Day 069: Dragonslayer Party
Summary: The Kongeda warband, the people of Tondc and Coesbur, and some Skaikru celebrate the end of the Mountain
Date: 6 August 2016
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Marketplace, Tondc

Once upon a time, before the bombs obliterated much of the metropolis, this had been a large, rectangular pool sprawling out almost a third of a mile in length and almost two-hundred feet in width. It has since dried up, and its sloping bottom filled with dirt and gravel to create a busy marketplace. Rectangular white pavers wrap the outside of the small lip of stone, creating a perimeter around the area. Beyond that perimeter is mossy lawns of grass, and hewn pathways toward the large clutch of Tondc housing known simply as The Hood.

There are two walkways through the three rows of tents and semi-permanent structures where merchants and traders barter their wares. An occasional break in the center row allows people to easily transverse this way and that through the market. At the far side of the market, opposite of the meeting green, is what remains of an enormous obelisk: the last ten feet of its pyramid peak laying on its side on the grass. It is capped in weathered and corroded aluminum; engraved into the cap, each letter standing about five inches high, are the words: Laus Deo.

69 Days After Landing

The sun hangs low and bright, surrounded by a faint haze of clouds. The heat of the day is finally starting to abate, although the just-lit bonfires certainly counter that for those near them. Most of the tents and booths have been removed from the Marketplace, making room for dancing, drinking, eating, and fires, and those that remain cater to those very activities. The maunheda may be suffering his last in front of the Seat to the northeast, but here, there is revelry. A dozen clutches of players fill the air with music, and conversation and celebration rises up into the darkening eve.

In one corner of the cleared marketplace, a group of musicians saws happily at stringed instruments, and Luther sits amidst them, a jug of some potent potable held up before his lips. He blows over the top rhythmically, adding a hooting melody to the music. As they trail to the end of a song, the Warrior takes another swig from the jug, changing the tune and blowing another experimental note. Shaking his head, he hoists himself slowly to his feet, working his left leg a little as he does, and then hands the jug off to another passer-by. Apparently, he's had enough to drink to make a bad decision, because he rubs at his leg and starts toward the healing house. Tonight, everyone is going to have fun, whether they want to or not.

Elsewhere, Podakru and Sankru eye each other across a wooden table, a half-dozen of each to a bench. At a signal from a watching Trikru, they each draw daggers, slam them into the table, then grab small shots of some liquor and hammer them down. The last one to manage gets pointed at by the entire other team, laughing and calling for him to get up… until one of the daggers topples over, jarred out of the table, and then the fingers turn toward that worthy, and even more gales of laughter go up. Oh yes, the party is in full swing, the drinking games have already begun.

Kai's found a place to perch herself where she can watch the Sankru and Podakru go at it over shots. A big change from that long ago Unity Day celebration inasmuch as she's not watching it with all the hawkish sobriety of a judge but is enjoying a beer in the halter top that leaves most of her scars exposed, lurking among the crowd with a smile on her face. Hell, for the girl once dubbed Captain Buzzkill it's one step short of dancing on a table with a lampshade on.

Wren has been given leave to actually be outside of the healing house. And after an entire week of seeing nothing but the inside of that place, it's a welcome relief. The side of his face still hurt, suggested by the angry look gash down the length of his face, running from the top of his forehead, between his eye and ear, and ending at his jawline. At the very least, it'll make an interesting scar. Thankfully, it has not ruined that pretty face of his, which would be a tragedy for Trikru women all over all. But there have been rules to this ticket of free reign; no drinking, dancing, or fighting. Which, to the big guy, doesn't seem like all that much fun. And it's not like he'll actually listen to those orders. Or well, he'll try not to. But his steps are a little on the slowish side, making sure he doesn't topple over, having had plenty of time to heal and get his energy back. Which he has, just being a tad shy on the careful side.

Most of the people are reveling in their drinking and other games.

Nathaniel is not.

The black t-shirt and shorts wearing 6'4 man moves along on a walking cane, watching the party as he simply observes, and doesn't participate. The rapidly healing bullet wound is clearly visible on his right leg as he goes, with a visible limp as he slowly takes in things. Nathaniel, unlike most, also sports a fairly neutral face. This doesn't seem like a man who is interested in celebrating much as he looks for a relatively clear place to sit.

So the big day is here. The Trikru and Skaikru get to celebrate their victory over the mountain by watching the ritual torture and execution of their leader. Good times. It truly is a brave new world. Prepared this day with a supply of healing herbs to trade, he's working on his second ale as he wanders around. Little surprise that the drinking game catches his attention and he wanders over, detouring slightly as he spots Kai watching it. "Hey." Morgan says as he perches next to her. "Think we should introduce the Trikru to Truth or Dare?"

Silver heard that Wren was going to be allowed out of the healing house for the party. She also heard the restrictions. And she also knows better than to coddle him. So while Wren is hobbling out of the healing house, she's claimed a seat at a table near the edge of the gathering, hands wrapped around a mug of something while she watches the festivities, piecing things together.

Luther returns some seven or eight minutes after he left, and he's got a Healer over his shoulder. The big Warrior (aren't they all big?) limps slightly on his left leg, but carries Galle kom Trikru over his right shoulder easily enough. As he reaches the edges of the merriment, he gives her leg a light swat, "<In Trigedasleng> Now you're not going to pull my hair when I put you down, are you?" He doesn't give her time to respond, however, instead placing his hands at her hips, bending his legs with a little wince, and popping her up off his shoulder. His arms extend to lift her over his head a moment, and then he moves to set her down before him… hopefully without any of his dreadlocks in her grasp.

Kai upnods Morgan,"Shit, most of the Tri would laugh at what the Skai would consider a dare.. but this game looks kinda interesting. Last one to finish might be in trouble, but the guy that can't plant his knife deep enough to make it stay up seems to be in worse shape. Those guys there, they're Podakru, the other's are Sankru.. you see white face paint or deliberate facial scarification you're probably dealing with Azgeda." she's waiting to see what the punishment for the loser is, really, to be kicked off the table? Not so bad. Spotting Wren, and Silver.. the girl raises her hand by way of acknowledgment or 'I'm over here' at least.

Galle kom Trikru is all protest as she is hauled like a sack of potatoes over Luther's shoulder. She isn't kicking or fighting him bodily, but she is saying rather nasty things in Trigedasleng about Luther's manhood. She is not dressed for a party, wearing an ocher gown stained heavily in tinctures and herbal pigments. Her equally stained hands curl sharply into his back, both to hold on so he doesn't accidentally drop her and to abuse him as best she can. At the swat, she growls softly, "<In Trigedasleng> Pulling your hair is the least of your worries, Luther kom Trikru." Though she does relent with a soft snort of resignation. When he lowers to set her down, she presses her hands into his shoulders so she can stand primly on her feet. She brushes her hands sharply down her gown, scowling. "<In Trigedasleng> I am not dressed for this whole thing," she protests, but protests without much heat.

The Podakru who failed to plunge his knife deep enough into the table stands up, abandoning his seat at the table to jeers and teasing in Trigedasleng. The rest of the Podakru each take another shot nearly strong enough to have visible fume lines over it, and then the knives are sheathed and hands placed flat on the table by all remaining participants as the little cups are refilled. Next round, apparently. The Trikru judge calls for them to go, and once more, the knives come out, slamming into the table. They all remain, and once more, it's a Sankru who got the drink done last, although a different one than last time. That Sankru collects his knife, sheathes it, and rises from the table, and the rest of the Sankru take another shot. The honors are even now.

There's a grunt as Nathaniel finds a spot to sit nearby the game table. His walking cane is put against the chair as his blue eyes watch the knife game curiously. Luther, however, pulls his attention shortly after arrival instead. Once Galle is down though, Nathaniel goes back to the knife fight. Seeming content to see how long it takes for fingers to be removed.

"<In Trigedasleng> You know, you look pretty lonely there." Wren says slowly moving on over towards where Silver has seated herself. "<In Trigedasleng> Didn't know if you knew, but pretty women like yourself shouldn't ever be alone." Charm is about the only thing you got going for you right now. There's a small loose and casual salatue over towards Kai, that yes, he did see her, and he's leaving her to enjoy herself. Doesn't need her First standing around acting like she needs needs to behave herself. She already knows. Then back at Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> This seat taken, or you waiting for someone in particular?"

Shaking his head slowly, Luther reaches up to re-gather dreadlocks mussed by carrying the Healer in, "<In Trigedasleng> Your complaint is that you are not dressed to celebrate? Since when do you have to worry about how you are dressed?" A tray of raw veggies goes whirling past, toward the center of the celebration, and Luther snags a handful of snap peas from it, peeling the first one quickly and efficiently and tossing it into his mouth. "<In Trigedasleng> And just what do I have to worry about if not my hair being pulled? You've already hit me, so it can't be that." He points over toward the nearest of the remaining booth, "<In Trigedasleng> Get a drink, and tell me."

Galle looks more than a little affronted by the Warrior, but she lifts her chin and gives him her best haughty look. Then she sweeps away with a flutter of light, airy skirts toward where she can get a drink. She does wave her hand dismissively, as if wordlessly promising she will join him. She passes by the drinking game, and she offers a wry, "<In Trigedasleng> A pouch of poppy that the Sankru are the last standing," she offers, and the Podakru offer gasps and jeers of insult — all in good fun! — while the Sankru look quite pleased at the Healer's bet. She continues on to get a drink, ignoring the long look from one of the Podakru warriors she earns. She pours herself a large mug of ale, and also a smaller cup of that honeyed whiskey she so loves. Then she is pivoting to head back the way she came to rejoin Luther.

"I think that would give me alcohol poisoning.. and yet.. I wanna do it." Kai remarks aside for Morgan,"You decided if you're going to participate in the cutting later? Hey look, there's Breen." she nods vaguely in the direction of Nathaniel even if she doesn't necessarily raise her mug except to take another drink from it.

Silver sees Kai, but doesn't so much as raise a hand to the other girl. Apparently someone's holding a bit of a grudge. "<In Trigedasleng> Could be," she replies to Wren when he approaches, taking a sip from her mug. "<In Trigedasleng> Taken. Or waiting for someone in particular. If I'm waiting, does it not count as taken? Since it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't matter?" That's a dangerous question of 'do these pants make my butt look big' levels.

"Point." Morgan agrees. "There'd probably be lots of blood involved. Seems best to avoid multicultural Truth and Dare then." Especially if there are any Azgeda around. "It does look like fun, actually. I wonder what the alcohol is and how strong it is." At the question, he grunts softly. "Not sure actually. Honestly, none of the ones who died meant enough to me to feel a need to participate. Watching will be enough."

Kai watches the interaction between Galle and the warriors at the table, if she's worried about Silver being mad at her, it doesn't show particularly right this second,"That's Galle." she offers aside to Morgan,"Silver's First. But yeh.. at the low end you'd probably get who could climb the salmon ladder first.. at the high end.. well." she shrugs,"Probably something approaching lethal.. where's the fun otherwise? And fair enough. I figure I already got my cut on him."

Luther blinks at Galle's affronted look, then shrugs off whatever surprise might have crossed his features. He nods, and heads out to collect his jug from the group of musicians. It's a good deal lighter, but still plenty heavy, and he meanders back through the crowds to the drinking game, taking a pull from what is technically potato vodka, but is really just very, very good moonshine. He looks around the group, Kai getting a brief nod, although Morgan's presence draws a faint scowl to his features.

At the table, the Sankru may have been distracted by Galle's confidence, because once more, one of them is the last with their cup bottom-up on the table before them. All the knives stay in the table, and the four remaining Sankru each take another shot … their fifth so far, for those keeping track. The table is reset, the Podakru looking confident now that they are in the lead.

One of the Trikru watching grunts at Kai's comment, "<In Trigedasleng> Seconds play with ale, not the hard stuff."

"<In Trigedasleng> Then I suppose he, or she, I suppose, won't mind if I kept it warm for them while you waited." Wren decides, easing himself down into said seat next to Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> Be more than happy to move whenever they decide to show up." Since he's following the rules laid down on him(for the moment), he eyeballs wherever Galle might be, as if making sure she isn't keeping a hawkish eye on him. Oh good, she's otherwise indisposed. Which brings his attentions back onto Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> You mention the seat being taken? Does the same account for you as well? I would hate to be barking up the wrong tree. Though, that might not stop me anyways."

There's a polite nod from Nathaniel when his surname is mentioned once he finds the source as Kai. Then his attention is on the knife fight again. Because there's no way Nathaniel is calling anything involving knives a 'game'.

The offer from Galle gets a raised brow, but little else, as he leans back on the chair, relaxing for the moment as he fidgets his shoulders a bit, then itches lightly at the wound on his right leg.

"Wheat, honey, and potatoes," Galle says as she passes by Kai and Morgan's little gathering. "We are not biased when it comes to what we will ferment." Then she offers Kai a smaller, more genuine smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Little Bird, be sure that your Skaikru friends do not have too much fun." There's a hint of challenge there before she returns to Luther's side. She hands him her ale mug to hold, and she grips his shoulder as she knocks back the entire cup of honeyed whiskey. Luther wants Galle to have a good time, fine. He'll regret it later. Or she will. Sometimes being stubborn does not work in her favor. Once that is done, she hands the cup to Luther in exchange for her mug. "<In Trigedasleng> Kai is nearly as old as most full-blooded Warriors… I say that she and I challenge you and your chosen teammate." Uh oh…

"<In Trigedasleng> That so?" Kai acknowledges the Trikru's information, though she's distracted by Luther's nod, giving him one in return. Oh how things have changed, given that the grey-eyed girl isn't concerned about letting her eyes drop, but then there's Galle and she points out,"<In Trigedasleng> There's one of me, and at least four of them here that I know. They're old enough to watch themselves." and then there's a challenge being made and she whistles lowly,"Well then.. maybe I'm going to end up in the wagon after all. Galle's just challenged the big guy there with me as her teammate." she slides a look up at Morgan with a toothy grin,"This can't possibly go bad, right?"

Silver takes another drink, giving Wren a long look. "<In Trigedasleng> Well, I thought I was taken," she drawls. "<In Trigedasleng> But my niron keeps pushing this idea that he should be my houmon. So I am beginning to think that I must not have understood the relationship fully. Maybe I am actually not taken, since I have no houmon." Yeah…Someone's cranky.

Morgan looks over at Silver's healer when she's pointed out by named and then nods at Galle's list, giving her a quick smile. "Whatever tastes good." he agrees. "Thanks." He takes a large drink of his ale, looking back to the contest. Though he does note "No, can't go bad at all. Little bird? I like that. I'll like it even more if you bribe me to keep it to myself." he adds with a grin.

Richael emerges into the marketplace which seems to be doubling as party central tonight with copious drinking and bad life choices as some would call it. The Skaikru mad engineer walks on over to where Nathaniel is sitting and slips her arms around him from behind before she says, "Evening love. Enjoying this wonderful night?" She glances over to the knife game and those involved curiously while any passing Skaikru get a nod from her in recognition.

