Day 041: Firelight Discussions Before The Mountain
Summary: After leaving the area around Camp Jaha quickly, the team scouting Mount Weather hunkers down for the night just outside of Mountain Territory.
Date: 9 July 2016
Related: None Directly, but all of the prep-work for the scouting mission around Mount Weather.
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Eastern Riverside, The Wilderness
The forests thin close to the river's edge. The trees are smaller here, and more leafy compared to the thicker evergreens of the deep woods. The river runs deep and cool with a quick moving current that can easily turn to rapids during heavy rains. Here the channel has narrowed slightly, though its width is still quite wide for easy crossings. The river rushes over rocky, but not impassable banks, and there is a series of waterfalls along the course.
41 Days After Landing

Night has hushed the forests just east of this branch of the Potomac, even those usual nocturnal animals shoved aside by the presence of humans. The scouting team has found a little glen just out of sight of the river, where they can hear the rushing water but are not visible to the far bank despite its rise. This has allowed for a tiny flickering fire, although it is likely the last one the group will have after crossing the river. Where the faint glow of the fire fades, the phosphorescence of fungi take over, casting odd shadows around the undergrowth.

Grey slumps down against the bole of a tree, his black armor smeared with mud to cut down on the shine. He doesn't carry any weapons but the short cylinder of his shock baton and the makeshift knife at his belt, and works his way slowly through a protein-dense ration bar with… next to no indications of enjoyment.

Thesda is - where else? Up a tree. She was content with her portion of whatever was brought with or brought down once they had settled for the night, and now she's where she's both happiest and best serves. It does give her a good view of the distance they're intent toward and she keeps vigil with her gaze in that direction.

Pontus took only a thin, padded blanket with him to keep the ground warm and just sat on it under Thesda's tree. It wasn't necessary but it did keep the chill from the ground down instead of having it be needlessly uncomfortable. There was a small fire and above it was a makeshift spit with the halves of a two-faced bunny roasting on it. Did it smell the best? Eh likely not, but it was something. He noted to Grey, finally breaking the habit of speaking in his first tongue to repay the efforts to meet them half way on custom. Of Gray's protein bar he said, chewing on some of the bark left to him for the trip, "That looks terrible." He offered a bit if bark to him between two fingers as an alternative. For Grey this might be a lose, lose situation.

Gideon is in good spirits despite the phosphorescent-accented dark. She is quiet for the most part, eating her own dry and cold food. Her gaze shifts over the Trikru, and then to Grey. "What is it?" She asks, chewing on a bit of jerky. She rolls forward, prepared to examine the food if offered. Her gaze shifts up to the tree were Thesda hides, and she offers the woman a faint smile. "You have the best spot in camp, Thesda."

Grey swallows his bite, "It's a protein bar. All the… uh…" he considers the group, then shrugs a little and doesn't try to dumb anything down, "…vitamins, minerals, and stuff," okay, he doesn't try to dumb anything down behind his usual level, "you need for a full meal." He eyes the bark offered by Pontus, hesitating, and then sighs a little and reaches for it, offering the protein bar over to Gideon in turn, "Anyone who wants a bite can try one." For his part, he sniffs the bark a moment, still hesitating… although Gideon's comment up to the tree draws a nod, "Be even better if it rains down here."

"Always best, if there are predators of any sort." Thesda replies affably. "There is warmth, and cover, and the best position from which to attack an enemy. I am always puzzled that more people do not consider utilizing trees for more purpose." She looks down at Grey's protein bar and wrinkles her nose. Seems she'll pass. She's already had her share of rabbit too.

Pontus cracked a lop-sided grin upward to Thesda admiring the camp she procured. He protested, "Of course there's predators around. We're right here." One didn't need Tuan's hair to have hubris or pride in their work. He glanced back to Grey with a nod seeming to follow. Food bar thing - healthy total meal. His grey eyes followed him curiously as he attempted the bark. He grinned to Gideon and back to Gray and said, "I promise this is not like the branwada we go for Akorn." He ate his own bark and noted, "Still tastes terrible, but you get used to it. Good to know what trees you can eat and survive off of and which have gone bad."

Gideon laughs lightly up at Thesda, and then gently sniffs the protein bar. She shakes her head, leaving it to him as she eats her own jerky. To each their own! She then rolls her shoulders a bit, looking up at Thesda once more. "I do…" She sighs. "My hide is still back over the mushroom nursery near Coesbur." She frowns deeply, thinking back to that place away from everything. "I will have to rebuild it somewhere, I suppose." Then she takes another tear of venison jerky, chewing as she thinks. Her gaze tilts up at the skies, where the milky way is a giant starry rip.

"Because some of us'd fall down." Grey's response to Thesda comes with a chuckle. He eventually takes a bite from the bark, chewing and grimacing, "Got no idea what branwada is, or who Akorn is, but… that's… a little chewy for my taste." Says the man who passed along an oh-so-dense protein bar. Gideon gets a crooked grin, "Yeah. That's a nice hide… don't know if I'd sleep up there though. Some real nice trees around Camp Jaha, ya know."

