Day 066: Houses, Parties, And Footballs
Summary: Several members of the One Hundred and other Skaikru discuss important topics in the wake of Mount Weather.
Date: 2 August 2016
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The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

66 Days After Landing

Cameron has his arms crossed over his chest, with his hands tucked beneath his arms, so that he can't scratch. What does he want to scratch? The freaking hole in his chest. It's healing. But it still hurts. And worse, it itches and its driving Cam insane. So he is eyeing a spot in the shanty town of the Row, and is sort of scowling at it. He's got himself a tanktop, traded for the button up shirt they gave him in the mountain, and a knife in a belt. But he's scowling anyways. At… nothing?

Grey steps carefully away from where the house he and Gideon are building is starting to take shape, lifting up the bottom hem of his shirt and wiping his sweat-stained face with it, leaving a nice dark splotch. He limps slightly as he walks, favoring his right leg as he walks down the street. "Hey, Cam. I don't think anything's gonna build itself if you just stare at it, man."

"Stop it." Morgan says as he comes out of the station. He recognizes the posture since he's been hearing about it since it started itching. "What are you glaring at now? Furniture, Guards, and now…?" His own tank top is tucked into the belt that holds his sword and medkit. This time he's got a bow and quiver with him.

Morgan nods to Grey as well.

Max has been quiet since his return. He spends his time working with the med techs, learning, teaching, and helping where he can. But mostly he's kept to himself. He's got a long sleeved light grey shirt of a lighter material on that he was given in the mountain. Two makeshift knives are with him, as well as his own small med kit. He seems to be wandering, not with any particular goal in mind, just wandering through the row, at the moment.

"I have absolutely no idea where to start." Cameron grumbles at Grey, the look he receives being dark and full of… well nothing, really. He's just in a mood. Morgan telling him to stop earns him the You're-the-worst-boyfriend-ever stare, "I didn't know getting shot would itch and I almost miss it hurting. Well, hurting more." He waves at an empty space, "I should be able to build a hut. I'm pretty sure I should. But I'm having a serious mental block about it." He pauses, then adds, "That and I want a sword, not a stupid knife, and some armor. The floating vampires stole my grounder armor when they kidnapped me and I miss it. I feel naked in a bad way. But I've said that before." Verrrry carefully he sorta lifts one hand to scratch around the wound, not at all touching the wound, but… near it. Because that will help, right?

Between working on projects and planning for a lake party, Silas has been fairly busy for the past few days. Some of those days were also of him recuperating from gunshots he earned in the mountain. The sliding door to his workshop is noisily unlocked before slid open as Silas steps out and shuts it behind himself, wearing the royal blue pin-striped mountain-made shirt that Madelyn got him. Silas is also just beginning to wander about the Row, which brings him along and over to fall in besides Max. Offering the man a lazy glance, his right brow rides up, "Yo. How're you and Quinn doin' since the whole escape from Castle Mountainstein thing?' he asks him as he walks along with the young man uninvited while looking forward afterwards- his eyes landing on Cameron, Grey, and Morgan as he slowly heads their way.

The door to the workshop opens again. Madelyn has moved her worktable close to the door, both for ventilation purposes and for busybody purposes. She's working on some… thing, pinning several ten-inch-long rectangles of scrap cloth. She leans out a bit. "Try smacking it!" she says to Cameron. "Sometimes that helps when you can't scratch."

"Getting shot doesn't itch." Morgan points out in a completely reasonable tone. "Healing itches, whatever caused the injury. Be glad it's not infected. That would hurt instead." As for the sword and armor, he says "I'll go hunt with you. Get enough hides, you can trade for a sword and armor." He lifts the bow he's carrying in display. "I've been practicing so I'm not dependent on rifles for when the Council and Guard try to become despots."

Max seems content with the company as Silas falls in beside him, giving him a nod in greeting as they stroll along, heading in the general direction of the others, and when Silas turns toward them, so does Max. "Alright, I suppose," he says "Been studying, doing what I can. How are you doing?" He glances over toward Silas, smiling just a touch, "I hear you've got some plans for a party going on."

Grey nods to Morgan as well, "Outta medbay, outta your shirt? That how it goes, Morgan?" Grey's gotten some pretty nasty scowls in his time, and Cam's receives a snort in reply, "I'd guess from the ground up. That's how we're doing it." And then he gestures to the wall, and by extension the wire fence beyond, "That and the Guard and militia on watch make pretty good armor, yeah?" There's a pause, and he admits, "But yeah, I get it." Morgan's words get a snort, "Come on, man. Get over it alreadt."

"No." Cameron looks to Grey seriously, with no heat, just conviction, "The Guard and militia on watch don't make me feel any better at all. Its not that I don't think they're probably very well trained, but … Float me but I just want to be able to defend myself. From whatever random and completely impossible to predict crazy thing happens next. You just wait. Something is going to surprise us any day now and the Guard will be all What?! And I'll nod soberly and be all ready to told-you-so. Don't ask me what, I have no idea. Maybe mutant giant ants. I would not be in any way at all surprised by mutant giant ants." Cameron sighs softly, then he nods to Morgan, letting his hands drop, well one, the other reaching out to tug on Morgan. Comehereyou. "See I don't want to go hunting without the armor and sword: its a chicken or the egg, what comes first, problem. Just my luck, I'll be stalking a deer and a panther will bite me on the ass." He eyes Madelyn a moment, "Smacking it? Mad, you're mad." He lifts a hand to wave for Max and Silas.

"No, I don't think I will." Morgan tells Grey. "Not till there's enough people armed so that the Guard are no longer the only ones with weapons. Just in case, Grey. You might trust Kane but what if someone who's not me kills him tomorrow? Do you trust Eda? How about whoever replaces her? How certain are you that all the rebels from the Ark are dead and that none of them are on the Council now or in the Guard?" Coming to a stop next to Cam, he slips an arm around him. "So borrow some when you're ready to go hunting." Glancing over, he nods a greeting to Madelyn.

