Day 014: Ink Master
Summary: Morgan seeks out Ginia to discuss tattoos. Her stall being in the center of the village, people come and go and various things get talked about.
Date: May 24 2016
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Village Center - Coesbur, Trikru
The village of Coesbur is a middling-sized settlement of the Trikru clan. It has two major entry points, both of which funnel into the village center. The first entry point is from the west, and is across the Cioesbur Bridge which stretches over one of the branches of the divided Potomac. The other entry point is from the east, and provides a direct route to the road to Polis. The village center is really nothing more than a large dirt courtyard surrounded by a variety of structures. While most of these are Grounder-built, there is one that survived the apocalypse. It is a tall, octagon-shaped stone building made of brown and red brick. It's roof is domed, and made of tarnished, greened copper with inlays of colored glass. Broad, white steps lead up to the two-door-wide entrance to the building.
Day 14

Mid-afternoon finds the village with its usual amount of activity. Grounders at work, small children at play and out of sight but still heard is the sound of warriors training the younger generation. Sitting on the ground of her own three walled stall sits the town tattooist, a young man, probably in is 20's laid face down. She has a leg laid over his calf, pinning it down as she taps the little ink drenched metal comb like instrument into the man's leg, creating broad lines against the back of his thigh. There are three of these lines already, pink and angry looking, clearly fresh tattoos, and the one she is doing now is nearly done.

Morgan rounds one of the buildings and starts heading for the center of the village. Here and there, when he catches the eye of someone looking at him, he nods a greeting and gives a quick smile but when he sees Ginia in her stall, he detours in that direction. "Hi Ginia." he says as he closes the distance but when he's close enough, he pauses when he sees she's actually working on someone. "Oh, sorry. I can come back when you're not busy." Though that curious gleam is back in his eye.

Ginia glances up from her work as she dips the little metal comb into a bowl of clear liquid shakes it off and then into the bowl of ink "Hello Morgan." she doesn't have a problem with his name like she does with others in Skaikru "You are fine. I am almost done here." she then wipes the excess ink and seeping blood from the man's leg with a damp cloth and continues the continues the tattooing process "You are welcome to watch."

"Thanks, I'd like that." Morgan steps closer so he can get a better view of the process but not too close. "What are you using to prevent infection? Do you make you own instruments or get them from someone?"

The woman gives a nod to the clear liquid in the bowl beside her, her eyes remaining on putting the final touches on the last indigo stripe of the back of the man's thigh "Smell it." she suggests to him her tone like one would expect a teacher of sorts would have. Maybe she is testing his knowledge. The liquid in the bowl smells strongly of onion should he actually do so. "The bone and wooden ones I make. The metal ones I have made. I do not have the proper tools for working with metal."

Morgan picks up the bowl to give a quick sniff before setting it back down. "Onions?" He shifts position to get a better view where Ginia's hand isn't in the way. "So you're a carver as well as a tattooer. Did you learn this from your parents?"

Ginia nods "Close. I think you would call them leeks." she puts her tools down, dips the cloth in the leek juice and wipes the man's leg down, before she wraps a bandage around the leg. There is a brief exchange between the pair in the Trikru tongue as they both get up from the floor. Then the man departs with a nod to both Morgan and Ginia "Not really. I can carve my tools, but that's the limit of my carving skill." she speaks as she begins to clean up her things. "My father is one of the warriors, my mother a leatherworker. I was taken as a second to the former tattooist and taught by him." she seems very meticulous when it comes to cleaning her tools, the little comb is swished around in the leek juice a few times and then put to soak in some other jar of liquid. "That one is alcohol." she tells him before he asks.

"Interesting. I'll have to remember they have antiseptic properties." Without lab equipment, Morgan can't get it proven of course but will give them the benefit of the doubt that if it wasn't preventing infection, they wouldn't use it. "Ah, you do have alcohol. I was wondering if that was a skill that was lost."

"And it does not strip or breakdown the ink from the skin." Ginia adds for his benefit, like alcohol probably would since it is a solvent. That would defeat the purpose really. A ghostly smile crosses her face at his wondering such a thing "Many have I am sure." she comments "But that will probably be the last of them to die out." it's mid-afternoon and the usual things are happening in the village. Morgan and Ginia are easily noticed in her little tattoo workplace. They are conversing as she finishes cleaning up after inking a local.

