Day 035: Healing House Blues
Summary: Convalescing warriors and visitors chat in Tondc's Healing House in the wake of Reapercussions.
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The Healing House — Tondc, Trikru
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Day 35

It was past noon the day after the battle. Benning and Wren were at Tondc healing and Kai should be. Sadly, Pontus still hadn't stopped. After dropping Kai off at the healer's lodge he told her he had one more thing to take care of and headed back out. There were parts of his anatomy that may never forgive him for being on a horse for a day and a half injured. Several in fact. But on the upshot he was used to being yelled at by himself and has yet to appreciably listen. Knowing when to quit was never really in his skill set as evidence might show. As it was now he finally came back and parked his Mustang outside. (Actual classic real Mustang and not one of those squirrel killers that Ford used to make). He had Elias with him. he hurt, and he looked grumpy which probably meant he was still healthy. A scabbing and bloody hand pushed the door open to the building and tiredly pointed Elias inside. "Don't wander off. I don't have the energy to ask someone not to stab you if you wander off. She's in there."

At some point, Silver stitched Kai back together, and though the former Skaigirl probably has the most out of the way spot they could possibly find to stick her ass, it's still better, in her opinion, than being at camp Jaha. In a room full of injured warriors, at least some of whom might just count her as part of The Problem, the Second dozes, mostly because between pain, blood-loss and exhaustion she's kind of out of energy to worry too much about whether one of the clan's more touchy members might decide to take issue.

Riding back with Pontus was probably a quiet sort of affair given the man likely had to save his strength for staying on the horse. While worried, he refrains from too many questions beyond the general ones. When they arrive and the very weary Pontus speaks to Elias, the young man gives a meaningful look up to him and nods his head. "Understood," he says in a quiet tone. "And thank you." A gracious bow is offered to him, though he is ready to catch the man should it look like he's about to fall. In a quieter tone then, he glances at the dozing Kai as he speaks. "How did she do? And can I get you anything?"

Britt arrives in the Healing House shortly after Pontus. Her weary expression suggests that he's not the only one who hasn't stopped since the battle, although the archer did at least pause long enough to get cleaned up and rid herself of the Reaper blood and guts that she was wearing yesterday. A pinched look around her mouth and eyes testifies to her pounding headache.

Starling saw, or thought she saw Pontus coming down the lane, but then he would have looked for her if he return? Right? Well, time has passed and Starling makes her way out of the guest home they have taken over and moves towards the House of Healing, peeking inside to see who/what and if she was only seeing a ghost.

Pontus stepped in after Elias and bought the Skaikid with him pointing to where Kai was. He was glad he had the mettle to not treat her like a child and go into a hysterical fit where Arlin and Grey failed to keep composure in the heat of the blast. Let's not confuse this as him liking Skaifolk, it's just… well he was a man of Principal. A dirty one right now who eyes Britt a bit enviously that she got a bath in. Right. Next on list of things to take care of. There was a nod to her that was slow and steeped in respect. A conversation on it's own of 'well we somehow managed to get everyone home alive and without killing one another. Good work.' There was a reason she was always in esteem with him.

When Starling looked, yes, that was her bloodied scout she saw depart a 'day and a half-where-the-hell was he' ago. Tired. Untreated and for not sitting on something that didn't want to bite him. His voice was very dryand hoarse. Dehydration and alack of sleep do this. He nodded and said decisively. "She did… exceptionally well. It's why I brought you. Warriors, seconds or not fought hard against ridiculous odds… and we lost our home last night. Her story is yet to be told and after I drink I'll explain. But she fought as a warrior and acted like one, and should thereby get to return from battle to her Niron too like the others."

Kai can't quite hear the conversation, it's more that some combination of things brings her awake with an abortive start; abortive because the second she jerks her body reminds her of just how bad an idea that is and makes her lay back flat again to press a hand to her ribs. Still alive. Check. Not sporting any new injuries, also check. Raising her head is unpleasant, but at least allows her to squint in the direction of the knot formed somewhere close to the door. Granted, she's pretty sure she's got to be imagining Elias there, but it's the place she expects to be so it's acceptable in her barely awake reasoning.

Starling steps inside slowly and her eyes move to Pontus, there is a very long look as she drinks in his face, as dirty and bloody as it is, there is a moment where she closes her eyes and then she is walking towards him slowly a hand moving to rest on his good arm, those blue eyes touching his, she doesn't say anything but just watches him as she speaks without words.

Slowly, Elias bobs his head in a nod to Pontus and his eyes widen just a touch at the mention of their lost home. Again, he nods and looks a bit at a loss for words there for a moment. Sure, he might be taking things well /now/, but his pulse is still a bit racy and his nerves are a bit on end. It's visible, but he's not blubbering. "Good. This is the life she's dedicated herself to." A wince is given then and another glance is given to Kai. "Even as dangerous as it is. Still…perhaps later I can find something in my pack to trade for drink so that I can hear the story." Exhaling his relief, he moves along towards where Kai lays down. He's definitely within earshot at this point, but he deigns instead to reach out and gently caress the pads of his fingertips against her shoulder. Somewhere in that, he looks to Britt and gives her a sort of wordless, guilty look before turning his attention once more to Kai. While he does recognize Star, he allows her this moment with Pontus before saying anything at all. "You're going to be in deep shit if someone catches you laying down on the job," Elias speaks to Kai instead.

Britt was looking for someone else, it seems, her eyes scanning the healing house briefly. But when she spies Pontus over yonder, she steps that way. She may be clean, but she's still feeling the effects of the battle. Not only the headache, but also a barely-noticeable limp. Pontus' nod is met with a respectful one in kind, and Elias and Starling get a slight nod in greeting. "Did the boy survive?" she asks Pontus.

Kai opens her eyes at the touch and blinks before raising a hand,"Thought I was imagining things." she utters,"I'm fine. How'd you get here?" not that he's wrong, at least in her impression, which prompts her to decide that she should totally endeavor to at least sit up which does unpleasant things on the stitched together skin of her neck and collarbone and ribs and makes the rest of them just well.. easily ignorable by virtue of priority.

