Day 022: Dig, Dig, Jump
Summary: Stone returns from an ill-advised hunting trip only to get caught by his old friend Shi
Date: 11 June 2016
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Stone Shi 

Camp Grounds

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

It is Morning on Fri May 20, 2149.

The camp is no doubt bustling for all the people preparing for the potential of Groundergeddon in the next day or two, guards always on the wall, some with guns openly displayed and ready. So when two figures are coming out of the woods shirtless, covered in streaks of mud and bearing weapons, it wouldn't be all that unexpected for them to get freaked out about another Grounder attack. The two things that save it are that the so-called Boy Scout Billy Stone's gigantic frame a few inches shy of seven feet being particularly recognizable to most, as is Cam's mud-streaked 'hunter look', but also the fact the pair are dragging behind them on parachute cord a big damned buck deer with full twisted antlers and apparently five legs. Creepy hunting fun clearly.

Of course, while Stone has ditched some of his Mummy get up, he still has bandages covering the left side of his chest and the bloody ones wrapped around his throat, where he took an arrow all the way through maybe a day and change ago. So it might serve as a bit of a shock to see the big ex-C helping drag in a kill with a big triumphant grin on his features. Oooh, Morgan is gonna chew him a new one. For now though, the mighty hunters return, apparently none the worse for wear. Almost as soon as they're coming in through the gate proper, Cameron's getting called off by someone and after a brief chat, Stone's assuring he can drag it the last fifty yards just fine without popping a stitch, and so starts to trudge with it towards the Cook Tent, the ropes about his middle dragging the mutant beast behind like it barely slows him down, his rifle slung to dangle behind and a big bloody wooden spear in his hand as a walking stick.

It is that time of day that Shi is always appearing from where-ever she keeps herself when the sun is high in the sky, and she was heading towards the Medicinal tent till she heard the shouting going on at the gate. This of course draws the tiny woman's attention and she turns in that direction only to stop with her hands on her hips when she sees Stone, the Stone who had an arrow in the throat, the Stone who promised to rest, the Stone who said he would not do anything silly, the Stone that was to be her protective wall!

Those unusual violet eyes narrow on the male and his very big deer, and she seems to be standing right in the way of his path as lovely lips turn from the normal smile to a frown as she shakes her head, "Stone?" The voice is soft, husky and not the least ticked off.

As soon as the big wounded warrior saw the petite violet-eyed girl he's known for a few years, he went from looking like the mighty hunter returning to a 6'8" guilty boy with his hand in the cookie jar. He's wincing even before her questioning word, just from frown, and to his name he's actually biting a full lower lip a little and darting his eyes to the ground. He's just this much shy of scuffing a toe of a shoe in the dirt, but as he replies, it's immediately going on the defensive. A voice that used to be rich resonantly attractive baritone now is a low-throated raspy rough sound of gravel rolling down a mountain. "Uh…hey, Shi. Before ya start, yeah, I know it wasn't my best idea. But we needed food an' I was goin' fluffin' nuts being cooped up!" Which…isn't that shocking. The man had to spend more than a week and a half in convalescence for the massive still-healing axe-scar across his mid-section and the one that nearly severed a third of his left arm at the forearm.

After weeks down, he was one of the very few immune to the blood fever that struck almost everyone down and he suddenly was useful again. Then the attack on the camp, and he was right there on the front of it all, first to fire rifle at the grounder, first to take one down, and for his troubles he got an arrow through the throat, one through his chest, and two more grazing him. The man's spent more time injured than healthy since Landing. It's got to be frustrating for someone as protective as he is.

Those violet eyes just look at the Stone Giant and she let's out a long slow breath, it comes out as a huff and the pale white of her bangs flutter with her breath. A foot is taking before the girl shakes her head again and moves towards Stone with graceful with careful steps, still covered almost completely out in the sun. Once she gets close to the larger male she eyes the buck he is pulling and taps his chest once. She atleast picked a healthy place. "Pass the rope over.." She says softly, a sweet teasing sound that holds a persuasive bent, and even while the order/demand/sweet request sounds silly giving her slight height/weight, it also sounds very reasonable.

Shi hasn't been seen alot during the day within the camp, she goes somewhere or another, normally inside the drop ship and plays around with whatever she has been collecting; herbs and stones it seem. Stone and those who have been stuck inside, recovering, are really those that see her most in the last three weeks.

