being told fuck you with a smirk.

Grey backpedals a little as his snarling and snapping is met by falsetto singing of the most horrible sort. Reaching up with his left hand, he ostentatiously squeaks his pinky around in his ear, "Daaaamn, Silas. I'm pretty sure that's a war crime." Still, he's not one to back down from a challenge, so he drops down his jacket alongside Ariadne and steps forward. He slings the rifle around to his back, and reaches out to take the dice, grunting as the motion pulls at his wounded side. Keeping the barrel of the rifle out of the dirt with his left hand, the ex-C squats down, "Five, eh? Higher." And he tosses the dice out, letting them spin around before they settle showing a double-handful of pips, "And that's how we live."

Martin shakes his head at Silas' rendition of little teapot, before gesturing to Tink, "Tink will also have to roll after Grey. Newcomers must pay the price to join in." He looks then to the dice and eyes the result. "Good roll, Grey." His eyes turning to Cameron then, he states, "I think these rules could be made a bit more interesting. Have the player announce higher or lower than 7. If they are right, nothing happens. If they are wrong and they rolled highr, they have a truth. If they are wrong and they rolled lower, they have a dare. Roll a 7 and you lose and have to do both. Whoever had the last truth and/or dare gets to name the truth and/or dre the next person has to do."

Elias looks up to Grey as he approaches and questions the grabass. Not seeming particularly guilty about it, he gestures and lets others explain for the moment. Meanwhile, he lifts one arm and slips it around Kai's shoulders. She's already sitting really close to him and they might as well be comfortable, after all. Not to mention that there's a certain fondness there instead of outright antagonism. Not entirely weird. At Grey's comment about Morgan prescribing shirtlessness, he laughs before watching the show starring Silas. His eyes slowly blink as he just watches the other guy in awe. When he's done, he gets a blank look and then a laugh and a quick nod of his head. "Nice, man. Just…" He hangs his head and just laughs harder.

Cameron is still grinning as he scoops up the dice, eyeing Martin thoughtfully, "I like how the truth-asker and dare-asker jumps around. That's what makes this a game, instead of just a bunch of kids sitting around playing Truth or Dare. But we can try it your way… in two turns after I'm up again. First Tink has to buy in, you're right." And then he hands Tink the dice with that same challenging grin, "You got it easy. Grey stole the truth from Silas, but he's still got the dare. The number's 11. Higher or Lower?"

Panting quietly, Silas drops down to sit down as he hangs his head and catches his breath after his vigorous singing. "Fuck, man…" he says with a boisterous laugh. "Fuck, I don't sing for a reason.." he says with a wide smile before he sits up and lets out a sigh, quietly looking over and watching him roll his die before presenting them. "Nice." he says with a smirk- before he's looking around and over to Tink expectantly with a risen brow and an amused smirk.

Tink gives a jaunty smile, taking the dice and saying, "Oh lower…I am defintely going lower on this one." She's going to roll the dice while Silas is giving his truth and Grey is doing the dare. Hopefully her bad luck won't have her rolling a twelve or eleven.

Tink rolls the dice and gets… 6 3

Grey glances over at Elias and Kai as the young man slips his arm around the young woman's shoulders, smirking just a touch. He literally bites his tongue to keep the cutting Grey-ism that really wants to lash out at them behind his teeth, but thankfully he doesn't have to bite hard enough to actually inflict harm. Martin's suggestion gets a laugh, "Come on, man. You just wanna punish those of us with skills, makin' it harder to win." There was absolutely no skill involved in Grey's roll. Still, after watching his roll and Tinks, he tsks softly at Tink, "And you get off scott-free too." Nodding to Martin and Cameron, he backs up Martin, "Yeah, if folks want more truths and more dares, seven's a whole lot tougher."

Cameron rolls the dice and gets… 5 4

"We'll give Martin's rules a go, but I want my last turn of my game to be Devil's Dice rules." Cameron scoops up the dice, rolls them between his hands, and with a wicked grin declares, "Tink wins the round! No price. The number is 9. Tink steals the truth from Grey, Silas holds the dare. Higher." And he rolls, and it comes up … the same. Which has Cameron shaking his head with a rueful grin, "Nine's not any higher then 9, so, I lose. Tink, what question you got for me? And Silas, my man, if you want me to sing you'll just be punishing yourself."

Kai gives Grey a challenging look. Go ahead. Say something. She doesn't seem to take issue with Elias putting his arm about her, not that the ex-C's getting so sappy as to lean into him but rather seems content to perch there like a gargoyle. She smiles at Tink vaguely, watching the game with some curiousity as rules shift and she tries to keep track of them.

Martin shrugs at what they say about his rules, "It gives more opportunity to lose, and it lets people control whether they get a truth or a dare. Someone might be more uncomfortable stripping down but fine telling dirty secrets about themselves." He looks then to Cameron and Tink to see what the punishment is. "I will roll first with the new rules since I suggested them."

"Alright guys, I got d'is." says Silas with a glance to everyone gathered around accompanied by a smirk and nod as he quietly looks over to settle his gaze onto Cameron before he's pointing a finger at him. "You gotta lap dance the person you find the most attractive 'ere… Without any pants and a shoe on your head." he says with a smirk as he quietly looks down to his chest. "Scars are fading nice." he murmurs to himself before he gives his attention back to Cameron with a devious smirk and stare.

Tink ponders what question that she's going to Cameron, a little disappointed that she didn't get to give someone a dare, cause she has some good dares that she'd love to unleash. She thinks for a moment and then asks, "Where's the best places to sneak sex around and immediately outside of camp? Inquiring mind want to know." She gives a big Kai cause her question has a useful purpose.

With his arm still around Kai as if it were the most natural thing ever, Elias eyes Silas as he prepares his dare. When the dare is spoken? It's all he can do to keep himself from outright laughing. His shoulders do start to shake as he chuckles, holding his free hand in front of his mouth. "Oh damn, Cameron," he says, looking over at him. "That…that's something." When he catches sight of Tink, he gives the girl a smile and a nod of his head in her direction. "Hey, what's up?" The greeting is a bit cheerier than his demeanor has been for days. Apparently the game they're playing is a welcome distraction.

Grey snorts at Kai's challenging look and just shakes his head, letting his venom go. He looks to Silas first for the dare, laughing aloud and shaking his head, "It's the shoe that really puts it over the top, man." And then he chuckles at Tink, "Right person to ask, from what I hear. An' a real practical question." And then he looks back to Cameron, both eyebrows arching as he waits for the answer.

And so, Cameron is losing his pants. This is totally going to turn into an orgy soon. Without any hesitation he stands up and tugs his pants open and pushes them down, kicking off his boots and wiggling free of his pants as he does so. He was already shirtless, so he's pretty exposed. Fortunately there's underwear, but even if not? Cam doesn't seem like he'd mind, anyways.. "Now, I'm not exactly sure what entails a lap dance except a lot of grinding my ass up on Martin over here, so bare with me. And I'm not positive my boot will fit on my head, but I'll try. You lose your dare rights if you ask for the impossible or dangerous." He looks around all nearly nekkid and points at a big container that's a good sitting size, "Martin go sit. I can't bend down and wiggle if you're sitting on the ground. Tink? Hm. Well there's a little clearing about thirty minutes walk that way… The woods are a bit dense before it opens up and there's this rock there, you know? Sit on the rock and give-receive blowjobs or bend over the rock and be positioned pretty nice for screwing, right? Its nice and convienent." He points in the direction one should walk. Then he dubiously lifts his boot and turns it over, trying to fit it on his head. "Hmm if this falls off it still counts." And he grins.

Martin raises an eyebrow as he is asked to find a new location to sit. With a laugh and a smile, he rises form the ground stating, "As long as Morgan doesn't perform any special surgery on me other anything for this, sure!" He takes a seat and leans back against whatever is behind him to give more lap for the other man. "So, do I have to sit on my hands or keep them behind me or something?"

Kai grunts for Grey shaking his head and letting it go, counts as victory in her book for all that she is seemingly content to just sit there next to Elias with his arm about her, not seemingly about to go all PDA on anyone. But the challenges offered to Cameron can't help but make her blink, twice even and shift in her seat like maybe she's thinking that slipping off is the better thing to do, even if she doesn't move immediately. Pantsless Cameron be scary.

Silas is quiet as he looks over to Morgan, pointing a finger at him. "No touchin' in my gentlemans club." he says jokingly with a lopsided grin before he looks over to Cameron and crosses his arms along his chest as he slowly nods. "That was a good question." he says, looking over to Tink and offering her a nod and a smirk before he looks back to Cameron and approvingly nods as he puts his shoe upon his head. When he mentions it falling off, Silas quietly snickers with a shrug. "Seeing you with your shoe on your head is good enough for me."

Max comes strolling in from where he had been off hunting, apparently the run having been unsuccessful, as he isn't carrying anything with him but that familiar makeshift back with the little red cross on it. Unless he was hunting herbs and plants, in which case, maybe he was successful. Hard to tell. He wanders in toward the group that's gathered, steps slowing as he notices Cameron and Martin, blinking slowly, and then widening his arc around the group. Maybe no one will notice him.

And so, Cameron pads over to Martin with a small grin, a wink, and he turns, and bends, and proceeds to shake his booty and grind up against Martin. He's never done anything like this before so at first he's a little awkward, there's balance required to get this right, you know? Its not just that Cameron is there shaking his ass all up on Martin, it's that he's trying to work it all proper like, without so much as ever having seen such a thing. But, soon enough, he's got a rhythm going and his arms out to keep balance and sorta dance stupidly there while his butt gets its jiggy on. The hard part is the boot. He has to hold it on his head, which throws his grinding off into a bit of an awkward position, but he has to laugh at the absurdity of it all and then stands up, panting a bit, "Okay, Martin's rules." He's just in his underpants and is wandering back towards the gathering outside his and Morgan's tent. With a boot on his head. Grinning a bit stupidly.
Long distance to Morgan: Cameron gives Martin a lap dance >.>

"No, Cam, I'm not gonna bare with you," and Grey gestures to the discarded trousers, laughing. "Just grind already and embarrass the poor man." The further information, however, draws his brows up, and he glances over to Elias and Kai again… just in time to catch Kai shifting, "C'mon, Adams. You don't have to go run to the rock right now. I'm sure it can wait a couple minutes." Okay… he is still a Grey, just not as horrible as his parents. Still, he gives Cameron's dance a sharp whistle and a few… only slightly sarcastic claps.

