Day 030: Don't Fear The Reaper
Summary: A Trikru scouting party goes to investigate the state of Coesbur. — Event
Date: 28 June 2016
Related: The Coesbur Evacuation
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Outside the Village of Tondc
Mostly in set.
30 Days After Landing

<FS3> Pontus rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Starling rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Hyatt rolls ALERTNESS: Good Success.
<FS3> Gideon rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Kiera rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Britt rolls Alertness-3: Success.
<FS3> Benning rolls Altertness: Failure.
<FS3> Que rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Tuan rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Benning rolls Alertness: Good Success.

The sun has sunk below the treeline, and the shadows stretch long along the road to Coesbur from Tondc. The ride has been quiet — almost serene — for those who have decided to check-in on the state of Coesbur. The summer has been a cool one this season, and there is a certain chill that comes in on the breeze. There is also a certain smell that tickles the nose: something is burning.

The trail of warriors and scouts — and those volunteering to check in on their domiciles — crest a small rise along the road, and catch sight of dancing swirls of smoke rising in the air from Coesbur. But that is not what the immediate threat appears to be, for as they take the next curve, there is the sounds of rabbling noise and what sounds like guttral arguing in an unintelligible language.

The sounds of the rabbling just around the curve have Hyatt pulling back on the reigns of the horse to stop. For those he's in the range of vision of, he holds up a single hand before dismounting as quietly as he can. Once he's off of the horse, he ties the beast to a nearby tree. He casts his shadowed gaze over the others he can see, perhaps readying himself. The plume of smoke from the village causes a light furrow of worry in his brow, but he remains entirely silent. The warrior's armor is of practically stitched leathers and metal shoulderpads. He carries no bow, but has his sword and knife sheathed behind his back with the hilts just over his right shoulder.

Benning stops her horse that's towards the back, sliding off silently as she then draws her bow and arrow. While at first she had no intention of going on the trip, the more she thought about her shop, the more she needed to go on the trip. It's a good thing because it appears that there's some sort of fire. But then they hear the voices…voices they don't understand. She's going to keep an arrow nocked but allow the warriors to go in front.

The smoke catches his eyes long before the sound, but it is the sound that truly brings up the hackles along Tuan's neck as he stops immediately as well. In the woods, a bit away from the rest of the group he almost breaks off to warn them until the motion of Hyatt does it. Looking around, he spots a nice tree for him to begin climbing up in order to gain a better view from a perch.

Keeping at the rear, Que stops his horse as well. He's not armed with any normal sort of weapon, but he does have light armor and his own style of war paint— and a pretty big sledgehammer, that he totally uses just for work. Its not a weapon. Honest.

Kai, on a horse. As 'first impressions' go, the Skaikru Second probably failed to impress anyone given that Rain kom Trikru, at ten years old, had to explain to the skaigirl just how one actually rides a horse. And no doubt the first few miles of her attempting to do so was an embarrassment. This far into the journey she's at least managed to get keeping it pointed in the right direction and speed reasonably under control with the grim determination of one who isn't going to let a damned animal stand between her and getting the job done, damnit.

So in some ways, when the sign is made to dismount, the Skaigirl is about ready to praise green Eden for the opportunity to finally get off the damned thing, even knowing that after doing so she's going to need at least a few minutes to not walk like someone gave her the worlds most epic wedgy. She has a sword, and a knife, and her armor, but no bow for her.

Kiera raises a hand to halt the group, she dismounts from her horse, nose twitching. The blonde scout moves to drape her reigns over a tree limb. No effort is made to secure the beast, just to present the idea of it. She draws a blade, a balanced knife, of a number. She steps to the side, taking cover, waiting to advance under cover.

Starling has been placed somewhere not in the way, and so the woman crafter is having a silent conversation with her horse about something of great importance, enough that it takes Benning unmounting to get her attention and a few blinks later, Starling is dropping down next to her friend, a confused question in her eyes as she starts to reach for her bow, the multi quivers at the ready. Those eyes then follow to the warriors and scouts and she movs as they do.. hopefully.

Britt had been pretty quiet during the trip. The injured archer's face is still bandaged, and why she's here and not back in Tondc resting is anyone's guess. She certainly offered no explanations. Coesbur isn't even her village, really. She had been relatively relaxed, but the smell of smoke tickling her nose has her sitting straighter up in the saddle. And then that sound… her blood goes cold. "Reapers," she hisses in warning, sliding off the horse and drawing her bow from its saddle scabbard.

Pontus slowed his horse and held out a hand just in case Kai's needed help knowing to stop, but let her do the work. Grey eyes squint on teh smoke from under the hood; his scarred face twisted into a scowl. Pontus was as he always was; loaded with knives and a spear across his back. Anything worth throwing was worth having on you. He'd have marvelled at hardware stores in the day, seriously. He followed Kiera's lead and hopped off his horse finding a less conspicuous place to tie it. A slow nod answered Britt. He'd heard them.

Gideon is at the back of the train with Que, guiding her white mare along at a sedate pace. When she glances up to spot the smoke rising from the not-too-far village, her jaw tightens and throats begin to work worriedly. But that is not the main concern when she hears both the rumblings and Britt's confirmation. She curses softly under her breath, and glances toward Que, and then to the others. "Reapers," she repeats. Her eyes flash toward Kai, offering the Skaigirl a soft, "I will not let you get captured." Because apparently that is the worse thing imaginable at this moment.

After the dismount, Hyatt lowers his center of gravity and prepares to move at a quick and stealthy pace towards the village. He doesn't zip off just yet, but he does edge himself along in that direction. His ears perk, trying to get an idea of where everyone else is at and how they're moving. There's a glance back to the others to perhaps catch what their intent is. This is their village after all. Hyatt is an outsider from Tondc just volunteering his assistance. As he edges along through the trees, he pulls the knife from over his shoulder. There is a pointed glance back to Gideon and Kai, though and he narrows his eyes just briefly. Perhaps catching a sound of the whisper, he's just curious about what's being said. His eyes then do return to the path ahead then.

Benning looks to Starling and mouths Reapers just as the others quietly advise the group. She has never had the misfortune of meeting a Reaper so this is very new to her. She glances about, keeping an alert eye to see if there's any in view. She does nothing to provoke any noise because she doesn't want to bring them to the party. She keeps her bow nocked, definitely ready to shoot at a moment's notice.

Kai is totally just crouching to wait instructions. Not because her thighs hurt from riding. She's listening to the others, content to stay where she is. Gideon's words bring a look her way with an accepting kind of nod. She squints in the direction of the village with mild curiousity. From her perspective it sounds weird and awful and though clinically understanding what a Reaper is the skaigirl has no real idea what to expect and thus defaults to waiting for instruction from the experienced around her.

Rinnan , not one to be out of fashion, is similiarly on her own horse, Horse, near Britt. The warbling rabble attracts a sideeye glance at Britt into her good eye and a slow exhale of breath. There's no need to say it again, seeing as Gideon and Britt had the dubious honor of labeling the problem. She does, however, pause briefly to quietly check the one-two-three count of the knives within closest reach on her person.

