Day 001: Hurling Spears and Arrows
Summary: Hanne and Grey go out to practice with newly-made spears. Cole, Mikaela, and others join them and insults are hurled more frequently than spears.
Date: 26 April 2016
Related: None directly; third scene of Day 1.
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Eastern Forest, The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. It is cut here and there by babbling brooks and still ponds. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

1 Day After Landing

Grey has gotten a few long poles from somewhere, just taller than him — apparently he got the survival kit's hatchet from the 'jackhole' who made off with it, or he just persevered with his roughly-sharpened bit of wreckage. They've been trimmed of branches and twigs, and the tapered ends sharpened, and are currently slung over one shoulder. He doesn't worry too much about where the ends swing as he walks, let others beware, and at least one person has already had to duck under the trio of makeshift spears as they go running around the camp. The rain has stopped, but only just, and moisture still glistens on the tents, ferns, and duff. Stopping a pair of amorous Delinquents as they stagger toward the ill-defined 'edge' of camp, he inquires, "Keats? You guys seen Keats?" His free hand rises up to gesture half a foot short of his own height, "Brown hair, yay high, Thief?"

Hanne has been up to her own antics, though hers does not require bladed weapons nor sharp poles. In some of the supplies, someone had added a few pouches of seeds from various plants grown hydroponically in the Ark. Here, down on the ground, building a hydroponic system was quite out of the question, so the thiefing gardener has had to rely on what she learned from books on the subject. She steps into the camp with her arms full of a rather large makeshift bag filled to the brim with rich, fertile dirt. She is on her way to her shared tent when she catches her name coming from across the grounds, and she turns slightly to spot Grey. Her lips purse, and head tilts, and then she relents. "Over here," she calls, heaving up the dirt a bit higher in her grip.

Grey looks over at the response, spreading a broad smile across his features as he approaches, "Keats, great, just who…" and then his eyes drop to the big bag of dirt, and his smile takes on a sharper edge, closer to a smirk, "Here I am thinkin' about going out hunting, and you've already brought back dinner, haven't you?" As he comes to a halt before her, the ex-Cadet grounds the butt of the spears at his side, leaning idly on the downed saplings, "Or do you want in on finding something tastier than dirt?"

"You want to eat dirt?" Hanne smirks as she starts back toward her tent, forcing Grey to tag along if he wants to continue this conversation. The bag she has chosen to gather the dirt in is pretty much a jacket with its arms tied and bottom hem drawn up. She carefully sets it down so it doesn't spill out all over the ground. As he mentions hunting, she looks up thoughtfully, and then back at the dirt. Her smiles hitches up a bit, and then she nods. "Yeah, alright… but I don't have much of a weapon at this point." She starts to brush her hands together, leaving them mostly clean save for the dark dirt gathered under her fingernails.

Grey gestures toward her burden, "Well, I figured if someone was bringin' something back, it better be to eat or drink. I may not be dumb enough to eat dirt, but some of the kids in camp might be." He follows after without complaint, although he does roll his eyes just a little at being made to do his best duckling act. Gathering one of the pseudo-spears on his left hand, he holds out the butt to her, "I thought I remembered you being an Earth Studies nerd. Or is there a bigger Ee-ess nerd that I should be talkin' with to help me find something to kill and eat." A grimace twists his features then, "If there's even anything out there to eat."

"They better not eat my dirt," Hanne warns, casting threatening glances at any curious delinquents standing about. Then she looks down at the offered spear, and she takes it almost hesitantly. There is no natural grip or confidence in how she holds the weapon — in fact, she holds it a bit unsteadily. Then she looks back up at Grey through those hazel eyes, and she nods. "No… well, I mean, maybe. Evie isn't too bad," she says, speaking of course to the other bontanist-medical nerd hanging around the camp. Then she shrugs a bit. "An ecosystem such as this suggests there's got to be some kind of secondary consumers." There she goes with that haughty, academic tone.

Grey keeps the other two spears gathered in his right hand, once again leaning on them idly. The unease with which Hanne holds the spear earns a wary look from the ex-Cadet, "You're going to be a danger to yourself and others with that thing, aren't you?" He frowns in thought again, "Evie… Evie… oh, right, the Firecracker. The one with the temper." Oh look, he just described half the camp. "Well, if you know where she is, we can bring her along too, but I don't want the whole camp tromping around after me. That's a damned good way not to find any… uh… whatever the hell a 'secondary consumer' is." He thinks about it a moment, then nods slowly, "Oh, right, predator." Not quite, but…

"Really? You don't want ninety-some teenagers tromping into the woods with you to find food?" Hanne's sarcasm is quite a skill, delivered so dryly one might assume she is being serious. She carefully adjusts her grip on the spear, trying to find a way to hold it so she doesn't stab herself or anyone else. She then sets it across her shoulder so the point is up and away from her. "And yes… that Evie." She inhales, and then shakes her head a bit. "Yeah… though primary consumers are what hunters normally hunt… deer, rabbits… fowl. Though I think throwing a spear at a duck would probably not yield anything except a flying duck."