Pontus glanced up. Familiar scent of leather oils and lilac brought Starling to his attention. Some things you just pay attention to whether a scout was aware of it or not. He reached for the hand on his arm and pulled it up to kiss her palm, and then gave it a squeeze. His eyes tiredly locked on Britt though, Elias getting a dip of a nod in agreement. He stared at the statuesque warrior and said tiredly, "Yeah. We stayed a short bit out of the gate. Close call, but he's not dead in the dirt today." The tone was quiet and even, but there was the suggestion that he was supremely disappointed in conduct of the others there involved who were originally charged with his care at the battle. An eyebrow arched to she and starling and there was a patient concern, "Benning? Wren?"

"Fine and resting. They were both eating when I went to look for you…" Starling says as she caresses his cheek and then sighs before she glances around. Britt is given a sad and tired smile, its clear that Starling at least has not had any rest either, but she is holding up as best as she can. Eli and Kai are giving a look, a nod as well, though the pair are probably lost in each other, though her voice offers, "Elias, keep her laying down, however.." Wait.. yes, she said that and doesn't even blink.

Elias returns the nod to Pontus, breathing another sigh of relief in the process. The hand at Kai's shoulder moves up to the side of her cheek. "We've Pontus to thank for that," he tells her with a nod. "Rode all the way out injured as he is. Thought you deserved to have your Niron here with you." Moving out of the way then due to her limited range of view, he indicates Pontus with a sweep of one hand. At the worried mention of Benning and Wren, Elias does turn his attention in that direction curiously as well. A question he clearly has interest in answers to. Once more, he looks to Starling and smiles lightly in her direction. "I will definitely try." Turning to Kai then, he gives her a quick wag of his brows and just grins at her. So that she doesn't get impatient and try to lean upwards, he leans over her to press a kiss to her lips.

There's an understated but nonetheless pleased nod when Britt learns that Asher made it. "<In Trigedasleng> Good. Thank you for taking them." Starling's sad smile is met with a brief one in kind. "<In Trigedasleng> You look tired." Pot. Kettle. Black. "<In Trigedasleng> You should get some rest." Slanting a glance back to Pontus, she asks, "<In Trigedasleng> Why did you bring Elias back? Wren will be vexed, I think."

Kai's at least effectively stopped from getting up because well, Elias' is kissing her, and that's rather better than trying to sit up again,"Thank you Pontus." the Second elects to pitch afterwards,"They blew it up, Eli. It was.. it was bad." as if the healing house isn't reflective of that,"And then fucking Grey got into a fight with the medic but.. ugh. I think everyone we know made it? At least?"

Pontus sighed in relief that Benning and his nest-brother were reported well. His eyes rest for a moment before looking back to Britt with a quiet look if Then at least we succeeded. He was sitting on a chair just inside and near Kai. Elias was with her, Starling was tired and standing near the chair. Britt and Pontus look like they haven't slept yet; Britt having cleaned herself up. Pontus? Not so much and his bloody armour was still fixed to him and his hands still untreated and his other wounds likely in the same state though he suffered nothing too terribly major.

It was to Britt he answered in a raspy voice (though not as bad as Wren as he wasn't clubbed in the larnyx), "<In Trigedasleng> Wren's village blew up and some asshole tried to beat him to death. I think Wren'll be plenty vexed without my help." It was a fair point that there were larger things on the table. Roughen bloodstained fingers gave the back of Starling's knee enough contact to have a quiet conversation of thanks and assurance. He really didn't feel like making people grubby. "<In Trigedasleng> I brought him here because she earned her mark. Because she fought for a home she didn't have. Because when chaos broke out she did as we'd asked and she abided by /our/ ways when some of our native born did not. She aided the call we made and didn't ask for shit for herself or question me. She did right by us and in fairness I'll see to it that we do right by her or there's no point. The role of Firsts and warriors is to be the example, and reward meeting the example. It's a fair gratuity fit for those that respect and act the role of a warrior. It's my call. He's my guest as… crazy as that seems… and he's… not so bad." That was possibly more words than most get out of him ever, but he was a man of principals. He made a call, and he respected Britt enough to answer to her query to understand his choice.

A frown is given to Kai and he nods his head to her. Elias gives a quick look around to the others and then drops his voice a bit. "I know. At least…I'd heard." Resting his forehead on hers then, he exhales another soft sigh and keeps his voice down. "Green Eden…it's no wonder they thought we were attacking them." As he draws away, he looks like he might kiss her again, but her words have him curious. "Grey got into a fight with who now?" His ears might be burning at the 'not so bad' bit, but he doesn't understand Trigedasleng.

Wren is here. He's probably been here since he was moved from their home to the healing house, Silver having done what she could and then suggesting he go here for further observation. And he's been in and out of wakefulness, apparently just needing rest more than anything else. And like medtech may of told him earlier, there's little anyone can really do for so much blunt force trauma, just have to let it swelling go down on it's own. The laceration to his head and head have been wrapped and stitched, but the impacts from the club and fist to his chest and throat are just…well. Little one can do. So he's been resting. Sleeping. And right now, he's dozing.

Starling has stepped away from Pontus and Britt long enough to gather up a couple of mugs from the side of the Healing Hall, she brings them back and hands one to each warrior before she gives a half little smile to Britt, "<In Trigedasleng> I'll rest now that everyone is back, I had to watch over Wren and Benning last night.." This is said softly, for she just noticed that sometime between feeding Wren, he's founds himself in the Hall and none told her!

Britt listens to Pontus' explanation. Her expression is fairly neutral, though the pinched pain of the headache and lack of sleep probably make it look more surly than she really intends. "<In Trigedasleng> I didn't mean to suggest that she didn't deserve to see him. Only that she and Wren had some sort of spat over her time spent with him. I would think it his call, as her First." But she shrugs a touch, not really caring too much one way or the other. "<In Trigedasleng> But that's between you and him. She earned her mark? Huh." This clearly surprises Britt, given what she'd seen of the battle. But if Pontus says she earned it, then she's not going to challenge him.