As the group slows, they are able to hear more of the rumblings and growls. If there is actual speaking happening, the words are unknown. There is an abrupt sound like a crack of bone, and then a wet gurgling noise. The Reapers sound to be just beyond the heavy trees, perhaps thirty or so feet ahead. Nothing can be seen yet save for vague movement through the thick underbrush of the forests surrounding the road.

Reapers? Que heaves his sledgehammer that's not at all a weapon up the moment that word is used, and his expression grows very grave and serious. He's alert, but quiet, and makes sure that he does not get in the way of any of the true warriors.

Pontus left the spear on his back for now and pulled a knife ready in each hand. He crept closer forward. Some might judge from the quilt of scars thickly inbeded over his face, neck, and torso that he may have a bad habit of doing this. It certainly didn't slow him down any. He glanced right and left to keep Britt and Kiera in peripheral vision. Good practice for anyone who fought at range: know where your friendlies were at all times so you don't hit them.

<FS3> Hyatt rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Hyatt rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Kiera rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> Kiera rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Pontus rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Pontus rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Britt hangs back, letting the scouts move forward to do their thing. She readies her bow but takes no action as of yet, just watching their right flank. Her horse is left to hang out on the periphery. Britt trusts it not to wander away from its friends.

Hyatt is quick to move suddenly, staying low to the ground and moving with relative ease and silence around the underbrush. Sticking to the trees, he moves in closer to get a better look at where the Reapers are located. He finds a vantage point behind some underbrush but with a clear line of sight to the village. Once he gets into position, he gives the sign for four of them to those within sight, assuming they'll pass it along. This is accompanied with a gesture that shows general positions in the village. Three are together, one is slightly apart.

Pontus was gone for a bit. When he eased back his hand flashed a few gestures to Hyatt and then back to Kiera confirming a count: 2 occupied, 1 not. His fingers flexed around his tools. He squint and seemed to make a gesture of <I'll hit high, bring them in. Flank?> He waited for conferance. Scouts remained alive long enough to continue employment by being patient.

Keira goes stealthy drifting through the brush, silent as a cat. Then as she closes, eyes squinting to give her an excellent scouting point. *POP-shack* Her foot steps on a dry twig holding a rabbit snare. She looks up, grin, or maybe wince, as she freezes in place. Knife at the ready to throw, she simply observes, waiting on the reaction.

Starling is silent and unmoving where she is, which is out of sight hopefully, there is simply a nods with a tiny frown at Benning's mouthed words, but her bow like the other craftwoman's is at the ready as they wait to see what/who is coming up around them.

Kai eases Wren's blade from the makeshift bandolier she has it in, as carefully and quietly as she can. It's not that the skaigirl is advancing, not in the slightest, but that it's far better to have the weapon in her hand than in its sheathe as she watches scouts ease up and gestures she doesn't know are exchanged, shifting her legs with a glance back towards Que and Starling, specifically. She's trying to test, as carefully and quietly as she can, just how much her poor abused legs are going to tolerate when she inevitably has to move. But for her this is an absorbant learning experience with a soundtrack whose potential source she doesn't particularly want to contemplate.

A nod is given to Pontus, but Hyatt scans for others within his field of view who might be looking in his direction. He makes a circle with his finger in the air and then points to the village, indicating to the others the plan for a flank attack. There is a nod then to Pontus before he begins slipping around the undergrowth. When he hears the snap coming from under Keira's feet, his attention snaps in her direction and he too pauses. Completely still, he brandishes his knife and just waits to see the reaction from the Reapers in the village.

Britt watches the scouts carefully. Seeing Pontus and Hyatt's gestures, she nods and points to herself then off to the right a bit. Intending to flank right to a better firing position. She glances to Rinnan to check her position before moving carefully through the brush.

Abruptly, things go quiet around where the Reapers are gathered. One looks up sharply, blood dripping off his chin and what looks to be the slippering rope of deer entrails hanging from his mouth. His head whips around, trying to figure out where the noise came from that distracted him from his meal. His nostrils flare.

Rinnan shrugs in a lopsided fashion, one shoulder popping up and then down before she crains her head in a 'ladies first' gesture. She's behind Britt moving quietly when the operatic tones of a branch cracking under someone's wait resound. Her hands are full of weapons so instead, Rinnan just cringes silently.

Keira remains perfectly still, watching the Reaper seek her from the sound, even her breath slows, nearly held. He is her target, or any of the trio that appears ready to sound the alarm.

Pontus held perfectly still, like Hyatt, eyes locked on the reapers at the unfortunate happenstance of nature. There was a lot of nature and it happened to the best of them. Having the agreement from Hyatt and the rest his eyes followed the standing one ready to let lose that knife. His hand went up looking back to the back of the line; ear still waiting for ANY sound changes indicating movement. The hand gesture was to the Archers: Prepare volly. That said he eyed the tall one. the dagger in his prime hand was put back and he pulled the spear out. A calm settled over him as he calculated distance and sought his moment to get their attention on the standing target. Clearly trying to take one down before the volley greeted the Reapers running into it. Reapers were dreadful but on the upshot their tactics were lacking.

Que's just holding still, keeping back behind the warriors, and being armed just in case. But he's not moving a muscle.

Benning is staying back with Que because she has no interest getting into battle unless she has to. She has her arrow still nocked and ready to fire if the Reapers suddenly notice their presence.

Britt crouches down behind a tree, arrow nocked and ready. She scans the village for targets, keeping alert to any that might be moving toward them.

Hyatt nods to Pontus quickly when he signals the volley, carefully slipping his knife back into place to favor his sword. The sudden silence from where the Reapers were ripping and chewing and gurgling amongst themselves causes alarm and he is eager to swap his weapons around for the occasion. This is going to get messy and bloody.

Kai's back with Que and Benning, roughly, mostly because the skaigirl's smart enough to realize that it's best to leave picking this battlefield in the hands of the more experienced. It doesn't mean she's not ready, as she eases quietly away from her horse, just that she's not inclined to rush in blindly.

Gideon is staying back a touch, sliding carefully into a place where she can see, but also where she stays nicely at-range. She draws out an arrow in a slow, smooth gesture that is also very, very quiet. She notches the arrow, drawing it back, and focusing on the standing Reaper.

Starling glances towards the two warrior archers and she nods towards Benning as she steps back into cover while still being able to see. She is as silent as possible, pulling and notching as she takes a deep breath and gets ready to fire with the others.

Having gotten himself up a bit in the trees; spending far to much time with Thesda in such a mindset, Tuan is watching from her perch as things begin to proceed. His eyes cast about on both sides of the coin, both towards his own people and towards the Reapers, hoping that they will not advance on them, but preparing for the worst if they do.

It was game on. Without a sound Pontus steadied the spear and let it fly trusting the arrows were going to go over the front line and not through it. Whatever was to be was happening.

<COMBAT> Benning attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Starling attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Pontus attacks Reaper12 with Thrown Spear - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kiera attacks Reaper11 with Thrown Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Reaper10 with Bow - Light wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Gideon attacks Reaper10 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Pontus let the spear fly from his hand and expertly hit its target. Well. Hit is one thing, punctured through was entirely another thing. He made a mental note: Retrieve that armour when this was said and done. From the look of it Kiera's mark was dead on and hit the same impass too. Their goal was achieved though. They DID have the Reaper's attention. Spear in the field he went for the blade on his hip and readied a knife to meet the abominations head on. He let them charge though. Running into the enemy was usually folly when you have archers in trees and good cover.

