Day 025: For Science
Summary: Stone has a problem, and only Cameron can solve it, because Cameron is a scientist, and in the name of science, he will perform a very important experiment.
Date: 6 18 2016
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Morgan and Cameron's Tent
It's a tent. Use your imagination.
Day 025

It's been…a hell of a day. Hanne's early bloody morning. Tink's catching him worn after the surgery for one of the most embarrassingly terribad moments of history. The nerve-wracking trip outside the gates for Hanne's bag. The revelatory visit with Ari and Shi. And then the wisdom at the feet of Guru Lip. The sort of day where someone is spun out into terrible decisionmaking on impetus of getting past trauma and emotions of the day. It doesn't help when your primary pep talk gives you wisdom like "What Would Lip Do" either, but hey, at least it's got Stone making decisions. And so it is the big still-healing ex-C, despite imminent threat of death and troubles facing them all, is making his way towards Cam and Morgan's tent with a determined sort of expression and an occasional reinforcing mutter of "WWLD!" to himself. And so arriving…is finding himself frozen outside their entry way, unable to bring himself to call out and see if they're inside. Is he going to totally manage to chicken out?

There does indeed appear to be people in the tent to judge by the sound of voices and some moving about. Nothing overly loud, just talking.

Yep, they're in there. And from the sounds of it, they're probably not screwing like rabbits or anything. Will Stone cough? Knock? Announce himself? It is anyone's guess.

Waver. Waffle. Nearly flee. WWLD damnit! "Uh…hi. I mean…like, knock…er knock. Fudge me we need to get some sort of sticks or something for people to use as doorbells!" The awkward. It burns. But at least Stone has made his first step where before he never would have managed.

Morgan looks over at Cam at the voice outside the tent. Even if he didn't recognize the voice, there's only one person who can pack as much fudge into a single sentence as Stone. He's the ultimate fudge packer. Sweeping the flap aside, he says "You know, it's still cursing even if you don't use the usual curse words and just substitute something else for them." Morgan's in just his boxer briefs as he waits to see what's wrong now.

Cameron's in just his boxers, too, except he's also wearing a completely satisfied expression on his face. As far as Cam is concerned, all is right with the world. He does nudge Morgan though, "Hey, leave him alone about that. He made a promise." Cam's voice is steady and calm, and soon enough he's grabbing his pants and slipping out of the tent, standing up even as he turns a grin to Stone, "Hey, Stone. What can we do for you? Need your stitches checked? I swear if you pulled them again…" Even as he steps one foot into his pants, then the other, and tugs them up. He zips but doesn't button them, because, well, he has this lazy-as-a-cat air about him at the moment.

The big awkward ex-C outside the tent is standing there trying to look determined and failing, lower lip caught in his teeth, eyes that keep trying to flit down, and a body that's full of nervous energy. But with Morgan's comment, the thick brows fold into furrows and he's grumpily retorting back. "It was good enough for my mom." Which Cameron would get, but Morgan may not, depending on what Cameron's told him. Either way, it's about a tenth of a second after that retort (and Cam's defense in the background) that Stone's dark chocolate eyes are falling from Morgan's face to his torso, to lower, eyes getting progressively wider, and abruptly trying to shift sideways off him to find something else to look at. That something of course is Cam, and it's somehow even worse, given the satisfied sort of look on the guy's face and his moving to pull on pants. An audible smack sounds out once again as the poor shy giant slaps a hand up to his eyes and is turning away from the pair, babbling out rapidly and with distinct discomforted embarrassment. "Guh! I…uh…fudge! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to…like interrupt! It's…it's stupid. Forget about it."

"You didn't interrupt." Morgan tells Stone. "We were already done fucking. What is it Stone?" He assumes no one new has gotten hurt since the guy at least has his priorities straight. "Decided to get me a rifle once the fighting starts?" Cause that's definitely high on the list of important things.

Cameron reaches out to pat Stone's arm comfortingly, "Hey, don't worry about it, Stone. We were just chatting. The private stuff was over awhile ago. You know because you would have heard a lot of grunting and moaning and probably ran away rather then… well.. pretend-knock." This is said with a teasing lift to Cameron's voice, even as he steps back and lifts a hand up to run through his hair, then pat it back neat, "What's up, Big Guy?"