Morgan grins at Ginia's comment. "Yeah, people gotta keep their booze. So, I was wondering… Out of all the things we've been learning about your people, I have no idea how your economy works. Do people hunt and farm and it all goes into a communal pot? Do you barter? If you need a metal instrument that you can't make, but the person who can make them doesn't want a tattoo, how's that work? I'm asking because I think I'd like to get one from you, assuming we end up with a truce or something."

Wandering out from the orchard where he was going for a stroll, Cameron seems to be a little tense, but its lurking mostly under the surface. It's just this energy about him that seems to want to burst out. But, upon seeing Morgan and Ginia, he wanders over, and at Ginia's process of cleaning. He seems very curious about the things in Ginia's workspace, but instead of asking he flashes a dimpled smile, "Hi, Morgan; Ginia kom Trikru. Hm, how do you say 'hello' in treegedelang?" Oh did he mangle that. That said, he falls in near to Morgan and looks curious himself at the question.

There is little ink left in the wooden bowl used for that so Ginia pours a bit of the alcohol into it and swirls the contents around before stepping to the side and dumping the contents on the ground between the buildings. She does this as she listens intently to Morgan's question. "We mostly barter. There are hunters and farmers that will give to the group for our occasional communal meals, but we mostly will barter goods or services for what we need." she explains to him as she wipes the bowl out with an alcohol soaked rag. The arrival of Cameron has her nodding in greeting to him "<In Trigedasleng> Hello." she says to him, perhaps answering his question by using the greeting herself.

It is mid-afternoon and the trio of two Skaifru and the Trikru woman are in a three sided building like stall, decorated in Grounder fashion with a few narrow tables against the walls with storage underneath and a strange barberlike shop chair off to the side.

Morgan looks over when he hears Cameron's voice and smiles, reaching out to briefly touch Cam's hand. "Hey. I was just telling Ginia I'd be interested in talking about getting a tattoo from her. You were wanting to discuss designs." He nods to the Grounder at her explanation. "So assuming we do end up friends, what can I give you in trade? You're obviously not sick but I wouldn't trade for healing anyway."

"We could go hunting, I mean, I've had some success. They obviously have their own hunters but food is always useful." prompts Cameron with a suggestion, even as he offers a quick smile to Morgan and touches the other young man's hand right back. He adds, looking at the ink covetously, "If we end up with trade open, I'd love to trade for some ink." Man, does he want some ink. His eyes are hungry for it.

Coming from the west, Silas can be seen entering the village with a length of leather wrapped around his diagonally and a decent length of not-so decent unfinished hide. He's quiet as he makes his way through and into the village center, quietly looking around as he takes in the sight, blinking a bit before he looks over towards and spots the stall. Having read somewhat that stall equals business, Silas quietly begins to head toward it.

At first, he doesn't seem to notice just who's there, but as he gets closer and spots that both Cameron and Morgan are there his brows rise as he approaches. "Hey, guys." he says as he comes over to the stall, his hide in his hands as he comes over to the stall and looks to Ginia and eyes her, offering he a small dip of his chin and a nod in greeting. "Uh.. Hello." he says, emphasizing and slowly saying the hello, awkwardly glancing to Cameron and Morgan before looking back to her and then back to the two Skaikru guys. "Uh, do you know where I should go to trade this hide for metal bits?" he asks.

Tattooing one of the Skaikru, that is both intriguing and a bit intimidating for Ginia "Game, food and hides are the more common items for bartering." her eyes though go to the bracelet around Cameron's wrist as she tells them this, but she has noticed that some of the Skaikru have them and others don't so assumes there is some significance to it, so doesn't come right out and mention that. "Tattoos, ink these I am willig to trade for." As Silas approaches with his burden he is given an appraising look by Ginia and there is a slight amused look at his slow greeting to her "<In Trigedasleng> Hello." she greets him, "Ginia kom Trikru." she introduces herself, touching her chest. "You will find one of the metalworker three stalls down." she points to where that individual is. Ginia apparently can speak pretty good English.

"Believe me, you don't want me to go hunting with you." Morgan tells Cam. "No matter how quiet you might be, they'll hear me." Not to mention that Can knows he doesn't want to kill any animals. And then there's Silas and he blinks. "Silas? What are you doing here? Is everything okay back at the camp?" His gaze shifts to the hide at the mention of trading and he shakes his head. "I don't think we're at the trading stage yet, Silas. Though you can ask around." He's discussing the possibility himself though for the future.

