Day 013: Feather Trail
Summary: Grey follows a trail of feathers into the woods and finds Gideon at the other end.
Date: 19 May 2016
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Grey Gideon 

Throughout the wilderness around camp.
Descriptions in poses.
13 Days After Landing

Grey is moving around again by early evening, although he has a wicked headache, a black eye, a split lip, and his back twinges every time he moves — in addition to assorted cord-burns, scrapes, and bruises. He has to get moving, though to keep blood flowing to his limbs, and so he finds himself limping along the wall-walk when something catches his attention from the corner of his eye. He stops, turning toward the object, leaning forward and frowning at it. He glances once toward the camp proper, then limps his way down off the wall, making sure he has both his knife and metal baton, and then heads out into the forests around the camp. He finds the glistening, iridescent feather, plucking it from its place of half-hiding, then glances around quizzically. A second shining spot finds his attention, and he moves toward it, climbing up over the hill and just out of sight of the wall to find the second and the third feather.

The line of feathers lead Lucian Grey to an enormous nurse stump that had once been a mighty hemlock. It is overrun now with moss and rot, with the start of a small cedar growing out of its top. When he finds the last feather tucked in the rotted wood, Gideon steps into view in her hunting attire, complete with a long duster jacket and hood. She is smiling, but it loses some of its weight as she fully assesses him now outside the presence of her kin. "What has happened?" She asks, reaching out to gently touch his cheek with the softest brush of fingers.

The Delinquent is wary, following unknown signs out into the woods, and he's just reached up to shift the baton over his right shoulder when Gideon steps into sight, and he relaxes. "I wondered." The commentary about his appearance draws a shrug, which in turn draws a wince, and his right hand going up to his left shoulder, "You should see the other guy." And then he relents, "Difference of opinion last night. Couple of jackholes thought I was bein' too chummy with the Grounders. Or with the Arkers."

"Chummy?" Gideon asks, brows lofted high. She starts to look him over, carefully checking each bruise and scrape. When she comes to his elbow, she holds his arm gingerly. She gently feels the joint, careful of the tender spot. When she looks up at him, her expression holds a mix of protective anger and concern. "I hope that the other two are not walking so easily." Then she reaches up to touch his cheek, softly passing a thumb across his jaw.

"Friendly. Comfortable. Don't worry, they'd call me other things if they knew…" Grey's smile flickers on, faltering a little as she prods at the bruise on his arm, "ow…" it's more a pro forma protestation than anything else, "And it was four. One's singin' soprano, one's got a concussion, and two hurt when they breathe." He turns his face to accept the caress, glancing back over his shoulder a moment before he steps close, his hands coming up to her waist within the coat and his head ducking down, seeking a kiss that is softer than he would like, in deference to his split lip.

Gideon's eyes flutter closed and she embraces him with a soft and gentle twist of her arms across his shoulders. She holds him there, lavishing in his warmth and (mostly) clean scent. Then, as the kiss concludes, she smiles lazily up at him. "Alright, I will stay out of it. You have it managed." Then she nods back behind her. "Come, I wanted to show you something." She slides her arms off his shoulders, one hand slipping down to catch his so she can pull him into the forest.

Grey slides his hands around her back as she presses close, following after the flight of her lips for a moment before he winces, hisses in pain, and straightens back up. A low chuckle lifts from his lips, "I do." Curiosity flickers over his features at her further words, and he willingly laces his fingers in with hers, limping quickly after her through the woods, "I know what I wanna see. You just gotta show me where." Laughter bubbles behind the words, despite his aches and pains.

Gideon casts him a dubious look, though her smile doesn't falter. "In this state? I doubt that would be wise." She leads him deeper into the woods, though she slows her pace so he is not limping quite so fast. She is leading him to the northwest, along what may be a familiar trail. The trees start to get taller and wider here, looking a bit more like the old hardwood forests of the east coast. When the trees start to break, it is to give way to a sprawling mushroom field. In the dusky light, the mushrooms still look relatively normal though some under the deeper shadows of the trees have started to give off a soft luminescence.

