Day 038: Help For Reno
Summary: Tink and Reno pop over to Dr. Kirschenfeld's office and this time it's for Reno.
Date: 07/06/16
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Dr. Sarah Kirschenfeld's Office
The small office belonging to Dr. Sarah Kirschenfeld is remarkably cozy for a literal hole in the ground. There are a pair of overstuffed couches and two leather armchairs, occupying the bulk of the floor space.
Day 38

Reno wandered down by the Good Doctor's(tm) office. He was hand-in-hand with Tink which meant thoughts flowed freely and without static on the wire. Frequency was clear and his current was grounded and stable. He'd been in the infirmary all morning taking notes which might be odd to some, but made sense for him. This may have led to try an experiment in the art studio that did not go none too well. Tiny fuzzy things were stuck to his collar on one side, and his shaggy blonde hair had tiny shiny things in it with a smudge of green paint on his frames. He noted to Tabitha, flipping the page in his notebook with a finger, "Right, so when testing how to achieve repelling gravity to create a stable field against a field in a vacuum? Not to use an actual vacuum near Cameron's workspace. Lesson learned. Still I think there might be something correlating zero gravity against being more versatile on the outside… but all other theories surrounding spatial relativity suggest the inverse. Maybe the doctor's got more thoughts. Dr. Salvatore was busy this morning. Didn't see him." A hand knocked on teh door and said "Hi. Ms. Harris said now was a decent time to drop in, Dr. K. That… still good for you?" See? He made an appointment.

The door opens, revealing the plainly-dressed figure of Dr. Kirschenfeld. "You're a few minutes early. That's fine, come on in. I actually plugged in the kettle this time and your tea is waiting." When she opens the door, it is clear that the tea is, indeed, waiting on coasters on a side table.

Tink is laughing as they head into the room, "Reno…you don't repel gravity, you fall into it." She shakes her head as they make their way into the office. She's looking more relaxed and rested, "The only way you'd create a stable field in a vacuum would be if it was quantized, that is, that the strength of the field be quantized at each point in space. I have no idea how you'd tap into the non-zero vacuum energy is expected to contribute to the cosmological constant. If you did that then you might be able to create a stable field in the vacuum but that would require gravitational field that is proportional to p+3p." She sighs and then looks at the doctor, "In these conditions, I don't think it could be done." She flops down on the chair next to Reno, letting him take his seat before retaking his hand.

Reno was grinning easily enough noting to Tink, "Hey, I'm a little rusty on Physics. You're the one that got to go to class. I had to get my books stolen. So sneaking a skywalk to experiment wasn't in the cards. Still working with some theory here. But I was thinking if we could create a room. A pace?" He sat and looked to the tea. Oh, tea! He smiled in thank you setting the notepad down. His hand found Tinks without a second thought like it had a homing device that naturally gravitated that way, "I think you're right. I'm looking at this from the wrong angle." Looking up he noted, "The tea smells really good. And thank you for seeing us. How's your afternoon?" Polite this one

"My afternoon has been just fine, thank you." The tea is hot, sweet and minty. Dr. K sits down in her chair, looking the two of them over with a small smile. "You two are inseparable, aren't you?"

"We have a gravitational pull to each other," Tink tells Dr. K with a smile, "It's the consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass/energy and resulting in gravitational time dilation…our relevant experiences draw us to each other, creating that consequence. Our mutual attraction is infinite so we will always find the other no matter what happens." She flashes a smile to Reno, "It's all relative…and you can't mess with the basic laws of nature."

Reno just sat there and blinked at her. If one didn't speak science their eyes might gloss over, but he was an engineer, and a soul of logic and reason where math was his music, and all the world moved in a series of wavelengths. It was awwing and finally he said, "Tabitha, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me who was not-Max." He really had no guile and he took a minute to think about that and gave her hand a squeeze. He came in here for a question but was stunned by the high compliment. To the doctor he admitted, "I keep saying she's the only good thing I ever found outside."

"Now, this is your time — you can talk about whatever you want — but I have a feeling you didn't come here to discuss astrophysics," Dr. K says with a smile, trying to redirect the conversation.

Tink flushes a little under Reno's regard and gives his hand a squeeze, letting him know that she loves the compliment. Then she nods to the doctor, encouraging him to speak up. This time Tink is not going to go first because it's Reno's turn. She's not going to distract with herself. Plus, she's feeling better today so it's time for Reno to ask his question.