Pontus nodded once easily and offered a tired, faint smile for Britt easily replying, "<In Trigedasleng> Inever thought that of you at all Britt. If Her first said she earned it sure. But this is my thank you to her. Her help was appreciated. Kept em from getting shot at the very least. How they live like that out there… not good." A wary head still spattered with the dried blood of his adversaries looked up to Wren giving him a slow not. "<In Trigedasleng> You live to defy the world another day."

"Tactically the village had no value as a military target, Eli." Kai grunts,"So it makes me wonder.. what was their purpose? Why there? If they wanted to hurt the Trikru, Tondc is a higher value target.. were they trying to kill the Reapers? I don't know." she knows that there's familiar voices over that way talking in Trigedasleng, and she can hear names but she's so not going to try and work out what's being said right now. And apparently she's also discontent with the idea of laying back down given she makes another go at trying to sit up,"The medic.. look for the pissed off guy that's probably gl.. nevermind." because that could be about half the room easily,"I didn't get his name. He strapped me back together in the fight after some guy tried to split me in half."

There's a bit of groan in Wren's sleep, until he's unconsciously realizing he's having trouble sleeping how he is, coughing suddenly awake with a start. "<In Trigedasleng> No!" he exclaims in the mix of coughing, trying to sit up and grabbing at his throat once he realizes that sitting up requires you to use your muscles in his neck, wrapping a hand around and wincing. For a quick moment, he almost forgets he's in the healing house. A shuddering of breath, until he's laying down. "<In Trigedasleng> Britt. Where's Britt? I have…" he coughs a bit more. "<In Trigedasleng> Was going to help her…then…" A little disorientated it looks like. But yeah, that moment when he was going to help the archer, but then had to deviate to prevent the Reaper that was going after Silver. Which resulted in that throat punch. And since he's been so out of it, may not of seen her. Or knew she was alright.

Britt nods to Pontus. "<In Trigedasleng> Fair enough." She hadn't noticed Wren either, so at least Starling isn't the only one. But when he wakes up with a yell it gets her attention. When he says her name, her brows crease in confusion. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm here, Wren. Relax. You're in the Healing House. Everyone's fine." Well, fine-ish. She folds her arms.

Silver has thus far stayed studiously out of the healing house. She's lingered around outside, watching, for days before now. But she hasn't pressed herself on anyone - patient or healer. She's been playing the slow game, taking her time, scouting things out. With people of her own inside, though, it's a little bit harder. She still doesn't want to step on anyone's toes, but Peake noticed her restlessness back at the house where the family's been staying and pushed a basket of baked goods into her arms with instructions to deliver them to her friends and family at the healing house. So it is that she steps quietly into the healing house, both hands holding the basket as everything in her body language declares she's keeping them to herself and not interfering.

Elias is obviously not having any of Kai getting up and gently places a hand on her shoulder to insist that she stay put. "Starling was very clear about you sitting up," he tells her before leaning down to press a kiss to Kai's forehead. "Tell me what you need and I'll get it for you." With that, he glances about the room to those speaking in Trigedasleng. He then turns his attention to Kai again. "I couldn't begin to fathom. This is just…" Another sigh is exhaled then before his fingertips once more touch her cheek. "Just stay put. Don't excite yourself." He looks over to where Wren is sleeping as well then and he visibly winces and looks to Kai. "He shouldn't get excited either," he speaks more quietly, a worried expression on his face.

Pontus glanced to his 'brother' and watched. Scouts had that habit to go absolutly perfectly still when assessing something like a damn raptor bird. Calmly he said, "<In Trigedasleng> She's right here you stubborn ass. We're…back." He didn't use the word for home. They didn't have one. Not now anyways. He looked to Kai and said tiredly, "Tondc is farther out. And our village? Punished us for siding with those that have the guns." Much like old people back in the day might have called it 'The Google'. He tried to sit still, one, taking in the movement around him like a good vigilant scout, and two? Because he hurt like hell and rode around for a day and a half in shit shape. Not his smartest move, but necessary for the moment. When Silver walked in near where Starling was standing he said with a rasp, "Silver, good t'see you."

Starling places her hands gently on Po's shoulders as Wren calls out, she is about to rush to him but sees Silver come in and bites her lower lip to keep herself from moving. She leans just slightly against Po but not enough to over balance him as she takes a deep breath. "<In Trigedasleng> Wren, it's fine…" A sister is not as helpful as a lover, but she tries to say something while still keeping out of the way.

In a weird way, Kai accepts Wren's sound of pain as the acknowledgment that he's still alive for all that it startles her. Elias' comment about not sitting up merits a scowl at him,"I can't see anything properly Elias, damnit." she protests irritably,"Silver stitched me up, I'm sure I can sit up." which is why she holds an arm out his way like 'so help me up already',"How they hell would they know tho.." she starts for Pontus only to interrupt herself,"wait, the captives.. fuck."

Britt frowns at Pontus' words to Kai and Eli. "Coesbur is the village where the gunfire was near. This is what the Mountain does. This is what we told your people the Mountain does, back when you first arrived. And it could have been much worse." Her lips press into a thin line but then she shakes off the pall that's settled on her face. "But you fought well, Kai. Got in over your head, but showed your spirit, in not staying down." It's a gruff compliment, but sincerely given.

There's a moment of bewilderment. "And…" Breathing hurts. Moving hurts. There's this frustrated noise that comes out of him. Which might explain why he's been sleeping so much. Going home last night the pain not rightly set in. Now it has, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. "Everyone's alright…" he just murmurs, doing his best to choke back whatever intense pain radiates from his neck outward through the rest of him.

"Hey, Pontus," Silver greets quietly, offering over a small smile as she steps closer. "<In Trigedasleng> Peake asked me to bring these…" She holds out the basket, though her grip on it tightens when Wren stirs, holding herself back. Let the healers here do their jobs, let them work.