"Hey. I didn't say 'touch.' Or 'have athletic sex with.' I said 'see.'" Still, Grey seems a little discouraged for all that. Perhaps he was hoping there was some terrific Grounder trick for getting lucky while wounded. As they follow the trail, he finally picks up, "Right… there's a bunch of mushrooms up here, yeah? Whole field of — " And then he catches sight of the faint glows in the shadows, "What the hell?" Far from confused or distressed, there is a note of wonder if the man's voice.

Gideon glances at the mushrooms — things she has seen all her life. His reaction to them draws a faintly curious look, and then she starts to smile. "They glow," she points out helpfully. She does not seem keen to linger, drawing him along the outside of the field until she can release his hand and duck back between a split fir to where a large, old hemlock grows. She looks back at him, and then up the tree. "Can you climb?" She asks, head tilted aside.

Grey follows behind her more slowly, turning about in a circle as he crosses the field, taking in the little blossoms of blue and purple and cyan in the shadows around the expanse. Her helpful commentary draws a sidelong look, "Hadn't noticed." Finally, he's completed his scan, and follows her behind the fir to the tree, looking up it and rolling his shoulders, "Uh… maybe. That's a damned long ways up to the first branch though. I don't know if I can climb that…" His ego requires that he clear his throat and add, "…not as hurt as I am."

Gideon casts him a lopsided smile, and she draws him back behind the tree, revealing a series of hand- and footholds that provide a good climbing surface up to the hide, now visible at this angle, about forty feet up. "Well, if you want some time with me…" She arches her brows meaningfully, and then gestures for him to start climbing. "I'll come up behind you… unless you think climbing up behind me is more of an incentive?"

Grey looks up, up, up, following the path of nails and grips, taking in a breath and rolling his shoulders painfully. "You go first. If I fall, I won't take you with me." He waits a moment, then adds, "Plus, I can watch your ass as you climb." Leaning forward a little, he plucks at the long-coat, "Despite this annoying thing."

Gideon laughs, almost knowingly. Then she begins to climb, using the spikes to guide her ascent to the hide. She moves carefully, making sure that he doesn't have to move too fast for her. She gets to the hide, pulling herself onto the steady and surprisingly level platform. It is large enough to support two people comfortably, but is really nothing more than planks of wood nailed and lashed together. There is a moderate cover above the platform, providing shelter from inclement weather. She leans down, offering Grey a hand for the last bit, making sure he is secure.

<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics-4: Success.

Grey's ascent is… not as smooth as hers, but at least his hands and feet don't hurt, since they really only struck soft tissue. Still, every time he pulls with his arms, his back aches, and so he takes him a good long while after she makes the top before he pulls himself slowly up to the little hide. Rolling onto his side, he groans, reaching back with one hand to rub at his back. "Nice view." He's not even looking out.

Gideon looks at him with a tilt of sympathy, and then she draws closer to him. She touches his back as he rubs at it, and replaces his hand with her own rolling pressure. She shakes her head. "It is alright… we can stay up here for a while." She leans down to press a soft kiss to his temple, and then she smiles warmly. Her fingertips gently touch his jaw, drawing his face up so she can press a soft kiss to his lips.

"Good." Grey sprawls halfway onto his stomach a bit, groaning in mingled comfort and pain as she rubs at his back. "ow… no, good. No, ow." He tilts his head up into the press of her lips to his temple, and then begins to sit up to meet that gentle kiss. His head turns into her fingers, his hand reaching out to capture her other hand, and his split lips part beneath hers, his tongue flickering out to try and draw her a little further out.

Gideon smiles smoothly against his lips as the kiss deepens. Her tongue slides out against his slowly, and painfully teasingly. Then she starts to withdraw from him, and she shakes her head. "No… you are in no state for more than a kiss." She starts to smile, and a hint of playfulness glints in her eyes. Then she starts to slip away from him, letting him lie on his stomach if he wishes. She eases out of her jacket, rolling it up and tucking it with a small stash of supplies. She grabs something that looks like a very, very, very old thermos. It barely keeps heat, but when she pops the cap, steam rolls up from its contents. She pours some thick soup into the cup-like cap, and she hands it to him.