Reno jsut smiled back at her turning a shade of Tink-pink and felt good about that. Making someone feel happy and appreciated was not a bad thing in his book and doubly so for her. More focused, he sipped his tea and said "I dunno. Anything I had a problem with is gone. Out there and behind, which brings me to here and what you-" he pointed to the collective 'you' around the mug, "discussed the other day. Been observing about how to help. I figured out what I'd like to do with my life and wanted to run some thoughts by you." Yes, inspired, boy-genius has a lightbulb.

"First, while Tabitha is here, I want to ask how you've been feeling on the medication," Dr. K asks.

"I'm doing fine," Tink tells her, "Right as rain and really I don't feel any difference except maybe I slept better last night. I think that's the sedative working." She bites her bottom lip and asks, "I just started taking them…and you said it would take a week, right?"

Reno let her answer, keen on the result himself. He admitted, "You didn't do that thing where you get half awake and try to set up and stay half and half at all." It was a positive thing at the very least. He sipped his tea and asked curiously, "That's a good thing, right?" Medicated care was a newer thing than they were used to.

"Probably closer to two or three. You have to take them every day, because a level builds up in your blood," Dr. K explains. "I wouldn't recommend taking the sedative for more than a week or two, and I won't be prescribing any more of that unless something serious happens." She turns to Reno. "That is very good. It means she's sleeping through the night and getting better rest." She picks up her notebook, opening it and uncapping her pen. "So, Reno. Tell me a little about yourself."

Tink smiles at Reno as he offers his observations and then falls silent so that Reno can have the floor and speak. She is a lot more relaxed today. That sleep must have done her some good. The last few times the doctor saw her, she was a lot more wound up.

Reno paused and blinked. He was coming to ask a question about toxin levels and air pollutants but… well… ok. Huh. It caught him a little off guard and he shrugged a bit sipping his tea. "I mean there's not… much to tell. I mean I'm a second child. We're not too terribly exciting." he said that like it was a given and looked to the Doctor and then to Tink and realized that really meant nothing to her. "On the Ark- the space station we were born on, there are limited resources like Tabitha explained. Any extra taxation on those resources or wastefulness of them is outlawed. TO control population expansion and the ratio of usage to abundance? People were allowed one child and one child only. In that I was an illegal birth and hidden." He shrugged and didn't know what more there was to add to that. It was a hard thing to explain, "I shouldn't exist." He nodded matter of factly. He knew it, even if it was an awfully harsh truth to vocalize.

"What normally happens when a family has a second child?" the doctor asks, writing things down.

"The mother is floated…that is she is cast out through an airlock to her death. The child is placed in the Skybox until they turn eighteen and then it's decided whether or not they will be allowed to be released or floated like their mother," Tink adds some context to what Reno means, wanting the doctor to understand what the significance of the actions are, "Factors that can affect the decision are their behavior in the Skybox, the available resources and mood of the judges at time of the hearing." By the look on Tink's face, it's not a good outcome for the second child usually.

Reno said numbly, "Honestly most the second children I'd suspect don't live very long. Food is rationed. It was really hard on the family growin up. But… they did it. You can't get found. Can't leave your pod. Can't go to school. They do regular checks on teh living pods. Had to grow up in the floor and interstitial walls." Whatever feelings were there fell to an expression being completely matter-of-fact. "Just syain, pray you don't get sick because you're not gettin to the doctor. Never even seen the Ship until I got taken." He shrugged and sipped his tea.

Despite her training and experience, Sarah looks horrified. She was expecting tales of death and dismemberment, but she was not expecting this. "How old were you the first time you… you left… the floor? You grew up in the floor?"

Tink gives a gentle squeeze, giving Reno a show of support, knowing that it can't be easy for him to talk about what happened. Everyone on the Ark knew how terrible second children were treated but clearly this is news to the doctor.

Reno gave Tink's hand a squeeze but in truth, he was a little numb on it. His hand held Tink's steadfast though. He looked to Dr. K, and said tilting his head like it were a hypothetical question, "Yeah. It was that or get found, get punished for breathing, and getting your mother killed, and likely the rest of your family punished directly or indirectly. Things like needing to eat came out of their rations. If mom got floated the family was rationed less and then my dad and my brother would have had it harder. They didn't deserve that from me." He shook his head. A thumb brushed over the back of Tink's hand trying to give her support in having to hear it.

"That must have been extremely difficult, Reno. You're a very resilient young man." Dr. K frowns sympathetically. "Is there anything in particular you need to talk about? Anything in particular that is troubling you?"

"Maybe it would help if you talked about Max," Tink urges him, wanting to make sure that Reno gets everything he needs out of the session. She knows things have not been easy and perhaps just unburndening will help him.

