Day 024: Dreams And Disagreements
Summary: Drama in the lander 'hospital' with an awkward dreaming soldier, a soothing friend, an angry doctor, and a set of timely boots owned by Kai all collide over the rifle list and doctors not being on it
Date: 15 June 2016
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Dropship Cargo Hold
The lowest level of the dropship was once meant to store large amounts of cargo in addition to auxiliary seating. As the camp outside was built, however, it was cleared of the meager supplies sent down with The 100, and now is merely storage for the most valuable of resources. It's walls, deck, and ceiling have been stripped to bare metal panels, and several small areas extend beyond the central area, providing an illusion of privacy. A single lowered door with a pair of curtains across it is the only exit from the dropship, while two ladders pierce the ceiling, leading to the levels above.
Morning of Day 24

It's the early morning after the war games. Day 24 since the Landing. A day which finds Stone "yet again" injured in the Lander. Sure, it wasn't bad this time. Just some pulled stitches doing something stupid he couldn't resist, and Hanne was there to fix him right up, but the big guy was told to rest a bit, and so he rested. Asleep now and still, sprawled out on the makeshift bedding he practically has lived in for weeks to one corner of the lander 'hospital' area, fresh bandages on his throat with only a tinge of blood to them, shirtless and still. When he's laying there like that, the young giant seems more at peace in his skin than he tends to awake. No shyness, no awkwardness, no grumpiness or doubt. Just peaceful repose, even knowing it's almost inevitable the next day will bring people irritated at him for hurting himself or, worse, wanting to talk about the godforsaken Devil's Dice List. The horror!

There's been remarkably few injured lately so Morgan's had a chance to enjoy not playing doctor except for those still needing tending. He doesn't even bother with a shirt now with the hot weather on its way but he's never without his sword. Coming up the room, he starts across the cargo hold to make sure they're ready for the upcoming hostilities. Seeing Stone there, he just frowns and grunts a wordless comment.

Shi has seen better days, last night? She got beatup, this morning? She got beatup as well, then well. With hood missing and white hair around her like a cloak, she slips into the "room" that had her cuts being wiped oh not long ago and wonders over towards the corner where she used to keep Stone company. She has gotten to her normal perch when Morgan appears and seems to freeze, glance to Stone, bites her lower lip, and then takes a deep breath before she raises a hand and waves to Morgan, giving him a helpless little shrug as she gets comfortable.

Stone is, for the moment, pleasantly oblivious to the Crush Awkwardness (tm) brewing in the air around him, continuing to lay sprawled out and still for a time, a hand draped idly across stomach and his breathing even. That is it was even. Laying there asleep, the big guy's brows furrow faintly and his breath starts to speed a little, a ragged-voiced sound escaping. A faint, faint groan. Discomfort or pain or muted fear, it's not clear what the source of the sound is, except that it seems likely a dream is starting to catch hold of him. Nightmares are certainly not an uncommon thing in the camp, even if one of those things most people sort of pretend to ignore rather than talk about. Maybe he's having something of that sort. Grounder battle axe falling maybe, or the burning pierce of an arrow. It's enough to flex dark muscles a little, to stir the hand across his belly. Minute movements in the paralysis of sleep, probably echoes of greater in the dream.

Morgan's frown disappears a little as he spots Shi and he detours over toward her. "Need something?" he asks, still sounding grumpier than usual. Not that he's talked much to Shi to have a 'usual' with her.

Shi frowns gently herself as Stone starts to move in that nightmare stance, it's clear this is something she knows as she shifts from her perch to kneel near to his blanket and places a gently hand on his brow. Her fingers are soft and light, and something Stone's sleeping memory might remember from nights in the past. But she keeps it soft, a gently brushing as a hand lays on the clutching hand on his stomach. As she does this, she looks up at Moragn and gives him a half smile, her voice is very soft, enough for him to hear but maybe not enough to wake Stone. "No, I am fine. Just taking a break from getting my ass handed to me and thought I'd check on him…" Even if she should be upset with Stone, when he's like this, well.. Shi can't help but fall back into the old ways. But her eyes are on Morgan as she asks, "Do you? I don't think people ask that enough, are you ok Morgan?"

