Day 043: From Paranoia To Plan
Summary: After Lip disappears Tink is in full paranoia mode. She finds Cameron who's in the middle of a breakdown. Her, Reno and Cameron talk about next steps.
Date: 07/11/16
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Art Storage - Mount Weather
This room is one of the many warehouses of Mount Weather, and is meant to safely store the beautiful pieces of a culture long dead. Before the Event, Mount Weather has collected and preserved art so that, if catastrophe did occur, they would already have saved a number of priceless pieces from Earth's history. This room is quite large both in width, length, and height. There are rows after rows of shelves and storage drawers. Crates are stacked high and properly labeled to indicate what they contain.
Day 43

For a few days there, Cameron was… doing okay. At least in passing. He was eating again. Painting. Sleeping. He was volunteering to help the curator in Art Storage. At first glance, he's not actually doing all that good anymore.

At first glance, Cam… is actually not around. Someone is working on some sort of stone carving in half the white little chamber, and the other half, where Cam's paint is up— its of a giant, intricate tree, really. It seems done but every day it seems different and still done. Someone coming in will likely see this chamber and think, welp! Cameron's not here. Time to go—

And on turning around, far in the corner, pushed into the corner as tightly and as compactly as he can manage, tucked into as small a ball as he can manage, is Cameron. Clutching a notebook in one hand and a broken pencil in the other, his hands squeezing so tightly his knuckles are white. And a little pool of blood drips down from one hand. He's just… staring.

Tink comes walking around the corner hand in hand with Reno when she sees Cameron there on the ground, staring off into space and little pool of blood dripping, "Cameron!" Tink lets go of Reno and runs over to her friend with a concerned look on her face, "Cameron, Cameron…speak to me."

Reno saw what was going on and took in the details. He felt Tabitha's hand squeeze his relaying all of the information through electrical pulse and synapse as if their axons were no connect from her heart to his brain, or at least it could certainly appear so at a glance. She'd already asked what was on his mind. He didn't want to create alarm and Reno and Tink were no stranger to not being okay. Quietly he walked around the tree sculpture and sat down next to Cameron. He looked to her helpless at knowing what to do specifically and bumped his shoulder with his own. Quietly he said "Hey Cam."

Cameron's voice is so very quiet, so very weak, and just completely, chillingly broken. "He's dead." he whispers, "They're all dead, aren't they. Morgan. My Dad. Grey. Kai. Stone. All of them. The Ark. All of them. All of our people. They're all dead, aren't they." As much as he says 'all', his voice is totally different when he mentions Morgan. Morgan is the issue here. To clarify, "Morgan's dead, isn't he." He tightens his hand over the broken pencil, and doesn't even wince when he squeezes another drop of blood.

Tink gets down on her knees so she can lean in and put her arms around Cameron and give him the biggest hug in the world. She tucks her face close to his neck and murmurs in his ear, trying to give comfort from what Reno and anyone looking on the cameras is seeing. She has tears in her eyes and nods slowly as she murmurs the words.

You whisper, "Lip is missing. I think he got out last night and if he has a shot in hell of finding the others than I need you to pull it together Cameron because I'm getting you and Quinn out of here to help Lip find the others. And if you fall apart, I can't send you out of here." to Cameron.

Reno KNEW in his heart of hearts if he told Cameron yes he was telling Tink that too. It was a confirmation he couldn't bring himself to do. A hand went out and he wasn't shy in particular. Cameron went from being the poster child for all the things that were crazy wrong in the world before th Mountain to a friend he cared around. His hand rubbed his back in a circle and it was a group hug. Reno kissed to top of his head the way Max had for him growing up. Finally he said, "No one knows that, Cam. Just need to get to a device to show us where to look. You think Morgan would die after surviving being thrown at a whole planet?" They did sorta survive worse.

