Day 057: Funeral And The Future
Summary: Cole says goodbye to Mikaela, and he, Gideon, and Grey talk about the future.
Date: 26 July 2016
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The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

57 Days After Landing

The Ark does not look like how it used to. Cole is a little lost, not having a lot of time to really explore the place since he's arrived. Didn't really enjoy handing in that pistol. He liked that pistol. Or the pistol liked him. Either way, didn't really want to get rid of it, but he didn't fight the Guard on that one, though he did request if he could get that one back if he needs it again. Even wrote his name on it(for all the good it'll do). Right now, he's wandering around, carrying a bouquet of orange colored flowers, looking more than a little lose at the moment. On the inside looking out? Well, either way, it feels strange to be back. Safe, but different.

Gideon finally has the framing of what will become her house up. She has been working on it off and on since Kane agreed to her citizenship proposal. She is currently seated on a reclaimed stump, working on smoothing out some poles that will support some of the roofing she will be adding next. It is a strange thing to decide to do so soon after the attack on the Mountain, but she needs something to do… anything. Delano — the familiar white mare — is happily grazing around some of the lawn that still manages to to peek through the bare dirt of Camp Jaha's row. The mare looks up as Cole wanders near, and she promptly starts sniffling around his shoulder and ear.

Gideon looks up to watch, and she smiles faintly. "Cole," she says softly, "you look a bit…" She tries to find the right word. "Lost." She settles adequately.

Sure, Cole saw Gideon in the Mountain, but the thought hadn't occurred to him that she'd be living here, and wearing non-Trikru clothing. Though he just chalked it up to joint clan venture. He stops, looking at her for a moment. "Gideon? I..ah, huh." There's a small amount of trepidation in looking her over. "Didn't expect you to be here." he finally says with a half-shrug. "Just…getting used to shit. You'd think going from one enclosed space to another I'd be used to but…" a glance at the ring of Alpha. "Yeah. Lost." A look at the flowers in his hand. "Hey uh…I don't suppose you know where…" he frowns. "Where the dead are buried?" Another pause. "There's someone I got to say goodbye to."

Grey looked harder than normal in the Mountain, barely acknowledging his friends — his ersatz family — in his attempts to get them out of the concrete prison. Now he's looking more like himself, out of the glossy black armor of the Guard and without his assault rifle. He has… something approximating a hammer, although it's actually a heavy wrench, and is carefully balancing a long, slender metal pole over his left shoulder as he approaches the burgeoning house. "From the Dropship? Back at the Dropship, with the others. I dunno 'bout the other teams, but we couldn't take Lieutenant Sambas out, and he's the only one we lost."

"Aw shit Grey, don't abuse that wrench like that. That's tool harassment." Cole manages in a little quip, but it's a half-hearted attempt. His mind is on other things, shaking his head at the Guard. "No. The ones here. I heard, when I got back…" he blows out a breath, maybe having to mentally prepare himself to say the words. "That they found Mika." his neck bulges, having to swallow. "If they brought her back here then…fuck. Don't make me beg, man."

"Well, I live here now, Cole kom Skaikru," the woman offers with a small twitch of a smile. Then she glances to Grey, head tilted slightly. She breathes out a little breath, and then nods slightly to Grey. She lets him answer that question, as she doesn't know, and instead focuses on the pole of soft wood she is currently shaping. She waits, listening to the pair.

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Cole's complaint, "Hey… find me a hammer, I'll use a hammer." He sets the tool down, leaning the pole carefully against one wall, watching warily to make sure that it won't tumble, adding to Gideon, "Figured maybe for the… whatchamacallit, top of the roof?" Cole's words cause a grimace, and he nods, stepping forward first. And this is Grey, remember, the man with an incredibly resistant sense of personal space, he offers Cole an actual brief clasp of a hug, releasing him almost immediately to answer, "Around the back of Alpha. I'm sorry, man."