Silas' arms go up and overhead as he stretches his arms, eyes shutting briefly as his fingers flex and he lets out a quiet grunt- sighing as his arms lower down to his side and he looks over to Max with a lopsided grin. "I'm doing fine enough, I guess. I eat, work my ass off, and sleep- all with a roof over my head… I'm probably still gonna have to go and find a carpenter among the Trikru for the forge, though." he says with a lazy roll of his shoulders. "Sucks." he says with a brief frown. But that frown's turned right upside down when he asks about the party, growing into a wide grin. "You heard? That's good." he says as he looks back over to the others as he closes in and he offers a wave back at Cameron and the other guys, a look over his shoulder as he hears Madelyn, as well as a small wink and grin sent her way before he looks back. "Yup. I'm hoping to try and make sure we can get one day free of doom and gloom to get thoroughly wasted and have some fun. Kinda like Unity Day, just with less… Of all that happened then." he says. As they come near, Silas looks to Grey and offers him a lopsided smirk. "I heard you were lookin' for me, G. If it's some BDSM stuff for you and your Amazon, I hate to say it but I'm turning you down."

Madelyn wrinkles her nose, putting her work down and getting up, sliding the door to the workshop closed. "When I was a kid and my mom braided my hair too tight, you couldn't really scratch it without messing it up, so i used to smack it and it helped the itch," she explains to Cameron, sauntering over to the group, grinning when Silas winks at her. "The party's gonna be great. I've got a special project going that I think folks'll like."

Grey shakes his head at Cameron's disagreement, a dry, unsurprised chuckle lifting to his lips. "Mutant giant ants. Yeah." And then he looks over to Morgan, shaking his head more, "No, man. I trust the Guard. Hell I am the Guard. Whatever." He looks over to Silas then, "Hey man. How's it goin'. Yeah… I'm lookin' for…" and then Silas' words register, and he blinks, shuffling his feet a moment, "Uh… yeeeeahh…. not so much with that. I want a football, man. Maybe two or three. There's some Trikru interested in learnin' the game, and I need a football to teach 'em. Oh, and party? I can probably do music, if you don't got that already."

"Yeah," Max says, hands in his pockets, wandering along at a casual pace, not seeming in any particular hurry to get anywhere or do anything at the moment. "Maddy told me about it last night. I said I'd go." He then says to Silas, "I'll lend a hand if you just need someone to move stuff around and take orders. I don't know much about carpentry but I can follow directions."

"I… am not going to smack the red bullet hole in my chest." Cameron shakes his head slowly at Madelyn, "I don't think flesh wounds and hair work the same way." But he leans against Morgan, his mood softening immediately, squinting over at Morgan, "Borrow some from who though?" He sighs a little bit, but he does glance over at Grey, "Hey, getting a football would be good. Or three. Why do you need three? I don't see us having multiple football games at once. Though I'll play anytime." Then he eyes the empty space where Casa Scott-Blackwood is destined to be, "I should know where to start, I've figured out how to put shit together enough. I feel weird about making a place to live in, though. Everyone knows you live in a cubby that people have lived in forever."

Hunting for Camp Jaha is a tireless job, but one that Gideon kom Skaikru agreed to. Delano bears the weight two deer carcasses and is being lead into camp by her lead by the Skaikru Grounder. On hunts, she still applies ash and oil to blend in with the forest surroundings, but that is the closest ties she keeps to her Trikru roots. Her bow and quiver are at her back, the latter a bit light on arrows. She has not noticed the gathering yet, committed to guiding her horse to the shed that has been built for skinning and preparing the deer for the kitchens.

Wyst comes limping out of the infirmary and into the Row, mainly to catch some fresh air and get a clear head. The off-duty guard finds a decent place to sit down and relax, so she can do a little people watching while she stays off her feet. She does a little sigh and stretches, looking up at the sky for a moment with a smile. That view never gets old.

"How about from Silas?" Morgan suggests, nodding to where the guy is talking to Max over there. "Get him some extra hides and he might tan them for you too." Grey's response gets a shrug. "You can't trust a group. You can only trust people."

There's a small nod from Silas when he's told it's a football and instead not something of more questionable use. "Right, good, good just making sure." he says, his right hand rubbing his chin quietly. "I suppose I can make one, sure. I'll just need a little bit more hide than I already have." he says as his hand comes back to scratch behind an ear.

"If you want two or three… Well, y'know, I'll need more hide. And I'll probably need some laces. Otherwise sure thing, but you'll owe me." he says with a smirk and a glance over to Max. "Cool, if I need help I'll let cha' know, man." he says as he offers him a toothy grin and a thumbs up before he's looking back to Grey, "And if you can get music going that would be awesome." Eyes wander and look over to Gideon as she's hauling in her catches for the day, his right brows rising. "Well I guess I won't really need the hides, then." he says with a bit of amusement in his voice as he looks back to Grey. "Yeah, sure, I'll try and make some footballs once I come across laces." he says with a nod before he's looking to Morgan as he hears his name and tan in the same sentence. "Oh, you need something made?" he asks, between Morgan and Cam. Wyst also earns a thoughtful glance from Silas for a few seconds before he's looking back to the two young men.

Grey shrugs at Cameron, "One gets popped, you wanna have another one on hand. Also want the teams to be able to practice and warm up with their own balls," no double entendre intended, "and then maybe save the best one for a game ball." Silas' words draw a nod, and he points to where Gideon is leading Delano in, "It ain't pigskin, but yeah, how about those? Or maybe swap those out for something you were gonna use pig-leather for?" Morgan's response to his words draw a shrug and a shake of the Guard's head, and Grey looks back to Silas, "Whatcha need for laces? I mean… uh… I don't really know what they were made out of before. Maybe zipties would work? Or some tougher leather? And we can work out some sorta trade, although I don't got a whole lot of stuff." And then he raises his hand in greeting to Gideon, attempting to draw her attention over to the group.