It takes Cameron a long, slow moment, but he has a shuddering breath and then… that iron will that he usually has clamped over to keep him in control, it inches back into place. Softly he whispers, "There's no cameras in here, Tink. Scarlett confirmed it but I checked and I'm pretty sure. Its why they go out of their way to send a patrol through every once in awhile. So… Close the workshop door and they'll leave us be." He sniffles, cuz there's a little bit of a situation, "He is tough." he agrees, looking to Reno, desperate hope in his eyes, even if… part of him has started to think he's wrong. "I've been writing him letters. I was writing one and ouch." Suddenly the fact that he's been grinding the broken half of a serious splinter into his palm becomes aware, "Wait, _Lip_ is missing?" He pauses, whispering, "I've been scouting. There's some locked door I couldn't get through because its electronic lock was too sophisticated. It’s on medical but most interestingly it’s not their secured medical lab."

"Last night when they put everyone on lockdown, it was because the contamination alarm had been tripped…like the time the ground unit brought that girl in…Georgia. We were in medical and they brought her in from there…there's got to be an entrance close by…one that leads to the outside," Tink tells him, "When the alarm lifted, I check and everyone was in their bed but Lip…and he hasn't been back all day." She gives Cameron a look, "He's not going to survive out there on his own. With the Grounders out there…even if the Mountain Men can't find him, he doesn't have your know how to find Morgan and the others."

Reno looked to Tink and then back to Cameron, "Well we can ask. I mean Ruth wasn't in her bunk either and Madelyn cause they're in recovery. And… and I mean if Ruth got sick on too much cake? Lip? C'mooooon." There were options and Reno wasn't comfortable assuming. It did worry him though with how Lip was carrying on, "Still, if he did he shouldn't go out there. It's ridicul-dangerous. No he doesn't, and … I dunno maybe…" He was trying. Trying hard to hang on here. He was the voice of hope and the new beginning right? still it worried him. "He's good at talking his way out of trouble. He'll have to come home… right, Tabitha?"

"Who can we ask, Reno?" Cameron frowns, shaking his head, "These people aren't all that they seem to be… Scarlett… Did you see her that day her friend came in? She and I, we're kind of friends. We bonded over art. When I volunteered to donate, she tried to get between me and them. She was terrified of that. I don't know why, she won't say anything, but she practically begged me to go nowhere near medical, to let them get nowhere near me or my blood. She said they… did something. Something she won't tell me about, but she almost seems ashamed. Something /wrong/." He is looking thoughtful at Tink, wondering what she thinks of this new information, but not really committing to what is blossoming about her plan. Yet.

"The girl, Georgia, got better…a lot faster than anyone expected after she got a transfusion from Madelyn," Tink tells Cameron as she tries to piece this all together, "So our blood might be valuable to them." She frown and then gets pale, "Holy shit…what if they…they…drained Lip." Yeah, he's annoying and never stops talking but he's their friend, "I mean…think about it. The Georgia thing and then one of us disappears. Maybe…maybe they grabbed him to experiment on?" Okay, now Tink's paranoia is running full gear, "Or they have him in quarantine because he got out and they caught him…" She chews on her bottom lip, "There's a few possibilities. All of them point to them not wanting to let us go."

Reno sat up and boggled at Tabitha and said "SERIOUSLY?! Seriously? You want blood your idea is a hell of a lot better to diffuse it through several others." Unless… "Unless Lip tried to get out… and created a containment breech…" He stopped and tilted his head. He was hopeful. It seemed extreme. Very unplausable and extreme. But the electrician grew silent as those thoughts shook the foundation of the only safe place he knew. His eyes stared off at Morgan's tree. He knew Cam well enough to know whose it was.

"I think we need more information. I'm not saying we don't… I don't know. RIght now I wouldn't even know how to get out if I could try, they seem to have things locked down real tight. I can't imagine Lip managing to create a breach, this is LIP. How could he hack himself out of a wet paper bag?" He shakes his head, "Just know Scarlett… she said they did something she was morally against, and it was Medical that did it, and… she hated the idea of me giving them my blood. And… there's a locked room in Medical. Or a locked hallway. Something that is not part of their secured medical lab. I think we should find out what's past that door."