Starling frowns softly at any and every Healer who might say something as her voice raises just enough, "Go to him Silver.." If she needs permission, then the young Maker gives it and they can yell at her later.

Pontus pointed a dry and bloody finger to Britt. "That. Arlin wasn't wrong. He was just an asshole, Kai." He didn't elaborate on the rest but in his hysterics, he wasn't wrong about teh Mountain's motivations, but it was also apparent the scout felt it could have been handled better. His eyes went to Wren and he was quiet for a moment before nodding from where he was sitting, "<In Trigedasleng> Yeah. Everyone's alive." He didn't get into his part in the aftermath as it was less important to him. "Skaikids are with their camp. Your second and Silver are here. I brought Elias back. That's on me." He thought hed clear that up for Kai rightthefucknow to keep Wren's blood pressure down. Also Elias wasn't there. Where the fuck was Pontus? He looked up to Starling watching her encourage and support her brother's odd lifestyle and finally said "Silver. When you're done and you have a minute…" He left it there. He went this long without medical care five minutes wasn't going to change shit.

"Yeh, well, sorry guys but I had a choice between letting them die or giving them the only weapon we had that could make a difference." Kai can't help but drawl drily, pressing a hand to bridge of her nose,"Now I'd just like to break all the damned things myself. Maybe after loading the Mountain full of hydrazine and letting it implode." nothing short of holding her down is going to keep her from sitting up, but she at least takes it slow,"Mochof Britt.. Arlin?" she looks towards Pontus at the name,"Him. He's responsible for that.. asshole or not. He's not wrong. It doesn't change that it doesn't make tactical sense. Maybe they can't reach Tondc from there, but that either means it was the world's oddest coincidence that they picked then.. after they captured people, after the village had been evacuated, but somehow just when we were all there.. or they knew we were there somehow. And if they knew.. well, I'd have waited until we were actually in the village to maximize the casualties." she reaches for Elias to insist he should sit down, too.

"Kai…" Wren is strains against the pain in neck, whatever willpower he has to push him to look over at her. "I am proud of you." There is nothing else to said, whatever else he could say could be boiled down to that simple statement. Making their First proud. Perhaps a sense of vindication in that he made the right choice in her. But Pontus is nearing him, he reaches up, fingers trying to wrap around whatever fabric and pull him down to his eye level. "<In Trigedasleng> No. No.." There's a quiet kind of desperation in his voice,. "<In Trigedasleng> We can't…can't be ruled by paranoia and fear…no longer." he hacks a cough, harder. "<In Trigedasleng> Where does it end, brother? No understanding…no knowing. Just more, more killing until there's nothing left, our spirit empty. It is easier to kill what you don't understand. Easier to…" he stops, having to swallow, just makes his breath ragged. "<In Trigedasleng> To free weapons and just slaughter anything that challenges a sense of what's already comfortable. Because it's safe. It must end somewhere. We have to see with new eyes. The right thing isn't…it's not the easiest path. And I will not, will not be manipulated by the Mountain. The most honorable thing a warrior can fight for is peace. When we are not needed, will be a glorious day. We can't…keep going on like we are. Change needs to…ah.." his hand lets go and he flops back onto his bed, hands at his throat again. But whatever he said to his 'brother' was obviously important.

Britt frowns a touch at Kai's words, then at Wren's. For a moment she looks like she might want to say something else on the matter, but lets it drop. "Rest well," she tells Kai, then with a nod towards Pontus and Starling she starts heading towards the door.

Elias' expression falls when he hears the 'why' for Coesbur being destroyed. Horrified doesn't even begin to touch that wide-eyed look on his face. Looking distraught and quite visibly so, he slowly nods his head to Pontus and then to Britt. Despite looking out of sorts, he does manage to take a moment to help Kai up to a sitting position. He bears most of her weight and tries to stuff something under her to prop her up a little so she isn't straining. "You really shouldn't be doing this," he tells her, but helps anyhow. His gaze is then leveled on Pontus and Britt both once again. "I…don't have words. Or the ability to /begin/ to make any of this right. If there is anything I can do for you and your families, I will do whatever I can to get it for you." Shaking his head then, he looks once more to Kai and exhales again. Now that she's situated, he sits down with her and looks to Wren before hanging his head and shaking it. Looking to Britt pointedly then, he dips his head in a nod to her in parting.

Silver passes the basket to Starling with a grateful look before a few swift steps take her to Wren's side, one hand smoothing over his brow as the other reaches out to clasp one of his hands. "Shhh," she shushes him, leaning in to press a kiss to his brow, shifting her temple against his after a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> Shut up and breathe. Don't talk." It's more emotion than the young medtech's shown publicly to anyone, guarded as she usually is, and she keeps her face on the side of Wren's away from the others to try to at least shield it. Only once he's quiet does she look back up to Pontus, nodding. "Sure, Pontus. What do you need?"

Britt nods to Elias as well in silent acknowledgement of his words.

Pontus looked down at his brother and took a bruised hand and laid it on Wren's head to keep him from stopping. To let him KNOW the elder of the two of them had his attention. And he listened, especially given the effort. He couldn't believe he was saying it but there was a sympathetic look to Wren's hoarse words pleading at his sense of reason in local tongue. He smiled just faintly looking like … well like he was at work a while. "<In Trigedasleng> Wren. I know. That's why I went to Camp Jaha last night. Because Arlin's right and also /because/ he is that needs to change. Not because he's so damn likable, but because it's a dangerous path. But I disagree, the most honourable thing a warrior can do is put themselves last and put his or her people first and their prosperity." Yes. Yes he just said he went to the SkaiPlace. In common for Elias and Kai's benefit (because he wasn't always an asshole) he said, "Last night an argument broke out after rest took hold of you. Arlin hit… that tallish kid from Skaicamp." He used a few descriptors to allow the other to to maybe identify as Grey. "The wounded that earned their scars trying to help us take our home were left on the ground… Wasn't having it. YOUR second held her peace when veterans would not. When the cease fire for the sake of the treaty and respect of those went with us was pushed she stood her ground when others did not. She called her mark and she fought it down and put her life and your honour our there to defend our home, with others, which for blame started becoming moot… Our ways cannot die as they make us who we are. It helps us live. When SHE," he gestured to teh other side of the room to Kai, "can do this where others do not and was not born of us? There is a flaw in perspective and perhaps Indra's plan is not entirely strange."

