Day 064: Grandma Peake Is Pregnant
Summary: Peake snags Kai for an uncomfortably frank talk about sex, and reveals she's pregnant.
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Community Baths — Tondc, Trikru

The community baths is accessed through a long, open-air staircase that leads down into what had once been a rather large, sprawling basement. The room is constantly lit by torchlight, causing the subterrean space to glow soft golds and oranges. The floors are polished cement, and the high ceiling is supported by thick, square pillars of concrete.

The room is filled with a moist heat thanks to the giant pots of water almost constantly boiling at the center of the space over well-kept fires. The room is ventilated by several exhaust pipes in the ceiling, keeping the air circulating. In addition to there just being spaces to sponge bath, there are several actual tubs, some so large that there are benches built into the mortar.

Along one of the walls are several shelves of woven towels, cloths for washing, large bowls and pitchers for collecting the hot water, and crude cuts of soap. Bathing here — outside of the tubs, of course — is merely a process of collecting the offered supplies, and finding a place in the room to bath. The floors are gently sloped toward various drains in the floor, so pooling is never a problem. As this is a communal bath, stripping naked and washing one's self is done in plain view of others, but there is an unspoken rule of the bathroom that wandering eyes are not accepted.

Day 64

Please be advised in advance this log should likely be considered NSFW

Peake goes looking for Kai. Because maybe she wants to get some time in with her granddaughter now that she's back home and can pry her away from Wren's side. No good will she be if she just sits there, Silver knows what she's doing. So she goes out stalking the young woman, intent on finding her and getting to take some time to talk. Get to know each other. Just something, because she doesn't want to sit in the healing house either. She's still a mother, and still worries about her son. Her skirt is trailing after her, walking along the road that leads out of the guest housing, likely on her way towards the healing house itself, figuring that's where she'd be.

Kai is probably late(ish) home. Mostly because she did try to get a deer and eventually had to give up and collect her latest bunch of rabbits. Damnit. Somehow bringing home rabbits just doesn't seem as impressive as bringing home a deer, but she hurts in all kinds of ways as she limps her way with distracted unhurriedness towards the guest village, only to pause when she notices Peake heading out,"<In Trigedasleng> Grandmother Peake," she's still not worked out exactly how to reference her properly yet, Tri women seem to be a little weirded about 'ma'am', so she goes with the next best title of respect she can think of as applicable,"<In Trigedasleng> Is there something you need fetched?" not that she can't do it, but well, younger generation.

Hawkish eyes seem to pick out the short-shaved woman when she starts approaching with her latest pair of rabbits. Always rabbits, eventually she'll bring down a deer. She'll make a fine meal for her then. When she approaches, she keeps walking forward. "You, girl. Follow me." she says, continuing. "Spending time with your grandmother is a requirement that you are going to have to fulfill." Because the older woman simply demands it, brokering no argument. There's halt there, the rave-haired former archer, sniffing the air. You learn to smell certain things after so many years. And she sniffs a little closer to Kai. "Hmm." And then she continues on, not desiring to yet explain what that was all about.

Oh boy, in Kai world generally spending time with authority usually means being in trouble for something, and it does effectively make her back straighten and shoulders square into what her brain considers a more properly respectful posture, for all that she dips her head in acknowledgment,"I.. ah, rabbits?" she tries, only to be sniffed at, which in and of itself makes her nervous, especially when it gets a 'hmm', her electing to take a not so surreptitious sniff of herself in self-conscious concern as she turns back the direction she was coming from to follow the venerable archer with all the anxiousness of a child.

"They'll stay fine until after we're done." Peake says airily, continuing onward. "You fought well, I hear. Saved your father. Just as a Second and daughter should." Any compliments that she gives, seem to be of the suggestion that they ones that should be just assumed. But when you have children like Starling and Wren, sometimes you have to spell it out. It's just something she's gotten used to. "You know how to skin a rabbit yet, girl? If you do not, you will learn. For now, we are going to spend some time together." She doesn't sound in trouble? At least, that might be swayed once it becomes clear she's heading for the bathhouse.

