Day 048: Inevitable Assault
Summary: A group of Skaikru set out on the unlikely quest for opium. Rather than having a sedate time, they encounter political tension and authority issues, culminating in a physical altercation and… Guard brutality?
Date: 16 July 2016
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Hilly Grasslands — the Wilderness
These hilly grasslands begin to create the ever-growing foothills of a small mountain range divided from the larger Blue Mountains. The are bumping rolls of tall yellow grasses, emerging from the thick forests to the north. There are still patches of woods here and there along the hills, but this creates a clear path to the small mountains, and the settlement of the Skaikru people.
48 Days After Landing

"So it's supposed to look like this…" says Cass, holding up a rough paper sketch of Papaver somniferum, a rather peculiar-looking plant. She's drawn it with the pod unfurled, such that it's shaped like a plump globe on a stem, with a round crown on top. "We're looking for loose, fluffy soil. Somewhere cool. Not too wet."

The Earth Skills girl scans the surrounding area as they come to a stop. Cassie, Silas and Morgan have set out from Camp Jaha on a rather hopeless mission, to find the mythical opium poppy. Though widely-cultivated on Farm Station, they've yet to find any on the Ground, and Alpha's supplies of purified painkillers and sedatives are running low. If they find it, they'll be heroes to their people, which is likely why they've deemed it worth setting out at this ungodly early hour of the morning.

Kai's also out in the ungodly early morning, though granted, for entirely different purposes from the trio. She was out setting snares, and now is making her way through the grass back towards the camp with a trio of rabbits dangling from one of her hands. Absent the war paint, of course, but still dressed in her armor with her sword, and now a bow that appears to have become her constant companion too, the ex-Skaigirl looks towards the familiar trio and raises a hand by way of acknowledgment, as she shifts the fluffy rodents to hang over her shoulder.

Morgan mostly just needed to get out of the damned station. Not having been one to want to rejoin the Arkkru in the first place, only in his nightmares was he living back in the place he grew up in with his parents before they were killed. So when he found out Cass was headed out to forage, he decided to go along despite thinking it unlikely they'd find what she was looking for. Probably find what she wasn't though. Seeing Kai, he starts over toward her.

Hands in the pockets of his jacket and a small leather bag on his back, Silas lets out a slow yawn as he looks over to the sketch that Cass offers both him and Morgan. Silas offers the sketch a few second stare before he looks beyond it and at Cass.

"Good to know, but are you sure we're even going to find any?" he asks, the last bit said as his gaze drifts, as he joins in scanning their surroundings. The young man also seems to be looking for a few things himself — as he quietly goes to work with picking up some walnuts and stuffing them in his bag while he looks for the particular plant he was enlisted to help find. Looking up and around, Silas notices the figure of a familiar woman coming towards them — the woman in question earning a suspicious squint before he realizes it's just Kai. A hand goes up, and a "Yo" is let out in her direction.

"Nope," Cass candidly replies. "But since Morgan's probably gonna lobotomise me if we don't, we may as well look." She turns to glance at the walnuts Silas is collecting, mistaking them at first for some luckier find, before her attention follows the boys' to Kai. "Oh, great," she murmurs at first, with obvious sarcasm — displeased to have found the ex-Cadet, of all people, instead of flowering morphine. Until, that is, a thought strikes her. "Oh… Great!" Cassandra waves to Kai in greeting, flashing her a bright, cheery smile.

Kai's not in a hurry, obviously, given that when Morgan changes directions she stops, settling her weight on one hip to wait for Morgan's interception and upnodding towards the other two with no small amount of suspicion for Cassandra's cheer. "Has that useless prick had anything useful to say yet?" is asked of Morgan, before a, "What are you guys out for this morning?" added a little louder for the sake of the other two, too.

Morgan doesn't need to ask who the useless prick is. "I'm told he's drawing diagrams and being helpful about details. He wants to get them back yesterday." An attitude he certainly approves of. "Foraging. And getting out of the station." Mostly the latter.

It's not only Kai who's suspicious of Cass' sudden enthusiasm. Such cheers from her cause Silas to stare at her with somewhat furrowed brows, before he's looking over to Morgan as he meets with Kai. A double-take shot down to the ground, his eyes drifting along the soil before he's pushing himself up to his feet and making his way over to Kai and Morgan.

