Day 027: Hail Mary - Indra Introductions
Summary: The Skaikru embassy and their escort finally meets with kruheda Indra kom Trikru.
Date: 21 June 2016
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Indra's War Camp, The Wilderness
In sceneset.
27 Days After Landing

Finally, the krukeda has made time to see the Skaikru Ambassador and her escorts — or the Skaikru prisoners and their assistants, depending on your point of view. Indra kom Trikru is a strong women in her early or mid forties, her face tattooed, lined, and scarred. Nails pierce her ears, and she wears well-broken-in armor of leather with metal and plastic plates guarding her shoulders and torso. The still-masked unit leader who brought the mixed group into camp leads them through the encampment of hundreds and hundreds of Trikru warriors to where Indra waits. As they walk, a path opens before them through the watching Trikru, a mixture of curses and curious looks being thrown out to the newcomers to the camp. Indra stands beside a post driven into the ground, tall enough to bind a grown warrior to. The Trikru will recognize it as the type of post used when someone receives the Death of a Thousand Cuts. Indra is silent as she awaits the Skaikru and their Trikru escort, her arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on her face.

Kai's at Fiona's left hand. Compared to the Trikru she might just be a baby warrior wearing someone elses clothes, but she's used to people staring at her and saying ugly things.. it's at least a change to have them said to her face in a language she totally can't understand. So the lean girl is content to take up the left side as a screen for Fiona, letting the shorter girl and their retinue pick the pace with her concentration studying the woman they're being brought to meet with flat-eyed curiousity. The post she doesn't understand the significance of in the slightest so it's presence is barely noted by her at least.

Fiona steps forward when she is presented to Indra. She's still dressed as Trikru, her face striped with face paint to aid in movement through the woods, though much of it has faded. She keeps her hands at her sides, and her chin up. There is a fine line between showing no fear and being disrespectful, and sometimes that line is hard to see, but Fiona's had her eye on it for a while now. She thought she was brave, chained to the doorway of Tesla, but she hadn't known what that meant. She's never had so many people counting on her for their very lives. And now she has to remind herself of the words from history her parents often reminded her: Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to do what is necessary despite it. She takes a breath, keeps her gaze level, and lets the words fall carefully from her lips.

"Ai laik Feyona, bandrona kom Skaikru. Ai koma op yu, chich op ai." I am Fiona, Ambassador of the Skaikru. I am honored that you will speak to me.

To the other side of Fiona is Elias, dressed in Wren's old clothes that are a size or two too small for him. Since the 'jig' has been up for a bit now, he's moves his belt to hold up the recently-gotten trousers. The ink still stains his face where Cameron had applied it so he could better blend with his surroundings in the forest. Standing there while Fiona is presented, he chooses to remain quiet for the time being. A glance is spared for Kai, though he's quick to settle his attention on Fiona and Indra. It feels formal, so he stands straight and tall as he can.

Britt has been pretty quiet and somber since meeting up with Indra's patrol, and continues to remain so now as she flanks the Skaikru party. Her eyes can't help but drift to the post briefly as they arrive at the audience, wondering if they'll be strung up on it next.

The large frame of Wren is silent, standing nearby Britt, watching on carefully. The big guy has done little talking either, though he did spare a conversation with Kai earlier. Other than that, the warrior has kept mostly to himself, meditating. But now that there's a meeting going, he's joined everything else. Might as well watch how it's going to go.

"<In Trigedasleng> Someone taught you Trigedasleng." Indra does not sound particularly happy about this, glancing aside to the Trikru who came with the Skaikru and then back to the Delinquents. "<In Trigedasleng> Do the rest of you speak it too?" Her dark eyes shift to Elias and Kai as well. "<In Trigedasleng> It surprised me to hear that the Heda had ordered these children delivered safely to me, Britt kom Trikru."

From the lack of reaction from Kai, that one doesn't speak Treeslang, letting Fiona do the talking while she studies the kruheda with her grey eyes, from nails in her ears and scars to armor. There's not a glance given to her companions or their escort in favor of just studying the older woman quietly, posture adopted from long familiarity of 'at ease' cadet style.

"They don't." Fiona says, switching to English. "But I do. I listened when people talked. Because I wanted to learn, because I believe part of the way to understand others is to understand how they speak. Even beyond just the words they use. So that's what I try to do. We have traveled hard to come speak with you, kruheda, even knowing that you may choose not to, and that you could decide to kill us rather than hear us." She can only hope Indra will see some bravery in that.

