Day 013: Do Sit Under The Apple Tree
Summary: Cassandra and Morgan are talking in the orchard when Roose and his dog show up. Cameron arrives later.
Date: May 22 2016
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Apple Orchard - Coesbur, Trikru
To call this an orchard is being a bit gracious. It is really nothing more than a stand of five to six trees tucked away behind the Seat of the village. There is a small, grassy lawn surrounding the trees, leaving them in a nice little clearing with the forests to the north and east. These trees are tall, with thick branches that divide off low along the central trunks. In the spring, they bear white blossoms which eventually shed in early summer. By autumn, they are heavy with red and yellow fruits that are gathered by the community and shared. Under one of the trees is a simple stone bench that bears the words 'In Long Memory of Summer Days' engraved on its seat.
Day 13

This morning, Morgan went to see their people off along with the Grounders who were going back to their camp. Then he went to the infirmary to look in on their patients and take care of anything that needed taking care of. Fortunately, many are much better and some of the least ill to begin with have already been allowed to leave. Now's he sitting on the bench in the orchard, a good place to just relax and think. Not even two weeks and so much has happened.

It may be said that there's always a silver lining to every dark cloud, and this is something Cassandra's come to find in her stay at Coesbur. People may have been sick and suffering, but had the Skaikru not afflicted them so, they may never have come into peaceful contact with them. This circumstantially optimistic delinquent has been taking the situation well into her stride, bonding with the Grounders and exploring their village; so it's a bittersweet thing to her that soon their time together must come to a close as so many of them start to recover. Now she comes upon the apple orchard for the first time, where she finds Morgan — for once, without the company of his boyfriend (for whom she's made her mutual disdain abundantly plain). She greets him with an even nod once she's in close enough proximity, and while she doesn't smile, she doesn't sneer, either. That's about as friendly as she's ever been towards any of her own people, the Skaikru.

Morgan just looking off into the distance, doesn't notice Cass till she's close and then he gives her a nod of greeting. "Hey Cass. How are things going?" He considers her a moment then says "I was a little surprised you didn't decide to go back to camp."

"Why would I?" Cass asks, picking her way through the apple orchard to approach Morgan's bench. Though she glances at the inscription upon it — In Long Memory of -- Days, for a portion of it is obscured by the fellow sitting on it — she doesn't choose to join him, and instead finds herself a comfortable if bumpy rock. "Seen enough of that Dropship these last few weeks, to be honest. People here don't know me yet, but I'm not gonna bother trying to talk to the Ninety-two about stuff that matters. Not exactly a 'strong community voice'. Unlike you." She sends him a pointed, maybe envious glance.

Morgan shrugs. "I just said what I had to say when some said things I didn't agree with. I guess others were thinking the same things. But yeah, not really in a big hurry to go back either. Too much yelling, too many idiots, too little hot water, no soap. We have so much to learn down here."

Absently, Cassandra picks at the blades of grass around her. As green and beautiful as Agro Station can be at times, she's never seen vegetation growing so freely as it does now at her feet, from the ground itself rather than from a box-shaped planter. "You planning to keep Cameron around when the summit starts?" she asks, eyeing the stem between her fingers intently. "Because if he's staying, me too. Not sure what the plan is, if the rest of us are supposed to leave you three with the Grounders or…" She lets the question hang.

"I don't know what the rules are." Morgan admits. "I should find out now that it's clear we've done what we said we could. I'd think it would be allowed for others to come with us to where it's being held but not to be part of it. If so, I'd like Cam there if he agrees to go. Why do you want to go? Just to stay away from the camp?"

Raising her gaze from the grass, Cassandra gives Morgan a stare of mild bemusement, lifting her brows. "Why's it so surprising to you that I wouldn't want to go back to the Dropship?" she asks, rather than answer the question. "Or that I'd want to attend the summit?"