"Looking for plants," he offers, uninformatively. After a blink Silas realizes that might not be enough information, and thus adds, "For medicine, that is," before his eyes are looking back and around to the ground again. "You see anything that looks like a testicle on a stem?"

Once you see it, you really can't unsee it. Cass squints at her sketch after Silas makes that comment, and grimaces with dismay. "Yeah, actually, been looking for you, Kai kom Trikru," she claims. She looks back up towards the ex-C with a slight, wary glance at Silas after she says the word Trikru, well aware of his biases.

Cass steps on over towards Kai, eyeing the brace of rabbits she's holding before offering out the drawing. "Do you know if your new Grounder friends grow anything like this, anywhere? It could save lives."

Kai grunts acknowledgment for Morgan's words. "Good," though the last from Morgan gets somewhat of a smirk of amusement. "Mushroom or flower?" She slides her pack around her body, careful of the dangling rabbits and their dead accusing eyes, pulling out a morel with it's testicle-like wrinklyness only to squint at the picture and go, "Nuh, nothing like that, you'd be better off asking Benning."

"Opium," Morgan answers, nodding toward the sketch. "Aspirin is about all the station has so narcotics are badly needed for pain relief. Don't expect to find any but who knows. So what's the word in the camp? They assuming we're going to attack the mountain together or they still debating it?"

When Silas hears the magic word, he pauses as he stares at the ground. He looks up, and over to Cassandra – as if making sure he heard the woman right before he's looking back to Kai, scanning her up and down, back to Cassandra, and ultimately he's turning his head to the side to spit on the ground before he lets out a sigh and looks to Kai. "Yeah, Opium," mimics Silas, the friendliness he might've had in his tone having faded pretty damn quickly, but at least he isn't dropping some mad slurs. When she says she hasn't seen anything of the sort, he stares at the picture as well before he looks back to Kai. "And what does this Benning guy look like?" Assumptions have already been made, as Silas goes to look back down at the ground for a moment – as if the plant might've grown while he was looking away.

"Gal," Cassandra supplies helpfully aside to Silas. She crumples her sketch frustratedly in her fist when Kai claims she hasn't seen anything of the sort, but the exchange between her and Morgan has her attention diverted. "Don't we need to plan shit before we go charging in? I mean, I'm assuming you want to actually find Cameron and bring him back alive, not just martyr yourself as a statement."

"You'd be best off asking Galle or Arlin for something of that magnitude, mostly though marijuana or willow bark is used." Kai offers with a slight shrug of her shoulders, as she sticks the morel away again. "The kruheda left camp yesterday, but the Heda is still in talks with Kane." There's a pause from her before she elects to add, "They already had plenty of reasons to be angry at the Mountain, the more I tell them what we saw in the tunnels… the angrier they get. They will wait for the Heda's orders, but there are few who don't feel that's a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'," she elects to offer, her grey eyes going to Cassandra as she adds, "Remember the girl from the marketplace in Tondc? The Heda saw you too," is added before her gaze goes to Silas. Her head tips in the direction of Cassandra to indicate that what she says is accurate. "Talk to Beckinson, he has the video from the scouting mission. Which reminds me… tell him that I haven't been told I'm not allowed to give him that narration he asked about, so if he's got time after the evening meal he can probably find me by the hothouse."

"Did I say anything about not planning?" Morgan asks, looking over at Cass. "I'm asking what they're thinking. Anything official is going to be done between Kane and whatshername, Lexi? But I want to know if they're into it or not." Which Kai answers and in the way he was hoping for. "Good. Angry and eager to kill them is what I was hoping for."

A look is exchanged between Cass and Kai from Silas as they correct him — and he seems to think for a few seconds before his cheeks tint in a bit of embarrassment as he looks back to the ground. "That's what I said," he blatantly lies, as he stuffs his hands into his pockets and simply listens to the exchange of words. Despite his known opinions of the Trikru, mention of marijuana gets a curious glance from Silas, as he tilts his head and quietly hums to himself. "I wouldn't mind weed, I might need to head over there," he says to no one in particular, as he doesn't seem to say much on the matter of the mountain. After a bit, he ends up speaking up about it, though. "I'm starting to wish I took up those gun lessons," he says with furrowed brows and pursed lips. "But I guess swinging shit means I won't accidentally shoot a pal." At least he seems like he's willing to go.

