Day 020: Don't Mind The Wall
Summary: Grounders attack the Skaikru camp, Coesbur people buy them some time.
Date: 08 June 2016
Related: Execution and Firefall, The Morning After Crash, In a Hole Lot of Trouble, Search and Rescue; The Long Way Around is what the Coesbur/Polis Grounders were doing before their arrival.
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Grounds — The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 20

It is almost sunset, and there is a palpable tension around the camp. The sickness continues to spread, but it has slowed thanks to quick quarantine efforts. Those who are recovering have slowly started to emerge from the dropship, as every passing moment that there isn't an attack seems to only make an attack more imminent. Those who have been on sentry duty have felt like the forests have closed up tight around the camp, and every flicker of shadow escalates the paranoia. Even those who have been cadet-trained, ready to take up the mantle of the guard, feel slightly uneasy as this is nothing like patroling around the brightly lit corridors of the Ark.

A kid named Joaquin is at the post nearest the wall, and has been up there for several hours now. He leans heavily on one of the wall supports, the ex-Cadet's rifle resting in his arms in a readied, but still cautious position. He knows he's going to be relieved soon — which means he can finally get some sleep. He reaches up, rubbing his palm into the socket of his eye lazily.

Cameron is getting better. He still feels like warm crap that got stepped on, but he's feeling better. Mostly his leg is throbbing, more then the fever still bugging him: he can almost forget the fever and lethargy of being sick. Or maybe he's just looking on the bright side of armageddon. He's lounging just outside the dropship, dressed in his full get up: grounder armor, grounder sword, makeshift knife tucked into his belt. Only he's adding something new that may surprise some people: a pistol also tucked into his belt. Who the hell let Cameron have a gun? Well, he's got one. He's grim and tired.

Tink is recovering from her illness, moving a little sluggish as she moves about the camp to bring water to the folks that are watching on the wall. She moves a little slower than her normal, spirited self but that's what being sick does to her. She doesn't have a gun or bow or any other weapon. She does have a few rocks in her pocket just in case for emergency.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Stealth: Success.

After days of being cooped up in the Dropship, with the fetid stench of blood, vomit and sputum, one Cassandra Bonheur is relieved to finally get some air. She remains in poor condition, with an enormous bruise on her forehead and a bandage around her temples, her matted, greasy hair in unruly disarray. Her skin is slick with sweat, and her raccoon eyes bear swollen, shadowed bags. But at least now she can breathe, and is no longer bleeding out of every orifice. Raising a hand to wipe at a drop of bright orange fluid evacuating her nose, she eyes her fellows warily from where sits hunched behind the Dropship, out of sight, clutching a rifle to her chest.

Billy Stone, accomplished ex-Cadet mockingly nicknamed 'the Boy Scout' back on the Ark for being such a 'do-gooder' and 'the Giant' for more obvious reasons of how terribly he fit on the occasionally cramped confines of a space station is one of the rare few who've seemed to have an immunity to the sickness. Which is good, given that he's spent the last couple weeks convalescing after nearly getting cut in half stepping in front of a Grounder's axe during the Rescue on Day 6. He's mobile now though, and been taking more shifts than just about anyone else at watch, always with a blanket-shrouded weapon of dangerous origin hanging under one arm and one of the two grounder swords strapped to his back. At the moment, the protective ex-C is making grimacing somber way up to the main watch point on the wall, upnodding to Joaquin and giving a murmured rumble in passing. "Get some rest, man. I got it."

Almost all of Morgan's time has been in the dropship since Cam limped through the gates. Now with people recovering, he's managed to get more than just some sketchy rest though he's still treating the ones who got the worst cases. He's still in the ship, keeping an eye on them, especially Cass and Asher since their wounds are more serious than the illness. Since he heard they're at war, his sword has never left his hip and the gun Kai gave him is always nearby.

Fiona got sick shortly after Cameron, and so now she's starting to recover herself, but still looks like death warmed over. She's seated in one of the yanked out flight seats, dagger sheathed and a spear resting at her side. She's eyeing the walls anxiously.

Likewise feeling like death still, Elias is walking around outside of the dropship in an attempt to make himself more alert and awake. Pacing, as it were. There is a glance in Cameron's direction as he passes nearby, but he opts to stay quiet for now. He doesn't have anything to say about their current situation given his state of health. While he isn't involved directly in the defense of things, he's trying to keep his blood flowing well enough to keep somewhat spry in case he's needed. A spear is kept nearby as well as a number of makeshift bandages. Whatever could be gathered, at any rate.

Some brave soul climbed to the top of the dropship and threw down a rope to convert the shallow hollow at it's top into a usable perch. It's not an easy climb, but it does at least provide a high spot to keep an eye out on the surrounding area. A trade off with one of the other ex-C's has Kai climbing up into the nest to play look-out for the moment.

<FS3> Andromeda rolls 4: Good Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness-1: Good Success.
<FS3> Andromeda rolls 3: Failure.
<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Tink rolls Alertness-1: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Joaquin=4 Vs GrounderArcher=7
< Joaquin: Good Success GrounderArcher: Success
< Net Result: Joaquin wins - Marginal Victory

Joaquin releases a heavy sigh as Stone offers to take point, and he bobs his head, dark hair falling across his dark skin. "Thanks, man," he murmurs in return. He glances out across the small, yet tidied grounds just outside the gate. "This is total shit, you know," he grunts. He is moving away from the sentry spot, reaching out to clasp Stone's shoulder when an arrow comes whistling past, fletching almost luminous. It cuts through Joaquin's arm, causing him to almost drop from the narrow wall walk. He drops his rifle, but it luckily was strapped across his shoulder, so it merely falls in a slow arch to his hip. His hand grasps at the wound. "Shit!"

Out in the trees, it is almost impossible to spot the archers, but the warriors on the ground? They can be seen moving from trunk to trunk, using the old trees as cover as they continue to close-in around the camp. They aren't being as stealthy as their archer counterparts.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-2: Good Success.

Stone saw that arrow just as it was exiting the forest cover, if not the actual Grounder that fired it, and all he had time for was grabbing at Joaquin and trying to jerk both his own towering bulk and the other ex-C into cover of the wall they're on, bellowing a rich barritone warning out towards the camp as he goes. "INCOMING! ARCHERS AND GROUND!" Followed immediately by equally loud warning directed the way of the attackers. "ONLY WARNING TRIKRU! HALT OR ELSE!" They so aren't halting, are they?

Sustaining a head-injury has a twofold effect on Cassandra: one, her head hurts, and she is having trouble paying much attention to anything; but two, she is absolutely terrified of this happening again, and Sonia kom Trikru's message of war has sunken in loud and clear. She is on high alert, and so when the all too-familiar whistling of an arrow comes flying into the Delinquent Camp, she perks up in bleary deja-vu. The nearest person to her is Morgan, namely because she's intent not to keep too far away from the doctor. Waving a hand to catch his attention and signal, she calls out in a quiet yet shrill tone of voice, "Attack!" It is not quite loud enough to alert the entire camp, but Stone is fortunately able to get the message more clearly and hastily than she does. Now on guard, she clutches that rifle as one would a lover — a very bad one at that — and shrinks back against the dropship, peering out towards the trees in the other direction.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Great Success.

At the sound of the sentry call, Fiona's eyes dart up, and wearily, she rolls to her feat, snagging up her spear. She tries to jog toward the wall, but at best all she can manage is a fast walk, intent on making it up so she can peer at the oncoming opponents.

Here it comes. Kai feels like she's barely had time to settle into her spot and there's an arrow, a shout coming from the wall, and she scans the tree's anew. Stone's already yelled a warning and so she doesn't echo it from her spot above, instead her rifle is focused off towards the south/south-east, the girl and her gun half-shrouded by a blanket as she draws a bead on one she can spot and holds for the moment, hoping against hope that maybe the warning is enough.

"Eden preserve us." Cameron grits his teeth and moves forward towards the gate, his sword out, doing his absolute best to ignore the fact he sprained his foot a couple days ago. And Cam's got mad skills with compartmentalization and willpower, right? Right. Sword is most useful up close-ish so, it's close to to the gate is where he's going, since he's assuming that's where they'll come through.

Tink hides in the perch next to Kai, ready to get the girl water, food or even ammo if it comes to it. She's got a second gun laying there loaded so she can hand it off to Kai if needed. While Tink isn't a combantant, she's good at assisting and that's her job in the crow's nest. When Kai sees the same guy she does, she nods and stays silent.

At the sudden cry of incoming Trikru with archer assistance, Elias quickly grabs the makeshift bandages and his spear. There's a quick nod to Cameron, but he's taking cover himself for now. Ducking behind a piece of yet-to-be-used scrap, holds his spear firm to his hip while peeking his head around his cover. Eyes turn towards the trees to attempt to spot the archers. Through the bleariness of his recent recovery, he spots none of the camouflaged archers.

Hearing Stone shout, echoed a second later by Cass, Morgan glances out the dropship exit then grabs his rifle. "Everyone who can't fight, up the ladder." he instructs. "Those who can, help those who need it." Moving toward the ramp, he stops at the top and takes partial cover behind the bulkhead where he can look out to see what the situation is.

<COMBAT> Kai takes careful aim at Grounder25.
<COMBAT> Grounder25 attacks Fiona with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Grounder20 attacks Stone with Bow but MISSES!

<FS3> Kai rolls 1: Failure.
<FS3> Stone rolls 2: Failure.

There are Grounders moving fast and low along the trees, closing in step by step. One throws a knife at one of the firing slits, and it twangs softly after it impacts the wood, tip buried deep. Two arrows go whistling in, from two corners of the forests around the camp. One just barely missing Stone, while another strikes hard and true into Fiona.

