Day 075: Fishing With Reno
Summary: Reno comes to visit New Coesbur and he and Kai talk about kru's, violence, and fishing.
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Eastern Shore, Lake Audo — The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Audo— or known as Lake Arkadia the Skaikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, beyond the looming broken torus of the Skaikru's Alpha Compound on the opposite shore. The eastern shore is more grassy than forested, possessing more of a meadow in the mountain valley. The road that leads into the valley divides off, one fork leading to Camp Jaha, and the other this way toward the Trikru settlement of New Coesbur.
Day 75

Mid afternoon; in centuries past it might have been considered siesta time. Certainly right about now there's a lot of hot and sweaty and mostly unconscious Trikru waiting for the cooler hours to resume work. Kai's restless, still Skai enough that the temperature is just too uncomfortably muggy for her to be unconscious, so she's found a rock on the waters edge, and clad in a camisole that was definitely taken from the Mountain and does nothing to hide her scars, and her lightest pants rolled up to the knee for least amount of clothing she can wear and still remain 'decent' she's working on fishing while perched in the shade.

Reno was totally out of place. Where on earth he found a pair of Dockers in the apocalypse is anyone's gue- oh the Mountain. Well thank the Mountain they had the foresight to preserve 'dress casual' for the ages. The button up shirt hung open to the tank underneath revealing a completely non-athletic frame. Then again the lanky kid grew up folded in a floor so that might be for the best. There was a backpack over shoulder. He was tired and it showed in his voice when he mumbled loud enough "Don't… shoot or I'll be…" be what? "very disappointed." Well at least he wasn't one for exaggerating things out of proportion.

Kai turns her attention towards Reno at the sound of his voice, smirking vaguely,"You're not armed, no-one's going to shoot you, Skai have been coming over and helping for days." there's a jerk of her head,"Besides, even if I had my gear with me, I'm the least likely to shoot one of the one hundred, and the most likely to miss if I tried. 's Reno, right? I remember you. From outside the Mountain."

Reno responded dispassionately and without any apparent rancor, "Well, they did last time and I was unarmed then too." It seemed fact was fact and time and testing changed hypothesis, not assumption. The tech bit his lip in thought and dipped his head once blinking at her. He offered remembering to try to 'human', "Yeah. 's right. Didn't get to meet many outside Tech Team before then. I know you. Stories anyways." Uh oh. "Tabitha spoke highly of you. We never really got a chance to say much though." Okay so maybe not all bad news. People. He was going to have to 'people' at someone, but at least it wasn't a hostile greeting. He sighed and could work with that. he offered halfheartedly, "I brought a couple of protein bars if you want one. They're… still terrible. You look wiped though. building's going well I take it?" He did it without getting stabbed in the chest so far. One point for Professor Loden!

"The difference being that skaigeda was at war then." Kai grunts,"And it's all lies, except the good bits. I'm an angel." she pets the rock by way of invitation,"No thanks.. I'm fishing.. fresh fish are much nicer than protein bars.. and yeh.. it's hot, heavy, miserable work, but at the end we'll have a village. It's good exercise, and less likely to get me killed than being on the battlefield again right now. I went and spoke with the Maunon, when I went with the acquisition team the other day. I figured I owed it to the rest of you guys to at least try to see the human side of them."

Reno arched an eyebrow at the pat of the rock and walked over. The bag got unshouldered and there was even the faintest of smiles. It was a hard adjustment after the craziness that was last month, but he was trying at least to have a feeling one way or the other it seemed. "Eh, would have been helpful if they informed us of that. You were there." That she switched sides or that he asked her why she was 'dressed funny' before seemed to remain for purely academic purposes. The wiry teen didn't reach into the bag for the bard though but looked uneasily out at the water.

Reno thought about what she said and looked from the water to her furrowing his brow a bit observing her testimony. "That must have been hard for you to do. Can I ask what you found?" Wasn't he the one taken? It seemed to make no difference to him in that regard.

