Day 026: In Search Of A Second
Summary: Arlin and Thesda go in search of a wounded Tuan.
Date: 19 Jun 2016
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Arlin Thesda Tuan 

Trikru Lands Between Coesbur and Sky Camp
Trees… and a ravine.
Day 26

Once Thesda was informed of the situation, she was prepared to move swiftly to retrieve her Second. She almost left alone, but upon thinking about it, asked for Arlin's assistance - Tuan is hurt, and they need to bring him back to the village. And it must be done quietly to avoid Sonia's people. She wants to go on horseback, despite Arlin's distaste for the creatures. She wants to move swiftly, and have a means to convey a possibly unconscious young man home.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Riding: Failure.
<FS3> Arlin rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Thesda rolls Riding: Good Success.

It's true. Arlin hates them. Really, really hates them. Today, the feeling is definitely mutual. It wasn't easy going to get on the horse, and it wasn't easy going to get it to go where he wanted it, and it wasn't easy going to get it to keep up with Thesda without falling off. Were he not so stubborn and so athletic, he would've surely been thrown. (The horse definitely tried.) So while it certainly goes faster than traveling on foot, it also goes a lot slower than Thesda surely was hoping. And LOUDLY, thanks to unhappy horse stompings and the medic's own ornery bitching.

It was the fall that had done it. Although Tuan had twisted his body enough while falling into the ravine to catch himself on a few tree branches; slowing his descent, the impact had knocked the wind out of him. What made that worse was the necessity of keeping quiet. The pain crept in and the last thing he remembered was looking up at the moonlight between the branches of the trees.

By time his eyes open, the moon is no longer where he saw it as time had passed. How much? There was no way of telling at this point but the sounds of movement overhead and not far off reminded him of Sonia's people being in the area. The first issue to deal with was the arrow in his chest. He was smart enough and well trained enough to know better than to pull the arrow out. Two handgrips, that's what was needed so he gripped up from the entry point two hand holds and then snaps the arrow shaft off to reduce the amount protruding from him. There was no helping his gasp of pain at moving the object still wedged within him but it had to be done. The shaft is set aside and covered up with brush to conceal its location.

Pressing himself up to his feet, he feels the left knee give out under him, the fall having done it well enough to cause him to stumble over when placing pressure on it. Another grunt of pain that manages to escape his silence is bit off quickly and he presses through the rush of agony to start hobbling his way further into the ravine, away from the log bridge and where he fell so as not to be found should anyone of Sonia's come looking for him.

<FS3> Aiding down: Thesda rolls Riding: Failure.
<FS3> Arlin rolls Riding-1: Success.

At one point, Thesda stops, and out of sheer frustration, smacks Arlin's horse on the nose. To the medic, "Quiet down. They said he fell down the ravine. If he's alive, he'll have tried to move further into it to stay out of sight."

Human on horse violence: this is something in which the medic is well-versed. (Or so he claims.) When Thesda smacks his steed, the animal takes it as an opportunity to toss her rider. ("I was spooked! It totally was an accident that he got hurled into a tree!" will later claim the malicious mare.) Except, somehow, the man manages to not get tossed. As for quieting down, Arlin snarks, "I'm all for you smacking this shit factory, but it definitely isn't going to result in quiet."

They've yet to be shot, though, so that's a good sign, right? And Arlin even manages to fi-i-i-inally get the mare under enough control that the rest of the way to the ravine is relatively uneventful. Why, he even keeps his mutterings sealed behind a tight compression of lips that looks as though his sour mood literally tastes sour. His eyes, though, largely seeming green at the moment, keenly cast about for the start of the ravine. Which he's all to happy to quietly relay is, "There."

His journey deeper into the Ravine is cut short, Tuan knows that his pain and leg cannot take him far. So when you are stuck with no ability to run, find a place to hole up. His eyes spot a small outcropping of rocks at the bottom of the ravine that he begins to hobble towards, plucking off low lying branches with leaves as he does so. Once he reaches the spot, he begins to settle himself in, using the branches he gathered to create a sort of canopy over him.

<FS3> Tuan rolls Stealth-2: Good Success.

Thesda considers the edge that Arlin has pointed to, then nods curtly. "Let's tie the horses and climb down. It'll need both of us, he may need immediate treatment, and if he's unconscious it'll take us both to get him up the ravine again." There's a sudden thoughtful pause. "Let me check something." Moving slowly, she goes to the edge of the ravine, cups her hand, and lets out a birdcall. One that should be familiar to Tuan.

Get off the horse? (Dismounting, people. Not the other kind of getting off.) Yeah. Arlin's already in the process of doing that by the time Thesda's even suggesting it. Just as the scout is letting out a birdcall, the medic is tying the mare to a nearby tree.

No sound echoes for several long moments but then a very faint sound comes back from the Ravine, an answering bird call of the same timbre as the one that Thesda just sent out. It could be far away, or it could be coming from a weak source but there was not much volume to the sound.

Thesda nods. "That's him." She goes back to her horse - initially left untied, and remarkably it didn't stray. Opening one of her saddle bags she pulls out a length of rope and drapes it bandolier style across her torso. Then she ties off her horse, looking over at Arlin. "Ready to climb down?"

<FS3> Arlin rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"I was born ready," Arlin professes with a wide, easy, cocksure grin before his attention is turned to the ravine. Gimlet sharp, his eyes scan and survey, not seeing Tuan anywhere, but little details in the distance strike him a peculiar and suggest the missing scout's trail. "That way." All he needs is that rope.

<FS3> Thesda rolls Athletics: Good Success.

Thesda smiles faintly at Arlin; the direction of the birdcall told her where to go. She goes to find a tree close to the ravine and knots the rope, then carefully walks it the few feet needed to toss it down the side of the ravine. Tapping her chest, she snags the rope and begins to clamber down the side, probably considering herself able to break Arlin's fall if he messes up. Which of course invites fate to mess her up.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Arlin rolls Stealth: Good Success.