As soon as he hears the twang of bowstrings, he axe-hand chops the air in the direction of the village signaling full-on assault. With his sword in hand, Hyatt jumps from the brush and starts charging towards whatever Reaper is closest. The tall figure of the man is still low to the ground as he starts to move in as quickly as he can to engage with his blade. They aren't going to get another volley off, likely, without the group of them spreading out a bit too far apart. There is no screaming from him, but just a cold, grim look in his intense eyes as he prepares to kill the first figure he sees rushing from the village towards any of the archers.

The Reapers go mad the moment the first arrow is fired. The one who is standing takes two arrows, throwing him back several steps. He releases a loud, animalistic roar before he starts to charge forward, taking out his rough axe. The other two reapers are dragging up to their feet, one taking an arrow to chest as he does. They are advancing, leaving the dead deer behind for something more, well, fresh.

Kiera locks eyes with the gory beast of a Reaper, the first flinch from the once man has her pitching her blade. It zips through the air, the tip striking just above the heart. Unfortunately, that center-mass point is also where his breast plate is meant to protect. The blade deflects off with nothing but best intentions that failed. "<In Trigedasleng> Crap." She whispers, hand reaching for her sword and she ready to charge.

Benning had struck true on the Reaper that her and Starling had targeted on the first attack. She takes a few steps back as she shoots, wanting to keep distance as much as possible as the Reapers charge towards them. For Kai's benefit she offers, "Do not offer mercy or hestitate. They will not hestiate in taking you."

Britt has faced Reapers before, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling when they turn those snarling faces on the Grounders. Her throat bobs visibly, but she calmly draws back another arrow when the first one didn't do the trick.

Starling stays at a distance, and carefully aims her bow as she let's an arrow loose, the soft sound like a whisper on the wind as first Benning's arrow and then her own hits. She steps with Benning as if they have been doing this together for years and readies the next. Aim, pull, release..

Kai doesn't know gestures, but she does know when blades come free that it's time to kill. Perhaps it's Benning's words, or something else, but the skaigirl doesn't appear to be set for mercy given the way she shifts into motion, electing to fall in roughly behind Hyatt with the intention of flanking his target.

Gideon releases her arrow with that soft twang and whoosh. It lands heavily into the Reaper's chest, sending it back several paces. She is already reaching for another arrow, this time taking more careful aim so she doesn't risk shooting her own friends. Her jaw is set as she narrows her eyes down the arrow shaft.

Rinnan lets out a sigh, plucking with a contented eagerness in the darkness. Her weapon drawn, she rolls her neck once— the air popping out of joins like a small scale of cracking notes and then she grins with a raving absurdity, as she takes two casual steps forward on the eve of a burst forward to come.

Que is only a maker, and a maker has no business being in war; but when faced with the embodiment of evil, a man does what it is he has to do. And what is that? It is to introduce your sledgehammer into the cannibals head if it comes anywhere near him, that's what.

Tuan waits in the trees, still lurking as the advancing of the two forces are coming together. Patience is needed, as well as keeping eyes on the surrounding trees to make sure no reinforcements come in from the Reapers.
Thesda has arrived.

<COMBAT> Pontus attacks Reaper12 with Thrown Knife - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benning attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper12 attacks Kai with Sword - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Reaper10 with Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hyatt attacks Reaper10 with Sword - Critical wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Reaper10 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Starling attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Rinnan attacks Reaper12 with Sword - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper11 attacks Rinnan with Club - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Reaper10 attacks Hyatt with Axe - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Que attacks Reaper12 with Club - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kiera attacks Reaper11 with Sword - Critical wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gideon attacks Reaper10 with Bow - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper10 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Reaper12 has been KO'd!

Benning pulls another arrow and shoots again, this time wounding it in the chest. She is landing solid shots but the Reapers seems to keep coming. She looks to Sterling with worry, taking another few steps back as she readies her next action. These Reapers are very different than the deer she usually hunts.

With the pressing in of the Reapers, Tuan moves from one of the branches of the trees he is on to the next tree, skirting over the top of them. The intent is clear, to slip behind the Reapers should the need be there; however as the battle rages that looks less and less likely to be a necessity.

Eyes of blue what the Reaper with what can only be called calm horror, she can't see the features to give a name to who the one she fires on, used to be, but it's bad enough that she takes a deep breath and let's loose her next arrow. A step back with Benning, the pair keeping shoulder to shoulder as they let one arrow after another hit a target that is not going down. A flicker of Starling's eyes to Benning and tries to give strength without words.

Pontus pulled the longer blade from his hip and started skirting around. He checked, 2 down. 1 circled. Good. He moved to put himself between the crafters (BenningStarling) and started checking for others that they didn't see that might have heard the scrimmage.

Hyatt glances sidelong to Kai as she rushes the same target as him and changes tactics. He goes left, drawing the Reaper's attention towards him so that Wren's Second doesn't wind up injured. Yeah, about that. Instead of striking for anything vital, he flips his sword around and rushes almost past the Reaper he's got his focus on. With a calculated strike, he jabs the point of the sword into the back of the Reaper's knee, twists, and then rips tendons and flesh away with an almost remarkable, brutal grace. In response, the Grounder's axe slashes against his chest and opens his armor in a gash there. Not a sound is made, but he winces. It just seems to piss him off. After Gideon's arrow fells the Reaper, he looks to the injured Kai and then moves past her to engage the one attacking her. There is a nod though to the Reaper on the ground. "No mercy," he tells her, indicating with his head that she should immediately kill the Reaper at her feet.

Britt hisses sharply when she sees Rinnan take a hit, but doesn't call out or do anything that might distract her from the fight. Her arrow helps to bring down one of the Reapers. She readies another arrow but doesn't fire into the general melee. On a better day perhaps, but the archer doesn't quite trust herself with only one good eye. Instead she looks to see if there are any other targets.

Que swings! And that huge sledgehammer of his hits the Reaper in the chest, and the reaper's armor? It is completely and utterly unimpressed by the sledgehammer. The armor is like, yo? Back off.

Kiera moves in with several others on her target, the sword whirling through the air as she slides past. The blade cuts deep into the Reaper's thigh and she draws up behind him to strike again as the other Reapers in sight go down. The dark metal blade readies to sweep in again.

It's a riot response drill adapted, really, granted, Hyatt's not holding a shield, these aren't Arkers, but the skaigirl's got no problems letting the older man pick the target and start the attack, coming out of his leeside as his attack goes low in order to jam her loaned blade into the first opening she finds in the guys armor. It means she's not as cognizant as she should have been that his little Reaper buddy is off on her right side until his sword manages to find flesh. It hurts, sure enough, and more than a little. It hurts, and it's shocking, and for a second there she'd particularly just like to indulge in rolling around on the ground clutching at it. But Hyatt's look and those words erase that thought as she pulls back the blade, kicking at her attacker's body as she heads over to the one left alive because no mercy. Indeed.