Grey frowns a little, shaking his head close to hers, "Says you." It's true, also, or at least mostly true. Sitting up the rest of the way, he settles his back against the trunk, watching her move about. The reveal of the thermos draws his eyes up in surprise, and he accepts the thick soup with both hands, smelling it briefly before nodding and taking a sip. He savors the taste, "It's good. Whoever made this should talk with Cookie. Probably have a lot in common."

"Something my father passed down to me," Gideon explains as she taps the heavy thermos. "It is good for long, cold nights in the trees." She then slides up beside him, resting her head gently back against the bark. She casts him a glance at the compliment about the soup, and she starts to smile again. "There is an old man who sees to the meals for those of us without families yet… he is a good cook." She lets him eat in peace for a few moments, her gaze looking up through the gap in the trees toward the skies as the stars start to twinkle to life.

Grey takes another sip of the soup, chewing on a chunk of some sort of meat, and then offers the cup back to Gideon. He groans a little as he shifts against the tree trunk, "Good hand-me-down." Leaning over a little to rest his shoulder against hers, he looks out from the hide as well, but his attention — quite appropriately — is on the ground while hers is on the sky. "It's a good view from up here. Seems too high for hunting though — " He stops, blinking, and looks sharply over to Gideon, "Yet?"

Gideon takes back the offered cup, and pours herself some soup. She is taking a swallow from the cup when he turns his gaze sharply her way. Her brows arch in faint surprise at the reaction, but then her smile settles into a soft simmer. "Yes… yet… families are important, they mean that the bloodlines continue." She laughs softly then, taking another swallow of soup. "Stop worrying, Grey kom Skaikru…" She then takes another swallow of soup, gaze returning skywards.

Grey chuckles, although there's still a little nervousness there, "What, me worry?" He groans and straightens up a little more against the tree trunk, looking back down, "Your people have a lot of these places? Where you can watch…" he trails off as he looks over to her, looking up at the sky, and confusion flutters across his bruised features, "…the sky? I figured you'd be looking down from here."

"I do." Gideon looks down as if to demonstrate. "It is my duty to do so. But…" Then she returns her gaze upwards. "The Sky interests me." She turns her mossy eyes to him, head tilted a bit against the rough bark. "What is it like up there? The sun must be quite beautiful without all the clouds in the way. What about the moon?" Her curiosity just fuels her questions as they come spilling out. "What does the moon look like?"

Chuckling softly, Grey gives her shoulder a little nudge, only to wince at the pressure put on one of his many bruises, "I see. I'm just the latest part of your curiosity." To show that he's not actually upset, although his tone should give that away, he reaches out with his left hand for her right, "The sun looks smaller. One of the nerds could probably tell you why. Moon too. I mean, they're sharp, but…" He shrugs a little helplessly, "I was never lookin' up. I was always lookin' down."

Gideon starts to smile now — and it is a soft, almost gentle expression on a face that is otherwise so harsh and sharp with emotion. "Then we have always been looking at each other," she murmurs. Then she leans in close, and she presses a soft kiss to his heavy lips. Her eyes close to savor the taste of his mouth, despite the split from an ill-deserved punch. When she straightens back up, she is smiling and she turns her gaze away to take another mouthful of soup.

That soft smile causes Grey to start to chuckle, but it is smothered by the kiss, his left hand squeezing at her fingers and his right coming up to touch the sharp angle of that jaw. When she settles back, he lets a slow smile slip onto his wide mouth, eyeing her sidelong before he teases, "I found somethin' else soft about you. You're a romantic."

Gideon scoffs defensively at his accusation. "I am not." She sets her head back into the tree, though this time she doesn't look up or down, but just sidelong to him. "There is nothing romantic about a Trikru." Undoubtedly a false statement. She does start to smile just a touch though, and she finishes the soup. She recaps the thermos and tucks it away in her scout bag.

"Bullshit." Grey laughs softly, meeting her gaze directly, "If there wasn't anything romantic about a Trikru, you wouldn't have any Trikru left. Or you'd all hate each other and go all stab-happy in the middle of the village." Shifting against the tree-trunk, he groans again, then shakes his head and pushes off of it, slowly stretching himself out on the platform with his feet over by the entrance and his head carefully lowered into her lap. There's a long lapse of silence, and then he murmurs, "Why me?"