"I don't think there'd be much to do at the summit. Though just being in a new place and looking around could be interesting." Morgan allows. "But why wouldn't it be surprising? Though I wouldn't say I'm surprised, just curious. For all we've known each other for a year, we never really talked in the Box." Pretty much not at all.

It's true, they've never been particularly close. Then again, Cassandra's never been particularly close to anyone — not since she hit puberty — and her role in the Skybox has always been more as a spectacle than anything else. The closest anyone's ever really gotten to her there is more in the literal sense, by connecting to her fist or vice versa in fights she'd usually be the one to start. Which is probably why during the second year of Morgan's incarceration, she was eventually put in Solitary.

"Might be I just want to stay informed," says the girl, somewhat defensively. "I happen to like the Grounders. Think they're neat. Think they're our best hope of survival here on the Ground, and I actually care we don't screw up our chance at peace."

"I agree. I've thought so since we were captured. That they're our best hope of survival, that is." Morgan clarifies. "Neat?" He shrugs. "Some are, some aren't I'd guess. No different than people anywhere. Just more likely to kill you." Though given who they've been locked up with, not much more likely.

"Ark's just as likely to kill you," Cassandra counters, and one of her raised eyebrows rises higher, asymmetrically. "Didn't they off both your parents or something? I heard that was why you stabbed the Chief of Medical. My friend in Go-Sci said there was blood everywhere." Was there? The Ark's a small place, at times; stories carry, and are often overblown. "Pretty sure we were both on Kane's naughty list by the time our appeals were coming up, you know." She draws a finger across her neck in a silent, poignant slitting gesture.

"Arteries spurt a lot." Morgan notes clinically. "There was no chance of my appeal being granted." Really, it was made for him not by him. Just part of the process since he was a minor. "It was Kane I was after next when they caught me. But life is easier there than here. Or it was till everything started breaking down. The sheep will have a hard time of it."

The clinical tone of Morgan's voice is noted by Cassandra, who furrows her brow and purses her lips with a mildly perturbed expression. It takes a lot to perturb her, but this fellow delinquent of hers, seated on his bench and looking cool as a cucumber, has succeeded. She leans back on her rock, splaying her palms behind her, but doesn't look apt to get up from it. "Gotta admire your conviction," she says, playing it off. "Which 'sheep' are you talking about?"

Conviction? Morgan shrugs. "I'll do anything to protect the people I care about. And I'll do anything to avenge them." It's said matter of factly, totally not a warning because he's heard Cass threaten Cam. Nope, not at all a warning. He glances up into the sky, not that he's really certain exactly where the Ark is up there. "The ones who just accept things without question because that's the way they are. One thing you can say about us all, we're not them. Jaha couldn't have chosen better when you think about it. Every one of us wouldn't just accept things. We fought and rebelled in one way or another. The fighters will have an easier time of it. The sheep won't."

Roose is making his way through the orchard with his dog Spirit at his side. He isn't actively trying to be stealthy, but it is a skill that comes naturally to him, making him difficult to notice at times. As he grows closer to the two Delinquents, the Grounder turns to start heading in their direction through the trees. After a few moments of listening to the conversation, he asks, "You have sheep?"

By the look on her face, when Cassandra opens her mouth again it's to say something scornful or dismissive to Morgan, but she never gets her chance. When the tall, dusky-skinned Grounder comes approaching with his hound, her mouth hangs apart for a beat or two before she recuperates. "No," she replies, tilting her chin upwards to take in his full height. "It's an expression. There are no four-legged sheep in the sky. Or dogs." And speaking of that, this other quadrupedal creature has her staring with fascination.

Morgan looks over at the Grounder and nods a greeting though it's his companion that gets all of his interest. "Just the two legged kind." he says absently, watching the dog with interest. "That's a dog right?" What else could it be? He's seen them in videos and it looks like a dog.

