Day 027: For The One Hundred, Part 2
Summary: Sonia's warband attacks the Delinquent Camp. Part 2 - from Sonia's death to the Mountain's arrival. Event
Date: 6/25/16
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Delinquent Camp
The camp.
Day 27

Continued from For the One Hundred, Part 1

Lip looks around and slowly lowers his Skai Spear. He absolutely bit off way more than he can chew right now. There are bodies all over the place and people are getting shot, arrowed, stabbed, sliced, diced, julienne fried… it's a madhouse. It's fuckin' Sparta!

Or New Jersey.

Anyway, Lip flails for a moment and realizes the error of his ways. "No no. Smart Bird. Very smart bird." is muttered to himself as he decides it is time to make the righter choice at this moment and fall back. Not quite literally but enough to make it look like he's leading the possible retreat that's happening behind him. "THIS WAY!" is called over his shoulder.

Funny how he's moving /just/ slow enough for someone that actually knows where they are going to lead the way. #ActingChops

Max takes a hit to the chest, the arrow thunking into the grounder armor that he wears and giving him a solid thumping but is slowed down enough not to be serious. He tears the arrow off and drops it onto the wall before stabbing the Grounder in front of him in the chest, and watching as his opponent finally falls back from the wall. Seeing Sonia go down, he can't help but give a bit of a sigh of relief at that. Silver's shout, however, draws his attention to the other wall and he makes his way over to Quinn, "We need to get back," he tells her.

The plucky Grounder archer, with his shock of red hair, shoots Cass a shit-eating grin as she boldly holds up that arrow. He may be green, but he is a Grounder, and Grounders don't give up — Grounders fight. He knows more about war than this scrawny little sky-born pipsqueak will ever know, and so when he catches her taunt, not only is he not sent booking, but he nocks an arrow in his bow to match. He doesn't waste time trying to intimidate her, but catches the full view of her arrow headed his way, ducks harmlessly away to the side, and then flies another of his arrows straight and true, with a vengeance. Cassandra barely has time to retrieve another arrow when her armour is struck yet again, near her neck. The shot doesn't pierce — for if it did, it would kill her — but it winds her as before, and this time sends her head whipping against the Dropship as she chokes on her breath. That head injury she's been sporting for a while now, with which she's been warned to take it easy, sends a flood of stars swimming through her vision. She drops the arrow she was holding, twisting onto her side with a wince of pain. Though she can no longer see her opponent, at least he can no longer take aim at her, either.

Morgan might not be able to speak Trigedasleng but he's been paying attention to with an ear to learning it and he gets the gist of what Sonia said. "Wrong. You die for nothing." he says and brings his sword down on her head. Her helmet turns his blade even as Quinn's darting in to attack and gets a strike on her hand. But then Silas is there and practically decapitates her. Blood must have blood indeed.

Cameron manages to get a bullet into his best friend down there, and as has been his habit of weaving in and out, he's once again dropping down into a more cautious stance, peeking over the side, looking for a target. If he's even heard of this retreat plan he doesn't show it But he hears Silas, and looks— and grins wickedly— "Finally. Excellent, Sil. Excellent."

The crew in the crow's nest has been lucky up until now, but suddenly there are two injured. She begins to rush toward Stone, who took an arrow to the hand but sees Cassandra bleeding profusely from the head. She looks into Stone's eyes and says, "You're next.." Then she rushes past Stone and kneels at Cassandra's head. She's pulling the makeshift sling from over her shoulder and ripping it in half to use to treat Cassandra

Quinn doesn't understand anything that Sonia's saying, and possibly wouldn't care even if she did. What she does care about is that they are attacking, they are hurting people she cares about. She shifts her grip on her sword as she steps forward to take another swing at Sonia, her eyes narrowing as she puts as much behind that one single swing as she's got left. It's a glancing blow, but Silas' hit to the neck seems to take care of the rest and she glances at him, then Morgan, and then she's spinning around to find the next one. Max gets a nod, but she's not going to run, instead it's a fighting retreat or something, "Start moving."

Stone's getting REALLY irritated with these damnable dodgy archers! And so focused was he, he got two arrows flying at him, one a deep cut along his left hand supporting the rifle, the other a light graze on his right arm. At the cry out from below, Stone's looking back to see the horde and roaring out his own bellow over the camp. "GET YOUR TUSHES INTO THE DROPSHIP PEOPLE!!! THE CAMP IS FALLING!!!" Then immediately, he's snarling out. "Shi, get ready to help Cass down the rope! Ari! As soon as she's treated, get on my back. We need to go like NOW!"

When Alison stabs the Grounder they're sandwiching in the leg, Grey brings his baton up in both hands and clobbers the poor bastard over the head. Cue the Wilhelm Scream and the graceless swan dive. Grey looks out over the wall, nodding at Silver and Cole both, "Wait, are the dropship engines prepped to fire? We definitely gotta go somewhere." As another batch of enemies swarms up the wall, he nods, "Get outta here. A couple of us can hold the wall well enough for a sec, then follow. Q, Silas, Asher, you got the wall with me?"

Britt lets out a satisfied little grunt when her arrow strikes the heart of the Skaikru, toppling him from the wall. "<In Trigedasleng> Not bad, I suppose," Erson smirks over at her. As the Grounder troops start clearing the wall, he calls to his team, "<In Trigedasleng> Move up - they've breached the wall." Britt drags herself to her feet. The first few steps are unsteady, but she rights herself and starts moving closer to the wall. She pauses to take a shot at one of the Delinquents remaining on the wall.

"They better be, I told someone to do." Cole remarks sourly. "A 'just in case' thing if we ever got penned in. At best, we'd torch a bunch of them. The ship isn't going to fly, if that's what you're asking. But the engines still work." There's a look back. "I better go make sure it's done. "TINK!" he calls over to the other techie. "You and me, back to the dropship, /now/!" He jumps off the wall walk, trying to back in. Got some work to do, and do it fast.

Asher's shot goes wide, but it doesn't matter. Sonia is down. "Fourteen." he says to himself, slings the rifle over his shoulder and gets his axe once more. There's a fellow delinquent facing off with spear wielding Grounder on the wall, so Asher hightails it over towards him to try and get him out of that fight and back to the dropship. He can be last to go in. If they get totally overrun, they'll get hacked to pieces when they try to run.

<FS3> Cole rolls Athletics-2: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Brawn+Brawn Vs Gravity=4
< Cole: Great Success Gravity: Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Solid Victory

And here comes the Grounder fourth wave, swarming up ladders and ropes behind the remains of the third wave. And the fifth wave is close at their heels, rushing from the forest toward the walls. A large group of Grounders is massing directly in front of the gate, evidently expecting it to be moved soon.

Tink lowers her rifle as Cole yells to her to move to the drop ship. She reluctantly leaves the fight, running like the dogs of war are after her as she heads to the drop ship to help Cole put together another surprise for these grounders. It's time to burn and cook these bastards. Tink is a much better tech than fighter so this is exactly what she needs to do.

The southern wall is still holding at this point, while the eastern has been overrun, and there is fierce fighting atop the western wall, just like the northern one. In fact, Grounders from the eastern wall are already starting to move toward the gate… and a few are even pointing toward the open door of the Dropship as if to start in that direction.

Stone looks out over the gathered, suddenly changes his mind and growls out. "We don't have time to all get down if we wait. Cass and Shi, go now!"

"Don't let them into the dropship!" Cole calls out, reaching out to grab Silver, as if making the woman run with them. "The more techs we have for this, the faster it'll go. C'mon!"

<FS3> Shi rolls Athletics-1: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=Brawn+Brawn Vs Higher Perch=6
< Shi: Good Success Higher Perch: Success
< Net Result: Shi wins - Marginal Victory

<COMBAT> Grounder25 attacks Asher with Bow - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder26 attacks Delinquent3 with Spear - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Grounder14 attacks Alison with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder13 attacks Morgan with Bow - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder26 with Axe - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Grounder25 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Delinquent3 with Bow - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder2 with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Quinn attacks Grounder2 with Sword but Grounder2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder12 attacks Grey with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder32 with Club but Grounder32 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ariadne treats Cassandra:
< Head (Moderate): unsuccessful
<COMBAT> Grounder11 attacks Cameron with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 attacks Grounder26 with Spear - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder11 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder26 has been KO'd!

"For what?" Silver shouts after Cole, stumbling into a run with a look over her shoulder toward the people on the wall. They're not holding still long enough for medical attention, though. She'll just have to trust the fit ones to drag the injured back to the ship. "What'd you do, bury more of the hydrazine?"

"The dropship was a great idea when we didn't have anywhere else to go…" Grey's target ducks under the swing of the Delinquent's club, and Grey is forced back on the wall-walk as more Grounders get up there, "…but we do! That piece of the Ark didn't crash. There's Guard there." Because right now, the Guard sound pretty dang good to Grey.

"Yes." Quinn replies, apparently willing to try and hold the wall long enough for the others to get away from the wall and find safety. As such, she doesn't actually see what is happening behind her, or that some of the Grounders have decided the dropship is a good place to go to kill people. The Grounder nearest her is swung at, but the strike is wild, and made without a lot of energy and force to it. "And how do you suggest getting out of here?"

<FS3> Ruth rolls Resolve: Good Success.

Tink is by Cole's side, going to the drop ship with him and Silver. She glances at both of them, "Do the tanks still have enough juice to fire up?" She hears Grey calling out that they need to wait for the guard but Tink passes a look to Cole that shows she thinks they're not going to last long enough for the Ark to find them.

Cameron is coolly consumed with murdering as many of these savage sons of rats as he can, and while he hits one, he sees another aiming at one of their heavies, so he turns and takes aim at the guy shooting at Asher. Mostly, though, he isn't entirely aware of this retreat to the dropship plan, so. He's making the only stand he knows how.

