Day 016: First Unity Day
Summary: Unity Juice, a Unity Day Speech, a Unity Day Murder, and Unity Day Mob Justice
Date: 27 May 2016
Related: Continued in First Unity Day Part 2.
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

16 Days After Landing

It is mid-afternoon on Day 16 After Landing. With news of the successful (according to many) Summit with the Grounders spreading, Unity Day is off to a good start. Just about everyone in camp wants there to be no war, no matter what they think of the Ark or each other, there are only a very few in the Camp that want to go to war with the Grounders. Stored-up supplies have been broken out, although several deer and the lamprey are still being saved for dinner. The makeshift duct-tape and shirt football is out again, a herd of Delinquents thundering around after it in the most disorganized game of football since… well, okay, so most of the early football games were utterly disorganized.

For once, Grey isn't in the middle of the football game. He has his baton slung over one shoulder and is wearing his new olive-drab t-shirt, nearly new. Instead of roughhousing with the others, he leans against the dropship just outside the ramp, a skewer of meat in his hand as he looks over the party, a low scowl on his features. Not an angry scowl, just a thinking one. It's a painful process, watching Lucian Grey think.

Despite the comforts that Coesbur has to offer, Fiona is actually pretty happy to be home. She imparted the news of their tentative success and upon discovering there might be means to wear something other than what she's had on and only managed to roughly wash for two weeks, was happy to have some new clothes. Of course, she's pretty petite, so she has to do some makeshift alterations; pants belted with some woven scrapcloth and a shirt that's been sliced up to be more fitted, the cloth scrap turned over to the medic tent to be sterilized and used for bandages. Nothing's wasted. She appears at Grey's side, looking serene. "There's an old saying. Penny for your thoughts?"

It might be a day of fun, but nobody told Cole Menge that. That hole he had partially dug to lead to underside of the dropship where he was able pull off one of the exhaust bells for his purifier is where he's sequestered himself. Partying has never exactly been his thing, and usually when he did it was 3am in the corner of his old apartment. Probably crying or something like that. No new clothes for him. No new anything, unless you consider the fact that having his lung back would be considered new. Anyhow, there's something tinkering noises coming from the hole he's crawled into, doing something under there.

So, Hanne Keats is feeling pretty good about herself at the moment. While she had to strongarm too many delinquents into actually participating in the Unity Day Project, she managed to get quite a few to agree to it — sometimes very begrudgingly. No one likes homework, no matter who is giving it. She walks up to Grey a mere second after Fiona poses the question, and punches him jovially on the arm — and Keats doesn't know her own strength, so it probably hurts just a little bit. "Stop looking so glum, Lucian." She then bounces a few steps away, turning to look at the camp with a beaming expression.

Stepping out from the dropship with a grumpy look is Silas in his same old clothes, fingers wrapped with some terrible makeshift excuses of bandages from plenty of work spent working and failing at making something useful out of the one piece of leather he was able to make. He sucks in a sharp breath before letting out a sigh, his right hand coming over to run his fingers through his hair and brush it back. "I'm drinking as much as I can tonight." he grumbles, wriggling his nose as he lets his hand slump down to his side as he stands in the doorway of the dropship.

Silas quietly looks over to eye Grey, staring at him for a second or two before he speaks up. "You look pissed and scary when you're like that." says Silas, his right brow pushed up somewhat as his eyes drift from Grey to Fiona as she appears. "Hmmh. Maybe I should start dressing up as well." he hums aloud, eyeing her attire before he moves to step over and sit down on the slope of the dropship as Hanne shows up and offers the punch to Grey's arm, looking over to her. "Keats, you owe me for making me be part of your project." he says before he follows her gaze and quietly watches the rest of the camp, "I was enjoying that nap you interrupted.".

Mid-afternoon finds Elias emerging from the cook tent with a length of fruit leather. His long hair and clothing are still damp from a trip to the river. With fruit leather in hand, he starts walking on over towards Grey as well, noticing the guy leaning up against the dropship. With an upward nod to him and the approaching Fiona, he invites himself along to lean up against the hull of the giant metal obelisk as well. Wordlessly for now, he breaks off two pieces of the fruit leather and offers both Grey and Fiona a piece of it. It looks as though he might speak up, but then there's a Hanne approaching as well. Again, he nods and breaks off another piece of his snack to offer it to her as well with a raised left brow. "Hey," is all he offers for the time being, this being directed to the three of them more than one person in particular. When Silas shows up, he looks down at the fruit leather he has left and then back up to Silas…who gets a nod, but no fruit leather.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.

Cameron is in a little bit of a brood; its not a major brood, its not like one of those broods that has dark clouds over his head, but there's a brood going on. For someone who has been rather absurdly easy to please despite near starvation and constant threat of death, that's somewhat notable. He did insist on going out and foraging in the morning, and he's just coming back from that, with the brood coming with him, and an unsatisfactory amount of fruit and mushrooms to show for his efforts in his sack. Still, he glances around, broods at a random delinquent in such a way that has Cam's eyes narrowing sharply, and then heads to the Cook Tent to deposit his supplies. Brooding. Has it been mention, he's got his brood on? He totally does.

To her panther fang, Alison has added another token, a large lamprey tooth. She has been busy as she could be getting info on the summit. Good thing there is booze today. She has her a nice cup of the raw stuff. Alison is, nice and clean, freshly washed and tucked back bold red hair. Over her normal coat, she wears a camo blouse open. At hearing the work though, she wonders over to check on Cole. "What are you doing?" It is polite enough, even if there is more a 'stop that' implied.

Grey looks up as first Fiona and then Hanne approaches, blinking and actually flinching a little as Hanne slugs his shoulder. He gives her a 'why the hell, man' look and rubs at his shoulder, "Ow." He nods his head up toward the jubilant camp, "How long 'till the first one throws a punch, Fi?" Grunting over to Silas, he adds, "Good. Maybe the first idiot will think twice before throwing that punch." Sticking the skewer of meat in his mouth, he takes the piece of dried fruit from Elias with a nod of thanks, gathering both in one hand for a minute, looking down at his shirt, "What, maybe there's someone I wanna look good for, Silas." The ex-C plucks at the hem of the new shirt, then shrugs, "Or maybe I just wanted to wear somethin' besides dirt or leather."

Morgan wanders out of the dropship drawn by the noise of the celebration. Having told everyone who he knew was going to go hunting supply depots of his need for medical supplies, he also added 'a shirt' to the list if someone could PLEASE find him one. It seems someone did since he's got on a khaki tank top though it's a little snug on him. Perhaps Cameron also added his own request that it be a size too small. Having his arms bare reveals a tattoo on his upper left arm though a closer look will show it's just been drawn on. A tree has been sketched out and centered in the sun which is coming up over the horizon. Wandering down the ramp, he pauses by the Grey punching society.

"Masturbating." comes Cole's sarcastic voice out from that hole. He can't rightly be seen, but the sound carries well enough to be heard around the dropship. Something to do with with metal obviously. "What do you think, fuckin working." comes the explanation, as if this should be a given. "I'm checking the fuel tanks, making sure none of this stuff is leaking out onto the ground. Because that's one less fuckin issue I really want to deal with." Tink tink, that's the sound of something metal rapping against something else made of metal. Though it sounds more like a drum full of liquid than anything else. "Fuel leads look okay. None of the bells have residue. Huh…holding up better than a fuckin thought it would." Then pause. "Why asking?" he directs at Alison. Or what he /assumes/ is Alison. Can never tell, voices all sound the same to him.

"No idea." Fiona says wearily, "As long as it's not one of us." Which she knows cannot be guaranteed. "It was hard, Grey. It felt like a success, but even while we were coming back, I was already thinking we weren't going to please everyone." She nods to Hanne, and offers a smile and a murmured thanks to Elias as she accepts some fruit leather.

Hanne beams in all her jubilant wonder at Silas. She is so happy in her bliss of Unity Day that she actually bounces right up to Silas and deposits a kiss on his cheek. "Whatever you say, Pike." She pats him on the arm before she looks over at Grey. "No… no… we're not being broody or mopey or anything. I will go get some of Frankie's Unity Juice and make you drink three cups if that's what it takes." Because alcohol poisoning is always a great start to a party. Then she hears Cole, and she snaps, "Menge! Get out from under there, no work today!" My god, the Party Planner sure is bossy today. She does take the offered bit of fruit leather with a sunny beam. "Thanks!"

Oh. Cameron is a bit inked up too. Under each eye is a smudge of black ink, only slightly faded, and on top of his left hand is a triangle, and his right index and thumb are stained on the bottom. He looks like he should be involved in that there crazy football extravaganza, but he just eyes it for a long moment. That would be fun, and to have fun means he'd have to give up the brood he's holding onto. Nope! He blinks over at Hanne and looks warily at her, "…Whoa what got into her? She's so… *peppy*". This question is asked of Morgan, cuz Cam has found his way over to him, because gravity is a thing. His expression has him looking at Morgan's back, not in admiration (for once), but as a possible place to hide should Hanne spot him and turn the pep powers at him. "Its like she discovered some sort of caffeine-analog."

A small smirk crawls up along Silas' features as he gets a reply from Grey, offering a shrug. "Maybe it will." he says, as he glances over to Grey. "But probably wont." he adds, before he brings his hands over to rest in his lap as he quietly crosses his legs and looks out to the celebrations. And then, in like a cruise missile from Mount Weather comes Hanne, kissing him on the cheek. Silas stops for a moment as his voices begins, "Wh-..", his brows furrowing as he hesitates for a second, before planting his feet firmly into the dropship and pushing himself back as his face goes tomato red. "What the fuck?!" he continues in a bit a shout after the pat on the arm, clearly taken off guard. His right hand comes over and wipes down his cheek, making sure to get any potential cooties off. "Knock it off, Keats.." he grumbles as he plants his right elbow on his knee and sinks his chin into his palm as his glare sets out and over onto the rest of the camp. Or just away from Hanne, really as he looks to Cameron- and Morgan as he notices him, nodding to them both in greeting.

A return nod is given for Grey at the thanks for the snack. For a moment or so, Elias seems more than happy to settle there against the dropship, lifting his fruit leather to his bared teeth to take another bite from it. While still chewing, he looks sidelong to Grey and squints his eyes. A short, quiet laugh heralds the quickening of the smile on his lips then. "Too good for dirt and leather now?" he quips at the ex-C before resuming the chewing. Fiona's statement gets his attention and garners a nod from him. "Did your best and bought us some time at least. I got no complaints. Good job." The dried fruit offered to Hanne initially is mashed back in to the other piece in an attempt to make a thicker piece of it. "Alive…is…happy," he draws out as he works to stick the two pieces together.

Alison lifts a brow slightly, her eyes rolling as she listens to Cole spout off about what he is doing. Fuel not leaking, check. She is about to add more, after she takes that swig, "Ah.." She is cut off by Hanne's comment. "Well, it sounds fine. Or at least you have it well in hand. So, yea, come on out of there." She straightens and gives a nod to Hanne. Half smile, "Hi." Full sip.

There's a bit of silence from that hole. Then some shuffling around, Cole popping his head out from under the dropship. "What the hell am I supposed to do if I can't fuckin work?" he grumbles at Hanne. As much as it may sound like griping, it's a serious question from him. Because has no idea or able to understand the concept of 'not working', giving her a look like she just asked him to walk around naked in camp. Reaching behind him, he drags up his toolbag, tossing it out at the entrance of the hole with a metallic thunk. "Sitting around, doing /nothing/. Only because you fuckin asked." Climbing out, he claps at his shirt and pants, already looking out of place. "Eugh. Parties."

Spotting Cameron, Grey's brows draw down again, and he takes a rather angry bite of his meat-skewer, tearing off the last of it and leaving him with a bit of fruit leather and a splinter of wood. He nods grumpily at Fiona, "You did good. Oxfor must've been in a good mood." Elias gets a shrug, "I'm in my Unity Day best, what can I say." He shakes his head as Hanne buzzes around, "I got somethin' I gotta do first, Hanne." He nods to the others gathered at the base of the ramp, "I'll be back in a bit." And he starts walking toward Cameron, tossing the splinter aside on the way and spreading his hands in a placating gesture as he approaches Morgan and Cameron, "I'd like to talk, Cameron. Sittin' down somewhere. Just us."

"Nothing we do would have pleased everybody." Morgan points out when he overhears Fi. "So it's not worth worrying about. We did the best we could." He nods a greeting to the others nearby as he walks over. Hearing Cam, he looks over and smiles, reaching for an arm to drag him closer. "You still brooding? Everyone needs this and we've stored so little, it won't make a different six months from now." Unconcerned about Hanne's peppiness, he slides both arms around Cam and kisses him. Hopefully more effective than just saying 'cheer up'. When Grey comes over, he glances over then lets Cam go so he and Grey can talk.

"Have some booze, Cole." suggests Fiona impishly. "We're all so underfed you'll be buzzed in two sips." She plans to get some herself shortly, adding, "Thanks." to Elias again, this time for his assessment. Grey she looks askance at, and just laughs. "Wow. You are a master of the backhanded compliment." She's not irked, so she's just teasing him.