Oh great, so Kai /does/ stink. At least, that's the only thing she can presume when she works out where they are heading,"I wasn't going to let them hurt him." she grunts quietly before adding distractedly,"Ah.. yes? I'm not.. super good at it yet, but I know how to do it. Mostly I can avoid splitting the bowels in the process at least." of course Peake's in better condition than her, especially right now, so no doubt the pace the older woman sets is so very not comfortable to the teen at present, but she's not about to request she slow down, discombobulated and out of her element.

"Then I will show you how to do it better." is all that Peake manages to say on the matter. Going inside and climbing the stairs, they find themselves in the changing area facing the bathes. Without a word, she begins to disrobe. And while Kai has seen her fair share of wounds and scars, Peake has a great deal of them. Many litter her body. Some very, very old, and some within the last five years or so. So she must've retired recently. Though she may of missed the last Ice War due to age. She also bears the scars of stretch marks around her abdomen, scars in their own right from carrying four children. The bathhouse is relatively empty at this time day. "You reek of sex, my dear." she finally says now that they have some privacy. Though the way she says it, much like anything else, doesn't sound like she's condemning or criticizing her. "Which is fair. As do I." Blunt. She's blunt.

Oh green freaking Eden.. Kai goes from surreptitiously eyeing Peake's wide variety of scars with no small degree of impressed to gaping like a fish, and proving that her skin is capable of coloring under extraordinary circumstances. But if her mortification wasn't complete on the first sentence, the second might just well count as a sucker punch to the brain given the way she stutters mentally as her brain flat out refuses to contemplate,"Green eden." is all she manages to squeak, after some consideration electing to hang up the bunnies.. steam cleaned bunny, and very gingerly start prying off her armor. It's not really until she gets her shirt off that it clicks that well maybe that's not a super great idea if she had any intention of attempting to deny the words, but her brain's still stuck trying to find a gear and doesn't entirely consider that well, yes, marks likely confirm things.

"Here." A naked Peake will help Kai out of her armor, going through the motions like they're second nature. Once Kai has her clothes off as well, she look over the girl's body, going far enough to take her chin between her pointer finger and thumb, turning her head this way and that. "You were bedded well." she finally says. "You needed it." she utters, letting her hand drop and heading to one of the tubs. "Did you bed him well?" she asks lightly, being a perhaps a bit more careful than usual when she gets into the tub.

Now would be the time that a hole could open in the earth and swallow her whole and Kai would be happy. Especially as she is examined, even without the statements or question that follows. She's slower about following after Peake, still trying to mentally adjust gears given her birth family's reluctance to speak about such things,"He.. was not displeased?" she elects to venture with while mentally cringing, careful herself about crawling in to the tub,"I.. ah. He said we need a rematch." yes. That helps. Maybe she can drown herself, that might make it better.

"Good." Peake seems ummoved by Kai's awkwardness. "You took my advice to heart then. I would expect no less out of you." That does seem to be her favorite phrase. Always has been. She starts to wash herself. She does not ask who is or what his name is, doesn't seem interested. "Then you fought well, Kai. Take pride in that. If a man spills his seed, he is definitely not displeased. It's only when he does not is the time to worry. Ah, is that so? Well, then. You are living better than I took you for. Good luck in that particular battle."

Somehow Peake's blithe indifference doesn't make it any less awkward for Kai, though she grunts a quiet acknowledgment,"I did not set out with that purpose." she feels the need to defend herself against an accusation that was never even leveled, draping her cloth over her face at least for the moment in her usual 'I'm just going to hide now' action,"Right now it.. doesn't matter, the Skai are are sterilized until we turn twenty. So.. ah.. yeh." green eden can it get any more awkward? She's pretty sure she doesn't want to know,"I.. ah. Yes." so much awkward. The only way it could be worse would be if Wren was there, she mentally decides, and figures she should take it as marginally better to at least only be being questioned by Peake.

"We hardly do. Most times it is spur of the moment. That's how I met your grandfather. I decided I wanted him, I took him." Peake says factually. "Are you? I didn't know that. Interesting. A shame we do not have such things. There are some young ones who do not, nor should not be allowed to breed. Their children seem to remain so far into adulthood. Sadly, we have tea but little else." There's something of a frustrated snort from her. "My Veldt and I made a mistake in that." Pause. "I suppose you should know, because I would rather you hear it from me than from someone like Starling or Pontus second hand. You're going to have an uncle or aunt in…oh, I would say, eight months." That said, she continues to wash herself. "In the end, I just wished to talk with you. You have too few women in your life. The hair still bothers me, but I will let it stand."