"They did." Kai grunts,"Or you mean the first conflicts? We found Asher and Cassandra, and they delivered the message we were at war.. and then accidentally Typhoid Mary'ed the lot of us." she shakes her head. She gives her line a little tug before letting it sink further,"I am a student of history.. and that Doctor? Sarah? She might be the last living person on this planet that is Jewish. She is.. smart, and good at making people talk about things they don't want to talk about.. and those others? Those kids? Are going to need someone like that if they have a hope of learning to cope with everything that's happened. But.. it wasn't hard for me to do. To go and talk to her. They took you guys, and they killed some of us, but that wasn't.. those kids. Those kids just had the shitty luck of having been born in the Mountain. They don't deserve to suffer just for that."

Reno sat very quietly and really, quite still watching the line sink into the water. there was a slow nod of agreement with her assessment. "Dr. K was… incredibly helpful to a lot of us dealing with the adaptation while in there. Waiting for… we didn't know. It was …" His brow furrowed and he shook his head watching the line lay still in the water. "They told us everyone died. Grounder's fault . For a while everyone was dead and it was our whole world. Some of us adapted to it. Others… well we lost Ruth. I think though we all needed something to believe in at the time especially if it was a lie. Because the lie is sometimes better than the truth I guess." He blinked and shook his head. "Sorry. I'm…" He admitted to her, "I don't talk to a lot of people. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead of me."

"Yeh, some of the others told me." Kai nods her head, patiently watching the line in the water,"I can tell you they absolutely lied about that. Unfortunately, some of the advance group decided to attack, I believe probably inspired by Sonia kom Trikru, but the retreat horns had already sounded, and we passed the advance group long before we reached skaigeda. When we arrived there.. they were already loading you guys up. And there was too many of them, with guns, for three of us plus our escorts to do a freaking thing about it. They bugged out without taking all of you, because the Guard was coming from the other side. That's the truth of that." she dips her head,"I can.. understand? I guess? Sort of? I was.. so scared for everyone.. when we knew they were coming, and I knew everything we'd done wasn't going to be enough. To go from that.. to in there? With them being nice to you? I can see how it would feel kind of like.. home. Like being on the Ark again. Safer than being.. out here. For someone.." like you,"..who doesn't want to fight, I can understand how that would be.. preferable. That's part of why I had to go and talk to them, to see them and remind myself that they weren't all like Cage. They didn't all bleed the Trikru, they didn't all kill our friends.. and that those lives? They are actually worth saving. Y'know?"

Reno listened to the tale of the attack. hell he was unconscious trying not to die when he was taken. He never knew. Others though? That was different, as was Kai's side of it. The first real hint of emotion crossed his face and it was concern that broke through. "Man that much have been scarier than shit for you. Seeing that happen and being able to do nothing? That's… I don't envy you that Kai." He tried to wrap his brain around that and could uncomfortably grasp that. There was a quiet, nervous laugh and blue eyes quint at the water. "Nothin like the Ark. It was nice. It was the first time in my life no one was trying to hunt me down to kill me or hurt the people I care about. First fuckin time I ever felt safe because it sure as shit wasn't on the Ark." He glanced to her and shrugged one shoulder. "It was what it was, but growing up a Second kid? Every footstep outside the door might be coming to end ya. And punish the only people that give a shit about you because you don't exist. The Ark? That wasn't home. The good people of the Mountain?"

Reno paused and his brow furrowed with some conflict on it. "Like I told Kane, there's only so much they could do and a lot of them? What they could they did without making the situation worse for us with what limited capacity they had. Maybe in that I can understand them. I mean they peep and we get restless they put us in what? One of those fucking cages? yeah that wouldn't improve things any. And on top of that their kids who are dying will never get help. Parents forced to let this happen because their children and themselves are literally being held for ransom. It ain't the people. It's the asshats that are controlling the means to survive. But Scarlett? She saved Cameron's life… Was almost me. Weirdly I feel a lil bad it wasn't like I watched… I could see the math didn't line up and I found a fix. Montgomery, that… 'doctor'… refused to entertain other solutions because his was 'easier'. He was a monster… The entire fucking thing was unnecessary and that? That was the sick part."

