Day 027: Hail - Mary Touchdown
Summary: The Skaikru treat with kruheda Indra kom Trikru.
Date: 24 June 2016
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Indra's War Camp, The Wilderness
It's a camp. Full of warriors.
Day 27 After Landing

In any group of warriors, no matter their culture, there are always at least a couple of them spoiling for a fight. In her entirely unrelated movement through the warcamp, Kai managed to find a small knot of some of the angrier warriors. Perhaps they had friends or family in Thripoda, perhaps they just have bad tempers. Whatever the reason, the first the other Skaikru hear of it is a Trikru scout approaching them as they wait for Indra to return from whatever errand drew her away, noting, "Your friend is doing something stupid," and then gesturing in the direction of the fight going a good dozen or so campfires over and starting back in that direction. Then again, the scout left while the fight was just getting started, so just how stupid it was in the end is… up for debate.

Upon arrival at the scene, there is a knot of Grounders standing behind a wiry fellow with brilliant red hair, a split lip, a bloody nose, and a couple of split knuckles. He's not looking great, but he's in better shape than Kai. Wiping away blood from his upper lip, he flexes his hands into fists again, wincing in pain as he does, "Stop getting up, Skaigirl." The patient or close observer might notice Indra herself at the far edge of the watchers, her arms crossed over her chest and her expression unreadable.

Kai should, really, she should stop getting up. There's not a bit of her that doesn't hurt and man that eye is going to be bad once it finishes swelling. It's not the first time she's hit the ground, by any measure, but the guys demand just brings a ragged kind of laugh from her as she endeavors to clear her mouth and struggle up onto her feet one more time for good measure. She hasn't noticed Indra, really. Granted, right now it's a little hard to see anything on her right side at all presently but simply being told to stay down can't help but force her to obstinately get back up. Blood's spat on the ground as she wipes a hand across her eyes, even if, perhaps mercifully for her she doesn't endeavor to actually walk herself back into the guys fist right away.

Fiona had been talking to Elias when the gossip fell into their laps. It takes a few moments, but soon enough the two Skaikru have found the clutch of people, and Fiona, at least, has no problem elbowing her way to the front. Her eyes go fair wide at the side of a bruised and bleeding Kai, and she takes a step, opens her mouth, and then abruptly pauses when she sees Indra watching. '

"Here's hoping it works," Elias says to Fiona, glancing at her long enough to give a brief wag of his brows. The two of them have apparently been talking at least a little about the negotiations with Indra. While Indra does indeed get quite a bit of his focus when they come upon the scene, it's the 'stay down skaigirl' that catches his attention and draws it away from the stern woman. He cranes his head and circles around the gathering, trying to get visual confirmation of what he knows to be true. "Shit," he utters and then starts rushing towards the brawl. "Out of the way! Out of the way!" He tries to push through the gathering the best he can to get to Kai.

Indra speaks up then, in her usual sharp tones, "Enough. Sit down, Skaigirl, before you fall down." For all the snap of command in her voice, there is not anger, however, and at a gesture, the redheaded warrior steps back, lowering his fists. One of his fellows from the knot behind him hands over a scrap of absorbent cloth, which the redhead first dabs at his nose with, then winces again and presses to the knuckles of his right hand, instead tilting his head back and trusting to that to slow the bleeding. Elias' pushing and shoving gets some grumbles in Trigedasleng, but in general, what crowd gathered seems to be dispersing now, under a sweep of Indra's gaze.

Kai turns her head towards the sound of Indra's voice and grunts a tired sound, at least from the droop of her shoulders and hands she's not about to argue with the kruheda. And hell, sitting down is different, right? It's ungraceful, and perhaps as much //fall/ as sit, but she does drop back down onto her ass heavily, resting her left wrist on the knee of the same side and passing her raw right hand over her nose, only vaguely aware of Eli's familiar voice shouting from a distance as she tries to flex her hand with a frown,"Yes ma'am." the only words she elects to offer Indra because she's not about to pick a fight with the boss lady. Newp.

Fiona follows Elias promptly, eyes flicking back and forth between Kai and Indra. Moving to stand next to Kai, she half-crouches next to her, wincing briefly before she turns her head to look up at Indra, trying to get a guage the kruheda's expression.