Thesda lets out a chuckle of her own. "That is because you have not been taught properly, Greh." she tells the young man. "But if I am being fair, I do not expect many to climb any manner of thing as frequently as I do. Veks tried once when we were children, and wound up falling right into the lake." There's a thoughtful pause. "The ring structure of your camp. Has anyone ever attempted climbing that?" Inquiring ever so casually. Oh, Thesda. Thesda, NO.

Sitting with his own jerky, having been quiet for some time, Tuan finally comments up towards Thesda. "I have always believed that you climbed so much so you could look me in the eyes when you were lecturing me about my foolishness." A soft smile is cast up towards the woman before he goes back to munching away.

Pontus sat up. Was the Second calling the First short? He chuckled and said, "Tuan, she doesn't need to look us in the eye to take us to ground, remember that." Fair, and friendly warning from the guy that grew up with her and likely found that out the hard way once or twice. It didn't keep him from being amused though. "Why would you want to climb that thing? We already have to climb something taller, and it at least bears fruit." Because if you're climbing something in his mind it's to attack it or eat.

Grey shrugs his right shoulder helplessly up at Thesda, "Yeah, 'cause before I got down here, the only thing I had to climb was the walls." He chuckles again at Tuan's words, "I didn't know she climbed that often." There's a flash of white teeth behind a broad smile that might suggest there's no offense intended, and then he looks back up to the tree, "The zero-G techs floated up and down it all the time. Don't think anyone's tried it down here." And then he pauses, a challenging smile twisting onto his lips, "I'd try it."

"Because it's there, Pontus." Thesda's tone suggests this should be obvious. There's a snort as Tuan sasses her. "I was climbing when you were still in swaddling, Second." Not that she is that much older than him. Grey gets a smile though. "I would as well. It would be a great thing, to see the world from such height."

Pontus gestured to the direction they were headed. Mountain! It was tall enough for him. The scarred man just shook his head and took the rabbit off the spit. He extended teh stick offering one of the halves to Tuan, "Hmm?" Finally he asked "What is a 'ziro-gi'?"

At the offered stick of rabbit, Tuan nods his head and accepts it from Pontus. Who turns down rabbit these days. He does hesitate before taking a bite though to cast a glance at Grey. "I get into less trouble now than when younger. Which some find very difficult to believe." Then he sets to work on half of rabbit.

"Zero-G. Zero gravity." Grey points up toward the night sky, "When you're up there, there's no gravity," or at least microgravity, which is the same thing as far as Grey is concerned. "So things just float around. We spun the station real fast to make gravity." He pauses a moment, then adds, "You know, like water spun in a bucket?" Tuan's suggestion causes him to chuckle, "Everybody's gotta grow up sometime, I guess? Fi's got that sorta effect, doesn't she?"

There's a snort from up in the tree. Who it's for may be unclear, or it may be for all of them. "It's not the same, Pontus. Walking up the mountain is still just walking. Climbing involves using your whole body." If Thesda's curious about the remark made to Tuan, there's no indication of it.

Pontus arched an eyebrow, or at least the ridge of tattoos where he used to have an eyebrow. He had no head for science, but a good scout was at least always curious. "You float. What like a fish?" He pulled his half of the rabbit back and just bit into it like corn on the cob letting it stay on the stick for now. At the snort he looked up and objectively said, "Well it will be a whole body effort if we find company." Stoic, but apparently also glib when punched off the clock.

Tuan's posture stiffens a bit when Grey mentions Fiona and he mumbles something under his breath in Trig, hiding behind a bite of rabbit. Finally however, he does manage to speak. "A village has been working on my energy far longer than one woman." He picks some more at the roasted animal before looking over at Pontus, managing a smirk, "It does not matter whether from Sky or Ground, I have come to believe all women are stubborn creatures."

Grey goes back to eating his protein bar when no one seems interested in trying it. He shrugs slightly at Pontus, "I guess? Except…" he picks up a stick from the ground alongside him and drops it lightly onto the duff, "no gravity. If you drop something, it hangs where you left it. I never went out in it, 'cause it's dangerous without training." He snorts softly at Tuan's comment, "Haven't you heard? Always give the woman credit." He struggles to keep his eyes from flickering over toward Gideon, and his grin spreads crookedly as he looks back to Tuan, "Even if she ain't listenin'. It always gets back to her." Probably because assholes like Grey tell them.

Pontus agreed between bites with a staunch nod, "Truth. Don't know I could really respect one that wasn't though." He cracked a grin looking from Gideon and then up to Thesda, and went back to his meal a bit amused, and moreso, proud of them for their obstinate strength. Gray's story was interesting. "So like water that doesn't let things fall… anywhere?" Huh. At word reaching back he said "It always does." He finished his bite and said to Gray, "Try having kids. News travels twice as fast."

Something is flung out of the darkness, aimed at Tuan's head; a piece of tree bark. "And men in their way are just as stubborn. It stands to reason that people who wish to survive by their nature must be." Then sweetly, "I didn't catch what you murmured just before, Tuan. What was that?"

