Day 055: Early Morning Reunions
Summary: Some of the Delinquents become reacquainted and chat before setting out for home the day after the first Mountain attack.
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The Wilderness — Rescue camp
The spot of woods chosen by the Trikru and Skaikru commando teams after escaping the mountain post 'phase one' of the Mountain's defeat.
Day 55

It's the day after the rescue; the initial escape was as quiet as possible, since there's reapers and possibly mountain men with assault rifles. Escaping requires quiet. It probably helps that this escape does not include a Lip.

Cameron was injured, but its minor, and he didn't even really admit it for the longest time, which might have gotten a scowl from Morgan, but Cam is unapologetic. He's free! He's outside! The peace that settles over him immediately being outside and having Morgan near him will be a stark change for those who were in the Mountain. The fact that he looks worn thin and perhaps underfed may be a stark change for those who rescued him. But he's walking along with his rifle out and ready, and as it happens some friends are walking through the woods nearby, "Anyone have a knife? They took our weapons and I just feel wrong without something to cut someone with. I mean, I appreciate the rifle— I do, really!— but if I run out of bullets I don't want to club a floater, I want cut one." Because Cameron will cut a bitch, everyone knows that.

Kai was not camped with the Skaikru last night, not that it was likely noticeable in the milieu of things, but her day typically starts before dawn these days, and with most of the Trikru occupied she's elected to wend her way among the Skai group. A cold sponge bath before dawn has her mostly clean of old blood and ash, for all that new has been allowed to streak her face, and her still drying top is back at camp, leaving her in her still drying armor and a strip of cloth (for modesty) that does nothing to hide that in the intervening month the former cadet has quite possibly been through hell. In addition to the stitches in her head, and the still angry scar along her right forearm, there's the fresh bullet wound that's in her chest, inconveniently near the stitches from an axe she took into the collarbone and chest below. Another row along her ribs. The other bullet wound in her side near the comparatively dainty pair of scars she's had from the Ark days, and those in her neck, too, where different people have attempted to cut off her head. But still she's moving, and from her belt takes a knife stolen from one of the Maunon to hand Cam wordlessly as she comes up,"Anyone hungry?" she asks in lieu of 'good morning'.

Morgan is right by Cam's side and has been since they were reunited. Leaning in, he says quietly "Stash the rifle somewhere only we can find it before we get back to the station. The Guard's going to steal it and not give it back less we sign up." And that's so totally not going to happen. He nods a greeting to Kai and answers "Very. Meat?"

Cameron accepts the knife from Kai with a quick flash of dimples, slipping it into his belt— its a nice, proper leather belt, too! Speaking of, he's got slacks and a button up shirt on, and they're all so… well, they used to be pretty clean. The jungle isn't going to leave them that way. He glances at Morgan thoughtfully and frowns, nodding, "So is Kane and the Guard being… you know, tyrannical back at the Ark?" He shakes his head slowly, "Float me but I knew that was the Ark but its weird to actually think about it being down. Especially after the Mountain Men tried so hard to convince us everyone was dead." He frowns at that, then looks to Kai again, "Actually, starved. They had a lot of food in there but… except for the two days they had me on meds, I wasn't eating or sleeping very well."

"Rabbit, fish. Some deer. Dried." Kai grunts as she opens her pack,"Apples, sort of tough and bitter, some dried fruit, too." she fishes out the carefully packed package of dried fish jerky to pass over first,"Lake Audo's finest." she's content for the moment to fall in with their walk uninvited,"Wait until you see it, the shit creeps me out. While being close to Eli and the rest of you is nice.. not going to lie that I'm looking forward to going back to Tondc." she waits for Cameron to name his preference before handing it over,"I packed heavy. Game's light this close to the mountain and with this many people plus the bulk of the kongeda's army en route figured it couldn't hurt."

"Actually, no." Morgan admits. "He's done everything I could have asked for about getting you back. The election is still on. He appointed Fi to the Council since she knows the most about the Trikru. It makes it very hard to hate his guts. And now he's gotten you back for me…" He shrugs. "I guess the scales are balanced." He takes the meat at bits off an end to chew on. "Thanks."

Tink looks a little odd to the group of teens not in the Mountain. First, she's wearing a white lace dress that now has blood and dirt stains on it. She also has ballerina slippers on which aren't the best for hiking but that's what the teen was wearing when the whole lock down happened. She is still wearing Kai's locket because she hasn't had a chance to hand it over. She's been sticking close to Kai rather than Reno since they starting trekking down. It's almost like having her roommate of awesomeness back has caused her to revert to some of her pre-Mountain days of always being Kai's shadow. For now she's just hovering back, staying quiet. She keeps giving Kai's new outfit looks but doesn't ask anything. Wren and the other Trikru also are getting uncertain looks.

"Fish." Cameron says immediately, finding the idea of fish jerky to be … fascinating. "Thanks. And a bitter apple. That actually sounds great." His stomach actually growls, even as he swings his rifle back around onto his back. He eyes Kai a moment, shaking his head in bewilderment even as he accepts the food, "Lake Audo. Tondc. Wait, why are you going to Tondc? Is that a Trikru place? You're using all these names that don't mean anything to me. Last I knew we were in the dropship and I was sure we were all going to die. Then I wake up in the Mountain." The look he gives Morgan is skeptical, then bewildered, then just astonished, each in turn. "Yet, they still confiscate the guns. I gotta tell you, Morgan, after all I've been through, I'm resigning my post as a botanist. The idea of spending my life tending to some plants is not going to fly anymore. So… how'd you get the Trikru to help raid the Mountain? They were so afraid of them."

Kai fishes out an apple, casting a look behind her with stiff care for her injuries to smile at Tink and nod her to come join them,"What about you, T?" she asks of her, turning her attention back to Cameron as she passes over the apple,"Alpha crashed near Lake Audo." she elects to start off the explanations with, casts a brief look at Morgan and then elects to proceed with,"I joined the Trikru." as the simplest explanation there,"The rest of it is long and complicated and includes them having blown up Coesbur, Grey and our scouting team finding a way to the Maunon, Morgan and the others finding out what happened to the Reapers and the Heda taking a personal interest in things." she elects to go for the rabbit instead, offering some out in Tink's direction.

"The Exodus Charter doesn't let anyone but the Guard have guns." Morgan reminds Cam. "But he created a militia open to anyone who doesn't ant to join the Guard. And they can use guns when necessary. That's how Asher and I have them. We joined up. And as soon as we get back, I'll quit. Again. Second time we've done that." He chews as Kai explains a few things then adds "The mountain creates the Reapers somehow. We're not quite clear on that. But we do know they drug them: amphetamines, steroids, PCP, some other things we can't identify. Maximum strength and rage at the expense of higher brain functions. The ones we autopsied showed physical changes and damage to the brain. And we kept one alive while he detoxed. He can talk again." Not that he wants to. "Poor bastard probably remembers it all."

Tink hasn't had a decent meal in a few days since they barricaded themselves in the visitor's residences so she is more than willing to come closer to everyone and take a seat next to Kai with a smile. The mention that Kai has joined the Trikru does give her pause but then she takes the rabbit and starts munching down. She does tell Kai, "I write symphonies in my head…" She swallows some of the rabbit and explains, "Apparently all stuff up here." She points to her head, "Is really music…and when someone showed me how to play the piano, I started just pouring out music." She frowns because she doesn't have anything like that at the Ark, "I never knew cause my parents weren't big into music." And then Morgan starts talking about what the Mountain Men did to the Trikru and shudders, "We knew they were draining them…but not that they were turning them into monsters."

Taking the fish first, Cameron gnaws on the jerky, blinking a moment, and then smiling full of dimples, "That's delicious." Then he looks to Kai, his expression surprised, "You joined the Trikru? People can do that? Um. Why? I mean, its your business and I'm not judging. I'll miss having you around. You're one of the few people I'd trust to have my back and not worry about it." Then his mind is blown by all the 'whys' between Morgan and Kai, shaking his head slowly, "We… at first they were so nice, the Mountain Men. They had food, clothes, comfort. Art. Eden, Morgan, the art archive in that place— its a treasure that's unimaginable." He's wistful at the mention of that, "But then I volunteered to donate blood when the President asked me to, I thought nothing of it. But Scarlett, my friend, the curator, she positively freaked out at the possibility. I didn't understand why. So I talked Reno, Tink and Cole into snooping after I scouted it out. And we saw the footage… Hundreds of Trikru in cages. Two hanging up side down, drained of blood. And Hanne, Cookie…" He gulps a moment, "..and Lip were missing…"

Kai opens her mouth but elects that there's some things best not mentioned while people, including her, are eating,"Forty years or more." she grunts,"They've been doing it for generations. And there were at least a couple of villages destroyed before Coesbur." she elects to add, nodding somberly for Morgan's explanation before smiling at Tink,"I.. it will be good to hear it, when there's time for such things. Which shall hopefully be.. soon."

Cameron then gets her attention again,"I was offered the opportunity to become Wren's Second. To train as one of their Warrior's. By their laws, that makes me Trikru. Even if the reality is that there's even more of them unhappy about all that has happened as there are among the Skaikru. While there's a lot of reasons I made that choice, it boils down to I'm not cut out to be a Guard.. but I make a good Warrior." there's a faint ghost of a smile,"And I'll be around. I still come by Alpha to visit Eli, though seeing as I'm expected to hold my temper I prefer to stay outside the gates." there's a roll of her wrist as she mumbles about the rabbit,"Blah, blah, diplomacy." there's a nod regarding Lip,"We.. the scout team and I.. were in the tunnel we escaped through, when he came down. He almost landed on us. I.." she purses her lips and shakes her head,"if we'd had more people with us then, everyone would have been alive still." which is maybe why she reaches to snag an arm about Tink, to reassure herself that the blond is really there and really alive, at least.

"Not just draining them but feeding the bodies to the Reapers afterward." Morgan doesn't really have the filter than Kai has. "They really all need to die. Honestly, I"m not sure being nice to you is enough, Cam. Any of them who knew what was going on and did absolutely nothing about it?" He shakes his head.

Tink gives a snug to Kai and tells her, "You didn't know…I mean, just like we didn't think about the Mountain Men's agenda…I mean we knew they had an agenda." She rolls her eyes, "But it was something like, we thought they just wanted to add us to the gene pool to get babies that could go out into the sun, not be creepy vampires that would drain us of our blood." She gets a look of horror as she realizes that those creeps were turning Trikru into cannibals, "They were forcing Trikru to eat their own people?" She looks down at the food she was eating and it takes a moment to settle her stomach, "Oh wow…that's just gross. Seriously sick stuff."

"No, Morgan." Cameron's voice is firm, "Everyone in medical and security, sure. Kill them all. But most of the civilians didn't really understand what was going on. Scarlett was shocked when she learned they had hundreds in cages like animals down there. You don't understand. There are children there. Innocent children. And people who have absolutely nothing to do with it, and don't even know that the harvest project is going on." His voice softens, "Its not just being nice, Morgan. If it weren't for Scarlett putting her safety on the line we wouldn't have been able to get a message out to you." This talk of cannibalism has him squinting at his food a bit, but… he's too hungry to let that get in the way of chewing, even if it doesn't seem to taste as good anymore. But, to Kai he nods his head slowly, "Well, okay, that makes sense then. Yeah, I never did really see you going the Guard route." He glances at Tink, and purses his lips, "You know, I think President Dante was telling the truth about wanting to integrate our gene pool. You notice it was only after he… 'resigned' for 'health reasons' that we started disappearing."

That. Yes. Kai was trying not to say what Morgan just did. There's a nod for Tink,"The Reapers." and then it occurs to her that Tink quite probably has no idea what they are,"They.. were drugging, some of the Trikru, with the stuff Morgan mentioned.. turning them crazed and.. cannibalistic. And then feeding them the other ones." there's a slide of her grey eyes towards Cameron before she utters,"Jus drein jus daun. But the Heda was clear, warriors, scientists, and those who have freely taken the lives of the kru are dead. The gonakru does not want the blood of children." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders and a wry smile,"I think that my father and Grey's would knock the world from it's axis if they had graves in which to spin.. but in truth.. once things settle I hope you can all come see Tondc."

