Day 036: Discussions
Summary: A delegation comes from Tondc to meet Arkadia, and after, some from both sides meet. Talk.
Date: 5 7 2016
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The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

36 Days After Landing

Morgan leads the others further into the camp then motions off to one side where there's construction material that can be used to perch on or just lean against. Unsurprisingly, the Trikru (and Kai) are stared at, some with curiosity, some with wariness or worse. "We have solar power now." he says to Kai. "I forgot how much I missed electricity. Lights. Hot water. A working medical bay. Still no anaesthesia though."

While the Trikru in general get stared at, for Kai it's deja vu. Because for all that the Skaikru Second gets plenty of hostile looks in Tondc, apparently that's no less true in camp Jaha. Especially among the Guards. Which may just explain the way she pauses to give a Cadet about her age all the flat-eyed hostility she can for a finger too close to a trigger. She waits for him to move off before she gives an irritable grunt,"I can't say I'm particularly concerned about it's absence, not going to lie Morgan. And we've got hot water at Tondc, y'know." there's a wry smile for him before she tilts her head to look up, way up, at Alpha being slowly stripped with a grim shake of her head,"'s like living in the corpse of the Ark."

Que comes out of, somewhere. He was hanging back before, and when Oxfor is around, the big guy doesn't stand out so much. But he comes approaching Morgan when he sees him, recognizing the young man, "More-gan kom Skaikru." He greets in that soft voice of his, "I am being looking for your maker Cole kom Skaikru. I am having been to your camp and saw the ashes there, and among them found his sword." he frowns, "I am not having been pleased with a sword I make for a man is being discarded such. We will have words." Apparently no one told him Cole's missing.

"<In Trigedasleng> It is very big," Benning comments as she looks around the Row, getting a feel for this new place. She turns to look at the Skaikru that stare, offering a quiet, stoic mask that is not the usual manners that Kai has seen before. She looks to Morgan and tells him, "If you are of need…I can show you where to finds things…in nature that you might be able to use to help your people. Willow bark for pain. Wintergreen can numb. These plants are about."

Morgan looks over at Alpha, grimacing. "I'm from Alpha. You can imagine how much I like being in the place where I grew up with my parents." Hearing his name, sort of his name, he looks over then smiles. "Que. It's good to see you." The smile disappears a moment later though when Cole is mentioned. "Cole was kidnapped by the Mountain Men along with over twenty others. We're going to get him back but we need as much information as possible." he says, including everyone with a look but then concentrating on Benning at her offer. "Thank you. We haven't had time to go looking for them yet. If you know where they can be found in this area, that would be very helpful."

"This is just one of them." Kai notes for Benning, all she really understood was 'big', but she can take a guess at least,"There was twelve of them all together. This was Alpha. We were both born there." from the nod meaning Morgan, her gaze dropping as she turns towards Que with a press of her lips,"Speaking of information. I'm serious Morgan. I want that intel. The majority of the Guard doesn't know what the fuck they're doing, but between that and some of Trikru we might at least be able to work out the range on those missile's in the very least." not that she has an opinion or that she's not willing to share it now that she doesn't have to worry about Kane and Oxfor standing RIGHT THERE.

There's a serious pause, and Que regards Morgan for a long moment. The big man's face tightens, and he reaches his huge hands together and begins cracking his knuckles. He's just a maker, right? Right now he looks like a dangerous one. "I had heard there were being captives, but did not having heard Cole kom Skaikru was being one of them." Crack. Crack. "I am having liked that skaiboy." The way he speaks, his tone is final: Cole is as good as gone. Lost. To add to that, "This is being why Blood Must Have Blood." He frowns, darkly, "But no one may be making the Mountain bleed. None that are lost to the Mountain ever return." Whole.

Silver hung back as the group first arrived at the camp, taking her time to get her bearings as usual. And possibly to avoid too much comment on her new clothes. She's traded the filthy, damaged clothes she was dropped in for grounder gear, and given the way it fits, it was actually made for her, rather than scavenged. It's an interesting contrast, given that now that she's once again actually clean, she looks more like her usual self than she has in a month. Or would, if she didn't initially scan as a grounder. She walks quietly up toward the group, overhearing just a piece of the conversation. "Cole's one of the ones who went missing?"

Benning gives a nod to Morgan, "I will look and see…I am not from here but you are near water…willows like water. And wintergreen are near Tondc so it's not a stretch to consider they are here." She flashes Kai a nod as she explains there were many structures like this in their sky city, "<In Trigedasleng> It is no wonder it fell down. It was too big." She pauses as she sees a fellow maker Que talking to the Skaikru about one of their own. The mention that the boy was taken by the Mountain only brings a sad shake of her head

Grey just missed Kane and Oxfor coming through the former mess hall. That may have been intentional, at least as far as the Chancellor goes. He's out of his Guard armor, just wearing a dirty green t-shirt of the government-issue variety, one of those that came up from the supply dump. He's also unarmed, because the homemade knife 'crafted' out of dropship metal is really just a fashion accessory, right? The reason he's unarmed is probably the fact that his left upper arm is entirely wrapped in bandages, and the whole arm is supported by a sling around his neck. He watches the Arkers watching the Grounders for a long while, and then slips through the crowd toward the newcomers. "Que kom Trikru." His pronunciation has improved. It is not longer shit. It is now just crap. And then he spots Benning as well, "Benning kom Trikru. Good to see you made it out of the fight in one piece." Morgan gets a nod of greeting, and after a moment's hesitation, Silver and Kai as well. "Hey. You look almost as bad as I feel, Kai."

"They're not gods, Maker. The Mountain can bleed." Kai opines in a dark tone before nodding for Silver,"Op and Cam and Tink, others I'm sure." she confirms, 'fell', 'big', it's enough to elicit a smirk from the Second for Benning's words. Grey gets an upnod of acknowledgment before her lips quirk,"Bandages and tape. It'll hold." maybe not, but still there's a nod in Silver's direction,"Silver sewed me up. Most of the crunchy bits are as close to aligned as they're likely to get. Shouldn't stop me from making new friends."

"What I know, you'll know." Morgan tells Kai. Which is not a guarantee that he'll know it. "But it might be easier to get it through channels, Kai." Kai's channels. Meaning Wren, Oxfor, etc. "But the range of the missiles is irrelevant. We're taking them out whether they can strike here or not." Which leads him to… "That's going to change, Que. Blood must have blood. And yeah, Silver." Which she'd have known had she stuck around for any length of time, his tone says. "If you'd be willing to take one of our botanists, that would be great." he tells Benning then adds "Someone who studies plants." And look who's done plotting. "Good, Grey. Come over here. We're planning how to kill the Mountain Men. Step one. Getting through the mist. What can you tell us about it?" he asks, sweeping all the Grounders with an inquiring look.