Cameron looks over at Silas and blinks, "Silas?" his expression showing open surprise at seeing the young man. He does catch Ginia looking at his bracelet, and this he lifts up and rubs at a bit nervously, his lips pursed, "This… this tells my father that I'm alive. If I take it off, he might think I'm dead. It speaks to our sky city. But, I could warn him, then I'd be willing to trade it— but just ink isn't enough, I'd be willing to trade it for the knowledge how to make ink." Then he grins at Morgan, "Well /I'm/ happy to hunt for you, Mor. I'm sure you can think of something to barter back to me for any game I bring in." His grin looks positively wicked at that.

"Oh. You speak English. Cool." says Silas, blinking as his cheeks go a bit pink from embarrassment. "Silas Kom.. Uhm, Sky Crew?" says Silas, the last bit sounding like a question, as if he's wondering if he said it right before he looks to Morgan. "Everything's fine at camp, but I'm just here to trade. After all, a famous person once said the gate way to a healthy relationship is a economical relationship." he says, ignoring the fact he's pretty sure no one famous said that. He looks to Ginia, he offers to the tattooist a slow nod when she mentions the metalworker. He looks to Cameron as his name is mentioned. "The one an' only." he says, shrugging, before he looks around for a moment. "Nice place." he says, before he looks back to the folks in the stall. "How have things been going here between our folks here, by the way? I haven't been paying attention, I've been busy busting my ass trying to make some leather." he says, his right hand coming over to pat the leather wrapped around him. "This is the only one I've been able to make properly so far." he says, seemingly not heading off to try and trade the hide for metal just yet.

The archer has been out again. By the Heda, she is out more than she is in at this point. Today, she steps in from the bridge, carrying what looks like a small dear of some sort across her shoulders. Its feet are strangely cloven — deeper than a normal deer hoof, almost looking like two thick toes. She walks with steady steps, almost completely in disregard for the weight across her shoulders. She heads directly to the common house to deposit her game, and only takes note of the Skaikru once she is done. She blinks, arches a brow, and then sighs as she heads toward Ginia. "<In Trigedasleng> You look as though you have adopted yourself some Skaikru, Ginia."

As the three greet each other, Ginia listens and watches the exchange, the way the Skaikru deal with each other is curious to her and probably a lot of the other Trikru. Her attention is drawn to Cam when he explains the bracelet and frown coming to her face slightly before she shakes her head and lifts a hand "If the bracelet tells your father that you are alive, it would be wrong of me to take it from you. Family is important." the hand drops and she gives him another of her ghostly smiles "I am sure we can come up with an agreeable trade." she sounds optimistic at that at least. Silas' surprised embarrassment has her dropping her face to hide an amused grin at it. With Silas asking his people the question she quiets as she listens to see what they have to say. Until Gideon comes into her tattoo stall "<In Trigedasleng> Yes. They are fascinated by the tattoos and ink. That one," she gestures to Morgan "even wants to barter for one." yep she is talking about him, she isn't shy about it.

Morgan looks relieved to hear the camp is okay. Or as okay as can be expected. (Which is to say not very.) "Well, good luck. Things are going okay I think. We'll be having the summit soon." If they can get trading going pre-treaty, even better. At Cam's offer, Morgan snakes an arm out around his waist to tug him close. "I can probably think of some things." he agrees. "Thanks. Were you going to talk to Ginia about the design we were talking about?" Hearing someone close, he glances over his shoulder. "Hello Gideon. That was a fast visit." To the camp.

As Gideon arrives, Cameron turns and gives her a nod, but his attention is drawn back towards Ginia, his expression thoughtful, "Well, that's why I'd go call my Dad and let him know. Or, I might be able to get someone else's who has already taken theirs off— once its taken off it can't be made to speak to the Sky City again. If you're interested in one?" Because ohh boy, he wants to make a deal for something to paint with. That said, he does lean against Morgan as the arm goes around, and grins at him, "You're a creative man, I'm positive we will come out with a fair trade." He glances over at Silas, a little worried, "How's the food situation?" Worried? No, a little _guilty_ sounding. But he does nod at mention of designing, and looks to Ginia again, "Do your tattoos have colors, or are they all monochrome?" He sounds very interested.