Cole has been working on mines, and he needs a break. Hands start getting too shakey and who knows what might happen. That is until he starts to walk down the ramp of the dropship and heading on towards the 'tent area' where people sleep, rest, bang, or whatever. And whatever is the flavor apparently, because rounding the bend, he stops in his tracks. A myriad of different expression flicker across his face. From surprise, to questioning, to awkwardness, to creeped out, and to finally resignation, all of which dance over his features in quick succession. "I'm…not sure I really want to know."

Martin doesn't seem embarrassed at all as Cameron dances up on him, while he keeps his hands behind his head. In fact, he laughs the entire time at the silliness of it all. Occasionally he adds some advice, "Work it! Twerk that thing!" Hopefully twerking is still a term in the 2100's. When Cameron finishes, Martin gives a wink back at the man, befor eputting his finger to his lips in a shhh motion, "Morgan shall never know." He chuckles a bit more as he reaches for the dice with his rules now. "Alright, I think I will roll over 7. If I win, nothing. 6 or lower, I get a dare. A 7 and I get both."

Elias just watches Cameron with amusement as he stripss down to hiss skivvies and moves over to Martin. The lapdance is watched with amusement aand he actually laughs and hoots a bit at the two of them. "Get 'im, Cam," he says, giving Kai a light squeeze against him for all that she seems like she wants to slip off. It's Grey's words that have him smirking again. "Only a couple of minutes, though," he remarks before looking to Kai for her reaction to that. Still, he's snickering and casting glances to Cameron until the lapdance finally ends. "Well done! Encore, encore!"

Martin rolls the dice and gets… 6 4

Martin rolls the dice and gets… 5 1

"We're playing truth and dare…Cameron's Rules," Tink pipes up when she hears her bossman's voice, looking a little guilty cause she's hanging with this crew rather than working on the wall. But hey, people need breaks and Tink thinks watiching Cameron try to grind on Martin is absolutely funny so she's doing her best not to giggle. She's sitting on the other side of Kai who's hanging with Elias.

"Which 'd be a few minutes longer than you'd last." Kai can't help but sneer in Grey's direction before she has a chance to really consider the wisdom of those particular words. But at least it saves her from having to look at Cameron for at least a couple of moments. Because that's a thing of horror in and of itself as far as she's concerned. She opens her mouth and shakes her head, not joining in the clapping but more than faintly horrified and impressed all at once. Which is why she misses what Elias says immediately. Arm privileges apparently don't preserve one from getting elbowed when she mentally manages to catch up.

Ariadne's eyebrows shoot up as the rules change yet again, greatly increasing the risk of ending up in the proverbial hot seat. She seems to be considering if she's going to stay or not. She shifts slightly to prepare to rise, but seems to reconsider and she sinks back onto the ground. The lapdance did, at least, elicit a quiet chuckle from Ariadne and she seems to come to the conclusion that she'll stay. After all, there's not much else to do and she's certainly tired of avoiding everyone.

As he returns, Cameron snatches his pants and dumps his boot off his head in two quick movements, and starts getting into a semi-dressed state with a casual air about it. He grins at Elias, "That's actually kinda tiring. I'm not used to bending quite that way." Then he smiles at Martin, "Of course he'll know, I'm telling him. As if someone can keep a secret in this place." The dice are picked up, flicked around, and then offered over in Max's direction, "Max, my man. You wanna hear the good stuff you gotta risk your ass in the fire. It's rule number one. The number is 7. Higher or lower? If you say higher and roll lower, you get a dare. If you say lower and roll higher, you have to tell the truth." Cam doesn't quite bother to fully button up his pants, but hey, at least he's kinda clothed again.

Is quiet as he sits there and watches Camerons lap dance- and especially as Morgan- Sorry, MARTIN, is obviously having fun with it. The word twerking pushes Silas over the edge and he leans away as he wheezes somewhat before breaking into boisterous laughter. Getting back into position, Silas is chuckling with a dumb grin as he lets out a sigh, "Aw- fuck, that's good shit." he says with a snicker before he lets out a breath and is looking around again. When Aria seems like she's going to leave, Silas hopes to help her stay by saying, "Nah nah nah, where're you going? It's getting good!" Before he's looking to Cameron and then Max with a quirked brow.

"Uh…./huh/." is Cole's non-blinking stare at the skeptical, slowly moving alongside Tink. Might as well watch since he's got nothing better to do. "I feel like I should be drinking or /had/ been drinking if I'm watching this." But there's an odd 'oddly replused yet strangely curiously' tone and look to his face. "Shit, Pixie," he looks over at Tink, since that's become his nickname for her. "What did you do?" he asks, as her doing /something/ was an expected thing with something like this.

Rarely for a teenage male when his masculinity is called into question, Grey smiles beatifically at Kai's verbal jab at him, "Wouldn't you like to know, Adams." He bro-nods to Elias then. Solidarity, even if Elias is the one getting elbowed and not him. He looks up and over to Max, shrugging, "Buy-in got more expensive, man." And then the shifting of the woman sitting next to him draws a shrug, "Can't be that bad, can it?" His suggestion to stay is a good deal calmer than Silas', with a chuckle behind it.

"Oh this has nothing to do with me," Tink assures Cole as she watches the chaos around her, "I was working in the tech tent, came out and found all of this." She mainly motions in Cameron's general direction, "Going on and found myself mesmerized by Silas' tea pot impression." She gives a wink to Silas. Then glances over at Max, "Come on…roll the dice…you know you want to."

Max is caught, and Cameron offers the dice in his direction. He glances at them dubiously, at Cameron even more dubiously, and then smirks. "Alright," he says, taking the dice and then saying, "Uh… lower, I guess." He's not entirely sure which is which at this point, but what the heck. He tosses the dice and waits to see what the outcome might be.

"I can think of a whole bunch of shit including getting knifed by Grounder's that'd be ahead of fucking you on my priority list." Kai grunts for Grey before squinting at Elias like 'shut-it plant-boy or there will be no trips to any rock for you'.

Elias oomfs and winces at the jab of elbow into his side from Kai. The group of them are sitting around in a circle outside of Cameron's tent in various stages of undress apparently. He has his shirt off anyways, and Cameron is down to his underclothes. Looking sidelong to Kai, he gives her a sheepish grin as well. Kai's comment does have him giving Grey a sympathetic look, though. Girls can be mean. Kai puts a lot of them to shame. Grey's comment causes him to laugh in a lower tone, giving him a look that very clearly conveys something along the lines of: 'Alright, man. Your funeral.' This is before he looks sidelong to Kai once again in time to catch the warning look. Clearing his throat, he nods and buttons his lips.

Max rolls the dice and gets… 6 5

"Martin, Martin, Martin." Cameron muses, and "I dare you to strip to your shorts and give Grey a hug. A big, long, man-naked hug." And he grins.

Silas looks over to Tink and offers a wink back and a smirk as he nods and says. "My tea pot is on point." he says before chuckling and looking back over to the exchange between Grey and Kai with a snicker before he looks back over to Cole. "I don't know about the others, but you can blame Kai for me being shirtless." he says with a smirk, before he looks to Cameron as he gives Martin his dare, his brows widing as he chuckles a bit and looks over to Martin expectantly.

Shaking his head slowly at Kai, he smirks, "You got some screwed up priorities, Adams." And then he pushes himself slowly to his feet, bringing his Grounder armored jacket with him, "As much as I hate to leave this delightful mess though. I got somethin' to deliver, and then I got another lesson to teach." As the ex-C straightens, he groans, pressing his right hand to his side a moment. Stepping around the circle, he stops beside Kai, on Tink-side of her, offering out his hand, "No hard feelin's?" And then he's being targeted, and he stops where he is, blinking owlishly at Cameron there with his hand offered out to Kai. Shrugging his left shoulder, he notes to Martin, "Easy on the side."

Ariadne nods in acceptance of Cameron and Grey's suggestions that continuing to play might not be so terrible she settles in with a sigh. She mutters, "I guess you're right. It's not like I have anything else to do." Her arms settle again on her legs, and she leans forward to watch the group.

Cass may be injured, and tired and grouchy, and may have been angling to get some rest, but all of that is hard to do around here with the sound of people having fun so obtrusively nearby. She reemerges from her tent, loitering around the crowd of delinquents with an amused expression and one cocked eyebrow as she takes in the sight of all the cutest yet most detestable fellows (to her!) half-naked, and several others in compromising positions. Oh to have a camera down here on the Ground! She takes a mental snapshot just in case she needs to bring this up for future blackmail purposes, and possibly also for other, even less seemly purposes which are better off unaired. "I guess we're trying the whole, 'make love, not war' thing?" she chimes in, before taking a sip of steaming willow tea from a makeshift metal cup.

Curiosity is one of Gideon's greatest flaws. She has been listening to the various calls and peels of laughter at what is happening around Cameron kom Skaikru's tent, so when she steps into view, she does so cautiously. She crosses her arms, taking a position just outside the group. Her brow arches slightly, glancing toward Cass at her words, and then back to the gathering of delinquents in various states of undress.

"There /is/ a lot of nudity going on." Cole observes slowly in response to Silas, as if this really needed to be stated. "I have no idea how to digest this at all." The mechanic looks a little mentally fried from building mines all day, but that might be expected. That would also make him a prime target if someone shoved the dice at him or something. Who knows

Martin roll his eyes at Cameron's dare. "You need to start getting original, and what if I don't wear shorts?" He then looks over at Grey and considers him for a moment. It's only momentary consideration, as he pulls the blood-stained shirt over his head and tosses it aside, "Someone give Max his truth." He pulls his boots off one by one, before standing to let his fingers unbuttong his pants and slide his thumbs into the waistline to pull them over his form. down to his skivvies he starts /running/ towards Grey! "Come here, Big Guy!" Yes, he fully intends to embrace the other shirtless man.

Max wanders closer to the group. He's thrown the dice and sealed off his own escape at this point, and so he wanders over to a bit of fallen stump and drops his bag down next to it, settling himself down and resting his elbows on his knees. He can't help but arch an eyebrow in amusement as Grey starts to make his retreat and is charged by the near-naked Martin, "Hey.. don't bust anything I fixed," is his only comment on that.

