Day 023: Hot For Teacher
Summary: Gideon puts together a training scenario for some of the Delinquents.
Date: 15 June 2016
Related: Preceded by Intimidating Voter Intimidators and leads to Offer and Counter-Offer
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been beaten back, underbrush and low-hanging branches cleared to try and expose as much of the gnarled hills around the landing site as possible. There are still trees around the walls, even close to them, but they have been shorn of branches as high as can be reached.

IC date of RP

"Alright," Gideon kom Trikru says to the gathered group. "Choose a weapon, but choose based on preference." She throws back a blanket on the ground to reveal a variety of blunted weapons, probably from her own stash of training weapons and some recent makeshift additions. The weapons that the Grounder has to offer are not exactly fair representations of actual weapons, but there is a variety. Wood and blunted metal has been fashioned into swords and clubs of various lengths, weights, and thicknesses. Bows have been given out to some of the delinquents, though their arrows are just blunt heads instead of sharp tips. Each is meant to cause a smack of pain without actually causing harm beyond aches and bruises. She has not given out ways for teams to identify themselves, allowing each team to decide upon that themselves.

Her arms are crossed while the group grabs their chosen weapon, and she nods simply. "The game is simply this: to be the last team standing. Three strikes, and you concede and remove yourself from play. You will be allowed to re-enter play just once, but fall a second time, and you are out permanently." Beat pause. "Any questions?" Her moss gaze passes over each participant in turn, waiting to see if there is any concerns.

Grey is not in the best of moods. If he had a tail, it would be lashing. Thankfully, he does not have a tail, because that would be weird. He's divested himself of his rifle, passing it off to some other worthy, and instead brought along his metal faux-shock-baton. That, his armored jacket, and the knife from the back of his belt are set down at the verges of the makeshift training area. Then the parachute cord is carefully unwound from around his waist, spooling off a good ten or twelve feet that are neatly bundled and set atop the pile. That leaves him stripped to the waist and quite clearly demonstrating the cauterized wounds at his side that probably mean he shouldn't be participating in this exercise. He flashes a crooked grin at Gideon, then moves over to scoop up the longest, narrowest wooden length available. It's probably supposed to be a sword, actually, rather than a replacement for the club he already set down. The request for questions though, causes Grey to speak up, "You gonna pick teams, Gideon, or do we?"

Kai was stalking along the wall for a while as if hoping, just /hoping/ some of Sonia's people would come close enough to make it worth her while, but has subsided at least marginally to come loom over training from her spot on the wall, but prudently thinks better of putting herself in a position where she's armed and has an excuse to whomp people. Folding her arms before her and settling for just observing, at least for now.

Cameron heads over and nabs up one of the fauxswords, testing its weight in his hand and finding it decidedly odd, so used to carrying his grounder sword is he these days. He glances around at those assembled, and upnods at Grey with a sudden grin, pointing at him, "Shirts." Then thumbing towards himself, "Skins?"

The tiny form of Shi comes into the grounds after going to make sure she has something on that covers as much as possible, with the hood pulled into place she moves with careful steps to pick up the lightest short length, closer to knife length than sword, but then it still looks large in her hands. She glances towards Grey and wrinkles her nose gently and eyes his side before moving to pull the real knife from knife from her boots and burying it point first in the ground, out of the way..

Lark, alongside Cameron, chooses one of the faux swords, pursing her lips as she gives it a little twist in the air. The little verbal swist towards Grey, however, has Lark looking his way with a wryness. "Well, then, I'm so gonna be on the shirts team, then," says Lark. A handful of moments more, and she takes a step or three - not quite towards Grey's side, but in his general direction, her eyes flickering off towards Kai then. Letting her gaze linger there for a handful of moments.

A club. Cole will pick up a club. It is what he's used more or less in his time picking up that tire iron from his RV. A weighted club of about the same weight of his iron will do much the same for him. "It'll do." he decides to himself, feeling the heft of the weapon in his hand a moment longer, then waiting for what to do next.

Gideon rolls her shoulders a bit, looking between those that have gathered. She nods slightly. "Grey, Lark, and Shi will be the first team, opposing Cameron, Cole, Stone, and Marta." She tilts her head.Hey, she knows names! Look who's learning. "Though we need one more for the first team." She glances over toward Cameron at his suggestion, and she offers a wry little chuckle. Her gaze cuts to Marta, who smirks at Cole and starts to ease out of her shirt, revealing a rather neon sports' bra.

'Happy?" She says flatly to Cameron, though her expression is amused. She crosses her arms, looking over the weapons, and then squats down to pull up a rather slender, but nimble wooden sword. She props it over her shoulder, looking at her team mates with a quick and calculating look. The girl — some manslaughtering farm tech — offers both Cam and Cole a small nod of her chin.

Gideon looks back to Shi as she joins, and nods slightly to the girl. "Think of your size, but do not also underestimate it." She steps aside, heading over to the tech kid who is looking up at the Grounder with a sheepish expression. "Uh, you're all set. Tink had to do some weird wiring thing, but like… it shouldn't explode or anything."

Grey snorts at Cameron, "Your boyfriend said I don't get to put a shirt on until I heal up." There's a slightly-tight edge to the words, a scowl eroding the grin from his face. Stepping further back from the group, he flicks his right arm out, snapping the bludgeon as if it were a Guard baton. He glances to the sidelines, "C'mon Kai… you know you wanna try and hit someone." He glances to Shi and Lark, stretching his shoulders and then nodding toward Marta, "If Kai joins up, she and I'll distract the boys, and you two finish up her, then come help us?" And then wiring is being mentioned, and Grey narrows his eyes sharply at Gideon, "What'd you do….?" It's an almost-suspicious, teasing sort of near-sing-song.

And, wooden fauxsword in hand, Cameron proceeds to strip out of his shirt too, and gives Marta an unapologetic grin. Then he eyes at Grey a moment, "I'm tempted to suggest he might have ulterior motives. Either way, I'm sure we can keep track of who is who." But still he's already taken off his shirt, so he goes with it. He gives Kai an encouraging grin and waves her over, too.

Shi looks up at Gideon and nods slowly gives a tiny grin, "I'll try, just depends on how much they want to smack me.." She admits in that voice of hers, a little shake of her head as she stretches and swirls the wooden/stickline/knife thingy, testing the weight and tries get a good gripe before nodding to Grey and glancing at Lark, "You take the topsize, I'll hit for lower?"

Kai eyes Grey and Cameron before she grunts, no hero-landing jump for the ex-C. She's going to go down the proper way, like a normal person, for all the way she prowls over towards the table of fake weapons to give them a once over before changing out her makeshift 'sword' for something of about the same length at least. The girl's familiar with a weapon. She might have been boxed for beating a guy with her fists, but the way she rolls her wrist to get a feel for the way it moves as she heads over to the blue teams side may well bode ill, for all the too toothy bright smile that she gives. Oh yay. Violence.

Lark lets her eyes track from Gideon towards Shi. There was yet suspicion there when she looked upon the Grounder, but it wasn't nearly as pronounced as when she had first seen her. "My dad said it's better to be small, when you're dealing with weapons," says Lark, adding onto what Gideon was saying.

"At the stomach and below are a lot of places where someone can't handle being stabbed," she says. "Up here, it's mostly the throat," she says, opening her hand up and gesturing around her throat. "And neck. And eyes, but… anyways," she says, twisting her 'sword' in her hand. She didn't know Kai so well, but she glances over regardless. "Come on! It'll be fun!" she says, waving her left hand over in a beckoning gesture. A grin towards Grey at his tactic. "Think you can handle big bad Stone?" she asks.

And her eyes do track towards Cam, her lips pursing as he takes off his shirt. And perhaps her eyes linger a moment, before she glances away.

"Wait…what?" Cole blinks watching Cam strip out of his shirt. "Oh goddamnit…" he mutters. "We're doing it that way. Fine." And then the mechanic will pull his off as well, apparently aware of how much worse he's going to bruise up without some layer of protection on him. "I didn't know this was a shirt versus skins thing. But I feel like this is just another excuse on Cam's part just to get half-nude.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Deception: Success.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Cole." Cameron says with his most innocent voice ever.

Shi calls over to the other side as it were and can't help the sweep of her eyes as she adds, "I'm not complaining.."