Max backs up along with Quinn, making a fighting retreat with her, defending himself as he goes and making sure that others can retreat to the dropship, but otherwise not turning to run, at least not yet. "Western wall… they're coming in from the east and the gate, try and get over it, see if we can find a thin spot, make a break?" He looks back at the dropship, "I don't want to seal myself in there.." The idea doesn't appeal on many levels.

"We're going to prime the engines for a burn!" Cole calls back to Silver. "Whatever hydrazine is left we're going to use it light the engines up and I need you and Tink to help. The three of us can do that shit a lot faster than just one person. So let's move." he explains quickly. "Get everyone inside and then light it up. Hopefully, whatever fuel is left with burn everyone else outside." Reaching the ramp, he keeps an eye out for anyone trying to come at any of them. "Silver, get to the flight console in the cockpit. Check to make sure we got enough power. Tink," he looks to the other woman. "Get down in the sub-level, I need you to switch over the fuel tanks from from stasis to active. Open the lines. I'm going to rewire the ignition system, make sure we everything sets off with the spray hits fuel igniters." There's a shrug at the end. "There's enough. The burn won't be huge, but there'll be enough to torch anyone within at least a thirty to forty foot radius." Beat. "…I hope. Just…get moving. C'mon."

Lip pulls up a little short in his running and does the Third Baseman thing where he's trying to wave people on towards the Dropship. He still has his Skai Spear, though, because there's nothing that's going to stop him from trying to do what he can to help others. Y'know, well, except death. That'd stop him. He's not focusing on that right now. Instead, he's just trying to get people to, "Go! Go! Come on! Move!"

Lip turns to look over his shoulder. His face contorts into a desperate visage. His eyes go wide and if this were a TV show on the CW, this would totally be a close up as the dirt and sweat clings to his prickish features.



<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-1: Good Success.

Morgan stands there gazing down at Sonia then looks around at the chaos the camp has become. Getting a good grip on his sword, he brings it down hard on Sonia's neck. Or what's left of it. Jerking his head to the side, he claps a hand to furrow an arrow made then goes back to work. It takes a couple chops to finish what Silas started but it eventually rolls free. Grabbing it by a braid, he holds it high and turns to face the wall. "FUCK YOU ALL." he spits and throws it over the wall at the nearest group of Grounders. Slamming his sword back in his sheath, he looks around the wall. "Cam! Enough! Let's head inside!

At this point, Asher isn't concerned about where he's going. He's got two things on his mind: Killing these fucking grounders, and keeping the wall clear long enough for the snipers perch to clear out. Because as far as he is aware, that's where Cassandra was supposed to be, even if he didn't see her up there when he last checked. Stupid people hiding from him. So mean. Moving in to help that Delinquent was a good call it seems, he hacks horizontally with his axe and slices through the Grounders neck. As that grounder falls, he turns and spots Grey, moving towards him. He doesn't attack Grey's target, instead moving in on another Grounder who just cleared the wall. Apparently he's planning on dying in the splosion.

<FS3> Silas rolls Athletics-2: Success.

Silas looks over as he watches the others begin to head off towards the Dropship, having seemingly just noticed all the talk about retreating now. "Gotta make this quick." he says to no one in particular as he joins Quinn once again as he brings his sword to graze the enemy who nearly dodges the attack. "Just do what'll keep you alive." Says Silas to Max as he hears him, looking over towards the Dropship, moving to drop down and head over with a jog, unless he fucks it up.

Britt puts an arrow in one of the Delinquents on the wall, but not before he (or is it a she? Hard to tell from this angle..) stabs one of her fellow Trikru in the arm. "<In Trigedasleng> Up there!" Britt tries to draw Erson's attention to help their clansman, but then Asher cleaves him in the neck and they're too late. That doesn't stop her from drawing back another arrow.

Jumar , meanwhile, is already at the dropship when Cole talks about burning them all. This gets a savage grin from him, "I'm down for that, let's burn these fuckers *hard*." Jumar goes to help with said plan.

Ruth remains in her seated huddle just within the dropship, operating on remarkably even breaths considering their situation. "I didn't run," she tells one of the med-techs as they both glance towards the dropship exit. They're both quite easy to miss, despite one of them having a head of red hair that's now stained with enough dirt to make it look more a deep auburn. The taller of the pair, the /natural/ brunette, places her palms against her ears to block out the sound of the delinquents' retreat. "See? I was just thinking ahead. I'm pretty sure this-" Ruth indicates her midsection. "-is bleeding again."

Cassandra spends 1 luck points on to not die en route to the Dropship.
<FS3> Cassandra rolls Athletics+2: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=Brawn+Brawn Vs High Perch=6
< Cassandra: Success High Perch: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Sprawled now on her back as she struggles to other her senses, Cassandra grimaces as Ariadne tries to make her a sling. "Stone… Dropship… What?" Somewhere in the distance, far away within the ruins of Thripoda and the mutinied Exodus Ship's crash site, her former English teacher is rolling in her grave. Unfortunately, the girl is having trouble stringing sentences together right now. Here is what she does know for a certainty: she made a deal with Stone; she had one job; she did her job. Sonia is dead. Other people that she cares about are probably also dead. One of them, though, the one that is inhabiting her own skin, is not dead, and there's still something she might be able to do about that. She reaches out to Ariadne, clawing her way up with her hands to try and grab onto the woman's shoulder, and pulls herself towards the rope. "This is… the last time… I help any of you fuckers," are her famous last words.

Tink goes running down to the sub-level, sliding down the ladder like a firepole instead of worrying about taking it slow. She gets to the bottom and immediately starts to work on switching over the fuel tanks from from stasis to active. She's trying to open the lines. She does call out to Jumar, "Hey…I could use some help down here…unless you're going to help one of the other two." She tries to ignore the arrow in her stomach. She glances down and then breaks off part of the bolt so it doesn't get in her way as she's trying to get what Cole needs done.

<FS3> Stone rolls Athletics-4: Success.

"Seriously, we need to move right fuc…dging now Cassandra. And you need to focus! You need to climb down the Eden danged rope and get to the dropship. MOVE!" Stone's growling at Cass is meant to break her out of head wound stupor and get her moving, and after that, he's turning, grabbing Ariadne about the hips, dragging her in close to him, then swinging her around behind, even though the jerking probably will her her chest wound. "Hold onto my back, Ari. Tight!" As he helps Cass up, and over to the rope, he's growling as he goes. "Me first. Who knows maybe I can manage to catch you if you fall." Though with the extra weight of a whole other person, that's a dangerous prospect.

And as he looks over the ledge, he's suddenly looking terrified and crying out "SHI!" As the pale white-haired girl is sliding down the rope seemingly out of control, crying out, and only at the last moment catching herself enough on the line not to crash at the bottom. Though she lands badly on her ankle and is down for the moment.

"Got it, cockpit," Silver nods sharply to Cole, scrambling into the ship with barely a glance at Ruth. More important things to keep track of than who went where, as long as everyone ends up back in the ship before they turn on the engines. Because the alternative…Well, it's not pretty, and she'd probably feel bad about that in retrospect.

Ariadne spends 1 luck points on to get down the rope on Stone's back so they don't become crispy critters.
<FS3> Ariadne rolls Athletics+2: Success.

Ari starts to put up a cry of protest by saying, "You just worry about Shi, get her to the dropship! I'm right behind you!" But then she's slung over his back and she holds on for dear life. As they land on the ground she kneels next to Shi and slides the smaller girl's arm over her shoulder, rushing the two of them to the drop ship. Thank goodness her legs are strong and uninjured.

<COMBAT> Delinquent3 will attack Grounder1 this turn. (Orion)
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder3 with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder34 attacks Cameron with Brawling - COVER stops the attack.
<COMBAT> Grounder3 attacks Silas with Spear but Silas DODGES!
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Delinquent3 with Bow - COVER stops the attack.
<COMBAT> Grounder4 attacks Morgan with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Quinn with Club - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder25 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder33 with Axe - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder4 with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Asher with Axe but Asher DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Grey with Sword - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder1 attacks Asher with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder32 with Club and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 attacks Grounder1 with Spear but Grounder1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Quinn attacks Grounder2 with Sword - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder15 attacks Delinquent3 with Crossbow - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder15's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder25 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Quinn has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Quinn spends a luck point to keep fighting!

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Failure.

Cassandra numbly nods her head along with Stone's instructions as she stumbles forwards towards the rope, vision swimming. What he's saying barely makes sense to her, but what she does understand is that she needs to move in order to survive, and so that's what she does. Not for the first time, the Sky-born girl finds herself hitting the Ground before she can even process she's doing it, her calf giving out beneath her to twist her ankle as she lands in a heap at the base of the Dropship. Mindless, she crawls on forward towards the ramp, scraping her palms and pausing to catch her breath.

As soon as he can and has the injured tall girl on his back securely, Stone is swinging over the lip of the sniper perch to grip the rope, pausing before going over to look at Cass and murmur. "Sorry for getting you into the thick of it, Cass, I didn't think we'd get hit this fast and there'd be more time to evacuate." That apology sounded suspiciously like last words, in case one of them don't make it down the rope or to the dropship doors in time. And then he's over. Grunting with effort, especially his blooded hand and arm gushing a little more freely. Down the rope though, a smooth descent, Ari holding on the whole way.

Shi's alive when they get down to her thankfully, but while the giant is distracted trying to help Shi up, Cass is coming down entirely too quickly and Stone barely manages to get hands out to try and slow her down a little. Not that it helps much as she lands badly and suddenly they have TWO injured. "FUDGECICLES. Ari, help Shi! I'll get Cass!" And with that, the big guy is bending down to try and pluck the woozy and distracted Cass from the ground, and hoping to rush towards the dropship. He's letting his rifle dangle and moving a hand back to grab his sword off his back though, just in case any Grounders get through and close enough to fight. "We're gonna be fine. We're gonna be just fudgin fine!" He mutters over and over again for the girls. Or maybe for himself.