"Just…Cole, Gideon. But. Good. Happy to have you." the mechanics says to the woman. "Or just 'hey asshole'. I'm used to that one too." Putting up a good face at the moment. "I'll make you a goddamn hammer. Just point me in the direction of the scrap." he states off-handedly. The last person he ever expected to get a hug from, any kind of hug, would be Grey. But, at this point, he'll take it, returning it. "Orange was her favorite color." he says looking at the flowers in her hand. "If only she…" he shakes his head. "I…could you come with me? I mean, you're busy an shit, I get that and hey, I know Meeks wasn't your favorite person ever. I just know if I go there by myself, I'm gonna be a fuckin mess."

"Just Cole," Gideon says softly, offering a small smile. Then she looks between the two once more. When Grey hugs him, she bows her head in her own offer of condolences. She says nothing more, letting the two speak. When Cole asks for someone to come with him, her gaze looks to Grey and then back to Cole. Having never met Mika, she isn't so sure she should come along, but she will start to stand, setting aside the poles and her tools.

Grey winces as he reaches his left arm up to momentarily embrace the other man, then rubbing at his bandaged neck as he steps back, "You know those are totally poisonous, right?" Grey has absolutely no idea if the flowers are poisonous or not, but it's proof that he's at least somewhat a changed man when he only lets the words sit for a moment before he admits the fact, "Naw, I ain't got a clue. They're pretty though." The offer causes him to shift a little uncomfortably, "I dunno, man…" He grimaces, then blows out a breath, moving over to offer Gideon an entirely unnecessary hand up, "But I guess she was family too, even if she didn't want to be. Yeah, we'll come."

Cole blinks looking at the flowers, perhaps believing Grey for a moment before sighing a little. "Scared the fuck out of me." he utters. Who knows how long he had been holding on to them. "You gotta say anything or shit like that. I got that handled. I just…some one told her last moments were by herself. Probably scared and alone and I just…fuck, I don't want her to be alone. She was wrong to leave. But maybe I'm wrong for not trying harder to get her to stay." But when he agrees he looks visibly relieved. "Thank you."

Gideon allows for the hand-up, though she looks briefly amused when it is offered. She looks over to Cole then, and she nods slightly. "I'm sorry for your loss, Cole… being alone in the forests is quite… a rough way for one's fight to finish." She falls into step with the two, looking at Delano and offering the mare a soft clucking of her tongue. Then she refocuses on the pair.

Letting out a breath, Grey's shoulders slump, "She ain't alone now, Cole. I mean, there's Zoe for sure, the three Guard Sonia's people killed," at least that's his assumption on who did it, "and everyone who didn't make it through Arkfall, and…" He trails off, grimacing, although a little smile touches his lips as Gideon clucks at her horse, "That ain't ever gonna be me, you know that, right, Dee?"

"I know, I know." Cole says to Grey, nodding then swallowing again. "I made peace with the fact that she's gone. But I always thought that…I dunno, I'd find her again." There's little bit of antsy-ness to him. "Can you show me where she is?" he asks, looking at Gideon. "Thanks, Gid." Because everyone gets a nickname. "There's something I need to say to you too but…not until I get this off my chest." And yeah, there's always this mildly guilty look in his face when he makes direct visual sight of the former Trikru. "Behind Alpha? Alright, I need to do this." Taking the direction given, he starts to make his march thataway.

Grey nods along with Cole's words, gesturing back toward the rising hulk of Alpha Station, "This way." He walks easily alongside Cole, for all that his expression is solemn, "It's been… odd… out here. How was it in there? I mean… before the end where it got real bad."