Rinnan breaks into a full run, running down the Reaper she choses with dubious distinction. No board in her left off hand, her fingers gather into a light fist that takes up a strangely pugelist stance. Her body feints the follow through of her attacking blade; the involuntary jerking flinch of her opponent the window to push his blade arm and plunge her own weapon into the meat of his belly. She cracks a grin at him, a dead-eyed rictus full of black eyed cheek as the sword plunges in. The cracking thump of the club delivered from the one behind her to the broad edge of her ribs doesn't take on the full ferocity of pain, yet. The air forced out of her lungs by the rib cracking blow is less pleasantly experienced.

Two Reapers hit the ground in a flail of limbs, arrows, and slashes. The other may have gone crazy in recent years, but he appears to be quite smart when overwhelmed. He starts to turn, running in that overburdened loping in the direction of the village.

<COMBAT> Starling attacks Reaper11 with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Benning attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper11 passes.
<COMBAT> Pontus attacks Reaper11 with Thrown Knife - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kiera attacks Reaper11 with Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gideon attacks Reaper11 with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Tuan passes.
<COMBAT> Thesda passes.
<COMBAT> Rinnan attacks Reaper11 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Hyatt attacks Reaper11 with Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Britt passes.
<COMBAT> Wren passes.
<COMBAT> Que attacks Reaper11 with Club - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Reaper11 with Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper11 has been KO'd!

Benning loses her arrow almost at the same time as Starling and managed to hit the creature solidly in his back as he lopes away. She then watches as the rest of her group joins in and easily dispatches the creature. She does frown at the idea that the creature didn't attack her mindlessly, "Do you think it was running to others?"

It's a old fashioned dog pile. Rinnan turns with an aimed slash to neck of the one with the club that just rebroke the ribs she never seems to go long without their state being fragmentary. The arrows loose and the other Grounders descend as she similiarly does so, the whistle of arrows in the air a moment before they're planted into retreating flesh.

Another Reaper down in a flurry of blades and arrows. The last of them, so he thinks. Hyatt is fast and manages to get ahead of the Reaper as arrows, thrown knives, and blades slow him. The sword is kept flipped around and as he gets neck-and-neck with the target, he draws his arm back and then slams the tip of his sword into the chest of the Reaper. With the other attacks, the figure falls and he draws his sword from his chest. As soon as they seem to have been eliminated, he narrows his eyes and keeps his ears keen for anything else that might be approaching.

Starling looses the next arrow, again staying with Benning and her pattern of releasing together, but her own shoot goes wide, this could be because the Reaper tumbles with the attacks all around. But she frowns nevertheless is there and she shakes her head in answer to Benning, offering a silent shrug but her eyes follow the path of the smoke from the village as if trying to decide just where it is coming from.

Pontus was keeping the mid-field guarded. There were pleanty in combat and Pontus was still concerned about others hearing the rucass and coming. He let that second dagger fly landing with a satisfying squik in teh Reaper's side. If he was satisfied his face didn't show it. Slate grey eyes looked back to benning and Starling assessing. Satisfied there was a dip of a nod and the silent scout went to retrieve both knives and his spear. That was quick and efficient teh way he preferred. Checking the edge of his weapons for srtuctural integrity he sheathed finding Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> You find anything up that side?" The words were quiet, but worth asking.

Wren has been around. It may not seem like it, but he likely did come with the major group, probably broke to check in with a few of the other Trikru checking another section of the perimeter around the village, and he comes trudging through the woods, big ol axe in his hand. "<In Trigedasleng> Heard combat back over here. Everyone…oh. Never mind." The big man comes up short seeing the Reaper bodies. "<In Trigedasleng> Suppose that answers that particular question." He shakes his head back at Pontus. "<In Trigedasleng> I didn't get very before I heard combat back here. Came back."

At least this time Que's sledgehammer has an effect, though considering everyone turned the Reaper into a pin cushion, it probably didn't matter. Que seems cross. "<In Trigedasleng> Now I have to put this sledgehammer away, and find a new one for work. By the ashes of my father, if those monsters so much as touched my workshop—"

What's red and dead and diced like a tomato in a juicer commercial, that Reaper is, that's what. Kiera slashes into it as the beast as much of the advancing party does. Then the blonde glances around, recovering her throwing knife. a glance to the village before she moves closer to Hyatt and Pontus.

Arrows, and swords, and Kai's not about to let him go either, for all that her sword doesn't do much to add to the general carnage. But with him down she switches hands at least temporarily so she can flex the fingers of her injured arm and flick what blood she can from it, wiping it off on her pants with a grimace. The padded archery gloves are probably hiding at least some of how bad it is, and really, she just doesn't want to look. It hurts. And that's all that matters, and it's pretty clear that right now it's very much a 'suck it up, buttercup' situation. She turns to look at Wren's return, switching her sword back to her dominant hand and holding it low so as not to draw attention to it.

While the others run down the last Reaper here, Britt's keen eye scans the village below from her new vantage point. "Fuck me," she mumbles under her breath, then calls to the others. Not a shout, but loud enough for those down in front to hear. "Hold. There are more below in the village. Twenty… maybe thirty… too damn many for us to take."

Pontus aught up Wren's report back meeting it with a nodd. The one knife was fine, the other he had to wipe off on the side of his pants to get the blood off to avoid corossion or gumming up the inside of the sheath. Plus it can make it offbalanced which was a good thing to know about one's tools. The spear seemed solid so that went over his shoulder again. The meat-quilt took inventory further: team fine. Horses safe and present. Left for the next issue. Getting those skunks out of his house. The words to Britt were quiet and clipped, though for her but not at her, <t>Not if we can break up the herd. Piece it out. Could be an option."

At Britt's words, Hyatt nods his head and then makes the sign to start falling back. Twenty to thirty of them is too much for this band. Looking over his shoulder to the others then, he starts to slink back away from the carnage that had just unfolded. Shifting his eyes to Kai then, he makes sure that she's following the retreat order. "Good." The word is spoken curtly and quietly, but he signals for her particularly to go on ahead of him back towards Wren. He himself skulks back away from the village as quietly as he can manage once everyone is in his field of view.

Rinnan looks over at Britt, contemplatively for a moment. The prospect of raiding an entire village full of Reapers pricking at all the wrong parts of appealing. She reaches up scrubbing some of the blood from one of the two dead reapers away from the bridge of her nose. "<In Trigedasleng> There are no more sky children in their wall camp? If we are overrun there is no one coming to help us," she prospects the group before reiterating the question in English to Kai. "This is true, there is no one there at your old camp anymore?"

Britt shakes her head to Pontus. She speaks quietly back to him (and to everyone else really), in Gonsaleng for Kai's benefit. "We are not a war band. We have a few warriors, but also a pair of Seconds, an archer with one good eye, and a couple of makers. Oxfor sent us to find out the state of the village. We've found out. We should return to Tondc and get more warriors." There are still some from Indra's warband hanging about, after all, to say nothing of the Tondc and Coesbur fighters.

Gideon lowers her bow when the final Reaper falls, but then Britt is sharing what she sees in the village. She frowns thoughtfully, looking over toward those who are also from the village, and then back at Britt. The gesture to fall back has the archer setting her jaw. She does not seem to want to relent, almost daring a step forward instead of a step back. "<In Trigedasleng> But, that's our home," she protests. She grunts slightly, and begins to fall back a step despite her protests.

Benning agrees with Britt's opinion. She came to find the state of her shop but now that there are Reapers present, she is not willing to take further risks. They were lucky enough to only encounter three instead of a bigger group, "<In Trigedasleng> A home that will still be there when the warband comes back." Yes the fire doesn't bode well but it's not worth risking her sister and friends.