His head turned to Elias and said "She battled with the tenacity I would expect of my own Second and stood up where others have failed. When I took Asher's body to your camp so he wouldn't die because of arguing over history instead of respecting the boundaries of the present? She rode with and did not complain once because it had to be done. She got that kid to your people. She got me back to mine because hell if I knew the way. She's earned her wounds and the respect of them." He looked back to Wren having apparently reconsiled doing a 180* on his opiion of her. Finally he looked at Silver and Starling tiredly and said "<In Trigedasleng> Can you just sew me together so my armour doesn't rub into me?"

Kai can't help but smile for Wren's Gonasleng, even if she can't follow much more than 'no' 'kill' 'Mountain' and 'warrior' of his Trigedasleng. The smile fades at the look on Britt's face and the words both. There's a nod there, but she doesn't endeavor to stop the woman from leaving, grunting instead for Eli,"This isn't the Ark Eli, laying around for weeks isn't going to happen." though there's a lot of talking going on, and she elects to mostly stay silent,"Ours." she says firmly to Pontus,"Our people. Those you saw, they are the hundred. All of them were at skaigeda, and yet they chose to come and fight for Coesbur while those who consider themselves 'adults' hid in Alpha station." and for the dubious look from a wounded guy a few beds over there's a grey-eyed squint from her as if to say 'yeh, I said it' before she looks up at Eli and chins towards the chair by way of suggestion,"Starling? My armor. I don't know if there's even enough left of it to try and put back together, but could you look at it for me, please? And if there's any tasks I can do for you to balance you doing so, I would be glad to do so."

Starling tugs once on Po's shoulder to get him to sit back down so Silver can look over his wounds, she shakes her head at both Wren and Po as they /never/ talk this much. And Starling is never as silent as she has been that afternoon, but finally speaks when Kai asks about the armor. "I'll look at it, but knowing your wounds, I'll just have to get the new set done faster, and maybe a little more protection around your chest. Not sure why they were after your breasts so much, but we can get that fixed.." She doesn't even bat an eye about that part of the conversation as she turns her eyes to Po, "<In Trigedasleng> You can talk that much later, sit down so Silver can see to your wounds.." She then looks over to her brother, "<In Trigedasleng> And stop talking, you can tell everyone your ideas when your throat isn't a mess, your just going to make more work for your Healer.." So there is a little of their Mom in her it seems.

There is a visible blink from Elias as Pontus weaves this tale and he's just stopped at anything he might have to say on the matter. Both of his brows rise upward, his eyes slowly panning back down to Kai in the process. Finally, Elias nods his head to Pontus before looking over to Kai with a smile. He leans in close while helping her get comfortable again, but kisses her in the process. "I'm proud of you," he speaks in a quieter tone. Hazel eyes look into hers for just a moment before pulling away to look to Pontus once more. The quieter words were just for Kai, of course, though not impossible to overhear. To Pontus, he inclines his head in a nod. "She puts her everything into things." Shifting his attention then to Kai, he clears his throat and helps her adjust however she needs. "You're right. This isn't the Ark. You need to be in top fighting form for you and the warrior next to you in whatever battles might come next. Just…relax." With a look to Silver then, he pushes his tongue out between his lips. "There are some fresh bandages in my go-bag. Do you need them to treat the wounded?"

With being chastised by both Silver and Starling, Wren shuts up. There's a squeeze to the hand that the former takes, even if he's doing his best to not let the pain get to him. "<In Trigedasleng> Proud of you too." he states simply to Pontus. And really, that's about the only thing he can offer. Whatever he said, it's enough, they don't have to agree on everything, but at least having a similar jist to things, better than simply being disagreeable.

"Mochof. And apparently I have excellent tits." Kai can't help but offer drily,"Or that I need to work on protecting myself better." there's a quirk of her lips before she's distracted, because well, there's no point in being embarrassed about kissing Elias again in front of all of them, her hand reaching to squeeze his gently,"I am relaxing. I promise. Are you staying?" and then a little louder,"Can he stay? Please? At least for now?" adding a little more lowly for Eli,"I know you've got work to do at Alpha, but.." she's feeling a little selfish.

Silver doesn't get up from the side of Wren's bed at Pontus' question, giving the warrior's hand a squeeze. "<In Trigedasleng> There are healers here, Pontus," she says quietly, looking over her shoulder to the rest of the room. "<In Trigedasleng> This is their home, and their rules. I would have honor to help you, but…Only if they allow it." She smiles tightly back at Elias, shaking her head. "They have things here, I just…I'm trying not to step on toes."

Pontus looked to Wren and the scout set his scarred hand atop the Warrior's. "<In Trigedasleng> I will always do what I have to to take care of this family and our people, Wren." He looked to Starling and said with a faint grin, "<In Trigedasleng> And your sister might have said something to me to help me get my head out of my ass." He looked to kai's request and then to Wren and paused. "Your First can make decisions. His call what your time entails. My hospitality defers to him on this." He could be compliant but it was still really Wren's call.

Slate grey eyes turned to silver and he shrugged his shoulder "<In Trigedasleng> My wounds. My call. You saved Rain. You saved Wren. I trust you." That said he found a place to sit and started working on his gloves and armour. The good news was that the scout had flexibility for days and it seemed outside of utterly wearing himself down? Most of his wounds went along his body rather than into it. Wiley bastard.