Que turns and looks to Grey's arm, consideringly, "Greh kom Skaikru." He pauses, "Are you being one of the warriors of the sky who attempted to be cleansing Coesbur of the Reaper infestation? If that is being the source of your wounding, you are having my gratitude. It was no duty of your clan nor of treaty. All my life I am having lived there." His own english appears to be improving. Somewhat. He glances at Benning, "<In Trigedasleng> I can not look at it directly without feeling as though I am falling from a great height. I can not fathom their machines that could lift such a thing." He looks to Kai and shakes his head, "How? To reach the Mountain you must find a way through the flesh-eating mists. You must get through the territory infested by the Reapers and risk whatever it is that makes them becoming Reapers. Madness incarnate. And then you must assault the Mountain itself. I am a maker of weapons, and I know no weapon that can be wielded against stone to any effectiveness."

Silver grimaces at Morgan's tone, but she doesn't disagree. She heard Kai mention Cam. That more than explains any attitude. "Something had to direct those missiles," she points out. "And it probably had computer chips, either for firing or for guidance. They went through the effort of jamming our comms with the Ark before things started to go down. It could be there's conceivably something to hack into it, if we found the right approach or had the right tools."

Benning nods to herself at Que's words and murmurs, "<In Trigedasleng> I can sleep in it's shadow but do not ask me to sleep within." Nope, she's happy staying outside of the station for now in the Row, around the gates or by the lake. She glances at Morgan and murmurs, "Send one or two to me and I shall show them how to harvest. I am no healer so you will need another to prepare but it will give you the plants you need." Her eyes fall on Gideon's Niron, Grey, and she smiles, "I am doing much better since my feet are on the ground." It's a joke, referencing her fall from the tree.

Time has passed and the gates to Jaha have been opened. Elias makes his way up the walk from the direction of the camped Trikru at the moment with his pack slung over one shoulder. The long-haired young man whistles a tune while he walks along, though likely not necessarily to the best effect where the Trikru he happens to be walking in the general proximity of cast him /looks/. Catching one of those looks, he stops whistling and gives a quick wag of his brows. Tough crowd. Familiar faces are noticed and approached with a thin smile on his lips. "Hey, guys," he speaks up with a nod of his head. Of course there's a worried look to Kai for the severity of her injuries. While he doesn't ask her so, his look to her does beg the question: 'Are you alright?' With a look to Benning then, he raises a brow at her. "Didn't forget our deal already, did you?" he asks, smile turning more lopsided.

"That's why I want that fucking intel. I was top of my class in tactics." Kai fixes her eyes on Grey. Oh Mr. Guard,"Waiting for official channels isn't going to net me much, and by time I can head back out to Coesbur without this one knifing me.." meaning Silver,"I want a better idea of what exactly we're looking at. They already have one of the Reaper's bodies here for investigation.. nothing's impossible Maker, but the more we know the more likely we are to succeed." not that pain is making her grumpy or anything. Eli's arrival brings her attention his way,"I'm fine." she insists. So fine. Life is wonderful. Watch her move over to somewhere to sit and plonk herself down on it just for good measure.

Grey nods to Morgan, "Step one, getting the right team together." His words are a little blurred, and up close it can be seen that the left side of his jaw is swollen and bruised, and his lips split. "Gideon's talking to scouts in Tondc. I was just about to start recruitin' myself." He lifts his left arm slightly in solidarity with Kai's statement of 'it'll hold,' even as the motion draws a sharp wince. "I was, Que. I'm sorry your village was destroyed. I figure if we can get close enough to break out our people, we can also screw with their missiles too. Make sure they can't ever do that again. But Reapers? If they always fight like they did at C-Bur, they're meat for trained Guard with guns. Hell, they're meat for archers." Benning gets a little grin and a nod, "Won't catch me up in the trees. And yeah, Kai. I know the plan's to share the info with the Trikru." And then he nods back toward Alpha, "Assuming Kane doesn't screw that up."

Eventually, Jumar comes back into camp Jaha. His engineers overalls are still grimy and dirty from construction work, his toolbelt is snapped around his waist, and his welding mask is up, but banded around his head. To the Trikru, he probablys looks incredibly weird, but the tools in his belt are a bit more familiar… to the Arkers, just another Engineer, and the one in charge of the Forge project.

Upon seeing the various Grounders in camp, Jumar gives a cursory glance to each, "lot more guests that I thought we'd get." Casually, mentioned, before he heads over to check on the beginnings of the forge workshop.

"I'm not in that loop either, Kai." Morgan reminds her, nodding to Elias as he shows up. "So. The mist. Going by the damage that I saw when we first got down here, it's probably only fatal in the short term if you inhale it. Painful, definitely but they did live long enough to to walk to where they were found. And I didn't think then to cut them open. We need to find out what the acid is so we can make a counter to it and seal the rovers against it. We need a sample of the mist and video of it eating into some raw meat. Jumar!" he calls. "Come help explain what we need for the acid mist."

Morgan adds "Grey, do you think the plans to the fort are in the computer banks?"

At them having a Reaper's body, Que frowns and shakes his head at Kai, "You should burn it. It was once Trikru and deserves the honor of having its ashes returned to the ground, even if it forgot its clan and the death hunger overtook it. We do not know how our people are lost to the madness. Something beyond the river happens to them. Perhaps it is being a sickness, perhaps it is being the bite of a rabid animal. We are not knowing." He turns and looks to Grey, and shrugs slightly, "There are being many of them, and they are being complete madness— at least, this is being what I am understanding. But… if you could being breaking their missiles? Blood must have blood." He listens to Morgan for a long moment, "I am understanding that the eating mist is not always there. It comes and goes."

Benning looks as Elias arrives and breaks a geniune smile, "No Niron of Kai, I have not forgotten our bargain." She looks to Morgan, "I believe this one is knowledgeable in plants. I will take him." There it's settled. She keeps her promise and then helps these Skaikru. She overhears Grey's comment about archers and gives a nod, quirking a little smile at his talks about her skills. She has no knowledge of the mountain so she doesn't comment on the rest.

Silver blinks at Kai's suggestion that she might knife someone, bemused. Knifing people isn't really her skill set, but there's something almost flattering about the idea that someone might believe she'd try. Somehow. Unusual emotion requires further examination at a later date. "Our people are working on finding out how it happens to them, Que," she points out. "But I'm sure if Morgan told them you'd like the body returned after, they'd do it." Morgan, note. She has no expectations of anyone here listening to her. No doubt why she left as quickly as she did.

Upon being called, the Engineer turns his head back, gives a tired grunt, then heads over. All the utility bits are still attached, though the welding mask is turned about on his head. Jumar crosses his arms before he starts, "first off… have any of you actually *seen* the stuff? I mean, I set up a video camera for the reapers, live information and all that, but we don't even have first hand accounts of what happens here."