Meeting back up with the group, the first thing that Wren does is look for Starling, making sure she's alright. Okay good, she is. Next, he looks for Kai, eyeing her over. There's a small nod in approval for the Second before then listening to try and catch himself up on things. "That many more?" a frown creases his features. "Do we know if there was anyone else left in the village? Anyone who tried to back for something?" There's a bit of displeasure in a snort. "<In Trigedasleng> I don't like it either, Gid. I could say if it was fifteen of them, we might be able to handle that. Not twenty or thirty. But I don't like that fire. I dislike the idea of them burning our home down."

Hyatt gives the closest look to sympathy he's able to towards Gideon. It's mostly a hard stare and then a look away from the younger scout. "<In Trigedasleng> I will help. Not now." He speaks quietly while heading in the direction of the others including Wren.

Starling nods towards Wren when he looks her over, but that tiny frown is still to her lips, she looks at the other two Makers and shakes her head, clearly just as worried for there shops as they are. But she has to ask softly, "<In Trigedasleng> Do they normally travel in such huge packs?"" Something about it sets her very ill at ease. Maybe the thought of truly seeing one of them up close.

Kai's eyes slide to Rinnan before she shakes her head,"The walls are still standing, or were when we were there a few days ago, there might still be some mine's left?" she grunts contemplatively, attention flicking to Brit as she speaks,"The camp is not in a good defensible position in general, but if a bunch of kids could hold it, you guys could take that lot from that position easily as long as they can be lured." is her opinion about it.

Pontus didn't like using words, expecially tracking but they were in use. His steel grey eyes watched Britt. She spoke. He listened, practiced as he was, her council was respected. "<In Trigedasleng> Our things not worth people." It pained him. Enough that the expression scratched the surface. It was a personal assault on their heritage and their cultural identity that pained him as much as any of the others. Britt wasn't wrong. Quiet footfall carried him baskwards, not giving his back toteh action. "<In Trigedasleng> It's a fair point, Britt." It was Starling's question that caused his head to tilt and he tried hard to remember IF he recalled historical not (personal or otherwise) where Reapers traveled in such a large back. "<In Trigedasleng> That… is a very good question."

Que is silent; talk of this many reapers has him just frowning. This is a matter for the warriors to decide.

As he approaches Wren, there is a nod towards Kai though his eyes are pointedly on the man training the Second. It's essentially 'well done' in Hyatt-speak which consists mostly of hard looks and grunts. There is a look around back towards the village then and another hard look. Regrouping is needed right at the moment, apparently as he awaits the next agenda for this trip.

"If anyone went back, they're surely dead," Britt comments to Wren. She slants a look to Gideon, then Wren in turn. "It is not worth throwing your lives away for empty buildings." It's not her home, so it's easy for her to say. "We will come back in greater numbers and then retake Coesbur." She shakes her head to Starling. "Never that I've seen."

Benning is keeping her consul, not wanting to sway anyone either way. But she does not seem keen on the surface about attacking them now. She looks to Starling with a caring eye, "<In Trigedasleng> No…from the stories I've heard as a child…I don't believe they travel in such large numbers." It is worrisome.

Starling bites her lower lip and turns her eyes back down the road to the village, she tilts her head to the side, but she nods towards everyone who answers her question and then takes a deep breath. "<In Trigedasleng> As much as I do not want to leave our home like this, if this is truly rare, then maybe that is something that need to be thought on. Why so many within our home? And why them now?" The Maker just is confused on something points but she let's the warriors decide what they are going to do. THose worried eyes flicker to Benning, Wren and then Po, as if they might have answers that she does. But then she is looking down the road again.

"There is no one nearby to come to our aide then," Rinnan determines with a shrug that's like a foregone conclusion from Kai's information. Her eyes slide up to Kai, before sidling up to one of the corpses. She drops into a low, pained squat for the damage to her ribs and lets out equally pained grunt as she roughly starts going through the pockets of the corpse. "Attracting the further attention of the Mountain is not our desire," she adds, her nose wrinkling and her tone sour from the collective smells of death and decay clinging to the Reaver that have accumulated long before his death.

Pontus had every instinct to stalk down there and take them out one by one in their sleep… but there was no proof that they slept or were even human. It brought Pontus to his next task while there were enough on watch. he went back to the bodies of the fallen Reapers and knelt down beside them to examine them. Their faces. Anything discernable about their markings or clothes.

"I designed most of the non-explosive traps at the camp. I don't know how many survived.. but that lot are a smaller group than Sonia's warband, and as I understand it.. less tactically inclined. We have multiple archers and whatever didn't get destroyed in the fight." there's a grunt for Rinnan's words,"There's also no rifles left there and without one, the remaining mine's aren't exactly an option short of set the fuckers on fire and hope they go off." which is possibly not the most popular thing to utter in a group of warriors that a matter of days ago were trying to destroy that same place, but she looks to Wren as she continues,"Tactically it's doable. But you guys know what these.. things.. are like better than I do." her arm hurts still and she has to switch off the sword again in order to make sure she's still got mobility and clear blood from her palm as surrepticiously as possible.

Wren nods back at Hyatt, perhaps a 'thanks' in kind. "<In Trigedasleng> That still doesn't explain why they're in such large numbers. I don't like the idea of the Reapers putting something together like that. That may deserve investigation in of itself. I haven't heard of such a thing either. They barely worked together as it is." He does confirm Kai's information. "Not a bad idea, Kai, but yes, we're not looking to draw them out even further and your former camp is still some time away. If we could find a way to break them up, divide their attention to groups small enough to handle…"

Gideon relents, stepping back another step. She nods to the others, and she casts one last glance at the village. "<In Trigedasleng> Then we should head back," she says in a low voice. "Britt is right… we've completed our mission." Even if there is something entirely dissatisfying about it. She turns her gaze back toward Benning, and then to Wren and Kai. The archer lapses into thoughtful silence.

Britt has said her peace, and doesn't belabor the issue. She lets the others talk amongst themselves, while she keeps a watchful eye on the village to make sure that none of the Reapers decide to come up this way while everyone's jawing.

"<In Trigedasleng> Wren…the other guest you had…Silver, I believe you called her. Would she want to examine one of these men to see what is wrong?" Benning asks, wondering if the Reaper's body might be of value to Wren's friend. Perhaps they should take one of them along. "Maybe she will see things that others have not." Things their healers were not able to determine.

Pontus spent a considerable amount of time examining the fallen. Less odd than one might thing if they've hunted with him before. He liked to know why. He liked to know who the enemy was. Moreso he liked knowing if the enemy was discernable as a once-companion lost and put to rest. There was no reaction but stillness from him. If there was recognition of anything it wasn't shown or shared at this time, or wasn't relevant to their present situation. He caught Gideon's words and nodded in agreement. Hollow victory, but they won in numbers. Good scouts were patient.