Cole is quiet for a little, trying to gather his thoughts. "We woke up in clean rooms. At first everyone was nice. I don't remember some of it. I was kinda…lost in my own head for a bit. What happened at the dropship. Anyways, Cameron seemed to realize things weren't on the up an up. How they told us things without giving evidence. That you were all dead. The the Ark was destroyed. There there was nothing left for us out here. They tried real hard to make us like them. And then wanted us to start donating blood. Got more suspicious. Eventually, me, Cam, Tink, and Reno broke into one of the doctor's offices. Me and Reno hacked the computer, saw everything on Project Harvest. Making Reapers, draining Trikru. And then….Hanne, Lip and Cookie vanished. That's when we knew things had gotten bad. One of the Mountain Women, Scarlett, she was the one that warned us. She risked herself for us. We're alive because of her. Got onto her computer. Me and Reno remembered the frequency he were trying to use back at the dropship. I sent a message out." he explains in a long-winded story. Talking more right now because he's getting his mind off stuff as they walk around the back of the camp. "That was my voice. Wanted to say more but, guess not everything got out. Not being able to get Scarlett. That fucks with me."

When they reach the graveyard, his feet slow a little bit. "Fuck."

Listening silently, Grey guides the trio around the back of Alpha Station, the opposite side of the metal and ceramic bulk from The Row. When Cole pauses for breath, he nods slightly, "Yeah. we were on our way, but it was good to hear you were alright. Real good." When Cole trails to a stop before the mounded earth, Grey drops back a bit, although he does add, "We're goin' back. We pulled the Mountain's teeth, but they'll figure out some way to screw with us if we don't finish the job. Might be a chance. I heard people talkin' about someone screwin' with their patrols too. Real good thing too, 'cause we got chewed up pretty good as it was. More of their people woulda been real bad."

"I'll go with you." Cole says after a moment. "I owe to Scarlett. Find some way to save her. Besides, apparently I'm better with a pistol than I thought I was. Heard there was some kind of militia going on. I'll join it if I can." But he starts walking again, looking at the gravemarkers with names displayed on them. Walking down the row, he stares, almost hoping what he had heard was a lie. Until he sees the one he dreaded actually seeing. Mikaela Reid.

"Meeks." he says a little numbly, staring down at the plot of ground. "Always thought I'd find you again. Just…not like..this." A shuddering sigh. "I should've tried to convince you more. Shoulda tried to tell you it wasn't as bad as you though. Shit, even Grey's here. And man, you should've seen me an him fight." there's a bitter chuckle at that, talking to her like she's actually there. "I don't…know why you didn't come back. I wish you had. You deserved better than this. Better than me. I just wish…damnit, why did you let yourself get Boxed!" he suddenly shouts at the marker. "You could've stayed on the Ark! You could've come down with everyone else! You would've been safe! You would've been alive! Why, goddamnit! Why did you fuckin do it?! Why did you have to be so stupid!?" He doesn't even realize he's crying until he drags his free hand over his face. "I'm sorry. Fuck, I'm sorry. You gave me four years, Meeks. Four great years. You were…everything." He kneels down laying the flowers over the grave. "Is it this hard for your people too, Gid? he quietly asks without looking back at Gideon. "How do you say goodbye when you feel like their death is on your hands, because feel like you didn't do enough to save them?"

Grey nods at Cole's offer. "Definitely acceptin' more militia. Just have to be willin' to take orders from the Guard when you're on duty." Beat pause, "You can still rant your ass off when you're off duty." And then he falls silent, dropping his head as Cole addresses his dead girlfriend. When the techie shouts, Grey's shoulders tighten, but he reaches over with one hand, aiming to put it on the other man's shoulder. His other hand reaches out for Gideon's, blindly searching. When Cole kneels down, he lets his hand slip free, murmuring, "In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again."

Gideon has been quite quiet while the two mourn. When Grey reaches out for her hand, she accepts it with a gentle squeeze of calloused fingers. She listens to their benediction, brows furrowing slightly. It is the first she has heard it, and it draws a hint of confused curiosity to her expression. She then clears her throat gently, and murmurs the last words, but in Trigedasleng, "Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim."