"What girl from the market?" Cassandra remembers quite a few: blonde ones, tall ones, short ones, scary ones… mostly just scary ones; Grounder women are fierce. She then turns to offer Silas a double-take. "Wait, you're going too? Is anyone not going?" Shooting Morgan a dubious look, she asks, "Alright then, chum. What's the plan?"

"Lexa," Kai corrects, "But yes, I've spent more time answering questions about what I saw under the Mountain than… anything else, really. They all want to know… what the Reapers were doing, how can I be sure that there was a way into the Mountain. That sort of shit. The idea that the Mountain has been actively feeding the Trikru to the Reapers is a source of… very… deep… anger among those who speak to me." She shifts the rabbits back off of her shoulder. "From what I understand they're not letting you lot have guns anyways… which strikes me as fuck-all stupid, but yay… Exodus charter… you guys have fun with that." From the slight shake of her head and the brief amused quirk of her lips, she's glad it's not on her list of concerns at least.

"Chis," Kai utters for Cassandra. "You gave her a postcard. Got to say, 's some wily shit. I'm impressed. Lexa might not be that much older than us but…" Well, she trails off and let's her attention go in the vague direction of camp, clearing her throat and grunting, "I'd follow her any day over Kane."

"Do you think I'm on Kane's planning committee?" Morgan scoffs. "How the hell should I know. I'm just getting as much info as possible and passing it over. While it looks like we might be able to get the rovers through the mist safely, they obviously can't carry everyone. But the scouts managed to avoid it," he says, nodding toward Kai. "So assuming we can get by the mist, we kill the Reapers, blow up whatever needs blowing up so we can get inside the mountain, and then we kill them all and get our people back. If there are any Grounders in there we can save, we do that too." Simple. "Kane can worry about the exact details. He's good at planning how to kill people."

"Of course I am, they have my friends," says Silas to Cassandra, his right brow rising as his hands slip from his pockets and he crosses them along his chest. "You know. Friends. People who mutually enjoy one another's company," he says, as if trying to explain the concept to Cass. Joking, hopefully. However, when Kai mentions they're not having guns at all, Silas stares at her with pursed lips before he says:

"What. The fuck?" He doesn't even know how to use them — but he's seen how useful they are. "As if it's like we can't use them. We fuckin' tore up those bark monkeys — we know what we're doing. We had to learn how to when we were sent to our death," he growls with furrowed brows and a frustrated tone, a glance sent over his shoulder camp-ward. "Trikru's looking real fuckin' appealing right now," he says sarcastically before he looks back to the others. Morgan'a words earn a stare from Silas, and then he pats the man's shoulder and offers him a thumbs up. "Fuckin' preach it," he says, before falling quiet once again.

"Sounds like people who get you killed, more like," comes Cassandra's retort, when Silas tries to explain his noble notions of what friendship means. That said, she's still wearing the armour he made for her before the battle at the Dropship.

Staring at Kai, Cassie then exclaims, "No shit. Chis? The skinny little bird with the killer green eyes? Fuck." Sounds like someone's been had. "I gave her a postcard. You think she'll remember that? Maybe we'll be friends." Silas gets a funny look at his statement about the Trikru sounding appealing, even if it was a joke. As for Morgan, she waves her hand dismissively in the air. "That's not a plan."

A man in a back t-shirt and worn jeans starts to come from the south. Kai and Morgan know him as Sergeant Breen, but he looks to be off-duty right now… with a fairly large lump on the back of his head. There's also a forming scar on his right arm and a fairly well healed bump above that too… but right now, Nathaniel seems to just be enjoying a walk. He's also carrying what looks like a short spear – the type meant for throwing – on his back. It doesn't take long for him to stop upon spotting the others. People this far out isn't that big a surprise at least, and those blue eyes study them.

"There's another way in," Kai grunts for Morgan. "Don't have to go anywhere near the boundary on the surface, if they're right and the tunnels all link up… there may be a way to bypass it entirely." There's a look towards Silas. "Hey, you want to sign up to be part of the jackboot patrol, you go right on ahead. They're missing at least one commission." Her. Not that it doesn't make her jaw twitch to have the Trikru referred to as 'bark monkeys', instead her gaze shifting to Morgan to go, "I've been impressing on those that will listen, that there are advantages to including rifles in the inevitable assault. Granted, that we'd be functionally pissing off the Mountain either way helps. But. Yeh."