Stone comes lumbering in, about as foul-mooded as Grey, and with sadly no cauterizing to his particular throat wound, which is still wrapped thickly in bandages. The Boy Scout came intending to watch the fun, maybe help give some pointers, and see what people were doing with themselves to try and cheer himself up. That backfired in a particularly stupendous way when the first person the giant set eyes on was the white-haired Shi, who suddenly seemed to set the big guy to physical pain on sight. But before he was able to turn and flee like a chickenbaby, his name was suddenly lumped in with a team and he was left blinking a few times. "Welllll….fudge it, what could possibly go wrong?!" he horror-rasps out to himself more than anyone else and, sighing, divests himself of his weapons and his vest, leaving him as shirtless as some of his team mates, albeit probably a hell of a lot more scarred up. After this he lumbers on towards the weapons pile and starts lifting different large implements of blade and club equivalent and seems to be weighing each in hand for balance. And as he's searching for just the right one, his gravelly low horror-movie voice cuts in loud enough to carry to Cam. "I pop a stitch and bleed to death, you get to explain to Morgan! Just sayin'!"

"Engaging an enemy requires you to be willing to sacrifice focus," Gideon says to Grey at his near-sing-song question, and her smirk is relaxed. "So, I will do my best to provide you with distraction." Then she looks toward Shi, and offers a wry smile. "Then be faster than they are,"she replies simply. Then she looks over at the others while they figure, and she nods to Kai as he is dragged onto Grey, Lark, and Shi's team. She looks at the group.

"We begin in two minutes. I suggest spreading out." She looks around the camp, shouting out one last rule, "And no one leaves the confines of the wall!" Her gaze shifts over toward Stone now, and she offers a smirk. "He is free to come to me if he has issues." Then she flashes her teeth.

"I'll handle Morgan." Cameron says with a certain confident grin, then spreading out as Gideon instructs.

Shi stretches slowly and nods towards Gideon, she can't help a little grin, "Faster, let's see how that works.." The pale girl say, clearly taking the thought to heart as she glances towards Lark and then grins as Kai is called over, "Thank goodness.." She offers with a wink before she starts to jog towards a area that she can probably hide behind, sneak attack right?. Hey, Gideon said 2 mins!

"Nope," Grey responds cheerfully to Lark, "But I'm bettin' Kai and I can hold up him, Cam, and Cole long enough for you two to drop Marta. And then we all gang up on them." Gideon's response to him causes him to chuckle, "Yeah well, there's other ways you could do that." Looking back to the fray, he reaches out to clack his practice weapon against Kai's, nodding to her and then looking to the others, "Stick close?" Despite what Gideon said, apparently, "Unless those three are too chicken to come after us, then we go get them?"

"Yeah, I figure you will." Cole eyes back over to Cam before moving out him. "So…Stone…big guy." he glances over at the other man. "Got an idea about who you want to hit first?"

Lark pauses a moment, glancing towards Grey at first - inclining her head to him. "Got it," she says, letting eyes track towards Shi then. Holding her arm to her side, she easily twists her grip so that the blade pointed downwards. Other arm was held in front of her, and she keeps her gaze forward, on the other team, as she starts to sidestep a bit.

"Tryin's not going to be the problem." Kai opines to Grey as she gives a little shake-out and nods in the direction of the other group,"Stone's injured. Yeh he's got size, but Boy Scout is also going to pull his shots especially cos half of us are girls." she assesses,"Marta's bark is worse than her bite. Cole's skinny but dangerous.. Cameron will cut a bitch." is her assessment of the matter,"Don't get too hung up on size, though if he gets it in his mind to, Stone hits like a sledgehammer." there's a bash brother's moment between Grey and Kai when she clacks her weapon against his and rolls her shoulders, half-listening to Gideon with her grey eyes on the other team.

Cameron glances at Stone and Cole, "So you guys are the tactical ones, any suggestions? If not I say Cole and I go for Grey." He rolls his shoulders, hopping on one foot then the next, getting his stretch on.

Stone finally ends up with a large curved sword equivalent of wood that will probably hurt like a bitch to get hit with, apparently content with the balance as he swings it around a few times, sliding into a routine of expert strikes akin to old world sword kata from kenjutsu. Nodding after he ends the last motion 'sheathing' the sword in his left hand, he starts towards Cole, Cameron, and Marta, rasping out to the three as he nears. "They'll likely try to put multiple on me. Grey at the least, Kai probably. Maybe more. Try to take Shi first. The less on the field, the easier. Marta, watch yourself, try to stick behind me unless they pile on, then break off to the other pair. Cole, with Cameron. Keep spread from the other pair so we don't get boxed in, but call out if you need assist." He's stretching out his arms, tendons and muscles thickly moving under dark skin before he sticks a hand in as if this is some old world sports team. Whether they put their hands in with him or not, he calls out in a booming, horrible sounding rasp that probably hurt his throat like hell, but sounds like some barbarian warcry. "TO VICTORY!"

"TO VICTORY!" shouts Cameron with enthusiasm. "And you're all just lucky I didn't sing a battle song to destroy you because you know you would go down before my awesome." But otherwise he nods in agreement with Stone's strategy. He's the guy who knows this sorta thing. He glances sidelong at Cole to see if he's on board.

"Asskicking an all that jazz." Cole agrees with the other two, but he's a little more focused, trying to find a spot in his mind where he can mentally prepare himself. But he was never the most exuberant unless there was something mechanical involved. Can't say he's been in a fight in a long time.

Gideon lifts two of her fingers in the air, making a circular spin-it-up gesture. The tech kid nods quickly, and hits a button on the strange white stick that has been wired into the speakers. A low pulsing beat begins to reverberate through the speakers at its maximum volume. It goes for several seconds, and then a slightly accented voice goes, "Oppa gangnam style…" The song is a neat and precise mash-up of some old Earth favorites, and it definitely sets the mood for being loud, distracting, and maybe just a little amusing. Battle is not quiet, and Gideon is definitely making sure of that. (

The Grounder crosses her arms, taking on the role as referee.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Shi=dodge+3
< Cameron: Failure Shi: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stone=melee-3 Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Stone: Good Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Cole: Great Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Success Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=Melee+3 Vs Marta=4
< Lark: Success Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Shi=dodge
< Marta: Success Shi: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee+3 Vs Cole=dodge
< Kai: Success Cole: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Stone=dodge+2
< Grey: Failure Stone: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Solid Victory

"Give me a fuckin'.." Kai utters mostly under her breath and points her 'sword' at Cole,"Hey, Oppenheimer! I still owe you a beating!" screw chants to victory.. and then there's.. music? What in the holy hell. The grey-eyed girl slants a look towards the Grounder referee and then elects to advance with menace towards Cole because right now she's so not interested in hanging back and waiting for the other team to come to them.

Once the turn starts, Cameron is moving in without hesitation, and going right on towards Shi. He's fast. But after closing the distance and lifting his fauxsword for an attack, he kinda fumbles with it since he's so unused to wood instead of metal and just sorta has to do this complicated catch-the-weapon-so-it-doesn't-fall dance which looks ridiculous and causes absolutely no actionable threat on his target.

Lark flicks her eyes across the way towards Cole. A beat, and she purses her lips, setting her eyes on her target of the moment. Poor Marta. Of course, that music(?) starts up, and Lark looks towards Gideon, with a 'what the heck' kinda look.

Rolling her neck, Lark flips her faux sword up to grasp it in an upright position. Stepping alongside Marta, and hoping to distract her so that Shi could circle around or whatever, Lark tries whipping the wooden sword at the other's midsection. Well, stabs it in and up, really. Except she kinda manages to hit air instead. Cameron's approach has her hissing a bit, trying to twist around to keep both him and Marta in front of herself.

Stone seems to be pumping himself up, growing more and more serious, sword still 'sheathed' in his left hand at hip, eyes across the field at the others…who he just realized ALL FOUR of which are on the Damnable Devil's Dice List (tm). Yeah, this is going to be…wait, what the hell is this music. He looks stunned, shifting attention to Gideon, blinking a few times, then rasping out. "Grounders are fudgin' weird…" As he's turning back trying to focus though, his head may be bouncing just a bit to the beat.

And then it's on, and Stone's breaking into motion, full out long-legged rushing forward that gives the impression of aggressive attack, his 'sword' whipping out at the last moment as he charges straight toward Grey. But at the last moment, about ten feet out, the giant Boy Scout is sliding into a defensive posture, low center of gravity that leaves his knees well bent, almost sliding him in motion as he closes with Grey. Weapons clatter, and the big guy tries to find an opening while seeking to spin the other ex-C. And because war is war and embarrassment is embarrassment, Stone fights to win. And that means he's rasping out in that closeness of battle. "Hey Grey? You hear yet that you're on my infamous crush list?" And yes, Stone even adds to that making a kissy face at the fellow soldier. Confusion unto my enemies!!!