Kai can't help the little burble of laughter that's startled from her at the frank simplicity of Peake's statement. She wanted him, she took him, it does at least make her stop hiding under her cloth and start washing herself properly,"The Skai only allowed a woman to have one child.. ever. So it has been.. long held practice." that's easier for her to talk about, by far,"I'm not sure whether or not they still have the facilities for it, though, normally you went to Go-Sci, and it didn't crash." and then the mental train is derailed anew,"I.. wait.. you're.. pregnant?" that just boggles her mind,"I.. congratulations?" that's the right word, she's pretty sure, though she does manage a wan sort of grimacing smile regarding women in her life,"I did not have any grandparents in my old family. And while my mother is.. kind.. she is not strong."

"Shame. Children are a blessing." And that Peake gives away a little emotion. She must love being a mother. She even touches her stomach, going silent for a moment. "Yes, granddaughter, I am. A surprise to me as much as it is for you, I'm certain. Veldt is excited about it. He is always so insufferable." Likely that's just her way of saying how much she loves him. "We will never replace your blood, girl. They will always care for you. Even if it just is your mother. Wren has told me about your father. A weak man. I would've feathered him for his arrogance. But you, Kai. You are strong. You saved my son. You fought well and you brought glory to this family as I knew you would. And if you think you are going to get out helping raise this child, you are sorely mistaken." A ghost of a grin passes her lips. "Unless of course you are busy with your new chew toy." Really, she looks pleased that she's getting laid.

"It was a necessity of circumstance. Only so much food, only so much space." Kai grunts, she can't help but look kind of impressed, she doesn't know anyone Peake's age who has gotten pregnant, and clearly the older woman is pleased,"My mother and I are from two different worlds, in some ways it may well be kinder to her to simply let her think me dead." is her quiet opinion on that front, only to grimace at mention of her father,"A dead man, now. Though he would be.. very displeased, by what I have become." which perhaps is why there's some grim satisfaction to her smile,"He is my father, and my First, of course I did what was necessary to protect him.. though I am not sure it is a good idea for me to help with that.. I know nothing of children.. and I do not.. know.. if this.. if it will be anything more than what it is."

"You will have to learn, girl. You are joining a large family. You think your father and that…" Peake lets out a sigh. "…Silver," she doesn't like using first names, but clearly she doesn't know how to handle her title now. "..will not have children? It is going to be something you will have to learn. Better you do so with children that are not yours before you perhaps have them yourself." Which is just logic, really. A nod at protecting Wren, nothing needs to be said on that, she expected her to do so. "He will live. That is enough. But, enough of that. Clearly, your ability to gossip with women is severely lacking. It is the one…liberty I allow myself." So she turns to face her, letting an arm hang on the rim of the tub. "You wish to see him again?"

Kai gives a dip of her head in acknowledgment for all that there is a slight grimace,"I am certain they will," and Silver will stay home to look after them, at least that's the unspoken assumption in Kai's mind, multi-children family's are so very entirely out of the teens depth,"I.." she furrows her brows, well, yes, objectively that's true, but she isn't entirely certain that it's a bad thing, except grandma Peake seems to be suggesting it is. And she can't help but go straight back into blushing teenager. As evinced by the embarrassed burble of laughter,"I will wrestle with him again." is how she elects to put it, still sidling sideways around things,"He is.. older than I am. Handsome, I suppose? A scout who likes to hunt.. and ah.. yes. I had found a pond? And I was.. going to bathe.. when he showed up."

"Ugh, I can only imagine it now. My son a father." Peake seems to just…hard to say what she feels on that. "But he does well enough with you." High praise from her. So many things she now has to consider carefully. "Now that the war is over, expect a great many children by this time next year. There is always an increase after a major war. Warriors coming home to their houmons, reminded their time is not forever." But she's listening to her stammer. "Grow some courage, girl. Wrestling. I like that word for it. But, handsome, good. Apparently he likes to leave a mark on you. I would bet you gave as good as you got. And you plan on seeing him again. Do not rush such things, girl. Play with him, enjoy it. Be his friend should you so wish it. You do need more friends, girl."