Silas grunts as he looks over his shoulder as he continues towards the dropship to see a spear wielding grounder begin to come his way. Turning on his heels, Silas watches them come carefully as he brings his sword along and goes in for a jab at the man coming his way that ends up absorbed by their armor. Silas ducks down and to the side as he kicks himself back, beginning to steadily pace backwards and ward off his attacker as he heads to the dropship. "Get the fuck away from me!"

"Which wall?" Quinn questions, not turning to look, even as she continues to swing at the Grounder and try to back away at the same time. There's a quick look shot towards Silas, one corner of her mouth kicking upwards before she turns back in time to get one final swing in before getting a club to the head. That one smack to the head seems to be the final straw as she drops like a rock. She's not down for good, although she might just be out of the fight.

When the Grounder comes in and manages to crack a blow to Quinn's head, that's all Max is going to allow her to take. "Oookay, and now we're getting the fuck out of here," he tells her and scoops one arm under hers and around her back to help her away and toward the dropship. Any plans to go elsewhere seem to be forgotten for now. It is where everyone is taking shelter and he hastens that way with her as fast as they can go to get inside.

"Do whatever you want, Jumar. Go help Tink, doesn't matter. But we needed this shit done yesterday." Cole says, ducking down inside of the dropship. He doesn't stay on the main floor very long, ducking down into the hatch in the floor under the ship itself. "Where…the hell is that wiring. Tink! Where's that fuckin length of wiring cord I had put away?" Yeah, there's going to be a bit rewiring that needs to be done. Hopefully, Silver can make sure there's enough power to even make the burn possible. Tools are out, and he's starting to fashion together a crudely made igniter switch, which will then be wired from the fuel control system, then to the power system, and then to the switch. So it'll have to be a three-way connection.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Athletics: Failure.
Cameron spends 1 luck points on Let's not break our neck okay..
<FS3> Cameron rolls Athletics: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=Brawn+Brawn Vs Gravity=4
< Cameron: Good Success Gravity: Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory

Firing off one last shot and killing one of the bastards, Cameron nods quickly to Morgan, and swings his rifle back around him even as he pulls out his sword, just in case. "Right, Morgan. Retreat." he agrees, and moves to use all his great athletic prowess to jump down, and he does it absolutely terribly, landing in a clumped mess and almost accidentally cutting his head off. But he survives. Barely. "Shiiiiit." he complains.

"Cole, dammit, you took out the-" Silver snarls as she finds the empty hole where Cole's laptop used to be in the cockpit. "Stupid planet. Stupid, stupid planet," she mutters under her breath as she dives into the guts of what was the guidance system of the drop ship. Now it's mostly wires, which are no longer connected to the complicated but much more clean-cut interface of a laptop. "Stupid Ark. Stupid animals. Stupid nature. Stupid blood must have blood." As she mutters, she sorts through the connectors and the switches, stripping insulating wire with much more confidence than she'd ever use with the makeshift knife on a person. Unless it was surgery and they were compliantly lying there…

Asher hasn't left the wall walk, he's still hacking at Grounders that have just come over. It is a losing battle. That's a laughable statement. It isn't a battle. It's just losing. Asher connects with his axe and manages to knick the leather, but nothing else. Multiple attackers have converged on him, and Asher has started to realize he might be in a spot of trouble. He dodges one attack and his armor stops another. He takes a step back, watching the Grounders that are moving in on him. "Let's go fuckers…Keep comin…" He glances over towards the snipers perch. A haphazard look to see if he can spy…someone.

Grey nods at Max's suggestion, "Over the West, then head for the Ark." And he wonders aloud at the suggestion, noting, "Holy shit, the Ark came down." As people start heading for the dropship, he turns back toward them, "No…" and then he takes a sword to the side of the head, barely rolling with the blow to keep from getting his skull cracked. Instead, he has a nasty gash, and his own riposte strikes nothing anywhere near the Grounder who gashed him, "We go in there, we're trapped like fuckin' rats!" Spotting Quinn go down, he grits his teeth, tasting blood now freely flowing from his scalp, "C'mon, Q. You're tougher than this. Get up!"

Ariadne's body folds next to Shi and with her arm and chest injuries she's unable to life Shi, even though she's tiny. Instead she slides an arm underneath Shi's arms and begins to run, even if she's dragging Shi's feet.. they WILL make it to the drop ship. She's looking over at Stone as he says that and she says, "Hey Stone, if we get outta here.. " She doesn't finish her sentence though, and she just continues to head for the drop ship.

It's as if Ruth and Stella have forgotten all about the battle waging outside. Of course, this is impossible. There is still suffering happening - just not to them. They're deep in some conversation, Ruth's hands wringing together thoughtfully as she explains something to the other girl. With a slow blink, she casts a glance about the dropship's bustling interior and takes a deep, deep breath. She seems to be searching for something. "Have you seen any of the water?" she wonders of her friend, her voice just a touch louder.

"It's in the fucking closet," Tink yells out to him as she works on the fuel tanks and opening up the lines. She's sweating as she ignore the blood leaking from her stomach. She's pretty sure it's not a critical wound, nope no major organs pierced here, but it is slowing her down. "Jumar!" Tink yells for him because she's not sure if she's going to be able to lift these tanks by herself.

<FS3> Morgan rolls Athletics: Success.

Morgan was ready to jump off the wall when he sees Cam is still fighting. Obviously, he can't leave and draws his sword again to fend off the Grounder attacking him. He backs up toward Cam, thrusting at the Grounder but missing. The armor on his chest turns a return slash. Nodding to Cam, he jumps alongside him, landing neatly on his feet and crouching to absorb some of the momentum. Unfortunately… "Cam!" He quickly sheathes his sword and reaches for Cameron to help him up and head for the dropship. "I've got you. We've got to get inside quick."

It doesn't take very long for Jumar to pick the most labor intensive aspect of the plan and he goes to help with it. At this rate, that's probably the wiring…, "time to give an artificial wake up call to a bunch of lunatics." For the first time in days, Jumar is apparently not angry and bitter. Probably helps that the mechanic has a way to actually do some damage to the Grounders now.

Britt hits the wall again, but Erson's arrow knocks the Delinquent down. Then the archer's team is starting to scale the wall with the latest wave of Grounder troops. Britt slings her bow over her back and starts climbing one of the ladders, following after Erson. She pauses for a moment about halfway up, clinging to the ladder with a deathgrip as a wave of dizziness sweeps over her. Now would be a bad time to pass out. Fortunately, it passes quickly, and she keeps climbing.

The east wall is just gone now, at least so far as defenders are concerned, and Grounders have reached the gate, starting to pull it open. More of them are rushing toward the ramp of the dropship, looking to cut off retreating Delinquents.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=melee Vs Stone=dodge
< Cassandra: Failure Stone: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Solid Victory

Cassandra and Stone had a deal, which he has not had the opportunity to honour. It isn't really his fault; this much she understands, even with a head that currently bears an uncanny resemblance to the size, shape and hue of an aubergine. Maybe it's the rousing battle-cry Cameron initiated, maybe it's concussion, or maybe it's just her suicidal nature from the Skybox rearing its ugly head again in a vaguely literal form. Either way, eventually, she pulls herself up to her feet, looks Stone dizzily in the eye and slowly nods. But when he moves to pick her out, the girl starts to grapple and fight him, gripping an arrow from her quiver as she tries to barrel her way past him. She full intends to stay on the ramp, ready to back inside any moment, but by the way she's holding her bow, trying to point it at the wall, the girl is not done fighting yet.

"EDEN DAMN YOU CASS! Get inside! I see him and I'll go help him!" Yup. Two swears in one week. This is not a good week for Stone. Not a good week at all. But the giant is struggling to carry a flailing Cass to the dropship entrance whether she wants to go or not, even if he has to toss her ass in head first so that he can live up to his promise and go save someone she cares about.

<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder3 with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Grey with Sword but Grey DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder34 attacks Cameron with Brawling but Cameron DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Asher with Axe - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder1 attacks Asher with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder32 with Club but Grounder32 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder4 attacks Morgan with Sword but Morgan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder15 finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder1 with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder33 with Axe - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder3 attacks Silas with Spear but Silas DODGES!
<COMBAT> Asher has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Asher spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Reaching out to grab Morgan's free hand, Cameron moves quickly towards the dropship. Only he's still being attacked! No holding hands then, he spins out of the way and glowers at the grounder. So he turns, and backs away, heading to the dropship but fighting as he does so, because getting killed in the back? Is not his idea of a good time. "Float you, you savage rat-fucking little piece of pond scum drinking dirtbag." He's never even seen a rat or pond scum so where he gets this is anyone's guess.

"No…" Apparently Quinn manages to hear Grey's cry about being trapped like a rat, and it hits home with her. "The wall." It's about the only words she can get out without a bit of a slur to them, her brain a bit rattled still, although she keeps a hold of her sword, and Max. Both things are hung onto like lifelines currently, although she does try and push him in the direction of the wall instead of the dropship.

Breathing heavily and glaring at the Grounder that relentlessly chases after him, Silas brings his sword around as he ducks down and swings at the Grounder's stomach, falling short about an inch as he backs away before ducking down under a stab towards his face and batting away the spear as he turns and hurries around and into the dropship, "They're coming!" he says as he heads inside and lets the gun-folks do their part.

Grabbing the line of insulated wiring, a long bundle of it, Cole starts to eye out how much he'll need. One length to the fuel system junction box, which isn't far away from Tink and Jumar. Another line to the dropship's power grid, and the third to ignition systems fuse box. That should be all the wire he needs and he gets to work wiring all three together, starting atone point, working on the second, and the third.