"Oh look, all we have to do is weaponize sarcasm and you can hunt for the whole camp." Grey snarks right back, then shakes his head, "I'll take whatever I can get. Otherwise we're gonna have to start eating ferns and moss and shit, and even I know that ain't good for you." Hefting the spear, the young man adds, "That's why I'm keeping two to myself, 'cause I don't know what we'll find, if we find anything, and I want to throw one, and not have to rely on my dinky-ass knife if we find a bear or something like that." Not that current thinking believes that any animal can survive on the surface…

Hanne cannot help the juvenile response: she sticks out her tongue at Grey. Then she shrugs at the mention of ferns and moss as part of their inevitable diet. "You can… I mean, there's lots of edibles in the forests, but…" Then she starts to fall in line with the fellow teenager, keeping her spear carefully lofted out of the way. "It wouldn't be enough. We've been living on carefully balanced rations that provide us with adequate protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. We will probably suffer from malnutrition as well as hunger." There's that brightside.

Grey gestures toward the nearest edge of the clearing, starting off in that direction. As he walks, his thumb runs over the little 'LG' carved into one of the spears in his hand. All three have the incisions, actually, midway up the haft. "I think we're all gonna get a little skinny, even if we head on over to Mount Weather as soon as we have enough food to survive more than a day or two." He ducks under a sodden branch, only to have the spearpoints catch it and drop a shower of rainwater on his back. That elicits a start and a smothered cry, and he whips the spears at the branch again in anger, thwacking it hard. Not that it seems to notice. "So. Ee-ess nerd that you are, where do we look for something to stab and eat?"

"Skinnier," Hanne more or less says to herself, feeling at her own bony wrist. She does not look like a girl who needs to be skinny — in fact, she's probably a lot lovelier with a bit more meat on her bones. She follows Grey, though she is thankfully enough steps behind him not to get dribbled on. She snorts back a laugh, biting slightly at the heel of her hand. Then she sobers, hiding her smile and delivering in that same dry tone, "Well, I'm starting to think anywhere you aren't… making noise like that is just going to scare the fluffy bunnies away." Then she inhales, taking his question seriously. "Well… most prey animals are crepuscular." Beat pause. "More active in the twilight hours. And I betcha that our landing scared most of them deeper into the woods, so I guess we need to find water first and scout there. Everything drinks."

Grey scowls in response to the laughter, the look deepening at her dry snark, "Real fuckin' helpful." And then she does provide some helpful information, and he nods slowly, almost grudgingly, "Well, that's just crap-sack-ular. So unless we find them when they're sleeping, hunting during the day isn't going to do any good. Okay then, water. Isn't that supposed to be 'downhill?'" At least he remembers -something- from Earth Studies. "Water would be good anyhow, since we don't know how often it rains. Everything drinks, after all." And they're now part of 'Everything.' Starting forward again, he shifts one spear to his left hand, turning the other over so that the point is forward, held overhand.

Hanne seems strangely satisfied at poking Grey into grumpiness. Maybe she thrives on the ill-temper of others… She does nod at his question, gesturing a bit. "Downhill… water wants to get as close as it can to sea level… and since we're in the mountains, rivers are gonna cut through. So, if we go down, we get closer to water." Or at least, that's the theory. Nature always finds ways to defy logic, and Hanne thrives on logic. She looks thoughtful as they continue on for a few moments, and then she asks quietly, "What if we do run into a bear?"

Starting off in the nearest facsimile to 'downhill,' Grey responds, "We find out which of us runs faster?" He shakes that off pretty quickly, however, more seriously… or perhaps simply more equitably… noting, "I don't know. You're the Earth Studies chick. I mean, we need food, but trying to get food isn't going to help if we end up as food. Do we climb a tree, do we run, do we play dead?"

Hanne snorts, and nods. "Oh, yeah, sure… well, I hope you like being bear food, because I am obviously faster than you." She does offer him a small smile in the wake of the words as if to show she's kidding. Mostly. "Definitely not play dead… I'm going to say we try to casually walk away and not make it angry." Her smile redoubles a bit, and then she is falling into easy stride with him, spear still across her shoulders. "I doubt we will actually run into a bear though."

"Yeah, from what I remember from Ee-Ess class, there ain't likely to be much bigger than a bug still alive." Grey flashes a broad grin as he hefts the spear held ready(ish) for throwing in his right hand, "Call me an optimist. Or a hungry guy." His steps through the brush aren't anywhere near silent, but thankfully he's not snapping branches and trampling through ferns either. Nor is he attacking any more offending branches. Pausing a moment, he looks to the spear in his hand, then over to the one across her shoulders, and grimaces, "Huh. Maybe we should actually practice a little with these. So if we do find something, we actually stand a chance of hitting it?"