Morgan looks closely at Cam and then nods. "Ok. If you're certain she didn't know. That makes her better than the average Arker who did know and never spoke up against floating everybody." he tears off another bite of dried meat and says "I don't know what the plans are for coming back here to finish the job. Do you Kai?" To Cam he explains "This was just to free you and the Trikru and to destroy their ability to fire missiles and activate the acid fog. Now that's done, we can pretty much take them out whenever we want to. And since the Trikru brought thousands of warriors, I'm guessing the mountain's pretty much surrounded with scouts now looking for those trying to escape."

Tink gets a look of wonder on her face, "You're learning their language…" She gives her a smile and then adds, "I was trying to create a cypher…sort of a way to keep busy cause they didn't let us do anything at the mountain. And I was having the hardest time because I didn't have enough words and translations to make the connections." She bites her bottom lip and looks at Kai, "I really thought we'd be roomies again…when we got out of this." She's a little disappointed that it isn't going to happen but isn't freaked that Kai is taking another path, "I mean…it's really weird. I'm still getting used to the idea that the Trikru aren't trying to kill us." Nope, it's the lying bastards in the Mountain instead.

"Wait, what's gonakru? Is that another clan in this Coalition of the— yours?" Cameron asks, furrowing his brow as he squints at Kai a moment, gnawing on the fish jerky just out of sheer will to feed himself, not at all enjoying it now. "They fed… Oh. Oh, I see. That's probably how they… disposed of the bodies. After draining them. That's… monstrous. Yeah, I have no objection to killing all of security and the medical teams. Even if they didn't directly kill Cookie and Hanne and Ruth and Adam and Rawlins, they let it happen. They're all guilty." He shivers a little bit, and takes a bite of the apple. Its bitterness seems suitable. "They seemed so… civilized at first. The President, he was a painter. He gave me paints, encouraged me to paint, even took me outside once. They seemed to care. To want us to feel at home. But they were lying the whole time." He sighs, moving a little closer to Morgan so he can brush arm against his. Just to feel contact. When Morgan explains what's going on with the war, Cam shakes his head briefly, "They can't escape. They can't survive exposure to the background radiation like we and the Trikru can. They're trapped in the Mountain forever. And, every generation is getting weaker, apparently. There's no escape for them."

"Sorry, warband." Kai explains for Cameron,"The entire warband of the twelve clans is marching." there's a certain reverence in her tone at the idea, perhaps explainable when she mentions,"What attacked skaigeda was just the advance party that did not get recalled fast enough. Indra had sent it while we were still in negotiations, and they attacked before the retreat horns were sounded." which, from her expression, she's still not actually happy about, even if it just passes fleetingly across her face,"There was a thousand Trikru warriors in Indra's gonakru alone, and not all of them marched.. the Heda is calling forth the entire Kongeda." and there's a part of her, from the glint in her eyes, that's downright excited about that. She leans over to kiss Tink on top of her head,"I understand more than I speak, but yes, I know quite a bit. So does Eli, I've been teaching him." there's a tired smile for the blond girl,"I'm sorry. I just.. with them is where I belong. It doesn't mean that I care less for the hundred, and there's some people of Alpha that I don't want to beat the shit out of.. but I'm not interested in living in a box any longer. Once I'm released as a full Warrior I plan on visiting the capital and going out to the Azgeda lands to see if I can find Agro station. We still don't know about Eli's parents."

"Oh, is that what the whole blood thing is about? I wondered why the hell they were doing it." Morgan says, shaking his head. "That's so stupid. They could have done the same thing my interbreeding with the Trikru and even you. There was no need to kill anyone over it and it would be just a temporary fix anyway."

"Not all the security was bad," Tink tells them softly as she starts chewing on the rabbit, "Truman…he felt horrible about things and on the day of the raid…when you guys were trying to save us, he was misdirecting units to other places." She looks at Cameron, Kai and Morgan, "I think he was trying to help you guys get us out of there even though you were bombing his home. I know he's security…but I'd like to talk to him before anyone goes all murderbot." She looks away and tells them, "I don't think anyone is 100 percent bad…just like Sonia was a bitch, that doesn't make all Trikru assholes. Just like not all Arkers are mindless bots that let others get floated." She looks over at Cameron, "People like Scarlett and Truman shouldn't be lumped with the others that knowingly killed…like Dr. Montgomery."

As Cameron listens to Kai describe the war to come, he has to shake his head slowly, "By entire kongeda… I assume that means the whole of the armies of the twelve clans of the coalition?" he asks for clarification, then he looks worried suddenly, "Agro came down in Azgeda lands?" Because he remembers what Trikru said about Azgeda. Still, he looks to Morgan and sighs, "I don't think they saw inbreeding with Trikru an option, as Trikru were too different, too barbaric— uh, no offense there, Kai … kom Trikru. I just mean from their perspective— which doesn't excuse in any way what they did, just explains why they treated us different, since the President admitted to me they did want to introduce us into their gene-pool. I don't know what changed, why they decided to proceed with 'phase 2' of the harvest project. We were never clear on what phase 2 was." He's turning a bit of a skeptical look to Tink, "Are you sure? I mean, if he really was helping us, I don't want to kill him, but I don't see the Trikru forgiving him if he had anything to do with the hundreds— thousands— of their people they had to have killed over the years."

"No longer our fight." Kai grunts quietly,"He is a warrior. If he is smart he will have made himself not look like a warrior and he might survive… but there are thousands of Trikru dead at their hands. There will be no mercy for the warriors." in that she's flatly confident. There's a slow nod for Cameron,"Yes. And yes." there's a faint smile for 'barbaric',"Believe me, I've heard worse.. and you two haven't seen their Makers or the teachers and others, it is.." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders,"Any that do not die in the fight are liable to suffer the death of a thousand cuts when the rest of the gonakru arrive. Bluntly." it's early morning, and Kai is walking with the three Skaikids, an arm about Tink's shoulders, wearing her armor without it being laced up, largely to let it dry and air out her variety of wounds, for once. Her pack is slung about her as she had offered some of her stores to them and has more if they're still hungry despite the current conversation.

Wren has been quiet, walking along with the rest of people who emerged from the Reaper tunnels. Carrying his axe in his left hand, since his right hangs loosely at his side. Breathing is harder because of the bullet that's lodged in his chest, but it probably hasn't moved past the point where his armor, then his sternum happened to catch it. There's an occasional look over at Kai, but he remains quiet, letting her get back in touch with the friends she wanted to find so badly.

"Nor the scientists or government." Morgan adds. "Nor should there be. If they honestly didn't know, that's one thing. But if they finally met their victims and decided they liked them? Doesn't excuse what they did. We should though try and make sure they don't destroy everything." Then he frowns. "Wait, if they can't leave the mountain, what the hell are we going to do with all the kids? I mean, obviously the Trikru can't adopt them. They've got to stay there. And if everything gets trashed, including the power, they might as well be killing them outright." Looking around, he calls "Wren. Hey Wren."

"Truman was there helping…Reno heard him too. And he wasn't on the outside, capturing Trikru. He was just on internal security, keeping the peace and getting suck jobs like entertaining us. I don't think folks gave him a lot of credit cause he was short…like me," Tink seems to be an advocate of Truman, "And when people started disappearing, I could tell he knew something and was upset but I didn't get a chance to talk to him alone…away from the cameras. But I could tell he wanted to help and when it came down to the wire he did."

Tink looks at the group, giving Morgan a look that shows she has a different opinion, "And Reno had other ideas on how to help them that didn't include draining folks. It would be slower, take longer but it might work. Maybe he can get with medical when we get back and we can figure out a way to help the kids and civilians there." She gets a darker look, "Stupid Dr. Montegomery didn't want to hear it though. He was all creepy mccreepster. I totally blame him and those other folks on the harvest project." It still breaks her heart to think that Cookie, Hanne, Ruth and the others are dead because of what happened. Because of a stupid doctor's ego, "And the barricade…I'm so sorry about the barricade and zapping folks. We were just trying to keep those creeps from grabbing any more of us."

"I don't know how much of a government they have, Morgan." Cameron is thoughtful, "I mean there's the President, then the Head of Security, I assume a head of Medical. The whole population of the Mountain is barely over three hundred… and that number is before however many casualties they took yesterday. I mean I think people are over-estimating just how big of a threat the Mountain is if you've crippled their missiles. Again, I'm not suggesting their security and leaders and medical don't need to die. But most of them are… like, botanists, and … just regular people. And that's only a couple hundred people. I bet their entire security force isn't any bigger then fifty, and I think that number might be high." Shivering with disgust, "That's probably why they made the… Reapers. Because they simply don't have the population or force of arms. It's sick, but that could be a reason." Then he frowns at Morgan and shakes his head, "I don't know what to do about the kids at all. If it comes to it and a blood transfusion will transfer our immunity, I know I'll willingly donate to the innocent." He nods to Tink, "I don't know what Reno's idea was but maybe he can talk to Morgan and explain it and maybe it'll work to help save the kids."

Kai nods in agreement with Morgan, then murmurs,"Well… if Reno is right, for children, I would be willing to help." she's not entirely a monster. Though at Morgan's calling of Wren's name the Second can't help but twist a look his way with a smile,"Cameron, Tink, this is Wren kom Trikru.. we didn't have time for introductions yesterday, but he is my First. Which means he is my teacher, and mentor, but despite what the guards at Alpha might suggest, I'm not fucking him."

"Yes Morgan, I am listening." Wren grunts, having long since taken his mask off, if in part to suggest that he's not some kind of faceless monster. Only wears the mask for intimidation purposes. Doesn't have much to say, though he's likely been listening, and yet doesn't feel the need to say much else at the moment." Though when Kai introduces him him, he simply inclines his head. "Kai is my Second. I treat her like I would my own daughter. So no, I am not sleeping with her. Bald women do nothing for me."

"They don't do anything for me either." Morgan agrees. "Did you hear what we've been talking about? There are children in the mountain. But none of the mountain men can actually survive outside of it because if the radiation. So if the place gets destroyed - the power, the… farms?" he asks, glancing at Cam. "Or anything else they need to live, we'll be killing the children just as surely as if you ran a sword through them. We'll be telling Kane of course and I'm sure he'll send a message to the Heda but that takes time and the army is already here. Someone needs to let them know to wait to do anything." That someone being Wren?

Tink looks between Wren and Kai, then Kai and Wren and then back to Wren and Kai, "I believe it. Kai only gets her sexy time with Elias." Yep, this is clearly Kai's decision because who freaking wouldn't want to get with the roomie of awesomeness…except Cameron and Morgan. Clearly they have good reason but Wren…nope, it's Kai's decision, "Plus you're her teacher. It would be creepy if you two got together." Tink takes a few more bites of her rabbit, "But it's nice to meet you again…hey…you're the one with horse that farts a lot, right?" See, Tink remembers something about Wren before he went in, "Where is your horse?"

Cameron blinks slowly, "Of course you're not, you don't fuck your mentor or teacher; though really, its important for vice-versa. That'd be messed up. Total betrayal of the position of power." What? Cameron has a sexual moral that isn't 'yes'? Apparently he has a rule that means he'd say 'no'. He nods in agreement with Morgan's assessment, "They use hydroponic farming not unlike what we used on the Ark, so without power, they'll starve, even if you leave the botanists alive to tend it. Hell. If you just open the door wrong you could kill half the Mountain, children and adults alike. They are extremely serious about maintaining containment and decontamination procedures. As powerful as they seemed with missiles and— these Reapers" He's still getting used to that idea, and… just accepting it without understanding how the people he met could do something like that, "but they're actually in an incredibly vulnerable and weak position. Its probably why they were so serious about intimidating the Trikru. The Trikru could have destroyed them at any time, I imagine." Of course he has absolutely no idea about the acid fog. "Let alone the.. Kon…geda?"