"I was furious." Kai admits,"And terrified. I didn't know if they were going to kill you all or what was going to happen and it was still, still tempting on some fucked up level to go after them." she glances towards him and then tilts her head,"Oh.. yeh.. you're a second child." there's a grimace,"Yeh, the Ark was a fucked up place for that." she falls silent to listen,"Yeh. Those cages.. Sage? One of the warriors. She was captured. She wont.. she doesn't talk about it. But it also means that it's.. awkward? To try and talk about some things.. because well, you guys got better treatment.. and I'm glad for that, don't get me wrong, but it must.. make it that much harder for her, with the way she and the others were kept, like animals." she grimaces then dips her head,"I heard he died, badly. Not as bad as Cage.. but not an easy death. Those like them? They deserved it. Those kids? Well, I told Morgan if they find a way to make it safe and they need donors.. I'll help." there's a jerk of the line, and in response the grey eyed girl pulls back, dragging quickly on the line to pull in the nibble with the ease of someone who has been practicing.

Reno nodded with a wince, "Yeah, that poor woman. I know what it was like for us. I dunno. Prolly lost the rest of my damn mind." His jaw tightened and looked to Kai, "It's okay to want to go after the rest of those that were willfully involved. I mean, I kinda almost brought the whole mountain down. But those kids? Dr. K? he lady that saved Cameron? They don't deserve that any more than the 100 really… okay like 72 of us really didn't deserve to be put in a box." He flinched and confided with Kai. "Admittedly a handful of us were kinda awful. But then again, if we don't try to change things and make stuff work without making things worse? Well there's no cavalry. Maybe that's a good thing? I dunno… Your umm… your other people okay with you offering to help those kids out?" He didn't know and while the statement could be accusatory it was simply academic really, and perhaps lacking in a bit of polish.

There's a fish! And Kai eyes it dubiously before deciding that nope, too small, and unhooks it from the old piece of grating she's got as a hook, tossing it back into the water,"I broke the law, and I don't regret breaking the law.. as far as I'm concerned.. I was boxed legitimately.. however. The same thing that got me boxed up there, also mostly helps me here. So. You know." there's a lopsided smirk as she tests her hook before she grunts,"The steheda said.. I am Trikru, but that does not mean I am no longer Skaikru. But that being both might be one of my greatest strengths, in seasons to come. This is.. an improvement, upon when I first joined.. and they were all watching me, to see if I was going to chicken out, or fail, and go running back to the Skai. There will be some who will understand, and there will be some that wont, but there is no command from the hedas that I am not allowed to help, and so I shall. Most of the Trikru.. do not hate the Skaikru, they also do not want to kill innocents. What we failed to understand was that in their eyes.. we invaded their land. We came from the sky speaking the warriors language, full of anger and violence and much like young warriors, the insistence that we knew best. Then there was Thripoda. And one of our hunting parties? They were out there, near Thripoda. They thought it was a scouting party. It was quite an argument with the kruheda to get her to accept that they were just hunters. We tried to cross to the mountain, a place of terror and technology that has plagued them for forty years.. that dropped a missile on villages and killed Trikru by the thousands. In every way, accidentally, ignorantly, we convinced them that we were a gonakru of young warriors that were invading their land. Oxfor, the steheda of Coesbur, and his people? They knew we were not. And they honored the treaty with us.. and you will see, if you come and visit often, that many of them have cuts, not.. wound-cuts like this.." she holds up her right forearm and the scar there,"but ritual cuts. They were punished, for helping skaigeda. If it was not for the fact that the Heda accepted the difficulty of Oxfor's situation and that although wrong for disobeying the kruheda, that it would have been just as wrong to simply murder us all.. most of them would have been killed. For helping us. These scars of dishonor will never leave them, and yet here we are."

She spreads her hand to indicate the village,"And this is what I think many of our friends do not understand.. or they forget about.. these people, my people, were punished, for helping our people, the one hundred, at our most dire hour of need. That it was in large part the actions of those here that helped set the groundwork for peace. That does not mean that all are happy or that there are not those who are not.. bothered.. by all that has happened. But understand that in Trikru culture they defied their own president.. to save all of us. Steheda Oxfor was cut fifty times. People like to say they're incapable of mercy.. and I'm like.. ya'll don't even know just how huge what they did is."

