Day 010: Here Cometh Four Horsemen
Summary: Four horsemen approach the Delinquent camp, three Delinquents and a Grounder. The Grounder wants to talk. So does every Delinquent in camp.
Date: 14 May 2016
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The Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and the rough beginnings of a wall stretch between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks being stacked up as quickly as the Delinquents can manage.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

10 Days After Landing

The delinquent camp has settled into a slowly roiling pot of discontentment and anger over the last thirty-two hours. So much has happened since that escape pod came crashing to Earth, bringing with it a radio that has reconnected the camp with the Ark and the Council. There is no doubt that emotions are high as fights continue to break out, though now mostly between small handfuls of teens instead of outright brawls. Comments snapped between opposing sides are bitter and incensed. It is hard to say which point of conflict has the greatest claim to the discontent: the fact that the camp was no longer in isolation from the Ark or someone let the Grounders loose. To add to it, it is starting to circulate that of the five people missing, three were obviously involved in the Grounder shit-storm.

So as the sun rises on Day 10, few are surprised when the guards at the wall start to shout that someone — or someones to be specific — are approaching the camp from the northeastern edge of the woods. Those on the elevated walk on that side of the wall can easily see four horsemen emerging in a loose diamond formation, with a monstrous grey Clydesdale at the front bearing what is probably the biggest Grounder they have ever seen (not that most people have really even seen a Grounder in the flesh at this point). He no longer bears his bear skull mask, leaving his dark, scarred face bare. He bears a heavy-hilted sword across his back, but the manner in which he rides has a kind of loose and casual sense to it.

<FS3> Grey rolls Riding: Success.
<FS3> Fiona rolls Riding: Success.
<FS3> Faolan rolls Riding: Good Success.

Grey would really like to return to camp looking cool and in control and awesome. But he's riding a horse, something he's never done before, and in the 'in control and awesome' race, really it's a race for second place behind the imposing bulk of The Bear. So he settles for grabbing onto the saddle tightly and trying not to look at the two-faced monstrosity that he's riding. It would be easier if it's tiny third eye didn't keep looking back at him. To be fair, it's a rather docile mount, but that doesn't stop Grey from making things worse by tightening up nervously and being totally not cool with this thing between his legs. When he approaches the hole in the wall that will (hopefully) become the gate, he does his best to stop the horse and… well… 'dismounts' has a romantic feel to it. What he actually does is crawl off the back of the horse and not fall on his face. That's a win. He sort of has hold of the horse's reins, but doesn't know what to do with them, spreading his hands out to his sides and calling out, "Hello the camp." Not that they haven't been spotted previously, no doubt.

Look, this is a very serious situation. Lives are at stake, on both sides of the situation and Fiona is well aware that there's going to be a lot of people who are super pissed at her and Grey and Faolan. She fully recognizes the fact that this is a dire situation and deserves her full attention. That being said? HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, SHE'S ON A REAL LIVE HORSE! The only reason she isn't smiling is because of how damn serious this is. And because she had the whole damn ride to get herself under control and stop petting her mount like an enamored twelve year old.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Morgan was on the wall with Silver when they caught sight of the riders. And unlike some, he recognizes them all. "Holy shit." he says to Silver and races down to the ground, pushing his way to the front. The three delinquents get A Look but then his gaze shifts to the Grounder and he offers him a nod.

As all the chaos starts up, new chaos, Quinn emerges from the tent that she's been sharing with Hanne, taking a moment to get an idea about what is actually happening. When it becomes clear the source is horses riding in, she begins to head towards the would-be gate, moving as quickly as she can move through the camp, and any growing crowd that is forming. To say the expression on her face was so empty and so neutral as to be non-existent would be an understatement in and of itself.

Having been up on the wall talking with Morgan, Silver got a glimpse of things from up high. Two days ago, she would have stayed there, out of the way, where she could watch without risking being involved. Today? Today she jogs down and starts to work her way toward the front of the growing crowd. Just…off to the side a little bit. No need to surrender all of her ability to watch everyone else. For just a minute, anger and frustration war with caution before she calls back. "Welcome back, ambassadors." Which is more of a coded fuck you, but, well. Grounders present.

Ruth has been making the best of the negative mood, seemingly feeding from it like the snappy retorts and glowers of the other delinquents are candy. She wasn't there for the meeting and most of the subsequent fighting itself, having been traipsing out in the woods doing whatever it is Ruths do when they're on their own, so she hasn't had yet had a chance to settle towards one side of the rift or the other. With a wide grin, she cups her hands around her mouth and calls, "Hi," right back. Despite her height, she's in the middle-back of the crowd. It'd be easy to lose her voice in the tumult… but she's not injured, she's eaten recently, and her waterskin is full. It's a good day.

Well if she wasn't awake before, with all the commotion going on Frankie is certainly awake now. There is a stirring in the small tent that she sleeps in before her makeshift crutches are placed outside the tent flap, soon followed by her crawling out "What the…" she mutters, but the someone mentions horses as she is pulling herself up with the help of her crutches and hobbling to the gate with the rest of the crowd.

Cameron was somewhere around, having come in from foraging not so long ago. Then there's like, yelling, and he's scrambling to grab his armor and sword from his tent and pull it over his head as he reaches the gate. He blinks once, twice, and gives Grey a bemused, "Man, way to upstage my complete undermining of the unity effort." But look, horses. And a giant on one of them.

Cole is here. And Cole is hanging near the back, standing on the highest point of the dropship. Clearly this is something he's not going to get too involved in, because he's said as much previously. No, he's just going to be something of an observer, perhaps wanting to see the fallout of what's to come. And if things are about to get worse or better. He can't say, but again, this is what he's here for.

Cassandra is not among those roused by the announcement that four horses are approaching. She heard them approaching, great beasts that they are, by the unnatural clip-clip-clop of their hooves in the forest breaking the Dawn Chorus. Starting each day listening to it out in the nearby forest has become her ritual, and so unlike most, she's sneaking in behind them rather than staring excitedly up ahead at them from within the camp. It takes her a while, but eventually she slips in, sidling along the wall to join the rest of her gang, if that's something the Hundred may indeed be called. She looks cross, as usual. There's a frown of betrayal as she looks up at Faolan and Fiona upon their mighty horses, but not Grey, because from him she expected nothing less. In the heated debates that have been held about, she's voiced complete agreement with the notion that these three ought not to have snuck off to greet the Grounders without consulting anyone first.

"Hmm?" Thomas asks towards a couple of the teens that are moving towards the gate, passing by his spot. Overhearing their commentary about the excitement and buzz of what is going on. He looks in that direction, then shakes his head when someone asks if he's coming. "There is no greater threat to civil society than anarchy." Noting the blank expression he gets, Thomas smiles. "People want to embrace the chaos, not order. I'll stay over here with my order."

He hates his horse. "You smell," he mutters spitefully. Faolan sits on his horse stiffly and uncomfortably. Its pretty obvious that they dont much like each other. Mutal distrust rules the air. As usual he's wearing his leather jacket, open to reveal his blood stained t-shirt, and his sword rides his back. Its probably a consequence of mutual dislike and discomfort that he gets off his pony as easily as he does. He slips off and immediately separates.

"Ambassadors means we chose to send 'em, doesn't it?" This from Niner, the words unhushed and practically dripping with sarcasm. He, too, is wedging his way near the front of the group. Quieter, as he stoops a little toward Silver and nudges her arm with a curled knuckle, he says, "Watch it. They probably got archers somewhere too."

At the moment ladders are hard, so Frankie never got a chance to see the captive Grounders up close, though she was certainly asking people about them when she got the chance. Dying of curiousty she was. And now that one is riding into camp, and a huge on at that on an equally huge horse, well she is staring with curious fascination at both man and beast.

The tent that Asher occupies alone has always been on the large side. And he's had the horse he captured from the ambush, (Steak and New Boots), tied up to a tree branch that is also keeping part of his tent up off the ground. Asher wasn't quite roused by the commotion, but he is drawn out of his tent by it, moving slowly still on his healing leg. He's got his spear that he's using as a walking stick, and just like every other time he exits his tent, he's armed to the teeth with his sword, axe, and knives. When he realizes what the commotion is about, his eyes narrow some, and he moves over the Steak and New Boots, resting a hand on its neck. Despite the horses name, he's actually started to grow fond of the beast. "Fuckin' shit eaters. Bad enough they let the damn prisoners go, now they gotta bring different ones back…" he mutters and looks back to the gate from his position by his tent, near the dropship.

Max had been talking with some others when the call went out the that horses were approaching. He watches the approach with the growing crowd, finding a place outside of the main crush of onlookers to observe. He tracks Quinn's progress as she comes out of the tent and heads for the gate but doesn't follow after her, at least not yet. For the time being, he remains where he is, just watching the crowd more than he's watching those that approach.

"Yeah," Silver mutters to Niner, nudging an elbow back at him. "And it also means they don't have absolute authority for whatever they agreed to and gives us an out if it's a bad deal. And it means they work for the rest of us, and aren't in charge. So work with me here."

"Can it." Quinn raises her voice just loud enough to be heard, hopefully, by anyone that is starting with the unhappy rumblings. "Show our guest inside, find a place for the…" She pauses, eyeing the horses for a moment, "Horses…" Faolan and Fiona are spared a glare, but Grey gets the full weight of it before she glances around at those that got left behind, "We're going to talk about things…like adults. Right?"

Oxfor the Bear is not as dumb as he is big. In fact, in his particular circle, he does have a reputation for some level of intelligence. So, he is quiet as the three delinquents go about dismounting and approaching their people. He drums his fingers lightly on the horn of his saddle — a knobbly bit of leather that has hull of a baseball covering it. He waits several more moments and then dismounts in a rather straight forward and well-practiced movement that has him on his feet and towering at an impressive six and a half feet. He looks to have that old warrior physique — a kind of frame that had probably once been completely filled out in tight, strong muscle, but has softened a bit with age. His stomach is a bit round beneath his heavy jacket, but doesn't necessarily take away from his size. He speaks in a low, deep rumble to the horses and then pats his mount's forehead. He turns then to the camp, and his voice booms. "Skaikru! Ai laik Oxfor kom Trikru!" He casts Fiona a small glance before he regards the group, and then asks the question that is probably the most unanswered question in the entire camp. "Who do I speak to to begin negotiations?"

Grey relaxes quite a bit at Silver's words, for all that he's getting hate-glares and flat (or very, very flat) looks from others. He gives the former medtech a little nod of thanks. Cameron's words cause a little wince, and he makes a gesture low down by his sides, 'be cool, be cool' he silently says. But the fact that Cam isn't attacking him directly is a very, very good sign. Grey looks for something to do with the reins of his horse, but short of handing them to the Bear (which he doesn't think would be good), he's got no idea, so he just lets them drop. Stepping away from the horse to enter camp, he belatedly remembers westerns where you tied up reins. Too late now, best hope the Grounder horse is well-trained. "We've got a chance for a summit with the Grounders. But they need our help first. They've got sick people, people who just got sick after they came in contact with our people, and they'd like our help with them." Bear's last question causes him to stop, suddenly thunderstruck. 'oh. shit.' is clear on his face. But he can't answer that, not now, not without knowing what's happened in camp since he… left.

Laughter. Ok, Thomas couldn't resist it. He had wandered over despite his initial plans to just sit back but the question that is posed by the Grounder; yeah he can't help it. He just laughs. Not in a sarcastic manner but in a genuine one. "Someone… in charge."

Niner looks down at Silver, brows narrowed a little in concentration as he listens to her. "I dunno," he replies, sounding uncertain. But he's considering what she said. That's something, right? Right. Then Quinn speaks up, and his attention breaks, snapping over like his head was on a pullcord. "I ain't taking orders from someone who argues over a radio with someone's mom dyin' at her fuckin' feet," he says.

Cassie has a Grounder-made machete at her hip, one which she stole from a man (that is, a human, a fellow person, a Homo sapiens) whom she killed. Of this she is painfully aware, but the sight of Oxfor the Bear reminds her, and is part of the reason why she made no attempts to speak to him when he was the Skaikru's prisoner. It's rather hard to start a friendly conversation with, 'Hey, sorry I killed your friend'. Practical solutions first: though she's loathe to part with it, she draws her sword and makes the effort to hide it behind her tent, hopefully without being seen by those distracted by the Four Horsemen's arrival. And then, unarmed, she steps back towards the group to look up at the great big bear of a man. When Niner speaks, so does she.

"Quinn speaks for us," Cassandra pipes up. Let the Delinquents challenge her if they will.

"Sick?" Morgan looks from Bear Mask - now known as Oxfor - and over to Grey. "Sick how? What are their symptoms?" Somehow he manages not to laugh bitterly at the Grounder's question. He's not even going to try to answer it. "I'll go back and do what I can for them." Which might be absolutely nothing since they don't have any medicine.

Silver looks to Quinn when the ex-cadet speaks, fist clenching at Thomas's words. Think quick. You don't want things to fall apart. "You've been speaking with them," she answers the Grounder. "The ambassadors went to negotiate on behalf of the rest of us. No one here has the final say. But we've got doctors, if that's what you need help with."

Much like Thomas, the question has Ruth grinning ear-to-ear. She doesn't outright laugh, though. Instead, she raises her voice to say, "I think most of us can agree on 'anyone but Jaha'." She's not very helpful, all things considered.

Faolan catches Cassandra and Quinn's look, and he shrugs. Its not as if he has ever been a proponent of democracy. He frowns when its claimed Quinn speaks for them though. "Said this would cause rabble rousing" he tells Grey and Fiona

"This is Oxfor of the Tree Crew." Fiona determinedly ignores the glares once she's down off her mount, though that exercise was somewhat awkward in execution. "He's the leader of Coesburg, the nearest settlement of his people. We don't know what caused the sickness," she stresses, "But in order for our people to start getting along, we need to help them." Her gaze settles on Quinn, quickly transitioning to Silver. She starts to speak, catches Faolan's remark, and admits quietly, "We knew there would be a risk."

"Quinn don't speak for anyone but her own ass, and you know it." Niner's voice raises, strong and a little heated. "You want someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone deciding everything? Fuck that."

There are some rumbles of dissent when Cassandra puts forth Quinn's name, while others offer sharp nods of agreement. Some are scoffing and grumbling about why some Guard chick is being put forth. There is a small snap. "Where's Lip! Hey, I say Lip should speak for us!"

