Day 022: For A Friend
Summary: Grey comes to Tink to get a tune-up on something… for a friend.
Date: 12 June 2016
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Tink Grey 

Tech Tent, The Camp

This tent is really nothing more than a taut stretch of sun-bleached blue and gold parachute pulled taut into a large eaves. One side of it has been attached to the outer wall of the dropship, while the opposite corners have been tied tightly to the tops of some thick sapling poles. Evergreen branches have been used to make a screen-like wall adjacent to the dropship wall, creating a little corner of protection. The rest of the tent is open to the remainder of the camp so that the communication relay can get the best signal. Inside the tent, a couple of small, crude tables has been made from dropship panels and tree stumps.

A panel to the dropship remains open, and thick power cords have been drawn out to provide power to the various equipment that is being set up in the tent. While there is still an absolute lack of real, true-hearted technology, the rough approximations the delinquents now have are not all that bad.

The two-feed AV monitor has been set up on a short table at the back of the tent to provide a little privacy, and a couple of dropship chairs have been pulled in to give people somewhere to sit while talking to the Ark. Using the AV monitor is a precarious business, as the video often has feedback static now and then and sometimes the audio cuts out, but it does give the camp a leyline to their people.

22 Days After Landing

The Tech Tent is pretty much empty as folks are moving about, working on different projects to help improve the defenses. Tink had been out on the wall, working on repairing any holes but decided to sneak away to the tech tent for a break to work on a special project of her own. She's lounging in Cole's throne…cause the guy isn't there to yell out her to get out. She's got a small metal dog tag that she's currently sanding to smooth out the finishes.

Grey is not often hesitant, not even with a couple of holes in his side, and bandaged slashes on the back of his left shoulder and the outside of his left forearm. It's certainly difficult to look hesitant when you're a shirtless young man with an athlete's body, carrying an armored jacket and with an assault rifle slung around your torso. But Grey manages it. Sticking his head into the Tech Tent, he looks around, and then relaxes just a little as he spots the blonde in the chair, "Hey… ah… Tink, right?" Stepping forward, he slings the jacket on the back of the other chair, "I need a bit of help, with somethin' electrical."

Tink is a little sore herself, wincing as she moves to sit up when Grey enters the tent. But he's not Cole so she relaxes a little back into the chair. She shoots him a cocky grin, "Yeah…I'm Tink." She has a way of smiling that just lights up her whole face when she does, "Something electrical? Yeah…I could help with that. What do you need done?" She slips the dog tag into her pocket and gives Grey her full attention.

Chewing unconsciously on one edge of a thumbnail, Grey glances around the tech tent for another moment, then draws in a breath and just goes for it, "I'm lookin' to recharge some batteries. You know, without fryin' the whole dropship electrical system. I gave 'em a jolt a while back, but… that was kinda a hack job, and I probably could've shorted out… well… most anything, including the batts." At least he knows that much. The ex-C gestures around the little makeshift 'room' at all of the gear running off the dropship's solar cells, "Figured this'd be the place to do it, now that it's set up." Which suggests that it wasn't set up yet when he tried last.

Tink nods as he explains the project and motions for him to hand over the batteries, "Yeah…you should really leave the tech stuff to us." Tink rummages around her tool belt that she's sporting to try to find what she needs to do it, "I should be able to wire them up and let the solar energy recharge them. It might take a little bit…depending on the size of the battery that you want to power." She blows at one of the wisps of hair that always seems to be falling in her face, "How soon do you need them?"

Grey digs a hand into his left pants pocket, but hesitates before pulling out whatever's inside. "Maybe just a boost now then." He clears his throat, and then pulls a small music player, currently bereft of its earplugs, out of his pocket and holds it out toward Tink. It's clearly something that did not come down from the Ark with them, but also pretty clearly it's pre-Apocalypse tech. "The owner's pretty attached. Don't want to leave it in here too long." If examined closely, the casing has a very small 'GT' scratched into one corner. If that is examined closely, the 'G' looks mighty similar to the 'LG' scraped into the side of the dropship — or the 'LG' scratched into the stock of the rifle slung from Grey's shoulder, for that matter.

"Does Cole know you're pulling me off wall duty to work on this?" Tink asks as she looks over the small music player with interest. She is definitely interested in figuring out how it works. However, when Grey mentions the owner is attached, all thoughts of taking it apart and putting it back together goes out the window. She carefully opens the area on the player where the batteries are and pulls them out so she can look them over. Then she starts to go through the motions to give them a charge, "Not that it's a big deal but if he comes in hear and starts yelling…I'm going to point him in your direction."

Grey arches his eyebrows, "I'm not lookin' to pull anyone off any duty. If you think it's gonna take more than a few minutes to set up, I'll come back later." He nods his head out toward the preparations going on outside, "Everything that we're doin' out there's a whole lot more important than this. We can always recharge the batts after we kick the ass of Indra's jackholes." Despite the nod away, he keeps his eyes on the music player, watching Tink work with it.