Despite assurance that Kai is okay, Elias moves to help her down to a seated position so that she doesn't have to plonk so hard at least. "Careful now," he says quietly before turning his attention to Grey and then the others. "What exactly are you planning?" he asks with a raise of his brows and crease of his forehead. Morgan and Grey are also given a nod of greeting. Benning gets a bit of an odd look for her wording, but he at least manages not to laugh. Instead, he gives Kai's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "I am happy to help however I can. If permitted, in fact, I'd love to show you what I've been working on." He then looks between both Kai and Silver a moment, blinking. "Knifing?"

"So was Morgan, and Benning, and I, Maker. Believe me, they're going to pay for it. I promised Benning I'm going to help rebuild her shop." Kai grunts, electing to crack the shell of her new armor so she can sag just a bit, which pulls unpleasantly on the stitches in her neck and disappearing lower, but some air and the opportunity to breathe has taken priority for the moment,"We've got one of the Guard right here." she slides her gaze Grey's way, unable to resist pointing that one out even as she gives a wave for Eli's inquiry, a 'nevermind' sort of a gesure.

Grey shrugs a little at Morgan's interest in the fog, gesturing toward Que at the Maker's response, "It's not always there. Maybe we can sneak folks closer and break whatever puts the fog out. I've got no idea if there are plans in the computer banks. I've… uh… I've been a little busy." Que gets a nod, and a press of his hand to his chest, "We will burn it, Que. Or turn it over to your people to burn, as soon as we're done. Maybe we can find out what causes them to become Reapers, and maybe we can even counter it." Looking to Jumar, he adds, "None of us've seen the fog, except for Tides, Grecco and Kellie, and they're dead." He nods at Kai's words, "I'll help rebuild too, when the time comes."

Morgan nods to Que. "It's why we brought one back, Que. We'll be doing an autopsy on it and seeing if we can find anything that might explain how it happened." Pause. "Examining the body. I've already agreed to burn it afterwards." It was one of the conditions of getting a wagon to take it. He looks between Elias and Benning. "What? I don't know plants. Shi does. I was going to ask her to go with Benning to look for Willow trees and wintergreen." He nods about it coming and going. "Yeah, we need to know where it happens and then find out what triggers it. If they trigger it, they've got to have sensors of some sort in the area. And please check, Grey. If we can find out where the entrances are… Well, we need to. Period."

Que blinks at Kai, and gives Morgan a curious look, "A healer did be fighting Reapers?" He sounds impressed, if a little bit weirded out. Don't these people know their places? Then again he lost a perfectly good sledgehammer by using it as a weapon against a Reaper, so. "You are having my appreciation as well, More-gan." Then he grins, "But you, Kai kom Trikru, Second to Wren kom Coesbur kom Trikru, of course you having did. It is your duty. You are having no need for thanks from me, you know your own honor. Greh and More-gan kom Skaikru acted without honor demanding it." And he nods to Benning: she's Trikru too, so, no thanks there. But there is a respectful nod to both Benning and Kai. More soberly he nods to Grey, "Burning it will being fine. Our ashes feed the ground and from the ground we come, and so to the ground we return." Then he blinks, frowning, "You thinking you can counter the madness?" Such a thought is… inconceivable. Yet, there Que is, conceiving it. But he nods seriously to Morgan when he too agrees to burn the body. After…doing whatever it is skaipeople do to dead people.

"I only threatened to autopsy Wren," Silver assures Elias. "Kai's totally safe. Technically it would be scalpel-ing." Because that's way better, right? She tilts her head at Jumar's question, considering. "I wonder," she muses. "If it's not consistent, then it would seem not to be automated, which would imply it's manually triggered, which implies someone would have to be watching. Would they set it off if they could see they were being watched back?"

Jumar looks around, then to Que, "Ok, I know your people have been in fear for so long… but the thought never occured to find a shield? It's fairly simple, really. We have vehicles that are designed for airtight travel, but lack sealants that can counteract whatever acid is used. I get video of delivery method, I design a trap to get a sample of the stuff. Said samples are given to our chemists who identify what's being used. Then I modify a rover to drive right through the stuff, assuming we have the right sealants." Yep, definitely one of those 'I'm talking to laymen' lectures. "I can do that easy even without the forge." Gives a nod to Silver, "I thought about that as well. When Morgan first brought the idea to me, I said a hazmat suit might tip them off we're trying to get through it. Sound like the Grounders haven't tried to find a salve for the acid though… which means no resistance going in for the guinea pig."

Benning is quiet as they talk around her. Que gets a nod of respect as he acknowledges her contributions. At the mention of Shi from Morgan, she nods, "I will take both of them if they wish…" It makes no difference if she has one or two. Kai's comment about rebuilding her shop brings a half smile for having her home rebuilt is something that woman plans to do…once things are settled with the Mountain.

Smiling once more to Kai, he nods his head to her and lets his hand slide away so that he can plop down on the ground nearby. Looking up to Morgan, he gives his words a moment of consideration and glances also to Benning. "Oh! She meant she's taking me, I think. Shi would be a good choice as well, though you know her and the sun. Even so, she's absolutely brilliant. It'd be great to have her expertise in botany." He frowns a moment to Morgan and gestures as if to very delicately remind him that the girl is an albino. "But I can multi-task if need be," he says, nudging Kai to get her to vouch for his multi-tasking ability. With a wrinkle of his nose then and a smile, he replies with a brief snort of laughter preceeding it. "Oh, that. No, no. I know you wouldn't. But threatening it every so often might keep your patients in line." With that said, he leeeeans away from Kai a bit.

"I'll take more people remembering my name properly as thanks enough Maker." Kai utters with a slow smile at Que,"And that's why knowing the range on the missile's would also help. If we know the lay of the land.. the fog, the missile's, the Reaper nests, it allows us to zero in on areas of interest. Might provide us an idea of what villages need to be evacuated because guys, Coesbur was at least unoccupied when they hit it.. what if it hadn't been? We go marching up there and jam a stick in their eye, our people shouldn't pay the price on that. And I'll guinea pig, Beckinson. Sitting around wondering what happened to Cam and the others is driving me nuts." she's nudged, and smacks Eli, only belatedly realizing just how many parts of her thought that was a dumb idea,"He's good at multi-tasking." she deadpans with a smile for him,"How'd the feed come out, anyways? I'd like a look at that, too. See if there's anything we missed in the rush of it all."

Nodding to Morgan, Grey gestures to his left arm, "Might as well. Not like I'm going to be going anywhere any time soon." That's a flat-out lie, but he shouldn't be going anywhere any time soon. The wound at his right side hasn't even healed fully, let alone the ones on his shoulder and the right side of his head. "Morgan, me, Asher, and Cassandra were all there. But you're wrong, Que. Honor did demand it. I'm part of the reason you had to evacuate, so I'm gonna do everything I can to clear it out, clean it up, and rebuild." The question of whether they can actually counter the madness draws a helpless shrug, "We've got some damned good doctors and medtechs here, and records from Before about how to handle things we haven't had to handle before. I mean, Morgan or Silver'd know more'n me, but if it can be countered, I bet we can do it." Kai's mention of wanting to see the feed draws a frown to Grey's face, but it's a thoughtful one, "I wonder if we could show it to a bunch of Trikru warriors. Here, outside the Camp. Let them see the tech, let them see how we fight and how they fight. It could be a training tool."