Elias knows he's being addressed by Indra as she does look at him. Without knowing what she's saying, however, he just looks back at her blankly and glances again over to Kai. As nonresponsive as Kai, Elias just looks uneasily at Indra before shifting his attention to Fiona. There is no move to agree with Fiona or any move to speak for the moment because he hasn't yet been addressed. In English.

Britt shakes her head. "<In Trigedasleng> Those were not the heda's orders," she explains, sounding a little surprised to hear Indra say that. "<In Trigedasleng> She sent us to observe the Skaikru, to learn their capabilities and to find out if they were a threat and if they were responsible for Thripoda. She said it was a matter for you, so I thought you deserved to hear our reports - and theirs -" She nods towards the skaikids. "<In Trigedasleng> For yourself, kruheda. That is why I brought them to you. If I have overstepped, I accept full responsibility." Her mouth tightens in a grim line there, calm but nevertheless bracing herself.

No reason for Wren to add anything just yet. He might speak up eventually, but for the time being, he's just going to stand next to Britt and look pretty.

When Kai and Elias show no reaction, Indra nods to herself, and then again at Fiona's words in Gonasleng. She responds in that language, "At least you know that much, sky child. But whether you die here or die in your camp, blood must have blood." She looks back to Britt and Wren, "<In Trigedasleng> And yet you valued bringing enemies of the Trikru to me higher than coming to my side to fight against them. To avenge the death of seven hundred of our people."

That gets a reaction from Kai at least, the slightest straightening of her back and squaring of her shoulders as her lips part, but no, she's not here to talk, that lovely job gets to be Fiona's. So she elects it's the better part to clasp her hands before her as loosely as she can manage and try to borrow the analogy of picturing a cup of water in her mind just about as hard as she can for the moment.

Elias' own jaw clenches as he hears Indra speak the words in English. That right there? That's why they're having such big misunderstandings right now. Taking a breath in, he continues to very quietly listen. With the proceeds largely in a language he doesn't understand, he does find himself at a loss. He does watch Fiona out of the corner of his eye, though. At least he's still armed, for what it's worth, presumably. And that isn't worth a whole heck of a lot in this particular circumstance.

Once again Britt shakes her head. "<In Trigedasleng> No, kruheda. I am here, now, answering your call. I will follow you into battle." There is a grim, almost resigned note in the archer's voice when she says this. "<In Trigedasleng> I wished only to ensure that you had all the information before deciding whether the blood of these Skaikru would truly balance the scales for Thripoda. Blood calls for the blood of those responsible. They claim they were not responsible. I did not know if you knew this. I trust your wisdom to hear their tale and to decide for yourself."

There's a look at Britt, wondering if she wants to field that But clearly he's not vocally giving his loyalty one way or another. "<In Trigedasleng> She did as the Commander has ordered. A number of us have investigated both the impact site and have had a degree of interaction with the Skaikru. Frankly put, the ones on the ground, they lack the cunning or ability to do something so…destructive. The ones up there? In the Sky?" he sticks a finger up. "We know nothing of them."

"Even if it's not the right blood?" Fiona continues to keep her attention on Indra. She only understands some of the Tridegasleng, but she doesn't have to let Indra know that - the woman can probably tell based on the way Fiona speaks. "I understand that justice is important. But it's not justice if the truth is not heard and considered before blood begins to flow. I ask," Asks, but does not beg, "To be heard. And to speak to you of ways in which Skaikru may prove to be of more worth alive than with our bones littering the forest ground."

Indra nods at Britt's correction, allowing it without further question, "Good. It's been too long since you saw a good battle." There's even a flash of a tight smile from the kruheda. Wren's words draw a faint frown, and Indra responds in Gonasleng, "Your argument for why these criminal children," apparently someone shared that point with her, "are innocent is that they are incompetent?" Finally, she looks back to Fiona, "I would suggest you not tell me what justice is, girl. You clearly do not think that you are incompetent. Do you deny that you had contact with your Sky City? That you have the capability to give them a location on a map and tell them to," she looks for the right words for a moment, "'land' a 'dropship' on it? Or do you claim not to be Skaikru? Because the Skaikru killed seven hundred of my people, their blood cries out for its justice, and I cannot give them the blood of those still in the Sky."