Reno listened and tried to interpret the data she gave him to work with. "Yeah, our people are kinda shit with foreign relations and not being good guests." He sighed and just shook his head. He seemed to be slowly getting it though. "You're Tribe… you're Skai. I'm 100. I am Mountain." He shrugged and shook his head. "War leads to pain, suffering and death. I mean we go on fighting I'm not entirely certain we deserve to survive." He looked watching the fish come in. His eyes though left the fish and looked back to Kai, "The problem is on all sides. The situation has changed for everyone. No one got a note or an instruction manual and from what I seen? Most people can't trust their OWN people much less other tribes… I… I dunno about visiting. This is their place. Your place. I'm almost thinking the best thing we can do is to stop invading." he paused and gave Kai a lopsided grin, "But I grew up in a floor and am… not the world's best at socializing so maybe I'm wrong." The kid shook his head and added, "I told Jumar I'm not making fuckin weapons. can't feed the beast and expect it to die on its own." To which something rather fascinating happened and Kai brought the fish out of the water and Reno's eyes got huge. "Woah, it's so metallic!" He hrmmed and looked around for something to catch the wriggling thing in and took his outer shirt to catch the wriggling thing to hold it still. "How'd you learn to do this?"

"I'm Trikru, and Skai. And one hundred. And you're not Maunon. Even the Maunon that are Maunon wont be if they can be brought safely out of there. We had a shit start of it down here, Reno.. but the solution isn't to try and hide in a box.. whether it be the Mountain or Alpha. You're not in a box now. You're not in the floor, this world is as much yours as anyone's. Unfortunately, it's not a safe world. It's often not a nice world, and that's why having people we love, and trust, is so important." she pauses mid-arc from about to throw the fish back and instead elects to drop it into his outer shirt,"Visit. It's pretty simple.. don't try to hurt someone, they wont try to hurt you, don't try to convince them about the superiority of technology or treat them like they're dumb savages, and they're not going to get mad. The Heda and Kane are discussing peace terms, and that will make all the difference." she nods towards the fish,"So you know.. it will die. Out here. They can't breathe air. Like when we kill deer to eat, or those scaly cat things catch rabbits.. death is a part of life, violent death is hardly unique to humans. You can choose not to take up a weapon, but that means that someone else will have to protect you. To hunt for you. To fight for you. It doesn't mean these things wont happen, it just means that someone else has to do it for you." she reaches out to make sure the side stays up high enough to keep it in the shirt, but she's not going to stop him from dropping it back into the water if he wants,"Tuan taught me. Fish are easier to catch than rabbits or deer, you just have to be patient and still."

Reno looked to her and struggled with the concept keeping the shirt out to aid if he could. The smile was a bitter one. "I am, Kai. I want to be there It was the only home I ever had messed up as it was. Ark was never home. Alpha is not home and the few people I have known? I can't honestly say we have much in common to not find myself or the things I care about for everyone anything but callously discarded. I'm glad you found a place to fit, Kai. I really am. It's something I want for everyone, truly, but I'm still looking for that for me. What I wanted? I had. And it was in there and it was beautiful… and it wasn't even real. I don't expect anyone to get that, or care. No one's required to." He shrugged and admitting it out loud to a kind stranger was bizarre and burned inside his chest a bit. "We left the mountain and I saw everything I care about go away, Kai. It's someone's and until I find someplace that it's… off? Maybe I can change things and make it better for someone. I don't even fucking know."

Blue eyes behind frames quint at the fish. A small frown formed as it struggled and suffered. He said, "It's going to become lunch anyways so either way." At the notion of Kai finding a way to keep him out of the fray his head tilted to the side. "I think you're more thoughtful than people like to give you credit for you know that?" Said he to the shorn woman. "Fishing sounds like something I could work with. It's at least fair. People shouldn't have to need protection from our own… but that's how it's gonna be, huh?"

