Day 026: Fulfillment
Summary: In which Que fulfills a promise, and some stuff is discussed, because really, people discuss stuff.
Date: 6 26 2016
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There is a loud pounding on the gate, "I AM BEING QUE KOM TRIKRU KOM COESBUR AN AM BEING WANTING TO HAVE MY TOOLS BACK NOW." is shouted.

Yeah, Cole probably heard that. Or he was asked about it, since it was kinda well-known that the techie had the Grounder's tools. "It's okay, I got this." he says, running up to the gate, moving the large section of wall open enough for Que to get through. "Surprised you got it here, Que." he says, allowing him inside. "Didn't think you'd make it here. Or hell…getting back." A short pause. "Is this safe for you? Because man, gonna feel like shit if you get hurt because you came back for your tools."

Que comes in, bringing his horse with him, leading it by the line, "I am being shot at twice." he admits with a slow shrug, "But I am being knowing these woods well, from the hunting I am being doing, so I evaded them." He shakes his head slowly, "There is being nowhere safe now, not for my people, not for yours. Coesbur is being evacuated. We are living too close to the Mountain — we are being the nearest of all Trigedakru villages — and this war will being bring their attention. It is being only a matter of time, with the guns." He lifts a hand to forstall any argument, "I am not being arguing against your defending yourself with the guns, but we remember the villages that the Mountain destroyed to teach us the forbidding of them. We will not lose another village." Is his english a little better? It might be.

"They're shooting at each other now *while* they're evacuating? Grounders." The last is given a derisive snort, and said snort comes from Jumar, who is doing what he can to reinforce the wall as much as possible before more of them show up, "Ridiculous."

Cole looks bothered by that. "Shit. This isn't what I wanted. Hell, I don't think it's anything anyone wanted. You guys living your home? Because of this? Shit. Doesn't sit right with me." A hand runs through his hair. "Just…shit, don't die on my account, alright? I'm not that important for doing your own impression of a pincushion. Though, I figured you had a reason for showing up, and I made sure to keep everything safe for you." He produces a wrapped shirt. "Here you go. Everything just the way you left it. I hid it to make sure nothing was taken. Even checked once a day to make sure nobody stole anything." Handing them over, he throws Jumar a look. "Riveting commentary, Jumar. Can we get on our pedestal later when shit isn't going tits up?"

"Coesbur is not being part of the warband, Jumar kom Skaikru. Not yet. Sonia's warband which is being blockading your skaigeda is being shooting at anyone wishing to be crossing the line." He nods gravely to Cole, sighing softly, "I am believing you, Coal kom Skaikru. But this is being a thing beyond the wantings of us. Only the Commander can stop what is being doing now. She alone can set aside all concerns but the wellbeing of her people, in her sole judgement." The way Que speaks of the Commander is nearly religious. As Cole lifts up his tools, he takes them, and moves to his horse, slipping each into its proper place. And each has a proper place. Once this is done, he pulls out a handle, revealing a sword with an extra long shaft on the end, made more or less to specification. He extends this over to Cole. "You must being understand, it is a rare thing for a maker to be lifting a weapon to wield it in battle. It is not our honor to do so. But." He gestures around, "When home is threatened, every man, every woman, and every child, learns honor in defending their own. A maker should have a weapon that suits them ready for this purpose, even if they whisper to the ashes of the dead the hope that it never beings come."

"I'm not Jumar Skaikru. My names Jumar Beckinson." He gives in an aside to Que, then looks to Cole. "I didn't ask for them to siege and murder us. Your friend here might be an outlier among them, but the rest of them want to kill us all… and even he-" Jumar gestures to Que with his left hand, "-is trapped on their mentality. They'd be with that warband right now if things had gone differently." Jumar shakes his head, then turns back to the wall, "maybe one day, we can discuss philosphy. I have work to do."