Kai grunts quietly,"Look, everyone's got to sleep or eat sometime. I doubt that even that lot goes off in a huge pack. It's not that difficult to set up an ambush point, we have enough people who can dig and watch at the same time to set up a deadfall. When their hunting party goes out we lure them into the ambush point and those that don't manage to kill themselves in the pit can be picked off by archers. It's not /that/ far to skaigeda from here, we can source to see if any of their cannisters might have failed to go off, if so that solves your problem right there to a certain degree. They will eventually come looking for this lot, and we don't want to be here when that happens unless we want them to pick the battlefield, yeh?"

"<In Trigedasleng> I figure she would if she thinks she might be able to help. I don't know what she would be able to find out that we don't already know, but her training as a healer is different from our own. She may know something we don't." Wren glances over at Benning and simply shrugs. He doesn't claim to know what Silver knows about the human body. Still, he's not happy that they're leaving. All of the things he wasn't able to take with him when the village was initially evacuated. "I don't like falling back…but, we did what we were called to do." Bitter, bitter words from the big man. But finally, he looks to Kai, shaking his head. "The decision has been made, Kai. We stand by it." There's a particular finality about it.

Quietly, Hyatt listens to the others, ticking his gaze from one to the other. Finally, his eyes settle on Gideon and he gives her a nod of his head. "<In Trigedasleng> I am sorry." Kai's words earn a look from him as well and he considers the girl for a moment. "Yes. When we have more warriors." Apparently even the veteran warrior doesn't seem terribly keen on facing off against a whole company of Reapers with just the few that they have. He also gives a nod of his head to Rinnan and her words about there being no aide nearby. That nod is echoed for Wren and Kai.

Starling stays silent, she can really do that, those eyes flickering from face to face as they speak, and she steps over towards Wren, as if that area would give her a better view. A flicker of her lashes and then her eyes narrow on the path. She clearly has said her piece on all this.

Kai dips her head in acknowledgment to Wren and gives a shrug of her shoulder. Wiping off her blade on her pants before she slides it away again in silent acknowledgment. A wry smile quirks her lips as the Second turns back towards the horses, accepting the decision but not inclined to linger where they are any longer in light of it.

"To see what?" Britt breaks her silence to chime in incredulously to the talk of examining the Reaper. "They're Reapers. Monsters." Her voice is taut there. "I wish no part of lugging one of those things back with us." She continues to watch the village. "If we're going to go, we should go. We are at risk here."

Rinnan concludes her search of the corpse, coming up nothing but the usual weapons and armor of the pre-Reaper Grounder. She stands up painfully, letting out another grunt of discomfort before wiping its blood on to her pants. "<In Trigedasleng> I am not sure its a good idea to have a member of Sky clan handle a body in this way. In a way that we know about, yes? There are many Tondc who are upset with Thripoda and these 'mine-sa'. They were Grounders before they were taken and they will read good intentions into it." Rinnan's eyes were mainly focused on Wren but now skip up to Kai before she looks over at Britt. "She is right, we are exposed," Rinnan concedes, as she steps over the corpse. Prepared to go, this one.

With the decision seemingly made to go, Que goes quietly towards his horse, though he keeps his sledgehammer armed and ready. "There is being nothing to know about Reapers except they are being Reapers, death indiscriminate, death for the reason being of you living." is his only opinion.

Gideon nods gently at Hyatt's apology, but then chuffs a soft breath when Britt gives the order. She's got lots of seniority on Gideon, so she easily turns back to her horse with the others. "Leave the body. We do not need to drag a stinking carcass back to Tondc with us." She looks at the three dead, and her lips thin. "Their fight was over a long time ago, their bodies are now dead." Speaking of course at the idea that these three had once been Trikru, but no longer.

Pontus perched quietly over the fallen bodies lost in the thought of them. He was silent. Plans turned to quarreling over minutiae. He made his own choice and it wouldn't be a comfortable one. He decided on the smallest of the three Reapers and hefted them up into a fireman's carry. Were there blood on his armour he really didn't care. Silver might know something they didn't. They didn't want to carry it back then he'd just do it so they could go home. Having to leave their village burn boiled his ire, but there was a job to do. Normally quiet footfalls weighed heavy as he hiked back encumbered.

Pontus says, "<In Trigedasleng> Stinking or not it may have answers. We drop it outside came and bring the healer there.""

Wren just shrugs. "Then let's go. I'm tired of talking." That's said, he stalking back to his horse, expecting Kai to follow. "<In Trigedasleng> Drop it, Pontus. An issue for another time." is said over his shoulder, but he doesn't stop moving.

Benning doesn't argue. It was a suggestion but clearly most were not keen on the idea. It is something to think on later when emotions are less strained over leaving their home behind. She nods respectfully to the others and keeps her consul. Falling back to her horse so she can mount and they can get out of there.

Britt starts to withdraw slowly, but keeps watching their backs with her bow until the others have gotten back to their horses. She doesn't comment when Pontus picks up the body, though she doesn't look pleased about it. Britt may be senior but she knows she isn't in charge here - this is Coesbur's mission.

Kai's pace picks up when Wren passes her, for all that she's not super eager to climb back on her current least favorite thing in the world. She takes the opportunity to actually briefly examine her arm but decides after a testing shift of the damaged padding that really, it's probably best she leaves it as it is until she can get to Silver. At least the most mild nag in the stable was the one selected for her, but still gets squinted at like the thing is quite possibly the bane of her existence, the embarrassment that she's going to have to conquer fastest to keep up.

Once he reaches the horses, Hyatt unties his horse from the tree and mounts up once again. Horseback isn't his preferred method of travel, but he keeps up with the pack better. Living to fight another day is probably the best way to go here and he seems content that everyone seems to be in agreement on this. A full war party will be needed to clear out the rest. Another glance back is given to the others as he prepares to manuever the horse back off along the road back to Tondc.

Pontus sighed and dropped to a knee and set the body down rather than unceremoniously dup it in the middle of the road. It'd be noisy and inconvenient for later travel. Truth was he'd rather charge down there and give the Reapers hellfor burning their houme. He glanced back seeing the smoke gather. His jaw set and he turned as he was bade to recovering his horse. He wasn't one to go against an order and thus mounted up and fell back in. He waited for the archers and crafters that came with them to fall to the middle before following.

The problem with some cracked ribs? The literal ride home. It's an uncomfotable, cold sweat-ish struggle to get up in the saddle. One that Horse refuses to play along with, dithering and jostling and before he stamps in protest. The pin back of his ears entirely telling. Keep trying and I'll dump you, jackwagon.

Summarily, Rinnan gives up. Resentfully taking the lead ropes in hand and glaring at Horse as they head out.

Britt sees Rinn's struggle with the horse. "Here, Rinn," she says, offering a hand up. Apparently offering Arlin's usual 'seat' on the horse.

Kai remembered the whole hold onto the reins, stick foot in, swing up onto saddle part. Of course, it still takes her a few moments to actually find her other stirrup and try to work out just how to hold the rein to try this whole 'turning around' thing left-handed so she can work on the whole nudging it into motion without letting it decide to try and take off.. again, noting to herself silently that she is totally going to need to practice this. A lot.

Rinnan executes a slightly sluggish swing up into Britt's saddle with the help of her hand. One hand keeps the reins of her own horse in hand, as Rinnan cuddles up to Britt. Trikru style, which is to say: without nary an ounce of nuture. Tandem riding is all wire mother in this lot.