Ah. Think stuff has happened in the week that Wren has been out of commission. There's a speculative eye he gives the new Second, considering. Then, a shrug. "<In Trigedasleng> Sounds like your niron needs to slow the wagon cart a bit. Maybe he just needs to talk to you? Instead of focusing so much about the future? Or he could've had a week to think about what she wanted rather than what he did. Instead of worrying so much with titles and what was what, maybe better just being happy?" A pause, and more thinking. Yeah, he's had time to do a lot of that in the last week. "<In Trigedasleng> Maybe don't need titles, maybe just being together means more than that." There's probably a 'sorry' mixed in with all that.

Luther takes the mug from Galle, balancing it with his own clay jug as she downs the whiskey, "<In Trigedasleng> Good, you're catching up." The challenge, however, has Luther laughing aloud, "<In Trigedasleng> Won't it still leak out of the hole-y Second?" So he heard about how many times Kai got shot. When he returns Galle's cup, it has some of his own potato vodka in it, "Find a table. I'll take you both on myself."

At the larger table, a Podakru goes out to a slow shot, and then a round later, another Sankru to a fallen knife. That's eight drinks each for the three remaining Sankru so far, and they're starting to show signs of fading… except one, a woman with a blacksmith's shoulders and a narrow-eyed scowl.

"<In Trigedasleng> Oh look, there he is." Silver reaches up to pat a hand to Wren's uninjured cheek, though at least this time he gets a small smile to go with it. "<In Trigedasleng> I was wondering when Wren was going to show up. Looks like this seat is taken." Her point made, and with Galle distracted, she slides her mug a little bit closer to him. Maybe that means apology accepted.

"<In Trigedasleng> I am in." Kai confirms for Galle before adding for Luther,"<In Trigedasleng> That just means I can drink more, doesn't it?" finishing her mug to set it aside with a glance towards Morgan,"You say that like it's the worse thing I've been called in my life. Go ahead and tell people, I kinda like it." she smirks at him before stirring,"Besides, I'm pretty sure that after those two are finished with me being called little bird will be the least hilarious thing you can tell the others."

Galle snorts slightly at Luther's words, but she takes the cup and swallows the potato vodka with the same careless air she did with the whiskey. Someone better get this woman some food… The Healer nods to Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> We choose the table." Then she gestures Kai to follow, moving several tables over to an empty one. The woman slides herself across the bench, and sets down her mug. She gestures to Luther to get the rest of the needed supplies as she regards the Second. "<In Trigedasleng> Do not forget this… this day will never come again."

Given all the foreign language going on around him, Nathaniel gave up any hope of understanding everything going on around him hours ago. When Kai talks about Galle though, his eyes go to Kai, then narrow a bit as this turn of events splits his attention.

Then Richael comes over, and Nathaniel brings up his hands to intertwine with hers briefly before kissing the back of it. "Mostly curious what the Trikru call a party, sweetheart." Then Nathaniel leans back, giving Richael room to sit with him on the chair. "It involves knives and lots of drinking so far. I'm waiting to see if anyone loses fingers."

Benning arrives at the party, grabbing herself a drink first before looking around to see what others are doing. She spies Wren first but he appears to be talking to his niron off to the side so she then seeks her next option. Kai and Morgan are noted so she starts to head over in that direction. She does wave to folks she recognizes as she makes her way to the crow, Luther and Galle also gave waves as she makes her way up.

There's a sort of self-depreciating nod from Wren, as in 'message received' sorta way from Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> Yeah, too him a bit to try and pull his face together. Make himself look somewhat decent. Can't be scaring away all the Skaikru with a face like mine." Doesn't sound like Silver included in that label he sets down. There's a look at the mug, then at Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> I won't tell your First if you don't." he adds, nudging Silver's own and then tip it back a little subtly. Drink taken, he sets it back down, saying something a little more privately between the two of them.

"Thank green eden for that." Kai grunts for Galle as she settles onto the bench herself,"<In Trigedasleng> The Mountain destroyed once is enough. Or you mean you drinking?" she inquires as she leans on the table, eyes sweeping back towards the drinking game at another table and over Benning, who gets a raise of her hand by way of greeting before she wipes them on her pants. Somehow right now between the healer and Luther she feels like she's probably drinking out of her league.

Richael steps around to sit in Nate's lap, mindful of the injured leg. "I see, it's interesting. Seems the human tendency to do stupid dangerous things under the influence of alcohol is cross-cultural." She looks down at Nate's leg before she says, "So did the infirmary release you or did you escape from them?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Your face is fine," Silver waves a hand at Wren, though she's watching the drinking game as it gets set up. "<In Trigedasleng> Someone with steady hands sewed it up. Grow a beard, no one will ever know." Taking her mug back, she takes another drink for herself, sliding just a little closer to him on the bench to lower her voice. "<In Trigedasleng> Just how well does Galle drink?"

Luther sets his jug down on Galle's chosen table, then moves off to collect the necessary cups. Knives are easy, everyone has them, right? Benning gets a solemn sort of nod from the Warrior, who managed to find a fourth cup and fill it with little carrots, the perfect finger food that won't mind if it gets bounced around. Settling down on the bench opposite Kai and Galle, he pours from the jug, filling the three cups with clear liquid. The jug is set down, and he greets Benning with a raised hand, "Come, call the rounds!" Which is to say, tell them when to start their knife-thumping and drinking.

Another Podakru falters at the larger table, and then a Sankru, and then another Sankru, leaving the woman with the broad shoulders against a trio of Podakru, one very narrow man who looks about ready to pass out and two doughty warriors.

Benning sees Kai and Luther waving to her so she makes her way over to her and then sits down, giving a greeting to all, "<In Trigedasleng> Good day!" She gives a smile to all as she gets herself comfortable, "<In Trigedasleng> How is everyone enjoying the party?" She seems to be in a generally good mood, and ready to relax after all the activity foraging, helping at the healing house and crafting arrows for the warriors.

"Hey now, I haven't done anything stupid." Nathaniels arms are wrapped around Richaels torso and his chin rests on top of her head. "I was released. I was shot in the leg, not in the head, sweetheart. I'm not a cripple and I can move on it. The walking cane was a compromise since the medtechs are a bunch of worrywarts who see a scratch and go right for the antibiotics."

Morgan looks from Kai to Galle and back then grins and stands when Kai does. He follows her over to the table Galle picked and takes a spot a bit away to watch. "Do us proud, Kai. And remember, I have nothing to pump your stomach with so it'll be a finger down your throat if it comes to it."

"<In Trigedasleng> Didn't know you'd be into guys with beard." Wren remarks, but it does make him raise a hand up to rub at his stubbly jaw. "<In Trigedasleng> Maybe. Haven't done a beard in a while." Looks like they're going to have to keep sharing if they want to keep it inconspicuous. "<In Trigedasleng> Better than most warriors." he states to answer her question about Galle. "<In Trigedasleng> I've heard she can put it away. I's actually kind of impressive." Though he seems to be putting things together after a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> There something going on between you an Kai?" he asks after another moment.

"Yes but you got hit in the head not too long ago." Richael smiles up at Nate as she looks towards the Trikru and others playing. "How is the alcohol here? I have yet to touch any of the stuff since I'm ducking the medtechs at the moment. I think one of them wants to check me out from that procedure to keep that one prisoner alive in the Mountain. Lets just say I'm not keen on being examined when there's nothing wrong with me."

Galle looks wry at Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Both." Then she narrows her eyes at Luther, head tilted slightly. "<In Trigedasleng> So… two against one? Are you sure? Certainly there is not another warrior around you can call on." Her grin becomes sharp. "<In Trigedasleng> Have you no other friends, Luther?" She then withdraws her herbing knife from her belt. It isn't a warrior's knife, but it has a good sharp edge and a well-weathered wrap of leather around the hilt. Its blade is only about five inches compared to the far longer blade of the warrior knives. She folds her arms at her chest, eyes narrowed on Luther. When Benning is asked to call rounds, she nods at the fletcher with a wry quirk of her lips. "<In Trigedasleng> We need an unbiased judge."

Rinnan appears, exiting from a food stall with 2 companions. The obvious start of what appears to be a known-to-her drinking game catching her eye, as she listens to one of the two in her group chatter about something. A brief exchange of pointing in this game's direction and departing waves appears to signal that Rinnan is coming this way, sidling up to the table and looking at the empty seat next to Luther with interest. "<In Trigedasleng> Confident in your ability?," she grins down at him teasingly, half a turkey leg still in her hand from what was probably lunch. At least, one hopes… that's a turkey leg. Her chin upnods at Galle. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll assist the woodsman," she volunteers before stripping a piece of the meat of the bone with her teeth.

Kai chuckles for Galle's words and dips her head in acknowledgment, though she has a proper Trikru knife for skinning, it's the one she snagged from the Mountain she elects to draw out with a grin for Morgan,"I'll try not to bite your finger off then, yeh?" before her gaze goes Benning's way with a broader grin, and then Rinnan joins them with a turkey leg.. now /that/ looks good, but instead she casts her eyes to the sky like 'oh green eden don't let me embarrass myself too much'.

"<In Trigedasleng> Your fault." Silver takes another drink, apparently limiting the sharing. There are good reasons he was told not to drink, after all. "<In Trigedasleng> Asking her to convince me to be your houmon. As if I need one more person telling me exactly how little people here think of me." Parties…are not her forte. Even with some of the edge of frustration gone, she's still restless, looking for something to do.

Benning sits there looking relaxed and nods as her Trikru friends pull her in to play referee. She takes a sip of her drink and tells him, "<In Trigedasleng> I will do my best to be fair to all." She gives a little chuckle, "<In Trigedasleng> But to be fair, I have had a few drinks." Just in case someone doesn't like her calling.

"<In Trigedasleng> Oh… you really want me to have a teammate? I was trying to make it fair," Luther's grin is nearly ear to ear by now, far beyond merely 'cheeky.' Rinnan's arrival causes him to nod, "<In Trigedasleng> Aha! Just in time to Break the Table. Give me a bite of that leg," His eyebrows waggle, "<In Trigedasleng> And you can be my partner." Looking back to Galle, he adds, "<In Trigedasleng> And most of my friends are too busy enjoying themselves already. I didn't have to drag them away from work."

"I have no idea. I haven't tried any of it yet. I'm not in much of a drinking mood." Then he intertwines his hands with hers again, sitting comfortably with Richael in his lap near the knives game. "I'd say just do the checkup. I was holed up in the infirmary for days before my stint in the brig, so you've got no reason to complain about an hour of time." Nathaniel chuckles behind Richael, "though I did have time to get bored out of my mind looking at security camera footage." A pause, "never, ever volunteer for checking over camera footage. You will regret it."

Morgan grins at Kai then glances around, waiting for the game to start. "We definitely need to introduce this back at the camp. Followed by Truth or Dare once everyone is nicely drunk."

"<In Trigedasleng> I will never let you forget that," Galle says, tone serious. Then she smiles up to Rinnan. "<In Trigedasleng> Welcome, Warrior… Luther was about to make a fool of himself. You've saved him." She then looks over to Kai, and offers a small wink. Then she shifts anxiously in her seat. "<In Trigedasleng> Benning… once Rinnan is ready… you can call the first round." Then she looks over at Morgan, brow arched slightly. "Truth or Dare?" She asks in Gonasleng.

"<In Trigedasleng> That…what?" Wren has a mild look of surprise, both eyebrows going up. "<In Trigedasleng> That…wasn't what I asked her to do at all." He can't exactly rub at his face, but he can pinch the bridge of his nose. "<In Trigedasleng> That wasn't what I asked to do. Nothing even revolving around that. Guess I learned my lesson there." Never ask Kai to go probing for information, that's what. He sighs. "<In Trigedasleng> Kind of misunderstanding. And people think of you more than that. Galle is one of the hardest people in Tondc to impress. Really, for now, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's what she thinks. If she's impressed with your work then everything else is just a mild distraction." Someone has to keep her spirits up, since nobody else wants to. "<In Trigedasleng> For the record, I asked to get some information, but I don't think it'd be…good to just ask you upfront what I could do to…" he makes a gesture with a hand, not saying it out loud, before lowering his voice again.

"Eh, the medtechs will have to catch me first. I never give up a fight once it's begun." Richael turns her head to kiss Nate's neck before she looks back to the Trikru game. "Want to get a better view? I can bring your seat with us." When she hears Morgan and Galle mention truth or dare, she grins. "Careful there Morgan, the Trikru might enjoy Truth or Dare more than we do."

Rinnan holds up the turkey leg, allowing Luther to take a stripping bite in the moments before things begin and the leg must be put down in the name of sportsmanship. She waggles her eyebrows at Luther, before that same look carries over to Galle. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm here to be supportive," Rinnan advises Galle with a sagacious nod and wry grin, as to her duties for riding shotgun on Team Luther on St. Murder and Make Poor Choices Day. Rinnan looks around for a moment, regarding the assembled Skaikru for a moment before she upnods in greeting at Wren and Silver.

Benning takes her job very seriously and then raises her hand for those to pay attention that it's about to begin. Then she calls out to the folks participating in the contest, "<In Trigedasleng> Round One…begins!" She drops her hand so that folks can get started.

<FS3> Luther rolls Brawn+Brawn: Good Success. (3 1 2 4 5 8 6 7)
<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+brawn: Success. (8 1 1 1 2 2)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Brawn+Brawn: Success. (3 5 8 2 1 5)
<FS3> Galle rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success. (4 8 7 7)

"A game for a group of friends." Morgan explains. "A person is chosen and they have to pick between answering a question honestly or doing something they're told to do. A different person asks the question or decides on the act. It's usually done to have fun so nothing really dangerous is dared and nothing you know is really sensitive is asked. Usually."

"<In Trigedasleng> Oh, you'll never forget, but I'll make sure you forgive," is Luther's response to Galle's half-threat. He leans over to nab a bite of the turkey leg, tossing his head back to get the chunk of meat into his mouth, then chews, swallows, and puts his hands flat on the table in the ready position for Break the Table. "<In Trigedasleng> I've got a lot for you to support." At Benning's call, he draws a knife from where it's strapped to his right hip, thudding the blade down into the table, snatching up the cup, tossing the drink down, and slapping the cup down on the table… a heartbeat behind Galle. His eyebrows go way up at that, and then he laughs, reaching into the middle of the table for a carrot, crunching it, and setting it down beside the still-vibrating knife. The results of the round cause him to groan, however, and he elbows Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> How much have you already had to drink, Rinnan?" Still, he's teasing, not really chastising, and pours and drinks his extra shot with good grace.

Kai leaves explaining Truth or Dare up to Morgan, and is possibly fortunately oblivious to the current discussion with Wren and Silver. Still, she wasn't quite expecting the call to come as soon as it did, so while she's good about planting the knife, she's slow on the uptake on draining the shot because oh dear god calling it engine degreaser would probably be kind. And as a result of being slow has to drink a second one. It merits a look at Morgan like 'holy crap you don't even wanna know what this tastes like'.

