Day 061: Grandma Peake
Summary: On the eve of the second battle for the Mountain, Kai is sent to speak to her adopted grandma about family, acceptance, hair and sex.
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Kai Peake 

Peake's House, Guest Village — Tondc, Trikru
The house being shared by Peake's brood.
Day 61

Going and seeing her new grandma is not exactly on Kai's list of favorite ideas. She's never had a grandma before, she's not quite sure how one deals with a grandmother, and a grandmother like Peake? A whole 'nother level above and beyond. Still, there's nothing to be gained from cowardice. So she does eventually sometime in the later half of the afternoon finally come by the house in the guest village, bringing a couple of already 'dressed' rabbits because, well.. presents are always a good idea, right?

Peake kom Trikru has a somewhat foreboding presence. One that does not ask for respect, it demands it. If a look from her can get an apologetic look from both Pontus and Wren, two hardened warriors, there's no telling what this woman was capable of when she in her prime. She's in her fifties now, that kind of elegant beauty that ages gracefully. Were she try, she couple probably turn a couple of heads still. Once black-raven hair now streaked with wisps of silver. Her figure is still lithe, even if she's traded in scout leathers for longer, simple skirts. She's in the family home, fussing about the kitchen area, looking balefully at some pot. Kai's appearance adjusts her attention at the door. "Bring those here, girl." she nods at the rabbits. "Off to war, I see. Going with Wren I take it."

Kai does so, presenting the rabbits dutifully even as she dips her head,"Yes ma'am." she offers in Trigedasleng,"We have a task to see through to the end for the safety of the kru." she adds on, shifting without trying to look like she's doing so uneasily as she adds,"Wren said you wished to speak with me, before we leave?"

"Spare me, girl." Peake utter, taking the rabbits. "You go to kill Maunon. It must be done and it will be done. There is little other deliberation in the matter. Kill many." She looks over the rabbits with an evaluating eye. "Wren has spoken to me about you. Said he considers you his daughter. That he loves you like you were his own. Asked me to decide if that would be something I would allow. So I would take a measure of you myself, girl. Know where your heart lies." The dressed rabbits seem to meet her approval, starting to skin the pair of them with a detached air. "Did Wren even ask if this was something you wanted?"

Kai can't help the smile, even if she dips her head to conceal it,"He asked me if I would accept." she murmurs, debating mentally, things she doesn't like to talk about versus being assessed by this woman, terrifying in her own way,"Wren has been more of a father to me than the man whose blood granted him that title." she elects to add before falling silent again, hands folding behind her as she settles into a posture that the Skaikru would consider 'at ease', even if it's unlikely that the stance has any relevance any longer among the Trikru, falling back into habits as the easiest way to cope with what's an awkward situation to her.

"Didn't answer my question, girl." Peake remarks. "Pretty words only says so much. "I want to know where you're heart is." She could skin a rabbit with her eyes close at this point, the motions with her hands seem to be automatic. "I have five children. I used to have six" Because she does consider Pontus and Rain as legitimate children even if she didn't give birth to them herself. "It was a hard thing not to hate you and that Silver girl for Lark. But for the sake of my son, I gave you both a chance. He believed in you both. And eventually I will have to accept the fact that Silver will one day bear him children. That girl…" Which might say, 'I don't know what he sees in her', though oddly, it's suggested in a fond way. "It is an important thing, girl. Family is life. You live for them, you would die for them. You would give every last inch of yourself for them. And they would do the same for you. You share in their joy and comfort in their pain. And this is my family, and I will broker no half-efforts or false intentions. She pats the flat of that bloody knife against the palm of her hand. "Would you die for this family? Would you do whatever you can to help this family? Do you even understand what a family is? The Skaikru version seems very cold and distant. No warmth. Cold. Unfeeling." There's a test being given here, somehow. And the woman with hard lines is evaluating every single thing she does. Every word, every movement, like a circling hawk eyeballing a mouse. "Do not break my son's heart, girl. I would not be pleased. He speaks nothing of but how proud he is of you. I wanted to see if his words are truthful."