Bonus unattraction points; for Kai this is not a bad thing, especially to judge from the grin she gives,"It's efficient, I don't have to worry about it getting in my eyes." she utters,"And besides, they would have had to shave my head when they stitched it back together anyways." there's a look from Kai for Tink and Cameron and a burble of laughter,"Kongeda, yes." is all she elects to confirm for Cameron's words. To her? The Mountain is just the evil bastards that had her friends, and murdered some of them, her compassion is limited,"And not so much there, even, between injuries and that I've been training in Tondc with Wren and the others while he has been at Alpha." there's a pause before she asks of Tink,"But that tall guy.. Max's brother? He seems to be.. into you."

Morgan glances over at Kai while Wren thinks over what was said. "Reno? He's into Cam?" he asks, grinning at Cameron. "Well, I can understand that. Did you comfort him during your time of captivity? Or was it the reverse?" he adds, getting more serious. "If so, I'll have to thank him. Or you can."

Tink gets all red in the cheeks and admits to Kai, "Yeah…Reno and I been 'together' since stuff happened in the Mountain. I kinda lost cheese after the…" She makes an explosion sound, "The fight at the dropship. And well Reno kinda helped me keep my head together cause I was dealing with some serious guilt." She gives a bittersweet smile, "He's really smart and nice and is great." There's a brittle edge there and clearly more is going on there that Tink doesn't want to talk about in front of everyone. There's a look to Kai that shows she might talk about it later…during best friend time. She looks at Morgan, "I think we all lost our cheese in there…Cameron…" She gives a nod in his direction, "All the confinement was driving him nuts. That's why the doctors claimed we needed meds." Tink wrinkles her nose, "I'm not sure what the side effects are other than I feel like I'm going out of my skin a little bit and having trouble sleeping….they put us on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I'm not sure what that is." She looks to Morgan to see if he knows.

"Wait, what?" Cameron blinks at Morgan, and he can't help it— he laughs. "No, Reno's into Tink. And considering they were practically attached at the hip I say there was into being had back." Hmph, "There was no comforting and no sex for Cameron in the Mountain. There was me living in abject hell as every day one of them told me how they knew for certain you were dead because the Outsiders— that's what they call Trikru— attacked their rescue squad in force and as they fled with us, the Trikru finished off the rest of the camp and that they saw it happen. To say I was just barely holding on to abject misery is an understatement." He shakes his head at Tink, "No, I was on a completely different medication. It was for PTSD, really an adrenaline blocker, to help me sleep and stop the nightmares I was having every night."

"Roach." Wren supplies Tink with, looking back at Morgan. "I do not know if the heda will wait. And I would not be the best person to tell her." he remarks. Because as far as he knows, he's still a bit dishonored in the eyes of his own people. "I agree that the innocent can be spared, but in this situation, there may be little to save anyone at all if they cannot survive the outside. It is not a problem I can solve, it is simply something you Skaikru healers will have to think upon. Their dark science is beyond anything that we could do."

"Oh, Tink. Well, anyone should be into Cam so it's a natural mistake." Morgan grins and slips and arm around him. "If it was just normal drugs and not something designed to alter you in some way, it should just be normal side effects of stopping." At what Wren says, he looks to Kai. "Gideon is obviously a bad choice. So who should I talk to?"

Kai dips her head in acknowledgment for Tink, but a snort for Cameron,"I did not witness the fight, but we passed the retreat on our way to skaigeda, there were no Trikru left at skaigeda when you were taken. By time we were able to see the ship the Maunon were already there, and there was not enough of us to be able to do anything about it." which still doesn't mean she's happy about it,"You were all unconscious, and we couldn't tell what was happening precisely, but they left when the Guard was coming towards skaigeda from the other side. We," there's a nod towards Wren,"went with the Guard and those that were there back to Alpha, and I passed on what I saw, counted those that were missing, and we left to find our people." from the look of it, there will be girl chat time later, without a doubt." there's a glance towards Wren when he mentions the Heda,"Britt." she opines for Morgan.

Tink gives a little nod, "Okay…so normal side effects like the itchy skin and not sleeping…I can work with that." She feels a little more relaxed because Morgan assured her it sounded like normal drugs and not the stuff they were giving the Trikru to make Reapers, "Cam and I stopped taking them when we got ourselves locked up in the visitor's quarters." She pauses and then admits, "Also, it stopped them from seeking us out as donors first cause we had…drug interactions?" She's not sure if that's the right word or not. Then Kai drops the bomb that Trikru wasn't even there and Tink gets an angry look again, "Man…those assholes. They totally through the Trikru under the wheel for everything."

Cameron leans into Morgan's arm, because that's where he belongs and he's missed that arm. Even if its a little awkward to cuddle and stomp through wild forest, he'll make due. "I stopped taking the meds a couple days later when I got suspicious, and they did help me sleep and quiet the nightmares, so, it doesn't sound like the sort of medication that they'd make… Reapers out of. It calmed me if anything else. It sounds like they'd give the opposite to the Trikru they wanted to turn into monsters." He shivers a moment at that, "I still can't imagine human beings doing that to other human beings." Listening attentively to Kai he nods his head slowly, frowning, "So they were looking me right in the eye and flat out lying. The entire time. Float me but I'm gullible." He glances at Tink, "Oh, I stopped taking mine days before that. The moment I got suspicious of them I stopped taking the meds they were giving."

Britt. She wants him to talk to Britt. "Britt." Morgan repeats. "There someone else I should talk to? Someone who's not an arrogant idiot and is willing to listen to things she doesn't have a fucking clue about?"

"Yes, the kruheda sent a messenger as soon as we came to terms, I saw them leave myself, but.." Kai considers, then decides to go ahead anyways,"I had gotten into a fight with one of the warriors in the camp. We were going to wait for morning, but maybe an hour after that? There was light, in the sky.. and the Ark. The gonakru had already started dispersing, but we left, immediately, for skaigeda so we could tell you all that it was safe, that we could go and look for the Ark. We passed the advance group on the way there, there was definitely no Trikru at skaigeda when the Maunon arrived." her grey eyes shift to Morgan with a narrowing of them,"Britt kom Trikru is no more of an arrogant idiot than you can be Morgan, you want someone likely to get the message to the Heda in time, she's the one you need."

As they chat back and forth about who to get messages to who, Cameron has to sigh a little bit when it gets to bickering, "Let's all take a moment to remember we're not quite so different as we thought we were because we, at least, don't feed people to people. I don't think there's any need to start throwing insults around. It just won't help get anything done, and do I want to get some stuff done. I just haven't decided what it is I want to do yet."

"Whatever you may think of her personally, Britt is not one to simply kill children. None of us are. Spare the innocent, kill the guilty. Children are innocents." Wren says with a mildly pained grunt, trying to roll his shoulder- and failing to do so. "If anyone would take a message to the kruheda and be listened to, it would be her."
From afar, Britt grins.

"Fine." Morgan says with a sigh. "I'll talk to Britt." No doubt it'll add a month's healing time to his head wound. "What you want to do, Cam, is talk to Gideon. She's forming a group of scouts for the station. She left the Trikru and is a probationary Skaikru. We sort of swapped her with Kai." he jokes.

"Gideon is part of our crew now?" Tink looks surprised at that, "Wow…I feel like a lifetime passed while were in the mountain. I mean…what other changes are going on? The Ark…landing…what's it like having it here on the ground?" She can't imagine the mess it would be in and what it would take from an engineering standpoint to get it functional, "Do you guys have power?"

"Showers." Cameron goes right to the important bits, "Let me tell you having unlimited water in the Mountain was fascinating, but long, hot showers was also very, very, very… something that almost made me forget the bad thoughts I was having. Do we have showers? Since the Ark landed by a lake, I'm sure someone had to work up some plumbing. Surely some hydro-techs were on … what, Alpha? Gosci? Which sections of the ark is the… new settlement?" Then he blinks, "We traded Gideon for Kai? Well, besides the fact that I have no interest in archery ever— that sounds like a sorta fair trade. Except Kai's cuter."

See? Kai glances towards Wren for the backup in that regard. There's a grunt from her for Cameron's words,"Oh Morgan griping about her is mild compared to what I hear every single day at Alpha." she murmurs,"Gideon's doing okay over there? I'm.. glad for that. I know her sister and uncle are concerned for her." there's a nod for Tink's words,"It was.. something. And I just.. it's creepy. Even though I'm sharing a room with Starling and Silver in Tondc.. it's still better than Alpha." there's a laugh for Cameron,"Baths are better.. so much better, even after the whole.. public.. thing.. and.. thanks.. I think?" she's definitely not sure how to take being deemed cuter than Gideon by Cameron to judge from the way she eyes her ninja bro.

"Gideon has made her choice. I…wish her the best." That sounds a little sad, but there's little Wren can do about that. "Her path has never been easy, perhaps that is to be her lot in life. Still, I hope she is finally able to find some peace." He to pause to lean up against a tree, putting a hand to his shoulder where he was shot, pulling it away to look at the fresh blood on his fingers. Still bleeding. But he pushes himself away, continuing on.

"<In Trigedasleng> You should get help." Kai utters for Wren in Trigedasleng when her eyes catch the sight of blood, switching back to English to add,"Morgan could do it. The healers stitched mine last night." which prompts her to peel back the leaf of her armor to show the one near where the axe already tried to ventilate her a couple of weeks ago.

It's bright and early, people are beginning to prep and get ready for the rest of the move back to civilization, and a trio of skaikids + one Trikru warrior and his ex-Skaikru Second are walking and talking. Kai's clad in her armor, left open to dry and air, and a strip of cloth bound about her chest for modesty that leaves most of her stitches and forming scars on 'display' along with her usual pants. One of her arms is currently about Tink.

"We have power. They got the solar panels working." Morgan informs them. "Water was still a little scarce for showers but it is running. They should be close to piping in enough of it for anything you can think of any day now." Hearing his name, he looks over at Kai and then over to Wren. "Yeah, lemme see that."

Tink nods at Morgan's words, "Oh good so there's more for us to do around there. They haven't gotten everything fixed yet." Yep, the engineers worst nightmare is to get back to the camp and find out that they don't need her. She gives a thoughtful look, "And you mentioned something about Coesbur being destroyed? What happened there?" Tink is quietly interrogating…scratch that…asking what's been happening while she's been in the mountain.

"<In Trigedasleng> I'm fine. There are people worse off who need attention more than me." Wren grunts over at Kai. Right, and that's not wrong. The healers have their hands full at the moment, triaging who needs attention more than just him, who only took two bullets as opposed to others who took a lot more than just two. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll wait my turn when the one's on death's door have taken a few steps away from it."

There's a sour grunt of acknowledgment from Kai for Wren's words but she's not about to argue with her First,"They were concerned this one might have hit my lung." she taps the hole near her shoulder, shrugging slightly before explaining to Tink,"Coesbur evacuated. Probably soon after Hail Mary passed it." Kai grunts quietly,"After we found our people at Tondc and a scout party was organized, we went to see if it was safe for the village to return. It was.. infested with Reapers. We retreated, and returned with a larger group, including Morgan and others.. and somehow the Maunon knew and dropped a missile on the Seat while we were just outside of it. Almost killed Kholmin and some others, did kill a bunch of the kru. With the Mountain's ability to fire more missile's.. we might actually have a chance to rebuild now."

Cameron nods to Morgan as he goes to see to Wren, and squints at Wren when he goes talking treespeak, "You know I might think of learning your language just so you can't speak over me anymore. When you know you're speaking a language your walking companions don't speak but do know one they speak just fine…" It's ruuuude. But he leaves that unsaid. Just implied. He nods to Tink's question, suddenly looking worried, "How many… casualties?" But Kai explains it, so he purses his lips at her, "I bet they had a scout watching. They spoke of their 'ground teams'— men in suits and guns, moving out on the land."