Britt snags Earbiscuit's reins and leads the horse along with them as they start the trek back. She's quiet, her bearing tense. Coesbur may not be her home, but seeing the place overrun by Reapers still sucks. She offers idly to Kai. "Your plan was not a bad one. Now is just not the time for it."

"And we may still use it, Kai." Wren adds when Rinnan mentions the Second's plan. "But when we have a more solid idea of what we're dealing. And we have more warriors to combat the issue." Give credit where it's due, and the big man did seem intriguied. At least in the humorous irony of using the same walls that were being attacks so many days ago. "You hurt?" he finally asks, as if he was waiting for the right moment to offer that.

Benning rides in quiet reflection, not speaking to her sister, Starling or any of the others. She is thinking of her shop and her hopes for it's survival but also mentally planning how she will rebuild if it falls to the Reapers fire. And the Reapers, there is more there. Benning is sure of it but she will let the others search for the answers. She is not an advanturer. She is a home stone. It was foolish of her to come out here.

Pontus followed quietly. The meat-quilt's head was kept on a swivel keeping his own council. After an hour they were far enough away that the nature of any threats was apt to be changed. His watchful eye adjusted likewise. He eyed Kai for a moment. A LONG moment. It ended in a nod. Well. It was a start. She handled herself well. She listened and took orders. She didn't die. He was satisfied, and that was as much approval she was going to get out of him. He continued to listen to Wren's thoughts from teh back of the pack as they traveled.

Kai's attention shifts to Britt with a shrug of her shoulders,"It's.. it occured to me that of course.. we have reinforcements. And resources." she has no qualms about explaining,"The camp didn't. It was you use what you have to make it work and you do it quickly before.. well, their reinforcements arrived." it does make a broader, wry smirk twist her lips,"So my first.. instinct.. was what do I have to hand?" her gaze shifts to Wren before she gives an acknowledging dip of her head,"I was trying to make sure I didn't trip that guy up or catch an arrow that I missed the other guy." 'that guy' meaning Hyatt, to judge from the chin in his direction.

Hyatt gives a nod to Kai in agreement with Britt's words. And Wren's. It is a good plan, but having a larger force will ensure greater survival rate. The warrior from Tondc rides along wordlessly, seeming to reflect for the moment. Perhaps he's forming his own strategies. Whatever the case, he does seem intent on keeping to himself. Over his warpaint, there is still blood spattered on his face. His armor isn't immune from this effect either. The older warrior maneuvers his horse a bit closer to Wren and Kai. A nod is given then to Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> Good awareness. Don't need to tell her a lot. Reacts well." There's an approving nod from the mostly quiet man before he pulls his horse back away a bit.

Britt nods to Kai's assessment. "My first instinct is to kill all the monsters," she says flatly. "Instinct must be tempered with sense." She falls quiet then, a light frown lingering on her face.

"I think that's everyone's instinct, Britt. But our deaths would be meaningless if we die for nothing. The call to fall back was the right one, regardless of the fact that none of us wanted to." Wren notes simply. "We will come back, with a larger force and purge our home of those things." Going back to Kai, he raises a brow. "….and? That hasn't answered if you were injured or not. If you were, we'll get it taken care of. But," he pauses. "Good job." There you go, approval from her trainer. And finally, blue eyes slid over to Hyatt. "<In Trigedasleng> She is a durable blade, but blunt. She just needs to be honed to a fine edge. As I've said, the potential is there."

Kai can't keep up with the Trig, not at all, god she wants to, it's so frustrating to not understand, but Britt gets a grunt,"I understand it's not my place. And I don't fault the logistics at all, I'm more amused by coming to the realization that it's no longer my decision and that it's not trying to make fire with rocks and sand." there's a soft breath out, eyeing Pontus' look suspiciously before there's a blink to his nod and a glance towards Hyatt before once again her attention settles on Wren,"Yes, I am cut. No, I do not think I will pass out from blood loss on the way back. Thank you Wren."

Pontus rode quietly. He extended one weathered finger pointing to Britt. That! Her wisdom on the matter got seconded with a vote from the scarred scout. Between Britt and Hyatt and Wren any feelings or thoughts he had were being spoken so he didn't burden teh discourse with redundancy. He had much onhis mind. It was a heaviness that was shared, but it was also why they worked well together. There was an order to them that was fulled in trust, and a willingness to follow it and obey the final verdict on any matter in pools of ideas. Finally he muttered casually, "<In Trigedasleng> Took a look. Weapons looked pretty clean. She should be fine."

Que is just gonna fade into the background and ride silently, though he's keeping his sledgehammer out. Reapers are bad.

Hyatt nods in response to Wren, seeming to agree with his words. Looking to Britt then, he nods to her as well. "Good decision. Get word back to kruheda and then take action." There is a reassuring nod to the others then. They will be back. That done, he drops back a bit to ride next to Pontus in silence for a ways. A contest of grim stoicism, perhaps. Eventually, he gives a nod to the other warrior.

Britt gives Wren a perplexed peer when he starts to lecture. "<In Trigedasleng> That is what I said already," she points out. Then its Kai's turn to get a long look. "So you were… warband leader? Back at your camp?" This surprises her a little, since she was under the impression that the Delinquents lacked leadership. Pontus and Hyatt's acknowledgement is met with a calm nod.

Benning rides up along side Kai and murmurs something to the girl. Then she shifts her position and moves ahead, closer to the front because she wants to be home. She glances at Wren and smiles, so much of an uneventful night.

There's a glance over at Hyatt, perhaps looking for older warrior's opinion. "<In Trigedasleng> Did she kill one herself?" he asks the other man, as if pondering something about that. He wasn't there to watch, so an witness account would be useful. "Not from what I noticed, though Kai did seem to be one of the more…knowledgeable ones in her camp. If there was one, it was her. Or Grey, he was equally as competent. The others seem to listen to them." There's a look at Kai. "Or was a I reading that wrong?"

Pontus needed something to do. There was nothing to hit to make their village stop burning . It would be a wonder if they could slap someone to make things stop attacking them. He'd even really, really volunteer to do the deed because he's a team player like that. He fished out an apple from his pack, pulled a knife and cut it in half offering one hunk of it to Hyatt who's fallen back to keep an eye on things with him. He finally spoke sharing his marinated thought with Hyatt…stoically because stoic club. "<In Trigedasleng> Didn't recognize either of them. The ones we got? Might not have been Coesbur." Not that they needed to be but it had him thinking. That and the Lore-keeper liked knowing when their missing were at rest again. Blood for blood. Some madness took their people. They would take them back when they could. Battle by battle as it were.

"No, we had no leaders until the Bandrona. And that took a lot of work and convincing and generally pointing out to them that in a war of attrition the camp was going to lose." Kai murmurs, distracted as Benning comes up next to her and offering an actual bright smile at the girl of appreciation before she reaches out with her injured arm to clasp the other girl's shoulder briefly,"I.." there's debate there and then a shrug, expression sombering again,"just did what I could. Tactically we were going to lose if peace couldn't be struck with Indra.. and that was before I saw the size of her warband. And while most of them wouldn't listen.. there was enough people that figured that some plan was better than no plan." her attention goes to the Mountain,"Still, we got enough of them to work together that some of them survived."