"Words can be spoken that have no meaning." Kai can't help but answer Peake,"You ask where my heart is, and I say to you that I left the only life and people that I had known, my friends, family, and my niron.. to come here. I can tell you that when it would have been easier to return to them, to be recognized as a.. warrior.." even if from her tone she's not sure they qualify for the word,"in my own right.. I chose to remain here as his Second. I can tell you of the anger I felt when one of the delegation shoved him, or the pain I felt when he suggested that in the wake of the Heda's punishment that I should find another First.. or that I informed one of my Skaikru brother's that if he tried to harm him he would have to come through me, but these are just words.. words lie." and there's a flat bitterness to those last two words that perhaps speak volumes in themselves as to why she doesn't like to talk,"This is my family, and I will fight for it, and some day, I will die for it. And all of the other words do not matter. Words do not define heart. What matters is what you do on the day when you have every reason to stop and you choose not to. I hate words. If you want to judge my heart, judge it by what I do, not what I say."

"You girl, I like you." Peake seems somehow pleased by what she says. "Now I know why Wren chose you. His ideas are perhaps too progressive for his own good, but he tries to do right. If only he believed in himself more. He doubts, it is his curse. Lark's death hangs on him like a weight. I fear he will never forgive himself for her. It is a weight he shouldn't feel like he has to bear, and it is not one he will ever speak of. But a mother knows her children." A rag is picked up, wiping her blade the blade, putting the edge to her hand and slicing open her hand. Not a deep cut, but enough for it to bleed. Then he offer her the knife, expectation in her eyes, to see if she follows with the intention given. "I know you love him. It is enough."

"He has a strong heart, and does what he believes is right, even when others say it is wrong. It is not wrong to consider things, to have doubts, but I have faith in him. He does what he believes is right, and I am proud of him for it." Kai grunts quietly,"I did not know Lark, but I know it weighs on him. I cannot pretend I would not feel the same as he." she grimaces, then watches, tilting her head to one side as she accepts the blade. Well, the what to do is obvious, even if it's not spoken, though awkward to draw over her own right palm with her injured left,"I love you all. I understand that I am still Skaikru to many.. I can't fix that with words.. but do not think for a moment that I would not defend all of you with my life. And there are many who think it's presumptuous for me to say something like that. To speak of a village I never lived in as mine, or a people I was not born to as mine. But they are no less mine. Not by accident of birth, but chosen. I listen, and obey, because I want to, because the happiness of this family is important to me, not because I don't think I have a choice.. but because this is where I want to be, and the people I want to be with.. and having had too little of both I will fight for them with everything I have."

"Then there is no more to be said." Peake says, taking Kai's bloody hand with her, clasping them together. "You are apart of this family now. My blood is your blood. And I welcome you into this home as my granddaughter. You are not Skaikru to me, and have not been for some time. Eventually Silver will join you in that. You have earned my respect. And my love. You do not need words to show it. I was only curious if you had the courage to say it outloud for someone else to hear." So it was as test of sorts. "And you did. I am pleased with that." Her non-bloody hand cups her cheek. "You will be welcome and a place will be set for you. But you have a war to wage, and I expect you to bring glory and honor to this family, just as Oriole, Wren, and Pontus do. I expect nothing less from my granddaughter."

Kai can't help but be pleased, even with the bloody simplicity of the ritual, it can't help but feel right to her, an acknowledgment that speaks to her on levels she's just not ever likely to express,"Mochof." she manages quietly before giving a wry smile,"It is not about lack of courage, it is.." she shrugs a shoulder,"there was a great many words spoken in my old family, and most of them not worth the air taken to speak them. Which I know he wishes I would speak more but.." words are lies, even if she just smiles as her cheek is cupped,"And you shall have nothing less, either. For you, and for him. People might not ever be able to forget my birth, but I wont ever let it be said that I bring dishonor to my family." even if it means not punching people who TOTALLY deserve it.