Starling flickers a grin to Po, but she moves an baps his hands away as she moves to help with the armor, for Silver though, the other woman glances over her shoulder. "You've been requested Healer, if anyone has an issue they come to our family. Everyone has a place and there are many doing what they can, or they would be in this corner yelling about something. So this is a personal request, if you are to be with my brother, then you are the family Healer when you are free to be so.."

"Elias can stay." Wren is keeping his statements short and sweet for the time. A look at Starling. "What would I need to trade for you to make clothes for her?" a looks is given to Silver those clothes she's been wearing for over a month now. Probably showing more than their fair share of wear and tear. Then back at Kai. "He can stay. You have earned that. But tomorrow, we go to the Ark City. You and I have been requested and we will go. Even if that means we ride in a wagon to do so."

"What do you mean, you're going to the Ark?" Silver sits up straight, giving Wren a hard look. That, more than any reassurance, gets her to stand up and start taking a look at Pontus and his injuries. It's that or start smacking Wren around, and she'd feel bad about that. She does keep a weather eye out for any of the local healers, though.

Reaching for Kai's hand again, he gives her a gentle squeeze there and furrows his brows. Her request for him to stay is met with a sympathetic look to her, but he doesn't speak in the negative. "I know. There are other agro-techs working on the garden. The hothouse can wait for a while. I'll stay if I'm allowed." The kiss is returned tenderly and with special attention paid to her wounds. "Besides, someone has to help me teach people to play Blind Man's Bluff." His hazel eyes then look up and tick between Pontus and Wren a moment. A breath catches in his throat a moment before Wren finally speaks and he lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Wren," he tells him. To Silver, he nods his head. "They're yours if you need them." He points to his pack on the floor, but doesn't push the issue further.

Starling arches an eyebrow slowly at Wren's words, she blinks and tilts her head to the side, "<In Trigedasleng> Why?", but then she moves out of the way with a touch to Po's cheek so Silver can do her work and moves a few feet to sit down next to Wren, clearly the girls are double teaming the warriors here. A hand touches Wren's shoulder and she peers down at him for a long moment, "<In Trigedasleng> A heart to heart talk with you sister. Though I will make the clothing anyway, and Kai's clothing and armor…" She wrinkles her nose, but they are in a way family now, soo..

"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you Wren." there's undisguised relief in Kai's voice,"<In Trigedasleng> Saved?" she can't help but repeat, largely for Starling in the tone of inquiry, that's not one she knows yet. But then Wren says they're traveling, and the dreaded word 'wagon' and she can't help but groan,"Not the wagon.. please not the wagon. Green Eden, I can ride, I swear." not if she can help it,"And they're calling it camp Jaha. After the old Skaiheda. It's still Alpha to me, but I suppose they can name it after that asshole if they want to." her eyes flit to Eli again with the inquiry of,"You have cards? You brought cards with you? Man, only way you could have beat that is if you smuggled out a dataslate with Moby Dick on it." she let's down team girl despite having been told she's going, obviously if Wren says she's going, she's going.

Pontus finally drank the drink Starling brought to him. Like she read his mind or just has met him. He let her take his armour off. Good news: the majority of the blood on his armour belonged to former Reapers and not him. Letting her peel his shirt off him in a faint look of discomfort it would see his wounds smarted more than he'd given them credit for. He'd live to see another day. The one blade that followed his spear up his forearm left a smarting dig, and while that was that his chest was heavily bruised in some fun colours around a red, angry sword stab that upset some muscle but not bone or organs. Yeah it was a poor call to not treat them but for all he did it was kind of a wonder that he wasn't outright skewered at any point. A miserable experience as a Second before really paid off. Or maybe that's his trick: sacrifice vanity to keep all his wounds on the outside. He lifted his glass to Silver and gave Starling's hand a squeeze while Silver put stitches into him. He didn't wince, he did frown at the procedure. He said to Wren "We just rode a day on that damn thing." He seemed to share Kai's lack of want to be in that damn thing.

In having to prepare himself mentally for the fact that he's going to be talking, Wren visably tries to relax himself. "Oxfor is going to the Ark City. To talk with their heda. What I don't know, but I will assume about the Mountain. And other things. It could open the door to better relations. Myself and Kai being there, would show that cooperation is possible. We would make a good example." There's a little shrug to that. "If you are worried, come with us, Silver." Looking back over to Starling, he eyes her. "<In Trigedasleng> Talk to you about what?" he asks simply, as if waiting to hear something that she did, like preparing for an explanation. "If Kai can ride, then it is a non-issue."

"You can't ride," Silver tosses back at Wren, shooting another warning look over her shoulder before she goes back to stitching up Pontus. Her hands are steady, stitches neat. Given materials and instruction, she could probably manage to make her own clothes if she just pretended the fabric was skin. "You shouldn't even be out of bed," she mutters under her breath. Good thing Pontus has Starling for the bedside manner, Silver's busy being grumpy.

Elias shifts his attention once more to Wren, looking at him curiously. "Wow. I don't know if either of you should be moved, but…" A look is cast to Silver then and he raises his brows at her. "Maybe we can look at the wagon and see if we can make the trip less…sucky?" Clearing his throat then, the young man shifts his attention once again to Kai. "Of course you'd want to ride." He briefly quirks a brow playfully at her before giving a nod in the affirmative. "Of course I brought cards. The other thing? Yeah well…I decided against bringing anything too high-tech. People are going to be a bit on edge and understandably so." Looking back towards Silver and Wren then, he watches for a moment before slowly panning his gaze over to Kai with just a hint of amusement.

Starling weaves her fingers into Po's as she glances over towards Kai, in English she explains, "Saved, as in saved their lives, Silver said Rain, Po's sister and Wren, so she is now a trusted member of our family.." That said, she doesn't stay in English for long for well, she has to look back to Wren and give him a tiny grin. "<In Trigedasleng> Sister things, we have not talked in weeks and alot has happened, so I want to be able to talk to my brother. I think that is a fair trade?" She arches an eyebrow, seeing if he says her skills are not worth time with her! She then takes a deep breath, "<In Trigedasleng> And.. I need to talk to you about Lark…" The whole clothing being given to him from her twin, well it's hit home. Another deep breath and she eyes Po a long moment and then back to Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> Oxfor?" She wrinkles her brow a little but that alone seems to close the subject for her.