Once he's got Cass as close into the entrance of the dropship as he can (whether she stays or not), Stone is turning back on the wall that's being rapidly overrun and he's roaring out. "ASHER, CASS IS SAFE. ALL OF YOU GET YOUR BUTTS MOVING!!!" And with that, the gigantic ex-C starts taking shots at the Grounders, some that are focused on Asher, some that just look more a threat. The shots aren't meant to hit, just to throw them off and make them back up. Cover fire for the others to hopefully run back.

Ruth's quest to get one last drink of water before death is now pretty much nil. Going down thirsty isn't exactly the way she likely had intended, but what else is there to do? She moves away from her place near the entrance and loses herself in the crowd of people, the blunt of her knife held out in front of her so none bump into her middle. She's already bleeding enough; she doesn't need any help exacerbating it. She just wants to be as far away from the grounders as she can get. It's a reasonable choice.

"Get in the ship, people!" Silver shouts down from the control panel (or rather, the hole that used to be the control panel and is now a rat's nest of wires). Although she's rapidly bringing some sense of order to the wires. Her breath comes faster, but her hands are still steady, moving in muscle memory.

<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics-2: Success.

Grey fends off the Grounder for another clatter of metal on metal, just barely keeping the man off of him. "Too late, Q." He ducks under another swing of the Grounder's sword, and then twists off the wall-walk, dropping down to the ground and starting toward the dropship. "They're all there already, damn it. Fuckin' idiots. Shouldn't go off on our own now."

The rest of the delinquent defenders are crumbling too now, the south and west walls retreating back to the dropship as well. Fire from those retreating Delinquents has stalled the Grounders looking to cut them off, but it's going to be a near-run thing.

"LET ME GO," Cassandra yells, as she thrashes and tugs against Stone's massive bulk like a cat that's having its belly rubbed. Cats are fickle things: they don't always like it when you show them you care. Sometimes they're just going to shred you to smithereens as payment for your love. She is, unfortunately, outmatched in this situation, and is soon sent hurtling into the steel coffin she first came down to Earth in. He aims her bow between Stone's legs, narrowing her eyes, which for a moment looks like a very offensive threat. She counts to five, and thank Eden she doesn't miss, because her arrow flies true between those two tree-trunks of his, spinning towards the wall and a Grounder with a sword who's pulling his stance towards Asher. Her hands are blistered, but she's beyond the point of caring. Blood trickles down one side of her nose, nostrils flaring.

Ariadne crouches with Shi against a wall inside the drop ship. When Stone isn't right behind them Ari turns toward him and cries out with a yell, "Stone, get in here! Don't you dare go back out there!" Shi is crying out as well, and screaming his name, "Stone!" Shi tries to get up to run to him, but Ariadne grabs her and pulls her back in the ship, holding her so she can't go.

"No," Max says to Quinn, "If we were going to, we had to do it sooner. Right now, we're going in." And so he keeps moving with her toward the dropship even as she tries to push him off course. He glances over at Grey and nods in agreement. Too late now. They continue to make their retreat toward the ramp to get inside.

Morgan helps Cam for as long as he can before they both need to dodge some swords. Making his way up the ramp, he unslings his rifle and takes cover and prepares to shoot anyone who might be heading their way.

Jumar spends 1 luck points on Mechanics, don't fail me now….
<FS3> Jumar rolls Mechanics+3: Good Success.

Makeshift tools again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Jumar has work to do though, and gets into his section, "well, this should be close…" Mumbles Jumar as he goes as fast as he can. Splicing wires is methodical work, you know.

Britt swings her leg over the top of the wall, landing in a crouch on the wall-walk. One hand is on the long dagger at her hip in case there should be a Delinquent in the immediate vicinity. Fortunately there isn't, so she unslings her bow. Her face is a bloody mess, her green eyes slightly dull as she scans the courtyard for a new target. Erson is right there with her, doing the same.

This is turning out unexpectedly, Alison ended up inside with the retreat. She didn't even get to take the molars of the two grounders she took down, would have made a good bracelet. Still, in the ship, she follows up to the cockpit. "What can I do, Silver?" She asks thoughtfully.

Tink spends 1 luck points on Mechanics roll..
<FS3> Tink rolls Mechanics+2: Good Success.

Tink manages to get her side of things squared away, getting the fuel lines open so they can blow those engines. She calls out to Cole, "I'm set!" She then leans against the wall, trying to breath through the pain, "You need anything else bossman?" She says it in a teasing voice despite that everything is going to hell out there.

Silver spends 1 luck points on Mechanics roll.
<FS3> Silver rolls Mechanics+3: Good Success.

"Doors," Silver answers Alison, fingers flying across the wiring as she works to get power running to the engines can be triggered. "We're going to fire the engines, which is going to be great for killing grounders as long as the doors are shut and we don't fry ourselves, too, but someone needs to make sure the doors gets closed. Preferably with our people inside and theirs outside." She makes a frustrated sound, arm disappearing into the hole in the panel for a moment as she chases down a wire. "Long as those doors are closed they'll stick around until we can fire things up."

Breathing heavily, Silas lets out a coarse breath as he finds a spot to sit and brings his right hand over to pull up his shirt and look down to his abdomen, looking at the large growing bruise on his belly, bleeding with a few punctures here and there from the Grounders barbaric weapon. Pursing his lips, Silas stares at the injury before he simply rests, panting as he collects himself and recovers from fatigue.

Cole spends 1 luck points on Mechanics roll.
<FS3> Cole rolls Mechanics+1: Good Success.

"Where the hell is my fuel!" Cole snaps over at Tink and Jumar. Yes,he knows he had the system in drain and not free-flow, and he'll apologize for snapping at the two of them later. The rewiring is going well. Well enough that he's confident in his ability that it won't cause a brown-out. Because that would be really unfortunate. So yeah, he's barking like the boss he can be at times. "Pick up the fuckin pace, guys!"

<FS3> Asher rolls Athletics-2: Success.

Asher just keeps hacking at throats at this point. He is overwhelmed. The help coming from around him would be of some comfort if he didn't just get slashed in the chest by an axe. He thought he was doing alright really, Moments before he felt his axe blade connect with someones flesh. It hacked someone's throat, but didn't kill them. Still, he can't enjoy that moment, because that hack to his chest has him stumbling to the ground, coughing up blood. For a moment, Asher is ready to just lay there. It's comfortable. He staggers back to his feet though, axe still in hand. There's a good chance he has no idea something is going on at the dropship. He glances around to find himself alone on the wall now. With Grounders all around him. Fuck. He looks to the edge of the wall. He could jump over it. That would be dumb. There are grounders down there. So Asher rolls off the wall walk to try and get back to the Dropship.

Tink swears under her breath as she switches to free flow so that they, doing her best not to think about her side. She works by Jumar's side diligently, getting things in order, "I'm getting to it!" She glances at Jumar and grins as she's hopeful this will take care of their grounder problem.

<COMBAT> Asher has changed weapons to Assault rifle.
<COMBAT> Asher will attack Grounder33 this turn.
<COMBAT> Grounder15 attacks Delinquent9 with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder15's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder33 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder32 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Delinquent9 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Stone suppresses Grounder1 with Assault Rifle. <successful>
<COMBAT> Stone suppresses Grounder33 with Assault Rifle. <successful>
<COMBAT> Stone suppresses Britt with Assault Rifle. <successful>
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder1 with Bow - Moderate wound to Head.

"In those mines you built to blow up the lunatics outside. Who's the one who kept the system on safe?" A little light teasing? From Jumar? Definitely the end of the world now, "These wires are a mess, it'll give a minute or two to work through this." He gives in an aside to Tink, whispering, "if we die here, I'm so haunting Cole's ass."

Alison makes her way to the panel, flipping a button to check the door status. Easy way first, then she moves over to the ladder to slide down and go confirm the door is ready. Trusting the drop ship to function at anything is a bad idea, despite Cole's miracle working.

And Cameron slips into the dropship, moving to get out of everyone's way, and crouches there, holding up his gun to aim and prepare— in case any grounders get near the door before they get it closed, he'll be ready to fire at them.

Grey gathers up his assault rifle in one hand and fires off a wildly inaccurate round at the asshole who gave him the bleeding head wound (is there any other kind) as he stagger-runs back toward the dropship. He really doesn't want to be racing Asher for tail-end charlie, but there they go, the last two idiots to make it into the dropship. Grey even has to step over the downed body of a Delinquent feathered with arrows, crouching down to start dragging her in, "C'mon, Arrin." She's dead, but he doesn't know that. Thankfully, the raising of the ramp should help quite a bit, especially since his left arm isn't quite working right at the moment, and he's trying to juggle body, baton, and boomstick. "Anyone see anyone else alive out there?" Presumably besides Grounders.

Okay, so Asher is definitely lagging a step or two behind Grey, playing -real- rearguard.

"MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS, ASHER, OR CASS IS GOING TO SHANK ME!" Okay, yeah. Mom would understand. it's a stressful week. A really really stressful week. She'd totally understand. Or at least that's what the roaring giant Stone tells himself as he's filling part of the entry to the lander, using it as cover as he takes pot shots at various Grounders trying to give the last of their people on the wall time to get in.

Automatic fire? Whoa, that's new. Britt's startled by the rapid-fire shots whizzing over her head, falling down to her knees on the wall-walk. She recovers her composure enough to raise her bow, hunkering down and taking a poorly-aimed shot at the fellow spraying bullets at the Grounders on the wall (Stone).

Quinn doesn't argue at this point, just lets Max lead her towards the dropship. There's a quick look shot towards Cassandra, and a quiet, hopefully helpful, "He's coming." Not that she has ANY idea. She's just praying that she's right about that at this point.