Gideon stretches out her own legs to accept the skaiboy's head in her lap. She touches his hair gently, marveling a bit at the texture. When he asks that question, her brows loft slightly only to drop heavily over her gaze in thought. She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Attraction," she admits quietly. "And, yes… curiosity. I should have been angry at you, seeking my own revenge, but you also made me curious." She offers a low, almost self-deprecating laugh. "And my curiosity always gets me in rather… interesting situations." She stops her caress just behind his ear.

Grey chuckles at the first response, his smile flashes broad for a moment before he settles in to listen to the rest. Turning his head into the brush of her ringers, he lets his eyes start to drift closed in the gathering dusk, "So if I hadn't taken my shirt off that day in the 'Box…" A little chuckle gathers, and he reaches up with one hand to touch her hip, "Or was it the headbutt?" The question comes with a laugh, and he's quickly moving onward, "Curiosity. The tech? Or the fact that I let you hear your music?"

"You should shave this," Gideon says as she brushes her fingers over his hair again. "Your people are so sparing with their hygiene." Not their fault, but. "It would be easy to care for." She then continues to caress to tickle his scruff. "You should shave this too." And her eyes glimmer with amusement as that has been an on-going failure for Grey, usually because of Gideon Interruptus. She then returns to his questions, and she both shrugs and nods. "A little of both… though the shirt hardly played a role." Her smile curves slightly, and then she sobers. "I'm curious about you."

Grey reaches up to touch his own hair, "This? It keeps my head warm." And then his brows lower thoughtfully, "I guess that's not a problem here, at least not until winter." The tickle at his jawline, however, causes him to laugh, squirming away a little — only to wince, groan, and settle gingerly onto his back once more, "Ow… that hurt…" mostly his pride, given that his smile returns quickly enough, "You keep promisin' that you'll shave it, and then you keep gettin' distracted." Mischief dances in his dark eyes, and he lifts up the hem of his Grounder-made shirt, showing off his abs in the darkening evening, "You mean these weren't totally distracting?" Still, he nods slowly, admitting, "Likewise."

The archer laughs, and she shakes her head slightly. "You misunderstand my words, Grey." She starts to smile. "I find you quite attractive. I thought that much was obvious." Her smile softens even further. "We needn't do so now. You do look comfortable." Gideon barely touches the wound, and she shakes her head. "Would you like me to look at these for you? Or did one of your… med-techs… already do so?"

"They've been pokin' and proddin' me all day." Grey reaches a hand up to squeeze her thigh lightly, "And yeah. I used to be pretty convinced that you had the hots for me. But you've spent like… ten minutes here without gettin' the slightest bit naked. I'm startin' to doubt it." Oh, he's definitely teasing her now, but then his smile softens, "Yeah. I'm feelin' real comfortable." Now that she's toyed with his scruff though, it itches, and his hand shifts over to scratch at his jawline, "Well… I was…"

Gideon snorts at his words, and she shifts her legs a bit to gently jostle his head. "Getting naked in the woods is a dangerous predictament." Though she does smile after her chiding words. When he starts to scratch at his scruff, her laughter returns in a soft, low note. "Perhaps I should take care of it for you… you look like a dog with a flea." She starts to reach for her scout bag, tugging it toward her to rummage through it.

Grey groans and sits up a little as she jostles his head, "Hey… I was happy there." Pulling himself up, he settles against the tree again, not even realizing when he scratches at his jaw again, until he does realize, looking down, "Fleas?" You don't have fleas in space. "It didn't itch until you mentioned it again." Leaning over to try and look over her shoulder, he inquires, "What are you getting? Did you actually bring a razor?"

The archer offers the skaiboy a wry smirk as she stops digging, looking at him. "I don't regret it… you scratching like that is rather amusing." Then she pulls out a razor from her bag, as well as a very small chunk of soap. "A scout is always prepared." Then she fixes him with a bemused look. "I'm lacking hot water though, so you might want me to hold off."

"Is not having hot water a problem?" Grey is honestly naive about just what has to go into shaving with anything but an electric razor. Rubbing at his jaw again, he closes his eyes, doing his best to block out the itches, "Okay. Okay. You're the expert. You think I'm good to go without hot water, I'm good to go. You think I should wait, I'll wait." Opening his eyes, he looks over his own form, patting down what few pockets he has remaining, "Yeeeah… not a scout then. I've got string. And rope. And a knife. And a club." And a few berries and nuts and the like, but that's about it.