The grumbles are largely ignored, but he doesn't go out of his way to body check anyone either. He's more trying to snake his way on in up until the crowd disperses. Indra's order is glanced to, but when Kai does finally give in and drop herself onto the ground. Elias hustles on over with his pack and takes a knee next to Kai. "What the hell are you /doing/?" he asks her, though it's less anger or criticism than it is worry. As Fiona joins him near Kai, he's already digging into his pack for both his makeshift canteen and one of the bandages her brought.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiona=Alertness Vs Indra=Resolve
< Fiona: Success Indra: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Talk to her." is Kai's low utterance for Fiona. She doesn't specify the who, she expects the girl to know, instead turning her head with a wince for Elias,"Making friends, of course." smiling is a bad idea. It doesn't stop her, but it's still a bad idea. She's staying where she is because right now it's just easier.

Fiona gives Kai a quick, barely there nod before straightening and turning her attention back to Indra. "<In Trigedasleng> Clan leader. May we speak?" She looks briefly over her shoulder before saying in English, "Kai's one of the best of us." She's not just talking about fighting skills.

Indra's expression is difficult to read, especially under the scars and the tattoos, her features set and arms crossed. The kruheda looks to her warrior, and then steps over toward the Skaikru, her voice very dry as she notes, "Why are you taking my warriors out of the fight to come?" Fiona's question draws Indra's dark eyes toward the other Skaigirl, "Perhaps the most stubborn. We did not finish speaking before. I believe you were telling me how we should be seeking the blood of those in the Sky, not your own blood."

Some of the clean water is poured onto the strip of cloth Elias is holding before the canteen is set down. The young man takes the wet cloth in hand and looks at her face with a wince. A brow is lifted as she starts to smile and there is a little half-smile on his own lips in return. "Maybe try smiling before you go decking people there, bub?" he comments, his eyes moving to a cut above her eye. As gentle as possible, he starts to dab at it. "You okay?" he asks finally, giving her a look. The question is left to hang for the moment as his attention is drawn briefly by Indra and his eyes go wide for just that moment. His glance moves to Fiona then and he lets his smile tug the corners of his lips a bit more. Slowly then, he pans his gaze back to Kai.

"Maybe because they're planning on killing mine an' I suspect you're not planning on letting me stop that." Kai points out, it's not an angry statement, she's out of anger for now and settles for dry amusement. The left eyes still good for glancing up in Indra's direction as she submits to Elias' ministrations,"I tried, I smiled real pretty." she insists to him,"And yeh, I'm fine. I'll be fine." if 'fine' is 'reasonably sure she should be unconscious', she's great. She can't help the wince at some of the pressure he puts on her wounds, but let's him work on it.

"That too." Fiona concedes the point with regard to Kai, and then returns her gaze to Indra. "I was. But there was something else I should have said to you, and it was my mistake for not realizing it. My people have a thing we say, to honor those we have lost. // In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.//" By the third word, Elias recites it with her, and a few words later, Kai has remembered it as well, so by the the end, all three end the prayer in unison together before Fiona speaks again. "Indra kom Trikru, what I should have told you was how regretful that we are that all of this was brought upon you and yours. This is not what we wanted. We are sorry for all of it."

<FS3> Kai rolls Persuasion: Great Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Persuasion: Good Success.
Fiona spends 1 luck points on You like us Indra, you really like us!.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiona=Persuasion+6 Vs Indra=Resolve
< Fiona: Amazing Success Indra: Good Success
< Net Result: Fiona wins - Crushing Victory

Elias looks wide-eyed at Kai's words, but doesn't dare glance back at Indra right away. Instead, he keeps dabbing the wet rag against the cut to clean it the best that he can. Instead of giving her a 'what the hell?' look for her words to Indra, he winces a little and then finally meets her eyes with his for a moment. "Thank Eden for that ass," he quips more quietly. And it's right then…that Fiona starts the prayer. Oy. He joins in the prayer, but once his part is complete he looks to Indra. "We want to know who is responsible too, kruheda. We can bring those responsible to justice so that the families and loved ones of those lost can at least have that. We -do- care about what is right."

It's the bit about 'Safe passage' that sticks in Kai's mind, really. Maybe because she's just worn out right now. There's a low burble of a laugh for Eli's words, a belated, breathless noise before she gives a grunt of agreement with the words offered Indra. She offers a flick of one of her swollen hands. That. Yes. All that might be encompassed in that gesture.