"Reno, when I talked to Lip…before you got there, he was talking about trying to get out. Claimed this place was driving him nuts," Tink tells him with a serious look, "Now I didn't think that Lip of all people could figure out a way to get out but somehow he did. Or at least he tried. And with how secretive everyone is being about what happened last night, I'm worried about him Reno…really worried." She pauses as Cameron adds his thoughts, "Well…what could Lip get that maybe we haven't thought of…" She gives a shrug because there's got to be a way to get out of here.

Reno sat stone still. He didn't blink. He didn't move. He didn't answer. His brain was on shutdown and whirring hardcore overclocking his processors. Quietly he said, "Lip can draw attention to himself… or something else." How easily did Lip slip out of a room. That was what Reno noticed and always too late. "No one notices when loud things make noise. If an alarm isn't on you don't think the alarm is there at all. He's really far more clever than anyone gives him credit for." Reno… was on auto pilot. He got very quiet and finally admitted, "I think I can hack it. I spent a week and a half in the Infirmary observing passcodes and procedures… might… be able to figure out how the doors are programmed." He blinked and looked to Tink and Cameron admitting guilt. "I might have hacked the Ark a couple times…. I was lonely."

Cameron frowns slightly at Lip trying to escape, shaking his head, "Lip's always nuts." Not with any heat, but. The guy is a little crazy, as far as Cam is concerned, "And I'd hate to do a lot of, say, escaping, only to find out Lip is in that locked room in Medical for some reason. Maybe a legitimate one." he seems doubtful of that, "But if we try to get someone outside, I doubt they'll be welcomed back inside easy. Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to escape, if only so I could go find Morgan, but I don't even have anything that would substitute for a knife."

"We might be able to get you out Cameron, but I'm not sure how we'd even get you a weapon," Tink tells him truthfully, giving Reno a grateful look even though she knows he's happy here and not looking to get out, "Maybe…maybe we should pull our resources together, talk to Max and Quinn and a few of the others. See what ideas folks have and then go from there." She looks at Cameron, "If Lip isn't back soon…then we need to get someone out there on the other side to help him. How long do you think he could last?"

Reno looked at them both and scooted a bit back against the wall. "Ooooor we take it on principal that historically Lip seems a little off his meds aaaand maybe he is someplace where they can help him get healthy like they did the three of us?" He boggled at them, "I'm not sending Cam out there. We don't know that Lip is out there. He could be behind any number of reasonable doors further in the mountain."

"Lip?" Cameron looks to Tink, and he doesn't seem at all confident, "If he's outside and he's not dead already I don't know that he'd survive much past tomorrow. He's probably not eating and not finding the water he needs, not to mention he's about as quiet as a space station crashing into the planet, so every Grounder in ten square miles knows where he is at every chance." He looks to Reno, "Why is Scarlett so afraid of us giving them our blood, Reno?" He asks softly, "And talking to people is hard. There's not a lot of places without cameras. They're as paranoid as the Ark about cameras." Then he looks to Reno, his eyes haunted, "I _have_ to go out there sooner or later, Reno. They're not looking for Morgan and Morgan wouldn't be found by them. I have to." He frowns, "I wonder if I could sneak into Medical, check out that door, and steal a scalpel all at once. Then we go find Max and Quinn and see what they think."

Tink looks at Reno and points to what Cameron said, "He might be in quarantine or he might be on the outside…" She bites her bottom lip, "And if he's out there…he's so screwed Reno…he's not like Cameron or Quinn. He doesn't know how to take care of himself." She lowers her voice, "I promised him…I promised him that I'd watch out for him and make sure everything is okay." And now that Lip might not be okay, Tink is feeling pretty guilty. Cause ever since the shower…she's been all into Reno and not even thinking about Lip.

Reno eyed them and got very still. He quint and said "Tink that's not something you can guarantee to a person half off his axis to begin with. He wasn't making rational decisions and if he chooses to blatantly ignore us, what we said, and the help that was offered why are we going out there to get killed by grounders when he's not giving us a chance." It was a hard question on all sides. If someone jumped off a building do you leap off the edge to help them? No you get a spatula and take the elevator to the first floor. "Cam, you want to know what she meant then bring her here and ask her. Ask Scarlett here and then see."