Galle laughs fully at Rinnan's words. "<In Trigedasleng> You are quite a friend," she comments with a wink. Then she sobers quickly — or well, as much as she can sober — to focus on round one. When Benning announces it, Galle's moving swiftly to grab her knife, stick it firmly in the table, and then grab her cup. She is the first to pound back the shot and then slam the cup down on the table upside down. She is the first, and she seems quite surprised by this as Luther follows, and then Rinnan and Kai tie. She scowls slightly, but in good fun, at Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Little Bird…" She offers to clink cups with Kai before she takes her extra shot along with the opposing team. She still hasn't had anything to eat, as it appears the carrots are either invisible or anathema.

Silver tips her chin toward Rinnan with a small smile before the game is on, settling her hand over Wren's. "<In Trigedasleng> I feel like I should bring Galle some food," she muses, leaving the more sensitive topics for the moment. "<In Trigedasleng> But I'm not sure if that's a good instinct. I'm a little bit lost on the rules of this game."

Kai does clink her glass with Galle, apologetically, because well, yes. Drinking out of her league, indeed.

"I think I'm good here, thanks. Feel free to go take a look yourself if you want." Richael gets a chuckle from behind as he patpats the cane, "I'm at least trying to keep off the leg for a few more days so I don't have screaming medtechs telling me off when we get back to the camp." Nathaniel shrugs, then fidgets the arm a bit… and then he watches the drinking game go. "Looks like the stuff is strong." Snark from Nathaniel? Mark the calendar folks.

Rinnan laughs, using the back of her sleeve to wipe away the remnants of the shot on her lips. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, so good at helping him win," she grins, nudging Luther slightly in what likely constitutes as an apology. Her head cants slightly towards Luther confessionally, still grinning. "<In Trigedasleng> Some of Kruheda's band gave me a few bottles of dandelion wine in thanks and also, there was Veks' mother's funeral….," she admits, indirectly listing out the multi-day bender that's likely been taking place. Rinnan grins across the table at Kai, offering her a brief, slightly glazed eye wink.

"<In Trigedasleng> That…" Wren pauses, watching the game continue. "<In Trigedasleng> …may not be a bad idea. I don't know if Galle could live with herself if she loses whatever food she's got in her stomach. And it's good to know that you're looking out for her. As for the's actually pretty simple." His free points out the cups, then the daggers. "<In Trigedasleng> So it's a matter of reflex and skill, which become more sloppy the more you drink. Everyone draws their knife at once, stabbing the table, then drinking. Whoever is slowest gets to be made fun and is out, unless someone's knife falls on the table. The team who lost a person drinks again. The more you play, the more drunk you get. First team out loses. And of course, losers get ridiculed because friendly ribbing is always fun." Explanation given, he give Silver a smirk. "<In Trigedasleng> Maybe you should join in." As if to give her in to trying to be one of the kru, as opposed to somewhere in the middle. And yes, Wren injured face gives uptick nod and grin over at RIn.

Benning watches them all closely and then tells Kai and Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> You have one strike against you!" She gives a thumbs up to Luther and Galle who get through this round in record time. She gives a wink to Galle because she's winning in Benning's book. She then waits for everyone to refill their glasses again and takes a sip of her own drink while she waits. She waggles her finger at Kai and Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> One more try and if you don't make it, then you're cut." She then raises her hand again, waits for everyone to look her way again. Then she yells, "<In Trigedasleng> Go!" And drops the hand.

<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+brawn: Success. (5 2 2 3 4 7)
<FS3> Luther rolls Brawn+brawn: Success. (7 1 1 1 3 4 1 6)
<FS3> Galle rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success. (8 2 3 7)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success. (6 1 1 8 7 6)
Kai spends 1 luck points on Not to go out this time!.
<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+brawn: Success. (2 5 3 4 2 8)
Luther spends 1 luck points on DRINK.
<FS3> Luther rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success. (8 5 6 7 3 3 3 5)

At the larger table, two of the Podakru, including the weedy man, fail to lodge their knives in the table , and then it is one on one, the Sankru woman and a Podakru man. Both are looking rather bleary-eyed, and the Podakru is swaying mightily.

Morgan nods as Galle wins the round. Never underestimate a healer.

<FS3> Galle rolls Resolve: Great Success. (1 2 1 7 8 8 8 3 4 4)
<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve: Failure. (1 1 1 4 3 5)

The Healer is proving that she indeed had a warrior for a father and a warrior for a husband, because she seems to be doing really well despite the odds. She slams her cup down in time with Luther and Rinnan, looking quite triumphant. Until she realizes that Kai was the last one on the table. She groans, but it is a good natured noise and she bumps shoulders with Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Oh, Little Bird… you are in cahoots — " And that word is said in Gonasleng, because really, there's no better word for cahoots than cahoots, " — with Luther, aren't you?" She accepts another shot from the clear liquor — that's six shots so far, for people taking count. She is swaying a bit in her seat, but she is steeling herself against the waves of drunkenness that threaten to topple her over.

"<In Trigedasleng> I don't drink," Silver smirks over at Wren, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "<In Trigedasleng> Back in a minute. Going to get them some food." She slips away through the crowd then, going to gather up a few things to help mitigate the effects of the alcohol on Galle and Kai.

"<In Trigedasleng> You're forgiven, Rinnan. All good…" And then Benning is calling the round again, and Luther rushes his draw, nearly fumbling the blade before it ends up in just the right grip to pound down into the table. Lucky bastard. Grabbing for his cup, he downs it and clatters it back to the table alongside Galle and Rinnan, a moment before Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> …reasons to drink." The words come alongside an 'aaaaah' at the burn of the potato vodka down his throat. He thrusts his hands into the air, "<In Trigedasleng> Little bird taking big gulps!" He pounds the table in appreciation as Galle takes her fourth shot of the game, laughing aloud. Someone is a boisterous drunk.

Richael smiles to Nate before she presses a kiss to his lips and then gets up to come close to watching the game as it seems that Kai is the one eliminated. Not that Rich can follow along with the lingo. She stays back a bit in case knives go flying so she can watch the drunkeness and the silliness that goes along with it.

Wren can't help but roll his eyes at Silver, but hey she left her mug at the table. Free, pilfered booze. He takes a greedy drink. "<In Trigedasleng> Go drink them, Silver! Go have some damn fun!" he calls over to her, then eyeballing the rest of the drinking game. "<In Trigedasleng> Kai kom Trikru, if you don't get your act together with your drinking, your First is going to look bad! Stop making me look bad!"

Ale might have been one thing, but whatever is in those shot glasses? Kai's stomach is already rebelling at the idea of drinking more. Which is why although she's good with the table stab there's that hesitation in throwing back the shot that makes her the slowest because oh green eden is that stuff /foul/ and she can't quite help the gasping cough before she manages to upend the cup. Oh she knows what it means, and she can't help but look at Galle apologetically while she elects to retrieve her knife. And it takes her two attempts to do so, maybe she shouldn't have had those couple before she even started. Getting up from the table is an even less steady affair. At least on the upside she doesn't throw up.. yet, "Logan's Liquid Courage seems like mothers milk by comparison." she rasps at Morgan.

"<In Trigedasleng> This time…," Rinnan states, her tone not at all backloaded with sarcastic foreshadowing as she grins at Luther and winks at him. She fares better with the knife this time, it sticking its Romanian Gymnast landing into the table before grabbing her own cup and flipping it over with a slightly less spry than normal overturn. She pauses, taking a moment to pick up the turkey leg on the table and takes another bite before holding it up to Luther again, in offering. She watches Kai burble through trying to get the stuff down and frowns with a moment of concern. "<In Trigedasleng> You're not supposed to poison your Second with drink," Rinnan hollers over at Wren with a laugh. "<In Trigedasleng> Unless you want a new one?"

Morgan shakes his head as Kai loses yet again. "Go get something to eat before you pass out." he advises her. "Something to absorb the alcohol and make sure it doesn't eat through your stomach lining." Cause that would certainly explain why Trikru are so bad tempered as a rule.

Benning watches like a hawk as they all go through the next round. She points to Kai and tells her, "<In Trigedasleng> You are out!" As the Skaigirl turned Trikru doesn't keep up with the others. Then she grins at Galle, Luther and Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> You all tied this round, but Rinnan, you are still one away from being out." So that places Luther close to Galle who is still winning. She lets everyone left that's in the game refill their drinks as she takes another sip of hers, "<In Trigedasleng> Now…Luther, there is no shame in losing to a woman." She gives him a teasing glance as she raises her hand in the air, "<In Trigedasleng> Go!" And then drops the hand, letting the players fight for dominance.

<FS3> Luther rolls Brawn+Brawn-1: Great Success. (8 4 7 7 7 2 7)
Galle spends 1 luck points on NOT LOSING, HUH?.
<FS3> Galle rolls Brawn+brawn+2: Good Success. (4 2 8 6 7 6)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Brawn+brawn-1: Success. (8 6 4 3 4)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Resolve: Great Success. (8 1 3 8 4 1 8 8)
Rinnan spends 1 luck points on It's Not A Party Until Someone Goes Out Like Hendrix.
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Brawn+brawn-1: Good Success. (7 3 7 6 7)

It's amazing how far 'Galle told me to' will get you with the locals. It's like they're scared of the healer or something. And it probably has something to do with how quickly Silver appears behind Kai and Galle with a tray loaded with meats and bread and a couple mugs of water, setting it on the table between them without comment.

Kai points over in Wren's direction and then leans against the table. She's good. No really, the ground is totally not heaving like a wagon on bad road,"<In Trigedasleng> Not up yet!" she insists, you know, trying to remember the right Trig word right at that moment isn't exactly the easiest thing. There's something that might be intended as a nod for Morgan, probably feels like a nod to her, even if it's a bare motion of her head as she holds onto the edge of the table to try and help keep herself upright. But then there's Silver. And a mug. And it's probably lucky it has water in it because she certainly doesn't check before she elects to pick it up and gulp it.

Luther looks up to Benning as she teases him, "<In Trigedasleng> Me? No problem with it." He's not even looking this time as he draws the blade, slams it down, snatches up the shot, drains it, and slaps the cup down again. "<In Trigedasleng> Once you find me a woman who can top me." There… might be at least two entendres to that statement. When Rinnan outstrips Galle, Luther laughs, throwing back his head as he does, "<In Trigedasleng> There we go!" Nudging his fellow Warrior with an elbow again, he slaps the table again with his hand, his laughter redoubling, "<In Trigedasleng> Just had to get to your happy place, didn't you?"

Morgan nods a greeting to Silver as he steps over to her. Grabbing some bread from the tray, he loads some meat onto it then presses the sandwich into Kai's hand. "Eat before you fall over. Which, granted, has some amusement value but there's going to be plenty of that today without you adding to it."

<FS3> Galle rolls Resolve-2: Good Success. (7 2 7 2 3 7 5 5)

Richael watches the knife game without really understanding what is going on, except when Kai leaves and Silver brings her water and some food. She looks back to the table, mostly following the whole game through the facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice of the participants.

Galle waits for the call, and when it comes through, she is quick — but not quick enough! Her knife is in the table, her shot taken, and cup slammed down, but Rinnan and Luther — damn him, and his braggart ways! — beat her. She grimaces, but still looks pleasant as she takes the strike — and the sixth shot in the game. She still manages to not look like she's about to collapse into the table. But only just. And then there's Silver, swooping in with food. The woman looks up, and offers her Second a thankful smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Sit," she instructs. She takes a few fingerfuls of meat and bread, eating them with a backward tilt of her head. Her stomach sloshes as it accepts the food, and she's not certain of the wisdom there. But, alas… She looks at Rinnan and Luther, and with one strike left, she doesn't think she can outdo their three remaining. She does not surrender though, and nods for the glasses to be refilled.

Rinnan hangs on, somehow. Her knife lands with a solid thud, and there's a brief flash in her expression that seems slightly impressed with fate for not letting her fail just yet. She lets out a laugh in surprise, looking at Luther with a wild, slightly alcohol marbled grin. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm not allowed to stab Azgeda today," she informs him with that same wild, cheeky grin, regarding happy places. Her attention turn to Galle for a moment, assessing the air between herself and Luther. "<In Trigedasleng> You should fuck," she informs them both, with a sagacious prescriptive air. That'll fix it.

Benning gives an appreciate look at Luther as he recovers ground and ends up ahead of the healer, "<In Trigedasleng> I am impressed Luther. You might win yet." She gives a look to Galle who has been a steady winner up till last round, "<In Trigedasleng> You are close…very close." And to Rinnan, she draws the line across her throat to let her know that the girl has been cut, "<In Trigedasleng> And you are out of here Rinnan." She then takes a nice long sip as she lets Galle and Luther to refill their cups. She looks at them carefully to make sure both are ready to go. Then she raises her hand, "Go!" And then drops her hand so the last remaining two can go at it.

<FS3> Galle rolls Brawn+brawn-2: Failure. (3 2)
<FS3> Luther rolls Brawn+Brawn-2: Good Success. (4 2 7 6 6 7)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Brawn+brawn-2: Failure. (5 1 4 6)
<FS3> Luther rolls Resolve-2: Good Success. (6 7 4 4 2 4 8)
<FS3> Rinnan rolls Resolve-2: Success. (6 8 5 3 3 2)
<FS3> Galle rolls Resolve-3: Success. (1 5 6 8 6 4 4)

Benning then looks at Rinnan and realizes she isn't out, "<In Trigedasleng> Ooops, I'm sorry, Rinnan is still in!" She didn't have to motion to Rinnan, the girl knew she was still in so she kept going.

Silver's smile quirks briefly at Rinnan. "<In Trigedasleng> I'd say this is a good tactic for avoiding that," she agrees with the woman as she sits, giving the game another look. "It works better if you eat first," she points out to Kai. "But the water should help some, at least. You're still going to be spinning for a while." She reaches for Kai's abandoned cup, nostrils flaring as she takes a sniff. "That's…antiseptic." Is she being literal, or is that a euphemism?

Galle blinks at Rinnan when she looks between her and Luther, and then announces the obvious — well, obvious to everyone else, because Galle sure thinks that's a terrible idea. She starts to protest, "I don't thin — " And then that damn daughter of Aine kom Trikru calls the round, and she is just too slow. It is so bad that she does the entire process out of order, slamming down her shot and then realizing she didn't even pick up her knife. She is starting to sway now, bumping her shoulder gently into Silver's. "Skrish," she curses easily. She holds up her hands, showing that she knows she is indeed out. She then accepts a cup of water, though it is like adding a drop to a cask of wine. Galle isn't going to notice its effects, if there are any.

Wren does look pleased at the fact that Galle included Silver. Maybe even a little relieved. Quietly, and maybe a little secretly, he down the rest of the mug that Silver had left, before getting up to move towards the table everyone else is gathered at. "<In Trigedasleng> I suppose the stories about Galle were true after all. Color me impressed. Shame I can't join in, otherwise I'd be able to show Kai here how actually hold her liqour. I suppose some lessons simply need to be taught the hard way."