Roose regards them with what appears to be wariness. He has been away from the village until only a few hours ago and has yet to interact with the skaikru much. He looks between the man and women for a moment, "There are two-legged sheep in the sky? Do they walk like us?" His eyes narrow, as he starts to wonder if they are trying to fool him. The man, known for his keen observation, easily spots their interest in Spirit, who has taken a seat on the grass next to her friend. "Yes, this is Spirit. She is my companion in scouting and hunting." He squats down and begins stroking the dog's back. "While I am good with me eyes, she is better with her nose and ears, and can sense things I cannot. We make a good pair." He watches Spirit the entire time he speaks, looking at her with a deep bond and appreciation. His brown eyes shift to the two skaikru, "I am Roose kom Trikru, a Scout and Hunter."

Tearing her gaze from the far more interesting (because it is so entirely novel) quadrupedal creature, Cassandra makes herself meet Roose's brown eyes with her own while pressing a hand to her chest. "Ai laik Kasandra kom Skaikru," she replies, in the scout's own language. With as much practice as she's had saying that one specific phrase these last few days, she's even picked up on the Grounder cadence of her name. "I am a… Earth expert to my people. The one who knows about sheep and dogs. We do not have either in the sky. 'Sheep' is an expression to us. It means 'follower'. Because you shepherd them."

"People who are happier being told what to do." Morgan adds on. "Morgan kom Skaikru." He's said it so many times now, he's getting the hang of it. "I'm one of the doctors who came to help your people get better."

Spirit shows a blend of German Shepherd and Retriever, likely with a lot of mutt mixed in. She sits and watches the humans discuss matters, occasionally looking in the direction of some noise or smell.

Roose focuses on the woman for a moment, eyeing her form for a moment, noting the injuries she seems to have on display. "Well met, Cassandra kom Skaikru." His eyes shift to Morgan and give him the same focus, "And you as well, Morgan kom Skaikru." He pauses for a moment and smiles, deciding that these two, though strange, are alright or at least harmless, and his natural curiosity takes over. "I understand now. That is clever with th sheep. Though, sheep are to be appreciated. If everyone was a shepherd, we would have no wool for warmth or mutton to eat." He looks to Cassandra and asks, "An expert on Earth?' He gestures to the trees, "So you are guiding your people through this land?" Then he looks to Morgan, "And a doctor is a healer, correct?"

Cassandra smiles and nods when Roose makes his assessment of her role among the Skaikru, even if, going by the fist-shaped bruise visible on her jaw, she may not be on the best of terms by her own. "Not an expert like you probably are," she says, looking to the trees when he points them out. "But I have the scientific know-how. We've got the knowledge of twelve historical space-stations on the Ark, and both my parents were farmers, so it's all the technical details even without the practical. It's why I'm here with the medtechs — help them figure out what sort of medicines your people are using and what else they can use." Scientists. Space-stations. Medtechs. Whatever these words mean — she seems utterly oblivious to the language barrier there. "Maybe we can help each other there? Swap stories." Her eyes trail inexorably back to Spirit.

Yes, the camp could use some more sheep. "That's right. A doctor is a healer." Morgan listens to Cass' explanation and nods. "Many medicines come from plants. But we don't know them by their plant names. So someone who knows plants and also knows the names of the medicines we use is very good to have around."

Roose's relaxation fades a touch as Cassandra start regaling him with words and concepts he is unfamiliar with. "I…see. I think." He shakes his head and smiles while looking at the ground. "Or I don't. Your words are strange and hard to follow, but I think I know what you mean." At her offer of swapping stories, he nods, "That may be useful. Though, I think that helps you more than it helps us. We know these lands for we live here. There is not much I think you can tell us about our land. You are the strangers who seek to learn about it." Morgan earns his brown-eyes focus, "However, /you/ did know something that we did not, so maybe there is something for us to gain a well. But, what about these sheep you were discussing? Do you expect the Trikru to be these sheep?"