The hazel-eyed Hanne actually seems a bit uncertain. "I don't… know about that." She looks up at the trees, full of life and oxygen. "An ecosystem like this… I would be shocked if there wasn't some kind of life… somehow. I mean… mammals became dominant because they were the smallest animals when the exinction event wiped out the dinosaurs… something could have survived." Then she sobers a bit as she falls into stride with him once more. At the mention of practice, her brows arch and her smile turns mirthful. "Yeah, probably… or you might end up hitting me." Her eyes laugh to match the glow of her smile.

Grey nods, "Good. Because if we're tromping around the woods looking for something to eat and there isn't anything, I'm going to get grumpy as hell. Almost as grumpy as Cole." The pauses, then explains, "The tech-nerd." Stopping for a moment, he points out a clump of ferns a dozen paces off, then passes his left-hand spear over to Hanne, "Okay. Let's see just how hard this is." Snorting softly and sidelong, he adds, "And if you don't get in front of me, I ain't gonna hit you." Taking a step or two aside, he hefts the spear, looking from it to the clump of ferns, then turns his body sideways to it, draws the spear back, and hucks it down-range.

<FS3> Grey rolls Thrown: Good Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Thrown: Good Success.

Hanne cannot help the wry smirk that touches her lips, and she eyes Grey suspiciously. "Aren't you always grumpy as hell?" She then inhales, drawing her shoulders back. She watches him select a target, step aside, and start the process of lining up the spear. She waits, watches, and carefully critiques his stance. She starts to try to mimic him, lining up her hips and shoulders and hefting up the spear. She holds it nicely, showing some natural strength in her skinny frame. When his spear hits, she laughs over at him and nods. "Alright… my turn." Then she draws her shoulder back, steps forward, and lets it fly.

Grey watches the spear fly straight and true, thumping into the clump of ferns near the center, "Well lookee there." He nods to himself, "And hell no, I'm not always grumpy as hell. I'm never grumpy as hell. I'm an asshole, that's different. Cole's grumpy as hell." He takes the third spear back from Hanne, holding it while she lines up her own shot, "It isn't quite like throwing a football." His brows draw down in a slow frown, "Like… a longer motion." And then she throws her own spear, and his head whips over to follow its path.

"Well," Hanne says as her spear hits the ferns alongside Grey's. She is all smiles when she looks at him, her expression an open warmth that neatly defies her characteristic sarcasm. "I think that we can do something with that." Then she wrinkles her nose at the mention of the football, remembering that odd-shaped thing being slugged around the hallways and wide-open areas of the hydroponics. "Well… it isn't bad," she says after a moment. She starts after the spears to collect them, stepping through soft moss and peat that squishes underfoot.

Grey arches his eyebrows as Hanne's spear strikes neatly as well, looking over at her and chuckling, "Not bad for an Ee-Ess nerd." Which is to say, just as good as him. "Now we just gotta get that close to some animal that's never seen a person before." He walks after her to collect his own spear, the third still held in his left hand, "By the way, not that anyone'll ever follow it, but when you're on a range, you wait 'till all the ammo," he hefts the spear, "has been used before moving toward the targets. If you don't wanna get hit, that is."

Hanne snorts at the Ee-Ess Nerd comment again, though she doesn't seem particularly perturbed by it. She continues toward the spears, hesitating as he mentions proper etiquette. She turns slightly to him, blinking a couple of times, and then her smile turns a bit wry. "You'll have to forgive me… we don't throw a lot of spears around on Agro Station." She collects hers, and hands Grey back his.

Grey takes the spear back, turning to look around the woods, "Yeah… there's a hell of a lot down here that ain't up there. Including throwing spears." Letting out a breath, he frowns in thought, looking over his shoulder to the young woman, "So. You think someone's going to make a push to be in charge? Or is it always going to be chaos? Or we gonna do the whole anarcho-communo-syndicate-ist," most of those words are nonsense to him, "thing?" The pair are a hundred or so paces into the damp, rain-sprinkled woods, standing amidst the ferns and trees. Hanne has a single makeshift spear in her hands, and Grey has one in each hand.

Cole has been in nothing but work mode ever since they landed, and well, are still alive. Whether that's been designing a wall out of scrap from the dropship, or making spears out of metal scrap that can't be used for the wall, or trying to find a way to hack his way onto the Ark's signal wave to take off the bracelets everyone is wearing, and likely about three other projects that he hasn't told anyone about yet. Probably stuff about water purification. But trying to find solutions for ninety-nine other people has been taxing on him. Until finally, some woman with orange hair has decided to bring him outside. Do some hunting, go out for a walk, something. His spear is in the shape of a trident, fashioned together by sharpened metal scrap attached to a fiberglass pole. Spent a good portion of the day making a bunch of them. But he's outside camp now, just…walking. But the wheels are still turning behind his eyes, thinking about what he needs to do. But Grey and Hanne are seen not to far away, the techie giving a light wave in recognition.