Stone snorts a little at the image of the tiny Shi pulling the buck by herself, but he also knows better most of the time than to argue with her too terribly much. And so he reachs behind him to untangle the rope Cameron had been using to pull it in tandem with the bigger hunter. He offers it out to her with familiar lopsided smile as compromise. He's not letting her pull by herself, but it'll give the impression she's helping still. As she gets it settled, he's starting towards the cook tent entryway again, horror-movie rasp of voice softly offering back to her. "It's good to see you out and about a bit by the way, Shi. You stay cooped up more than I've been half the time." And that's saying something certainly.

A soft snort is return to Stone, it's clear Shi knows what he is about, but she is not in the least going to let Stone pull that beast by himself in his condition. So if he believes it or not, the weight is lessoned by the tiny girl, even if she is leaning forward and using all her strength to pull the damn thing. Stubborn? Maybe just a little. At this words though, she gives another huff, though that could be the strain of pulling. "Well, when I found those who keep me company have disappeared for /hours/ I had to come and see where they had gotten off to. And imagine my surprise to see one such person pulling a BUCK into camp with blood coating his bandages.." Oh, she is kinda ticked off, that voice vibating with the most adorable of little growls and grunts as they move the beast. She is covered from head to toe, with just her eyes showing, but he can almost see the pinkness that is coating her delicate pale hands.

"I needed to make myself useful. Cam followed me out and…" Stone starts to protest as they drag it across camp, him letting her pull just enough to feel the weight without makin her actually strain, cause otherwise she'd accuse him of pulling it all. Of course, he wasn't focusing enough on what he was saying and in his admitting that, there's a key fact that's probably gonna get him in further trouble. Namely that Cam followed him, not went with him. So not only did Stone decide to go hunting with a wound that could bleed him to death if he pops a stitch, but he decided to go hunting ALONE! Even before he said it, his brain was throwing up big red flags, and he visibly winced for it, glancing sideways at her and going onward too-quickly (never one to dissemble well). "…so it was fine really. He was out babysitting the injured one. He did most of the work besides. Drove it right into me and all I had to do was set the spear at the right moment and let it's momentum do the rest!" He tilts and turns to her. "See, all this blood is mostly dry. It's not from my stitch. Cam checked it and that held just fine. And the pulling's nothing. A couple days ago, I would have tossed this fugly beast on my shoulder and walked it out just fine. Dragging it with another person helping isn't straining anything at all. So see? Nothing to worry about!"

Shi stops, simply stops in the middle of the grounds, though they have come closer to the cook tent atleast. And while he thinks he's taking most of the weight, whatever she is taking is enough to wear on her. If he is good at reading people, he can tell that, if not, the next huff seems simply a huff, but those violet eyes are narrowed on his face once more and those delicate hands ball up as she looks at him. In a very calm and even voice, which should throw up more flags than if she was yelling, she asks softly, "You went out Alone.." There is a growl now, a muttering of dark words that is probably one dirty name after another, but so soft it's hard to hear. Again she states oh so softly, "You… Went.. Out. ALONE…."

Wince. Wince wince. Toe-scuffle. Damnit, he's trying to stop himself from doing that and looking like a gigantic naughty five year old. Lip bite, eyes averted, guilty as sin, and muttering a death-raspy and pitiful defense. "Well…yeah, since no one else was gonna let me." Oh yeah, Stone knows just how that argument's going to fly. Head down, he's muttering. "Listen, it doesn't matter. I'm _fine_ Shi. Heck, I feel great. It was just what I needed. Jus' forget about it. We needed food, we got food. Nothin' t' get all worked up about!"

"Do you think, for a moment, there was a reason why none would let you? You are our best fighter, a great protector, and we need you whole and healthy. There are others who could have gone out and gotten food, it might have taken three or four, but that was safer, than putting such an important person at risk!" Oh her voice raised and those eyes are sparking and there might even be a tiny tear that appears as she takes a shaking breath. "You are a good friend of mine, have been for years, and I doubt you have thought for one moment what it would do to me to lose you?" Wait, what? But she has a full steam now and she just shakes her head. "Let's get this to Cookie and then let me look at the bandages, that one on your throat is not dried blood.." She mutters that last as her tiny shoulders tense and she moves to start jerking the buck towards the cook tent, there is more power there than one might think, but the tenseness in her jaw, where her covering has slipped is, could break. She is trying not to grunt, but damn the thing is heavy!