Kai grunts quietly,"Home, I can understand. This place was my home even before I slept here. Skaigeda was home, too, in it's own horribly fucked up kind of way. It's not that I don't care.. it's that the reality is that the Mountain isn't going to be that place, Reno. In all likelihood, it will be reduced to rubble, and to a degree, it needs to be reduced to rubble, so that the things that made it such a terror to people for so long can never threaten them again. And you know, probably even better than I know, that things that are only sort of broken can be repaired if you have the resources and the tools. But don't count the surface out yet, yeh? If you want to go out there.." there meaning the wilderness to judge from her nod,"I'll go with you. I'm not as good as some people, but I can teach you some shit. Like how to fish.. and skip rocks.. skipping rocks is awesome. And think about it.. up there.. really the people kind of needed protection from the Guards. Down here, for a while we needed protection from the Trikru, the Trikru needed protection from the Mountain.. the Azgeda were at war with the rest of the Coalition.. twice even.. before the Heda brought them into the Coalition. Peace's.. achievable, but even in a world of peace.. we still need to eat, there's still things out there that can kill us.. it's just the nature of things." she smiles faintly,"Some people say I think too much, about things I can't do anything about. Some people don't think I think at all. The latter I can't be bothered with, the former, though? I like people who think. And I like to make other people think, too. Not about engineering and stuff, I know nothing about that crap.. but logistics.. strategy.. people. I spent a lot of time watching people on the Ark. Some of it paid off."

Reno squeezed his jaw but didn't seem to react like this was new news or even seem to show his disappointment. "I'm well aware of all of that Kai. Kinda what keeps some of us up at night. I'm not against hunting. I'm just against people using violence to take the easy path. Those who don't want to find a better solution. Those that would rather break than build." As for the political details? While he was perceptive it was certainly becoming faintly evident that he was still grasping that there were different tribes on the ground and what all the new glass in his lexicon was to mean. At the offer it might be the first actual smile in some time even as he sat there holding the fish in a shirt letting it get its struggle out. "well, gotta give something a try. There's only one alternative and no one makes anything better when they give up all potential. But… I think I'd like that. And no Kai. I don't think anyone can really think too much. It's kinda becoming a lost art. Being eaten by fear. I mean we stop thinking and exist to just exist we might as well be this fish yeah?" He shrugged and looked back at teh water and thought about it offering, "Be happy to trade you in return. For taking the time to teach fishing."

"What some people consider the easy path, isn't always as easy as it might appear from the outside, Reno. It's.. nice to want better solutions, and I don't disagree with the concept.. but that's why there's things like the Coalition, why there are peace treaties, and those things? Still don't stop stuff from happening. They constrain the people that want to stick to them, and work to find a better way. Accepting that violent, bad shit happens doesn't mean that someone doesn't wish for or prefer peace.. but, well. I am a student of tactics. Sun Tzu says that the art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. And this, for me, goes hand in hand with something I learned from Leo's stupid Doctor Who shit.. it goes.. demons run when a good man goes to war. I like to fight, I wont say otherwise, but I don't agree with fighting the innocent, or children, I don't agree with going to war for stupid reasons. What happened at skaigeda? It was a stupid reason. I understand why it happened, but I don't agree with it. Against the Mountain? I wont ever feel bad about that. And I wont rest until I'm certain that it can never be a threat again." she looks at least somewhat apologetic at that. There's a smirk though,"As far as I'm concerned, we're family, we're both survivors of the first hundred. You owe me nothing. The world needs thinkers and dreamers just as much as it needs people who are dumb enough to charge into gunfire to try and rescue a bunch of criminals." like the array of fresh round scars that she has littering her upper chest, maybe,"Besides.. I remember what you did at skaigeda."