They do not respond at all to any shouts or bellows from the Skaikru.

<FS3> Morgan rolls Alertness: Failure.

There are times when people forget what sort of person Cassandra is. Times when she comes in wounded and vulnerable, times when she strives towards peace with the Grounders, times when she rescues murderers from giant lamprey-dolphins; this is not one of those times. This is one of those times where, faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, she shows herself for who she is: the little bitch scarpers. Hands flying defensively to shield her head, her eyes go wide and she ducks, immediately shuffling back to hide from the attackers behind the Dropship. It's a good thing that Patient Zero (and a Half) has recovered from her sickness, because she sure needs her airways clear right now to catch her breath, which she very notably proceeds to do. The rifle she's holding stays clutched in her hands, but she points it the other way, sweating, and keeping an lookout for the possibility of new attackers which might swarm from a different direction. Her scrawny form remains shielded behind a good deal of bushes and crates, and she can just barely see all but the field of real battle through one bleary, swollen eye.

Cam's got himself a gun, but lawdy that's backup and not meant for anything of use. So he crouches where he is near the gate, and runs a hand through dirt on the ground and smears some on his face. He's gonna try to blend in as much as he can. To hide. So that when they breach the wall — and he's sure they will — he'll pounce one and stab it in the kidney. He's really keen on stabbing someone in the kidney after bleeding out of SOMEWHERE THERE SHOULD NOT BE BLOOD.

Fiona slams back from the force of the arrow, almost falling backward off the wall. She does lose her footing, crying out as her hand goes to the arrow stuck where shoulder and chest meet, but can't summon the strength to pull it out. Tears of pain leak from her eyes as she does her best to call out, "Hod up! Chich op!" She may be in too much pain to project, or the enemy may simply choose to ignore her.

Morgan scans the trees looking for archers but they're too well hidden for him to spot any from the ship. He does see Fi get shot and fall though and he rushes over to help her. "NO! Don't pull it out like that."

Kai was hoping and wishing it would work to warn them off, but if wishes were horses, the camp would be drowning in them. Unfortunately her target manages to loose his arrow before she can squeeze the trigger, but she takes that as 'negotiations over' and the girl hidden up on top of the dropship next to the Tinker squeezes a shot off at the archer who loosed it.

"Son of a monkey!" Stone manages to growl out ferociously enough as if he just laid out the worst expletive in the world, brought on by that near miss as much as just the fact the attack continued at all and wasted his nice bellow. That's right, the Boy Scout doesn't even swear in the middle of overwhelming combat apparently! Still, that arrow, and the cries of other's injured galvanizes the big man. Without any further ado he is flinging free the blanket shrouding his weapon, swinging up high enough on the cover to take aim at the ground forces slipping through the trees, taking a breath and waiting to exhale it for that perfect moment when bodies are lined up for effective carnage. Just like training dummies. Nothing to it. Except for that human life he's trying to cut down. The gentle giant hates doing it, but he knows the benefit of blood example.

Elias is still well in his hidey hole for the moment. Well, behind the piece of unused scrap from the dropship at any rate. Keen hazel eyes continue to scan the trees, but he still can't make out where the arrows are coming from. When the arrows come whistling through, it's all he can do to suck in a sharp gasp as Fiona is struck by one of them. Rather than rushing out for now, he just prepares to rush out if he needs to.

Tink is staying close to Kai, sitting there in the crow's nest and doing her best not to get in Kai's way. She looks at the Grounders, trying to guage if she can hit one but for now she's sitting back and waiting for her opportunity or if Kai needs help.

<COMBAT> Grounder25 attacks Fiona with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan treats Fiona:
< Chest (Moderate): unsuccessful
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder25 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder20 attacks Stone with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Stone fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder30 with Assault Rifle - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder30 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder30 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder31 with Assault Rifle - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder31 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Stone with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Grounder21 attacks Delinquent1 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder31 has been KO'd!

The sharp cracks of assault rifle fire startles some of the Grounders — knowing of guns is one thing, but it has been decades since anyone has heard gunfire before. The shot from the wall hits square in one Grounder's jaw, and they spin in their steps before collapsing in a heap just within view. Another is seen throwing themselves behind a tree, gripping at their wounded hand, and releasing a sharp cry of shock and pain. Wood splinters from Kai's missed shot as it hits the bark right above the archer's head, and the archer ducks abruptly out of sight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grounder=8 Vs Kai=Stealth
< Grounder: Good Success Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Morgan kneels down by Fiona but a rifle slung over his shoulder and a sword at his hip, seriously cramps his style when it comes to being a field medic. Instead, he just closes his fist around the arrow shaft right by Fi's chest then breaks it off. "Seriously, don't pull it out. You'll make it worse." The sharp crack of guns makes him glance up at the shooters then he shouts "Look, we don't want to fight you but we will if we have to. And we'll win. Just leave!"

<FS3> Stone rolls 2: Success.
<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-2: Success.

Damnit. He's quick. Kai's not happy that all she got was wood, and with him ducking out of sight the grey-eyed girl shifts her attention over to the one that has been targetting Joaquin with a muttered,"Stay out of sight Tink, they're going to work out we're up here eventually." muttered all but under her breath for her sister from another mister as she thumbs over to semi-auto and endeavors to take advantage of the high ground,"If we can keep them outside the walls we might have a chance."

Elias stays behind cover for a good moment longer, but he does finally steel himself and prepare to rush out to assist Morgan with Fiona. Setting his boots in the dirt for traction, he counts to three in his head before he launches himself out from cover and makes a mad dash over towards Morgan with the bag of parachute material containing the bandages he prepared. The short sprint ends with him ducking back into whatever cover they've got themselves behind. "Need a hand?" he asks, ticking his eyes from Morgan to Fiona and then back again.

Cam's still making with the hiding. Ready to cut a bitch. Problem: there are no bitches to cut. That's why patience is awesome. Also it means he doesn't have to walk on his sprained foot anymore then needed before aforementioned cutting. Less pain before he's slaughtered is a better way to go then more pain before slaughtered.

Fiona makes a faint sound of pain in the back of her throat, and nods frantically to Morgan. She turns her fretful gaze to Elias. "Say - say hod up, chich op kruheda…maybe they'll stop if we ask to speak to the clan leader." She can hope. She doesn't think she'll be able to put any power behind her voice right now.

"THIS IS THE OR ELSE!!!" Stone roars out at the attackers after his full auto barrage cut down one and injured another, ducking back behind cover as one arrow barely misses, and a second flies truer, clipping the top of the wall and losing some momentum before striking him a grazing blow across the left shoulder. His mighty ferocity of "OR ELSE" then takes something of a dive as he pops back up to try and take aim at the archer who has missed him twice…and promptly hears the bone-chilling snap-click of a gun-jam!!! Growling like an animal, he snaps back behind cover fully to jack the slide and try to clear it in the way his father taught him, snarling to himself quietly. "_This_ is not the mother fluffing _or else_!!! This is fail!"

The rat-tat-tat of gunfire sends a ripple through Cassandra's spine with each staccato burst. Her wiry form hunches, and she flinches, visible from her hiding spot only in the form of a jerking, hidden bird's nest of matted black hair. Terrified as she is, breath held, she risks peering towards the chaos if only for a moment… and spots the fallen form of Fiona Kattegat, with Morgan kneeling at her side. "Fi!" she calls out, in a quiet hiss. Teeth clenched, she makes another quick scan of the battle-field, then makes a break for it, keeping out of sight behind the wall, as best she can. Unlike Stone, she is quite comfortable swearing — and so this is followed by a muttered "fuck" under her breath once she reaches the pair, not far behind Elias. She glances between the good (albeit murderous) doctor and her former neighbour from Agro Station, and instinctively leans down to keep pressure on Fiona's wound. "Chick," she says to her. "Now is not the time for peace-talks."

"I'll just try to get this one…" Tink tells Kai as she moves to target one of the grounders that she has a chance at. She takes her shot, shoots up a quick prayer for luck and then moves back to her hiding spot so she doesn't get wacked. She murmurs, "Anything else I can do Kai? I don't want to be useless here."

<COMBAT> Tink attacks Grounder30 with Thrown Spear but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Tink's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Kai fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder21 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder21 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder21 with Assault Rifle - COVER stops the attack.
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Stone with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder23 takes careful aim at Kai.
<COMBAT> Grounder21 attacks Delinquent1 with Bow - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Grounder20 attacks Stone with Bow - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder21 has been KO'd!

By Trikru standards, this is not a very large attack group, numbering only ten with the majority being archers and the rest warriors on foot. The latter are moving quickly through the trees, but not really making notable advances to the wall. The archers, however, don't seem to be so reserved, shooting easily at whatever targets pop their heads up. There is an archer in the trees who has just dropped their bow, clutching at their arm while their wounded shoulder is pressed heavily against the trunk. Blood pools easily from the bullet wounds. On the ground, a Grounder is clutching his hand from being shot through the palm, while another is completely out of sight, nursing her own wounds. The wall around the camp is secured, gate closed, and there is a lot of shouting from the delinquents while the Trikru remain otherwise stoic and silent — a true genetic trait of this clan.

<FS3> Kai rolls 2: Success.

"Get her inside the ship where it's safe and do what you can for her." Morgan tells the others. Unslinging his rifle, he moves up to one of the slits in the wall to get a bead on a target.

<FS3> Stone rolls 2: Failure.

"There's always time for peace." Fiona's face is ashen from pain, and she still manages to grimace a smile at Cassandra. "All it takes is one person on either side, willing to talk." Her brow furrows, she doesn't want to withdraw, but can't stop the others from taking her if they insist.

