Day 099: Eye For The Long Term
Summary: Kai and Britt talk about the Maunon children and planning for the future.
Date: 4 Sep 2016
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Lake Audo
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Day 099

Hot. And wet. One is bad enough, both together is a special kind of misery in Kai's opinion. On the upside it means no building for the day, and that the lake? The lake actually looks really cool with the speckling of raindrops on its surface. And hey, it also means she gets to wear her cape.. even if she is basically hiding under a tree as she carefully works on field stripping rabbits, humming softly under her breath in the mid-morning murk.

One of the benefits of a lifetime spent mostly outdoors is that rain doesn't really bother you too much. If anything, the water cools Britt off a bit as she strolls along. And she's not alone either, walking arm-in-arm with a distinctive one-armed ex-archer. One might (rightly) get the impression from the faint grimace on her face that the gesture is more a supportive one than a romantic one, as her still-healing side is not too thrilled with the walking. But she doesn't care, having reached her tolerance for stir craziness. They head for the lake, and a soft word from Britt alters their course toward Kai when she spies her friend under the tree.

Kai raises her head at the sound of other people, pausing at least briefly as she assesses because, well, to her, if it was romantic, all things considered slipping away to leave them undisturbed would be best. But given the shift in direction she elects to raise a hand in acknowledgment, calling out,"Hei." for the pair before turning back to her rabbits. She might still suck at hunting deer, but snare-hunting rabbits? It goes straight into her tacticians mind.. and she's getting pretty good at field stripping them properly,"<In Trigedasleng> I am pretty sure it is against law to rain and be hot at the same time."

"Heya," Britt calls in return, approaching at far slower than her usual brisk walking pace. Yeah, she's trying to take it easy. Though her standards of 'easy' might be a little different than some. She smirks at Kai's remark. "<In Trigedasleng> I don't know, when the rain brings a breeze it's kind of nice." Today it's mostly just soggy and oppressive though. They come to a stop under the branches, enough to be out of the drizzle but not all up in Kai's personal space. Britt squints for a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> I forget - have you two met?" With all the running around across the country, she honestly can't remember.

Fortunately, Erson does. He gives the Second a friendly little nod. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, at the Reaper tunnel." The reminder causes Britt to nod with a soft oh. "<In Trigedasleng> Glad to see you, Kai." He looks over her work with an assessing eye. "<In Trigedasleng> You seem to have picked that up pretty well."

Kai can't help the snort she gives,"<In Trigedasleng> Sure. Right now it is just hard though." not the word she's looking for, but the closest approximation she can give. From the gesture the girl makes it's certainly invitation to invade, carefully hanging the pelt up with it's cotton-tailed fellows so she can gut it,"<In Trigedasleng> Yes." she agree's with Erson's words,"<In Trigedasleng> Also, Erson. And I have had a lot of practice with this at least. My archery.. not so good. Traps? Better. I have been thinking about cages. Rabbits breed fast. Fur and meat without so much hunting. Not sure if it is worth it. Glad to see you here, Erson, are you staying?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Designs on being a rabbit farmer?" Britt seems amused by this. "<In Trigedasleng> I imagine it would take quite a lot to be worthwhile. As for the rest - you'll get there."

"<In Trigedasleng> I'm sure Britt would be glad to help you with archery if you like. When she's well." Erson is quick to volunteer her, even if the talk of archery draws a mild frown. Britt nods readily to the suggestion, and looks at him with an arched eyebrow when Kai asks if he's staying. That seems to be the million dollar question these days. "For a few days at least," he says, an answer that earns a disappointed frown of its own from Britt. He looks to her. "<In Trigedasleng> If I leave you here with Kai for a bit, will you promise not to try to walk back on your own?"

Britt rolls her eyes at that. "Yes, mother," she says dryly. So then Erson helps her to sit down under the tree.