"If anything…" Cassandra sends a glance towards Morgan. "I think we're expecting to be sheep to the Trikru. We're wanting to learn about your laws and to abide by them. We don't want a repeat of last time, where we crossed your borders and incurred the wrath of the Mountain." Her turn to be on the outs, since she's just repeating what she's heard, and has no idea what that phrase means. When she looks back to Roose, there's a cocksure confidence to her tone when she sells herself up. "We know lots you don't. Earth's your turf, but we've had bits of that turf modeled in the sky, in small, dense farms. We know how to make Earth efficient — turn lobelia flowers into pills and drop-sized portions that will make your sick better in a day instead of a month. We can learn a lot from each other."

Morgan gives Cass a glance before looking back to Roose. "We expect to learn from each other." he tells the Grounder. "We know things you don't, you know things we don't. By trading knowledge, as equals, we'll both benefit and be stronger and healthier for it. Let others be sheep."

Roose looks between the two as he continues to squat and stroke his dog, who has decided that lying down and taking a rest sounds just wonderful in the warm grass of the orchard. "One says that the Skaikru will be sheep and the other says that others should be the sheep, and we all know someone must be sheep, since wool and mutton are needed." He looks to Spirit who looks back at him and he says, "Spirit thinks you are unsure what you want, and it is hard to travel a road with someone when they do not know which road they hope to walk." He does not address the Mountain, leaving Cassandra's comment untouched. Instead he looks back at Cassandra with those critical eyes; though, a small smile lightens them somewhat, "Is that a challenge? You want to prove yourself?" He looks to the trees then and says, "Then maybe we should go and see what you know." Morgan too earns the same look. "What you say may be true, but the Thing showed that many of us have reservations about you. You must understand that you came to our land without request or invitation. We have had wars in the past. What if this is the beginning of another?" He looks over his shoulder back at the village, then says to Morgan with a quieter voice, "You may not like it, but maybe you should 'Baaa' a little more. If you're wolf, at least be a wolf in sheep's clothing for the time being and keep your growl low. If we come for wool, then everyone will be happy. If we come for mutton, then you can bare your teeth."

"It is a challenge." Cassandra doesn't shy away from that. She reflects Roose's smile with a lopsided smirk of her own, all attitude and teenage bluster. The wolf in sheep's clothing turns and cocks an eyebrow at Morgan when the stranger voices his expectation that they bleat, and she soon turns back to him with a more passive smile and an eager nod of her head. Those from the Ark who shared an Earth Skills class may recognise the eagerness in her expression from a time when she was known as 'teacher's pet', and not just, well… teacher's pet. "We're sorry we came to your land without request or invitation. We had no idea there were people here. Now we do, we plan to do all we can to learn your ways and share our own. I reckon it's going to be beneficial for everyone involved." She raises her hands, in a light gesture of surrender. "Our knowledge, I mean, when I say 'ways'. I'm a scientist, not a politician." Amateur scientist.

Morgan considers Roose and his advice as Cass does her thing. After some thought, he says "Really, would your people respect sheep? If we pretended to be, and then your people came looking for mutton and found teeth, wouldn't it cause more problems than being honest from the beginning? Instead of being wolf or sheep, I prefer we should simply be friends from the start. No pretending to be other something than what we all are. That way no one will expect anything different."

Roose shakes his head at what Morgan says, "What I am saying is that what you are doing now is a good start. You have apologized for breaking our laws, you have released those you captured, you have come to help our sick, and you ask to be friends and say you want to learn. You have shown you are not aggressors. And if we do fail to respect you, that is when you fight back. I have overheard some of your group…Niner was it? His views will not earn him the friendship you seek." He looks then to Cassandra, "Very well. When you feel ready, let me know, and we shall see how good this science of yours is." He gives Spirit a strong ruffle and she rises, before he does.

Cassandra presses her lips together at the mention of Niner, but soon breaks into a smile when Roose makes his offer. Looking again towards Spirit, she hesitantly reaches out a hand from the rock, though she is too far to actually pet the strange, fluffy creature. "Will you bring Spirit?" she asks, borrowing the name. "Does she bite?"