If Quinn steps forward, so will Cole. There's nothing to be said, the tech simply eyeballing the large man on the horse. Besides, he's stayed out of having an opinion on a lot of things the delinquents have been feuding over. And he believes, in his own mind, anyways, that he can discuss things with an open mind.

Quinn glances over at Niner, then at Cassandra when she nominates her. She's at least got the good graces to not look alarmed by that before she frowns, "We want an alliance, and we'll do what we can to make this work. But we have to do this without everyone shouting hate every where. Otherwise we may as well just end this now and walk away. We're out of choices…they need help, we need help. It's just a matter of how far we have to go to give the help to get the help."

It is awe inspiring, the massive beasts, the delinquents riding them. For a second Alison lets that show with a soft gasp and a lingering wide eyed look. That said though, the red head surprise shifts to a frown. She studies the giant, eyes tightening. Her fingers wrap into her palms as she listens. It is a simple murmur as she stands among the more angry about it groups, "Maybe they should not have stolen our people."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Melee: Failure.

Crazy Cameron seems to have been buried back beneath Cool Cameron, so he just sorta stands there and eyes Grey a lingering moment. "Skaikru?" he asks of whoever is next to him, probably no one in particular, "That's got a certain ring to it." But the question of leadership comes up again and he groans, rubbing his face with one hand, and yet he says, "They only did that after we trespassed, Alison, and we took captives in turn. We can't go back and forth and answer every hurt with a hurt. We have to just stop, draw a line and say this, here, is enough. Its time to settle things and come to a fair peace."

Grey nods over to Faolan, grinning a little helplessly. The call for Quinn to lead causes him to blink, and then the call for them to continue 'leading' causes another blink. Shrugging slightly, he looks up to Oxfor, "The issue is still under discussion." And then Morgan gets to the cogent points, and he nods, "Fever, cough, a couple more. Fiona got the details. I'd like most of the baby-docs to go back and help, if you'll do it. We can agree on a negotiatin' team then? After the people get some help?"

Hand goes up to his hair and Thomas shakes his head as the laughter finally leaves him. He almost, almost looks apologetic as his eyes take in Bear Man Grounder. "Our group is transitioning to new leaders. Different views are competing for authority." If the Grounder understands the concepts, well Thomas has no idea but he isnt' really speaking just for the Grounder. "Perhaps the best resolution at present would be for you to state what you would like from us, and be willing to offer, so that all present can hear the offer. Then we shall be in a position to discuss it amongst ourselves and bring our counter offer back to you?" Thomas looks at the other teens, "That way we are all in the know of what is going on rather than a select few trying to undertake a task that ties us all?"

"Yeah. Yeah, you fucking do that, why don't you?" Niner's raised voice is aimed at Grey, now. He's not too far from the gathered horsemen, and those near him might sense his coiling tension. "Decide some more for all of us, why don't you? What else you gonna decide on?"

When some scrawny little pipsqueak adolescent challenges Cassandra's nomination of Quinn to speak for them, she 'accidentally' steps down on his foot. Hard. This would have gone better if she hadn't underestimated her situation, and it results in her getting an elbow to the stomach — harder. Keeling over painfully with her arms rapped around her midsection, she grimaces before straightening up. "Quinn's not like the other guards," she weakly contends. "She's not a bloody Ark loyalist like some people." Her eyes dart pointedly towards Niner.

While all the rest is going on, Cookie emerges with a tray of snacks and a waterskin. Undaunted, she approaches the arrivals, smiling amiable. "Welcome, Oxfor kom Trikru. I'm Cookie Baker. Y'all have traveled quite a bit, I reckon. I brought some refreshments." Because she is all about hospitality. Now if one of the Delinquents would eat and drink first, that's be great lest she be accused of attempted poisoning.

"As a gesture of good faith, we should send our medtechs." agrees Cameron with Grey, though a bit of a worried look for Morgan, "But will uh… Oxfor of the Trikru? … promise safe passage and return?" Cam gestures to the giant.

"No one speaks for everyone." Asher shouts out as he starts to move away from the tied up Steak and New Boots. "So we should all shut the fuck up with the griping." Even Asher can see this is the time for getting in people's faces. He eyes the larger Grounder, Oxfor. "Can't have one person trying to speak for everyone right now. So have a few do the negotiating." That way they can all argue the whole time. BRILLIANT. Asher continues to limp further towards where the Grounder, with the traitors (to his mind) are located.

Faolan frowns at nines. He says: "Whatever gotta be decided. If wed gone by popular decision wed all still be fucking starving."

Max pushes away from where he was standing and wanders over toward Quinn, coming up beside her and bumping his shoulder lightly against hers. He looks at the horses with unmasked fascination now that it's not in the middle of an ambush or combat, taking some time to study the great beasts.

"Hey." Silver reaches for Niner's arm, as the closest objector. It's not a violent reach - she's not really built for that. More of a calming one. "We want to yell at each other later, we can do that. But we fall apart in front of them and we're going to be sitting ducks for the Ark or for the Grounders and no one's going to be listening to us." Looking back to the Grounder, she tips her chin up, raising her voice. "I've got medical training. I'll come."

"SHUT UP!" Quinn turns towards Niner, all the rage she'd managed to shut down soaring back, "If you don't want the alliance, then say so. But stop spewing bullshit that fucks it for those that do. You and me, we can solve our shit later. But this, right here, is bigger. So stop!" She then turns back towards the group with the horses, "If the medtechs are willing to go, they should go. But don't volunteer them without asking, since you're not the leader, no one is right now. As for negotiations….yeah, we are clearly torn on who and what, and how many or how few. Which puts us in a fucked up position right now. But some of us are agreeable to negotiations with your people."

Ruth posits her first serious word of the day after a clearing of her throat. "So, like, if we go back and help their sick people, will we have to be tied up again?" It's worded with a smile, but mouth-smiles mean little when your eyes don't follow. She then deigns to tongue her cheek and add, "Just, like, bend over and take it or something? What have they done for us?" She speaks as if the Bear Grounder isn't even there.

The Bear catches Grey's look, and he arches one brow, sending a deep wrinkle of dark skin across his scarred forehead. Then he crosses his arms at his chest, fixing those closest with a heavy, steady stare. When some begin to step forward, and even Morgan asks after the sick, he lapses into that stoic Grounder silence. "Did not you tell me you came to me to seek a Summit, Feyona kom Skaikru?" He looks at the girl now under his heavy stare. Then he looks back at the teenagers, and he considers things thoughtfully. But then Cookie goes a mentions food, and his grin splits easily into a very white smile. "A good start." Then he holds up his hands in a sharp, silencing gesture as the camp continues to talk. "Find your voices!" He almost bellows. "I have but two ears, stop demanding so much of them!" Then he looks at Quinn at her words, and he returns to silence as he listens.

The bickering, the yelling, Frankie just has to shake her head at "We are making one hell of a first impression." she says to those near her. "How are the Grounders supposed to trust us it we can't even trust each other."

Fiona's jaw sets when Oxfor questions her, and with a sudden determination to her face, she puts her fingers to her mouth and lets out a shrill, sharp whistle to get everyone's attention. "Before we start this shouting match, do you all want to hear what happened? And once you all have the information, then we can devolve into a free for all?"

Cole has been standing there, looking right at the Bear of the man. "You said you wanted to talk. I'm listening." Simple and to the point. Whether or not he notices him standing at the forefront of the group, that's on him. But the bad-mouth tech is waiting for a response. And for once he's not swearing.

"Most important right now is helping their people." Morgan says. "Some of us with medical knowledge, not all since some will be needed here, will go. We can also help negotiate once we've gotten them better." If they can get them better. "Quinn, you should be one of the negotiators. Fiona too I think." He scans those assembled, gaze passing over Grey and Faolan without a pause. "Silver." Then Fi's cutting to the meat and he turns to listen.

"I'm not saying /shit/ about a fucking Alliance." Niner stares daggers right back at Quinn. "I'm saying it's bullshit these fuckers decided to fuck off and make like they were in charge to the Grounders. Didn't you hear what he just said?" He waves an arm at the massive Grounder. "They told him they were some kinda fucking diplomats."

Grey is trying to be good. He really is, but he snaps back at Niner, "I was askin', you jackhole. Suggestin'. Not tellin'." The continued hubbub causes his shoulders to tense further and further, and he glances up to Oxfor to gauge the man's reaction. Yup, thet're screwing things up. He nods slowly at Quinn's words, re-emphasizing, "Request. Suggestion." And he gestures up to Fiona and over to Cookie, "how about food for our guest and an explanation?"

The hand in Thomas's hair slides down to pinch the bridge of his nose momentarily before he smiles a little. Looking up at last he glances at Cookie and tilts his head. "Perhaps you could take our Guest to have some food." So that the Grounder doesn't see the teens acting like teens. "Then we can get the report from those who went away. And we can organize ourselves a bit." He looks at those around, hopeful that the suggestion will be taken.

While bickering rises all around her, Cookie remains all hospitality and downhome charm. "We have 4 types of fruit leather: blackberry, blueberry, cherry, and raspberry," which she indicated by pointing at each, "and some deer jerky. There's also some water, but I can make some juice or tea if you prefer. Will you be joining us for supper?"

"And that's a discussion for later." Quinn points out to Niner, giving him another frown before she glances back towards the front, her arms crossing over her chest, "How about we start with the furst suggestion and come inside the camp instead of standing at the gate." Gate counts, right? She indicates the main area in front of the dropship, and then just turns to start in that direction because she's done standing around shouting.

Alison looks at Cameron and then Grey, her face tightening in more direct anger. Her voice is clearer, louder, but icy calm. "I disagree. This should be discussed in private though. I am certain this choice should be made in common and by system." She turns as Thomas seems to have the same thought. "Yes, we should show our guest welcome while we weigh in on this."

"Niner, man, maybe we should argue you know privately." Cameron turns a bit of a wincing expression on towards the angry guy, but he's nodding all encouragingly at Cookie's effort to feed the grounder.

"I take it back," Oxfor starts to chuckle, deep and resonant in the cathedral of his chest, looking at Grey. "There is no possibility that you could have purposefully sought to infect my people." Then he steps forward, trying to discern the crowd. He smiles that deep, white smile again. "If you cannot choose who I speak with, shall I do it for you?" Then he steps forward again, looking at Cole in an almost thoughtful stare. Then he nods. "I will take your food… perhaps we can start there." He nods with that toothy white smile for Thomas. When Cookie falls upon him with food, he squints suspiciously at the leathers. Then he takes a raspberry offering, looking at it with a frank interest.

"Wow, this is a shitfest," Ruth realizes, blinking at Morgan with a flat frown. "Do we even know the composition of their poultices yet?" The implication is clear: she doesn't think any information should be given freely.

There is a bit of a wince at the shrill whistle from Fiona, she for one things the teengirl makes a good point. Frankie is thinking some of this can be eliminated if there were just volunteers to go help the Trikru people with the sick. She hobbles over to where Morgan is. "If you want volunteers to go to the Trikru village to help with the ill, I'm willing." it's not like she can do much to be helpful here besides busy work that anyone else can do.

"Sure. Later." The sarcasm is back in Niner's angry words. "Once someone sneaks off again and fucking decides everything? Sure. Great idea." There's a hesitation in his words, though, a catch that seems to physically rein him back from something else he was about to say. His weight shifts on his feet, and he shrugs again, full of tense frustration. "Whatever. Let 'im in, then. Less chance they'll fucking ambush us anyway, that way." He looks to Grey, then, gesturing between him and the Grounder. "How about telling your bestie to disarm, huh? Or will it hurt his feelings?"

When Quinn turns to head back into the main area of the camp, Max goes along within her, still not having said anything at all, seeming to have fallen back to silence. He watches the interactions of those among the crowd, and then eventually focuses on Cookie and Oxfor, waiting to see the outcome of that exchange. There's a certain tension there, in his shoulders, perhaps concern about what might happen next.

Belatedly, Oxfor responds to Cookie, nodding amiable agreement as he finally takes a bite of this fruit leather.

Cole makes a motion for Cookie, looking at her. "You heard the man." he notes over to the cook with an even, if beckoning gesture. "We'll eat and we'll talk, sir." he says of the Bear, giving one nod to that. "I suppose introductions are needed. My name is Cole Menge. I respectfully invite you into our camp so we can hear what you have to say. Cookie here is the head of our food supplies and cooking. Her fruit leather," he pauses as he watches Oxfor take a bite of it, then taking a piece for himself, perhaps in a show that no, it's not poisoned, taking a bite himself. "She knows her craft. Better than anyone else I know."

"Our ambassadors were a little bit ambitious," Silver drawls, glancing over to Thomas. She might not trust him much, but at least he's not shouting and making them look like fools, which means he can get support for now. "No one needs to vote on whether or not I'm willing to help sick people. I'll go."

Ok, if the Grounder is taking food that is a step in … well some direction. Thomas nods at that then looks around. "Alright. So, how about we have the three that were gone." Only a little annoyance in his tone seeps through, "Share with us what happened. And while they do such, why don't we all reserve our own commentary until later?" Thomas again looks around those about, hoping they'll follow this part of a plan. "This way we all have information. Everyone is free to their opinions, let's just hold off on sharing them until later, yes?"

Quinn drops herself into a seat on the ramp, a hand scrubbing through her hair before she glances at Max. A faintly greatful smile is offered before she looks back towards the chaos near the gate. After a moment she observes, "This is going better than it could have."

While diplomacy isn't Asher's strong suit, he looks over to Quinn, then eyes Niner, "Alright. So he eats, and we go and figure this shit out." That's not actually going to happen, but arguing isn't gonna help anyone." As to the healers leaving to go help the Grounders, Asher eyes Grey, "So…we're just gonna send our people over there, with no one to defend them if shit goes wrong? What if we can't help and his people die. Are they going to just let our people leave then?" And then suddenly Cole is representing them, and Asher looks over, eyeing him a moment, then The Bear. Nope.

Tearing herself away from people who do not like her — admittedly, with good, even recent reason — Cassandra hauls herself into a straighter posture and meanders over to Niner. "There's nearly a hundred of us. He's one guy, and I don't think he's suicidal. I don't think we seriously need to ask him to disarm," she contends in a quiet voice, but the look she gives him indicates it isn't friendly.