The mention of family offers Cameron a quiet stare from Silas, who seems to have to realize his staring himself and looking aside to break the gaze. Silas looks over to Morgan, his right brow rising as he nods. "That's good to hear, I think I shouldn't have too much trouble trading then." he says, tilting his head to the side. And then, Silas watches Morgan pull Cam closer- prompting Silas to realize what Cameron meant by barter and for his eyes to widen and his face to grow a bit red as they do a bit of back and forth. "Gross." he mumbles to himself- though more embarrassed and flustered then seemingly disgusted, furrowing his brows as he looks away. When the name Gideon is spoken, Silas blinks and looks around to see who the name belongs to. Watching the archer come closer, Silas squints at her somewhat, as if trying to recognize her for a moment or two before his eyes widen and that one red face goes pale. "Oh fuck." he mumbles to himself with a voice briefly shaky before he coughs and clears his throat, looking over to Cameron with furrowed brows. "Uh, food is alright, but I kinda wish we head more…" he says in a rather hurried fashion, before looking to Ginia "Uhh, the metalworker is three stalls, right?" he asks, as if trying to hastily confirm and move on from when he was earlier taking his time and taking in the sights.

"<In Trigedasleng> You should give him one…" Gideon grins wryly to Ginia, but then sobers when Morgan looks around at her. She stares levelly at him, trying to find a mask of stoicism — honestly, a Grounder always has a mask of stoicism. "Your people were discussing nukes and missiles… Que kom Trikru felt that we needed to depart to report back to the steheda." Then she shakes her head slight, exhaling as her shoulders drop. "You should talk to your Mimi… I'm certain she is broken inside." There is a level of kindness in that report to Morgan and Cameron, and then she gestures offhandedly. "Ginia, I may need your services soon… what say you… three hare skins? Or would you prefer more fletchings?" Huh, she said that in English instead of Trigedasleng. She does slide her gaze to Silas, and her brow goes up with a frank curiosity.

A look goes between the Skaikru as they talk of their camp and food situation, Ginia only speaking up when the subject is something she knows of or a question or comment is made directly to her. A nod is given to Cameron "I am yes. They aren't at all like the jewelry that we make." not that she is really comparing the bracelet devices to decorative jewelry pieces, but she isn't sure of what else to compare them too. "The Trikru mostly stick to the dark blues and blacks for tattooing. Other clans are similar though will occasionally use other colors for accent." the delicate tattoos on her own forehead are dotted with accents of red. They are different than the bold geometric patterns most of the villagers have, though they are geometric as well. "<In Trigedasleng> His pale skin would make a fine canvas." she tells Gideon with similar amusement. The mention of nuke and missiles has her frowning, they are a worrisome subject for the Trikru. "Three hare skins should do, if the design isn't one that will take me more than a few hours."

Morgan gives Silas a curious look at his reaction then kind of smirks as he puts two and two together. It disappears a moment later as Gideon explains and he shakes his head. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're right about her. It's easiest to just nod and let her go on and on." And on and on and… "I wouldn't take anything she said all that seriously." He does take note of the bargaining; three hare skins is a fair trade then? Though he has no idea how long things take. "I do like the way the dark ink looks. Simple but it stands out."

At Silas mentioning wishing they had more, Cam looks a bit guilty again. He sighs softly, but adds, "It'll be tight for awhile yet. Eden, there's a good chance we're going to be tight for the rest of this year, especially winter. Fact is, it takes time to establish a baseline production. A farm is needed before you can stop living meal to meal. If the Arkers can fit as much hydroponics stations as possible in between people— and I think they will try— they'll be better off then we are right now." He gives a helpless shrug, his expression set and firm in a way that may say: we'll deal with it. Then he blinks, as Gideon's words finally make sense in his head, "My people were discussing /nukes/ and /missiles/." He looks up, groans, and sighs. "Eden. I don't know /what/ they were saying but we don't have either." He absently comments, "I was thinking of dawn. This is a new beginning for us, our people. A line for the horizon, a tree, a man by the tree, and a circle rising over the horizon for the sun. Not all colored, just like, stylized. Symbolic. Would that be possible?" he wonders of Genia.

"No man." Morgan corrects.