The poor big bastard gives a full body jolt to that revelation from Morgan, hand still comically covering eyes and his spine stiff as a board. The latter question brings a sigh out of him, hand still up as he rasps in his slightly healing voice. "No…I mean…uh, I plan to argue it again since you're gonna refuse to help medically and all, but…guh, no, that has nothing to do with it." A sigh escapes the babbling big guy, a deep breath taken in, trying to calm himself. Cameron's talk of it being done awhile ago helps a little. At least enough to let hand drop from eyes, though he's doing his damnedest not to look below nipple-height at Morgan or over at Cam at all. WWLD WWLD WWLD. "I…uh…wanted to ask you two…a favor. Like I said, it's stupid. Just…I…you…we…the…" Good god the Stonebrain has been breaking easily lately. He might need Cole or someone to crack him open and see if there's something caught in the gears.

Morgan folds his arms over his chest as he stands there. "I'm not going to refuse to help medically and never said I was. I'm going to decide for myself when it becomes necessary that I stop trying to kill Grounders and give the rifle to someone else to take over" That being said, he just waits for Stone to get to the point.

"The key point is you cadets, Stone, my man, simply don't have the right to decide anything. So Grey deciding anything at all is just bullshit on its face. Of course Morgan is going to help medically. Hell, so will I, and I only have passable first aid. Doesn't mean I'm not going to be shooting bad guys before they get over the wall." Cameron nods his head slightly, but sounds all reasonable. Or he thinks he does. Maybe its not. Either way he just smiles, still looking pleased with the world, even with this little argument, but he reaches over and pokes Stone in the arm again, grinning, "But come on. Spit it out. You want a favor? Name it, Big Guy. Want some warrior face paint? I have a little left." And painting skin is almost as fun as painting canvas.

Stone brings hands to his face again, though this time not to hide it, but to scrub at it while he looses a an impressively frustrated growl, half-snarling out, muffled by the hands. "I'm not arguing the fudging guns right now!!! Kai and I argued for you! We got voted down not overruled by Grey!" The hands on his face slide up over his shorn scalp in a stressful gesture, one swinging out to point at Morgan angrily with a big finger. "Believe it or don't! Regardless, I'll continue fudging arguing for it cause it's the right fudging thing to do, but don't fudging hate me just because I'm not willing to fudging split the ex-Cs for it!" He tries to take another deep breath, turning away for a second, but it doesn't seem to be working as well because he's growling out with a kind of pitiful desperation lacing that horror-movie rasp. "Fudge! This isn't going how I…All I wanted was some advice and a fudging kiss to see what it felt…!" The words trail off when Stonebrain catches up with runaway tongue on realization of what just escaped his mouth in his frustration. Yeah, that just happened. No take-backs!

"I think not splitting the camp is more important." Morgan points out. "And that you think the former Guard wannabes being some kind of group by themselves is part of the problem." He can't help but blink and then snort at what it is Stone came by for and he looks over at Cam. "Your decision." He already said it was okay at the truth and dare game. He also, quite obviously, is not going to volunteer.

With Stone getting all frustrated, Cameron blinks languidly, "Whoa, Stone, man, chill down or you will blow a stitch and-or an artery. We're all friends here, even if we disagre with Grey's coup." He pauses, and blinks, "Wait you wanted advice and a kiss?" This has him tilting his head, regarding the big guy as if he were an interesting bird that suddenly learned how to talk. "Slow down, back up, and breath, and repeat that back at me again."

Stone let's out yet another deep-chested growl of frustration at Morgan's 'guard wannabes' comment, thick fists clenching, shirtless torso going more ridged than it already is with muscles twitching under fight with themselves. Whether fighting not to hit Morgan or fighting not to run the fuck away isn't clear at all, but it makes for a slightly disturbing view of the 6'8 potential for trouble. Cameron's 'coup' talk doesn't ease him back down at all either, earning the stealthy artist a look finally, but in the form of a fiercely irritated glare. Of course, then he's going on to remind Stone what stupidity he just uttered, and the big guy is reaching hand up again to pinch the bridge of his nose and take in a deep, deep breath. His lips move then in some near-silent mantra of letters. WWLDWWLDWWLD, before finally he's biting out with embarassment greater than the frustration, words clipped off by his clenched jaw. "Can we…please talk inside? I feel like a fudging twit talking out here about this." Yeah, cause a few millimeters of cloth makes that much of a difference in how the words are going to travel.