Madelyn's eyes go wide. "You gonna play music? Yes! Please! Thank you!" She bounces a bit in excitement. Then she realizes she's bouncing and stops suddenly, crossing her arms. "I mean, yeah, it's going to be great." She cants her head, curiously. "What's a football?"

Delano chuffs a bit when her ears pick up the familiar voice of Grey, and she nudges Gideon's shoulder before she starts wandering toward the guard who probably has an apple somewhere. Gideon tuts, pulls the reins, but does look up to spot the group. She offers up a hand in greeting before she finishes untying the deer and beginning to ease them off Delano's back so they can be hanged and drained. There are some workers in the shed — people she has been training — and they take over for her once she has the deer untied. She pats Delano's shoulder and then starts toward the group. She catches Madelyn's cry for music at Grey, and she narrows her eyes slightly in suspicion.

"You can make laces out of leather, though you'll need something to sew the rest of it up with," Max says, watching as Gideon returns with the deer. "I miss hunting. I should go out again." It's an idle observation. He hadn't been hunting since the dropship was under siege and it was too dangerous to leave the walls. He glances out beyond the wire fences and into the fields and the trees beyond before turning his attention back toward the group.

Cameron glances over and eyes Gideon's catch, giving her a respectful nod as he smiles, "Good haul, Gideon." Then he nods to Grey, "Suppose that makes sense." He glances over to Morgan, then over to Silas, and looks between the two, "Armor." he explains to Silas finally, "Trikru-style. So leather with some random shit tied on to take a more serious bruise. I figure I might be able to start with some basic leather— if I go get me a couple deer— and add on over time." He half-shrugs, "At least that's what it looks like they do. I'm feeling paranoid and defenseless over here, basically. And homeless. I don't mind that one much." He leans against Morgan a bit, but does offer to Max, "You can come with me when I go. You're quiet enough, if I recall." He sidelong looks at Morgan with a grin, "You'd scare the deer away."

Wyst just sits back and listen to the 100 chatter, not really feeling the need to insert herself into their conversation. She's more about just hanging where there's some shade and trying not to think about that leg that's still healing. She does give a wave to Grey if he happens to look her way but otherwise Wyst just hangs.

Morgan mock sighs. "Tell you what, I'll teach you to use a bow if you teach me to move quietly. But at least I don't need to get as close now with a bow." He nods at Silas' question and indicates Cam. "What he said. How's your tanning coming along? Things have been… busy lately."

Well, she's done it now. Madelyn just said the most dangerous words on Earth. Grey's eyes spark, a smile spreading wide across his face, and he claps his hands together, "Oh, you never watched the old football games on the Ark? Best entertainment there is. A real game of kings. Total badasses workin' together to do awesome things. I'll show you the old vids some time if you want." Oh, right, there was another question in there that Madelyn was more interested in, "Oh, yeah, music. Well, that's Dee's thing. But I figured if there's gonna be a party, there should be music, right? If we," or at least, the techies, "could hook up some speakers at the dropship, I'm damned sure we can set some up here. Or wherever it's gonna happen. We'll need some batteries too." And he turns his bright smile to Gideon, "Whatcha think, Dee? Every party should have music, yeah? And you think you might take some of these putzes out huntin', show 'em the game trails?" Max gets a nod, "Pretty sure I can get somethin'." When he catches Wyst's wave, Grey flicks two fingers toward his scarred brow in a sort of totally-casual salute. He even gives a little nod toward the group that's gathered around Silas.

"Does anyone want to head down to the lake to take a look at the area and find a good place so we can plan the setup?" Madelyn asks hopefully, glancing around the assembled people. "I mean, it's probably better than scrambling around for something last minute, right?" She's never planned a party before, she has no idea.

The compliment from Cameron earns a slight nod of her chin in thanks as Gideon eases into the group. She looks a bit aloof at the topics being thrown around — from Grounder armormaking, which causes her to look more than a little dubious, to talks of football, which just has her shaking her head. She waits until she is properly hooked into the conversation, frowning slightly at the premise of a party. With music. "If you believe it is important…" There is a hint of wariness in her tone. Grounders did not exactly ask her to share her weird taste in music.

"Sure," Max says to Cameron in regard to the hunting, and then he just falls quiet to let his attention drift from one person to the other as football and parties and armormaking discussions take over. Finally he looks over at Gideon and says, "Learning the game trails in this area would be good." He hadn't been hunting since they were off by the dropship.

On the fringes of the hullabaloo, where she always is — the fringe, that is, not the hullabaloo — a skulking delinquent by the name of Cass Bonheur is loitering quietly. There's a bow at her back and a sword at her side, face hidden behind two curtains of long, dark hair and the churlish slouch of her shoulders. She eyes the faces of the rescued seventeen she's not yet spoken to since the Dropship, and a few others as well. By the dirt on her shoes she appears to have arrived from the wilderness, and is now casually winding her way alongside the electric fence.

<FS3> Gideon rolls Alertness: Success. (8 5 3 4 2 4)
<FS3> Wyst rolls Alertness: Success. (1 3 3 3 4 5 6 1 8)
<FS3> Cameron rolls Alertness: Good Success. (2 2 3 2 5 8 7 4)
<FS3> Madelyn rolls Alertness: Failure. (4 4 3 6 5 5)

"Zip-ties could work… I think the laces for a long time were synthetic stuff anyways. I might do leather though, now that those hides just came in. With Maddie around I think I can bum some stuff off her for sewing." Says Silas, but he stops- almost freezing as his eyes wandering around to stop on Madelyn. "You don't know what football is?" A hand comes over to land on her shoulder, his head hanging melodramatically- though he can't hide his amused grin. "It was nice knowing you." he mutters to her as Grey goes on, before he's looking back to the young man once he's done.