The hand on Stone's forehead, something she's done for him before at times, isn't enough to wake him, probably due to the familiarity of the touch and scent. Instead he just continues to stir somewhat fitfully, breath coming raggedly, muscles clenching and then unclenching, clenching again in shudder, brows furrowed and face caught between fear and something else. Rage? Pain? Something. He doesn't moan again yet though, so perhaps in some way the girl's touch is soothing some part of the dream. At least his forehead feels normal temperature, so this isn't a fever dream. Aside from those being horrible, a fever wouldn't be a good sign at all.

Morgan nods at the answer, glancing from her to Stone and back. He shrugs. "Feel free." Which she's already doing, both figuratively and literally. "Me? Yeah, just fine. Making sure there's enough supplies to take care of the wounded when things start." Which there's not but it's all they have.

Shi glances up at Morgan and blushes softly, but she offers first, "If you need any help? Let me now, I also have the cloth from my clothes above if you need it. But that blush gets a little deeper, so far she has gotten away with what she is about to do when none were around, but she knows that the muscles pulling isn't a good thing. "Sorry Morgan.." She whispers before she starts to softly sing, it's a soothing and oddly pretty song, about the fresh air and the bright sunshine, of the longing to see it and the fear at once. It must be something personal to her as she let's the song wash over the sleeping and wounded man. Some of it is just humming, some of the sounds are pure and clear, while others are a little more deep and ragged, but she atleast has a voice suited to keep in tune.

As talk turns to grim things, and a dream-trapped warrior stirs, another sound escapes him briefly. An almost basso-deep variation on whimper that doesn't really have name, but speaks of pain and fear. And then, the singing. A voice rolling out over him, stilling him slowly, thick muscle by muscle, smoothing out the nightmare forming, guiding it away from fear or pain. Settling the sleeping giant. Perhaps settling the sleeping giant a touch too much. Cause he's loosing another sound after a moment. A masculine sort sound, sighing pleasure sound that Shi may be too inexperienced to recognize pitch of, but Morgan might catch meaning behind. In fact, given the way the shirtless man is sprawled and way the tight cadet cargo pants fit, it might be a good time to wake the poor bastard up. Purely to check his stitches of course. For medical reasons, not just to save embarrassment.

"Probably will unless we get very lucky or they're very stupid. They should be boiled to get as sterile as possible." Morgan says. He's not sure why Shi's apologizing so just shrugs when she starts singing and starts taking an inventory of what they have. At the sound from Stone, he glances over and snorts a bit before turning back to continue.

Hey! Shi has a tiny shy side and it's about the singing! So there, but as Stone starts to relax, she smiles gently to herself, tilting her head at the new sounds, ones she has probably heard, maybe. But she simply smiles as she squeezes the hand she was touching and then leans over to kiss Stone's forehead. The movements are sure, and clearly something that has been done before, so she has no clue what flowing white hair brushing her chest, combine with that scent that is Shi and the touch of skin to skin might do. But the action is sweet as her eyes glance back over to the snort she hears more Morgan and she flushes more. "It's not /that/ bad.." She mutters in his direction.

The brush of hair and scent of the white-haired girl continues that 'relaxation' in the young giant, a faint fitfulness starting to settle back in, but of a different sort. Ridges of stomach muscles clenching a bit, a pink tongue flitting out across darker lips, and…well, let's just say the pants are starting to fit tighter. Dreams and morning…pants tightening is part of being male, especially a teenage male. Of course, most of those things don't tend to get done embarrassingly in front of people one's declared a crush upon. Breath speeding, heartbeat pounding, now would be an awfully good time for Gideon to start playing stupidly loud music to wake the whole camp or something. Too late probably, but still better than alternative.

Should he take the needles out of the oil now or wait? They need sterilizing but too soon and they can get germy. Wait a bit. "What's not that bad?" Morgan asks. "The singing? It's fine. Don't stop on my account. He's responding to it." Is he ever.

Shi tilts her head to the side as she glances down at Stone as she slowly sits up, of course, that still drags strands of white hair against the muscled chest of the male sleeping.. oh so peacefully. Or well, was, those violet eyes slowly flicker over Stone, a soft caress that some would say is as good as a lovers touch. But for Shi she is just checking to see if he's fallen back into sleep, and there is a soft nibble of her bottom lip as she notices the straining muscles. "Are you sure Morgan?" She asks softly her hand moving from Stone's forehead and gently; like a tiny sensual feature, smooths down along his chest. Oddly enough the girl has not looked below the waist, if she had, well she might have more of a clue! But she is here for soothing not seducing, so for now her mind hasn't gone down that path.