"I will always love you." is a dedication Cole gives to the grave. He hadn't shown his face, and while he didn't move away from the hand that was placed on his shoulder, he gets back. When he faces them again, his face is tear-streaked. "Thanks, Grey. That was real nice of you." he says at the old Ark 'prayer'. "And don't worry, I'll take orders from the Guard. I'm not Cassandra or Zoe or anyone else that likes to buck the system." That said, he focuses on Gideon. "And I wanted to apologize to you personal, Gideon. I…I'm the one made the explosives when our camp was attacked. I'm the one that pressed the button that lighted the dropship's engines. I don't…it's hard to think about how many people I may of killed. I didn't want to kill Trikru. And I just…some of them may never forgive me for me it. So maybe I'm just asking for your forgiveness. Because it's been hard living with myself with that."

Grey squeezes Gideon's hand back, then shrugs a little, "Actually… uh… Dee's gotten through to Cass, maybe." He doesn't look all that happy to admit it, but at least he is admitting it. "She only went off-script like… twice in the Mountain." And then he quiets, allowing Cole to speak his piece to Gideon.

"Cassandra is my Second," Gideon says, pausing. "Apprentice. She is going to learn Earth Skills under my care." Then she frowns slightly at the apology. "You do not apologize for war, Cole. That is what must be done." She nods slightly before she looks back to Grey. "Peace is finding itself with the Skaikru and Trikru… slowly."

"I guess I have missed stuff if someone is getting her to actually straighten up. Or trying to." Cole finally says to Grey, glancing down at the grave. At least it looks better with flowers than barren. She won't be forgotten. Though he looks like he's not sure what to say to Gideon. "I know, I just…it was nothing I wanted to do." That's all he can say. Living with what he did, that's on him. "Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. Really. But..uh…glad you two found some happiness, yeah? Building a house? Good on you two. Dunno if you're the types that want any help with that, but just let me know. I got," he sighs. One last look at the grave. "let me know. I have a lot to make up for."

"Trying to. Pretty sure it's a work in progress." Grey glances over to Gideon, "Slowly and painfully." He glances down at their joined hands, then shrugs a little, "When we aren't out gettin' ourselves shot up. Kane's bein' a dick about lettin' Dee into Alpha Station yet," Maybe not everything has changed, if Grey still thinks that Kane is a dick, "so we're doin' what we can out here." He pauses, then puts in, "If you wanna make up for shit, you should help them rebuild C-bur. It got hit with a missile from the Mountain. It wasn't many C-bur folks around our camp, but it'd be more makin' up for how we fought than buildin' somethin' in here."

Gideon then looks at Grey when Cole mentions that the house will be for the both of them, and she smiles wryly as she waits for his reaction. Then she shakes her head slightly at Grey's words about Kane. "He wants to wait to see if I am going to keep my promises, Grey… he is being wise, not a dick. Allowing me into Alpha Station before I am properly vetted would be a foolish decision." She nods then at Grey's suggestion of repentance.

"That's a thing, isn't it?" Cole offers, stepping away from the graveyard. Seems like he doesn't really want to be nearby it right now. "I guess Ark politics don't really change, huh? In space, on the ground. I dunno, I don't know if I have much of an opinion. Apparently I've been pardoned, I got out of the mountain. As far as I'm concerned, I can't say I hold that much hate. Otherwise, I'd probably be getting my marrow drilled out of me too." The matter of helping rebuild Coesbur makes him think. "If…they would accept my help, I'd give it. Still trying to find my place here. Think that's going to take away. And if Gid needs anyone to vet them? She's got my word."

Grey snorts at Gideon's suggestion, "You went into the Mountain to save our people. Screw his vetting process." He walks away from the graveyard as well, doing his best to lead the trio back around toward The Row, "Yeah, we've all been pardoned. I ain't even sure if I wanna vote for Kane. I mean, he did good with the Mountain, and he's workin' toward a peace, but… I mean, he's Kane." He pauses a moment, then adds, "And I'm pretty sure he doesn't care what the Hundred have to say, 'cause I'm pretty sure there ain't one of us'd say anything bad about Dee. Not after what she did at the Dropship."