Must not speak, must not. Kai inhales a breath and presses it out between pursed lips, letting her eyes settle unfocused as she can manage and biting her own tongue just to keep a tamp on her own desire to speak, squeezing her hands against one another as she struggles, as best as she can to stick with the plan and let Fiona handle the talking.

A slight inclination of her head is Britt's only answer to the idea of fighting a good battle. She falls quiet, then, letting the skaikids speak for themselves.

This doesn't bode well. Fiona's the speaker for the Skaikru, so Elias is letting her handle this mostly. He does keep eyes on her just in case she might need help, though. Maintaining discipline, he gives Fiona the diplomatic reigns here. This is clearly not going to go super-great. Deep, even breaths are taken and he's looking all the more tense at the words spoken by Indra.

"Capability is not culpability." Fiona replies. "And I do not deny that at one point we had contact with the Ark. But I don't claim anything, I speak the truth: Part of our intention was to coordinate where to land to avoid the very disaster that happened. And on that night, the Ark was celebrating its most important holiday. We had worked hard to assure Trikru we wanted peace and cooperation. And then the contact stopped abruptly and just as it did - there was some kind of flash, and then the next day, the dropship fell. But it fell wrong - too fast, at the wrong angle. We have been unable to reach the Ark since. Anyone who was in that dropship died, as surely as the people of Thripoda. But those of us here on the Ground, we had nothing to do with it. Why would we work so hard for peace just to ruin it so terribly?"

Wren says nothing. Only shrugging. Not his party, but he will give his warning about the Ark to Indra as perhaps a last ditch effort. But not until then. That it may not be the best idea to piss the Ark off by killing their children. No, let's watch how it goes first.

"Can anyone but Skaikru confirm this story of lost contact? No bodies can be identified in the slaughter of Thripoda." Anger bleeds into Indra's voice at that, for all that she restrains herself physically, her arms still crossed over her chest. "So we cannot confirm that there were any Skaikru on this weapon of mass destruction. It fell quite precisely to kill seven hundred of our people, girl. You would have me believe that was random chance? That you were not feigning peace with the people of Coesbur so that you would not be destroyed before your weapon was ready?" The frustration of the other Skaikru earn them a glance, "Your bodyguards seem nervous. What do they think they will do here? Do they think to attack me if this goes poorly?"

Britt does speak up then, after Fiona's explanation. "Kruheda, I too wonder at the coincidence. Of all the miles of forest, for it to land on that precise spot… it is damning. But then I ask myself, what would they have to gain by destroying Thripoda? If they wished to intimidate us, why not claim responsibility and threaten us with it? If they wished to start a war, why then come here to sue for peace? They were already under truce with Coesbur before it happened. Thripoda has destroyed that peace, and hastened their own destruction. It is enough to make me doubt whether these skaikids are responsible for anything."

"A group of us were watching outside their village while they massed together and executed one of their own for murder." Wren states. "Watched their ship impact into the ground at a distance. But a day or so before that, we who had been observing them heard what we think was their heda speaking to them form Sky. Giving some kind of message. But the communication was cut off. From what I had heard, that was the last time they have spoken with their city in the Sky. Days later, the ship fell." That all being said, he looks over to Britt. "If they truly wished to inflict us harm. And if that truly was a weapon, why Thripoda? As far as now, none of these children knew of it's location, none of them ever seemed to travel far from their own village the days I spent watching them. Why not Tondc? Or Polis? Why not strike where the death toll would be higher? If they had truly wished to wage war, shouldn't they of struck where it would hurt the most? And not a village with not tactical value?"

With how angry this woman is? Elias is not about to speak up just yet. Those words are actually somewhat cutting, but he remains silent for a few more moments. It's only when Indra asks if they'll attack that he even makes a sound. It's a sound as if he would say something, but he buttons his lip and stays silent instead. When Wren speaks up, he looks a bit more relieved. Some of his points there, he figures. As he's not been asked to speak, he remains quiet.

"You have been told we are criminals." Fiona says. "We were sent down as an experiment - to see if the ground was survivable, but also to provide the Ark with more resources. More air, more food, more water, more space. We were thrown away. Even if the Ark did this deliberately - and all evidence suggests they did not - we were cast aside, against our will, and against the wills of our loved ones."