"I've got some pig-skin, I'll use that for… Two, I think I have enough for two." a tap of his chin with his index finger and a self assuring nod seems to finish that train of thought before he's looking around and back to Grey. "So yeah, I'll see if I can manage your footballs." he says with a smirk and a nod. Eyes wander over to Cameron as he explains his request and Morgan when he confirms, nodding a bit. "Armor, huh? Sure thing, though it might take a while- I'm using quite a bit more leather than I'm making. It'll probably be something like I whipped up that Cass has, light and flexible. It'll be mostly leather, but I can make some stuff work into it so you won't get totally chopped to bits. You'll probably need to bring me some stuff to work into it, though, I don't really got anything to put in it myself." he says with a nod to Cam. "I'll try and make sure it keeps you sneaky." he says with a grin before his eyes wander to Gideon- and actually manages to offer her a grin and a thumbs up. "Really important. Skaikru culture, here." Silas looks around and over to Madelyn, his right hand coming over to fiddle with his own hair. "I'll probably head out to find a spot." he says with a small nod and a complete lack of awareness as Cassandra's presence goes over his head.

<FS3> Max rolls Alertness: Good Success. (3 8 3 8 8 5 6 6)

"They are not as well-traveled as the ones near Coesbur," Gideon offers. "You are many miles from the closest Trikru settlement." She bobs her head slightly. "If you like, I can show you what I have laid out so far. The pig population is a bit lower here, but the deer are plentiful, as are the rabbits." Even while she talks to Max, her eyes slide aside and she, for a moment, thinks she has spotted someone. But then her attention is snagged back by the conversation, and shakes her head slightly to Silas. "Speak with Starling kom Trikru… if you are going to attempt armor, you should do it properly… though Cameron will want something light. His frame would not do well under too much weight, nor would his more lithe posture." The analysis is frank, honest, and without much appraisal. Just a delivery of facts laced with very well concealed opinions. You can take the Trikru out of the Grounder, but you apparently can't take the stoic out of one.

"Ugh, I don't know if I want to learn to use a bow. For one thing, why? Guns are better. For another, … why, guns are better. For a third and final reason, why, guns are better." Cameron wrinkles his nose at Morgan, sighing a bit. "Mostly? Having spent effort to learn to shoot I don't want that to go to waste. But, I'll show you how to sneak. Everyone should know how to sneak. If only to sneak up on me and shout 'boo'." He eyes Madelyn a little warily, oh no she didn't. She didn't ask that. He glances around, wondering if he needs to flee, but, Grey seems to keep… contained. "Parties should have music." he agrees, though. He eyes the skulking Cassandra, "Hi, Cassandra." I SEE YOU. But he nods to Silas slowly, "Something's better then nothing, but yeah, I'll bring some stuff. I can salvage some plates or something that we can attach here or there. You know. Over my freaking chest because ow." But he eyes Gideon thoughtfully a moment, nodding his head, seeming to find her assessment agreeable. "Yeah, light. Otherwise it'd get in the way of moving quietly, too."

"When you have time," Max says to Gideon when she offers to show what hunting trails she's laid out so far, "I'd like that." He sees that figure out of the corner of his eye and he watches her for a moment, on the edge of things, but isn't the one to call her out. Instead he says, "I'd like to learn how to use a bow sometime, for hunting. I do alright with knives but being able to do so from a distance would be a good skill to have."

Wyst pulls out a piece of willow bark that she didn't hand over to the good doctor and starts chewing on it. It's a bit nasty but helps a little and with pain killers being low, it's the best she's going to get. She listens to the game of football and smiles. Luckily, Lionel has inundated her with all things pop culture so she knows the game. She's a little distracted so she doesn't notice Cass skulking.

"Assuming you're going to have a gun." Morgan points out. "Are you joining the militia?" he asks, nodding to the former Trikru. "Are scouts going to be given guns outside the camp? Are the hunters? How about the foragers? Are they going to be armed? Are they going to be supplied with armed escorts every time they need to go get more berries? There are boars, though maybe not a lot of them here. Panthers. Who knows what else."

Madelyn elbows Silas, before threading her arm through his. "You think you can just bum off my sewing stuff, huh?" she asks, eyes twinkling. She looks over at Grey. "I promise, you can tell me all about football once I get a handle on this party stuff. Promise promise." She is so focused on this party. She looks over to Gideon. "What kind of music do you have? I mean, not that I know the difference between different kinds of music, I mean… like… you know, like, fast or slow or whatever?" She looks between the people as they talk about hunting. "Ohmigosh, get a boar for the party. We can roast it and oh my yessssssss."

Grey ignores Silas' dire predictions for Madelyn's future, brightening easily as the other ex-Delinquent suggests he can make footballs, "Awesome. Great!" He even claps the other man on the shoulder, "That'd be badass. Now I just gotta get my leg right," where he got clipped by a bullet, "so I don't blow out a knee." Clapping his hands together and rubbing them against one another, he turns his grin back to Gideon, "And yeah, Silas is right. Every party's gotta have music. It ain't a party without dancin'." Cameron's complaints cause Grey to shake his head, "I don't know that we got the bullets for usin' rifles for huntin', Cam. Hell, I was still usin' throwin' spears when I went out. Before Gideon started kickin' ass and takin' kills." He nods to Madelyn, "I'll hold you to that, yeah?"

"Guns are not better," Gideon says, voice immediately disgusted and insulted by Cameron's words… particularly since she is an archer. "Your guns are loud and can clear a forest of all its game in one pull of the trigger." Then she looks up when Cassandra's name is spoken, and she narrows her eyes slightly on the girl. She does not say anything yet, sparing her a moment. She looks back to Max and nods firmly. "I like to be out at dawn." There is an unspoken invitation there before she looks to Morgan, and grimaces. "A good scout would not use a gun… they are poor scout weapons." She shakes her head then, looking a touch uncertain.