That orange-haired woman? Totally Mikaela. She takes all the blame for exposing Cole to other people. She's got her own spear, Cole's design and make, held loosely in one hand. She's managed to get him outside for fresh air and sunlight. Next on the agenda will be food. Then sleep. Actual sleep, not just a twenty minute exhaustion-driven nap bent over his sketches. But first, activity! She bumps him from the side, gently, and nods towards Grey and Hanne with a grin, "Ready to go be sociable? Think you can keep from provoking him into kicking your ass this time?" Yeah, she still teases him about the day they got back together. She starts in their direction, giving a small tug on his sleeve so he'll follow her, smiling back at him briefly. It doesn't always work, but it might! Otherwise, he'll grump at her, she'll snark at him, and the world will continue to spin.

Or maybe the blame for exposing other people to Cole. Not too long after Cole and Mikaela exit the Dropship Quinn heads out as well. She's been her usual mostly anti-social self, spending all her time watching everyone else and doing nothing herself. Her hands are tucked into the pockets of her jacket, and she seems to be trailing behind them at a distance that keeps them in sight without venturing too close.

It's just over twenty-four hours since landing. One (rather chilly, but exuberant and bonfire-filled) night, and a drizzly morning. The drizzle has stopped by early afternoon, and Grey found time to beg/borrow/steal the one hatchet in the dropship and cut down some saplings from a grove he found the day before to make a trio of spears. He's been practicing throwing them with resident Earth Studies nerd Hanne Keats a hundred or so paces away from the camp. They probably should have checked to see if anyone was using their targeted clump of ferns for a bedroom, but they lucked out in this case, and it's without occupants. As more people begin to trail out of the makeshift camp, Grey turns back inward, lifting one of the spears a bit in greeting. "Damn, man, what the hell is that thing?" Grey points at Cole's trident with one of his two spears as the other man enters something approaching conversational distance, "And weren't you working on bracelets? Or the door? Or comms?" Looking to Mikaela, he notes, "He's no good to anyone if he burns himself out tryin' to rebuild the Ark in a day, Princess." Yes, multiple people get that nickname.

"I'd rather be trying to keep people fuckin alive." Cole grumbles, but he walks along regardless. Keeping in mind that he almost got into two fights already today with someone trying touch or grab the laptop that he had claimed for himself. It's an obessive urge to keep working on stuff for the camp. Because someone has to. It's not some kind of arrogant idea that he knows best, rather he has the skills to do it. But the man from Mecha Station has never worked this hard. Indeed twenty minute naps and he's at it again, or so by the alarm on his watch. A look from Grey to the tridents he made that he and Mika carry. "…a fuckin spear?" he blinks. "I made them earlier with the shit scrap that I can't use for the wall." he explains. "Made more of them if you want one. About ten in all til I ran out of fiberglass rods. Until I can get some decent fuckin branches that won't break. No dry-rotted shit." A pause. "There's some progress on the bracelets. Managed to figure out the carrier wave that the Ark uses. Hacked onto it. Just need to piggyback onto the right frequency and I should be able to give the signal the release. Just…will have to do it one at a time or all of them at once, no fuckin in-between on that one. Got designs for the wall, but gonna need some muscle to build it. And…" he uses a free hand to rub his face. "Door works. Goes up an down. Power restored to the dropship, got lights going." And yes, he looks like he's gonna burn himself out at the pace he's at. "So…" trying to be nice and make conversation? Hard for Cole. "What are you fu-, er, doing out here?"

Max's been around for a bit, though how long is anyone's guess. He's been sitting in a low branch, just watching, eyes flickering over one person and then another, listening to the conversations, the preparations, what people are working on. He's got a large hunk of moss and what looks like an entirely unappetizing collection of muds, and slowly presses them together to make small bundles. Poultices of some sort. Each one, once packed and wrapped goes into a small pack. He watches the spear-throwing sidelong from where he's set himself up. Though, catching sight of Quinn, he plucks a small round object from the tree and hurls it in her direction. A nut — he wings it at her shoulder with no particular skill whatsoever, likely skittering it across the ground near her instead, and then goes back to what he was doing as though he hadn't moved at all.