"I asked her. She won't say." Cameron shakes his head slowly, "But clearly its something she's afraid will happen to us. That means she knows they've… done things. Something. Something that's not right. To someone. I don't even know who they could possibly have done something to since there isn't anyone else."

"I…I think we need more data," Tink says with a sigh, "Try to figure out what's going on or at least get an idea on how to get Cam and someone else with him so he has backup." Yeah, going out there alone probably isn't a good thing, "And I want to talk to Max, Reno…he's got good ideas and might be able to give a different perspective." At least for now Tink seems to be calming down enough not to do something rash.

Reno snapped sand said "No. Cameron. It means you asked her where she's being watched. Ask her here. They've given us no real evidence but Lip's crazy paranoias and some woman who doesn't like to see her friend hurt, but who does? I mean Max doesn't like needles but it doesn't mean Morgan is crazy or cruel." His voice carried the care that he had, but he was… what? Hurt? Angry? Scared? Something. "You want in the door, fine. But they asked us nicely to respect their privacy and so far they've done nothing but be considerate and ask us for ours. They've given us shelter, culture, and a different way of life. They have rules because they have fragile immune systems. I don't think that's an unreasonable level of caution considering what happened to that Georgia girl. I mean… Cameron, you're my friend and I care about you. I came here because I'm worried about you and I KNOW you are scared and hurt and alone, but letting fear run away with us? Reacting to imagined problems causes problems. It's a catalyst. Let's not react until there's something to react to. We want to see behind the door fine. I think it's a bad idea but I'm pretty certain it can be done… but I'm not going outside. We have no reason to go back out there so much as we have every reason to bring Morgan in here where it's safe." His right eye watered, but not the left. "Just because Lip got ungrateful and ran and possibly contaminated a whole wing? They have children here guys. Younger than us"

"Reno." Cameron says slowly, and plainly, "It doesn't mean anything of the sort. I've never even spoken to her where there's cameras except that day in the infirmary. We always talk here. This is where we work together. Either in art, or anything. She wouldn't say here." He shakes his head slowly, "There's something they're hiding from us. There's something they're hiding and if we just sit and wait for us to find out, we never will." He shakes his head more deeply, "I'm not asking you to go outside. I'm the scout, though. I *need* to go outside. If only to find Morgan. To look for my Dad. See how many people survived. The President told me,… he told me they've found nothing but wreckage. He even offered video footage of it. There can't be… it can't have been a total loss. So that means any footage they give can't be trusted. I have to see with my own eyes."

Tink turns to Reno and gives him a hug, "Reno…" She just holds him tightly, "I'm going to help Cam escape…and Quinn and who ever else wants to go because no one should be forced to stay here if they don't want to be here." Just because Reno likes it and even Tink likes it doesn't mean that all their friends will, "And maybe…maybe Lip caused a problem last night but if we play this smart, maybe we can get Cam and the others out without causing a problem." Not putting any of the Mountain Men or the Skaikru at risk.

Reno just sat there . The world was good. He didn't understand why people couldn't just make it work. He sighed, getting hugged. It was grounding even if he was trying not to deal with his emotional self going in three different directions. No one was perfect but maybe that's why they got one another. He sighed and leaned against her. She was right. If he tried to make him stay then he was no better than the Ark. His mantra ran through his head. Imustnotbecomethethingthattriestoeatme… Clearing his throat he said quietly, "Cameron, if you're going to try to get out and you need help with the door… Systems? I can help you. I didn't see much of the upper side of the ship but I was able to move and patch through the interstitial compartments to get an idea of what it was like. Radio signals… things… Based on the same principals used in some of the root technology found here. If… you want help."

