Day 014: Dating a Mimi - Turn that frown upside down?
Summary: Elias and Mimi meet at the cook tent with an appearance by Allen. Talk of romance, and turning frowns upside down.
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Cook Tent
The Cook Tent is probably one of the larger tents on the grounds. It butts up against a wall of the dropship, and its ceiling is made of the tri-colored fabric of the drop parachute. Two of the other walls are made from a base of lashed tree trunks and a screen of thick evergreen branches. A prep area has been put together at the back, against the dropship. Someone with some mad skills has created their best approximation of a table, which is really just four almost-straight tree trucks standing upright with the flattest dropship panel they could find stretched across it. Everything is very organized with makeshift utensils and ingredients having their proper places. Attached to the tent is the beginnings of what will become a smokehouse. At the entrance to the tent is a box for donations of food to be used for the camp meals.
Day 14

Plans were made to meet Mimi at the Cook Tent. This is precisely what Elias does at sundown. Other than removing as much of the dirt on him as possible, he hasn't really the means to freshen himself up. After making his way into the cook tent, he takes a look around the place for his date.

Mimi steps in not long after. She's taken time to freshen up..she never gets horribly dirty, and has kept pretty clean since her injury. Her dress is the nicest thing she has so she wears that. She has however picked some flowers and tied them into her hair around her head. Moving over to her 'date' she comes to a stop in front of him. "Hello Mr………" She pauses a few awkward moments, definately more than one. "Restate: Hello Elias. It is nice to see you. You look much cleaner than usual. Are you prepared for our date? I am not completely clear on the ritual as it seems to have no hard set rules."

The appearance of Mimi does indeed take him a little by surprise. While he's relatively clean himself, he has been working with soil and rocks for quite a bit of the week by comparison. The young man's hazel eyes do shift down over her dress to take her in, but then he returns them politely to her face. "You can't worry so much about being prepared, Mimi," he tells her, turning more towards her now. "But I will say that you look pretty in that dress. The flowers are a nice touch too." Pausing a moment, he looks over towards the table and then back to Mimi. "The rules are basically set by two completely different people without talking about it beforehand. It's part of the purpose of a date. Getting to know another person."
Allen arrives from the Grounds.
Allen has arrived.

Mimi smiles brightly "Thank you! I picked them because girls pre-war thought they looked pretty. I am not sure of these flowers in particular, but flowers were common. I would have preferred to wear something else but this is the nicest thing I have. I considered wearing the black bra but I liked the pink one better." She considers Elias's statement. "I see. I prefer static to dynamic, order instead of chaos. I'm feeling..things. And while I'm not particuarly fond of it just because they are new, it's something I need to address and deal with. I dont think life will go back to being the same. So it is time to adapt."

Elias blinks at the girl when she mentions her bra and holds up a finger to her. "You don't want to bring up the underwear you're wearing either," he says with a bit of a flustered laugh. Color rises to his cheeks as well at the statement. "Otherwise a guy might get the wrong idea, understand?" Clearing his throat and regaining some composure then, he gives a quick wag of his brows at her. "Well, you're a mathematics girl. You're familiar with golden ratio, right? How it appears all throughout nature? Seemingly by chaos and yet the math makes sense."

Allen steps into the cook tent with his head hung low, something that doesn't seem to do much for this otherwise giant teen. His shoulders slump forward, his step stops mid-stride near the entrance, and he leans down for a short moment before rising back up to his full, much taller than average height. Allen Kregor, known to be a long-time prisoner held for murdering his parent, makes his way further in with his arms crossed over his tank-top adorned body. "Fuck that, they're just talking," he says aside, to seemingly no one (something he's certainly known to do), "I'm here for /food/, asshole. Food." And with that, he shoots Elias and Mimi a glance before starting off for something to eat.

