Before Landing (-030): Flame Broiled Tink
Summary: Tink gets Boxed, and meets her new roommate
Date: 08 June 2016
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Kai Tink 

Skybox — The Ark
Tink and Kai's cell on the Skybox
30 Days Before Landing

The Skybox. Home to the underaged criminals of the Ark. Until their eighteenth birthday and the review. It's not common knowledge, but months ago they quietly stopped doing the reviews, and now there's a few kids who are at or about to reach their eighteenth birthdays and are in some weird kind of limbo waiting for them to begin. The cell that Tink is brought to is a two person cell, like most of them. Two bunks on either side of the room, a port window that looks out to the vastness of space, nothing glamorous by any measure, but for now at least? 'Home'.

The lean girl that already occupies the cell was stretched out on her side of the cell, staring up at the porthole with her hands behind her head, and one of the guards with Tink orders gruffly,"Up against the wall Adams, you know the drill." there's no hurry about the other girl, a flat-eyed expression etched on her face as she silently dredges herself to her feet with a sneer but obediently prowls over to face the far wall, nose basically against it with her hands interlaced across the back of her short hair.

Tink arrives at her new home…well cell really and takes in the other girl before her. The guards throw her stuff down and she's got a moment where she can look the other girl over while she's up against the wall. She's bigger than her with a nasty reputation. At least that was what she got from the guard that laughed when Tink got the short end of the roomie stick. But soon enough the guards leave and she's alone with her new…roomie. There's that moment where she has to opt to fight or flight, "Hey…I'm Tink, your new roomie." She lightly tugs at the bandages that cover her burns, "So…yeah….ummm…whatever" There's that seriously awkward moment of silence before she bursts out, "Okay…I'll just play it like it is. You're bigger than me and by the looks of it stronger. And I'm guessing your could kick my ass in less than 5 seconds so if you need to do it…prove your dominance…do it now. I'm ready." She closes her eyes, tenses and waits to get pummeled.

Kai doesn't endeavor to move from her spot until the guards leave and then let's her hands drop before turning to eye Tink with that same flat sort of expression on her face, assessing before she offers,"Kai." there's more words. A lot more words. More words than Kai's probably heard in months, and her lips quirk just briefly before she flicks a gesture at the other bunk,"Sit." the word offered as she prowls over to the door to give a squint out of it at the corridor.

Tink opens her eyes and there's a moment of surprise, when she doesn't find herself on the other side of Kai's fist. She moves to where the other girl motions and takes a sit with that very meek, please don't hit me look on her face, "Oh…so you want to do this on the bed?" It's a little odd but Tink is going with it, "Oh and if you could keep the punches to the chest and shoulders, I would appreciate it. My arms have seen better days and my face might get you in trouble. But hey…I promise not to scream or freak or do anything to do the guards. Just…get it out of your system."

Kai closes the door and turns to regard the other girl with a puzzled little furrow of her brows,"I'm not going to hit you. Relax." a pause,"I only beat the last one up because she tried to kill me." added after a moment,"But don't volunteer for beatings because trust me.. there's enough of them that would oblige." she nods in the vague direction of the other girls arms,"What happened?" the question asked as she prowls back to settle on her own bunk, hunched over to rest her elbows on her knee's.

Tink relaxes a little once she realizes that Kai isn't going to play alpha on her beta self, and gives an odd look to her about the last roommate comment, "I solemnly swear that I have no intention of trying to kill you. I'm not really into violence. I'm not good at it and have better things to do with my time." She then moves on to the question at hand and looks down at her bandages with a frown, "I don't know…really, it should have worked. I had the compression coils all set up to fire and it was completely sealed. I had everything just the way it should be. It should have worked…" She bites her bottom lip because 'what happened' has been plaguing her since it happened, "But it didn't work and things blew up and I blew up and apparently ten other people got in the blast with me. And then those assholes decided to blame me for every damn fire that's ever happened."

"Then we're good." Kai offers with a broader smile in a way that's at least probably supposed to be reassuring. She listens but well, definitely not a tech from the blatant lack of comprehension as to half of what Tink says,"Yeh, that's typical." the acknowledgment given,"We've got about an hour before meal time, if you're hungry." she settles back in her same spot,"So, arson, and from Mecha, I'm guessing?"