"<In Trigedasleng> Thinking about winter." Kai responds,"<In Trigedasleng> Rain could watch if we are called away, more meat and fur for the village." she shrugs,"<In Trigedasleng> It seems useful, but I don't know?" she looks to the two of them because after all, they have more experience with things dealing with animals and woods than her by far. There's a smile at Erson with a dip of her head,"<In Trigedasleng> Good. Maybe you can help make sure I don't break my neck out there." she nods towards the woods,"<In Trigedasleng> Seeing as Britt is too injured to come with me." she slides a look in the direction of the archer, lofting a brow at Erson briefly before scraping the guts into a bucket she puts a lid on. Future fertilizer. And with the corpse strung up the Second can wash her hands, satisfied with her work for the moment at least.

Britt nods. "<In Trigedasleng> Don't know if you get more meat than the food you have to feed them," Britt reasons, grimacing as she gets herself settled on the ground nearby. "<In Trigedasleng> The most our farm had was a couple of chickens. Now those are useful."

Erson nods too. "It takes a lot of rabbit fur to make anything useful. Interesting idea though." Kai's mention of help gets a perplexed look, but he glances to Britt briefly before nodding. "<In Trigedasleng> Whatever you need help with, I will." Once Britt is situated, he straightens. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll be back before long."

"<In Trigedasleng> That is my concern, yes." Kai grunts quietly,"<In Trigedasleng> Where do you find chickens?" she asks of Britt before nodding at Erson,"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you." she murmurs with a dip of her head, letting him slip away before settling down next to Britt with a vague kind of smile,"I'm glad he's at least come." she offers quietly in English.

"<In Trigedasleng> I'm sure the farmers have some, though I don't know if they've brought them from Tondc yet." Or wherever they've ended up. Britt hasn't really been keeping tabs on the livestock situation. She watches Erson move off, a sad frown taking hold. She nods absently to Kai, dipping back in English when she does. "Yes, well, I will take what I can get. Hopefully Veks will agree to let him train him, and then he'll stay longer." But she's trying not to get her hopes up too much on that score. She glances at the younger woman. "How are you doing?" is asked with friendly concern.

"<In Trigedasleng> So many kinds of animals. Varying kinds of useful." Kai shakes her head, wiping her hands on her pants,"I sometimes have trouble with the herbs. Not that any of the rest of you can't help me with that, but that if it helps keep him here a little longer.. it is something he can help me with that he's not going to feel.. useless at." she clears her throat quietly as she watches him move before turning her attention to Britt with a shrug of her shoulders,"Sore. A break is nice. I know I should likely be resting more but.. we only have so much time before winter." she elects to ask, switching back to Trigedasleng,"<In Trigedasleng> How are you doing?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Indeed. So… I suppose you had no animals up in space then?" Britt reasons, having never given it much thought. She offers a faint smile to the talk of the herbs. "That is thoughtful, thank you. That is why I suggested him training Veks. He is not someone so young that he needs to be taught every little thing. But he needs someone with a voice of experience to be his First. He asked me, but…" A little headshake is all that she offers to complete that thought. Britt nods to the rest, then says, "<In Trigedasleng> Sick of resting. Sick of hurting. At least today I don't also have to be sick of him being gone." Grumpy archer is grumpy, and Kai is one of only a few that she would allow to see it without filters. "I hear they will be doing the tribunals soon. Hopefully the Skaikru have turned up someone worthy of standing judgement."

Kai shakes her head,"In movies. But no real animals." there's a shrug of her shoulders and then nods,"Feeling useful helps." she opines quietly. There's a smirk for Britt's words,"<In Trigedasleng> It is so rare not to hurt that it feels strange." she offers, grunting a quiet acknowledgment,"<In Trigedasleng> Small mercies. And yes, I have heard. And given what Feyona said, I assume they must be." she shrugs,"<In Trigedasleng> I do not wish to stand in rule of Trikru or Skaikru. Both ways it is having to rule on my people, and will look bad. But the Maunon.." she purses her lips,"<In Trigedasleng> I have killed them. And I have spoken to them. They are not my people, but what is ruled will shape our world."

Britt huhs. "A world without animals, without weather or trees. Such a strange place. I could not imagine it. Now that I've seen the inside of the Sky Ark, I still have trouble imagining what it would have been like to live there. But it was interesting to see. It was very different. So much gray and metal. I liked the lights though - bright without fire. And the way they could be turned on and off with a finger." Ah, the child-like wonder of seeing a light-switch for the first time. Britt smirks a little, "<In Trigedasleng> I will be glad to get back to a place where pain is a memory and not an everyday occurrence. Though these days with my knee that is rare. Old wounds and old bones do not mix well." The talk of the Maunon and tribunals gets a curious nod. "Hopefully you will not be put in that position. I have no ambition to, but I will serve if the kruheda calls on me. <In Trigedasleng> You've spoken to the Maunon? I only said a few words to the woman with the children. What were they like?"