Indra shakes her head at Kai's dry statement, but before she can respond, Fiona is speaking up. She listens gravely to the words, to the prayer, and she slowly uncrosses her arms, letting them drop down to her sides. "Your words are not ours, but they express grief well." Looking over to Elias, she nods as well. Silence reigns over the little cluster in the midst of the warcamp for a long minute, and then she lifts her head slightly, "What makes you so sure that the people responsible will come down from the Sky City? From your own words, the last ship to come down created…" she waves a hand in the direction of the crater that was once Thripoda. "And what sureties do I have that they will be made available to justice?"

"The Ark is dying." Fiona says frankly. "It can no longer sustain life. Anyone who wants to survive will come down, or they will perish. If something goes wrong with the dropships, they'll die. But if the dropships come down safely, I can promise you that we will find those responsible and work with you to see that justice is meted out. Those who lead the Ark will recognize that Trikru has helped its children, and will be grateful."

Finally, Elias maneuvers himself and Kai so that she's reclining back into his lap. Carefully, he continues to apply the wet cloth in gentle dabs down her face. "Don't pass out. I am fairly certain that you…are concussed. I'll take a look once you're cleaned up." He speaks quietly, careful not to interrupt Fiona or Indra when they're speaking. With questions come answers, though and Elias seems more than willing to shoot straight. "At the moment, we aren't even sure anyone up there is alive," he tells her honestly. "We have not been in contact. But if people up there are still alive, it's like Fiona says. They will be trying to get down here. If they do make it down here, then they will be able to answer who's responsible for the dropship. If they don't, that means they are all dead. What benefit will more death bring us?"

Kai's content to be silent in the greater conversation, perhaps mercifully for everyone, letting Fiona and Elias field questions. The lean girl content to rest against Eli as she listens and tries not to get too much blood on him at least. The one eye that's not trying to swell shut remains focused on Indra to give herself something to keep her flagging attention centered on for the time being,"Probably." she agrees with Eli.

"Yet you are children. Or Seconds." Indra is… willing to be flexible on that point. "What makes you think that the adults on your… Ark," the word is unfamiliar, but she powers onward, "will give themselves up to justice on your say-so?" She looks between Fiona and Elias, glancing aside to Kai for a moment, "Do you plan to take them by force, Skaigirl?" Looking back to the talkers, she adds, "You can see how it may seem to me that I am trading a sure thing for empty air, can you not? If the people on the Ark die up there, or falling back to the ground and destroying more of my people, where is justice for Thripoda?"

"You bet your ass." Kai utters before she really thinks about it, then struggles to sit a little further upright without dislodging herself from Elias,"I don't know what happened on that ship, Indra. But I do know that there's a bunch of dead people, mine and yours, that paid the price for it. And you're damned right that if our Chanc.. Heda.. thing.. Jaha. Him. If he wont do something about it, you're damned right I will." and she doesn't care if that's going off script, apparently, not even looking at Fi apologetically for stating so.

"The skaiheda himself gave me the authority to speak for Skaikru." Fiona says. "I realize that we have no idea what the state of the Ark is in since we haven't been able to find out. But if everyone's dead up there, your blood price has been met. If they come down and Jaha is still in charge, I will demand that those responsible be turned over and remind him of the duty he put forward to me." She steps forward. "I can't tell you what will happen, but Indra, I swear - we swear - we won't ignore the responsibility of making sure that justice is answered for."

"We'll give up the guns," Elias says with a nod of his head to Indra. "As a show of good faith for now and to show you that we truly want peace, we will destroy the guns." Elias still cradles Kai, stopping the dabbing for now, but glancing down and shaking her on occasion to make sure she's still with him. His eyes do return to Indra then and he gives her a sincere look. "If you let us prove to you that those of us here mean you no harm, would you consider investigating with us and finding out what happened?" For a moment, he pauses and gives a slow nod of his head. "Kruheda. Indra. My parents are still up there on the Ark. If someone tried to hurt them, I want to know. The one that was executed…by my hand. Her name was Mags and she revealed to us that someone on the Ark, who in no way represents the Ark's leadership, communicated with her in secret. He told her to kill one of our own and try to blame the Trikru. We saw through her ruse and we put her to death because we did not want her poisoning our relationship with Coesbur. That is as much as I know and I swear to you…I understand. I want justice for your people and mine. What justice would Thripoda have if blood is taken from the innocent? Does that mean the guilty will be able to walk away?" As Kai dislodges herself, he tries to help her up, but then just watches her, blinking. There is a nod to Indra as well, though a crestfallen look from Elias. "Or she'll die trying, but her word is good."