"You helped us, we helped you." Morgan tells Que. As simple as that. "Unless it's a mechanical switch, Silver. Something you step on maybe? A laser you break walking past it?" He shrugs, not being an engineer. But things in the Ark could be adapted to such a use he's sure. Which means the Mountain Men could likely do it. He nods to Elias but, you know, clothes. Hats. Whatever. He'd have asked Cam to do it normally. "Jumar's cleaning it up." he notes, nodding tot he engineer. "I'm sure we could bring a monitor out and run a line to it. I was facing the village, even though I was paying attention to the Reaper, so I'm hoping the missile strike was caught on it."

"The Kongeda." Que grits his teeth slighty, "The Coalition of the Twelve Clans— not grounders— is having many things we are being knowledge of, but chem-ists and see-an-ces of countering acids are not being one of them. That is being lost since Days of Ashes. We do not being in fear, we are having no means by which to fight the Mountain. If the thousands upon thousands of our warriors could come together and through might alone destroy the Mountain, then in vengeance woulld have done so. We are having no means to breach the eating mists, and we are losing too many people to the Reaper madness as it is." Que gives a quick smile to Kai, but doesn't really comment on her tactical assessment. He is a Maker, he is not a Warrior. Tactics are not his skill. But he does add, "If there is being anything I can assist with, in the recovering of your people and Cole kom Skaikru especially… and in the countering of the Chojwanop — the eaters of death, the Reapers… Such a thought is …inconceivable. Those lost to the Reapers are… lost. I would assist, if there is being any use for my skill." The very idea. Countering the madness? He nods to Morgan and Grey: they claim honor in their fashion, and he can only nod in respect to that. Its not his place to tell another their honor.

Benning moves to Elias side, "I must go now…I have spent too much time in your walls." She clearly doesn't enjoy that feeling of panic that she has been keeping down ever since she came through the gates, "Come to our camp and bring this Shi with you. I will show you my world…one without metal and glass." She shoots Que a look and then quietly makes her way out of the gates even though she would rather be swiftly running out of there.

"You're not in any shape to guinea pig, Kai," Silver snorts softly. "If something happened to you, you've got too many injuries for us to reliably tell how much any one thing contributed to the consequences. We need a clean slate to control for as many variables as possible." Not that she's volunteering at all. "If it was a laser or a switch, though, it'd be consistent," she muses to Morgan. "Unless they've got it on some sort of…randomizer on the actual activation. Like you break the beam at one point and the mist is dispensed at any one of several caches? That's…ridiculously complex, though. What I don't get is, why us? I get fighting off these guys. No offense," she adds quickly to the grounders. "You're scary. But if they had records, then they're know about us. If they intercepted our transmissions, then they know we're still…technologically capable. Why would they be attacking us instead of approaching us to help them if they're hiding in the mountain from these guys?"

Jumar scoffs at Ques 'description', "I'll stop calling your people Grounders when you stop calling us 'Skaikru'. 'Who you think you are being is meaningless'… I believe your words were? We're Arkers if any word is going to be used." Yep, Jumar apparently thinks very little of what the 'coalition' calls themselves… then, "I've already cleaned up that video and sent off an edit to the medlabs and the Chancellor." His tone, however, suggests *trusting* these people with their own intelligence is something he is very much against, "At the very least, they're almost certain jamming our radios. I've been trying to clean that shit up for days now, but it's slow going through the frequencies." Jumar shrugs, "I'm busy as it is, but I suppose I can spare time to bring out a monitor for the feed. The forge isn't exactly going to be built in a day." Much as he'd like it to be, "tell you what. Since we're trying to 'build trust' I'll go and get it setup now." With that, the Engineer starts to head to the station proper.

Elias gives a nod to Benning in response and offers as much a smile as he can manage for her. "I understand. I will speak with Shi, then and bring her to introduce to you. And…don't worry. This place makes me feel claustrophobic…err." He winces a touch and then gestures. "Cramped. It makes me feel cramped these days." The swat from Kai draws a smile from his lips, but then another worried look. More gently, he lays a hand on her back and rubs comfortingly. Looking to Silver then, he nods his head to her. "Good questions. I'm not sure how the mist works either, but…corrosive from what I've heard? That at least should narrow it down if we have a chemist around. I could give it a shot." Looking to Que then, he repeats his word. "Kongeda," he says and gives him a nod of understanding. "I'll remember."

Kai grimaces acknowledgment at Silver before she rises to her feet,"So help me I'mma punch him." the him in this case apparently meaning Jumar, which might be more threatening if the former skaichick didn't look like she belonged in sickbay, but he's already moving off and she's not exactly difficult to intercept right now.

Grey points to Jumar with his relatively unhurt right hand, speaking to Que, "He's makin' a forge. We have to make any parts from scratch, we're gonna need that forge. You're a metal-worker, right?" He watches Jumar depart, then shrugs at Que, "He's grumpy as hell. But he knows what he's doing." He looks from Elias to Kai and back, shifting his weight and grimacing a little, his eyes going past the group to look out to the east for a moment. And then Benning is gone, and he gives a belated wave. Kai's threat toward Jumar causes Grey to shake his head, "No, you ain't. You're Trikru, remember? And we don't need more Trikru punching Skaikru." He doesn't seem to have any problem with the Trikru name for the Arkers, at least.

"Kai." Morgan says and leaves it at that. "You know, if they're setting off the mist manually from the mountain, maybe we can jam their signal." It's an idea he'll mention to Jumar. "Anyway, there's really three stages here. One, we get through the mist." Probably by driving through them in rovers. "Two, we get through the Reapers." Definitely by killing them with guns and bows. "Three, we find the way into the mountain." Hopefully with plans from the computer. "Then four, we kill anyone ever Mountain Man who gets in our way." Easy right?

"The Mountain is being jealous of its power, Sil-var kom Skaikru. You are being a threat to its dominance. They are ruthless and do not negotiate. We, the krus of the Kongeda, negotiate. We know that Blood Must Have Blood but we are knowing this is not a cycle forever: there must be negotiation and peace. You negotiated with us. That is enough for the Mountain, I am suspecting, even if you set aside their jealousy of their might." He glances at Jumar, and says, with a slow voice, "You are the Sky People. It is who you are. In Trigedasleng that is being skaikru. There is no word 'Ark' in Trigedasleng. Are you wishing to be Arkkru? Considering your leaders came to us and introduced yourselves to us as skaikru, you are skaikru." He shrugs slightly. Then he says, with simple solumnity, "If there is being need of a volunteer, and if you can being explain what is needed, I will being go. It seems not being a task of great skill." He nods to Elias, "It is … Come. Gather. The coming together. Of all. Kongeda. The Commander is the Coalition. The Heda is the Kongeda." He says Commander with clear reverence. But he nods to Grey, "Yes. Metalworker. Carp-en-teer. Mach-een-ist. My forge was the finest in many leagues, it being powered by my watermill." He sounds…vengeful, about its loss. He takes to cracking some knuckles dangerously.

