Day 007: Finders Keepers
Summary: Frankie and Martin find some hidden ruins. Frankie claims the spot for her own private place.
Date: 09-05-2016
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Meadow Bald, Root Cellar, and River
Room description
Monday, May 2, 2149

Meadow Bald

Looking to the west, where the brute of the Blue Ridge Mountains rise, this meadow bald is a break in the climbing forests. It is a stretch of narrowleaf grass, flowering heath aster, and crisp wild lettuce. Pockets of tall Indian-tobacco poke out around weathered, deep-set boulders near the western edge of the meadow. At the center of this meadow is the surviving foundation of what had once been a cabin of some sort, though it is now nothing but concrete footings, rotten lumber and mossy tarpaper. At the highest point of the meadow, to the west, the peak of Mount Weather can be easily seen in the distance.

<FS3> Frankie rolls Survival: Good Success.

<FS3> Martin rolls Survival: Great Success.

Watching everyone coming and going from camp and seeing this new world is a right big P.i.t.a for Frankie, especially considering her curious nature. Having procured herself a makeshift pair of crutches, she is at least able to get around a bit, if that getting around is sorta slow. She needed water to start to soak what dandelions she had gotten so far so a trip to the river was in order. "What's this tree look like? The sugar maple?" she asks Martin has she hobbles along through the meadow, pulling up dandelions, roots and all as she goes and tucking them into her makeshift pouch.

Martin is walking alongside at a slow pace so Frankie can keep up. He helps her over obstacles as needed and is assisting with the herb collection, "Well, it should look like a maple…of the sugar variety." He gives her grin before continuing, "The sugar maple can grow to about 90 or 100 feet in height. Its bark is kind of shaggy looking. When we break off a stem with leaves on it, the sap should be white rather than colored. If you can remember the flag of Canada from history, the leaves look like that."

"I was better at identifying plants than trees in earth skills." Frankie tells him as she eyes the trees on the other side of the meadow and the few that have grown in it as well. "Well the shaggy part should be easy to spot." she nods at his reminder of the flag "Now if only they were bright red like that one. So much easier to spot." she points out a few near the center where the remains of a building was "Wanna check those?" they were probably heading in that direction anyways so it's not out of their way or anything "How's the injury?" she glances at him briefly, but most of her attention is on the surroundings.

Martin is wearing the blood-stained shirt he wore when he was injured. "We can venture that way, as long as you’re not too tired." As they meander in that direction, he notes, " Looks like some sort of structure was there at one time." Her question draws another nod, "All better! Just have a scar to remind me that arrows hurt. Evie did an excellent job patching me up."

"I'm fine." Frankie assures…well as fine as she has been over the last few days. She chugged down plenty of the willow tea and has more in a canteen, so she is doing sorta okay on the pain front, it's tolerable at least. She'll probably feel this trip later though. "A house maybe." she looks around for other signs of buildings but seems it is the only one "I thought all the houses were side-by-side and lots together." she hrms a bit perplexed "Seems like this one is all alone." though she does have a laugh at his comment "Arrow hurt…a lesson I will happily learn from your getting hit with one."

Martin considers the remains as they approach, "Well, in the cities that was true, but out here in the countryside people would have a single house surrounded by woods or farmland." He chuckles a bit at her comment on the arrow, "Sometimes we forget the obvious and need reminded. Though, to be honest, I never forgot that arrows hurt but it seems the universe decided I needed a reminder anyways."

<FS3> Frankie rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Martin rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"That always seemed inconvenient to me." Frankie says as she nods to what Martin tells her, history doesn't seem to be a strong subject for her, all those chemical formula crowding all the unimportant earth history out "Well being told they hurt and experiencing it for yourself is different. For all we know we could have been lied to about that too." like they were lied to about so many other things. As she studies the remains of the building she moves closer to one side of it "Look." she says as she points some rust spotted metal peeking out of the overgrowth of weeds and plants. She picks up the pace a bit heading to the patch of whatever it is, "It looks like metal."