Kai grunts at Grey, and though there's hesitation she does accept the hand with a brief, business-like shake,"No hard feeling's." she at least agree's with the Grey, taking back her hand and settling back as she, Tink and Elias might wind up ground zero for mostly nude man hugging.

"Oh, truth. I was the last truther." Cameron purses his lips, even though he's ever so watching Grey about to get manhugged by nearnaked Martin with an expression of undisguised glee, "Max, max, max. Whose the last person you slept with?" Cut! Take that. He then eyes Cassandra for a moment, and for once has no biting remarks, instead explaining, "I have dice. I decided we can have a couple hours of remembering we're alive, with no doom, no gloom. A breath of fresh air. You want to join, Cass, you have to buy in, that's the rules. Roll the dice." He picks htem up and offers them to her, "The number is seven. Say higher and if you roll lower, you lose and get a dare. Say lower and if you roll higher, you lose and get a truth. Hit seven you lose big, and get both."

"Not even going to ask me, Cam?" Cole adds from his spot. "I'm hurt, man. So hurt."

Elias gives a quick nod over in Silas' direction and he grins at the other guy. "Dead on," he says, giving him a thumbs-up with the hand that isn't settled neatly around Kai's shoulders. Cole gets a nod from him as well. "So much nudity," he replies. "You should join us." Ground zero for naked man-hug indeed, Elias chuckles as he watches Martin and Grey. Oh, right…the game! Elias glances over to the others quickly and tilts his head to the left side. "Whose turn is it now?" he asks. The appearance of Gideon has him looking in the Grounder's direction after just a moment or so. Looking at her curiously, he lifts his free hand again to wave her over in a polite manner.

"That's a good fuckin' question." Says Silas with a nod of his head as he looks to Max with a smirk before back to Cameron and then all around. "A really good question." he seems to confirm by himself before he leans back, bringing his arms over to prop himself up as he watches the man hugging with a quirked brow. Gideon does earn a glance- or is it a glare? In any case, he stares at her with pursed lips but eventually just looks away, seemingly deciding that he won't cause trouble cause 'muh neanderthals!' for once.

"I'm getting to you, Cole!" Cameron grins, "Only one person can do it at a time. Besides, you look like you could use some warming up a bit, buddy."

Well, Cass may be a bitch, but she prides herself on being fun at parties. So when Cameron offers up those dice, she sweeps her raccoon-eyed gaze around the gathered Delinquents, assessing potential risks, rivals and allies, and reaches out to claim and shake them without a further moment's hesitation. "Ought to get Gideon involved," she opines, flashing the Grounder chick a grin. The two dice rattle and clink in her fist, before she leans over to cast them out on the dirt at Cameron's feet. "Higher," she calls out; lest Cassandra ever be accused of risking having to tell the truth.

Cassandra rolls the dice and gets… 1 6

Max looks to Cameron to see what truth he's going to have to reveal and then raises an eyebrow at Silas' response, "You that curious?" he asks. "Quinn," he answers easily enough, and then looks over at Cole. "You gotta buy in too if you're going to hang out. I've been told them's the rules." Then he notices Gideon standing over to one side and studies her for a moment curiously.

The disrobing of Martin gives Grey time to make the brief shake with Kai, and then straighten up and shift aside his rifle. When Martin comes bounding over, he shakes his head, holding up a finger, "Slow. Like a gentleman." He'll still return the dared hug, even if he also gives a little pat-pat to Martin's back, and then he's slipping back, "Have fun, you crazy kids." Snorting, he turns away, just perfectly to unfortunately not see Gideon lurking, and then he's off looking for… Gideon. Definitely unfortunate.

Cameron grins at Max, arching his brows a bit, "Nice. And yeah, Cole's got to buy in, but first that's Martin for a dare for the lady Cassandra. And Max, you owe her a question. She's the first double winner of round two. Beware, that also means she chooses the next dare and question. A position of both weakness AND power."

"Eh, I ain't got shit to hide." Cole shrugs lightly. "But I also have little to no shame with most things." If Mika was any indication of things he was capable of, the list would be a lot longer than most people would realize. Still, he'll wait his turn with the dice until someone plants them in his hands.
Martin has partially disconnected.

Martin slowly gives the hug as Grey asks, frowning in disappointment that the other man doesn't have much enthusiasm for the game. As the hug finishes, he steps back and looks to Cassandra, narrowing his eyes at her and her roll. "Oh ho! This should be interesting." His grin turns a bit impish. "Well, Cass, I dare you to strip down and give anyone you want here a hug." He will be nice and not force her to hug a specific person. With that, he retakes his seat.

Max looks over at Cassandra when it's indicated that it's his turn to ask her a question and he considers for a moment, letting her handle the dare portion of the program first. It's only after Martin has given her a dare that he then asks, "Who in the camp do you most want to see naked?"

Grey says, "She'll be done feeding the kid relatively soon."

".. Martin did you call me unoriginal then you used my exact same dare?" Cameron stares incredulous at Martin and shakes his head, handing the dice off to Cole, "Higher or lower, my man, higher or lower?"

Martin looks to Cameron and smirks, "Cass isn't a dude. At least as far as we have been able to tell."

Silas lets his brows rise up as he stares at Cass when she's given bother her truth and her dare. He eventually looks around and seems to look at those present. "I just realized we have a trend of nude goin' on. I'm starting to get worried." he says with a lopsided smirk and a blink.

The dare has Cole's eyes lift a little. "I suppose that's only fair. It's a goddamn sausage party here." he utters at the fact that finally it won't just be all half-naked men. "About the scales get a little equal, I say." Taking the dice, he grabs them, looking a like a man who's done his fair share of gambling in the past, curling them in his hand, lips blowing out a breath like he's about to make a roll at craps. "Lower." he notes, then tossing them down.

Cole rolls the dice and gets… 6 2

The dice call her fate, and the dice demands honesty. Cassandra has the decency to look appalled by Martin's dare for all of three seconds, but less so than by the promise of an upcoming truth. So as Max makes his question, fair and square, the girl pulls her shirt off over her head, stuffs it into her bag, and then unbuckles and unbuttons her trousers. In doing this, she proves two things: one, she is not, as Martin may have suspected, a dude; two, she is still wearing that drab grey sports bra she was last seen in while playing nurse for Asher and Morgan, giving her a uniboob. The underwear stays on.

"Easy enough," she answers Max, curling a sardonic, lopsided smile as she names his girlfriend. "Quinn." Stepping up in far too little clothing, she then leans in, wraps her arms around Cameron's shoulders, and tries to give him a warm, tight hug. Not only that, but she takes the dare above and beyond and tries to plant her lips on his cheek. "Thanks for saving my life, big guy," she whispers loud enough for all to hear, cocking an eyebrow Cole's way when he makes his roll.

So, it was higher. "Whelp." Cole shrugs. "You win some, you lose some. Isn't the first time. Won't be the last." And then he meets Cass's eyes, even as she strips down. "Alright, I'm free fuckin game, Cassie. What burning question about me do you want to ask? Ask away."

Glancing to Silas and speaks up quietly, "Only the guys…" She smirks as she turns her attention back to the group settling in comfortably. At least the steady influx of people joining the game has prevented her from having a turn - which she is certainly not complaining about. She shifts slightly while she watches, her head turning to look at the question and dare givers along with the truth and dare takers.

Elias raises his brows sharply at Max's question and Martin's dare, barely containing a laugh again. There's an expression of disbelief on his face, though not without a great deal of amusement. "Stakes are gettin' high here, aren't they?" he asks/suggests. Relaxing, he keeps an arm around Kai while the two of them get awfully friendly sitting on the ground. When Cass undresses and goes to hug Cameron, he laughs quietly and turns his attention back to the rest of the group gathered.

"And Cole loses. I'm starting to see the merit of your rules, Martin. Cassandra owes Cole a question." Cameron grins, and then something seriously freaky is happening and Cameron looks alarmed. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? And the words, and the kiss? What to do? Well he sorta stiffly lifts a hand to kinda pat Cassandra's arm awkwardly, and what is this? Cameron looks embarassed. "It was nothing, I was more on Asher duty, Eli on you, but you know. Whatever. I'd do it for any of us." He's blushing slightly.

Max actually chuckles at Cassandra's response and gives her a dip of his head, "Fair." Hey, he likes seeing her naked, too, after all. Glancing over in Elias' direction, he says, "What's the fun without a little risk? Keeps it interesting." Then he catches Cameron's reaction to Cassandra's hug and he actually starts to laugh, snickering behind one hand, shoulders shaking a little as he tries to contain it.

Gideon has remained mostly aloof as she watches this all unfold. Her arms are crossed, gaze flicking between the youths. When Cassandra goes for nudity, her brows arch high over her eyes and her expression turns thoughtful. Then she rocks back on her heels a bit before she takes a cautious step forward, waiting to see an entire… well… round unfold.

Tink is sitting there, waiting all the activities with bright eyes. She laughs when Cameron gets a big girlie hug and he blushes. She glances over in Cole's direction to see what's going to happen next. What question is she going to get the bossman to answer. She nudges Kai and murmurs something in her ear.

Knife in Cameron's back (in the form of a hug), Cassandra gives it a little twist. "You're my best friend," she chirps at him, and mercifully lets him go. Those arms retreat from his shoulders before they have the chance to snake around his neck, and she straightens back up to give Cole another long, contemplative look. "Well, Cole," she begins. "You get around almost as much as I do… with the girls. But everyone knows that so it's no fun. Which of the guys would you most like kiss or fuck, and how?"

When Ari suggests only the guys are getting people nude, Silas scoffs as he looks over to her with brows shot up. "Yeah right, if it weren't for Kai I wouldn't be shirtless right now." he says with a chuckle before he looks back over to Cassandra, watching her wrap around and plant a kiss onto Camerons cheek. When he begins blushing, Silas seems confused for a second before he seems somewhat amazed. Though, he doesn't say anything- Silas likes living. But the question for Cole gets him stared at by Silas who seems anxious for an answer.

Kai's distracted, watching, sort of, but distracted until she's nudged by Tink, leaning her way for the murmur with a smirk and shrugs with a dip of her head in acknowledgment, her gaze flitting towards the wall, maybe she is just thinking about that rock Cam was talking about earlier. After all, is she /really/ immune to teenage nudity and hijinx? Her name uttered by Silas brings her attention over his way with a shrug,"It was trending." she excuses.