This young man looks to stand well above the average person, his sinewy body broad at the top and thin at the stomach. Short, messy black hair sits atop his head, and looks to have been cut by a knife or dull blade. A black, stubbly beard covers his face, jaw, and the top of his neck, which frames his strong jawline in the process. Further down, his neck leads into his wide shoulders, the whole of them covered in thick muscles that persist down his back, chest, and abdomen. His arms are just as muscular, with wide biceps and strong forearms.

Mimi nods to Elias "Yes. In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0"

Giving a little giggle she claps her hands together a few times. She's giggly a moment "Mathematics talk, I love mathematics talk! Your talking about chaos theory!" She looks at the tall cursing boy. She didn't think she was in the way but she steps back a little to give Allen some room should ne need it. She looks at Allen, then to Elias. "42?" she asks with a shrug.

Elias holds up both hands and laughs quietly at Mimi. "Well, I know a little mathematics. I'm not quite the natural you are, you know. But yeah…kinda' like chaos theory." Elias gives a nod of his head and a wide berth to Allen. The tall young man seems to be in a poor mood, after all. There is a glance after Allen, but he does not engage with the taller kid. "Forty-two?" he asks Mimi before moving along towards the table.

Allen stops abruptly in the middle of the tent, his gaze lingering on the food at one end, then quickly on an entirely empty space nearby. "That is not the same fucking thing and you know it," he says to no one in particular with an emphatic point towards the empty space, "Just— float yourself. Leave me alone for thirty minutes so I can eat and not look like some creepy prick." Then, there's a silence from him, as if he's anticipating something that never comes. A sigh of relief escapes him, his head falls low, and he obtains some food and turns about. "Sorry," he manages aside to Elias and Mimi once more as he seems to be intent on taking his food outside.

Mimi nods softly "Mmmhmmn. I would doubt that there is anyone living with the same amount of skill or passion in mathematics at this time. Personally I am not as fond of chaos theory because I prefer things to not have undefinable variables." She lets the '42' and looks to Elias. She moves up to stand in front of Allen and smile brightly "Elias and I are on a date Mr. Kregor. Here, I'm going to help you with something." A soft little giggle. "Okay, here goes, I'm lifting these.." Then moves her hands slowly push the sides of his cheeks upwards to try to make him smile. "Here you go, we'll just turn that frown upside down. Don't worry, we'll all get through this process together!"

Elias just blinks at Allen, looking a little confused at the larger guy. Mimi's voice once more draws his attention to her, though. "Well, I don't know what to tell you. Many things are not so easily predictable." It may look like he has more to say, but Mimi is marching on over to Allen to grab for his face. Looking on with no small amount of concern, he starts over towards the both of them looking as if he has every intention of stopping Mimi from doing what she's doing right now.

Allen stops abruptly as Mimi reaches up to his face. When her fingers make contact with his lips, however, his brow furrows and he staggers back slightly. "What-" he starts, confusedly, as his eyes travel from the shorter woman towards the approaching man. "What the hell are you doing," Allen states, confusedly, even as his lips are lifted into a smile (one that doesn't hold, should she move her hands), "Are you— Why do you think that this is something you should…" The tall young man sighs, his eyes close, and he looks away from them pair towards the empty space beside them, "She's just trying to be nice. I said give me a half hour."

Mimi says excitedly "Wait, wait, we almost have it! We can do it together, just a little more..there! There! Ooooooh." A pout as he slips away. She holds up her lips with two fingers doing it to herself. "See, a smile!" She releases her lips to clap her hands. "You just about got it though! Someone has to show you how to do it because I've never seen you smile. But I didn't know how to do many things till we came to Earth. We just have to teach one another." She points at Elias "He's teaching me how to be a girlfriend. And to go on dates. And how to successfully flirt." She tilts her head "Flirt Attempt: I enjoy spending time with you because you make me feel like I am not broken. You put up with oddities I have that many chafe at."