No one ever taught Cassandra that it's rude to eavesdrop. Her mother died when she was six. It was very sad. "Guess you could teach me how to sneak…" she murmurs aloud, wandering closer and eyeing Cameron Scott as she's called out. "But someone should teach you to respect your betters." She taps the side of her nose, then points to Gideon's bow. "Guns ain't shit." Likely she's just saying this because she isn't allowed one, due to the whole unreliable-and-probably-a-murderous-psycho thing she has going on. So unfair. When she catches sight of her mentor's moss-green eyes being narrowed her way, though, she raises her brow askance.

"I wouldn't use the guns to hunt, Grey." Cameron blinks and shakes his head, "That's not my skillset. I sneak up and cut its throat. Doesn't work every time, but it works enough. I'd use a gun for self-defense… you know, if a floating panther decided to hunt me. You weren't there when that giant floating cat decided it wanted to eat us. I do not want to face off with a panther with a sword by myself. Or… a bear. Or who the hell knows what else we might run into." Then he nods to Morgan, "I'm joining the militia, if only… I don't know. I suppose I'll help the few agro-techs we have for a couple weeks when we get the hydroponics equipment from the Mountain, after that, I'm done. I don't want to spend my life tending food. Not after all of this. I need… more." He wrinkles his nose, and shakes his head at Gideon, "Maybe they're loud, but they kill better, and you bet I'd rather have a gun then a bow if a predator finds me, anyways. It'd be a long time before I'd think I can take a panther down with a bow and arrow."

"Dawn," Max confirms, both that he heard, and perhaps an acceptance of that unspoken invitation. He looks over at Cameron then, one eyebrow lifting a bit as though surprised at his declaration that he would be joining the militia. But he doesn't comment on it, the expression ebbing away just as quickly.

Wyst gives a little yawn and then pulls out a baseball cap, puts it on her head and then seemingly snoozes on the chair where she's hanging out. Her jaw is still chewing so she's awake but it's just nice to sit there and relax. Not have to worry about anything. She pulls out a can and puts the willowbark in there.

A smirk is earned from the clasp on Silas' shoulder that Grey gives him. "Yeah, you should probably get that shorted out before you try going in as a linebacker." he says with a small nod. Silas looks over offers a small nod in agreement with Gideon. "I do need to find someone who can help me out and help show me the ropes- I haven't really had time to try and make the trek to… What is it, Tonka?" No it isn't, Silas. Silas' gaze drifts around for a second before he looks back. "But I think my stuff is pretty good, if he needs armor as soon as possible I can just make the basics for him to use- though it might not be as good as when I can get around to boiling him some leather pieces to substitute for metal."

With a grunt, Silas looks over when he earns an elbow to his side by Madelyn, brows rising. "Course I can, I'll just use my infinite amounts of charisma to get you to lend me some." he says sarcastically with an exaggerated shrug. Silas looks to the others as they talk about hunting for a bit- and when Cassandra's presence is noted, he looks around with a confused furrow of his brows before he spots her. "..Huh. Didn't notice you there." he says with a shrug before he points up to her, "I made her armor, I think it worked out pretty well for her." he says to Gideon and a shrug. "So Cam should be alright for a while in a fight with some of my stuff. But if he wants, I can try and find the time later to go find that… Starling chick, and see if I can make him some sort of king-tier stuff."

There's a slow glance around as Silas' hands come over to plant on his waist, looking around for a moment or two as though he's thinking about something before he looks back to the rest of the group. "I'm gonna go ahead and go to work on the footballs," he says as he looks to Gideon, "Keep up the good hunting, appreciating the hides you bring in." he says before he turns and begins to head back and over to his workshop with a lazy whistle.

Grey gestures over to Gideon, "Don't get me wrong, for a fight, I'm on Team Rifle, but for huntin'? I think a bow's probably better, like Dee said." He blinks as Cassandra stealths up to the group, at least as far as he's concerned, and he shakes his head a little, "But for 'ain't shit,' they sure did a number on us in the Mountain. And on the Mountain Men — along with swords and spears and bows and all that." Cameron's words cause him to chuckle dryly, "Dee was just out there with a bow and two dead deer. No panthers on her. Trikru've been huntin' in these woods for decades without guns, and without armor," the last bit causes Grey to glance a question over to Gideon. He doesn't wear armor to hunt, and he doesn't think the Trikru do… she's not wearing hers now, after all… but he's clearly not sure. Silas's words draw a nod, "Yeah. And helmets too. Maybe we can take the Mountain Men's helmets." Because using them as football helmets is the best use of them. Still, he gives Silas a wave, looking back to the rest of the group.

Fiona emerges from her parents' quarters, offering a wave to those inside before she sets off toward the gate. Seeing the klatch of people, she heads on over, remaining quiet until she can catch the thread of the conversation.

"I like knowing how to use both, Cam. And swords. Just makes it harder for me to be without a weapon." If and when the revolution comes. "It's something you should know, Cam." Morgan assures him. "Gideon would be a better teacher than me too. She gave me my lessons."

Gideon shakes her head in mute disapproval, but says nothing more. She takes a meaningful step back, turning slightly toward Cassandra with a quirk of a brow in return. She almost launches into the conversation that has been going on in her head since the Mountain, but she refrains. She did learn a few things being a Second so many moons ago. "I have volunteered us for a patrol tomorrow morning," she tells Cassandra. "Oxfor kom Trikru will be scouting the far side of the lake, and the Chancellor has offered us up to accompany him." The half-question to her from Grey causes a slight nod, but she otherwise does not add anything else to the conversation unless asked.

It takes Cassandra a moment to process what Gideon is saying, but when she does, she nods her head calmly and without question. "Good," she says. "You want me joining you and Max at dawn? I'm always up before then anyway. Habit." A questioning glance is sent to Max, wordlessly extending the request of permission to him as well. "And, yeah." She gives a prod at her heart, or where it would be located if it existed — doubtful — and nods her head at Silas' comment on her armour. "Pike knows what he's doing. Saved my life."