"Silver is not that much older than I am, so likely not for a couple of years yet." Kai has to point out,"But yes, I think he will make a fine father. He is certainly ready to be, it is not he who is resisting acknowledging what they have." clearly she's not thought about the likelihood of an influx of post-war children, and can't help but shake her head,"It's just.. not something we speak about. And I do not have many female friends." she grunts quietly, defensively, though she grunts her acknowledgment,"I had friends. More friends than I'd had for years.. at skaigeda. Though most of them consider me a traitor to the Skai now." she shrugs her shoulders,"To me I am surprised they would choose to stay with the Skai given what they did to us, but.. to each their own. I have friends, they are family and gonakru, but still friends." and most of them a good decade older than her, not that Kai has even likely noticed that particularly,"He will help me learn how to hunt better, I hope. But.. yes. I do not know where it will go. For now it is enough that it was.. fun."

"Pft, what am I, girl? Chopped liver?" Peake offers to Kai at the mention of few female friends. She doesn't look offended. No, Kai would know if she was. "You still have friend, even if they are Skaikru. If you think them worthy, then they are. There is little broker on the matter. Whether they join us eventually is their choice. Just because they are Skaikru does not mean you cannot see them. And the same for them. I might even tolerate them being in my home. Maybe. Don't be surprised, their choice is their own. Perhaps things are different now, but I care little for Skaikru politics." Another nod. "Teach you hunting. Yes, you need it. I expect a deer eventually, girl. Then, a boar. Do not think too much to the future. Enjoy him. I'm sure he thinks the same. Though what I would suggest? Take him without asking, see what he does. Be bold, claim him for your own for a night. Take his cock in your hands and suck it. Men love that. They are so easy to please with their carnal desires." Crass. Peake can be crass.

"I.. no.. I just.. you are a new friend." there, that sounds alright, in Kai book at least, though she nods slightly,"I was stalking deer all morning.. I swear they laugh at me. Maybe when my hands are fully healed." because trying to hold a bow with the left one still stitched together from the sword wound and the right one and it's bullet hole it's.. painful. And she can't help but just stare at Peake silently for a long moment at her suggestion, grunting acknowledgment,"I.. perhaps I shall ambush him and remove his opportunity to use his hands so that he must submit to what I want." which perhaps is more information than she really intended to share, speaking ahead of her brain.

"That's because you form with a bow is poor, girl." Peake points out. She would know, she's the master archer here with decades of experience. "He can teach you how to stalk, but I will teach you the bow now that you have plenty of time. Tell me when your hands heal. Unless Britt wishes to do that. She is a good woman, and a good archer. She would do just as well." Though maybe Peake is looking for excuses to spend time with Kai. "Ohhh…how devilishly lovely." Now she approves. "Win the battle before it begins. You plan well, girl. There is hope for you yet. Indeed, ambush the poor sod, have you way with him, and then.." he casts her a knowing look. "Make him beg for release. And give him nothing til he agrees. It works very well if you can tie him up beforehand."

"I find it imprudent to reject training, grandmother Peake, there are always more things that can be learned, especially when it comes to bows." she rubs her hands with a quiet sigh,"I need to get better at avoiding being struck, it is something Wren and I will have to work on, it is only a matter of time until I lose a limb otherwise." she grimaces, not liking that idea at all, but at least easily distracted by Peake's suggestion for all that she squirms,"He's strong.. granted, he had the advantage of leverage, too, but.. if war is what it is.. then a smart general goes into the battlefield prepared.. besides.. I like the idea of making him beg. I like it alot." probably unsurprisingly.

