Day 029: In Lincoln's Lap
Summary: A short conversation between Gideon and Kai regarding the difficulties of trying to live in two worlds.
Date: 28th June 2016
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Gideon Kai 

Meeting Green — Tondc, Trikru
The road from the city gates lead into a low lawn of moss and short grasses surrounded by young trees that are leafy in the spring and summer, turning to fiery hues in the autumn and giving way to snow in the winters. The road from the white pillars marking the city entrance create a wide circle around the green, forcing traffic to go left or right, and loop around the nineteen-foot statue of a thin man seated on an enormous, square-shaped throne. The statue has seen better days, cracked in places and its base entirely covered in creeper vines. The man's face is old and wizened, with a trimmed beard and sweeping hairline. He appears to be in an old fashioned suit that has become green with moss.
Day 29

In the guest village, Coesbur people are gathering and eating but really it was just too.. much. For Kai. Smaller and in some ways far closer proximity than the mess halls and just too much everything and so with permission she'd ducked out to get some air. Finding out that there's mad Trikru out in dem dere hills that like to eat people doesn't exactly make her feel too awesome about bodies at the scorched camp. She's still wearing Gideon's old armor. But now she's accessorized! With Wren's back-up sword slung like a bandolier across her back, and looks like she picked a fight with a brick wall and lost.. but it's the skaigirl, sure enough. In Tondc. For all that she listened to Wren's words and at least stuck close to the guest village lest someone decide to do more than glare at her.

Gideon is sitting on the knee of the tall statue of the seated man known as Lincoln. Her hair is drawn back into a tight ponytail, the golden curls ashed and oiled black to help meld her with the shadows. She is in her armor and long, heavily mantled duster with her quiver and bow slung at her back. Her arm is crossed at her knee, holding the folded limb against her chest. She is crunching on a windfall apple, her thoughts turned inward. It is only when she hears the low threatening call of a warrior at the base of the statue does her head look up. The trigedasleng is directed to Kai, and the way the man is puffing up and rolling his shoulders suggests it is a threat even if Kai might not recognize every word. Gideon rolls her eyes, taking another bite of her apple, "<In Trigedasleng> Shut up, Nor… or you will have to deal with me."

Kai knows well a threat, even if she doesn't understand the words, her attention swinging his way with the press of her lips. But there's a voice, and a person, she at least somewhat vaguely knows, and so with one eye for the guy puffed up the skaigirl eases her way over to the statue to climb it. The tone and bodylanguage, if nothing else, suggesting that the archer isn't agreeing with her would-be bully. Still, it takes her time to try and find a way her skills will let her up to join her,"I hoped you might be here.. I met your sister. Grey asked me to let you know he's safe. At Alpha station."

Gideon finishes her apple, and she chucks the core into the woods surrounding the meeting green. Littering is apparently not a thing in Grounderville. The archer keeps her post in Lincoln's lap, but she at least leans down to offer Kai a hand-up when she is close enough to do so. The statue provides a neat little shelter, and a prime perch — which is probably why Gideon likes it so much. She waits until Kai is settled before she reaches into her scout's pack, and tosses Kai what looks like a pear. "Thank you," she says softly when she gives news of Grey, and then she looks back down into the green. "I heard that Wren has chosen you as his second." She glances back to the young woman now, brows arched. "Quite a bold decision."

Kai catches the pear and smoothes her hands over it curiously before giving a bob of her head in thanks and biting into it with a small nod,"He explained he would not be well liked for it. That we wouldn't be well liked." yeh, she's watching the guy, noting him as someone to keep an eye out on,"I think.. at first? Maybe it was just something to tell a patrol if we were stopped? But he said no. And explained that it's.. an apprenticeship? So I said that if we survived talking to Indra and got Eli and Fi home safe.. that I'd do it." she sticks the pear in her mouth to spread her hands like 'tada', biting off another piece,"We all gotta learn how to live together somehow, yeh?"

Gideon is quiet, letting the girl find her place on the statue. She rests her head back a bit, and she turns her eyes back out toward the green. "We judge harshly… and we do not trust easily." She looks at Kai once more. "There is still some of Sonia's warband who is seeking revenge… you will learn quickly that blood must always have blood." She offers a small smile, but then sobers once more. "But, you are now Trikru… not Skaikru… do your people not feel… abandoned by you?" She frowns a bit, the question offered honestly.