"Make me, Pike," Keats fires back with another brilliant beam. Then she peeks back at the dropship, even leaning down with her hands on her knees to shout at him. "You're supposed to have fun, Menge… get out, or I'm coming in there and making you." Serious threats there, people. She then looks after Grey as he walks off to Cameron, and she scowls a bit. She doesn't go after him, or demand that he not cause trouble, but she does look back at Elias as he offers out fruit leather again, and she beams again.

No! Cameron is BROODING. He is the night, you will not touch him! And…well that was that. Morgan's got him an armful of Cam and kissing just kills the brood like dead. Afterwards, he says a bit breathily, "We have to start somewhere or—" But then he just gives up on the whole argument, shrugging and grinning a little bit. Then Grey's there, and Cameron gives him a wary eye, but he sighs, shrugs, and runs a hand through his hair, all an attempt to deflect away this /talk/, but somehow, Grey doesn't vanish no matter what Cam's magical mental powers hope for. So, in an even voice, "Yeah, okay, Grey. Lead the way, man." A meaningful look is shared with Morgan, the subtext all: if I do not return in an hour, send a rescue squad.

Keats earns a loud growl in return from Silas, who brings his hands over and puts them down onto his knees. "Fuck it." he says, grunting as he pushes himself up and off the ground as he brings himself to his feet, patting his bum off before he looks around and spots wherever the alcohol is available. "I'm getting white girl wasted." he says and marches off, heading over as he puts on a scowl that is probably more forced than anything as he gets himself a glass… Or cup. Or whatever we have.

"Right, an ruin dirty up your clothes? You'd just love to get me all to yourself, Hanne." Cole grunts. But he's out, looking out of place and a bit awkward. What do you do? Just stand around and talk to people? No, that's not really something he's all that good at. "Didn't know you back, Fi." he states to Fiona before moving away with his toolbag. "I'm getting my bottle. Maybe if I get I get drunk enough, it'll be work to try and stay sober." At least to him, there's a particular amount of logic involved in that. That said, he starts moving towards his tent in the living area, mostly to drop off his toolbag. And get said bottle.

Elias is suddenly still when Grey pushes himself off of the dropship to go chat with Cameron. With a raised brow, his gaze follows him on over. Naturally, Cameron gets a nod of his head as well as a smile. Morgan too for that matter. While he's usually pretty even-tempered and reserved, he's not aloof. Looking sidelong to Fiona again, he gives her a lopsided smile. "You're welcome," he says. The combined piece of fruit leather, the mega-piece if you will, is handed over to Hanne with a smile and a quick upwards nod of his head. "I mostly brought it out for sharing. No probs." There's a look around then, Elias contentedly doing the people-watching thing for the moment.

Alison watches Cole climb out, a hand is offered, might be bad math considering the differences in relative size anyway. Another sip, and it is empty, earning the traitor cup a scowl. "Umm, you can go get me another cup, if you have to feel productive." The cup lifted high and her mouth open to drain the final drop. She looks over to Silas, waving the cup as a pointer, "What does that mean?"

Cameron's mental abilities may not hit Grey, but they hit Hanne. She turns after Lucian and Cameron, calling after them, "If you're not back in one hour, I'm coming after you!" She doesn't make an intimidating rescue squad, but she at least will probably make Grey guilty. She has a lot of play there — Grey Guilt, that is. Then she looks back at the others gathered around. Then she is getting a mega fruit leather piece, and she beams brightly at Elias. "Wow, Elias… thanks." She even pinks lightly at the tops of her cheeks before she starts to munch on the leather happily.

Grey should probably have some snappy come-back for Fiona, but he appears to be focusing on the not-so-pleasant task before him. He catches the looks between Cameron and Morgan, rolling his eyes, then sticks the chunk of fruit leather in his mouth, reaches up to his shoulder, unslinging the baton from his back, gathering the knife from his waistband, and holding both of them out to Morgan. He arches his brows at Cameron in question, biting off half the fruit leather and starting to chew. Looking over his shoulder to Hanne, he throws up his hands, "Why the hell does everything think I'm gonna kill people?" Nodding to Cameron, he adds, talking slowly, "I… want… to… talk." And then he starts walking, just out into the camp to a little clear space away from the footbrawl game.

Morgan nods at Cam's look then just looks at Grey's weapons for a moment before glancing at the man himself with a raised brow. Reaching out, he pushes them back. "Don't be an idiot." Grey gets to keep his weapons. There are wild animals out there.

Cole returns a few minutes later, with another cup for Alison and his bottle for himself. Which he's filled with booze. Go big or go home and the mechanic is probably going to drink all of it. Maybe he's grumpier than usual, maybe he doesn't know how to relax, maybe he doesn't know what 'not working' really means. Either way, he said he wouldn't work, so yeah, he's not working. But that doesn't mean he has to like it. "Here you go." the cup is handed back to Alison. "Yes, I felt fuckin productive." Then he tips the bottle back.

"Us talking doesn't seem to be having the best track record." notes Cameron with one last glance back at Morgan, and then in resignation, he marches on, tuning out the festivities and slipping his hands into his pockets. Its a slightly guarded posture, but he walks along besides Grey, and says more quietly, "But okay. Let it never be said that Cameron Scott won't hear a guy out." Pause, "Wait, was it weird I used my name in third-person there? Yeah, it was weird. Lets pretend that didn't happen."

<FS3> Silas rolls Resolve-2: Failure.

Fiona watches the interaction between the three boys with a faint roll of her eyes, but soon enough she's distracted by other important matters. "So where do I get some of this paint thinner, anyway?"

Hanne reclines to point out to Grey that he does kill people, just because that is going to only further dampen the mood of Unity Day. She instead focuses on the small group around her, still happily eating on the smushed together bit of fruit leather that Elias has given her. She then beams at Fiona and gestures to where the makeshift tables have been setup with the various stores. "Frankie's got it all over there… you should get a cup."

Silas spends a few moments getting his alcohol, and he gets a pretty generous amount for a first time drinker. He turns on his heels and huff, walking back and over to his previous spot at the dropship to sit down and stare at the contents of the makeshift metal cup he has in his hand. He wriggles his nose for a moment after sniffing it, and seems to just about get ready to set it down and leave it at that before he sucks in a sharp breath and brings his open hand to pinch his nose and lean his head back as he tips the cup over to his mouth and begins to chug it down. Well, Silas doesn't really chug it all down. He stops halfway and pulls it aside as he barely manages to stop himself from spitting it out and swallows, bursting into a hacking cough as he grunts and spits off to his side. "Ahg— Fuck!" he grumbles, eyeing the cup with furrowed brows. "Fuckin' burns my throat!" he groans, grunting as he sets the cup down next to him, quietly coughing and recovering.

"I don't know but I could use some myself." Morgan says and looks around for the still. "Though I wouldn't drink too much if you actually want to live." Looking over to where Hanne points, he starts heading in that direction. "I'll get you a cup, Fi."

Elias just gives Hanne a quirky, silly sort of salute in response to the girl's gratitude. "I live to serve," he says and winks once to the girl with the mega-piece of fruit pulp stuff. There's still a small smile on his lips as he leans fully back against the dropship once more and exhales a sigh. While peace has been made, there is currently a war going on inside his head that may very well be evident by the way he eyes the drinks. Give up his people-watching position or go get a drink? He does glance warily over towards Grey and Cameron as well, though. When Fiona speaks up again, he shifts his attention once more to her. "Paint thinner?" When Silas starts sputtering, he furrows his brows in concern at first, but then just starts laughing. "I think Silas found the paint thinner."

Grey shrugs, taking the weapons back from Morgan and offering them out to Cameron as he leads the way to that relatively empty patch of dirt. It's not even that private, but at least it's a little out of the way. "Yeah. It was weird. It's worse when you use both names." He carefully sits down cross-legged, "Guard Training 202. If you want to talk calm-like, get everyone sittin' down. Harder to get angry or something. Certainly harder to throw a punch." His smile flashes, gaining sharp edges a moment, "So, Cameron Scott." The ex-C rolls his eyes at himself a bit, shrugging an apology for the needling, "Let's lay this out. You go first. Then me. What do you want to do when the Ark comes down?"

Alison smiles as Cole returns with her cup, taking it and relaxing her temperamental mood for the first time since the details of the accord started spreading. "Well, thank you, and happy to be of service." There is even a bit of a laugh. A heavy breath and she glances towards the rest of the gathering, "Besides, we earned one day. There is enough work for tomorrow, and enough bosses to tell us how to do it." She raises the cup, speaking up, "To Unity Day, a hundred years ago we joined together for survival. And though we've agreed on little sense, at we're still here."

Fiona had started toward the booze with a, "Thanks, Hanne. Good job on all of this, by the way." And then Morgan makes his offer and he gets a smile. "Really? Thanks, that would be awesome." There's a pause as she looks around the camp. Checking her nails, she asks around, "Has anyone seen Faolan?"

Cameron waves away the weapons with a snort, "I don't think you're -actually- gonna hurt me, Grey." So he'll sit down cross legged, too, and lean forward a bit to rest his elbows on his knees. His voice isn't likely to carry beyond Grey. "The thing is, that might be out of my hands now, you know? Word is the treaty says we abandon the dropship and join up with the Arkers when they come down, and if that's the price for peace with the Grounders, that's not so high a price that I'm going to make trouble for it. What I *wanted* was a safe place for those of us who don't trust life under the current Council's thumb. It wouldn't have been easy, and I wasn't advocating abandonment of our people or going native, but it doesn't matter. That's off the table now, isn't it?"

With a wrinkled nose and a glare, Silas looks over to Elias, mumbling. "Better not be paint thinner." he grumbles, his right hand coming over to grab the cup and bring it over to his mouth to take another swig until he spots a rising cup. Hearing Alison, Silas eyes her for a moment before he raises his cup. "Unity!" he cheers, before leaning back to take a swig from his cup- his face becoming a bit more flushed as he swallows with a grunt. When Fiona asks about Faolan, Silas looks over and offers a wordless shrug as he grows redder rather quickly.

"/You/ may of earned a day." Cole remarks slowly. "I don't like sitting around an doing nothing, even if that nothing is getting aboslu-fuckin-tely getting trashed. Probably need it, but still…I don't like sitting around. Makes me feel fuckin useless." Beat. "But shit, I /always/ feel that." Even with his griping and mild bitching, he nods at her. "Fair enough." He'll drink that, doing so.

Elias sends another warm flush up her cheeks, and Hanne smiles at the boy. Then she looks up at Fiona and shakes her head. "Oh, well… group effort. I just jabbed people into participating in the Project." She beams. She grabs Elias's jacket, tugging him off the dropship so she can get herself a cup of Frankie's Unity Juice. She looks over at Cole and Alison, and actuaally smiles a bit. Then she is looking back around, even while her ears get prickles of the conversation between Grey and Cameron.

Morgan looks over the improvised cups on the table and takes two of the least awkward looking ones. Then he dumps a third into one of the ones he's taking and heads back to the small group. Fi gets offered the cup without the extra booze in it. "Here you go." Hanne gets a small snort in response to what she said. "Jabbed? Is that what they call nagging now?"

Laughing still at or with Silas, Elias gives the other guy a quick upwards nod of his head. "Well, about that…" he begins, but then shakes his head and laughs a bit more. "Does it count if it -could- be used for paint thinner?" Still smiling, he settles against the dropship, shifting a little with a concentrated sneer on his face to get just into that right comfortable spot. The victory of attaining it is soon disrupted by Hanne grabbing his shirt and dragging him off to get a cup of Frankie's Unity Juice. "Drinks it is," he says with a laugh to the girl.

Fiona accepts her cup, saluting Morgan with it and calling out in response, "Unity!" She chugs a swallow of alcohol and immediately starts wheezing. "Holy shit, holy shit, that's awesome." she manages, tears in her eyes as she half-chokes, half-laughs.

Despite her open criticism of everyone's idea to get drunk for Unity Day, the hypocrite known as Cass Bonheur appears to be adopting new philosophies. There she is by the booze, by herself, imbibing her tasteless but highly effective booze from an improvised cup. She's quiet today, back to her usual skulking, irreverent self since her return from the Grounder village of Coesbur. No more plastic smiles or temporary displays of friendship from the resident squinting critic, it seems.

Grey carefully sets down his weapons alongside him and rests his hands on his knees, keeping silent as he listens to Cameron's words. He doesn't even answer right away, so he must be trying his best to be good. "I don't know," he finally admits, "I don't know the details, just what I've heard around camp." He draws in a slow breath, then lets it out, "Okay. So you want a safe place for folks who don't like the Council or the Chancellor. But where was that gonna be? You can't expect people to actually want to face down the Guard if it comes to that, do you? Isn't any group in power gonna have to have a Guard to enforce order? And isn't that Guard gonna want to keep themselves in power, and the people who put them in power in power?" The ex-C keeps his voice quiet and calm.