There's a look, Cole seeming very impressed with the design that he drew on the ground being put into reality. Gripping it by the handle, he weilds it, better than expected. He's been training. Because he's had to. "I will call it Epoch." he says, as if the word suddenly comes to him. As if to explain, he looks back at Que. "An old word amoung..heh, well, humanity. No reason to seperate since we're the same species. It means 'period of time in a person's history, usually marked by notable events that define a person'. This," he looks at the sword. "Is an important moment. Marked by the period of time where I have to be more than a mechanic. A sword of times, never meant to be held unless you have to." He sighs at Jumar. "That sounds borderline racist, Jumar. I would rather understand and accept, but I can't, at the very least, I just want to get along." That's the long and short of it. Then back to Que. "Better to build than destroy. But no, there's no honor here. I guess I'm just…thankful that you helped me out here. And maybe this, this sword, will keep me alive long enough to talk to you again. In sense, you'd be saving my life. I'll make sure you to thank you, pending I live, eh?"

"You are being Jumar of the Sky People if you are wanting to be or not. It is who you are being." Que seems tired with this conversation, "Seven. Hundred. People. Of them, many old, many children. Seven. Hundred. People. Died. I am a craffa, a maker, I do not fight in warbands, ever. Most of Coesbur are makers, farmers, hunters. People who will never fight, who mean you no harm. The rest? They are warriors following the command of their hedas: obedience is how we have survived these generations when you thought we would all be perished. Obedience to the Commander as she drew the Clans to her, as she made her Coalition — The Kongeda, the great nation. Be thinking of that a moment. Think of why we lived when you thought we all being died. You are being painting us in black and declaring we have no light. It proves you are blind." Then he looks to Cole, furrowing a brow, "Eep. Ock. Yes, this is being seeming a fitting name if you are naming a weapon." The slightly puzzled expressions shows that this isn't a Grounder thing to do. But he nods to Cole then, and smiles thinly, "If you survive and this passes, I will be welcoming you to my workshop in Coesbur and show you my mach..ines. Machines. The forge, especially."

Jumar rolls his eyes at that, "I'll be who I want to be, not what you think I should be, Que. Your 'obedience' is what got us into this mess, so I'll have to decline about caring for such a culture." He sighs, then, "I'm not interested in arguing with you. You obviously have a very strict culture down here, and I don't like it at all. You came here for Cole." With that, the honest-to-a-fault amateur smith starts to head to another part of the wall, starting reinforcement there.

Cole just rubs at his face. Were this a week ago, there would be a litany of swear words coming out of his mouth. Now, he just sighs. He's going to leave it be, he's in no mood to argue whatever point now. "I know this wasn't very easy to make, personally speaking. Which is why it's important for you to know that I respect what you did. It's not something I would do either. It's not…something I have done lightly, I should say." Which certainly implies he's had to do and build things he's taken no joy in doing. "Pending my surival, I'll take you up on that offer, yeah? No matter what, I won't forget what you did. And you can be sure when the times comes that I don't have to use this, it's going to be set someplace else. I'd rather hold my tools, if I could pick." At that, he offers a hand to the maker. "I won't keep you, Que. It sounds like you have important shit to do in Coesbur. But, again, thank you."

"You are who you are being." Que's reponse is as steadfast as steel, "Your caring is being meaningless. A man without a people is being nothing. Dust on the wind. But a man can not be disavowing his people." Then he turns to Cole, and nods in a serious, sober way, "If any other had asked for a weapon to possibly turn against my people, I would being say no, Coal kom Skaikru." He gestures back to that huge sledgehammer of his strapped to the side of the horse, "In the evacuation, I will being carrying this in readiness for battle." And its not a sword, but whew, it probably suits fine with such a big, physical guy swinging its huge weight. "Then I will being put it aside and hoping not to lift it again— ever— for once a thing is lifted to take blood, it is blooded forever. It is not being the makers honor to take blood." He nods again seriously, and turns back to his horse, "Tools are better then weapons. Tools are what are being making life better. Easier. Safer. I am a tool maker, first and foremost, of all the things I am being. Laidon, Coal kom Skaikru. If we both live we will see eachother again."

"Be safe, Que. Don't get shot out of there." Cole remarks simply, looking down at Epoch in his hand. "And I hope your people get to a safe place, whenever they end up going." More guilt to take on. People that stayed out of the fight are still being affected. Not something he wanted. That said, he gesture for the gate to be closed. "Yeah. Be safe out there." he mumbles again, studying the sword in earnest, before turning around and walking back to the dropship. More mines. More things he himself takes no joy in making.

Leading the horse out, Que climbs on, and then rides back towards his home. Or what was his home, and soon, perhaps, will not be.

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