Ah, Niner. "Niner only speaks for himself. Those of us who'll be going to the summit aren't as quick to anger." When the talk returns to the dog, so does his gaze. "Can we touch her?"

Spirit cocks her head in that manners dogs do when curious, as Cassandra reaches out for her, but she doesn't approach. "She does if she is hunting you, but I suspect that you are not for the cookpot this evening, so you should be fine." He chuckles and nods, "Yes, she will come. I rarely do not have her with me." Morgan receives an 'ah' of understanding, "He is not a sheep or a wolf, but a snake. He goes alone and bites at those who approach." The dusky-skinned man gestures to Spirit and nods, "You may. She is used to village life and the children. As long as you do not get rough, she won't be rough back."

Something that Roose says about Niner has Cassandra letting loose a sudden giggle. 'Snake', he called him? Why, she's been called that herself, by Morgan's boyfriend Cameron. She looks downright excited by the prospect of getting to know Spirit should she have the opportunity to talk shop with the hound's master later, and rises to her feet with an energised stretch. "Guess I better go get ready then, hey?" she enthuses with a grin. Cocking an eyebrow at the Grounder, she steps up and past him towards the village, though she leans down first to try and gently touch the animal's fluffy head. She doesn't know how to pat a dog, yet, so it's more than an airy-light prod than anything. "I'll pack some supplies. I'll find you in the village later, Roose kom Trikru. Bring your A-game on."

Morgan stands up and walks over to kneel next to the dog. Hesitantly, he reaches out to put his hand on the dog's back and when that doesn't get him bitten, starts feeling the fur. It's not so much petting as exploring. "Talk to you later, Cass. I'll be here a while I think if anyone's looking for me."

Cameron comes wandering into the apple orchard, all clean but dressed in his Ark clothing— the tank top, the jeans. He's not wearing his grounder-stolen armor this time, at least. His hands are tucked into his pockets, and he seems calm, at ease, even content.

Spirit weathers the hesitant pets from both individuals with good nature. She watches Cassandra pass, before looking to Morgan as the doctors 'pets' her. Roose whispers something in Trigadesleng to his companion in a soothing tone, before looking to Morgan with some confusion, "A-Game? What does that mean?" The Skaikru aren't the only ones learning bits of a new language.

Passing Cameron on her way out from the Orchard, Cassandra gives him a wide berth, but is grinning ear to ear. That can't be a good sign.

Morgan seems ready to stay where he is and keep touching the dog though he starts imitating how Roose petted and ruffled her. He's touched three different animals now (granted, one was dead). "She means you should be at your best."

Cameron eyes the dog, tilting his head to the side, and seeming profoundly skeptical of the creature, though with Morgan petting it… He wanders a bit closer, carefully, slowly. Beware the dog. "Al leek Cameron Scott kom Skaikru. Hi." is his greeting to Roose, a quick and easy smile as he nods.

Roose looks to Cameron at the introduction and sizes him up just as he did with Morgan and Cassandra, before smiling a nodding. "Not as good as your compatriots, Cameron Scott, but still good. Ai laik Roose kom Trikru. Well met, Cameron Scott." He gestures then to Spirit, who sits next to him, accepting the affection begin shown to her with grace. "As I told your friends, she does not bite. She lets the village children pet her, so you do not need to worry about her temperament."

Roose adds to Morgan, "I understand. She does not need to worry then."

Morgan looks up when he hears Cam's voice and smiles. "Cam. It's a dog. Come over here and touch her. Her name is spirit. Does she actually like this?" he asks Roose, not sure if he's doing it right. "We didn't have animals on the Ark."

Cameron's still slow with the coming over, and he crouches, and seems hesitant to actually -touch- the animal. He does nod in assent with Morgan, "First animal I ever saw was a deer. Well, do bugs count as animals? I don't know, I'm a botanist." That said, he flashes a grin to Roose, "Cameron, or even Cam is fine. Scott is my family name, the name of my parents? I haven't heard any of you use names of families before. Just given and clan." Verrry tentatively, he reaches out and touches the dogs hair. Verrrry lightly.