With almost everyone in the ship and some others giving them covering fire, Morgan takes a moment to take care of his own wound. It's minor enough that he should be free once Asher gets in.

Max manages to get Quinn to the dropship and they both stumble inside. He pulls her out of the way of the doors to where he can check out her head wound, crouching down and looking into her eyes and checking her pupils then examining the wound itself, trying to get her fixed up in those few moments of respite. He looks up and over to Cassandra and gives her a nod in agreement. "He's coming."

Grey had a good head start on Asher. He was getting axed in the chest when Grey got off the wall. Still, he's on the ground now. He landed in a crouch after rolling off the wall and loosed a shot up, hitting the hand of the Grounder who'd axed him. The bullet connects, and Asher starts to move for the dropship. And he has to hope he gets onto it before the ramp starts closing. It'll be a near thing apparently.

Cassandra does see someone alive out there, which is why she yells, "Hold the damn door!" But she's grown, she really has. She manages to make this demand without pointing her weapon at anyone else's gonads, though she keeps both hands on her bow and is quite probably thinking about it. Stone knows what's up. He isn't wrong. The girl has the kind of violent snarl on her face that says she's going to pull some serious Skybox antics right here if things go wrong. Nose bloody, she shoves her shoulders forward as she pulls to her feet, stepping towards the ramp to draw back her arm in preparation to fire another arrow at any incoming Grounders in point-blank range, if need be.

Silas is quiet, either not too concerned or simply too tired to pay much attention to what's happening outside now as his right hand comes over to lazily rub his throat. It's not injured, but he quietly says, "I wish I had water…" which explains the motion before his hand slumps down to his stomach to rest over his injuries. However, holding the door seems to click with him and he looks over to Cassandra and then to those at the door. Silas grunts, standing as he holds his injury and watches Asher as he makes his way over. "We don't fucking leave our own." he says, matter-of-factly as he furrows his brows. "We do not." he says before he looks over to Asher. "Come on! Lets go! We've more of these monkeys to kill, and I'm doing it with you!"

Cole spends 1 luck points on MOAR MECHANICS.
<FS3> Cole rolls Mechanics+1: Great Success.

"Silver!" Cole calls up from the hatch in the floor up to wherever she is. "Do I have fuckin power yet!?" he calls, because it's becoming less of a question at this point. "Tink? Jumar? Now would be a good fuckin time to give me my goddamn fuel!" he says, checking the connections on the wiring one more time. Everything looks solid, doesn't like he's going to break anything. And hell, if it does break? He can worry about blown fuses and anything else later. Though, it will be a pain in the ass to repair. At least his laptop is somewhere inside. Probably should've just told Silver to hook that up to the power grid. Oh well…sorta rushed for time here. Don't mention that to her. She'll hit or something. Or look angry. Whatever. "Any day now guys!"

Silver spends 1 luck points on Mechanics.
<FS3> Silver rolls Mechanics+3: Good Success.

"You'd have a better chance if you'd put the laptop back in so I didn't have to build a computer up here to make it happen!" Silver shouts back down at Cole. "Alison's got the door, we've got a minute as long as we're inside and get the door shut. Gives them all a minute to get drawn in and start banging on the doors before we light them up." Or at least that's what she's telling herself. It's totally okay if it's not working yet. Totally okay. "Almost there!"

Tink spends 1 luck points on Mechanics, cause I can't fail now.
<FS3> Tink rolls Mechanics+2: Great Success.

"The fucking fuel is coming!" Tink shouts out to Cole as she keeps tinkering away at the fuel tank and lines. She pauses as she hears Silver bitching about a computer, "Reno! Reno has Cole's computer and he's upstairs in the drop shop." She then turns her attention back to what she's working on, hoping she's got everything she needs for Cole in place.

Jumar spends 1 luck points on Mechanics, don't fail me now. Part 2.
<FS3> Jumar rolls Mechanics+3: Amazing Success.

Jumar snorts at Coles constant line of demands, "I'm working miracles here, stop shouting in my ear." Indeed, Jumar does seem to be working *very* fast with that wiring… prodigy indeed. "I'm smithing some goddamn tools when this is all over. I'm sick of doing this by hand."

The dropship doors seal shut with a soft hiss and then a heavy thump. The tight fit of the doors prevents the delinquents from hearing a long, deep waaaaahoooooo coming up from the woods to the east. Grounder warriors and scouts alike turn their heads toward the sound. One who had notched an arrow back in her bow, fingers tight along the strings and holding the arrow steady immediately relaxes the hold, while a warrior making the climb soon behind Britt pauses with one leg thrown over the wall, head turned to the sound. "<In Trigedasleng> Retreat," he hisses to Britt. "<In Trigedasleng> Why have they called for a retreat?"

Despite the call, however, there are some in the pit of the delinquent camp who do not heed. One is standing over the decapitated body of Sonia, anger in his eyes. The youth had been Sonia's second, and now his rage is palpable. If he has heard the retreat, he is ignoring it. "Jus drein jus daun!" He snarls, and charges the dropship doors with several others of Sonia's original warband.

As Stone's seeing the hatch start to rise, he gets a little antsy in his shots outside, though really he's waiting for the shiv to go into his kidney from Cass behind. And then an arrow is flying out of nowhere, plinging off the hull a half inch from his face, startling him back. Hopefully just in time for their fellow Delinquent to dive in before it's closing.

"Close it!" Ruth probably isn't the only delinquent in this dropship to shout it to those near the doors; the frenzy about her increases as the grounders begin to charge, and there's little her slightly outstretched knife can do in this situation. There haven't been this many people in here since it went permanently silent after their fall only about a month or so ago. "Close the damn door!"

<COMBAT> Morgan treats Morgan:
< Head (Light): successful
<COMBAT> Max treats Quinn:
< Head (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Grey treats Grey:
< Head (Moderate): unsuccessful

Once the door is sealed, Cameron rises, and he moves straight for Morgan. Doesn't matter what Morgan is doing, who he's healing, Cam's gonna grab him and pull him up and embrace him. He's then going to kiss him, and then he says in a very, very, very serious voice, loud and clear as day, "I love you." He won't even cringe about saying the L-word (well, he'll blush a little bit, a shocking event in its own right). He'll say it with meaning, because he's now pretty sure they're all going to die since they're trapped in here, and he has to say it. At least once. (That he remembers.)

As the drop ship door starts to close Ariadne abandons her quest to keep Shi from rushing out into the entryway to pull Stone in and she drives for him as well. He might have been coming in on his own, but she's dragging him all the same, with or without Shi. Once he's inside she pulls him toward the wall of the drop ship with Shi. She holds them both tightly as she watches the doors close.

"Oh what, you don't like a challenge!?" Cole calls back up at Silver. "Hey, whoever the fuck is up there!" the mechanic's voice comes out from the hatch in the sub-level. "Whoever is fuckin controlling the door better close it up right fuckin now because we're about to turn on the goddamn engines." Then a look back at Tink and Jumar. "We all set?" his hand wavers over the button to ignite the engines, clutched in his hand like a vice. "Think we got it as good as we're gonna get it." Adrenaline is still flowing through his body like a sweet wine, he doesn't yet notice the wound in his chest that is going to hurt soooo much tomorrow.

For the moment, he waits for the all clear from his co-workers and from whoever is controlling the door. Not before. Not after.

Britt curses as her arrow dings harmlessly off the hull. The call for retreat has her looking up, then, and back to the woods, bloody face scrunching up in a confused frown. She shakes her head to the other warrior. "<In Trigedasleng> I don't know…" Erson is equally baffled by the call. "<In Trigedasleng> Retreat?" he roars. "<In Trigedasleng> We fucking have them. They can't hide in there forever. Cowards," he spits.

"Hey, I didn't say I couldn't do it," Silver shouts back down at Cole, hissing as a spark flies from the wires to land on her skin. "We got power when you need it!" she calls back, falling silent to wait for the word.

Max crouches by Quinn, checking her head and making sure that the bandage is in place and looking over her other wounds, "When we get through this," he tells her seriously, "We're going to build you a suit of armor." And then he sinks down onto the dropship floor next to her, wrapping an arm around her, careful to avoid all the wounded parts. He glances over at Cameron and Morgan, and there's a little wry smile that tugs at the edge of his lips. Then he rests his head against Quinn's.

"Give them time Cole," Tink slides to the floor, leaning up against the wall as her part is done and now it's just a question of waiting, "Make sure we've got a bunch of those fuckers out there before we roast them." She closes her eyes and tells herself it's okay to relax. It's in Cole and Silver's hands now, the system is set up to blow.

Grey drops back into the dropship in a clatter of assault rifle, baton, and dead body. He sprawls out on his ass, then slowly pries himself up to a sitting position. He checks the throat of the woman at his feet, then shakes his head, growling, "Fuck balls." Cole's words draw his head up, and as he sits there, trying to stop his head from sending waves of blood over the right side of his face and hearing all the quiet (and not so quiet) words of love and care, he turns his eyes toward the door and murmurs softly, "…don't be out there, Dee. Please, please, don't be out there…"

Jumar finishes his section in record time, "Hit it, time to roast some lunatics!" He looks to Tink then, "really wish we had eyes outside now."

Morgan looks up from what he's doing when there's a hand on his arm and then he smiles, quite happy to return the hug and kiss. "You're okay?" he asks quietly but then kind of pauses to just blink once. After a moment, he smiles broadly and tilts his head forward to rest his forehead against Cam's. "I know." he answers. And he does, since Cam told him when he was fevered and not because he's quoting a movie! "I love you too."

Silas quietly lets out a heavy breath, looking over to Max with a quirk of his brow. "Say that to a bunch of the leather we're about to fuckin' lose." he says with a nudge of his head to the sealing doors as he quietly settles over to sit back in his earlier spot and continue to clutch his stomach wound. He can't fix it, so he'll just hold it. That's basically the same thing, right?