"<In Trigedasleng> Might? Might?" Luther sounds offended. Or drunk. It's hard to tell. Either way, he's loud and happy. So… probably drunk, since he's so often grumpy otherwise. The arrival of Silver gets a wary look, but Rinnan completely distracts him. "<In Trigedasleng> I thought you weren't allowed to stab Azgeda most days — " Oop, then there's the comment between him and Galle, and he blinks, looking over to the Healer with a mildly panicked… and more than mildly speculative look. Still, all he notes is, "<In Trigedasleng> Sand and teeth. No." He's still flashing the grin at Galle when Benning calls the round, and he's slow in starting as well. Still, he gets the knife driven into the table, and the shot down… eventually.

Kai eyes the sandwich as it's handed to her, what does she want /that/ for? But still there's something sort of resembling a grunt. She means to stagger off, no really, it was totally intentional to plant herself practically in some guys lap.. maybe not. But still, sitting down is better than falling on her face, and with a mouthful of sandwich she raises her water to Galle with a cheer. She's feeling no pain, actually, she's feeling kind of awesome in her own completely sloshed way.

At the big table, the Sankru and Podakru survivors actually go two rounds, just the pair of them, the cups judged a tie on the first chance. On the second, however, the Podakru collapses between knife-thumping and shot-taking, dropping face-down onto the table, and the Sankru woman holds up her hands in silent — and swaying — victory.

With Richael out of his lap, Nathaniel shifts in his chair again, his walking cane moved out of the way. The place where Nathaniel was shot is easily seen as mostly healed as he simply observes the knife 'fights' going on on the tables next to him. Nathaniel himself just observing the goings on.

If one must lose, then this is probably the way to lose. Rinnan's 'opposite of victory' goes down with a fumble of her knife, it clattering on the table. "<In Trigedasleng> I don't know…," Rinnan counters Silver with a hedgy air, the effectiveness of alcohol in question, having come up for air after her payment in drink is taken for her loss and grinning at Silver. She wavers in her seat a little, her finger jabbing in the air as she lets out a small laugh at the horrified dual reaction of Luther and Galle almost in stereo. The laugh seems to take the dual rejection as confirmation of this very fact. "<In Trigedasleng> …for now," Rinnan advises with Luther with a bleary grin on the current rules governing violence towards Azgeda, before she claps him on the back in victory. "<In Trigedasleng> Don't let it get to your head," she congratulates Luther with what is probably meant to be a wink if she could get her eyes to comply with fine motor skills.

Benning then finishes her glass, "<In Trigedasleng> And the winners are…" She draws it out, doing her best to tease the audience, "Luther kom Trikru and Rinnan kom Trikru." She raises her empty glass to toast them and goes to take a sip, frowning and then pours herself another another drink so she can toast them properly, "<In Trigedasleng> To the winners!" She gives a wide grin to them all, "<In Trigedasleng> And good try to those that didn't win." She amends at the end.

Luther usually doesn't do this when he has facial hair, because sometimes it results in a loss of said facial hair, but he's feeling good. Quite good. And so Luther rocks under Rinnan's back-slap, laughing aloud, and then claims the (much-emptied) jug that he brought to the table and demonstrates just how potent it is. "<In Trigedasleng> Everything goes to my head eventually." He steps away to grasp a torch, then comes back, calling out, "To the winners!" Which is himself and Rinnan, of course. He then takes a swig of the booze, leans his head back, brings the torch up to just before his mouth, and breathes an enormous roil of flame up above him.

Silver pushes some of the bread and meat toward Rinnan as well when the other woman sways, smile crooked. "<In Trigedasleng> You'll need your strength, then." As Galle sways as well, she shifts just a little bit in her seat, just enough to offer a little more of her back and more solid support to the healer.

At the burst of flames from Luther, the Healer does join in the others who bask in the show of skill. She claps and calls out with others. Then, Galle leans over and presses a soft kiss to Silver's temple — woman must be drunk. "<In Trigedasleng> I dance now," she announces. She pulls up the skirt of her gown, showing off the long and lean expanse of legs that are tattooed in red geometry from the tops of her feet to well up her thigh, and undoubtedly to her hip as she swings herself out of the bench. She kicks off her simple shoes, leaving her feet bare and starts to march from the table. She ruffles Kai's shorn head gently as she passes, and immediately grabs onto the shirt of one of the losers — one that isn't totally drunk — of the Podakru and Sankru game near-by. "<In Trigedasleng> You lost, I lost… we dance." There is no room for argument in her tone, and the Podakru does not seem terribly inclined to argue either.

Richael watches amusedly as Luther breathes fire and Galle drunkenly steals a Podakru to dance with. She remarks to Luther. "Hey now, I thought I was the only one allowed to make lots of fire." She grins to him before she claps her hands in appreciation of the skill it takes to breath fire without burning one's self.

"Hei!" Kai announces to the blond guy that has become her accidental chair, leaning against him like she knows him, or she just is too drunk to care that she doesn't right now,"Hey.. this stuff tastes like water.." she peers at her mug accusingly as she endeavors to munch on the sandwich provided without managing to accidentally chew on her own tongue, cheering for the burst of flames from Luther but at least, between mug and food, occupied for a good five seconds from doing anything too ridiculously stupid right this second.

"Now he's just showing off." Wren observes, folding his arms across his chest, deciding to say on his feet for the time before, and watching on, even if the game seems to be at an end. Though the blond guy that's currently being used a chair for Kai gets a look in that 'mildly overprotective father' sort of way. But daughters, even adopted ones are gonna do what they're gonna do. He does let her drink, so, hey, just as long as he doesn't have to hear the details about it.

Well, at least random Podakru isn't Luther. Silver watches Galle's choice for a wary moment before she turns back to the others, picking a piece of meat off the tray for herself with a broad, toothy smile for Luther. Notably a silent one.

Rinnan watches Luther's party trick with impressed appreciation before accepts Silver's snack bowl with a sloppy grin, tearing a chunk of the roll in her hand out with her teeth. Whatever table manners that the Trikru have, for many they've been left behind like your youngest child at home over Christmas vacation. Her chin rolls towards the dancing Galle, grinning at Silver as she swallows. "You're going to have to run the healing house along tomorrow," she forecasts, switching to Gonasleng for Silver's benefit. She wraps briefly on the table in acknowledgment of Luther's declaration and tucks into her turkey leg.

Benning laughs and claps her hands as Luther breaths fire for everyone. She takes a drip and shakes her head, "I would never…" And then she eyes where Galle ran off to dance and thinks for a moment, considering her options. She glances at Kai when she remarks on the drinking of water, and tells her, "<In Trigedasleng> You have had too much my friend. I would stick to water for now."

Okay, now that's rather impressive. Morgan wanders over to Luther, giving the man a smile. "Congratulations on the win. I was wondering… The bit with the fire and the alcohol. Is there a trick to doing it just right? I'd rather like to learn if you wouldn't mind showing me how it's done." And he has no beard to set on fire.

Aaaannnd that was a bad idea. Sure, his beard and mustache are all still in the right place, but Luther's head is swimming, and he drops back down onto the bench, leaning back against the knife-scarred table. Galle's stated departure causes him to look up a little wide-eyed, and then he grunts, looking back to Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> I'll bet you an hour chopping wood that Arlin is stone cold sober tomorrow." The words come out a little mushed as the alcohol seeps into the big man's body. He lolls his head back, resting the top on the table so he can look across it, upside down, at Silver. The silent look causes him to stick his tongue out at her. Very mature. When Morgan comes up to him, he lifts his head again, looking a little bleary-eyed at the Skaikru, "There is a trick." He waits a moment, then proclaims grandly, "You must be very drunk." This is actually a very, very bad idea.

Lionel sticks out like a sore thumb, despite his dark fatigues and grey t-shirt. He moves though the Trikru celebration like a tourist, lost and pretty sure he meant to turn left a few corners ago, but turned right, and is now on another planet. He runs his hand through his hair, ruffling it up even more than it already is, and his eyes continue to scan and skim for a familiar face. He almost bumps shoulders with someone, and takes a broad step back to avoid what could be a tragedy. But it is a young woman, and she offers him out a skewer of heavily seasoned meat. He blinks, drops his hands, and leans forward curiously. "Is that… bacon?" He pats his pockets, looking even more like a wayward soul. "Uh… let's see…" But the woman shakes her head, says something in Trigedasleng, smiles, and offers him out the skewer once more. "Uh, oh… thanks." He smiles broadly as he takes the skewer, nods his head, and goes back to wandering through the crowd… this time with bacon.

Kai's feeling no pain, and apparently, for all that her usual demeanor might be described as 'bitchy', drunk Kai is totally okay with lounging on the blond Trikru warrior whose lap she accidentally stumbled in to. Apparently she wasn't kidding when she joked to Morgan earlier that her nickname of 'little bird' was probably going to be the least entertaining thing he might have to bribe her with, given the entirely inebriated way she's beaming up at the warrior or the way she elects to lean up and give him a kiss,"<In Trigedasleng> I good." she insists to Benning,"<In Trigedasleng> But it.. taste like weak." no, it really hasn't occurred to her that it's actually water, she's still too busy trying to establish why it doesn't taste right at the moment. Treacherous cup.

Galle is not the only spirited dancer — spirited because there is spirits involved, not necessarily because of fire or technique — on the dance floor. She does seem to move quite smoothly, spinning under the Podakru's arm before she sweeps around him in a simple two-step. Dancing is probably the best solution to her drunk state, as sweat is bound to have a positive effect on moving the alcohol through her system. She will be out there for a while, at least, and will probably change partners a few times… depending on the resolve of her current choice.

"<In Trigedasleng> He is watching the /entire/ thing. He won't let Cage die until everyone has their cut," Rinnan informs Luther with a sloppy nod that seems to agree, that Arlin's lacking hangover tomorrow is likely to annoy the limping populace of Tondc. Her eyes skate over Kai, assessing her state, before they pick out Lionel fumbling through food acquisition. Annnnnd there's that look again.

Rinnan stares right at Lionel, that side of beef stare from the Level 3 raid but turned up to a drunken 11. She lifts the turkey leg to her mouth, still staring and rips off a hunk of meat before starting too chew absently. She only weaves in her seat a little. This moment, its probably what Lionel has dreamed of his whole life.

"<In Trigedasleng> I think the sun will rise in the west before I run the healing house," Silver snorts softly to Rinnan, taking another bite. "<In Trigedasleng> Besides, it'll be late afternoon before anyone in the city is alive enough to make it to the healing house," she drawls, looking around with a touch of amusement. "<In Trigedasleng> Wren, eat," she urges the warrior, patting the abandoned seat next to her in invitation.

Morgan grins at the answer. "Except that makes it more likely to screw up and set something on fire." he points out. "So it's really just a matter of spraying the alcohol as hard as possible then?" Which he pretty much figured but it never hurts to ask.

The warrior who's lap Kai occupying, belong to that of a scout who goes by the name of Nix. Youngish sorta, a handful of years removed from his own time being Second. Seems like they know each other, whether that kiss she plants on him was out of drunkeness or familiarity, who's to say. "<In Trigedasleng> Hey now, save the rest for later. 'Little Bird', eh? That's what they call you." He probably has other words he'd use for it. But clearly he's happy to happy there, leaning back in his own seat and draping an arm over her.

For Wren's part, he just gives a headshake, stepping on over to sit next to Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> Lucky bastards." he snorts. But…he doesn't see Galle around. Or well, she is but, but she's also drunk and distracted. Free reign. There's a look at Luther when he starts pouring himself a drink. "<In Trigedasleng> You didn't see anything. Or you." he turns at Silver, but he takes the food gratefully. Injured or not, he's going to have himself a good time, no matter what.

Lionel's spidey sense goes off as he gets the feeling someone is staring at him. He pauses, glancing around. Kai is spared as he doesn't notice her nor her chair friend, but instead is looking at Rinnan. Familiar face! He starts toward the Trikru warrior, munching on his bacon stick as he does. The closer he gets, the sooner he also recognizes Morgan and Luther. Silver is even familiar, but less so. He has not taken to drinking yet — say whaaaaat — but he also just got here.

Benning shakes her head and tells Morgan, "I would not do that. The fire trick is only for those that are drunk and do not care if they burn." She takes a drink of her cup, "I care so I do not." Then she eyes Nix, giving him a look to let him know if he treats Kai badly, he will have arrows that break in the near future. She gives a laugh, "<In Trigedasleng> Be kind to her…"

Richael chuckles at the antics of the drunk Trikru before she makes her way back to Nathaniel and takes her seat on his lap once more. "It seems they do know how to hold a party indeed. Pity I have no idea what any of them are saying. They could be mocking my clothes for all I know."

Luther sighs as Morgan doesn't take (not nearly) good enough for an answer. Blinking hard to try to clear his vision, he notes, "We are to keep Skaikru from getting hurt too badly. So." He nods to Benning, then explains, "When you do the thing you should not, you must know how. First, get good booze. Really good. Hardest you can find. It is dangerous with weaker. Second, make sure it all goes in your mouth, none on your face. Third, hold your arm out of the way. Fourth, blow really, really hard." Half-turning in his seat, he adds to Silver and Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> That's good advice in general." Lionel gets recognized… vaguely, and a vague sort of half-wave from Luther, and then he looks over to Wren, peering a moment at him, "<In Trigedasleng> I see two people drinking. Two blonde people drinking." To make sure that it's clear he's not talking about Wren and Silver. "<In Trigedasleng> If they both find me something to eat, maybe I will not tell Galle on both of them." Apparently, he's not above a little bit of light, mostly-joking blackmail when he's drunk.

Nathaniel sits near the drinking game tables, his right leg clearly still healing from a bullet shot through it, and a walking cane against his chair. A black t-shirt and short jeans with sneakers His blue eyes watch the games for now, occasionally glancing to Richael as he relaxes.

When Richael comes back over though, his arms come back around her torso and intertwine with her fingers again, "we are in the Trikru capital, sweetheart, of course they're mostly going to use their own language." The fire breather gets a small chuckle, "looks like he's been practicing that."

"Heya Benning." Morgan greets. "How are you doing? And there are lots of things I should not." he tells Luther. "Some are more fun than others. I'll remember what you said." If/when he ever decides to try it.

Kai grins drunkenly at Nix, but with Wren's look and Benning's warning the drunken Second does elect to dredge herself to her feet unsteadily with a glance towards the scout.. but there's someone else familiar who has the misfortune of being noticed,"Llleeeeeoooooooooo!!" is announced with expansive delight. She then sets what's left of her sandwich down and endeavors to stagger off to find something to repair her broken mug with. That doesn't taste like water.

Silver gives Luther a long look, then slowly pushes the tray more toward the center of the table, where everyone can get to it. Peace offering? Or just healer's reflex? Hard to tell, since she doesn't say anything to the warrior. Kai's shout gets her attention and she twists to find the source of it, brow arching curiously.

Rinnan snorts at Silver, still eating hunks of bread from the roll in her other hand as she watches Galle get down. "I don't know about that…," she advises with circumspect glee, before setting down the roll in favor of her drink and thereby, undoing all this triage. "Lee-oh," Rinnan offers in greeting to Lionel, wiping at greasy mouth with the back of her sleeve and raising her chin upwards at him in scrumpy-soaked greeting. "Did you watch The Cutting?," she asks him, curiously while going in for another stripping bite of her turkey leg. His potential answer seems to contain multitudes of insight about the Skaikru, the way she's looking at him expectantly.