"Ummm." Cameron eyes Grey for a long moment, "Did it somehow escape your notice I'm not Gideon? And am not, in fact, a master archer? And are you forgetting there was, in fact, a real live panther some odd miles that way, that did, in fact, actually try to eat me?" He points vaguely off in some direction which might have nothing at all to do with where the actual caves are. "Its like you think I'm imagining this or that I killed the last panther on earth. To repeat, the gun would not to hunt WITH. Its defensive. I hunt with a sword and do fine. I don't care if Trikru don't wear armor to hunt, I intend on having armor anytime I'm out of bed. I've been at other people's mercy enough." He eyes Morgan a moment, and sighs, slumping, "Fine, I'll learn the bow. Then I have a new problem: I also don't have a bow. Or arrows. And now I'll heave to learn how to make them, won't I? My TODO list keeps getting bigger." His words are a complaint, but there's nothing complaining in his voice. He sounds strangely content, actually. Big difference from a few minutes ago when he was scowling at his non-shack. He then frowns over at Cassandra, looking between her and Gideon like: what's this what's going on something is happening I do not understand.

For some reason, the longer Cameron goes on, the harder time Fiona has not giggling. Until he finally finishes and she's chortling into the back of her hand. She seems otherwise content to be a peanut gallery and observe.

When Cassandra looks in his direction, Max nods to her, indicating that she's more than welcome to join them as far as he's concerned. He then glances over in Gideon's direction to see whether or not she agrees, given that it was her invitation to extend or not. "If there's time before the patrol. If not, another morning."

Wyst isn't getting much rest with the kids talking so she decides to give up the son and slowly make her way back inside. Perhaps the bunkhouse will be quieter for the recovering guard. She gives Grey a nod as she head in.

Grey starts to arch his eyebrows as Cameron gets started, and he opens his mouth to start to respond at some point, but then just crosses his arms, letting the words roll over him. "Just like always, ain't it? Might as well be back at the dropship." Stepping back a bit, he shrugs, raising up a hand in farewell to Wyst, then starting to turn back toward the partially-framed house that he had been working on before coming to talk. As he turns, he spots Fiona and her chortling, and he smiles wryly, shrugging a little helplessly.

"Why's Oxfor scouting the lake?" Morgan asks curiously but he turns to look at Cam and grin at the litany. "I'll help you, of course. And we'll figure out how to get you everything you need. Priority though is a hide to trade to Ginia for my tattoo. I tried drawing it on my arm when you were captured but that didn't work well." Not an artist and awkward position.

"Fiona Kattegat. I thought I heard the sound of sweet-singing angels laughing." Though she remains bodily facing her mentor, Cassandra turns her head in the direction of the Bandrona, quirking a wry smile that tugs at the corner of her lips and has her brows cocking flirtatiously. Boner is shameless, what can she say?

"I have bows and arrows available, Cameron," Gideon offers simply in the face of all the words, as if that is all that needs to be said. She shakes her head slightly at the fear that is bubbling out of the young Skaikru, but she turns instead toward Fiona. She offers the woman a slight smile. "Amused, bandrona?" She then turns to Max and Cassandra fully, and she nods. "A hunt and then we patrol with the Trikru." Then her gaze slides over to the house that Grey is working on, brow arched. Morgan's question draws a shrug. "Not something I needed to ask… the Chancellor has asked for my help, I agreed. I imagine if the steheda wants to tell me, he will."

Eventually, the conversation drifting from one topic to another, Max begins to take a step back and then another from the group. He nods to Gideon and Cassandra regarding the hunt, and then he continues wandering in the direction he had been going when he arrived, on through the row, between the shelters being constructed and out of sight.

Cameron shakes his head, eyeing Grey a moment, then turning and walking away, giving Morgan's arm a pat. "See you at Dad's room for dinner. I have to go do something."

"Trust me, Cass, when you hear me sing, you'll know it, and angels won't compare." Fiona bats her lashes at Cassandra before admitting to Gideon, "There comes a point where when it comes to Cameron's gripes, you either gotta start laughing, kill him, or dump him in the lake." There's a quirked grin.

"Options two and three sound good to me," sasses Cass, who immediately then glances to Morgan with wide-eyed alarm and raises up her palms. "Kidding! Kidding," she swears. She takes in Gideon's statement without comment, likely meant as silent agreement. Whatever cause she's had to narrow the Skaikru Grounder's eyes, she staves her curiosity on it for now. Instead, she tries to delve into the Bandrona's personal life with a raise of her brows. "How are things going with what's-'is-face?" she asks. "Toupee? Two-face? Tuna? Tambourine? You know the one."

Madelyn of the one-track mind grins over at Fiona, "So you're gonna sing at the party, riiiiight?"

"He needs to get things out." Morgan explains. "It's his way. it's sort of like once he hears them, he can start organizing them and solving them instead of letting them all swirl around inside chaotically. And thanks for the bow and arrows for him. I'll remind him you offered so he can cross that off his list of things that needs to be done." Cass just gets a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes.

"Those are three very specific options," Gideon replies to Fiona dryly, though she looks after Cameron with a slight frown. "I believe he is afraid… of many, many things. But, getting over fear will be important to survive…" Beat pause. "Down here." Then she provides the name without thinking twice. "Tuan." Then she nods slightly to Morgan at his words of thanks.

Grey scoops up a hammer from alongside the frame of the house, starting to circle it looking for something to pound. It… doesn't work so well, considering that he has no idea how to build a house, but he's doing something, and it feels like progress.