Tink grins at Grey as he makes it clear that the wall is the priority, "Nah…it's not going to take long. And Cole can wait the fifteen minutes it will take me to do this." She wrinkles her nose and then her steady hands carefully contect the batteries to the solar cell that isn't running something critical just in case there's a problem, "He just likes to yell when we're not on task…" She gives a little grin, "I don't pay it no mind. Just his way." She stretches to grab something and there's a flash of her burn scars that the girl always hides when others are around, "And Kai said we're all going to die…you have a better take on it?" She glances up with a look, just to see what Grey is thinking about the upcoming fight.

"Cole just likes to yell, full stop." He glances down to the burn scars, but doesn't comment, stepping over to half-sit on the edge of the table, "Hell yes. There's no way they're gonna kill us all. We're gonna figure a way out of this, Tink. You techie-types are gonna make it so crazy-scary to get close to the walls, and we're gonna keep trainin' up people to shoot, and we've got enough rounds to drive off an attack a whole hell of a lot bigger than the last one." He may be putting a nice spin on things, but at least the ex-C sounds like he believes it.

<FS3> Tink rolls Electronics: Good Success.

Tink gets the makeshift charging station set up on the solar panels and it able to get the batteries set up without popping them. As she monitors the charging and it's clear that it's working. She takes a step back, "There…it's charging…now we just have to wait about 10 minutes for them to get powered up." She shoves her hands in her pockets and tells Grey in a pragmatic way, "You don't have to give me the pep talk, or try to make me feel better. I just look at each day here on in as a bonus since I was expecting to get floated." She gives a shrug of her shoulders, "It's not like I'm going to be around to whine about it if things don't work out. And yeah…Cole, me, Layla and Jumar…and others…we'll do our best to get things in shape."

Grey shakes his head, "I'm not tryin' to give you a pep-talk. If I did that, I'd say like, 'Win just one for the Gipper.'" Old football movie. He nods to the charging process, "Thanks." And then he's back to the matter at hand, "I think there's so many people out here convinced that they're gonna die, they're more worried about killin' Indra's idiots than they are about survivin'. And I figure that's a bad thing, because I plan on survivin'." He pauses a moment, then gestures down to where the bit of burn scar flashed from beneath her clothing, "When you got those… did you give up? Just roll over and figure there wasn't anythin' worth livin' for anymore?"

Tink looks down at her arms, making sure that they're covered by her flannel shirt before adding, "When I got these…I wasn't thinking about living or dying…it happened so fast that I didn't think at all. One minute everything was working fine and the next, I flying back…girl on fire." She looks grim at that point, "And afterwards…yeah, I wished for death but those med techs made sure I made it through so I could face my trial." She takes a deep breath and tells him, "I'll fight to survive cause it's not in my nature to lay over or go suicidal but I'm not going to sit there and pretend that we're not going to get losses. It's war…people die. I just hope I'm not one of them." She checks on the batteries and smiles cause the connection is doing it's job, "So I worry about the stuff I can control and everything else gets left aside."

Grey listens flatly, although a grin flashes across his lips at the mention of the 'girl on fire,' "Hey, I saw those vids… first one rocked, they started to suck after the second." Not that that's particularly relevant. His smile fades quickly, however, as she goes on, and he nods, "Yeah. People are gonna die. I'm not tryin' to bullshit anyone. And we'll," he taps the receiver of the rifle slung across his chest, "try to make sure that number's as low as we can, but yeah, people are gonna die. But I figure that if folks think they're gonna die, they're gonna do stupid shit, and that number's gonna be higher."

Tink raises her hand and shakes her head, "Oh no…I'm a techie, not much of a warrior. I'll be there, setting up charges, reloading weapons and making sure that Kai has the support she needs to focus on firing. I'm her spotter and happy to play back-up." It's been that way since Tink got to the Skybox and got picked to room with Kai. She's been her shadow ever since. When she's not shadowing Kai, she's got Cole's back, "I'm not the hero type. Just a survivor who knows that the better than to stick my neck out too far." She nods to his current state, "You doing ok Grey? You do look a little worn and sometimes you gotta take down time."

Grey nods at the explanation, "Good. Because the survivors are the ones who are likely to survive." He glances down at himself… burned, slashed, and with a couple of percent too little body fat, then shrugs with just his left shoulder, "I'm doin' as well as can be expected for someone who jogged fifteen kay or so, the forced marched for twelve hours, got shot with an arrow, and forced marched the twelve hours back." There was some sleeping and resting in there to be sure, but it sounds better the way Grey says it, and by his crooked little grin, he knows it. "Naw, I actually got some sleep and some food. I'll live."

Tink laughs at his story because there's no way in hell Tink would survive something like that. She nods as he tells her he's gotten sleep and food, "Good…cause we need you, Kai, Morgan and Cole…you're the linchpins to this camp." Which means not disposible in Tink's mind so they get the priority for tech support. She gives a smile when the batteries are powered up and then carefully removes them from the charger, "Okay…here's the batteries. All charged up. If there's anything else you need, let me know. If you've got a couple more batteries, I could make her back-ups." Cause Tink isn't stupid. She's seen the markings in the drop ship and is pretty sure she knows where they came from.