Fiona half turns to look at Elias. "No." she says bluntly. "You can't make that promise. You're not bandrona, Elias. Destroying the guns is not a call you can make." She looks back at Indra. "But it is something that can be discussed…if we can come to an agreement to stop the fighting now. After the Ark comes down, or we agree it's not coming down."

Kai's not touching the guns issue, nope. Not her place. She subsides back against Eli again as he agree's with her, and doesn't seem to find the need to qualify her words.

Indra actually smiles a little at Kai's immediate response, nodding as she expounds on the idea, "I do not doubt your will to try. Just the ability to follow through." And then she looks over to Fiona and Elias as they banter back and forth. "You do not understand Blood Must Have Blood, Feyona kom Skaikru. If we have no hand in the justice, it is not our justice. But I take your promise in the way it was intended." Elias' offer draws her eyebrows up, although they lower again as Fiona contests his words. "The guns must be destroyed, to avoid the Mountain's wrath. Whether you do it or we do, they will be destroyed." Or so she says. "For they are forbidden in Coalition lands, and whatever happens at your camp, you are on Coalition lands. And you do not understand Blood Must Have Blood either. If the Skaikru is guilty, there are no innocents within the Skaikru. There are only those who are less guilty." She looks to Fiona, "You are asking me to put aside my justice, the justice of my dead, until you have greater numbers and more guns. Yet you have pledged to deliver the guilty to me. It seems that this hangs on whether you can be trusted. Why do you think I should trust you, Skaikru?"

"I don't," Fiona acknowledges with a nod. "But I'm trying. I'm trying to learn. I learned Tridegasleng not to try and get something over on you, but because I know that the only way two peoples can come together in peace is to try and find ways to understand and respect each other. When we discovered we were responsible for Coesbur's illness, we didn't hesitate to offer our medics to cure them. We walked into your camp having faith in your honor. And in the short time I've been here, there are Trikru that I care about. That have become my friends. Everything I've done, I've done for peace, and I think you have evidence of that. Fiona walks up close to Indra, close enough to be within harm's reach. "If you truly feel that you cannot trust me, Indra kom Trikru, I offer my life to you, to prove my trust in you, and the wisdom you have as kruheda."

Elias really can't help but want them gone. They make his neighbors more uncomfortable than they do him. But with a nod of his head, he concedes to Fiona's words. "Sorry," he says, dipping his head in a nod to her. Clearing his throat then, he goes back to tending to Kai with the wet cloth. Dab dab. When he's got the cuts clean, he gives another light wince. "Geez. What'd he hit you with? Buckles?" He studies her closely to see if there are indeed any signs of a concussion. Looking to Indra once more, Elias gives a slow nod of his head in consideration. "I understand that it's important to follow the laws of our host," he replies to her with a gentle nod of his head. There is a nod of his head in agreement with Fiona's words about trying to understand. "Many of us are trying." On trust, he doesn't have anything really. He does watch Fiona as she boldly goes forward to speak and offer her life. "Fiona…" he starts, but squints his eyes. Meanwhile, he keeps a little bit of pressure on the cut over Kai's eye to help stop the bleeding.

"Good thing this was just practice then." Kai grunts, mostly for herself, maybe sort of for Indra, the left eyelid fluttering like hey maybe falling asleep is a good idea after all despite Elias' warning not to,"Your people have watched us since we got here kruheda," she utters with her eyes closed,"you know what kind of people we are. You have reports, I am certain, that we eluded Sonia's people without harming them. That we have not endeavored to harm your camp, that we placed our faith in your wisdom and judgment from the moment we arrived." there's a faint smile for Eli's inquiry,"No buckles."