Silver has been at work since the group from the camp rejoined the conquering heroes, doing her best to stitch people up without really paying any attention to what actually happened. Someone told her Wren made it out, but she hasn't had a chance to catch the warrior in the rush of dealing with the initial injuries. Now that she's finally gotten a moment away, she's actually looking for him, wanting to confirm for herself that he didn't manage to lose any limbs.

"No, there's still plenty to do. Lots and lots. And having an engineer around who's not Jumar and actually know something about being down here will be a pleasure." Morgan assures Tink. "Even if it's Cole too." Cause compared to Jumar, Cole's a sweetheart "You won't have enough hours in the day to do everything. And I'll teach you, Cam. But my accent sucks."

"Do Skaikru always go looking for a reason to start an argument, or is that just something you do because you enjoy it?" Wren sighs, looking at Cam. "You will excuse if whatever I have to say to Kai is of private matter, not a Skaikru matter. It is nothing to concern yourself with." Then a pause. "If I had something to say to you, I'd say in a language that you'd understand." But he's sinking down against the tree, having to sit down and just breathe for a moment, holding his shoulder. "Leave me be, I have no desire to talk."

Reno came over and joined them tentatively. He was tired and really wasn't much for sleep and fell quiet. His eyes looked from Cam to Morgan and back. He very much assessed the Grounders there. The world was oficially upside down. Quietly the tech sat down next to Tink. He pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them and just listened.

Kai glances towards Cameron with a faint laugh,"Sorry. I remember how frustrating that was. But I wasn't talking about you." not that she explains what she was talking about for whatever reason,"Scouts. Yes. I thought that was a possibility, but if so their timing's worth shit. If they'd waited until we crossed the bridge they could have killed a bunch more of us. Not that I'm complaining about not dying." at Jumar's name she curls her lip, pausing to look back over at Wren with a purse of her lips until she happens to spot Silver at a distance,"Hei, Silver! He's over here." because she knows who she's looking for beyond a doubt. Reno's arrival meriting a tight smile from the grey eyed ex-Skaikru in weary acknowledgment.

Tink is sitting right next to Kai and Kai has an armed wrapped around her. She leaves her hand out if Reno wishes to take it and murmurs, "Reno is a tech too…he's great with computers. And likes working on med tech stuff." She glances over and gives him a smile of encouragement if he wants to join in, "And it will be nice to get back to work. I've had too much idle time." She does pause as something occurs between the group and looks at Kai with a questioning look.

To Wren, Cameron just grunts and waves a hand at him, he's not otherwise going to respond. But to Kai he nods. "Yeah, not dying is real high on my list of preferred outcomes." He grins over at Morgan, "If you teach me a terrible accent, I'll be learning Morgansleng and not trigedasleng and they won't have any more idea what the hell I'm talking about then I know of them. Strangely, I don't mind that outcome, really."

Silver shoots Kai a grateful look when she calls over, heading toward the group. "Thanks, Kai," she smiles wearily. "Cam! Tink, Reno. It's good to see you guys again. I'm glad you made it out." Finding Wren sitting against the tree, she crosses her arms over her chest, giving him a long look. "Did he let anyone look at him yet?" she asks Morgan. Apparently he's been deemed the responsible party.

"No." Wren grunts, looking up at Silver. "There are people in worse shape than me. They get your hands first. I can get your hands whenever I feel like." he utters to her, but he doesn't look to be moving. Then he winks at her, smiling a little through the blood stains on his face. Which probably aren't his blood. "Good to see you too, niron."

Reno dropped his hand into Tink's. There was something that was a great comfort there; his anchor while the world spun completely off its axis. He didn't know why Kai, scary as she was, was dressed funny, but fingers wiggles a quiet hullo to her that wasn't unfriendly. He looked to Silver as he was addressed and gave her a small wave too. He murmured, though quietly, "Really want to build med tech. Not that it seems we'll have much an opportunity. Be um… be nice." He paused and it was Tink he asked, "Morgan say solar panels?"

"There's a number who can speak it with varying accuracy around. Silver's better than I am. I've been teaching Eli, he picks it up faster than I do." there's a shrug of Kai's shoulders as she offers to Cameron, though she shoots a look towards Wren and Silver, but doesn't elect to intrude on their conversation, instead making a move as if she'll cede her hold on Tink to Reno slowly,"They have the secondary infirmary running. Alpha landed. Solar panels are mostly working, they have up an electric fence are dismantling portions of the ring to help build housing and that sort of thing for the Ark survivors. Of which there's about six hundred, not including the fifty-one surviving members of the hundred." she elects to explain for Reno.

"Not since the actual battle." Morgan answers. "Things were a bit hectic in there so I only bandaged him up enough to stop the bleeding." Reno gets a nod. "I did say that. You and the others will have plenty to keep you busy."

"My parents…do you guys know if my parents made it down on Alpha?" Tink asks Kai and Morgan with a hopeful look. Even though they parted on poor terms, she does love her parents and wishes for their safety, "And Bella? Did Bella make it down?" There's a shadow that crosses on her face for a moment but yeah, Tink needs to have a few talks when she gets back to the camp, "Apparently Jumar has been taking advantage while we're gone to help get stuff running."

Reno was about to ask Kai if her parents or Bella made it out, but since Tink asked it was a good excuse to remain quiet. At the notion of Jumar taking over there was some muttering about him turning things efficiently into a weapon and shitty cabling. Everyone's a critic. "Hey at least he got our signal. Can't complain too much." He took a deep breath and rest his chin on his knees. Oddly he didn't ask about his mother.

"Silver! Hi, good to see you again." Cameron's lapsed into some silence, just listening to things that are going on, "You guys did get our signal right? Did you get all of it? We tried to warn you to be careful when you came for us because things weren't as simple as we originally thought. Hell, we had just figured out things were extra less simple then we ever imagined."

"As evidenced by the fact that I'm here and not with the rest of the healers, my hands are free," Silver drawls to Wren, nodding to Morgan. "Thanks, Morgan. They've got lists back at the Ark," she adds when people ask about their family. It was the first thing she was worried about, after all. "And Dr. Li's all about having help with the equipment," she adds to Reno. "Things are kind of crazy still." Kneeling next to Wren, she gives the man a dry look. "You could have at least rinsed yourself off so I could tell what blood was yours."

"I go on a suicide mission and all you can do is gripe at my appearance." Wren sighs, start to strip off his his top layer of clothing. "I see how much you care. Maybe next time I shouldn't return to make your life easier, yes?" Once the clothes and armor are off on his top half, leaving him bare-chested, it's clear he's been shot twice. Once in the shoulder of his right arm and once in the chest. And they're still slowly bleeding. The one in his chest doesn't look as bad as the one in his shoulder. Looks like a combination of armor and the bone of this sternum prevented the bullet from going any further. It's the one in his shoulder that looks nasty, that'll have to be dug out of him. "Rinsing myself was not on the top of my lists."

It's around this point a Guard in Sergeants armor comes out of the wood nearby, coming off perimeter patrol duty for the night. Sergeant Nathaniel Breen comes up to the camp, looking a bit tired, but otherwise uninjured. Being one of those who helped with securing the tunnels, the only real injury he has is the rapidly healing swell on his head… now a nice small lump. "Good morning, people. The mans baritone can be heard as he comes into range, and the blue eyes sweep over the Ds, "looks like we got most of you out?"

Cameron lifts a hand a bit, and waves, "Okay, I'm going to walk over here a bit and do a little foraging while we're stomping, just to be useful."

"Sorry Tink. No idea who made it down. The only one I spoke to was Cam's dad." Morgan tells her. "We did get it but we were already planning to attack before we got your signal. We saw the gas before we fell unconscious. There was no other explanation except the mountain. The Trikru certainly don't have that kind of tech."

"I… have been avoiding Alpha." is how Kai elects to put it apologetically for Tink,"I saw them? But, well, there wasn't a lot that I could say to them, bluntly, considering that most of the Guard has a love of referring to me as a traitor and I have it under very good authority that I'm not allowed to get into fights with them.." she is oh-so-studiously not looking at Wren on that one, though she shakes her head for Cameron,"Well, the Arkkru might have of, but if so I didn't hear about it, at least. We've been working on finding a way to get you guys back since you were taken." her gaze goes up as Nathaniel speaks with a nod,"Sergeant Breen. Five dead, seventeen survivors. Fifty-one out of the original hundred."

"And I'll go with him." Cause Cameron is not getting out of Morgan's sight any time soon.

"Shit…only 51 left?" Tink says with a sad voice because apparently they've lost people on all sides, "There was more…who did you guys loose on your side?" She knows the names on their end….Cookie, Hanne, Ruth, Dennis and Adam. But one the other side, she almost needs to hear the names because she doesn't want to forget. She gives a little smile of understanding as Morgan and Cam take off, "Have fun you guys." And she tries not to snicker. She looks over at Nathaniel who is obviously a guard and gives a nod.

"You got shot," Silver says indignantly when Wren takes his shirt off. "Wren, when you get shot, you don't put off treatment, you-" She lets out a huff of breath rather than give in to the urge to call him names. She does glare for a minute instead, though. "And of course you're coming back next time. If you don't, then you get about fifty years of peace and quiet before I get to whatever afterlife you're hiding in and spend the rest of it making up for lost time." It's the arm wound that she takes a closer look at, then stares. "Wren, there's still a bullet in there," she notes, incredulous. Nathaniel's arrival is noted in the background - she's still attuned to guard voices - but the bullet in Wren has most of her focus.

"I did." Wren nods. There's a look over at Kai. "Hey Kai, did I get shot? I'm not sure. Silver says I got shot, could make certain for me." Oh now he's just being an ass for the sake of it, giving Silver that stupid big grin that tends to be used as his secret weapon with the med-tech. "I love you too." he says to long-winded explanation. "And what did you expect? The Maumon to kill us with angry words. Why, I believed one of them said some downright offensive things about Kai. Well, I could not let that stand."

"Yeah, the Trikru team also had a few of his sort among them." Wren gets a look from Nathaniel, "it's almost disturbing how they like to shrug off *bullet* wounds like they're nothing." Nathaniel puts his assault rifle away by this point, slinging it to his back before he looks to Kai with a nod, "after the dropship siege, I wasn't holding out much hope for many survivors inside their bunker." The Sargeant glances in the direction of the cloud of smoke on top of said place, "at least the mission objectives were accomplished."

"Twenty.. three? I want to say? Must have died at skaigeda. We haven't lost any additional since the Ark fell." Kai grunts quietly,"Mikaela, Jason, Gertrude, Sarah, Billy Bob, Mandar, Jia, Hans, Amil, Thomas, Shona, Kuohara, Wili, Chuck, Beth, Shiao, Arrin, Marisol, Shawne, Tanik, Sam, Mizi and Ban." not that she has them memorized or anything, and then there's Silver and Wren arguing and the grey-eyed girl looks over their way more than slightly wide-eyed and shakes her head, she is adamantly not sticking her foot in /that/ argument. Her gaze shifts to Nathaniel, because, well, the ex-Skaikru girl with her armor currently open still has stitches bisecting her collarbone and the chest below it, a freshly stitched and bruised bullet wound there, the two lots of stitches in her neck from where people have tried to take her head off, the line in her head still where someone tried trepanning, the mangled left hand with it's stitches.. and the bullet wound in her side, too,"When the choice is keep fighting or let the Reapers have you, Sergeant Breen.. you keep fighting." is what she has to say about that.

There's a snort from Kai for Wren's joke,"Hey, I didn't hit her." she nods towards Nathaniel,"He did. You didn't just hit them.. you hit them with your axe.. does that mean next time I can hit her with my sword?" yeh, there's no way anyone could buy the innocence of that look.

Richael has been found dozing when she's not on guard, the girl quite obviously exhausted from the assault on the Mountain. At the conversations that go through camp however, Richael finally stirs from slumber, untucking her rifle from where she was curled up with it, stretching and yawning before she clambers down from the wagon where she was sleeping. A nod is given to Nathaniel when she sees him with a yawn before she asks, "Any problems, Sergeant?"