"No lie there." Cole nods. He's aware of his horn-dog status. Blame that on Mika, one of the many other nerosis caused in her wake of leaving him and everyone else in camp. There's a look around the men assembled. "You know, that is a good question. It's less about body and more about personality, I say. If I wanted passion, probably Elias. He's a cutie. If I was into a good hate-fuck, and I am, probably Grey. Oh, or Asher, would depend on my mood and who I was pissed off at more at that time. But if I was just down for just a make out with the possible rub 'n tug? Probably Morgan. Or Silas." So yeah, she wanted an answer, Cass gets one.

Gideon furrows her brow, leaning down to the pair of delinquent girls, "What is a hate-fuck?" The Trikru looks honestly curious about this definition, glancing at Tink and Kai with a high lift of her brows, and her green eyes looking speculative.

Looking around, Cameron eyes Gideon, and grins, "Hey, there. Welcome to an ancient Sky People tradition. But its not for outside observation, you have to participate if you want to learn everyone's secrets, it's called putting your ass in the fire— no risk, no reward. Brave enough to try it out?" He holds the dice up towards her, and smiles.

Elias smiles over at Cole and gives a playful waggle of his eyebrows. "It's true. I make up for my skinny bird lips by being a hell of a cuddler." The statement is followed with a kissy face at the other young man. His description of Grey and Asher make him wince a bit, though in an amused fashion. "Aw…man, that's so wrong…" Laughing still, he keeps his arm around Kai even with Tink distraction. While he does smile at Tink, he doesn't try to eavesdrop on their whispered conversation. Rather, he shifts his attention over to Gideon to eye her curiously as she's standing nearby their part of the circle. "Hey," he offers up to her. Being right by the Delinquents in question when she…questions them, he just drops his jaw and tries to get words out. "Ah, I.." There's enough of a pause for one of the other Delinquents to field that one.

"Having sex with someone you don't exactly like but have sexual tension with. It's a it hard to explain but you know it when you feel it," Martin explains as he sits there in his boxers.

The mention of who Cole would hate-fuck sees Cassie's eyebrows quirk with intrigue, and then Gideon asks that question of hers… out of turn, it might be added. The bandaged delinquent splits her face into a tight-lipped grin. "You're going to have to roll the dice if you want a chance to dare or truth someone into giving you an explanation or a… uh, demonstration," she starts to tell the Grounder, but Martin gets right in on that first and she turns to give him a droll look. "You always ruin my fun, Mavin."

"Well, I am pretty good with my hands." Admits Silas as he stares at Cole with a grin and a shrug, bringing his right hand over to wriggle his fingers towards the man before simply crossing hsi arm across his chest. When Gideon begins to come around, Silas' grin begins to turn into a frown once again- that is, until he manages to hear her question and his grin grows once again, and much more amused as he snickers a bit. He nods in wordless agreement with Martins explanation before he looks to the die offered to her by Cameron. He seems a bit curious- and his expression shows it as he looks back to Gideon, watching her.

The snickering that started with Cameron's expression only grows at Gideon's question, until Max eventually gets it back under control. Priceless. He shifts down off of the log, settling himself crosslegged on the ground and leans back against it comfortably, attention shifting over to Gideon to see if she is going to join in the ancient skaikru ritual of truth or dare.

"Uhh." Kai offers for Gideon's question with a clearing of her throat,"Yes. Angry sex with someone you don't get along with otherwise." which generally has her uncomfortable, she leans back towards Elias, taking something from her pocket to press into his hand and leans over to murmur something in his ear.

"I'm more than happy to give that another go." Cole seems to have zero shame about answering those kind of questions. "But if I gotta wait another round, ah well. More's the shame." Winks are given to both Elias and Silas. "Oh, you big flirts. You'll get me all hot'n bothered." before snappointing over at Kai. "Right there. What she said. There's also your random hookup, you friends with benefits, your drunk as hell fuck with that one person you'd never hookup with but damnit they're hot right now, and that one person you always wanted to try that 'one thing' and figured they'd be the best at it."

Cameron is having a party in front of the tent where he and Morgan reside, and a circle of people are settled around— and he has dice. Not only is he shirtless, but his pants aren't really done up, instead they're sorta hanging half down and his underpants are showing. Cam looks wickedly delighted as he sits there with his dice in his hand, holding them out to Gideon in offering.

Gideon muses at the description, and then she nods. Her eyes narrow thoughtfully, and the she gestures at Cameron. "Very well…"

Tink did not answer the question but everyone else has seemed to and it's go her in stitches. She finds the whole thing just hilarious and leans on Kai as she flashes a look up to Cole, "Serious balls…that's all I got to say. You have serious balls." She snickers some more and shakes her head, quieting down a little to see if Gideon steps into the ring.

Morgan wanders out of the dropship then pauses as he sees the size of the group all gathered together by their tent. He saw something going on earlier but had some patients to check up on and there were less people. Now? He has to find out. Naturally, he heads for Cam and both brows rise when he sees the state of undress he's in. And… others. "Did Frankie make a lot more booze? And where's mine?"

"Excellent!" Cameron smiles at Gideon, "Here's the rules. The number is seven: you declare Higher or Lower. If you declare Higher but don't roll over 7, you get a dare from whoever last took a dare. That'd be Cass, I think. If you declare Lower but don't roll under 7, you get a question you must answer truthfully from whoever last had a question. Rules: nothing dangerous. This is a bonding thing. If you hit 7 exactly, you do both. Dare and a question." That said, he rises, and pads over to hand the dice off, trying to hold his pants up as he then pads over to Morgan to fling an arm around and kiss him. "No booze. Just frivolity, remembering we're alive. Bonding. Also I was dared to give Martin a lap dance. With a boot on my head. Cassandra hugged me." He's not sure which news would be more startling to Morgan, so he delivers both.

Cole shrugs at Tink. "Not really. You gotta not be afraid of knowing who exactly you are. And that's one thing I figured out a long while back when it cames to certain things. No real shame in that, and if there are? That's other people's problems, not yours." Pretty clear and cut thinking for far as the mechanic is concerned.

Touching. So much touching. And that's possibly why Kai's hunched like an almost bald gargoyle between Tink and Elias. At least only Elias is shirtless out of them, but squatting there tolerantly is about the extent of her comfort zone right now, folding her arms across her knee's after she's passed a bag of something on to Elias and settles back to watching in owlish discomfort.

Cassandra did hug Cameron. She's also naked but for her bra, shoes and underwear. She gives her arch-rival a mock-hurt, mock-jealous look when he goes to hug and kiss Morgan, since that was her deal just moments prior. She is not, notably, following doctor's orders. This is a lot more excitement than she should probably be in on, but at least it gives her a chance to show some skin that isn't banged up and hideous, unlike her face. When Gideon assents to participate, she turns to look at the Grounder.

Elias closes his hand around whatever it is Kai presses into his palm and gives her a quick nod of his head. With a smile then, he shifts his attention once more to Cole. "Hey, you started it," he says, laughing. There is another curious look given to Kai before he's now joining in on the whispering. He leans in to whisper something quickly before turning his attention once more to Gideon. "It's ah…yeah, pretty much what they said." As Cameron explains the rules to the new player, he looks over at Tink and smirks.

Martin adds for Morgan's benefit, "I had my pants and shirt /on/ at the time of the lap dance." He has left his clothing off for now, not seeming too bothered by it. The blond haired man looks to Gideon then to see if she joins and what she declares for her roll.

Morgan looks around at the assembled and then he's getting kissed, something he's never unhappy about. Putting his arms around Cam, he returns the kiss, one hand slipping down into Cam's pants to squeeze his ass. It might be an automatic response since a shirtless Cameron with his pants about to come off almost always leads to a hand on an ass. "Bonding. I see." he says once the kiss is over. Then "A boot." Yup, that's the surprising one. "Well, Martin. YOu wasted a good opportunity."

Gideon rolls the dice and gets… 1 5

Gideon looks around her at all the half-naked teens, and she shakes her head a bit. The things she does for cultural diplomacy — or whatever it is she is calling this whole thing. She steps up, taking the offered dice. She looks at them, rolling them carefully around in her palm. Then she nods slightly. "Very well," she repeats, frowning. Then she throws the dice, saying, "Lower," just before she releases. The roll, and for the barest moment, they look as if they might just land on a number higher than seven, but then that ol' snake eye bonks into the five, making it a nice and wholesome six. She crosses her arms. "What happens now?"

Kai upnods in Elias' direction at his whisper before whispering back herself, only to subside back to her spot and self-consciously shift the arm that up until yesterday had still borne her Ark-band under the other one, only noticeable now for the relatively clean band of flesh compared to the rest of her arm.

"And the rules state, if you're new, you have to buy in. No one's allowed to just hang out, so you have to risk the embarassment to get the reward. So it's your turn, Morgan." Because Cameron heard Gideon win, so he turns and grins at her, even as he pulls away from Morgan a bit, and grabs a hand to tug him with. Not that he minded the hand on his ass one bit. With a wry grin to Morgan, "I know, right? He didn't even try to cop a feel. I think he's afraid he might need your medical skills later. As if you'd ever withhold aide." Then he smiles at Gideon, "You won. You're in. You'll get another turn soon. In the meantime, you're one of us and get to participate. Now Morgan has to roll. Well, declare high or low, then roll."

"The boot on the head and the lapdance is me, for the record." Says Silas. Just gotta get that mentioned right there and then. Silas looks around for a moment or two before he lets out a sigh and plants his hands on his knee and pushes himself up to his feet, leaning down to collect his shirt and slip it back on. "I've got to go check the hides and prepare some of the hides." he says as he begins to step back and away. "Tell me how it goes later." He says with a wave over his shoulder as he steps away and back towards his tent.

The game is on! Cassie watches Gideon's hand intently when the Grounder hedges her bet and makes her roll, then stares as the dice as they wobble and eventually settle. "Nothing," she states, looking up with disappointment. "Your rules suck, Cameron." She hooks a finger towards Ariadne then, eyeing the quiet girl. "Did she buy in?" Inquiring minds want to know.

"I think if you win, you have to make someone else who's already in, roll." Cole points out. "There has to be some kind of reward besides keeping some modicrum of dignity."

Morgan follows Cam over then looks from him to Gideon, to Cole, and waits to see what the decision is. Democracy in action.

Martin also sighs as Gideon makes the roll. Maybe next time around they will get her. He looks at Morgan then Ariadne. "Ari was already in when I got here. New people keep showing up, though. Let's let Morgan roll, then she can. Then I guess…back to Tink?"