Alison takes her sip, then lowers her cup, "You've worked harder than any of us." A head shake, her focus on the gathering for a moment. "Besides, you might like relaxing. You might even get to teach someone to dance or something later."

Silas grows a bit quiet as he sits in his spot, both hands having come over to hold his cup as he swishes the Unity Juice inside around. "It… Probably tastes like paint thinner." he says to Elias before he's dragged off, quietly lifting it up and leaning his head back and takes two large gulps before lowering it again- letting at the now empty cup. "…I need more." he says, moving up to his feet with a bit of a slip and stagger before he begins to hobble off to get more Unity Juice. He quietly looks off to the side, noticing a skulking and lonesome Cass as he quietly fills up his cup with a sniffle and he hobbles over to join her. "You're not as fun as you were on the bridge." he says, cheeks red and brows furrowed as he moves to settle next to her. "You need to.." he begins, his words fading for a moment before he takes in a breath, "I don't know. Be less gloomy." he says as he shuts his eyes and sips from his recently refilled drink. "Unity and all that."

"Yes," Hanne says to Morgan with a dry look. "It is." Then she beams. "I liked your Unity Day message, Morgan. It was very nice." Beat pause. "Very enlightening." Whatever that means. Then she offers Elias a cup of Unity Juice after she pours one for him and herself. She enjoys the moment, basking as she smiles around the camp at the celebrating, even if some of it is done out of the sheer desire to drink booze, eat, and maybe get laid.

Cameron lifts his hands to rub at his face, sighing softly and shaking his head. He's so /tired/ suddenly, weary to the bone it looks like. "The old world had plenty of examples of democracies, any number of nations who managed to roll along without military dictatorships being the only way to do things. I am not an advocate *against* the idea of governance itself: there has to be a government, and that government has to be able to enforce the rules of society. I know that. The difference is, that government *could* be *accountable* to the people it governs. The Council is not. The Chancellor is, and okay, since talking to the rat bastard twice now I've decided he isn't the Antichrist and I accept that he, at least, has legitimacy, because he at least was elected. I won't vote for him when his term is up, but his one voice against six I can at least accept has the mandate of the people."

"Silas, you red from booze or blushing?" calls out Fiona lazily. She starts to head toward Cass herself, but when she sees Silas sit next to the other girl, she veers away. She doesn't want to be a cockblock! Instead she asks Hanne, "You think we could get the Ark to broadcast some music over the comm?"

Yeah, Unity. It sucks. Morgan salutes Fi back and takes a small sip. Horrid stuff. But guaranteed to kill any germs on what's but in it. Still, he takes a second, larger sip and shudders a bit. He gazes after Silas, frowning. "I wonder if someone will pass out before they manage to drink enough to kill themselves." He'll have to keep an eye on Silas to make sure it's the former. "Enlightening?" He shrugs. "If you say so."

"Nice to be fuckin appreciated for once." Cole remarks, giving Alison a sideways glance, clearly happier having a full liqour bottle full of booze as opposed to a cup. Think outside that box, man. "I am /not/ teaching anyone how to dance. Those days died when I left the Ark." He is neither confirming or denying the fact that he knows or knew how to dance. "Already way ahead of you. I think of worse ways to die." he states over at Morgan. Whether or not he's actually serious about that, who knows. The mechanic has been grumpier than usual than late. Booze may not be the best thing for him. Or maybe the best thing, who knows.

Cass should be less gloomy, says Silas, and in answer, she drinks; chin tilted back, cup poured down until it is pointedly empty. Canting her head his way as she tips it over for him to see that each drop is gone, she replies, "Why do you think I'm drinking?" At least she smiles, even if it is with such sour humour in her eyes — more of a smirk, really. "I'm surprised you aren't gloomier, Pike. Aren't you mad we have to share all our salvages with the Grounders now?" She reaches out with her knee, giving him a light prod on the shin.

Elias is in the process of getting lead over to the drinks with insistence, but it doesn't look like he's giving up much of a fight against Hanne's tugging. It isn't long until she doesn't need to do that anymore, but he's not the type to complain. "Might explain why the color's draining from your face," he jokes lamely before flicking his gaze over to Morgan. "Jabbed doesn't sound as naggy at least," he offers. He accepts the drink from Hanne once they've made their way over and gives his brows a quick wag upward at the girl. "Did I tell you I actually found fertile soil?"

Hanne looks at Fiona at her suggestion, and she tilts her head. "I dunno. Question for Cole. I made him help me set up the Unity Project stuff." She grins wryly at the mecha kid. Then she looks back at Morgan, and she nods. "Don't you think history is pretty rife with people having to make decisions they hated, but still had to make?" Then she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "The whole point of Unity Day is about having to make hard decisions… if those decisions hadn't been made, we weren't going to survive long enough to even be here. So." She shrugs. "It was enlightening…" Ooh, Elias has her attention again, and her brows arch high. "Really? In this place? I'm impressed… where?"

Grey listens to Cameron again, drawing in another breath to keep from interrupting, and he presses the heel of his hand into his temple to keep from arguing. Eventually, he groans, "Alright. You wanted a democracy. You figured that we'd get one for some reason because you wanted it." He bites his tongue at that last, and then rephrases, "You figured that you'd get more people interested in democracy. And what… the Guard would serve the new democracy, and help overthrow the Council? Okay. That's what you wanted? I'm just tryin' to understand. Make sure there aren't any more…" his hands lift from his knees, pinwheeling as he searches for, "Misunderstandings."

Silas glares over to Fiona with a lopsided frown, "I'm not blushing." he grumbles, quietly patting Cass back with the heel of his hand to her forehead in lazy retaliation to her prod. "Course I am.." replies Silas to Cass, tilting his head back and to the side- staring up at the sky for a moment or two. "But it's progress.." he says, shrugging as he looks back and over to her with one of his many shrugs, letting them lazily slump afterwards. "So I guess I'll bare with it for the others." he says before he looks away. He pauses for a moment before raising his cup and taking another big, frustrated swig. He's definitely not alright with it. "You seemed to be fond of 'em, so I'm guessing you don't mind th' terms?" he says, though raising the last bit of the sentence as a quiet as his eyes quietly look over to her, his right brow rising slowly.

"I'm not a historian." Morgan says shortly and takes another drink. His gaze strays over to where Cameron is talking to Grey and he watches the two as he talks. "Isn't all soil fertile? I mean, look at all the stuff growing in it."

"Nothing quite so dramatic as overthrow the Council." admits Cameron dryly, "A change in our political system doesn't have to be violent. But for there to be change someone has to want it, and at the very least, try to change people's minds. Change enough minds and you change the world; maybe it starts with a pro-democracy Chancellor next election. Maybe it starts with just one Councilor speaking out for reform. But I couldn't get 100 of us to agree to even the idea of us having leadership ourselves, so I'm a pretty shit revolutionary." And, bone-weary still, Cameron lifts a hand up and kneads the back of his neck, working some tension out there, "But if no one speaks up, if everyone silently accepts that the people have but one voice in the seven that lead us, then nothing will ever change."

A combination huff laugh is given by Alison as she shifts back a little towards the ship, "Fine, then we have to lean against the wall and be the" Air quotes, "'too cool kids. Make ironic comments and critic the others." The red head smirking a bit, "Cause we are all serious and shit." A long sip, and she glances over, "Oh great, now they are going to make us adjust the radio. Better that than explain we just turn dials till it clears up. And, I won't ask you to dance then." Grey and Cameron get a glance, "But see, what they are missing is we are young.. We'll be the leaders, with the guards and guns and sapping clubs."

Fiona offers to Elias, "You know, Trikru has farmers. There's one woman…I think her name is Chesa? She's some kind of expert." Silas scowling at her and just chuckles before calling out, "Hey, Cole! Tell the Ark to. broadcast some music, please?" There's lashes being batted. Goodness.

Cassandra snickers at Fiona's insinuation that Silas is blushing, and while he makes his retort, she turns and sways to look at another pair by the juice station, Hanne and Elias. "Did he just call Hanne 'fertile soil'?" she idly wonders, pointing a finger from her empty cup their way before a pat to her forehead steals back her attention. She too has a rosy tint to her cheeks, and a leery grin from her misheard supposition. "I'm not fond of getting screwed over," she replies to the heel of Silas' hand, on which her eyes are fixated. "Just 'cause I think they're cool don't mean I'm cool with that. We didn't even get a trade deal out of it. May as well bend over for them the way this lot…" She waves a hand in the general direction of the other delinquents, with no one specific in mind. "Are so keen to bend over for Jaha, too."

"Who's going to dance with me anyways?" Cole grunts at Alison, taking another swig from his bottle. Well, then she goes ahead and answers it for him. "Oh. Well, color me fuckin surprised, I guess. An here I thought you had two left feet. But we're already the fuckin cool kids, didn't you know? See, when you say it, it loses it's goddamn charm." He raises a brow. "Shit, we couldn't lead ourselves out of a goddamn paper bag. We have to agree on something first." But he is /not/ getting political right now, not going to Grey and Cameron. But leave it to Fiona to draw his attention away. Because she's offering /work/. "Do what?" he states, giving Alison a pat on the shoulder, and moving away. "Music?" He peers up at the dropship, mentally debating. "I'll see if I can wire something up and go harass the guy at Comms." Then he's moving toward the tech tent. "But you better grinding up against my hips later if you want to dance so fuckin badly, Fi." The bottle is corked and he vanishes into the tent, probably to do some kind of wiring work.

For his part, Elias does not elect to take a big drink of the Unity Juice, instead testing a small sip first. It's definitely not his first party, but with the way Silas is reacting, it's probably wise to test it first. Morgan draws his attention first and a nod is given to him. "Sure. For crops, though? You need the right clay, sand, and silt mixture. I don't have any way to actually…test levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium so…it's probably a better statement to say I /think/ I found fertile soil." Looking to Hanne then, he gives a quick nod of his head before gesturing. "Few clearings around the forest within a couple of klicks. Right depth, right consistency. /Should/ be good for growing." Fiona gets a nod from him too. "I'd heard, but it looks like we don't have any trade agreements with the Trikru. I doubt they'd take kindly to me finding her and picking her brain." With the noise and the bustle, one may very well have mistaken the intent of Elias saying the words 'fertile soil'.

"No," Hanne says to Morgan, shaking her head. "Fertility with soil means that there is a needed ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Calcium is also good. But, really, it is nitrogen that is the most important. In forests like these, most of the rich nutrient comes from decomposing plantlife such as dead trees. The wood breaks down, releasing nitrogen — particularly if there's decomposers involved such as insects and mushrooms. Then you have fertile substrate, but it is hard to just plant things in stumps and nurse logs… cedars grow particularly well in that environment, but if we're wanting to plant actual gardens, we need fertile soil that can sustain a wide variety of crops." She looks at Elias, beaming as she holds her cup of booze. "We should look into what kind of plants to cycle… we have to make sure we don't deplete the nutrients, or we won't have enough substrate to host multiple growing cycles." Sip. If she had heard Cassandra, she would have also added a firm Shut up, Cassandra… but alas, she's distracted. She beams at Elias now, and nods. "Can you show me?" Beat pause. "Not now, but after Unity Day?"

"I don't know. Let's see how our relationship with them builds. Maybe we can arrange an introduction, at least." Fiona tells Elias, and flashes a grin Cole's way. "Done." She tells him, before her gaze flicks to Cass. "I can hear you, you know. Float you, Cassandra," it's said without any real venom, "Trade was never the point of the summit. A ceasefire was."

"Chesa, yes. She seemed nice enough." Morgan agrees. "You do know we're not going to be staying in this area long enough to grow anything, right?" he asks, looking from Elias to Hanne. "I don't know what how bad winter is around here, or really what winter feels like except it's supposed to get damn cold and there's snow, but we can't stay here. There's no water. Walking hours back and forth in the snow just to get what little water we can carry isn't going to work. We need to find a place to settle, those who don't intend to go live with the Ark when they come down."

Grey shakes his head at Cameron's words, "I still think it's a dream, but I get it. I'm not even against it, if you can talk people into goin' for it. I just think it's…" He gestures a little wildly again, "… just not very realistic." Shifting in his cross-legged stance, he notes, "Okay. My turn. I think some of the Council's fuckin' tools. I think Jaha's a pretty big tool too. But the people of the Ark, our people, they elected him. And he brought on who… Li… Kane… that's two…" He shakes that off, getting back to his point, "Nevermind. So. I don't think we should just snap to and salute the Council when they get down here. But I also don't see any reason to piss them off. We're gonna need them, for somethin' longer-lasting. For peace with the Trikru. That's what I'm lookin' for. We can't survive without the Trikru or the rest of the Arkers, at least not any way I can see."

At the talk of Hanne being fertile soil, Silas quite looks over to the duo with a slow blink as he sips some of his juice. "Huh…" he begins, before he brings his open hand over to raise his voice and shout. "Be careful if you start tilling that field!" he yells off in Elias' direction, looking away and towards the rest of the camp with a smirk. "Didn't stop me from trading before then." he says with a shrug. "I only got some metal splints out of it, though." he says with another sip of his juice. "I just want the Ark down here so I can see my parents again." he adds with a quiet shrug, "Once they're down.. If he doesn't get his shit together, fuck Jaha." he says, looking over towards Cassandra. "And it seemed to me like you'd have been bending over for them if it weren't for the deal." he says, blinking for a moment before he looks down to the contents of his cup. "That's a bit lewd, now that I said it myself."