Go with the feeling, Stone. At least that's the look Morgan gives him before looking over to the dropship. He's considering just letting the two of them go talk while he goes does something - anything - else but a glance downward is confirmation that he didn't put his pants on. And he's not Cameron. Turning without an answer, he goes back into the tent.

Patpat. Cameron totally patpats Stone's arm reassuringly, "Sure, sure, let's talk. We'll figure out whatever's bothering you." And then he turns, and slips into the tent. Not that its all very roomy, especially with Stone in there, but Cam doesn't mind.

"This is such a fudging stupid idea!" Stone's muttering to Cameron's patting, still looking about a hair away from bolting, but he bends down to squeeze into the tent with them, glancing around despite himself in curiosity about their space, maybe especially at whatever bedding area they've got set up before dark eyes dart away again. After coming in, seeing if Cameron will close off the entry flap, the gigantic soldier finds himself a place on the ground in view of them and folds down into it cross-legged with a sigh. Elbows rest on knees, hands up on face, scrubbing at it and covering it in equal measure, waiting for them to settle before his raspy voice rolls out in whisper that makes it sounds slightly less harsh, especially muffled by hands and embarrassment. "I'm…sorry, I just…am trying to follow Lip's danged advice of What Would Lip Do…" Yup, the second apocalypse must be nigh. The Boy Scout is trying to be Lip. "…and then…the fudging rifle, and all this crap about Grey…I just…can we please put that aside for a sec? You can go back to hating me after, Morgan, but…this isn't easy for me as it is."

Morgan looks around for his pants and then grabs them to put on. "I don't hate you." But that's all he says, letting Cam decide what he wants to do, assuming he's even entertaining the idea at all.

Cameron lets the tent flap fall closed, then goes and settles in. He doesn't really have any idea what the idea is so far, but he glances sidelong at Morgan, then at Stone, and nods, "Okay, we can put the rifle business aside for right now. Clearly something's up with you, Big Guy. What's going on? What's wrong?" He looks a bit concerned.

Somehow that from the doctorly sort actually seems to hit Stone deeper than the small phrase should. Shoulders slumping, some of the tension bleeding out of thick muscles, a relieved sigh escaping. Apparently he actually thought he did. And more apparently, actually cared about whether he did or didn't. Scrubbing face one more time before finally unhiding it, Stone still remains shyly downcast of eye after a flick up to see the two guy's faces, but his soft words are rolling out of him with easier flow with agreement to put the other thing aside. "Short version…I'm a fudging hot mess when it comes to relationship crap and have no fudging clue what I'm doing, but…I want to make sure of something before I take a step I can't take back and end up regretting not doing so." Yeah, cause that is totally more clear. Another sigh escapes him, dark eyes flitting up to look at Cameron, unable to bring himself to risk what sort of sternness or judgement might be on Morgan's. "I'm not explaining this for crap. I…want to ask your opinion of my mess. But…I…also wanted to…uh…" Eyes drop back down, fearful of rejection or laughter or something. "…kiss one or both of you to…see what that feels like. I've…umm…never kissed a guy before, even though…I've always liked…ya know, both teams." Oh the squirming awkwardness in such a big package. He's just…so out of his element here. Unlike when he's on the battlefield.

Yeah, Morgan's definitely not volunteering. He might not hate Stone but he's not feeling particularly charitable with his kisses at the moment either. Staying silent, he looks to see Cam's reaction.

Cameron blinks slowly, tilting his head to the side, "Wait, you want to make out with me to see if you are into guys?" This has to be the strangest question he's ever heard, but he casts a sidelong look at Morgan, sees he's not volunteering, and so Cam lifts a hand to scratch at the back of his head. "Don't you have a list of people you like? Are you trying to narrow it down or something? Here, let's try Cam, nope, no sparks, next?" He has to grin, dimples flashing, at that prospect.

Stone is leaning his head into cradle of one hand propped elbow to knee, keeping his face downward a bit, and partially hidden, but relaxed on the stitches still hidden by bandages around his throat. The silence from Morgan makes him bite his lip a bit, but Cameron's words ease him a bit with another sigh escaping, a hint of laugh even. "No…it's not…I know I'm into guys too. I just…Wanted to try it once…regardless. But…I guess a little bit I…want to see if it…sparks like that too yeah. It sounds fudging stupid, I know, just…forget that part for now. I shouldn't be asking with you two…it's stupid."