"Also you'll tear your stitches," Elias reasons with Kai calmly enough, quickly getting to his feet to stand up next to the girl. "Easy, easy." He looks to Grey then and smiles, lifting his shoulders in a shrug. "Some things never change?" The thin smile wanes just a little, but he takes a breath inward anyways. "Seriously, fighting isn't going to solve anything." With a look to Que then, he once more nods in his direction. "There is a lot of work ahead of us. I was wondering if you could tell me what might be an acceptable trade for a horse. With my studies and my work with crops, it will be important for me to move quickly." He takes a breath then and raises his brows. "Come together. Neighbors should be helping each other. When it's possible, Que, I will come to help rebuild as well."

"It's possible you may be slightly oversimplifying that, Morgan," Silver murmurs, just a little bit dry. "We don't know how many of them there are, if they also have guns, how well trained they might be. They've been in hostile, irradiated territory for the last century, for all we know they're every single one of them raised like military." As Jumar moves off, she starts to call after him. "Do you need a…" But he's off, and she grimaces. "Hand. I guess," she sighs to Que. "Though I'd think they'd be jumping at a chance to move out of the mountain."

Kai grunts at Grey,"He's an insufferable twat whose smug sense of superiority makes me want to grind my fist in his face." or maybe more likely she's just extra short tempered because of pain and wound up from being in camp and the thug princess hasn't entirely learned to keep her temper.

Grey upnods to Que, "Yeah, so why don't you make a deal with Jumar? You help him set up his forge, he'll help you rebuild yours. By the way, 'Carpenter' and 'Machinist.'" Like he's one to correct pronunciation in a second language. Looking back to Morgan, he nods his agreement with Silver's words, "I don't care about killin' all of them. I care about gettin' our people back, and takin' out their missiles. That's it. I may be a killer, but that don't mean I want to kill non-combs or kids. 'Cause you better believe they've got both of those. Can't survive otherwise." Eli gets a simple, "Some things gotta change, or else there ain't never gonna be peace." Finally, he snorts at Kai, "Yeah. Pull the word 'twat' off'a that, and you could have people describin' you or me. Someone needs to put him in his place thought, it'll be one of his own people."

"I didn't say it would be easy." Morgan points out. "Just that it breaks down to three stages we need to overcome before we get to find Cam. And I said who gets in our way. Obviously, that won't be noncombatants."

Que regards Elias for a long moment, "A horse is a being of great value. I am not owning a horse, most of our horses are belonging to the village, tended by the horse keeper. It would take much to trade for one. They are being precious to us." He looks to Silver and shrugs, "Who can understand a people who are throwing missiles at villages, caring not that they kill elders and children? Perhaps ask Ice Nation. The Azgeda is being more alike the Maunon then Trikru is." He looks to Grey and wrinkles his nose as if he tasted something bad, "Carp. Enter. Carp. En. Ter. Carpenter. Machine. Ist. Machinist." That said, he grunts, "Your Jumar has no respect, his mind is being closed to anything but his own anger, refusing to see any other people for what they are except through his grieviences, because nothing else is being seen by him. He is being a child. I am not needing a child to build my forge. I built my shop once I will being build it again." He sniffs, disdainfully, "The Trikru are being bloodthirsty lunatics. He has not seen the chojwanop. You have, Greh, More-gan. Tell him what bloodthirsty lunatics are being like." Yeah, Que's still annoyed by that prior exchange.

Silver sighs, scrubbing a hand over her face. "Everyone is angry, Que. On every side. At every side. Makes people stupid." She takes a half step back, looking between the remains of the Ark and the grounder camp outside the gates indecisively. "We get any word from any of the other stations?" she asks quietly, looking back to Morgan and Grey. Her own parents were Arrow station residents, but by the time she left before there hadn't been any word on what station they'd been on for the drop.

Elias gives a nod to Grey and exhales a laugh which tousles his…even longer bangs these days. Seriously. Chin-length is too long. "She's not going to punch him," he says to clarify to Grey. Again, he looks to Kai and he very pointedly speaks to her. "C'mon. Please?" The words are spoken more quietly and his movements suggest he'd like to help her sit back down if he can. Looking to Que once more, he nods to him. "I'll do my best to trade something as precious," he says. "But Jumar…I don't know. Just try to put the ignorant things he says out of your mind. We know none of it is true and he's just barking. Let's everybody just be cool for a while so we can focus on the common enemy."

"Fine, you punch him. I'll just watch." this from Kai to Grey, and from her tone that would be a perfectly reasonable solution in her mind at least, looking towards Eli like 'yes, really I would',"I wont punch him. Wren would have my head anyways, which is fair enough."

Grey nods at Que's pronunciation, "Much better." And then he nods at the description of Jumar, "Yup. No respect, angry beyond reason, refusing to see beyond his grievances." And he turns his head to the right, pointing at the bruising along his jaw, "I know someone else like that. Arlin kom Trikru punched me after I fought at C-Bur, while I was supporting one of our wounded who also fought there. We all got people like that, and we deal with them 'cause they're our people." He holds the Maker's gaze a moment, then nods, "And yeah, the Reapers go beyond even the Trikru who came over the walls at the Camp. Way beyond. I'm pretty sure one tried to bite me." He shrugs to Morgan then, "Are you a noncombatant? Is Elias? I'm just sayin' that slaughterin' our way through the Mountain ain't our best bet without a hell of a lot more information. Kill who we gotta to get our people out and wreck the missiles. Then go home."

It takes a few minutes, but eventually Jumar comes back out. This time holding a larger than usual dataslate. The large device easily has a 14 inch screen and decent sounding speakers. He's also put his welding mask and toolbelt somewhere in the station, "here. This is the editted version. There's sound really bad sound issues in the original video due to the wind and the yelling, but I cleaned it up. Also, yes, the missile and it's aftermath are plainly visible." He holds it in both hands, towards the group and begins to play. The perspective is defintely a bit skewed from being on Morgans head, but everyone can not only see the reapers and the battle, but the flash of the missile to one side. The shockwave from the blast is dead silent, and at this point Jumar chimes in, "I had to edit out the blast sound, it would have shorted the speakers on this thing. The rest is good, though." The video cuts off just after the retreat is sounded. "The rest is basically a bunch of talking and retreating with wounded, nothing special."

Morgan just shrugs a shoulder. He'll kill anyone who keeps him from Cam. Or who hurt him. It's as simple as that, really and not worth arguing over. He's spared a response when Jumar returns and plays the video. "That's a lot scarier than I remember it being." he comments once it's done. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. "Jumar, can you replay the missile and freeze it? Can you zoom in? Can we identify it with anything in the computers?"