Grey snickers at the victory cry, then advances alongside Kai. Bringing the club up before him, he stops and blinks at the music. Laughter begins to bubble up in his throat, and he shakes his head, "Nice." He allows Stone and Cole to come after him, then curses as Cameron doesn't come in also, "Damn it." He manages to redirect one swing from Stone's weapon, the wood clattering together as he ducks beneath it, the twist to his left causing him to wince. His club sweeps back across his body then, catching Cole's attack as well, only to have it driven straight back, the mechanic still catching him in the left side. "Ow, shit." Stone's words drift a look of confusion to flicker over his face, and then he shakes his head, "Nope. You hear Cole's a crappy kisser? G'won and get Cam, Kai." The flicker of his own false-stun-baton out toward Stone's ribs is easily batted aside in turn, just trying to keep the big man off of him for now.

Shi moves out from behind the tall members of her team and somehow ducks and twists past the fumbling Cam and the super fast Martha. Those eyes blink once and she has to adjust her grip on her hand as knife hits sword but missing the body of her target and she just growls. A growl of surprise and shock at the music it seems as her eyes go wide and she ducks behind another large person to come out on the other side.

Cole wanted to prove himself today. That he can hold his own in a fight. That he deserves to defend this camp with a rifle…or any other kind of weapon. And maybe there's some pent up rage inside the mechanic that has not yet been able to truly let loose. That's why he was quiet, pondering internally if it's really time to no longer hold back at all the times he's been enraged and had no way to getting an outlet for it. Kai swings at him first, but there's a steely look of silence on his face, connecting with the incoming blow and brushing aside, then deftly taking a half turn on his heel to bring his club down against Grey's side. It kinda looked like it was all apart of one move move, and there's the vague idea that there's a something of technique in that. He got his tag in with Grey, hard enough that he pushed the other man back. But his swing back on Kai. He will prove himself here, even if he gets beaten down for it.

Gideon starts to smile in a low simmering grin when Stone looks at her, and she rolls her shoulders. When Grey gets hit, she calls out: "Grey kom Skaikru!" Then she nods to her little tech sidekick who makes a mark using a bit of ashed stick on the bit of metal siding. The song continues to blare through the speakers. She casts a glance up to the wall, where a few delinquents are sitting with their bows… as if waiting for something.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stone=melee+2 Vs Grey=Dodge+3
< Stone: Great Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Cole=dodge
< Grey: Good Success Cole: Success
< Net Result: Grey wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee Vs Cole=dodge
< Kai: Good Success Cole: Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee Vs Cameron=dodge
< Lark: Failure Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Shi=dodge+3
< Cameron: Success Shi: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee-3 Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Embarassing Failure Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee Vs Kai=dodge
< Cole: Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Ooh, I think you made him mad, Grey. First blood to the bold mechanic!" Stone raspily taunts Grey while at same time cheering on Cole. Even saying it though, the giant is suddenly shifting forward, grinning like a maniac as he catches Grey vulnerably extended taking as swing at Cole. And so suddenly the Boy Scout's on top of his fellow soldier, battering at the man's defenses one shot after another, raining blows at different angles, seeking opening, oblivious to how this might be pulling his throat stitches, just enjoying entirely too much letting loose all this pent up energy (and humiliation) in the thing he's best trained to do.

Cameron is intent: he was told to take Shi out, and with a cool, impassive expression he moves quickly to try to do so. Having gotten control of his fauxsword, he slashes at Shi, but she's too quick for him. Fortunately, he's too quick for Lark, which has him thinking this exchange is solidly in his favor.

There's no coincidence in the way Kai moves, circling though her attention is largely on Cole. A tactician 'd notice, certainly, that she's trying to keep Cameron in the corner of her eye while endeavoring to lure the mechanic into turning his back towards Grey, not breaking to give Cole a target but angling in the direction of Lark, Shi, Cam and Marta. In her case, don't watch the birdie. The slight snake of her sword tip, the slow and careful steps, she's waiting for an opening now with an almost manic grin for the mechanic, for the perfect opportunity to snake in and smack him one as she seemingly retreats in a different direction.

Face flushing a bit red with the exertion, Lark twists her hand around as she steps around Cameron. "Hey! Back /off/ of her!" calls Lark, lunging forward to try to catch him with her fauxsword. But she just finds air, her eyes narrowing. Each of her missed swipes seemed to be making her madder and madder.

Getting out of the way? Check, trying to get out of the way while holding a fake knife and swinging at something who can use there fake sword? Disaster… As Cameron moves in on Shi, her knife is up to block his weapon, it's not pretty but she has the speed to duck out of the way, right towards Martha. This would have been a great action, totally perfect, but for… That stone.. the one in the ground, not the large mountain of a man. For while her boots are perfect for the woods, it seems to be a little soft in one little spot, and that spot meets stone and that stone cuts leather and that leather splits to have the tiny form of Shi sliding along the ground, her arms trying to get balance, windmilling and then somehow, because it is the only way to embarrasses the tiny girl, she crashes into the pile of weapons. The sounds loud enough to be heard against the music as the tiny girl groans, a tiny whimper as her hand moves to her hand and the blood that seeps from under the hood. But she shakes her head and is pushing herself back up towards the Melee, hey, none hit her! She hit her self, does not count!

Grey stays on the defensive for the moment, backing away from the onslaught of Cole and Stone, "Yeah well… it ain't…" as he growls out the words, he deflects one blow after another from his fellow ex-Cadet. "…the first, it's the last." And then he takes another smack, this one a hard blow on his left shoulder that cracks the scabbing of the wound at his back there. "Ow, damnit." He may not be quite set to return the favor to Stone, but when Kai takes Cole's attention, he flicks out the end of his baton toward Cole's left side from behind.

Cole takes tags from Kai and Grey both, fast enough to intercept them blows, but not fast enough to deflect their weapon entirely, getting hit on the arm and the midsection, one after another. He doesn't shake it off, doesn't even let pain really register to him before he goes after Kai again, but the swing his club is pushed away by the Captain. Undeterred, he lunges against at Kai, not bowing or relenting.

"Grey kom Skaikru!" Gideon shouts out again, and then, "Cole kom Skaikru! Cole kom Skaikru!" Then she glances at the tech who makes marks. Soon after she shouts out these names, the song changes over, and a heavy electric bass line keeping a strong, sharp beat in front of a steady thump of drums. (Rage Against the Machine, Bulls on Parade:

Then she notes Lark, saying in another strong voice, "Focus, do not let the distractions stop you from achieving your target."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stone=melee Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Stone: Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: Grey wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee Vs Cole=dodge+3
< Kai: Good Success Cole: Failure
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Stone=dodge-1
< Grey: Success Stone: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee-3 Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Embarassing Failure Marta: Failure
< Net Result: Marta wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Lark=dodge-3
< Marta: Failure Lark: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Shi=dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Shi: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee+3 Vs Cameron=Dodge
< Lark: Success Cameron: Failure
< Net Result: Lark wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee Vs Kai=dodge
< Cole: Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory

Kai doesn't have the height of the male Cadets, she might be lacking somewhat also in the brawn department, but a tactician she is and quite familiar with how to use a weapon. Maybe it's the way she keeps the sword moving as she sidles in the direction of her beleaguered teammates. Like where the hell is she going? Is she scared of Cole? Chickening out? That smile of hers entirely too broad and bright as she grins knowingly at the mechanic. She's waiting though, is the cobra. Waiting for him to step wrong, to leave himself that little bit open before she snakes in for that third tap. When he moves, so does she with a finesse that belies the thug princess' reputation.

So, maybe it's the tiny bit of blood that is falling down Shi's forehead and into her eye, or simply that, she can't switch from trying to get out of the way and hitting at once. But there is Cameron again, her knife comes up and slides along his, throwing it slightly to the side, but /before/ she can finish her defense she finds herself moving quickly towards Martha. Only? That foot with stone? Twists and she falls backwards and right into Cameron, sliding down to hit the ground hard and let out another groan. Come on, just put her out of it! Put her in a tree or something!

Lark was maneuvering to keep Cameron between herself and Martha - forcing the other young woman to have to stumble around Cameron to get to her, which might speak to the inaccuracy of her strikes.

Lark smiles, wolfishly.

With a swing up, aimed at the back of Cameron's thigh, she draws her wooden blade across him there, her eyes flickering up from him to determine Marta's advance on her.

He's annoyed. Cole is very annoyed right now. He did't want to be the first one out. And he did't want to be shown up like that. So much for trying to prove himself. His hand grips the handle of his club tightly when Kai grins at him. She's better than him and she knows it. And he got put in his place so damn quickly. Without a word, he stalks off to go stand nearby Gideon, looking absolutely furious with himself.