He pauses to rub at his eyes in a stressful sort of way, before going on, the whispery dam of words breaking. "The whole…list of crushes thing is…mostly just stupid. A guy too chicken to try really, so just living in the head instead, ya know? All are real to me still or I wouldn't have listed them as my Truth, but most aren't…like…things that could ever happen. Lark's been my friend since we were kids and it never happened, Fi's…Fi. Out of reach. Morgan…" A flicker of furtive glance. "…has saved my life all these times and…is great looking and stern and…whatever, it's all probably that whatsitcalled syndrome or something, with the fallin' for your nurse or doctor. Grey's straight as an arrow and even knowin' it, I…like him, so whatever there. Kai's been a crush since like basic training, but she's always been caught on Elias, so again, whatever, it is what it is."

An awkward pause, a glance up before darting back down. "Cameron's…most recent, just…he…with the battle…and the hunt…and how you two are together is sexy…but…whatever, it's not a thing that'd…you know, _be_. Tink…I've barely had half a dozen conversations with since I noticed her…like that, and it maybe could have…but…she kissed me this morning when she finally managed to catch me to ask about the list. She…kissed me and it was nice and soft and…all that, but…it didn't have lightning or sunfire or…whatever." He groans a little, hand on his eyes spreading to cover them. "I…uh, replied to the surprise kiss sayin 'umm…thanks' like a fudging moron. She ran away before I could…try to fix it." Wow, He is…REALLY out of his element. He also notably left one name off the list. The last one he'd said before.

"You're allowed to fuck people without it being lightning, Stone." Morgan points out. "It can be just because you like someone. Or stress relief. Or lots of reasons."

"See that just sounds like a challenge." Cameron can't help it, he laughs, "Kiss me and make lightning or not. I'd almost need to have you executed if you dared not to have the lightning, because I totally bring the lightning when I kiss, don't I, Morgan?" There's a look back at Morgan, a you better say so look, even though he's grinning and his dimples are showing, but he does add, "Yeah, don't thank someone for kissing you. I wonder if you're building your expectations up a little high here, Big Guy."

"That's…what Lip said. And…I mean, sure, I could see that. It doesn't have to be lightning to fantasize about it or probably do it if you're brave enough to…put it out there like that." Stone clearly totally isn't, even if he's tryin this WWLD approach to fake it til he makes it or something. Cameron's words bring a startled laugh out of the big guy after that, flitting gaze up to his face, a lopsided grin to the 'bring the lightning' talk, even while he's giving that whole too-dark-skinned-to-blush-but-totally-doing-it thing. At the 'expectations' though, he's shaking his head a little and sighing a bit as the smile starts to fade. "I…guess maybe, but…it just was…unexpected with Tink and…it wasn't…like it was with…"

He grimaces, a hand reaching around to rub delicately at the back of his neck scratching a little at healing stitches through the bandage. "…with Shi. We've been…practically best friends for a few years now. I've…had a thing for her for years, and…we even tried to see where that might go once but…I got too scared of losing our friendship and backed off…just…like I backed off when she kissed me after the stupid game and the list and…my explaining how I felt to her. It…it was lightning and sunfire though. It…I got lost in it for a sec…until some jackwit ex-C called out "Go Boy Scout" seeing us there in front of Ariadne and her tent…and I jumped up so fast I…knocked Shi over on her butt…and then ran away saying I didn't want to lose her." Oh yeah, he's hiding his face again. He's as sure that thanking someone for a kiss is bad, but knocking them on their ass and fleeing is worse in some ways.

"We…talked this morning though and…kissed again and I…got confused because I…thought she and Ari were starting to…and they are…and apparently are fine with…that and…this…and…I just don't want to stop being friends because of…this." It's clear as his explanation started devolving that that's what really this is about. The question of friendship and lovers and their connection or disconnection.

Though he does add almost as embarrassed afterthought. "Though yeah…I…kinda want to know if the kiss with Tink was…just a fluke or…if no other kissing is going to…have that now or…what."

Morgan just lets Stone's stream of consciousness explanation wash over him. Nope, not a single comment to make.

Cam can't help it, he laughs again, shaking his head, even as he turns a questioning look at Morgan, "Okay, so you kissed Shi and there was the magic." He wrinkles his nose a bit, thoughtful, "Really, I can tell you right now, if you have the butterflies for her and kissing her does it for you, then it's probably going to keep doing it for you. If you like something go with it, if it makes you feel good, go with it. Don't question it. Don't try to measure it. That said." He grins, dimples showing, "But I can respect wanting to experiment a little before deciding to go all in. I suppose I'm a safe experiment since I'm not available, huh?"