"The Trikru are not being without fault or those who do wrong." Que admits this without any difficulty, with a nod to Grey, "But it was a dishonor to strike one who— for his own honor and no demand we could put upon him— fought the Reapers to help retake our village. But. Arlin is… angry." He shakes his head slightly, "His father kept guns. He was being named Traitor to the Clan and suffered the Death of a Thousand Cuts. He was a good boy, he is a good boy, but he remembers his fathers passing most keenly. It colors his life in red." He gestures to Grey, sighing, "Those warriors were obeying orders, and they heard the blood of seven hundred calling for justice. Their anger was directed wrongly, but their anger was justified. The Reapers… they have no reason to kill. They are being killing because they see life and the living bring them hunger. Animal. Man. All, they exist to kill and consume. The Reapers…" he shakes his head, his expression dark, "We lose… many, every year, to the Reapers. Some are found… what is left of them is found. Many are not. But we can not wage war against the Reapers for to be doing it would cross the line into the Mountain's territory. So they plague us and we can not answer the call of the fallen blood as it cries from the ground." But, he turns and looks to this… device, and looks… bewildered for a moment as it moves. And plays. But then he recognizes signs: after all, that's his village, the one he grew up in forever. Gravely he says, "May their ashes find peace in the earth to rise again." Whoever that's for.

Smiling to Kai, Elias very gently lays a hand on her shoulder. "Let's have a seat and relax a bit, yeah? Never know when we'll get to again." With that said, he looks to Morgan and Grey to watch their exchange. "Oh, I'm not combatant," he admits. "Not enough of one, anyways. I'm going to have my hands full with our crops, helping with crops for the refugees…that sort of thing, anyways." When Jumar holds up the screen for viewing of the missile strike, he visibly winces and gives a slow shake of his head.

Getting no answer from Morgan or Grey, Silver turns her attention to Jumar. "You said you were still working on scrubbing the frequencies. Does that mean still no word from the other stations?" she asks. "Are there at least any rosters of who was on what station?"

Kai eyes Jumar as he comes back, but Eli has a hand on her shoulder and she elects to stay where she is. Opting instead to say,"Well, Jaha and his jackholes sent us down with the idea of landing on Mount Weather, right? The whole expectation of supplies thing, which means that somewhere, there is, or at least was, an overview of what it was holding. Which should at least theoretically include the quantity and payload of their.." she can't help but pause, yep, that's a missile. How in the hell had she missed that slinging past? Oh yeh.. freaking battle,"They're not going to let me get anywhere near the database, clearly.. which is fair enough, but even if Kane's being an obstructionist prick there's got to be ways around it." though Que's words derail her with a look his way.

As the video finishes and everyone starts to talk again, Jumar gives a 'squinting' face off to the distance, "I… have no idea honestly. I can try to find it, but with the speed it's going it's a crapshoot if we get enough of a visual for identification. Then he looks to Que… and, "is that a prayer for the dead? Would ie be an insult if I said it too? Because no one should go out like this." The reports of Jumar being a disrespectful jackass with no interest in courtesy seem misplace… he's only a jackass who's disrespectful on some topics, "Yes, that means we still have no word from anyone. I can check for a roster from the other stations after we're done here, if you like. Then he looks to Kai, "Kane respects the chain of command and our hierarchy is all."

The explanation about Arlin draws Grey's brows up, "That… explains a lot." Silver shifting over to Jumar for the question has him blinking, "Oh. Sorry. Got caught up. No, our radios don't work beyond about a klick." He gestures to Jumar, "Because of the interference. From what I've heard, things were pretty chaotic up there. I don't know if anyone has an exact list, but there are lists." He watches the video, wincing here and there, then looks to Kai, "We don't have an alliance with the Trikru, Kai. Not yet. You want to give information to someone you don't have an alliance with yet? You know as well as I do that you pass intel down the ranks. I'm sure when Oxfor gets it, he'll pass it on to Wren, then Wren can pass it on to you. Just like I get my intel from Sergeant Banks, who gets it from Lieutenant Oshana, who gets it from Major Wu." There are some gaps in the chain of command after the Exodus Ship and Arkfall.

Bureaucracies. Chains of command. Cam doesn't have time for that shit. "I'll ask that a computer search be done and see what we can find." Morgan says. He has no chain of command that's involved in the rescue. "Do your best." he tells Jumar. "If we can figure out what it is, maybe someone can figure out how to stop it." Or something. Certainly doesn't hurt to know even if it doesn't help.

Que's voice, always soft, is softer, as he replies to Jumar, "It would being no insult. We believe that when we are being dying our ashes go to the earth, and there feed the plants that rise and feed our people, and then when we die, we feed the earth in return. This is being a circle that binds us to the land, and to our ancestors, and to the past and to the future. From ashes we come and to ashes we go, in this life there is never peace but in the earth there is peace anew." Still, he gives a slight nod to Jumar. Apparently he takes that as something of a gesture. Still, he looks to Grey and nods slightly in acknowledgement as Grey recognizes Arlin's story, but says, "You are not being allied with the Woods Clan, no, but my steheda negotiated a ceasefire and I am free to walk within my clan's lands and trade as I see fit, until I am being told otherwise." He looks aside to Morgan, "Are you prepared to fulfill your obligation to being teaching this skin-sewing, still? That obligation stands unfulfilled, though of course, no reasonable man would being argue the delay is not without cause." He nods as if expecting its a yes, anywys, "So, as a Maker of Coesbur— lost, broken coesbur, but Coesbur my home that you are being helped defend— it does not dishonor me to trade with you. It is my right to trade my skills." He grins suddenly, "Is there being this fruit-leather yet? Traded most favorably before for this."

"It's okay, you're busy," Silver shakes her head to Jumar. "I'll go inside and ask later." If she doesn't know they were on one of the lost stations, then her parents aren't dead yet. That's how it works, right? "Maybe I can lend someone a hand while we're here. Or something."

Even though she's been stitched up and patched up very nicely by Silver, Elias still can't manage to stop worrying over her wounds. This is particularly evident when Kai gets excited. Carefully, he helps her sit back down on the large piece of debris she'd been sitting on before. "Take it down just a notch. Silver probably would rather you not burst your stitching." With another look to Grey then, he dips his head in a light nod. "Well, let's hope for the best with the delegation," he says. Taking a breath in then, he looks to Morgan and nods his head. "True. Assuming we can get someone in, of course." With another look to Que then, he considers for a moment. "I haven't seen any for a while and, sadly, Cookie is still missing. Taken by the Mountain. She is the maker of the fruit leather."