Mikaela has her trident resting on her shoulder as they approach, lifting a shrug towards Grey with a smile, "Why do you think I dragged him out here, away from all the projects? We need him if we're going to survive down here. He's got the mechanical know-how to make sure we've got basic necessities." She glances sidelong at him, elbowing him lightly in the side, "Besides, I rather like the grumpy bastard, even when he's being cranky." She looks back to Grey and frowns slightly, "You're holding the spear wrong, you know. You'll never get a good throw if you hold it that far back on the shaft. Choke up a bit, keep your grip firm but your wrist loose. Throw from your hips, use your shoulder for the follow-through. You'll get a cleaner throw for a better distance with more accuracy." She glances sidelong at Cole and gives him another nudge, "You want to let me poke at the laptop a bit? I might be able to access some areas without risking the firewall crashing down. And this is what I keep telling you, Cole. You have to be willing to delegate. Pick the project you personally feel you have to work on, but let others handle the rest of them. You've got plans for the wall, now pass it along to Grey. I bet he and a couple of the other Guard kids could get it up in a few days if we all pitched in on a rotational basis. If we've got lights and a door, maybe we should have you focus on water filtration. Make sure we're not making ourselves sick with the stuff we've been drinking."

The skittering nut causes Quinn to stop for a brief moment, then she reaches down to snatch it up off the ground before she continues forward. She doesn't stop again for a few steps, then she tosses the nut once in her hand before she throws it right back in Max's direction. It's a passable throw? It might hit…something around him, but throwing is clearly not her thing. When she over hears Mikaela she smirks a bit, giving the orange haired girl a once over before she once again resumes her walking, this time towards where Max is playing in the mud.

Grey's eyes don't quite glaze over at the volume of technobabble from Cole, but it's a near-run thing. He just barely manages to follow what the other young man is saying. "So you're saying that at some point soon you think you can get the bracelets off without us having to pry the damned spikes out of our wrists." Yes, each of the bracelets have a couple of probes that dig beneath the wearer's skin at the wrist. It's not very comfortable, but it's not painful enough that you keep noticing it after a little while. The little rustle of the falling nut doesn't even seem to catch the young man's attention, his thoughts on the situation back at camp. Mikaela's good-natured coaching draws a grimace, and he jerks his thumb over his shoulder at the bunch of ferns behind him, "Seemed plenty good enough to hit my target. Keats here," he gestures to Hanne, "too. You do a lot of spear-hunting up on the Ark, Princess? I can tell you right now that there ain't a man or woman down here who's gonna follow me 'cause I was a Guard Cadet. And there ain't more than a dozen folks who would work on a wall without some threat, either the threat of having their asses kicked or some external threat. Things aren't the same down here as they were up there."

"Technically, that's fuckin true. I was born out of wedlock." Cole remarks to the bastard part, grunting at the elbow, giving Mika a dirty look. "Because if I don't do it, it won't be done fuckin right." he finally says about why he's taking on so much at once. Granted, that's a bit of an arrogant outlook to have, but at least he's nothing if not confident in his own abilities. But with even that said, he shakes his head. "Fuck. Alright, yeah, I've never worked this fuckin hard before. So…Meeks, if you want to take a shot at looking over getting the bracelets off, that is, if everyone wants them off, go ahead. Look into it, just don't…y'know, just if it can be. My notes are on the hard drive." Well, somebody gets access to his laptop." Then, a look at Grey. "I have a design for a wall that'll encircle the campsite. Had to adjust for the amount of fuckin people. Trees give natural cover and we can weave a branch wall between the larger pieces of metal that'll make the majority of it." However, he frowns at Grey's point. "Not fuckin arguing that. You're right. People goddamn get the fact that they think they're safe. S'like a condom, I say. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. As for the bracelets, yeah, that's what I'm saying." A shrug follows, then a yawn. "The water shit…maybe one of the Earth Skills people can handle building it if I can just give them the design for it."

Hanne looks up as the population in the forest starts to grow — or at least this small corner of the forest. She laughs at Grey's words about Cole, shaking her head. "Well, we're trying to get food… because the dropship can hum with power all day long, but it isn't gonna feed us." She snorts. "Though I could probably whip up something that Cookie could throw together as passable soup." She glances around. "I bet there's some nettles around here…" Then she drops her shoulders a bit, hands in her pockets with her spear resting in the crook of her arm, butt down in the dirt and point up at the sky.

"There's some greens, herbs," Max offers from his perch and hooks a thumb in the general direction of over his shoulder, toward the east. Probably where he'd gone wandering to gather the moss and other things he mixes together currently. And then he falls silent again. The nut bounces off his shin and lands at the base of the tree beneath him. He smirks, watching as Quinn approaches, and then reaches down to offer a hand, either up into the tree, or perhaps to come down, whichever she seems to be interested in doing. One eyebrow arches a bit, quizzically.