From inside the dropship, there is a loud crescendo of echoing beats as Grounders try to beat against the metal doors. There is a faint squeal of metal as some try to get their weapons in the gap between the door and pull, trying to pull it back. Others are headed to the rope that still dangles from the sniper nest, beginning to scale upward to find weak spots in the hull.

But, other Grounders are starting to retreat as another blast of a horn goes up from the forests.

"I can't move in a suit of armor." Quinn really has no idea if she can or not, but she then glances around, taking stock of who is in the dropship, and who she can't see immediately, "Did everyone make it in?"

There are few words that seem appropriate in this situation. So much Cole has done, so much he's hated to do. He's taken a lot of lives today, through the use of his mines. Enough that he doesn't, or can't think about it. Killed two with his own hands, or at least, was apart of it. Epoch saw blood, it bit into flesh and he felt for the first time in his life what it meant to take a life. The gravity and weight of those decisions will haunt him, and they will peek into his dreams when he least expects it. Everything he's built, the wall, the purifier, the mines, communications systems with the Ark, was it all worth, when it boiled down to this moment? There's a moment, where he thinks about Mikaela, what she would say. Silver gives the all clear, the door has been shut. The way is shut. And there's no turning back now. How many more lives will this cost for the man who only wants to build and create. It is, as he's learned, so much to destroy.

Cole sighs, closing his eyes, and when he opens them looks at the makeshift button in his hand. All things happen in a moment. He presses it down with the palm of his hand. "Forgive me, but…/burn/."

Where's Lip? He's hard to find in the mass of people. He's in here somewhere but he's especially quiet. He doesn't particularly like death. From either side. But nobody would know that, really. He makes sure to make himself as quiet and as invisible as possible while he listens to the plan and the breathing and the whatever coming from everyone around him. This is not a good moment for his soul. Or his mind. And will probably make the nightmares he has when he tries to sleep even worse. Ah well. Das Lyfe, mon.

Shi doesn't hit Ari, nope, but once she can slip from her arms, she is up and sliding towards the front to pull Stone back into the ship if he wants to go or not. Both girls are bloody and making those wincing faces but as long as Stone drops back into the ship, she pushes him down and pulls Ari against her as well, she is crying and doesn't give a damn who sees it, she tries to disappear between the two Tall, Dark and Beautiful.

Ariadne glances around the ship. Some people are saying their goodbyes, and others are sitting quietly, while the tech people are scrambling. She glances toward Shi and gives her a smile before pressing forward to kiss her, her hand moving to Shi's cheek and caressing it as she does. She says quietly, "I'll see you on the other side, no matter how this goes." She gives one more smile to Shi and then she turns her attention to Stone, leaning up from Shi to give him a similar kiss, though without words. Then she settles in against the wall of the drop ship, waiting…

There comes a call from inside the dropship, an anonymous wag, "Don't blow us up, Cole!"

Jumar chimes in, "yeah, don't blow us up, Cole!"


With Morgan saying it back, Cameron just blushes a little more. Most people would bet he didn't even have the proper physiology to produce a blush, but he has it, apparently. For a minute everything else goes away, nothing matters. His heart sweels in his chest and this warmth just radiates off of him, and he holds onto Morgan, turning his head back and forth a bit, just to rub forehead against forehead as a sorta weird head-hug thing. His dimples are on at full force, and despite the fact that he's going to die any minute, he might die happy. But. Then he gets a fierce look on his face, and pulls away, squeezing Morgan's hand as he does so, "You should look over the wounded. Tell me what you need me to do." Always practical in the end. He's still smiling though. He wants to get serious. But he can't stop. So the world is blowing up around him. So what.

There's no time to relax yet. No time to pretend it's done. Not when you're thinking ten steps ahead. Silver stays up above, listening to the sounds of the grounders pounding the ship outside, climbing the sides, and watching the wiring job she's made intently. "Please don't blow a fuse…" she murmurs, waiting for the sound of fire.

Tink feels the tears fall down her cheeks as he presses that button that's going to send a lot of folks to their death. She's scared as hell and pissed about the arrow in her stomach but part of her is feeling that pressure on her chest and she knows all these techies are about to send a lot of grounders to their death, "It will be okay Cole…it's gotta be." She knows how hard this is on him but they have to do it. They're cornered and fire is the only way out, "It will work."

Stone is at the moment oblivious to all going on around them, cause he's hugging Shi and Ari to him protectively, gently as if they were going to break, but leaning his bulk down to kiss one, then the other in turn and murmuring something for their ears only.

Cassandra is still standing in front of the doors of the Dropship, feet shoulder-width apart, panic written on her features as the doors start to close. She isn't going to budge. "No, stop, stop!" she shouts when Cole sounds the demand for them to shut from below, and Ruth joins him, a little more ruthlessly. She lurches forward past Stone, hand slamming flat on the door, as if doing so might push it back down and prevent it from shutting all the way. Even as the Grounder's start to swarm, she draws another arrow from her makeshift parachute-material quiver, but this one she holds in her fist like a miniature spear, believing with all her heart that being at the ready to shank someone might help her win her way.

Alison leans against the wall, a faint sigh and she wraps her legs up close and grips them with her arms. The spear is stored so it doesn't poke anybody. She glances at the others, those who are drawn close, then back, one last check on the door seal.

Asher made it in just a few moments before the ramp started moving. Any longer and he'd have been stuck out there. Looks like Cassandra doesn't need to shank Stone after all. Though Asher DID get cut and Stone didn't stop it from happening…so…you know…Shank away. Asher collapses onto the floor just inside the ramp and lays there unmoving. He's not bleeding that badly, so it's more likely that fighting at all after his previous neck injury was a bad idea. Didn't some know it all doctor tell him to take it easy?

There's a nerve-wracking moment after Cole pushes the button and… nothing. One second, tw — WHOOSH. Thankfully, it's loud enough inside the dropship to block out the screams, but the temperature surges up a good seven or eight degrees and the dropship lurches up three inches before dropping back down with a thump.

Outside, it is much worse. Fire gouts from beneath the metal and ceramic pillar, and incinerates those nearest the dropship. They're just… gone. The majority of the tent city burns as well, but that's nothing on the waves of fire that reach out three quarters of the way to the walls, devouring everything and everyone it touches. Perhaps thirty human beings gone in an instant. Just… gone. Ash and a few skeletons are all that remain when the fire peters out seconds later.

"You want mass murder so badly, you goddamn lunatics?! There you go. I hope you choke on it and float yourselves. Non-accidental roasting, courtesy of the techies!" Yep, Jumar is getting a lot of pent up aggression out from that, "maybe now they'll start doing some actual thinking for once in their lives."

For her part, Cassandra does not end up shanking Stone. The way she's holding her arrow in her fist and staring at Asher, wide-eyed when he comes tumbling in, makes it seem like she's thinking of shanking him. She drops down to her knees by his side when the doors close before peering over her shoulder at Stone, at Shi, at Ariadne, at Quinn and at Max. And then there's raucous sound as Cole pushes the button, sending another spasm of pain through her already omnipresent migraine. She twitches her eyes to narrow her field of vision, taking deep, steady breaths of the suddenly limited oxygen around her. It's an afterthought, but she reaches towards her right hip — seemingly to grab her machete — only to plunge a hand into her bag, pull out a waterskin, and toss it at Silas' feet.

The dropship isn't the only thing that decides to lurch. The sudden shift in temperature accompanied by the movement of the ship causes Ruth to dry heave, which only really produces glorified spittle. She hasn't really eaten anything since she was injured the previous day, which is fortunate for those surrounding her. It's still extremely disgusting. She stomps her foot rather hard, one hand cover her mouth. A string of rancid profanity bursts forth as she moves through the crowd near the back of the ship to lean against the wall, taking deep breaths.

Silver closes her eyes for a long moment after the fire dies down, then slowly slides down the wall, dropping her head to her knees. She could go down below, join the others. But there's still a nagging voice in the back of her head saying that's where the next wave of Grounders will go first. Because there have to be more, right? It couldn't just be…over. That easy. So maybe instead, a few more seconds of quiet.

The sudden sound doesn't cause much of a reaction, but when the dropship lurches and the temperature raises Quinn lurches to the side. Already off balance due to the crack upside the head, the sudden unexpected movement nearly sends her face first into the floor. The only thing that might save her is the death grip she's got on Max.

Natalie just spent most of this moment in history on the ground. Specifically, while everyone else was running and fighting and immolating, Natalie was somewhere in the dropship in the dark on her hands and knees looking for her glasses. Someone had run past her and tripped over her and her glasses were on the floor and all was fuzzy and dark and gropey until she found them. Finally able to see, she'd run forth just in time for Dance, Dance, Immolate and the lurch of the ship sends her to her knees again. "Lip!," she yelps, focusing on him in the corner just a split second before she sprawling to the floor. Again.

Silas' eyes flit open a bit as he feels something hit his foot, seeming to not entirely mind the lurch and the heat aside from clinging to his seat and furrowing his brows- or at least not commenting on it. When he looks over to the waterskin, without know whom it came from he simply says "Thanks." aloud and leans forward to grab a hold of it and begin taking a few hearty gulps from it, before capping it and holding it out for whoever to retrieve it. "What now?" he asks aloud, staring down at his feet quietly- as though he's intensely thinking.

<FS3> Cole rolls Resolve-2: Failure.