Boots. Boots on the ladder coming up from the cargo bay up to the area where med is set up. At least the owner is endeavoring to be quiet, but really, there's something distinctive about the sound of boot on metal that at least somewhat heralds Kai coming up from the floor below.

It's the morning after the war games where Stone pulled his stitches and got to return to the Lander where he's spent WAY too much time in the past few weeks. He's at the moment sprawled out on his makeshift bedding to one end of the 'hospital' area, with Morgan nearby running inventory and Shi kneeling next to him trying to be soothing.

That is however NOT a soothing gesture right now! Not a soothing gesture at all! For there lays a man caught in fitful dreams, thick muscles clenching and unclenching mildly, his breath ragged, his face pained. Sure, if you'd just seen him earlier and the nightmare that was trying to creep on to capture him, you might assume what his state is is nightmare. That is, if you were totally inexperienced in men and reactions…and too chaste to look below the waist. Cause what Stone's having has turned from nightmare into totally something else. And Shi's not helping it. A fitfulness that is speeding, his breath catching, muscles clenching, and pants frankly not hiding much at all, maybe even so much so that a pure little white-haired girl might accidentally notice. "Mmmm." It's a sound escaping the big brute's throat and chest, basso purr almost, "Mmmm, oh…oh…" Words, a little lost to dream-sensations poor teenage hormones are driving to insane levels, hard to mistake, even for Shi.

And words that suddenly are interrupted with bootfalls, distinct enough to shatter the dream illusion with their not fitting the scenario. Boots which suddenly has Stone's words morphing mid stream as he wakes enough to set dark, bleary eyes on the one entering at entirely too appropriate a moment. "Oh…oh…oh Kai!" The big guy's shock gives way to a horrid moment of realization, a scramble for the first thing at hand. Namely, his rifle! Flung across his…well, other rifle to block the view as horror compounds with a turn of head and desperate flick of eyes. "Shi!" then "Morgan!!!" Oh please just shoot the bastard and put him out of his misery.

Boots. On the ladder. Morgan looks over then grunts at another one of them showing up. He goes back to what he was doing but then Stone's waking up and shouting names and grabbing for his rifle. The longer rifle. A smirk crosses his face when he sees where it ends up. Way to not draw attention to a hard on, dude.

Shi is not stupid, but then she was not in truth thinking that Stone would react to her touch/voice in such a way to move from nightmare to exotic dream either. So it is only when Kai appears and Stone watches the Warrior Kai with shocked eyes, that Shi blinks gently and pulls back, but her hand still rests on Stone's chest and she pets him gently, "Relax Stone, you were just having a dream.." Of course when he reaches for the rifle, she has to duck so she isn't hit, and then /maybe/ her eyes flicker down to where said rifle went. Those violet eyes are widen, and a red splash of color starts to slide up from her chest, along her throat and to her cheeks. But.. she seems more curious than shocked. Well if anyone was watching her, which they probably are not.

Well then. The exclamation had Kai pausing on the ladder with a loft of her brow, shaking her head as she comes the rest of the way up with an upnod in Morgan's direction by way of acknowledgment and grunts,"I came to check on the Boy Scout, but obviously he's feeling pretty good." with a vague smirk in Shi's direction.

Wow. So apparently enough blood to the face, and Stone can almost blush. Lookit that. Even if he couldn't, his kind of horrified discomposure would be screaming it loud and clear, morphing into grumpy wakefulness as he shifts his bulk. Moving carefully, to not tweak his stitches, to lean a little away from Shi of the evil touches and get his back against a bulkhead, all without letting the rifle shift from lap. "You all fudgin' suck!" he mutters, dark eyes down. "Fudge me sideways with a sharp stick, wake me up next time, Shi!!!" Oh yeah, cause this is totally on her. That's fair. Embarrassment makes boys do stupid things.