<FS3> Grey rolls Deception: Success.

"You forgot at least one. Fiona. And maybe Q." That's Grey's input, and even if the latter two names that Tink provides cause Grey's lips to tighten, he doesn't protest them. He takes the batteries, nodding and putting in, "Thanks, Tink — " and then she goes on, and he freezes for a heartbeat, then shrugs helplessly with his left shoulder, "I'd be happy to pass along any backups to the owner." His thumb brushes over the carved initials on the player, covering them as he starts to insert the batteries back into the case.

<FS3> Tink rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Tink notices the blush under the skin and sudden need to hide the carved initials. She just gives a bright smile cause she thinks it's awesome that Grey's found a connection, "Hey…it's okay you know. If you like her, even if she's a grounder. Gideon has been trying to help…even though we didn't exactly throw out the welcome mat." She actually walks over and gives Grey a pat on the back on a patch of skin that isn't bruised, burned or wounded. Then tells him why she picked it up, "The player is pre-Apocalypse…has a G and it matches the scratches that she did in the drop shop. And when I say her name…you give out some strong vibes." Just in case Grey wants to know what she should do differently in the future, "Don't worry…I don't have an issue with any of the grounders that aren't trying to kill us. And I won't mention this to anyone…in case that's your next line."

"It's not like — " Grey starts to protest, then rolls his eyes at himself, "Shit man, it really is all over camp, isn't it?" He does chuckle at one point that Tink brings up, "I carved on the dropship though. And the rifle, and my tent, and my spears and…" Another one-shouldered shrug, "It's how I… I dunno, make my mark on the world. Or something." His thumb slips off the initials on the music player too, "Carved that in there for her when she was a prisoner. Sorta my promise that she'd get it back." Closing up the battery case on the player, he hefts it a moment, then slips the little rectangle back into his pocket, "Thanks. For charging it up, and for… you know, keepin' it quiet."

"Yep, all in the day's work for the Tink," she replies as she refers to herself in the third person, "Like I said, if you get more batteries…I'll get her a stockpile." She gives a smile at his mention of being the one to carve things into the walls and her player, "Well then…I get that. I sometimes make my mark on things too. Just to say I was there…or to find my way." She dismantles the make shift battery charger so it can go back to doing it's original job and putting everything back so Cole doesn't freak, "By the way…if she finds another, I would love one. I have serious tunes going up here…" She points to her head, "But it would be nice to pick up a different channel."

"Find my way? Do I look like I ever get lost?" Grey really does look like he gets lost. Semi-frequently. There's a reason he almost always takes an Ee-Ess nerd out hunting with him. Pondering her half-request for a moment, he nods slowly, "I haven't asked her where she got it. I'll let you know when I get around to asking. But yeah, it was great to have real music on Unity Day. Even if that went south way the hell too fast and too hard."

Tink gives a peel of laughter, "Nope… no way Grey, I can't every imagine you getting lost." She is being a little sarcastic but it's in a light, teasing way, "Yeah…Unity Day was…" She makes a face, "But having music again would be nice, even if it's just a guitar or drums or something! Come on!" She does a little move that probably would have had her laughed out of a party on the Ark, but clearly the girl doesn't care, "There are just times I want to move and having my own theme music would be epic. I could strut my stuff."

Grey smirks in response to her laughter. And in that response it's clear that he's changed quite a lot in three weeks on the Ground. On the Ark, he probably would have made some nasty comment to anyone teasing him. Down here, now, he chuckles, "I always know where I am. I just might not know how to get where I wanna go from there." The dance move gets a chuckle, and Grey nods, "Yeah. Everyone was a whole lot more chill when there was music playin'. Hell, Q and Cass were kissin' people." Each other and him, actually. "New plan. Dance party with the Trikru. Whatcha think?"

"Bring it!" Tink tells him when he asks about the dance party between groups, "I could totally get my groove on with some grounder." She laughs cause that could really have some different meanings and clarifies, "And I mean dancing…" She just has the light of joy inside of her that can't be dimmed even in all the craziness, "Oh and maybe we could do it by the swimming hole so we can swim, dance and have a picnic. A real party." Not a Unity Day celebration.

Grey coughs at the mention of Tink getting her groove on with a Grounder, nodding acceptance of her correction, "After we sort this whole stupid-ass thing out, we'll do somethin' like that. We bring the speakers and the power, Dee," he's caught up enough in the moment to use the nickname, even if he immediately glances down and corrects himself, "Gideon brings the music, C-Bur brings the food." Reaching out, he aims to knock his knuckles against her upper arm, "And see, this is why we've gotta think that we're gonna survive. Because it gives us things to look forward to, makes us happy." The smirk is back, "And happy people work harder. And, you know, don't do stupid shit."

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