Britt shakes her head to Wren's question, even though it was technically Hyatt he was asking. "<In Trigedasleng> No, everyone had piled on all of them." The archer had a pretty clear vantage point from the back. "<In Trigedasleng> Perhaps next time." Hearing Kai talk about the defenses, she gives a tiny nod. "You would have lost, had Indra not called the retreat." On this the older woman sounds sure. "But the defenses were good." A grim compliment there.

Looking to Wren, Hyatt gives a shake of his head. "<In Trigedasleng> She was there for two killing blows. Hard to tell whether it was her or the arrows. Needs practice against armor, but knows the important things." There's another nod to Kai then as he keeps moving along. Casting a look to Pontus then, he reaches out for the slice of apple graciously, nodding a thank you. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes. Perhaps from one of the other villages. Perhaps we will find out." He doesn't speak about the Mountain for the moment, content to ride in semi-silence.

"No argument." Kai utters for Britt,"The caltrops were to stop you lot from getting the horses in close enough to pull the walls down again, same with the spike pits.. I didn't get to find out how effective the tree's were sabotaged were but we learnt from the first attack." there's a slide of her eyes towards the older warrior,"Others made the explosives. It's a bad place to defend, but it was all we had, so yes, sorry, but we were going to make you guys pay for every inch with every thing that we had. But there was no way that it was going to be a sustainable battle from our end, that's why we took the risk of going to Indra. For me that was purely and simply.. in our camp or hers I was probably dead anyways, but at least in hers there was a gnats hair of hope for peace, and bluntly at that point we didn't have much to lose anyways." she shrugs,"But that's sort of neither here nor there in the end. I knew we were fucked the second Sonia's people showed up.. I'm just not super good at giving up."

Hearing that seems to decide something with Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> Very well then." is all he says on whatever he was thinking. "I wasn't talking about your Bandrona, Kai." he turns back to her. "She didn't own your warriors. You helped train them, you set up traps, they followed your example and your instructions. I would say that would be a position of respect, even if it were not labled with a title." But he's listening again, and nodding, perhaps approvingly. "If you know you're going to die, you make the price of that victory as costly as you can. You take as many of your enemy as you can with you. You make the ones that survive remember your name. There is both honor and glory in such a death." Yes, he's talking about the fact that his own people died, but from a warrior's perspective, he approves. "I would do the same and I would expect no less from whoever I opposed. I met a man who had a book, his only book he carried with him during the last war with the Azgeda, there was a line he qouted from it. 'From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For pity's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.' I liked it." But Hyatt mentions something that perks his ears. "<In Trigedasleng> That so? Hrm."

Pontus noddes a welcome to Hyatt and chortled admitting, "<In Trigedasleng> Shit, I need practice against armour. Fucker took my spear like I hit a tree. Either someone's building for them or they're feeling no pain. Wren, you missed your sister and Benning giving one the hurt." He nodded in the way of the two crafters, "<In Trigedasleng> Your aim was on. Those things are… challenging to hold ground against. You did good on that front." Challenging. That translated to scary as shit, but he was judicious with words when he elected to use them instead of being a breviloquent bastard. Respect given where it was due Pontus rolled his attention back to Hyatt musing, "<In Trigedasleng> If something's afflicted Trikru and it's beyond one village could tell how something spreads." He picked his head up mirroring Britt's thought from earlier, "<In Trigedasleng> Knowing when to not fight can save as many lives if not more than knowing when to commit force. An animal is relentless, a warrior plans without losing sight of their goal. Sometimes the goal is win. Sometimes it is survive. Sometimes it is outliving your enemy."

Britt nods to Kai. "We all did what we had to." She falls quiet again, lost to her own thoughts. She's listening, but there's a distance in her expression.

Hyatt nods to Wren quietly, his face keeping the same stoney expression as he regards the other warrior. "<In Trigedasleng> More practice with sword. Knife." Taking a bite of the piece of apple, he continues riding along with the group. The two crafters do get a nod of his head as well. "<In Trigedasleng> Not to be taken on lightly. You did well. Fought for your home. We will take it back soon." There is a dark brow raised to Pontus' words. "Being a warrior is about problems and solutions. Try to eliminate problems before they arise."

Kai gives a shrug of her shoulders, to her what Wren says comes under 'doing what she could' and nodding vaguely for his words,"Moby Dick." she grimaces for the quote,"Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee. I always preferred Sun Tzu, though my copy got destroyed in the fire.. belonged to my great-grandfather, had to sew the spine back together myself. The one that sticks with me most right now, however, is 'Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.'.. which never used to make sense to me, but now? It does."

Books. Wren's secret pleasure as a part-time historian of all things old Earth. For a moment, a good long moment while Kai qoutes books, he looks absolutely enthralled. "Is…is that how it's said. Moby Dick? That's the name of the book? He never knew, the cover and some of the pages were missing. Do you know more of it?" he asks before listening to the rest. "Soon Zoo? He sounds like a wise warrior and tactician. Do you know anything more of him?" Hyatt gets a vague nod in response. "<In Trigedasleng> Her arm favors the sword, but she will be taught more than that."

Pontus slid his hood down. It was warm and the moon glowing off his inked and scarred blad dome made no real difference here. Simply put, "<In Trigedasleng> Yeah, I'm referring to theory. Not practice. If one does not think then actions overall become very short lived." He looked to his 'Brother' and Wren was on a ravenous tear for knowledge. Pontus faintly grinned at teh fervor and went back to eating his apple. They shared a quest for knowledge, his literature, and Pontus more in military history. He got it htough and couldn't fault the excitement.

Kai chins in Hyatt's direction,"Exactly." she can't help but acknowledge before nodding at Wren,"I never saw a physical copy of it, but yes. It's a guys hunt for this massive white whale and he's all kinds of obsessive about it. And close.. it's Sun Tzu.. and he was. His book is called 'The Art of War'.. for all that I hated my father, he taught me about that sort of stuff. I was never super good with most literature, but I remember Moby Dick for that line. Sadly, most of what I remember is stuff like the Battle of Hastings happened in ten-sixty-six. That the Japanese miscalculated when they attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor and that lack of metal and fuel is what tempted Hitler to turn on his Russian allies.. none of which means a damned thing down here."

Mostly content to sit quietly in the saddle, he does shift his attention back and forth between Pontus and Wren. And the book. There is a moment of interest, but then he's got his eyes forward again. "Yes," he says to Wren, dipping his head in a nod in response to his words regarding Kai. For the moment, he's content to speak English. Kai's response back to him draws a flick of his gaze as well as a nod. Kai's words are mostly strange, but he does aknowledge her agreement with his take on warrioring.

"Fascinating." Wren remarks. To all of it. "I would hear more of wars long past some time." he adds, then glancing around to the others carefully. "But, yes. You did what you had to do. No shame in it." He's content to leave it at that. It's in the past now.

Pontus sat verily quiet for a while while they discussed long dead authors. He muttered, presumably to Hyatt, "<In Trigedasleng> Still want to know why they all gathered in our village. This is not letting my thoughts go." He shook his head and decided ultilatly, reults would have to wait another day.

"Oh Eden that.. yeh. Okay. I don't know how much you know about.. that sort of thing. But I can tell you what I remember? Not like we don't have time." there's a pause,"Though if it's okay.. unless we're coming back out.. I'd like to borrow one of the horses and go down to see Eli?"

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