"This is more like it!" Stone calls to the Grounder ref as music switches up to pounding distorted guitar and bass, sliding back a step from his hard strike on Grey, not looking guilty, but also nice enough to give the guy a brief break from the onslaught. This may have been a mistake though, since it let him slide into the defensive and Stone's next series of strikes keep being deflected. "C'mon!!!" Growl-rasps the giant in frustration, pushing to deflect Grey's return upward, even while the Boy Scout is distractedly looking past. Eyes go big seeing Kai's positioning and look, leaving him to try and cry out hoarsely. "Cole, don't…!" It's too late for him though.

Grey grits his teeth as he continues to fall back from Stone's attack, now on his last strike. "Baseball sucks," he mutters under the clatter of wood on wood. He starts to circle around as he retreats, away from the encircling tents and back towards the others. The change of music draws a chuckle, and then he's slapping his baton at Stone's head, only for the blow to be deflected. "Pay attention, Rocky. Or I'll nut 'ya."

Cameron's expression is cool and intent, and though he hasn't had any success yet, he's not relenting for a moment. His sword slides along hers in a near miss, and then she goes down, and with a merciless grin he 'stabs' her in the back. Lightly. No need to cause any sort of actual hurting. Then he's hit! And for the first time he has eyes for someone besides Shi, narrow cool eyes.

Their names go sounding out: Cole, Cameron, and Shi have both been hit, and the Blue Team (also known as skins) has lost one of its players. Cole is pulled up to Gideon's side, and she murmurs something to him as he stands back to wait a round to re-enter the arena. The pulsing music continues to ring out around camp, and some delinquents are starting to peek out and around to see what is going on…

Look at this, Cole completely out of his element. So sure-footed in anything technical-related. Something of a prodigy when it comes to anything mechanical or electrical. It's the kind of field he can walk into and have zero problems disseminating a problem. But combat, he's ill-equipped for, which means he has to realize his own shortcomings. And it's not like he's not known to be a perfectionist. "I have to better." he growls, though Gideon's words do seem to temper him a bit. He watches on, silently for a long moment, then stating to the Grounder woman. "Can you teach me the bow?" he asks. Humbling, Cole asking someone to teach /him/ something. Usually it's the other way around.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stone=melee-4 Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Stone: Failure Grey: Failure
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Stone=dodge+2
< Grey: Success Stone: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Lark=dodge
< Cameron: Good Success Lark: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee Vs Cameron=dodge
< Lark: Good Success Cameron: Success
< Net Result: Lark wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee+3 Vs Cameron=dodge
< Kai: Success Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee Vs Cameron=dodge
< Shi: Failure Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Lark=Dodge
< Marta: Good Success Lark: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"He didn't mean it that way, Cam!" Stone's suddenly calling out with an embarrassment evident immediately after Grey's threat to nut him. Because somehow, despite the chaos of battle, he just knows that Cameron's pervertasense just pinged! Frankly, it's a good thing the Boy Scout's a bit too dark to show a blush too, cause as he slides into a defensive stance, trying to circle Grey to keep Kai tangled with him if she joins in the onslaught. That doesn't stop him from trying for his own strikes amidst that defense, but they don't have his full force behind them with the focus on not getting hit himself. That said, he and Grey are back and forth and for all the embarrassment, the big lopsided grin is coming back. A fight really is where he belongs.

Cole might be mad, but from Kai, there's actually respect for the mechanic, a raise of her 'sword' briefly in salute to him. She then twists about and launches an attack straight at Cameron's back while he's busy with Shi and Lark, for lo there is no mercy from Captain Buzzkill, even if Cameron is too slippery a bastard for her to get on the first try,"Hi!" is probably not the entirely too cheery way to announce herself after the fact though.

Ground, dirt, now spit from the tiny pale girl as she groans and growls at the former tap, but she is rolling and up on her knees, and tries to take a sweep at Cameron from behind, but.. she misses as she rolls out of the way of the incoming Kai, seeing that she might have better luck. Then up Shi pushes herself, her hood falling from it's covering, and highlighting that white hair that is starting to darken along the forehead, the drop of blood fore, drying on her nose as she turns back into the melee.

Lark looks up towards the likely more tall Cameron when he turns his eyes towards her. Flickering her eyes back towards Marta, Lark manages a slow, slow grin dance across her lips.

Worn boots scuffling in the dirt, kicking up a bit as she backpedals, she tries to watch Cameron's hand. Not so much his movements - but the hand holding the weapon, hoping to twist out of the way and slap his swordhand away with her left, while stabbing in with her right.

In reality, this technique would have his 'blade' scratching along her body, while her sword blow was very poorly aimed. Again, she was trying to keep Cameron between herself and Marta, sidestepping as she goes - and Marta swings a strike that was deadly close - but not close enough to strike.

Feinting an under-hand swing with his club, Grey grins toothily, "How do you know?" With both of them fighting defensively, cautiously, they clatter and clunk, but no wood strikes flesh between them for now. "You think you can take all of us after they finish off Cameron and Marta too?"

Cameron doesn't get mad, except that once, so he moves with his quick reflexes— attacking but never putting his own defenses on the line— and moves forward to get a strike on Lark… and then he proceeds to do a quite a bit of twisting out of the way. And so what does he do next? He changes things up: with a quick sidestep, he's darting as fast as he can straight at Grey. "Of course he didn't he has no taste, Big Guy!" he calls over with a quick grin.

When Cameron kom Skaikru and Lark kom Skaikru are added to the tally, Gideon nods to Cole. "Get them," she hisses, giving the youth a small shove that includes a squeeze of confidence. Then she calls to the game, "Consider, Skaikru… what will happen when the game changes!"

And abruptly, some of the delinquents who had been given bows draw their blunted arrows back and begin to fire down at the game field. The arrows won't take hits off the score, but now they got some extra chaos to deal with.

<OOC> Gideon says, "NEW SONG:"
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee+3 Vs Stone=dodge-4
< Lark: Good Success Stone: Success
< Net Result: Lark wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee+3 Vs Stone=dodge-4
< Shi: Good Success Stone: Good Success
< Net Result: Stone wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Stone=dodge-4
< Grey: Good Success Stone: Failure
< Net Result: Grey wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stone=melee+3 Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Stone: Good Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Grey: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Lark=Dodge-3
< Marta: Failure Lark: Success
< Net Result: Lark wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee+3 Vs Kai=dodge-3
< Cole: Good Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee+3 Vs Stone=dodge-4
< Kai: Good Success Stone: Failure
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory

With a quick look towards Lark and over to Kai, Shi seems to nod as she finishes her push from the ground, there is a grunt but she is up and away that wooden knife in her fingers. When the arrows start, she dodges, one, jumps over another, muttering darkly before she ducks behind the larger forms of Stone and Grey, and then comes around the side. There right in front of her is Stone's ass, the tight perfectly framed bullseye and she aims a little to the left, because, well, it's right there.. her knife inches from a hit when a hail of arrows rains down on their position.

Where did.. that slippery bastard. Kai doesn't elect to dart after Cameron, instead growling for the other two girls,"Get Stone." and there's.. arrows.. fucking arrows. Well, that's new. She's got the Finesse and alertness to move her head just barely out of the way of the first one that flits past, but well, Marta and Cam find themselves freed up because when the other two go for Stone she too pivots to jab the big guy in the side while his attention is on Grey. In the process of which she totally and completely fails to spot Cole coming in and is going to pay the price for it. Totally the fault of the arrows.

Suddenly their little corner of the fight is very busy. Grey is clipped by an arrow whizzing past his right leg, and he yelps a little, and then definitely has to give ground before Stone's attack, even if he manages to direct the various strikes out and away from him, even leaning forward between assaults to slip a curling thrust of the club in at Stone's left shoulder. He chuckles as Lark and Shi pile on, "That'll work!" And then one of those blunted arrows hits him right in the left asscheck, and he straightens up in surprise, dropping his left hand to the affected area, "Ow, shit!" And then Cameron gets his strike in, and Grey hisses in pain, holding up both hands to acknowledge the third hit. "Get 'em, ladies." Still rubbing at his cheek, he starts back to where Gideon waits, casting a baleful glare up at the archers.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Good Success.