"Cameron's heart is in the right place. That counts for a lot." Fiona says, before letting her gaze slide back to Cass. Her smile widens. "He's awesome." So there. "How's Asher?" she asks blithely, before laughing to Madelyn smoothly, "Maybe. I've actually been trying to learn some of Trikru's music. But it's serious stuff, you know?" There's a cock of her head as she watches Grey, asking possibly overloudly, "What's he trying to do?"

"Where's that?" Cassandra asks, as to the comment about Cameron's heart being in the right place. She sends Gideon a blink when her mentor supplies the name, then looks back to Fiona when she questions her about Asher. "Dunno, you'd have to ask Asher," she replies, without missing a beat. Her face is utterly blank and unfeeling. Deny, deny, deny.

Gideon does not even have to look at Grey to reply, "He's not asking me for help, so he is trying to find something to hammer." Her expression remains oblique. "Besides me." She leaves that there with a casual air, gaze ticking slightly toward Cassandra and Fiona.

Madelyn finally catches on, glancing between Morgan and Cass, Cass and Fiona, frowning a bit, but doesn't say anything. Instead, she says blithely, "So, Cass, I realized we haven't really talked since… like… dropship camp. You should come by the shop some time. I've been making these really cool menstrual pads." You are not cool, Madelyn. Stop trying. When Gideon makes her comment about hammering, she goes pink and wide-eyed, then giggles, perhaps a bit too loudly.

"It's okay," Fiona says merrily to Cassandra. "I realize with regards to hearts, you may be somewhat navigationally challenged." Really, these two need to just go have an angry makeout or something. Then she blinks at Gideon and lets out a delighted laugh. "Holy crap. I think that's the first time I've ever heard you make a joke."

"It's been an exhausting couple months, Gideon." Morgan states, his own tone a touch dry. "Culminating in him being captured and having some friends killed in horrible medical experiments. He needs both to get some real rest and to feel productive again. As strange as it might sound, things were simpler when we were only at war with your people. It was nice and clear."

Grey finds a nail-head that's sticking up, and hammers it down. He's holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Even cute girls. He heard Fiona's question, however, and looks over his shoulder, "I'm building a house. Or at least, being dumb labor for…" and there goes Gideon, and his eyes go a little big, then he shrugs a little helplessly and laughs, "Oh, she's funny. Just no one gets her humor."

As various jokes are made at her expense, Cassandra scoffs. But it's really the joke that Gideon makes about being hammered that gets her attention, and she gives the Grounder a stare, like she really didn't expect that from her. "Nah, I got it," she assures Grey. "Your secret's safe with me." Turning then towards Madelyn, she gives a stoic nod of her head.

"I don't get periods," Cassie deadpans, with a remarkably straight face. "Most of my bodily functions consist of icicles and rust."

Gideon cannot help the small twitch of a smile at the corner of her mouth at Madelyn and Fiona's reaction to her words. Then she regards Morgan with a slight nod of her chin. "I am not discounting what he has experienced, Morgan… merely pointing out that fear will become his only enemy… and it is an enemy that cannot be easily destroyed." She then smirks over toward Grey at the comment of her humor. "You need to make sure that the walls are square before they are secured, or the house will be crooked." She knows some things… just some though. She snorts at Cassandra's deadpan. "Azplana," she says simply.

Madelyn blinks at Cassandra's statement. "…oh. S…sorry." She glances around awkwardly.

Fiona notes to Madelyn, as if to divert her embarrassment, "Maybe if we can get the sound system properly rigged up, we'll get some music going. Let whoever comes from Trikru get a taste of old time music." Mind, old time music for them includes Hozier and Meghan Trainor.

"He's just feeling overwhelmed at the moment." Morgan clarifies. "He'll get his feet back under him soon enough. But since he reminded me of the dinner, I want to get in some practice beforehand so talk to you later." Giving everyone a nod, he goes to put some arrows in targets.

Anyone who's bothered to pay attention has easily seen Jumar's been a lot more busy the last few days. With a cut to his cheek from the Dam fighting and a list a mile wide, his green eyes flicker over those in the row as he heads for the halted construction of the forge. Still almost half done, he starts to check, *tink* and otherwise inspect what's already there as he writes into his dataslate, his Engineers overalls still a bit dirty, but at least washed once since the fighting at the dam. That counts as grooming, right?

Fluttering a wave at the departing Med-Tech, Cass then turns to give Madelyn a solemn nod. "It's okay," she demurely assures, keeping up the act. "You didn't know better." Then she turns towards Gideon, expression curious. "What's Azplana?"

"Ice queen." Fiona supplies helpfully. The newly arrived Jumar gets a nod, before returning her attention to the others. "Talk to my dad," she suggests to him, "To help with your running water."

Grey nods at Fiona, "That's the plan. The music." And then he looks back to his 'work,' trying to find more things to hammer or reinforce.

"Ice Queen," Gideon agrees, though she chuckles deeply. "Do not use it around the Azgeda… they will take offense." Her mouth twitches with a small smile before she nods after Morgan's departure. She steps toward where the dwelling is being built to set aside her belongings finally. She grimaces. "I should decide if I want anything from the Mountain…"

"Yeah, the, um, music," Madelyn confirms, nodding. "That'd… that'd be good. Should probably head down to the lake soon to scout and plan the setup." Her hands are in her pockets and she's heading back in the general direction of the workshop she shares with Silas.

Jumar grumbles as he works, his eyes frowning at parts of the building before he heads over to the group proper. "Someones been screwing around in the construction. There are loose rivets that should'nt be loose." Then he sighs, "alright. I'm heading up to Mount Weather myself. I've already promised to collect stuff for some people, anyone here want anything else up there while I'm up there doing inventory with the Engineering teams? I'm mainly looking for construction and radio materials and going over their computers, but I can detour."

"I'm thinking a laser shark," Cassandra muses, cracking an inappropriate joke at the genocidal villains' expense. "Maybe a shark-tank." She repeats the word 'Azplana' to herself, then wanders on closer to Gideon.