"Of course." Cameron smiles, dimples flashing as he reaches out to give Reno's arm a squeeze, "I know you're brilliant about that sort of thing and I only know how to plug thing sin— but I plug things in something good— but yeah. I'd like help. There's another option, too. I got down to Level Seven. There was a solid glass door. Another electric lock. It was, I think, the President's office. I think it had a computer in it. You think there's any information not in the President's office?"

"Cameron…I will help you get out if you want to get out but…" Breaking into the President's office, that feels like a violation of trust. She shakes her head, "I would feel weird cause he's been really nice." While Tink thinks they're up to something, she's not willing to break all social barriers, "I'd rather just get you where you can meet up with Morgan and let them know we're okay." Those of the 100 that want to stay and help the Mountain Men. She gives Reno a squeeze, "I hate to split us out but there's more going on here Cameron…and I want to figure it out. If we do find they're lying…well then you can get the other Arkers to help get us out of here. But if there is only Grounders, death and blood, I want a bridge for you guys in case you want to come back."

Reno cracked a faint lop-sided grin as Cameron based about his exceptional plug mastery skills. He offered, "Hey, slip and hit that outlet with your finger… that's quite a thing." Adding the element of domestic threat in there he figured help bolster Cam's 'street cred' as it were or…whatever. He looked from him to Tink and said oddly, "Of course they're lying. The Ark lied to us. At least these people aren't trying to throw us away. I mean we're just kids to them. They underestimate our usefulness, and they have to protect the fragile health of their people. We'd do no less if we were honest. It's no more than what we're doing for the 20-something of us now. Everyone tries to protect their own. It's only been… what maybe a month? It needs time…. and…" He sighed and admitted, "I'm scared for Lip. He's a relationship expert sure," Reno believed so anyways, "but I think he's more clever than people give him credit for. Maybe too paranoid for his own good though. He creates a lot of his own ghosts…" He boggled and said with a comical expression, "And I don't think Carolotta was a real person."

"The thing is, I don't *know* anything yet." Cameron frowns, "I just suspect something's not right. And if I get out, what more would I have to say then Lip being paranoid? I wouldn't have a real message. I wouldn't know for real what's going on in the Mountain. Yeah, I want out of here but I want to know what's going on in here… so maybe I can go find our people and say: help come rescue us. So maybe I need to wait to try to escape for when we know more." He frowns and looks at Reno for a long moment about the usefulness, and he confides something, "Look, the President, he admitted to me, they want our genetics. Its why they're helping us. They want the Arker genetic legacy— the genetic engineering done to our ancestors when they first went to the stations. That's why we can survive on the ground and they can't. And its *medical* that Scarlett was so afraid of. What if not all of them are just nice? What if there's a faction that's not nice— the doctors? That maybe wants to do a forced breeding program of some kind to speed up spreading our enhanced genome throughout the Mountain… or egg harvesting or… cloning. I don't know. I… want to go to Morgan. But I also don't want to abandon any of you here when I don't know what your future will be."

"I don't think I can sneak out all of us Cameron…not at the same time. And if you're depending on that scenario, I think were going to be here for a long time," Tink tells him softly, hugging Reno closer when Cameron starts talking about 'forced' breeding program or egg harvesting. That all seems a little scary to her but she's also practical enough to know that escaping this fortress isn't going to be easy, "I don't know…Cam. I'm willing to take chances if it gets you and Quinn or other folks that want to escape anyway out the door. I know this place isn't perfect." Neither was the Ark, "But depending on what they need…I might be willing to negotiate if it keeps folks safe."

Reno arched an eyebrow and was down for Cameron… but Cameron was also heavily medicated these days and was holding on just as a mean of his time. He blinked and shrugged. "So they want to be more like us. That's cool. And it makes sense. We're healthier. We can help. And forced breeding won't work on us. I'm totally down with helping them understand how to fortify their DNA if I can be a map to make the lives of others better. They want blood? We can donate blood. It's not a big deal. I mean it GROWS back. We did it for the ark. So they're shy and communicate poorly." He paused and laughed and admitted to them, "Cmon you could say the same about me and I've never tried to force anyone into a breeding program." He paused and said "Practical's fine. Let's not go OH NO! What if and have a charged reaction with zero evidence to support this but our own hysteria. Fear is not scientific. If they wanna make a clone of me I don't care. It's done through replicated DNA not zapping you with a big big lazer, Cam. That's not how biology works." He couldn't explain how it DID work, but he knew it wasn't that. His fingers laced in Tink's and he said, "Find Morgan. Rescue him. Bring em back. Then you'll be whole again." He paused and admitted quietly to Cameron giving Tink's hand a squeeze, "I think I get it now."