"Fudging tease!" Stone's rasp-growling out through laughter at Grey's joke about meaning, and without further ado, the monstrous big ex-C is stepping forward into a full on offensive once more on said tease. "I can…!" Slam! "Take…!" Slash! "Whatever…!" Whish! "It takes…!" The girls suddenly charging don't even interrupt Stone's onslaught or his words. Lark's strike is taken full on without slowing, barely trying to block it, while Shi's diminutive form meets his left arm swinging out to block her at the wrist before her blade can come down, giving him time for one more swing and one more phrase, roaring out of him in that gravelly horrible voice. "TO WIN!!!" And that's when it becomes evident that Stone wasn't battering at Grey with intention of actually getting through his shell of defense. He was doing it to give Cameron time. Cameron, who he'd seen rushing the field at the man's back. This of course has Stone's miscalculation evident when Kai's coming piling in on top of the rest, cutting him that final strike after Grey's own strikes him. Leaving him to laugh walking off the field, murmuring aside to Grey of "Worth it."

Gideon crosses her arms again as Grey and Stone join her at the ramp. She casts them both a small, gently quirked smile. "You two had sound tactics, but your people are starting to realize… the more you work together, the better." Then her lips quirk. "Don't worry. You can fight me next." Her arms flex slightly, though she looks entirely too amused. Okay, she's having fun. So sue her.

Arrows. Oh, that's fun. Something else to dodge, as if everyone ganging up on him doesn't have him dodging enough. Still, Cool Cameron keeps his cool and his concentration. And with Stone providing a good distraction, Cam rushes in and gets Grey quickly, looking very satisfied and pleased with himself about that. "Nice teamwork, Big Guy." he says with deep breathing. But the moment that's happening he's spinning to face Kai, the next obvious threat. "Hi." he grins.

Lark looks up, curling her lips in a hiss as Cameron twists away from her. For a moment - she pursues him. Just two steps, three - when she looks up at Kai as the woman calls.

Ducking low, she starts heading Stone's way, after a final twist out of the way of Marta's attack, Lark glancing to the woman for just a second. Now it was her turn to make a strike. Leaping up - she twists. Where Shi struck low - she strikes high - a horizontal strike against the small of his back. By luck or grace, most the arrows had missed her so far - except when she strikes the ground again. One strikes her in the shoulder, driving her to a heavy sit.

"…ouch," she says in a low-key fashion, a bit belatedly.

Cole, being a bit on the athletic and scrawny side, looks like a guy who ran track in high school. Kinda. He doesn't exactly 'zip', but he darts around enough to be somewhat agile. Avoiding the arrows(for now)that rain down, he sweeps in, coming across Kai's midsection with a slap of his club against her, before taking up a more opposing stance towards her. "We're not finished yet." he offers with a grunt. He'll lose, he knows, but he won't be undeterred by the Ex-C.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee Vs Marta=4
< Lark: Failure Marta: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee-3 Vs Cameron=dodge
< Kai: Failure Cameron: Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee Vs Cameron=dodge
< Shi: Success Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Lark=dodge
< Marta: Success Lark: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee+3 Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cole: Good Success Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Grey rubs at his backside again, "Totally not worth it. Ow." At least he's chuckling, though. And then his hand touches his side, testing around the wounds, and he looks to Gideon as he limps to a stop beside her, "Woulda been fine without Zombie-Cole." He pauses, then gestures to Stone with his club-baton, "Or Zombie-us." And then he's laughing at Gideon's grinning words and brings up his left hand palm up at full extension to Gideon, and makes a beckoning gesture with all four fingers at once, a silent 'c'mon.' "Anywhere, any time, Devil-woman." Because he might as well get a jab in about the jersey.

Stone gives a little laugh to Gid's talk of fighting her, a glance her way and a comment almost slipping out that might have got him in trouble, but his dark eyes shifted to Grey at the last moment and he more lamely just rasped out. "Sounds fun." He's wincing a little though as he rotates his weapon arm, nodding to Grey. "Good fight. Sorry about all that…trash talk." Yeah, cause that's totally what that List stuff was. Just trash talk! >.> It's right about this time that it will become evident there is blood dribbling down Stone's chest, and in quantity to be a little alarming.

He notices it probably about the same time Gid or Grey do, and it's resulting in a wincing grimace and snarls out in frustration. "Fudge buckets!!! Mother fluffin' stitches probably!!! Dangit to the depths of heck!!!" The bandage around his throat is actually fair soaked with it on the one side, enough that the trickle is the overflow of it, and Stone's growling as he reaches up to painfully apply pressure. "Sorry to bail on your war games, Gideon kom Trikru. It's been fun, but I gotta go make sure I'm not bleedin' to death so that I'm strong enough to win when we tangle sometime." With that, sighing, he mutters to Grey before leaving. "Take it easy on them if you go back in, eh?"

"Oh baby I knew you'd be back." Kai purrs at Cole even as her eyes flit to Cameron,"And that kinda fucking hurt." she adds as she backs in the direction of clear ground where she can see Cameron, Cole and Marta at the same time, the tip of her sword held deceptively low. It's part lure and part concealment of just how long her reach is, betrayal of her training for all that for the untrained it might seem like she's leaving herself wide open for an attack. It's an illusion shattered when the two fellows make their attacks and the flurry of blows exchanged between them that follow, no joy for anyone there as she endeavors to try and position herself further away from the arrow volley instead of the jerking distraction of having to dodge projectiles while endeavoring to stay on the defensive against two. For all that she beams brightly at them both,"Oh so now we're going threesomes, are we?"

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Stone's apology, "No worries. Not even quite sure what you meant — " and then he stops, nodding and starting to point at the bandages, "Yeah. Go get Silver or Layla to look at that." He shrugs noncommittally when Stone tries to get him to promise to take it easy.

Cameron's eyes are focused on Kai, watching, and soon enough he's striking— but his weapon is deflected and he steps aside, moving quickly to prepare to dodge a counterattack.

So proud was Lark for landing a blow upon a warrior such a Stone, that she nearly - nearly - forgot about the person who was chasing her this entire time. Marta. Scrabbling in the dirt as she sees the other young woman charging her, Lark draws her fauxsword up to kinda parry the blow, managing to buy enough time to scrabble to her feet.

With that, she lunges at the other; missing entirely before she glances to one side. Stone was bleeding again, he was saying. Her blow strikes air, misguided by her distraction.

Chiding herself, she refocuses upon Marta.

"Sweetie, you know I can't quit you." Cole remarks back in kind, holding his club with a more confident grip, as if getting used to the whole combat thing. "Wouldn't be the first time." he remarks at the latter half, bringing his club high on a overhead diagonal swing downward, which is brushed away by Kai's deft deflecting ability. But he's not deterred, nosiree and he presses the attack against her when he can. Good defense is a good offensive? Something like that.

Shi is distracted, this is not good in the middle of a fight, but it's enough that Cam can very easily block her stab at his side. But it gives the tiny girl time to get her feet firmly under her and stop looking over to the side. Though that does allow her to side step an arrow.. but really, someone just give her night goggles and put her on the wall to watch for things! But even if Shi might be thinking that very thought she heads back into "battle".

Having spent the last half hour or so on the opposite end of the grounds, Allen makes his way over towards the training group with his club in his hand. Resting firmly on his shoulder, he has his free hand buried deeply in his opposite pocket. "Stone told me you fuckers were picking on the little guys, putting Grey and Kai on the same team," he says as he pauses by the edge of the group, "Said'ta him I couldn't stand for that. Said I'd have to come by and whip some ass." Looking to Gideon pointedly, he upnods her and asks, "Where am I at, Grounder?"

With no hits achieved, Gideon remains stoic and quiet. She glances over toward Grey, and nods toward Stone as he departs. It is really when Allen comes into view that her brows arch high, and she tilts her head slightly. "There is no little guys," Gideon says to him, though then her eyes narrow at being called Grounder — again. She snorts slightly, and gestures. "You can sub in for Stone. You are with Cameron, Cole, and Marta." She crosses her arms, waiting for him to grab a weapon at her feet and join the group.

At Grounder boot camp, Grey is currently on the sidelines, Kai facing off against Cameron and Cole, Shi endeavoring to take advantage of people not looking at her, and Lark and Marta are having a brouhaha of the not-mudwrestling kind at present.

"Hey, Allen!" Cameron calls a greeting, even as he sorta paces around Kai, looking for an opening with his cool, intent eyes.

Allen seems rather disappointed that he doesn't get to use his metal club, the makeshift, ragged thing slipped back into his holster as he grabs a wooden club from the ground in front of the Grounder woman. Once the pouting is done, he rolls his shoulders, turns about, and looks at the opposite team, his gaze lingering on each of them individually for a few long moments before he rolls his eyes. "Ariadne's probably a better fighter'n these pricks," he taunts, unabashedly, as he flares his nostrils and waits for the opportunity to attack.