Reno squeezed Tink's hand and while he was incredibly withdrawn the litany of names was not lost on him. They were all just kids. It wasn't… fair. He winced and said quietly to Tink, "We'll find out. First thing when we get back. About all three of them." Finally he asked "Kai, why are you dressed funny?" Yes, he had to address the tree in the room.

"I'm going to learn how to punch just for you," Silver snorts softly at Wren, glancing over at Kai and pointing her way. "See? Kai knows how to get treatment. You wouldn't let your second run around with bullets in her. Don't do it yourself." She shrugs a water skin over her shoulder, settling in next to Wren to get a look at his arm. "We're survivors," she adds to Nathaniel without looking up. "We pretty much had to be."

"The only bullets that you don't have to worry about are the ones that don't kill you." Wren offers to Nathaniel lightly. He smiles over at Kai. "I suppose you did deserve that, didn't you, with how well you performed." he states with a light nod. "Kai was also injured more than I was, Silver. She needed treatment. I was only shot twice. She was shot a few more times than me. Which means she needs to learn how to anticipate better." he adds over to his Second. "So, what are you going to do. It's going to hurt, isn't it."

Madelyn apparently really needed that sleep. She's curled protectively around the three pillowcases full of stuff — hers, Reno's and Max's, like a tiny, awkward dragon. Sleeping on the ground sucks after having a real bed for so long, and the slight girl squirms and stretches awkwardly as she wakes up, brushing her hair out of her face with her hands. She gets up, brushing the schmutz off of her sundress, and drags the stuff over to the log where she sees Reno and Tink sitting. She plops down sideways and says, "Hey."

Nathaniel looks to Richael, the militia woman getting a nod and a smile. "Doesn't seem like it. Seems like Mount Weather is reeling so much from our attack they can't respond yet. I just got off perimeter patrol duty myself." Then he looks to the others, "I've read the reports on what happened. As I told Mr. Grey, you and the rest of the teenagers did a fantastic job with what you had to work with." Nathaniel adjusts the slung assault rifle before he takes his water canteen and downs a mouthful… then looks to Wren, "and bullets can still kill you from the inside after they've been shot into you, Mr. Trikru."

"Shit, Mikaela died? Does Cole know?" Tink frowns and looks at Reno with worry, "What happened to her? All I know is she left the camp cause she was sick of all the fighting." The other names cause her to give pause too but it's not easy hearing the names of the dead. Luckily, the people important to her from the 100 have seemed to make it, "Hey Madelyn…" She gives the other girl a wave. She doesn't comment on the bullets and stuff, focusing on other parts of the conversation.

Richael nods to Nathaniel and says, "Well, considering that radiation kills them if they go outside, I imagine their first thing will be to make sure my handiwork doesn't let radiation in to kill them all. Of course, I could always call up Cage Wallace and ask him how he's doing." She chuckles at the latter bit as she's not really serious before she looks over to Madelyn and the other kids and she smiles at them. "Glad to see most of you kids got out unharmed."

"Her parents are alive." Kai specify's for Reno,"I just.. couldn't talk to them. Granted, I can't talk to my mom, either, so." there's a grim kind of smile for that before her gaze flits Silver's way at her words, then back to Reno, then back to Silver,"They weren't sure which blood was mine." she shrugs for Silver before turning to look at Reno again,"Funny?" she sounds puzzled as she looks at herself,"Oh.. you weren't.. ah. I'm not with the Ark, Reno.. isn't it? I am Trikru now." there's a grunt for Wren from her,"I was only shot twice yesterday, too." it was just that on top of all her other recent wounds that bumped her up the line,"And I know. Agility drills, once it wont pull the stitches out." she's sitting on the opposite side of Tink from Reno, though when Madelyn and Richael join the ragtag group they get nods from the ex-skaigirl as she takes her arm from about Tink finally and stretches awkwardly and carefully with a grimace,"I just want a bath. And a day's rest. That would be nice." there's a shake of her head for Tink,"All I know is who I know was alive when Hail Mary left, who is at Alpha, and who came back from the Mountain.. the rest weren't with you, none of the patrols have found them.. so I can only assume they died at skaigeda."

"Yep, it's going to hurt," Silver answers Wren, completely unapologetic as she squirts water over the wound to start cleaning it out and get a better look at what's there. At Nathaniel's words, her shoulders tighten, but she keeps her focus on the bullet. Apparently, for as even-headed as Silver's been, she still has a little bit of residual resentment over being dropped on the planet.

"Hey," Madelyn introduces herself to the folks she doesn't really know. "My name's Madelyn. Thank you. Really." The girl is tired and pale, but she doesn't look all that worse for wear. "Does… does anyone know if my parents made it?" she asks cautiously, tinged with a bit of hope. She winces at the bit of surgery going on over by the tree. "Need a hand? I'm a good stitcher and I have some high-quality Mountain thread in one of these pillowcases."

<FS3> Wren rolls Resolve: Success. (6 4 3 3 8)

"Knew it." Wren utters, tilting his head back and trying to mentally prepare himself for whatever it is that Silver is going to do. After cleaning out the wound, she can eye the piece of blossomed metal deep in his tissue, in front of bone. Which is likely what stopped it from going through, slowed down by his armor. He's already growling in pain as the med-tech does her thing, but she's probably going to have to fish it out with a tool, or with her fingers. "Oh, could you please just pull the fucking thing out already?"

Reno squeezed Tink's hand and lifted it up to kiss her fingers. It was a consolation and a relief in one. He couldn't do anyhting for his family, but Tink's It was a relief by proxy for her sake. When Madelyn came and sat he spoke again, "She's really good with stitches. Very neat." he had to think about Kai's answer and looked to her trying to process that and all he came up with was, "Kai, are you okay?"

Nathaniel sees Madelyn start to wake up, then heads over. His Guard armor shows him to be Sargeant rank, and his blue eyes are warm and inviting. "Sargeant Nathaniel Breen of the Camp Jaha Guard. I wasn't on the teams that came in to rescue any of you, but I was in charge of the Guard squad that was sent in to secure your escape route." Nathaniel gives a smile, then looks to the others, "a list of known missing and dead are back at Camp Jaha. You can look for yourselves there." Then he looks to Richael, "Who is Cage Wallace?"

"Oh she's fine Reno…just a little banged up," Tink gives Kai a look that lets her know there's nothing wrong in her eyes that she joined the Trikru. Heck, there's very little Kai could do that would make her look bad in Tink's eyes. She gives Reno's fingers a squeeze, "I'm banged up too…" She points to her head, "nothing serious though." Tink gets a sour look at the mention of Cage, "Oh Cage is the asshole son of the Original President that we first met. The painter. The one that just wanted Arkers to go mate with Mountain Men so we could make radioactive resistant babies. But apparently that wasn't good enough for the nut job son who is also the chief scientist and head of security. He's the one responsible for the Reapers, the blood draining and all the other crap…I'm sure of it. And something happened…I think the President 'got sick' and that's when we started disappearing."

"Kai." the grey-eyed girl opts for with Madelyn,"We saw one another at skaigeda, but I had hair then." and less wounds, and different clothes, and, from the expression that crosses the ex-C's face, that was like a lifetime ago. She nods at Reno,"Sore. It's.. been a long month. This is.." she glances towards Wren, but he's occupied, mentally counting with her right hand fingers for assistance,"Fifth? Sixth? Fight I've been in since Arkfall. Something like that. It sort of all blurs together." she smiles for Tink's words,"You're not supposed to get hurt you know, T. That's my job, yeh? But as long as you don't go making a habit of it.." she gives the blond's knee a squeeze, for her between one-armed hugs and touching, it's.. well, probably about as demonstrative physically as she's ever been,"If there's anyone that deserves the death of one thousand cuts.. sounds like he's the one."

"That's what she said," Silver murmurs at Wren's exclamation, a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips. Turn about is fair play on the bad jokes, apparently. At Madelynn's offer, she glances over, pulling a small packet from her pocket. "I've got some things cobbled together from the Ark and the Trikru, but if you've got fine linen, it's probably a little better than the gut we've been using. Not that he's all that worried about the scar showing," she adds, pulling a pair of tweezers from the packet.

Richael is about to answer Nathaniel when Tink chimes in with her remarks about Cage. Richael looks a little stunned for a moment before she looks back to Nathaniel. "Umm… yeah… looks like Tink knows a hell of a lot more than I do. Cage Wallace is the guy that the Mountain Woman we met with a bunch of kids told us that was the President. I actually spoke to the guy over the radio. He knows me as Miss Missiles." She looks back to Tink and says, "So if he replaced the President… who was the original President that ya'll met?"

Despite Nathaniel's warm demeanor, Madelyn flinches involuntarily when he approaches. "Hi," she says softly, not looking directly at the man. When Tink gives her explanation, she points and adds, "What she said." She fishes around in her back and pulls out silk thread and a steel needle, getting up and walking over. "This is better used fixing people than mending clothes."

"Ugh, terrible." Wren groans. No, he's looking near to where Silver is working on him. "But you never said that." he quips at her, trying to keep his mind distracted and off what he's doing. "I do believe your phrase was 'oh you were so right about not waiting'." he grins at her. Eh, she's not going to want to fool around with him banged up, so no worry about getting shut out right now. "Kai, you mind taking my mind over whatever the blazes she's going to do to me?" Then he eyes that pair of tweezers, and his eyes go a little wide. "Oh shit."

Nathaniel doesn't remark on the obvious flinch. Probably instinctual, and Nathaniel has no intention of pushing the issue beyond, "I don't know what happened to cause that, but I can only assure you I'm willing to earn your trust, if you'll allow it." Nathaniel then looks to Tink, then Richael, "so he's their leader right now, and he replaced another one recently?"

Oh dear, Kai's wolfish grin for Wren's request doesn't bode well,"So.. when we rebuild Coesbur.. is the whole family going to be stuck in one house again? Or what's the deal there? Are me and Silver and Starling going to be sharing a room still? Or do I actually get to build my own place?"

"His father, Dante Wallace, who apparently had been leading them for some time," Tink tells them with a smile, "But weird things started to happen. His assistant, the one he had meeting with us and basically gather intel, died all of a sudden from 'radiation poisoning' and they tried to blame it on use." She frowns at that, "There was something fishy there. Then right before everything goes to hell but after Dante promises Cam that all he wants is for us to integrate with his society, he disappears and the son…the one that probably handled daddy's dirty work is in charge. Then they're showing up to our rooms with guns instead of cake and dragging us off to be drained rather than court us with promises."

Richael smiles to Tink for the info before she looks back to Nathaniel. "So either A: Daddy got sick and the son saw a chance for power… or B: The son decided he didn't want to do things Daddy's way anymore and just replaced him." She frowns and says, "Wonder if he's even still alive… it might help split the Mountain if their original leader still is alive and still has support from his people. Something to look into maybe?" She asks that to Nathaniel, knowing it's not her choice nor his.

Reno chortled drily and said, "Yeah. integrate with society and then give us complete bullshit answers and rebuff good solutions for their shitty ones so they can create problems to make us go missing." His eyes narrwed and it was to Cam he said "Ruth straight up lied to us. I was happy there as much as the next person but you at least do the science. When your math doesn't math it's time to get better answers. Seriously, Grant fucking did everything he damn well could to prevent us from gaining any ground to help them get better. Why they shot themselves in the fucking foot I dunno. None of this needed to be a thing." okay there was a hot button there apparently, a big big shiny red one.

Madelyn grimaces, embarrassed. "Sorry," she apologizes to Nathaniel. "Hey, leave Ruth out of this," Madelyn snaps at Reno. "She was brainwashed. She died. Leave it alone." She almost instantly feels guilty and looks away. "Sorry."

