Day 031: Get Out Of My Head
Summary: Fiona and Grey have a similar idea. This is odd.
Date: 29 June 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
31 Days After Landing

Grey has been sleeping in a bed. With a foam mattress. And sheets. And eating food regularly, even if it's mostly still soy and vitamin cubes. It's helped a great deal. He's now to the 'restless' stage of healing, which for him actually starts the moment he regains consciousness. But still, he's in the black armored jacket of the Guard, although his pants are still the same faded and stained cargo pants that he's worn over the last month. He'd actually been looking for Fiona anyhow, so when he twists the wheel on the door to the Command Station and pulls it open, he's expecting to find her there. He offers a nod and smile, "How you holdin' up, Fi? Got plans?"

Fiona has enjoyed having running water and a soft bed and clean clothes to be a glorious state of existence. And when she looks up at Grey from the datapad she's reviewing, he can see the dangle of earbuds draping down her front. She's got her music back, and that's almost best of all. "Hey," she greets with a smile. "Actually, yeah. I was going to look for you for a bunch of different things. You want the off-duty stuff first, or knock out the official business?"

The earbuds get a soft smile from Grey, and when he catches himself smiling like that, he clears his throat, resting his hands on the top of the high table, "Uh…" and then he catches his train of thought, wrangling it back on track, and offers up one of his face-splitting smiles, "Hey, I think that's up to you, Councilor Kattegat. Congrats, by the way. And I say start with the little stuff, whatever that is. Work up to the big stuff."

Fiona can't help but smile wider and duck her head. "Thanks. The little stuff: my parents want to have you for dinner. Just as a thank you, for looking out for me. Not a big deal." Grey's kind of all alone amongst the Ark citizenry, and either Fiona's said as much, or her parents had occasion to notice. "The big stuff: I suggested to Kane he let me go to Tondc to convince Oxfor to take a meeting with him. He said you had a similar idea."

The big stuff is no surprise to Grey, but the small stuff certainly is. His smile freezes as he blinks in shock, "Wait, your folks want to have me over?" As in, son of Paris Grey, matricide, and general screw-up? The Arkers may be having trouble adjusting to the new Lucian Grey, but then again, so is he. "Uh… yeah… sure. Um, that'd be great." What passed for a family dinner with the Greys was pretty horrible, but it's got to be better for people who like each other, right? And then he can blissfully focus on work, "Yeah. I wanted to go see if Oxfor'd send some folks down here. A delegation. Sort of kick the adults in the ass." And he grins again at the last bit.

It's hard to explain that the very reason he's freezing up is exactly why her parents had her issue the invitation. But then, it also speaks to what kind of people produced Fiona. But she's on to the business at hand. "An entire delegation? Who else do you think we need?"

Grey shakes his head, "Oh, no. I didn't mean I'd be a damned delegation." A wry smirk touches his features, "The camp already determined that's a bad damned idea." Then again, the camp is toast now. "No, I want Oxfor to send us a delegation. So that the C-Bur folks can see Ark tech, see how we can help, and so the…" he looks for the right word and fails to find it, settling unhappily on, "…rest of the Skaikru can meet their first Trikru in an easy way. Somewhere that they feel sorta safe."

Fiona stares at him, mouth slightly agape. "That's…seriously, stop reading my brain." she says. "I'm going to bring a present for one of them, but I've asked Kane to give me a present for Oxfor. And I was thinking maybe we could persuade some of them to come back with us and affirm we have something to offer. And Kane wants you to go with me. So there you go."

Grey chuckles quietly, shrugging just his left shoulder… and then wincing as he does. He still has a good collection of bandages under his armor, and although he learned to shrug with just his left shoulder while his right side was still healing (it still is, really), he's now wounded that side. "Present for Oxfor might be a good idea. Just not food. Can't top Cookie's fruit leather, even with all the fancy flavors here." His brows draw together thoughtfully, "Tough pick though. What to bring. Somethin' useful, but not military? Is like, a flashlight too little?" And then he adds, "Oh. And Cassandra wants to come. Even promised to follow orders and not screw anything up."

"Let Kane worry about what to give him." Fiona says with a flutter of her hand. "It'll probably be booze." She doesn't worry too much about it, instead she blanches at the idea when he says the name. "Do you trust her? Because I don't. She tried to bully her way into the delegation to Indra in the first place."

"Nope." Grey's answer is quick and short, "But I figure that if we say 'no,' she just goes on her own. This way we can keep an eye on her, and if she gets out of line, I'll just arrest her for treason." Is he joking about that? It's… not entirely clear. Somehow, he's a lot more serious-looking in the glossy black armor of a Guard than in a ragged t-shirt.