"Kruheda." Kai can't resist any longer, for all that there's the dip of her head with as much politeness as she can manage,"It is as they have said. But I appeal to your knowledge as a tactician. If it was an act of war, as Wren has said.. why would we attack a place we did not know existed? But moreover.. why would it be the only such strike, if it was an act of intention? The ship came before it was expected, faster than expected, and in a place where it was not supposed to come. We did not know what happened to the point that we sent our own people to try and find out. We still do not know why it happened, either. Or whose families might now be mingled with the ashes of Thripoda to mourn them." there's a nod towards the crowd,"You have more warriors in this one camp than many times over in our village.. our skaigeda. We would have to be incompetent idiots indeed to seek a war against a superior force and conduct it in such a manner."

"I do not know why Skaikru do something, Britt. Why do Azgeda do something?" Indra finally uncrosses her arms to point north with one hand. "But I know that when seven hundred Trikru are obliterated by a missile from the sky, this is not an accident." Wren's added information, however, causes Indra to lapse into thoughtful silence for a long moment, "Then they did lose connection to their Sky City. But did you know that they had their own scouts close to Thripoda just before it was destroyed? A patrol of five. We found them returning from their mission, before the missile struck. I understand doubt, and accept its wisdom at times. But doubt also paralyzes us. Thripoda was larger than Coesbur, before it was destroyed. That alone makes it a more valuable target, especially if they did not know the location of Tondc or Polis." Kai's addition causes her eyes to narrow, and she nods slightly, "It seems there are warriors among your people. But do not try to play me for a fool, young one. I understand that some weapons are available in limited numbers, or can only be used every so often. I also understand the value of seeing the results of a strike. It is not, however, wise to feign weakness. It often invites a strike. We know you have guns, that you would tempt the Mountain with them."

Britt bobs her head slightly to acknowledge Indra's points, frowning as she considers them. She looks over to the Skaikru to see how they answer, lapsing into silence once more.

Elias finally speaks up to Indra, now that Kai has spoken. His own tone is matter-of-fact as he regards the Kruheda. "Kruheda, the five went missing looking for a new game trail somewhere to the south of our camp. We went out looking for them when we found two of our own wounded. Your message declaring war and the sickness that spread across our camp." Pressing his tongue out between his lips then, he considers further. "We had no idea they had made it out there close to Thripoda."

"Wait.. before?" Kai pauses with a furrow of her brows,"They were sent to search for food, kruheda. If they were a war party, as you say.. would they not have had rifles?" there's an apologetic look towards Fiona, she understands after all that it's not supposed to be her talking,"I'm not trying to play you for a fool. You can ask those you have had guard us, we brought none with us. When we eluded Sonia's warband to seek you out, we did not harm them, either. Those guns were not fired until Sonia's people attacked our camp, to defend our people. Out of respect for the Trikru, and what they have said of the Mountain."

"We have guns." Fiona affirms, "But we haven't used them save to defend ourselves. And we made the choice to ally with Trikru, not the Mountain Men. If we have no cause to use them, then we won't." She shakes her head. "That group being that area was an unfortunate coincidence, but that's all it was - coincidence. We did not go to Coesbur to establish peace, we did not risk our necks to come to you, only for it to be a ruse. Surely at least, we've given you cause to pause. When the dropships come down," God, she hopes the dropships come down, "We can find out the truth. And then, the blood could have blood. The right blood."

"It is as she says." Wren nods at Kai. "During my observations, their firearms were not used until Sonia's men attacked their camp. They seemed to make it a point /not/ to use them until they were truly threatened. Still, what do they have? A handful of warriors, and ill-trained ones at that? The rest, little more than farmers and craftsmen. They are no army, and a far cry from a warband, and they are little threat to us." He focuses a bit more directly on Indra. "Coesbur's warriors could have wiped them out if we had chose to. Oxfor gave them the opportunity to heal our sick, which they did. Why do that? Why heal our people if they were just going to destroy another village. There would've been no point. They would've left our sick to wither and die. But they didn't. There is no logic to healing some, only to kill others later. And if they wanted war, would they even bother to be here? Would they even bother speaking to you?" Then a shrug. "It makes a little sense, but from what I have seen, what I have heard, they have done everything the opposite of trying to start a conflict."