Stone racks through his rifle hard enough he's worried about breaking the thing in half, but finally it locks another shell properly into alignment and he's lettin out a loud "YEAH!" A thing which he probably shouldn't have done, because that archer that has missed him twice before and who he was going to attack was waiting for him. And as soon as the 6'8" overmuscled form of the delinquent warrior started to pop up intending to shoot again, an arrow was already on its way for him. "TAKE TH…AAGGGGHH!!!" Stone manages to get out as the arrow takes him through the left side of his throat, the fountain of crimson spraying the air the sort of spray no soldier _or_ medic wants to see. But it probably made that archer pretty damned pleased with themselves. Stone doesn't fall though. Doesn't even stop the motion he was moving into, other than it ends up one handed, the other slapping to his throat to try and stem the blood. Muscles bulge and the barrel is propped on the top of the wall as he tries to unleash another hail of gunfire on the one that may have just killed him.

Wren was not expecting the kind of fight he was seeing, as he comes in with the others and taking a good long view of it. And while the big man with the equally big axe looks impassively at the spectacle, his jaw sets a bit hard, on edge. "<In Trigedasleng> Whatever you're planning on doing, Arlin, now would be the best of times." he utters, standing next to the man. Warrior born and bred, he looks more than happy to get into a fight, as if readying himself for the fact that he might have to join the fray, whether they intend to or not. But that's his way, be ready for just about anything, and he's never had the mind that neutrality would be any real benefit to them. Still, he doesn't move to act. Arlin's in charge here.

Elias glances back to Cassandra and looks briefly to her wounded head. He doesn't say anything about it, but he does give her a nod of his head as well as a briefly concerned look. When Morgan speaks up then, Elias gives him a quick nod of his head before looking to Fiona. "C'mon. Both of you need to get out of here." Another look is given to Cassandra then, doing his best to be firm. "We good?" Canting his head a little, he glances back up towards the trees and shakes his head. "Yeah, well. They aren't being too chatty. C'mon." With that, Elias prepares to help Fiona along while looking expectantly at Cass to do the same. The loud, strangled sound from Stone draws his focus for a moment, though and his eyes go wide. Another nod is given to Morgan. "Be careful. I'll be right back."

Kai fires from her perch on top of the dropship, nestled in the shallow hollow where the parachutes had deployed from during their descent, a controlled three-round burst at Grounder21. The first two strike flesh, the third the tree, but when the lean ex-C tries to sight for another target there's that wretched click,"Fuck!" is the lowly snarled invective from the proto-sniper, the rifle thrust at Tink to fix the jam as she grabs up the other one and racks it, disrupted temporarily by the process of switching weapons.

Cam's still just waiting for impending slaughter.

"Shit…I missed that one," Tank comments to Kai cause she missed hitting that grounder. Rather than worry about it, she hunkers down, trying to stay out of the line of fire like Kai told her to. When Kai's weapon jams and she hands it over, Tink jumps right on it and does her best to work her magic to get that damn gun unjammed, reloaded and set aside for Kai.

At Morgan's command, Cassandra looks expectantly to Elias, in an evident yet silent declaration: not it. "If we retreat, we're dead anyway. We're sitting ducks," she counters when he speaks, making it clear that head-wound and all, terrified as she may be, she isn't budging. Her arms remain wrapped around that rifle, from which she has yet to fire a single shot. Fiona's words draw a furrow of her own brow, her her expression is grim, where the Tesla Ringleader manages a smile. She looks like she wants to argue, but perhaps wisely determines that now is really not the best time.

Britt weaves her way through the trees, habitually moving from cover to cover but never venturing far from Rinnan and Arlin. Crouching down, she surveys the ongoing fray with a severe frown, still far enough back to hopefully (fingers-crossed) not be mistaken for a combatant despite the bow in her hand. "<In Trigedasleng> So much for intercepting them," she mutters. Scanning the ranks of the other Grounders, she looks for someone who might be their leader.

"<In Trigedasleng> I hope this plan works." Tuan speaks towards Britt, whom he is not terribly far off from as he moves from cover to cover, hand on the short spear that he is carrying, tightening nervously. "<In Trigedasleng> If it does not, then our hands may be forced." The sharp rapport of the gun fire has him tightening his walk along the trees, picking up the scent at times of the black powder that drifts from the Camp against the moss of the trees.

With all the ruckus and adrenaline permeating the area, the arrival of five more Grounders, wisely keeping to the cover of the treeline, might go unnoticed by both sides. Arlin is moving with purpose, his ash-marked face, intense expression, and set of his broad shoulders convey that it's Business Time — and not in the Flight of the Conchords sense. Keenly, his hazel eyes cut a swathe across the war party's side of things, in search of who to hail — and how to safely get close enough to do what must be done.

"<In Trigedasleng> They're not from Coesbur," Rinnan observes from her spot amongst the trees, perhaps overstating the obvious when it comes to the provenence of the Grounders attacking the Deliquent camp, even if in the scheme of things that's of little help to anyone. "<In Trigedasleng> Will they parlay?," asks, the random exit poll being taken in the form asking Tuan, Britt, and Wren about the unfamiliar Grounders assaulting the camp as she watches Arlin move forward.

<COMBAT> Morgan takes careful aim at Grounder20.
<COMBAT> Stone fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder20 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder20 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder20 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder20 attacks Stone with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder23 attacks Kai with Bow - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Stone with Bow - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Grounder24 attacks Morgan with Bow and MISSES!

<FS3> Morgan rolls 1: Failure.
<FS3> Kai rolls 2: Failure.

"<In Trigedasleng> Depends on how much sway Arlin has, I think." Wren looks over to Rinnan, but he's walking in stride with Arlin, suddenly taking on a bodyguard type persona, behind and slightly to the right of the other man, axe loosely gripped in his hand. "<In Trigedasleng> If they don't, we may find ourselves in a fight very quick. So I would suggest that all of you be ready if it comes down to it."

Well, this isn't happening the way Cam thought it would. So, time to change plans. He grunts, and climbs up the wall, trying to stay low and out of sight, but moving over to Stone's side. Guy looks like he's in bad shape. He's no medtech, but he might be able to help.

<FS3> Andromeda rolls 8: Good Success.
<FS3> Andromeda rolls 8: Good Success.

Another series of sharp cracks fill the serene forests, and Grounders are reminded just how agonizing bullet wounds are. The archer (20) is definitely feeling the pain as she tries to get a more steady place of cover. Those on the ground hurl a series of spears out of their place in the trees, and ropes flutter from the butt ends of the weapons. Their tips imbed themselves in parts of the wall, and the ropes go abruptly taut.

Perhaps Rinnan's remark is not so obvious to Britt, not being from the area. "<In Trigedasleng> One way to find out," she answers Rinnan, before slanting a glance to Tuan, then Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> You remember who's side you're on," she cautions sternly. "<In Trigedasleng> We are Trikru." Then she's moving forward, in a low crouch, trailing Arlin.

He shot my.. HAND! Only Tink is really close enough to see the expression of surprise that crosses Kai's face as an arrow actually nicks her damned hand as the rifle exchange is done, or hear the muttered,"Why that son of a bi.." in tones of princessly offense. Someone just got themselves marked for murderville, given the way that her attention zeros in on Grounder23 with a low snarl.

No one's actually moving Fiona back, and she's alright with that. Let them focus on the action, and this keeps her from not missing it. But the fact that none of them are willing to communicate with them…until she hears the sounds of thuds impacting the wall. "What was that?" she asks in alarm. Her hand goes around the remnant of the arrow to press the wound, wincing as she does so.

Tink turns a little green at the sight of blood but manages to keep it together cause she doesn't want to wuss out on Kai. She takes a look at the wound and assures her friend, "It's not so bad…not at all." She keeps a close eye out and then when she sees ropes on the walls calls out, "They're trying to climbe the walls." Yep…that's to warn the others what's going on.

Stone doesn't shout anything or do much animal growling this time around. The whole 'arrow in the throat (!)' thing kinda precludes that. But he _does_ manage to pull off his one-armed burstfire at the damned archer, even as they're drawing a second arrow on him. Not that the bullets seem to do that much given the armor. And damnit if the throat-arrow hasn't slowed him down. Cause as he's trying to slip back into cover, that damned archer (20) pins a deep arrow into his left shoulder again, while another comes out from nowhere to cut across his right bicep in a thankfully shallow gash. This time, it's enough for Steele for a moment, and he's falling to a knee, the two arrows sticking out of him still and left hand clamped tight over his spurting jugular. The arrival of Cam to offer aid leaves the giant to slump against the wall and give him a bloody-toothed grin whilst rasping out. "Beautiful night, eh?" What is this, blood loss, sarcasm, or flirting?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Mechanics Vs Pulling=10
< Cole: Good Success Pulling: Great Success
< Net Result: Pulling wins - Solid Victory

Is it a smart plan? Might well not be. Arlin's not exactly a strategist, and he has a tendency to leap before he looks, so odds are that this can turn out horribad. (Is it any wonder that he keeps around Britt to snipe and Rinnan to disembowel others on his behalf?) Even so, he has a job to do, and his sense of duty and determination boulder through whatever healthy amount of trepidation any sane person possesses. "<In Trigedasleng> Trikru! Fall back! We come from Polis to parlay! You already run the risk of the Mountain's wrath! Do not add that of the Heda to that list!" By this point, the medic has removed the thick leather cuff he wears on his left wrist, and he bends his arm so the mark of the Heda's service on the pulse of aforementioned wrist can be seen. He's legit, guys!

Tuan looks over at Britt as she speaks and his eyes narrow just a bit, "<In Trigedasleng> Are we Trikru? Because this looks more like the actions of Azgeda than Trikru." Sharp words from the young man before he tries to puff up a bit to look more official since he's part of Arlin's 'delegation'.