"We have only just got home… give him time. I am patient." Then she follows the others back to the Row. Her hands slide into the pockets of her jacket as they walk. She looks at Cole and then to Grey, and she shakes her head. "I do not require any more votes of confidence. Kane will see my merit, and I do not mind waiting for it. It should be given in a way that instills confidence in others, not just those who know me."

"I'll take Kane over either of the Wallaces any day." Cole says, putting that into perspective. Maybe for himself. "Maybe eventually it's just something we gotta let the fuck go of. Yeah, a lot of thought Kane was a dick. And maybe a lot of us would prefer if it was Jaha and not him. But as far as I've been told, he's still up in Go-Sci which…shit. Not a pleasant way to fuckin go, even if you did it for the right reasons. Why don't think he cares about what we think? We've been down here longer. Realistically, we're more survival experts than anyone else." He pauses at that. "Okay, in terms of people from the Ark anyways. I just got back but…I think I just want a day or so to breath. Find some kind of semblance of normalcy before the next crisis comes up."

Nodding reluctantly, Grey apparently agrees to give Kane time. Very reluctantly. Cole's question draws a snort, "Because we're kids to most of them, Cole. The Guard? Most of them see me as my Father's son still." For better or worse. Mostly worse, but not entirely. "An up-jumped Cadet with a Guardsman's title. We went from bein' in charge of ourselves to… part of the whole. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad everyone's down here. But I'd like to not get patted on the head when I offer some advice some time. And they've been down almost as long as we were now, so they think they know everything that they can't learn from the Trikru."

Gideon just listens, refraining from her own interjections. She continues along, head down, eyes focused on her boots as they move through the late summer grasses. Then she looks up toward the pair, shaking her head. "To be fair, you only have a few weeks on the rest of your people, and we have almost a century." She offers a small smile. "The Trikru that is." Then her shoulders roll, and she ducks her head again, looking thoughtful. "It should not be about showing up everyone else in Camp, it should be about offering help and providing what you can. They will see that merit… no need to prelude it with boasting about your experience… that just makes others feel either defensive or belittled."

"Gideon makes fair points. It's not about proving ourselves to everyone, I think it's more about them coming to us when they're ready to admit it." Cole offers. "I'm not in any hurry to start jumping at every opportunity to show what I can do. I know what I can do, if everyone else realizes that than…well, all the better." He gives a nod at Gideon. "Realistically, we should be learning all we can from you. And anyone else that offers. It's not the Trikru that need us, it's we that need them. And I say let the people that have been dealing with them the most try to work something out. The ones that want to help us will. The ones that don't? Well, so long as we don't get killed for our troubles, I'm happy with that." Yeah, he's a bit muted right now, somber.

Grey nods his agreement with Gideon, for all that he's tried to bludgeon people over the head with his own experiences in the past. "Yeah, except when they're bein' stupid, like pickin' shots at Reapers instead of hosin' 'em down. Then I'll belittle the hell outta them." Cole's comments, however, get a little frown as well, "We've got things we can teach the Trikru too, man. This ain't us comin' to them beggin'. It's a mutual thing. They can teach us how to survive, and we can teach them how to live more easily. I mean, that's what tech's good for, right? I mean, I bet there's plenty of ways you could make their bath houses better, not have to have fire right there in the room so it gets smoky."

"And you think calling someone stupid is going to encourage people to listen to you?" Gideon fixes Grey with a serious look. But then she nods slightly with Cole's words. "I'm not suggesting I am the end of all knowledge, but there is something to be said to the fact that you have only been here for almost two months… there is much to learn… for everyone." Then she reaches up to rub at the back of her neck thoughtfully, frowning a bit.