Martin grins a bit, "It probably was a bit inefficient, but think of Ruth and Cassandra. They had people like that back then too - people who want to go off and do their own thing. Down here, that was possible and people did that." . He spots the metal as well, once she points it out, and moves to keep up with her sudden burst of speed. "I wonder if it is something we can use at camp."

"You mean people that don't play well with others." she nods, that trait had to come from somewhere. "If it was safer down here, I'm sure a few of us would have ran off to do that already." as Frankie gets to where the metal is she stares down at it, using the end of her crutch to tap it. The hollow sound that echoes seems to suggest there is space underneath it. "It must be bigger than it looks, part of is covered up." bracing herself with a crutch she sets the other down and tries to work on uncovering the vegetation from part of it "A sheet of metal could come in handy. We could make a few pots, or canteens." weapons do cross her mind, but she is in the anti-violence camp so doesn't mention those.

Martin gets on his hands and knees and starts pulling at the same vegetation, working to uncover it. "Pots for boiling would be a big help," he agrees, also in the anti-violence camp. "I am sure more than a few would have. Enough supplies and more safety and I suspect half of the camp would have left by now." After clearing the vegetation away, he begins trying to pull the door open, which may be difficult if the hinges are rusted.

"It would be a good jump start for my still." Frankie grins at all the things that could be produced "I probably would have went exploring." no probably about it, she so would have, but things just didn't work out that way. As he begins to lift her brow furrows "That's not…" she starts to say, as after a few hard tugs and a loud creak the hinges finally loosen and the hatch door moves more freely "That's a hatchway." she looks at the hole in the ground lifting the metal uncovered, besides the dirt and debris covered concrete floor about 10' below not much can be seen.

Martin feels the hatch finally give way as he tries to lift it up as a piece of metal. "Oh!" . The teen boy exclaims with surprise." Looking down the hole, he states the obvious, " Looks like an underground room. Want to check it out? I don’t have a light source on me." He grins a bit and nods, "I am sure you would have been out exploring. It is a lot more fun than being cooped up in the camp."

Frankie stares down into the hole and then looks to Martin an excited grin chasing away the shadows of pain and tiredness that has been ghosting her face the last week "You would have to tie me down to stop me." she gestures to the other door "Let's get this one open, get as much light as we can down there."

Martin raises an eyebrow at her statement but bites his tongue. "Alright, sounds good." . He moves over to the other hatch and, with a bit of effort, he finally manages to open that one too. Strength is not his strong suit. With the doors open, he begins to descend slowly, holding out his hand to her to help her down if she needs it.

Forgotten Root Cellar

The light filtering through the hatchway in the ceiling does little to permeate the gray shadows that fill this medium sized room. The air is dank and musty, smelling of long dead leaves and dirt, both of which coat what was once a concrete floor. The walls that make the room are covered in sage green and white lichen, finding the concrete a fine place to live.

Bolted to one wall is a rusting metal shelf, a handful of mason jars with questionable contents sitting on them as well as rusted cans of long expired food, the labels all disintegrated by time. Broken jars and dented cans little the floor in front of the shelf.

A rusty sink is attached to another wall, but serves no purpose at the moment but to collect dirt and debris blown in through the hole in the ceiling.

In a corner sits a rusted pail on its side and a couple of plastic buckets. What little furniture that may have been her has rotted away, leaving only scraps of springs and frame of a sofa and a couple of rusted folding chairs.

Frankie rubs her nose at the stale, musty air that comes from below. Yeah, she is going to need help getting down so takes whatever help is necessary to get her through the hatchway and safely to the ground below. Once back on her feet she turns a tight circle, leaning against the crutch she brought down. "This is…" there is a pause as the air gets to her and she covers a sneeze.

Martin squints as his eyes try to adjust to the poor light. Her sneeze draws a glance, "Are you alright? Allergies?" It wouldn’t be surprising if they all had allergies considering how sterile life has been for them. He peers into the darkness again then looks excited, " Hey! I think I see some buckets! Yes!"