Cameron gestures at the big guy, and calls over to Asher, "That's why I asked if the big guy will promise safe passage and return." he prompts, "If he says so, we might as well try trusting it, we have to start trusting /somewhere/. There's a good point. They're sick, need help, we might be able to help. A starting place."

"Asher and Faolan should go with the medtechs to keep them safe. As well as Cameron." Quinn suggests when she hears what Asher's asking, but she still hasn't budged from where she's sitting, "I'd trust any in a fight if it came down to a fight…"

Smiling that amiable smile that she does, Cookie notes to the Grounder chief, "I imagine you might want to rest a little after your journey. If you'll follow me…" To wherever is the most suitable place in the camp to entertain guests.

"I can get behind Quinn's suggestion." prompts Cameron quickly in agreement.

Grey shrugs up at Oxfor, "I know right? Like herding goddamn cats." Not that he's seen a cat except in cat-videos. He lets the big man go deeper into the crowd towards the cook tent, staying back by Fiona and the heart of the argument. Niner's question draws a shrug, "He's alone here. I ain't worried. And right now, I think 'tolerated' is closer than 'besties,' in both directions." Nodding to Thomas, he opens with, I ain't getting into 'how's' or 'why's', just what's. Oxfor's in charge up there, and he's willing to talk peace, if we get our shit together and give him some people to talk to, and if we can help treat his people, which it sounds like we're willin' to do." Asher's question causes him to shrug, "I'll go over there with 'em if people want. Or Asher and Faolan. I told people I'd do anything needed to keep you all safe, and I will."

Max stands next to where Quinn's dropped to sit, giving her shoulder a light squeeze with one hand, supportive. He nods at the suggestion that they should send someone with the healers, glancing over at Asher and Faolan as they're suggested, then smiling just a touch as Cameron gets behind it.

"We had sharpened sticks. They have fucking cleavers and axes. Did you even /notice/ what they fucking did to Perry and Rees" Niner lists the two (NPC) Delinquents killed in the ambush, eyes narrowed at Cassandra. "I'm sure they're-" Again his attention breaks, and he turns, striding forward two very angry steps, toward the Grounder and Grey. "You think," he says, voice climbing in volume again. He's definitely angry now. "You think, and you think, and you FUCKING THINK, and it's not your fucking place to decide more than anyone fucking else. He wants in, he can fucking leave his weapons behind, or he can fucking go through me."

Faolan shrugs at the mention he should go for protection. "Sure." Hes a guard. Well, technically not anymore. But its still in him. Its what he does. But Asher? He squints at the unrepentant criminal.

<FS3> Cookie rolls Survival: Great Success.

Cassandra does something stupid; nothing new there. She isn't stupid, really, but when it comes to violence… well, sometimes. Straightening up before the nine-fingered man, she looks him dead in the eye, draws back her shoulders and reaches up to prod him in the chest. "I'll go through you," she says in a completely serious tone of voice.

"Niner. You don't want Grey making decisions for you? I get that." Silver steps forward, jaw setting. "But I'd rather you not make decisions for me like throwing down with someone who can clearly take you and who can make our lives a lot harder or a lot easier. So how about you take your own advice and back off?"

There is a hard look on Cole's face, like he's summoning up every bit of courage on his face. But no swearing, absolutely zero swearing. And no grumpy attitude. It's like the mechanic has been keeping all of his nice attitude in reserve for a particular moment like this. "Sir," he says to Oxfor, as if the title is a sign of respect. "Are there any you would like accompany us while we discuss? Those that came with you? I would like to bring some people if you would allow it? You came of your own terms and your own accord, so I will respect your wishes in this case. But I would like to include some in whatever it is you want to talk about." He's ignoring Niner, for the moment.

Somewhere in the crowd, a voice might be heard muttering, "More like you'll let him go through /you/." That voice may be recognized as Ruth's. She's tall, but there are several males present that are taller, so her spot isn't extremely obvious.

Cameron moves over to Niner, pushing to try to intercept Niner. Physically, if need be. "Don't start a fight with a giant right here when he's here trying to make /peace/. Just like Grey has no right to speak for you you don't have any right to speak for me, so chill the fuck out! Do you want a fight with these people, right here, right now? Because that's what it sounds like you're going for."

And that is about when the Grounder perhaps lets another side of him flash. Being the Bear has two resemblances — first is the amiable, tubby creature happily trundling around, and the other is the creature with claws and teeth. He lowers his brow, and fixes Niner with a hard and abruptly cold stare. He steps forward, his mountainous form entering looming mode, and his voice drops to a low, deep rumble. "Careful, Sky boy," he says. "I have come here to begin to just begin to discuss a hopes of a summit… While the Sky may be so freeing that you can show such disrespect, these woods will eat you." Then he reaches for the huge hilt of his sword.

Ruth's comment causes a few snickers, and one guy chuckles, "Heh-heh. Boner."

"Way to go." Morgan tells Grey flatly. "Get everyone pissed at you when you leave then make sure there's a huge fight when you get back. You sure are good at planning these things out and being a leader."

Oh good, violence. Thomas looks at the actions of Niner and shakes his head before sighing. "Two steps forward…" he doesn't finish the rest of the quote. Looking at Grey, Thomas nods a bit. "I don't care about the why's right now. And we naturally have people who want to help, because most of us are good people at heart. But, we also need to make sure what we do works for most of us, because even one person going is in many ways all of us going." Thomas manages a small smile and then looks at others. "We need to learn details so we can discuss details before committing."

Quinn bumps her shoulder lightly against Max's, but she doesn't move. It's a very notable thing that she's actively not getting involved in the brewing fight, at least in her own mind. At this point, she's just waiting, watching, keeping her opinions to herself until the big Grounder turns on Niner, and while she may be inclined to agree, Niner's still one of the 100. She gets to her feet, "Can we please sit down and talk?"

Grey steps up in front of Niner, "Get your head out of your ass, you stupid, fucking, idiot. We're surrounded by hundreds of Grounders, at least, and you're worried if one of them is armed in camp? If I have to put you down myself, I will, but you are not going to fuck this up." He looks… surprised… to be standing side-by side with Cassandra, Cameron, and Silver. Oxfor's commentary on the situation… well… it's probably true, but it's not helping matters in Grey's head to have an outsider have to lay down the law. He would love to be talking with Thomas about what happened, but… confrontation first, discussion second.

<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve-1: Good Success.

"It doesn't need to come to that, Sir." Cole suddenly says, and only then now he turns on Niner, then to anybody else that's going to bother paying attention to him. "Will someone please shut him the fuck up? I will not of come this fucking far only to have one goddamn idiot ruin this shit for all of us. Someone shut him the fuck up, /now/." That is the only time he's going to address the issue before looking back to Oxfor. "Some are angry. Scared even. You'll have understand that this is completely new situation for us. Tempers are running…very high. It's been a…interesting last couple of days."

It feels like chaos, and it feels like more chaos than Fiona can handle. There are too many issues demanding immediate attention and she's momentarily overwhelmed. Taking a breath, she narrows it down. Niner's yelling, but other people are handling him. Quinn and Cam are discussing details, but they're not there yet. She dares, dares - to put her hand on Oxfor's arm, shaking her head. "Our own will handle him." she says, and gestures toward Cole. "Em ste Kol kom Skaikru."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Melee Vs Niner=Dodge
< Asher: Good Success Niner: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Oxfor draws out his sword, and — no freaking kidding — in one moment it looks like it almost the same length as the Bear is tall. In one swift, smooth move he buries the tip of the sword in the ground almost directly at Grey's feet. The weapon embeds itself a solid two feet into the ground. "I will be back for it," he says, his tone as smooth and flat as a deep pond, his gaze returning steadily to Niner's. Then he looks to Cole. "I do not believe you are ready for this yet… I will allow your Baker kom Skaikru — " Maybe he thought Cookie was her title? "To see to my guestrights." He nods to Cookie and whoever else is hanging around to make the Bear more like Pooh and less like the bear from Revenant.

"Fine…I'll go with the medtechs. But the summit should wait till we get back." Asher states flatly at Quinn and then he eyes Grey, "You should stay here. Deal with the shit storm you've brought down." And then his attention shifts to Niner again. He was going to threaten him, but The Bear did that. He was going to get in his face, but basically everyone else did that. So instead he grips at the handle of his Grounder axe for a moment. There's a moment where he might have just yanked it out to attack with it. Instead he releases the axe handle and flings a backhand at Niner's face. Yay for restraint!

Alison listens and watches, falling quiet as she listens to the volunteers and the blustering, "What we need is clear. We have perhaps the only thing of value we will have anytime soon. We want one thing. The mountain. Guided passage to the mountain." It is simple to the red head, that is the mission, supplies, technological ones are assumed to be there. The 100 are creatures of technology, not the stone age. "That is what we need."

Nope! Nope nope nope. Talking, Silver can be totally cool about. Six-foot swords? Nope. She actually skitters a good ten feet away when that comes out.

Faolan frowns at Niner. He doesn't put his hand on his sword. Niner i one of their own. But he does step forward like he means to intercept if necessary.

"Head out of my ass? All I can fucking smell on you is a tongue full of Grounder ass, you little shit." Niner doesn't move, his eyes narrowing on Grey. "This is /our/ camp, in case you fucking forgot, and maybe we-"

THUNK. Words stop, eyes widen at the sword quivering in the ground. Quivering way too deep in the ground. Holy. FUCK.

Asher's backhand catches his forearm with a heavy sound, as he backsteps, twisting away from it. "I'm done, okay?" he shouts. "I'm fucking done." The volume drains out. "Whatever."

As things go from bad to worse, Frankie grimaces at the impression that they are leaving with their guest. She stays near where she stands by Morgan, she's told him she is willing to go with the medtechs, what more can she really say that hasn't been said by one side or the other. Oh shit a sword, she backpedals a bit, nearly tripping over her crutches.

Morgan shakes his head at the entire spectacle. The three couldn't have done a better job of causing utter chaos if they had tried. Letting the kiddies play with each other, he walks over to Cameron and leans in close. "I'm going to go back with him. Do you want to stay or come?"

"We don't need the mountain." Quinn shakes her head, retaking her seat on the ramp, "We need long term assistance in learning how to live here, which they have." She gestures towards the Grounder, then she gives Max's hand a squeeze before she gets to her feet again, stepping away from the ramp to move towards Cassandra of all people.

"I'm coming with you." Cameron's voice is clear and firm and without a moment's hesitation, reaching out to squeeze Morgan's arm briefly, but he does nod over in Quinn's direction, "Quinn's right."

Grey steps back from the Bear when the big man draws his sword, clearly not as comfortable with the Grounders as some may think. But then the weapon finds dirt, and he nods, "It'll be here." Asher lashing out at Niner causes him to shake his head, and he's about to say more, to respond to Niner, when there's more pressie things again, "Mount Weather isn't an option. There are people living there. Hostile people. We were attacked to keep us from causing them to respond even more violently." Because that's definitely a big deal.

Morgan smiles at Cam's answer. "Good." Turning, he stands next to Cam, looking at Grey when he talks about MOunt Weather. That answers that question. "So other supply depots are safe to go to?" Jaha is getting us coordinates."

Grey's feet are not far from her own, and so when that Bear's sword is drawn with a terrifying shing and lands buried right next to her, Cassandra lurches with surprise and her brows go shooting upwards towards Oxfor. And then, before she knows it, the sound of a backhand swings at the nine-fingered man in front of her. She turns back to her opponent, and stares at Asher over his shoulder. "You're going?" she asks, voice low. She doesn't want to add to the din around her. "With your leg?" She turns curiously to hear what Quinn has to say when the blonde approaches.

"I understand. We will hand our own, Sir. Like I said, people are scared. Angry." Cole nods, and to be honest, he'd probably be thinking the same too, were he in Oxfor's shoes. There's a look to Cookie. "Inside the dropship, Cookie. Lower floor." That's the best place the mechanic can think of at the moment. Then he looks back to Oxfor. "We are ready for this. What has been happening between our people and yours. It cannot continue like is. Talks must be had. However," there's a look behind as Asher seems to be getting some kind of control. "She will do so. And when you…and ourselves are ready to discuss, tell us then. Will be ready."

Thomas sighs again, relief in it. "Well, at least these people are moving in the right direction now." His commentary is to his closest friend; himself. "Less yelling. More talking. I miss my books." The last is said as he starts to trudge his way through the mess of others.

As soon as Quinn's close to Cassandra and Asher she glances between them, then towards where Cole is still trying to talk with the Grounder. Then she glances back to Cassandra, "Can you go with them to the Grounders, help with the sick? …when the time comes."

There's a moment when the sword comes out that Max's eyes start to grow and he takes a step forward, "W…" but the word never comes out as the sword lands in the ground at Grey's feet. The hand that had come up slowly descends and he lets out a whoosh of a breath. Yowsa. He returns the squeeze of Quinn's hand as she goes to move off and he says to Oxfor, "Sorry. Things have been difficult here." He too takes off his weapons, tucking them away instead of having them out. Not that he fancies he'd have much of a chance against Oxfor, but it's a symbolic thing. He then turns toward the dropship, "I'll make sure there's some places for people to sit."

A safe distance away, Silver tries to recover some of her dignity. At least she didn't actually shriek. Once she's done, though, she looks to Grey and Fiona. So many words to be had.

That's it. Even Cookie can bear only so much, as evidenced by her 'Lord, grant me the patience to deal with these damnfools' expression. "That's ENOUGH." She's using her Mom voice. And the Disappointed Look. Deeply Disappointed. "We have a guest, and y'all are better than you're behavin'. So start behavin' better."

That said, she smiles at Oxfor and bids, "This way, please," and heads into the Dropship.

She doesn't even need to think about it; Cassandra immediately nods her head. She doesn't mention that she's no doctor, although she does have a fair amount of Earth and botany know-how. "'Course I will, Quinn," she replies, apparently on perfectly friendly terms with the ex-C she's barely ever had cause to speak to, back in the Skybox. Especially considering she doesn't like ex-Cs.

It is like parting seas when Oxfor moves through the camp under his escorts. No one seems to really want to get close the guy, even if he moves through camp with a stoic interest. It appears that moment of being disarmed by the sheer chaos of the camp has passed, and the steheda has returned to a colder exterior. He follows up into the dropship, pausing only once to stare at the thing in curious wonder.