"<In Trigedasleng> An empty world. It was all very clean. And empty." Kai opines quietly,"<In Trigedasleng> To many it is still home. I do not fault them. It is just not my home." there's a shrug of her shoulders, talking in Trigedasleng might limit her words and leave her struggling to think of the one she wants in a moment, but she can still at least generally communicate, and to a degree, it's helpful to practice,"Light without fire is useful, but the things to make it run aren't likely to survive down here." there's a quiet chuckle for Britt's words about pain, a thoughtful kind of grimace crossing her face,"<In Trigedasleng> I am a Second. They will likely not ask, but if they do.. I hope that it is for the Maunon."

She shrugs her shoulders and purses her lips thoughtfully, deciding it needs English instead of her Trigedasleng,"When I went to the Mountain.. after we left Polis. I checked in to make sure that we were receiving some of the armor, and the beds. And then I went to the area where they had everything piled up.. books and clothing. And I heard one of them speaking about the captives. Many of my friends among the Skaikru have spoken in terms of mercy for them, and we have.. disagreed, because.. they are Maunon. So I decided that it was only fair that if I wanted to understand how my friends felt about them, that I should go and speak with them, too. So I went to the place where they are keeping them. And I met Sarah Kirschenfeld.. she's.. maybe a decade older than me? Red hair.. graceful. Calming in her own way. She is a doctor of the mind, and a Jewess. Possibly the last of them. In her mind, in her eyes.. she is guilty, not because she did anything, but because she did nothing. Like me, she knows the history of the great wars before the world burned.. and her people? They were murdered by the millions. Through her parents she was taught that the one who stands by and does nothing, is as guilty as those who committed the crime."

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes, very clean. I am glad you have found a new home with us, though. And yes, you are a Second, but you are also in a unique position of being able to represent both Trikru and Skaikru views. And you have sound judgment. I think you would be a good choice." She listens quietly to the explanation about the Maunon. "What is a Jew-ess?" Britt is not much of a student of history. "But I would tend to agree with her. One who stands by and does nothing bears guilt as well. That is why many of the warriors of Coesbur were punished, even though they did not directly stand against their people. If the Maunon knew of what their people were doing to ours," there's a sharp tension in her jaw there at the thought of the injustices suffered, "- and stood by, then they deserve to be punished too. Perhaps not killed, but not given a pass for it either."

"<In Trigedasleng> Me, too." Kai agree's quietly,"<In Trigedasleng> And thank you, that means much from you." there's a smile from her,"It is a people, and a religion. Where the Ark speaks of green eden, and the Trikru speak of the Flame, they believe in a God." she doesn't know much beyond that, to judge from the slight shrug of her shoulders, grunting quietly,"They chose, to refuse the orders. The one's who were punished. Those who actively aided the people of Skaigeda, they were punished more than those who chose to ignore the kruheda's words.. but those who did not, or who spoke up in support of the kruheda's orders.. were not. Duty is clear; they should have obeyed.. but if they had obeyed, I myself would likely be dead. Without them, and you, speaking up to advocate for them in that moment.. we would not be friends, because I would be dead."

She points out,"This doctor, she did not know what they did. With regards to the Reapers and.. all of the crimes associated with that. If she had, that would be a different matter, but she did know they were using the blood of the Trikru to increase their own resistance, even though the.. details.. were not shared with all of them. But that is a fair point." she purses her lips,"The one's I am most concerned about are the children. They have lost their parents and their entire village in a traumatic way, but they themselves are innocents. They will need to be integrated into the kru's properly if they are not to become a problem in twenty years or so. Those I have spoken to seem to feel that the Skaikru will take most, if not all of them.. but there is a part of me that feels as if it would be better if the Trikru were willing to adopt some of them, too."