Rubbing at her nose Frankie gives a bit if a lip curl at the suggestion "Don't even joke about that!" that would be awful, but yeah, not at all surprising in the least. Squinting into the grayness that surrounds them she nods "I think this is a good time for finders, keepers…" she is all for sharing food, clothes and medical supplies, but this place and it's contents, well she is suddenly hit with a bit of possessiveness. "Or am I just being stingy?" its going to be a bit of an internal debate for her. She decides there has been enough standing under the hatchway and hobbles forward. "I think that is the outline of a shelve." she begins to hobble forward and as she gets closer the distinct sound of crunching glass can be heard under feet. Good thing she has decent shoes on.

Martin raises an eyebrow at the finders keepers comment. "At least share the buckets. We badly need stuff to haul water. This would be a big help." The young man gives her a cheeky grin then that she might not able to see. "Anyways, I found the buckets first."

Following the wall Frankie finds the shelves, and now that her eyes are getting used to the low lighting to can make out what is on the shelves. "There are a lot of cans here. The outsides are a bit rusty and the contents will be disgusting, but we can empty them and clean them out really good and use them for drinking from or really anything else that small amounts of metal can be used for." but the glass jars, "Fine, the buckets and all the salvageable cans will be given to the camp, but the glass jars are mine." she looks around and then over to Martin "This could make a good place to do my brewing, once I get the still together. Less risk of someone trying to get into the brew before it is ready."

Martin grins as he wins the argument, "Well, we might be able to let you keep one or two. I am sure people will be willing to sacrifice some buckets to produce booze." . He looks then to the deteoriated remains of the furniture. " Hey! Looks like you got a bed now too!" Not that it looks like she would want to use it.

"Having one would be handy for making the initial infusion in. Aging I can do in the jars. Just need some charred oak to give it that aged smokey flavor." how Frankie managed that up on the Ark who knows. She removes one of the mason jars from the shelf to examine the contents then hobbles over to Martin "Ha. Ha." as much as she could use a bed, the rotten sofa just isn't going to do it "It can probably be salvaged for parts though. Those springs could be useful in a trap to catch small animals."

Martin watches her remove the mason jars and raises an eyebrow, "I would hate to smell whatever is in there right now." . He chuckles and nods at her decision, "I will let Cookie know we got some things she can use with the stipulation that if you need it fir booze, you get to use it." He then kicks the sofa, "Possibly. Also the springs could be repurposed as wires of sorts."

Frankie nods at that "Not going to open it here. Death by foul odor is a really stupid way to die." especially with all the ways that Earth can kill them. "How about we load up the buckets with some of the cans and jars and continue to the river. We can clean them up there and continue to look for your tree." she leans over to pick up the metal pail, checking the integrity. It has a few rusty holes in it, but is otherwise intact.

Martin watches her lean over for a moment, before following suit to grab a bucket to carry over to the shelf and begin loading. The clinking of glass jars against one another breaks the moment of silence. "Well now the pressure is on me. We got the equipment and now we need that tree."

"Well most of the equipment. Still need Henry and a few others to come through with some pipe." Frankie grabs a bucket as well and hobbles over to partially fill it with cans "So much pressure." she jokes picking through the cans grabbing the least dented and rusted first. "Though the really hard part is going to be getting out of here." she glances back and upward to the hatchway, 10 feet up.

Martin finishes filling his own bucket and waits for her to wrap up. "Well, I planned on leaving you down here while twirling my evil mustache." He turns and heads for the hatchway. Is he being honest? "Hand me your bucket. I will take them up then come back to help you out."

"Mustaches, the evilest of the facial hairs." Frankie assumes he is joking since he doesn't have a mustache. (Does he?) So she jests right back at him. Though unless steps are taken all the guys will soon start sprouting them, if they haven't already. The bucket is handed over "If you want to risk it you could probably use one of those folding chairs for a boost." hopefully it isn't so rusted that it collapses if he tries.

Martin eyes the rusted chair, then eyes the hatchway. "Rope would be nice." He eyes the chair and decodes to give it an attempt. "If we end up stuck down here for a while, can I eat you?" He gives her a sly smile possibly teasing her or maybe hinting at the double entendre. The young man moves one of the rusty chairs over to the hole and tentatively moves to stand on it, testing its sturdiness.