"Well…safe-ish." Stone quips back with a little flash of wry smirk towards the guy, either recognizing there's still some risk, or else just inflating Cam's sense of danger. A glance at Morgan's quietness again, a small shake of head, and the big guy's looking at the ground again to ask a little nervously. "Are…you two…friends?" Unspoken question, is it possible to be both.

Morgan's expression softens and he smiles over at Cam. "In addition to having sex with each other? Friends, yeah. And more than that."

"Well, sure." Cameron is a little confused by the question, "We're friends. And boyfriends, I'm finally deciding that word isn't entirely stupid. And lovers. And everything." He reaches over and gives Morgan's knee a squeeze, turning his dimples onto full power for his benefit.

Stone spends a good few moments digesting this thought, looking between them a moment before looking down again, chewing at his lip for a time. Then, more soft whisper-rasps. "Were you friends…before the…?" The big guy makes this horrifically awkward gesture with both hands kind of approaching one another at angle, apparently indicator of bumping uglies.

"Sex, Stone. You can say it. Try hard." Morgan says dryly. "Were we friends before we fucked?" He shrugs. "We met in the Box. We were friendly. One thing led to another and we became better friends in time."

Cameron's expression is more sympathetic towards Stone's verbal impotency, but he nods to Morgan's explanation, "In the Box we were friends. Morgan helped keep me stable, without him and a couple others I would have — and I mean this literally — gone insane. I don't do well in confinement. But, I wouldn't let it go any farther then friends and well, distraction sex, because I was pretty sure he'd fail his review and get floated. Down here that didn't matter. So I let my guard down, and we got closer. A lot closer. Now he's my best friend in addition to everything else. I trust him completely. We're … together now." He tilts his head and grins a bit ruefully, "I thought everyone knew that. Though I guess we didn't advertise more then we were shaking up and banging all the time."

Stone sighs, but Morgan talking to him is better than Morgan glaring at him, so he's trying and muttering out. "Fine…before you…uh, had sex." See? He can be taught! Either way, for now, he's shifting from blush at saying that to going furrow-browed thoughtful over the idea that they became _better_ friends because of their relationship. To Cameron's surprise at the end, a big-shouldered shrug is given and he's casting a slightly rueful smile. "I…guess I somehow have this impression that you can't be both. The one takes over the other and…there's no going back. As is though, what happens if…it falls apart? I don't see how someone could…go back to being friends after…fudging up something…more, ya know?"

"I'd guess everything would be over." Morgan answers, shrugging since he can't really say for sure. "Though it's more likely the friendship ending that would kill things than the reverse."

Despite Morgan's answer, Cameron shakes his head and disagrees with a solumn tone, "The only way I'm ever going to stop being friends with Morgan is if he were to betray my trust. If he decided he didn't want to see me romantically anymore, I'd be upset, don't get me wrong. Hurt. Probably a lot. But that's not a betrayal. I'd get over it. It might take some time of being awkward, but why should our entire relationship end and the trust we've built end if he decided he wasn't into me that way anymore?" Cameron shakes his head, "Look, I'm a simple guy, Stone. Trust is everything to me. Everything. I trust easily. Someone wants to be my friend, someone wants me to trust them, they pretty much get it. Then." Cameron frowns, "If they break that trust, that's it. We're done. That's it. There's no second chances with me. To me, loyalty means you can always rely on me— always— I will always have your back without hesitation, and I will never betray you. I expect the same. I've been accused of living in a black and white world. It might be true. But its my world."

Stone blinks at Morgan in confusion at that, but holds his question to shift dark-eyed gaze to Cameron's counter-point. That view of the world somehow seems a lot more understandable to him. Loyalty he gets. Trust and friendship as enduring things he would _like_ to believe, but there's just all this built up fear that it wouldn't work that way. He's thoughtful a few seconds again, before turning back to Morgan to say. "I…don't follow yours about the reverse. What do you mean? How do you end up losing the friendship, but not the…sex and other relationship or whatever?" Oh that's right. Stone wasn't there for the whole Hate Sex part of the dice game.