<OOC> Gideon says, "NEW SONG:"
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Allen=melee+3 Vs Grey=dodge
< Allen: Great Success Grey: Success
< Net Result: Allen wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee Vs Allen=Dodge-3
< Grey: Good Success Allen: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee Vs Marta=4
< Lark: Good Success Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Lark wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee+3 Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Success Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Melee-3 Vs Cam=Dodge
< Kai: Failure Cam: Great Success
< Net Result: Cam wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee+3 Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cole: Good Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Lark=Dodge-3
< Marta: Success Lark: Failure
< Net Result: Marta wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Good Success.

Grey arches his eyebrows at Allen's approach, starting back toward the melee as he notes, "You realize that this is… you know… training, and not supposed to actually hurt any — " and then he stops, having to backpedal rapidly from Allen, " — hey… what the shit, man?" He stumbles back in the face of the other man's aggressive attacks. He takes a hard strike to his left upper arm, sending him spinning halfway around.

"The fuck are you talking about," Allen asks Grey following the other man's sputtering, his arm reeling back as he then smacks it down firmly against the other man's upper arm with full force, "I'm not gonna break your fucking bones, here, pussy, but you think the Grounders are gonna hold back? If they aren't, I'm not." When the other man returns the attack, Allen drops his club towards his chest and parries whatever hit is put forth. Smirking, he puts his weight back on his leg and rears in for another strike as he shouts, "Better get Kai the fuck over here, otherwise I'm gonna knock your ass out!"

Well, maybe Shi works as distraction! For as she comes up towards Martha, she forces the woman towards Lark, even as she does well to push her wooden knife away with her own wooden sword. Shi is kinda sorta having fun and kinda sorta worn out but she takes a step back as she hears Allen's words and blinks once only go get smacked in the shoulder by an arrow and let out a long growl before she heads back once more into the melee.

"Pity I only have eyes for Marta." Kai remarks with that broad glittering smile for Cole. She can hear and sort of see what's going on with Grey and Allen, but she's sure as hell not about to give Cam and Cole clear shots on her. Apparently she likes the music, for all that between arrows and the two men in front of her she's got quite enough to keep her wolfish attention. Where the ex-C's eyes are normally flat and dull like she's half checked out already, the vibrant alertness of them right now totally betrays that violence really is thug princess' joy in life.

Cameron keeps his cool, even with rainbows and Kai trying to skewer him; the only emotion he shows is a very small smile and the slight narrowing of his eyes. He comes in fast for a strike at Kai's midsection, but man! Is she faster, but at least he manages to slip away like a wiggling eel when she tries to get her revenge on him. So he's not managing to hit her much, there's something about his demeanor that is patient as all hell throughout the chaos of arrows and noise. He can wait.

No way one could dodge all these arrows, and stay focused.

Another one pings off of Lark's shoulder - the push of Marta towards her self causes her to kinda do a quick little abdominal slash.

Only to have Marta strike a blow against her in her shoulder. Lark was an athlete, and she had a competitive streak. This was turning into something… competitive, in her mind.

Hearing Allen speak like that, Lark pauses a few moments, skittering away from Marta - she shares a quick glance with the other young woman, and starts charging in the direction of the man.

Gideon shakes her head at Allen, looking a touch disapprovingly. She doesn't speak on it, crossing her arms at her chest again as she shouts on the recent hits: "Lark kom Skaikru, and Marta kom Skaikru!" Then she shifts her gaze toward the wall walk as her denoted archers pull back another volley. A small smile starts to pull at at her lips, and she slowly unclasps the bow at her back, drawing the weapon in front of her.

Are the rules about to change again?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Melee-3 Vs Cameron=Dodge
< Kai: Failure Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=Melee Vs Kai=Dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Allen=melee Vs Grey=dodge+3
< Allen: Success Grey: Great Success
< Net Result: Grey wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee-3 Vs Allen=dodge
< Grey: Success Allen: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee+3 Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Good Success Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marta=4 Vs Shi=Dodge-3
< Marta: Good Success Shi: Failure
< Net Result: Marta wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lark=melee+3 Vs Allen=dodge
< Lark: Success Allen: Good Success
< Net Result: Allen wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Melee Vs Kai=Dodge+3
< Cole: Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gideon=archery Vs Lark=Finesse+3
< Gideon: Great Success Lark: Success
< Net Result: Gideon wins - Solid Victory

"Because I'm trying to help them learn tactics, you dipshit." Grey snarls at Allen, "I don't care if you want to slap 'em on the table and see who's bigger." Grey shifts to backpedal more smoothly before Allen, focusing on defending himself rather than attacking. He ducks under an incoming arrow, his narrow club flashing back and forth in front of him to catch Allen's strikes and delay them long enough for him to twist aside. His own ripostes are just short, sharp sweeps and jabs of that thin club, more aimed to delay Allen's attacks rather than strike with any major force.

Cameron's eyes narrow again, as he goes in for a fast hit, but Kai's faster, and he shakes his head slightly, circling around, aware only of her and only vaguely of the rest of the battlefield, "Nice, Kai." he breathes, voice still calm and cool despite the sweat on his brow.

"Tactics are simple, dipship," Allen responds with emphasis as he sends out a flurry of blows with his full strength behind them, only backpedaling once the other man attacks back, "Technique is what they need to learn. Half of these children don't know how to hold a sword the right way, you expect 'em to know their tactics? Huh?" Apparently taking note of Lark well before she reaches him, the much larger teen pushes aside whatever attack she manages with visible ease, "See? Can't even sneak up properly. And they say you're a big badass. You wanna teach 'em, beat 'em up a bit. Best way to learn to not get hit is to have someone hit you.

Just like in a video game, Cole is trying to fight a mob that is five levels higher than him, and Kai is doing a good job as that particular mob. He swings, it's blocks and he's sent back a step, noticing the reverberation in his swordarm suddenly hurts from it. Strange hit there too. "Damn. Either she's too good or I just suck that much." he utters, snorting at the fact that he cannot get a decent angle of attack on her.

One of the arrows nails Kai in the back. Ow. Largely because she's endeavoring to keep both Cameron and Cole from hitting her while she looks for an opening and she skitters back enough to cast a glare up at the archers. There's no attempt at keeping her sword down, no, standard guard now,"No, you're good.. you're both actually.. pretty fucking good." the ex-C breathes,"Problem for you lot is that trying to smack the shit out of me has been a favorite pastime for some people for years."

What kinda messed up Lark sneaking up properly was that she was struck by an arrow mid-swing against Allen. The blunted arrow impacts the side of her head, and her eyes cross momentarily.

She falls sideways, impacting against the dirt, and dropping her faux-sword to use that hand instead to rub the side of her head, her entire world a bit blurry and ringing. Turning around, she looks up at Gideon, eyes narrowing.

Go Shi, go! The white-haired girl boldly makes a lunge for Lark's arch-nemesis Marta, and it's a good shot! A shot to be proud of, were not the other girl just that good at deflecting the attack an inch short of it's target and then in a fit of pique stabbing back at her new enemy with a sound of frustrated annoyance.

Gideon doesn't call out the hits even when Marta lands an impressive strike with her sword against Shi. Something else is happening to the Trikru woman as she reaches into her quiver, smoothly drawing an arrow from her quiver. She notches it, draws it, and without even missing a beat, fires it right at Lark. It whistles with strength and precision, and catches the girl right in the side of the head. It is blunted like the others, but — in case no one has noticed — Gideon has some serious arms and shoulders.

So much for the game master staying back. Looks like the rules have changed again. The moment her arrow hits, she is abruptly on the move, taking off in a run toward the tents. "Bowa! Jomp eh'mo op!" And abruptly, the delinquents who were just kind of sporatically firing actually begin taking aim.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee-3 Vs Cameron=dodge
< Kai: Failure Cameron: Good Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cameron: Good Success Kai: Great Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=melee+3 Vs Kai=dodge+3
< Cole: Failure Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shi=melee Vs Marta=4
< Shi: Failure Marta: Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Allen rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Lark rolls Athletics: Failure.

The arrow from Gideon causes him to glance ahead, and then he's twisting and circling, trying to shift around so that Allen is between him and the Grounder archer. Apparently, he would rather take his chances with the archers from the wall-walk. "You think that, why the hell you comin' after me?" He nods past Allen to Lark, "Nice instincts, Wood." And then he's twisting away from Allen, taking off perpendicular to the bigger man's axis of attack. Either he's chasing after Gideon, or he's just trying to get some cover from the archers. And then he's running alongside Allen, and he glances at the larger man even as his sprint pulls at his side, the formerly smooth motion of his running hitching up with every step of his right leg.