The four teens are clustered in the grass, the converted Trikru and the trio of Skaikru, the former with a brace of rabbits held in her hand, the latter on their way out to hunt opium. "Yes. Her. And right now? Wouldn't count on it." Her gaze can't help but spot the movement in the distance, the girl raising a hand to shield her eyes and squint his way before she adds, "That's Breen… he looks like he took a beating, 'sup with that?"

Morgan looks over at Silas at the pat and reaches over to clasp his shoulder, giving him a nod. "We'll save them." No question. Then looking back to Cass, he says, "Did you just hear me saying Kane would be doing the planning? My plan is to let the ones best suited to a job, do it. As soon as I work out how a selfish bitch can help us win, I'll let you know what your role will be. Anyway," he continues, looking back to Kai. "I wouldn't be too sure about not having rifles. I'm not sure exactly what the Exodus Charter says but we'll be outside the station. Far outside. And there's that militia thing Kane created. We could all join it just for the attack on the mountain and be given guns." Looking over when Kai points out Breen, he reaches up to run his fingers through his hair. "We went and got two live Reapers. He was part of it. Didn't do too bad but he needs to figure out he's not going up against poorly trained kids and scientists down here."

Morgan earns a firm nod in return, before Kai's words are caught by Silas' ears. "Fuck th' guard," simply replies Silas to Kai, with a glance towards her and a quirk of his right brow. He doesn't seem to notice – or either doesn't really care if she doesn't like the way he refers to Trikru, as he's simply looking over to Cassandra. "You get killed either way," he simply adds, a bit belated, to her retort. "I just find dying is a bit more doable with company," he says with a tilt of his head to the side. "That's not saying I won't try and not die.". When Kai mentions Breen, Silas perks up and looks over his shoulder to the man in question, staring at him for a moment or two with a blink. He doesn't seem to know the man, which is evidenced by his somewhat confused and somewhat uninterested stare before he shrugs, "Part of me wants to say it might've been one of those Reapers that patrol nabbed. Another part of me thinks Kane just might've turned into Skai-Führer shortly after we headed out."

The comment about Skai-Führer gets a snort of amusement from Cass. No one needs to be reminded how she feels about the Ark, or about authority, let alone Ark authority combined. But, just in case: "You don't give me orders," she hisses to Morgan, closing in on him with a sidestep forward, raising a finger to point up at his nose. Now that she's aware that Sergeant Breen is approaching, she's keeping her voice low, because she's very aware that this won't look good in front of him. "This is a two-way street, Blackwood. There's more than one Trikru offered to take me on as a Second. What's stopping me doing the selfish thing and up and leaving you clowns?"

The group gets a glance from Nate, but his interest is more in the rabbits as he approaches. He's off duty, and no one's attacking each other yet, so… "Did you hunt those yourself?" The blue eyes of Nathaniel go to Kai as he steps up to the brace. "I've been meaning to do some of this, but the last week hasn't been very conductive to that." Sarcasm? From Mr. Straight arrow?

Kai shrugs. "Not my circus, Morgan, and so very not my monkeys. If you guys can get them to give you guns, more power to you… and huh… yeh, I remember hearing something about the guard coming in with Reapers on stretchers… so does it work?" she asks absently, finger-pointing her agreement with Silas, drawling, "You mean he's not already? I've heard there's supposed to be elections. Any sign of that manifesting or has it been conveniently forgotten about while he tries to make deals with my Heda?"

There's a look from Kai to Cass, full of dubious really at the thought that any of them are offering to take her on as a Second, punctuated by a snort. "Sergeant… got some Reaper action, huh?" she lofts the rabbits with a wry smile. "Snares. Easier than trying to nail one with an arrow."

Morgan just blinks a moment at Cass. Not because of the finger or tone, but, "Do you think I actually care whether you stay or go?" he asks her, sounding genuinely curious. "Do whatever the hell you want. We won't have to worry about you stealing drugs from the infirmary any more." And he's not keeping his voice down. "Go become someone's Second. But if you think they'll put up with your shit… You're going to end up very scarred if you act there the way you do here. How many cuts do they give someone for stealing stuff, Kai? Valuable stuff badly needed?" Not that the Station had any powerful drugs but if they had, they'd certainly be in demand. It's a rhetorical question though since he turns from Cass, dismissing her with body language. "Breen. Should you be out of bed?"