Quietly folding up his hide, Silas takes in a breath before he lets out a slow and quiet breath as he looks off to the side before he looks back and over to Cameron as he talks. "I see.." he says quietly, blinking for a moment or two before he shrugs, "Winter at least means we can melt snow into water. We'll just have to pull in food heavily in fall as we come towards winter. That way we may be able to last a little longer when winter hits us than otherwise." he says. "Anyways, I've better try to trade this hide for some pieces of metal." he says, stepping back and offering another glance to Gideon, pursed lips and a somewhat troubled expression as he looks at her before he continues down along three stalls and heads in and begins to spend a while beginning to try and barter.

"<In Trigedasleng> Some of them already think we eat human flesh like the Reapers of the Mountain… discussing their skin like canvas might get them thinking we skin people, too." Gideon is grinning wryly at that statement, casting a glance toward the Skaikru present — particularly Silas. Then she sobers with a quick nod to Ginia. "Three skins then. I'll get you a rough sketch of the design." Then she regards Cameron and the others, and her mouth thins a bit. She releases a heavy exhale, pulling lightly at her scout bag across her shoulder and back. "You should consider looking for common game trails." Beat pause, and she gestures a bit. "I believe Grey may have come across one as we crossed paths while hunting, and he was following one of my usual routes." There, she threw them a bone. She should be happy about it, but she seems a bit grim. Then she offers a vague nod to Morgan and Cameron. "Rest assured, there were those who discounted your Mimi's claims… Grey has even promised punishment to those who build such a weapon." When Silas looks back at her, she returns his glance with another arched brow.

Ginia nods at Morgan "And it will stand out more on your pale skin." she points out. The talk of food supply continues and she frowns slightly, not in disapproval, but she is having to concentrate to follow the English words, some of which are quite foreign to her, like hydroponics. Cameron's idea for the tattoo has her looking intrigued. "If you like I will let you borrow some ink and a piece of scrap hide and you can draw what you like." she offers him, perhaps a bit of a sample of her ink and incentive to trade for more. "Just there." she tells Silas once more, pointing to the metal worker that has what he wants to trade for. Whatever Gideon has told her has Ginia laughing.

"Nukes are what caused all this." Morgan says to Gideon, gesturing around him to include the entire world and their present predicament. "Not even the biggest idiot on the Ark would even think about trying to make more weapons. He'd be floated if he tried and I think everyone would help. None of the stations is equipped for that kind of thing anyway. You'd need special equipment and lots of resources and everything up there is geared toward us surviving." Or so he was led to believe. Then nodding toward Silas, he asks Gideon "Is it all right if he stays the night and makes use of the baths? It's a long walk to go back the same day he got here." And probably not all that safe, especially once it gets dark. "He can stay with us, of course." When Ginia makes her offer, he drops his arm from Cam to let him go draw. "Just the tree centered in the sun I think."

"Silas, man, we should be putting away like at least ten percent of everything we get /now/. At least. If we wait for fall, I guarantee some people will be dead by spring of starvation or undernourishment." Cameron regards Silas with a grave expression, but he turns and blinks at Gideon a moment, clearly having never thought of game trails. He nods, a quick, appreciative smile, "Thank you for that suggestion. I have a hard time /thinking/ of animals still." He does look relieved that Mimi's stuff got shut down, "And Grey's not alone. We revere the planet, the idea that someone would even /think/—" He won't even /say/ the word nuke, so disturbed by the idea he is. That said, he nods quickly to Ginia and gives an affirming nod to what Morgan says he wants, then looks to Ginia as he steps forward, "That'd be great. I can put the design down I have in mind and see what you both think." He sounds excited just to be able to do that.

Spending a few moments over at the stall metalworkers stall, Silas seems to make decent enough progress in explaining and managing the trade off of the hide for one piece short of half a dozen of splints of metal, measuring roughly a foot in height and a inch and one and a half inches across after that, albeit fairly desperate, bargaining on Silas' side. He collects them in his hands after a few moments of the metal-worker busting them out and steps back over towards the group. "I was hoping for six, but this is still good." says Silas as he looks over the metal he holds in his hands, looking up and to the others. "So like," he begins, looking to Ginia, "You do tattoos, right? What's the most complex tattoo you've done?" he asks, quietly looking at her with curiosity before he looks to Cameron. "And about putting stuff aside now.. We don't really have any way of preserving it, do we?"