Reno set his jaw and thought hard on that and gathered his thoughts together. Finally he looked to Tink and said "Max went to the box for me. He went to protect me and to protect mom. After that happened mom lost her mind. Shut down. Stopped… being… because she felt it was her fault for keeping me that Max had to… do what he did. Max thought she didn't care and was forgotten about except the messages I snuck to him. I'd rather have him be mad at her than know the truth and feel guilty like there was anything he could do." He looked at his tea, swirled, and drank it. Very pragmatic. A hint of a thought came to him with a tiny smile.

"Max sounds like a very selfless person. Is he a friend? A relative?" Dr. K takes notes, occasionally fiddling with a metal bit on her pen.

"Max is his brother…and he's here in the Mountain with us," Tink tells Dr. K, filling in the gaps, "And he's great. He's always watched out for Reno and really is a great big brother." Tink clearly thinks very well of him, "Reno…tell her what you did to get down here with us…it's a really good story."

Reno nodded to Tink and the ironic smirk stayed. He wasn't always happy-go-lucky, he was very pragmatic. He said to her, "I found out they were doing an earth launch and Max was going to be on it. So I went and got myself taken so he didn't have to go alone." He paused and swirled his ea leaves. "They floated my mom for it… But in truth she died a few years ago. I don't know that she knew it was happening. But Max is okay. He's here, that's what matters now, right? He doesn't have to keep secrets. He can just worry about Max now."

"Normally, I don't allow people to say 'talk about this' or 'talk about that' in a session like this, but with the two of you… it seems to work. You two are a remarkable pair of young people, who have lived remarkable lives." Dr. K thinks for a moment. "You seem like you carry a lot of guilt for things that you have no control over," she says gently.

Tink flushes a little, "Sorry…I didn't mean to lead the conversation. Just trying to help Reno out." She looks at her friend and gives his hand a squeeze to let him know if he wants her to quiet down, she will. When Dr. K observes that Reno is carrying some guilt, she doesn't say a peep. No leading the patient this time.

Reno looked from the Doctor to Tink with an encouraging smile. "It's ok, Tabitha. I don't mind. Just." He squint thoughtfully, "I had no life there. Came here hoping to get to know him again. Ain't seen him since he was taken when I was 12 ya know? A lot of time passed. We got here and it was… awful out there. Nothing but war and violence, and anger…" He looked to the doctor and NOW he looked angry, Tink's hand being held onto firmly, "We went to get water and they tried to cut us down like a high powered fission reactor." Apparently it was violent. "We were dying and we went to get water." he lifted the teacup, "And those… people. Whatever. Grounders tried to kill me and the others for five gallons." This affronted him on ever level with a rage rarely seen in his still face. "You guys rescuing us was the first time I have ever felt safe. Like the world made sense. There's room for ideas to be a part of something wonderful and perfect and beautiful… If I had any guilt? So long as this place stands it was worth it." He took a deep breath, sighed, and said "I know it' snot perfect. And I might have an idea how to help. I need… this place to be okay and I need Tink to be okay. I need to know there's a place somewhere I belong where I don't have to hide and no one will get hurt because of me. I can't deal with people getting hurt for stupid reasons."

"It sounds to me like you've had a lot of change in the past little while and you're having a hard time catching up and figuring out what that means," Dr. K replies, looking between the two of them.

Tink gives his hand a squeeze when he mentions that he needs Tink to be okay, "I'm going to be okay Reno…" Tink gives him a smile so he doesn't worry about her. And she thinks it's good that he's getting this out so that's all she comments on.

Reno looked over to Tink and picked her hand up and looked her in the eyes, "Yes. Yes you are, Tabitha. Even if it's not instant we'll keep fixing the world until things are okay again." Reno drank his tea and shrugged a shoulder thoughtfully. "The world out there is horrible. The people are horrible. I want no part of looking back to it, only future forward. It's why I wanted to talk to you. There's been talk. I know that people here are having a compatibility issue with outside atmospheric disturbance. Patient confidentiality aside I know this is a prevalent issue. My mother was a Med-tech on the Ark. I'm working on some theories to test a potential solution so that the Mountain is not so at-risk." Because the outside is the problem, not the inside. "I'd like an opportunity to work with Dr. Montgomery if he's willing. I know he's very busy keeping everything around here hygenic, but I can build. I want this to be my community. Our community. I want to help make it stronger." For him it was asking to fix the rides at Disney for the love of mice.