This is starting to become a pattern, with Cameron's careful, fast moves being just not enough to get past Kai when she's guarded, and she seems to be able to hold that guard against two without any break at all. He looks impressed. "We should make a habit of sparring every other day or something. I want to be better and the only way to do that is to practice with the best." he breathes.

"Because you're the only bastard in this camp that I think can take me down, and I want to see if it's true," Allen admits aside to Grey in an surprisingly open fashion, their dance entirely not lost on the large man as his back is suddenly facing the archers. Glancing back, he looks down to spot Lark where she lays, looks to Gideon, and watches as Grey takes off. And, just as he notes, not a moment passes before they're running next to each other after the Grounder woman. "Thought you were a running little bitch there," he says aside to the other teen, clearly not tired by the physicality of the previous few moments in the slightest, "Now I guess you got good ideas. Everybody has a first."

Arrows, hard freaking arrows, raining down in a much different way, well the tiny pale white.. woman known as Shi mutters darkly and moves with a quick like the rabbit hop to a place with coverage, now does she happen to almost run down Martha? Maybe….. or maybe not, but she passes the girl and calls, "Take cover!" Is she drawing the other into her little trap? Maybe! That would be … applesauce!

It takes a moment, just a little moment, for Lark to gather her wits again. Fingers clutching around the hilt of her sword again, she gets up, turning her eyes from Gideon, perhaps to fake her out a moment.

But no doubt the Grounder could read Lark's mind, by her stance alone.

Lark breaks into a sprint, hoping to close the distance between herself and Gideon, her eyes lifted up towards her, and cheeks slightly puffed out, no doubt providing a bit of a hard target for the delinquents on the wall walk.

"Bring him." Kai utters with a dip of her head in Cole's direction, endeavoring to maintain her defense against the pair of them as she circles to place them between her and the archers,"Though he's got down that if I'm focusing on you that there's no reason for him not to throw everything he's got into it." the ex-C huffs with a slant of her eyes towards Cole,"And ya'll totally shouldn't follow the leader when they're trying to lead you into a trap."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archers=4 Vs Cameron=Finesse+3
< Archers: Failure Cameron: Success
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archers=4 Vs Kai=Finesse+3
< Archers: Good Success Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archers=4 Vs Cole=Finesse+3
< Archers: Failure Cole: Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archers=4 Vs Marta=5
< Archers: Failure Marta: Good Success
< Net Result: Marta wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Gideon rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gideon=Archery Vs Grey=Finesse+3
< Gideon: Great Success Grey: Success
< Net Result: Gideon wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Lark rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Allen=melee Vs Gideon=dodge
< Allen: Great Success Gideon: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"I love it when I'm begged for." Cole remarks to Kai when she says it's his turn. "Huh?" he blinks, then suddenly looks up. "Ah shit!" causing him to spin out of the way of the incoming arrows. "Damnit. Nobody said anything about artillery."

And suddenly Cameron has some extra stuff to pay attention to as there's not just some random shots but people really firing at him, so Cam is like, "I'm going to find someone and cut them." in a severe tone that might be a little bit dangerous, even as he twists about and makes his best impression of a ghost to slip away. It works okay.

Gideon is quick — nimble even. She uses the tents as cover as she dodges through the makeshift alleyways. Suddenly, and with quick precision, she turns on heel, draws an arrow, and levels it right at Grey. She releases the arrow, and — just as she taught Cassandra and Morgan — she doesn't even wait to see it strike as she turns to resume her run, but the time wasted means that Allen — if not Grey — is almost on top of her.

"Try Asher," A wince of pain crosses Grey's features as his cauterized wounds continue to tug and pull with each step, "He likes… measurin' dicks." He dodges around a tent, spins around another Delinquent, turns a corner, and steps straight into a blunted arrow from Gideon. It catches him dead center in the chest, and spins him down to the ground, falling in a tumble that nearly carries him into another tent.

Shi is behind some cover but that doesn't mean much, she shifts from on cover to the other, doing what she can to stay out of the way of those around her. If it is noted, she is heading towards the wall, with intent to smash a few.. eer, tap a few heads together.

Kai's got enough to worry about with Cameron and Cole, so the arrow almost catches her, it's reflex and her alertness that save her, really, a jerk of her hand that manages to bring it into intercept just in time,"Even the ref's run away." she huffs,"Call it?" asked of the two guys though she doesn't lower her own weapon immediately, just in case.

Allen Rushing through the tents alongside Grey, Allen weaves off once they grow thicker and closer together. This doesn't stop him from seeing the other man get smacked right in the chest, however, and the sudden amusement seems to have Allen hesitate, his mouth opening in an abrupt laugh. Then, remembering what he'd been previously planning, the giant teen turns, catches sight of Gideon, and rushes after her once more. Gaining speed and ground, he shouts after her during the chase, "I like you, Grounder. Now c'mere so I can hit you once or twice'n we can call it a day." And, with that, he lunges forward, brushes—no, caresses her back with his hand, and slows slightly in confusion before continuing his pursuit.

Like the other two, Lark was on her feet, and moving through the tents. She was trying to take an alternate route from the two men - trying to cut off Gideon's escape. The faux sword was a problem - she holds it out and away from herself right now, cognizant of where the tip was going.

Head still pounding from the arrow, she finds a brisk little shortcut, and leaps over a little outcropping, hopefully gaining on Gideon.

"Deal." agrees Cam to Kai, but he too doesn't lower his weapons right away. He does, though, back away step by step, keeping an eye on her. Cam's a cautious one.

<FS3> Lark rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archer=4 Vs Cameron=Finesse+3
< Archer: Good Success Cameron: Success
< Net Result: Archer wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archer=4 Vs Kai=Finesse+3
< Archer: Failure Kai: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Archer=4 Vs Cole=Finesse+3
< Archer: Good Success Cole: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gideon=Melee Vs Allen=Dodge
< Gideon: Good Success Allen: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Ninja respect. Clearly. Because Kai takes the opportunity to back up, too, and it's only that which saves her from getting nailed by an arrow because she totally failed to see it coming and only missed getting nailed in the head by virtue of her backing off from Cameron and Cole,"Under the walk!" the lean girl suggests to the two of them, abandoning the battle entirely to dart for the safest place from the archers — underneath their feet, near Shi.

Gideon feels the pressure of Allen's grip, but then she slips easily from his grip. She turns sharply, and this time is grabbing at him. This puts the two toe-to-toe, and she is trying to catch him in a hold, but the delinquent is a bit quicker than anticipated. "Tactics are not simple," she says in a low voice, dark green eyes looking up at him sharply. "Because Grounders are not going to play by your rules…" Her smile starts to quirk then.

"Fuck!" There's the whizzz of another arrow, and Cole manages to dodge that one too, stumbling out of the way of it as it sticks into the ground right in front of them. "YOU HIT ME IN THE DICK AND I'LL BE PISSED." he calls back to whatever archers that're shooting at him. But Kai has a great idea, scrambling after her. "NINJA VANISH."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Allen=melee+3 Vs Gideon=Dodge+3
< Allen: Good Success Gideon: Great Success
< Net Result: Gideon wins - Solid Victory

Grey pries himself back up to his feet, pressing his right hand to his side and coming away with a thin smear of blood. He comes around the tent, apparently not caring for now that he broke a couple of supports on the dome of parachute material. "Careful, Allen, she bites." The scowl on Grey's face is easily audible in his voice, even tightened by the pain from his side (and his butt cheek, and his arm, and all the various other places he's been hit recently). He moves slowly toward the fracas between Grounder and Delinquent, the club left in the tangle of the tent and his hands empty.

"Kai, you know what I'm thinking?" And then Cam is hit by an arrow, and his expression shows shock, his body spinning about before he stumbles and retreats, following Kai, "I'm saying we the enemy of my enemy is my best fucking friend, and those archers are pissing me off." Despite the words sounding angry, his voice is cool, controlled still. "Let's go take them out."

Lark would have cut off Gideon - had she continued to run. As it was, though… she draws to a little jog - and then a full stop, bending forward, resting her hands on her knees, and breathing heavily.

The jog had taken a lot of the fight out of her, so to speak.

Tossing the wooden sword down to one side, Lark looks up towards Grey a bit, checking the man's features briefly, before she turns her eyes back towards Gideon and Allen. "Hey. I don't think this is part of the training," she says.