Spirit doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, she opens her mouth and pants a bit, her eyes half-lidded as the the two Skaikru provide her attention. At the question of how to properly pet a dog, Roose squats once more and begins to demonstrate with long firm strokes from the neck and down the back of the German Shepherd, Retriever, Mutt mix, "Like this. Much like how you would stroke a horse or perhaps a mate with affection." It is said matter-of-factly rather than to titillate. "The goal is to make a connection and soothe her." Cameron receives a look from Roose. "We are all family. Do you not consider yourself family to the rest of the Skaikru?"

Morgan follows Roose's example in how to pet the dog though at the mention of a mate, he grins broadly at Cam. "I'll have to remember to try that." he says before looking back to the dog. "I rode a horse to get here. It was interesting. I think I'd like to have animals around. They're nice. It's relaxing."

Cameron gives a grin at Morgan at mention of remembering to try the petting thing, then he tries one himself, still a bit tentative, but at least actually rubbing her this time. Absently he says, "The rest of skaikru? No, not at all. The skaikru are made up of many families. My family is my parents, and my 'cousin' Cookie and her parents. It would include the parents of my parents, but they were dead by the time I was young. The people of the Ark are my *people*, but not my family." He shakes his head slightly at mention of Morgan riding, "I _quite_ happily walked. I'm not afraid of horses as some people are, but … my feet work just fine."

Roose grins at Morgan's thoughts on animals. "Yes, that is another thing the Skaikru will be asking us for. Animals serve many useful purposes, but also provide friendship in a way." Cameron's words earns a thoughtful look from the Trikru man. "I guess we see the clan as greater than the family, at least compared to the Skaikru. While my father, mother, and siblings are important to me, the whole village is also important to me. We as a village and as a clan support each other, so that, if we lose our family, we still have family."

"There is no clan on the Ark." Morgan explains as he continues to pet the dog. "Just families. You see the Trikru as a clan, one of the twelve, and have something in common. On the Ark, there were no others. There was just us. We had no idea anyone was still alive down here. That'll probably change once they come down. We'll need to learn to be the Skaikru as you call us."

"Among the Skaikru, it is only parents and children, for none are permitted brothers and sisters. So our families are… smaller. And then sometimes we extend them because we *want* to— if two sets of parents are close, they may raise their children together as cousins, to join their families together, after a way. That's what Cookie and my family did." That said, Cameron purses his lips, "We view the … /citizens of the Ark/ a little like you see Clan— the survival of the whole is the most important thing. But not the same. There are divisions between skaikru that have nothing to do with families. People who have similar jobs tend to be closer. Those in the Agro Station— the place where we grow our food— are like a little community all unto themselves. So they're, in a way, kind of like an extended clan. If one loses parents, they're often adopted by these little communities— sub-clans." He nods slightly to Morgan, "We will have to adapt how our society organizes itself to the needs of the ground, instead of the needs of the sky."

Roose chuckles a bit, "I am not a cousin or brother to everyone int he village, Cameron…" He almost adds the Scott but catches himself. "That would make finding a partner rather difficult. What you described - the 'sub-clans' - those are what this village is like." He rises again from his squat and scratches behind his ear, "I should probably go. Cassandra seemed oddly eager to go in the woods with her 'A-Game' to show that her 'Science' was impressive." Spirit rises from her haunches and starts to walk towards the village ahead of her master. "It was good meeting you, Morgan and Cameron. I wish you luck."

Morgan stands up once Spirit moves away. "We'll be here till your people are well again so we'll probably see you again. Nice meeting you, Roose."

"It was nice meeting you." says Cameron quickly, and he backs away from the dog in a bit of a hurry when it starts /moving/, because a moving dog is way more alarming then one that's just sitting there.

Morgan watches the dog pad off then turns to look at Cam. Giving him a grin, he reaches out to stroke him from shoulder down. "I think that's how it's done."