"The best we could do for rope is tying together the seatbelts from the dropship." and while Frankie is using that as straps for her pouch, they probably aren't long enough to use like that. Thankfully it is dark so her slight reddening at the comment could go unnoticed she responds though as if it was said in complete innocence. "Sure," she drawls sounding amused at least, "But only if you die first." she what she did there.

<FS3> Martin rolls Athletics-1: Failure.

<FS3> Frankie rolls Athletics -1: Success.

"Ouch! If I die I am pretty sure I am not going to be doing any eating at all," Martin says as he attempts to reach the hatch. Just as he is about to reach the edge of the hatch, the chair creaks and Martin shifts his weight. Now off balance the teen falls over with a thud. "Oof!"

<FS3> Frankie rolls Athletics -2: Embarassing Failure.

Frankie sniggers "More incentive to stay alive then isn't it." as if he actually needed a reason to live besides just not wanting to die. As he makes an attempt to reach the hatch she watches, not bothering to tell him to be careful, that's pretty much a gimme. The chair creaking has her wincing and then he is falling off the chair. "You alright?" she asks him a tinge of concern in her tone. Then she is straightening the chair and stepping up onto it, handing her crutch to Martin when he gets himself upright.

Martin rolls over onto his back and looks up at her. "Well, I'm not dead yet." He gets up a bit slowly then goes wide eyed as she gets on the chair. "Maybe you should wait until I can help you out?" He takes her crutch and doesn’t stop her, though.

<FS3> Martin rolls Finesse+finesse: Success.

The snarky comment is bitten back, though Frankie does give Martin a smirk "You can help me from down here." but she doesn't specify how. The rickety chair, her injured leg, the combination isn't a good one, she has most of her weight on her good leg, but the chair shifts under her as well, causing more weight to go on the bad one. The resulting stabbing pain has her falling in a much more epic nature then Martin did, flailing arms and a cry that is both pained and surprise.

Martin happens to be just in the right spot as she flails and falls, as he isn’t exactly the quickest at reacting. He drops the makeshift crutch and wraps his arms around her in an attempt to keep her from splatting on ground like he did. After a few moments for it to set in that he successfully caught her, he says, "Maybe it is a good thing for you to go first, so I can catch you if need be."

It also takes her those few moments to catch her breath and for the pain to subside enough for her to even make anything resembling a coherent sentence. And then a few seconds after that to realize she isn't face first on the floor and was instead saved from that by Martin. She isn't sure which is more embarrassing, that she fell and had to be caught or that she has his arms around her for probably a lot longer than is actually necessary. "Thanks." she gets out first and then nods and she finds her balance on her good leg "I'll need a few minutes before I try that again." she says as she looks at him her face a bit paler than usual.

Martin helps get her balance without doing anything to take advantage of the situation. Flirty Martin has been replaced by Serious Martin. "Are you alright? Can you stand?" While he has a n arm on her to help her keep steady, he crouches to pick up her crutch and hand it to her. " Well, we can take a little breather and think of other ways to get out."

"Yes." she only says it once since it is the answer to both questions. Taking the crutch she transfers her height to it and off of him, not that she is all that heavy to begin with. "I'm going to have to make a ladder of some sort if I plan on using this room for anything."

Martin nods at the statement of the obvious, "Definitely. Though, your fee for making people booze could be them needing to help you in and out." He chuckles lightly, before moving to collect the buckets. He sets them down nezt to the hatchway and starts to lift and push then iut onto the ground outside. "Let's get these out of here at least." He focuses back on Frankie as he finishes, " I might be able to lift you out."

"That would require me telling them about this place." Frankie glances around the cellar "Not sure I am going to do that yet. It's been awhile since I have anything that looked like privacy." if there was any at all really, certainly not in the Skybox or the camp. There is more watching as the buckets are lifted up and out. Maybe her way of checking things out. "Boosting me up? We can try that." can't be any less of an epic fail than she already had.

Martin turns to regard her as she agrees with the idea. "How do you want to do this? Sit on my shoulders?" That seems to be the most efficient and less hand-groping way to manage it. " I understand the desire for privacy. That is why I made my tent. Clean out the place and get something to work as a bed, and you have a hideout. Or a make out cave." . He walks over to stand next to her and waits for her to tell him how she wants him to lift her.