"You two realize that I'm not necessarily able to connect you with particular jobs, correct?" Dr. K presses her lips together. "I can see what I can do without breaking your confidentiality, but I can't make any promises." She looks at Reno, finding the right words. "You will find, Reno, that no place is perfect. There are good things and bad things everywhere. There must have been good things about the Ark and about the outside. Tell me a few."

Tink gives a shrug when Dr K. mentions that she's really not in the authority to give them jobs, "It's not that we think that you can give us jobs…it's more that you seem to know more here than we do and you're willing to talk to us so it's good to put it out there." They're just putting out the vibes and hoping someone bites.

Reno shrank into a slouch trying to think of anything at all good about the outside. At all. Ever. Huh. He glanced to Tink letting her explain their goal while he thought about an answer. "Bugs. Very interesting. They seem to work in these harmonious little groups towards a goal. It just works. It's symmetry. Harmony. It was beautiful and elegant…" He gave Tink an apologetic look. "I wish you could have seen the one I found. It was green and the size of my hand. Fascinating. That aside? The people out there leave much to be desired."

"I wonder what they would say about you, if you asked one of them. Maybe it's all about context," Dr. K suggests, canting her head. "Life really doesn't make much sense now, does it? Everything had its place before, but now everything is out of whack. What are some things you can do to make things more orderly?"

Tink looks like she's about to answer that question but then stops herself. She has to keep reminding herself that this is for Reno. She pauses as he talks about the bug and smiles, she does wish she had seen that bug by the look on her face. She patiently waits for Reno to offer his answer.

Reno chortled and broke into a relaxed, lop-sided grin, "Not everything had a place before. I wasn't real remember? I had no idea what the world was really like. Before all… this." He finished his tea and set it down. The tech looked to Tink and found her eyes looking back, and like his bugs that fascinated him, seemed to have an entire conversation with her in the span of a glance. He nodded to her in agreement. They didn't even have to say anything. Apparently Tink had the words to explain this one.

Sarah gestures for Tink to go ahead and explain, since Reno gave the go-ahead.

Tink thinks for a moment on how she makes things orderly, "Well…having a routine is good. Like setting a schedule and keeping to it. Making sure you keep things in the same place so they're familiar. Exercise…that's something I wanted to ask you about doctor. I read some books that mental health does better when you're in shape. Do you have a gym that we could use and maybe put us on an exercise schedule?"

Reno nodded and definitely found that a hunk of the solution. "I want to move. I want to work. I find order in participating in things that are productive and significant. A gym would be… really great." He squeezed her hand finding that agreeable as anything.

"That is an excellent idea, and something I might be able to help you with. I'll talk to the more senior doctors about security, permission and clearances," Dr. K says enthusiastically. "That's a great idea."

Tink grins as Dr. K agrees with her, "That's awesome. It can help me burn off some extra energy. Also, it is okay if I take the stairs instead of the elevators? I like to move up and down rather than just ride." And the stairs don't seem readily available as far as Tink could tell, "I could also do running, up and down the stairs." Yep, more opportunities to exercise.

Reno blinked and looked over to Tink and blinked again. Tink taking the stairs meant he was taking the stairs. He blinked again and reconciled that it was to be so. There was a nod and he smiled amicably, "We really appreciate it, Doc." He looked at Tink and said "Ya know it's a good thing I'm taller than you so I can keep up."

"Unfortunately, the stairs are off-limits at this time," Dr. K explains matter-of-factly. "But I can see if we can get you access to a gym."

Tink gives a nod as she mentions the stairs are off limits, "Okay…well the gym is better anyway." She flashes a smile to Reno and looks to see if there's anything else he wants to talk about. She potentially has access to a gym. She is very happy.

Reno seemed pretty content with the world and the resolution. "See that'll help me sleep better." For the guy who had a shit life up til recently and suppressed his nerd rage issues he seemed overall pleased. "Little steps towards being a community. Now all in one place on a treadmill."

Sarah glances at her watch. "Looks like we're running up on time. Anything pressing you need to get out before you go?"

Tink shakes her head at the doctor, "No thank you. I appreciate anything you can do to help us find some peace…" She looks to Reno to see if he needs anything. She gives his hand an excited squeeze because a gym is going to be so great.

Reno considered this thoughtfully and said, "If we can borrow wo bags of tea? I have a feeling this is going to be a work and study night." He took his notebook and said, "Thank you for helping Tink. It's got to be hard listening to everyone all teh time. We appreciate it."

"I just have mint, not proper tea," Dr. K admits, "But I can put some in some sachets for you," she agrees, heading over to her cabinet. "And you are very welcome, Reno. It is my pleasure."

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