Cameron blinks a moment, surprised, and then he laughs, leaning back into it as he imagined the dog might have been, or pretending it might have happened that way. "Not bad. Could use a little bit of practice, I think. Although I don't have all that hair to get through so my spine is more sensitive, so you can go lighter and probably do just as good." He grins wickedly, adding absently, "That one was nice. That grounder, I mean. Regular seeming. I mean, weird, they're all /weird/, but a little less weird."

"They're no more the same than we are." Morgan says and puts his arm around Cam, leading him back over to the bench to sit. "But yeah, he seemed okay. And the dog was nice. I wonder what it would be like to have one around all the time."

Cam is easily led, leaning into Morgan as they go, nodding his head, "I wonder what they are used for. It seems keeping animals just as /pets/ requires more investment of resources then is viable in the post-industrial society, at least that's my /guess/. I seem to remember dogs used to be used for hunting or guarding herds, when not just pets?" That said he nods, smiling slightly, "It'd take some getting used to. Maybe we could trade something for one."

"He said they hunt together. They must have people to train them to do that. Maybe dogs are easier to train than people." Morgan muses with an amused snort. There's a bunch back in the camp who need some general training badly. "It's nice here."

Cameron nods his head in agreement, "Good location, reasonably defensible but still, able to thrive. This orchard is beautiful." He sighs a little contentedly, "That means it would have to be quiet, wouldn't it? So be able to respond without verbal commands. At least, the way I hunt. I heard some in the camp talking about a loud hunt, maybe a barking dog is good for that."

Morgan shifts on the bench and pulls Cam a little closer. "I guess. You should ask them if you're interested. So what kind of design do you think would make a good tattoo? She said a lot of them mean something to the person getting them but I have no idea where to even begin thinking about it."

"Dawn." says Cameron immediately, without really even thinking of it, his eyes going half-lidded as he leans into Morgan's comfort, "A curve, the horizon." He gestures ahead of him, drawing in the air, at least in his imagination, "By the tree a man. And behind them the sun. Assuming they can do more colors then that blue-black they had. If they can only do monochrome, you can get the same effect, you just need to use a stylized art decor. Anyways." He nods, "Right here, right now, this moment in time, is the new dawn for us. A new day, a new way of life, a new dawn on earth for us."

"I don't know if they can do that degree of art. All I've seen so far are patterns and symbols." Morgan points out. "But the idea sounds nice. That's kinda the reason why I'm thinking about it actually. Everything from when we landed is all new. The Ark means nothing to me except as the place they killed my parents. What matter is this. Here, the planet."

"If I could borrow some of their ink and a leaf, I could draw out a stylized version that they should be able to do, as a pattern? If that wouldn't offend them. To try various options and decide which one you like best, then ask them to do." Cameron does nod more in agreement with what Morgan has to say, "The more I'm -here- the more I can see what you mean when you talk about the planet being what matters."

Morgan smiles and hugs Cam. "I'm glad. I do want to keep as much technology as possible. That only makes sense. It makes our lives easier but we can't rely on it lasting. And we can't forget all our knowledge; the medicine, the science, everything else. But it needs to be used to make this place our home now. The Ark is dead and gone." Or about to be and good riddance.

On that, Cameron nods in agreement, turning to brush a light kiss against Morgan's shoulder, "Man, what I wouldn't give for some basic lab equipment. Like, some test tubes and a microscope and a centrifuge. I could basically make drugs if I just had that. Okay, maybe not top tier pharmas, but it'd be enough to start isolating and concentrating compounds. Take what we learn from them as herb-lore and turn it into real medicine." He's wistful in his sighing, and there /is/ a little bit of looking-down-on-them about their herb-lore. But he's a botanist, what can he do? "The ark was a cocoon that just barely didn't strangle us to death, but now we're escaping it and its time to be a butterfly."