Nix lets her go, knowing he'll probably see more of her later, giving Benning a smile. "<In Trigedasleng> I doubt it's me you really need to worry about." he jokes, tilting his head over at Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Besides, I'm just making sure she doesn't puke all over the nice shirts that I'm letting her borrow." he calls over at the Second, perhaps some kind of private joke between the two of them.

Wren just gives a nod to Luther. "<In Trigedasleng> Sounds good to me." he elects taking a direly needed shot for himself, then pouring another. Thankfully, big guy that he is, he can pound them down. And well, it'll help make the throbbing in his face go away. Hell he'll even find another plate of food and push it towards the other man, a suggestion of 'deal'. No one ever speak that Wren got his drink on. And whatever wordless looks that're being exchanged between Luther and Silver he doesn't comment on. His niron can fight her own battles. She won't coddle him, and he'll do the same.

"I am well Morgan, much better now that we no longer live in the mountain's shadow and can start rebuilding our homes," Benning tells Morgan with a smile. She winces as Kai lets out that yell for her guard friend and she eyes him for a moment, not recognizing him. She gives a shrug and takes another drink, "I have my shop to rebuild too. Pontus was kind enough to bring my hearth stones from Coesbur so I will have a piece of my old home in my new one."

Lionel is almost near Rinnan and her companions when his name is said in expansive delight, and he immediately cringes. He slowly turns, blinking at Kai. "Dear Eden, Keke… it isn't even sunset." He protests this lightly as he gives the boy she's sitting on a long, serious look. If Wren gave the dad look, Lionel is giving the brother look — and his has a superior long linger that Wren's didn't. Then he shuffles over to sit near Rinnan, finishing his bacon. "How much has she had so far?" He asks, indicating Kai. Then he grimaces at the question from Rinnan, and he shrugs a shoulder slightly. "Yeah… there are some people who are going to be there for the whole thing, huh? I mean, I know the Commander gets the killing blow — if Wallace lasts that long — but, wow…" He clears his throat, trying to look nonchalant, but it is easy to see that he hasn't exactly figured out how he feels about the whole thing. Then he leans in close to Rinnan, peeking into her cup. "Do you share, Nan?" And he flashes a grin up to her.

Morgan glances over at Kai at her shout and snorts in amusements. The drunk are always such fun when you're sober. Ah, that Leo. "Your new one?" he asks Benning. "You're not planning on rebuilding in Coesbur? Or is it too bad? I didn't get a look at what the missile did to it since I had to bring back injured." And a dead Reaper.

"Enough that she's going to regret it in the morning, not enough to forget what she does," Silver answers Lionel's question about Kai's consumption with a wry smile. "So, should be a learning experience." Wren, though, gets a closer look. She doesn't mind looking the other way for a couple of drinks, but she's not letting him get drunk, either.

Rinnan thrusts the cup into Lionel's chest with a muffled thump, the contents sloshing around. Her depth perception might be a little off. It smells … like apples, like The Devil Rides On Apple Wings, this will scrape the paint off anything apples. "Arlin will not let him die until Heda takes her flesh," she informs him in Gongasleng, while waiting for him to take the shared cup. "I am called Rinnan or Rin. What is this Nan?," she asks, curiously as her head cants to the side at him before looking at Kai. "Someone will drag her home," she advises, before adding what possibly passes as grounder empathetic care. "We will not let her vomit while she is on her back and die." The turkey wing is abruptly thrust into Lionel's face, "You should eat this."

"My shirts." is the drunken insistence from Kai for Nix, though don't trust the aim on her pointing finger, mostly because she has to go and talk to a bartender about her broken mug. Oh. It really does have water in it? Well then, no wonder it's broken. At least on the upside the grey-eyed girl elects to actually drink the rest of the water before having it refilled. Apparently she's had enough that the bartender totally gets a kiss too. That can't possibly be a bad sign, can it? Certainly she's having fun, to judge by the way she gives a wiggle next to some of the dancers before lurching back towards the general gathering of familiar faces in an unhurried, unsteady way.

Luther reaches back again to snag a thick piece of bread from the platter Silver pushes forward, offering up a wide and toothy grin before he adds some soaking-carbs to his stomach. Much needed soaking carbs. He nods to Morgan, then Wren, and he begins to make himself a BLT from the new plate. "The best bad choices are their own consequence." He may just have agreed with Silver.

"Ooh, she's at the sweet spot then," Lionel says with pride at Kai. He leans slightly away from Rinnan so he can tease Kai. "Just remember to clean up after yourself, Keke. No one likes a messy drunk." Then he looks at the cup thrust at his chest, and he takes it. He sniffs precariously, then shrugs. He and Hector were getting drunk off paint thinner on the Ark. It is ALL a step up. He takes a swallow — or two — and then he offers the cup back. "Nan… the last syllable of your name. That way I can go," and dude starts singing, "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…"

One of the Skaikids comes lumbering in from the Hood, face downcast. The lanky figure is dressed in local leathers, and some might recognise her as Cass Bonheur. In her hand she holds a hunting knife, which she's idly cleaning with a tattered bit of cloth. Both its hilt and her arm are drenched in blood, and while the others are celebrating, she doesn't seem to be in a terribly festive mood.

"<In Trigedasleng> See, Wren?" Silver points a thumb toward Lionel when he starts singing, pulling a bit of bread out of the pile for herself. "There's someone else who also has a terrible sense of humor and sings and cares about Kai. He's like you, just smaller. You two could be the best of friends." Of course, she says the last in Gonasleng so that Lionel can understand too.

"It is my understanding that Coesbur will be moved closer," Benning tells Morgan with a smile, "But I am not one of the leaders so…take my information as you will." She gives a shrug and takes a drink, "I think they are still deciding things." She then tells Morgan, "I need to go gets some food…I will be right back." She gets up and wanders over to where the food is to get some bacon, rolls and other things for the table for the folks that are drinking and need food.

Nix just waves a hand at her and goes back to drinking from his own cup. No reason to bother Kai if she's gonna go talk to family an such.

Wren will slot down, deciding on more less alcoholic honey mead than the harder stuff. Don't want to get his fill so early. Stretch that out. Maybe not drunk, but he's certainly not going to be apart of all the hoopla sober either. In the midst of taking a drink from said mug, he looks between Silver and Luther, frowning. "Ugh, don't let her be right. Then I'll never heard the end of it otherwise. Years from now, she'll point out this exact moment and I'll have to simply reply 'yes, Silver'" The mention about Lionel gets him to focus a bit more on the man himself. "Hrmph. He's off-tone. Also, my jokes are much more….classy." He's not being serious. "And if we are being clear, that is Kai's 'brother', yes? That would make him…hrmm…" May not want to finish that thought out loud there, buddy.

Morgan nods to Benning and looks around, searching for Cam. He might not see him but he does spot one he wasn't looking for. "Cass." he calls. There's no need to ask where she just came from. Reaching for the tray, he fashions himself a sandwich, taking his own advice about getting some food in while he's drinking.

"Someone put water in my cup." Kai informs the table as she comes up, like somehow this is a horrible betrayal. Fixed now thanks to ale, which gets a mouthful as she hears her name and elects to point,"Sh.. shha. Yes. That's Leo, he's my brother. And that's Wren, and he is my father.. and that's Silver, who is like.. my step mother. I guess. And Rinnan, who has the scariest ear collection I've ever seen.. and over there is Benning, who has mad archery skills and a cute uncle. And Morgan, of course, who kills /and/ heals people." pause,"I'm going to go dance. Does anyone want to dance?" because that's a brilliant idea in her current state.

Rinnan would grow a third eye in her forehead for this very indication to stare even harder at Lionel and his 'song'. "Why do you sing this?," she asks with obvious unappreciation for what passes for Skaikru fine art. She even reaches up and rubs at one ear with the heel of her palm as if that will undo its presence in the space-time continuum. "I am named for a place in Nor-uh-whay. You need a boat to get there," she informs Lionel, clearly the one who has never seen an accurate map of the earth. Clearly.

Benning comes back a few minutes later with a tray of bacon kabobs, sweet bread rolls, turkey legs and veggie kabobs. She places it down so everyone can have some, "<In Trigedasleng> Make sure you have some of the rolls if you're drinking." And then she settles down, refills her cup and goes about having a nice meal to temper the drinking that she's been having.

The knife is clean, but Cass just keeps on rubbing her cloth between the blade and her fingers. She wants to make sure she's gotten every speck of Maunon blood off before she sheathes it again. Frowning, she looks up when she hears her name, then ambles over to the buffet table.

"Alright?" Cassie asks Morgan, giving him a nod. She glances towards the food and briefly looks tempted by the bacon, which she herself helped bring in with Gideon, but must not be all that hungry. "Bit late for the celebrations I guess. Had to train. See to business and stuff."

Luther is still sprawled out on the bench, his back leaning into the table that hosted the drinking contest and now is host to conversation and food. His jug of booze is set down in his lap, and he rattles his fingers against the hollow clay, setting up a quick drumbeat that follows the nearest song being played, and clashes horribly with the next two nearest. "<In Trigedasleng> That is how it works with women, Wren. Any time they are right… they are right forever. Any time we are right, it is a one time thing." The call to dance causes Luther to look over toward the nearest group of dancers, drawing his dreadlocks over his right shoulder.

Lionel grins toothily at Rinnan, dimples in full power. "You're drunk, aren't you?" He rests his jaw and cheek fully in his hand, watching her with unsuppressed amusement. He takes her cup away from her again, quite carefully. He takes a deeper swallow, and doesn't give it back. "Now, I know your people sing… I've heard it… and I bet I could find a song that even Britt kom Trikru wouldn't scowl at me for." He listens to her description of where her name comes from. "Norway," he says, nodding slightly. "Wooden shoes, gnomes… The Empire Strikes Back… Rinnan." He grins again. "All good things about Norway." He belatedly winks at Silver, but does not rise to the 'off-tone' bit from Wren. Bitch, please.

"I put water in your cup. It seemed like the wicked stepmother thing to do," Silver replies off-handedly to Kai's complaint about her drink. "And now, my wicked schemes have come to fruition. You drank…water. Mwahahahaha." Speaking of water… She twists a bit in her seat, finding another mug and reaching over to try to swap it out with Wren's. "Just because we're not handing you over doesn't mean you've got free rein."

At the approach of Cassandra, Nathaniel gives a glance to her with a brief nod if she looks his way, before he relaxes again into the chair, his arms releasing Richael as she heads off. Upon hearing Lionel though… there's a loud, hearty groan. "Well, shit."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Alertness: Good Success. (7 8 4 3 3 1 5)

Kai doesn't have a witty retort for Luther, but is currently unafraid about flicking him in his head for his words. So there. But Silver's words distract her,"Ha! I knew it!" she grins with mock-accusation as she wags her finger at her,"Your evil plan of trying to keep me sober has been foiled!"

"Mochof." Morgan says to Benning when she returns. While he already has a sandwich, he snags some bacon to add to it. Because bacon. And bacon flavored soy paste never cut it. "Alright?" he repeats, shrugging at Cass. "You tell me. Did you get what you wanted out of it?" Business and stuff.

"<In Trigedasleng> You were never nirons with Thesda." Wren remarks. "<In Trigedasleng> You're right, I was a little foolish to think that maybe I would escape that one facet." That said, he does elbow Silver affectionately. "<In Trigedasleng> Though yes. Silver is brilliant." Then he gives a mildly look of resignation, knowing he said it out loud and it might just give her ego a boost. "<In Trigedasleng> But she knows it." Then a frown at said niron. "But……my mead." he grunts. He will however, give Lionel a somewhat challenging look, in a 'yes I just said that what you going to do about it' look. "I won't be out-sung by some raw-boned boy from the Sky."

"Yep," says Cass. She's a woman of few words. Her knife is scrutinised, then sheathed, before she looks back up to Morgan and stows her cloth. "You?" Pointedly, she turns to glance back in the direction of the Hood, then askance to Morgan. She spies Sergeant Breen seated somewhere with a woman in his lap, squints a moment, then flashes him a warm, friendly smile and sends him a quick wink.

Luther raises the jug to his lips at Wren's challenge, blowing a low whistle across the top to gather in attention. Because Luther likes attention, and drunk Luther likes it even more. Turning around in his seat, he points to Wren, and then to Lionel, "Challenge made! Will the Skaikru accept it?"

"I am," Rinnan confirms Lionel's conclusion with a hardy nod, nearly missing the piss he's taking on her account. She grins and thrusts an elbow at his side in a playful, if punchdrunk unawareness of the sharpness of the pointy end of it. Her hand follows the cup, her expression quirking in a aggrieved and confusion fashion for why the cup is leaving her hand as she watches Lionel take another drink before she seems to remember they're sharing it. "My people do sing. They sing about good things. They sing about blood and death and winning and Flame and killing," she informs Lionel with a certainty of subject. All the happy subjects. Wren's challenge seems to jog her awareness out of explaining Trikru Fine Arts to Lionel and her head swims in the direction of Luther's shouting about a challenge.

Benning eyes Wren as he gives Lionel a challenging look, and then turns to Kai's brother, "Wren is known for singing well. Perhaps you two would like to have a contest." Yes, Benning is all about contests tonight and she's had enough to drink that she doesn't mind instigating between the two, "Unless you are afraid." She gives Lionel a wink and then bites down on some bacon after putting it in the sweet bread because bacon makes everything taste better.

"You mean my mead," Silver smirks back at Wren. "You aren't drinking. Healer's orders. Besides, it's bad for your voice, and it looks like you've got a challenge to win." She takes a sip of the mead herself, looking around the group as others take up the call for a challenge.

The Corporal oofs loudly at the sharp poke of her elbow, and he rubs at his side. "Careful with that… you'll take an eye out." Then he offers out the cup once he has taken a third swallow. He's helping. Really. "Hmm, I could probably find a song in that vein…" He looks thoughtful. "Maybe…" He does not rise to the challenge yet, resting his elbows on the table as he looks away from Rinnan to eye the rest of the crowd. He follows Luther's glance to the dancers, head tilting. "Do you not dance?" He asks the man before he tries to steal some of Rinnan's bacon.

Morgan shakes his head. "Probably won't." Cause it wasn't Cam who died so it's not personal for him. "It's enough that he's dying." Oh so slowly. And then he blinks at Benning and heaves a sigh. "Oh noooo. I am nowhere near drunk enough to sit through a singing contest. And since I don't intend to leave…" He downs the remainder of his ale and looks around for something stronger.

"The women dance," Rinnan informs Lionel watching the revelers, Lionel's shoplifting of her food missed until its fully in his hand. She weaves slightly, eyebrows raising at his audacity but she grins at him instead. She sets down the cup to clap him on the back. "You are not so bad Lionel kom Skaikru," she informs him, that apparently the velvet rope to stealing a Warrior's food. "I am not a woman, that way," she adds, slipping back to the other topic and defying biological and gender facts to the contrary. "They will live a longer time and have children and dance, they are women that way," she concludes, dipping into her cup again before she tunes back into the results of the issued challenge.