"I don't know how this my-turn your-turn version of a conversation works." Cameron squints at Grey a moment, a little baffled, making a waving gesture at Grey, "I don't disagree at all that we need either the Arkers, the tech they can salvage, and their expertise and manpower— or the Trikru. We probably need both, even. I'm not against the Ark or its people, Grey. I never have been."

Elias seems very content in having his earth sciences nerd-out with Hanne, keeping his makeshift cup held in one hand while the other tucks into his front pocket. There's a smile as she explains essential elements for the healthy growth of crops. "We should," he says to Hanne. "We should also discuss what assets we have in the way of seeds. Cam has tomatoes, he said. But yeah, sure. I'll show you to all of the sites. They aren't huge, but we can get things going at least. It doesn't solve our irrigation issues, but I'm going to look into local minerals and…" Fiona's words draw his attention once more then and he gives an upwards nod to the girl. "Oh, definitely. Let's hope it…builds, definitely. But if I can look into their techniques, we'd be…well. We'd be doing better." The yelled comment from Silas draws his attention and also brings a small smile to his face as he glances over at the tracker. There is then a look to Hanne once more. With a quick look around, he smirks and then leans down to cup his hands over Hanne's ear if she allows to whisper into it.

Cassandra hears the words 'depth' and 'consistency' after her assumption that Elias was calling Hanne 'fertile soil', and she just starts to laugh — really laugh. Silas' interjection doesn't help matters. "I just want a pony," she tells the man wistfully. "It isn't fair that Asher got to keep his and they won't trade with us. He's probably off skipping in the woods with that thing as we speak." She sounds more than a little jealous. Maybe with Asher. Maybe with the pony. As for the lewd comment, she apparently isn't so sensitive, and she responds to the suggestion by leaning forward suggestively. "Maybe I will bend over for the Grounders. Maybe that will solve things." At Fiona's interjection, she makes a universally understood gesture in sign-language and calls out, "Right back at you, Fi."

There's some noise coming out of the tech tent, eventually Cole returns out of it, carrying one of the speakers from the dropship, which has been affixed with a long section of wire. "Alright. That should fuckin do it." While he's left the ones inside be, he's taken one of them and brought it outside to let the sound be not just inside, but outside as well. The speaker gets placed on a stump, then going back into the tech tent. A couple minutes pass and there's music being piped through not only the ones inside the dropship, but one he's planted outside. That done, he returns with his bottle. "There. You're fuckin welcome."

Fiona snorts at Cassandra, but then there's music. "Yeah! You're my hero, Cole!" Yes, she will dance with him, though first, some more drinking.

Alison watches Cole start off, glances to Fiona, then to Cole as he disappears in the tent. "Okay then." Drink again. She pushes off the hull, a little shift as the alcohol turbulence hits. "Oops. I need a little food anyway." A glance at the groups, "When the Arkers come down, we unify. Because we are not really a bunch of spear chuckers that are looking forward to life without electricity. This is all a game, but do you really want to live in terror roaming as a nomad? Nope, we will all be back together. There will be changes though, no air shortage. No potential starvation. No need for all crimes to be capital crimes."

"Tomatoes…" Hanne repeats, looking thoughtful. "I know nothing about growing tomatoes." She blushes at this confession, looking up at Elias almost shyly. "But maybe we can figure it out with some test plants. I also think we should try to cultivate some of the berry bushes." She sighs a bit, shoulders dropped. "I bet the Grounders have lots of good seeds…" She looks almost longingly toward the northwest — and she's actually looking almost in the perfect direction of the Coesbur village. Then she looks back up at the shout from Silas, and she peeks around Elias to glare a bit. When she looks back up at Elias, she is leaning in to accept the whisper. Her eyes widen at first, but then she slips into soft giggles and she's blushing even brighter.

"Okay then, we need them in one piece, not," Grey gestures out into the camp, "arguing over politics. Especially if we don't want the Trikru to think all of us are damned idiots. 'Cause the ones I've talked to certainly think we're all idiots for arguin' politics, especially when there's more important things to worry about." He shrugs at Cameron a little, "And I figured that actually takin' turns to say what we meant might mean the other person actually listened." He looks up at the sound of the music, a little smile tugging at his lips.

Morgan looks from Elias to Hanne and shakes his head. Stepping closer, he snaps his fingers in between them a couple times. "Stop nerding out and listen. Don't waste seeds. No planting. We're not staying here. No water. Not enough shelter. Winter bad. Snow. Cold. Ice." Angels getting their wings when a bell rings. He's seen it in videos.

Silas snickers quietly as he watches Elias for a few moments before he looks over to Cassandra as she speaks to him. Tilting his head to the side, the thought of Asher frolicking in the woods with his horse brings a quiet chuckle out from Silas- along with a bit of a snort that makes his cover his mouth and laugh a little bit more. Collecting himself, Silas shrugs quietly looking over as he hears the sounds of music beginning to play with a smirk. "I doubt it… But I'd pay to see that." he says with a shrug. When he looks over and she leans forward along with her line- Silas actually manages to get a darker shade of red, if only a bit. He huffs a bit, looking away with a slight furrow of his brows as he takes a few large sips of his alcohol, "I'm surrounded by perverts." he says with a smirk, ignoring his earlier comment. "but it might." he says with a shrug as his eyes look down to the somewhat empty contacts of his cup, swishing the remainder around with a slow sigh. "I wonder how many moment's like this we'll be able to have." he murmurs with a somewhat distant gaze, before sipping the last bit down and going back to looking around aimlessly again.

One of the cool kids — at least, the ones 'too cool' to socialise by Alison's definition, who prefer to lean against the wall, make ironic comments and critique the others — ends up doing just that. "I love how optimistic everyone is," says the delinquent, voice dripping with sarcasm. It's Cassandra, and it's the Stratford kid she's looking at when she says it. Her eyes roll, and she contemplatively sets down her empty cup, but ends up opting out of refilling it. Instead, she tucks her hands into her pockets and looks at Silas. "Not too many, I hope. Personally." But despite her pessimistic words, she smirks when she catches him blushing.

Cameron listens to Grey, his head tilting to the side, regarding him with a strange expression. He still seems quite tired, but he nods his head and rubs his fingers together, "The thing is, politics matter — its not some idle argument, its not a game. Its how we live our lives, how our decisions are made, what our values are. You might think it unrealistic, a dream, but now is the time when its most likely for change to happen, because now is when the circumstances of our lives are changing. We are transitioning from living on the Ark with its extreme rationing and constraints, where every single crime is capital, to living on a fertile ground with plenty of space and where resources are a question of will and sweat to get, not rationing in a closed system. Do you think when the Ark comes down, all crimes will still be capital? I don't. That's a change, a very meaningful one. Do you think we will be limited to one child? Of *course* not, on the contrary, any family not having at least two should be glared at because on the ground we *need* at *least* neutral if not positive population growth. That's a change, and a very meaningful one. Why is the change I want, that if we are ruled by the Council, they are accountable to us, so unrealistic?" He glances over at music himself, blinking. What is this? Music? What sorcery is upon them?

Moving back from the whisper, Elias cmiles conspiratorially at Hanne and gives her a playful nudge with his shoulder against hers. "Tomatoes I can do…theoretically." A quirk of his eyebrows is given to her and once more he lifts the makeshift cup to his lips. "Chin up. We'll find seeds. It's just going to take time. And hey - it's like Fi was saying. If we improve relations, we might be able to open up trading and all that." He looks in the same direction she does, nodding his head. Brows furrow at Morgan then and he cants his head to one side. "Well, Morgan. If we have seeds and we need more seeds, what would you say is the best way to do that, then?" Brows raise and he keeps his eyes on Morgan, all ears.

"Just fuckin figuring that one out now, eh?" Cole notes to Silas in regards to the pervert comment, coming over to refill his bottle, which as only a fourth empty. He has no opinion on Asher or his horse, though likely he plenty, that simply go unsaid. "Not many, so enjoy them while you fuckin got'em." he adds. "Could always be worse, so count your goddamn blessing while you have them. But man, is it hard not to hear Cameron and Grey going at it, the mechanic rolling his eyes. "Sanctimonious bullshit. It's harshing my buzz." Then he starts moving back over to the wall to lean against with Alsion. "There. Good fuckin deed done for the day."

Hanne blinks as she's snapped at, and she narrows her eyes at Morgan a bit. Then she crosses her arms, looking more than a little dubious. "And just where do you think we're going to go, oh mighty leader?" She arches her brow then, waving her hand around. "We don't know anything about this world anymore. We're lucky we landed in forests, as is… we could have landed in a desert. Everything we think we know is completely theoretical… and we have no idea how large the Grounder territory is. We've got a ceasefire with these folks, maybe we should just plan to stay here?" She then shakes her head a bit. "And you know the Ark's dropships are going to land close to us, so we can all meet up, so we might as well try to work with where we are."

"Can you grow seeds in a month?" Morgan asks Elias. "Two at most?" And he shakes his head at Hanne. "Did you miss the part where we're leaving the hulk of the dropship for Oxfor? And the Ark isn't going to land here. They're going to land where there's water. You think thousands of people can manage like this? The nearest water is at least two hours away which is too damn far for us and for them." Looking from her to Elias, he says "Some will want to go be with the Ark. Others won't. What would be really useful is to find fertile soil somewhere we can live. Caves would be fantastic."

"Yeah, kinda." retorts Silas to Cole, smirking as he glances in his direction before he looks over towards Elias, Morgan, and Hanne- his smirk fading somewhat as he takes in a quiet breath before blowing out a slow, Unity Juice scented sigh. If it were a fist fight, he'd be all for it- but instead it's just… Talking. Silas looks around and over to Cassandra, eyeing her for a moment before he shrugs with a toothy grin. "Act all cool you want," he begins as he looks over to one of the speakers, "You have to admit, alcohol, music, and not worrying is nice every now and then." he says before he looks back over to her with a nudge of his elbow to her shoulder. "Who knows, maybe enough of these and you'll stop be a bit more fun?" he teases with a chuckle, quietly glancing over his empty cup and the juice bar, contemplating.

Grey shakes his head slightly at Cameron's words, but again he doesn't interrupt. When the other teen pauses to look to the source of the music, Grey speaks up again, "I don't know, man. I'd say makin' sure we've got food, water, and peace with the people around us matter a whole lot more than how we get leadership, as long as we got leadership. Effective leadership, that people actually listen to." His eyes roll up a little as he tries to recall the exact question, "Do I think all crimes'll be capital? Nope. But I don't think we need a revolution for that. Do I think havin' more kids'll be a crime? Hell no. I agree, we'll need more. Again, I don't think we need a revolution for that. You want to shake up the structure at the top when we're gonna be negotiatin' with all the people around us? All the people who respect strength and unity?" He gestures upward with the last word, "That's gonna make us weaker at just the time we need to be strongest. At least that's how I'm seein' it."

Swaying with that nudge, Cassandra looks Silas very seriously in the eye and informs him, "Alcohol leads to dehydration." Man, talk about sanctimonious and no fun. "And bad decisions." This would be where she fully kills the party buzz, except, apparently, the promise of 'bad decisions' is enough to help her convince herself. She picks up her cup, and pours out another drink, which she promptly raises in silent toast to her own words. Cole the music-maker earns an upnod, with his approach. "Thanks for the tire iron," she tells him ambiguously. "And the stuff."

"One thing doesn't exclude the other. Its not an either/or situation." counters Cameron with a sigh, turning around a bit to eye Morgan over there as he hears talk of his tomato project, but he keeps speaking low to Grey, "We can work for food, water and peace with the people just fine, while still changing our laws and governance. I think you're wrong, it won't make us look weaker at all, because I'm not advocating Jaha step down." Man does he sound bitter saying that, "He's elected. We need him." Cameron could spit. "And what I heard of them, they're top down, leadership wise. 'Commander' to clan chief to village chief. They won't even be /aware/ of any shakeups we do at the Council level. That's internal business. As long as, what did they call him? Sky Header? Something like that. As long as we follow the sky header and the sky header is the one they're negotiating with, or his representatives, they won't blink at any business about how the Council operates."

"Uh…yes," Elias says flatly to Morgan with a nod of his head to the guy. While Hanne folds her arms, Elias' body language is rather open and he has a broad smile on his lips. "Well, for what I have roughly seven weeks? Tomatoes take about three or so months." There's a shrug of his shoulders to that before he gestures once more to Morgan. "We /could/ hold the seeds we have and try to forage for more, but we'll get a higher yield from growing now for next season. If you're concerned about mobility, we could always figure out some sort of…method of putting dirt into containers so that we can grow things in there. Waiting would just be…babytime frolics, man." There is a look to Hanne and then a shrug of his shoulders. "That cover everything?"