Britt nods a little. "I bent the bounds of duty as far as I could, bringing you and the others to Indra's camp. To be honest, I was expecting to be cut for that. Indra would have been within her rights to call for it. But I suppose I made up for it by joining the warband after." She shrugs, then listens to the rest. "If she didn't know about it, that's different. One should not be punished for something that they had no knowledge of or part in. But then it comes down to whether you believe them. It is Thripoda all over again. Among the Trikru, we all know each other. It gives us a basis for telling whether someone is likely lying or telling the truth. With the Maunon, I don't know how we will sift the guilty from the innocent. Apart from the children, yes, because they obviously had no hand in it." The latter point causes Britt to purse her lips thoughtfully. "What makes you think it would be better?"

Kai nods her acknowledgment as Britt speaks of the matter,"But without those willing to do so, to place themselves at risk for people they did not know and had little reason to trust or believe.. I and all of the others, would be dead. The world would be a much different place. Things are not always black and white, as we both know." she smiles faintly,"This is why I am.. interested in participating. The children are easy, and obvious. I have not spoken to him, but I understand there's a man who was one of their Warriors? But my friends seem to believe that he may well have helped us. Redirected groups of their Warriors to places were were not and caused confusion. Is he guilty? Perhaps. He is one of their Warriors, and by that measure, guilty. But if not for him choosing to defy his duty, presuming that is accurate, how many of us would have died? How many of his own people died for that action? This doctor.. as I said, in her mind she is guilty, even though she did not know what the others were doing. But is she truly? I want to know the truth, if only to settle it in my mind and not wonder what choice I would have made."

She shrugs her shoulders, then smiles,"It is something I have spoken about with Pontus and Wren. Pontus told me about the woman you met, and the children. About one girl in particular that he said would make an excellent Second. That he would have no qualms about adopting if she survived. And that he, of all people, was clear that such a child would be Trikru in his eyes.. it.. got me thinking. Why could they not be Trikru? If I can learn how to be Trikru.. why not them? If someone like Pontus can look at the child and see not their heritage, but the potential of that child themselves.. could not the kru as a whole? Is it in the best interest to let them become Skaikru simply becuase they both have a fondness for technology, or because it is easier for us? If we are willing to agree to help /save/ them, how can we decide that merely sparing them from death is good enough? Do we not, to a degree, owe them that we will be there to help them become more than Maunon?"

Britt inclines her head to acknowledge Kai's point about trust. "That is true. Sometimes you just have to choose whether to give someone the benefit of the doubt." She shrugs a little about the particular Maunon mentioned. "Does one good deed undo a lifetime of evil? I don't know. I suppose if I am called to be on the tribunal I will have to decide, but it is a question I would just as soon leave to someone else. The Mountain has taken a great deal from me. Ibem, Nava, nearly Erson, not to mention all the blood we spilled there, and what they did to Sage and the other captives. I am not particularly inclined to lean to the side of mercy."

The children, on the other hand, get a more thoughtful frown. "In time, I am sure they could be accepted. But you have seen first-hand the struggle. And so have I, when Ibem adopted Veks. I don't think we owe them anything, but that doesn't mean they couldn't find a home here. I think the Skaikru would accept them easier, but that doesn't mean they have as much to offer." And isn't that just a dilemma. Probably accounts for more frowning.

"I don't know either, which is why I am curious to be on the tribunal, to question him and learn for myself where conscience tells me is the right of things." Kai murmurs,"I do not feel guilty for the death of the Maunon. I would not feel guilty had we managed to give them the blood fever before we struck, either. But that does not mean that I find myself filled with hatred for the children.. nor do I consider myself blind to the potential for value in some of the surviving adults. It is.. complex." there's a soft laugh from her before she rubs the back of her shorn head.