Thesda's throw causes Tuan to duck his head some, grinning as he does so. "I was saying that if I get any more women in my life that like throwing things at me, I may need to go join the people of the boat." He glances back up at the woman who he spends much of his time with being treated well.

"Can't really explain it that well, Jigsaw." Yes, Grey's trying out a nickname for Pontus. "One of the scientists could probably do it better. And yeah, I'll skip the kids thing for a good long time. Ain't even an option for another two years." For a Skaikru amidst Trikru, he seems rather casual and relaxed… apparently treating them like just any other people rather than Grounders.

Pontus actually laughed and said, "You get any more women in your life throwing things at you you'll look like me." Hey at least he had a sense of humor about the recent damages acquired in the more recent age. He looked to Gray and just grinned, "For all you and Arlin disagree you call me the same things. Funny." He shook his head and said "Waiting til all this mess is over and you have a properly fortifiable colony? Sensible." He approved on having a foundation before starting a family off.

"Funny," remarks Thesda from her tree, "As if throwing things was an exclusive trait of women." The conversation is starting to irk her a little. "Why is it not an option for two years?" she asks of Grey instead. She starts to say something else, thinks the better of it, and lapses into silence.

Tuan flashes a warm smile up at Thesda. "Do you desire first watch as usual? I shall take second?" He asks it with a tone of familiarity. He looks towards Grey then and adds softly, "We have all worked together for many years. If our mannerisms seem odd or bother you, I apologize. We are like family."

Well that ruined the success of the nickname, and Grey's lips twist, "Couldn't even find that jackhole before we left." The words are a grumble, more to himself than anything else. He fills his mouth with protein bar, and then carefully folds up the wrapper and tucks it into his seat-cushion and seatbelt messenger bag. Chewing and swallowing, he responds to Thesda, "Besides the obvious?" This time he's better at not looking at Gideon, tilting his head up toward the tree Thesda is sheltering in instead, "We all got birth control until we're twenty. All of us get it, 'cause there weren't enough resources up on the Ark and we needed to drop population." He looks over to Tuan, shaking his head, "Naw. No problem. Family ain't who you're born to," thank god, given his parents, "it's who you know. The Hundred are closer to my family than anyone else on the Ark."

Pontus kept his mouth shut. To him throwing things was something worth taking great pride in and a badge of accomplishment. Not being the one defending a sentiment he ate his rabbit. He boggled though not quite understanding the concept and he said, "Don't worry so much about Arlin, worry about what's in front of us. He's not here, that is." That being the Mountain or the task at hand maybe. "You can't tell someone just not to have kids. THat's…" he tried to find a word for it "<In Trigedasleng> insane."

"Birth control. Like the herbs some women put in their tea to keep from getting pregnant." Thesda seems to grok it quite plainly. But then, she's probably been taught to manage her own fertility, given how many lovers she's gone through herself. To Tuan, she only grunts in acknowledgement. "Wake Pontus up for third." she instructs him.

Tuan nods his head towards Thesda, "Third shift for you Pontus. And you better not try to grope me again when you wake up like I am one of those Tondc girls you like so much." A smirk upon his lips and he pushes himself up. "I will close my eyes early, so that I can get some rest before Thesda awakens my nose."

Grey shakes his head at Pontus, "But he's back there, with my people. And he still thinks he's got unfinished business with us, and that don't sit well with me." Pushing himself up to his feet with a grimace of pain and a slow working of his left arm, he offers, "I'll take fourth watch then. Whenever that is. And we had to, Pontus. If we didn't, we'd run out of air and water and food. Everybody got one kid, and they didn't want people screwin' that choice up when they were stupid teenagers." The teenager's grin flashes back into place at that, clearly aware that he's poking fun at himself.

Pontus arched an eyebrow and said solidly, "You have got to have me confused with someone else cause my hands are kept to myself, Tuan." He paused and added fairly, "Unless asked otherwise." He nodded at the amendment and finished the rabbit, and got up to bury anything that remained of the carcass to not attract raccoons and such. He paused brushing his hand off. "I don't pay attention to tea. Did wonder though." he dug at the hole for a bit listening to Gray and said "No one should be touching you while that alliance stands." Of that he seemed pretty resolute and finally relented, "Being a teenager and having a child to take care of…" He stopped and packed dirt on the remains of dinner. "It will change you. You stop being a 'stupid teenager' adn learn a whole lot about yourself in a very small amount of time." Seems like that was one he knew from experience.

The whole conversation going on down below seems to merit little more than another one of Thesda's snorts. The tree rustles slightly as the woman changes position, but she makes it seem little more like the movement of the leaves in the wind.

Grey shakes his head at Pontus, "Once there's an alliance, maybe that'll matter, man. Right now, I just want to make sure he doesn't sock someone who can't take it." He accepts the voice of experience with a helpless shrug, "I'm good bein' a stupid teenager for a while." He'll let the Trikru handle the fire and waking up, just drawing himself back and curling up in a hundred-year-old blanket rescued from an ancient supply depot.

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