"No…my dad is an engineer," Tink offers as she curls up onto her seat, "My mom is in operations…supply chain. We do pretty good. I mean…before I messed up." She flushes a bit and is clearly upset the embarrassment she caused her family, "He was so mad…I mean he didn't even come to my trail." There's a pause and she adds, "And Bella…my best friend…she got up there and acted like she was shocked and didn't know me…and I…" She shakes her head and there's big guilt going on.

Kai stares at the porthole as she listens, silent for quite some time before she goes,"They turn on you, yeh." in a quiet voice, expelling a breath,"Could be worse though.. you could have been floated." she slides a glance in Tink's direction before returning to looking up again,"You've got time though.. they stopped doing reviews months ago. But I expect they didn't tell you that, did they?

"No…they didn't mention that," Tink tells her with a sigh and fiddles with on of the wisps of hair falling in her face, "No one has really told me anything other than my sentence…here till I'm an adult and then maybe…" She makes a torpedo sound of an air shaft being opened into space, "I mean…no one seemed really concerned in letting me in on the big…plan."

"Yeh, they sort of left that part out." Kai grunts quietly,"There's some who should have had their reviews months ago and they're still here, so clearly they're planning something. But I suppose at least in the meantime we all get to live a little longer, yeh?" there's a low sigh from her,"So tell me about your station. About your parents. We're going to be stuck here together for a long time so.. yeh." she worries at her bottom lip at least briefly as she pillows her hands under her head again,"I'll go with you, down to the mess. Unless you have friends in here already. No-one should mess with you, but."

Tink gives a nod and is a little grateful that she gets to live another day. She moves around a little to find a comfortable spot, "I'm from Alpha. My dad, Gregory Kinsey, is one of the lead engineers here on the Ark. And my mom works in Operations…supply chain." She's proud of her parents accomplishments even if they're not so proud of her anymore, "I was studying to follow in my dad's footsteps. Cause I got a head for math and science. And there's Bella…" She does miss her best friend by the look on her face, "We did everything together…and well, I didn't really bother to make any other friends cause it would have been like a third wheel."

"Yeh, I think I've seen you in the mess a couple of times." Kai offers lowly,"And I know Kinsey.. sort of." the lean girl adds with a brief quirk of her lips,"I'm Tyler's daughter." Captain Tyler. Of the Guards. Making her Kyler, a now-former Cadet, who a few years ago had longer hair and a boyfriend named Elias who, rumor has it, she turned in for theft. Her reputation isn't just bad, it's /awful/ for being a stuck-up bitch who thinks she's better than everyone else. For making up reasons to get people arrested if she didn't like them, a social pariah amongst her peers who, a couple of months ago, apparently snapped and beat one of her fellow cadets half to death, for all that the short-haired girl on the opposite bunk seems about as placid as water right now,"I sort of remember Bella, too." she murmurs after another long moment.

Bella was the shadow to Tink's rising star. A brilliant girl, she's been towards the top of her class in anything academic. Kind as well because she's been helping folks in the Arrow and Agro for years with repairs that the Mechs didn't have time for. Basically, a good kid who stayed out of trouble. It's odd how a few months can change that, "So…you're that Kai." Yeah, Tink doesn't bother to hide that her reputation proceeds her, "You're not at all like the bitch that folks call you." Yep, she's blunt too, "And well…I'm sure the guy who's ass you kicked had it coming."

Kai actually laughs,"Yeh." she responds,"/That/ Kai." if anything she's bitterly amused, though it gets cut sort of short,"Don't tell anyone. Okay?" is the quiet request from her,"People in here, they're scared. As long as they're scared and I stay to myself.. they don't bother me. And I like it like that, you know?" she can't help but worry at her bottom lip again,"They're not going to pardon me anyways, when they start doing reviews. I'm fucked already."

Tink shakes her head and assures her, "Nope…I won't say a word to anyone. Cause really…who would believe me? I'm just…" She makes a motion with her hand, "Me…and no one seems to believe me these days." She nods at the girl's mention that she won't be pardoned and says in a small voice, "I don't think they're going to let me go back either…I mean, I almost killed 10 people…all at once…that's pretty bad."

"Great." Kai offers with a quiet grunt,"Watch out for Mags. She's been pushing around some of girls, if she bothers you.. come here. I don't go out there much but well.. they come in here I'll deal with them." she utters quietly before giving a grunt and a bob of her head,"You made a mistake, bad one, yeh.. but you're.. it's not like you deny you did it or anything, yeh? I fucked myself at the trial.. m'dad." she elects to roll over and actually look at Tink properly,"might have been better if he didn't show up. I was so.. mad.. at him.. for not even looking at me that I did everything I could to piss him off. And it worked. And here I am."