Reno arched an eyebrow and said "Yeah. I know, and for a while there were places where this wasn't even a concern because it was fortified, sustainable, able to allow us to live in isolated peace and is being squandered by maligned assholes… and they ruined it. it was beautiful and it was gone. I'm not blind to the fact that a species will prey on that which may threaten it to ensure their survival." The Dr. Who and the theology though seemed lost on him but the tech prodigy took it in stride, "I don't know what 'skaigeda' means? Ummm… but you're welcome? Honestly I just want to help us get better tools so we can satisfy demand. satisfy a man's needs and the threat of having to hunt is greatly reduced. From what little I was able to get my hands on in historical wars," Oh yeah, no formal schooling. Just stolen books. "uprisings occurred when one's ability to survive is threatened by another. Whatever this… coalition thing is? Has to work or this entire ecosphere is going to be screwed. I'm not naive. I have thought of fourteen ways to kill everyone in that mountain to be able to take it without firing a single shot. What I want though? What I want is to not ever have to do that. My brother challenged me to find a better way and frankly? This… anger that kinda makes the world feel a little dead inside? I don't want that to win. I don't. and that's hard Kai. It's too easy for any of us to become nothing but shadow. The Mountain. A ball of fire from the sky. The vacuum of space. It's easy to take… gotta find a way to give because then we can start to remove imminent threats by becoming beneficial to the nature of things around us. Nature, by act of man or climate, or flying fish in weather patterns, will try brilliantly to remove anything that doesn't favour it in return. Soooo today we build for what can be tomorrow… and maybe someday sleep. but it seems, for whatever purpose… seems like we're on the same page with that. I don't object to the violence because I'm a pacifist. It's because I want to be and I know I'm not. It's a hell of a thing." He looked down at the now dead fish and said wonderingly, "This has got to taste better than paste." Man he missed raspberries.

"Yeh, those guys were just the nightmares to everyone in and outside of the Mountain." Kai points out wryly,"The.. dropship camp. My apology's. Though the g.. warband, mostly speaks English, it's easier to speak to most of them in Trigedasleng. Even when I can't, some words are just.. easier, that way. I am biased, I have seen the Trikru from the inside, whereas you and the others, you just see the face the world does. Not the way they help one another or support one another or their willingness to give their all for their people. Many of our friends consider their ways.. harsh, but just like the hundred, but on a far larger scale.. these people work together, live together.. live for one another. It is how they survive." she reaches over to collect the fish,"C'mon. I'll show you how to gut it. I like to leave the scales on while it's cooking, and some fish people will eat the skin? But these one's.. I prefer to stick to the flesh inside. I've got some wild carrots and some peas.. makes a decent enough meal, all things concerned.. definitely better than paste. Can't stand soy these days, personally."

Reno looked around trying to figure out what to do with the now dead fish in the shirt and said to Kai, "Ya know, the historical novels that I read in the mountain all agree that wartime is a terrible time to host a getting-to-know you session." For all he was analytical in nature, which was fairly understandable a thing given being thrown around like a pinball, he was optimistic about this 'fish prep' process. "Anything's going to be better than paste. I think that's up there on the list of hardest things to get used to: having food have a flavour and then having everything with the same taste and texture again. They had these berries that were red and lumpy and tasted like everything wonderful in the world. I wish I had some to share with you for this."

Kai's cool with hooking her finger in it's mouth and toting it that way over to one of the camp fires,"I don't know, I'm very good at making friends during war." she drawls drily, finding the fragrant bucket with it's lid on for fertilizer that she opens and holds the fish over while pulling out her skinning knife to gut it carefully,"I don't know those, but I bet if you ask Benning she will know. She's very good at that sort of thing. I usually stick to carrots, peas, potatoes.. apples and pears are good too. Mushrooms, if you know what to pick. Rabbits, fish. Granted, usually I eat with the family here but you kinda at least know how to throw shit in a pot and keep an eye on it? They don't use soy anything. But really, don't worry about it. You're family, too. In your own way. My skaigeda family. I'm having Cameron design a tattoo for me, with the names of the forty-nine that have died, so I can have it on my arm to remind me. Cos well, some of them don't think I count them any longer, but I do. Just that we're not the same kru any longer."

Reno released the fish but didn't put the dress shirt back on being damp and fishy. He tucked the end in his pocket and observed at a safe distance to not endanger Kai by getting in the way and seemed rather curious about the whole process. It was hard to be squeamish when your curiosity constantly won out. At her declaration he looked up, confused, "Well why wouldn't you be> I mean, I can't say I understand these people, but it's not like anyone really believes me about the actually good people in the Mountain either. And frankly 'home' if I can call it that, wasn't exactly good to us to inspire any sort of loyalty to the Ark. Why would your relationship with them make you less to us?" Apparently the math was simple to him, or his life was highly compartmentalized.