"So, uh, I was wondering," the Second hems and haws, watching Gideon curiously. "Maybe you could… teach me." She pauses. "The language." And then she shrugs. "It's cool if not."

Gideon notes the hemming and hawing, and she waits with a kind of arched patience. Then she tilts her head, looking thoughtful. "Mmph," she muses, and then nods. "It would not do any harm to teach you… and you are bound to be a better student than Grey." She casts her houmon a sly look, smirking slightly. Then she shrugs a shoulder to Cassandra. "I'm not good at teaching that sort of thing, but I will do my best." Then she notes the grumbling engineer, but has very little to offer beyond a slight nod. "Coesbur will be seeking materials to build with, as well." Then she relents. "Madelyn, I will provide the music if you so wish."

"I think it'll be relatively low priority," Fiona admits, "But we need to look into setting up some kind of alternate location for the artworks in the Mountain. They can't stay there, but if we just bring them out, they'll deteriorate. Which means it's going to need some kind of climate control."

Grey can't speak Trigedasleng. It's true. Hell, he can't even pronounce the words he does know right. He finds something else to hammer on the house-to-be, and then responds to Jumar, "I'll probably be doing inventory in their armory. You see any footballs, or jerseys or Sentinels gear, you wanna grab it for me?"

<FS3> Jumar rolls Wit+wit: Failure. (5 3 1 3 6 6 2 5)

Madelyn is about to head back to her workshop, but her interest is piqued. "Okay. What /is/ the big deal about football, anyway?" She asks, hands on her hips.

Even Cassandra sends Grey a smirk, when Gideon makes that comment. "I tell you you're amazing?" she then asks her mentor, believing firmly that flattery will get her everywhere. As for the discourse around the Mountain looting, she more seriously adds, "I'd go look for useful plants and shit, but you probably already have some people you like and trust more to do that. Like Blackwood and Lapointe and stuff. So, I'm thinking I'd be more useful to you guys elsewhere. Like, not around weapons and stuff."

"We'd have to cannibalize Mount Weather airlocks for that probably, but that should be doable. Just need to talk to the Chief about a room to set aside for it." Jumar shrugs, "I'm gonna be busy with the forge and radio work for the next week, so we'll see if it gets anyone from the team." Then Grey speaks up, "What are sentinels?" Then Gideon gets a nod, "half and half, far as I've heard. Seems fair to me."

Gideon chortles slightly. "Mm, yes… well… let's wait until you see what you will be doing over the next few weeks, shall we?" She offers a wry smile at her Second before she glances back toward Grey at Madelyn's question. She just inhales, shoulders lifting, and she waits for it all to come streaming out.

"What's the big deal about football?" Grey shakes his head mock-sadly, "Maddy-Maddy-Maddy… you just don't know." He's not going to disappoint Gideon now, "And the Sentinels were the local pro team, Jumar. Red, white, and blue colors, flying football zipping through a 'W'." And then he's back to Madalyn, explaining quite seriously, "Now, football's like life. You gotta fight for every inch you get. It's eleven of the best athletes you can imagine, all movin' in perfect synch with each other. Everything's set up by the coach's strategy, and then the players gotta execute, while eleven other badasses work together to stop them. It's all about strength, skill, speed, talent, and guts. Best thing since sliced bread." Beat pause, "And we ain't had sliced bread in about 96 years."

When Cassandra mentions plants, Madelyn raises a finger. "On the far left side of hydroponics, near the back, there's a rack of really, really interesting plants. Just so you know." She nods slowly at Grey's explanation. "Okay, but… what is it? A game, you said?"

<FS3> Gideon rolls Stealth: Good Success. (3 8 7 8 1 2 3 2)

"Interesting, huh?…" Cassandra raises an eyebrow at Madelyn, her own interest indeed piqued. To Gideon, she says, "Guess I'll see you at dawn." Upnodding the others, she then turns and skulks off towards the compound, in search of some guy Fiona asked about. Some guy she totally doesn't have any strong feelings for.
ooc Very weak feelings. Like weak nuclear force.

Woah, rant much? Grey gets a 'wtf are you going on about' look from Jumar as he listens. And listens. And listens. "You have… strong feelings for football." Jumar, smartass extraordinaire. "I'll see what I can find, but I don't think recreation goes under 'shit that builds other shit' in storage categories." Jumar smiles at this, then looks to Madelyn, "will you be coming up to the bunker with us?"

Grey went too far, too fast. He has a tendency to do that where football is concerned. Madelyn's question causes him to laugh easily and nod, "Yeah. A game, a sport. The best one around." He shrugs helplessly at Jumar, "Well yeah. I love football almost as much as my girlfriend." Which is a high compliment considering how obsessed he's been since landing over finding a football game. Ooooor it could be a warning sign. He watches Cassandra head off, frowning, then shrugs, shaking off whatever momentary malaise afflicted him.

"If you want to play, you can teach me. I'm always down to learn a new game," Madelyn chirps with a grin. "But right now, I have to get back to fixing the lining on some militia armor. They seem to like standing in front of bullets and that just messes up the whole thing, you know?" She gives a little wave and heads off.

Madelyn turns back, "Yeah, I… I think I will. For closure. Or something."

"Alright. I'll see you up there, then. I've volunteered to check up on the prisoner rooms as well as do inventory for the engineering interests and computers up there. I'm hoping to find some records." Jumar gives a small wave as he starts his night rounds.

Grey chuckles at Madelyn's offer, "Might be a little small to play, but I'm happy to teach ya. Might make a good scrappy cornerback. Hell, I'll teach anybody how to play. Gotta repopulate the Earth with football fans. Used to be the greatest game on Earth," actually, the most popular game on Earth before the Apocalypse was futbol, but that's another matter entirely, "and I figure it should be again." He gives Jumar an upnod, then jerks his thumb back toward the partial house behind him, "I wanted to get that wall done before Dee made it back. Gonna put in some more time before dinner."

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