"As if you wouldn't just end up doing the same thing over there as well," snorts Silas in an amused response to Cass. "Besides, it's not like our peace will last too long — knowing Tree Crew and some of us," he says, with a bit of a thumb pointed back at himself. At least he's self aware. When Nate comes up and over, Silas is looking back and offering the man a bit of a nod in greeting. "You learn to hunt when it's likely you'll starve otherwise. Y'know, just expendable things," he says, brows dipping somewhat, but ultimately he keeps himself in check. Kind of.

Silas looks back and over to Kai when she mentions the snares before he lets out a small sigh. "I might need to ask around for some wire so I can do some snaring as well," he says with a lazy stare. He also finally gets around to piping in about the elections. "Who fuckin' knows. Politics is just a bunch of people lying, and people deciding which one is lying the least, anyways. But it probably won't happen until this mountain business is over," he says with a lopsided shrug, before he looks over to Nate curiously following Morgan's question.

The doubt from Kai just gets an eye-roll from Cassandra, who turns her attention to Silas. "At least someone's talking sense," she says, giving him a nod of approval. Didn't she cheer him on getting beaten up one time?

"Any details of missions conducted by the Guard are not up for discussion outside the chain of command." Yep, that's a fairly well rehearsed speech right there. Then Morgan gets his attention as he stands there. "I'm taking it easy, getting a walk, before I head back. I'm not pushing myself, promise. I didn't get crippled, just battered pretty hard." The rabbits get another look before he shrugs, "I'll try that once I'm able to get physical again. Still hurts like hell, though." Nathaniel very carefully brings up a hand to the large swelling area on his skull, but doesn't touch it, with his good arm. "It'll probably be at least a week before I can do anything remotely like running."

"Trikru don't steal from Trikru." Period. Like this is simply a thing that doesn't happen from the way Kai utters it. "But things that harm the clan are considered treason." Her gaze shifts to Silas with a noncommittal grunt, shifting her rabbits over to the other hand before adjusting her pack again. She can't help the snort given for Nathaniel's words, it's not that she's surprised by them, it's that really, she just can't help herself. In fact the more he says, the more amused she gets, shaking her head slightly and looking at the ground to keep her entertainment to herself.

Morgan nods at what Breen says. "You're a big boy. Do what you want." The 100 are another matter since they're 'his'. "Well, there you go Cass. Need help carrying anything to the camp?" The offer's made with a smirk. "So, Kai. If you want to narrate that video, we can do it. I've got it with me. Then Jumar won't have to tear himself away from his projects and grumble about it constantly. Which reminds me… Did you hear he thinks the mountain is responsible for the dropship? Jamming the radio and did something to their umm, whatever he called it."

Nate's words earn a quiet stare from Silas, his right brow risen slightly as he looks between the other three he's with before he looks back to the guard. "I could feel your personality seeping from that," he says sarcastically, though with an amused smirk before he looks over to Kai when she mentions about stealing. "They probably do, you either just don't hear about it or don't want to admit it," he adds, as though it's a fact. Silas looks to Morgan when he mentions that the mountain may be responsible for the dropship, a deep frown on his face, though he doesn't say anything.

"Yeah, I saw what happened to Oxfor and your new friends for treason," says Cass, giving Kai an arch look. "Didn't get floated, did they?" Shaking her head, she starts to move off. "You folks see what you can find. I'm gonna go look elsewhere."

Nathaniel gives a glance to Morgan. Not quite disapproval, but not quite approval. More appraisal. It isn't on the 'list' of standing orders and he wasn't told about that. Must be one of those things being kept under wraps. "It would make sense… wouldn't it?" He looks to Silas. "Seeping?"

"Sure. Though I should get these to Britt, I'm still learning how to gut them properly." Kai grunts for Morgan before looking towards Silas, then Cass, the latter making the grey-eyed girl's face go hard and unfriendly. "The only reason that their punishment, for helping us was so light, was because the Heda decided it was so, and that you do not comprehend the seriousness of their punishment just proves that no one would be fool enough to take you as a Second, bushhada," with full on sneer on the final word.