"Then we will begin when your hands are ready for it. Just don't get into any fights beforehand, yes?" Peake notes lazily, tilting her head back in ease, enjoying the soak. "I will have a bow ready for you when it is time. Dodging? Yes, that would be Wren's area. He has spoken of your training. To him, knowing how to deflect a blade is just as relevant to not being there when the blow is swung. There are advantages to both, but splitting attention can cause trouble. Training in war time tends to reflect more on killing than dodging. Finish the fight quickly and move on to your next target. Now that we are not, you will be dodging his swings a great deal, I think." The matter of her chew toy is grinned at a little. "A prudent thought. He might even enjoy being bested in such a way. I find that men are more easily receptive when we do not submit to them. Still, it is give and take. Give him passion when you both desire it. And denial will make him crave it more. You will find the more you use your feminine wiles the easier it may to wrap him around your finger. But, that being said, if it was that easy to do so, he would not be worth your time. A worthwhile man will fight. Those are the ones to keep around. At least for a little while."

"I'll try not to." Kai agrees, unaware of what she'll end up doing later,"He runs me hard, but it is good, if he did not I would not be alive still, and though I cannot say I keep up with them.. none can say I don't hold my own." she murmurs,"But now, at least, there is time. To heal properly, and to help build.. the family will need many houses, as will the village as a whole.. and yes, to practice the things that we have not been able to spend as much time on." she drapes her cloth about her neck to settle in, stretching her arms along the rim of the tub with a careful wince,"All of this is.. new to me." she elects to confess,"In matters of the bedroom I let Eli.. lead. He has more experience than I do. Until today I'd never.. even thought about… fucking another man. It was.. fun.. wrestling with him. But I am not.." she presses her lips together,"these things are not familiar to me. When the other girls were trying to entice boys.. I was learning to fight."

"He is a good father." Peake notes, then pointing a finger at Kai. "And if you tell him I said that, I will deny it." Yeah, Wren will have to earn that one from her. "A great deal of building, yes. It will not be the Coesbur I grew up in but it will be good enough to raise our newest addition. By the time they are old enough to be Seconds, I will be old enough to pass on, thankful for one last chance to be a mother. It will of been…a good life. A full life. I have no regrets." The matter of Eli and sex she gives a nod, maybe understanding. "You sound like me at your age. Heartbroken by a man, little experience until I simply decided I would not let fear rule me. I made mistakes, I learned as I went, but I regretted none of it. No one is good when they first start out, simply being willing to make mistakes in the process. There is courage in that. Treat sex like a fight, and you will enjoy it more. But it appears you already have. Perhaps you simply needed to be exposed to other forms of it. You last niron seems to sound like he enjoyed the gentle kind. There is nothing wrong with that. It has it's place and time. But women like us, girl. Our blood burns for passion and lust. Love has it's place, but only for select few. Those would try for your heart. They must earn it first. And only when you are willing to give it. Our choice on our time. Besides…sex is healthy. I always felt being fucked before battle made me better in a fight. Kept my senses sharp."

Kai buttons her lip with a soft laugh,"It is unfortunate that it will not be the same Coesbur, but hopefully.. it will be as good in time as the old one was." she's quiet and chews on her lip rather than comment about the potential for Peake dying,"I was.. planning on taking some time, but the opportunity presented, and to be honest I kept thinking about your words. And I had never been with a Tri-man before. But.. yes.. Eli is a gentle soul, and I just.. today was fun, more fun than.. usual.. I liked fighting with him. But I can't say I've been fucked before battle, usually I am too wounded to do so."

"Oh? That so? You look plenty hurt to me, with your stitches and whatnot, and yet you still decided on having a romp. As your bruises would attest." Peake says easily, finally rising up. "I am clean and we have talked. I enjoyed it. But now, I should take you home and teach you how to skin and prepare a rabbit properly." Her grace rising out of the tub is still elegant, as most things she does always is. As she passes by Kai, she places a kiss on her head. "I envy you, child. The adventure of life that still waits before you. You are going to have a marvelous time. But come, dry off, and let us make dinner together. Before you run off with Britt or whoever this man is."

"Most of this is.. old.. at this point." Kai grunts, uncomfortable with the thought that maybe there's something to what she said, even if she blushes, dredging herself out of the water after the kiss on her head with a soft laugh,"I.. yes. I imagine I shall feel worse in the morning, but that is what willow bark is for." she trails after her,"I was going to go by the pub later, they were talking about celebrating, and well.. yes, I might.. see him.. down there. Maybe." she agrees, content to trail off and help to make dinner, even if later on she's going to end up in a fight in the bar. Oops.

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