What the hell she is doing is a question Elias has himself, in fact. The young man approaches with caution, trying to figure out just how volatile this situation is. Allen clearly strikes him as odd and potentially dangerous. When he isn't going -completely- crazy at Mimi's touch, he moves a bit more quickly and lightly puts a hand on her shoulder. "Mimi, the guy probably just wants to eat, but…" Elias does give a polite nod to Allen of course. "Allen," he greets him with a nod belying no small amount of trepidation.

A sneer is given, followed by a snort, and Allen reaches up in an attempt to swat Mimi's hands away from his face. "I'll teach you another— SHUT. UP," he starts, his tone initially moderate before it broadens into a much louder shout that draws the attention of other teens that spend their time eating in the tent. Turning his attention back to Mimi, then, his brow furrows and nose wrinkles before he points back up towards his face, "You think it's a good idea to mess with a murderers face, huh? You think it's smart to just walk up like that? You know what everyone else says— just— back off— AND SHUT. UP." The louder words seem to be directed back towards the nothingness that Allen's attention is affixed upon. And with that, he attempts to stumble backward from the pair, drops his food onto a nearby table, and starts towards the door, scowling, "Enjoy your date."

Mimi shakes her head "No, it was completely illogical. Which is why I did it. It's time to try to start living. I also know what it's like to be labeled as an outcast. It's harsh and isn't nice. You dont always have to shy away from everything. Though on the same advice you should take care when approaching unfamiliar large people." She looks to Elias and tilts her head a litle to the right side. "I didn't ruin the mood did I?"

Elias freezes when the taller guy's words get louder and harsher. Looking on cautiously, he starts to pull gently at Mimi's shoulder. "Mimi…" he speaks her name, trying to get her to back off of him. As Allen starts making his way to the door, he starts to look just a bit more comfortable. Once more, he looks to Mimi and gives a gentle shake of his head in response to her question. "No, you're fine. Want to sit down?"

Allen rolls his shoulders dismissively as he continues along past the makeshift portions of the tent, heading back towards the entrance. "Be more careful," he manages aside to Mimi and Elias, almost tiredly, as he continues on out back towards the dropship.

Mimi nods softly "Yes, I would like to do so. I upset you? I..apologize. I took a risk that it was something that might cheer him up. It…was not." She settles into the finest of makeshift seating. "You looked very concerned."

"Well, yeah," Elias says, looking past her to the large guy as he steps out. "That guy's got some issues. I was afraid he was going to hurt you." Smiling anew, he gives her an expectant look before moving to the table to seat himself. "So be careful around him, yeah? So what would you be interested in talking about, Mimi? Maybe options for food?"

Mimi gives a shrug of her shoulders. "I have issues too. I always have. He appears to have schitophrenia. Multiple voices in his head, possibly some sort of split personality. It's practically straight from a text that it's very obvious. However medication is unavailable. Perhaps the grounders might have some sort of suppressant?" Having settled into her seat she asks "Do you find my own issues overly problematic?"

Elias listens for the moment, squinting just slightly at Mimi and her admission. With a gentle bob of his head in a nod, he gives the question at the end some thought. "Are you a danger to yourself or others?" he asks matter-of-factly, brows arching just a touch. "If not, then your issues aren't problematic. Allen's issues might make him a danger. It just makes you quirky and adorable." Flashing a smile to her then, he starts to get up once more. "Was there something particular you wanted for food?"

Mimi shakes her head "I do not think I am an immediate danger or threat, however I do not get along well with the Grounders and have made a poor impression. I would like to make a change and make things better instead of worse." Her cheeks completely flush as she lets something sink in "You think I'm adorable?" She points at herself "Me? Are you certain you have the right person?" She rests her hands in her lap "And..for food I suppose the usual whatever we happened to scavenge?"