"But why would I not want you any more unless the friendship ended?" Morgan asks Cam, not that it's really a question. Stone's question gets a shake of his head. "Right, that's exactly what I mean. Having the friendship end is going to kill everything. I can't see any reason why the sex ending would kill the friendship. There's no reason for the sex ending unless the friendship were over."

"Well, good point, Morgan." Cameron grins and shakes his head, "So I think the real issue is, if the friendship ends, everything's done. Yeah, Morgan's right. The other stuff is different." He then waves a hand at Morgan a bit, "Besides, this is all totally theoretical. Morgan won't ever not want me. Impossible scenario. Have you met me, Stone? I'm totally a catch." He grins at this, teasingly.

A laugh at that last from Cam, even though Stone is looking bbetween the two guys in clear an utter confusion about this whole line of reasoning. Shaking off the thought and holding on to the important one that friendship, true friendship, can withstand a relationship breaking up if it came to that. It seems to have heartened the big guy in ways few other things could have. Still shyly looking down, he murmurs out with utter sincerity. "Thank you. Both of you. I know this is…all like old hat to you or whatever, but…I…it's good to have someone else who can give thoughts on it all…I'm…sorry to have dropped it on you. And…for being so…flustered about it or whatever, atop the other stuff." Other stuff which shall not be brought back up for moment it seems, even by name of rifle.

"So now that's understood, just go ahead and kiss him." Morgan tells Cam. So we can get this over with is unspoken, possibly not unheard.

"Jeez, Morgan. The mood." Cameron laughs softly, casting an amused look at Morgan, before he turns a warm smile to Stone. "Hey, I'm always here to talk things out, Big Guy. But." And then he's shuffling up, wandering over towards Stone, "For science. If we're going to do this, it has to be done right. Here, stay there. Put your hands on my hips. Its okay to grab a bit, it's all part of the experience." His hips? Well, the reason for that is because Cam intends on crawling right onto Stone and straddling him, dimples showing.

And suddenly Stone is totally wide-eyed looking back up to Morgan and Cam like he'd totally forgot about that part. The poor big bastard looks like he's about to flee, but then Cameron's sauntering over to where he's sitting cross-legged, and the big ex-C seems to have lost the ability to speak for a moment. Blink. Blink blink. Big dark eyes like a doe in the headlights stare as he moves closer and starts directing. The words cut the brain-freeze slightly, leaving Stone to snort out amusedly. "Uh huh, for science. Totally." But as his hands are being directed up, the giant's biting lip again, glancing over past to Morgan a little worriedly, but doing as he's told nonetheless as he looks back up to Cam, nervousness incarnate.

Big, weapon-calloused hands curve over hips with strength eased back to almost butterfly soft gentleness, as if worried to break him, fingertips long enough to graze the side of the ass just a bit from the barely-there grip. As suddenly though the hunter artist is filling his lap, muscular legs wrapped around him, the hands are gripping tighter in surprise, kneading into flesh as the big guy's breath comes out in nervous laughter. He's canting his head a little though, more in line with the smaller man, pink tip of a tongue sliding out to briefly touch full dark lips. He's practically vibrating with awkward tension, despite the steady pressure of the hands on hips, and his lips are half parted, eyes questioning, as if not sure he can ask something or is just supposed to let Cam do the driving. Oh so painfully obvious in his lack of general experience, let alone masculine, but given the stirring that closeness started, he at least seems to have not been lying about the attraction being there.

Morgan just watches the show that's about to be put on. Though he does comment "No tongue, Cam. I don't want to have to resuscitate him afterward."

At the gentleness, Cameron grins suddenly, "First thing to know, Big Guy, I'm not a glass flower you can crush on accident. You can't hurt me. I don't know much about kissing girls, but when kissing a guy, you don't need to be too tender. In fact, its better if you're not." But he nods his head in approval when Stone's taking a tighter grip, "Good." He casts a grin back at Morgan, "The only people I've ever kissed without tongue is my parents, I wouldn't even know how." That said, he does arch a brow with a questioning look back at Morgan. If Morgan's serious about that admonition, he'll abide, but he has to check.