"Kai, they killed a lot of our friends," Morgan reminds her. Or Silas' friends anyway. "It's going to take time to get over it. Silas, we were invaders. And they've had a lot of problems with the Azgeda invading and the mountain killing them. Despite that, a lot of them did the best they could for us. Judge them as individuals based on what they do and say and not by assholes like Sonia and Arlin." So back to business. "Yeah, it would Breen. Maybe did the same thing to Cam's mom." It's said like it's a sudden realization. "I'll have to save one of them for him."

"Like uh… Oozing. Drip? Like that," says Silas, tilting his head to the side in a somewhat confused manner. He wasn't expecting to be asked any word definitions. When Cassandra mentions she's going to be leaving, Silas looks over and opens his mouth as though he's about to say something, before Kai begins so speak. Looking over, he's simply listening to her as he brings his hands to rest on his hips. When Kai says bushhada, Silas' brow furrow. "I suppose I can't tell you not to talk Grass Grazer, with you being a fucking traitor and all," he says with a lopsided frown as he looks off and away with a brief grit of his teeth.

He seems to mull over his choice of words for a moment – as if he might take it back, but ultimately leaves what's said be. Silas isn't made out for friendly talks with Trikru – and the frustration on his face is showing, when Morgan adds his two cents in, Silas looks over. "We didn't invade anything, we were sent to die," he says, firmly and with furrowed brows. "They're murderous fucking ape –" he begins, before he bites his tongue and begins taking in a few deep breaths following Morgans advice. Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. "I'm heading back," simply says Silas, his right hand coming over to scratch behind his neck as he begins to turn and head back towards camp.

Cassandra was already walking away, back turned, but the ex-Solitary-confined Delinquent can really never resist a fight. Kai's words are enough to make her stop and turn around, bruised features dripping with scorn. "You know Adams, even in that get-up…" She waves a hand over her new brown leather armour. "You're still just a spoiled daddy's girl from Alpha Station. You can't escape what you are, and you've no idea what it's like to survive. Don't try to understand me, or the wily-fucking Grounders. I have more in common with them than you ever will."

Ever the mediator, Nathaniel starts to looks between Cassandra and Kai. He doesn't inject himself yet… word are words after all, but he does prepare to step in, injuries or no. "I was actually not –" Then Silas leaves. Nathaniel blinks, then grunts before he returns his attention to the potential fight.

"I'm perfectly fucking aware of the casualties, Morgan," Kai growls icily for the medtech, only to give Silas a slow and nasty smile, but again it's Cassandra that draws her attention away from him. "You keep telling yourself that Bonheur. You useless waste of fucking skin," she can't help but tag onto it before pressing her lips together and drawing herself up stiffly. Though her eyes go over Nathaniel, it's Morgan she elects to fix with a look. "And yet I'm the dumb fuck that's willing to actually go and do something to help them. Ground must look awfully pretty from their fucking high-horses." And it's her turn to spit after the retreating two with a dark glower.

Unlike with Silas and Kai, Morgan's not really interested in trying to make peace between her and Cass it seems. "It's going to take time, Kai," he repeats. And not just for Silas. "How's Silver getting along with them?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=melee Vs Kai=dodge
< Cassandra: Success (7 6 2) Kai: Good Success (8 3 4 1 4 1 2 8)
< Net Result: Kai wins - Marginal Victory

Before Kai has the opportunity to answer that question, a flying brunette is turning around and charging to interrupt it. Something snaps in Cassandra's expression, on a level it hasn't since she got into a fight with Ruth four days after landing. She's the wild animal who got locked up in Solitary again, expression fuming, as she brings up a knee to try and slam into the ex-Cadet's stomach, hands lunging for her throat. Where her opponent's head is sensibly shaved, Cassie's long hair swings in front of her face, first obscuring it, then streaming out behind her. At least she doesn't draw any of her actual weapons.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nathaniel=melee Vs Cassandra=dodge
< Nathaniel: Great Success (8 8 6 2 8 4 7 4 3 2 2) Cassandra: Success (8 5 1 4)
< Net Result: Nathaniel wins - Solid Victory

Sure, Nathaniel is injured… but one arm isn't, and the teenager is practically telegraphing herself. So, instead of getting all physical, the Sergeant flips out the shock baton from his waist holster and sweeps it under Cassandra with his good arm to let her run into it… what with her hair obscuring her. By the time Cassandra realizes it, she gets a major shock to her system before Nathaniel brings the baton around and into her back next for good measure. Didn't even have to use the rest of his body. "I suggest you stay down unless you'd like another charge, Ms. Bonheur."