"Thanks," Silver smiles up to Madelyn. "I've got needles, but the thread would be great." She rinses off the tweezers then, giving Wren a look. "It's gonna hurt, but honestly, I've got no idea how it compares to the hurt of having the stupid bullet still inside you, so hey, maybe it won't be so bad." Well that's reassuring, right? She doesn't wait long for him to decide, either, diving right in with the tweezers to dig out the offending bullet.

"There's more going on here on the surface then we're seeing. If they can't leave their bunker due to radiation, why do they need Trikru? I'm still hoping for an answer to why they drain the blood and why they needed our children. Generational resistance sounds like it might have been a viable idea, so something a lot juicier must have come up." Nathaniel looks to Reno, "solutions to what? Did you ever find out why they went missing or where they went?"

Wren doesn't scream, but he does make a lovely growling sound that has him griping his pants with this hand, tilting his head back to watch. "No, it's worse." his strained voice replies. "At least the initial injure didn't last very long." Thankfully, Kai is trying to take his mind off things. "It take it you don't enjoy living with family that much, do you? I suppose that makes sense, don't want me to walk in on you riding your niron, I suppose. Does Silver hog blankets for you as well? She's terrible at that." Another grunt, barring his teeth. "Yes, you can build your own home. I planned to build one for Silver and I. That's if she could ever make her mind up on that."

"Walk in on you riding your /what/?" Madelyn asks, cheeks flushing. She quickly hands over the thread and scurries back to the log.

Richael looks over to Reno at his remarks and then back to Nathaniel. "Thats what I was thinking. There has to be a reason for it all. No human being just does shit like that. Even monsters in a bunker. I was trying to get Cage to realize that he will eventually face an army at his doorstep. I asked him to explain it all to me, but he brushed me off and said he'd be talking to me in person, real soon." She just shrugs. She's faced getting floated. An angry man really doesn't rate.

"I like living with the family, for all that having that many people in one place was a nightmare to start out with, but I also like my privacy.. and there's a greater probability of me walking in on you two than the reverse." Kai snorts for Wren, though she's mostly listening to Reno and Tink talk until she catches Madelyn's question,"Boyfriend.. girlfriend, person you're fucking.. Eli, in my case." she fishes some bark from her sack to offer over Wren's way before tearing off a bit to chew herself meditatively, more sanguine about romance things than she used to be, at least.

Tink looks at Nathaniel and Richael, "Oh they used the Trikru's blood to filter through their own…basically it's like when you have an engine and the oil is polluted so you need to run it through something to clean it." She looks to Reno, "But it was messy…the way they did it. I mean, you shouldn't have to kill the donor but for some reason they were very aggressive and didn't seem to care if other's got hurt." She gives a shrug and then tells him, "I don't know much about the Reapers, when we hacked their system, we only looked up stuff on their 'harvest' project."

Reno gave Madelyn a look but didn't retort and didn't fight her on that. There were some things he wouldn't do and over the course of surviving his identity of 'family' changed a bit. picking up where Tink left off her hand got a squeeze and he opened up a bit. "Tink had a great idea to diffuse the blood through all twenty-three of us rotating who took the brunt of that and over time we could get a lot of folks a lot more stable. They're dying. Parents, teachers, linguists, painters, and lil kids. All dying and they dunno what to do. They tried to go outside and this poor lady," Did he just empathize with the captors? Seems there was a variety there. "Her skin was blistering and peeling off until Maddie saved her life. They can't live like that. They need help but the jackholes in charge seemed to think butchering people for resources instead of finding a sustainable method? That was more sensible. I figured out an algorithm that could use people safely like a crop rotation but Montgomery weren't havin any of it. Wouldn't even look."

"…oh," Madelyn says, blushing furiously. "I guess I should have just, um, inferred." At the mention of the blood filtering, she looks up. "It really sucks," she comments, hand reaching up to rub a fresh scar on her neck.

"What do I need a whole house for?" Silver sniffs at Wren, ignoring his growling until she can pull the bullet out and drop it into his hand. "That doesn't belong inside of you. Don't leave it there for so long next time." Apparently she's learning bedside manner from Galle, too. Once that's out, she uses more of the water to flush the wound, squirting it in for a good twenty seconds or so until whatever comes out is clean.

As Wren and Kai speak, Nathaniel looks between the two… then laughs. "Well, there's a word I hope to be able to use one day just for the laugh." Then his attention turns to Richael, listening to her, then to Tink. "to filter what-" Then Reno comments and Nathaniel listens before… "so they use blood to heal their radiation sickness? I'm no doctor, but I can see that being a reason for the captured Trikru." Nathaniel looks in the direction of the mountain, "no wonder they resorted to all this…. but why disappear you kids? If they wanted to reproduce with you eventually, that seems like a far more viable idea then draining your blood, if they already had that going on with the Trikru."

Richael looks back to Reno and says, "Oh, Montgomery's dead. We killed him right before we left. Actually we killed everyone we ran across in there except for this one redhead and eight kids. Although if the radiation thing is true, who knows how sick they might have gotten from being around all of us. And now that all their blood sources are gone…" She frowns and then looks to Nathaniel. "Someone might want to send word to the Commander to bring her forces down much quicker than she originally intended. Desperate people do stupid shit." She looks to Reno again and then asks, "What method do you think they were planning to use next? I mean Montgomery was drilling on Rawlins when we found him. I know that's no way to extract blood."

Kai shrugs at Nathaniel,"Sounds better than boyfriend." in her opinion at least,"Kids." Richael's words get a grunt as she rubs the back of her head before shaking it,"The Heda's already gathering them. The rest of the Trikru will be here first, most likely, the other kru's are further away. But they will come." on that, she's certain,"If there's a non-lethal way to save the innocents.. I'm for that. Though it raises the question what to do with them afterwards. Continuing to live in the mountain is just.. not a good idea. I'm not comfortable with that, I'm sure there's plenty of others who wouldn't be either."

"For privacy?" Wren says. "For- ow!" when she finally pulls the bullet out, looking it's misshapen form when it gets plopped into his hand. He examines it for a moment. "That maybe I'd like to start my own family eventually? That maybe I don't want to live with mother? You do realize I had my own home in Coesbur, yes?" She should know, she spent a night teasing him in it before she went back to the old camp. "You sure, I was so hopeful that it would give me a resistance to bullets. I though maybe I should leave it in." Yes, that's a joke.

"Drilling?" Tink gives Reno a look because that doesn't make any sense to her, "Umm…no, that's definitely not a way to extract blood. You use needles for that. And the drill would be…do you know what part of the body they were drilling?" She looks to Reno to see if he has an idea, "That's just weird…" Tink mulls over the problem for a moment, "That would definitely be something different." She took chemistry, not biology…

"House sounds different from home." Silver busies herself with needle and thread, if only to avoid actually looking at Wren. "Houses are places with a bunch of rooms, and formal spaces and…stuff. Houses are for people with running water and electricity and indoor plumbing and…a lot of free time and resources." Talk of drilling, though, gets her to look up for a moment. "Drilling? Bone marrow," she suggests, looking to the others. "If they were doing blood first, marrow'd be the next step. It's what makes blood, so it'd last longer."

Reno looked to Richael and flinched. That… that was not something he wanted to hear no one deserved to be drilled into that… that just wasn't how you treat a person. There was reason enough left to him that he knew that. He took a shaky breath and said "Well… at least the Doctor won't be taking anyone else apart. I dunno. Blood comes from bone. Maybe more samples uncontaminated by the body? That'd be a Max question. He studied with mom longer than I did." He looked to Tink trying to share their hive mind but coming up with no definitive answers. After he squint a look to Madelyn, "You see why we told you not to volunteer? That coulda been you Maddie." He didn't bring up that it was Adam and Cookie, and Hanne and certainly Rawlins. He sighed and said "Redhead… with kids? Maybe Scarlett? We can hope. Wait you guys didn't hurt the kids did you?" The entirety of the situation was exhausting his emotional wall.

Kai can't help but shudder at that,"Shit, Rawlins was an ass.. but.. that's just not right. None of this is right, really. But at least once that place is fully and properly dust, we can all rest a little easier." drilling, there's a nightmare waiting to happen later for her.

Madelyn wraps her arms around herself. "It should have been me instead of Adam or Cookie or Hanne. They didn't deserve that. Adam died and it was my fault. I shouldn't be here, Reno. I'm not a scientist, I can't build things, I don't make people happy. It should have been me."

Richael looks over to Silver when she chimes in with her remark about bone marrow and she nods. "Well… would there be a way for them to replace their bone marrow with ours, permanently? That would give them the radiation resistance for good wouldn't it? That I can see would drive them to do what they did." She does wince when Reno points out that Maddie and not Rawlins could have been the one on the table. "Don't point things like that out please. We'll all have enough nightmares from that place. Lip wasn't kidding about that room." But when Madelyn remarks it should have been her, she walks over to Madelyn and makes sure to get down on eye level with her. "No. You have worth, so did they. It was fate and chance that it was them and not you. But that doesn't mean you are worth any less than they. Blame the ones that are really responsible for them being gone and not yourself. And if it's really bothering you? Work to make something of their sacrifice."

"Fine, I should've said home, Silver. Would that appease you more?" Wren grouses, but he too is listening to the others. "They wanted…marrow?" he blinks at the word. Blood he understands, but marrow? No idea what that is. "They wanted our blood to…live outside? What would our blood do?" Though he can't help but look supremely bothered by this. He didn't look in the Room of Horrors very much, didn't really want to know what was going on. "Over forty years, they bled us, made others into Reapers. So many lost. So many gone." he sighs at that, unable to really hide the pain on his face. "I had friends who went mising."

"Bone marrow? What could they possibly want with that?" Nathaniel is no medical professional by any means, despite wanting to learn first aid eventually. "if they were draining Trikru of their blood, then dumping their bodies, I don't see why they'd take issue with that sort of thing." Than Nathaniel looks to Kai, "dust? Yeah, I can't get behind that. Stop them from killing people, sure. Deal with the people in there, sure… but making plans beyond that is a bit premature."

Tink can't take this talk anymore, it's just bothering her too much, "I…I need a breather." She gets up and starts walking away, not too far because she isn't about to go wandering off in the forest but the girl is done talking. More walking, less talking. Tink just needs to shut down, hum her music and try not to think about the horrors in the mountains.

"I'm honestly not sure," Silver shakes her head to Richael. "I know it used to be a treatment for certain types of cancer, before the bombs. But I've got no idea how much you'd need, or how long the effects of the transplant would last. I'd think you'd need gene therapy? I mean…the marrow produces the blood cells from whoever it came from for a while, but eventually the host marrow would take over again and they'd need more, I think? That's a little above my skill level." Which is currently focused on stitching up the bullet hole in Wren's arm.

"They're dead. You're not. Make it worth it." is Kai's opinion for Madelyn, bluntly, her attention going to Wren and then up at Nathaniel,"Dust. I don't care if you guys want to take the wiring or whatever for Alpha, that's not my fucking problem.. but that place is a grave built on forty years of Trikru and five of my friends corpses. If walking through Alpha is like looking at the grave of an old life.. that place is very literally the grave of thousands of Trikru." her attention goes to Tink as she gets up, keeping an eye on her though she doesn't try to chase her down for now at least. Alone time is sometimes necessary, in her opinion.

"Sorry," Madelyn apologizes again. "I was getting weird. It's been weird. It is weird. Everything is weird."

Wren doesn't seem to know what to say to the sciencey-type stuff, sure that Silver will explain it to him in smaller words at some point. Not his thing, never been his thing. He just gives a little grunt every time that needle pierces his skin.

Reno snapped to Madelyn "No human being deserves that, Maddie. It was his choice, not your fault. You didn't make him do anything." The words had bite but for those that were stuck there? It was a big adjustment. "Before you go on and on about how no one gives a damn, Maddie consider the rest of us who have been trying really hard for your sake. Tabitha, Max, Cam, Cole, and I have feelings and give a shit thanks for noticing." too much frustration. His brain was shorting out but to Silver he sighed and said "Could be bone marrow. I think you're… possibly onto something but I dunno how it'd be used but sure. Maybe." He had no filter for this and was outside, and surrounded by things his brain could impossibly try to understand. Whether he followed Tink or just went to hide or both was anyone's guess. For some this was freedom, for Reno? God he was outside. in the open. he couldn't be more terrified unless he was behind that green door.