Frankie was debating that herself, but he beats her to the suggestion "Shoulders." she nods her agreement to that method. It also seems the one that will cause the least pain for her. A glance to the time eroded sofa again "Maybe you were onto something with the couch." with the right materials and work it actually could be made into a bed." she then laughs "I thought hideout and make out cave were the same thing. Guess they aren't mutually exclusive."

Martin shrugs, "It depends on who you tell about this place. Kind of hard to make out with people here if you keep it entirely to yourself." He steps ahead pf her crouches down into a squat and waits for to climb aboard at her pace. "This could get interesting…" It sounds like he means that seriously rather than 'I'm getting a girl's thighs around me.'

"True. Guess I'll only tell those I want to make out with." there is a bit of a smirk as he lowers himself to make it easy for her. Splinted leg goes first and Frankie holds onto the rusted chair for balance as she lifts the other leg over his shoulder "Hopefully not to interesting." and she means in the we all fall down way.

<FS3> Martin rolls Athletics-1: Good Success.

Martin chuckles, "Pick wisely or maybe the whole camp will find out about this place." Once she is on his shoulders he slowly rises from the ground keeping his balance. A few steps towards the hatch and there they are with her in reach of getting out. " Think you can climb out or do you need more of a boost?"

As he stands Frankie hold her arms sorta out to help balance, and then up to keep from smacking her head on the beamed ceiling "Well then I suggest we just keep it between ourselves for now." she glances down at him and when he steps forward she grabs the lip of the hatch "I may need a push or two." pull-ups weren't something she ever did on the Ark but with the help she should be able to get up and out "Try not to enjoy it too much." the last part of course a bit of joke.

Martin raises an eyebrow at that and decides to state the obvious "Well, that limits the making out to just me then. . Not that I would object to that." As she says she needs a boost, he chuckles, "Awkward timing for me to start putting my hands on your ass." . He slides his hands to her backside and begins trying to lift her even more for a few extra inches of height. "That enough?"

"Well thanks." Frankie tells him as if it was a compliment "You're not objectionable either." she glances down at him again and can't help but laugh "Sailing right past first base and going straight for second." loosely of course. Then the time for joking and flirting is paused for getting her out of the hatch. She pulls herself up while he pushes her up. "Yeah." she says between gritted teeth. After getting up and resting with her hips on the edge she plants her foot on his shoulder and pushes off and pulls herself the rest of the way out.

Martin laughs at what she says, "That's not what I meant. I meant I don't object to you not having a line of suitors outside your door. . I would think the girl who makes booze would have several guys trying to get to further than second base." . He gives her a squeeze because why not since they're in this situation. Once she kicks off of his shoulder he backs up and prepares to make a running jump for the ledge. " Let's see if I embarrass myself again."

If she is embarrassed about her misunderstanding, well she is up top and he is below so would he even tell? "Right, because a girl totally wants to be used by a guy just so they can get booze." her bland tone suggests the total opposite of course. That is not at all what a girl wants…well not this girl, maybe one of those others in camp. The ass grabbing goes without comment for the moment. Once she is up Frankie situates herself so she can assist in helping pull him up once he gets that far. "Let's!" it's hard to say which she is rooting for.

<FS3> Martin rolls Athletics-1: Success.

Martin shakes his head and grins even more, "I suspect that you have had some crappy boyfriends. I am pretty sure the thinking actually goes 'Hey, I have this awesome girlfriend, and she also makes awesome booze. My life, therefore, is awesome!'" He then gets into a stance to begin his run and bolts for the hatch jumping and grabbing the ledge, before slowly pulling himself up. "You made this look a lot easier than it actually is." . Yep, he reaches out for a bit of assistance pulling himself up.

<FS3> Frankie rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success.

Frankie's reply is forestalled by his running, jumping and catching the ledge. She reaches for his wrists to help pull him up but when he offers the hand she grabs that instead with both her hands and leans backward, using her own body weight to assist in pulling him out. Once he is out though she finally does, "Maybe." she shrugs, not committing to whether there are exes or not, "Well if you know someone that fits that description, introduce me." she gives a glance around looking for her crutches…there is one, which she grabs, the other can't be to far off.