Pontus fought to sit very very still as Silver closed the gaps. Drink in one hand, fingers in the other. Watching Silver share her disapproval he cracked a grin, "<In Trigedasleng> She's starting to sound like Peake whenever we go anywhere, Wren." The chiding amused him and he mutters something quietly to his healer at hand glancing to Wren and back up to her with a relaxed amusement.

Kai can't help but nod in solemn agreement with Pontus, her eyes shifting to Wren as he speaks before she grunts acknowledgment, opening her mouth, but there's Silver's insistence and the Second decides wisely not to wade into the middle of that one, instead opting to Elias,"My rib's sort of fucked and my collarbone, but if riding a horse is bad.. trust me, that wagon? So much worse. Pontus was being nice, I know I blacked out at least once after we turned off the road from Coesbur. And break them out then.. Blind Man's Bluff, huh? We haven't played that since I was like.. thirteen." it merits a laugh from her before she winces, turning her gaze on Starling with a soft 'ah',"Well, yes. Silver's a great medic. So's Morgan, for that matter, the blond guy? Well, as long as you don't piss him off."

Pontus boggeld at hte Blind Man's Bluff. "You find people that lie to you and take their eyes? Seems extreme. Why not just the tongue?" The concept that this was a game never occurred to teh scout.

"The matter is larger than just me." Wren offers. "Whatever may happen could affect all of us, on both sides. It's something I feel I should see in person." He's not going to deny his neck hurts, but at least he's in not mortal danger. Just everything with his neck hurts, not like he won't survive. "It's important. If you want to make sure I don't start running around, you're free to come along. Though I don't suppose it'll help if I say I won't ride Roach." But, going back to Starling, he eyes his sister for a long moment. "<In Trigedasleng> Odd request for a trade but, alright. If that's what you're looking for, then alright." Though bringing up his other sister causes him to fall silent for a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> Very well. And yes, the kruheda is leading the delegation since…I would assume he's had the most experience in talking with the skaikru."

Silver smirks up at Pontus at the whispered words, shaking her head slightly. "Unless we can install some serious shocks on that thing, I doubt it'd be an improvement," she muses to Elias. "And I don't think they're built for interchangeable shocks anyhow. So it'd take too long. Although…" She pauses, sitting up a little straighter from stitching up Pontus and looking back over her shoulder. "If you rigged some sort of hammock to hang in the wagon, it'd take a lot of the shock out of being in it. And that would be relatively easy." She flushes slightly at the compliments to her healing abilities, but she'd much rather focus on problem-solving. As usual.

With a smirk to Kai, Elias gives her a sly look and shakes his head. "I don't remember you being this eager to get your ass beat," he jokes back with her before shaking his head. "Collarbone /and/ rib? That's one of the worst and /the/ worst thing you can break, respectively." A noticeable wince is given then and he wrinkles his nose at Kai. Reaching down to his bag then, he opens it up and takes out a worn-looking deck of cards. This deck may in fact be missing a card or two for all he knows. Taking the tie that holds the cards together off, he starts shuffling through them idly. With a look to Pontus, he shakes his head a little. "It's a game," he explains. "A game of how well you can get into the heads of your opponents and how well you can keep them from getting into yours." At Silver's words, he looks up and snaps his fingers. "Oh! Well, I mean. I don't have it here, but I rigged up a hammock at Alpha. I'm sure there are others who know how to tie knots. It would make for a much more comfortable trip, though. Nice, easy solution. I like nice, easy solutions. Well. Materials." Pressing his lips together then, he shifts his attention once more to the others before he goes back to shuffling the cards.

"<In Trigedasleng> Maybe it is Wren, but times are changing and things are not what they used to be. Your busy with everything, so asking for time in trade seemed a fair way to make it work.." Starling flickers a smile to her brother but then falls silent, rolling her eyes at whatever comment Po said to Silver, abit more of a smile as she squeezes the former's fingers again. Those blue eyes flicker from her brother to the wounds that Silver is finishing and does well to show no expression of her feelings on that matter.

"I'mma ride." Kai insists, hellll no, the mere thought of a hammock hanging in a wagon bouncing down to Coesbur sounds like a recipe for puking to her, only to crane her head to stare at Pontus blankly, blinking a few times in obvious puzzlement before she looks up at Eli,"One of them buried an axe into me right here.." she points to the left side of her chest,"And then he stuck it here too when that didn't kill me. See?" because that's so what he wants to see, all those neat little stitches and such holding her bits in something like the proper configuration. Not to mention the bonus of the stitches in her neck too. There's a dip of her head in Elias' direction for the explanation of the game, still grimacing at the thought of a wagon, period.

Pontus let Silver finish stitching him up and listened to Elias tell him about a game of getting into the head of his opponents. After yesterday's battle? Probably also a poor choice of words. "Oh I can do that. You just take em right about here." He laid a finger on his throat. Oy the man was a blunt knife sometimes. Also a dirty one. "<In Trigedasleng> Silver, thank you. Wren… she's smarter than we are. You might want to listen to her and just be inert for a while." His eyes shifted between Starling and her brother catching every bit about Lark. He nodded and got up. "I'm gonna clean up. Find Rain. Rest up. I gotta head on out again tomorrow if I can. See what's left." He considered and reluctantly said "See if we can bring back the stones from Benning's hearth for her." She was devastated. Least he could figure to help a long term rebuild. He stood up. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll be back"

Pontus paused looking to Kai on the way out with a wry, scarecrow grin, "You're catching up. Got a ways to go still." Ahh the scars of battle.

Kai can't help but give puppy dog eyes at Pontus, man, if she had her choice, that expression says, she'd so not go to camp Jaha in favor of going back to Coesbur, but she wisely chooses not to voice it.