The engines fire, a familiar sensation. But there's dread in know what's happened. Cole feels sick to his stomach. And he's suddenly losing his lunch, vomiting into a spare metal-made bucket he had been holding spare parts in. And it's a kind guttural sound, that stomach-churning noise, throwing up like that. The makeshift button switch drops the ground with a clatter after the flames from the engine, as it holding suddenly burned his hand. The headman techie leans against the wall of the sub-level, then sliding down to the floor. "What have I done?" he mumbles, almost a little numbly. "What have I done?" Hes has become death, destroyer of their little world. He doesn't have to know that it's ashes all around them, burnt and charred. The tents, possibly the wall. Everything. His hands cover his face, and the only thing he can do right now is sob silently. So whatever anyone else may think about their kill score, we know how the high score champ is right now. And it's a crown he wears with a heavy brow.

Erson looks back and forth between the woods and the dropship, frustration rolling off him in waves. Confused by the conflicting signals of Sonia's charging warriors and the retreat horn, his group looks to him for direction. "<In Trigedasleng> All right," he finally growls reluctantly. "<In Trigedasleng> We —" Whatever he was about to say is lost to the WHOOSH of the dropship engines firing.
The walls shake and waver. They do hold, but at least one Grounder falls from the rope he was scaling. Britt would have fallen herself, her balance still touchy after the head injury, had Erson not grabbed her arm and steadied her. She does shirk back away from the flames, though, arms covering her face from the blast of heat. When the fire recedes, she lowers them and just stares in slack-jawed horror.

Grey is lifted up and — being close to the closed door — rather toasty. Uncomfortably so. He decides that it is the better part of just about everything to just lie down. This happens to be on Asher's shins, but at the moment, he doesn't care. Clicking the safety on his rifle on, he croaks, "Safeties on, people." A little, almost hysterical laugh builds in his throat, and he adds, "Safety first, after all." And then the almost-laugh crackles away into a coughing fit, "Eight-somethin'-percent-chance-of-death my ass."

"Grilled Cheezus, Natty Wap." Lip blinks and his Skai Spear gets set aside where it won't stab anyone because he doesn't need that on his little conscience and he's sliding with some semblance of actual style over to Natalie's side. He's not exactly good at things unless he's doing them for someone he may or may not care for. Or if the dice are like: 'Sup'. Anyway, he's got a hand on the wall of the dropship and a hand reaching down for Natalie's wrist to pull her up. Activate He-Lip Strength.

"Come help me with Asher." Morgan says to Cam, slipping an arm around his waist. He starts heading over when he pauses, feeling the vibration and then the engines ignite. The sudden motion throws him off balance into Cam but it's mostly unexpected and he reaches for a wall to steady himself. "Well." And then he smiles, picturing what just happened outside the ship.

<FS3> Tink rolls Resolve-2: Failure.

Tink can't stop the tears that are falling down her cheeks as the fires outside barbecue. The sounds of the screams of those outside who are taken causes her to join Cole in losing her lunch. She does manage to find her way over to Cole and slide down next to him, still holding the arrow that's in her belly that she hasn't bother to ask anyone to look at. She just reaches out and takes his hand and squeezes, not saying a word because that weight in her chest just hurts too damn much.

Max has a pretty solid grip on Quinn before the dropship suddenly lurched, and already sitting on the floor, it does jostle him into her good side, but doesn't topple him. "I've got you," he says quietly to Quinn, and the sudden rise in temperature makes him catch his breath for just a moment before it stops. Then he's just quiet, silent, sitting there still and looking around the dropship at those gathered, the injured, in part looking for those who might need treatment, but mostly he holds onto Quinn and just stays still for now.

Once the lurch is done, Jumar starts to head deeper into the dropship. "I'm going to find a place to sleep for a week now, thanks." Apparently, Jumar is very uninterested in celebrating. Being on your feet almost non-stop for a week or two to do the fortification work takes it's toll, who knew?

Cameron goes with Morgan, of course, cuz there's an arm, also gravity. Gravity has rules and the rules of gravity are that Cameron is drawn to Morgan by the most elemental force in the universe. Then they stumble, and Cameron manages to stay up and steady himself and Morgan too, then he pauses, and nods simply, and smiles in satisfaction, "Indeed." he agrees. He's not bothered by it in the least.

By this time, Lark had broken the shaft of the arrow sticking into her thigh, and stopped the bleeding with a makeshift bandage. And she was crouching - the dark corners of the dropship were likely taken, so she was huddling against the side of the ship at this point, as the rest of the 100… or however many were left at this point, manage to file in. As they launch the thrusters, and for a moment, for a moment - Lark closes her eyes, tilts her head back, and lets a smile dance across her features.

It was Grey's joke that brings her back to reality, and she brings up her hand to flick the safety back on, a grin dancing across her lips.

"It isn't quite over yet, is it?" she says, grin widening to show her teeth.

Now that Ariadne is still she's starting to feel pain again. She leans in to whisper something to Shi, and then something to Stone and then she lays her head against the wall of the drop ship. The heat builds and a few tears begin to fall as she hears the people outside scream in anguish. The bandages she had from the water run are showing signs of blood, and just above her left collarbone a dark stain of blood is spreading slowly on her shirt. It would seem that the energy has drained from her, and her eyes close as she tries to block the pain out.

Asher hears the rumble of the engines, but it doesn't really register with him what's going on. He grumbles quietly and his gaze, weary, wary and … probably just a bit disassociated from reality in this moment, falls on Cassandra. She looks pissed. Why would she be pissed? He got back in plenty of time. There were whole seconds of time. SECONDS. You could run forty yards in seconds. And then Grey's on his shins and Asher growls, "Get off me." because he didn't want to be in this stupid ship in the first place. He should have gone over the wall. That would have been better. But not towards the Ark, not towards the Guards. That would have been worse.

When the dropship shuddered, Stone's thick bleeding arms tightened around Shi and Ari, drawing them closer like he was going to shield them somehow against an explosion. Of course, they're own injuries are probably going to protest that and so he's relaxing again a moment later, suspecting what's going on and grimacing at it. Still, he seems to approve of the actions and is even looking at the various techs with still more respect than he'd already had in the past. "It had to be done." He murmurs quietly to no one in particular. "It had to…" Stone's freezing for a moment to something quietly passe to him by Ari, and he's looking to her with a kind of deeply thoughtful expression, then nodding as if accepting, leaning in to give her a gentle kiss on the lips, before murmuring something and then turning to give Shi another as well, before he just settles in to holding the pair of them, looking grim…and yet somehow lightened despite all that's happened.

The rattle and shake of the lift-off has Alison squinting her eyes. She counts, guesses, there is no real science to her thoughts. There was lift, and when she hears the thrusters burn out she braces. Then the sudden thud, she can feel the warmth inside the ship. The jarring of impact. She grips the hot side of the ship briefly, waiting for a tip-over that doesn't happen. Still, she grunts at the sudden landing, her eyes finally opening. She rubs at her face, pulls her hair back. Then she starts to stand, smoothing at her clothes.

Quinn glances at Grey, her brows lifting upwards before she suggests to Max, "He's going bonkers. You think he got hit in the head, too?" She starts to loosen some of her grip on Max after the shuddering stops, sitting up a little straighter. She lifts a hand up, scrubbing the back of her hand across her cheek before she drops it, eyes sliding around, watching everyone else with a curious expression.

Shi is probably the least effect by the raising of temp within the dropship, she is always cold, so the warmth simply leans her curls a little more on her good side, between Stone and Ari. Ari's whisper causes a lovely little smile that is there when she touches the other girls face. And while the taller of the trio speaks, she is blink slowly at the sounds outside and that smile falls as she closes her eyes. This is how the kiss from Stone happens, her eyes are closed and she keeps them close as she leans into the kiss and then curls against his bigger form, her hand reaching for and holding Ari's if the other girl can't get comfortable with her own wounds, against Shi's tiny form.

"I need to see it." Cole says, squeezing Tink's hand in comfort, before getting up. "I need to see what I've done." There's weakness, like he's been stripped bare. Breaking away from her, he starts to climb out of the sub-level, with a blank-eye, tear stained stare, moving for the dropship hatch. He'll wait in front of it. He looks pale, like he's suddenly just aged ten years, like nothing is going to take away the fact of what he's done. Less a defender, more a murderer, and he did so no with guns or sword, but with science. His passion. So much has soured for him in one day. For the time that needs to elapse. And wait he will. He needs to see the death that he's wrought.

Cassandra doesn't like Grey. But that's okay. She doesn't have to like any one of these skaisplitas right now to be glad they aren't dead. While he lays claim to Asher's shins, she lays claim to the growling thug's shoulder, and doesn't even care right now who sees this. Her arms go around him, and one of her hands even falls towards Lucian's head head, along with her knee, in a very bizarrely contorted, painful group hug. "…You're… you're a dick," she informs Ash quietly, but it's with a tone with relief. Surely that is a better response than shanking him for those mere seconds he had to spare.

Grey rolls up onto his shoulder at Asher's complaint, "What, you don't like being a pillow?" When Cass puts her hand on his head, he looks up, startled, tensing, and then nods and relaxes into it for a minute, "Yeah. But ain't you glad I'm alive?" Pause, "Glad you two are too." Still, Grey forces himself up to his feet again, shaking his head at Lark, "No, it ain't." The side of his face is still a mask of blood, but he forces himself to try to think, "Can we open the doors right now? 'Cause we've gotta get moving before they come back." And he blinks, "Uh… and we should call out names, someone who can count right now take a count? See who's in here? Who we lost?"

"Fuck, I wish this was over." says Silas as he brings his right hand over to wipe down blood and sweat from his face. None of blood is his own, and realizing Silas stares at his palm smeared with red, and his nose wrinkles up as he cringes somewhat and wipes it down on his clothes. "I better not get some fucking STD from this shit." he says with a huff and a quiet growl before he's resting his hands in his lap as he sets aside the water-skin. Silas is wordless for a few moments before he speaks up, "My feet hurt." and he leans to rest his back against the dropship and bring his hand over to lift his shirt and check his injury. "Anyone got some bandages?" he asks aloud with a slow blink. When Grey mentions who's in here, he speaks up, "Silas is my name, and uh…" he pauses, tilting his head back. "I can't think of a witty line."