"Which is the thing. I am an adult, or close enough to it, that I understand.. but a child? Regardless of whether they become Skaikru or Trikru, they must be those things. The ones who take them in must be willing to advocate for them, as others have done for me. But even more so. If Pontus adopts that girl, she will be Trikru in my eyes, and I will stand up for her as such, because to do less will only insure that they will never truly feel like they are anything other than Maunon. And on that path is danger." she murmurs,"In the greater scale of things? No. But we sit, collectively, in judgment of them.. by saying.. you are worth keeping alive. If we make that judgment, but then do nothing to see that they are prepared to survive.. we condemn them to death as surely as shooting them, just without the cleanness of accepting this is our judgment. To me.. I consider this.. could I raise the child? Yes, probably a could. But I have a duty, to you and Wren and the rest of the kru, I cannot set aside being a Warrior, to devote the time and attention I consider necessary to make sure that such a child was as Trikru as any born to the kru. Would I still, if the Skaikru did not seem willing to take on the responsibility? Without hesitation. Because to me.. if I am willing to spare them from death, I must also be willing to help them survive."

Britt nods slowly, but the frown deepens. "I do not think anyone is suggesting that we spare the children and turn them loose in the wilderness to fend for themselves. That would be unspeakably cruel. I am sure somewhere among the twelve clans are those who would show compassion to orphans, even if they are Maunon. Most of the other clans did not suffer as we did, with the Mountain at our doorstep. It might be more of a kindness to send them elsewhere. I don't know." It troubles her a little, but she shakes it off. "At any rate, it's a moot point if the Skaikru makers cannot find a way to get them out of the Mountain safely. Would you really wish to adopt a child yourself? Duty aside?"

Kai gives her own nod,"They're not, but still. If we are willing to save them, we should be willing to do more than simply not kill them. At least, in my measure." she shrugs her shoulders a little, then gives a flash of a smile,"They already have a way. They're simply working on a way to make it.. safe for the donors. I have already volunteered to participate if they need the assistance in that regard, though Morgan made it clear that I was one of those who he would.. prefer not to use for safety concerns. But yes, I would. While there are several aspects in which the timing could be better.. Pontus was younger than I was when he had to take on the responsibility of Rain. And I have a large family with experience in such things to help make it easier.. but also, it would mean that without having to be.. pregnant and all of the things associated with that, that I can help contribute to the next generation of the kru. That it would be a former Maunon child is irrelevant."

"Safety concerns?" Britt asks, brows knitting in concern. She looks a little surprised to hear Kai's answer about the child. "Pontus was younger, but he had no choice. And he also leaned on Peake a great deal. I know that she would do so without hesitation for any of her children - or grand-children - but that does not mean it is a fair burden. Especially with her having a baby of her own on the way." Britt shrugs a little. "You are old enough to make your own decisions, but you are still very young. A child would put your life on a completely different course. I think it is something that should be done because it is what you truly want. Some things go beyond duty to clan."

"Infections and things like that." Kai shrugs her shoulders a little,"He had a choice. He had less of a choice than I do, but he still had one. And that I would inevitably have to lean on Peake and the others is why I agreed with Wren that I would not simply volunteer to take one of them but would wait and see if such an action is necessary. Because yes, it would not be fair under the circumstances to burden the family unnecessarily. And I have already multiple examples of how it is possible for one to be both Warrior and parent, but.. it is something I have, and do, consider. I believe that I can raise a child to be a good and proper member of the kru. I know it would not be easy, by any measure, and moreso without a niron or houmon to help with the support.. but it is.. something I have considered." she shrugs her shoulders,"I.. can't afford to look at things just in the immediate future. It would be selfish and stupid to only consider myself and not have an eye towards the long term."

Britt nods. "Oh, I know it is possible. And I have no doubt that you would be a good mother, Kai, do not mistake my point." She lifts a hand in a vague sort of gesture. "It is good to look to the future, and to think of the clan, of course. But you needn't be completely selfless either. There is a middle ground somewhere to be had, I think." She shrugs a little. "There are moments when I regret never having had children, when I think about the future. But it never felt like it was my calling. Erson, though…" A faint smile tugs at her lips there. "He was always great with children. I can't remember if I told you, but he left the field to go back to Tondc to help his sister with hers after her houman died. He was more father to them than uncle."

"I'm not looking at is at being completely selfless, Britt." Kai utters with a laugh,"And that's.. the thing.. I don't want to have a time where I discover that it is.. no longer an option, and that.. I will be.. alone at the end of my days." she murmurs with a dip of her head,"Then perhaps.. though I imagine for him it would be even harder, given what the Mountain cost him."