"Don't talk to me about dehydration." Cole notes sourly. "I almost died because I couldn't even keep water down." Or right, he had been sick for a couple days not too long ago. "And I'm all for bad decisions, so long as nobody gets fuckin killed over them. Or anybody else killed. Waking up naked with a hangover? Bad decisions. Deciding to poke that panther in the face with a stick? Stupid decision. Whatever'll happen, will fuckin happen. Stressing yourself out over shit that hasn't happened yet? It's whatever. It'll sort itself out or it won't. The only thing that fuckin matters is what you do when it comes." And that's about all he's got to say on the matter. "Cassie." he nods, but she at least gets a friendly(for him)smile. "Good. Glad it helped. Figured someone might as well use it. And might as well be someone I like."

Alison gives Cassandra a look over, then a grin and cup tip salute. "It is optimistic from my view point, but practical too." When Cole returns she turns to face him again, "I thought ya did one when you made certain we didn't explode. Still, music is good. There are really some that think we could do without this kind of thing. Heating, cooling? Feh. This dropship launched in near absolute zero, plummeted to Earth at three hundred Celsius, and people are afraid of winter?" A head shake, and she lifts her cup again, stares at it and lowers it without drinking, need to slow or she'll be sick.

Hanne looks exasperated, giving Morgan a once over. "Aren't you just planning on hightailing it when the Arkers come down anyway, Morgan?" She sighs heavily. "I don't even know why you care about those of us who actually want to go back to our families, try to help our people settle into this new place. You always talk about how much you hate them, how you want to kill them… I don't even know why you care if they manage to get safely settled anyway." Beat pause. "Or am I missing something in your motivations?" She does look honestly tired, but at least willing to hear Morgan out. She does not to Elias at his words, agreeing with his assessment on things.

Is quiet as he looks back to Cassandra and stares at her- mimicking the seriousness of her gaze, his lips a thin line and his expression stoic. He stares at her, keeping quiet for a few seconds or two after she stops her explanations before his seriousness falters into a smirk and he chuckles. "You need to fuckin' let go." he says, chuckling as he takes in a breath before letting out a breath and looking away- yawning quietly as he moves over to pour himself another drink and move back to his spot, slumping down to quietly sit in his spot and sip from his juice. "This… This is definitely my last cup." he says to himself, staring down at the contents with a tired gaze, taking in slow and deep breaths before he lets out a hiccup, jolting somewhat in his spot as he looks around slowly. By now he's at the point of not remembering anything beyond this point.

As she looks over at the bleary Silas, Cassie can't help but snort as she purses her lips to bottle her laughter. "Looks like you're letting go enough for the both of us," she surmises, leaning over to return his nudge with a light shove to his shoulder, as if she might decant him into the ground. She takes another sip from her beverage, sliding her eyes between him and Cole. "Someone's got to stay sane around here. I reckon it should be me."

Morgan doesn't really need to think about Elias' idea. "Putting them in containers is a great idea. Cole could probably help you make those. You could also have them here where we can keep an eye on them so animals don't eat them. And Grounders don't take them. Don't forget someone stripped that small dropship and it was in the direction opposite the village." Not that they couldn't have circled the camp. Hanne's tirade gets an eyeroll followed by him knocking back what's left in his cup. Once he's done coughing, he looks at Hanne. "Do you really think I want your parents dead? Or Cam's dad?" he asks quietly. "I've never said I want the Ark dead. Just the Council. Hell, at this point I'll settle for just Kane. I even told Jaha he needed to stop being a coward and get his ass down here on the ground where he could keep control of the mess he made. If he dissolves the Council AND steps down at the same time? There'd be a power struggle that makes the problem we're having seem like nothing. Kane and his Guards have guns and I do NOT want to see him take over. So yeah, you're missing a whole fucking lot."

Cole looks down at Silas. "Pansy." he scoffs, drinking from his bottle. "You're keeping track? You're sweet." he grins at Alison, then shrugging. "Just doin my thing, which can be a lot of things. As for winter? Well Ali, you forget that the dropship was internally heated. That thing sitting space, it gets cold /real/ quick. I'm sure plenty of us could live in it during winter, but I'd need to make sure the CO2 scrubbers are working, the internal heating coils weren't going to fry out and keep the hydraulics from seizing dur to the drop in temperature. It can handle a lot, sure as fuck not saying it can't, but it'd need some prep work for winter living. I've already considered some shit if we're still here when that time comes." Cassandra gets a snort. "Fuck, and I'm not? That hurts."

Grey gestures out to the camp again, "Ain't it though? Hasn't politics been gettin' in the way of everything we do here?" And then he looks across to Cameron, gesturing between the two of them, "Hasn't it gotten in the way here? I mean… we used to work together pretty good. Now you're callin' me a liar and I'm cursing at you. Because of politics. So yeah… I'm worried that if someone… anyone… starts stirring people up, the whole Skaikru'll end up like this this Camp."

Fiona had meandered away to use the latrine, but having since returned none the worse for wear (well, maybe a little buzzed) she looks to see if anyone's dancing. Because party! "Cass, c'mon." she calls out. "Dance?"

"What's the alternative, Grey? What's this all about?" Cameron gestures between them, indicating this discussion of theirs with a shake of his head and a pursing of his lips, "Tell me what you'd rather have me do. Give up, go quiet, and not say what I think anymore? I wake up before dawn and spend most of every day doing what its in my power to do to help us. I made the best of the trip to the Grounder camp by saving tomato seeds, and I'm going to plant them, and in two to three months, we might have ourselves a dozen to two dozen tomato plants. That's not a lot, that's not going to save us come winter, but that's what I know how to do. Should I stick to that? Shut up and keep my head down otherwise and stop caring about what happens to our people?"

There is a tentative look back towards Cole at Morgan's suggestion. Elias eyes the guy for a second before turning his attention back to Morgan with a look on his face that is very much 'do I have to?'. It's his turn to look mildly exasperated, but he contains it well enough. "I'll get on it, though. Really, we should…" Instead of continuing the thought, though, he gives dramatic pause while taking a sip from his cup. "…try to stick around here like Hanne says if possible. I mean - who knows what'll happen with Grounder relations." A shrug is given then before he once again look sidelong to his earth sciences comrade in nerddom. "You know, if we can get Jael to help, we could look for ground water too. Get some irrigation going to help replenish the minerals in the soil if we can find the right source." A finger taps against his cup then and a smile crosses his lips. "Or we just go collecting waste from the latrines," he says, though it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he's joking.

"I am NOT a pansy." states Silas, with a squint towards Cole. "I'm ju-" he begins, before he's interrupted with a small burp and a grunt. "-ust having more fun than you." he continues shortly afterwards, quietly sipping and pushing his legs out as he's nice and relaxed. Silas quietly looks around for a moment, slowly blinking as he looks over to Morgan, Hanne, and Elias, and then to Cole as he's bombarded with constant words all around. Looking back and forth a few times, Silas seems to look between everyone as he lets out a quiet groan. "So much serious talking.." he mumbles to himself, quietly sipping from his cup as he gently and subtly sways in the spot he sits. IT takes him a moment of critically staring at everyone around him for a moment or two before his eyes widen somewhat and he seems to come to an ultimatum. "Woah. I just realized that for some reason, everyone's… Actually really good looking." he says with a quiet blink as he quietly looks around, and then to his faint reflection in his drink. "…Almost everyone." he says with a blink, before sipping from his drink and trying to lean further back into the wall his back's propped up against with a slow sigh. Silas seems to look over as Fiona as she calls out to Cass, staring at her for a moment before his leans over to look at Cassandra. "You should definitely go dance." he says, staring up at her, "You could really use a good dance, I think." he adds with a nod in drunken agreement with himself, accompanied by a generous swig of his drink and a hiccup.

"I know what she could use, she just hasn't asked me yet." Cole winks at Cassandra, then laughing at Silas. "Then drink more, pansy." Fiona gets a wave. "If she doesn't, I will."

For now, Alison actually does quiet, attentively listening to the various factions and prognostications. A sip, and she remains leaned, though one could guess the wall is definitely holding her up as the booze saturates her blood stream. Wasn't there supposed to be more food?

Cassandra may not smile much, but her eyebrows speak a language of their own, as complex as the Trigedasleng dialect. When she raises the one and looks at Fiona, it says, hmm; the other rolls and says, maybe. With a little help from her fellow drunkards, they eventually arrive at a decision, and she downs the rest of her Unity Juice. "I'm gonna ask her," she tells Cole as she sets down her cup, leans over to ruffle Silas' already messy brown hair, then marches over to Fiona. Reaching over to pull the Tesla Ringleader's hand into a twirl, she candidly tells her fellow delinquent, "I was serious about 'go float yourself'."

Grey draws in a long, slow breath at Cameron's questions, "Wait." It's a simple answer, apparently, but one that he expands on quickly enough, "Let the rest of the Clan come down, see what Jaha's plan is, how the rules shake out. Let them start to talk to the Trikru before worryin' about political revolution. Don't look for problems until there are problems. Here, on the ground. Not up there. I bet you wouldn't find a single kid down here who thinks the way things were on the Ark is the way they should be." He'd probably lose that bet. "But we don't know what it'll look like down here. So give 'em a chance. And if they do something righteously stupid like try to run the Skaikru like the Ark, then you'll have a lot more people ready to listen. Hell, I'll be shoutin' right alongside you."

Fiona lets out a little laugh. "You know, Silas, you could come too." But then there's Cass, and she's being twirled. Hands go up in the air (like she just don't care), and the body goes along with the rhythm. Whatever space Cassandra allots as being comfortable between is how close Fiona gets, and for once she can spend a little time thinking about something other than survival.

<FS3> Silas rolls Athletics-2: Good Success.

"Its not enough to have leadership. Who your leaders are, that matters. Its the single most important, defining question in civilization." Cameron says, voice softer, expression darker all at once. He and Grey are sitting cross-legged, talking. "You think the people who chose to send us down here with /nothing/ are the ones who should be trusted to negotiate the future of a possible Trikru-Skaikru alliance— maybe the most important set of decisions that we'll ever make down here? They threw us away with not so much as a single gun or a single ration of medicine. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. No, Grey. Who leads us and who makes the decisions *matters*. Jaha, I might hate the guy, but he has the mandate of the people. The Council does not."

Quinn's been rather absent since the group got back from the village, finding herself avoiding the camps, or just avoiding the crowds in general. It might come as a surprise to many when she makes her way out into public, her hands tucked into the pockets of her jacket.

"If my dad had been on the Council, you would have wanted him dead," Hanne replies flatly. "If my mom had been the one denying your mom medical treatment because of rations, she would be dead. So, yeah, you are so blinded by your hatred, you can't even see why things were done they way they were done. You just look at the surface and judge. You know," Hanne starts laughing, a small bitterness in the words, "I stole morphine so I could help my best friend's dad die in peace. I stole the medicine, and I knew I was breaking the law… I knew I was stealing that medicine from someone else who might have needed it, all because I couldn't bear watching Patsy in pain while her dad died." She shakes her head at Morgan's words. "The fact that you think you told Jaha to stop being a coward just kills me, Morgan. Whatever you think of the Council or Jaha, I would never want to be in their seats… having to make calls like they have to make. Do you think they sat there, deeply amused that your mom died because her medical rations ran out? Do you think they sat there, laughing at Cam's protest art because they found his rhetoric funny? What about Fiona and the whole Tesla Station stuff? Do you honestly think that the Council thinks that there isn't something fucking wrong with the system, but what other choice did we have up there? Eden, wake up, Morgan… I can't think of a single option that would have made life better on the Ark, not one. We had one job to do: get married, have our one baby, makae sure we passed out whatever knowledge we still have, and make sure we didn't fuck shit up so bad that the next generation couldn't do the same damn thing. We had two centuries left on the clock." She exhales, her frustration obvious, but it is nothing compared to the seed of sadness in her voice. "Even if every Council member was voted in, and there was perfect democracy — which by the way, has never happened in the history of histories… your mom still would have died, ,Patsy's dad still would have suffered, and we'd still be fucking down here against our will." She huffs then. "So get off your fucking high horse and stop thinking about how much you want to stick it the Council, and how many ways you've pictured killing them… because, guess what… they certainly aren't thinking about all the ways they want to kill you." She then looks at Elias, exhales. "Sorry, E… I think I need a walk."

Following Coles prompt for Silas to drink more, and Cassandras ruffling of his hair, Silas' face scrunches up somewhat as he swats her hand away, spilling a bit of Unity Juice and swallowing a lot more. "Fuck- stop it." he grumbles at her, before letting his hand slump back into his lap and quietly looks over the camp with a lopsided smirk and half-lidded eyes. "I'm soooo going to be emptying my stomach later." he mumbles to himself- either literal, or acknowledging what the aftermath of all this drinking will be as he slurps up some more U-Juice before he hears Fiona's offer to come dance- though a little late. Now he's surprisingly managing to get up to his feet, emptying some of his cup into his mouth and dropping the rest and letting it spill out as he hobbles over to join the two girls dancing with a slight wobble. With a quiet hiccup, Silas mosies over and joins them as he moves to step in and dance. If you can call what he's doing as dance, rather than hopping around like a two legged rabbit that doesn't seem to quite have the entire movement gig down- but copious amounts of questionable beverages will do that to you.