It wasn't personal for Cassandra either. No one she cared about died, got drained, tortured or caged. Except for Ruth. She cared about Ruth, but in a wholly negative way. So apparently she just joined in the cutting ceremony for the hell of it. "I think you should," she says to Morgan, then clarifies her meaning with a glance to Benning. "Sing. Sing like a bird, Blackwood." Since she isn't familiar with the woman whose challenge she's endorsing, she flashes bowyer a grin and introduces herself as, "Kas kom Skaikru." She's learned that it's just too much effort for most Grounders to pronounce her full name.

"Well, be it far from me if it's not a challenge you don't think you can meet, Lionel." Wren offers lightly, his grin only half a one, on the side of his face that isn't injured. "Your mead for now." he quips at Silver, then ponders. "If the Skaikru does not wish to be perhaps outmatched, perhaps sometimes else then that doesn't require as much skill?" Giving an alternative maybe. He puts his arm on the table. "Arm-wrestling. You know it? Would that be more your speed."

"Hamilton, 'History Has It's Eyes On You'.. or, no, Pirates of Penzance 'Far Better To Live and Die'.." Kai finger snaps,"Thankless Job! Repo, the Genetic Opera!" she suggests to Lionel, taking another swig from her cup but not wondering off for a dance for the moment at least. Because there's singing on the line.

Luther scoffs at Lionel's question and Rinnan's response, "And so do the smart men. Because the women dance." He takes another swig of his now-mostly-depleted jug, "And so, if there will be no sing-off, I will prove myself to be a smart man." Pushing himself up to his feet with just a little wobble, he sets down the jug and picks up his bacon-sandwich, "Or at least one who is drunk enough not to care if he makes a fool of himself." Kai's recitation of meaningless words (or, you know song and show titles) gets a blank, slightly confused look.

"It is good to meet you Kas kom Skaikru, I am Benning kom Triku," Benning tells the Skaigirl who returned from the cutting ceremony, "I am a maker of bows and arrows and from Coesbur." She gives an odd look as Kai calls out things for Lionel to sing and she doesn't recognize any of that music, "<In Trigedasleng> Hmmm, you speak of things Kai that sound like my sister would listen to." She's never been a fan of Gideon's music, "Choose a song others will be able to sing to…not something weird." She has more of her bacon sweet bread sandwich and drinks her mead.

Lionel chortles at Rinnan's words. "I don't know, Rinnan kom Trikru… you look like a woman to me. I mean, it could warrant closer inspection, but I'm pretty sure." He flashes her another broad grin before he finishes the stolen bacon and resumes his careless lean on the table. Kai's suggestions cause him to laugh fully, shaking his head slightly. "I'm afraid that, that is when all hope of a peace treaty ends… me singing showtunes." He looks up as Luther gets up, but remains neatly seated. He's happy here… where the booze are.

"Camelot," Silver counters Kai's suggestions with a small smile of her own, raising her cup. "What's weird music?" she asks Benning, suddenly curious.

"Not drunk enough to listen to a singing contest." Morgan clarifies for Cass' benefit. "I don't sing. I also don't pretend to sing. I'm better at sneaking through the forest than I am at singing." Which says a lot. And then he suggests "99 Bottles of Beer."

Kai gives a nonchalant shrug,"Isn't the point of a sing-off whether the singer knows it, not the audience?" she slurs at Benning before quipping at Lionel,"Wuss." and then raises her cup to Silver,"We're knights of the round table, we dance whenever we're able?" she asks of her with a grin,"Anyways.. dancing. Yes. Dancing is good."

"You would not enjoy that," Rinnan informs Lionel, with no heeding warning or malice in her tone as she looks at Lionel steady-on in return for his broad grin. Presumptions, she perhaps possesses, about the mating habits of the Skaikru by that look. The cup is sloshingly thrust back at him as she attends the arrival of Cassandra, who has been here for a while but drunks are not good at Where's Waldo, it seems. She blinks dully at Cass before listening to the suggestions of song, her expression only slightly quirking for the what sounds like utterly raving nonsense to her dirt person ears.

"That's neat. I'm training with the bow too." Indicatively, Cassandra touches the wooden haft of the thin short-bow slung across her back. It's not quite as fancy as Benning's intricately carved white bow, and likely isn't meant to be. Hers is the perfect weapon for a beginner to train with. "Supposed to learn to make some arrows eventually. But you know, baby-steps. Maybe you could give me some pointers later, before I leave Tondc?" The corners of her mouth lift, and that smile ends up shared with the nearby Silver when she notices her, too. Morgan's suggestion of 99 Bottles of Beer gets a stare. "I kind of want to see you bare your soul, Morgan. It'll be refreshing. Assuming that doesn't involve a scalpel.

It takes a while, but finally Nathaniel steels himself and stands up. His walking cane is taken and he starts with a limp to head out from the party… heading deeper into the city.

"It is more enjoyable Kai if the audience knows the song too," Benning assures the drunk girl before looking at Kas with a smile, "It takes time to learn the craft, so not in a few days. But if you speak to your First, perhaps they will let you shadow me for a time." She takes a deep drink of her mead, "When the new Coesbur is built." She isn't aware of how the Skaikru train so she is assuming it is like the Trikru, "I am better at dancing than I am singing but I am eating and drinking…dancing will come later."

Lionel just dimples. "You make vast assumptions on my desired enjoyment, Ma'am." He takes the thrusted cup though, and casually finishes it off while Rinnan is occupied with the arrival of Boner. He sets the cup aside where Rinnan can't see it, because he thinks drunks lack object permanence. He listens to the flights of conversation, and finally looks back to Luther. "See… dancing is the best way to flirt with someone. Everyone should dance."
pose heads out toward the nearest knot of dancers, leaving the jug of booze but taking the bacon butty.

Luther shakes his head at Lionel, "The second best." This is apparently the voice of experience. "Sparring is the best." Okay, so maybe it's just the voice of a product of a violent civilization. And then he offers up a nod and heads toward the nearest knot of dancers, leaving the jug of (barely any) booze but taking the bacon butty.

Cassandra nods her head to Benning. "Will do," she says. In fact, her manner of training is quite in line with Trikru ways… but knowing little about this relative stranger, she doesn't mention the name of her First. The name of a former Nokru would buy her little. Noticing Rinnan, she then raises a hand in greeting to the drunk. "Heya, Rinnan kom Trikru." A look to Corporal Toothpick, and then she points him out with a warning. "I'd watch out for that one. He'd dance with anyone."

"I suppose." Kai shrugs at Benning,"I'm going up to Polis for a short trip before I'll be heading out to Coesbur to help with the building. But I'll be there to help." she assures in answer, then has to point towards Luther, informing Lionel,"He's right. Sparring beats dancing." and with that she elects to wander off, electing to drain her mug and wander off herself, not so much towards the dancefloor as over to the blond guy she fell on earlier to nudge him to his feet to accompany her.

<FS3> Rinnan rolls Resolve-2: Failure. (5 3 3 2 3 5)

"Flirting is for the daughters of farmers, who want a home one or a bed partner, but do not know how to say this directly," Rinnan dismisses with an unsteady wave of a hand in the air. Flirting? Pfff. Useless. "/We/," Rinnan states, looking at Lionel with a raised, drunken eyebrow that seems to speak for all Warriors a moment before she inaccurately points at Luther and Wren to include them in this broadly based statement about the predilections of Warriors. "We tell them we will be having sex now," she concludes, with an informational gravitas. Rinnan's attention slugs its way to Cass, drunkeness and fine motor skills being at odds. "He wants to dance because he wants a home one like a farmer's daughter," she informs Cassandra with a sage nod, it all /only/ making sense to Rinnan. She grins at Lionel, clapping him on the back and still not noticing that her cup is gone. "You have a nice face. You should just tell a person you want sex," she concludes before she rises, a little unsteadily. "I have to-," she begins and then pitches forward, sicking up the contents of her stomach right in the grass at her feet. Hot.

"Bare my soul?" Morgan repeats, looking puzzled at Cass. "By hurting everyone's ears?" This does not compute. And all the talk of having sex is pretty much guaranteed to get his attention and he looks over at Rinnan and Lionel. Just in time to see the former praying to the dirt gods. "Way with the women, Weeks." he comments dryly.

Lionel arches a brow slightly at Luther's follow-ups before the man heads off to flirt… or dance. He then scoffs slightly at Cassandra. "How am I supposed to meet my one true love if I don't go meet as many people as possible?" Sound logic! Then he snorts at Kai. "That's because you've never had a proper dance." And by his tone, he isn't offering to show her what a proper dance is. She can figure that out on her own, damnit. Then Rinnan is getting up, and he blinks slightly at her words. Then he's grinning broadly again. "Oh, okay… good to know." He accepts the clap good-naturedly, looking after her… until she vomits. "Oh boy…" He nods slightly to the others, and swings himself out of the bench. He starts toward Rinnan, grabbing what he assumes to be a towel, though could be someone's shirt. It is cloth though. He's off to help Rinnan with her sick. Knightly bastard.

Cassandra opens her mouth to say something to Rinnan: probably something very witty and clever, but you'll just have to take the narrator's word for it, because she promptly shuts it when the drunk in question keels over to vomit on the grass. Not being a knightly bastard, the Skaigirl steps waaaay back, making sure she didn't get any splatter on her own shoes, and turns her eyes away with a faint wrinkle of her nose. "I forgot," she admits to Morgan. "You don't have a soul, Blackwood."

"When you say he'd dance with anyone do you mean sex or dance?" Benning asks Kas bluntly, "Because sometimes I've noticed that Skaikru say one thing and mean another." She's not being insulting, just speaking to some of the nuisances she's noticed with their language. She pauses when Kai mentions she is going to Polis and smiles, "<In Trigedasleng> Oh that is a big city, I think you will have fun there." She shakes her head at the dancing comment because Benning would rather dance than fight but that is because she is a not a warrior. She winces at Rinnan throwing up and then takes another sip of her mead. Then Kas gets metaphysical about not having a soul and she frowns for a moment but she is not rude enough to interrupt that.

"I'll get her," Silver says as Rinnan goes down, climbing over the bench and coming over to help. "Heya, Rinnan. That's one way to show a guy you can handle your liquor." She gives Lionel a brief look, unreadable. There's still some distrust for the authority of the Ark in this one, no matter what form it takes.

"I hope so!" Kai quips at Benning with a drunkenly broad smile, that only gets wider and more wolfish at Lionel, even if she doesn't elect to comment verbally in favor of dragging off the blond scout to.. well, drunkenly stagger around in some attempt at dancing, at least.

"Well, just so that's clear." Morgan notes, pouring some harder stuff into his now empty mug. "Did you see Cam while you're there? He wasn't decided yet what he wanted to do."

The puddle at Rinnan's feet is mostly just horrorshow smelling apple vinegar death swill, bless it. It smells like what you'd use to strip paint off the Ark. She looks inclined to shrug away automatically from the ministrations of Lionel's aid, sheerly out of reflexive tough girl principle but another round of heaves cancels her resistance. It's dry, thank god! She accepts whomever's …shirt? this is, still slightly doubled over as she waits for Silver to join in on the fun. "I am sure it will pa-," she begins, frowning towards a swaying Galle off with the other dancers as she looks at Silver before another heave noise starts at the back of her throat. Pass? Probably not. She submits to being lead off to be minded by the two.

"It's okay," Lionel insists to Silver. "I got her, Kennedy. But, maybe we could use some water." See, he does know who she is. Lionel helps pull Rinnan up to her feet, careful to make sure she stays mostly aside so she can wretch to her heart's content as long as it doesn't get all over him. He starts to ease Rinnan toward a quieter place near the market, hoping to find somewhere to sit her down so he can just be a good little caretaker and make sure she doesn't pass out somewhere unfortunate.

Khesu arrives, having been off celebrating a while himself and making merry. He comes from the direction of the pub with a tankard in hand that isn't nearly full enough and has enough sense maybe that he should try to eat a little something before he's completely blitzed. He doesn't walk in the straightest possible line from the pub out here towards the feasting table but his one good eye is bright and watchful of where he's putting his feet. There are bound to be traps for the unwary with soft heads who need not crack open their skulls tonight - like him. "Is there cider?!" That's all he needs to know. This Trikru looks to see what sort of food is available. Roasted meats perhaps? Anything that looks especially appealing?

"I mean sex," Cassandra admits to Benning, just as bluntly. "But I doubt that's on the cards now." She points to the puddle of vomit, which she's casually moving away from step by step, until the smell no longer reaches her nose. Kai catches her attention when the Bowyer addresses the ex-Cadet, but for now, Cassie shakes her head at Morgan. "There's literally a thousand people there," she tells the Med-Tech. "Couldn't see shit. Made my cut with Giddy and made my way back out."

Oh look, as evening drags on to early night, the first fights are starting up. Thankfully, there are no Azgeda or Trikru involved, but a couple of Broadleafs fighting with each other. And it's just fists and feet, so mostly it seems to be in good fun.

Elsewhere, there are still musicians playing, food being passed around, people dancing, and drinks being drunk.

Sage has been here and gone and back again. This time she moves back into the crowd and seems a little more.. normal. She notes Khesu and can't help giving a little chuckle as she holds out a mug to him. "Cider.." She winks as she takes up her own and leans against one of the tables, simply watching for now.

"Don't…" Silver eyes Lionel again, but shakes her head, deciding not to say it. "You know the drill, make sure she hydrates," she says instead, before heading back toward the feast.

Benning has brought a tray of bacon kabobs, veggie kabobs, sweet bread rolls and turkey legs to the table. She's currently enjoying a bacon sandwich as she speaks to the Skaigirl, "No…it would not be wise with her being sick." She notices her uncle and gives him a wave, "Oh…there's my uncle." She gives him a smile if he approaches. Sage also gets a wave.

The sun has set by now, hours into the celebration. A faint haze of clouds masks the moon, but light is thrown about by great bonfires and torches throughout the cleared Marketplace. Only a few stalls remain, serving as places to get food and drinks. The maunheda is suffering his last in front of the Seat to the northeast, but here, there is revelry. A dozen clutches of musicians fill the air with competing songs, and people dance, drink, eat, sing, and celebrate.

Morgan grunts at Cass' answer. Well, Cam'll turn up sooner or later. "Gideon decided to come after all? I thought she was thinking about staying at the camp." Finishing his sandwich, he takes one of the rolls Benning brought back, slices it open, and puts some bacon in it.

Khesu can smell bacon! Sage's mug is accepted and it is upended to dump it's contents into his own before it's thrust back at her to keep it. She needs her own drink, right? "Mochef!" Aye, he seems to be in good spirits. Always a good sign when someone's not a mean drunk. He turns and looks up the long tables until he finds Benning (and the bacon) and heads her way, "Merry Dead Mounan Night!" A couple of bacon kabobs are appropriated and if there's room for him to sit, he does so. But his one good eye has noticed Kai dancing!