Britt nods. "Fair enough. Though fate willing, you have quite a bit of time between now and when you're old enough to regret missed chances." The latter comment, though, gets a confused squint. Britt may have missed something somewhere. "Perhaps what? What would be harder?"

"I'm running out of fingers as to how many times I've scraped closer to death than I'd like to think about already.. at least on one hand." Kai points out wryly,"If it wasn't for.. Arlin.. at Coesbur when those Reapers tried to chop their way into my ribcage.. in the Mountain when I got shot so many times.. Sonia's people had a pretty good shot at it, too.. and that's not counting when one of the parachute's failed on the way down from the Ark, or that I was going to be executed on my birthday. Sure, I will probably survive for a good long while yet, but I'm.. not oblivious to the fact that there's no guarantee that I will." there's a shake for the other,"Nevermind. If Erson's good with kids.. maybe something like that will give him focus. But considering the Maunon cost him his arm.. I mean, that'd be a big ask from anyone. And if he does agree to become Veks' First." pause, as if only in saying it, it's really sunk in,"I.. thought Veks already was a Warrior? People can do that? Change.. careers?"

There's a brief flicker of something on Britt's face when Arlin's name is mentioned. A little shock, maybe, mingled with sadness. But she nods. "Of course there are never guarantees. But I'm not sure it's healthy either to base every decision on the possibility that we might die tomorrow. I'm not saying you're doing that. Just rambling." The squint is back for a moment, before Britt realizes what Kai is driving at. "You're talking about adopting a Maunon child? Us?" Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise there. But then she snorts. "Compared to the challenge of getting him to stick around for more than five minutes, I think the fact that the child would be Maunon ranks pretty low on the list." But it does draw a more thoughtful frown, and it's a distracted look that catches her latter question. "It's uncommon, but yes. You have to become a Second again. He wants to become a warrior now. Take his mother's place in the warband." From her deepening frown, one might gather that Britt does not approve.

There's a bare smile from Kai by way of acknowledgment,"And I do not. But I do consider probability's when I think about the future. And that I don't feel that pushing off a decision is always advisable simply because the timing is not perfect." there's a brief laugh at Britt's surprise,"Why not? He needs something to keep his attention, to give him purpose. A spare pair of hands around the house do not go astray. If he accepts Veks offer.. there is something there, but.. well, you know him better than I." she shrugs her shoulders, then nods curiously,"I only really remember him from our trip to the warband. I had the impression then that he was a Warrior too. I.. imagine in the end if it's something he wants to do there's not likely to be anything he can be talked out of. But it's.. interesting, to me. Not that personally, I can imagine trying to be anything else. I am happy with my choice."

"Oh, yes, if we lived our lives waiting for the timing to be perfect, nothing would ever get done either. As with many things, there is a middle ground," Britt agrees mildly. She inclines her head about Erson, lips drawing together in a tight line. She starts to say something, then stops and just falls quiet for several seconds. Veks is an easier subject - but not by much! - so Britt presses on to that instead. "His father was the houndsman. I think maybe he got pressured into that path. But no, he won't be talked out of it. I just worry that he's doing it for the wrong reasons."

Kai watches her with obvious curiosity, smiling faintly,"Even when they don't intend to, our parents shape our paths more than most realize." she nods quietly,"It is his life to make such a mistake with, if a mistake it is. We can only hope to help our friends and family, to make their paths easier, but we cannot walk them for them.. which I know you know even better than I. Have faith that he knows himself.. and he's certainly old enough to make the choice himself.. yeh?" there's a pause,"So.. my mom." it's not really a question, even though it is.

"Oh, I know. I told him as much myself, but… he was… angry, that I didn't think it was a good idea. Angrier still that I didn't want to be his First, though I think now he understands why." Britt sighs, rubbing her face for a moment before venturing, "He wanted to go to the Mountain with us, but Ibem didn't want him to. I spoke to her about it. Said he had as much right to go as anyone. He had already proven himself in battle against the Reapers. We quarreled, but in the end, she forbade it. And he was her son, so…" A pained pall comes over her face. "It was the last time we spoke." It takes her a minute to realize that the comment about her mother was meant as a pseudo-question. "What about your mother?"