Tink nods as Kai warns her about Mags and listens to Kai tell her story. She murmurs, "I'll probably spend most of my time in here…I mean…I don't know how much longer I have but I just want to…" She goes to hug herself and winces from her healing burns, "Be here…not out there where everyone looks at my burns and knows that I screwed up." She looks down, "And him not being there…that was a big blow. He's been there for everything…my whole life. And mom…she couldn't stop crying and it was like they already threw me out the shaft."

"S'okay. I don't mind." the ex-C says with a nod,"When food's served, I'll go get it and bring it back here then, yeh?" she offers before she gives a grimace,"He seemed nice, what I saw of him at least, I remember him and my dad talking a few times but.. I wasn't paying much attention." there's definitely a cloud over her at mention of moms,"They can come visit. She'll come visit, I'm sure. Maybe they've decided that there's too many of us and they're going to try and rehabilitate all of us.. maybe?"

"I don't know…" Tink sighs cause she never paid attention to what the parental units did either. She gives a grateful look when Kai offers to get the food, "Yeah…food would be good. I can stay here and avoid the burn victim stares." She shakes her head at the mention of visitors and tells her, "I don't think anyone is going to come. My dad isn't talking to me…and mom…she's just horrified. Bella…Bella thinks I did it too."

Kai nods,"When they start serving I'll head down. And they will. My mom's horrified too. She keeps trying to convince me that if I just say I'm sorry that they'll let me out when I turn eighteen, I reckon yours probably will too." there's a grimace,"Bella.." she purses her lips,"Well, don't count on having any friends in here. Though I could be biased. Mine stopped talking to me years ago." there's that quirk of her lips again,"All you can do is tell the truth. You're trained, brilliant, from what I remember.. they're not going to float you." at least, she doesn't think so.

"Well maybe not for one offense…but Kai, they freaking nailed me for other fires too…fires I didn't start," Tink tells with outrage, "I think I would know if I started other fires…but those damn weasels painted me out to be some pyro. Like I was out there trying to destroy things for fun. And when I protested. Said I didn't do the other fires…they didn't believe me cause I caused that one fire. It's like someone was trying to tidy the books or something or close some open cases."

"All I know is if you give up, you're fucked anyways. So you lose nothing by trying." Kai doesn't seem to be all that offended,"People love to make shit up around here Tink. I never busted up that party, and I didn't get that kid boxed for treason because he bumped into me, either. But I also gave up trying to say I didn't do it because no-one bothered listening. Y'might as well at least try. But yeh.. Jenks made Guard, I heard.. and his ass was always fucking lazy about investigations. If he wasn't the one who did it himself."

"That was the son of a bitch who freaking stood up at my trial," Tink shakes her head cause it looks like she had that cadet's number that basically threw the book at her, "There was almost nothing on the cameras…just a quick shot or two of a girl sorta my height. No frontal…could have been anybody but Jenks said it was proof I was there."

"That's the guy I beat up." Kai drawls with dry amusement,"He's got one in his crew that is about your height, too. Mary, I want to say.. he had a thing for her." at least the expression is vaguely sympathetic,"So I guess you're screwed, too. But neither of us have to worry until they start doing reviews again, anyways." there's a pause,"I broke his nose. And his jaw, and his left eyesocket.. 'd have killed him, not going to lie, but one of his friends pulled me off. Still don't regret it." she pauses and thinks about that, as if checking to make sure,"Nah.. still would do it again."

"Yeah…well he's an asshole who likes getting other people screwed," Tink tells Kai, feeling a little kinship with the woman that kicked that investigator's ass, "I mean…he totally seemed to get a kick out of throwing me under the wheels." She sighs and bites her lip, "Maybe they'll just forget about us…if we keep a low profile and stay out of their notice. I mean…it's bound to happen, right?"

"Always was." Kai confirms with a dip of her head,"But I'm probably to blame for that. We were in the cadets together, he graduated like a week after they threw me in here for beating the shit out of him.. he always was a power hungry dick though." she shakes her head,"Nah, eventually, when they do reviews again, we'll come up. But we can hope that maybe his dumb ass will get caught and get himself floated before we do." there's a pause,"If you do, y'know, talk to some of the other kids eventually.. find out if they know why reviews got stopped? Not that I mind living a while longer, but it's weird. I've never heard of them doing that before."

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