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Resolve: Success. (4 5 5 3 2 7)

"I never said you didn't care. I know you care. I just don't think that I'm… I just don't think that I'm the… the kind of person who… I don't know. Adam was smart. Cookie was kind. I'm just me. I'd go back there willingly if I knew it would bring them back, because everyone needs them a hell of a lot more than they need a half-trained tailor, okay?" Madelyn snaps back at Reno, tears forming in her eyes.

There's a definite wrinkle to Nathaniel's nose at Kai's immediate dismissal. Nathaniel looks like he's about to say something, then he just sighs. "Honoring the Trikru… but not us. I see how it is." Nathaniel looks over to Richael and the others, "I'm pretty sure we're moving out soon. I'm going to go and do another sweep of the perimeter before I get a nap for the trip." With that, Sergeant Breen heads back in the direction he came out of the woods in.

<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve: Failure. (4 4 1 5 2 4)

Reno could not deal with the self-depreciation and the disregard of her own value. He was shutting down fast and apparently his opinion and views and values meant nothing. He had to find somewhere to go. Somewhere else. Someplace safe; enclosed. He fell silent and just walked away.

Richael nods to Nathaniel and says, "Go. I'll like as not sleep again until we're safely behind the Camp walls. I can keep an eye on things." She looks to Madelyn again and sighs, "Who knows, we could do with a tailor, once we get some materials to actually make new clothes. All I own is what I'm wearing right now… and bloody clothes don't make for a good look." She smiles sadly to Maddie before she heads back to the wagon to sit up high, where she can keep an eye on things.

"You be what you want to be, Madelyn. You're not just an anything." Kai says for the other girl in a more gentle tone, before squinting up at Nathaniel,"What did you say?" yeh that gets the injured girl to her feet, and probably it's good that Nathaniel's heading away because she's totally forgotten what she's been told about being zen from the way she snaps,"What the fuck did you just fucking say, Breen? Are you trying to suggest for a fucking second that despite having Alpha already situated that oh the Skaikru should totally just move into the Mountain? And what? Become the Mountain two-point-fucking-oh?" yep, what remained of the wounded girl's patience is officially run out apparently.

Yeah, he might've seen where that was going but the big man was a bit too busy getting sewn up to catch it in time. "Second!" Wren suddenly barks at Kai. "Remember yourself!" The First may be injured, but he still has ears. "Get over here. Now." he orders the young woman, shoulder that Silver is stitching up suddenly becoming a little tense as the muscle under his skin tightens a bit. She can yell at him for that if she really wants to.

This gets Nathaniel to stop briefly, glancing backwards with a side glance. "Your own presumptions are getting the better of you, Kai Kom Trikru. I have no interest in living inside Mount Weather." This is stated calmly, matter of factly. Whatever is left of Kai's patience, Nathaniel apparently has some left. He looks ahead again, "if it had been Mr. Grey, you might be dealing with more, but I have no interest in debating you, Kai Kom Trikru." Nathaniel calmly walks back into the woods, his rifle being unslung as he goes into stealth mode.

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Stealth: Great Success. (7 1 8 7 4 8 6)

Madelyn hunches her shoulders. First she pisses off Reno, now everyone's yelling and being ninjas. "I should. Um. Probably, um… go… somewhere," she says awkwardly, picking up her pillowcases and looking around.

Kai opens her mouth, because she's so very not done yelling at Nathaniel, but when she shifts a foot there's Wren, and damn doesn't she wince because she already knows she's in trouble even before he gets to 'get over here', so she settles for scowling and turning to stomp over to Wren and Silver like a recalcitrant child and plant her ass with her jaw set, silently fuming with her arms awkwardly folded in front of her and attention squinting off in the direction Nathaniel disappeared in rather than look at Wren directly right now.

"Hey guys, let's take it down a notch," Silver calls over in a steady tone, tying off Wren's arm and getting to work on his chest next. "Things've been a little bit crazy the last few weeks, let's not make a mess of things when we're just getting everything together as it is."

"<In Trigedasleng> Kai…" Wren starts, looking at her carefully. "<In Trigedasleng> Breathe. Three breathes. You know the pattern." he starts, and then watching, expecting her to go through the calming methods that he's tried so hard to ingrain in her head. "<In Trigedasleng> His opinion is meaningless. His opinion of us is meaningless. Whatever he thinks doesn't matter, and it's not up to us to change his mind. Words are just words. You are a warrior and a Second, words mean little to us. Empty promises until they are fulfilled. We are above it. And we don't lower ourselves to get to bicker about it." The second bullet in his chest is lodged in his stenum, which won't be nearly as hard to pull as the first one. Just kind wedged in there.

Madelyn can't help but stare at the man, speaking calmly and levelly in his strange tongue. Somehow, this manages to bring her anxiety down a bit, enough for her to sit back down and take a deep breath. She wants to show some kind of gratitude or diplomacy, but the best she can manage is to fish out a napkin from one of her pillowcases and say, "Does anybody want some croutons?"

Kai grunts for Wren's words, it's an acknowledgment. She understands enough of his Trigedasleng to get the gist of it, even if she probably more resembles a pissed off horse with the huffing and puffing in an effort to at least try and follow instructions. At least she keeps her mouth shut rather than chance aggravating the situation further for the moment while she endeavors to try and calm down again. Folding her hands is uncomfortable, from pretty much every point of view, so it's the first thing to be dropped as she rubs her injured one with her right hand. Her target's disappeared anyways. But there's Madelyn.. offering.. croutons, and it startles a laugh out of her quite before she means it to,"I.. ah.. would you like some apples? Or some dried fish or something? I have some in my pack. I figured food would probably be.. scarce, until everyone gets back to Tondc or Alpha."

"Croutons?" Silver echoes, looking over at Madelyn with a flicker of amusement. "Man. They really did have the good stores there, didn't they? Can you imagine how differently this all would've turned out if they hadn't been there? If we'd landed where we were supposed to at the Mountain and found it empty and waiting?" At least it's some distraction as she goes to dig the bullet out of Wren's chest next.

"What are croutons?" Wren says, then wincing a little at Silver pawing at his chest in a way that he clearly does not enjoy all that much. But he's still watching Kai, perhaps eyeballing her attempts at calming and using the methods he's taught her. Though talking Madelyn seems to be enough. "Kai. Once this is all over, I would like to adopt you into my family."

"I'd /love/ an apple," Madelyn coos, as if she'd been offered something rare and priceless. She's easy to please. "I didn't know what croutons were, either, until I got down there. They're… basically salty, herby stale bread. But they're really good. But apparently you're supposed to eat them /with/ something? But I think they're good on their own, or with peanut butter."

"If we had, I imagine the whole world would be a different place." Kai offers soberly for Silver's words, shifting her pack about to open it up and digging through it until she finds an apple to offer out towards Madelyn,"I mean.. it's no crouton, but they're pretty good." she opines, only to be distracted by Wren, though her brain's still enough out of joint that the first thing she utters is,"What?" in confusion with a couple of blinks of her eyes,"That's… a thing? I.." apparently she's just going to give up trying to talk and just settles for a very quiet,"Mochof." anger forgotten about entirely now it seems.

Wren's offer earns him a slightly more gentle treatment from Silver, though she does ultimately drop the bullet into his hand again. "We're keeping those," she informs him. Maybe it's her own sort of trophy. All the things that didn't manage to kill him.

"Pontus and Rain are my adopted siblings. My mother took them in when their parents died." Wren replies, nodding. "It's not uncommon for families to take others in." Makes sense, life expectancy isn't what it used to be. "I was not lying when I said I wanted to start my own family. It doesn't mean that you would need to live with me, I know you wish for your own space. And I suppose that would technically make Silver…" Adoptive mother? There's a little grin at that. "I said I loved you as a daughter, Kai. I meant it. The other bullet is dropped into his hand. "Are we now? Very well. I'm proud of your work too."

"You guys make a… surprisingly cute family," Madelyn remarks, cradling her apple in her hands. "It's nice that good things can still happen."

"I.." oh green Eden, Kai's expression as Wren reminds her of just how big that family already is might well just break the poor girl's brain,"Will it be weird? That I still have my.. my birth mom? She's still alive? And there's.. Leo, of course. But.. of course? I mean.. even if that does technically make Silver my new mom." oh yeh, there's a smirk there, and the grey eyed girl elects that slipping out of reach of the medic might just be in order, only ostensibly to pull her sack from about her so that she can open it properly for Madelyn's perusal,"Good stuff can happen, Madelyn. We'll introduce you to Starling. Tailor's are still needed. But like.. Cam's no longer just a botanist, no-one's just an anything, anymore.. including you. So, y'know. We can't do anything about the dead, but by making something of it, that's how you can honor Adam and the others, yeh?"

"Har har," Silver smirks at Wren and Kai, rolling her eyes. "I'll send you both to bed without supper if you don't get your acts together and quit with the bleeding all over the place. The only Trikru mother I know is yours, Wren. Careful what you wish for, you just might end up stuck with your own mother." It's not much of a threat, though, as she turns a small smile back to Madelyn. "Wren's family is pretty great. All appearances," she waves a hand in Wren's direction, "Aside."

"Did I say anything about denying the family you already have?" Wren asks Kai, shaking his head. "No one can take away your blood mother. Or your brother. But family is important. I have family with a my warrior brothers and sister. A family with my blood. A family with Coesbur. Family comes in many forms. It does not mean you can only have one, Kai." There is a look at Silver, sharing his Second's grin. "Yes, I do suppose that would make Silver a mother of sorts. That's if she ever agreed to be my houmon. But let's not disturb her too much. "My dear, bleeding is something we're good at. If you think we look bad, you should see the other side." a nudge to Kai's side at that. Yeah, he's still proud of her display in the mountain. Finally, he eyes Madelyn. "Life is joy and pain, skaigirl. The good must be taken with the bad. At times, it only makes the good all the more sweeter. Live well and live every day of your life. And you will have no regrets."

"I have to admit, you're one of the first Grounders I've met up close who wasn't also trying to embed something in my skull," Madelyn says to Wren. "But based on the past, like, ten minutes, I'd let you adopt me in a heartbeat. It's a good offer, Kai." She pauses. "Am I going to regret asking if you just said you wanted her to be your human?"

"Hey, most of the blood I was wearing yesterday wasn't mine." Kai insists for Silver, only to add for Madelyn,"It is pretty great though. The Trikru have.." well, really, there's Wren's list to sort of explain things,"Though I suppose that now the Ark isn't going to stick with the one child thing, either, so maybe in a few generations at least, the Skaikru will be the same way." there's a grin for the nudge she's given,"Let's not start running into hails of gunfire, though, y'know. That hurts." and then she can't help but splutter,"Houman." she corrects Madelyn,"Home one.. partner, husband, wife. If Eli decides to leave the Ark and join me, he will be my houmon. Right now, he's just my niron. And you'll find there's.. well, lots of them now that the kru's are not at war. If the others haven't left the camp outside of Alpha, or if you stop in Tondc on the way to there, you'll see." of course, she'll probably also see the one's that are still unhappy about the Skaikru, too, but Kai conveniently neglects to mention them aloud, for all that her eyes dart towards Silver.

"It does sound like that, though," Silver agrees with Madelyn, moving on to stitching again. "And it's not as though I'm going anywhere. I just don't understand what it matters what you want to call it. Or how you could be talking about starting your own family when things are still…Families are supposed to be steady and safe. And we're not. Not right now. Or for a while."