Gideon listens to the words of the Skaikru, and she casts Ginia a glance. Nothing is exactly conveyed there beyond a small nugget of uncertainty. Then she offers a small nod to Cameron's thanks. Then she looks at Morgan as he poses her a question, and she blinks. She feels a bit awkward then, as if she has somehow given the impression she has any authority here. My goodness, she's actually blushing a bit under the dark smears of ash and oil on her face. She refuses to look at Ginia as she says, trying to keep her voice a touch haughty, "I'm sure that the steheda will not mind if your friend stays… if he is here in good faith, of course." She looks over at Silas, still trying to make sense of the boy.

A bit of the black ink is put into a small wooden bowl and a scrap of hide pulled from a wooden crate below the table, both are handed to Cameron along with something to use for drawing with. Ginia shares Gideon's discomfort when the other woman is asked about Silas staying "It does not hurt to ask steheda, just in case." she suggests to the Skaikru trio. Silas question to her as her looking at him "Yes I do." she answers the first part of the question easily enough though the second part has her thoughtful "I would have to say the…" she pauses there "I am not sure what the word is in your tongue. The criss-cross pattern." she is talking the crosshatching that fills in some patterns or is use to accent them. "That takes a delicate touch."

Morgan watches the quick trading session as Gideon thinks it over. "He is." He assures the woman, putting his hand on Silas' shoulder and giving it a squeeze. "I'll go find Oxfor and ask. Assuming it's okay, you should stick around, Silas. I'll show you where we're sleeping. You can put your stuff there and best of all, you can wash. They have hot water and soap. Though it's public so being naked with strangers around takes a little getting used to." But hot water! Soap!

Cameron's response about preserving food is almost idle, because his attention is focused entirely upon the ink and canvas— er, hide— that Ginia provides. "Some stuff will keep fine as it is— such as nuts, mushrooms, any root vegetables we find. Fruit can be dried and it loses its moisture but is fine keeps then, I think? Cookie's fruit leather seems a natural way to preserve fruit. Meat can be smoked. Chemically, smoking is anti-microbial, so we can dry and smoke meat and it should be safe to keep. I don't know the specific process, we'd have to experiment." That's all sorta a ramble, because he crouches, resting the canvas on a knee, he forgoes the drawing instrument and instead gets tactile, dipping a finger into the ink. He rubs his thumb and forefinger together, testing the thickness, then swipes a line along the back of his head, testing the flow and spread of the ink on skin. Another stripe and he's got a triangle on his hand, and satisfied he's got a good hold on the properties of the ink, he dips his fingers in again and starts finger-painting on the canvas. A simple line for a horizon, hemisphere rising for the sun, triangular rays around it to make it appear to radiate, and then a carefully stylized tree that looks at first more like a geometric pattern until its complete, at which point it just says Tree. He's pretty quick about it, and the way his hands move speak to practiced skill at this sort of thing. He's positively bright with dimpled happiness, too. He's painting! He hasn't been able to do any /art/ in /eons/. He holds it up and glances between Morgan and Ginia questioningly.

Chesa pages Ginia, Silas, Cameron, Morgan, and Gideon: Room for another? :) Wanted to check before just joining!

Quietly nodding, Silas listens to Ginia as she speaks, tilting his head to the side before his right hand comes over to rub his chin. "Interesting. If I get any more leather than I'll need, I might come by for a tattoo, then." he says with a blink, and he looks over to Cameron and listens to him as well. "Well, I suppose that's true. We could tell the group that we should start smoking some of the meat we get now and putting it in reserve." he says- and then he feels Morgans hand on his shoulder, prompting him to look over with a quirked brow. "Oh, I'm staying?" he asks, having not caught the conversation as he was too busy getting his pieces of metal. When the public bath is mentioned, Silas furrows his brows somewhat. "Soo… Is it like, same sex bathes..?" he asks, as though somewhat worried at the prospect of it being otherwise with somewhat tinted cheeks, but he seems interested in hot water and soap at the very least. Silas does, however, quietly look over as Cameron presents his drawing, his brows rising. "Wow. I didn't know you were good at art, Cam." he comments, offering a lopsided smirk as he looks over the piece.

