Day 032: Gilga Is Not Meshing
Summary: Tink, Alison and Madelyn talk about their current circumstances, recent reads and of course Gilgamesh.
Date: 06/30/216
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Visitor's Residences - Mount Weather
This is a large, canverous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow. Bunkbeds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.
Day 32

The red head has taken full advantage of what the guests do have, using every second of hot showers she can get. She spends most of her free time in the library, reading rigorously. If anything, it is the meals she cuts short, even an hour each morning in the gym. Alison wears a cotton tank-top, a green button shirt that is worn untucked and unbuttoned. The Alpha station girl is also sampling the idea of a loose denim short skirt. She wears inch and a half heels on nice shoes in a soft off white. Even now, as she enters the room, she carries a treasure in her hands, a hardback book of physics, "A Brief History of Time." By Stephen Hawking. She walks over towards her perfectly made bed, "Hello." She offers generally to the room before even checking who is there.

Tink is curled up on a chair, reading the epic story of Gilgamesh. Clearly some sort of adventure book because Tink is engrossed in the story as she reads. She does glance up from her book as Alison enters, giving a little wave to her. Clearly the girl is doing better. Perhaps it's the library or Tink is sick of being down in the dumps.

Alison places her book down neatly in the center of her bed, not disturbing the neatness. The title is scanned, and the green eyes focus on the title, she searches her memory, but finds nothing in reference to the Sumerian epic. "What is that about? The name almost sounds like the Grounder language."

Tink is sitting in a chair with an old book on her lap. She's telling Alison a summary of the book she's reading, "Gilgamesh is a demigod of superhuman strength who builds the city walls of Uruk to defend his people and travels to meet the sage Utnapishtim, who survived the Great Flood…" She pauses and then notes, "It's a very exciting story but not very plausible. But the language is beautiful and I love the illuminated pictures in the book." She turns it so Alison can see.

"Did you get to the part where he battles Enkidu?" Madelyn apparently was eavesdropping from her bunk, a top bunk against the wall. "My dad told me that story when I was little. I just liked saying the word 'Enkidu', so that's all I really remember."

"Religious or fiction?" Alison asks, turning towards the door, curiously glancing at Madelyn. Alison is a sedate sort, but the two others knowing the story has her right hand's fingers shifting. "Hello." She offers with a nod, then looks back to Tink, "Well, I guess I should get it after you finish." She says with a smooth voice and a slight smile. "How have the two of you found the place? Getting used to the differences in the Ark-Station?"

"No…I don't think I've met a Enkidu yet…" Tink frowns because all the names are a little weird for her, "But I think it might be religious text or at least fiction. I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Mr. Cooper. He's the one that suggested the book and loaned this copy to me." She gives them both a smile, "And I'm doing better…it's weird here but not unpleasant." There's a look of apology because Tink has not been fun to be around lately.

"It's good here. It's just…" Madelyn nibbles her lip, trying to find the words. "All of my nerves are on edge, like I'm in a chair that's just about to fall over, but it never does. I've been finding ways to keep my hands busy, but… you know?" The small young woman gestures vaguely.

Alison is not the normally the life of the party, she is serious minded and goal driven. "I find it relaxing the technology is so much like the Station. It will make it easier when I can get back to my old job in electronics repair." The thing about the One Hundred is there are few general knowledge things that haven't had any context. Alison was studying to be in logistic resource management, like a proper Alpha station type princess. "I agree, it is a little odd to go from space to ground. Not much change though, really." The words finished with a glance to corners and walls of the room. Then she looks back to the pair, "It is really dangerous for the vault dwellers to go to the surface. So, they cannot eat the food, use much of resources. Have either of you heard why they go?"

"No, no one has really discussed it with me," Tink tells them but doesn't seem to be disturbed by it. She has enough on her plate right now based on the look she gives Alison to worry about what could be, "Madelyn, be wary if you wish but don't…don't let it consume you. Take this time to recharge. Rest. Heal." She clearly is following her own advice, "If something happens, we'll deal with it as a group."

"It's not even like I'm afraid they're going to hurt us. I don't think they will. I'm just having a hard time going from the way we were living to this." Madelyn flops on her stomach, peering down over the edge of her bunk. "Maybe my brain is broken."

Alison nods her head as she listens to the pair, "Odd, interesting. We would not have needed to speed up landing if we had this many resources." That said though, she shrugs, lets it fall away. Then a little head shake, "Cake is very good. Clothes are very nice. And, showers with hot water, that's just dreamy." She looks up to Madelyn, giving a light laugh. "You are fine, I am certain. It is just a little confining and the rules can be a little stifling."

"I don't mind rules," Tink admits to them, "It's nice to have some rules. And time…" At first all the free time was driving her crazy but she's since settled in. She nods as Madelyn admits her brain is broken, "Well…if you need to talk, let me know." She looks to Alison again, "I haven't tried the cake yet. I don't know…it's so…spongey."

"Cake is good, showers are good, lots of things are… are good…" Madelyn blushes a little, rubbing her face self-consciously. "I just think… I just think I need time to settle in."

"I miss meat though, I had just gotten really used to it. Of course, fruits and vegetables are interesting too." She slips back a little to sit, "Maybe we can learn to enjoy recreation."

Tink looks down at the book and notes, "I don't mind reading and resting because I need to…my wounds from the battle are still healing but once I am fit for duty, I will be more insistant." She doesn't like to sit idle for too long, "Has anyone seen Cole? I've been worried about him."

Madelyn shakes her head. "I haven't seen him today," she admits, "But I also haven't been looking." She looks at the clock on the wall and startles, rolling and hopping from her bunk. "I didn't realize the time. Gotta… gotta go," she explains, slipping on her shoes and dashing off.

Alison watches the sudden departure of Madelyn, shrugging and scooting a little closer as she looks at Tink. "No, I have not crossed paths recently with him." She states and relaxes a little more. "I cann't I was on the wall during the attack, and made it unscratched." The is a flash of something, maybe not totally untouched by it though. "Anything I can for you?" The green eyes showing a bit of concern.

Tink shakes her head and admits, "No…no there's really nothing. Dr. Salvador has been taking care of me, and it's going much better than it would have if I had to have healed out there." She pauses and then lowers her voice, "I worry more about Cameron and Cole…they're both having a harder time than me. I have nightmares…" She shudders, "But Reno…Reno is helping me and so it this place."

"It is good you have someone, Tink." Alison says and leans back into her chair. "During the engine purge.. I kind of realized I don't have that." The red head says, as if the revelation had come as a surprise. "At least here, I have all the reading I can take. Learning is a good distraction." She crosses her legs as she contemplates things.

"Was there no one at the camp that interested you?" Tink asks, trying not to think about the engines and what she, Cole, Lark and Jumar did that night. A little shadow passes her face but fades quickly. "There were plenty of guys there…"

Alison glances to the bed where her book is, frowning and shifting her shoulders. Then she looks back to Tink and sighs, "I guess there were, maybe even a few girls. I didn't have much time to consider it, not till then. It was the first time I had bothered to really feel since the mission started, and feeling lonely. It is new." She states and shakes her head, "That's the last memory of the camp. Not fear. That, and when I jabbed a spear through a giant warrior's chin, the surprise and shock. Disbelief, I think. That it was someone as small as me."

Tink isn't ready to talk about what happened at the camp. She instead makes quiet excuses and takes off to find Reno. She takes the precious book that she's reading with her. Sadly Alison is left rather rudely.

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