Kai makes sure the guts are cleaned out properly before collecting some of the water left cooling after boiling to wash the fish off,"You don't want to cook or eat the guts, or the head. They don't taste that great. And watch for thin bones." she offers by explanation. The headless thing, mostly deboned, is carefully spread on one of the cooking racks over the fire,"You don't want it too close, or it will dry out and burn, too far, and it will take forever to cook. About here is good. Though it mostly depends on the height of the fire. And because of the war. To many of the hundred I betrayed them by joining the Trikru. Of course.. most of them assumed that it meant that I wasn't going to help to look for you guys. Even Grey, despite the fact that I told him what happened the night everything happened and gave him my maps so that the one's at Alpha wouldn't be stuck if the Ark refused to help." she shrugs her shoulders,"But not like most of them didn't call me plenty worse when we were all up there."

Reno cracked a faint grin and shrugged a shoulder, "Could be worse. They could throw rocks?" Was that a small attempt at levity> "I think… trust is a huge issue here. Not -here- here, but in general. The Ark lied to us. The …what'chu call em? Tree Crew? Your earth family saw us try to land on them and attack them which was actually, as it turns out not really the Ark's fault which… well I gotta give the info up to command but if it helps any? I found proof that the Ark was never responsible for the sabotage done to the three landings?" Apparently that's a thing he does. "So tiny bones huh? Jesus, everything on Earth tries to kill us even after it's dead. Woo, glad we're not in space anymore." He gave her a wry smile amused by how things never cease to find some way to be dangerous.

"Oh nah, but you know.. I just loved being called a Grounder Pounder.. it's like.. that doesn't even make sense. Or.. didn't. At the time I was still dating Eli, so you know.." Kai decides maybe best to just not go down that path further,"Trikru." she enunciates carefully,"Tree Crew is what it.. translates to? but isn't a pronunciation that works terribly with them. And is that so? I heard rumors that the Heda and Kane had some kind of.. deal? Going on there? I don't know. I do know I volunteered to go out and help track down the people that crucified those guards tomorrow. But that's.. good. Indra's been waiting a long time for that to be resolved." she gives her own wry kind of smile,"Yeh, there it was everything other than the food that was trying t kill us."

Reno wrinkled his nose and could sympathize with her there. At least at the point of not wanting to walk down that path. He reached out a hand and patted her shoulder once before unshouldering his backpack off to the side of the campfire. "Hey, you don't have to talk about that part if you don't want to Kai. I get it." At the word that Indra was actually interested in having some good news pulled his attention. "Well does she want the information to prove we're awful, to prove we're innocent, or just to know is the question I guess."

Kai shrugs her shoulders again,"I broke up with him, so. You know. But it was the one that.. irritated me kind of more than all the rest of it? I could understand them calling me a traitor, and bitching about how unhappy my father would be with my choices.. but that other thing sorta implied that I was sleeping with Wren, which is just.. gross." she washes her hands and goes to collect the veggies to prep before settling next to the fire despite the heat, mostly so she could keep an eye on the food,"The Trikru want justice. Seven hundred died at Thripoda. It's not about awful or innocent, it's about there being a reckoning for what happened. In a way that they can understand it. The kruheda is harsh, because she has an entire nation to watch over, but it doesn't mean she's unreasonable.. or she wouldn't have struck the deal in the first place, or let Eli, Fi and I leave her camp alive."

Reno wrinkled his nose, "The guy's old enough to be your father." If he only knew. There was a shrug, "Sometimes things are situational I guess. They work when a thing is one way, but the factors change and then those things are just… not needed anymore. I dunno. As for your father?" He sighed and didn't offer a judgement or an encouragement and just wondered, "I always wonder if he'd have been proud of me. Mine… not… you know what I mean. I hope. I thought about it a LOT inside the mountain and realized it doesn't matter. Max asked me a question and it changed how I thought about it. Do YOU respect you? Because that's what matters in the end."

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