Faolan stays behind outside, watching the horses even if he hate the stupid animals.

Alison actually stumbles back, her expression filling with concern, "The supplies.. The technology.. Lost." She mutters, eyes cutting in the former direction of salvation, "We're lost after all." She whispers and drops her chin, walking toward the tech tent. Time to warn the Ark.

When the backhand hit forearm, Asher flicked his gaze at Niner. Niner doesn't seem to push it further and Asher nods slowly at him, seeming content with this decision. Then he looks to Cassandra and Quinn, "I ain't a total fuckin' idiot. I may not want this, but I want to deal with the Ark'ers even less. And I'm no diplomat, so I can't do much here. I'll go with the med techs, but you…" he points at finger at Quinn, "Better make sure more than one person does the talkin with Oxfor. Cool?" Since he can't be here to do it himself. As for Oxfor and the Sword, Asher looks back at the huge weapon then at the huge man, but doesn't show fear openly. He knows better than that.

Cole will follow after Oxfor slowly. Somehow, he's roped himself into talking to the big man about things, and already he's kicking himself for opening his damn mouth. But somebody had to say something. Anything. While he walks past Asher, there's a nod towards the man. Maybe in thanks.

As they head in to the dropship, Cameron sighs softly, and leans a shoulder over against Morgan's. His eyes turn to Grey, "So, what the fuck? We need to know what happened, then we need to select representatives. I think three. One who is of the group who wants to be independent, one who has family on the Ark — er and likes their family — and a third… I don't know. Someone practical." he half shrugs, "We can't negotiate 92 of us to one of him. That's insanity."

So fucking much! The camp is only just starting to settle once the Grounder is out of sight, but it is an edgy sort of settling — a kind of time-bombing. Someone finally seethes near by. "They should all be fucking Boxed. All three of them."

To Cassandra, Asher shrugs once, "Even hurt I'm more use there than here. I'll bring Steak and New Boots so I don't have to walk."

"'Guest'," mutters Niner, as he shakes out his arm after Asher's backhand, all unimpressed side-eye at Cookie. Shade? Thrown. As the Grounder follows Cookie, Niner follows the Grounder.

Morgan stays where he is as Oxfor moves to head inside the ship. There'll be plenty of time to be around the Grounder later. "Now will someone tell us what the fuck happened and what's wrong with the Grounders so we have a chance of getting them better with out vast supply of stones, sticks and plants?" Reaching up with a hand, he runs it over his hair before glancing over at Frankie. "Yeah, that'll be great. Bring your still. If you can get it going, the alcohol may come in useful."

Mom has spoken. And the big scary Grounder is inside the dropship. Grey looks around the group, letting out a breath, "Okay." Glancing over to Morgan, he adds, "I don't know. I haven't had a chance to look at where the coordinates Kane gave me are." He turns in a slow circle, "You've got the basics: Grounders are willing to talk, but only if we help them fix their people up. At first, he thought we'd infected them on purpose. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think so anymore. There's Mountain Men in Mount Weather, and the Grounders… I think they're scared of them. So we've got a chance here. They've got a saying, 'blood must have blood,' but I figure, blood got blood. We've hit each other, now it's time to talk. I'd like to suggest, that the baby-docs," he nods to Morgan, "And some guards, go up to help them. While we sort out that Senate we were talkin' about. Fast."

"Thanks." Quinn replies to Cassandra, then glances at Asher, and his finger pointing, "I'll do the best that I can, but you see how people are. I can't promise that anyone'll let me." She then gives then both what's likely to be meant as a reassuring smile before glancing towards Alison, "We have supplies in other places, all is not lost, and the Ark already knows about these locations. They had the coordinates." With that she starts off towards dropship to fulfill her end of the agreement with Asher.

"Knock it off," Silver calls toward whoever talks about boxing. "Cookie's right. We're better than that. Let's use our brains instead of just being scared and stupid. Make decisions like rational people instead of angry teenagers. No matter how angry we are," she adds, giving Grey a hard look. "And quit calling us baby-docs," she adds, a tinge of irritation in her voice.

At Asher, Cassandra simply grins. "We can take turns," she presumptuously suggests. Apparently the Pony Extortion Plot isn't quite over yet. With Niner out of her face, at least her sense of humour has returned.

"First of all, of course I'll go. Helping them will be the best show of good will we could make." Morgan tells Grey. "Second, stop calling us baby docs and talking us down, especially in front of them. We're the best you got so deal with it."

"You said he was in charge of the closet village. Does he speak for all villages or only his own?" Thomas asks Grey as he starts walking past towards his tent corner. "You have to learn to think past the moment. This isn't Box games you all played of trying to trade for this or that or others. This is existence. High Stakes. A lot of you should have spent more time studying I think."

The boy who had snapped about getting Grey, Fiona and Faolan boxed casts Silver a long, steady glare. Then he drops into whispers with some of his peers, his shoulders rolling with frustration.

Cameron winces slightly, "I'll take peace with one village to start with; we don't have to negotiate a permanent, lasting alliance here. One step at a time. But I'm going with Morgan to watch his back. There's nothing I can really contribute here."

Grey holds up his hands in defense when Silver and Morgan both come after him on his terminology, "Fine. You come up with a quick and easy word for 'all the people with some medical experience who aren't doctors yet,' and I'll use that. Sorry, not tryin' to piss anyone off." He stops there, considers his words for a moment, and shrugs a little helplessly, apparently seeing some humor in the statement. "And I've been talking you guys up to the Grounders. Right now, you're our best hope." Thomas' question draws a moment of consideration, and then a shrug, "I think he just speaks for the nearest village. I've got no idea if there's anything bigger than that. I'm sure there's more Grounders around, but I don't know how many, where, or how organized they are." He nods to Cameron, "They //are/ the closest village though. Peace with them at least buys us some time to get settled and…" he's about to continue that thought, then clamps his mouth shut. Nope, not bringing up the Arkers. Not now.

The boy snapping about boxing anyone earns a glare from Asher, "Anyone thinks about a box down here, I will beat them to death. That shit doesn't happen here." And then he looks to Cassandra, shaking his head, "Maybe I'll let you ride with me, but I ain't walkin." Because he can't walk that far right now. He moves off towards his horse, starting to untie it now. "One village or every village, doesn't fuckin' matter. If one wants us dead, we are dead. Maybe you shoulda spent less time studyin." Or something. "So, when are we goin?"

Hearing Cameron's words, Thomas stops walking and looks at him. "Do you know what an alliance could mean? You're looking at it from the perspective of what we can get out of it. But what do we have to commit to it? What if they are willing to share with us how to plant crops and tend them, in exchange for… five of us to serve as slaves for them? Maybe we get into an alliance and they draw us into a war with another group? Just accepting an alliance is…" Thomas sighs and shakes his head. "Nevermind. We don't have to worry about the consequences, right? As long as we get tomorrow." Thomas looks back at Grey then, "And we don't know their structure. Are they religious and follow a code of religious laws in their actions? Democratic? Some kind of Republic or a despotism? These are the questions that we need to be able to answer to understand how to deal with them." Thomas smiles then, kindly towards the others, "It's not your fault. You just don't know what questions to ask."

"Okay, regardless of how right you may be, Thomas," Silver turns toward him, "When you keep saying it in the most pretentious, condescending way possible, like no one else here has ever read a book? No one wants to hear it. You're right, but can you try to be right in a way that people can actually agree with you?" Crossing her arms over her chest, she looks back to Grey. "Doctors. Just doctors. I had enough training that the Council was able to sell the lie that I did the implantation surgery with the device I designed. I'm a doctor."

Morgan's arm goes around Cam and pulls him close. "I'll be glad to have you there." he says quietly before looking back to the others. "Just use doctors, Grey. It's simplest and we'll all know what you mean." He turns to look at Thomas then says "And that one's not coming with us."

"Yeah?" Seethes the boy — kid named Rawlins for those who pay attention. "So what the fuck are we going to do when someone breaks our laws?" He glares at Grey, some of his friends backing him a bit. "Lucian fucking Grey could have gotten us all killed… and he might. You ever heard of the Trojan Horse? Well there's the Trojan fucking Bear!" Then he settles back into seething, starting to stalk off with his friends.

Frankie nods to Morgan "It'll be bulky but we should be able to pack it on a horse and get it there with no trouble." she tells Morgan, looking from him to one of the horses and then back "Should we start packing now to be ready when Bear is done with his talks?"

"I know that right now we're all destined to die — at /best/ to starve to death in winter." counters Cameron to Thomas, "And I know that *not* establishing peace with the village next door is a sure way for us *all to die* a lot sooner then that. So as far as I'm concerned, the long term doesn't fucking matter. Right now matters. One step at a time. We build one rock and stand on it and hope to god we don't fall off." he shoots a glare to the seething kid, "Shut the fuck up. I'm planning on punching him for it later, and we can all take turns, but right now we have an /immediate need/ to deal with that giant." That all said, he does sigh a bit contentedly as Morgan holds him near, "We don't have the luxury of dealing with punishments or thinking what happens next year. We have to survive NOW."

Cassandra looks like a teenage girl who's just been promised a pony for her birthday. Which she pretty much is, except that it isn't her birthday; but no one has a calendar down here, so who's counting? The grin she has pointed Asher's way shows no signs of being about to fade. "Knew you'd come around," she says affectionately, following just long enough to give him a playful little elbow in the ribs — assuming he doesn't break her arm. "We're going no sooner than after I've eaten, since I brought in my fair share of pork not two nights ago, and I've been out in the woods all morning. You interrupted my Dawn Chorus." This 'you' isn't directed at him, but rather she sends a look towards Grey, Faolan and Fiona, as if this is all their fault.

Grey nods at Thomas, "We've gotta learn more before we do anything permanent. The Arkers," there he goes, doing what he didn't want to, "are gonna change things when they come down too. But in order to make it that long, we need peace, right?" The questions from Thomas draw some thought and a shrug, "They don't seem like they're religious. They all work for Oxfor, and he's definitely in charge, but he's not absolute, not like the Chancellor. I got no idea how he got power, but he doesn't keep it with violence." He grimaces at Silver and Morgan's insistence on being called doctors, snorting under his breath, "And I'm a full Guard," but he relents, "Docs then. Fine." Rawlins' anger draws Grey's gaze over to the other teen, and his eyes narrow, but he doesn't engage directly, shaking his head before he looks back to the group of people, "Cam, I still owe you. Let's not forget that." But it's not a threat, just a quiet reminder.

Alison stops and looks back, "If we were on the Ark.. What would we do to an infectious population once we removed the most valuable assets into quarantine. Think about it.. Think about what happens to the rest of us." She says and shakes her head sighing, she need details on these other supplies.

Out beyond the gates, speaking of horses, the four equines have not so much as moved from the spot they were left, grazing and milling around patiently for their riders. The two-headed mutant steed lowers its mostly-formed head to the grass, chomping at the fresh shoots with its other mutated face looks out to the eastern woods.

Well, Asher was going to untie Steak and New Boots, but then he's got Rawlins talking smack and Thomas like like an elitist, so he turns, still using his spear for support as he stalks towards Rawlins first, "We'll deal with Grey after we deal with this summit. I ain't keen on what he did either, but for now we need him to keep this going." A beat pause, "Now shut the fuck up and go help get the food ready." And then there is Thomas, "As for you, if you use that high and mighty fuckin' tone with me, I'll beat your ass after I finish with Grey and Rawlins there."

"I would never, ever, presume to tell you how to treat an injury. Or what sickness someone might have, because that is what you know Silver." Thomas says to her quietly. "That is what you studied, that is what you learned and focused on." He gestures a bit, "This is what I learned. This is what I do. So if I come across as pretentious, I'm sorry. It isn't my intent." Alison's words catch his attention and he nods, "That is the issue as well, removing our most valuable assets. It is dangerous." He sighs and puts his hands in his pockets, about to walk back ot his tent before he stops and looks at Asher. "You touch me, or even think about it, and I'll let everyone know your little bed wetting secret." Pause, "Oops, guess I just did."

"Didn't forget it a moment, Grey." Cameron says calmly, "Though me and you maybe we don't have legs to stand on right now when it comes being right, so maybe we just call it a draw and get our shit together." That said, he shrugs at Thomas, "Its a gesture of good will. Its a risk. But if we don't start somewhere, we'll never get anywhere."

"Find out if Oxfor wants to leave today or in the morning. But if we can get back to his village before night, it'll be better to get to his people sooner so we can start treating them." Morgan says to no one in particular and everyone in general. "Though without any medicine, I don't know what the hell we can do."

Silver rolls her eyes at Thomas. "You were in the box too. You read some books. But practice? You were every bit as quiet up there as I was. You know what I learned from medicine? Theory's not the same thing as practice. And you keep going like this, someone a lot bigger than you is going to demonstrate that in a really uncomfortable way." Pushing a hand through her hair, she looks toward the tech tent. "I'm going to call up to medical on the Ark, see if they can tell me how to get one of these bracelets off without breaking it so I can rig it into a diagnostic."

With Cookie gone to follow Oxford into the Dropship and many Delinquents still fighting about the arrival of the Four Horsemen, Cassandra heads into the relatively unmanned Cook's Tent with a Grounder-made bag at her side. What could possibly go wrong?

Grey holds out a hand as Asher starts off, "I can deal with him myself, Asher. You ever known me to not fight my own battles?" Thomas' words draw a little shake of Grey's head, "They know the Arkers are coming down, with even more knowledge and technology, and with guns. I did my best to make sure they knew it wasn't a threat." He pauses, then grins, "Fiona did her best, which is more important. They know they can't just take what they want from us though, that we got somethin' to offer to them too." Cameron gets a wary nod, "You don't mention my screw-up, I don't mention yours? We got lots more important things to do than argue about who screwed up the worst."

"Keep them from dying so the Grounders don't feel the need to retaliate." Frankie tells Morgan "Not that, that is all that helpful. But we can at least diagnose and tell them how it is best treated. Right?"

Cameron glances over to Morgan, "If you recognize the disease, you might be able to work out how to use their own medicinals in a way they wouldn't expect to, if its a disease they've never seen. Don't underestimate the value of a formal education over passed-on herb-lore." Then he flashes a bit of a grin at Grey, "Exactly, man."