Shi sits back on her knees as Stone starts to move, she opens her mouth to say something and then he is shouting and making no sense to the tiny girl. There is a little grumpy growl as she looks from Stone to the others and then back. "Everyone has nightmares Stone, they arn't going to say anything about it, and you needed your rest! Remember your promise? Rest when you can? You never were upset about that before?" She asks with some confusion in her voice. Innocent or not, this seems more to be a place where her mind simply has not gone down /that/ road, at /that/ moment. But she not NOT happy about the tone and narrows her eyes at Stone. Does she miss Kai's smirk? Only time will tell..

"Feel free." Shi certainly was. Morgan doesn't look over at Kai nor Stone either, despite the temptation to see the expression that accompanies those words. Instead, he moves a pile of bandages from one place to a different place for no reason whatsoever then after a moment, puts them back where they were in the first place.

"Relax Boy Scout, I just arrived." Kai grunts for Stone dismissively,"Morgan can I get you to take a look at my side please? Wren got me pretty good earlier and I want to make sure he didn't accidently crack something." she asks of the doctor, too oblivious to notice the busywork he's engaging in at the moment.

Stone's angry expressions freezes a little gap-mouthed as he's staring at Shi with the 'nightmares' bit, looking down at the rifle (in his hands) and then up at her, and working his jaw like he's about to say something. But nothing manages to come out. He's caught between his inability to lie, even by omission, and his utter horror at admitting it wasn't a nightmare. What is a good Boy Scout to do? Thankfully, Kai gives him a third option, when he's frowning over at Kai's statement, still propped against wall, huddled over his rifle in order ward off…nightmares. "Isn't Wren the big C-Bur Grounder with the axe? We gettin' attacked by our allies now on top of the rest?" Yeah, there's a protective streak there, the anger and discomposure feeding into it, made worse by his guilt of not telling Shi, whom his eyes keep trying to flit to, the truth about what just happened. This is perilously close to lying by omission after all.

Shi smirks softly, "Of course not silly, Wren has offered to teach us. Kai seemed to impress the hell out of him.." She points out as she glances towards Kai and offers an impish grin to that earlier smirk. "He took it easy on me, or well. He decided to call it when I rushed him, so either his kick into my middle tired him out, or he was worried he'd break me.." She gives a tiny chuckle at this, but it is clear that something in her word bother her. A tiny sigh and she reaches up and slowly starts to braid her hair, her eyes flickering to Stone, and she gets that studying look that he is very aware of.

Morgan pauses what he's doing and turns to gaze at Kai a moment. "Shirt off." he says curtly. So that would a yes, he will. Or it's the first step to getting Kai to streak around the camp again.

"No, but I'll take all the training I can get, and he made both Allen and me look like punks." Kai utters with a glance at Stone before turning her attention towards Morgan. Now of course, she keeps bandages bound about her shirt to keep herself contained. And this is why she also has absolutely no problem hunching her shoulders forward to pull off her top. And yeh, it's going to be a bruise, a good one too right along her ribs,"Y'okay Morgan?" she asks of him, mentally reflecting briefly before offering an ah,"Rifles."

Ooh, now that _definitely_ got a flicker of protectiveness flaring. Stone's thick dark brows furrowing into a brooding overshadow to dark eyes glittering with somethin darker at Shi's talk of getting kicked in the stomach by the grounder. Still, before Stone can growl about that, even if he gets it was in training, he's registering Morgan's word and letting out an audible rasped groan of almost physical pain. "Fudge my life!" The giant growl-rasps, moving to rotate back in his position to flop back on his makeshift bed of gear and clothes and promptly roll to put his back to all three of them like he's going back to sleep. Kai's first comments though tilt his ear back to her slightly thought, leading to a thoughtful grunt. "Allen even? Daaang." At the end of her thing, even though he's settling down further again, he's forced to ask obliviously. "What about rifles?"

Shi shakes her head at the strangeness that is Stone at the moment and when he turns his back and gets settled, she goes back to her perch and ends up leaning against his lower back, stretching to get comfortable. She for one is fine watching the topless Kai and winces a little at the bruise, "I don't even want to know what mine look likes. I did enough damage to myself last night.." She mutters at that but can't help a tad bit of Hero worship for Kai. "But Kai? As much as I am not going to rub your ego, you were very impressive both times. But next time? Keep his attention longer? So I might can smack them?" She teases with a wink, but it's clear she means it. As for the rifle talk, she quiets then and her eyes turn to Morgan

Once Kai's shirt comes off, Morgan walks over to look at the bruise. Her guess just gets a grunt and he begins to feel around the edges before moving inward. Despite what he'd like to do, he's as gentle as possible while checking to see if a rib has cracked.