One bad step and Kai almost eats it before being hauled up again by her dance partner with a laugh, who is entirely comfortable with slinging his arms about the grey-eyed girl and lofting her temporarily which results in a yelp of protest. Yeh it earns him a smack once her feet are somewhat steady on the ground again and she elects to stagger back vaguely in the direction of the table again with a grin far too broad and carefree for her usual sober self.

Sage gives a dip of her chin to Khesu, clearly she has not drunk enough really. So with her mug she heads back over to one of the tables and leans against it as she talks to some maker or another. A wink and her mug is filled before she turns back to the gathering. At Benning's wave, she flickers a smile and waves back as she moves in her direction and it seems Khesu. Once she is there, she looking towards the dancing and then the others. "So does this mean I get to dance?" She questions those near. So maybe she is a little in her cup.

When mention of an uncle is made, Cassie looks from Benning to Khesu, then back to Benning. Waaaait a minute. There's a funny expression on her face, and a frown, but for now all she says about it is, "Huh." When Morgan mentions Gideon by name, she gives him a dire, warning look, and though she doesn't answer him, she sends another glance to Benning, curious of how the bowyer might react. Khesu gets a small smile as he approaches, but the Skaigirl is now starting to sidle her way along through the crowd, past her current conversation partners and on to… Kai.

"Hey Cutie," Cass greets the carefree, buzzcut drunk with a wink as the ex-C staggers to the table. "Buy you a drink?"

<FS3> Kai rolls Wit+wit: Good Success. (2 8 7 1 4 4)

"Gideon is here?" Benning asks Morgan with a surprised look, "I did not know she was coming. You will have to let her know her sister of the blood offers her greetings." She notices Kas looking at her and then gets a little defensive, "Just because she is Gideon kom Skaikru does not mean that she is not my sister. We are of blood and it does not matter to me if she is Trikru or not." So there…everyone else can fuck off if they have anything bad to say about Gideon in Benning's presence. She takes a deep drink of her mead and lightens a little in the face of her uncle, "<In Trigedasleng> Happy Dead Mounan Night."

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger. Of all the things that Kai might have expected, a rogue Cass is not among them, and that's probably why she stops and blinks at her in abject confusion like, she's very sure that this cannot be trusted and is potentially dangerous to her health. But instead of something snarky she says,"I have one, over there." with a point to roughly where Khesu's now occupying,"Ha! Dead Maunon day.. 's great.. have you tried the bacon? Bacon's awesome." and there's generosity, even, as the ex-C snags two, one to hand off to Cass.

Cassandra, YOU are not getting away that easily. Khesu takes notice of her and his one good eye follows her movement. Skaikru are here, right. He remembers that now, and then looks around before his gaze falls upon Benning once more, "Where is my other niece, Gideon?" Did he miss her in all this celebrating? Easier to miss people when you only have one good eye to spot them with. The bandage around his head only barely covers his left eye now, over shadowing it to protect it from bright light. He tips his head back a little to try to see people better but it doesn't help him much. Maybe some bacon kabobs and more cider will help! Surely they will!

Ah, Benning gets a smile out of him! Khesu bares his teeth - that's a smile, right? When Kai's coming over for bacon and leaning over to get some, he can even lean back to give her some room. Lots going on to keep track of!

Morgan looks from Cass to Benning and shrugs. "Maybe? Ask her." he suggests, gesturing to Cass. He knows nothing. Nothing. "In any case, you're welcome to visit the camp, Benning. I think she and Grey have the basics of a house built. At least enough to keep the rain off. So you have a place to stay, I'd think. It's outside the actual station so won't be a problem aside from all the dirty looks.

When though those at the table do not answer her offer for dancing someone off to the side does and calls out. "Sage! Fire Dance!" This causes the warrior to blink and turn her direction towards the one shouting. Even though she can not make out the face, the voice causes her to chuckle. "Bring me a staff and the fire and I might just do that!" She calls back, her voice oddly sounding pleased. But then her attention goes back to the table and she let's those silver eyes flicker over the others before asking. "If none wish to dance, can I join you?"

Cass raises her hands in protest when Kai attempts to feed her. "I brought the bacon in myself," she informs. "And I'm not hungry. Wanna dance, or are you gonna puke on my shoes if you try?" Also, dancing is as good an excuse as any to escape being caught in the middle of a pariah's family reunion. The wily Skaigirl has noticed the brawls happening amid the Broadleafs, and she has no doubt the Grounders could start another over their wayward Nokru.

Gideon's Second looks over her shoulder towards Benning, and to avoid leaving the bowyer totally up in air, she nods her head. "I know," Cassie replies, and hoping to send a hint, touches the back of her bow again pointedly. But that's all she says.

The liquor is well and truly flowing, and the Trikru have tapped into their reserves just to sustain the crushing wave of partiers and those drowning out recent memories. Keeping to the fringes, Afaye scoots around the Broadleaf group demonstrating their fisticuffs and promptly ducks beneath a mug held aloft by a stumbling drunkard. She uses one hand to nudge the man (singing ever so loudly) back onto his path before making her way toward the array of tables. By her steady movements, it appears Afaye has either opted not to drink or not enough to get drunk. Instead, she steps up onto a bench set in front of one table - dislodging a half-dazed man from his seat - and uses this lofty perch to scan the crowd for a particular face. Her gaze darts from person to person, and her frown deepens as her search turns up nothing. "Hey," she shouts down to the man beside her, nudging him in the ribs with her boot. "You seen Galle?" He responds by promptly barfing dangerously close to her feet. Ugh.

Fire dance? What's a fire dance? The combination of those words get Morgan to look over then nods a greeting to Sage since they met briefly at the pub. Hearing Afaye's question, he answers "She went off dancing somewhere."

Kai shrugs at Cass and offers the second kebab to Khesu instead so she can snag her mug instead,"Of course, Sage." she opines, even if she's not sitting there herself and possibly has no intention of doing so for the moment,"Haven't thrown up yet, despite that guy.." Luther, the big one, over there, though compared to all the other Warriors around and her own drunkenness, might be hard to tell which particular one,"Totally introducing me to Break the Table.. which is a lot of fun, even if I got my ass handed to me by a healer." there's a toothy grin for Cass as she munches on the bacon and says,"Food first, then more dancing, maybe, though if y'gonna try and stab me, aim high, yeh?"

Benning motions for Sage to come and sit. She gives a shrug to Kas as she heads off. She is content to sit, eat and be relaxed for now, "Many are dancing now…I will join them soon but I still am enjoying the bacon." She smiles at her uncle and relaxes now that the question of Gideon is not hanging in the air.

No, no, Kai's extra kabob can go to someone else. Khesu has two already and has blown through the first one. He needs plenty of room for drinking more, tyvm. He downs more cider to wash it down, then quietly munches away as he watches and listens to the others. Sage gets a lifted brow at mention of fire dancing but he doesn't get up from the table to do any dancing of his own, just yet. Fuel first. A negative movement of his dark head for Afaye asking after Galle. Nope, hasn't seen her recently. "Hmmm… I should go and see Gideon soon. Where exactly are we rebuilding Coesbur?" Anyone know?

Sage takes a seat next to Benning, stretching out slowly to get comfortable. But then there is bacon and those silver eyes narrow on it as she reaches over and snags a piece. Biting off the first bite her eyes close in enjoyment before she licks her lips and takes for another. After those bites are taken care of she shakes her head. "<In Trigedasleng> Not heard yet, though Britt is going to lead the warband.." She shares with Khesu before she glances at both males as they look at her oddly about the fire dancing and explains. "I grew up here, when I was younger, I would fire dance. Swirling of a staff on fire or dual staves on fire. It was always interesting, you just have to be able to move quickly enough.." The last is offer with a tiny shrug.

"Stab you? Why would I stab you?" Cass wonders at Kai, sweet and innocent as a face can be. She raises a hand, protesting, "Nuh uh. You eat any more and you're definitely gonna puke. We should dance first, then… Hello." The Skaigirl is interrupted by another dancer. Another dancer who looks a lot like Asher, except with curves. Muscles and curves. By the look of surprise on her face, apparently she really has a thing for muscles. It seems to be a trend. The woman's jaw is also a fair bit cleaner than her usual partner's.

"Catch you later, Adams," says Cassandra, placing her hand and trust in the barefoot Grounder who will surely teach her a thing or two. Then she is dragged off into the crowd.

Afaye leaps backward off the bench and casts a look of disdain at the man now resigned to dry-heaving up his scanty dinner. She scrapes her boot in the dirt and glances up to Morgan when he mentions Galle, but her expression hardens as she realizes—this is Skaikru talking to her. Looking away, the horsewoman spies Khesu who seems to have picked up her query; his faint shake of the head is enough for her. She turns toward the gardens and immediately takes off, only to be forced to circle around some dancers. One of them utters a laugh and calls her name, and she responds with a faint wave of her hand before disappearing.

Kai's next closest option on the spare kebab is Sage, so she offers it out her way,"<In Trigedasleng> Yes. I go Polis to help get stuff." which her current state of inebriation only makes more slurred as she elects that seeing as Cass has decided to go do something else, which is good, because 'Adams' definitely gets a glare. But she decides that she's going to sit down for the moment so she can enjoy what's in her mug, just tickled with.. well, almost everything, right now.

"<In Trigedasleng> I have never danced with fire, only rain," Benning admits to Sage as she enjoys her bacon sandwich, "<In Trigedasleng> But I would enjoy seeing it if you want to dance with fire tonight." She points off to where some of the very drunk folks are barely dancing but bumping into each other, "Although…out there, you might find others that are more drunk than skilled on the floor." She looks over to her uncle, "<In Trigedasleng> I am not sure yet where they are rebuilding the village."

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Resolve: Success. (1 5 8 4 2 5)

A familiar figure on a walking cane comes back in from the city, and Nathaniel half limps, half walks to the marketplace. He's in a little bit more pain since he left and it shows, but he isn't crippled walking yet.

Nathaniel stops at the edge of the party, taking in what's going on first.

Word starts to trail down from the fringes of the party, passed along mostly in Trigedasleng, but occasionally in Gonasleng. Apparently, Cage Wallace fainted for a second time, and there is a delay now as he is being revived.

Those silver eyes follow where Benning is pointing and she can't help but chuckle. "I fear I would end up hurting them. But I'm sure we can find place. Dancing in the rain is lovely as well. Fire just called to me.." She admits as she takes another sip and accepts the bacon from Kai with a half grin. "You seem to be enjoying yourself?" This to Kai, though she is still watching Khesu and Morgan to see if they have questions.

"Surprised that coward's lasted this long." Kai grunts when she hears the word travelling through, making her way through her bacon kebab without any kind of qualm regarding the knowledge that not /that/ far away a guy was being filleted, functionally,"Khesu, how's the eye coming?" she asks of him as she twists about on the bench, rolling her head Sage's way at the inquiry,"I'm feeling great! Tomorrow, I'm probably going to feel like total shit, but that's okay, I'll just have Rain tie me to the saddle, no problem."

Morgan has no questions but "I'd love to see it if you want to do it." he tells Sage. "Definitely be interesting to watch. Luther breathed fire earlier so dancing with it seems like a good follow up."

Khesu has finished his kabobs and finishes off this tankard of cider. He frowns, nobody seeming to know where exactly the new Coesbur site will be, even though it's supposedly been decided. Hmmmm. He gives Sage an up nod, "<In Trigedasleng> Let's see it." Fire dancing he means. Liven things up! He turns his head to regard Kai and grins at the saddle tying. A hand reaches up to nudge his bandage and rumbles, "<In Trigedasleng> Eye's there. I can see a little. Swelling needs to go down more. Healers tell me to be patient." Bah! Luther breathed fire and he missed it. Khesu switches to English, "He can fart fire too. Be careful!"

"Good. Who else is going to mop up my head wounds if you decide to retire?" Kai smirks at Khesu broadly,"And fire dancing 'd be cool.. I'm gonna get another drink.. anyone else want one while I'm at it?" she asks of the table at large.

Kai is offered Khesu's tankard right away. Surprise him!

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Resolve: Good Success. (4 8 2 7 2 5)

Well with everyone being interested, Sage tilts her head to the side and then shrugs as she moves to stand up slowly. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll be thirsty, so bring something Kai.." She winks at the second and then turns to see if she sees Luther, "Luther! I need you to breath on something!" With that she turns and looks around for the body that matched the voice from before. When she finds the younger man coming towards her with both a staff and two staves, she smirks softly and just holds out her hands. "Could not make up your mind mmmm?" She then turns back to see if Luther is awake enough to be useful!

There's a dark, haunted look as word passes down about Cage glancing in the direction of the messengers, but it's only a moment before he saunters over to the tables. The bullet wound in his leg might be almost done, but he still has to take it easy for a few days. Kai gets a look as she offers drinks… but he just glances back to the tables. Finally, Nathaniel uses his free hand to grab some bread and venison, making a sandwich for the first time in his life out of meat.

"Least something good came of this." Nathaniels deep baritone can be heard at the table, mumbling to himself before he takes a bite and moves to sit down, his walking cane put against the chair again.

"Sure, Kai. Thanks. Get me something good. And potent. Good and potent." Morgan says with a quick grin. "It's a party after all." It's dead Maunon day or something like that. Meanwhile, he grabs another roll to eat plain.

Luther is out among the dancers, but there are only so many Luthers, even among the gathered warbands, and after a few minutes, he is drawn back out of the crowds, casting a glance behind him as he does, "What?" The hint of sharpness leaves his voice as he recognizes the person who requested his presence, although the liquid sound of too much to drink lingers on, "<In Trigedasleng> Was someone telling stories about me again? They're all true, I promise. Except for the bad ones. I absolutely never swam through water-snake-infested water to get a leaf."

Kai collects Khesu's tankard as well as her own, rising somewhat unsteadily from her seat and waiting for another moment to check if there was anyone else for a refresher, then nods for Morgan and Sage before she elects to wend her way back over to the bartender. Some of that lethal potato stuff. That's the ticket. Good for making flames and well, quite possibly likely to be the straw that broke Kai's tenuous hold on basic motor functions. But still. It's the principle of the thing. Warriors and requests for something strong and the need for fire.. paint stripper by any other name. Granted, their impromptu waitress isn't exactly the most bonny or buxom creature, but still the lean girl mostly manages a vaguely straight line once the cups are full and she's toddling her way back.

Ah, there, Kai's brought him something back in his tankard. Bless her. Khesu accepts it with a rumbled, "Mochof!" at least until he takes a drink of it, then does a double take. What the hell is that? He's had enough already that it's not so objectionable as it might otherwise be and he takes another sip. Hmmmm, that'll due. He pounds a fist on the table, "<In Trigedasleng> Fire Dance!" It apparently helps to loosen his tongue, too!