"<In Trigedasleng> I will not kill an innocent to a crime that was not committed by their hand." Wren grunts, and that's about all he's about to say on that matter. Because Tuan is over here /THROWIN DAT ETHER/ in sick burns. There's a look he gives over to the younger Second, and he actually manages to bark out a short laugh. Yeah, he'll take that humor, that was a good one.

Elias nods to Cassandra quickly at her response, though he looks no less concerned for her or Fiona. "Don't die," he tells Cassandra with a small smirk on his lips. It looks as though he's just about to pick Fiona up and carry her back to the dropship with the way he stoops down over her, but instead the call comes out the Grounders are climbing the walls. "Shit. No time." Rather, he picks his spear back up and takes a defensive stance in preparation for anyone breaching their defensive line.

<FS3> Rinnan rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Cass said some very brave words just then, but when spearheads suddenly pierce the wall, she goes tense as a bowstring and lifts up the point of her rifle, swimming through skull-fracture vertigo and nausea to hazily prepare for death from above. "Fuck dying!" she answers Elias. "Fi, get up. Get up, you lazy bitch." Yes, thus she unfairly names the stalwart girl who is lying there because she just took an arrow to the chest. Her own nose is dripping that vile, watery bright-orange fluid, and she doesn't even stop now to wipe it clean.

Two horses rear up in the dense cover of trees, releasing a sharp whinny that can be heard over the explosive gunfire. They then stomp forward several strides, muscles flexing tail swishing with exertion. The wooden wall to the northeast begins to creak, and then an entire section bursts open as the horses gallop forward due to inertia more than anything else, dragging with them a two-meter portion of the wall. They slow, knickering softly and their flanks give a small twitch. No need to climb when there's not a wall there, it would seem.

However, abruptly, the forest goes very, very quiet. The archers have vanished from sight, and the warriors have stopped darting between the trees. There is a long pause, and then a low, rumbling voice bellows out from the shadows, "<In Trigedasleng> On whose orders?"

Kai lost her bead on the target, and that doesn't improve her mood any, especially given the pain in her hand. The blood, she can mostly deal with, she's been bleeding out of all kinds of funny places for hours, at least despite the sting of it, the hand counts as relatively normal,"Ah float me.. this is bad. Damnit Eli get in the dropship. Get in the damned dropship." is the ferverent prayer from the girl above as a section of the wall gives way with a gut-wrenching screech of metal. The would-be sniper pans the barrel over the trees in search of a target,"This is bad Tink. So bad. Pull up the rope." more loudly she yells out,"Retreat!" for those below.

Fiona isn't the least bit angry or resentful at Cassandra. Funnily enough, in this moment, Fiona is actually kind of in love with her. It's hard to explain. But even if Fiona was determined not to remain on her ass of her own volition, it will never be known. In response to Cassandra's tirade, Fiona reaches up and grabs Cassandra's arm, and with a grrrrrr of pain, uses the other girl as leverage to get to her feet before picking up her spear. Her pupils are dilated from shock as she turns toward the section of the wall that's just been pulled down.

Rinnan lets Arlin do the talking, since he stepped forward on the first verbal salvo anyway. Speaking of which? Where is Rinnan? in the hesitating quiet of one Trikru band shouting across the trees from the other, the archers of the attack group aren't the only thing that have gone out of sight. She had been moving presumably from one branch to another, following Britt, but now she's not there either.

Wren says nothing, this is Arlin's ballgame and the medic is up at bat. So don't blink, brah. Beyond the that, the big man lazily spins the axe in his hand, the bladed end twirling slowly like a top. He's waiting for things to go straight to hell, but maybe also hoping that he doesn't have to use it. Always expect the worst, but look for the best. Not a bad mantra, if one has to have one.

"<In Trigedasleng> Then clearly you've never seen much of the Azgeda, boy," Britt fires back over her shoulder after Tuan speaks. Wren's comment gets no response as she's moving out of conversation range (unless they're following too) but Britt certainly doesn't seem to be chomping at the bit to kill anyone. Instead she stares at Arlin. "<In Trigedasleng> Well, that's one way to do it."

Tink immediately jumps on the rope and starts pulling it up quickly, "Ummm…we'll be okay for about a day or so Kai but I didn't stock us for a seige or massive invasion." She moves like a monkey, pulling, pulling to get that rope up so no grounders can get up in their nest.

<COMBAT> Cameron treats Stone:
< Chest (Moderate): unsuccessful
< Right_Arm (Light): successful

Don't jerk the trigger. Don't jerk the trigger. That's what Kai said and Morgan's not going to jerk the trigger. And then part of the fucking wall collapses and he forgets about the Grounder who was in his sights and spins, aiming at the gap and waiting for whichever Grounder decides to be first through the gap. He waits. And waits some more. "Well?" he murmurs.

Cameron flashes a quick grin at Stone, "Oh, beautiful, sure. It'd be even better if the whole forest was on fire around us, right? Picture the pretty lights." That said, eh snags the bottom of Stone's shirt, and he has a knife out a minute later and is tearing the bottom chunk off. He needs something for an emergency bandage, and its not ideal, but it'll put pressure on the wound. Then the wall is coming down? "The fuck diggity shit monkey on a spit." He groans, eyes Stone a bit, "I'd lay low if I were you, that neck wound needs some serious looking at, but. I gotta go kill me some savages, man."

Stone, for his part, seems content to take a moment of breather, letting Cameron try to do someting with the wounds. Not that there's a lot _too_ do with some of them without a medical sort helping probably. As the wall goes down, dark chocolate eyes go wide and then wider still at Cameron's swearing. The advice earns a grin from the big would-be warrior though, and he's pushing himself stiffly up, one hand still on spurting throat, other taking up the dangling gun. The raspy low voice cuts in reply as he starts off after Cameron. "Not an option. Still work to do." And then, almost as an afterthought. "And mind your language if ya can. It's distracting." Yup, the guy bleeding to death from arrows just had to add that. Apparently it was important information worth wasting breath and effort on.

"Then pray that we can drive them off before then." is Kai's fatalistic opinion offered to Tink,"Damn it you idiots, retreat." at least she's muttering it low enough only to be audible to Tink as she continues to scan the treeline for targets, flexing her wounded hand absently to try and keep the feeling in her fingers,"What in the ever-loving hell are they about to roll in through that hole?" that's what's working on the ex-C's mind right now, not knowing a word of Treeslang she assumes that the sudden silence is just the prelude to even more murderface.

The wide-eyed, banged-up, sweat-soaked creature that is Cassandra Bonheur is surely quite a sight for those on the other side of the wall that's just fallen down. When the cloud of dust beneath that collapsed wooden precipice clears, her rifle has now swerved to point squarely at the gap in petrified anticipation, bandage-wrapped head and all. Fiona grabs onto her arm and the lanky Farm Station girl goes taut, making a firm anchor out of what little musculature she has in that scrawny arm of hers. (Not much.) She waits, and waits, and waits, and waits, expecting any moment now to die beneath a great quadrupedal equine's fearsome hooves, or quite possibly get impaled by a spear — but at least she won't die amid the fetid stench of vomit and stale blood in the Dropship, waiting like a sitting duck to be shot like a fish in a barrel. She'll die between Fiona, Morgan and Elias, with a weapon in her hand. Or maybe, just maybe, she'll shoot the fucker who's coming for them first; and she'll get to stubbornly live yet one more day past her eighteenth birthday, also known as her long overdue appointment with the Skybox airlock.

Tink nods, feeling that tightness in her chest that's known as fear. It's been a pretty common emotion since they got launched here, "Man…I should have talked to Cole about making a bomb…a variation of what I screwed up before…" Her kingdom for a damn bomb but no such luck on this day. She glances at the wound again but it still seems minor so she goes about getting ready for the next wave of nightmare.

Casting a look over his shoulder at Stone, Cam snorts, "The fucking Woods Clan is coming to slaughter our Eden-cursed asses after giving us the floating plague and you're worried about my fucking cursing?" Despite the fact that he's cussing, his voice is cool. Calm. Collected. "Besides my foot fucking hurts." This is said with some heat, a hiss through clenched teeth. But, down he goes, and crouching, quiet, he tries to slip behind stuff an blend in on the way towards the broken down wall.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Stealth-1: Good Success.

On whose orders? Seriously? Did Arlin not just say he's there to parlay something something the Heda? Did he not even go so far as to flash the mark of the Heda's service on his left wrist? Did the guy asking the question get shot in the head? The slightly bitchy, utterly incredulous look Arlin casts at Britt conveys what his inquiring mind wants to know. Seriously? FFS. He has enough wherewithal to only mildly roll his eyes before his attention is again forward, slightly sour.

In that grit and embers baritone of his, the medic speaks, "<In Trigedasleng> I am Arlin kom Trikru." Someone they may be aware knows what happens when firearms come into play. "<In Trigedasleng> She is Britt kom Trikru." He's about to mention Rinnan but realizes she is no longer there. This doesn't seem to surprise him, and he carries on "<In Trigedasleng> We are here at the Heda's behest, and we will not permit Sonia to draw the attention of the Mountain simply because she foolishly undermined Indra's plans in her eagerness to exact vengeance." Anyone who knows Arlin well enough would know that he's also the kind of person to do something hella stupid from an emotionally volatile state. This isn't about him and his hypocrisy, though. "<In Trigedasleng> Blood will have blood," of this he sounds most resolute, "<In Trigedasleng> but not this day. Fall back now, and I will tend to your wounded."

There is no retreating at this point, Elias considers. Even if they did manage to make it to the dropship, what then? No. If a stand needs to be made, he will do so here and now. Clutching his own spear still, the young man stands next to Cassandra to defend anyone coming through or trying to get at Fiona. The lazy one…apparently? Poor Fi. With spear in hand, he clenches his jaw and just waits. "We're fucked one way or another," he utters. "Least we get a choice in how we go." Taking a deep breath then, he sets his stance and just prepares for the worst.