"Wow are you delusional." Kai can't help but snort at Jumar before her attention shifts to Grey,"Oh you mean like someone giving you some maps? Or telling you what happened while you were out? Nah, I know, someone warning you guys about a bunch of fucking cannibals in Coesbur. You're right. Stupid me. Though not going to pretend for a second that it doesn't amuse the everloving fuck out of me to hear you be mister chain of command and procedure." she let's herself sink back down on the bench at least temporarily but then grunts and reaches for Eli's hand to take it from her shoulder so she can rise again,"Lemme go. I'm going out to camp. This place is making me sick."

The promise from Morgan gets a sidelong look from Grey, along with a tightening of his lips. He nods to Que, "I got no problem with trading. I'm in favor of it. I think it makes both our people stronger. But command's gotta decide where information goes, or shit gets ugly." The mention of fruit leather causes him to wince, and he gestures to Elias at the other man's explanation. And then a crooked little smile touches his lips, "Have you ever heard of ice cream?" Sure, there's no cream involved, it's just ice soy with sweetener, but it's still 'ice cream.' Kai's commentary cause him to shrug slightly with his right shoulder, "Hey… I've seen how shit gets ugly when people get their wires crossed. Kane okayed me goin' to C-Bur."

Jumar listens to everyone, then says, "May their ashes find peace in the earth to rise again." No sarcasm, no screwing around, an actual pray of respect for the dead. "I'll see what I can do." To Morgan. Then he looks to Que "I talked with Truns about possibly trading for leather for my forge. Right now, the construction should be easy, if time consuming… the hard part will be the Anvil. I don't have anything that can be considered close to that, so I'll probably have to get the forge done first, then shape an Anvil from there. Figured I'd get the initial talks out of the way, then report to Kane and the chief about what's available in case we can manage trade." Once Kai leaves, though… "no surprise there, likes the Trikru more than the Arkers, seems like she respects being a 'second', then talks about being delusional?" Jumar shakes his head at that.

Morgan nods to Que. "Already told Oxfor I would. He'll either send some healers here or I suggested I go back with you all when you leave and just show them all at once."

"Azcrem?" Que looks at Grey with a frankly befuddled look, but when mention that Cookie was taken, he darkens, "Someone should be telling Oxfor this. She had an impression, I am understanding. Good impression." But he shrugs at Grey, "Good that you finally are understanding the importance of leadership. The Heda is the Kongeda. The kruheda holds her honor, the steheda holds the kruheda's honor, and all who obey the steheda in our small way hold the honor of our Heda. You will not being finding it difficult for the Trikru to unuderstand orders. We obey. Obedience is the only way any are being surviving on this world. From the First Commander to Commander Lexa, we obey: her will is binding of the kongeda as one." Chain of command? Check. Que's totally for it. He seems relieved, in fact, to hear skaikru speak in such manner. But there's a slight nod over to Jumar's recitation. He purses his lips, "If anything were being to survive a missile, it would being my anvil. It is solid steel. As a loan, I could offer it to you until my own workshop is being remade. If nothing else it would being making of your own easier. I will arrange for two horses to go dig through the rubble and be recovering it and drag it back." To Morgan he nods his head firmly in understanding. "It seems you remember your obligations well, More-gan. In this, in the caring for our dead— even the clanless mad ones— so I am meaning no offense in questioning you. You are knowing your honor." He then frowns at Jumar. Two steps forward, one step back. "She has accepted an honor rarely given, to be trained by a warrior of the Woods Clan as one of our people. That is her right to choose. Of course she respects it, or it would never having been offered."

The wince from Grey is noticed by Elias and he gives him a sympathetic look. "We'll get her back," he says and takes a deep breath. As Kai reaches up to take his hand, he gives her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "I understand. Let me help you up and back when you're ready, okay?" He gives Kai another look before taking his hand from her shoulder and preparing to help her up from her seated position. "Nice and easy, okay?" To Grey, he knits his brows just a little bit apologetically, but does speak up. "They're still people she cares about, Grey. That we all care about. Let's see how the delegation goes and how much we can share after people have talked." Looking to Que then, he nods his head to the man. "Ice cream is pretty damn tasty, though." With that, he helps Kai back up from the ground gently. "Easy now," he tells her.

"I've been in TonDC for the last week getting dirty looks for so much as hanging around outside the healing house," Silver grimaces at the talk of demonstrations. "Check the tape," she nods to the tablet. "Arlin all but shoved me out of the way in the middle of a damned fight rather than let me do my job. Might be better to have the interested parties come here if you don't want to get shanked on the way in or out. Just my two cents."

"Cookie makes a good impression with everyone. We'll make sure to get her back with the others." Grey nods to Jumar, looking after Kai, "Yeah. She's gone native. I considered it, for a while. But I couldn't turn my back on my people." And he nods to Elias as well, "Yeah. I get the choice. I just don't like it." He gestures to Silver at her protests, "We know damned well that there's some things the Trikru do a whole lot better'n us. Even a month on the Ground proved that. But some of the Trikru don't seem to want to believe there's some things that we can do just as well or better'n them. They see us as kids, and, even if some of us are, some of us aren't." Says the man who would have just become a Guard himself back on the Ark, and who might be completing his time as a Second around this time in his life. "Tell you what, Que. As a personal thanks for bein' such a good sport…" and then his eyes gleam, and a grin spreads across his lips as he looks to Jumar, "You got any of the old football games on there?" Before he even gets an answer, he looks back to Que, "Nope, new idea. As a trade for sittin' down with me for as long as it takes you to eat the ice cream, and watching the Game of Kings, football, I'll go in and get you a serving of ice cream."

As the explanation is given of the Coalition… "We aren't blindly obediant to the Chancellor, but we do respect society and civilization. Who is this Lexa?" Then the Anvil is offered, and he blinks, "Why would you-Well, I suppose I shouldn't need to ask that. You've been one of the more reasonable Grounders we've met since we came down here." Was that a compliment to one of the Trikru? From Jumar? Watch out everyone, the nukes are coming again! Wekll, at least he kept the use of 'Grounder'. That's Jumar for you. "Thank you for the offer. I've been raking my brain about how to handle it once the initial build was done. I have enough work to do in the station and with the radios." Then he blinks, and looks down to the dataslate, putting it under his armpit, "nope. I just put the missile video in the storage. You'll have to download that yourself."

"No offense taken, Que." He assures the man. "It would have been easy to forget considering everything that has happened so a reminder would have been welcome. I still have your needles too. They were recovered from the ship. Though here, you might want to see these." He steps over to Que, opening the satchel on his belt (his sword is on his other hip) and pulls out a small case. Opening it reveals several curved suture needles of fine stainless steel. "Did he." he says to Silver. "Makes me want to go even more. And if he gets in the way, Oxfor can smack him down."