"Reno, what I'm asking for is more information. I'm not asking for a charged reaction. I know they're hiding stuff. I want to find out what that stuff is. I also don't care about donating blood, I care that one of them was terrified of the prospect of me going anywhere near medical. I want to know why and she's too afraid to tell me." Cameron nods slightly to Tink, "And if we find out that's what they want and we can negotiate a way to live with it, great. Its the secrecy and not knowing I don't find acceptable. I need more information. But I'm stuck. So either I try to use my limited electronics skills to get through some doors and try to find out what's being hidden, or… I don't know what else to do. I could escape to go try to find and help Lip, maybe get him back, but without at least a weapon I don't know how I'd survive out there either. And I don't mean a gun, I mean like a knife."

"What about the archives…the historical stuff?" Tink asks Cameron as she thinks of something, "You mentioned that Scarlett could bring up paintings but what other stuff are they keeping around here. Maybe they have a bunch of old weapons from other eras laying around that they're not evening using." This place is like a museum so maybe there are weapons just laying around in plain sight, "Have you been through all the rooms? Are they putting anything on display that you could 'borrow' for your trip outside?"

Reno considered and said accepting Cameron's explanation. "I …will help you get the data. I'd really like to know too as they've stonewalled me this whole time." He looked around and arched an eyebrow slowly and got up, fingers drifting out of Tink's hands. There was an ODD look about him. He stood in the middle of the room taking a survey of it all. Quietly he mused, "I… don't… think he has to go that far. We could, in theory, build everything we might need between the dining hall and the art room."

"I… have no idea." Cameron has to look a little sheepish at Tink at that, "I haven't been out of the art section. Uhh…" He points, his eyes wide, like, "I haven't… /looked/ at… like, ONE PERCENT of that." He's in awe, "There's this Monet, Impression Sunrise, I saw it in the Ark database, but oh my Eden it is the most beautiful thing I've e…Wait." He pauses. They're having a serious discussion, "They tended to keep cultural stuff, which I think is a little distinct from historical, but maybe. I'll look around." He pauses, and looks at Reno, "I… could probably get a decent knife from the kitchens, actually. Cookie might smuggle it, then I sneak it out. I'd hide it in here until I'm ready. Just in case. I… didn't think of that. I'm used to thinking of having no resources but what I can salvage."

"Okay so we have some next steps," Tink says with a smile, already feeling better because it feels like they're helping Cameron rather than handing him drugs and just asking him to accept it. And getting a little piece of mind would be nice too. She gives both of them a big smile and lets them go, "And we should probably cozy up to a couple of the staff…just in case we hit a brick wall and need to lift a keycard." She flushes as she says that because before coming down here, Tink would have never thought to do something like that.

Reno spun in a slooooow circle with a finger out. He was an odd duck at times, but hey, he did alright for not being socialized like average people. What was found in the room were parts. What he was seeing was a puzzle coming together. "Tink… We can use what's in this room and make him gear. Fabric, , wire sculpture from the armatures… a woven and fortified weapon… maybe find Madelyn- we'll…need Maddie- to make an alteration to his clothes to help whatever he's hiding go unnoticed." He paused and said to Cam, "Like dressing right or left; now with contraband though." He nodded and squint at the room. He totally forgot he wanted no part in leaving marveled with the cleverness completely overlooked here.