"Word do not mean much, it is action that speakers louder volumes. My son sometimes does not understand that." Peake utters, grunting a slant towards the other room. "A trait he gets from his father. I had to literally disrobe and staddle him to let him know I wanted to bed him. Veldt needed words. Telling him I loved him was the hardest thing to do. But to him, I did so. Because it was something he needed to hear. Wren is very much like his father. But…his father is a good man, despite him being insufferable." Which might be a term of endearment for the older Trikru. "Tell him one day, even if it something you loathe to do. It is a hard thing but, yes, words only carry so much.. You never have a doubt that you will be welcome here." The matter of the last she nods. "Of this, I never doubted." Still holding her cheek, she places a kiss on her forehead. "Now go, my granddaughter. Bring glory and honor home to us. Bleed well. Fight well. Give no quarter to the Maunon who seek you out." She steps back. "And grow your damn hair out. I cannot braid your hair if you do nothing with it." she grunts.

Oh Kai's poor brain so didn't need to have that particular image injected into it, which is why she fish mouths for a moment as she endeavors not to let herself picture it in any way, shape, or form for her own sanity. There's a grunt of acknowledgment regarding telling Wren, though she grimaces regarding her hair,"It doesn't get in my face /and/ it is easier to wash blood out of and.." she points at the stitches still lacing her scalp,"Means the healers don't have to cut it off to find where the blood is. But. Maybe." she's willing to concede a maybe at least.

"Healers cutting off hair. Bah, not good healers then if you ask me." Peake says, rolling her eyes at her. "You daft, girl? You never wear your hair untied in the midst of battle. You're there to kill, not flirt." she waves her hands. "Wren is a good First, but apparently you have not had teachers in how to fight as a woman. Talk to that archer girl that seems to be a friend of yours. Britt kom Trikru. There are things Wren simply cannot teach you. Were you a boy it would be a different issue, but it is not." Then a nod. "Good. You do that."

Kai can't help but laugh,"Hair can come loose. This short.. there's no chance of it. Besides.. it is very effective repellent. I have been told by no less than two men that it makes me singularly unattractive." which by her measure, isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Peake gives Kai a flat look. Which she seems to have perfected over the years. A 'mom' look. "Maybe, but clearly it's not being tied right. Land sakes, I may have to take you under my wing myself." She seems to make a 'peh' noise at the mention of being unattractive. "That sounds to me like a pair of boys who've never been ridden properly in their lives to say something like that. You're a very lovely girl." She makes no comment about her current status or anything like that. Come back over, she cleans the wound on Kai's hand, tying it off with a bandage.

Kai endeavors to keep the smirk to herself, for all that her grey eyes twinkle with amusement,"Don't know.. not going to find out. I.. appreciate the thought, truly.. I just.." she shrugs her shoulders,"it has never been terribly important to me." she submits to having her hand cleaned and bandaged without complaint,"I've always been more interested in war than sex."

"Sex is war, girl." Peake states. "A very entertaining, sometimes angry, passionate, and long-sustaining war. And there is always a worthy adversary to take to that particular battlefield. But, you're right. It's not needed, but it is enjoyable. You'll want it eventually, even if just for a night. And maybe spur of the moment. But who you take to bed is not my concern. You're a grown woman. Do what you need to be happy."

From the look Kai gives Peake, she's very likely never considered it from that aspect before, and can only concede with a grunt,"I've only ever had one niron. It was not war. But I will.. bear that in mind." heck, perhaps that's even the right way to phrase it for her, considering the musing aspect that crosses her features. Sex as war. Well now.

"Yes, you think on that." Peake nods. "There will be rabbit stew waiting for you when you return. Don't be gone long." Turning back to face her from her work in the kitchen, she gets a rare smile out of the old archer. "Go now. Shoo." Then something crosses her mind, head tilting back at toward the bedrooms. "Go make sure my son is ready. I don't need him to be late for a war, because he's bedding his niron."

Kai dips her head in acknowledgment, only to grimace at the words about making sure Wren is ready because well, yes. Chances are that she's about to go interrupt him with Silver. But. Still,"Yes ma'am." are the words offered before she heads off to go knock on the door.

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