Que finds Greh's demeanor more then the offer itself enticing, its like… weird. Greh is offering something he thinks valuable? Maybe? But he is grinning too much. Que narrows his eyes suspiciously, "You are having proven innovative in the making of unusual foods with limited resources, so I will try this azcrem, but do not speak of kings." He waves a hand vaguely, frowning, "Azgeda are having queens and kings." He says this as if they are, thus, clearly degenerate beings. "But." He admits this carefully, "I am curious what games it is skaikru are valuing." He looks to Jumar then, shaking his head, "It is not blinding obedience. If a Commander does not command well, the Commander's life may being forfeit. Lexa is the Commander. She is the Heda. She is the Commander of the Coalition of the Twelve commands. She binds our people as one, her will directs us and sustains us. She alone above all else can set aside any tradition or law, or make any tradition or law, if doing so is in the good of our people. And she will do it." Yes. Que is a true faithful. Its heard in his voice. If Lexa told him to jump off a bridge, he would do so. And he's never so much as glimpsed her. But then he adds, "It is a loan, only. I have no need of the anvil for.. it will take much time before I am having need of it. On one condition. You will not refer to me as a Grounder ever again. I am Que kom Trikru. This condition is absolute and will accept no counter coditions. Your answer is: Yes. Or No." That said, Que looks to Morgan and nods, and he leans in to examine the stainless seel needless, "Such fine craftsmanship." he compliments immediately, "I am thinking I could approximate it with much work over weeks, but to make many, it would take specialzed tools." And already he's thinking about what kind of tools. Que is, after all, first and foremost, a tool maker.

Silver takes a deep breath, forcing it out slowly. "Maybe setting our allies against each other so we can make a point isn't the most sound strategy, Morgan. Just…do me a favor and try not to piss everyone off so much that I don't ever get a chance, yeah? It's one demonstration for you. It's kind of my chance at not being stuck here forever." Stepping back, she pushes a hand through her hair. "I'm gonna go see if I kind find out about those rosters."

Kai departs and while he offers to help, she seems to be off on her own towards the camp. Taking a breath then, Elias first looks to Grey and nods his head. "You know she's where she belongs, man." Shooting a look to Jumar then, he belatedly utters to him. "Don't talk about Kai." There isn't anything in his firm expression that belies any part of him wants to argue about it. "Don't." With that said, he shift his gaze back to Grey and nods. "I'd appreciate it if I didn't have to hear it from you too, also. Just…please? I have to hear it enough from the other guards. This shit is about as far south of easy as it gets, you know?" There's a look to Que then, the young man studying him quietly for several moments. "Could you maybe help me with a structure I'm working on if it's permitted, Que? And perhaps in return I may build one for Coesbur or something of equal value when the time comes. If it's permitted for you to help me, of course."

Grey shrugs at Elias, "Hey man, I get your side no problem. I'm pretty much there myself. I'll help you go see her whenever I can. And I won't rag on her to you, 'cause I respect you, but…" Once more, one shoulder rises and falls in a half-shrug. And then he's looking back to Que, "Game of 'hedas then. Come to think of it, Oxfor'd make a kickass offensive lineman." That's mere musing to himself, and he nods to Jumar, "Okay… so…" He looks back to Que, "I'll be back in like… five minutes, with ice cream and football. You can learn about the best parts of Ark life right there." Okay, so maybe he's exaggerating, in fact his chuckle suggests that he knows that he's exaggerating, but he's also got the biggest shit-eating grin known to mankind on his face. It's a face built for such grins, "Be right back." It'll actually be more like ten minutes or so, most likely, but it's not like anybody has a watch.

"Football." Morgan repeats. He can get ice cream when he wants and isn't forced to put up with football. He puts the case of needles away and shuts the satchel. "I've got some things to take care of. Talk to you all later."

There's definite conflict on Jumars face. These people refuse to not call him a 'Skaikru'… but he's supposed to call him by the name he wants? SO not fair damnit. Still… eventually, he sobers, "Fine. Trikru it is for you. I'm still calling the rest of your people Grounders. I appreciate your offer and will be happy to have the Anvil on loan." Wow, that must have been hard, from the flat tone. Jumar just stops there, quitting while he's ahead. "So we have number of volunteers for acid duty. Let me know when you're all ready for it."

There's a nod to Grey from Elias. "I know, man. And I understand you feeling a certain way." He walks over and gives a light pat to the side of his shoulder then. "Eh. Yeah. She still wants to help us, though. Gotta' trust that much, alright?" Blinking his eyes once, he smiles at him lopsidedly. "The things we do, hmm? I appreciate it, man. I can take it from…you know." He gestures vaguely to the gate and to the guards. "You're my friend, though." With a nod of his head then, he perks at the mention of football. "Games or an actual ball?" he asks, though he's content to let Grey slip away for whatever it is he's going to grab.

"I am being a free Maker, Eye-lie-ass kom Skaikru." That name might have gone through he Que-filter particularly badly. Que nod sto Elias a moment, "Until my steheda is being telling me otherwise I can being doing as I please in trade. What is your need?" He looks to Grey then, "Game of Hedas." He nods, accepting this totally. Then Grey is running off and he's just sorta blinking about it. This… is weird. Something is going on here and Grey's excitement doesn't make sense. But Que is curious. Curious. So he'll wait around and try this azcrem. When Jumar confirms his deal, Que nods, "On your honor it is, then." He accepts this as if it were his due, "I will be recovering my anvil." Then more seriously, "I am being serious in offer to volunteer for this… acid duty. If its plan can be made where there is a way to avoid harm, and if we are counting volunteers? And if the possibility is countering the madness? I will be doing anything to counter the madness of my people."

Grey tenses a little at the pat on the shoulder, for all that he nods companionably enough at Elias' words, "Yeah. Like I said, man, I get it. And then he's off, and he calls over his shoulder, "Games! Gotta find a leatherworker for a ball!"

"Didn't they used to make them out of pig skin?" Elias calls back after Grey before giving a wave of his hand in his direction. He might already be too far. Still, games sound like fun. Looking then to Que, he smiles at him. "We can certainly have a look, but I think that Grey would not want you to miss football." There's a pause for a moment then, but he points to the other side of the station, somewhere near the lake. It's too dark right now, but there is an expanse of building materials 'round the back. "It's a house for plants so that they can be grown during the winter," he says. "I do not know how to build it myself, but I can learn. I just know what is needed."

Eventually, Jumar gives a nod to Que and the rest, "we can discuss details about the acid once it's time. For now, I have a forge to work on." he goes to grab his toolbelt and welding mask, and heads for the forge construction site. Once he's back over, the welding torch is seen and heard throughout the row once more as he fuses parts together, welding mask down.

Que blinks slowly at Elias, furrowing his brow, "We will have need being speak more of… this… winter house. I am unknowing on its requirements. Is it a dwelling? With heats from fires to keep warm in and cold out? That is easily doable. Or is this a see-an-ces of Skaikru you need to tell me of? I can build anything, but I am needing to know what it is I am building. So, this winter house, perhaps we will being speak of separately?" Then he nods over to Jumar, "Indeed." he agrees simply.

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