"Well, it may not be comfortable without hot water," Gideon points out, but then she resumes her smile. She then pulls out her waterskin and a small cup that serves many, many purposes. She starts to fill the cup with water, and nods to Grey. "Lay back down." She turns slightly so she is facing him, where his head can rest in the curve of her lap with her legs crossed. "You will need to hold very still." Then she arches a brow, her smile returning in that lopsided way. "We will also need to prepare you a bag."

Grey snorts softly, "There ain't a whole lot that's comfortable down here." He groans his way back down to the floor of the hide, shifting and settling to find something not-totally-painful, then lifts up his head so that she can settle in under it. "Well, besides you." He blinks there, a thoughtful frown touching his brow in the wake of the unplanned amendment. He gives a wave back toward the camp, "I've got a bag. And armor. And a sword. And my old shirt. And…" he pauses, "Nope, that's about it." Drawing in a slow breath, he lets it out again, "And if I don't hold still, I'm getting my throat cut?"

"You need more than that… a scout must be ready to be out in the trees for days, as should you." Gideon is sober as she speaks. "There is no guarantee that your camp will remain safe, and no guarantee that my village will remain safe." She drops her gaze a bit as she takes out a mostly clean cloth, wetting it and beginning to lather up the soap. "It is good to always be prepared to be gone." Then her smile returns, though it is a lot softer. "And yes, holding still is recommended." She starts to wet and soap his cheeks and jaw as she speaks.

Grey's features grow weary and pained at the mention of how dangerous the world is, but he nods infinitesimally, "Yeah. If we had the food, I'd have more on me." His chest rises and falls with a sigh, but he does his best to lock his head into place in the cradle of her legs. "So what you're saying is that I shouldn't…" his hands rise up on either side of them, reaching for her sides but stopping just short, "…tickle you while you're…" he closes his mouth to let her soap over his lips, and then continues, "…doing this."

"You do have food… you just need to know how to find it." Gideon doesn't actually chide him, but offers some gentle guidance. Then she continues to soap his face, but she is stilled immediately as he starts to tickle her. She twitches, wriggles, and then hisses. "Yes, that…" Then she whacks him gently on the nose with the cloth before she sets it aside. She then opens the razor, showing the amazingly sharp edge. She wets it, and then starts at his jaw, gently brushing the edge down along the hairs in a short, smooth motion. It becomes quite obvious: she has done this before.

Grey sputters as she smacks him on the nose with the cloth, his hands stilling and just settling down on her hips. He tenses when the blade comes out, one eye squeezing mostly-shut as it comes down to his cheek… and then he starts to relax as she proves her competence. He certainly wouldn't be any better, but there's something very nerve-wracking about someone holding something that sharp against your skin, even if you've known them for longer than a week. As she continues shearing the stubble from his face, he settles in, and between two strokes, he notes, "You're good at this." There's a hint of a question behind the words, but one he isn't willing to actually voice, at least not at the moment.

"You are not the first cheek I have shaved," Gideon murmurs as she continues. With his right cheek done, she moves to his left, carefully removing the stubble with gentle motions. She takes time between strokes to wash off the soap and hair, and also apply more water to his skin. Luckily, the water is not freezing, but it would be far better if it was hot. She considers him for a moment. "Am I sparing your hair, for now?" She then starts to glide the razor up his neck, this time far gentler.

Grey's eyes tighten a little here and there, as she has to scrape hard to get a few of the hairs that have retracted under the influence of the cold water, but he doesn't complain, just turning his head as needed. Again, he waits to speak until she is between strokes, "Yeah. I still kinda like it." His fingers tighten at her sides a moment, then smooth back, stroking away whatever tightness they may have caused. "You're an archer and a barber then? Or some burly sweetheart?" Yeah, he's still poking and prodding around that subject.