Speaking of someone demonstrating things in an uncomfortable way…Asher was going to leave his threat to Thomas as just that. Since he's been challenged though, Asher can't allow it to stand. So he turns, and still using his spear as a walking stick, moves off towards Thomas, "Well, I guess I would have had a reason not to beat the piss out of you, but since you spilled the beans on my incredibly embarrassing secret there, I guess now there's nothing stopping me from beating you senseless, is there?" It'll take him a few moments to get to Thomas though, since he was occupied over by Rawlins. Apparently that issue abandoned as Grey wants to handle it himself.

"If you don't have theory, you don't have anything." Thomas counters towards Silver, a smirk on his lips. "But I get it, I'm not one of your trusted few. That's fine." He nods his head towards his tent. "That's why I stay over there. Speaking of." He turns to start heading that way but stops, instead looking at Asher and rolling his eyes. "Really? Going to attack the pacifist?"

"I wish it was that easy." Morgan answers Frankie with a frown. "No diagnostic tools. No blood tests." He nods to Cameron. "Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for. That the symptoms match what they would in us. But if they've never been exposed before, it's likely to be a lot worse. People need to get to that supply depot as soon as possible. And if there are any medical supplies, bring them to the village."

Now that he's gotten past the 'we all want to kill you' phase, Grey can get down to brass tacks. Or symptoms in this case, "So, the sick Grounders got fevers, deep, dry coughs, obvious chest pains, trouble breathin', and chills." As he recites the list, his eyes roll up in his bed a bit, obviously thinking, "There's like… twenty of them sick now, and four died since they took our people. Didn't start until you guys were captives." Asher and Thomas get a groan, "Guys… guys… can we avoid pissing each other off or beating each other up until after the Grounder leaves?" He looks to Thomas, "And you started it man. I ain't gonna stop him from hittin' you when they leave, although if he goes too far, I'm sure me and some others can pull him off." And the last is a warning for Asher, of course.

"I do not oppose helping them.." Alison states as she watches things get tense. "But, this the only trade good we have.. Are so many so desperate to become tribals and give up three thousand years of growth. We are the last heirs of what was." At least as far as Alison knows, being a computer tech and electrician probably effects her outlook.

<FS3> Silver rolls Medicine: Great Success.
<FS3> Morgan rolls Medicine: Good Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve-1: Success.

Cameron shrugs slightly and shakes his head at Alison, "Not everyone wants to go native. I believe we can preserve the Ark heritage and learn from the Grounders and that between these two extremes we can find a balance and thrive. Or, I /hope/ so. No, I'm not willing to abandon all we have to become Grounders. There's a middle road. There has to be. If I have to plow it myself alone, damnit." That said, as the conversation goes into the medical details, he just listens along.

Silver half-turns back toward Grey when he starts listing symptoms, glancing back to Morgan. "Sounds like a lung infection. So unless they've got antibiotics, we're looking at treating fevers and draining them. Which…I've got a feeling they're not going to like the idea of us cutting into them to drain the lungs, not to mention the added threat of secondary infections." She rubs a hand at the back of her neck, brows furrowing in a thoughtful frown. "Might be able to rig an evaporative cooler, though, to help with the fevers."

"Yup." comes Asher's reply to Thomas as he continues towards him. No pithy come back here. He does however look over to Grey at his words about not doing this with The Bear here. He seems to consider that for a moment and looks to Thomas, "Fine, I'll kick his ass after we get done with the big guy. I promise not to kill him." A quick smirk flickers across his features, and then he moves back over to continue prepping Steak and New Boots for the ride to the Grounder camp.

"Ah, I started it." Thomas states towards Grey. "I started it by what, voicing some thoughts; not even opinions but some thoughts. That is justification to threaten violence now? Because he threatened to attack me. I merely pointed out that he's got a few topics of embarrassment in his past that diminishes the aura of threat." He looks steadily at Asher. "He's used to people being afraid of him. I'm not."

Morgan listens to Grey's description of the symptoms then looks to Silver and nods. "We might not need to cut. Much. Frankie." he says, looking to the woman. "Stills use tubes right? We need tubes and they need to come to as fine and sharp a point as possible. Think hypodermic needle." Except thicker because beggars can't be choosers. "We can use them to drain the fluid from the lungs. Boiling them will kill any bugs on them and if Frankie can get some alcohol made, we can use it to sterilize the wounds. Willow tea will help with the fever. Probably need to be very concentrated since they already know to chew on it."

"May I suggest we move the topic of conversation back to what the fuck we're going to do about the giant in the dropship." Cameron's voice is cool, but he raises it a notable pitch there, "Specifically, while the medtechs do medtechy things, how about we talk about selecting representatives to negotiate this Summit? Can everyone agree that while we don't like any one person assuming he can speak for everyone, we /can't/ negotiate with the grounder all individually. Raise your hand if you're a fucking idiot and think my last statement is wrong." He looks pointedly at Rawlins.

Rawlins is still making his retreat, but he does cast Cameron a sharp, sneering look. He raises his hand alright, but only to flash Cameron the biggest middle finger.

"You know, for all they fight, they have to get wounded," Silver muses, nodding to Morgan. "So they've got to have some doctors of their own. And they might have something with some…antibiotic or antibacterial properties. We can ask them what they use when a wound starts to ooze pus. Granted, the answer might be fire, but there's a chance they've got something that can be adapted." She nods to Cameron's suggestion. "We need elections. Looks like there are about five different mindsets right now, so I'd respectfully suggest we have at least five representatives."

Grey shakes his head at Alison, "I say this is a first installment, a demonstration of what we got to offer. As good as our docs," that's with a look to Silver and Morgan, "are, the docs up on the Ark have more training, more experience, and more resources. Same thing for everything we've got here. It's a taste of what we can offer." And then they're talking medicine, and it's so far over his head that he gets blinded by the sun when he tries to look up at it, so he looks back to Asher and Thomas, "I'm not sayin' you should hit him, Asher. Just that… well, there'll be law as soon as we've got some elected representatives." And then he looks to Thomas, "Maybe you should be scared of him. Because like I said, there ain't no law but force until we got elected representatives." And then Cameron gets a nod, "I think that's our first job as soon as we get them bundled up there. Figure out who the hell is talkin' to them, and who the hell is in charge." Spreading his hands out to his sides, he shrugs again, "But since I'm in such deep shit right now, maybe I shouldn't be the one suggesting that."

<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve-2: Failure.

"They treated out injuries." Morgan reminds Silver. "And we didn't get infections. They know how to treat holes in peoples' bodies. Cam, I'll need you there for your botany training too. They have plants. Talk to them and learn their properties. And if Frankie can get us hollow needles, I think we can even give them some blood with our antibodies in it. There's a way to determine blood type without any fancy equipment." This for the education of all the non-doctors.

Frankie has been listening to the group keeping silent unless asked a direct question and when Morgan does she speaks up "I have a spare tube or two and I think I can help with the needle thing too. Bird bones are hollow right?" there is your answer for that one "And they can probably be sharpened to a point. She chews on her lip a bit "I do have a small test batch. If used sparingly you can probably treat wounds with it."

"I'd like to suggest we separate representatives from leadership. How about we try to agree empowering some representatives strictly for this purpose?" offers Cameron to Grey, but he does nod towards Silver, "Five's a lot to throw at one chief. I think we should be able to come up with *three* people who cover our broad concerns. I'm thinking someone who wants to be independent of the Ark— Quinn seems good to me— and someone who wants to return to the Ark when our people come down. Then someone to sit between them. That way our overall interests are covered." That said, he does nod to Morgan with a quick smile, "Yeah, I want to get a closer look at their medicinals while we're there. It'd be invaluable. Anything you need, Mor, I got you."

<FS3> Asher rolls Melee: Good Success.

Martin comes into the grounds from the treeline with what he has foraged. Eyeing the large gathered crowd, he approaxhes the neareat person and asks, "What's going on?"

"Yeah, all good ideas. But Grey, those of you who went and did this on your own? I don't think you can in good conscience be a part of whatever turns out to be leadership," Silver shakes her head to the ex-cadet. "You all took some serious actions, and you took them entirely on your own. That's going to make you questionable to a lot of people for a long time."

Asher had gotten a whole three steps when Thomas speaks up gain. It's not that Thomas doesn't have a point. Asher just doesn't care. He's been itching to hit someone for about two days now, ever since he kept his cool with Silas and only nearly choked him to death instead of kicking the hell out of him. Asher, turns and using his spear sort of vaults himself several steps towards Thomas to save his bad leg the trouble. Then without warning behind rushing at Thomas, Asher hurls a punch at Thomas' face. "Sorry Grey." he offers after that punch connects.

Smack. The strike comes across Thomas' cheek and sends him turning to fall to the ground. He lands with a hand on the dirt and on a knee. For a moment he stays there before straightening up, the swelling redness already starting to show on his cheek where the punch landed. His eyes look at Asher then, steadily and he speaks. "Feel better?" The question has no animosity or angst to it. Just the normal tone he's carried. "Need another?" And… Thomas turns his other cheek.

Alison sighs, "Apparently, we are going to give him what he needs. Then, we are going to negotiate with him relying on his generosity and sense of gratitude.. Since we will have nothing else he wants." Alison says and shakes her head, her attention fixing on Grey, "Yes, and what nastier diseases will the Ark bring? We are giving them the doctors, and telling them faery tales about the might Sky-gods." Alison scowls and points up, shaking her hand, "And what makes you sure the Ark will come to us.. Mount Weather is lost, they may very well deem us expendable, as we were intended to be.. They may choose a beta site." Then the fist starts to fly, "Don't hurt him. We might need him, besides, bullying is not going to help. Fight later, after the Grounder leaves, if you must."

"I think this isn't something we can decide without the whole camp," says Grey the hypocrite. And then Asher is rushing back toward Thomas and Grey steps forward quickly as well, although apparently he was a step too far away, because he only gets there in time to step between the fallen Thomas and the angry Asher, "Walk it off, Asher. Now." He has absolutely zero authority at the moment, but perhaps he needs reminding. His eyes still on Asher, he responds to Silver, "You want to cut everyone out leadership who took matters into their own hands, you're not gonna be left with many people. How about you just worry about who might get nominated by someone else, or might get voted for. Truth be told, I don't think you gotta worry about me, as things stand now."

"I wish they would choose a beta site." Morgan says. Please sky gods, grant him this. And then he gazes at Grey. "Cam was under a time limit to save three hundred lives. You had no time limit. You just decided to act on your own. You're a fucking hypocrite and can't be trusted. So yeah, I don't think you should be part of it."

"It's not about you, Grey," Silver shakes her head. "It's about wanting whatever we build to actually last and not get torn apart the first time we disagree about something. Again. And if any of you are there, then there's going to be someone who's going to bring up what you did. I don't like it. Hell, Grey, I agree that taking the prisoners back to the Grounders was the right thing. But that you guys decided it and executed it without getting anyone else's opinion? Without seeing what they thought about what might happen because of it? Leaving the camp torn for when you came back, so there was absolutely no way we'd make a good impression when you came back with them? Come on, man. You fucked up. And that's going to follow you. That's what I'm saying."

Martin hears what is being discussed and finally notices Grey is back. "Oh. That's what's going on." He looks to the dropship then and asks, "Is Fiona back too?"

"Um, we aren't giving them doctors. We're lending medical aid to a people in need, for christsakes. Sometimes I wonder if you people forgot you're fucking human beings and helping people is beneficial to everyone." Cameron grunts, and then he does nod to Grey, "Of course we have to take it to everyone, but I'm trying to work out a framework, a mini-agreement with those around here, then build a consensus with everyone. Instead of trying to throw everyone into a room to shout at each other — which will never work. That'll just be chaos again. Oh, you missed that because — " Right he's not supposed to mention that. Ahem. He shakes his head then says to Morgan, "And you're free to vote against him, Mor. But if people want him, they want him. That's the point of voting. No one is out of the question, though if anyone votes for Cassandra I'm going to question their sanity."

When Grey gets between them, there is a flash of anger that flickers across Asher's face. Thomas gets up and offers another hit, which is really tempting at the moment. "You think I take orders from you, Grey?" He tilts his head to the right, watching him now. "I was willing to have your back for a while there, but you make that shit real hard." Look who's talking. He eyes Thomas a moment and then looks back to Grey, "I think going with the Doc's to make sure your little deal doesn't end with them getting gutted is important. So to keep from having to kick your ass to get to him and derailing that whole job in the process, I'm gonna let you have this for now." A beat pause, "But when I get back from there…" he trails off there and starts back towards his tent.

Thomas watches Grey step in and shakes his head, speaking quietly. "I do not need your defense or help. It is in the right place but, this is between him and I." Thomas pauses then adds, a small smile on his lips which has a little swelling to it. "Well, between himself and himself. But either way." Thomas looks to Asher and shrugs, "I will either be here when you get back, or be dead. Either way."

Grey shrugs at Morgan, "And you got the right to say that. If it makes you feel any better, I already figured this'd take me outta the running. I ain't gonna be askin' anyone to nominate me or vote for me." Half-turning his head to Silver, his eyes still on Asher, he notes almost-calmly, "Bullshit it ain't about me. But you think people like Rawlins, or Silas, or Niner, would have let the prisoners go? Or let us let the prisoners go? Especially last night? It would've been an all-out brawl." And then he holds up his hands, shaking his head, "I'm not gonna get into it any more than that. Let's just say that I know that there are a lotta pissed off people in camp. At me, at Fiona, at Faolan, at Morgan, and at Cameron." That last-named worthy gets a nod for his input, "At least us five." He offers Martin a nod, "Yeah. She's back too." Finally, he looks to Asher, "No. I don't think you take orders from me. That's the point. No one takes orders from anyone unless it's what they want to do. We keep that up, it doesn't matter what deal we make with the Grounders. We're gonna kill each other, or the Arkers are just gonna roll us back up without a drop. You decide which one scares you the most." The last is for everyone, but "Thanks for watchin' out for the docs," is for Asher.

Martin shakes his head "That's the point, though, Grey. If we vote in people who wouldn't let them go, then that's what we as a group has decided."

"I'll be glad to have you there." Morgan tells Asher before he shrugs at Grey. "Doing what you think is right is one thing. Being a hypocrite about it is another. And being shit at anticipating how everything is going to turn out is even worse. You couldn't have made this a bigger disaster had you tried without actually attacking the Grounder. As it is you almost got him attacked." Sort of. "Anyway, we can worry about the Senate when we finish with the Grounders because I definitely want to be part of it but healing them is more important."