Indra shakes her head at Elias, "We followed them back from near to Thripoda, but did not attack them until after you destroyed our village." Frustration paints her features at the mention of the sickness, "A mistake, that was. Poorly done. But done and past." A glance to Kai, "And you should stick to one story," which, to be honest, it really is, except from a certain point of view, "skaigirl. Either your war parties carry rifles, or you hide them out of respect for the Trikru, even when you should destroy them." Wren gets an aside, "And yet, they killed seven hundred of our people. I would say that makes them a threat." And then Fiona gets the full weight of her dark gaze, "And if you launch more of these missiles, these dropships, at our villages and cities, we will make your your deaths so painful that the Skaikru up in space will hear your screams." Her arms cross again, "Or is that it? Would you buy your own lives with the lives of your fellows up there?" She nods her head upward to make the point clear, on the edge of continuing when another Grounder approaches and murmurs something in her ear. Her face hardens, and she offers nods to Britt and to Wren before she turns to stalk away. The other Grounder notes flatly, "The kruheda will allow you to plead your case further at a later date. She has important business now."

"We do not /have/ war parties, kruheda." Kai utters firmly,"Those who hunt, do so for food. And without rifles, but if they were scouts, like you said, why would they be leaving the area when it happened? Does not a scout watch and report upon what they have seen?" she challenges, but there's someone coming to speak with the kruheda, and the girl can't help but scowl as the discussion is shut down, clamping her mouth shut with a stiff nod of acknowledgment to pivot and head back the way they came. Picturing the water glass? At least temporarily completely forgotten.

Britt continues to remain quiet, listening to all the back-and-forth with a grim frown. She inclines her head slightly when the kruheda walks away.

Wren shakes his head. Looking supremely frustrated at the short-sightedness. Nothing he can do, so he just folds his arms over his chest, and sighs.

Elias watches Indra quietly as she reacts to his mention of the sickness. Still, he's intent on sticking to facts alone. "The majority of us want peace and trade. We have medicine that we can grow and share and our healers are skilled." he gestures with his eyes upwards. When Indra departs, he is left looking a touch frustrated, but he nods nonetheless and falls quiet once more.

Yes, yes, guards. Kai does stop when their escort steps in front of her to let everyone else catch up, hands raised in a 'no, it's cool, I'll wait' gesture as she subsides with blatant impatience, shoulders rounded and head hanging as she finally shuts up. Smart enough to realize that irritating their escorts right now is only going to end badly for everyone, even if she is clearly not feeling particularly calm at that given moment.

Britt comes to a halt near Kai, crossing her arms and still wearing that same grim frown. "Well, it could have been worse. We could have all taken turns on the post," she observes dryly.

Kai casts her eyes back towards the post and then up at Britt,"Is /that/ what that was supposed to be?" she snorts,"Threats are way more effective when y'target knows they're being threatened." not that really, it seems to make much of a difference to her. She waits for the rest of the ducklings to be gathered for the trip back to their campsite with about all the good grace she can muster and paces about restlessly with pent-up annoyance,"If it were up to me, I'd take her in to the damned camp and show her it for herself.. how the hell do you prove a negative?"

"Abandon all reason, ye who enter here," Elias comments to Kai's words with a nod of his head. The young man walks in her direction then, pressing his tongue out between his lips to wet them. "Saw the same level of it when there were a bunch of us calling for Mags' blood. Maybe its' something in the water." There's a glance to Britt then and a shake of his head.

"No, I don't think that particular threat was meant for you," Britt answers, following Kai's gaze and staring for a long moment before returning her attention to the Skaikru. "You cannot. That is the heart of the problem. You have only your word, and she does not believe it." She shakes her head a little, then says sadly, "I fear there will be no stopping this war." She squints at Elias' remark. "Who is Mags?"

"That's fucked up then." is Kai's blunt opinion regarding the potential other option with a grimace, her gaze trailing after where Fi's gone,"I'm not supposed to be the one talking, and I know it. But she's smart. She knows that it's a tactically stupid way to conduct a war. I disbelieve someone can command an army without an understanding of that sort of thing. So either she's looking for an excuse.. which we wouldn't be here if she was, or there's something else going on." there's a look from the lean girl to Elias, but she doesn't elect to fill in who Mags was.

"Mags was a girl in our camp that murdered someone," Elias answers. "Rather than gain more pertinent information about a possible rebellion on the Ark…" He points upwards then. "…we had a lot of people calling for blood. There's a good chance we'd have proof if it weren't for mob mentality." A slow roll of his shoulders is given to that then. "So we listened to a voice of reaction in our camp and we killed her. Carried out by my hand. The problem here is with anger making people stupid." There's a look to Britt then. "I hope that when they do attack, the camp corrals all of that medicine we could have shared with you and the knowledge of healing…gather it all up. And then I hope that they burn it so that everything that could have helped dies with us."