Gideon smiles down at him, brow arched now. "I have had interests before." Her words are smiling even while she focuses on his jaw and neck. Then she pauses in the process long enough to meet his eyes from her upside-down vantage point. "You are quick to jealousy, though, aren't you?" Then she resumes, carefully shaving away the last of his stubble. She then begins to clean away the residue of soap. She then reaches back in her bag for her small kit of various medical supplies.

Shifting a little uncomfortably, Grey clears his throat, "I'm not jealous," he says jealously, not quite meeting her eyes. And then he looks up again, catching that green gaze, "Okay, fine, I'm a little jealous. Or curious. More like curious." Right. Totally. As she wipes down his throat, he reaches up to test the skin, wincing just a little, "Burns some… but at least it doesn't itch." Pause, "Thanks, Gideon."

"I can help with the burn," Gideon reassures him as she pulls out her medical kit, and from within that a vial of oil. She tips a bit into her palm, rubbing it between her hands to warm, and then brushing a fine layer on his skin. "We use this for scrapes and burns while in the woods… it will at least help cool." Then she splays her fingers out across his neck, smiling down at him. "And what are you curious about then?"

Grey sits patiently as she gathers up the oil and applies it, chuckling softly through the little facial massage. He lets out a little breath, "Much better." Her question, however, causes him to shrug a little uncomfortably, "I dunno. Who you are, how you got to be there. I mean, I told you 'bout what I did," at least a little of it, "But I still don't know anything about you." His hands slide off her hips, down the tops of her thighs, to rest at his stomach, right crossing over left to toy with the woven cloth bracelet alongside the medical one, "I dunno, about your friends, and yeah, old boyfriends."

"I'm no one," Gideon says, almost softly. She looks down at him, and her smile has an almost sad quality to it. "I was going to be someone, once… but I damaged that opportunity. I will be lucky to still be allowed in Coesbur once Oxfor passes his judgement." A real Sword of Damocles, as she still does not know when that will happen. Then she offers him a smaller smile. "I have made many mistakes, and often at the risk of those around me… banishment is probably what is destined to happen in response to my carelessness. I was responsible for getting your people to Tondc, and I failed."

Grey sits up a little at her soft answer, his brows drawing down. As she continues to speak, he lifts out of her lap, turning painfully to sit crosslegged before her and reaching for her hands, "The last one's not your fault." He snorts a faint laugh, very dry, "It's mine, actually." The humor, what little there was, does not last long, "You really think you might get thrown out?"

"It is," Gideon says, voice heavy. "Everyone was under my charge… the failure is my failure, Grey. And I have failed… so much." She offers him a small smile, as if trying to show that she is alright with these facts, even if they weigh deeply on her. His question draws a shrug from her shoulders. "Yes… I am a danger to my people… if I cannot prove myself, then I am better off banished where I can no longer do harm. It is better if Oxfor rids the village of me before I actually do something to deserve death."

Grey shakes his head at the first argument, "No…" but he falls silent again as she continues speaking, concern flickering over his face. His brows have drawn low over his eyes by the end, "Screw that, Gideon." A thread of anger ripples under his voice, the remains of the young man who landed on the planet angry at everything around him. "You don't let anyone judge you." He releases one hand from hers to tap the metal bracelet around his left wrist, "You know why I've still got this on? It's proof every single second that I'm better than anyone gave me credit for 'cause I'm still alive." Shaking his head sharply, he adds, "So I say screw Oxfor if he can't recognize what you're good for. Screw anyone who tries to put you down."

Gideon's smile turns a bit lopsided. "Would you like to be the one who tells Oxfor that? He would probably eat you." Then she shakes her head after a moment. "Don't, Grey… these are my laws that I must face. Disregarding them would be the same as how many of your people continue to make excuses and disregard the laws of your Ark. Too often I have heard your people try to justify their actions by blaming them on this Chancellor and his Council… they seek to blame everyone but themselves." Her jaw sets a bit. "I am not going to do that."

"He'd have to catch me first." Grey's smile flashes very wide, very quick, and then is gone again. More soberly, he nods, "A lot of the politicals, it's like they can't admit they screwed up, did something stupid." His fingers squeeze hers, "but what law did you break at the Rescue? Are there Grounder laws on how to fight? How to transport prisoners? There's takin' responsibility, Dee, and then there's losin' faith in yourself, believin' your no better than what everyone else says you are."