Kai's been with the Trikru, and it shows in the way the ex-Cadet steps out of the wild knee and to the side of the clawing hands, rabbits dropped into the grass as the Second's hands come up and she drops into… well, it at least sort of is based upon cadet training? Only… not, anymore. Adjusted to deal with ground situations, the snarl etched on her face as the dull grey eyes of the traitor girl spark suddenly to life. Her hands don't go for her weapons, either, for all the predatory focus that comes into her. And then there's a good ZOT from the Sergeant. Blink. Blink. There's disappointment in the grunt she gives, despite the way her lips curl in sadistic delight as she lowers her hands again and reaches for her rabbits. "Branwoda," is her verdict.

If Morgan has no interest in getting between Kai and Cass verbally, he certainly isn't going to physically and just waits to watch Kai administer a beat down. But then Nathaniel is there and doing it instead and he's trying not to look impressed. Nor approving. Neither works very well. "What's that word mean? I haven't heard it before," he asks Kai.

Cassandra knows what that word means – it isn't the first time she's been called it. She might feel it now, were her ego not so large, when the spasm of a shock-baton courses through her stomach. She falls to her knees, face wracked with pain, only for another charge to slam down her back and send her keeling onto her side in a foetal position. She shakes, experiencing the kind of sharp, sudden agony that no Trikru weapon can even administer. Incapacitated, she can do nothing but curl up and clench her fists, tears stinging her lower eyelids.

The Sergeant sighs, clearly disliking this turn of events. "I didn't want to do that. Kai is clearly trying to provoke you and is being inconsiderate and rude, but that doesn't mean you get to assault her." Nathaniel is clearly getting no satisfaction from this as he moves down to one knee and watches her. "I'm sorry." Nathaniel watches the two for any other signs of violence.

"It means fool." Yeh, there's no sympathy from Kai. "The shitty thing is that it's not that she's fucking stupid." The rabbits are collected and slung back over her shoulder with a shake of her head. "But I'm sure as fuck glad she ain't my problem." Her grey eyes go to Nathaniel and she says, "Well I was going to say thanks, but given that she started out by insulting my clan? You got a funny sense on who starts shit." Her eyes go to Morgan. "Like you said… it takes time. The camp murdered plenty of people on their side too. Silver and I are the reminder of that. But you remember this shit when you wonder why I've got no interest in being around Alpha. Yeh? I'm going to get these rabbits back to camp. Whenever you want a run down on that video just let me know."

Seeing Cass curled up on the ground, Morgan looks away, pretty unconcerned as he nods to Kai. "Yeah. And Pontus told me Arlin had family in that village so I'm trying to give the asshole the benefit of the doubt." Still, sucker punching Grey and making him drop Asher is going to keep him on Morgan's shitlist for a while. "I'll come by in a bit, give you time to clean the rabbits and wash the blood off. If any of them want to watch the video, they're welcome."

This would seem to be a fitting time for Asher to arrive from the direction of the lake and further from camp. He's been going farther and farther from camp Jaha for longer and longer since he's been able to walk without the crutch. His limp is mild and his left arm is still bandaged, but he does't have it in a sling. What he arrives upon would apparently be Cass, on the ground, in pain, with Kai and Morgan chatting, and some Guard on one knee near her. This is not usually the way you want Asher to find you. His grounder axe is in his right hand without him saying a word and he's immediately stalking off towards Nathaniel, or maybe Cassandra. Hard to tell at this point and distance.

<FS3> Asher rolls Stealth: Success. (2 5 5 7 6 5)
<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve: Success. (7 3 3 5 5)
<FS3> Morgan rolls Alertness: Success. (2 6 7 4 5 2 6 2)
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Good Success. (4 8 7 7 3 5 5 2 5)
<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Alertness-2: Failure. (5 4 1 3 1 4)

It looks like Cassandra disagrees with what people around her are saying, kneeling Nathaniel included, but she's incapacitated and therefore unable to respond. She might otherwise do more than groan, and for now just digs her fingernails into the grass as she tries to push herself onto her back, and away from the guard.

With Cassandra incapacitated and seemingly no need for the baton anymore, his attention is now to the throb in his head from the head wound. It doesn't take long for him to stand back up and leave her be for now. She isn't in camp Jaha, so she isn't being arrested, at least. "You don't need to worry about another shock. We simply don't need people fighting anywhere near the camp. This truce is fragile enough." With that, Nathaniel looks to Kai, then to Morgan, "I'd like to hear the results of that."