Grey shakes his head slowly at Cameron, "How many times do you have to hear they didn't have anything to give us, man?" His tone is plaintive rather than angry, and shoulders slump then, "Fine. This isn't gettin' anywhere. I just wanted to give it a try, see if we could sit down like adults and talk things over." Rubbing his hands against his temples, he pleads, "Just please, please don't screw things up for the rest of the Skaikru by putting ideas over reality." And then he's leaning over to gather up his bandoleered baton and knife again and start to roll up to his knees, and presumably thence to his feet.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Finesse+finesse: Good Success.
<FS3> Fiona rolls Athletics: Success.

"Bullshit. That's a flat out lie. They have guns. They could have given us weapons. They would have had two less, but you know what? They would have been just fine." Cameron shakes his head, snorting, "Its a complete bullshit lie you're believing that they are down to /nothing/. Just wait when they get down here, I'll bet you they bring all kinds of guns with them. You define that as they have nothing to give us? Wait until they come down, I bet you they have some basic medical gear— maybe a scalpel. Anesthesia. No, they /chose/ to send us with /nothing/. The Ark is running out of oxygen, I accept that, but its a fantasy if you think they're suddenly ran out of *everything* at once at the exact same moment life support is failing. The world doesn't work in perfect sync like that." That said, he shakes his head and pushes up from the sitting position, "The problem is you define talk-things-over as agree-with-me-or-yer-crazy; you've got the monopoly on being right. Man I need a drink."

And just like that, Cassandra is getting her groove on. It's a Unity Day miracle. She's smiling, grinning, laughing and dancing with Fiona and Silas, as comfortable as can be. And if she's going to be showing the world that she can have fun — well, it just doesn't sit right that everyone else is going to stay political. "Don't vomit on my arm and make me sic Quinn on you," she whispers to Silas, leaning back against him assuming he doesn't topple over or shove her into Fiona, whom she positions herself behind after that twirl. This is short-lived, for she soon slips out from between the too and sashays her way over to Grey and Cameron, hips rolling and shoulders shaking. It isn't a show-stopper, but the confidence and enthusiasm are there. Then, right in the midst of their debate, she reaches out and tries to pinch them both by their shirts, to tug them over to the earthen dance-floor with Fiona and Silas.

Blink. Elias probably looks equal parts mortified and impressed by Hanne's torrent of words for Morgan. With his gaze still on Morgan, in fact, Elias paaannns it slowly over to Hanne to give her the blinky eyes too. If there's anything he's learned from talking to Cameron and Grey while they're having it out, it's to just button one's lip and ride out the shit storm. For that long tirade, he's mostly just standing supportively by his fellow eco nerd. At the mention of a walk, he looks back down to her a little shocked still. Assertive Hanne is a sight to behold, evidently. "Yeah, a walk," he says, somewhat absently as he's still rather astounded by the supposedly shy one. "Did you want company or…?" Seeming to be a bit at a loss for the time, he gives a cant of his head in indication of 'somewhere else'.

Morgan just listens to Hanne while she has her rant. Once she's done, he simply looks over to Elias and nods. "You should, yeah. Having our limited supply in sight is the smart things to do." Not at all interested in arguing with Hanne. Nope. He does approve of her taking a walk though. "Have fun." he tells her and looks down into his cup. "I need a refill." Nodding once to Elias, he starts making his way over to the table, starting to sway a little.

Grey chuckles a little dryly and a lot wearily, "Come on, man… if there were one hundred guns down here, do you really think we wouldn't have at least ninety-nine dead Delinquents?" But he doesn't address Cam's other points, because he's just standing up, shaking his head, and walking over toward the booze.

Let the boys argue about the serious things, because Fiona is just so done with that right now. She's been running on fumes for days now, and had absolutely no outlet to left off steam. She is adamantly ignoring the serious discussion in favor of being a (minimally) thoughtless teenager. There's a bit of a hip sway to go along with Cass until she's swung around to dance with Silas while Cassandra tries to lure Cam and Grey into the fray. A hand casually drapes on Silas' shoulder unless he ducks her, as she syncs to his movements.

"Two, Grey. I think *two* would have been nice. And I'd have put one in your hand, and one in maybe Quinn's." replies Cameron tiredly to Grey.

Here comes Roger, finally emerging from the tech tent kind of cautiously, no doubt to the sound of celebrations, and blinks owlishly in the light. There's an uncertain moment where it seems like he just /might/ duck back inside… but then he comes on out. He stick to the edge of whatever might be happening, avoids the booze altogether, and heads straight toward the food to see what exactly is available in that neck of the woods. Hey, he's a scrawny 18-year-old boy. There's like a law somewhere that he's supposed to always be hungry, right?

Some people partying, some people arguing. Can any one guess which direction it is that she heads in, one guess each! Well, no time. Quinn spots those that seem to be arguing, again, and makes her way in that direction, a frown flicking briefly over her lips as she approaches, and tries to sort out just what they are fighting about this time.

And it looks like Hanne is completely out of rant fuel. She even looks a little mollified that Morgan doesn't press the issue, or make her even continue on her tirade. She glances at Elias, blinks, and then finds herself kind of resurfacing as if she had been drowned in a dream. She then nods a bit at Elias. "Yeah… come on." She tugs on his sleeve, which is an unnecessary gesture because Elias already agreed to go with her, but she's probably been tugging on his sleeve for years.

Cassandra and Fiona dancing takes Alison's attention for a bit. Then the group grows bigger. The red head steps closer to get a better view, and plops down in a decent spot to sit on the dirt. "To the alien invaders, to survival, and to our booze provider, Frankie." Gulp and lean back, humming along with the song.

So, Cassandra is pinching at his shirt, and Cameron blinks and gives her an incredulous are-you-crazy expression, batting away her hand with a sharp, "Don't touch me." There's a moment's pause and he shakes his head, blinking, and does the unthinkable: "Sorry. That wasn't really directed at you." Cam apologized to Cassandra! He does add, though, "I need a drink." A faint smile, and he's heading over towards the table where the alcohol is. Because priorities. Grey's kept him /sober/ for how long now?

Grey is busy enough getting out of that conversation with Cameron that he's two steps away before he gets caught up by the pinch at the back of his shirt. His feet try to keep going even as the resistance at the back of his collar draws the material tight at the front of his neck. "Augh." Coming to a stop, he glances down at Cassandra's enthusiastic dancing, pushing a broad, slightly-crooked grin onto his lips, "Well hello. I need some…" and then Cameron is announcing he's going to get a drink, and Grey shrugs again, slinging his baton over his back and tucking his knife away again at the back of his belt, "Okay, yeah. Dancing."

Snorting and letting out excited laughter, Silas has thrown his hands skyward, index fingers pointed toward the sky as he hops up a bit. Smiling wide as he sways around, when Cass comes over- he amazingly manages to neither puke, or fall into her and simply chuckles. "I'm saving that luxury for some poor bush!" he says as he moves to circle around her with some drunken grace before he's back in his earlier position. Then, Cassandra is gone and replaced with Fiona- though Silas isn't even sure himself if he notices. When he feels the hand upon his shoulder, he moves to spin but stops half-way with a shimmy to his left so his right hand can seize hers, moving to pull her forward and lift it up and spin her- and himself around before pulling her back in and for a dip. That is, assuming she goes with it and he doesn't slip.

And the argument turns to dancing! Augh! It's like everyone is plotting against her. Quinn actually stops, turns to the left, then to the right, and proceeds to just stand there. She doesn't seem to have a destination in mind now that people are scattering, some to drink, some to dance. And Quinn? Quinn just creates this calm little eye in the storm, trying to hide from this weirdness called celebrating.

A nod is given to Morgan, though Elias still looks like he's at a complete and total loss. "We'll talk…more about it later, I'm guessing," he says and gives the guy an apologetic look. With Hanne once more tugging on his shirt, he gives the girl a playful nudge with his shoulder again. "Alright. Easy there, slugger," he says, putting extra emphasis on the 'slugger' part and with a grin to match the levity the statement is meant for. "Just a short ways, though? Jaha's speech is soon. We oughta' catch that at least, right?" And then there he is, prepared to trek away from the main bulk of the festivities.

Roger is neither a drinker nor a dancer, but he makes an awfully good spectator. He claims a handful of raw greens from the edge of the table (which if Cookie is involved with any of this, is probably the most boring thing there, but whatev), and starts to crunch away as he sidles to the side and takes up the wallflower position, watching the dancing with a vague little smile.

Rejected! Cassie gives Cameron a sulky look when she's batted away, but something incredible happens on her end too: she doesn't get mad. A mean drunk she apparently is not. No, Cassandra Bonheur is a mean sober, so by law of physics, or something, those two influences cancel each other out. She follows Fiona's lead where guy-moves are concerned and drapes an arm over Grey's shoulder, beyond which she waggles her eyebrows Quinn's way in a universal come join us! gesture or possibly hello there — Eyebrowdasleng is tough to translate. "I ever tell you you're a lot more attractive without the makeshift shock baton?" she asks the ex-C while boogieing her way back to Fiona and Silas, so that everyone can stay together. So together that they're bound to end up tripping over each other's feet, sooner or later. She tries to bump hips with the Tesla Ringleader.

Glancing over to Quinn as she circles through the crowd in the wake of Cassandra's look, Grey slings his left arm around the Boner's shoulders and calls out, "C'mon Q. Even you know how to have fun sometimes. Besides, if you have a drink, Max might even let you kiss him." His chuckle might be a little nasty, but at least the words are said with a grin, after all. Smirking even harder to Cassandra, he notes, "Gotta give the girls a proper warning about what I'm carryin'." There's a beat pause, and then he adds, "Or, you know, to stop fights if they start." He gives Fiona a nod as he's hauled in her direction, Silas gets a little longer stare, and then a nod to him as well. "Happy Unity Day. Who's got a drink for me?"

Morgan gets himself more booze from the table then turn to look around at what's happening with everyone. "Over here Grey." he answers, picking up one of the pseudo cups and holding it out for him to come take. "It's horrible and will eat away your stomach lining." Pause. "I should probably eat something." Though he stays where he is and just takes another drink from his cup.

Cameron takes a cup of the sketchy alcohol, eyes it critical, and takes a gulp… And promptly is hopping on one hand, squinting and coughing and hacking. And then drinking the rest of it down and going for a second. That one he doesn't seem to intend on chugging, though. He wanders over towards Morgan and says tiredly, "You were supposed to run over and say something was on fire, quick, quick, come help put it out. You know. Rescue me."

Quinn glances towards Grey and Cassandra, a brow flicking upwards before she turns to start wandering in their direction. She gives Grey a look, head, toe, back to his eyes before she just turns her attention to Cassandra. She doesn't give her much chance to react, because a negative reaction would just not look good for the point she's trying to make. If there actually is a point…or just a choice to stick her proverbial tongue out at Grey. One hand reaches up to catch the back of Cassandra's head before she leans in to plant a very solid kiss on her mouth. No drink needed.

Cassandra tries very, very hard not to laugh at Grey's comment to her. It's a noble effort, expression bottled up with amusement just bursting at the seams. And then there's a blonde on her lips, and she is saved. Whisking herself away from her dance partner's strong arms, the self-rescuing princess throws her own around the other, fairer ex-C and reciprocates that kiss passionately. Then again, unlike Quinn, she's two drinks in herself, and the nickname 'Boner' must exist for a reason — so who knows if she means it. When she does pull away, she cocks an equally bemused and amused eyebrow, doesn't question it, and twirls the woman around.

Standing by himself at the edge of the camp - as per usual - is Allen. His dirty, torn tank top and cargo shorts haven taken a series of green and brown stains, likely caused by the time he spends out in the wilderness. Every so often his attention drops to his feet, he murmurs something out loud, and seems to get properly frustrated by nothing at all. Known to talk to himself nearly constantly, this giant teen clearly chooses to stay at the edge of the goings on—at least for now. It seems that - whenever he notices someone having a good time - he sneers, his lips curling up at the corners as he reveals his teeth. At first glance, he might be something of a downer.

Roger munches on his greens like a rabbit, still kind of hanging out on the sidelines and just nodding along with the dancing. And then Quinn and Cassandra are kissing, and his attention kind of waaaaanders over that way. Stares for a minute. Blink. Headtilt. He kind of forgets to keep eating and just watches.

Kai finally turns up, for all that the short-haired female ex-C looks about as enthused at being there as she would be volunteering for stitching practice. But there's lamprey meat, and damn if she's not hungry and determined that after the work hauling the stupid thing in that she's not going to get some of that.