Stone adds his own look past Cam to Morgan questioningly, hands still at the hips, fingers kneading a little more now, as if experimenting with what it feels like to press into the muscles and flesh and draw him just a little closer. That closer makes his eyes go a little wide though at sensations and stirrings though and he's looking away quickly from Morgan and behaving, though he does murmur-whisper. "Tongue or no tongue, I'm expectin' lightning brought." Challenging him? Maybe. It's…somehow a little easier doing that with a guy. Being a bit bold, more like sparring than the…awkward confusion it was with Tink's kiss. It somehow gives him a tiny bit of hope that it was just a fluke. That maybe he isn't set on a path where he has no options but risk his friendship. Even if much wiser and more experienced people keep telling him it's not so big a risk as he thinks.

Morgan shrugs at Cam's look. "Fine. But you get to carry him to the dropship."

Cameron is serious about kissing. He puts his whole body into it, pressing close, tightening his legs, and letting one hand slip around Stone's neck to pull him close and let fingers go through the small hairs at the back of Stone's neck, and the other gripping the bigger guy's arm and holding. As for the kiss itself, its not soft and tender. For Cam, kissing is sexual. He leans his lips against Stone, mouth parting and moving against Stone's with a heated eagerness, his tongue pressing through to first tease then an all out dance of heat and passion. There's even some grinding against the big guy's body going on, because, really. Cam will not tolerate an 'umm…thanks' in the name of science.

Stone lets out a snort to Morgan's prediction, but is looking back to Cameron with an eybrow arched, full lower lip trapped in between teeth. And yeah, there's some excited anticipation there. Heart aflutter, breath speeding, and all that, hands on hips relaxing, then tightening as the other leans in. And then that pressure wave of sensation hitting him. Freezing him a moment in a breathless tension of electric shock. He did _not_ expect the full on kiss right out. He expected easing into it somehow, and so it takes a moment for the brain to catch up and fight through the admitted lightningstrikes going off across his lips. And then that same fierce little masculine spark of challenge that he's never had before in a kiss is igniting and the big guy is letting out a pleased little growl from deep in his thick chest, before he's rallying to the assault.

Hands grip at hips, dragging closer in time to the grind of them shuddering through him, lips press, pillowy and pliant, parting to meet that slick invasion of tongue with his own, fencing back more hesitant, but with equal vigor, thrilling in the scent and taste of him, the way muscles slide against muscles, so different than the soft against hard he's ever known before. Another little rumble escapes him before he knows it, a hand straying from its designated hip, creeping back around the curve of ass, cupping briefly to drag the smaller man closer, pressing his own kiss forward fiercely, if inexpertly, as if trying to eke out the last thrill of this moment before that first and possibly final kiss parts. Well…it certainly wasn't an 'umm…thanks' sort of response at least!

And that's what Morgan gets every day.

Cameron leans in closer, grinding his body against the bigger one of Stone's, responding to the guy's every touch as if his whole body were an instrument, but! Its time to be over. He's pulling away, his teeth capturing Stone's lower lip and dragging a bit roughly— but only a bit— back across the sensitive skin there before he lets go. Eyes dark and expression pleased, Cameron lifts a hand up to pat Stone on the shoulder and give a little nod, "Well?" he asks with a deep, breathy voice, as he pulls away to disengage from the big guy.

Stone lets out a shuddering, shivering breath as the kiss parts with that nip to his lip that sends a little spasm through his entire form, his eyes still closed and another little pleasure rumble sliding out of his mouth from deep in his chest. Licking lips and breath then coming a little fast, he can't even seem to answer for a second, actually holding up a 'one moment' gesture to them. He's adjusting hips a little to another shudder, trying to find less constraining position before he lets his hands drop free of Cam and to the ground behind him, letting him lay back a litttle as whispery words finally come, the compliment full in their breathy cadence. "Oof! Morgan's a lucky motherfugger!" And with that, the big guy collapses backwards to the ground, shuddering still a little and laughing. "Lightning was brought. SOoooo brought." He says up to the man straddling him still and feeling just how uncomfortable those pants probably are. The gigantic virgin's giving a faint apologetic cast to his expressive and langorous features though before adding. "…but, fan-fudging-tastic as that might have been, I think I know what I need to do. Thank you." He means it from the bottom of his heart…and his penis.

Cameron's polite enough, just barely, not to comment on Stone's… problem. But he does grin. Still, he climbs up off of the big guy, and goes over to sit next to Morgan and lean against him, "I take it that means you're going to go find Shi and see about getting rid of that inconvienent virginity thing you have going on? If so, well, I have done good work here."