"You jumped in though Shi, yesterday and today, that's what matters." in Kai's opinion at least,"You didn't give up. You can learn how to do the rest of it.. that's just practice.. no giving up, you can't teach that. And hell yes. Allen unloaded on him and still got punted so hard he got air. Nothing like yesterday's training.. I thought I was doing okay holding my own against Cole and Cam but Wren's a great reminder just how vast the difference is between us and them." there's a sigh,"For the record.. I don't necessarily disagree with the idea that the few people who know how to stop us from dying should be free to focus on that.. but I also advocated for you and a bunch of others. Because yes, everyone has a right to defend themselves." speaking of which, the female ex-C? No rifle. Sword somewhere set aside for now, but no rifle. There's no crunchy bits in there, at least, for all it's starting to turn a wonderful shade of red,"Impressive aint worth shit, Shi. And I'd have never seen you coming.. 's the difference between dodging a bunch of asshole cadets and having to fight for a living." there's respect in her voice. A frustrated disappointment, but respect at the same time.

Stone twists a little, body tensing when Shi suddenly is leaning against him. A sigh escapes though as he settles, listening to Kai's pep talk, and giving a minimal stitch-safe nod. It's followed up briefly with a rumble-rasped. "She's right. You did good. Can still remember how to dodge, which is an important part, an' you kept at it, even after that tumble into the weapon pile." Stone sounds gruffly genuine in the first, which Shi would know is pretty impressive praise coming from him when it comes to combat skill. And did that last bit have a little thread of teasing to it? Is there hope there? Regardless, the giant's going on, asking over shoulder. "What's up with you, Morgan? Is it the fudging…crush list bullcrap or something? Normally you'd have ripped me a new one by now and threatened thirty more stitches for pulling mine, and been all over Kai with talk of how many bones she coulda broken, but you're been all quiet an' stuff."

Shi blinks once or twice, first at Kai and then at Stone, she can't help it she gives a soft chuckle. "Thanks, but did you both not tell me at different times, that you were not goo at talking?" she teases but then grows silent at Stone's ribbing and he can feel her snort and probably imagine the rolling of her eyes that happen. But when he speaks of the crush list as the issue for Morgan, she elbows him semi gently and whimpers something he might or might not hear.

Stone senses: Shi whispers very softly, "He's pissed off about being on the no rifle list, thinks the cadets had no right to say he could not help defend…"

"And for the record, it's not your fucking decision to decide that. Not any of you." Morgan spits out, including Stone in his glare. "None of you get to decide what I'm going to do. You shouldn't even get to decide who gets to use a rifle and I'm tired of the Guard wannabes thinking they still have some kind of authority down here when supposedly it's all about what the camp decides as a whole. Does that fucking hurt?!" he asks Kai as he presses in on the center of the bruises. "Fine. I don't get a rifle. I won't force you to beat me unconscious to keep me from taking one but only because we don't need that when we're going to be under attack any minute. But I'm going to be on the wall with my fucking sword. Not the best place to be for someone you're tryign to keep safe but hey, that's your decision. And no, it's not fucking cracked. Put your damn shirt back on before the boy scout hemorrhages or something."

"Like I said.. I advocated for you." Kai grunts, because ow, a smart woman does not give her doctor reason to hurt her when she's already sore, and at least he's rewarded by the baring of her teeth and the flinch of her away from his touch,"Fucking ow Morgan, remember who the fuck it was who taught you how to use the damned thing! And that you and the damned meds get to decide who gets to use the shit in here and for what purpose, for fucks sake. The only goddamn person that I have not trained and advocated for is fucking Cassandra so lay the fuck off." cos she totally already rubs her ribs and glares at him before finding a relatively safe place to pull her top on or something,"Or you forget that? And how about you're fucking right and I don't have a rifle unless I'm up on the wall like everyone else, yeh? But nah, cos those thugs by the stones.. they were my fault too, weren't they?" color the lean girl mad from the angry gestures with which she yanks at her top to get it back in some semblance of order irritably.