Gideon is momentarily disarmed at the nickname he has given her, and she actually starts to smile. Then she shakes her head slightly. "I will wait justice from Oxfor… if my actions may have caused the village harm, then I should take the consequences of that. It is our way, Grey." Then she shakes her head, and starts to play with the hem of his pantlegs. "Do not worry about me."

Grey was watching for her reaction to the nickname, and her smile spurs on one of his own, It even lingers as she responds, "Better make sure this peace sticks then, yeah?" His dark eyes drop down to where he fingers toy with the cloth of her pants, and he chuckles, "Don't worry about you? What on Earth," he stops for a moment, wondering at the remarkable aptness of that common turn of phrase, "makes you think that's going to happen?"

Gideon takes a moment to lavish in the quiet moment with them both playing with each other's pantlegs. Then she looks up to meet his eyes once more, and she starts to smile. "I do not want you to get yourself into a business that maybe you're not ready for." Then she stops fiddling, and reaches to settle her palms on his knees. "It was good walking back into that camp on my own. It was rather profound for me. But I'm not sure if we will so easily walk back in this time." Speaking of course after the debacle with Mimi and her nuclear missiles.

Her words draw one eyebrow up, as if responding to a challenge, "That I'm not ready for? You think there's somethin' down here that I can't handle?" At least Grey's chuckling when he says it, so maybe he's a little bit self-aware. Drawing his own hands back, he slips them under hers, squeezing gently despite the little wince around his eyes, "I think… that The One Hundred is filled with good people and bad, and that the idiots are running loose right now." A little more of a shadow flickers across his dark gaze as he thinks back over the events of the day, "Glad it was good for you though."

Gideon nods, and she drops her gaze a bit to their mismatched hands — both in size, slimness, and color. When her gaze returns to his, there is a faint concern there. "You will need to rein the idiots in soon, Grey… If you don't, it could mean trouble." Then she shakes her head, drawing herself up on her knees and rocking forward. "It was also good for me to see you." Her lips seek his, nose brushing across his own in a soft pass.

"I kn — " Grey's words are silenced by her lips, and he leans forward into the kiss a bit, his lips seeking to capture her lower lip, and then he winces and sits back again, letting out a frustrated sigh. "Ow." One hand slips away from hers to brush along her cheek, "I know. Just need to remind them that I can kick the shit out of them if they do something stupid." And then he has to shift a little, which causes him to wince a great deal as his back pulls.

Gideon starts to ease herself forward, walking on her knees until she starts to slide into his lap. She shakes her head a bit at the wince and frustrated sigh. Her head tilts a bit, her dark eyes holding a small sense of curiosity. "Well, I hope that you can hold that kind of power… I worry that some of this freedom from your leaders may make it harder to pull everyone back in." She shakes her head a bit. "But, that is not something we need to discuss now."

As she begins to crawl forward, Grey straightens up, letting his hands settle onto her thighs, and then slowly slide back around her waist to her sacrum, "I won't. I'm getting all the blame for…" The shake of her head stills his words, and the young man seems to remember where he is and with whom. "Do you sleep up here then?" One hand reverses course, slipping down onto her thigh where his thumb can tease in along the inner surface. "I'd be afraid of falling off." His eyes widen in the twilight, a forced effect, "Will you hold me so I don't?"

Gideon actually laughs — full and warm — at his widening eyes and words. She shakes her head, slipping her hands across his shoulders as she settles in his lap. "I have slept up here many times, and have never fallen off… neither will you." She then presses a soft kiss to his forehead, following the line of his skull down to his jaw where it is smooth and freshly shaven.

The laughter warms Grey in a way that he didn't expect, and he cannot help but laugh in response. He tilts his head to accept the brush of kisses down the side of his face, releasing a little sigh of relaxation and murmuring, "Maybe you'll have to make sure I'm too tired to sleep." His right hand smooths up her thigh as he speaks, his thumb brushing along her pelvis as he does.

Gideon laughs again, but this time it is low and soft. "Too tired to sleep?" The question is asked archly, but then she starts to grin as her lips find the soft, unsplit corner of his lips. "I think you mean too tired to move…" Then she starts to slowly press him back onto the platform of the hide.

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