"Yeah, thanks, Asher," Silver calls after him, taking another step back with a shrug to Grey. "There are a lot of opportunistic jackasses here. Perils of being a bunch of convicts. Me? I want to be better than that. So. Gonna go suck it up and talk to the people who threw me in the Box to save themselves, in hopes of getting some information that can help us help the Grounders and maybe not die in the next few weeks."

Alison looks towards the tent, she had been mostly quiet before the incident. For now it might be best if she goes back to it. "Very well." She states to Silver, "I will help you with the radio, if you need it."

A bark of laughter is given by Asher, "The Senate." he mocks, looking over his shoulder at Thomas, "I'll be seein' you, don't you worry." And then he grabs his Grounder bag by his tent and starts to put some basic supplies in it from inside his tent. When he exits his tent, he nods to Morgan and then Silver, "Yeah, sure. You've both done right by me." A beat pause, "And the Senate is bullshit. Plenty of us won't stand a chance. Me included. And who is gonna enforce their rule? They'll need people like me, and Grey and Faolan to enforce whatever rules they want in place. It ain't gonna be any better than it is right now."

"I still think we need to set aside the topic of a semi-permanent leadership." Cameron sighs and shakes his head, pinching at the bridge of his nose, "And just select negotiators. Does anyone really what's important now is not that? We're running around in circles, fighting, instead of trying to plan, to prepare, to act." He's starting to get frustrated now, too.

"I already said who I thought should negotiate. Quinn and Fiona." Morgan says to Cam as he walks over to Asher. "I'll be glad to help, and would like to, if there's any spare time after treating the sick Grounders. But I doubt there will be." When he gets to Asher, he clasps the man on the shoulder. "You want it to be better, then help it be better. Maybe it won't work but we'll have tried. We have the chance here to make something better that's not only better than this but better than the Ark. Help us do it."

"One's bound to lead into the other, Cam," Silver shakes her head. "Best be prepared now. Honestly, though, if it stops the shouting and the threats of violence and rioting, I'll make peace with whoever it is. I'm mostly just going to be asking questions," she adds to Alison. "But if you're good with electronics, I could probably use a second set of ears. I want to see if I can rig these," she raises her bracelet-clad wrist, "Into either a diagnostic tool, or a short-range communicator of some sort. Either one would be good to figure out before we head to Grounder-land." With that, she turns and heads toward the tech tent, bracing herself for an uncomfortable conversation.

Grey arches an eyebrow at Morgan, "Are you kidding me? We got the information we needed to set up a summit. The Grounders didn't die in the camp. The Grounder boss came to our camp to talk peace. If all that costs is me never sniffin' leadership in this camp again, I say it came cheap as all hell, and I'm happy to take that one for the team." Asher's anger draws a shake of his head, "He ain't wrong about needing force, not when there are angry teenagers down here in the camp. But maybe there won't be many, if they feel the Senate represents them too." Cameron's suggestion draws a shrug, "Maybe so. But what happens if the Senators don't like what the emissaries decide?" The suggestion of Quinn and Fiona draws a shrug from him, "I'd suggest a third in there, maybe Cookie or Evie. But it ain't our place to choose. If we do that, we're no better than… well… us." That gets a tight smile from the teen.

"Why Fiona? She's just as guilty as Grey." asks Cameron with a blink towards Morgan's suggestions, but he does nod to Silver, "Maybe, but while I think Quinn will negotiate fine — I don't think she should lead us. I don't trust her judgement. Or humanity. Of course, she's just one." He then grunts and shakes his head, "Shit, Grey. The point isn't 'we' decide. The point is we have a small consensus, and then we take it to a meeting of everyone and try to build a full consensus. Morgan and Quinn tried getting everyone together and having a meeting, and it was pure chaos. Nothing got done. No one agreed to anything. Everyone just shouted at each other."

Alison follows Silver into the tech tent to work with the radio and call for specs on things.

The clap on the shoulder from Morgan earns a bit of a raised brow and he offers a shrug to him, "Might be, but right now a they're probably already decidin' who's gonna be in charge in there." He motions towards the dropship, "Meanwhile, we are out here. Best I can hope for right now is that whoever negotiates has some fuckin' sense." He eyes Morgan, "Dunno how much building we can do anyway. The Ark comes down, and they'll just undo it and make what they want. They'll have the guns. And that's what scares me." Normally Asher wouldn't voice this sort of thing out loud. Macho men aren't scared of anything, obviously. He stashes two knives into his bag after that.

Martin looks to the dropship then and asks, "then why aren't we in there?"

It's at least thirty minutes before Cassandra returns from the Cook's Tent, which is a suspiciously long time. Her breakfast is a handful of nuts, which she's still eating out of her hand as she makes her way back towards the group outside the Dropship. It's Cameron she makes her way towards, standing behind his shoulder as she observes the conversation in attentive silence. "Just curious," she asks after hearing everyone speak. "Who would you be satisfied with as a leader, Cameron? Only heard you talk about who you wouldn't be satisfied with. Because I'm not voting for you."

"You know I was in favor of releasing them." Morgan tells Grey. "Or one of them, anyway. So that's not an issue. But having him think of us as no more than a group of quarreling children is not putting us in a position of strength." He glances over at the dropship then adds "On the other hand, since he said he was thinking we might have gotten them sick on purpose, it might have turned out better than we deserve. And because she wasn't hypocritical about it, Cam." At least not that he heard her express. It's not the action but the hypocrisy he distrusts. "Cookie would make a good addition to those two. And Bear Mask likes her. Or will; she's feeding him." Asher gets a nod. "Me too. But their bullets will run out sooner or later and we'll have bows. And if we can forge an alliance with the Grounders, it'll be /our/ alliance. We can use it to keep the Ark off our asses if they try to force themselves on us."

Grey laughs dryly, "'Small consensus?'" He gestures toward his own chest, then over to Morgan and Cameron and Martin and Morgan, "No one elected us. How's that different from the Council deciding and then getting the Ark to follow along?" He shakes his head slowly, "Shit Cam… are you mad that we made the decision you would have, or are you mad that we didn't ask you to come with us?" Martin's words draw a shrug, "I ain't in there for two reasons, because I wanted to let people know what happened up there," he jerks a thumb over his shoulder in the general direction of Coesbur, "and because I'm pretty sure I woulda gotten my nose snapped off if I tried, and that don't help us in front of Oxfor." Morgan's response to Asher draws an incredulous look, and another shake of my head, "God damn people don't understand guns. Really, really don't understand guns. The ten of you," okay, it's significantly more than that, but this is Grey speaking out of his ass, "who want to run away when the Arkers gets here… you can go be Grounders, if they'll have you. The rest of us can make an alliance between the Arkers and the Grounders. Now, I know that you got a blind-spot where I'm concerned, but is there anything I could ever do that you wouldn't hate on? I get our people back, you hate. I help free the prisoners, you hate. I help get us a start toward peace with the grounders, you hate."

Martin shakes his head to Grey, "We hate feeling like we have no input into any of this. Like it is the Council all over again." Looking to the dropship then, he states, "Then how about we all go join them. Nothing like having an even bigger crowd in front of their leaser, seeing how dysfunctional we are."

"I'm not mad at -all-, Grey. That's what you're not getting. I don't even disagree with what you did. I'm simply acknowledging that many *do*." Cameron gives a puzzled expression to Grey, "Its different because we're just people. Talking. Nothing we say is final, nothing we say even has weight behind it. We aren't deciding anything. If we can come together and put a proposal to the whole, though, which can be debated and maybe kept, or maybe changed. That's what consensus means." That said, he glances at Martin, "Because when the giant arrived everyone was talking to him at once. Cookie defused the situation with food." He winces after a moment, "And because it almost got to violence." That said, Cameron turns a strange look at Cassandra, "Me? Of course I'm not in the running, I'm not interested. I don't know who I'd want as a leader, but as a negotiator, Quinn, Cole and Evie." He shrugs, looking thoughtful, "But if I were to pick, all by myself, who was on a leadership committee, I'd pick Grey, Fiona, Silas, Evie, and Cookie. But of course, that's just one voice."

"So anyone who'll line up to bruise their knees on Jaha's floor. Got it," says Cass. She moves out from behind Cameron's shoulder to resume her meal of breakfast nuts, but as she passes, she turns and gives Morgan a look, as if to say, This guy? Really?

Martin looks to Cassandra and says, "I nominate Cass. She won't make a good leaser but she will represent a firm opposition party to object to everyone else's ideas." He smirks, keeping it vague if he is being serious.

A glance is spared for Cassandra and then he eyes Morgan, "We will all be dead long before they run out of bullets, Morgan." Asher then checks his various shivs and knives on his person before slinging his grounder bag over his shoulder. "Fuck havin' Cole as a negotiator. I don't know what that crazy hair brained act was he put on when Oxfor got here was, but that little shit is more liable to fuck things up than I am." Which is either saying something or not so much. "None of this matters right now. We need to get the supplies for the the healers together so we can go heal some Grounders, so the big bad Grounder we have in there who could frankly kill ten or twelve of us bare handed before we could hope to take him down, doesn't do just that in a fit of rage. Cool?"

"How about worrying about an alliance between us and the Grounders, Grey?" Morgan demands. "Instead of continuing to be a lackey for the Ark? Not that I'm surprised since your goal before you got boxed was to be one of the guys who'd take a shock stick to people and push them out an airlock. But down here, we need to worry about our lives. The Ark isn't going to. When we are in a position of strength then we can help the people on the Ark and take a stand against the Council. We make them need us. Not to mention you can actually start listening to what people say. No one's talking about becoming a Grounder but your head is so far up your ass that you can't hear properly." Pause. "Gee, thanks for the support, Cam."

Grey shrugs at Martin, pointing to Cameron and Morgan, "They wanted to prisoners freed. I got Fiona's agreement. I got Faolan's agreement. I wasn't gonna get Asher or Rawlins. What other big groups in camp were there? Isn't that building consensus?" He nods slowly at Cameron's response to him, nodding and apparently accepting. "Maybe mad's the wrong word." And then Cameron suggests Cole as a negotiator, and Grey sputters with a snicker he can't keep down. And then Cameron suggests his committee, and the laughter stops, blinking sharply and looking confused. The ex-C looks between Cameron and Morgan, nodding a touch to himself, then shrugs at Cassandra, turning his frown on Morgan, "You guys might think I'm a yes-man, but I ain't. I just recognize that we're gonna need the Arkers to live down here. And the Grounders too. You got it so bad against the Guard that you can't see us for people, can you? You got a real broken world-view, man, and I'm sorry for whatever shit caused it. But you still haven't answered my question though. There anything I could do or have done that you don't hate because I did it, Morgan?"

At Grey's snicker, "Hey, Cole was being real diplomatic there when everyone was fucking off." he says in a faintly defensive tone. Cameron squints at Cassandra, looking at her like he's nuts, "I'm not sure if you're trying to be extra stupid today, or if it just comes natural to you." he remarks dryly, "Grey, because he's not afraid to fight— but not inclined to get into a fight we don't need. And yes, because he's not a sociopath, like you are. Fiona, because she'll do a good job keeping things organized. Silas, because he proved during the rescue he knew when to take charge and when to follow. Evie because she's passionate about survival and we DO need at least one die-hard Ark-supporter in the committee, and Cookie because she's level headed, practical, and she has a better head on her shoulders then most of us, including me." Then he blinks at Morgan, and shrugs, "What? I don't have the issue with Grey that you do, and he wants a both-Grounders-and-Arkers policy, which is what I've been advocating. He'd just be one voice, and having a cadet voice would be useful, and I don't trust Quinn's judgement *at all* on the big picture, and Faolan is *way* too unreliable and violent. But if *you* wanna run for the committee, you'd have my vote— though you know I don't see eye to eye with you on everything." He flashes a grin, dimples and all, "You can have Silas' spot."

While all the debating and discussion has been going on, Frankie is doing more constructive things. What those constructive things are…well we'll just say that she is prepping herself for this little excursion. Which is mostly just deconstructing her still to make it travel ready and packing what few belonging she has, including that test patch of moonshine she mentioned having to Morgan.

"Damn right," Cassandra says to Martin, apparently supporting herself for the title of Leader of the Opposition, or maybe just expressing that she disagrees with everyone hereabouts. "I don't think we need a leader, but if you're going to hand someone all the power, may as well be me." Towards Cameron, she flashes a plastic smile. "Or maybe I just read people better than you."

"Yeah, I didn't go tryin' to stab Gray the second I saw him. So should I be a leader because I showed a little restraint? Cole ain't fit for leadership or negotiatin' anything." Asher states flatly. Not relevant to the larger discussion, but he really doesn't like that kid. Asher then eyes Cassandra, smirking at her, "If you are going to be leader, then I should be leader." Because that would go well. Asher is a tool, not the hand guiding it.

"I meant by not suggesting me." Morgan tells his boyfriend. Who corrected that oversight so he nods. "No, we don't. But we do have the welfare of the people of the Ark in mind even if we go about it differently." Incipient lover's quarrel averted, he looks back at Grey. "Yeah, you can throw away everything you think you know about me because like I said, you don't listen. I want them to come down because I don't want two thousand people to die. But I don't trust the Council and I don't see you doing anything to guard against them and the Guard. You want to arrange an alliance between the Grounder and the Arkers and where does that leave us, Grey? How does that help us when the Council wants to stay in power and want us to be good little boys? Or just shoot us despite those supposed pardons. Rescuing us from the Grounders? Good decision. Releasing them? Also a good decision. Execution though? Sucked. But it was the hypocrisy that I object to. So yeah, you've done good. Now be more concerned about us than the Ark. And I'll repeat, yet again so you don't go on about letting them all die, that the two aren't mutually exclusive."