"Sorry, I think this is just me having had to deal with too much fuckin Jumar lately." Cole notes, taking Grey's words under advisement. "I mean, yeah, sure we do, I just don't want us acting like we're some kind of hubric high ground just because we happens to have a few computers that work and some solar panels. Which good just on the latter shit. We got stuff we can exchange to make both sides better, I'd wager. I guess I've just heard plenty of how 'much better we are' and I don't really buy it. You survive for nine generations when fuckall works and obviously you got some damn good ideas. Mutual exchange of ideas, yeah sure." And if to add to Grey's remarks, he says , "Chimney and smoke flues. Those kind of designs would be easy to throw together."

"Nope!" Grey's response to Gideon is cheerful and cheeky, "But it sure makes me feel better after they make a hash of shit." Cole's suggestion for the bathhouse causes him to shrug, "Naw… I was thinkin' some way to do it without fire. I mean, they've done a real good job with chimneys and shit." And then he gestures over to Gideon, flashing a grin, "Do I look like I'm tryin' to be some sorta… hubric high ground, whatever the hell that is?" He chuckles along with the words.

Gideon just looks slightly between the two. Then she shakes her head, snorting. "There is something about you Skaikru… you wish to prove yourselves so badly, you take any small success and turn it into a victory celebration." She shakes her head slightly, though at least she looks kind of amused. Then she returns to the foundation of the house, and where the framing and poles have been left. Delano is being tended to by a young girl of about ten, and she looks abruptly sheepish when Gideon comes into view.

"Oh thinking bigger?" Cole considers, because this stuff is more appealing to think about than thinking about Mika being gone for good. "Beyond solar power. Heat generated through flame, electricity, and hot water. I mean, try to design some kind of hot water system. Radiators sorta thing. That's a helluva under-taking. I mean, you'd need a facility large enough to heat enough water for an entire village. Need a lot of pipe for something like that. Though think about something else that could just for that specific home. Have to think on that." The last bit, he sighs at Grey. "Hubric. Hubris. Arrogance. Or if you want the layman's word for it, go talk to Jumar for five minutes and you'll get the right idea."

Grey points to himself at Gideon's comment, an all-too-innocent 'who me' look on his features. "Hey, we ain't had too many victories in a good long while. I'll celebrate all of them that I can." Cole's pondering causes him to gesture toward the man, "Yeah, like that sorta thing. But their bathhouses aren't for just a single house. Everyone shares. Oh, and dickhead then. Got it. Useful dickhead, but dickhead."

"He does make a good point at that." Cole notes at Grey. "Victories seem to be a pretty damn rare thing. Getting us out of the mountain, I'll chalk that up as one." he nods. "Yeah, that's something we might just have to get used to. Having one centralized area for bathing seems to be a smarter, easier, and more efficient idea. But then again, I don't have a problem being naked in front of people. I suppose I'll have to draw some schematics of something like that. Hrm. Though…do we even have baths here? Showers? I mean, I'll help rebuild Coesbur, but I'd like something like that too." Another nod. "Right. Dickhead."

"I'll be right there to give you a hand, Dee," Grey promises as she returns to working on the house — and keeping the horse out of the hands o the 10-year-old. Looking back to Cole he nods, "Yeah. Four targets, four bullseyes. At least, I assume that the fog's done in 'cause we didn't get gassed on the way down, and the missiles are crapped out, 'cause they haven't dropped one on our heads." The question about bathing though, has Grey jerking a thumb back toward the bulk of Alpha Station, "Oh yeah. They refilled the water tanks. Hot and cold runnin' water. They're even workin' on a pipeline from the lake, so we don't have to haul water up to the tanks every time they run low."

"Just don't start dumping sewage into the lake. That's one environmental disaster that we really don't want to contend with." Cole points out. "I dunno, maybe find a way to process it into fertilizer like we used to. I mean, I got over the fact that we were drink water from our own piss and eating food grown from our own shit a long time ago. Used to it by now." The matter of the fog and missiles, he almost looks put out. "I know they had to be taken out, but damn. Would've like to know how that acid shit worked. Not to use it, really, just know. The missiles, as much as having some spare missiles laying around for defense, probably better that we not have them. I'm looking to make peace, not piss everyone else off at us again. Because…I'd really like to not do that again. Once was enough."

