Day 028: Home Sweet Home?
Summary: A few of the 100 discuss their new (sort of) home.
Date: 6/26/16
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Day 28

It's been half a day at most since the siege. Jumar was pretty hardcore about the fortifications before.

Now? Now he's starting the long process of making something out of this patch of dirt. Having had a good nights sleep after the gassing for the first time in a week, he's right back to work and doing inventory of material right now, as well as talking to anyone with any sort of engineering skill. Currently, he's writing down something next to a rather large chuck of debris near the station proper.

Exitting the drop ship, Ariadne blinks several times at the bright sunlight. She is wearing non-descript clothing, and her left arm is in a sling. The first thing her eyes stop on is the large lake nearby. She blinks a few times and takes a few more steps down the ramp off the ark.

Morgan woke up to unfamiliar surroundings. Well, familiar unfamiliar surroundings. He recognizes alpha almost instantly since it's where he lived. He just never expected to see it again. Or wanted to. "What?" was clearly the very first thing he said which got him a rough explanation of what happened. The second thing was 'Where's Cam?' which got him a much less informative answer. He demanded his stuff - his clothes, weapons, armor - discovered they wouldn't give him a rifle, and searched the medbay for Cam since they probably didn't know what he looked liked. Failing to find him and growing more stony by the minute, he stalked out without any real destination in mind. Barely injured in the fight, doesn't even have a bandage over the shallow cut on the side of his head where the arrow grazed him. "Where are the others?" he demands as soon as he spots Jumar and Ariadne and walks over. "What have you heard about the ones who aren't here?"

"Well hello to you too sunshine." That musical bass voice sounds easily as Morgan starts making his 'demands'. The sheet of paper is put away for now and the dark brown haired mechanic turns from the chunk of debris he was 'studying', "anyone who was still at the dropship was taken by some people that me and others are assuming are the mountain men, the gas grenades making that implication. Our people got there in time to stop them from taking those of us still here. The rest?" Jumar shrugs, "we don't know for sure. Probably in the mountain itself. What you see here is what is left." He gestures around, "welcome to Camp Jaha. Apparently, the ark itself dropepd from orbit and landed." He gestures over the station, then. "And no, I haven't seen Cameron."

Ariadne's eyes turn to Jumar and then to Morgan. She takes a deep breath and says, "Who's missing?" A look of guilt flickers in her eyes for not having looked for anyone except Shi and Stone. She takes a few steps closer to Morgan and then she says, "Where'd you find our things, Morgan?" A glance over the shoulder is given to Jumar. "When do we leave to go get them?" This is asked matter of factly.

Morgan's jaw clenches when Jumar says Cam's name but he just nods. He remembers red gas and then nothing. But that definitely means it wasn't the Grounders. And there was no reason for the Ark to do that, not that he's immediately ruling it out. "If the Mountain Men wanted us dead, they'd have just dropped a missile on the ship. There'd be no reason to knock us out first. So they're still alive and we have to go get them." He nods to Ariadne but shrugs. "I told them to give me my stuff. All of it."

Jumar shrugs then. The engineer simply gestures back to the station proper, "the ark is down people. There are a number of stations unaccounted for, and Chancellor Kane has yet to talk about his plans going forward. Personally, I'm going to be staying here until my expertise is needed. I'm no combatant, and we need as many engineers as we can get working on building something useful out of this patch of dirt." He looks to Morgan, then. "The Guard are the only ones who use rifles now. We're not at the dropship anymore, and we were all pardoned. Case in point, me organizing our resources." He looks to Ariadne, "after the lunatics tried to kill us all, a good few of our survivors are nearly dead on their feet. I'd recommend waiting for them to get at least a days rest before anyone heads out."

"I'll be back." She nods to Morgan and as she passes him on the way back into the drop ship she lays a bandage wrapped hand on his arm. She lowers her voice and says, "We'll go get him. With or without their help." Then she steps inside. She's hunting down a guard, and when she finds two of them she simply says, "I need my things. Where are they?" They lead her back into the ark and she remains inside for at least long enough to get her things and change into them.

"Kane." It sounds like a curse when Morgan says his name. "Where's Fi?" And after a pause, grimacing slightly, "And Grey?" Then "The radio. Do they have a radio here? Did they take the one from the dropship? Mimi tried calling Mount Weather. We can try that and…" And what? Threaten them? Ask nicely to give them back? Glancing down at the hand on his arm, he looks back up at Ari and nods. Damn right they will.

Shi woke up in vast confusion, and she doesn't take time to find out whatever the hell is going on, she just stumbles out of ward as soon as she can and goes in hunt of.. Ari and Stone. That seems to be where she is going, or trying to find as she pieces together what has happened from the conversations she over hears.