Quietly, Silver does some quick calculations to herself, running the odds. How many grounders did they get? How long for the ground to cool? How many may have been outside the circle of death? How much time did they buy? Finally, she takes a deep breath, pushing slowly off the wall to come back down. "We're gonna need to take the chance to run once we can move," she says quietly. "We bought some time, but we're sitting ducks once they get over the shock. Who needs medical to be able to move?" To work. Because work means she doesn't have to think about the consequences.

Tink nods as Cole tells her that he needs to see it. She mutters, "I should probably get this looked at." She then crawls up the ladder where the other folks are, not making it to the door because her knees aren't up to it. She sinks down and calls out to Max or Morgan, "Could use a medic here." She is clucking her stomach that has half an arrow coming out of it.

"Run?" Ruth is close enough to Silver to hear this part, and her brow knits a bit. She's definitely unnerved. "Most of us are injured enough that running's not an option, Kennedy." She steps closer to the woman, her hand rubbing at her mouth to rid evidence of her embarrassing lapse in balance. "But, um… yeah. Who needs help?" She looks around at all of the tired, bloodied faces. Ruth's frown isn't kind, but it holds just a shred of shame. Shame can motivate someone to do pretty much anything, even stitch up a practical stranger without any immediate cost.

Max only gradually loosens his grip on Quinn. Leaning down, he gives her another one of those fast kisses, gently though given her injured head, and says, "Wait for me. I'm going to go see how bad folks are." He heads in the direction of Silas and Tink, "Silas, Tink.. coming your way." Then he calls out for Grey's count, "Max is up. And I can bandage up folks." Now that everything has stopped moving, he gets back to work.

So what if she got into a fist fight with Silas once? When he asks for bandages she looks rather grateful that Max is up and getting things taken care of. With one person to lean against gone, she starts to crawl across the floor of the dropship towards the pile of people by the ramp. As soon as she's close enough to the Cass/Asher/Grey pile she flops down next to them, informing Grey, "Quinn." In case he totally forgot who she was.

Tink calls out to Max, "Just get me patched up enough to help Cole with the door…go to keep moving, keep working." Her fingers are bloody from holding that arrow that's half sticking out of there, "Can't rest so just get this thing out of me so I can move." She then realizes that Grey is looking for roll call and shouts out her name, "Tink."

An unnatural hush has replaced the din of battle, as the surviving Grounders absorb the devastation in the courtyard. Erson's eyes bore into the dropship with an unmistakable hatred, forearms bulging with repressed fury. "<In Trigedasleng> You heard the horns. Retreat." It kills him to say it, after what he's just witnessed, and there's some dissenting grumbling from some of the younger warriors. Britt looks at Erson, then the others. "<In Trigedasleng> Their fight is over." She gestures towards the piles of ash that were once their clansmen, having trouble gasping out the words past the tightness in her throat. "<In Trigedasleng> Ours will continue. But not now. We have our orders." And so the Grounders begin to withdraw.

Cole looks ashen faced. There's nothing the man is really saying. Nothing to be said. Except this desire to be out of the dropship, and away from everyone. He just burned everything they cared about. Their alive, yeah. They survived when most thought they wouldn't but…he just wants to be out of the ship. Nothing else matters, so he gets to work trying to free the door open.

Cassandra slides her eye between Grey, Asher, Max and Quinn, before addressing the latter directly. "I don't think it would go down well right now if I kissed you," she says to her, and is looking at the injured blonde's lips when she says it. "Or I totally would." And that said, she then glances down towards the various arrow wounds she's sustained, along with the clobbering around her head. "You okay?" Dumb question. "I saw you get bad hurt. I caught one of the dips hits who was shooting you in the neck."

The awkward, painful group hug is received and Asher is pretty sure that Cassandra has been converted into a Stepford Delinquent. This is not characteristic behavior for her. Then she calls him a dick. That's more like it. Asher smirks quietly and remains silent. He's doing pretty well until she says she would kiss Quinn. Asher glances at Quinn, then leans his head on Cassandra's shoulder, "Only if I get to participate."

Alison steadies herself, she seeks out her spear and gives herself a once over. Blood on her, but so far not hers. "All clear, door held." She reports, only a hint of tremble in her words. Time to check out the ship as the others repair the people inside.

"As long as you don't throw up on me, I'm fine with celebratory we're alive makeouts." Quinn replies before she lifts a hand, "Of all the wounds…" No, well. "Actually all of them hurt like a motherfucker."

Is quiet, letting Tink call out and get treated first as he simply sits there and holds his wound with his left hand, his eyes scanning around the rest of the dropship. Then he notices something he didn't before, Natalie. Staring, Silas quietly stares at her and lip for a moment or two with a quirked brow. "Where were you?" he asks, in a both curious and somewhat upset tone.

Max helps Tink out with her arrow as best he can. He glances over at Quinn and Asher and Cassandra for a moment, then gives Tink's shoulder a squeeze. "You're going to be okay," he assures her.

Slowly, Cassandra pushes to her feet, using both Asher and Quinn's shoulders to do so. "Yeah, well, best not get killed before we get around to it," she stubbornly insists, because this is totally going to happen. Barring anyone grabbing at her heel, she then steps away towards Silas, looking him in the eye to nod a silent thanks before she reaches over to retrieve her waterskin.

Lip eyes Silas from his spot next to Natalie. "She was with me. Makin' sure no Groundhogs fucked up your Weenie Roast. So sod off, yeah?" Lip make is pretty damn clear that he's not for the 'tone-age'. Not that he can back it up but whoomp, there it is?

It has been blissfully silent outside since the whoosh. No hammering on the door, no sound of attack. The moon hangs high in the viewport at the top of the ship, and there is not a cloud in the nighttime sky. It causes a sense of serenity to settle over the dropship — safe, quiet, and secured.

The door has been fused shut due to poor scavenging and incredibly high heat. It takes the techs what feels like hours to get the damn door to respond and open — though it is more like thirty minutes, maybe forty-five.

With combined efforts, the tech kids finally get the hydraulics to work, and break the door where it is still fused shut. It slowly begins to creak open with a deep sigh of mechanisms, letting in a wash of blissfully cool air to fill the stifling heat of the interior dropship. With the air comes the scent of ash mixed with the still-lingering metallic scent of hydrazine.

A call goes up through the ship, and people start slowly gathering back up to head out, and see to the damage. As the delinquents start to step out, they see the mangled and warped remains of flame-roasted Grounders, and almost all of their camp destroyed. Burnt parachute cloth flaps in a soft breeze, and it is all that is left of the tents. The cook tent is completely gone, as is the tech tent.

What happens next happens so fast that all most delinquents note is small tinks of metal and then a flood of vibrant red gas filling the dropship in rapid expansion. Bodies start hitting the floor as the gas quickly takes effect, sending everyone into dizzying comas. Some can see the shadows of monstrous humanoids moving in, some with shoulder-propped grenade launchers as more gas canisters are shot into the ship, some clinking into the ramp.

In the far distance, coming from the southeast, is a convoy of transports that have not been seen functioning on Earth in almost a century: wheeled, enclosed SUVs that were meant for exoplanetary travel, and now are used to rush toward the camp across thick forests and rough terrain. Each SUV contains a familiar emblem of twelve stars in a triangle around trefoil: The Ark.

Cameron is one of the first people out, because he really needs to see what it is, and he is… stunned, for a moment. He came with rifle up and ready to fire just in case, moving close to the ground, slow and steady, careful, ever careful. But this…? He knew that there was devastation, but he didn't really expect this much. There's a clink of metal near him, and he looks around in confusion, back towards the dropship, "Morgan?" And the world spins within moments and he collapses.

Unlike some, Quinn is pretty content to remain on the floor, in a protective little ball of pain. Which makes it less painful when shit goes to hell a second time that day. The clink of metal does make her start to stir, but before she gets more than a few inches off the floor she's out again, slumping into it.

Silas finds himself amongst those whom set out later, probably from exhaustion, and are quick to find himself enveloped in red gas. Well.. He doesn't see much of the gas, in honesty- as he finds himself getting whacked in the head with one of the tin canister's as he's stepping out, and that sends him sprawling out and knocked out cold as he falls onto the ramp and rolls a bit. The dark figures who manage to get some don't manage to get him, however- and he is one of those loaded up and onto the SUV buggies. Sucks.

Cole is also one of the first people out. He needed to see the devastation of what his mind and hands have wrought. He doesn't get to really enjoy the sigh all that long. "What have a I done…" and the clink sound and the world is spinny, suddenly going black.

With Jumar deep in the dropship, it takes a while for the gas to reach him… but reach it does. Instead of natural sleep, an artificial kind grabs him.

Silver may have been toward the front, helping to get the door open, but once it was time to step out, she moved back to make space for the others with guns and combat skills to check the area. It doesn't save her from the gas, a confused expression on her face even as she slides to the floor of the ship.

Natalie hesitated. She was busy availing herself of Lips' help standing up and looking uncomfortably like she's about to vomit on Silas' shoe from nervousness through her smudged glasses. In the surge people now moving towards the open door to the damage, she found herself being carried away. "Li-!," she yelped again, this time unable to execute his name as her clammy hand fights to stay in his and is wrench free. Not entirely up for going outside, her unsteady impression of a pinball sends her to the floor before she's crawling to the side to get out of the way of the shuffling feet. Hauling herself up to her feet again, she jumps once and then twice, trying to see above the moving hands to catch a glimpse of Lip exciting out the door. "Lip! Wait for-! Lip!" in what probably sounds more like 'Li' HOP 'Way' HOP 'ORME' HOP 'L'.

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