Grey shrugs at the warning, "Smarter people'n me are workin' on that. I just make sure no one screws with the people doin' it." He snap-points at Cole's decision on the missiles, "That goes for the fog too. If you know how it works, so does someone else. Then you gotta trust them and everyone else they tell. No way the Trikru'd sit still for that. Half of 'em still think we're gonna be The Mountain Part II, Electric Boogaloo."

"I guess I can't really blame them on that." Cole starts to say and then frowns. "No, I can, I just don't fuckin want to. We don't run around making Reapers, draining them of blood and all sorts of other holocaust-like shit. I mean, maybe that's our saving grace why they haven't done something about that. Maybe because they our people too helped." He thinks a moment on that. "Boy they really don't like the idea of us having any kind of leg of them, does it? Like, they want to be the ones in control here, and just have to do what they say. I'd say that's not really fair but…we did sorta invade their land. Not like…that was intentional or anything but.." he shrugs at the end.

Grey nods with Cole's points, "Yup, that's pretty much why they haven't tried to smash us. And they've had someone holdin' tech over their heads for generations, and… yeah… that. They didn't ask us here. Then again, we didn't ask to be here either. Me, I figure us smashing the Mountain together's a real good way to prove to one another that we know what the hell we're doin'."

"We can hope. Maybe they'll get over that crazy fear of guns now that the Mountain will eventually be no more. Not saying we should arm them up or anything, but at least they won't give you guys dirty looks anymore for it." Cole remarks, looking around. "This shit is still so fuckin new." he comments absently, then looking back at Grey. "That shit with Thripoda ever get sorted or we got that hanging over our heads still?"

Grey shrugs, "I think after what they saw, some of them might be more willin' to have rifles on their side. Maybe. But armin' them'd be a real big mistake. Numbers game, man." The query about Thripoda draws a grunt, and a shrug, "I'm… not totally sure. There's an investigation goin' on to see if anyone involved made it down. They also owe us some justice for three Guards who got killed while on patrol right after Arkfall. I think it's… complicated, from what I heard."

"No, I agree with you on that. And eventually we're going to run out of ammunition, even with the Ark here. So either we learn to shoot arrows real fast or we figure something else out." For everything else, he kinda makes an 'ugh' sound, snorting. "I was really hoping that was going to be resolved by the time I got back. If I got back. Apart of me hopes that all this working together will hopefully make them forget about it, but I kinda doubt that. Three guards? Shit, two steps forward, one back kinda stuff." Then a snort. "Complicated. Yeah, that's a fuckin word for it, I guess."

Grey jerks his thumb back toward Alpha Station, "Oh, the armory's got manufacturin' capabilities. Not very fast, but it'll do if we ain't fightin' all the time." He grins crookedly at the mention of having resolved everything, shaking his head, "We were a little busy, man. Workin' to get y'all out. Anyhow, I should go learn how t'build a house." There's a pause, "Glad you're back, man. Don't try to out-dick Jumar."

"Oh? I didn't know that survived." Cole raises his brows to that. "Well…that's something. Make things a little easier but yeah…rescuing our dumbasses." There's a tilt of his head, looking at him. "Nah, I'm an ass, but I'm not on his level. I like to think I'm mellowing out a little. But. Thanks Grey. For earlier. Meant a lot." And what may of been a long time coming, he actually offers his hand to the Guard. "Fuck that man, if you're gonna build a house, I'll make sure the goddamn thing doesn't fall over on itselt." He gestures at the wrench. "If you're gonna abuse tools, I'll show you how to do it right."

Grey snorts softly, "There's a whole lot more important stuff that needs doin' rather than just buildin' our house." He stops there, considering the term, and then gives a little 'huh' and shakes the moment off. Grey takes the offered hand, shaking it once, "The One Hundred, you're all the family I got left. You all and Dee. I meant what I said, back in the camp. I'll come get any one of you that gets taken. Always, man."

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