Jumar gives yet another shrug, "Grey was in the infirmary when I woke up. Haven't seen Fiona. Kai is back though, so I assume she is too." He looks in the general direction of the dropship, then back to Morgan. The dropship is fairly easy to see, even kilometers out… with the giant smoke cloud. "Kai is also apparently leaving with one of the lunatics. She's going to be training as a 'second'. Whatever that is. As for the dropship, I plan to ask for Ark personnel to go and strip down the dropship once I have a moment to talk to the CHancellor."

"A second is an apprentice." Morgan explains, looking toward the dropship. "So Kai is going native?" Good. That gives them another in with the Grounders and they're going to need to learn as much about Mount Weather as possible. "We promised the ship to Oxfor once we left it. We didn't say we weren't going to take as much from it as possible though. They can use the metal from the hull no matter what else we take." Turning back, he spots Shi and gives her a nod.

Their belongings are in a small room near the med bay, and as Ari is led back to it, she sees Shi standing in the medbay. When the guards point her to the room in question she nods and instead makes her way into the sick bay. She holds a finger to her lips to Shi and begins to weave through the beds and pallets containing the other delinquents. She nods her head toward a large sleeping figure on a pallet near the door. Of course she sought out Shi and Stone before she left the medbay. She then places a hand on each of Shi's shoulders from behind and begins to lead her from the sick bay and into the storage room where their belongings are. Once they're safely out of risk of waking the others, "Some are missing. Probably with the mountain men." Then she starts digging through the things in search of her own.

"We have a truce with the Grounders as well. Fiona managed that much. Came a bit late… but hey, roasted lunatics makes them think twice about trying to siege us again." Jumar then chuckles, "The metal in that dropship is fairly useless to them. Besides, those promises were before the lunatics tried to siege and kill us all. I don't see the point in upholding a treaty that crashed and burned." A moment later though, Jumar's eyes narrow slightly, "an apprentice… of what? If she learns that insane 'blood must have blood' crap they live by, she's dead to me."

Morgan grins at Jumar's comment. Unlike some, he felt no regret at all about frying the ones attacking them. "They need metal to work. One of their smiths, Makers they call them, would be able to do a lot with it. And the treaty never crashed and burned. It was with Oxfor and Coesbur not with the Trikru as a whole. Far as I know, they kept to their end of it. They even helped us when they didn't need to. Not keeping our end of it would be dishonorable and that's important to them." Should be important to everyone but especially Trikru. "And most importantly, we're going to need their help with the Mountain Men. They know things we don't." As for Kai, he shrugs. "Fighting I assume. I wouldn't mind learning from their healers. They know things we don't." he repeats.

Ari exits the ark again, this time wearing her clothes, however dirty they may be. She's wearing the grounder armor over them, and she's wearing an almost-empty quiver, and carrying her bow. Apparently the only weapons being kept are the firearms. She calls to Morgan as she exits the ship, "When we go can we stop at the drop ship? I'm pretty sure there's enough arrows to salvage just from the ones I shot that missed." Her voice is sour as she says this, and when she approaches Morgan and Jumar she says, "They took the guns?"

Morgan nods to Ari when she returns. "Yeah, I need to go back too." Most of his stuff was in the dropship since, aside from sleeping - well, and sex - he spent most of his time in their pseudo medbay. "The radio might be there too and we can try calling Mount Weather." To answer Jumar's question, he says "Me. And Fi and Quinn. What do you want to know?"

"Stole them, you mean. Those guns didn't belong to the ark. They were ours." Ariadne mumbles this, and shakes her head, starting to cross her arms over her chest. This makes her wince and she slides her hand into the pocket of her pants to keep her from moving it any more than necessary. "Do we know who all is missing? How many?" She sinks to sitting near them and turns her eyes toward the water. "Well, I guess we won't need any more water runs."

Jumar only rolls his eyes at that, "we knew we were the scouts. The second the radio was used this was the only possible outcome. If you want to go out there into the wilderness and make your own way, no one is stopping you, but biting the hand that feeds and is building for you-" gestures over himself, "-is only gonna make me not want to have anything to do with you. There is no us versus them anymore. The dropship camp is *gone* and we have a hierarchy under the Exodus charter again. So, by all means, leave the safety of Camp Jaha if you prefer." Jumars musical voice holds no anger… no resentment, only a calm, neutral matter of factness, then he looks to Morgan, "everything relevant, please. if I'm going to have an idea of what we have to work with to build something here, I need to know what's available to us."

Morgan nods his agreement with Ari. "She's right. They're ours and the Guard has no right to keep them. It's just more of the same shit with Kane's Guard thinking they can control everything. But that can wait till we get our people back." Cause Cam takes precedence over everything, including his hatred for Kane. "The village gets the dropship once we move elsewhere. We always knew we'd need to since there's no water nearby and, as we just proved, that's deadly even if we aren't under siege. I don't know how bad winter is but a four hour walk back and forth in snow and ice just wouldn't be smart. And since we couldn't take the ship with us…" He shrugs. Making it a bargaining chip turned it from something useless to useful. "We also promised knowledge of how to suture wounds. Now we're not going to be killed, I can go fulfill that. There was also an agreement that they'd get a percentage of what we found in… three? supply depots that we'd loot. I don't know how that'll apply now with the Ark down. Fi will remember better."