Martin winces a bit at that one or maybe he strained something climbing up. "Will do," he offers back, before getting back up slowly and moving to collect his bucket of jars. "To the river to wash the jars? We can try a different spot from the one that had the giant snake eel thing." . He then points in the direction the river is in. He then spots her other crutch and bends it over to pick it up and hand it to her.

There is just a bit of a look, followed by a shake of head and an amused laugh. "Yes, and to find your fuzzy sugar maple." taking the other crutch Frankie uses the pair to help get to her feet, which is always a process "A different spot would be good. Being eel food is not high on my list of things to do today."

Martin raises an eyebrow at the amused laugh. "I guess it is my turn to have missed something," he says. With a nod, he starts to lead her off in the direction of the river. "Let's look for a shallow spot. I am thinking they prefer deep areas."

"I'm sure you will figure it out eventually." but Frankie isn't going to tell him what it is of course. That would take all the fun out if it. A wink is given. She quickly uses her foot to close the hatch. On the way back they can see about concealing it more. Or maybe she can figure out a way to lock it up. Then she will follow where he leads. "Was it really ten feet long?" she asks him, still not sure if that is believable or not "Though that would explain why it was in deep water."

Martin shakes his head, "I have been told that I am quite smart, but women still confound me. I probably never will figure it out." He grins at the wink before he reaches down to help close the hatch and moves to lead the way across the meadow. "It might not have been ten feet, but it was definitely bigger than a person." Slowly after making their way through the woods, they eventually come to the river.

Eastern Riverside
The forests thin close to the river's edge. The trees are smaller here, and more leafy compared to the thicker evergreens of the deep woods. The river runs deep and cool with a quick moving current that can easily turn to rapids during heavy rains. Here the channel has narrowed slightly, though its width is still quite wide for easy crossings. The river rushes over rocky, but not impassable banks, and there is a series of waterfalls along the course.

As they move through the woods toward the river, Frankie points out some trees that fit the description of the sugar maple that Martin is on the lookout for. Another thing they can check out on the back. "Still to big for just the pair of us to deal with." As they approach the river she looks at the running water with a bit of awe. Were it not for the threat of the snake in the water she would probably go right in "This is beautiful." she says after her awe moment. But they have stuff to do, jars to clean. She can admire the scenery and rinse jars at the same time. And no time like the present to get started on that.

Martin leads the way to the river, keeping an eye out for a sugar maple. As they approach the river, he sets his bucket down and grabs some rocks, tossing then into the deeper sections to see if there is any reaction. "It is quite beautiful, but dangerous." . After about five rocks going into the river, he picks up the bucket and approaches the water slowly. He sets his spear aside and begins pulling out the jars. After a moments thought he says, " We don't have any rags to help with the cleaning." A pause then he is pulling the blood-stained shirt over his head, having found the solution to that problem.

Oh there is a comment there, and there is debate about whether she is going to say it or not, "Like a woman." she said it, cause a lot of them are that in some way or another. She watches as the rocks sail out into deeper water, watching for any reaction as well "Hopefully it can't tell the difference between rocks and prey." the rag conundrum has her hmmming "Well we didn't expect to be cleaning." but then he solves the problem "Well problem solved." she moves beside him to lower herself to the riverbank and help with the cleaning.

Martin chuckles at the woman comment, "Feisty. Women probably qualify as that. Though I wouldn't quite compare a woman to the river. A river ib my tent results in a very soggy tent. A woman in my tent doesn't." As he opens the first jar and dumps out its contents, he asks, " So what do men qualify as, necessary but annoying like bugs?"

"Then obviously you are doing it wrong." Frankie smirks at him, now there is a double entendre for him. There is a wrinkle of her nose at the smell wafting from the jar "Oh, that's awful. Even worse than the dropship." there is a laugh "You said it, I didn't."