Mikaela rolls her eyes at Grey and lifts a brow, "And when the deadly, stationary fern bundle attacks, I'll feel SO much safer with your throwing skills. Now, the first time you have to hit something small or on the run, you might want to loosen your grip a bit or you're going to short your throw and we're going to be out a dinner. But hey, you're right, what could some spoiled Councilman's foster kid -possibly- know… its not like I had access to shit most of you didn't and a ton of time to myself." She looks across to Cole and gives a small nod, "That would be good. So what's the thing you personally want your hands on? You've got a ton of projects, pick one and we can filter the rest out of the people that actually want to help make a colony or whatever the fuck this is shaping up to be." Looking back to Grey, she shakes her head, "Leave the talking to me. I can be pretty slick when I want to be. If I get you the people, will you be in charge of building it? I get that some of these people won't like you much. I'll try to cull from the folks you or your dad didn't have run-ins with, okay? We don't all have a hate-on for you, and if we can get even 10 people to work on the wall steadily, we would be getting -somewhere- with a bit more protection than a single door."

"Hard to be slick when you just come across as a loud, know-it-all abusive girlfriend." Quinn comments as she reaches up to take Max's hand, then starts to climb up the tree with his help. Once she's up in the tree she makes herself comfortable, tilting her head down towards those still on the ground with a flicker of a smirk in Max's direction before she questions, "So what's with the mud?"

Grey looks up as the voice comes down from the tree, his feet shifting through the moss and duff of the forest floor, his fingers twitching on the haft of his spear. It's speaking English though, and so he just studies the tree-dwelling Delinquent before shrugging and looking back to Cole and Mikaela in particular, "I dunno, it only takes a minute to put on a condom. Takes a whole lot more than that to build a wall." The Councilor's daughter gets a long, narrow-eyed look, "Who put you in charge, Princess? This ain't the Ark. You think a whole bunch of criminals are going to listen to you because of who your daddy was up there? There ain't gonna be a Chancellor down here. Besides, I'm a whole lot more worried about what I'm gonna eat tonight than if some boogieman's gonna come outta the night and steal our babies."

"I'd rather Grey gather up a team to head to Mount Weather." Cole suddenly says after a bout of silence. "He wants to fuckin do it, an, well, he's best fit for the job. Who else could you trust to do something like that? That other guy Grey was sputin with a couple days ago? The guy with the fuckin anger issues. Yeah, really leave /that guy/ in charge. We'd be dead in a week." There's a bit of internal debate. "You got the bracelet thing, Grey wants to go up the mountain, that guy over there is doin a fuckin bangup job of looking for food." he point out Max. "The wall.." he pauses. "Hey! Knock it the fuck off, all of you!" he growls. "You see? This is the fuckin kinda shit I want to avoid. So put your fuckin dicks an measurin sticks away!" The techie gives looks all around before he continues. "The wall can wait. For now. I have the design, I've set some of the material aside. Food and water need to be a focus. So I'm going to find one of those Earth Studies geniuses and work with them on it. Anything else, for now, can fuckin wait."

Hanne is standing just slightly behind Grey, and she winces silently at his words. The mousey delinquent glances casually over her shoulder, looking around the forests while the others converge on their target ground. She blinks as she spots something — a bird no bigger than a swallow. It perches silently on a branch several meters up from the tallest head, and Hanne just stares at it for a long moment. It tilts its head when Hanne tilts hers, and when it bounces closer along the branch, the feathers of its belly looks like they change colors from soft, feathery brown to an iridescent blue. She immediately grabs Grey's sleeve and starts tugging wordlessly.

Max gives Quinn a hoist up onto the branch, sharing his spot. It's out of the way. They aren't throwing spears UP after all. Good enough place to work without getting tripped over. "Poultices," he says, as though that should more than explain it all. He offers one out in her general direction. Looks like mud, smells like mud with some herbal additives. Probably is, in fact, mud. "Somebody's going to need one sooner or later. Might as well." When Cole suddenly gestures at him he looks up and over. Glancing from one person to another, it doesn't seem like he's interested in getting into arguments. Instead, his gaze shifts over to the bird that Hanne is pointing at, studying it curiously. "Huh. Cool."

"Oh this is rich, the infamous Cadet is telling -me- about entitlement? I'm sorry, would you care to remind me who swings the biggest dicks around on the ARK? Cause, like, ninety percent of the ARK will never run into a Councilman, much less be condescended to by one. But man, you Guards, you're just everywhere, in everyone's business, and thinking -your- shit don't stink because you wear the shock-baton! So please, tell me again how -I'm- the one acting entitled when I've never even -mentioned- my parents. But man, you sure love bringing them up… should we talk about -yours- next?" Mikaela sneers towards Grey before pointing her trident in Quinn's direction and following it with a look, "And YOU don't get to say SHIT, Miss I-Don't-Do-Anything. At least SOME of us are trying to be productive while you wander around like you don't have to lift a fucking finger." Shaking her head, she looks back to Cole, "Fuck these people. I have zero fucking reason and have lost any inclination to help any of these assholes. You want to waste your time? Good fucking luck to you." She strides off into the woods, muttering to herself under her breath.