Grey watches Quinn pounce on Cassandra, laughing aloud. He waits, watches, then notes, "What, no tongue?" Never satisfied, this one, not even watching two girls kiss from two feet away. And then Morgan offers him the cup of booze, and he glances over, blinking, at Morgan and Cameron both. Didn't he just leave this party. Still, he reaches out to accept the offering, giving it a sniff that wrinkles his nose, then shrugs and takes a swig. The taste of pine causes his lips to twist, and he gives a 'blech…' and then a cough, a wheeze, and a "Smooooth."

Morgan drapes the arm no longer holding a cup over Cam's shoulder and leans forward to rest their foreheads against each other. "You were fine." he points out, slurring his words ever so slightly. Moving his head to one side, he lowers it to start nuzzling and nibbling on Cam's neck. "You didn't need rescuing." It comes out muffled for obvious reasons.

Elias is off down a ways further into the camp walking and chattering with Hanne. More than likely, they are nerding out over earth sciences as they do. The two of them don't go out of sight, so those who might see Elias likely notice the animated ways in which he gestures he tends to when talking science things.

Hanne is chatting away with Elias, happy to be geeking out with a friend, but then she gets stalled when she sees Cassandra and Quinn kiss. She does what she does, and grabs Elias's shirt again. Her mouth is open in surprise, and she blinks up at the fellow earth science nerd. "I thought Quinn was with Max…" She then continues to look really interested, but then starts to tug Elias back toward the group.

Devin arrives in the grounds from the direction of the front gates of the camp, his hair damp and looking clean. He carries his spear in one hand and a bundle of clothes in the other. Apparently, for Devin, Unity Day is also laundry day. He moves through the camp, looking towards the delinquents celebrating as he moves towards the dropship.

"I suppose not." Cameron sighs, leaning against Morgan, voice soft and the tiredness draining from his voice, "I braved the terrible challenge of having a /serious talk/ with Grey, though. I…" And then Morgan's nuzzling at his neck, and Cam's eyes fall closed and he sighs /very/ contentedly. And then Cameron is laughing softly, pulling away with obvious reluctance, "You're drunk." he accuses mildly, teasingly, even as he lifts his cup up for a sip from his second glass. The first hasn't gone to his head yet. "I need to catch up."

"It's /supposed/ to be boring," Allen says aloud, to himself, as he looks down towards the ground nearby and stares at it, clearly frustrated with something in particular as he begins carrying out a half-sided conversation with himself, "No, you remember what this shit was like on the Ark. It's all—It's all the same. Boring people, boring shit. Same ol' same ol'." Then, after a lapse of silence, the giant teen flares suddenly and adopts a pretty angry look, "What are you talking about? Shut up. That's not true. I'm not getting /shit/." It's clear that without the medication from the Ark, Allen's getting worse. Whether or not this is a bad thing remains to be seen.

Shit. Spinning? Quinn was not prepared for spinning, so that first step is not nearly as elegant as it could be, but when she comes back around in time to hear Grey she rolls her eyes at him. Apparently kissing is her new way of making points that ''fail'', and so the next point is that yesgoddamnitshecanusetongue. Lucky Grey, she seems to target him this time. Of course, Cassandra might be next again since she holds onto her, what with the spinning and all she might just be dizzy.

At the tug of his shirt, Elias does look to where Hanne is looking at aforementioned kiss. "Ho shit," he utters, blinking over at the two girls kissing. Of course those hazel eyes linger there at the spectacle of it all before he's looking down once more to Hanne. "Uhm..yeah? My guy sense is telling me he's not going to be overly fuckin' torn up over it. Nice." His face is dead serious for a moment before he looks sidelong to Hanne again and lets out another short laugh. "Alright. Let's head back. I think Jaha's speech is going to start soon."

Roger is distracted enough by the girls kissing that it takes him a moment to notice that Allen is in the vicinity, but that explosion kind of causes him to jump and look in that direction. He blinks a time or two, startled, but then he shoves the last of whatever green stuff he was eating into his mouth, and starts to kind of casually sidle to the side, edging away to put some space between himself and the unpredictably flaring one without drawing too much attention to himself.

When dancing turns to making out for Quinn and Cass- Silas doesn't notice at all. He was told to dance, and damn it that's what he's going to (try and) do. After a few moments of continued dancing, Silas and Fiona disconnect- and Silas goes for a spin, only to spot and notice the making out of Cassandra and Quinn. His eyes shoot open as he laughs aloud and throws his fists into the air, "Earth fuckin' RUUULES!". At least he isn't pretend to not like this kinda stuff now. Silas' is dripping with sweat by now, to the point where he's slowed down and panting as he moves over to collect his cup and fill his drink again before moving to rest off at the side, collecting himself and drinking as he has some drunken snickers off on his own for a little bit as he waits for the speech.

Devin disappears into the drop ship for a few moments before he reemerges with his hands free, pulling down the hem of his shirt over his stomach as he starts back towards the party that's going on. He looks towards the crowd, looking over the faces that he can see, pausing for a brief moment as Quinn and Cass kiss before moving on. A slight smirk on his lips appears as he sees the joy the others are having before he makes his way over to get a drink.

The collective hoot and holler that comes from some of the other kids is less about two girls kissing than anybody kissing that solidly in public at all. But it's all appreciation for the display. Fiona for her part has two partners, and then one partner lifting and spinning her, which she finds delightful, and then two partners again, and once more just a single partner. The chaos of it delights her, even if there is the occasional stumble.

As Cameron steps back, Morgan very reluctantly lets his arm drop. "I am." he agrees with a pleased little smile. "A little." More than a little. "It's Unity Day right? We're allowed to get drunk after all we've been through in the last two weeks." Pause. "Did Quinn just kiss Cass?"

Kai collects a portion of the lamprey and finds a quiet place to step off to and eat for the moment.

Good thing Grey just washed his mouth out with booze. When Quinn chooses him as her next lip-lock partner, he tenses a moment, then brings his free left hand up to the back of her neck. Considering that he was apparently panting after his fellow ex-C less than a week ago, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of enthusiasm from Grey's side, nor a whole lot of tongue. Maybe that's why she picked Max. Straightening up from the kiss, he offers out the cup of booze. "Unity Juice, or have you been at it already, Q?"

Some of the Tech kids have brought out the largest of the still-working screens from the dropship, and added a couple of speakers around it. The music cuts out, then the Ark anthem begins, and Thelonius Jaha's calm, steady features are broadcast throughout the Ark and, for the first time, to a makeshift screen in front of the Ark as well, "My friends, this is a historic Unity Day." His voice is smooth, hope sparking in his eyes, "Every year, we mark the moment our ancestors of the twelve stations joined to form the Ark, but this is the last time we do so while aboard her. Next year," he turns to look to his teenage son, "on the ground."

The Chancellor looks around the crowd visible around the fringes of the vid, "For ninety-seven years, we have eked out an existence, hoping that someday our descendants would return to Earth. That day is no longer in some nebulous future. We are no longer an interim generation. This generation, the people alive today, will be the ones to return to Earth. Some of us are already there."

"Fuck, we're allowed to get /wasted/ after the last two weeks." Cameron laughs again, though he does try to snag that arm of Morgan's and lift it back up over his shoulder. He only meant to pull away a little, "What? Kissing? How the hell should I know?" The words sound harsh but the tone is reminiscent of the laughter, "You were nibbling my neck. Wouldn't have noticed a Grounder invasion." But he does sip again and peer to the area where dancing is happening, "We should da—" And then Jaha's speaking, and you know what, even that doesn't sour Cam's mood. The alcohol is starting to work.

"Finally," Allen says, though likely more about the content that the Chancellor speaks than about the timing of the video, "Got us waiting down here for weeks. Sick of it, better get their asses here soon." The giant teen's expression remains positively dour as he watches the vid from his spot on the far side of the camp, his arms crossed firmly over his chest and his back straight—he might even show some signs of discomfort.

Morgan grins at Cam and takes another drink. He looks over as the techies bring out the monitor then drapes his arm around Cam's shoulders and pulls him close to watch. "Will he or won't he?" he wonders.

When Cassie's lips get ditched for Grey, she slides her eyes between the two ex-Cadets, smiles, then shakes her head. She turns towards the sound of the radio when it flares up, because all the lip-locking in the world can't steal her attention from the sound of her future; she does, however, lean comfortably against Quinn's shoulder. "For a moment there, I thought one of us might actually get there before Jackhole Jaha chimes in to screw us all over," she wryly comments.

Devin gets himself a drink just as Jaha's words echo around the camp. He looks towards the screen, finally seeing Jaha giving the Unity Day speech for the first time. He tilts his head as he watches the monitor, taking a small sip from the cup, wincing a bit at the taste before he swallows that bit and takes another quick drink and moves to find a place to sit so he can continue to listen to the speech.

Fiona stops dancing, sort of swaying where she stands as her eyes lock onto the screen. She forgets her surroundings as she strains, listening to Jaha while perhaps hoping for a glimpse of her parents.

This is probably the reason that Quinn chose Max, or her choosing Max is the reason for the lack of enthusiasm. "I don't drink." Quinn replies, shaking her head at the offer of the cup, then her attention turns towards the announcement. She smirks very faintly, wrapping her arm around Cassandra's waist when she leans against her shoulder, "Anything could happen…right? Stiff upper lip, keep your hopes up…all that shit."

Hanne stands with Elias, turning to the monitor as they begin to showcase Jaha. She seems to be lightened by the sight of the Chancellor, particularly the mood of this year's speech. It definitely lacks that 'same old, same old' feeling of past Unity Day speeches. She stuffs her hands in the pockets of her jacket, watching and listening with little comment.

Nestling against Morgan, Cameron slips his free hand around the other man's waist, fingers sliding up under his shirt. But, that's all. Cam's behaving, because they're in public. And he's staring at Jaha on the screen, sipping his drink, "Honestly?" He grins with a slight shake of his head as he replies to Morgan, "I have absolutely no idea. I've given up trying to predict that man."

Elias watches the screen quietly, not expressing any sentiment one way or another to the speech while it's in progress. There's a glance or two for Hanne, but he seems content with watching and listening to the speech. The makeshift cup he holds is lifted to his lips after a fashion and sipped from again. Apparently, he's decided to go at least a little easy.

Kai's content to barbarian it up in her own little corner, tearing bits of roast lamprey from the bit she claimed as she watches from the edge of the gathering. Coincidentally on the drop-ship side of things, with no drink, totally in the spirit of things with that sour look on her face.

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Quinn, looking to the screen as the speech begins, "I think I'm gonna have to start." And he tips another swig of the booze into his mouth, wincing at the taste, swishing it around, and wincing again at the burn. "Yurgh." He steps just a touch away from Cassandra and Quinn, making sure they can see the screen well enough, and also clearing his personal bubble. Apparently, what's okay for dancing and kissing isn't okay for just standing around. He chortles, "What Cass, you think cockblocking just got added to Jaha's list of crimes?" The words are spoken side-long, however, his attention up on the screen. He lifts his cup at Jaha's references to the One Hundred, "Damn right we are!"

Looking directly into the camera now, Jaha continues, "To our sons and daughters on Earth listening to this message, we will see you soon. The first Exodus ship will launch in under sixty hours, carrying you the reinforcements and materials that you need, so stay strong. Help is on the way."

There is a hard crackle of interference through the signal, blurring a few of Jaha's words, "We have seen the true soul of our people, and it is unity. In that vein, I would like to announce that one month after our arrival on Earth, elections will be held to choose a new Chancellor on Earth, and that Chancellor will select an entirely new Council predicated on the needs of our people on the ground."

"So much for 'We had nothing to send.'" Morgan says but it's without rancor. Like anyone believed it. At the declaration of elections, he cocks his head to the side and waits. "Dissolving it now, Jaha?"

"I think I'm going to be sick," says Cass, who does not really look all that drunk — not Silas level drunk, at least. Rubbing at her brow, she turns to Quinn, and asks in a lowered voice, "How serious were you about ditching camp when the Ark lands here?"

Roger watches the speech with polite attentiveness, with his thumbs tucked into his pocket. His brows lift when the promise of reinforcements is made, only to grimace when the interference breaks in. "Dammit. There's /got/ to be a way to fix that," he mutters.

"Yeah, that particular bit of bullshit was really transparent." agrees Cameron, though when Jaha announces elections and a new Council, he looks rather surprised. "That's… not what I expected." Even if it is what he wanted. More or less. Isn't it? Cameron decides the right answer to Jaha making him feel crazy is to gulp some more of the battery acid. Alcohol. Whatever.

Quinn glances at Cassandra, a frown tugging the corners of her mouth downwards before she sighs, "Depends…I promised a few people that I was going to try and make sure changes happened. But if…things don't go right, I'm very serious about it." She doesn't know if that makes sense at all, and it shows.

Fiona is rapt as she stares at the screen. He brow furrows slightly, uncertain as to why the interference is occurring, but as long as the communication continues, she's not inclined to fuss. The first dropship is coming down, and if Jaha has any compassion, some of their parents - maybe her parents - will be coming down with it.

"Supplies is good… they are probably stripping the Ark down." Hanne looks at Elias. "Maybe we'll get those seeds we're hoping for after all." She snorts. "Though I swear I'm not living on soy the rest of my life." Her arms cross.