Martin gives her a look at the entendre, "That may be true. There is a beautiful woman who sleeps on my tent and it has yet to get soggy. Maybe I should join her in the tent next and see how my tent ends up." He doesn’t look at her as he says this, but she is the only girl who has been sleeping in his tent. "Hey, I know I am annoying. I will own that." . He shoves the wet t-shirt into the jar and begins wiping it out into the river. Once he has it clean he looks it over and takes a whiff to see if the smell has lingered.

It takes a few moments for that to sink in and when it does, the color of Frankie's face immediately goes crimson, the jar she is trying to open forgotten in her hand, "Maybe," yeah she is having issues with looking him in the face too. "Maybe you should." she can't get the rusted lid off so hands it over to him "You're not so annoying." she finally is able to look at him "There are certainly a few that are more so."

Martin works at getting the lid off of the jar, "But I am necessary it seems. At least for getting lids off of jars." After a few seconds of trying with his wet hands, off pops the lid. He hands it back to her to work on, since he is still trying to work the remains of that smell out of his jar. "I don't know. She might be bothered with me waking her up." He takes another whiff and decides that the jar is good now. He then eyes her with an impish grin and starts filling the jar with water. " You know, there are other ways to get soggy. I had considered giving you a push but that would be more mean than funny with your injured. Soooo…" . He lifts up the jar and readies it to splash her with water.

"And to help me out of root cellars." Frankie points out as she takes the jar back with a thanks. Holding the jar out to avoid having to smell it, she dunks it under the water, swishing the contents out into the fast flowing river wincing a bit at the coldness of it "From what I hear she doesn't sleep well anyway. She'll probably welcome the company." her attention turns back to him at the next mention of getting soggy, "Very mean." she says then eyes the jar in his and holds up a hand of quite ineffectively block it.

"If the goal is to get the tent soaked, she will probably be exhausted enough to sleep soundly." He grins then at her mock horror and lets the water fly in her direction splashing her a bit. "Well, hopefully that's less mean. At least it wasn’t the stuff that came in the jar." He snickers to himself and waits to see how she responds.

"Only one way to find out." Frankie gets out around her laughter and trying not to get splashed, which doesn't quite work, not having the same range of motion that he does. She retaliates though, cupping a hand and splashing water directly from the water at him "Good thing. Neither of us want to smell like that for any length of time."

Martin tries to duck out of the way but it's difficult considering he is already squatting. If he is going to get wet, might as well soak her some more and he starts filling the jar again to toss the water at her. "Nothing wantasto smell like that. It's among the worst of all smells." She manages to splash him directly in the face, causing him to fall backwards into the rover on his butt. " I think I may have to yield this battle."

Frankie is committed to this splash battle and will send another his way when he goes to refill the jar "Yeah, no one is going to want to share a tent with /that/ smell." when she gets him in the face with the water she cringes and even more when he falls into the river "Oh Martin. I'm so sorry." even though she is giggling at him. She does offer a hand, not that she can really help him all the way up, but up enough.

Martin fills up the jar as he sits there then stands up. "Oh, you're about to be sorry." . He walks over to her confidently then turns the jar upside down over her head, assuming she hasn't attempted to flee. " Now we're even he says with a laugh, before crouching down next to her and if she lets him he brushes the short wet hair back.

That's where he has the ultimate advantage, Frankie can't flee, it's an effort just to stand up at the moment and she isn't crouching like he was. She knows what's coming and shields her head with her arms but that doesn't help all that much. Sputtering water she nods briefly, "Even." she is in agreement with that one, especially if it keeps her from getting even more soaked. And there is no stopping of his gesture.

Martin moves his hand to the back of her head and leans in slowly in an attempt to kiss her lightly. Nothing deep or long, simply a tentative brush of his lips against hers to see if she slaps him or not. Once he pulls back he notes, "We aren't getting these jars washed."

After all the banter that has been going back and forth between them slapping him for making a move would make Frankie a real bitch. And she isn't that, so no slapping is forthcoming. And there is even some reciprocal action, but no more than what he offers, "Jars?" she asks in jest as he pulls away "What jars?" as if the kiss was enough to drive their task from her head. She gives a laugh then and nods "Sooner we get them clean the sooner we can get back to camp." not that being out her isn't enjoyable, she just wants to get back before dark. That said she gets to work on the cleaning the jars.

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