There's a dip of Kai's head, as if she understands that kind of anger,"And so he is sad, and angry, because in his heart, perhaps he fears his mother died because he was not there to help her. That does not necessarily make his reasons wrong, though, Britt. When I agreed to become Wren's Second.. I was also sad, and angry. But had I not made the choice I made, I would still be sad and angry." she shrugs carefully,"She came to see you, at the medbay." she pauses,"Well, actually, I think she first came because she was scared it was me. But she.. knew your name, and was very concerned about you.. but I know I haven't introduced you before?"

Britt shrugs a little. "Whatever his reasons, it is his choice. I only worry about him. You and him and Erson - you are my family." She lets out a soft sigh there, then offers a confused frown when Kai speaks of her mother. "She was worried about me? Well… that's kind of her. We only met the once. She was very nice. I…" And that's where Britt looks a bit chagrined. "I meant to tell you."

"It is natural." Kai chuckles quietly, then ahs, then laughs,"It's.. fine.. it just confused me because I hadn't.. introduced you two. She is.. she's nice. But yes, she asked when she found out it was you who was brought in for treatment. She mentioned something about tea, too, but I was a little.. distracted with other things." she toes at the ground,"I'm glad that they could help you over there.. I was very worried when you collapsed."

Britt waves a hand somewhat apologetically. "I went to talk to her one day," she explains. "She invited me to drink tea sometime. And yes, I'm glad they were able to help - and willing to. I don't think I got a chance to thank you for your help that day."

Kai chuckles,"I.. can't imagine how.. awkward that would be." she grimaces,"And she does love tea, some day I hope that she can come out here to visit, especially after we have finished building." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"Sev worked it out, all I did was make sure that there wasn't going to be any issues with you being looked after by them. Leo was at the gate, he made everything a lot smoother. Fi came in to check on you too."

"Yeah, I told her I wouldn't be going into Jaha - little did I know - but she was nice enough about it. I just thought… she is your family, and I wanted to meet her and show her that we were not all the savages that some of the Skaikru believe us to be." Britt nods a little. "Well, I was still glad you were there." She glances back down the path, but there is no sign of Erson. Somewhat reluctantly, she admits. "I have enjoyed chatting, but I think the walk took more energy than it should have." Such is the price of being bedridden for a week and still healing. "I am tired. Would you mind helping me back to the village?" So she doesn't have to break her promise to Erson.

"I.. appreciate that. It's one thing for me to say it, it's another thing for her to meet you and the others." Kai murmurs before nodding her head, she rises to her feet before offering a hand up,"Of course." she agrees,"Let me know if you need anything, Britt, I'll be happy to fetch it for you."

"I like your Sky Family. Your mother, and Leo anyway. I did not think much of the other one, but I only met him once." Britt shrugs. "If you like him, he must have some redeeming qualities." She accepts Kai's hand up, and leans on her as she begins walking back to the village. "Thank you, I will. I'll be glad of the day when I am no longer an invalid."

"Cameron became my brother after we left the Ark. Leo.. father adopted him and his mother after his own father passed away. He liked Leo, he was the son that Tyler wished he'd had, and Leo is an excellent example of the good things about him.. truthfully. Cameron.. he is skilled. And we would not have escaped to reach Coesbur without his assistance, he is an artist, loyal, and fierce in that loyalty, a free spirit who was always meant for grander things than being a botanist. But.. he is also stubborn and opinionated and fearless in these things.. and like most of us.. blind on occasion." she chuckles,"And when you are not, you will terrorize us all, I'm sure. Did you want me to bring you some willowbark? Or have Sev make something stronger? If it will help?"

Britt nods to the explanation. "Well those sound like good things. We are all blind to some things." She smirks a little at the latter. "Yes, I am way behind on my quota for harassing the troops." After a few more steps she says, "Yes, if you could bring some willow that would be nice. Sev has been rationing the stronger stuff. Doesn't want me to get too much of a taste for it. And Galle made some stuff to help me sleep, but I save that for nighttime usually."

"Once we get you settled, then, I'll go get some." Kai promises, falling silent at least for now to help make sure Britt gets safely back to her tent and resting before she goes to collect some willowbark from Sev.

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