There is a long silence following Arlin's words, and again, that rough grumbling voice replies, "<In Trigedasleng> The heda sent you?" The ropes that had been attached to the horses go slack, and then someone is dragging in the portion of the wall into the woods.

<FS3> Stone rolls Stealth-5: Success.

Wren doesn't move. Infact, he's counting the number of heads he's seeing, taking steps to memorize their locations, or their movements. Remaining ever alert, ever ready for things to devolve like they are known to do.

"Oh, I'm so sorry your tootsies hurt, sweetheart. Woe is you." Stone's grumbling in that raspy bubble of sardonic as he's stepping along after Cameron, arrows still jutting (OUT OF HIS THROAT!!). Sure, he's probably leaving a nice blood trail, but he's doing it while moving surprisingly smooth and stealthily for such a big bastard. Especially a heavily injured big bastard. This totally isn't going to end well for him.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Resolve: Good Success.

With the dried trails of bloody tears streaking her face from her eyes and the front part of an arrow still piercing her body, Fiona takes a few ragged steps forward, planting her spear so she can lean it as she stares at the horses and the people beyond the wall. She takes a heavy breath. A second. A third. And then she bellows, "Hod up! Chich op gonaheda!" It loses something in the way of impact as she almost stumbles, but leans on the spear to keep upright.

"He's still mostly out of it." Kai notes for Tink, taking her eyes for a second from the woods to glance down with a grimace,"If he gets himself killed, I will bring his ass back just so I can kill him myself." she mutters, wiping her hand off on her pants before resettling her hands again on the weapon,"Still can't see any of them." she reports to Tink anxiously,"They'll probably roll some damned napalm in here or something and incinerate the lot of them. How many bullets do we have left?" Fiona's Treeslang draws her attention back down to the camp proper and then up,"I'll give her credit. They put an arrow in my chest I wouldn't be trying to talk to them. They still need to retreat though." at least in her opinion.

Britt just meets Arlin's eyeroll with a helpless shrug. The Grounder leader's question, though, causes her to frown as well and call back, "<In Trigedasleng> As he said already, the Heda wishes to parlay with these Skaikru. Hard to do if you massacre them all," she points out dryly.

"He'll be okay Kai…he hasn't gotten shot," yet…that's something that Tink doesn't say in Kai's presence. She glances over the edge to see if she can see any of them but so far no luck. She looks back at what they stocked and starts counting the ammo, "I think we've got a bit yet still…depending on how heavy they come in next time." She grimaces at the mention of Fiona taking an arrow in the chest, "Yeah well…better her than me or you."

"Yes, yes, you have arrows stuck in you, but at least you didn't run for hours after a sprain before coming down with … You know what you're seriously crimping my game here. I'm trying to be sneaky. Hush, you." Cam waves a hand over towards Stone, and crouches near to the part of the wall that didn't fall down, staying flush against it, peeking around. Peek. There should be slaughtering going on here.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Resolve: Good Success.

Tuan looks over at the comment Britt makes before he snorts a bit, but keeps himself focused on the task at hand. As Arlin speaks to those in charge of the attack group, his eyes are scanning the now broken walls of the camp, worriedly.

Arlin just stares, the flat, intense stare of someone who probably is vividly imagining bashing in the mystery face of the disembodied voice of the either brain injured or willfully draft attack dog of Sonia. It's only something Britt says that sharply snaps him out of it, and he jerks his head in her direction. What the hell, Britt?! That is so not what I said. Fuck my life. His eyes are wide with shock and the swelling dread of realization that this is where everything is likely to go downhill like a rock hard turd boulder. To his credit, his impulsive, visceral nature well serves him because instinct kicks in, and the aforementioned look likely isn't there long enough to fully register before his voice, again, firmly reiterates, "<In Trigedasleng> Blood will have blood, but not this day. Fall back, NOW. It won't be said again." Quite pointedly, he refastens the leather cuff on his left wrist, covering the Heda's mark, gimlet sharp gaze and simmering expression thrown down like some gauntlet.

The gruff rumble replies, "<In Trigedasleng> On my order, stand down, retreat." There is a long, heavy silence from the trees, and then there is the sound of movement as archers begin drop their perches, falling back into shadow. The wall has been left in the woods, though the horses have been drawn back into the woods by their warriors. They do not immediately amass toward Arlin and the other grounders, but seem to be taking a cautious distance, as if uncertain.

According to those inside the camp, it is like the threat has just vanished.

<FS3> Tink rolls Alertness-1: Good Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness-1.25: Good Success.

The anti-climax is just too much for poor Cassandra. There she sits, frozen, rifle still in hand, waiting in Fiona and Elias' shadow for the oncoming onslaught that it seems will never come. She waits a beat, maybe two, then loudly demands to know, "What the fuck just happened?!"

Arlin's eyes say WTF and Britt cants her head with a quizzical but silent What? right back at him. But then there's a Delinquent girl staggering out into the open with an arrow sticking out of her, shouting in their language. Well. Kinda. That gets Britt fully to her feet, staring.

There's a long moment until the other Grounders start to leave, and it's only at that point that /some/ of the tension in Wren's shoulders beging to drizzle away. Then an long intake of a breath that he might've been holding in. "<In Trigedasleng> Good job." he grunts to Arlin, taking a step back, now looking more fulling at the camp and the now large hole in part of it.

Elias is as confused as anyone, really. His brows furrow and he glances back towards Cassandra. The response he gives is a shrug and a rapid shake of his head. "I have no idea. Are they fucking playing with us?" He peeks back around cover, trying to get an idea of what the heck is actually going on at the moment. "If so, that's…pretty messed up."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-2: Good Success.

Tink calls out to Cassandra, "The archers retreated…don't see the horse guys or Cole's wall anymore." She pauses and then mentions, "There's some Grounders…maybe four or five out there but they're just standing there talking." She looks to Kai confused cause she's not sure what's going to happen next, "Ummm…I don't think they're planning on storming the castle."

Kai doesn't immediately move to rise even after Tink's shout, but neither does she open fire on the remaining Grounders that she can see. For starters, none of them appear to be armed. It doesn't mean the grey-eyed girl /trusts/, but she's totally willing to see what happens. There's a grunt of acknowledgment for the other girls words,"See if the wounded need help, Tink, I'll stay up here and keep an eye on them.. but if Fi's actually managed to get them to listen I'll totally buy that girl a drink."

"I don't know Cass." Morgan answers, continuing to aim at the gap in the wall. He's not yet ready to assume things have come to a halt.

Tuan shoots a look at Wren, "For now, but they will be back." His tone is quiet, eyes watching the departing Grounders before he inclines his head. "Do we… go before the Camp believes we are a threat?"

Tink looks around, makes sure the other gun is loaded. That Kai has what she needs to hang in the nest before dropping the rope. Then she shimmies down. It's not graceful or even very skilled but she manages to get herself down without falling off the rope. Once she's down, she'll look around to see what she can do to help.

At Tink's announcement, Elias slowly steps out of cover to perhaps get a look for himself. Things seem relatively calm compared to minutes ago when the air lit up with gunfire. Taking deep, even breaths and another couple of cautious steps, he finally stands up straight and lowers the spear. "They..left," he says, blinking a bit. Another look is given over to Cassandra before his eyes lift to the sniper's nest to find Kai and Tink.

For his part, other than miming a silent 'talky talky' gesture vaguely in Cameron's direction with a bloody hand, the big arrow-stuck ex-C just moved into position opposite the same breach, laying in wait for…what never comes. And when a big grounder is stepping forth with the comment for Cassandra, Stone eyes him up and down, barrel of the rifle raised, but apparently it's decided to take their word for it. Sighing gently, Stone moves to lean against the broken edge of the wall and start to sink down to his haunches, eventually to his butt. Raspy, slurry words escape him, mostly to himself, though Cameron's close enough to hear and so might be others. "Well then, I think I'm just gonna…be right over here…kinda sleepy." Blink blink slow-blink. "That…probably isn't a good sign." You think?

Fiona is in so much pain, and that holler took a lot out of her. She looks around, trying to figure out the reason for the withdrawal, but she's dazed and confused as hell from shock and pain. The spear isn't so much a weapon now as a means to keep her upright. That won't last long.

"Yeah…they left," Tink tells Elias now that she's on the ground and walks in his general direction, "The smaller group of four or five…not sure on that, seems to be hanging outside but they don't look like they're leaving the treeline. I think we've got time to get folks back to the drop ship before the next wave or all hell breaks loose."

Crisis seemingly averted, a huff of breath is snorted out, nostrils briefly flaring, mouth still a little sour, eyes more intense than ideal, but that fades quickly enough, the tension and adrenaline now channelled into pursuits that are much more Arlin's wheel house. To the departing war party, he reminds, "<In Trigedasleng> I said I would tend to your wounded. The offer stands." The medical satchel upon his person suggests it's not idle talk.

On shaky, unsteady legs, slowly Cassandra rises to her feet, and staggers for good measure when she does so. Tink's words inspire her to all the same, but it soon has her reaching out to grab onto Fiona's arm for precarious support, and by the glazed look in her eyes, there's a moment where she's struggling to see. "Pretty… messed up…" she starts, with the sound of impending vomit in her voice, "Sums these fuckers… right up." She readjusts her hold on her rifle once she's stable, pointing it back at the gap in the wall.

Tuan's instinct that they maybe ought to retreat turns out to be correct. The minute Cassandra's swimming vision clears and she spots him behind the wall, her lips draw in a thin, grim line, and he takes direct aim at his chest. Or so she thinks. She's a lousy shot, so it's more aiming at a tree far in the distance behind him.