A laugh escapes the downed and uncomfortably tight-pantsed Stone at that and he's replying more languidly than since he came in their tent. "Consider the work good. I'm at least gonna go find her, and kiss the ever-livin' heck out of her. Where it goes from there…I guess we'll see." A glance down. "Just as soon as I can comfortably stand up."

Morgan puts his arm around Cam, holding him close against him. "Think about Kane and Jaha fucking. That should kill your hardon quick."

"I'm not quite sure how to take that." Cameron wrinkles his nose, bemused, "Kissing me makes you want to go fuck a girl, I have no idea how your brain works, Big Guy." This time he makes a pointed look at Stone's pants, grinning dimples mercilessly, "… aww, man, ew, Morgan. Ew." And he nestles against Morgan's side, as if fitting there perfectly.

"Guh. Thanks for the assist there, doc." Stone grumbles back after a laughing groan at the image, shaking his head as much as he's able with the stitches in his throat still. Sitting back up though, the big guy is giving an apologetic smile Cam's way. "Don't take it personally. Like I said, fan-fudging-tastic, especially for my first man-kiss…but…I think I'm in love with her." Wow, and the big guy drops the big word. Reaching up to scrub across his face, eh starts to slide upwards, adjusting pants and the still-sizable problem there as he goes. "Thank you. Both of you. For more than you realize." With that, he's giving a thankful sort of nod, a little wave, and starting towards the exit flap with a newly-determined expression.

"That makes all the difference." Morgan agrees, his arm around Cam tightening just a bit.

"He's so weird." Cameron laughs softly and shakes his head, peering up at Morgan and lifting a hand to rest it on his chest, "I mean he's a good kisser, don't get me wrong. You're better. But how does kissing me make him think he loves her?" Augh, that word, the L word. Cameron shakes his head once again.

Morgan shakes his head. "No idea. Don't really care either." He pulls Cam down so he's on his back and then leans over him, lowering his head till their lips meet and he gives Cameron a long, passionate kiss designed to take Cam's mind off of Stone.

Cameron doesn't resist being pulled, and if anything, he eagerly slips one arm around Morgan's neck to pull him in, and let the other slide down Morgan's back, scratching lightly. If he had any thoughts of Stone at all they're utterly obliterated, as Cameron's body responds as it always does to Morgan's own, pressing up and grinding against him, even as Cam's mouth hungrilly has its way with Morgan's. He breaks it to whisper, "Fuck, I miss you every second we're not together like this."

Morgan reaches up to run his hand over Cam's hair and smiles down at him. Then he gives him a second kiss, this one of those tender, gentle ones that Cam said it's better to skip. "I'm glad you didn't go with Fiona even though you probably could have helped. Selfish or not, I want you here with me."

Of course, Cam might tell Stone that, but with Morgan? Tender's just as likely to make Cam melt then anything harder will. He smiles, all dimples, "It's not selfish, or if it is, we're selfish together. I want to be here by your side to face whatever comes. We're stronger together, you and I."

Morgan kisses Cam again but then glances over at the tent flap. "I should go look in on Hanne. Right after I sponge off with a damp cloth." That water Cam brought earlier is still here and will work.

"Here, let me help you." Cam can totally give Morgan a sponge bath. In fact Cam would absolutely love to do that. Even if it doesn't lead to anything else. Touching and looking at Morgan's body is satisfying to him anyways. "But that's a good idea. I hope she does okay." And then he'll reach for the water and tug it over to do just what he suggested.

Morgan smiles at the idea and strips out of his pants and shorts. Fortunately, they just had sex about an hour ago so he can hold out on doing so again in order to do what needs to be done. "I can get you after if you want."

Cameron reaches for the cloth, dips it, and smiles his dimples at Morgan as he reaches down and begins to methodically wipe him down. It can't help but be a little sensual, with Cam tracing the cloth along muscles and lines, but he doesn't push it past simply enjoying touching and being near to Morgan. "That would be great, though only if you have time. Don't want to leave Hanne's checkup."

"It can wait a little. It's not like there's anything else I can do for her. And if something serious changed, someone would come find me." Truth be told, he's not in a hurry to go and see and hear Hanne in pain while he can only just stand there. So he can be forgiven perhaps for not wanting to rush out Cam fussing over him and then returning the favor.

"True." And so Cameron finishes detailing Morgan's body, then strips down to let Morgan return the favor; and they don't even get jiggy with it, instead its all warm and affection.

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