Britt shakes her head. "I think you are not looking at it from her eyes, Kai kom Skaikru." She starts ticking off points on her fingers as she lists them. "Your people were found close to Thripoda just before it was destroyed. There are miles and miles of forest around, yet the dropship lands _precisely_ on Thripoda. We know you were in communication with the Sky Ark not long before it happened." She lets the hand drop, frustrated. "You talk about smart tactics, but your people are unknown to us. We don't know what they're capable of. Sending a hundred teenage criminals as a vanguard seems tactically stupid too, and yet here you are." She sighs. "I believe you. But I understand why the kruheda does not."

Britt slants a hard look to Elias then. "That sort of attitude helps no one."

"We don't know what happened up there had anything to do with Mags and her bullshit, Eli." Kai grunts,"And it would just be the word of another one of us.. about what, exactly? That some asshole guard on Mecha told her she'd get a reward if she killed one of us? That just proves us stupid, not innocent." the ex-C utters as she folds her arms before her with a frown before shaking her head,"No. If she'd already decided we were guilty we'd be dead. We're not. So there's still a chance to reason with her." there's a look in Britt's direction with a scowl at the first sentence, but then she's ticking things off and the lean girl grunts, mollified,"She stated they were found there, but that they followed them and did not attack until /after/ Thripoda was destroyed. Which means they left beforehand. Tactically if they were scouts the whole purpose of them being out there would be to see what happened, yes? Why would you pull scouts out of an area of relative safety beforehand?" she challenges,"And that doesn't address that those ships are about a century old, and not exactly high priority on repairs until they decided to send us down.. hell, probably not even now. We had trouble with our ship, too. We were supposed to land on Mount Weather because as far as we knew there was no-one down here and it had supplies we could use. You know how far we landed off course. The rockets didn't fire until late /and/ we lost a parachute during it too. As it was we had no communications and it literally took one of the other kids mothers bringing a small ship down for us to even get hold of the Ark in the first place.. now it's just dead air or we could simply take Indra to speak with Jaha herself. It'd sure as fuck make my life simpler."

Britt looks between the two Skaikids with a confused frown, not really following the whole exchange about Mags. But then Kai is talking about Thripoda again, and her eyebrows go up in wry challenge. "I have heard the stories of what happened to Thripoda. Are you honestly suggesting that your scouts would have remained close to such destruction?" She shakes her head. "The only point was that it appears your people knew the location of Thripoda beforehand. I am not calling you a liar, Kai, but don't you see that we have nothing but your word for any of that? We know nothing of your troubles with your dropships, your communications with the Sky Ark, any of it - nothing beyond what you have told us. You are expecting the kruheda to take you at your word, but trust must be earned."

"That group was lost. Had already been lost for a couple of days when Thripoda happened. We were already planning on going out looking for them when the goddamn world exploded and while one group went to Thripoda to see if anyone or anything survived, another group of us went to the southeast in search of them. Eli and I.. we helped scout that trail. We found the ambush point and followed the blood trail.. only it was Asher and Cassandra, who had been infected by the blood fever, that we found. Now what the hell /those/ two were doing out there, I don't know. But the other group was out there for /food/." she insists, finally electing to drop herself onto a log,"I'm not a tech, I don't understand how it words, ma'am. All I know is what it was for us. If I had something more than my words to offer her, I would. But there's no camera's here.. as I understand it not enough survived of the dropship for any kind of recording to be salvaged. How do you prove yourself to one another?"

Britt nods to the explanation about the scouting group. "I understand, but put yourself in Indra's position and see how it looks to someone with no other knowledge of your people or your ways. Would you see a hunting party lost in the woods, or someone sent to direct an attack? Trust comes in time, and time is the one thing you don't have." She sighs, shaking her head. "I wish I had some better answer for you. All I can suggest… stop going in circles trying to argue something that cannot be proved, and suggest instead something concrete. Something you can offer, or do… I don't know." She makes a vague motion to where they left the horses. "I should go and find Veks and Rinnan and tell them we may yet be here awhile longer."

Kai gives a slight, acknowledging nod of her head, pursing her lips and subsiding down into a frown of thought in the general direction of the sleeping. There's no snipers nest to brood in, and she's not so silly as to think that their oh-so-casual guards are going to be tolerant about her deciding to take a walk.

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