"You!" the bandaged Skaigirl calls out to the youthful blonde Grounder, incensed.

Sighing, Cameron eyes Stone, and moves over, and… tries to kick him in the shin. "Don't sleep until Morgan or Silver gets a look at you. Stand up! Look, stand up. If you go to sleep you might not wake up again. You've been almost dead for way too long now let's not see you roll over and finish the job." His voice is cool and firm. He doesn't really mean to add injury to the guy, but a good kick in the shin on top of the other things might jolt him awake. He reaches down to offer his hand, "Come on, big guy. You need to keep up and alert. I'll keep kicking you if I have to." His voice does sound sympathetic over this. Mostly.

….No, but, seriously? Where is Rinnan? Is she in a tree? Is she on a boat? Maybe swimming in a mote? Who knows! One thing's for certain, she seems to really not be 'there' anymore— if she was ever there at all.

"<In Trigedasleng> Looks like they don't want your help." Wren utters lowly. "<In Trigedasleng> Fairly certain we didn't make any friends just now on that end." That's the warrior's opinion. Stop them from killing? Getting vengeance(in their eyes anyways)? Yeah, not going to earn you any favors, even if you're talking with the Commander's voice. A shrug then, moving on over to the Tuan's side. "<In Trigedasleng> What's eating you?"

Britt claps Arlin on the shoulder, a job-well-done slap. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm going to go talk to them. Hopefully they won't shoot me." If they do, she trusts Arlin and Rinn to come get her. Her bow still in hand, but lowered in a (hopefully!) non-threatening posture, she starts walking slowly down towards Fiona.

Elias nods to Cassandra and winces at her slightly as well. Still looking like death warmed over himself and not feeling much better, he finally sticks the spear into the ground near his feet and starts to move to get Fiona. "Hey, Cass. Can you wave somebody over? We need to get Fiona to medical." The request is done so with no small amount of sympathy for her current condition. Looking over to Tink again, he nods his head in thanks for her info.

"Hold fire!" Kai calls from the top of the dropship,"Incoming, armed but non-threatening." is the assessment of the grey-eyed girl for Britt. So at least the sniper isn't about to put a hole in her.

Oh yeah, Wren is walking forward too towards the camp. Forgot to mention that.

Tuan looks up at Wren when he speaks to him, snapping out of a mental state of sorts that had him staring at the forest. Looking up at the other, his head shakes a bit before speaking quietly. "<In Trigedasleng> This is just a bandaid. It bought what, a day? Maybe two at the most?" He inclines his head towards the withdrawing forces of Sonia. "<In Trigedasleng> Have we become addicted to war?" The philosophical question is given to Wren before he turns and looks back at the camp, following with Wren towards them.

That is of course, until he finds a gun being pointed in his general vicinity by Cassandra. There is a pause to his steps and a very quick narrowing of his eyes as he looks at the woman aiming the weapon at him.

Reluctantly (or maybe just woozily from bloodloss), Stone manages to get upright again with Cam's help after casting him a bleary smirk at the kicking. "Don't hurt your toes." Is the best he can manage to quip before he's walking along where led to medical, then managing to think. "Someone should take care of Joaquin too. Poor guy."

As additional Grounders come walking up to the hole torn in the wall, a Delinquent calls out, "More Grounders!" Another adds in, "They're not getting in here! We've got 'em!" And a half-dozen start rushing toward the hole in the wall, spears brandished. Luckily none of them was deemed worthy of a rifle.

"No!" Another surge of adrenaline as she attempts to divert Cass, but Fiona's not quick enough. And then the faces of Coesbur are approaching and she lets out a breath in relief. Even smiles. "They're from Coesbur." she says, followed quite conversationally with, "Cass? I think now I might pass out."

"You guys take care of Fiona…I'll go chat with them," Tinks offers and then does a silly thing like head to the currently non-violent Grounders like they weren't at each other's throats five minutes ago, "Cassandra…come one. These guys weren't the ones shooting at us. I think…but still, they're not shooting now." She keeps on walking, "If they stick a club or sword in my head then shoot. Freaking stop with the spear pointing already. Damn it. I think they were coming up to talk."

As the Grounders approach the wall and Cass is aiming at someone, Morgan moves to get a better angle. When he sees who it is, the rifle lowers just a bit and doesn't point directly at them. "Stop!" he calls, flicking a glance over his shoulder at the ones rushing them. "They're from the village." At least two are. One of the patients and the one with the book on tantric sex.

Hey, Arlin offered. If wounded pride matters more than wounded flesh, that's not for the medic to judge. (Although he probably is judging anyway.) Once it's evident that the war party has well and truly retreated, only then does he turn his attention toward the camp, expression overcast. Glancing upwards, the fading of sunlight into dusk certainly doesn't improve his mood.

There's a wary look on Britt's face as she approaches the camp, ignorant of the sniper's assessment of her threat level. She doesn't make any sudden movements. Fly casual. She stops a good dozen feet back from the collapsed wall, waiting to see if any of the youths inside wish to chat. Her eyebrows go up slightly at the spear-brandishing guys. OK, so they're not too keen on chatting.

"<In Trigedasleng> Well, considering their wall was just broken down, a couple days is better than none, yes?" Wren shrugs at Tuan. "<In Trigedasleng> An eye for an eye leaves all blind, Second. War is only needed when it's required. This? This is just anger looking for an outlet. Being afraid of the unknown. Vengeance is often required, but not always. Not all situations require it. This is one of those times. But, we are also in the minority." He puts his hands up. "Put those pig-stickers away." he utters with a grunt. "Before you hurt youselves. If I wanted to kill you, you'd know."

"Stand DOWN!" not that, really, Kai has any authority, but she does have a really high spot, and a gun, and a face full of bitchy as she rises from her spot to glare down at the spear holders,"Move the wounded and someone find the damned engineers." she endeavors to redirect them to more useful tasks and leave those near the gates who aren't flipping out to deal with the new arrivals.

"We'll take care of it." assures Cameron to Stone, and then looks to find Morgan, calling out, "Morgan. Need medical. Guy's got an arrow in the neck and I didn't want to so much as look at it funny with my basic training. Seems slaughter is off the table for right now, so…?" But then he finally realizes there's commotion outside. Oh dear.

All Cassandra sees are Grounders, and Grounders are what just attacked them. She narrows her eyes right back at Tuan, and doesn't budge, even as Elias instructs her to go get medical attention. "Fi…" she says, with familiar disbelief at the Tesla Ringleader's indomitable idealism. "They shot you. In the chest. Why shouldn't I shoot him right back? He was going to spear me in the chest. He said so." She is speaking loud and clear enough for the Grounders to hear, even if she isn't speaking to them. Apparently she isn't convinced that these nice folk from Coesbur mean well.

Kai spends 1 luck points on For trying to persuade the NPC delinquents..
<FS3> Kai rolls Persuasion+3: Failure.

"They're Grounders!" The response to Fiona's protest is immediate. Another of the spear-wavers calls out, "Grounders go home!" Nevermind that according to certain definitions this is part of the Grounders' home. "They shot arrows in us! They tore down the wall!" A few other Delinquents are trying to protest that these Grounders aren't attacking, one of whom calls out to the Grounders, "What do you want?" The pig-stickers… definitely not being put away however. Even with Kai yelling at them from atop the dropship too.

Tink is still walking to the wall, cause she's going to have to look at it anyway since she's going to probably be stuck helping Cole fix it. She walks right out the entrance, glancing over at the idiots at spears, "I swear…you freaking idiots piss those guys off…I'll light your asses on fire while you sleep."

Fiona starts to wobble. "They're from Coesbur." she repeats stubbornly, voice raised. "And they've been helping us for the past two days. We wouldn't have known if not for them, so calm the fuck down!" The blood is draining from her face.

"I also fed you. Shared jokes with you." Tuan responds to Cass when she speaks, letting his words carry loudly enough so she can hear it. "And I told you I would put a spear in your chest if I must." His words start to trail off as his eyes move past Cassandra and he takes two running steps before he stops. "<In Trigedasleng> She is hurt Wren. Find Arlin, tell him I will offer whatever is needed if he will aid her."

Morgan looks over at Cam when he calls him then frowns when he sees Stone. "Get some people to carry him into the ship, Cam. I'll be right there." He slings his rifle over his shoulder and runs a hand over his hair. "And how many people have /you/ threatened to kill, Cass?" he counters. "Put the gun away till someone who is actually attacking us shows up." Turning, he heads over to Stone to help get him into the ship before he bleeds out..

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tink=persuasion-1 Vs Delinquents=4
< Tink: Success Delinquents: Good Success
< Net Result: Delinquents wins - Solid Victory

"To let you know that we just bought you a day. Maybe two before they come back." Wren says blandly towards whosever holding that spear at him. "Or rather, /he/ did." he adds, jerking his head back towards Arlin. "So…you know, if you want to say thank you, I'm sure he would appreciate it a little bit." Then he looks at the hole in the wall, without going through it, his axe sheathed behind his back. "They will come back, and they /will/ kill all of you. So if I were you, I would take this time to prepare what you can to prevent that whole 'death' thing from happening. Unless you prefer death. Then, well, I can't really help you with that." There's a glance at Tuan. Then sighing, looking over his shoulder at Arlin. "<In Trigedasleng> Hey Arlin!" he calls over. "<In Trigedasleng> You feel like being merciful for one them that's I guess is dying or something?"