Grey liked training with the Guard, he actually genuinely did. And so when he shifts his spears both to his left hand, snaps to attention, and gives Cole a parade ground salute, it looks damned good. When the salute turns into a Bronx one, middle finger fully extended, however, it looks less good. He sneers once at Mikaela, "Sure, talk about my parents all you want. My dad, who my mom hounded into an accident that killed his ass. And then my mom, who I killed because she was the biggest fucking bitch on the Ark. Sure. We can talk about my parents, Princess." The words are a low snarl, but further verbal response to the suggestions from Cole that he's obviously taken as orders is delayed, by Hanne tugging on his arm. He half-turns, following her gesture to the little spot of motion in the otherwise-still forest. He shifts a spear back to his right hand, hefting it a moment as he considers, then shakes his head and relaxes once more. "Well that's pretty damn cool." He didn't mean to use the same word as Max, promise. "Guess there are animals down on here with us after all." Wonder leeches into his hushed voice draining out the anger and reflexive pain, and a slow smile spreads across his lips.

"Sounds helpful." Quinn replies to Max, holding her hand up at the offer of the polutice, then she glances back towards Mikaela, "A whole day of not doing anything? Shame on me…Too bad I'm not like your whipping boy boyfriend and know techy shit, or Max and know medicine. I hurt shit, unless you're volunteering for that, I'll keep doing what I'm doing until something matching my skill set comes up." Despite the words, she looks fairly indifferent to the entire conversation, her eyes shifting towards the bird that Hanne points out. "See if it's edible."

"It is a P-purple Martin," Hanne says without missing a beat as she stares at the swallow, though her gaze drops toward Mikaela as she starts to storm off. Even while she watches, she continues speaking. "Or-or it could be. They are known for human dependencies for nesting sites, and we all know that humans haven't been really maintaining their bird houses. Bu-but it has the right crowning and coloring, th-though none of the codices mentioned that their feathers change colors. I th-think that might be new." Her voice quavers a bit, almost stuttering through the fact vomit. She looks at Grey, and then the others. She pinks slightly, and hoists up her spear a bit higher, particularly when Quinn offers her suggestion-slash-suggestion. "Probably not worth a spear though."

Cole just runs a hand over his face, as if knowing in advance what exactly she was going to say. Though it's weird that it's not at him for a change. "Could you fuckin not, Quinn?" But she's not his focus, not even bothering to stop Mika was walking off or chasing after her. No, his focus is on Grey, striding right up in front of him. "I am not your fuckin enemy, alright? It wasn't a fuckin order, so drop the goddamn salute. I was asking." he states cleanly. "You want to go up there, go up there. Or don't, I don't much care. But you're the best to do it. We are not going to last out here by acting like little fuckin bitches an measuring our dicks. Whatever you think of her, or me for that fuckin matter, I don't care. We either stand or die as a unit. Your choice. All of your choice." That said, he waits for that all to digest. "I can't fix everything on my own. I need help and I'm asking. And believe it or not, you actually have some form of fuckin sway."

Max continues to study the swallow for a while, "Figure everything got radiated to shit. No telling what there is down here." He glances off into the trees then, looking through the trunks and leaves from his position on the branch he's sitting on with Quinn. The poultices that he was making are finished up and shoved into the pack, marked not-terribly skillfully with a red cross on it. He listens to Hanne's fact-vomit with a kind of vague curiosity, studying her as much as he studies the bird for a while. Then he gives Quinn a nudge, though he doesn't say anything to her. Cole and Grey get his focus after that, eyes sliding from one to the other as they go back and forth.

The sound of someone approaching may or may not be of notice to those arguing. But regardless, eventually Fiona makes her way to the group, a couple of canteens cross-strapped and sloshing gently along her hips. There's a pause in her travels as she takes in the group, trying to figure out what's going on.

Grey keeps his eyes on the bird across the distance, stepping to one side (and a little bit back) when Cole stands before him. His voice remains hushed as he responds, "Right now, I'm more concerned about gettin' food than I am about a wall, or power, or the bracelets, or even a trip to Jaha's Magical Supply Dump, man. And that," he points to the bird where it sits fluttering its feathers on a branch, "Means there's animals out there. Which means there's food out there. You go ahead and worry about camp and the 'ship and all that. I'm gonna worry about the camp not gettin' so hungry we start lookin' hungrily at each other for more than screwing." And then he looks over to Hanne, "So… what eats Purple, uh… Martins? And how do we find that? Because I'm pretty sure even I can't hit that thing with a spear."