With a final readjustment of his satchel strap and affixed, sheathed hatchet, Arlin goes about the task of descending once he's certain his downward stride won't trip up Thesda's. Maybe it's his precision in motion that causes it, but the anticipated loud thud of boots meeting ground never manifests. And when he starts heading in the direction of where he suspects is Tuan, the usual clompy-stomp of his brash footfalls is likewise absent, even as he keeps his eyes peeled for both the hidden Second and unwanted company.

<FS3> Thesda rolls Stealth: Failure.

This is Thesda's baliwick. She's been learning to move quietly since she was a little girl, but clearly her mind is on other things. Maybe it's her Second possibly bleeding out to death somewhere. Maybe it's Arlin's sweet ass. The world will not know, as she stops abruptly when she puts her foot down on a broken tree branch, nearly stumbling over it.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Survival: Good Success.

Neither are mutually exclusive, but Arlin will absolutely retell the story wherein his sweet ass is totes to blame for Wantoppa's almost topple. (Hey, it really /is/ a sweet ass.) For the nonce, though, he simply turns his head to shoot Thesda an incredulous look that melts into a faint smirk, and then it's back to the task at hand. Might could be that he's no stranger to search and rescue work, seeing that it doesn't take long for him to find Tuan's hiding place. "Hey," is quietly spoken. "Don't shank me. I'm gonna remove your cover." Because it doesn't even occur to him that maybe it's a trap. Or maybe he's just eager to get to work. Or he enjoys being stabbed. Such is the life and times of bold men of action.

Tuan's location is not too terribly far from the pair by this point, the foilage underneath has that nice look of blood on it from where he drug it across as he made his way into the hiding spot. It can be seen soon that he is not just there but his hiding job; although good, isn't great. As they get closer it'll become easier and easier to see where he is.

The young man isn't terrible, but considering what he's been through the past month and his lack of recovery time he's probably in poor shape considering. His shoulder with the wound is hard to see due to his clothes and the leg injuries cannot be seen obviously. As he hears voices, sees things moving, his eyes open more fully and a soft muttering comes out. "You should not be here."

"I leave you to yourself for a day, and this is what happens." hisses Thesda softly. "Be quiet, Second. We are getting you out of here and taking you home. Arlin, look to him, make him ready while I watch for trouble. We may have to pull him up the ravine."

"Nah. /We/ should be here." Because it's their job as Tuan's First and as a healer, respectively. "/You/ shouldn't, though." It's not harshly spoken, but Arlin's still not letting his patient off the hook.

Without missing a beat, the medic is checking the younger man for the nature, location, and severity of injuries. The intensity of Arlin's expression is universal when it comes to him working, long having learned how to compartmentalize such things. It's only the faintest amount of tension in his jaw that hints at his assessment of Tuan's main wound. Embedded arrows are teh suq and this is neither the time nor place to remove it.

Tuan shakes his head at Thesda, "I did not want to drag you into my foolishness." There's a hint of apology to his voice as he speaks to Thesda. "You should have left me, keep Coesbur clear of this." But he knows that it's a waste to keep pressing. His eyes shift then to Arlin as he works and speaks, however. "I broke the shaft, it didn't happen on my fall. I cannot move well on the left leg, the knee may be sprained." He's had a fair enough number of tumbles and beatings because Thesda does not take it easy on him in training.

"We have a rope. We'll haul you up." Thesda says briefly over her shoulder. She's keeping a lookout, and probably a bit peeved she stepped on a branch like a six year old novice. "Is he ready to move yet?" This to Arlin, though she keeps her eyes ahead.

Is he ready yet? Arlin's eyes (barely) manage to not roll out of their sockets as he maneuvers Tuan into a position that allows for padding and bandaging the arrow shaft in place. "I'd let you know if he were." That said, the medic is swift (by professional standards) and skilled in doing what he does, and the shoulder becomes as stabilized as it possibly can be. Next comes more bandaging, compression tight, around the injured knee. It's borderline, but for the sake of expediency, the making of a splint is foregone and this should more than suffice for their purposes.

That all done, the excess supplies are returned to the satchel. "A'right. On three," he tells Tuan, like transporting the wounded is old hat. (For Arlin, it totally is.)

Of late, getting transported is becoming far too common place for Tuan. He reaches up to Arlin's arm when he begins his countdown to get himself pulled up. There is no brave face about the pain, it shows in slight grimaces but he has pushed it down far enough by now. "I passed out a bit ago, but thought I heard some kind of patrol before you arrived. I don't know what their timing is for us to get out of here without being noticed."

"All will be well." That is all Thesda has to say about the matter, as she leads the pair back to where the rope hangs. She walks gingerly, perhaps leery of there not being a ready excuse in the event that she steps on a twig.

<FS3> Thesda rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Aiding down for Tuan: Arlin rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Tuan rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Arlin rolls Athletics: Good Success.

If Arlin is concerned, he gives no indication. Retreating with the injured when others are trying to kill him is just another day ending in the letter 'y'. Getting the wounded Tuan up and out also ain't no thang. Once everyone is topside, the medic runs the risk of stating the obvious. "He should ride with you."

Tuan's struggle up the rope is real, but he manages to make it using his good arm and good leg to propel himself upwards with hops and jumps along with the occasional help of the others. Once up, however, he is really out of breath and takes a moment to recover before nodding at Arlin's words. "I am used to riding with Thesda, only this time I do not think she will be trying to throw me off."

"Yes." Thesda has gone back to minimal conversation mode. "Up first." She orders him, prepared to assist as might be needed. "And once we're home, you are going to explain yourself."

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