Taking up his spear again, Elias heaves a sigh and looks to Fiona. "I'll bring help," he tells her before, using the spear to lean on a little, starts making his way towards where Morgan is. He does seem to know his way around the medical stuff, after all. With only some rudimentary training in first aid, he isn't terribly confident in his own ability to help with the arrow wound. "Morgan! Hey, hey!" he calls out to the guy. "Fiona's going to need that wound looked at! I'm not keen on moving her." With that said, he also starts moving towards the hole in the wall. "Hey! Stand down! They're probably the reason you're not dead right now." This is spoken in support of everyone else attempting to get the mob to calm down.

Elias spends 1 luck points on Persuasion roll..

"We weren't the ones who attacked you," Britt calls, looking toward Cassandra. "Coesbur has honored the truce." She listens to Wren when he starts speaking, nodding her agreement. When he calls to Arlin, she looks back over her shoulder to see his reaction. And to see if she can catch sight of Rinnan. (She doesn't.)

Tink mutters to herself, "Yeah…those jerks never listen to me anyway." Tink is outside of the wall, looking it over to figure out what's going to need to happen to get this thing a little strong, "Thanks by the way. While these idiots don't appreciate it, I do." She flashes a smile at Wren, "For what it's worth…which isn't much." She looks back at the wall and bites her bottom lip, "Gotta rebuild and make it stronger…" And her engineering brain is starting to go to work. She's going to let the more persuasive folks reign in the kiddie crew.

There's a quick nod offered to his boyfriend, "Gotcha." and Cameron dragoons a couple random Delinquents to help get Stone into the dropship, a quick smile and a nod for Morgan when he joins. Otherwise he looks up at to where people are arguing with Cassandra, and adds, "Obviously we're not dead right now, Cassandra Bonheur, so that means they don't want us dead. For now. Let's not provoke them to changing their mind." But, he's heading to the dropship with the wounded.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Elias=Persuasion+2 Vs Delinquents=4
< Elias: Good Success Delinquents: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Cassandra brandishes her loaded rifle at Tuan in a manner that wholly proves she has never held a gun before. What she assumes to be a menacing gesture is basically just waving the thing in a circle mid-air, such that she would lose her aim, if she ever had it in the first place. "You shot me in the head," she unfairly blames Tuan, who may have done no such thing — but his people sure did. She may have had a bad case of bed-head last he saw her, but now she's scarcely recognisable, with a much more severe case of cracked head. "You agreed to a ceasefire and then you attacked Asher and me. He almost died. I almost died. You kept us in a pit for two days to be eaten by mice." This part is likely news to the other Delinquents. The two made mention of Sonia's declaration of war, but not the conditions in which they were kept.

One person, however, manages to get through to Cass. It's Britt, perhaps unexpectedly. The raccoon-eyed girl glances to the redhead, if only for a moment, before she's looking back at the fellow she's threatening with a rifle. Her lips are pursed contemplatively, however, and there's now hesitation in her stance. The barrel dips, her will to fire waning, but she doesn't relinquish it. She holds it, patient and expectant, evidently waiting to hear more of the defense they plan to offer.

"See? One of them's threatening Cass!" There's a pause, "Wait, do we like Cass?" That's another voice, and then the first comes back with, "She's one of us, man!" The words from Wren, Elias, and Cameron draw grumbles, and the second voice chimes in with, "We had 'em covered! No way you Grounders can stand up to guns! We're not dead because we defended the camp." The first comes back with, "Well, maybe not just us." At least it's a start. Another one of the spear-wielders, however, responds to Britt, "Then tell them to honor it too! We didn't do nothing to them."
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"I understand." Fiona says to Wren solemnly. But Tuan gets a smile. "Heya." she greets, with the arrow head still stuck in her. "Thanks for coming." she says, tone drifting as she starts to slip more readily into shock. Like he just showed up at her sweet sixteen or something. To Cass, stubbornly, "That wasn't him."

"Bonheur, if you open fire now so help me I will take that rifle and shove it up your ass." Kai's out of patience, especially with the damned spear holders ignoring her. She leaves the second rifle where it is, as she can't hear what's being said at her distance but is simply observing body language. The first one gets slung over her shoulder so the grey-eyed ex-C can elect to ease herself down the rope, which her injured hand just /loves/ with the intention of joining those near the new hole in the wall, adrenaline's beginning to burn off now and leaving her all kinds of angry and stressed right now.

Fiona spends 1 luck points on Come to Delinquent Jayzus, Y'all..

"You need to settle down before you get more people killed." Wren looks at Cassandra. "Though it looks like you and your friend Asher likely caused enough pain and suffering already if you were kept in a pit of mice." There's a look between Tuan and Britt, a perhaps 'putting the pieces together' kind of look. "So /that's/ how you got the Blood Fever, I was wondering who might've been unlucky enough to be the first carrier. You were the ones that the brought it to your camp. But…" a look at Tuan, wondering. "<In Trigedasleng> Did you shoot her in the head?" he asks him before looking at the group at large.

"Those were the only ones that are coming. They were just the vanguard. MOre are coming. Hundreds more. An entire warband will come down on your camp like a wave. And you don't have enough bullets to kill them all. They will kill all of you, unless you prepare. You have time now. I suggest you take the time to use it. Or not, there's only two in there that I honestly care all that much for."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiona=pesuasion+1 Vs NPC-Delinquents=4
< Fiona: Good Success NPC-Delinquents: Failure
< Net Result: Fiona wins - Solid Victory

"There are five of them, you hapless idiot. They're not here to attack us which means they might just have something useful to say." Elias continues towards the group of them before Cassandra draws his attention. His eyes widen as she brandishes the rifle at Tuan. Blinking slowly at first at her, it takes him a moment before he changes course to try to put himself between Cassandra's rifle and the Grounders. As best he can, at any rate. "Whoooah! You need to -calm down-, Cassandra. You do that and we're fucking -dead-. Tonight." Both of his hands raise and he gives her an imploring look. "Let's hear them out, yeah?"

Tuan stares flatly at Cassandra, looks at Wren, then back to Cassandra before speaking levelly. "I did not shoot you." Well, at least he's addressed that with the most verbose answer he could muster. "Fiona kom Skaikru is hurt. I am going to go to her." He looks around to see if Arlin has managed to catch up to help before he starts to take steps forward, less concerned than he should be.

Britt listens to the back and forth between the Skaikru, watching them with a hawkish stare. Trying to gauge their measure as warriors even as she presses her luck to test if they're going to talk or attack. "Your people's dropship destroyed a village. They blame you. Blood calls for blood. If you can prove you're not responsible, that it was an accident… perhaps we can avoid further bloodshed."

"I understand." Fiona says to Wren again, but lifts a finger as if to say hang on a sec. She's tired. She's hurting. And she is really, really done with the bickering, okay? "These. Are. Our. ALLIES!" she turns back toward the camp. "I am telling you that these people are from Coesbur, and none of them were with the war party! They bought us time! We got them sick by coming here, and they came to our aid because they honored the ceasefire! You want to break truce with the only people on earth willing to help us?! Or do you all want to live?!" Breathing hard she declares in a small voice, "Okay…really passing out now." Her lashes start to flutter, someone catch her please.

Arlin's called and whatever he was pondering is pushed aside as he focuses on the here and now. It's not as though he's unprepared for a night outdoors, but it's still less than ideal. That said, with a clompy-stomp clompy-stomp clompy-stomp, he rejoins the others moving at a brisk pace and looking less than pleased. That's just how his face is sometimes, although there probably is more to it at the present moment. When next to Wren, he grunts, as if to ask who's dying? even as his eyes dart about to perform triage.

"And this is why I don't talk to people," Tink mumbles to herself, half listening to the other kids as she pulls out a journal that's never far from her hands and starts jotting down some ideas to show Cole later, "They just jabber…no freaking plan…" There's a pause as someone mentions that there's now hundred of these guys coming. She wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, crossing out her latest idea on how to create a stronger wall, "Yeah…that's not going to work." She glances up and nods as he mentions that he only cares about two folks at the camp. Then Fiona starts to drop and if none of the guys move in, Tink is going to do it.

Cameron disappears into the dropship with Morgan and Stone and plays nurse, there.

Kai heard 'hundreds', and if there was a thing to rock her on her heels, that's it,"We are so fucked." the ex-C utters bleakly as she eyes Wren and then the others grimly,"Is there another way? I don't.." she purses her lips and glances towards Elias with frustration etched on her face,"I don't know your culture. I'm not going to pretend most of us know it. Thank you.. for whatever you did.. or you and her.." meaning Fiona,"did." she reaches for Cassie's gun to secure it from the injured girl,"But even at the most optimistic, we are all kinds of dead right now."

Wren's words seem to cause more grumbling, "Who the hell gives people something called Blood Fever?" And another, "You don't know how many bullets we have!" Tuan's advance draws the spears back up again, "Hey! Hey! We've got our own doctors!" Fiona's words seem to calm some tempers, a few of the spearpoints being drawn back and away from the Grounders, although one wag in the group grumbles, "How do we know they're on our side though. What if they want to get us all sick again? They're Grounders."

Cassandra is currently trying to decide whether or not she wants to shoot Tuan. She is one hundred percent sure, however, that she definitely doesn't want to shoot Elias; so when he steps in her line of fire, she scowls, but lowers that rifle all the way down and holds it down to the side. "Screw you," she tells her former neighbour from Agro Station. "Screw all of you." There is pain in her voice, and it isn't born from a skull fracture. It is the pain of blame, which she has suddenly decided to pin squarely on Elias and the entirety of the Delinquent Camp rather than the Grounders she was threatening a moment before. She steps around the fellow, hands off her gun to Kai, and then starts towards Britt with wide, steady strides. "Ai laik Kasandra kom Skaikru," she says to the fiery-haired Grounder, as they have not been introduced. "If you will help us secure peace with Sonia and the rest of your clan, I will not shoot you." This she says despite now being mostly unarmed, and about as threatening as an injured hamster, physically.