Stone lets out a big sigh at Shi's whisper, but it's rendered moot shortly after when Morgan's temper explodes. A big hand taps Shi gently indicating he's moving, and then Stone's pushing upward to sitting position (after having shifted his rifle and glanced down for a second). Still with back to them (and Kai specifically), but sitting up to 'join' things more properly. He let's Kai have her angry say, shaking his head as much as he's able with the restitched and bandaged neck, then he's adding, his raspy horror-voice rolling out calmly, especially in contrast to Kai's. "Listen Morgan, I get why you're torked. I said you would be and we argued over it. It is how it is. Either wya, you can do what you do I guess, but when it comes down to it, people will quite possibly die that could've lived if you're focusing on attack. Maybe people will live who wouldn't though with your extra help on the line. I dunno. So I ain't gonna tell you what to do. No one can force you to do what you can best do to help, any more than we could force Cassie. Regardless, I'll keep teachin' you rifle if you want to learn it and if someone goes down with one, you can take it off them like Cass said she would."

A small, sorrowful sigh at the image, and the dark, low voice is going on, a bit more firmness to it, though still calm. "The one thing I'm gonna argue with you on is the right of the distribution. We're the one's with the training to use them and keep them functional, who have the best chance at hitting something with them with our limited ammo, and who are best equipped to keep them safe, so yeah…it sorta is our right to make that decision. Sorry if it comes down to us havin' it out over that. I like ya, more than I should already, and I'd hate to pop you in the nose over somethin' as stupid as this, but it is what it is."

Shi shifts as she is tapped and decides standing is probably better than sitting and being even shorter as things become a little loud, but she takes a step to the side so she can watch all there of them and sighs softly herself, "This is nothing I should open my mouth about but.. It comes down to who wants to take responablity. If Morgan and the others who can heal, don't want to take responability for who uses what? So be it. They have the skill and the knowledge and I for one trust them if they want to take control there. As for the Cadets? Again, if they want that responability? Then they can have it. Will I get a gun when time comes? Probably not, but then my skills are not needed to save people either, so I can't bitch to much. Again it all comes down who wants to do what. And who is willing to prove they can do such a thing. Does is suck? Yep, but we are in a position that sucks and hard choices have to be made.."

"What damned shit?" Morgan snarls, turning to gestures at the supplies. "Cut up pieces of clothing? Hot water? Oh hey, we have needles now. Do you know how to push a needle through flesh and tie a knot? Congratulations, you can sew up a wound." He looks over at Stone to say "You're damn right you aren't going to tell me what to do. You have an opinion? You fucking come and talk to me about it and I'll make the decision. You don't don't get to do that. Ever. This isn't the Ark. It will never be the Ark. And I'm fucking tired of the hypocrisy of talking about how everyone gets a say in things and then some people just go ahead and make the decisions they want to. And those who just go along with Grey when he does it are just as guilty of it. So yeah, you have the training to use and keep them functional. That doesn't mean you own them. And it certainly doesn't mean you get to tell anyone who gets to fight."

"So you did not see and weren't standing there when I went and did just that?" Kai challenges of Morgan,"I'm not trying to make it the goddamn Ark.. we're outnumbered by about ten to one by people who have been doing this shit since they were old enough to /walk/. We have.. what.. thirteen ex-Cadets who have experience with actually firing rifles. To try and improve our odds, I have done everything I can to train everyone who might want to know how, how to do it. But we only have twenty four of the fucking things to go around and less than five-hundred rounds between them. Every bullet in those guns is going to /count/. The more of them that actually hit the enemy in places that mean they're not crawling over the damned walls to kill everyone in here is one less person likely to need healing afterwards, yeh? But there's plenty of people out there that yes, much like you with rifles, could be taught how to sew a wound and still wont count as capable of healing as you are." she scowls,"But yeh, let's just shoot ourselves in the head some more, yeh? Because it doesn't matter how many people die, as long as no-one tells you what to do. Fine. It's no damned wonder they think we're a bunch of idiots."