A few of the Trikru standing around shift and drift closer when Fiona steps up to Indra, but the kruheda does not move or even tense. Apparently, if the thin teenager can take her, it's time for her to go anyhow. "I have already promised Britt kom Trikru to see you back to your people when you are done here. Whatever the outcome, and whatever the outcome at your camp." She looks back to Kai then, "I have reports that you are all criminals, and have no leader here on the ground, and cannot agree on much of anything. But you have come in good faith."

"I wouldn't damage my belt hitting her hard head, Skaiboy." That comes from the redheaded warrior still hanging around having his knuckles, nose, and lip tended to. As he speaks up, Indra leans aside and speaks quiet words in Trigedasleng to one of the Scouts, who takes off at a dead run, "I provided Sonia with the warriors to attack your camp earlier today. If she has not begun her attack already, she will soon. But I will send word to halt it. I will wait until you regain contact with your… Chancellor," another foreign word in her mouth, "until your people come down, or one month, whichever comes sooner. Then we will discuss this again. If your Chancellor will not turn over the guilty parties, we will take them. Is this understood?"

Fiona fights the urge to collapse in relief. "Yes. Yes, I understand. We understand." She looks after the scout, and looks back to Indra. "Mochoff." she says, taking a step back, but not dropping her eyes from Indra's.

Elias glances back to the redheaded warrior and smirks just a touch before shifting his attention back down to Kai. "Aww. You made a friend." The smirk lifts a bit more into a smile and he just continues dabbing her wounded places with the damp rag. He catches her eyelashes flutter and snaps his fingers close to her head. "Uh-uh. Pretty sure you're concussed. Stay awake." For now, Indra is speaking to the bandrona more directly so he stays quiet. There is a nod of his head that shows the terms are agreeable to him, at any rate.

"We were criminals." Kai agree's as she opens her eyes,"Sending us down here came with forgiveness of those crimes. Some whose crime was they were born. Others that they said the wrong thing to the wrong person, or took things they shouldn't have of." there's a groan as she dislodges herself from Eli to sit up properly with an acknowledging nod for his words,"They argue like old women and are all certain they know best and mostly they can't agree on anything except that they don't want to die. But you know what? This place is great for teaching you what matters." there's that smile, for Elias, yes, but in the direction of the redheaded warrior too.

The words about warriors having already been sent has her lurching to her feet again with a groan,"Then it sounds like we need to get moving. Much-of.." she's at least trying, even if she can't exactly understand or replicate Fiona's word properly, she figures it's supposed to be something polite,"C'mon." it seems she's going to lurch off in the direction of their fire.. if she can work out which direction it is, or which fire is theirs.

Indra nods at the various reactions, although Kai's words get a, "And some who stole. Or killed. Or committed treason." And then she shakes that off as a minor point, adding one last warning, "If you try to play me false, Skaikru, or the Trikru is not satisfied by the justice offered by your Chancellor, it will not matter if you run to the coldest corner of Azgeda, we will find you and blood will have blood. Now go, rest. In the morning, I will see you returned to your people."

"According to the skaiheda, we were all pardoned upon landing on the ground." Fiona reminds, though at the moment, it's not an important detail. "Thank you. We'll be ready to go in the morning." Looking back to Kai and Elias, she moves to settle alongside of them, and winces. "Crap, Kai." she murmurs in awe.

Elias presses his tongue out to wet his lips and nods his head to Kai in agreement with her words to Indra. His own eyes lift to her and he starts to speak, but then Kai is getting up from his lap and getting to her feet. "Kai! Be careful!" he says quickly to her and gets to his feet in short order as well. He's not nearly as graceful, but he's quick to move with her to make sure she's steady. "Relax," he tells her, trying to reach out to stop her from going further.

To Indra's words, he nods his head to her. "Understood, kruheda." There is a small amount of worry there for the intimidating words, but he does seem agreeable. Looking to Fiona then, he nods his head. "I've got her." He winces sympathetically in regards to Kai. "We'll need to get something to prop her head up with." To Kai then, he smiles weakly. "You're going to have a hell of a headache."

"Yep." Kai agree's with Indra, seemingly intending the one word to encompass everything, though she might just protest having to wait there is that whole thing about not really being in a fit state to walk let alone ride right this second,"Worth it." she asserts for the other two skaikids,"But where's this 'going to', that guy hits hard." she's not going to object to help, not right now. And let's them help her off to rest before they head back. Riding a horse right now would be really bad.

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