Grey shakes his head, "Sorry. I don't know if the Grounders have issues with cursing, but I'm tryin' to picture him at a negotiatin' table cursin' every third word. I may not agree with him on a whole lotta stuff, but he gets things done," a wave toward the wall. Cassandra's suggestion of not needing a leader causes Grey to shake his head, "You see this chaos? That's not havin' a leader." And then he turns his attention to Morgan, waiting patiently through the other man's words. If he's listening… that's up to the observer. "Have you met the Council? Have you met Jaha? I met him once before I talked to him on the radio. I called him a Jackhole a whole lot, and maybe he is. But I don't know him. Life down here, it ain't like life up there," he points upward, "And so the rules won't be the same. They can't be." It's the last point, however, that stops him, causing to blink sharply, "You think I'm more concerned about the Ark than the people down here? Everything I've done down here has been for the people down here. The One Hundred? They're the first people who've felt like family to me since my dad died. These are my people. And I don't mean that possessively. I mean I'm one of 'em. I told Oxfor that if any one of you'd made their people sick on purpose, I'd take whatever punishment they got right alongside them. And I meant it. There's nothin' I wouldn't do for The One Hundred."

Martin looks about the group, "Well, we can keep chatting about this all we want but decisions can and probably are already being made ib the dropship. So chatting is getting ua no where but wasting our breath."

Cameron shakes his head slightly, "I doubt it, Martin. Considering whose in there, there's no way they'll get themselves a treaty and present it as a fait-accompli. They're just doing like… diplomacy. Entertaining. I think. Probably." He suddenly glances sidelong at the dropship.

Though Asher is smirking, and may not be entirely serious, apparently Cassandra thinks electing the murderous thug who talks with his fists a lot would be a great idea. She nods her head agreeably, nonchalantly and without humour. "It'd keep people in line," she concurs, and moves to stand over by the man with the pony — a pony she's still in negotiations over. Grey's talk about the Ark has her looking his way with a look that, just as Martin predicted, implies she thinks he's about to say something in terrible need of contradiction and is waiting her turn to do so. But as he goes on, he takes his speech in a different direction than the one she'd anticipated, and her simply expression fades. "Real white knight of you," she jibes, because she must, but it's almost in the tone of a compliment.

Asher eyes Cassandra with a quirked brow, "That's one vote." he nods to her, though he still thinks this is some kind of joke. And then he glances to Martin, shrugging, "They could be, but frankly I don't give a shit. I think this Senate bullshit is a bad idea, and it's not like I'm gonna be negotiating with anyone. So I'm either gonna like their choices or I'm not. If I don't, then I'm just gonna do whatever the fuck I want anyway, like I've been doin this whole time." Because let's be real. When Asher's worked in the favor of the group, it's because it helped keep him alive. Sort of like this choice to go with the Doctor's. Keep the Doc's safe, because they'll keep him alive.

"You don't know what the Council is going to try." Morgan points out to Grey. "You can't. People with power want to stay in power. That's been proven throughout history. And we need to prepare for them doing just that. If there's nothing you wouldn't do for us then prepare for the worst instead of assuming the best. If I'm wrong? Then we're all fine. If you're wrong? We could all be dead." He gestures off toward the Grounder village. "I'm assuming that when I get there, half the camp is almost dead and I'll need to scramble to try to save some of them. Hopefully that's not the case. But if I walk in there expecting them to have all gotten better, they're screwed. You were being trained to fight right? Were you trained to assume things would go exactly how you wanted or were you supposed to prepare for the worst case scenario? When you start doing that regarding the Ark just like you've been doing with the Grounders, I'll trust you more and so will others." He pauses then adds "And I don't think it's an unreasonable course of action either."

Martin shrugs to Cameron, "But you can't be sure." He then quiets to hear everyone continue beating what appears to be a dead horse.

Grey nods to Cameron, "Considering how they reacted to what me, Fiona, and Faolan did, and how they reacted to what Morgan and Cameron did, I don't think the camp'd sit still for any decisions about their future bein' made in there without them." He snorts at Cassandra, although it's an amused sound, "Come on. Black knight at best. I just wanted Oxfor to know I wasn't bee-essing." Morgan's first point gets a simple response, "Neither do you." He listens to the points that follow, and then answers, "Expecting the worst out of people is fine, up to and until it makes the worst thing happen. That shit on the radio night before last? The more you rant at the people up on the Ark, the more they're gonna think we're crazy as hell, and that we have to be controlled. Nothin' I've suggested so far," that he can remember, at least, "has screwed us if the Council decides to be a giant bag of dicks and try to oppress us all. If you weren't tryin' to convince everyone that they are a giant bag of dicks already, and that of course they're gonna continue to be one, I might trust you more, and so might others."

Cameron blinks a moment, "Just so we're clear, Morgan had no part in it. I did it. My mom told me what was happening and made me promise to do it, then she died, and I did it. I proceeded to call Jaha a lot of bad names while telling them that we were almost all alive and that the ground was surivable, thus ensuring they would come down; when I couldn't think of any more insults to throw at Jaha, then Morgan got a turn, though he didn't take advantage of it like I did, to get the good insults in. It was a little disappointing, really." He's trying not to grin, its not working really well. "So anyone mad at Morgan for it is an idiot. I made the decision to do it, by myself, without consultation with anyone else." He sniffs a bit. Hmph.

He adds: "And I'd do it again, too. Anyone who wouldn't is a fucking sociopath." He pointedly looks at Cassandra.

Cassandra doesn't mind being called a sociopath. She's been called a lot worse, really; there's that 'Boner' nickname going around, and there are stories about her that would make Marie Antoinette blush. So she dusts off the remnants of her breakfast between her hands and flashes Cameron a remorseless smile that may just prove his theory right, then backs him up with, "Best sleep with one eye open, Cameron Scott."

Quinn exits the dropship, one hand scrubbing through her hair, half-way combing it out of her face as she moves down the ramp, glancing around to see what kind of chaos might have popped up out here.

Most of the crowd has dispersed around the camp or out into the woods to get back to hunting, foraging, dragging water, and exploring, but there is still a knot of people around where Oxfor's sword was driven into the ground.

Cole is mentally exhausted, a hand scrubbing over his face, dark rings suddenly around his eyes. Well, darker than usually, anyways. Slow, careful steps mark his descent from the ramp, the techie slowly moving off and away, apparently now having a lot of things to ponder and think about. A section of wall is what he finds, setting his back against it and slowly sinking down into the ground. Yep, a lot to think about indeed.

Fiona likewise emerges from the drop ship, remarking to Cole as he emerges, "I'm really proud of you." She takes a quick look around, searching for certain faces.

"They put us down here and you wanted to be one of them." Morgan points out. "Who do you think has a bigger problem with trust? Plus you just said you want to negotiate for /them/. Not for us. So it seems you either can't see where the problem there is or you refuse to see it." He shrugs. "You asked. I told you. Arguing isn't going to change the answer you got just because you don't like it." As people start wandering out of the ship, he asks "How'd things go? And where's Bear Mask?"

Martin looks to the group emerging from the dropship and gives a nod to Fioka in greeting, before looking back to the debate. He is continuing to remain quiet for now as Morgan and Grey are dominating the discussion.

Grey nods at Cameron, "Oh… I'm not arguin' with the results. Savin' those people was absolutely the right thing to do. I'm just sayin' it could probably have been done without insulting Jaha. Luckily, from what little I heard, he's got a real thick skin." The silent glance to Cassandra and her response causes him to sigh and bring one hand up to nibble at his left thumbnail. That brings into stark focus that his hands and face are actually clean. His shirt, pants, boots, and jacket are still a total wreck, however. "Can we please hold off on any threats of violence until there's someone besides me who'll have to deal with it?" Morgan's words draw a shrug, gesturing to the dropship, and then to himself, "We are Arkers, man. Some people may want nothin' to do with the folks up, there, but…" And then he shakes his head, leaving it at that and turning to look at those coming out of the dropship.

Taking a moment to collect himself, Cole gives Fiona a sidelong look from his sitting spot at the wall. "For what?" he says a little wearily. Then allows himself a chuckle. "Sound like my mom, Fi. Did what anyone else would do. Would've done." Morgan gets a shrug. "Better than expected, worse than I hoped." he says. "We do our part right, and we'll get a invitation to a summit. Can't ask anything more than that. Besides, we have our own shit to sort. See what happens."

"Did you somehow get the idea that I'm afraid of you, Cassandra Bonheur? That you're a sociopath doesn't make you the least bit frightening. It just means sooner or later someone's going to have to put you down like a rabid dog. Don't threaten me or you'll find I'm completely fine with taking that duty." Cameron's reply to whatever it is Cassandra said isn't the least bit heated, not even angry. Just cold. He's standing over with the knot of talkers. That said, he glances at Fiona and Cole, "How'd it go, guys?" That said, he nods at Grey, "I accept the criticism, but sorry, I hold him responsible for mom's death. Personally."

Clunk-clunk-clunk. Among the chorus of footsteps are Niner's, trailing out not long after the camp's massive Grounder guest emerges and, unsurprisingly, angles directly for the roast pig Cookie had on the spit. He pauses at the base of the ramp and lifts his hands to scrub slowly back and forth through his hair.

"We're sending healers to help with their sick, if things go fine, we'll have our meeting. Between now and then we need to decide who is going to speak for the group." Quinn replies, moving a few steps beyond the ramp, eyes sliding around those still in the camp, her voice raising, "We need to stop fighting…and start working together. I'm calling for a vote, a quiet vote…for people in the camp to decide who will speak for us with the Grounders. We are going to need their help. We can discuss if these people are going to be our leaders until the Ark lands, or just for this. But we need to start setting aside our differences enough to work towards the goal of survival. If there's anyone that thinks I'm in the wrong for asking for this, or anything else, now is the time to bring it up. I want to resolve it now."

"Put me down like a rabid dog, huh?" Cassandra repeats, ignoring Grey's sane advice. She takes a step forward towards Cameron and gives him a full once-over before looking him dead in the eye, making a mental measure of the man. "You won't be the first to try. Sounds to me like the one who smelled it dealt it, though. You killed Grounders without a shred of remorse. At least I had the courtesy to throw up afterwards. Your mother's dead and here you are, smiling and laughing. I might have felt sympathy for you if I thought you wanted it, or if you hadn't screwed us all over because of it, serving our heads to Jaha on a platter with that radio." She juts her chin. "Threaten away. We see what you are. At least I don't pretend to be something I'm not." When Quinn speaks up, she quiets and turns to listen to her. The exhausted-looking Cole also gets a look that almost passes for concern.

Martin looks to Quinn as she gives her speech and notes succinctly, "Already working on that. Or we will be when they decide to wrap up this back and forth."

Morgan walks back over to Cameron and slips an arm around his waist. "Cass, don't threaten my boyfriend please." There's no threat in his tone at all. Just an implicit promise. He looks over at Quinn when she speaks up. "I think you should be one of the ones to talk with them, Quinn. I also think I should be once we take care of their people. We need someone with medical knowledge to be part of the negotiations. They know so much more than us about what's available down here. Just like they don't know how to treat their people from something we probably just shrug off, they know how to treat things that might be deadly to us."

Speak now or forever hold your peace, is it? Niner doesn't interrupt Quinn's words, but he's frowning again as she speaks. He seems to consider things for a few seconds before he starts her way, unhurried, digging his hands down into his pockets as he goes. "So what's a quiet vote?" he asks her once he's near enough not to shout.

"/Enough/!" comes the tired shout from Cole. "Listen to fuckin Quinn because she's right. Fuck Jaha and fuck the Ark. They're not here, we'll deal with them at that point, not until then, so get your hate on them in your own time. Because we have larger damn concerns than that shit. We have a chance to get in good with the Grounders, and that would solve a lot of problems for it. So we need to focus on that. Starting right now. WE heal their people, we figure out what's making them sick, and we get in their good goddamn graces enough that they let us in on one of their summits. It's a big damn deal. And we can affect it /now/. Not standing pissing and moaning about the Ark." The words are said in a voice that's somewhat soft, but doesn't lack anything for their intesnity. Still, the man is tired. Dead tired.

Grey spreads his hand fully over his face at Cameron's response to Cassandra, rubbing at his eyes, then drops it away, stepping forward to get in between the two. "Cam… man… your mom was a hero. She died savin' three hundred people," and twenty, everyone always forgets the twenty, "Hell, she saved three hundred heroes, since they volunteered to die for the rest of the Arkers. There's no reason to cheapen that by blamin' it on anyone." His head turns the other way, "Cassandra, there are a whole lot of us who are killers down here. Whether we wanted to be or not. Can we please not kill each other? I'm sure there's plenty of other folks out there who want us dead. He saved three hundred and twenty," there he remembered it, "people. That ain't wrong." Finally, he looks to Quinn, "I'd like to wait until Oxfor's gone before we start votin', Quinn, because I think it's gonna involve a lot of arguin', and I'd prefer he not see another monkey shit-fight. But if folks want to vote now…" he shrugs a little helplessly. Morgan's suggestions draw his brows down, "I'd prefer not to have two Ark-haters talkin' to them, Morgan. Let them make their own decisions on the Arkers. How about Fiona, Quinn, and Cookie?"

Quinn glances over at Niner, "Preferably without yelling at each other…we need to figure this shit out, and we're running out of time. So feel free to voice your vote in public, or private if you want to find a way to write it down. But we've got to do this without bashing the shit out of each other."

Quinn adds, "If we wait for the healers to be gone, they don't get a vote. So it's now or an incomplete vote on who is going to speak for us. Which is why I asked for a quiet vote. No arguing."

Cameron's hand goes to lightly rest on his sword when Cassandra steps towards him, but he doesn't look afraid. Not tense, either. Just cool and calculating. "I did my crying already, Cassandra. I'd take time out to mourn, if it weren't for the fact that I'm devoting every bit of my time and energy to trying to help us survive. I don't have the *luxury* to give into my feelings." Then Cole is all, Enough, and surprisingly, Cameron goes quiet. Cameron looks at Grey, and listens, and nods. But its pretty clear that Cam is holding onto this grudge, at least for awhile. He adds after a moment, "I second Grey's suggestion. Fiona, Quinn and Cookie. This is not for leadership, just for negotiating."

Martin glances to Cole and nods, "I have been saying that for a little while now, but it hasn't quite sunk in yet." Nodding then to Quinn, he continues, "Alright, then lets do this." He grabs a piece of metal and walks over to the dropship, starting to scratch letters and hashmarks into the hull to keep count. " Two for Quinn, one for Fiona, and one for Cookie."

"When you go to a summit, the parties are supposed to go without weapons." Fiona notes. "And each party has to bring something to the table of worth. If we help them with this sickness, they 'll know for sure that medical advancements are a certainty. And I don't think they really realize yet that the entire Ark will come down." She looks around. "We need to understand as much about them as possible before the summit. That's what I'll be working on. Their politics, their social structure, their language."