Fiona wrinkles her nose. "I suppose that's true. And if she won't listen to me, she'll listen to you. Alright. I'm not sure what she thinks she's going to accomplish, but you're right. Either she'll prove me wrong and it'll be a pleasant surprise, or you'll be there to keep her from screwing us. When do you want to leave?"

"And if she won't listen to me, she'll listen to this." And Grey pats the collapsed shock baton at his hip. The question of 'when,' however, causes him to grimace, "There's just too damn much to do. I think I've given up on goin' back to the dropship to dig graves. Gonna have to leave that to the Guard," he gestures to his shoulder, "But I figure we could leave whenever. Anyone else you want to bring along? I'm tempted to bring Eli along. Seems like he did good with you with Indra, and it'd give him a chance to see Kai." Has he gone soft? After all, he didn't even call her 'Adams' like he usually does.

"Elias would be cool." Fiona agrees. "If he wants to come. But I can't think of anyone else beyond that. So I'll invite him. Tomorrow morning, then? Bright and early?"

Grey nods his agreement, although her last question draws a groan. Lucian Grey does not like mornings. "Yeah. Bright and early." He shuffles a feet a moment, indecision writ upon his face, "So… uh… do you think I should wear the uniform, or go back to Trikru-wear? I don't know which one sends a better impression."

Fiona considers. "Pack your Trikru gear, wear your uniform. We're coming to them as representatives of Skaikru, we should look the part. If there's a need for the Trikru gear, you'll have it on hand. We could even make a gesture of returning it as an act of courtesy if we need to. I'll be bringing mine to return to Wren." There's a pause. "It was Lark's."

Grey nods to Fiona, "Makes sense." And then he winces, "Damn. That's hard. He know you didn't kill her? He swore he'd fight the kid who killed her. And… uh… I never found out whose armor I was wearin', or whose sword I had. I… uh… probably should ask Gideon or Wren. It's been buggin' me for a bit, but I keep gettin' distracted before I remember to ask."

Fiona hesitates a moment. "I think I know, but it doesn't matter anymore." She doesn't want to pursue the thought beyond that. "Wren knows it wasn't me, though." There's a tilt of her head. "If Gideon doesn't think it's important to tell you, maybe there's no cause to stress over it." There's a cock of her head. "Is she in Tondc? I didn't see her in Indra's camp, and I didn't see her when I get back to the dropship."

Grey rolls his shoulders a little uncomfortably, drawing another wince, "I dunno. Just seems wrong to have killed a guy, know his friends, and not know his name. Maybe you're right though, maybe I should let it go." The question about Gideon causes him to look down, clearing his throat again, "She was with the C-Bur folks, helping them evacuate. She's… ah… she'll probably be in Tondc before we get there, if she ain't there now."

"I understand." she says, her smile momentarily reminiscent of the long forgotten Mona Lisa. "I'm bringing a music player for someone there. How about I copy my music stick for you and you can give it to her? She'll get a whole bunch of new music that way." Fiona remembers that tidbit aboout Gideon, at least.

"I think she'd really enjoy that, Fi. Thanks." Awkward Grey is awkward. He even brings one hand up to nibble on a fingernail, "You givin' Blondie a music player?" He shrugs a little, "I was gonna give Gideon some more batts, but I didn't know if we'd need 'em. I figured I'd just sneak her player in here and charge it up when she needed."

Fiona looks puzzled at that. "Why don't you just bring her a solar battery?" she suggests. "You might have to scrounge, but I bet you could find one if you try." She gets a little flushed, and it's her turn to look askance. "Yeah. I'm bringing one for Tuan." And now they both get to be awkward.

"Critical materials, Fi. What if we need another solar battery for somethin' important?" Since when did Grey turn into enough of a straight-arrow that he's thinking about the needs of the community over his own needs? Still, he chuckles at her reaction, "Yeah well, just wait 'till folks get their heads outta their asses and they can come see a movie." Raising a hand to his temple, he explodes his fingers, "Pchew. Mind. Blown."

"One solar battery isn't going to break the bank, and it's in the interest of diplomacy." Fiona suggests craftily, and then laughs. "Oh, please. I'm waiting for you to arrange the very first football game between Arkers and Trikru in a hundred years. Anyway…I should get back to my parents, if I'm going to be gone for a couple of days. I'll let them know you've accepted their invitation. See you tomorrow?"

"Wren's already in. Maybe Que too. Bet," Grey remembers the name, and smirks a crooked grin at Fiona, "Tuan'd make a good tight end. I think Gideon thinks I'm crazy." Still, he nods, "Yeah… bright and early, damn it." Pushing back from the table, he nods upwards, then heads out.

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