"Gives me something to look forward to." Wren says, but he resists the urge to shrug. "There has to be future. For all of us. Vengeance is one thing, but a warrior cannot sustain himself on vengeance alone. There must be more. It is just the same that I want to see Coesbur rebuilt. It is my home, and I will go back to it. Rebuild it. Once this madness with the Mountain is finished, there will be things to do. Life to return to. A semblance of it. I just…in Trikru terms, I am already middle-aged. There are things I would like to acheive in my life, that's all. Our clans have worked together and worked well. We have taken a large step towards real peace." To Madelyn he nods. "We are all Grounders. You are Skaikru and we are Trikru. It does not mean we have to or must hate each other. Rather, I prefer how things have gone. Nothing gets people together like a common enemy."

"I think you should totally get married and have babies," Madelyn concurs. "I could make you the most amazing dress ever," she muses aloud, eyeing Silver appraisingly, as if she was doing a drive-by mental fitting. "…and sometimes I forget that some things shouldn't be said in my outside voice."

"I'm sure Wren can correct me if I'm wrong, but especially for a warrior.. tomorrow's never guaranteed, Silver. It's one of the things that I've.. tried to talk to Eli about. The Trikru are safe because of Wren and the warriors. The warriors are safe because of people like you and Galle and the other healers.. if you wait until life is.. safe.. that day's never going to come." is Kai's assessment, head dipping for Wren's words before she bursts out laughing again for Madelyn's words, grinning broadly,"Try the fish, it's pretty good." she nods towards the sack and it's dried fish jerky,"It's from lake Audo, so once you get to Alpha you'll probably wind up having it often.. in filet form and so on. Not jerky. It's not bad as jerky, but better fresh."

Silver starts to drop her head into her hand at Madelyn's words, catching herself last minute to use the back of her wrist instead, in the interest of not getting blood all over her face. "Okay then, so I'm just going to be getting back to the healers, now that I've made sure this one doesn't bleed out," she says, a little bit louder than strictly necessary. She softens the statement, though, by leaning in for a kiss. "I'm serious about getting treatment, you know. I get it, you're a warrior, you're going to get hurt. That's fine. Just don't be stupid about getting treated for it afterwards. Okay?"

Wren busts out laughing in a hearty laugh, which may make stitching him up a little difficult. Though it may hurt after a bit. "Oh my. Skaigirl, I like you. You have the right idea." grinning broadly. "Clearly Silver and I need to have many children, but I'd like to not scare her away just yet. She's put up with me this far." Then a look at Silver. "See? We're scaring her away already." But ignore a kiss? Hell no. He wraps his arms around her, returning the kiss to her. "And I'm not going to waste a healer's time with injuries that can wait. I'll get treatment, but only when those who need it more get taken care of. No preferential treatment, niron." A grin about him being stupid. "Love you too."

Madelyn accepts the fish, nibbling on it and nodding approvingly. "This all reminds me of this old song my mom used to sing to me," she says, clearing her throat and singing in a voice that is timid, but not unpleasant: "Before it's too late, stop trying to wait for fortune and fate you're secure of… 'cause there's one thing to be sure of, mate: there's nothing to be sure of! Oh, it's time to start living, time to take a little from this world we're given, time to take time for spring will turn to fall in just no time at all." She grins at Wren and Silver. "Ohmigosh you guys are too cute, I can't even."

Kai tries, hard, not to laugh also at Silver, pressing her lips together, but it's ruined when Wren starts laughing, because she does too, her gaze shifting to Madelyn,"That's from Pippin." she states, and then actually turns a vague shade of red like maybe she shouldn't have admitted she recognized it,"They're like this all the time. It's even worse when we're on the road and I'm trying to sleep but at least then they try to pretend they're being sneaky." she asides to the other girl.

"Bullets that are still in your body are a priority." Silver drawls, flicking Wren's ear before she pulls back to straighten up, throwing her hands in the air at the other pair. "I'm getting back to work. Keep an eye on him, Kai, or I won't bother pretending to be sneaky next time," she smirks at the second. "Thanks for the thread, Madelyn."

"Yes mom." Kai at least can't help but chime for Silver's words, not even feigning any kind of soberness in her expression or tone.

"Yes yes, I hear you, Silver. I will listen the next time I have an unpleasant conversation with some Maunon." Wren remarks lightly, letting her get back to work with the many other injured people. Though Kai's remark, he tries so hard to hold back a snicker, snorts, and then sorta giggles a little. "Oh, we're in so much trouble later."

"Well, you she will probably still mostly be nice to.. me? Nah.. totally worth it." Kai grins at Wren,"Sometimes.. it's just totally worth it." there's a groan from the Second though, as the others begin to move off and she reaches to snag her pack, getting slowly to her feet before offering him a hand up too,"<In Trigedasleng> We come back, with the warband, you think?" she asks, switching over to Trigedasleng now that there's no-one likely to get upset about it present.

"<In Trigedasleng> No. Our fight with the Maunon is finished for now, Kai." Wren shakes his head. "<In Trigedasleng> The warband will be upon them soon, and neither of us are prepared for a fight like that. But if we are told to go, we will go. For right now, we need to heal." That said, he puts an arm around the Second, giving her a half hug. "<In Trigedasleng> You've done very well. It was good to have you at my side."

Kai gives a dip of her head, awkward about hugging at the best of times, really, which no doubt shows in the brief hug she returns,"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you, Wren. I am.. sorry, about losing my anger." temper, she means temper,"<In Trigedasleng> People like.. him. No work, yet judge. Think they.. higher, than us. It is annoying."

"<In Trigedasleng> I know." Wren nods, well aware of her struggle with this particular issue. "<In Trigedasleng> Nothing was built in a day, but when thing settles down, it'll be something to work on. I'm not angry about it. But we Trikru do not lower ourselves to insult the Skaikru. We do not start a fight with them. But we will finish one. Physically. Do not lower yourself to his level. We are better than that."

Kai gives an acknowledging dip of her head for his words, pressing her lips together,"<In Trigedasleng> You are right. I am tired and pain. It just.." she has to switch back simply because she can't find the word she's looking for,"it's aggravating. And I know I should be better than it, but it's just.. so wrong and blind and stupid. And I'm tired of doing the things that most of them aren't willing to do, only to have them act like.. that." she shrugs her shoulders,"<In Trigedasleng> Not all bad. Just.. not my people." there's a tired press of her lips together,"Madelyn, Silver.. Eli.. hell, Richael even? Sure. Reno. Tink. But well, when things settle, that's when people like the Sergeant are going to learn to have to do the work for themselves."

"<In Trigedasleng> But it is not your job to change their minds." Wren points out. "You cannot change a person, Kai. Change comes from within. People like that, and I feel many of the Skaikru and Trikru are not swayed by words. They are done by action. Skaikru like to argue. Posture. Debate. That is not our way. Or at least, not as much as them. There is more honor in not fighting them. And more dishonor by lowering yourself to their level. I see what you do. The clan sees what you do. You won Britt over all people, who thinks less of the Skaikru than most. Your accolades are known to our people Kai. And yes, he will have to learn, but is that your problem, Second? No, it's not. It's not your problem, nor is it your business."

Kai dips her head again in acknowledgment,"Violence was.. comparatively uncommon on the Ark, it's true. We fought with words, not our bodies. And where we fought, someone wound up dead, or boxed." there's a tight smile when he mentions Britt's name,"I have told her, that when she is old and grey and ready to retire, she can come and live with Eli and I. She has no children of her own, and though I know the kru will look after her, I should rather have her close. But.. when they are like that to my face, it angers me. And I admit a certain degree of satisfaction in the thought that if they cannot learn the easy way from what the hundred learnt.. then they will learn the hard way for themselves. Leo.. he understands now. And while a part of me wishes he didn't have to, it means that we can speak of other things again."

"Some people have to learn the hard way. And that, Kai, is the way of things. There are few easy ways upon the earth." Wren says. "Have you yet to truly wield your anger into a tempered weapon. But you are learning. Make no mistake, you are learning, but you have not reached that point yet. You cannot let that get to you. When it does, it is not you controlling your anger, but your anger controlling you. Whatever satisfaction you derive out of it…well…" he shrugs a little. "This is hard thing to learn, I know. Very hard to not want to lash out. But we are warriors. We do not bicker and prattle like your Ark Guards do. We have our orders and we follows. Whatever we may not like about them, we keep to ourselves. And our people are grateful to us for our role, just as we are grateful to our healers. I cannot say the same about Skaikru warriors. They seem to be resented. That is not…healthy for a clan."

Kai grunts acknowledgment,"You're right, of course." she agrees verbally a little more slowly,"And they have not made themselves well loved. They.. we, did not protect the people on the Ark. That was what our job said it was, but in truth we were there to watch them. To judge them and punish them. That this.. carries over, to the ground, does not surprise me, but is one of the very great number of reasons why I had no desire to join them." she elects to start lacing up her armor,"Those like Leo? They will become the warriors that the clan will need on the ground, but whether or not the kru as a whole can adjust to this earth.. that I do not know. And I know it is not my business to deal with it, but it is still my concern inasmuch as I worry about the one's I care for. But, I do not regret my choice. I feel I am where I belong, now."

"I never doubted your decision." Wren remarks. "Care for the ones there, Kai. Love them, protect them when you can, but your loyalty is to the kru now. They will, in the end take care of their own. They are capable, but they lack heart." he says poking a finger above her left breast. "They lack the compassion that we have. That we understand our role and while we are humbled by the what the kru gives us, we are willing to lay down our lives for the kru. Because the village, the kru, is more important than any one person. One day, the Skaikru will understand that. But we cannot force that on them. They have to learn it for themselves. By being the example they should aspire to, we are teaching them. That is why I don't want you to lower yourself to their level. You represent the kru now. You are Trikru. It is a hard thing, but you must act like Trikru."

Kai gives a solemn nod of agreement,"My loyalty is to the kru, Wren. And you are.. right. Not all of them, but to many of them it feels like things are.. acceptable, to preserve their way of life, and that just now makes me think of the Maunon." she grimaces, unable to help rubbing the spot he pokes simply for it's proximity to her injuries,"I understand, and I will try to remember to hold my tongue.. to not let them affect me. While I know there are those who do not accept Silver and I in the kru still, those that are important, those that are close, do. And the others will with time. I owe it to you and all of them to be more."

"Then they will stumble. It is the way of things. If their kru is strong, they will survive. I can only imagine the adaptations that they will have to go through. All of them will have to make sacrifices and sometimes that is harder for some than it is for others." Wren nods slowly. "They will accept you and Silver because you are kru. Whether or not they like you, that is their problem. You can respect someone and still not like them. I respect Arlin, but I'm not a fan of him." There's a little smile them. "I did not expect all of this to be easy for you. And you owe me nothing. The things I wish for you is to be the warrior I know you can be. As for me, I know I could not be…more, but I hope one day, I will be the father that your's was not."

"Truth. I respect Grey. I do not like him." Kai grunts,"I respect Arlin, but I expect he doesn't like me." which is also fine by her, though from the way she nods her head before turning to amble towards the Trikru portion of the slowly breaking up camp,"You have already been more of a father to me than he was, Wren. I hate when I disappoint you, and it makes me want to.. do better. It was the opposite with him.. my best was insufficient, a barely tolerated acceptable. I tried for many years to be.. good enough, in his eyes. I obey because I want to, because it would grieve me to see you hurt for my actions.. I cannot say the same of him."

"Kai." Wren is on his feet, walking with her back to the encampment, likely they're all getting ready to journey back to the Ark. He puts a hand lightly on her shoulder, near her neck. "You have always been good enough."

"Mochoff Wren." Kai says with a small smile,"That.. means a lot to me. And now that my friends are free, I feel like I am, too. To properly focus my energy where it should be. But more than that.. to help rebuild the village and not be.. refugee's anymore."

Wren nods. "Indeed." A light pat on the back. "Now if you don't mind me, we're going to find a healer, raid his bottle of mead, and you and I will proceed to get completely sauced on the way home." A wide smile. "You're drinking with me, First's orders." Abuse that power, Wren. Abuse the hell out of it.

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