"How about anyone that anyone BUT Grey decides on?" suggests Niner, shooting a look at Grey. "Like, maybe, a vote like Quinn said, instead of leaving everything up to him?"

"Isn't that what I just did, Niner? Vote?" asks Cameron. "Or does my vote only count if you agree with it, or if it doesn't happen to agree with Grey?"

Martin says while scratching, "That's why I'm taking a tally, Niner. Got anyone you want to vote for or are you abstaining?"

Morgan glances over at Grey. "One thing we agree on." he notes, regarding Cam and his mother. "I'll be negotiating for us Grey. What's best for the 100. You care about that more than anything right?" He motions to Fiona. "Something of worth. I can speak of our medical knowledge and since we healed them, my voice will carry some weight hopefully. And I can't teach them to talk about medicine or ask intelligent questions about theirs. Not in mere days."

"Fiona, Cookie, Niner, that's how I vote for." Cole says, tilting his head back against the solid wood of the wall. And then he gives Niner a look. "And I vote for you because I'm looking for different opinions on what you see, and you sure as fuck got a different opinion than the other two. So long as you promise to fuckin behave yourself." he points out slowly.

That reaction from Cameron is about as good as he's going to get, and he just nods to the man. He shrugs to Quinn, "Let 'em tell their votes to someone else." Niner's angry words cause him to shrug, "I get a vote too, unless you, Rawlins, and that lot wanna throw me outta camp. I was just sayin' my vote, like Morgan did."

Morgan adds "Did Bear Mask limit it to just three?"

That hand on the hilt of Cameron's sword doesn't scare Cassandra off. But then, she's always picked fights with folks bigger, stronger and scarier than her, ever since she got put in the Skybox. It took some serious moxie to earn her place in Solitary after that. She stays rooted where she is, but it's Grey she now turns her sneer towards. "Don't call me a sociopath if you don't want me live up to the mantle, then," she tells him. Is that a tone of hurt in her voice? A hint of sulk? Nah, Cassandra doesn't have feelings, everyone knows that… Right? She turns towards Quinn then, and nods her way. "My vote goes to Quinn," she tells the woman herself.

"That wasn't a vote. That was a 'me too, can I suck you off a little harder, pretty please', that's what it was," Niner replies to Cameron. "You see everyone here? Everyone?" He gestures around the clearing. Very obviously, not everyone is here. "If it's a vote, then we all vote. No more of this little circle-jerk he's-" A chin-jerk at Grey. "-got going."

"There wasn't a limit, but too many voices and shit devolves into confusion." Quinn waves a hand, case in point. "And you can tell whoever you want your vote, as long as all those wanting to vote get a voice."

Cameron pauses, and glances at Morgan, "Will the summit happen /after/ or /during/ our healing expedition? If the healing expedition is happening first, and we'll be back for the summit, then I vote for Morgan instead of Cookie." Then he sighs softly, "Niner, man, pull the stick out of your ass. This is just starting. We can go around and get everyone's vote. Not everyone has to be in one place shouting at each other to get everyone to have a say. For fuck sake. But, thanks for confirming it for me. Only votes you agree with count." He pauses, then adds, "I really think more then three will be too chaotic."

Martin notes, "I am taking up to three names from each person and adding tallies. Niner, I don't care if he yanks Grey's pants down right here and now and goes to town, since he actually gave me some names as a vote."

Cole gives a wave to Cass, beckoning her over to him, as if he's got something to tell her. "After." Cole states to Cameron. "No more arguments. Whoever gets the most votes, fuckin goes. End of story. As for the rest us, we focus on what we can do here. Work on the camp, make sure the healers got a place to come back to, better than when they left." A hand rubs over his face again. "Can we please stop with all the fuckin snark? I've had enough for the past couple of days. If we're gonna unify, we need to start doing it now. Until then, we're gonna be the children that the Grounders think we are."

Morgan runs his hand over his hair. "I have no problem with Quinn, Fiona and Cookie. But I should be there too. If they ask for, and even get, open and equal access to medical knowledge and training going in both directions, that's fine. And exactly what I want. But they'd be stupid if they don't want more details about what we can and can't do. And none of them can answer that adequately."

Apparently the sniping happening between Cassandra and Cameron is going ignored by Asher who usually would have punched someone by now. "Shut the fuck up, Niner." Asher growls out, "Their votes are their own, you don't need to have a say on how everyone votes." He glances to Cassandra then, quirking a brow, "And sayin' votes out to the crowd ain't gettin' us anywhere it seems. But since we are doin it this way, Quinn, Grey…I know what he's done, but he has a relationship with that Grounder, and Morgan."

"While the healers are with the Grounders, we need to organize a group to check on the supplies." Quinn glances over at Morgan, a brow lifting momentarily before she glances at Niner, "Give Cole your vote. He should be honest with keeping the tallies. Or Martin. Vote who you think."

Fiona looks over at Martin. "Quinn and me." she says, then gives it some thought, and apparently decides to hold off on her third selection.

Grey nods to Quinn, "Three sounds like a good number," then looks over to Morgan, "His name's Oxfor kom Trikru. I'd like to avoid pissin' him off by callin' him somethin' else, if you don't mind." Maybe he's being a little sarcastic there, but only a little. Niner's words cause Grey to bristle, but he stays where he is, clenching his jaw tightly to keep from responding angrily. It almost works, and then Martin chimes in, and his lips twist into a sardonic smile, "I might have a problem with that. Cameron might be cute, but he's way too guy for my tastes." He blinks a little at Asher's vote for him, but just shrugs.

Cameron looks thoughtful, and nods, "Morgan's got a point; even if he doesn't go on the negotiation team, we should have a medtech there in case any details are needed, since our medical knowledge is one of the main things we're theoretically trading for."

Morgan looks across at Quinn and nods. "I gave Max a list but medical supplies are a priority. That includes regular needles and thread. If you see anything that might help, rush it to the Grounders' village. Also, I need a shirt. Size large. Please." He still isn't wearing anything from the waist up except for his bandages. Too much dirt and blood and holes in his old one.

Though Cassandra looks beaten down and is still staring Cameron down, when neither he nor Grey rise to further bait, she turns as if to make her exit, posture slouched. She stops when Cole beckons to her, raises an eyebrow, and heads his way expectantly.

"By that logic, Fiona should be there simply because she's made grounds in being a translator. Even if she's not a negotiator." Quinn adds, then nods to Morgan, "Medical supplies, and a shirt." She crosses her arms over her chest, taking a breath and letting it out slowly, "Do we want to talk group for the supply run now, or after the other party leaves?"

Niner's focus goes off to some middle distance when Cole talks from somewhere behind him. Listening, maybe, or trying to figure out if he really heard what he just heard. "Fiona did nothing but kiss his ass in there. Ain't us she'd be negotiating for, that's for fucking sure." He scratches at the back of his neck until red lines start to show, then looks back at Cole. "Silver ought to go. She was talking more sense than anyone, /and/ she's a medic. Other two…" He shrugs. "You and Cookie. You did good in there, and Cookie's so fucking sweet you can barely say no to her."

Fiona notes to Quinn, "When we were introduced to Oxfor, Grey and Faolan had me do most of the talking. We got him here, willing to talk." She shakes her head. "Talking to people is what I do." Being successful at it got her locked up in the Skybox.

Cole shakes his head. "Fiona has an honest interest in understanding Grounder, negotiating with them. She's been there. And I know Fi, man." he says. "She knows what she's doing. I trust her on this. Cookie was a goddamn godsend in there, that's why she needs to go." But he does consider the idea of Silver. "Silver already going as one of the healers, though she could do just as well negotiating too. As for me, I doubt I'd be any help. And I'm more needed here than I am there." When Cassandra comes over, he says something to her quietly. Then gives her a pointed look. "Besides," he goes back to Niner. "We need someone who knows how to fuckin kiss ass." A glance to Fiona. "No offense."

Grey shrugs at Cameron, "They want more information on medical stuff, we can send someone to tell them. I think we need to emphasize that medical knowledge ain't all we're bringing to the table." Gesturing to Fiona, he chuckles at her retelling, "We're not total idiots. I didn't just come talk to you 'cause people like you." And then he pauses, considers, "Well, I guess that's the same thing in the end."

"Someone that can pave the way for the negotiations, make sure those going know what they should bring or not say…would be helpful. As a fourth party, I think you should go as an asset. But not a negotiator." Quinn shrugs her shoulders a bit, "Just an opinion based on what I witnessed in there." She then glances at Niner, frowning at him, "You want to work out your issues with me, or are we moving on?"

Whatever it is that Cole says to her, it has Cassandra shaking her head. "Bad idea," she says to him. She doesn't issue a further word in the midst of all the heated debate going on, but turns away and starts towards her stubborn little tent by the wall.

Niner knows words like 'torque wrench' rather than 'cognitive dissonance', but his expression is full of the latter as he watches Cole speak. "Uh-huh," he says, not sounding very convinced, but he /does/ turn a little to look back over toward Fiona. After a few moments of watching her, he says, "She knows some of their language already. Means they can't be saying one thing to us and another to each other." He won't eat so much crow as to say she's /useful/, but it's a nibble at some feathers, at least. That said, he glances toward Cameron for a moment before he digs his hands back down into his pockets and heads over closer to Quinn.

Morgan moves the arm around Cam's waist to around his shoulders and then leans in to give him a quick kiss. Just because. There's a lot of tension here and it's a good thing to do. "I would back Silver going. She's more techy than mediciny but she's good."

Martin continues scratching tallies into the dropship's hull.

Quinn waits on Niner to get closer, her arms remaining crossed over her chest. If this is going to devolve into a fight, she doesn't look particularly worried. Just patient, and seemingly ready to get things resolved one way or another.

Those crowds are gathering again, with more names being shouted out and more votes being cast, including a couple of angry calls for "Rawlins to kick Grounder ass!" and some cheerful cries of, "Lip, Lip, Lip! All three spots!" Either some people aren't taking this seriously, or there are some people in camp who still hate the Grounders, and some people who just want to party.

Having made his vote known, Cameron listens, and doesn't really have anything else to add. Then he's being distracted, leaning into Morgan's kiss and against the young man slightly, looking all sorts of wistful for a moment. Its one of those, hey, longer kiss please, expressions. But he just smiles, dimples, and lazily glances back to the people. He does nod to Grey, "Fair point." And a curious tilt of his head eyes Niner at the look for a moment.

Niner just… stands there for a little while, near Quinn. Not so close that he's broaching anyone's personal space, but close enough that it's likely obvious he means to say something to her. Eventually. After chewing at his bottom lip for a while, he finally says to her, "Not sure. Thought you had some pretty fucked priorities the other night, but you're really talking like you want us all working together today." Which is non-fucked priorities for him, it seems. "Not sure what I think anymore." It's offered frankly, as he looks at her.

"How much is some? It's been a couple days. You know more than a few greetings and words? Because unless you can handle having a conversation with them, they can still say whatever they want behind our back and you won't understand enough to actually be helpful." Asher's comment to Fiona isn't really spoken harshly, it's just a matter of fact assessment.

Fiona is not pleased with Quinn's assessment, and she asides to Asher, "That's why I'm going with the medical team, to learn more. There's a lot more to understanding people than language."

"I've only ever wanted us to work together, and the point about the radio was it shouldn't have been hidden. I wasn't stopping them from helping her, I wasn't even in their way or trying to be. I'm sorry you saw my asking about what they were hiding as somehow contributing to her death, but I don't feel that I was. I've got nothing left for me up there…and I don't want to go back in the box. But that doesn't mean I want to murder everyone up there, or even half them. I just didn't want to be here when they came down." Quinn jerks her chin in Grey's direction, "But something he said made me think that I'd do better staying here to make sure everyone had a say in things than walking away."

Grey shrugs at the questions of the language, "I got one phrase down. Don't know how much more Fiona learned, but even knowin' that one's important. I don't think we're gonna learn the language in a day, or a week." Quinn's gesture in his direction causes him to blink a little, then shrug, looking back to the conversation in general, "So we're votin'. Any reason we're all hangin' around here gettin' in the way of people who want to vote? Are we really gonna change each others' minds on who we're gonna vote for?"

There's a nod from Niner at something Quinn says. "Only way I'm going back in is dead." There's a touch of bleakness to the matter-of-fact statement, as if he expects the nice men and their lovely batons will eventually be doing just that. "But I got-" He hesitates on a word, awkwardly substitutes in, "-someone up there I can't fuck up for, neither." He shifts his weight a bit, watching Quinn a little more. "Won't ride you about the radio anymore," he says.

Cole has said his peace. What people think of it will be on them, but the mechanic is slowly pulling himself up to his feet. If anyone has anything left to say to him, better do so now. Because he's going to go somewhere where's there's less people.

Morgan nods at what Quinn and Niner say but he too has said his peace and has nothing to add. Grey's right about not changing anyone's mind at this point. Instead he smiles over at Cam and gives him a one armed hug before looking back at everyone else.

"Hopefully we prevent that." Quinn replies with a nod, then she glances over at Grey, frowning at him, "We need to talk." It's unclear if she means now, or just in general, especially since she starts to wander back towards her tent to flop down in front of it. It's not quite away from the crowds, but might be a little more silent.

Asher shrugs then at Fiona and Grey at the same time it would seem. "Whatever. I said what I had to say. Let's get these votes done so we can move on with all the other shit we need to get done." He then turns and starts back towards his tent, "I'll keep packing supplies for the medtech team trip." Which means he'll pack his own stuff for him. Not for anyone else. He limps off towards his tent with his spear/walking stick.

That's one admission of tactical usefulness for Fiona, a near-apology for Quinn, and… a sidelong look back at Grey, as if he's reconsidering something. A month's worth of mea culpa crammed into a single day. Niner, looking a bit drained himself, heads off toward the forest's edge. Time to try and make sense of the day.

Cameron glances over at Morgan, "Okay, I've said my peace and voted. I'm going to go for a walk." There's a suggestive arch of his brow, "You can meet me at that place you know the one, later." Then he glances around, squints, and decides just to suddenly flash a dimpled smile and wave at everyone at once, then move to depart and go be elsewhere.

Morgan smiles at Cam's suggestion. "I'll be there in a couple hours."

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