The sharpness had caused an eyebrow to arch over those silver eyes and Sage simply watched Luther before he relaxed and brought a smirk to her lips. "<In Trigedasleng> I am sure you did and I will ask later which woman it was for.." She teases in return as she moves towards him slowly with a grace that seems to slowly fall into place. "<In Trigedasleng> They have requested a fire dance.." She motions towards the table and the eager young male who is gathering his friends. "<In Trigedasleng> I thought you could light these for me?" She holds up the staves and twists the two short poles of wood in her hands. The staff for now is leaning against her side as she stops in an opened space.

"<In Trigedasleng> Two of them!" comes Luther's immediate answer, his tongue loosened enough by libation that he has very little filter. The request, however, causes him to laugh and nod, looking about for his clay jug. Finding it on the table, he gathers it in, giving it a sniff to make sure that it's his clay jug, and not one that someone put something besides distilled evil in. He beckons for a torch, and when it is brought over, he holds it carefully in his right hand, jug in his left. A glance to Sage ensures that she's ready, and then he draws in a deep breath, his stomach expanding, and then pours a generous amount of the booze into his mouth, wipes off his chin to make sure, lowers his left hand, and then spits out a gout of fire from the torch over the two poles of wood.

Kai passes Morgan's over to him and sets Sage's aside too before dropping into her seat again heavily, completely oblivious to Khesu's double-take, for all that she's not exactly slinging it back like it's nothing, either. Maybe it's also why she decided to get some bread to help fortify her stomach against the additional alcohol with an unabashed cheer for Luther playing dragon again. Fire! Woo! She's easy to entertain right now.

Morgan smiles his thanks to Kai and takes a drink, immediately choking and almost spraying it out. "Damn it Kai! I said GOOD and potent. As in tasting good not good at disinfecting a stable!" Cautiously, he takes a much smaller sip, grimacing at the flavor as his eyes water. "Horrible." Despite that condemnation, he takes another sip. "Though it kind of grows on you once it burns away your taste buds."

<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve: Embarrassing Failure. (4 1 4 1 1 1)

YES! Fire breathing Luther! Khesu roars approval, then cups his hands to shout, "<In Trigedasleng> Very good! Only I couldn't tell which end you spat that out of! Both ends are ugly!" Yes, his gives his brother warrior some hell just for fun! A good drink from his tankard and yes, he's getting drunk! Now for some of Sage's dancing to entertain them further.

Someone or another has found a drum and begins to set a nice, solid beat. Another Trikru takes the cue and finds a woodwind to start adding something sinuous to the beat and, between them, set the tone for Sage to dance to.

A halter top of leather means one is less likely to catch clothing on fire. Sage simply laughs at Luther's word and then steps back to hold the staves up towards where the fire should come from. Her hands are steady as the flame flashes and flares, catching a spark on the wood and then slowly spreading to about 4 inches on one end. "The Dragon awakens.." She calls to Luther and then steps back again and again. When she has rooms she swirls the staves and the other end catches on fire.

When Sage and Luther was setting things on fire one of those watching runs off to catch the attention of one of the drummers and slowly a beat starts. It's slow at first, but will slowly build as Sage starts to move. For the warriors in the crowd, they will note the dance starts out with the same training that Sage offers others but it gets more wild from there. A swirl of the body, a sway of the hips and the Fire Dance comes to life!

Luther is drunk enough that Khesu's hollering causes him to hand the torch off, turn his back toward the other Warrior, and pull his pants down just enough to show a flash of skin between shirt and pants. Not a full moon, just a little crescent. But he's swaying his way off the stage as it were (that is to say, the expanse of well-trampled grass alongside one edge of the marble pavers that line the Marketplace) and dropping down onto a bench, letting Sage be the center of attention.

"What? Taste's fine t'me." Kai insists, mostly because SOMEONE already destroyed her tastebuds with a drinking game earlier so you know.. paint stripper, something probably nonlethal, what's the difference? But unlike Morgan, or Khesu, for that matter, she's already something approaching 'plowed' to start out with and probably should have heeded the advice about drinking water earlier. But she didn't. Because, well, she's not exactly thinking on all cylinders at the moment. And when Luther elects to moon the gathering what was probably meant to be just a joking roar of mock offense goes horribly bad in ways that she will probably pray later that no-one remembers. Because she half-rises from her seat as she makes a strangled noise of 'GAH! My eyes!' and flails back.. and misses the bench.. and instead of managing to sit her drunk ass down where she was she instead pinwheels, grabbing hold of Khesu and managing to give him a bath of the paint stripper as she collapses in a tangle of drunken limbs. Oops.

<FS3> Khesu rolls Finesse+finesse-3: Good Success. (3 8 7 3 4)

Oh boy, Luther makes Khesu LAUGH! That steals the spotlight from Sage, but only for a moment. Then Kai's ejaculation and falling over ass over kettle into Khesu's lap! She spills her drink all over him but doesn't /quite/ end up with that whole end of the table collapsing! Whew! He does fall off of the bench without tipping the table too badly and hits the ground with a THUD, but damned if he doesn't save his own drink! Huzzah for small miracles!

"<In Trigedasleng> Woman!" Khesu waits until she's trying to get up off of him so he can land a hard smack on Kai's rump! BAM! Rocket science might have been re-invented right there. "<In Trigedasleng> Get off of me! I want to see Sage dance!"

While the end of the table turns to chaos, the center of that beaten ground becomes something else.

It is one of those nights, the Mountain has fallen, the moon is bright, drink is flowing and the form of Sage is swirling within fire. The music is matched or the the musicians match the dancer. Either way there is a primal swirl of elements that fill the air as the beat pulses in the veins and the battle dance turns slowly more sensual. A battle harden form seems to flicker with fire, long black hair swirling and somehow not become dust, womanly form more pronounced even if it is covered in scars and ink. It is as if the fire follows those lines as the dance becomes.. more.

Bright flames slide and spin as the staves are swirled in both hands as Sage slowly lowers herself to the ground. The fire flares higher as she leans back and back till her body is arched and her hair lays on the ground while her knees keep her balance as the staves move faster and faster to the sound of the music. Closer to skin and then away, they move with a heartbeat all there own as the drums rumble louder, deeper and one instrument joins the other.

The collapse of Seconds and Warriors draws Luther's attention for a moment, sending up gales of laughter, but the whirling, twirling blazes of fire tug it back quickly. The jug is set down, nearly empty now anyway, and he raises his hands to beat out time on his chest, matching the drums as they lay down the base for Sage to build her art upon. His head bobs with the music, and he adds a sharp whistle, not joining the music, but rising above it to express his approval.

It's like dominoes. One little mistake leads to another making the chain of events into one complete mess. And Morgan can't help but laugh as Kai proves she can't handle her liquor (except they knew that already from the earlier contest). "Damn, Kai. You gotta get more practice drinking before you kill someone." Not that he's any better in his tolerance but he's been pacing himself and wasn't in a drinking contest.

Oh green freaking eden. Bad enough falling over. Bad enough spilling her drink. Kai falling over, managing to spill her drink and take Khesu out in the process? It's not just embarrassing, it's mortifying, and she's already mumbling,"<In Trigedasleng> Sorry, sorry." as she endeavors to find a way to detangle herself without getting handsy in the process. There's a yelp at the smack on her ass as she scoots off to let him recover, rubbing ruefully where she sits on the ground rather than endeavor to get up right away. She is totally not beet red, and she will deny this to anyone who asks. She also completely cannot hear Morgan, or at least, she's trying to pretend she can't because man it would be SO nice if there were a random pit to bury herself in right now.

Khesu laughs heartily and Kai obviously hasn't angered him! He levers himself up onto one elbow and gets a drink from his own tankard. Aye, he hasn't missed /all/ of Sage's dancing. With a little effort he gets himself up off of the ground, sets his drink on the table, and offers Kai a hand back up, "<In Trigedasleng> No harm." He does want to watch the show though and not miss all of it! Khesu starts to clap along.

The clapping to the beat is starting to be taken up by many. Some are shouting, many others are gathering to watch, forming a ring of bodies all around the light cast by Sage's flames. The music continues.

Faster goes the beat, faster goes the staves, higher flares the fire! Then with a burst of sparks and an arched flare one of the staves are toss high into the air! Sage's body bends in a way that shows much power in those thighs for she follows the arch of the flare with her body and swirls as she tosses the next into the air. A shower of sparks flies as the wind moves to whip around the dance as Sage turns faster and faster in place. A long strong arm reaches up and catches one burning stick and within a blink of the eye the dance as turned to catch the other.

As whistles flare above the music a flash of those silver eyes are seen, alive and bright with flames dancing within. But the look on that face is ethereal, intense and passionate. It is very clear that Sage loves what she is doing as the music and crowd pushes her faster and faster.

Luther drums along with the dance on his chest, adding a stomping of his feet along with the fingerless whistle as the brands are thrown up and caught again. The beat at his chest halts for a moment as he collects his jug once more, taking a swig and then setting it down to take up the hammering of fingers on pecs again.

On the ground might just be safer for Kai at the moment, expression rueful as she allows Khesu to haul her back up to her feet with a grateful,"Mochof." it's the bread for her, sure enough. Maybe some water, later, but right now there is fire dancing to watch, and that she's just not sure she can make it to the bartender and back without accidentally stabbing herself or something.

Still smiling, Morgan turns back to watch Sage dance. Without thinking about it, he joins the others in clapping in time to the beat.

Well now. Khesu retakes his seat on the bench and doesn't seem to mind at all if drink got spilled all over him. He can go stumble his way down into the bathes later and smell a heck of a lot better before he crawls into the stables to sleep it off or something. Waking up smelling like hay would be a lot better than smelling like piss and barf any day. He drinks whatever the heck Kai put in his tankard and tries to hold on for the end of Sage's dance, clapping away along with everyone else!

One can only do such a dance for so long before things start burning that should not. Sage is swirling faster and faster with her feet stomping the ground to the beat. Once - twice and on the third the right stave is tossed in the air once more and caught to be slammed down on the ground. This leaves it burning upright on one end and flares shadows around the dancer.

With one burning stave in her left hand she paces around the upturned flame, swirling in and out of the shadow of fire with sparks raining from above. The music slows as her feet slow and then the beat deepens turning to drums alone as the woman shifts to move faster than before. Like a whirling dervish she moves in the center of shadows as the stave is tossed over head again as she falls to her knees, leaning back in an arch that started it all. The fire turns and twists and swirls falling close and closer to the arched form on the earth. The sound of a thump of wood against wet skin and is it's clearly "caught" on her upturned chest. Heaving breath after breath as each end slowly burns closer and closer…. then spark out, casting Sage into shadows.

Luther has his jug in hand again when Sage arches back and 'catches' the burning brand, and he half-turns to pound his approval on the table with his right hand, keeping his eyes on the dancer. He takes a pull from the jug even as he applauds one-handedly, letting out a contented 'ahhh' as he does.

Kai also elects that table-thumping might just be safer than her endeavoring the coordination to clap right now. And in fairness, she's about half soaked, too, though at least it was only her drink that she ended up wearing. Bread is significantly less fun when one is trying to eat it just to try and sober up to some degree, but she sits there and struggles her way through a roll anyways.

Khesu joins the others to thump the table! But not before he rescues what's left of his drink to keep his tankard safe in his other paw. The poor table takes a beating too, utensils dancing about, things falling over as others take it up while others still shout or stomp. The noise and cheering with thumping is a rousing loud appreciation for the dancing just done. It doesn't hurt at all that there were also flames and much booze consume to make it all a great show.

Another good drink from his deep cup and then Khesu turns away from the table, leaving Kai to her own defenses. This Trikru heads off towards the orchard to see about relieving his bladder. And then? Well, who knows. The night is yet young, is it not?

Morgan starts to clap but when others thump instead, pounds the table with a fist. When in Tondc… "That was really good. Silver should learn to do that while she's here." Cause Silver will totally jump at the chance, right? "Okay, my turn to play with fire. I gotta try this!" Not the fire dancing but fire breathing and he's got the perfect booze to do it with. "So umm, I need a stick. On fire."

Kai has decided that perhaps it's in her best interests to wander off, maybe to the baths, or just somewhere she can throw up.. or lay down, something. Definitely time for a break in the drinking, in the least.

To be fair to the table, it just put up with a rousing game of Break the Table earlier, so it's likely going to be able to take it. Luther lets the rattle of hands trail off, then offers out the jug to Sage. Because high-proof booze is the best thing available to quench a thirst. Morgan's announcement causes the Warrior to look about the rapidly-disintegrating group, "Who is going to carry him to the Healing Houses when he burns his eyebrows off? Not it."

Sage pulls herself up from the ground and makes sure the fires are all out before she heads back towards the table. When the jug is handed to her she gives a wide grin to Luther and raises it to her lips for a very long drink. Of course if it was almost gone she doesn't drink long and moves to collapse into a seat next to Luther as she hands the jug back. "<In Trigedasleng> Thanks, fire is hot.." Ummm, yes yes it is. As for Morgan those silver eyes fall on him and she arches an eyebrow. "You always loose the brows the first time.." As if that might matter to the man, but she does nothing to try and stop him.

"Now why would I need to be carried to the healing house if I only lost my eyebrows?" Morgan points out logically. "I could just walk." Though he doesn't really look thrilled at the idea and reaches up to rub one of them. "Well, maybe I'll try it another time." He clearly hasn't drunk enough.

"<In Trigedasleng> Amazing. I wouldn't have known that." Even drunken Luther is a smartass. He takes the jug back, swishing it around to determine that there are indeed one or two more drinks in it, "I lost my mustache too. It was before I had a beard. And I smelled burned hair for three weeks." That's probably an exaggeration.

Sage narrows her eyes at Luther and shakes her head once. "You were doing it wrong then.." She pats the other warriors shoulder and as she hears something in the jug, she reaches over and takes it back. A swirl and then she tips it back for another drink that ends with a sigh before giving it back again. There is a little drink left! /Tiny/ but there. As for Morgan she gives him another nod. "Best to see it a few times. I'd offer to teach you, but you are more wanting the Dragon Fire than the dance, so.." She shrugs one bare shoulder with it's ink and marks.

"Yeah, better to see it more." Morgan agrees, glancing over at Luther but not actually /asking/ or anything. "There's time to learn. I only just saw it done earlier. You all do know how to have fun, I'll give you that."

"Of course I saw," is Luther's response to Sage, "I was fourteen and stupid." Some would argue one — if not both — of those are still true to this day. Proving at least one of those points, Luther nods to Morgan, "Yes. There are many things we know how to do, Sondauna. A great many things."

"I never thought otherwise." Morgan notes. "I was pushing for an exchange of knowledge since we found out there were survivors down here." Glancing down into his mug, he drains it of the last and sets it down. "I should be getting back to camp. My niron is probably looking for me."

Luther grunts at Morgan's response, but he's on his best behavior, so he leaves it at that, claiming the jug back from Sage to drain off the last of the booze (thankfully most of it went in the drinking contest, or else he would probably be on his way to alcohol poisoning). He nods to Morgan then, and then tosses the jug to a passing Second, "Music! More music!" There are three groups of musicians within a stone's throw, but that doesn't stop Luther's proclamation.

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