Kai elects to sit back a bit herself, admiring the view from on high,"Not like I'm hard to find." she grunts,"If they want me they're going to find me.. s'long as it's me and not Silver, we're good." is her feeling in regards to that, nodding her head slightly,"Leo.. who was like an older brother to me.. refused to look at me. An' Grey said I'm turning my back on them. And I suppose he's sort of right? They held up their end of the bargain, we got our pardons. I could have gone back to being Kyler fucking Adams.. would have been promoted to full Guard even. But I'm just.. not that person anymore. Yeh, your people are harsh, and this whole blood must have blood thing seems to go to extremes, but that lot don't realize.. they don't want to think about how that technology? It's not going to last forever. All of those things are going to break down. That you're right that rifles.. while useful, just give us away. We're trying to apply solutions to problems that don't exist and act like the one's that do can't effect us and it's dumb. To survive, we need to learn to be like the Trikru.. not make the Trikru more like us. And I don't have the patience for it. Walking through Alpha was like seeing my own ghost."

"Finding you is not the same as you being apart of them," Gideon replies back to Kai. "If I was to leave the Trikru to become one of the Skaikru, that would be a deep wound to my friends and my family." She shakes her head then, offering a low laugh. "So, you left before things got too bad?" She fixes Kai with a look. "Why did you not stay and try to help your people do better?" The woman shakes her head. "You're Trikru now… if Indra commands you to go to war with the Skaikru again, will you do so?"

"To them I'm still Skaikru." Kai nods towards those below,"And yes, it would be. But your friends and your family have also been.. there.. for you, all this time. Right? Mine? I got locked up. They weren't going to pardon me, I know that. Come my birthday I'd have been dead like half the rest of the hundred. I was already dead to them, in a way. Have been for months." she munches on the pear, and following Gideon's example finally piffs the core as far away as she can,"No, I came to learn so that when they're ready to, they have help. There's plenty of people like Grey and Stone to help them learn how to be something more than Arkers, but those guys only know what they've picked up from living down here, from having fought y.. our people. They don't understand the culture.. I don't understand the culture.. but one day I will. And if they're smart and get their shit together, one day they're going to need people who can help them make that transition. On both sides." she lays back in Lincoln's lap to look up at the stone face above,"Can I shoot my friends? No. I can't say that I can. But can I shoot people trying to kill me? Yes. That was.. Britt? She was there. She was shooting at them.. and I want to be angry about it.. I kind of am. But she also took a bullet to the face. To me, that's blood must have blood. She doesn't.. seem to hate me? It's not personal? But at the same time it is."

Gideon shakes her head slightly at the girl, but she does not try to refute her words. She doesn't know about Kai's life, so she takes her story at face value. She does settle into this little niche above the green, regarding the white pillars that mark the entrance to the city. "You may have to shoot your friends… if that is what Indra orders." She looks at Kai then, her expression a touch remote. "But, we are in a time of peace, so you might be spared that." Her shoulders roll slightly. "Britt followed her kruheda's orders… we did not. Oxfor did not obey the call." She turns her gaze back out again, arms folded across her knees now. "If we were not fleeing possible attacks of the Mountain, I fear that Indra would be demanding for justice for his disobedience."

"Good thing that I'm lucky if I know which end of the bow to point at the other guy then." Kai can't help her amusement, for all that it sobers quickly,"I understand what you're saying Gideon, and I accept that's the reality of things. I hope that day wont come, and I'll try to help make sure that day doesn't come. But it is what it is. And yes.. Indra's.. very firm about that. She doesn't strike me as one that gives much ground in that regard." there's a quiet sigh,"They took some of my friends, Gid. Wren gave me permission to look for them.. and we're heading out tomorrow to check Coesbur for Reapers?" she's not entirely sure on that word,"But I got friends out there that I don't know how to help."

"As long as you get what I'm saying," Gideon says softly to Kai. "I don't want you to walk into this, not knowing what to expect." Then she slowly begins to stand, shrugging up her scouts bag as she does. The archer looks dark then, head dropped. "No one returns from the Mountain." Those words are said softly, almost tragically. "I'm sure that the friends you have made here will help, but… If the Mountain has them, I don't even know how we can possibly get them back." She stands on Lincoln's thigh, and she looks down at the girl. "Try to find them, to get them back… but also be prepared that they may be lost." Sometimes pragmatism is just pessimism, it seems. She then jumps down, offering Kai a gentle farewell.

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