"Mochof," Gideon says, offering the dice back to Cameron once she has picked up the two, the cubes pinched between her two fingers. The Grounder looks amused then, mouth quirked in a faint smile. Then she crosses her arms once the dice are given back.

"New rule. Winning means you decide who rolls next. Cole's right. Except if buy-ins are pending. They always take priority." Cameron declares whe voice of a tyrant, before he grins, actually grins, at Cassandra, "Hey, these are Martin's rules. You should have seen the original Devil Dice. More chance, more risk. Loser always got both truth and a dare. But yeah, Cassandra. Aria bought in." He accepts the dice and hands them to Morgan. But, he does intend on pushing Morgan down and sitting on his lip, because why not.

"Heya," Max says to Morgan as he comes out and joins the group, then waits to see whether or not the dice might favor him. He stretches out his legs in front of him and leans comfortably back against the stump, enjoying, perhaps, the rest and lull in activity.

Morgan rolls the dice and gets… 4 4

Morgan obediently sits down then laughs a bit as Cam claims his lap. "Okay, okay. I roll." One arm goes around Cam and then he leans forward and to the side a little so he can roll the dice with his free hand. "High." he says and then tosses them. To get an 8. Grinning, he turns his head to playfully bite Cam's shoulder. "Sorry to disappoint you.

The disappointment at not getting to watch the Grounder Archer lose is too much for Cassandra to bear. So much so that she decides to stage a miniature riot, starting with her shirt, which gets pulled back on over her torso. "Well, this was fun, but I'm gonna go check on…" She halts and diverts herself, like the shady person she is. "Things." For now, the trousers stay off. She retrieves her willow tea, downs it, and then turns to head off. "Gideon gets my dare," she calls over her shoulder. "Leidon!"

"Noted." agrees Cam to Cassandra, before leaning back and shivering a bit from that playful bite. Cameron does not complain. He does peer up at Morgan then, "So, you won. Who are you passing the dice to, hmm?"

Morgan looks around slowly, his gaze going from person to person to make a production of it. Then looking right at Kai, he says "Max."

Grey tracked Gideon by rumor and reports outside the Camp, over this way, over that way, and now he returns, still carrying his armored jacket in his left hand and with his rifle slung… well now it's across his back, since he had to move it to let Martin hug him and never shifted it back. As he approaches the group, he tucks one hand into a pocket, palming something small from within somewhat effectively. He approaches the group, crouching down alongside Gideon and offering out his hand a moment without a word. "Did I miss anything horribly embarrassing?" For the attentive folks, there is a small grey-white rectangle in his hand when he offers it to Gideon.

"I did buy in, actually. I had a few turns." Ariadne says to Cassandra. Which is true, though luckily she guessed correctly both times. "New people keep arriving. Works for me." She continues to watch the group, while shifting her lanky form from the cross-legged position she has been in for far too long.

Max mumbles a little, having gotten comfortable, but leans over to pick up the dice when Morgan elects him to be the next to roll. He shakes them a little bit in one hand for a moment and then says, "High," before giving them a roll. He'd taken the truth route the last time, may as well go for a dare this time.

Max rolls the dice and gets… 5 6

Kai eyes Morgan as he looks at her, unblinking gargoyle of reputed unfun that she is, but then he utters Max's name instead and she let's out a breath she didn't know she was holding as quietly as possible.

Martin sighs some more as people keep guessing what they are going to roll. "Well, you get to pick who is next, Max." He looks over in the area of Elias, Tink, and Kai, who have avoided any rolling for a while.

Cameron huffs as Max's roll comes up high, and shakes his head with a sigh, "Okay, whose next, Max? I think we might need to go back to the Cam picks whose next rule though, but we'll see how this plays out. There's been a distinct lack of losing for the last little while and this must come to a stop! Or there will be beatings." He shifts his weight a bit, leaning back against Morgan. Content. Happy. Death might come tomorrow but for now, Cam is a kid in a candy shop. Whatever candy is. He's sure its nice.

Having won his roll, Max gathers up the dice and then holds them out toward Tink. "Your turn," he tells her.

Gideon has taken up a more observant pose again, dropping into a seat beside the cluster of Kai, Tink, and Elias — now known as Tailas. She glances over at the three, her gaze lingering on Tink when Max hands her the dice.

"Don't fuck up now, Pixie." Cole remaks next to Tink, watching on with a interested gaze.

With the shirtless Cameron sitting on his lap, Morgan wraps his arms around him and rests his head on a shoulder, looking over at Tink. "Someone does need to lose, yes." Just not him.

Tink rolls the dice and gets… 5 1

Elias gives a nod in response to Kai's answer to his whispered question. There is a little furrow of his brow, but he doesn't seem to be inclined to press whatever issue might be on his mind. Instead, he gives her a smile and a light nudge before turning his attention back to the rest of those playing the game. Looking back over to Gideon once more, he cants his head to the side just a touch. "So…yeah. We're just blowing off a bit of steam." The explanation is tried, but he seems a little uncertain in his ability to communicate effectively with the Grounder woman.

Then Gideon blinks over at Grey when he comes beside her, and her brows arch slightly. She carefully takes what Grey is trying to so covertly tuck into her hand, managing to not get it quite so smoothly into her pocket — she will later blame Kai's hockey jersey for the fumble. But, she does nod gently. "No… I won… apparently." She looks incredulously at Grey. "Is this really something the Skaikru do as part of entertainment?"

Tink takes the dice that are offered, "Low…" And sure enough the little pixie manages to dodge another bullet because she rolls low, winning at this again, "Maybe my luck isn't so bad." She then turns to Cole with a sweet smile and hands over the dice, "And I have to pick Cole for the next round…cause the last time, his answer was so much fun."

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Gideon's question, gesturing to Elias before he responds to Gideon, "Not usually. Usually it involves booze or kids younger than us. And less talk about sex. A little less." He pauses a moment, then nods across the circle, "Or, you know, just Cameron." His face splits with a grin at that, and then he's looking around the circle, tracking the dice, "I think your dice are broken, Cam."

Down the ladder to the wall walk, the giantic throat-bandaged figure of Stone comes back down, apparently having been relieved of his short shift guarding. There's a part of him that wants to run straight for the lander after his earlier dramatic exit, never looking over at the game that's only grown since earlier. Never seeing who is looking at him, especially who of a certain list he wishes he'd never uttered. He even starts that way at his long-legged pace, face sort of averted and embarrassed. He gets about five steps before stopping, sighing, a hand reaching up to rub at his face. He's lived a lot of his life avoiding people. Avoiding their stares. Their judgements. Avoiding his fear of those things rather. He's nearly died twice in the last three weeks. _Should_ be dead. That gives a certain perspective change on letting fear steal moments…and so suddenly the giant's squaring shoulders, shifting course, swinging his rifle to dangle facing ground behind him, and marching towards his doom.

Gideon explains to Grey, "Cole would like to engage you in hate-fuck." These words are said without missing a beat, or without really seeing the problem in them. She nods to Tink when she offers the dice to Cole. "He apparently hates you, but as so far that he would still have sex with you." She offers Grey an amused smile then before she looks to see what will happen with Cole and the dice.

"Oh? My turn again? Sweet." Cole will take the offered dice from Tink, rolling them around in his hand. As if trying to make a guess if they're weighted dice or not. "I wonder if I could make more of these…" he ponders absently, letting the idea sink in. If he had spare time to use. Which he doesn't. "Oh, right. Rolling." Shaking the dice in his head, he blows on them again. "Why stop a good thing? Let's go Lower again." And then he tosses once again.

He barks a laugh out at Gideon. "I don't /hate/ Grey, Gideon. But if I had to have sex with someone that I tend to diagree with most? He'd be it." And then he's blowing kisses at Grey.

Cole rolls the dice and gets… 4 3

Cameron can't help but listen around to people talk, and then Gideon— and Cameron, shirtless with pants undone and sitting on Morgan's lap— burts into laughter. He laughs hard. And then he leans up, wiggles a bit just because, and eyes the dice, "YES." he exclaims, giving Grey a friendly rude finger, "See they work. So uh, right! Gideon. You must now give Cole a dare. The goal is embarassment if possible. Who has the question? Uh. Tink. Tink has the question, doesn't she?" Then Stone's coming back, and Cam gives him a warm smile. He waves a bit, welcoming.

Kai doesn't look up as Stone, and Grey, return, she's still playing gargoyle, wedged currently between an Elias with his arm about her and a Tink leaning against her, which from the posture of the ex-C is about the limit of her capacity to cope with being touched and hoping that lack of motion might manage to keep her from being picked again.
Long distance to Gideon: Cameron laughs. Grey, Asher, Elias, Morgan and Silas.

Max can't help the resurgence of snickers at Gideon's delivery of Cole's earlier answer, and then his attention is on Cole as he earns both a truth and a dare. This should be good, his expression reads.

Martin chuckles at Gideon's words and shakes his head. Stone gets a wave from the almost nude man as he joins the group. "Welcome back." Then he looks to Cole to see what unfortunate act he will have to perform. Hopefully the Grounder thinks up something good.

Grey blinks at Gideon's words, frozen for a moment before he looks across the circle to Cole. He shifts in his crouch, considering the techie's words, considering his own embarrassment and then he shakes his head, shrugging, "Yeah, you know I'd be the top." He upnods to Stone as the other ex-C arrives, "Who's gonna dare Stone to curse?"

Tink looks over at Cole as she takes her time thinking of the question, because she knows whatever she asks, he's going to give a colorful answer. She looks at Cole with a grin, "So Cameron here told us the best place to fuck right just outside the camp. In your extensive experience, where is the best place to sneak off to in-camp? And if there's more than one place, please enlighten the rest of us."

"Then I think you were dishonest in your answer," Gideon says to Cole, brows arched high over her dirty green eyes. "Weren't you supposed to tell the truth?" She looks confused now, obviously taking this whole thing a tad too seriously. But then she rolls her shoulders as it is apparently her turn to dare. She looks Cole over, gaze narrowed and expression thoughtful. Then she looks around at who is present, gaze passing over Elias and Grey in turn. She waves her finger between the two. "Choose, and then kiss." She holds up a finger. "And not a siblings peck… I would like you to put some effort into it."

Cameron shoots a sharp look at Grey. And makes a firm negation. "Rule: There's no repeat dares on the same person. That's been done." He's momentarily serious, then lets the mirth return.