Shi is heading up the wall at the moment, by the ladder or steps or something that is not in the line of fire and sight of those archers, that wooden knife is tucked into the back of her pants as she moves..

"I don't know why you're telling me this," Allen says to Gideon with a furrow of his brow that quickly breaks into an amused grin, "Tell it to tactics fucker over there. /I've/ got a solid grasp on this shit, but no one listens to Crazy fucking Allen." Despite his words, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself, and the situation that he's in. Rushing forward, he attempts to all-but jump on the Grounder woman, his lips parted in a wide, toothy smile that only fades when he misses, his whole body shifting to the side as he struggles to retain his balance.

Kai can't help but laugh,"Y'know.. if this was a real fight.. best thing to do would be to take out the wall supports and bring them down to our level. Running up there 's like asking to die." the ex-C breathes with amusement,"Here? They still got to come down to try and get a good shot on us." which for her means she's quite happy to stay where she is,"But I'm sure as fuck going to have a nice bruise where that one dude nailed me in the back."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gideon=melee-3 Vs Allen=dodge-3
< Gideon: Good Success Allen: Success
< Net Result: Gideon wins - Marginal Victory

"I'm kinda of the opinion I'm fine with having a couple bruises to get up there and punch them in the nose several times." says Cameron with a certain viciousness to his tone, "Sitting around here defensive is good for a real fight, this isn't a real fight, and Gideon has changed up the rules so many times to try to cheat us into an unwinnable scenario, recognizing its just a game and turning it around on her seems satisfying to me."

Her bow drops, and Gideon lashes out, this time with a quick and precise motion. She grabs his wrist, and then twists sharply behind him so she can pin his arm behind his back. She holds him in a strong, steady grasp that is not meant ot injure, but definitely holds him steady. She looks between Lark and Grey, and then asks a simple question, "Did you assume the archers were on your side?" Her head tilted. "Did you assume I was?" She shakes her head. "You must always consider that the field of battle is inconsistent… except for one thing." She looks at Grey and then Lark, and then to Allen. "Who your friends are." She looks sharply at Allen. "I will release you, but when I do, the game is done. Nod if you understand."

"Pretty sure she'd say everything's part'a the training." Grey stretches his side gingerly, raising his voice to make it quite audible to Allen — and Gideon, "And I really don't want to grab him if he doesn't stop." He continues advancing slowly, "I'm pretty sure she's just going to kick his ass though." And then Gideon is grabbing Allen's arm, and Grey shrugs with his left shoulder, his voice half amused, half pained, "Well, after gettin' shot in the ass, I was pretty sure they weren't on my side."

"Yeah, no, you're absolutely right," Allen says aloud to the side of the tent, his head shaking a bit as he is uncomfortably jerked about, his arm held firmly behind him. "You. Are. So. Hot," Allen manages out, through a pained expression, his words obviously directed at the woman behind him as opposed to the man who approaches. It takes him a moment, and a few loud breaths, for him to come to a conclusion on whether or not he's willing to stop following his letting go, but after a long deliberation, he finally nods his head once, "Yeah, you got me. I'm impressed. Whatever."

"Isn't there something about there being no rules in war?" Cole replies, leaning over a little, trying to get his breath. "Wow…holy shit…okay I feel like I just got my ass handed to me about four different ways til Sunday." he remarks, trying to let his mind catch up with his body. Because right now, it's not all matching up. "Hey…Gideon. Archery lessons later?"

"I'm not, I don't need the extra stiffness before I go play kamikaze for real." Kai shrugs,"You wanna go earn a few more, go for it." she shifts her attention to Cole,"Y'good, Cole. Just don't let me lead you like that and don't watch the sword, ok?" she offers the mechanic a grin.

Gideon smiles almost toothily at Grey once she releases Allen carefully as to not injure him. "I said who was on each team," she points out, almost coyly. She did, and she never did say who the archers were representing. Sneaky Trikru. She then turns to look at Allen, head tilted a bit. "I wasn't trying to impress you," she says, tone quite literal. Her brow quirks a bit. "You have a lot of promise, Allen kom Skairku." There is a unspoken but there, however she doesn't speak it. She does glance to Grey, and then sets her jaw. "You need to see to your wounds, Grey." Then she raises her hand gesturing to the tech kid and he turns off her music. Then she rolls her shoulders beneath the Devil's jersey. When Cole calls her way, she offers him a simple nod of her head in agreement.

"Thanks Allen, but you ain't my type." Grey probably knows the words were directed at Gideon. "I like 'em tall, strong, and female." His dark eyes flicker past Allen, and he smirks just a touch. He accepts Gideon's words on the archers without complaint, "Yup. And not a word about you or the archers. Or the music." The comment on his wound, however, has him looking down and wiping at the smear of blood oozing from the cracked edge of the burn, "Eh. It'll heal."

"Liar!" Cole calls over. "He kissed me! Don't believe it!"

"You didn't need to try to impress me, that's what's impressive, idiot," Allen says to Gideon without a hint of an apologetic toneall seriousness, this oneas he rubs at his arm and begins stepping away from the Grounder woman. Stretching his free arm out, he lefts his hand rest at the club on his side, then begins making his way back over towards the wall, "I guess I'll run some practice drills, I think I've taken a liking to being better at something than other people. See'ya later, Grey. Hottie." With that, he turns about to shoot Gideon a wink before continuing on his way.

"Count me in on that too." Kai grunts in the wake of Cole's words and Gideon's nod.

Is this over? Cameron rises, looking wary, and having a distinctly suspicious tilt to his features, "Well, Gideon, right? That was…. bracing."

Gideon quirks a brow slightly first at the idiot, and then at the hottie. She glances sidelong to Grey, brow arched. "Hmm," she muses simply, and then she gestures to his wounds. "To your tent… I will see that Morgan does not come find me for neglecting you." Then she glances back to Cameron and Cole — the latter getting a small smirk. "Good practice," she says dryly to Cameron, still amused. "It is important to remain focused, and to not forget that you all share one thing in common — the fact that you are all really on the same side. It is hard to fight when you are lacking…" She muses a bit. "Connection." She then sighs, pushing Grey's shoulder. "Go now… before you bleed further."

Grey's scowl darkens further at Allen's new name for Gideon, and so he corrects the Grounder woman, "Our tent." Well, that doesn't have to be a rumor anymore. "Thought you were a girl, Cole. Sorry." He rolls easily with her push, "It's not that bad." At the moment, he'd probably say that about a spear through his chest. Still, the ex-C starts limping back to where he dropped off armor, club, and knife, "Gotta get my stuff. You should get your player too. Don't want it walkin' off."

Cole pinches his nipples at Grey at the being the girl comment. He is shirtless afterall. Then he laughs. "Ah shit…good fun, but that tire iron of mine isn't going cut snuff for the real thing."

"Hey, Grey, I say again, he deserves to be on the list." Kai elects to utter with a jerk of her thumb towards Cole, not about to stop the other ex-C from grabbing his stuff and heading off to get 'doctored' as she pushes herself off the wall and stretches idly before going to return her practice weapon to the rest of the collection,"That.. helped.. and I didn't even punch Bonheur in the face."

"Kai you ever punch Bonheur in the face and I'll kiss you even if I have to make it up with extra blowjobs to Morgan later." says Cameron with a certain vindictiveness. He does nod to Cole, "Cole's done as much as anyone to defend us. More then me, for sure, more then most, even most Cadets."

Grey shrugs his shoulder at Kai, "Bring it up for another vote later." Wincing, he crouches down to collect his gear, glancing back at the busted tent and sighing, then shrugging again, "I'm out."

"Hey…" Cole suddenly looks a little bashful, and it's not because he's not wearing a shirt. "I just…did what needed to be done. It's fine. If people don't trust me to have a rifle, then well…I guess that's not really my call is it? I mean, sure, yeah, I think it's shitty, but being pissy about it isn't going to get me very far about it."

"Well that just guarantee's that it'll never happen." Kai jokes with a lopsided smirk for Cameron,"Not gonna lie, I was tempted, the smarmy little cow 'd have deserved it, too." she collects her scrap sword to lash about herself before grunting at Grey with a nod of acknowledgment and a bare shake of her head,"Man, and we're still a bunch of children compared to them." she reaches out to smack Cole on the shoulder, a friendly smack,"You got shit ready to go boom yet? We've got holes out there for you ready to go. Though Jumar's taking over lead on that project, yeh? He's got some grand ideas and maybe he can fill in the spots I missed."

"Okay, fine, I promise to never kiss you after you punch her in the nose." Cameron replies to Kai with a quick grin, "Sometimes I think she exists as some kind of karmic vendetta against me."

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