Silas is at that particular level of drunk where he's jolting awake just as he spills a bit alcohol onto his leg. Silas' eyes shoot open and he snorts a bit, grunting as he clears his throat and blinks, looking around for a moment as he mumbles, "What? What happened?" before looking to his cup, and then the inevitable stain. He blinks for a moment, catching the words, "-new Chancellor on Earth…" as he begins to listen and his brows go up somewhat. "Aw hell yeah." and begins to drink yet again as he sits up.

With a laugh, Elias gives a quick shake of his head. "Oh hell no, but if that's what we have to supplement with for a while.." He lifts his shoulders in a shrug and takes another sip from his cup, only wincing a bit at the burn. "But yeah. We'll get those seeds." Raising his free hand, he wipes his mouth before looking once again to Hanne. "Heh. Not only that, but they're electing a new Chancellor. Still don't like that Council BS, though. All of the officials should be elected."

"Gotta start somewhere, I guess," Hanne says to Elias, shrugging her shoulders. "The Council of old definitely isn't going to work down here." She then shrugs, and her gaze shifts to Cameron and Morgan briefly. She exhales, shoulders slumping now. "One step at a time…"

"Well, we got sixty hours to decide," Cass tells Quinn. The longer the speech proceeds, the more sober she gets, and she scrunches her eyes with considerable displeasure for someone who's just been kissed. Her left hand curls around her right, whereupon she finds metal still latched into her skin. "Fuck, I need to get this bracelet off. Where's Silver? I thought we had more time." And presumably to find that talented medtech, she starts to step away from the ex-C, pausing only a moment to glance back and point with her unchained hand. "Don't leave without Pony-boy and me if that's what you're going to do. I'm coming too."

Grey evidently has a very different reaction to the speech than some of his fellow Delinquents, making a little punching motion low at his side as Jaha announces that the first of the Arkers are coming down so soon, "Yes. Must be strippin' the Ark pretty good, since they can't stay up there." The mention of elections, however, causes him to blink, his brows lifting, and then he nods slowly, looking over toward Morgan and Cameron for a moment before back to the screen. The words from Cassandra and Quinn behind him buzz at the back of his consciousness, starting a frown settling into his features.

"But enough from me. You are all here for the pageant and the One Hundred's thoughts on unity anyway, right? Without further ado, I present the story of us." Jaha steps aside from the camera to pretty solid applause on the Ark, the camera focusing on a circle of twelve children carrying flags.

A big-eyed girl of about ten years old starts to speak as the others circle around her, "Long ago, when the Earth was on fire, twelve stations floated through space all alone. Then one day, Mir floated by Shenzhen, and they realized life would be better together. The other stations saw this, and they wanted to be together, too. When all the stations were formed, they called themselves-" There is a white flash on the screen, and the feed goes entirely dead.

"Just watch this," Allen says to himself, though this time he may appear to be speaking to the other teens, "They're gonna show up, pretend they know what the fuck they're talking about, and treat us like children instead of the people who came down and dealt with this shit for the last two weeks." He pauses for a moment before grunts, and adds, "Better they show up than not, I suppose, but sure-as-shit I'm gonna let them know that they're gonna have to listen." When the pageant starts, Allen looks particularly frustrated, by the moment it cuts out, his brow furrows, and his gaze lingers on it, "Who broke what?"

There is a frown, but then Quinn rapidly shakes her head at Cassandra, "I wont leave without you two." She replies, eyes flicking back towards the screen, "If I leave…" She's not promising that she will, and she did say she was going to try and make things work before just abandoning everything. So far, she's put her money where her mouth is, and has been. When the screen goes blank she steps towards Grey, smacking his arm with the back of one hand.

Devin's brow furrows as he listens to Jaha then the pageant starts. He blink sand looks towards the closest person to him, nodding towards the screen as he asks, "What's this all about?" He asks before he looks back towards the screen as the image goes white. He blinks for a few moments, looking towards the others for a moment to gage their reaction before he speaks again. "Is this part of the show?"

Cameron doesn't quite know what to do with himself. "Did we just win?" he asks aloud, looking at Morgan, looking around, "I think we just won. How the hell did that happen?" He sounds bewildered. And then he blinks as the screen goes dead, "Hey, what happened?" Standing up straighter, he steps forward and looks around, "The hell happened?!"

Morgan blinks at what Jaha says. "What? What did he say?" he asks, looking at Cam and then back to the screen. "Those are going to be broadcast? No one said they were going to be…" Blink. "What the hell happened?"

Fiona blinks at the flash on the screen as the feed cuts, and the only thing she can do is say what everyone else is saying. "What just happened?"

A slow, quiet and somewhat wheezy belch echoes from Silas in his little spot as he sits with his legs splayed out and his drink in his hand- eyes lazily locked on the screen as it takes a few seconds before the uncouth sound comes to an end and he's smacking his lips. Silas quietly takes a sip of his drink, licking his lips before he brings his open hand to cup over his mouth as he yells towards the screen, "Bring it back on! I was sobering up!" he says, beginning to stagger to his feet as he drops his cup and lets it fall off to the side as he staggers over to get closer to the screen, sniffling and letting out a slow sigh.

Roger blinks a little, glancing around at the others when the feed goes dead. He doesn't say anything, but he starts walking toward the screen, shoulders hunched a little as he slips through the others. "Maybe something… Hm." He glances around to search for other techs, just in case some might be sober, but then keeps walking to go check whatever might be the problem. Put foil on the rabbit ears, probably.

There are no tears in Cassandra's eyes when adorable children start doing their Unity Pageant thing — rather than striking a chord of sentiment with her, the lanky delinquent looks marginally offended by it. When the feed goes white, she furrows her brow and stops, but continues watching expectantly. Bad signal just happens — surely it will come back on?

Grey's eyebrows rise as Jaha mentions that they'll play some of what the Delinquents said about unity, and he starts to shuffle his feet. Then the pageant begins, and he zones out… until there's the flash and the lack of picture. And then he's getting whacked in the arm, "Ow! I'm way the hell over here! I didn't do it!"

Hanne blinks in surprise when the feed cuts, and she joins the others in some surprised outrage. She is on her feet, and she's shaking her head at Morgan. "Only parts, and don't worry, nothing anyone would be upset about." Though she frowns. "I don't know why the feed cut. Did anyone see that flash?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I saw it." Fiona's voice rises as she calls out, "Somebody get on the comms? Someone on the other end should know we're not getting the feed anymore."

Alison stares blankly at the screen a moment, then tosses her cup down and pushes to stand-up. "HOLD ON!" The red haired technician says and head for the 'tech tent.'

A nod is returned to Hanne's words and Elias turns his attention back to the screen. "Starting is good," he replies. When the feed goes dead, Elias blinks as well and looks over to Hanne. "Flash?" he asks, but then nods his head. "Something like that, yeah." He frowns as well, but as one of the non-techies, he stays back to give the tech-kids room. His attention flits over to Fiona as well and his brows raise a touch. "Might be interference or something on our end?"

"Man, I don't even remember what I said." Cameron gives an uncertain look at Hanne, "Did I say anything that sounded stupid? Where's the techs? Someone fix the feed, if I end up looking like a dork on that thing, I swear, I'll…" He can't quite think of anything he'd do, but, damnit, it will be severe! There will be CONSEQUENCES. This is face says. He does turn a slightly alarmed look at Morgan, "You told them to float themselves or something, didn't you?" A wry grin at the thought.

Devin remains silent again as he looks at the screen, waiting to see if the images come back before he looks towards Hanne as she mentions the flash then looks up towards the sky, trying to find the Ark if it's still visible. He looks to Cameron as he asks Morgan the question, a grin forming on his lips. "I did."

"Not recently." Morgan answers, looking toward the tech tent for an answer as to what happened.

<FS3> Roger rolls Electronics: Great Success.

"I know you didn't do it." Quinn retorts to Grey, "But I think we're going to have a riot soon." As evidenced by the numerous protestations that have gone up, "Or maybe not…think something happened on our end or theirs?"

Hanne casts Devin a look. "Yes, I know… you apparently made Saint Clair laugh." She then peeks up to see what Alison and Silas might be figuring out. "I really like the pageant." Hanne narrows her eyes at Elias. "Didn't your mom make you participate like… ten years ago?"

Silas is quiet for a long moment as he finishes shambling over to sit down in alignment with the screen, quietly and rather seriously staring at it with furrowed brows for a moment or two. Silas quiet sniffles, his hands coming over to rather thoroughly wipe his face before his hands come down to his lap. "I… Think it's broken." says Silas, staring as he quietly chews lazily on his inner cheek while continuing to stare at the screen.

<FS3> Alison rolls Electronics: Success.

"No real point in worrying about it," Allen says to the spot on the ground beside him while the others pontificate or scramble to examine the electronics, "It's just a bunch of kids doing a show, they're trying to transmit this shit from space, that can't be easy." Then, looking up, he adds to the other teens, "We all heard what Jaha said, the important shit, that's what we needed to hear. We know what we think about Unity day."

Devin offers Hanne a warm smile at the mention of Saint Clair, raising his glass in a toast. "As long as I can bring someone some joy, I'm doing my part." He says before he takes another drink from the glass then looks back towards the screen again.

Well, that feed isn't coming back on any time soon, or so Cassandra decides. It's no skin off her nose, and so she just turns around and keeps walking. "Knew I liked you for a reason, Little Brother," she says to Devin as she passes him, throwing a light punch of camaraderie towards his shoulder.

A couple of kids in the crowd take up Allen's words, calling out loudly, "We know what we think about Unity Day! Booze and food! Wooo!"

Grey looks around the crowd of confused, buzzing kids at Quinn's words, nodding slowly, "I dunno. Maybe…" He looks toward the door of the dropship a moment, then out toward the open camp gate and back to Quinn, "If so. We head for the dropship first?" And the rifles inside, presumably. The shouts from the crowd let a little bit of tension out of his shoulders and into the gathering dusk, "We might be safe, unless someone does something stupid."

"We'll get it figured out in a minute." Fiona mumbles, still staring at the now blank screen. With a little sigh, she turns away, looking around a bit at how the others are reacting and keeping opting to be observant.

Roger fiddles with some wires on the back of the screen and speakers, pokes around a bit with the controls, and then ducks inside the tent with Alison to futz around with things in there. In the end, the feed doesn't return, and he's left standing there kind of scowling at the whole set-up. "Well. That sucks," he observes, with a glance to Alison. "You want to be the one that explains it to everyone? Cause I don't."

Kai's still loitering near the dropship. Munching on lamprey. If anything, she seems to be smirking in amusement at the loss of the feed, and the confusion it's causing. Even if for her part she doesn't seem to particularly care.

Devin looks towards Cass and chuckles at her words to him before letting out a soft 'ow' at the punch to his shoulder with a soft laugh as he playfully rubs his shoulder as he watches her for a moment. "Appreciate it." He calls back to her before he looks back towards the screen as the others try to fix it.

Cameron can't help but grin at Devin, "Good man, Devin. Good man." He finishes his second cup, and hiccups. And otherwise is just left a it bewildered by the revelations so far happening around them.

Only a groan is given at the remark about Elias having been forced into the pageant when he was younger. The rueful smile and shake of his head that follow end with him settling his eyes on Hanne. "Yeah and we don't talk about that." At the sight of Devin, Elias raises his own cup and then takes a sip. "Hey, Dev. Talk at you later?" he asks him, also giving an upwards nod of his head.

Silas is quiet for a moment or two- but as he hears Grey's latest sentence, he can't help but look over his shoulder and towards the other young don't. "What if you jinxed it?" he asks, still not seeming to really register the possible situation as he quietly looks back to the screen.

"Silver! Silver? Anyone seen Silver?" Cassandra's voice can occasionally be heard above the crowd, but there are nearly a hundred drunk delinquents here, and most of them are busy in some fashion with the feed. After passing Devin, she wanders off to find the woman who can get rid of her bracelet.

Devin returns Cameron's grin and raises his cup in return. "I try." He says before he looks back to Elias as he's spoken too, nodding his head. "Yeah, sure. I'll be around. Celebrating and all that." He looks back towards the screen again. "Leave the feed off. It'll be my birthday present." He calls out to the ones working on the feed and the monitor.

"If it happens, to the dropship." Quinn agrees, taking a half step in that direction, prepared to start moving if things go south any time soon. However, she doesn't leave yet, and continues to watch and listen.

Alison tweaks at the reception, shifting the frequency in and out. "I'll tell them, Rog.. You fix it." The red head quips, tilting her head, "Transmit to the Ark on audio only, see if there is a reply. See if there is any feed back." She comments and steps back to the tent to yell out, "Working on it, looks like somebody lost the transmission feed on the Ark end. Probably a dead battery." Then she looks back into Roger.

A sudden cry goes up from the wall, and someone is screaming one of those ear-splitting screams that are filled with fear and surprised. One of the kids who was supposed to be on the wall — but let's be honest, they were all finding spots to watch and listen to Jaha's address — is darting through the crowd, pushing and shoving. "Jeane found Evie… Eden… someone has to help her!"

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