"She decent?" Stone's murmuring over shoulder to Shi as he's pushing himself upward to a knee, intent on rising apparently, his broad bare back still to them. While awaiting confirmation of that, he's bending down, careful of his neck, to start rolling his gear blanket and clothes of the makeshift bed into roll, tying it off and then rising with it in one arm, his gun in another. Apparently he's moving out of the Lander finally or some such. No doubt he'll be injured and back in within a week or so, of course, but whatever works.

With presumably confirmation of a clad Kai, the big man's finally rotating slowly and starting out, a weary, sad expression touching his sculpted features, brows tightly furrowed, and shoulders slumped a little. "Kai, let it be. We aren't gonna agree on this. He'll do as he does, we'll do as we'll do. Everything will sort out, or it won't. More rantin' and yellin' isn't doing anyone any good."

With that, the big guy's nodding to Morgan solemnly, frown still set, raspy horror-voice still gentle. "Sorry, Morgan. For you feelin' betrayed, an' for disagreeing with you about it. Guess I'll see you in the fight, or after it." And with that, Stone's striding on his thick legs towards the exit, adding over shoulder. "Oh, and Shi. It was a wet dream, not a nightmare, least at the end." There, conscience clear. No lies told, even ones he wished he could make.

"Just like we have other medics who can sew up a wound and don't want to be anywhere near the fighting." Morgan retorts. While fervent, he hasn't yelled yet. It's a cold anger not a hot one. "Not to mention that maybe, just maybe, you could assume I have enough sense to hand the rifle to someone else when I'm needed to actually heal people so I'm not standing around doing nothing but jerking off till there's enough injuries for everyone to be busy with. Well, I'm not going to be wasting my fucking time like that." So damn right he's going to be there.

The tiny girl watches Stone's back for a few moments, but does nothing to stop him from leaving, though there is a tiny frown that appears and disappears as she straightens her shoulders and seems about to leave as well. Then of course that is when Stone calls back the last and she just stops where she stands, a slow blink, a tilt of the head and she sighs softly with a smirk as she takes the next step. "If it helps Morgan? I don't think they saw/see it like that. Your not a silly man, you can and will do what is best for everyone.." As the normal touchy/feely person she is, she reaches up and pats Morgan's shoulder as she moves past.

Kai's never decent. She's /clothed/ at least though, pacing more than a little before she casts a glare Stone's way,"And what if they all do? Have you asked them, while you're lecturing everyone else about asking people shit? And how about you were on my list of people who should get one very specifically.. but oh, holy shit.. guess what..? I'm not in charge. So shit doesn't always happen the way I'd like it to. Everyone that doesn't have a gun or arrow is going to be stuck in the same damned spot. Waiting for them to make it over the damned wall. And I for one would sure as shit give my left arm for more rifles, longer to train people and the ability to pick the brains of better tacticians than what we've got.. but instead we're all stuck with this stupid shitshow." it's frustration. She's not really angry at Morgan, or Stone for that matter, just that she'd reached her limit on frustration.

Stone's apparently not willing to either give Shi time to ask questions or give any more time to the argument, cause he's walking on out from it in long strides. And as he does, his head is a little down, shoulders slumped, and face set to grief, looking like a man that just lost something, but intent on being elsewhere despite that.

"Have you?" Morgan counters Kai. "Have any of you asked anyone? Or did you just make decisions. You're not in charge? Who put Grey in charge? You all did if you're just letting him make the decisions whether you disagree or not." About to continue, he pauses to glance down at Shi's hand patting him. Then he just shakes his head. "You know what, whatever. There are Grounders to kill and little time to prepare. But this isn't over. Grey is not in charge and he needs to realize that. It might take half the camp to do it but it will be done."

Shi gives Morgan a smile, she is not going to get in the middle of anything else for now, but a smile is also offered to Kai as the tiny girl moves to head towards the stairs, she pauses there as if giving Stone time to not think she's following and heads back to her tent to get refreshed for nightwatch.