"Some great protector I make if I can't even go pop a deer! Now I know I can!" Stone mutter-whispers back a little meekly snarky at her pause for shuddered breath, but he subsides at her talk of losing him. Oh, she went for the full Guilt Trip Headlock, and he knows he's out for the count. Falling into a sullent sort silence for the time to drag the beast over to the makeshift butchers pulley outside the cook tent. As he's dragging it up closer and crouching smoothly but carefully down so as not to jostle the neck wound, muscles rippling under scars, bandages, and stealth-applied mud. He loops one end of the rope around the beast's two rear legs and then rises smoothly up to pull at the rope and pass one end to her to help, muttering a quiet, semi-genuine. "Sorry Shi. I just…felt useless. It's done now." And she knows nothing makes Stone go more nuts than feeling useless. With that apology made, he'll start to pull the carcass up with or without her help, muscles straining a bit just from keeping the angle sharp and not letting it tug at his neck as he pulls.

Shi helps of course, she shakes her head as she grunts and tugs, letting her weight pull down and she will end up on her ass as the thing finally is put into position. So in the dirt she sits for a moment, trying to catch her breath before she stands and looks up at him again, "I know Stone, about feeling useless and all. But next time, can you maybe find someone who can give you something to do? Atleast when wounded? You understand, if you were gone and none knew why, I'd have to leave camp and go hunt for you?" Her movement caused the white wrapping to fall away from her face and flutter to her shoulders, with that pale hair moves to frame her lovely features as she peers up at him.

Oooh, now _that_ sets Stone's fine-featured expression into a fierce sort of scowl as he's angling down to look at her without tilting neck too much. "No you fluffin' well _wouldn't_, Shi!" Of a sudden, the giant crouches down, hands surprisingly gently gripping either arm, and lifting her as if she weighed as much as a child as he rises. Setting her delicately on her feet as if she were breakable, he reaches up to pull her hood up for her, knowing it's her preference, frowning down at her in that protective way he has, rumble-rasping out after she's settled. "Do as I say, not as I do, woman. No doing stupid things just because I do. And stop usin' your guilt tricks on me. It's not working!" It so totally is!

Shi is lifted and does nothing but blink at Stone as he settles her down and pulls her protective covering back into place. But it's clear she is not going to let it go at that, her hands move to her hips again and she tilts her head back so she can look into his eyes, "It is not stupid, I do have skills in the woods, and other than maybe one other I probably have the best chance to track you if you disappear again. Added the trees are a good place to start and stay out of sight as well.." She points this out as she arches an eyebrow at him, "I am not guilting you, I am telling you the truth, being honest, so you understand how your actions will effect others.." Calm, sweet, and just a little to persuasive for her own good.

Stone smirks a bit at Shi's talk of tracking, him. He knows she probably could, but there's another problem. And he can't help but point it out with that lopsided touch to lips attempting to be suppressed (badly). "If you decide to start goin' out and about in the forest without others, hon, you need to take some stealth lessons from Cam or I. You move through the forest like a botanist, not a hunter. You'd get yourself filled with arrows out there." And then added after. "And you totally are guilting me, but I forgive you for it cause at least I know you care."

Shi gives a little sigh at that smirk and reaches up and taps him on the nose, "Yes, but I know how to hide within the forest, and while I might not be all that silent, I've been told by /you/ that I don't weigh enough to break grass!" She reminds him as she ponders for a moment and then those violet eyes brighten before they narrow. "But, since you suggested it, if you want to recover by teaching me how to move silently, then that is just fine. I can show you a few things I found in the forest…" Wait.. what? She then wrinkles her nose at him, "And I am really not trying to guilt you, if you feel guilt, I am sorry.."

His dark eyes narrow, the caramel gold flecks catching the light as he turns on her again. "You've _already_ been poking about out there? Don't do that anymore right now, k Shi? We don't know when they're gonna be comin' back or if they've got scouts waiting to pick off our people. It's not safe." HYPOCRITE ALERT! Oh well, Stone's shaking his head a bit, grumbling something about 'bad examples' that probably was self-directed as he's turning to brush off the muddy deer carcass as much as he might to make it presentable for whoever comes along to butcher it. Popping his head in the cook tent, he rasps to the cook manning it. "Got a hunt kill for Cookie when she's got free time. Strung out here already." With that confirmation, he's turning to Shi and sighing. "Fine fine. Let's head in and you can check the stitches. I'm tellin' ya, I didn't pop 'em. Morgan said if I popped them, I'd probably bleed out pretty quick…" Oh yeah, that _totally_ makes it better. He just keeps digging himself holes to jump in for this convo.

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