"<In Trigedasleng> I am listening to her, because I'm well aware how much smarter she is than me." Wren remarks over to the leaving Pontus. "But I feel it's something important that we should be there for. That's all I'm saying. If I can go, I will. I'll see how I feel how tomorrow." Starling gets a nod. "<In Trigedasleng> Alright, alright, you win. You'll get the time you're looking for. I just didn't know it was that important to you." Kai gets a vague gesture with his hand. "Ride a horse, I won't make you. I likely will too. My head isn't going to fall off my shoulders." That does still mean he has to deal a grumpy Silver. Which…well, may be more of a challenge than fighting a Reaper.

Starling blinks at Wren, there is a moment where she just stares at him a moment, but then her eyes flicker closed and she moves to stand once more. She picks up the basket that Silver brought and lays out the food that was sent, then she walks over and leans down and kisses Wren's cheek, gives a smile to Kai and Elias, a touch of the shoulder to Silver, and then she heads out, just before she moves out the door, that frowns returns to her lips and she shakes her head.

"Simple solutions are my specialty," Silver smiles crookedly back at Elias, cleaning her hands off as Pontus takes his leave. "Like adding just a little bit of head trauma to this walking mess and keeping him from killing himself," she adds as she settles back on the edge of Wren's bed. Once again, she smooths a hand through his hair, tucking a piece behind his ear. "If you hurt yourself, I'll start the autopsy without making sure you're dead yet," she threatens cheerfully.

Elias gives Kai a flat look and then heaves a sigh at her. "Fine. But I'm riding with you, then. At least you won't be able to go too fast." After furrowing his brows at her, he turns his attention once more to Pontus just in time for the finger to land on his throat. He doesn't react badly to it, but smiles a touch and shakes his head. "No, no. It's a game about being able to read your opponent. Like…facial expressions. Maybe if I explain how the game works." Oddly, the touch doesn't seem to make him nervous at all. "In battle, you anticipate the way that your enemy moves, yes? This isn't much different, but you can play this game while you're healing. No actual fighting takes place. Just a battle of wit." Looking to Kai once more, his expression once again goes flat. Smiling then, he looks down at her wounds and shakes his head. "You know…I'd be happy if they stayed away from those," he says, poking his tongue out briefly and playfully. Looking to Starling then, he smiles in return and waves a hand at her. "And sadly your ingenuity goes underappreciated this time. That's a really good thing to keep in mind for the future, though."

"It's the steheda's will." Kai points out to Elias,"But of course you can ride with me. After all, I suppose it means getting you back to Jaha anyways, right?" not that doing that's necessarily her favorite idea,"Yeh, y'know.. I'm happy to still be breathing. There was a minute there where I wasn't sure we were going to be able to hold the bridge." she grimaces,"Not that it matters now I suppose."

"I'm not going to hurt myself." Wren sighs, watching Silver toy with his hair. "You should come with, I have a feeling that something will begin there, and there's a thought that we should be there for it." There's a gesture over at Kai and Elias. "Besides, do you think I want to deal with watching those two paw at each the whole way there?" He reaches over to pat her knee before taking her hand. "An autopsy? Is that…" No, can't threaten with a word he doesn't know.

"Cut you open and get a good look at all of your insides. As if I haven't already gotten an eyeful." Silver looks back over at Kai and Elias with a faint, rueful smile, shaking her head. "Like you've got any room to talk. I can come," she sighs. "It's just…not going to make a difference. They've got Fi to be their expert on you guys, they've got medics, they've got engineers. Believe me, nobody but you is going to give half a damn if I'm there or not."

Elias nods to Kai's words and smiles faintly to the girl, nodding. "Of course," he says and nods his head, smiling to her. "And yes, I do have work, but I will be back here as often as I can be if I'm allowed. I'll walk it if I have to." With a wry smile to Kai then, he finally just shakes his head slowly. "Either way, I was climbing the walls worrying about you until Pontus showed up. So you know. You and your axe wounds." With a roll of his eyes then in nigh melodrama, he looks then to Wren. "No sir. I'm afraid if I start pawing at her, pieces will come off. 'M good." There's a sly look to Kai then before he looks to Silver. "Hey now. You're not just -a- medic. You're a medic that speaks the local language. That's pretty damn important."

"If he hurts himself, do you really want to leave him in the hands of Alpha station?" Kai can't help but ask of Silver, even if she does give Elias an apologetic look,"Besides, maybe in the name of good will they'll give you some more supplies, which I'm not going to complain about, even if the healers here don't recognize just how useful your skills are yet. I'm fine Eli, 's going to take more than that to kill me." with people departing she's more okay about laying down again like she's supposed to. Mostly. Sort of. From the way she reaches for Elias' hand she'd rather be curled up with him, but she'll take what she can get for the moment,"Maybe we oughta start with 'Go Fish', tomorrow? I'm glad you're here Eli."

"Oh." Wren's smile falters a little, then eyeing her. "And you saw you don't know how to use a knife. I suddenly find myself questioning that." Though when she shakes his head at her. "Silver, I know you can come, I was asking if you wanted to come with or not to the Ark City." Being injured is the best time for lewd jokes, because hey, she can't punch him right now. "You've been here longer than Fiona has. You have insight." Though the humor dies down a little. "<In Trigedasleng> I hope that's enough for you. Because I would feel better. Perhaps I don't wish to say anything foolish." No, not going to admit something like in English. But, the big man know he sees people who want to be alone, starting to get up out of his bed. "<In Trigedasleng> We should go. Give them some privacy." While his neck may hurt, the rest of his is relatively fine. Walking isn't so hard. Just the getting up part.

"If he hurts himself, maybe he deserves to get turned into medical samples for Alpha," Silver grumbles back to Kai, but then Wren's standing up and she gives him an indignant look. "What are you-" Making a frustrated sound, she looks over at Elias with a rueful expression. "I'm about to learn a whole lot of other words in the local language, and most of them aren't going to be fit for public consumption. But I'll come. Maybe the records have been updated enough, someone might know more about my parents."

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