Quinn's look towards Cole is rather patient, but unapologetic. She'd likely say it all again if given the chance. Then she drops a hand to Max's shoulder, tilting her head faintly in Grey and Hanne's direction with their spears, and willingness to whack the cute little bird. Evidently, she might have just found herself something to do other than lurk lazily around.

Hanne looks between Cole and Grey, and she chews a bit at her inner cheek. Then she deflates a bit and offers Cole a small smile. "I can help with some things around camp… I, uh… was going to see if Evie wanted to help with a garden since she knows some of that stuff… you know… to grow food." She shifts her eyes between the two again, and then she intakes a breath. "But I can help with… whatever… really." Then she shifts her stance a bit, looking back at the supposed Purple Martin, and she nods with Max. "I doubt that eating anything down here would be bad… radiation wise. Uh…" She considers Grey's question. "Hawks. Racoons. Weasles." She then offers an odd, amused smile. "I read once that fire ants can actually swarm a swallow." Beat pause. "Not that I think we want to eat fire ants."

"All I'm asking for is some unilateral movement on things." Cole returns, equally keeping his voice down. "I get it, someone needs to look for fuckin food. People gotta eat an all that. But we also need water too, which I will work on. If you want, I dunno, get some like minded people an start gettin a goddamn hunting party going, do that. Because you're not wrong. But if we can start making it look like some of us are banding together instead of this whole fuckin 'dog-eat-dog' mentality, we'll last a lot longer. That's it. But the more that we start agreeing on who can do what, what they're bested towards, the better we'll all be in the long run." Then a shrug. "Like I said, I have no issue with you, Grey. At all. You be fuckin straight an all be the same. We could rock the 'lone wolf' shit in the Box. Can't do that here."

<FS3> Grey rolls Thrown: Success.

"It seems a little small to eat." observes Fiona, but that's all she has to offer with regard to the bird, and it's Cole that she addresses. "Found some rainwater collected at some rocks, and got what I could." she taps the canteens she's strapped on. "Not enough to last very long, but we can ration it for a few people. I'm not sure what we can do other than boil it first if we're worried about radiation, though."

Max nods to Quinn when her hand comes to rest on his shoulder, a silent agreement with whatever it is that she seems to be indicating. "We should hunt," he says to her, and then slings the pack over his shoulder and pushes himself off of the tree limb, landing on the ground with a thud before waiting to see if she's going to come down or stay up in the tree. He looks over the spears, as though trying to figure out the best way to construct them, examining them for a few minutes, and then he says to Grey, "If you're hunting. We'll come." Looks like Quinn just got voluntold.

Well she might have stayed in the tree! But it looks like she's coming down anyways. Quinn shifts, then slides down out of the tree to land on the ground, reaching up to start twisting her hair into a ponytail. Looks like she's going hunting.

With the bird just sitting there, Grey has apparently had enough. He steps once more to the side to make sure Cole is out of his line of fire, cocks back his arm, and launches one of his two spears. It zips through the forest, but the bird is already on the wing before it arrives, and it flies by relatively close to where the Martin used to be. The spear slices into a patch of ferns beyond the bird's perch, and Grey curses, "Shit. Well, I guess we're going raccoon hunting. They're the things with the rat tails and the pouches, right?" Those would be possums. Turning to Cole, he shrugs, "And you and the Princess," not Fiona in this case, "have to get it through your heads that we aren't on the Ark anymore. The fact that I was a Guard Cadet doesn't mean shit. She isn't nobody unless she's got useful skills. Nobody's anybody unless they got useful skills. And unless you're somebody here, you sure as hell don't get to give orders." He nods to Quinn, "It ain't killed us yet, I'm sure it's fine." A scientist, he is not. And then he looks to Max and Quinn, "Lemme go get the spear," they're simple peeled saplings with sharpened points, definitely not high tech, "and we're off." And with that, he starts walking after his spent ammo.

"You did?" Cole's attention is drawn away for a moment. "Fuckin fantastic, Fi. Actually, I could use your help with a project if you got a minute. Need someone to help me build water collector and water purification system. Gravity still, shit like that." He frowns after Grey makes his throw. "I'm not giving fuckin orders man. "And she doesn't fuckin speak for me. You could be Jaha's fuckin bastard lovechild for all I care. Doesn't mean shit. None of that means shit anymore. Guard, not guard, the whore down in Atlas station, doesn't. Fuckin. Matter. The sooner we stop letting the goddamn past dictate who we are…" he shakes his head. Obviously it doesn't matter what he's got to say. "Alright, fine. You wanna do you, have at it. You know where I'll be if you should change your mind and actually want some kind of unity. Guess that tree was a buncha bullshit, wasn't it?" There's a nod at Fiona. "Could still use help with the water. If you want to get in on that, lemme know. Could use the help." That said, he starts to walk back to camp. Mika can find her own way home.

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