"Grey's not in charge either." Kai growls,"It was a vote. A democratic motherfucking vote among the best qualified as to where the resource might be best used to try and keep our collective asses safe. And if there was enough of them to go around, you're damned straight that every asshole that wanted one and could be trusted to not cause friendly fire would have the damned thing." she see's Stone moving off, and while she's still got things she wants to harrass him about, for now she settles for kicking the cot he vacated in an act of epic maturity,"I've offered training to anyone who wants it, whoever doesn't.. that's their choice, Morgan, and I haven't given them shit about it. So you can go around assuming that it's some kind of military coup or you can see that I? I actually proposed someone to lead us.. and it's not Grey or any other ex-C. Y'understand? I've done what I can, and because I'm an idiot I'm volunteering to play guard for whatever rep we get to try and talk to Indra."

"Fiona." Morgan says with a nod. "I support her as being our ambassador. It's why I voted for her to be one of the negotiators. She's good at talking and likes politics and diplomacy. She has the best chance of accomplishing something by talking. You're going to go with her? Good. Though sending one of our best shots away from the fight might not be the best idea."

"Stone's a better shot." the girl that supposedly beat a guy half to death for being better than her with a gun has no qualms in uttering for Morgan as she scrubs her hands over her head vigorously,"She also knows treeslang and the Coesbur people like her. All of that's why I'm supporting her, yeh. And it's catch-twenty two. We've got a hostile force numbering north of fifty and soon to get bigger camped on our doorstep.. we can't afford to cripple our defensive forces, but if we're going to survive long-term, getting to Indra and making a deal with her is the only thing that's going to achieve that. I can't talk to them, but I sure as shit will make sure she gets there no matter what."

"Who else is going?" Morgan asks suddenly, glancing off in the direction of his tent. He'd have said something surely.

"Fi if they vote her in. Me. Eli. She was talking about some of the.. Trikru.. maybe being willing to help, too." Kai's got no problem with listing, following his glance,"He's going to help fake us up as Trikru and with getting past the blockade, but no, he's not coming." from the quiet of it, perhaps offered as reassurance as she works on composing herself again,"Mostly because Eli can at least hold his own in a fight or a talk and sort of knows how to patch people up. Even if I wasn't about to separate you and him, he's too good to lose from the fight. And I don't care if you tell him I said that, too. I couldn't get a shot on him."

Morgan visibly relaxes when he hears Cam's not going. "From the village yeah? Yeah, they're not all assholes." Unlike some, he knows which ones need to be killed and the ones that can become friends. "He is good, yes."

"She didn't specify but I'm assuming yes. And shit, even the one that is an asshole turned out to have brass balls. When we first landed I admit, I thought they were just a bunch of dumb fucking savages.. but more and more Morgan.. we want to survive here, we're going to have to learn to be a lot more like them. They're smart, they're impressively callous as fuck when it comes to war tactics and if the rest of their kind are like Gideon and Wren.. we are so all kinds of fucked." she shrugs her shoulders,"But I admit, I'm digging on this whole 'come sky-ku' thing. Though totally sure I don't want to be related to Cass in any way." oh look, she manages a tired smile,"but.. yeh. I think Fi's what we need in a leader for this place. Me and Stone and Grey and the others.. like it or not we're the closest thing this place has for an army. And we've only got half a clue on what we're doing.. but there's a bunch of kids out there that need to believe that we have a handle on this whole war thing because otherwise it's going to be a mass slaughter when they attack."

Morgan shrugs at Kai's words. "I've been saying we need them since they kidnapped us. No matter what the Ark brings down, if they even manage to come down, it's not going to last long I don't think. Maybe years. Maybe a generation. But sooner or later? It's going to break down just like the Ark is. And if we haven't found a supply depot or something of tech to fix things, we'll need to know how to live here without a lot of it."

Kai grunts,"Yeh, if they manage to land the rest of the dropships safely." she shrugs,"I don't care about the Ark. Well, no, I lie, right now I would really love to have a fully armed platoon and Kane's brain to stick between us and the Grounder's. But, yeh. 's one of the other reasons I gave up my rifle. I can't take it past the lines, can't afford for the camp to lose it.. and even if those things weren't a consideration.. there's only so many bullets." slowly she moves towards the exit again, she's not going to apologize for her little fit of pique, not her way, but at least she's got it under wraps again for now.

Morgan isn't going to apologize either. Cause he was completely in the right. But Kai's not really his target. "If you're planning on going before they get here, you better hurry."

"If we're going to go before they get here.. people need to work together." the ex-C replies, heading down the ladder again and prowling off in search of other people to torment.

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