Elias splays his fingers outward and gives a helpless shrug to Gideon. "I'm pretty sure Cameron just made this game up an hour ago," he chimes in when Grey gestures to him. "I just sat down because I'm a slave to peer pressure." With a soft laugh then, he gives Kai another quick squeeze about her shoulders, though not obtrusively so. She seems to be a bit lost in thought. Whatever reverie has him looking at her for the moment is disrupted by Gideon's dare. Awoo? Elias /pans/ his gaze over to Gideon and then Cole, his brows raised as if perhaps he didn't hear that quite right.

Stone, after a once-over scan of the crowds that made his dark skin pale fractionally at certain in attendance, is doing his absolute damnedest to mostly not look their way (thereby missing Grey's upnod). Cameron sort of is the one exemption, and it's to that one a sort of pained attempt at brave face smirk, though it's clear he's a centimeter away from running like a scaredy-cat. A centimeter that's closing to millimeters when Grey's joke about the curse hits and the gigantic ex-C's face is going cold again, shutting down. He's literally halfway to rising and leaving when Cameron saves him with that 'rule' pulled out of his ass. It earns him a thankful sort of glance before settling back in where he crouched to one side of the circle. That was a close one. Gideon's dare brings dark eyes to her and brows up, unexpected chuckle escaping, though as he glances to Grey with her pointing, he's sliding it back away quickly in clear embarrassment.

Grey snorts at Tink, "That one's easy." Shaking his head at Gideon, he gestures to Cole, "Don't worry, he hates me often enough, even if it ain't all the time." And then she makes her dare, and he looks over to Elias, then slooooow pan to Cole, one brow arching up in question. He probably heard Cameron's new rule, may even nod idly to it, but mostly he's waiting for Cole's choice.

"He was given a hypothetical, Gideon. It was an, like, if he was to sex a guy, who. But since he doesn't ever have to or maybe want to, then its not a lie, its just… Fiction. It was a great answer." explainis Cam to Gideon with a smile, "And hey, I may have made up the addition of dice but the basic template of Truth or Dare is ancient." Cameron lifts a hand up and rests it over one of Morgan's, cuz.

Listens to the Truth from Tink and then the Dare from Gideon, considering the both. "Well alright. For the Truth, alright let's see. Beyond my tent, you mean?" he raises a brow with a grin. "In camp, though? Well, there's the sub-basement under the main floor of the dropship. A little cramped, but nobody goes down there. Unless you like fuckin around tanks of hydrazine. There's a close off space under the wall walk on the farthest east side of the wall that enclosed. Behind the cook tent, just don't let Cookie catch you back there. Best late at night, that one. Let's see….behind the dropship between it and the wall. Also cramped, but it works better if you're both standing."

As to the Dare, he looks between Elias and Grey. "What? Two straight guys? C'mon, at least Cameron or Morgan would be into it. These two are just going to phone it in." Beat. "No offense." Another look, considering. "Alright, hrm. Elias /is/ a cutie. But I feel like Grey would be the better top. Though Elias would at least offer a reach-around, he's the polite kind. This is a hard choice. Ah, fuck it." And the winner is…Grey. "C'mere big guy. I've seen the way you look at me." he stars, sauntering over. "Get that fire in your eyes. That 'god, he needs to shut up, should just shove my dick in his mouth'. And /oh baby/, I wish you would." Either he's completely joking or…huh. But agian, Cole has absolutely /zero/ shame when it comes to Grey. And come right up to the Ex-C, wrap his arms around his neck(if he goes with it, anyways). "I only hate you sometimes because I /need/ you so much." he almost purrs at him, before, yeah, Grey gets a pretty passionate kiss on the lips.

Morgan closes his hand around Cam's and then starts laughing as he listens to Cole go on and on. Cole's right in that he'd be into it but he's also into watching the two straight guys, especially as Grey's one of them. "You should have found me earlier." he chides in Cam's ear but he's grinning.

Max smiles in amusement as Cole lists off the various places where one might sneak away within camp, nothing particularly surprising there. Though the enthusiasm amd theatrics with which he approaches Grey .. well it's a good thing he wasn't drinking anything or he might have choked on it. Instead, he breaks into snickers again and utters simply, "Wow."

Kai can't help but stare at least briefly at the idea of Cole kissing Elias. Or Grey. And then there's Stone returning, too. It's the last of these that gets a slow look before it gets redirected back to Cole, more than quietly boggling as her gaze pans back to Cole. The ex-C opens her mouth and then clicks it shut because her brain refuses to process. Nope. Blue screen of death behind those grey eyes as the ex-C tries to mentally process and elects that it's just best for her sanity not to.

Martin just blinks at the dare and the follow, though. He slow claps the whole thing as he bites back a laugh, finding the whole thing hilarious, esecially considering his almost naked hug seemed to make Grey wig out.

Tink makes a point of pulling out her little notebook and making a few notes in it on the places that Cole mentions. As well as the rock the Cameron put earlier. She's trying to do it with a straight face but can't and is laughing as she scribbles the last locations in the book. Then it happens. Cole actually goes through with it and plants one on Grey's lips. Tink's jaw drops as she watches the man on man action. For all his talk, she didn't expect Cole to actually kiss Grey…Elias sure, he's a good sport but not Grey.

With crisis of swearing averted, Stone's actually trying to catch back up on what the hell the current evil being inflicted is. And when he registers what Cole's talking about mid-way through, the big man's eyes are going wide enough to see white fully around and any pale tint that may have started to creep into dark skin is being replaced with a rose undertone. This undertone is subtle, but as Cole chooses Grey, it's becoming pronounced enough that it's clear Stone is actively blushing like he's on fire, right about the time 'shove my dick in his mouth' is uttered. Mouth agape, unable to look away, watching this like some sort of mixture of trainwreck and fantasy come to life, it is absolutely clear. Cole just broke Stone's brain into little pieces.

Shi has no idea what she is walking back into, but sometime or another the tiny girl came off the wall, and if anyone was watching her expression was unguarded for a few moments, and whatever that expression was, was not the normal happy go lucky. But after a duck into the dropship the tiny white glad girl makes her way over towards where the game still seemsto be going and pauses just out the group to figure out what the hell…

Grey stands up slowly, painfully as Cole focuses on him, leaving the coat on the ground beside Gideon. He watches Cole a little warily, then shrugs, "Screw it." And because he was basically dared as well, by Cole if no one else, he reaches for the front of Cole's shirt with his left hand, aiming to pull him in. Don't get him wrong, he's not putting everything into it. About as much as Quinn got on Unity Day. Which is to say, lips, no tongue, fire, no heart. And after a long moment, not linger too long, he gives a little shove with his left hand, aiming to push the mechanic back away from him.

Cameron leans back into Morgan and has his chest shaking from laughter as he turns his head to whisper into his ear, "Oh, I should have. Sorry about that. You missed the news. Stone has a crush on several people. Including us. And Gray. And Fiona and Shi. Maybe a couple others, but I wasn't really paying attention to the girls. Also don't tease him about his language. Like, seriously." But then he's snuggling into Morgan, and speaking p for everyone to hear, and he has to applaud, "Cole gets full credit, Grey wimped out a bit, I think. I'm pretty sure there was no tongue there, Grey. But it wasn't your dare, so.. Whose next, Cole? I vote Morgan."

Ariadne is still sitting quietly watching the game. She sits very still as not to attract much notice. Her eyes move from person to person as things are revealed. Granted, most of what's being revealed is whom wants to fuck whom, but she finds it interesting. She is also, thankfully, fully clothed. Lankly legs are folded beneath her, and her bow is resting comfortably on her lap as she watches.

Martin points out, "Morgan has already gone and we still have a few that haven't had a round in a while." He points to quiet Ariadne, who hasn't escaped his notice. "She hasn't gone at all since I showed up."

Ariadne rolls the dice and gets… 4 2

Not for nothing, but Cole has a decent amount of practice with locking lips. No, no open-mouth action going on from his side. Maybe becase he's aware. Taking that shove, he steps back, licking his lips at Grey suggestively. "Next time, use your tougne, hot stuff. Big stick, no love." There's a wink added to that, before more away, looking like he's king shit. "Alright, you all have fun topping that." he remarks, looking around. "Cameron. You're been quiet for a long time. You roll." the dice are tossed his way. And then, he takes a bow. "Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week pending we don't die."

Cameron rolls the dice and gets… 5 5

Gideon arches a brow, looking at Elias and Grey. "I see nothing curved about them, so… I suppose they are straight." She shrugs a shoulder as if in blind acceptance. Then her brow arches at the amount of effort Cole is putting into this all, and she smirks a bit. Yes… Skaikru are very confusing. She offers Grey an apologetic look out of the merest glance, and then waits to judge the exact quality of this kiss, ignoring all the other verbal flamboyance. She then casts a glance toward Grey once the kiss was done, and she offers him a small smile, and a half-shrug. "Sorry, Grey… I know you aren't attracted to him, but…"

"He does?" Morgan asks, looking over at Stone. "Aww. That's kinda sweet. You know how I feel about things if you'd like to help him out." he murmurs, his fingers lightly playing with the hairs on Cam's belly as he watches Cole and Grey. And then Cam's chosen and he watches to see what happens.

As Stone drags his eyes away from the Cole/Grey mind-break, it's to catch sight of the rearriving Shi, a sight that makes his eyes drop again to the ground, lip being bit, and that contemplation of fleeing occur again, but he manages to hold his crouch, turning to watch the route of the dice instead, hoping as much as Aria that they dont' come to him. So when they go to Cam and then her, its with a sort of sympathetic expression, waiting to see how she does and who she'll pass to next.

Catching the dice, Cameron sits up and rolls then in his hand, blows on them, "Higher." And rolls, and when he gets a 10, he looks decidedly disappointed. Hmph! Losing is more fun. But then he's passing them off to Aria, and leaning back on his favorite chair ever. Especially if Morgan's playing with his belly. "Good luck. Vote higher, it's always more fun to do then to say. Always. But its up to you, Ari." Then he tilts his head, whispering to Morgan again, "That might be mean. It's one thing to help a guy out, its another if he has feelings."