Elias holds his hands up and laughs at Mimi as he stands up once more finally and starts moving over to where the food is. "You have your own charm," he says. "It just so happens to not be particularly appreciated by Grounders." Turning then, he starts rummaging around for food, uncertain as to what all has been gathered in the past days. "That's good that you're not an immediate danger or threat, yeah. The usual, the usual…" He manages to get together some nuts, wild carrots, and whatever else has been gathered. Bringing a few things back then, he starts setting them on the table. "You don't think you're adorable?"

Mimi lets out a little laugh, covering her mouth with both hands with a gasp. What was /that/! She keeps her mouth covered for the moment "Or particarly by Arkers either." She watches the gather for food and slowly lets her hands draw back to her lap. "I do not think I am adorable, no. Though I am not certain what I would consider to be so. I have lived my life without emotion, and now experiencing it I find that I have lived my life rather plainly. And looking back I feel like I am realizing that I have missed out on so many things you all have had and take completely for granted."

A nod is given from Elias to Mimi as she speaks, giving her a sympathetic look. "Well, you're different. It's not a bad thing." He reaches forth to grab one of the nuts, cracking the shell carefully with his hands. "You're pretty and you're smart. If all of these emotions are new, it's just a matter of understanding them. You're right, though. We take a lot for granted." Twisting his lips in an amused smirk then, he settles his gaze on hers. "I took people for granted. Lied to them, hurt them." There is a brief quirk of his brow and cant of his head. "So there's that. I'm less than adorable."

Mimi shakes her head “No, I don’t think so. I do not think you are less than adorable – at least to me.” She considers her words. “I will tell you something but I am bound by all words I have spoken before. I cannot tell lies. I cannot be untruthful. I was in the skybox for Treason. It’s only partially true as I learned many secrets discovering things from damaged hard disk drives on the Ark. Since I cannot be untruthful I was put into solitary and I was allowed to continue to work – this time under direct order of the Council. I have seen many things – things that our peers would tear me apart for not sharing. I am treasonous. But that treason is to all of you, including you. Not to the Ark itself.”

Brows lift upwards at this revelation and he immediately looks to the left and right of him to make sure that no one else heard that. Elias puts a finger to his lips in a hushing motion before taking the finger away and giving a nod of his head. "Let's put a pin in that for tomorrow," he says in an even tone before leaning back again and letting a smile cross his features. "You can tell me and I won't harm you. Tomorrow, though. We have a date to enjoy, right?" He tosses a piece of the cracked nut into his mouth and munches.

Mimi is hesitant. "I do not think I can tell you tomorrow. Or the day after that." She smiless softly "Yes. I like that idea. Let's date!" She rests her hands on the makeshift table. "Bring me your nuts and let us dine!" She closes her eyes to smile brighter. "What else did you find? Did they have the fruit leather?"

Elias clears his throat a bit, raising one hand to cover his mouth. "Oh…got to work on your phrasing," he says. "Nuts can also be a euphemism for testicles." Laughing a little then, he takes one of the nuts from the table and once more cracks it with his hands. The cracked nut is then offered to Mimi. "No problem. If you ever need to and feel comfortable about it, I'll be around." The last question has him reaching for a piece of the fruit leather with his free hand and offering it forth as well. "So what sorts of things do you like besides mathematics?"

Mimi tilts her head and a completely confused look comes over her. "Why would I want to chew on your testicles? like your testicles chewed on?" She holds up a finger "The testes is where sperm is generated. The sperm travels through the male's penis where when ejaculate is expelled it is meant to impregnate the female. I beleive that is what they are supposed to be used for." She tilts her head to the other side, crossing her legs as she reaches for the fruit leather "A girl is often said to enjoy having her genetalia licked. This is incorrectly referred as eaten. It is not, it is licked instead to stimulate pleasure centers. This makes the vagina become lubricated with the female's arousal in expectation of a penis or other sexual activity. It is a common practice amoung women who have sex with women from my understanding. Is this similar to the act of 'chewing a testies' that you are referring to in the same kind of fashion? Similiar to eating a vagina?" She points rather firmly at Elias and gets a oddly resolute look "If we are dating, you are not allowed to chew on my vagina. Licking is okay. And things like that, but like many women I am not a piece of meat. I am not for eating." She considers what she is for then. "I am Not for eating." She eases up a bit her expression softening "Are we in agreeance on the terms?"