"Not my place to talk about Arlin's business… but him having family in that village isn't even the half of it," Kai grunts for Morgan and nods her head. "Sergeant. Morgan. I'll see you later," and it seems she's going to move off. Which of course brings her attention over Asher and the note of, "Hey Sarge, y'met Kholmin yet? Cos you're about to," and points off in the direction of Asher… that apparently counts as enough of a warning in her book, given the grey-eyed girl elects to move off on her trek once more.

"You can see it for yourself," Morgan tells Breen. "I've been watching it over and over to make sure I don't miss anything important." When Kai points out Asher, he turns to look and shakes his head. "Asher, don't. Really. You don't want to be locked up when we go attack the mountain." He flicks a glance down at Cass and adds, "She's fine."

To say that Asher is a murderous rage machine would be a very mild overstatement. He doesn't always kill people when he wants to. He just sometimes kills people when he wants to. However he does put the axe back into the sling on his belt before he arrives at Nathaniel since the shock baton was put away. He never saw what happened before, so this is just one more guard abusing his power. "So this is our new fucking Guard on the ground, huh? Attacking the helpless?" His gaze falls on Morgan and Kai, then back to Nathaniel as he cross over to Cassandra. "Morgan better be right, fuckstick," AKA Nathaniel. "If she's hurt, you won't be happy with what I have to say about it." He then kneels down to check on Cassandra.

Given the new stars in his eyes, Nathaniel has no interest in fighting. Sure, Asher Kholmin is basically a murderer who was pardoned in what amounts to unusual circumstances… but that doesn't mean the Sergeant wants to provoke him. He was pardoned under the law… but has no illusions he'll do it again. "Mr. Kholmin. I was wondering if I'd ever meet you down here." The baritone of Nathaniel's voice is easily heard as he turns to the man. "I stunned her after she attempted assault, nothing more. If she wants you to take her somewhere, I'm not arresting her. I don't have the authority to do so out here anyway." He pointedly ignores the man's barbs. He's not going to be the one to start a fight here, even if he wasn't injured.

Cassandra looks almost as annoyed about being called helpless as she did about Kai's words to her, before she tried to attack the ex-Cadet. Then again, her looking annoyed with Asher is nothing new, and when she sees his face, her damp eyes are in equal measure glad and relieved to see him. Apparently she likes being annoyed. She is alive and well, if (literally) shocked, and therefore unable to move much or talk.

Axe is put away, Morgan can ignore everything else that happens. "If you want to see that video of the scouts in the mountain tunnel, come to the infirmary," Morgan tells Asher. "Since we'll be fighting down there, you'll want to know what to expect." Giving him a nod, he starts heading back to the station.

It's a new world, right? Asher finishes checking on Cass. Fighting? Asher glances to Morgan with a brow raised. "Who says I'm fighting anything if it's with halfwit guards like this jagoff." He jerks his head back towards Nathaniel and then starts to lift up Cassandra. His left arm isn't anywhere near fit, but he's strong enough to lift her up without it doing much. A beat pause. "Fine. I'll look at the video." Because obviously he's actually going to fight. As for Nathaniel, "I don't know who you are, and I don't give a fuck. You don't know shit about living down here. If you had no authority to arrest her out here, you had no authority to attack her either. So I'm gonna give this new alliance with the Ark one chance." He stands with Cassandra now. "I'm reporting your ass. If they do something about it, then maybe Camp Jaha can count me in to help them. If they don't." He shrugs, which lifts Cassandra awkwardly. "Then I know this is all a bunch of bullshit and you guards aren't any different than you were up there. Just a bunch of thugs with guns." Big talk from a thug with an axe. And then he's off in a direction away from the Camp, further into the wilderness.

"As you wish," is all Nathaniel says to that. Cassandra is one of theirs, whether she likes to live within or not, that means she's within his jurisdiction. Of course, out here… grey area much. Regardless of the outcome, Asher reporting a guard. That'll get a laugh. "Good luck out there." Sure, Asher's an asshole, but so are half the people in the Camp. Nathaniel heads another way with that. Kane will either decide that Guard are only permitted to use batons within the camp, or that their people are under Guard jurisdiction in and out. Test bed case.

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