Ariadne's eyes shoot quickly to Cameron as he picks her to go next and she groans quietly as she picks up the dice. She rattles them in her hand and declared "lower", blowing on them for luck before she flings them onto the space in the middle of everyone. Her eyes close at first, and then one eye opens very slightly to peer at the dice. A sigh of relief escapes as she sees the 2 and 4. She grins and says, "My luck seems to be holding up tonight." Three rolls, and three times she's managed to remain out of the hotseat for either truth or dare. She looks around those gathered and her eyes settle on Shi. "You. I pick you." The dice are extended toward her in the palm of her hand.

Shi rolls the dice and gets… 2 6

Shi pauses when she takes in everyone around the circle, a soft biting of her lip and then she sighs and with a glance to the sun tries to find the most shaded part of the group. While her face is mostly covered there is a gentle red glow along her nose and maybe along the top of her cheeks as she makes her way towards the tent's shadow. This movements has her catch Stone's look and then look away from her and her tiny shoulder seem to stiffen before she finally finds a place to drop down. A little wave to Ari is offered but then she is pulling her legs up only to have her friend hand her the dice and she blinks slowly but then shrugs and gives a little nose wrinkle as she let's the dice go and then settle back.

Grey shrugs at Cole with one shoulder, an apologetic non-apology, "Next time, be a hot girl." And then he turns back to the group as a whole as Cole moves away, holds up his right hand outstretched, parallel to the ground, and waggles it back and forth in an 'eh' gesture. Smirking, he painfully settles back down into a sprawl alongside Gideon. Her apology causes him to shrug, "But you wanted to see if he'd do it."

"It's the bird lips," Elias asides to Kai when Cole doesn't choose him as his kissing buddy. "Isn't it?" With a sigh of mock exasparation and turns his head to more fully look to Kai. The kiss is witnessed with a soft chuckle, but there's just that small part of him that feels self-conscious now. Moving his free hand, he gives a touch to his lips. "Ah well. Doomed to be unkissable. That's me." With a laugh then, he flicks his gaze over to Gideon. "What he means to say is that I enjoy a female as my companion. Some men prefer other men. It's all love, though." This is explained in a frank and articulate tone to the Grounder. With a smile, he turns his attention towards Kai once again. After a wink, he turns to Tink then. "It really is the lip thing, isn't it?"

Shi notices Kai across from her and blink but then smiles abit to see her friend playing, she reaches and nudges the dice towards Kai with a forgive me shrug and then settles back to try and curl into a little ball while keeping out of the sun.

Morgan hmmms at what Cam says. "That's a good point. And I think you might be right about the effect." He gives Cam a kiss on the back of his neck then looks back to the game.

Kai rolls the dice and gets… 2 2

"I like your lips." Kai grunts for Elias without actually looking at him, with all the loving devotion of her stony exterior. She really was mostly spacing out, but the dice are nudged her direction and she grimaces, she knew it was going to happen eventually and so she collects the dice with a sigh, wrinkling her nose at Shi before glacing over at Elias,"Higher." Captain Buzzkill grunts like she's really not sure she wants to be playing this game.. and for the second time she rolls and the damned things betray her by tauntingly showing up a 4. Oh man. This can't be good.

Tink shakes her head and it's clear she's not sure how anyone could top the Grey/Cole kiss but the night is young and there are plenty of chances for folks to mess up and have to take a dare. She just shakes her head at Cole's antics and happily watches the goings on. And then Kai loses…to Cole. She flushes as she looks between the two of them, not sure what Cole is going to tell Kai what to do.

Cameron shivers, tilting his head a bit, giving Morgan plenty of access to neck to kiss. "Mmm. What?" He's paying attention, he is, really, and not at all thinking that there's enough privacy to satisfy him just a few feet back into the tent. Nope. He's hosting. "Ooh. Cole gives Kai a dare." he pronounces.

Cole will ride high this moment of supremecy of being willing to take any dare. At least so far. Anyways, he'll go back to stand next to Tink, elbowing her lightly. "Don't look so shocked. No big deal." he shrugs, then watching dice change between hands a couple hands, without any one really losing anything. Until the dice fall to Kai, and she rolls. A loss. "Oh hoo…." A absolutely villianous look he offers to his friend. "Kai. I love ya, but…" he debates the woman, perhaps all too aware of what would be a great Dare. "Alright. I got it. Streak. One complete lap around the wall walk. And none of that namby pamby bullshit. I want actual /streaking/." Pause. "You can keep your shoes on." Cole, he's generous like that.

Max's eyebrows go up as Cole dares Kai and his gaze moves from one to the other and then back again, as though wondering if there might be a stabbing right then and there, perhaps.

There is an actual audible slapping sound as Stone facepalms at Cole's dare. Head down, shaking slightly, big hand covering face. Bad enough to watch Grey….but _this_ now?

Sergeant Buzzkill pipes up, "Can I suggest the base of the wall instead? Do you really want the Trikru out there seein' any of us streakin'?" Grey nods over to Kai, "Besides, we don't want her attractin' arrows." Maybe he's Major Buzzkill, not just a Sergeant.

"Oh fine. For the sake of safety reasons, the base of the wall." Cole decides.

"The rule is nothing dangerous. Base of the wall stands." Cameron says in his decidey voice, since he has decided he has right to be decidey in his dice game.

Shi blinks slowly, and her eyes widen and widen and she glances towards Kai and then covers her mouth with her hand, but she is trying very hard not giggle, and in truth not to get in Kai's line of sight. But? Those eyes don't close, if Kai is getting naked, she watches curiously.

Elias doesn't look like he's going to get stabby, at least. For all that he keeps his arm wrapped around her affectionately, he does relinquish her once the dare has been issued. Because that's the game and all. "Have fun," he says with a sweet smile to her. He'll pay for the amused expression on his face later.

"You have got to be fucking kidding." Kai can't even help uttering at Cole with a look that suggests that he should probably sleep somewhere that she can't find him later even if she does slide from arms and leans in order to take the rifle off of her back,"Underwear. The rest of you miserable lot got to keep yours, I'm keeping mine." negotiation, apparently, for all that it seems that the challenged girl, for all her bitchiness, isn't actually about to wuss out and stomp off in a fit. The tee's not an issue to shuck, though quite possibly that's because for her instead of a bra she has multiple layers of bandage wrapped around her chest as a binder to keep what minimal feminine attributes she possesses down to the virtually non-existent, the tee dumped on Elias' head as she hate-squints at Cole and works on pulling her boots off.

An actual audible chuckle emits from Ariadne's throat as she hears the dare. She turns her eyes to Cole with a little shake and a smirk. "Would shoulda known they wouldn't settle for the girls to be mostly dressed for long." She gives Kai an empathetic smile, but she doesn't take her eyes off her all the same. She waves Shi over as she scoots to make room for her, "I'll make room, cotton-top." There is a familiarity that she shares with Shi that she hasn't shown with anyone else, and even that seems tentative.

Cole is rolling in laughter. She'll probably get him back. Infact, he /expects/. Probably would feel put out if she didn't. But right now he's just laughing his ass off. "If it'll make you feel any better, I'll do it with you. And I won't bother with drawers."

Violet eyes watch Kai for a moment till a nickname is called out, and she blinks once or twice before looking to Ari, she smirks then and glances around to see how many people really heard the name, before she uncurls herself and starts to make her way over. "Ari you just better be glad, some shadow in better than now.." The girl is bigger than she is so when she ducks down to settles she ends up leaning back against Ari and trying to keep her face from the afternoon sun, it has to set soon right?

Stone, for his part, manages to keep his face down in his palm, murmuring something to himself and frankly looking more embarrassed by all this than Kai did. But hey, no peeking. The Boy Scout remains pure. Why did he walk back into this again? Bravery's stupid. Fear seems like a much better approach at this point.

On the subject of naked or not? Cameron doesn't lift up his decidey voice. He's busy laughing. "Remember, Kai, you get to decide the next dare now…" he offers with a grin, "You can be as evil as you like."

Gideon listens to the back and forth over Kai's dare, but looks mostly nonplussed.

Kai grunts as Cole elects to add to it, muttering mostly under her breath as she pulls her feet out of her boots and sliding out of her pants before folding her arms in front of her with a glare at Cole. Apparently that's as far as the world's least sexiest strip-show is going unless he starts stripping, chin stuck out belligerently for all that those grey-eyes totally promise murder later. The observant might notice that for someone who has only taken an arrow to the hand since she got down here the lean girl actually has a couple of scars on her torso that definitely have the smooth look of Ark work to them. The dice in her hands are palmed and then passed off to Elias, she's not really thinking about the whole passing them off thing, just shedding herself of extras in preparation for the run.

Tink doesn't laugh. She's not going to laugh at her roomie's expense. She knows that Kai isn't keeon this but at least he's being a good sport. She takes a moment take a deep breath and then let it out slowly as Kai starts to get ready to run and then hands the dice off to Elias who hasn't take them since she's been here.

Maybe it's a co-Cadet respect thing, or maybe it's a Grey-Adams multi-generational thing, but Lucian Grey doesn't bother watching Kai strip down. Not that there's a whole lot of stripping going on. Instead, he actually sprawls out on the ground, wincing as he does and shifting his weight on his elbows to find a position that doesn't make his side hurt like hell. "Neeeext."

While Cole might've thought it funny at first, the more uncomfortable he sees that Kai really is, the most he starts to feel guilt about it. And while he may not feel bad or have any shame about things he does, that doesn't mean he doesn't feel a pang of remorse on making someone else do something. "You know what? Forget it. I take it back." And then he'll start to move off. "I should get back to work anyways.."

As Shi leans against her, Ariadne lets her arm rest lightly over the smaller girl's shoulders. She gives them a little squeeze. She's not wracked with the same guilt that Grey and Cole are, and her eyes do remain on Kai, though she's not laughing. In fact, her face is unreadable. She stretches slightly, unfolding her lets and refolding them in a different position. She's tall and lanky, so it looks like there's far too much leg for the rest of her body.

"Underwear it is." Kai takes that as, electing to pull on her boots,"Tink gets to pick for me." Cole might be backing out, but looks like for all that she will no doubt get him later, she's not about to welch on it. The boots are tightened with a flick of her eyes over the group and then off she lopes to make her circuit. Woe be to the unfortunate in her path. She's already in her panties, might as well go the whole hog and give a few people nightmares at the same time.

Elias rolls the dice and gets… 3 6

Shi isn't laughing, nope, not at all, but she does get comfortable and even gives Kai an upnod as she moves off to do her lap, she is listening to hear any comments from those Kai runs into to, but otherwise isn't making anymore of a big deal. She does though hide against the taller girl as the dice start to move around again.