Tink catches Fiona as she starts to drop to the ground. While the half-pint isn't strong enough to hold her up, she does manage to lower her gently to the ground, "Hey there…it's going to be okay." She lies her ass off to the girl that's passed out. Then glances over at Kai with a nod when she talks about them being fucked. She doesn't know squat about medical stuff…engines yes, rebuilding people, no.

"Doctors who are familiar with this kind of injury?" Tuan almost snaps at one of the delinquents before he pauses at the brandishing of spears; that is of course until he sees Fiona go down then he presses on towards her, getting there after she had been caught of course. "The wound does not look bad. But she is tired." The words are spoken to whomever is around him, mostly Tink. "<In Trigedasleng> Wake up Fiona kom Skaikru. If I am going to get stabbed by a spear, the least you can do is open your eyes." After he speaks, he gives Fiona's cheek a gentle press of his hand.

"Sonia is not the one you should be concerned with." Wren remarks. "Well, yes. I suppose you should. But she doesn't lead the warband." he explains, yawning a little. "You will need to prove that the destruction of Thripoda was not your doing. Which will be difficult…considering you have no evidence. Beyond the fact that you are all from the Sky, and /that/ is good enough for them. You have been, and are, being accused of murder simply by guilt by association. Someone must pay, and you are the only ones here to take the blame. Hence, why they come for you. Why they /will/ come for you."

Britt's attention is diverted briefly by Arlin's arrival. "<In Trigedasleng> Seems nobody wants your help today," she mutters dryly, before slanting her gaze back to the approaching Cassandra. "Britt kom Trikru," she offers in return. "I make no promises, but I have no wish to see your people slaughtered for an accident. If it was an accident, and not an attack."

Elias clenches his jaw as Cassandra lowers the rifle, but hurls that venom. Closing his eyes, he looks away from her a moment before opening them again. He opens his mouth to say something, but she's already moving past him at a quick enough stride. "Cass…" he tries, but gives it up. For now, at least. Hanging his head then, he does finally turn his head and his gaze towards her and her exchange with Britt. When Fiona goes down, it definitely draws his attention, but he keeps his distance for the time being. Approaching the Grounders with some trepidation, he gives a nod of his head. With limited to no interaction with them personally, he doesn't want to make too many sudden movements. He does evidently want to check on Fiona regardless of what Tuan says. "Uh…hey," he greets him. "I'm Elias." The greeting is given while he's studying Fiona…for all that he seems to be taking Tuan's word for her condition.

"Good to know your justice system is just as fracked as ours," Tink murmurs to herself when Wren mentions why they're on somebodies hit list, "You know…it might work out better if Fiona stays out here with you guys…if you're in the position to treat those wounds." It's a compromise that gets Fiona help without freaking out the spear throwers, "I could 'volunteer' to make sure she's okay." And if Tink doesn't come back, she doesn't seem too concerned. She looks over at Britt and tells her, "Believe me…we're not that organized to plan an attack on a freaking band of bunnies much less one of your villages."

Too many spears, and given that there's people with spears threatening them Kai opts to go with,"Tink, get a team together, get that wall pulled back in and find Cole, Eli, you and Cass take Fi in to Morgan, please. Now." the lean ex-C once again attempts to delegate as she steps forward with both hers and Cass' rifle on her for the moment, though her gestures are quelling for the Grounders,"Look, clearly you guys aren't here to start shit, okay? But right now the only way that any of us could guarantee your safety would be under threat of shooting our own, and apparently there's going to be plenty of people to do that for us in a day or so. So maybe best if we step off, yeh?" it's Wren she's mostly talking to, trying to get a handle on the situation before it goes even more south.

"It was not an accident," Cass replies, forcing her hazy eyes to find Britt's and steady there. The girl should not be on her feet at all; that much is clear. Every movement has her looking like she's about to topple, but if the scrawny chick has one thing going for her, it's a wealth of tenacity — more than is healthy for someone of her social and physical stature to have. "We didn't do it. You are Coesbur, not Trikru. I am the Hundred, not Skaikru. You say Trikru attacked us, not you; I say Skaikru fell on you, not us." She staggers, but persists. "I spoke to Sonia. And Enan, kom Trikru. They wouldn't listen when we told them this."

As if by magic, Fiona's eyes flutter open, and she darts a gaze to Tuan. There's another brief smile and the oh, it's nighty-night again.

<FS3> Arlin rolls First Aid: Success.

Britt actually smirks at Tink's comment about their organization - or lack thereof - and gives a pointed look at the spear brigade. "I believe you. But as he said-" A nod towards Wren. "It is not us you need to convince. The Trikru clan has declared war on you. On all of Skaikru -" she clarifies, to Cassandra's point, face turning grave. "If it wasn't an accident, are you saying it was an attack? From your … Ark?" She sounds a little hesitant on the unfamiliar word.

"Hasn't it clued you in yet?" Wren looks at Cassandra, giving a somewhat exasperated sigh. "They don't /care/, they've already made their choice, short-sighted as that might be. You're alien to them. Not of this ground. As far as they're concerned, everything you say is a lie. They have no reason to believe anything you say. The difference between them and Coesbur is that we gave you the chance, the opportunity to show you were not the threat we preceived that you were." He pauses then, letting that sink in. "That was before over seven hundred people died in that village. There is no….explaining a way around that without wanting blood for it. Not without hard evidence that you were not aparty to the act. Do you have evidence to prove your innocence? Without it, I'm unsure there will be anything you can do to stop this from happening." There's a shrug at Britt. "They seem to want little to do with their Ark. Perhaps they are worse than the skaikru here. While I feel that these skaikru be spared. The one on the Ark? They are the guilty, they should bear the punishement."

There's also a nod at Kai, meaning he'll be backing away shortly.

"Oh come on…you have to be kidding me," Tink bursts out as Cass puts foot in mouth, "I'm out of here…I'm going to go find Cole and get this stupid wall built." She starts grumbling as she walks away, "How the fuck a stupid wall is suppose to keep out hundred is beyond me…but hey…let's build a freaking wall cause walls make the sheep feel safe." She stuffs her hands in her pockets and starts walk back to the drop ship to unearth Cole.

"She should remain inside, with your people," Tuan says softly to Tink when she makes her idea vocal. "It will be safer. Shelter, warmth, people that she will know when her eyes open." It is then that he catches Fiona's eyes opening and then the smile and them closing again. He looks up at the other and gives a small nod. Then Tink is wandering back to the dropship, leaving Tuan to sit next to Fiona until she's taken away as well for treatment.

"I'm saying it's… irrelevant if… it was an accident or not…" Cass speaks, though she's struggling to do so. A hand rises up to the misshapen side of her bandaged head. "Because we… we had no power… didn't…" And that seems to end her ability to be coherent, unfortunately. She stumbles, and unless caught, soon lands on her backside on the ground. Wren's words, unfortunately, go over her head, which is not surprising considering the state of it. All she manages to say to him is, "We didn't… cause the Blood Fever. It was him, Mike."

There's a quick nod to Kai from Elias, who turns his attention from Tuan to prepare to emergency carry her back to the dropship. He moves over and kneels down, propping her up with his hands up underneath her arms. "Casse, can you give me a hand, please?" He gives a nod down to the unconscious Fiona to indicate her. "There's time for that talk. Let's take care of Fi right now, alright?" From his kneeling position, he looks up at her again with a silent plea. Something she says does cause him to look at her more inquisitively. "Mike?"

"What would count as evidence?" Kai asks of Wren, keeping her focus on him for all that she's watching the other Delinquents, just to try and make sure no-one gets stabby,"And when you say without wanting blood, what do you mean? We do not have contact with the Ark at present. Even if we did, much like our ship we don't have control over them." she grimaces and shakes her head as she starts to set her hands on her hip and her hand makes it's unhappiness known again, causing her to hiss and flex it.

Britt reaches for Cass as she falls, though the bow in her hand makes it a one-handed grab that's more slowing her descent than actually catching her. She looks to Elias. "Not too much time. As he said, they'll be back." She looks over to the other Grounders. "We should go. Let them tend their people." Since the spear brigade doesn't seem too keen on letting Arlin help.

Wren just kinda shrugs at Kai. "Something that would show you had no part of it. I don't know what that might be. I saw the site. There was little there to say one way or another." Britt gets a nod. "We've said all that we can. Everything else is up to them." And with that said, he begins to retreat back. "<In Trigedasleng> Tuan! Don't bring back the damned fever!" is added before stalking off.

A lot of people seem to expect a lot from Cass right now; she has no answer to any of them. She isn't going to go help Morgan carry Fiona to the Dropship, nor give Elias a hand, and though she's never been known to be a particularly helpful sort, she has the excuse right now of being nearly unconscious. Fortunately thanks to Britt, at least she hasn't injured herself further, and fortunately for Britt, she's no longer a carrier of that Blood Fever, as one of the two Patient Zeroes — though one wouldn't know it to look at the rivulets of dry blood crusted beneath her ear canals and nostrils. Once she's made her way to the ground, albeit gently, she tries to simply curl up on the spot and fall asleep, hugging the dirt.

Kai purses her lips with a shake of her head as Wren walks away, but Cass is sliding down and the lean girl has to stow the second rifle in order to step over, offering at the departing Grounder's backs,"Thank you for today." she elects to offer as politely as she can, collecting the injured girl with plenty of grunting in order to tote her off towards the dropship and get a move on other tasks.

Elias helps Morgan emergency lift and then carry Fiona towards the dropship for further medical attention. His eyes do glance back over at Cassandra as she lays down right there in the dirt, but for the moment he's more concerned with getting Fiona out of there. Elias and Morgan don't seem to have too much difficulty carting her off back to the dropship.

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