"You two sound like those terrorists that blew up the Ark now. That's why they lost contact, by the way… because of assholes bombing on Unity Day." Jumar just shrugs, then. "Kane actually got everything together up there after the Ark was crippled. I'd suggest you talk to Lionel about that. After the thrusters on the Ark stations failed to launch them down here, Kane was the first to go and head to the manual controls, knowing he'd be stranded up there. Jaha beat him to the punch though. The former Chancellor is still up there. Far as I'm concerned, Kane is a damn hero who deserves respect after all that" Jumar writes something on his paper, then. "I'll talk to the Chancellor about this if you prefer to have nothing to do with him, but I'd prefer you with me to discuss this in case something relevant pops up. Would you be willing?"

"Far as I'm concerned the moment they launched us out here to die they may as well have floated us. Their rules aren't binding for us. They sent us out here to die. It's luck we're still alive. Float them if they think they're gonna show up and run the show, at least as far as I'm concerned." She looks up at Jumar and says, "But hey, if you think they meant they'll pardon us and act like nothing ever happened. If you believe that, go for it. Kiss Kane's ass." She turns her attention back to Morgan, "Once the rest of us wake up we'll see who's willing to go get the rest of our people." She glances at Jumar and then back to Morgan before adding, "Because as far as I'm concerned, these ain't my people."

Jumar looks to Ari as she speaks, neutrally, "It's already done. All the ex-Cs are Guards now, and everyone who was promised a pardon has it."

"Lionel?" Not a name familiar to Morgan. "Yeah, I'll talk to him. We need to make sure we don't end up fighting again. I don't care how many guns the Guard has, we're outnumbered and they can make more arrows when they run low." That Jaha is up there instead of Kane does not make him look happy. Not that he was looking happy before or that he's a fan of Jaha's. "Ari, help from the Ark will make it a lot easier. To not even try to get it is stupid." For Cam, he'll even work with Kane. "And the mountain is bad. I've talked to a couple of the Grounders about it. They have defenses I only wish we had."

"Just because they say they pardon us doesn't forgive what they've done to us. We were disposable, guys. They treated us like disposable commodities, like an experiment that could have ended in excrutiatingly slow painful death. That's what they thought they were sending us into. Now you want me to believe that they're gonna treat us like equals?" She shakes her head. "Whatever, I'll go along with it, but I can't see they'll ever treat us like anything but criminals." She stands and says, "Have they got arrows? Here, I mean?"

Jumar grins at that, "I'm planning to build a forge and machine shop for ammo and components, actually. It's on my to do list after inventory." The looks to Ari, then. "So far I haven't been mistreated at all. At this point now that we have all the information, I can understand why they did it. I'm not saying you should forgive them… but I've seen nothing but respect from the Arkers around here so far." Jumar turns back to the piece of debris, jotting down something again, "I'd suggest you give it a chance before you write them off. We had no choice up there with a zero tolerance policy… down here the exodus charter rwwrote the laws to be more in context with the laws. You want never treat us like anything but criminals? I'd suggest you head for Tondc or whatever they call their capital and see what the lunatics think of you there."

"Don't know. There's some arrows in the dropship though. My bow is back there too." Not that Morgan's any good with it yet but Gideon did train him. Speaking of… "Say, is Gideon here? Was she outside of camp when we were attacked? Or was she captured too?"

"I can make arrows. They aren't the best, but they work." She glances out toward the electrified fence, "They keeping us in here or are we free to leave?" She looks back at Jumar. "Since you seem to be their unofficial spokesboy." She rolls her shoulders, and her neck where they've stiffened while she was unconscious, "We'll run out eventually. I'll need supplies if I'm gonna make them."

Jumar shakes his head, "I haven't seen her since I woke up here, sorry." Jumar looks to Ari, then. "I'm speaking for myself here. I don't know their policy about leaving on your own honestly, I'd suggest you ask them. I'm simply starting the organization process so the engineers that survived the trip down have someone who they can turn to for answers and direction."

Morgan shrugs since he doesn't know the answer. "Try to leave and see what happens." He's kind of curious to see that too. "But I doubt there's enough guards to stop anyone from just leaving if they want to." Aside from those on watch, there's nothing to stop anyone from just walking away so he's not really worried. Yet.

Ariadne nods her head toward the lake. "Anyone know if it's safe yet?" She begins to step closer to the two boys, and then she begins to look around to size up where the guards are in relation to the camp. "No crazy river monsters or anything?"

This actually gets a chuckle from Jumar, "I haven't even bothered to check it or ask about that. Maybe the others have an idea?"

Morgan doesn't know either and shakes his head. "No idea. I've gotta find Fi or Grey. I'll be around somewhere if you need me." For the time being anyway.

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