Cameron blinks slowly, and can't help but suddenly grin at Reno, "Okay, now that I've got you inspired, you're making plans. Reno, my man, remind me to never make you mad at me so you start making plans to take me down. I'll be doomed." He does nod over to Tink, "Yeah, and… for what it’s worth, I'll try to talk to Scarlett more. Find out if she'll tell me anything more. Or help in some other way. She's… not hiding anything. Or, well, she is? But I think it’s because she's afraid. She … she's an artist, she's a gentle soul, and I'm pretty sure she at least is a good person. She might help us too if she can. As long as nothing we do is going to put her people in danger."

Reno turned and said casually still in this fugue state of his murmuring, "It'd really only take a battery, or a few lemons, something to act as an acidic conduit, a couple wires and your bed frame…" He…really ought not know that. For him it was like what? That's easy math. Not that he would want to but it was not normal to have knowledge at the ends of one's fingertips… was it? Electricians were weird. He seriously focused on one detail of that. "I need a lab coat."

"I don't want to put her people in danger Cameron," Tink assures him with a thoughtful look, "Most of the folks here are really nice…and they clearly want to help. I mean…if there's bad stuff going on, I don't think everyone is in on it. And I don't want to do anything that's going to put everyone here at risk." She looks at both of them and it's clear the pixie means it, "Even getting you guys out of here. I don't want to make a bunch of folks sick doing it."

Reno turned and said casually still in this fugue state of his murmuring, "It'd really only take a battery, or a few lemons, something to act as an acidic conduit, a couple wires and your bed frame…" He…really ought not know that. For him it was like what? That's easy math. Not that he would want to but it was not normal to have knowledge at the ends of one's fingertips… was it? Electricians were weird. He seriously focused on one detail of that. "I need a lab coat." He turned to Tink and tilted his head oblivious that he'd answered Cameron's musing question, "You think we can get one?" Her words though drew a look of concern and there was a wholehearted agreement there. "These people are our people too I mean, one community. They don't deserve to be hurt more then the grounders already have."

"I agree. I think there might be bad elements here, but there's bad elements everywhere. My goal right now, immediately, is just to root out the truth, because we deserve to know it. If they're right, we're the last of our people, and its vital we are in the best possible position to survive. IF they're wrong— or worse, lying— and our people are out there,… I still want a peaceful resolution. There's no reason for conflict or war. There's NO REASON FOR IT." Cameron almost never sounds angry, but there he raises his voice, "Look around here! Look at all the beauty the old world made. And they nearly destroyed it all. How can we not learn from that to be better?" That said, he blinks at Reno a moment, "Wait, can get what? A lab coat?"

"Let's go through the clothes again…maybe we can find you one," Tink tells Reno with a smile. She nods at both their thoughts, "Yeah…I think if people were just a little more transparent and were upfront…" She points to herself, "If I had been asked, given the opportunity to come down and help…I would have. You didn't have to lock me in a box and send me down here. And I like to think if they need help here…we'd give it in reason. I think everyone is just so scared of everyone else that we're all about to kill each other half the time." And Tink isn't cool with that.

Reno stood perfectly still, the pieces still coming together in complex fashion> The question pulled him entirely out of said fugue looking at Tink and Cameron. Each. There was a nod and he repeated, "Lab coat." He smiled. Whatever occurred, between Cameron's passionate statement that echoed Team Ti-no's or Tink offering to find a coat? he smiled. Happy, optimistic, erstwhile Reno Loden was returned. "Agreed. It's a lot. And everyone's used to being attacked so we are, sorta, the anomaly. But I think we can do this. Change things for the better. It's only begun."

"I would have volunteered in a SECOND to come down." Cameron is fervent on this, but… Cam in the Skybox? He was not so unlike he is in here. At best, nervous. Twitchy. Distracted. He only ever came truly alive on the ground. "I would have begged to come down, no matter the danger. Granted, I'd have asked for, I don't know, a knife. Maybe a Band-Aid." He huffs, a hint of bitterness in his voice, "Really all I need is the sturdiest dark shirt we can find, but they have various colors, so I think I can manage that." But then he's nodding in to Reno in agreement with a quick grin.

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