Again at a loss. Elias just blinks at the girl and stops all movement. He raises a finger as if in protest and opens his mouth, but then slumps down a little bit, closing his mouth. There is a long moment of silence then as he just stares at her wide-eyed. "Whoah. No. Okay. So guys -really- don't like that. Ever. First off." Clearing his throat and trying to regain some composure then, he continues. The color in his cheeks definitely belies his flustered state, though. "I…just don't even know where to begin. Mimi, you can't just bring up sexual things to guys like that. One of these guys around camp might get the wrong idea or take advantage. But believe me when I say that you don't want to get involved with me." Giving her a thin smile and a genuine look, he shakes his head. "We can be friends and hang out like this, but…you're sweet. People who get too close get hurt."

Mimi tilts her head quirking it to the right "I am merely stating in explicit detail to make sure that there is no miscommnunication." She takes a bite of the fruit leather as she watches as Elias speaks. "I think there are several that would refute my being sweet. However.." She pouts quite a bit. "Are you saying that you do not feel an attraction? Why would I not want to get involved with you? Is there a problem that you find me unattractive?" She pauses "Self-analyzing…" She's considering herself. "Is there something I can do to make myself more attractive?"

Elias shakes his head in response to Mimi's question, looking a touch saddened by her pout. "You're very attractive, Mimi. It has nothing to do with that." Pressing his lips together, he gives her a thoughtful look. "I think right now you're experiencing emotions that you're not sure how to deal with right now. It wouldn't be right of me." Leaning forward a little, he gestures to himself. "I'm a piece of shit. I'm really, really trying not to be." With a sigh, the young man leans on the table, propping his head up with one hand. "You don't need to be that explicit, Mimi," he says after another moment, smiling anew.

<FS3> Mimi rolls Kiss: Failure.

Mimi shakes her head "I do not beleive that your statement is a true statement. Everyone has been significantly changed by landing on the ground. I have changed from being unfeeling and uncaring about those around me. We have murderers, theives, some guilty, some innocent. What you are here now is what you make of yourself. Nothing more and nothing less." She pushes herself up putting her hands on the table and leans forward to place a kiss onto Elias' lips. She slips however on the fruit leather that was in her hand though she puckers, and even closes her eyes she might have been better off leaving them open. Pushing way harder than she should of she misses the lips and instead lands her lips randomly as she falls over the table and against the boy with her face. Her cheeks redden and her eyes jerk open. When she realizes that she has a face full of Elias-shirt, she sputters "F..Fail! Fail!"

The embarrassment doesn't go unnoticed in the least and Elias watches her for a moment, helping her back up as needed. "Ah, are you okay?" The question she asks him, however, is the one he chooses to focus on. Chewing at the inside corner of his lips a moment while he studies her, Elias does finally speak up. "That's fair enough," he replies with a sigh. "I'm not…looking for this right now. We've basically been marooned here as criminals, are having to scrape by just to survive, and deal with…well. -Kind of- hostile natives?" He gives a quick shake of his head. "It's bad timing for this sort of thing on so many levels. I need to be focused on the task at hand right now and. Other things as well, but…no. I really don't wanna' talk about that. Not yet." Pressing his lips together, Elias gives her a serious and sincere look.

Mimi points a finger upward "My understanding is that love happens when you least expect it." she states matter-of-factly. "I am not saying this is love, however you should not let opportunities pass you by. After all there are bound to be fewer and fewer of them. With the time on the Ark nearly finished we have only limited time remaining. You may find that you should have someone to lean on in the coming days. Life is going to become much more…..difficult." She chooses her last word carefully as the redness is starting to drain from her cheeks.

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