The tee dumped on his head just makes Elias laugh a little bit more. He does gather it up in his lap and look up to her, though. Taking the dice, he glances once to Cameron. "Where are we at?" The question is asked, but he looks once more to Kai as she continues to undress. "You want me to do it with you?" he offers with a smile. He's already half undressed himself, not even wearing his boots. "Higher," he says, giving the dice a roll on the ground." As the result comes up in his favor, he grins a touch. "Who's the unlucky one? And how are we doing this now again?"

"That's for you to decide, Elias." quips Cameron

Cole walking off, Morgan judges that Kai won the round then looks over at Elias. Another win so he says "You get to pick someone to roll next."

"Actually, hey, give them to me. One last roll and then we'll call it a day and get back to work. There's plenty to do." Cameron rolls his shoulders and rises, holding a hand out to Elias with a grin.

Elias settles his eyes on Cameron and grins. "Alright," he says and gathers the dice up. They are then held up to Cameron in his usual pleasant manner. "Throw 'em."

Kai isn't a gazelle, there's no graceful leaping from the ex-C that hops over the makeshift guidelines of a couple of tents and beelines towards the wall. The first poor bastard to encounter her can easily be heard for the,"What the he—" before there's the sound of calamity a few tent rows over and one of the guys squinting back towards the gathering like 'what the hell just happened?'. She has no idea what's happening with the rest of the group, settling on a pace as she lopes a circuit along the bottom of the wall with all the straight-backed dignity the mostly naked girl can muster. New running regime. Guaranteed to cause scarring for life.

Tink watches Kai take off jogging and murmurs, "Oh no…I think I've had enough truth and dare." She glances at Elias, "Hey do me a favor, take care of stuff for Kai…I'm going to see if Cole needs help." And possibly make sure he's not beating himself up over things. She gives a jaunty wave to everyone, "Thanks guys…it's been great." Then heads off to the tech tent to check on the boss man, and possibly find out what he wants done next since her section of the wall is look shiney.

Max applauds Kai for doing the run like a sport and then glances over at Cameron as the game seems to be coming to a close, "Oh. Well, alright then." He begins to pull himself up off the ground and dusts himself off, reaching for the bag that he'd dropped on the ground and slings it back over his shoulder. A nod is given to those gathered, and he begins to wander off.

Cameron rolls the dice and gets… 2 6

Cameron takes the dice, shakes them, "Higher." Does a roll, and… gets snake eyes. With a grin, he settles back and waits for Kai to get around and give him a task.

Kai does eventually circle back around to the group in front of the tents, dropping down to a walk before she strolls back in to the gathering with the obvious intention of beelining straight for Elias, and her shirt with at least some attempt at looking like she's not hurrying at least, for all that there's probably a few people squinting over towards the gathering now for the whirlwind of passing nearly nude Kai on a jog.

"Kai, good run. Last roll. You owe me a dare." offers Cameron with a bit of a lazy wave from where he's comfortably reclining on Morgan.

As the group starts to break up just as Grey gets settled, the ex-C groans again and pushes himself back up to a sitting position, and then up to his feet, putting one hand to his side as he scoops up his jacket with the other hand, "Smaller group next time. And more girls." And then he taps the butt-stock of his rifle, "Okay… who's for the next lesson, after Cam gets what's comin' for him?"

"Is she dressed yet?" Stone queries in horror-rasp, face still down on his hand, the poor bastard. Is it bad that he was cheered immensely by word the last roll was coming up, so that he was saved further embarrassment?

Kai is perhaps surprised, for all that she grunts, buying herself the time with the excuse of pulling on her tee again before going with,"In the movie, The Pirates of Penzance, there's a song titled 'Three Little Maids from School'. In your underwear. And so you can't pull a Silas.. it goes 'Three little maids from school are we, pert as a school-girl well can be, filled to the brim with girlish glee, three little maids from school. Everything is a source of fun, Nobody's safe, for we care for none. Life is a joke that's just begun, Three little maids from school." all uttered in her flat voice,"An' I wanna hear it. Loud and clear."

Ariadne chirps up, "Yep." to Stone's inquiry, even though it's not true. She's escaped this game unscathed, but she isn't going to pretend she hasn't enjoyed seeing other people uncomfortable. She shifts slightly and squeezes Shi's shoulder. "As an afterthought she does add, "mostly."

Shi can't help it when Ari pipes up, she starts to chuckle, husky and pure before she clears her throat and glances towards Kai, but the damage is either done or not, so she finally peeks over to Stone to see his reaction.

That mostly catches Stone right as he's looking up in relief, amused by this talk of show tunes…only to find he's been betrayed! "Oh for fudge sakes Ari!!!" Comes rasp-snarled out as his hand goes back up and he's sitting back, shaking head and muttering. "Why did I come back. What was I thinking."

Cameron blinks, and laughs, and rises, tugging out his pants and going back to his underwear again. Then he rolls his shoulders, squints a bit, and sings. Only. He can't sing. Cameron can't sing AT ALL. And he hasn't seen this movie. SO he has to totally guess. And he totally guesses bad. "Three little maids? From school? Are weeeeeeeee. Part as a school girl can beeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Filled to the brim with girlish gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." And he spreads his arms and raises his voice, perhaps scaring off grounders and animals alike, "Three little maids from schoooooool. Everything is a source of fuuuuuuuuuun. Nobody's safe, for we care NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE." Birds are probably getting scared at this point, too. "Life is ajoke that's just beguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Three little maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaids from schooooooooooooooooooool."

And Gideon does the only thing she knows how to when confronted with this… she casually pulls the earbuds out from her music player, tucks them in her ears, and starts to play something really, really loud. "Tell me when his mating call is over," she says, a tad bit loudly, to Grey.

The shirt is handed back up to Kai with a smile as she comes back. The fact that she's naked doesn't seem to phase Elias all that much, but with the way they've been acting towards each other lately it's likely because the nudity is no mystery. "I like watching you leave, but I like watching you come back more?" he tries for a joke as she takes the shirt. He's watching the rest of her clothing as well. Sure, he's threatening himself with getting hit a lot at this point, but he's at least thinking it will be done in all of the most affectionate ways, apparently.

Morgan lets go of Cam and watches as he strips down to his shorts. Then he leans back and laughs as Cam takes it to 11. "Please, no one tell him to sing again. Never again."

Grey twitches and winces as if he were getting tortured as Cameron's 'singing.' "Augh! No! Shut it off! Shut it off!" He waits an extra beat or two after Cam is done, and then reaches down to tap Gideon on the shoulder, "He's scared off everyone but his mate. Don't worry." He enunciates the words clearly, in case she's got the music up really loud. Looking over to Morgan he adds, "Next time, just drag him off and kiss the hell out of him. Please. Dont' subject us to that again."

Max leans up against a nearby tree, pausing in his departure just long enough to witness Cameron's singing, something truly.. something.. to behold. With a slight blink and a shake of his head he says, "Damn, man." And with that, he looks around, as though he'd forgotten where he was going, and heads into the drop ship.

Kai steps out of her boots at the wrong moment to bed over and pull up her pants, just for the extra trauma factor on poor Stone. Not that she's planning it, or is likely aware of it given that her focus is on the whole getting redressed thing, and eyeing Cameron. Because holy hell. She knew it was going to be bad, but seriously, the Trikru must be wondering if they've resorted to cannibalism with that caterwauling. It does, in the least, manage to elicit a bark of laughter from her as she wrinkles her nose at Elias,"I'm still going to kick his ass later."

Cameron is unphased by the criticism, grinning, "I think I found a new hobby. What was that other one? I'm a little tea POT." He's singing again. NOt even vaguely in tone. It sorta cracks here or there, "Shooort and stoooooout."

Morgan quickly stands up, pulls Cam over to him, and kisses him hard to shut him up. Pulling back a moment, he looks at Grey and says "You realize, this is just going to make him sing more."

Gideon pulls out a earbud, looking precariously at Grey. But then Cameron is back to it, and she glares at the delinquent. Then she looks over at Grey, and she shakes her head. "I take it back… he is attempting to frighten all potential mates." Though she does cast a glance to Morgan when Grey clarifies the status of Cameron and Morgan, and she releases a soft, "Oh."

Stone, hand on face, is suppressing laughter as best he can for Cameron's horrible performance, mostly cause it hurts his throat, but by the end he can't hold it in. Between laughs, the gigantic ex-C is rising up, eyes covered for fear of what he might see again after that evil timing of Ari and Kai, and is just rasping out. "Nope, no more. I'm out. Run away! Run away!" Of course, Stone's trying to run away blind, peeking through faint slit of fingers, and it'll be lucky if he gets to the lander without stepping on, tripping over, or running into anyone or thing.

Cameron tries to sing into the kiss. But he can't. Because mm, kissing. Then he's snickering, pleased with himself. It might be he slightly and completely exaggerated his inability to sing. Why reward them with a cute performance, hmm?

"I am completely okay with this," Elias replies to Kai with a nod of his head. "Probably note before we go hiking." There's an extra bit of innuendo thrown into the look he gives her, brief as it might be. A quick raise of a brow is given before he sloooow pans his attention over to Cameron's singing. "Dear Eden, man. That should be a fuckin' war crime. Just have Cam serenade the Grounders and we'll negotiate peace in a matter of hours."

"Uh. Soo. Yeeeh." god it's a relief when there's kissing instead of singing, and that's terrifying in and of itself, she buttons up her pants again, oblivious as to why Stone's running away,"I managed to trade for beans, yesterday." with a nod towards Elias,"Apparently they'll grow around here? At least?" her attention skips over Gideon as she steps into her boots, to Grey as she adds,"And some maps." as if perhaps these things might distract from lingering musical trauma.

Grey looks offended as Cameron starts again and Gideon blames him, "Hey! He stopped. He did." Beat pause, and then he adds, "And then he started again." The ex-C glances to Morgan and Cameron, "So sew his lips shut. He can still kiss then." Gideon's look from Cameron to Morgan causes Grey to blink, "Wait, do Trikru not? I mean, aren't there any guys who like guys in your clan? Or girls who like girls? Or people who like both?" He sounds genuinely confused there. Grey nods idly at Kai, then blinks and looks back, "Maps?"

Cameron wanders away, chuckling, waving back at everyone. Happy as a clam.

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