"And anaesthesia. And scalpels, dissolving sutures." Morgan agrees but then he shrugs. "Instead, we'll have to take what we know and what we really have and make it work. Make what we can, improvise the rest. Anyway. I wonder what Ginia would want to do that."

Cameron purses his lip, letting a hand reach over and rest on Morgan's thigh. Caressing through his pants there. Its not really him coming onto Morgan, its just, Cam's tactile. He likes to touch. "Some of that I'm sure the Ark will bring down— and maybe the means to make more. I don't know /how/ but I'd expect by now we would have ran out of sutures if we didn't have production. But, for now, we improvise." He then purses his lips, "Have you seen any evidence if they have an economy? I can't tell if they have some kind of internal barter system or if they are entirely communal. If the former, then even if they can do it themselves, it might be as simple as us killing a couple deer and trading it— food /always/ has value."

"They know how to make needles." Morgan reminds Cam. "Some of their clothing requires sewing. If they can make those, they can make surgical needles. Maybe not the best but ones that'll work. And really, even regular thread will work to sew someone up if everything is kept as clean as possible. They'll just have to be pulled out. Anaesthesia is the one thing we really need for anything major. And I think we won't get it."

Cameron purses his lips, and shakes his head, "I would be -shocked- if Medical didn't bring down the base plants for anesthesia. They're not that stupid. That sort of thing is all they think about." That said, he gives a squeeze to Morgan's thigh, and a smile up at him, "What about the economy? I haven't seen them specifically transact in any way yet."

Morgan shakes his head. "I haven't either. Maybe some things are communal and some they trade for. We should ask. It's easy enough and not something they have a reason to keep secret."

Okay, it's not as bad as it could be. A small group of Grounders apparently came down from Coesbur, bringing Devin back with them. They were met at the gate by Grey and Mimi, and eventually invited into the camp. Not long after, there was a rather explosive argument in front of the Cook Tent, involving the words 'nuclear' and 'missile' a couple of times. Even the Grounders seemed to understand those words — and said them a few times too. No blows were thrown, however, and the Grounders left camp, setting up a small cluster of tents just outside the Wall. Exactly what the argument was about is the stuff of many rumors, with probably only Grey, Mimi, and Max knowing the truth. Plus the Grounders, of course, if you count them.

"Probably right." agrees Cameron softly, "After all, if they do have any kind of trade economy, then they'd /want/ to trade. If not, we might introduce them to the concept. Everyone wants something." He pauses, and jumps back to a previous subject, "Would boiling the thread be enough to sterilize it? Plus, Frankie is working on a still, right? If we could save a certain amount of the alcohol for medicinal sterilization, that might be useful."

"I was planning on it." Morgan tells Cameron. "Why do you think I asked Frankie to come and bring her still. Fortunately, they have an antiseptic that seems to be effective. At least, none of the Grounders got infections from the needles we used. They've found new things to use that seem to work well."

"If you told me that, I've forgotten it from the baths." Cameron laughs softly, his dimples showing as he grins up at Morgan after, "But I have no idea what is involved in alcohol making, so I might just have filed it away as trivia. It only just occurred to me a second ago that alcohol is an antiseptic." he shrugs, "I'm not even slightly an informed enough to be called uninformed on the matter of medtech sciences."

"I don't know how to make it either. I'm glad Frankie does though. You ready to head back?" Morgan asks. "I want to see if we can find Ginia. I also want to ask someone about how they trade for things."

Cameron's sigh is one of mild regret, but he's soon enough pushing up and grabbing Morgan's hand as he does so, tugging him along. Fine, his body language says, he'll get up, but Morgan gets not a moment's extra relaxation. "I've never been all that into … intoxicants? But I would probably like to have a something, sometime. Maybe. I don't know, everyone seems to want it. Then again, Cookie and I found some mind-altering mushrooms. Whew, the testing to figure out which went to your head was…interesting." And he nods then in agreement, "Agreed on both counts. Find Genia, talk her into giving me some ink, and ask about economics."

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