Gideon watches after Morgan a moment, but then she offers a small nod to Ginia. She then begins to step away, offering Ginia a companionable, "Leidon." Then she begins to make her way back toward the common house, leaving the skaikru in Ginia's good hands. She has a trade to make, it seems, beyond just getting a tattoo arranged. She casts one glance over her shoulder at the three Skaikru and the lone Trikru, but then sets herself to her path.

Food preservation is something you could learn from us should your meetings with the leaders go well." And Ginia for one hopes they do. She has lost to many to war in the past, and doesn't want to lose anymore. There is a long bit of quiet from her as she watches Cameron work and when he is done she studies the simple drawing. "I can do this." she looks to Morgan, "Where on your body would you like it?" she asks him, giving him a moment to think or discuss with Cameron should he need it. "You are welcome to." she tells Silas, a bit surprised by the interest of the Skaikru in having body art like much of her people do.

"If it's okay with Oxfor." Morgan answers Silas and makes a so-so gesture. "Well, it's not really a bath. No tubs. And no, it's for anyone. You stand there and wash but it's better than anything we've got set up yet." Grinning at the blush, he steps over to take a look at the design but says over his shoulder "Don't worry. I can go with you so you're not alone there." Cause he's always willing to put himself out that way for cute naked guys. "Yeah, I like that." he tells Cam. "Though maybe just simple lines instead of triangles. Would that be a three hare skin tattoo or more, Ginia?"@emit "If it's okay with Oxfor." Morgan answers Silas and makes a so-so gesture. "Well, it's not really a bath. No tubs. And no, it's for anyone. You stand there and wash but it's better than anything we've got set up yet." Grinning at the blush, he steps over to take a look at the design but says over his shoulder "Don't worry. I can go with you so you're not alone there." Cause he's always willing to put himself out that way for cute naked guys. "Yeah, I like that." he tells Cam. "Though maybe just simple lines instead of triangles. I think here." He taps the outside of his upper left arm and looks to Cam for his opinion. "Would that be a three hare skin tattoo or more, Ginia?"

"If it's okay with Oxfor." Morgan answers Silas and makes a so-so gesture. "Well, it's not really a bath. No tubs. And no, it's for anyone. You stand there and wash but it's better than anything we've got set up yet." Grinning at the blush, he steps over to take a look at the design but says over his shoulder "Don't worry. I can go with you so you're not alone there." Cause he's always willing to put himself out that way for cute naked guys. "Yeah, I like that." he tells Cam. "Though maybe just simple lines instead of triangles. I think here." He taps the outside of his upper left arm and looks to Cam for his opinion. "Would that be a three hare skin tattoo or more, Ginia?"

With the remaining bit of ink on his finger, Cameron pauses, then with a sudden grin, smears a line of it under each eye, and then wiping what remains on his dark pants. He rises, turning and blinking at Silas a moment, "Oh, man, I'm an artist /first/. Botany was just a useful thing I could learn to do so they didn't decide I'm worthless and toss me out the airlock. Just you wait, as soon as I can manage it, the dropship is gonna be covered in murals." Then he adds, his grin turning wicked, "Communal bath. For everyone. Trikru are not shy." And neither is he, and he does find some amusement in those who are. He nods to Genia quickly, "Yeah, that's something we are definitely hoping to learn more of." He gives Morgan a fond seeming sigh, rolling his eyes and saying teasingly, "Fine, ruin my artistic vision with your opinions. Critic." That said, he gestures towards Morgan's shoulder, "Still want it on the shoulder? It can show off then if you cut off your sleeves." And Cameron is /all/ for Morgan not having sleeves if he has to wear a shirt.

Silas shifts quietly- somewhat uncomfortably with pursed lips. "I might just… Not bathe, if that's the case. That seems pretty embarressing." he says, his right hand coming over to scratch the back of his neck as his gaze drifts off to the side. Silas looks down to the metal in his hand, looking it over for a moment or two before he looks up, letting out a quiet breath. "Either way, I think I'm gonna go look around for a bit. If I'm allowed to stay, then I guess I'll head to wherever I sleep." he says, turning to waltz off- though still being able to audibly mumble. "Why does it feel like everyone is comfortable with being nude around each other except me?"

The rattle of a horse-drawn wagon is heard from the direction of the orchard, the horse led by it's reins by one tall Grounder woman. Chesa seems to be heading in the general direction that would take her towards Que's workshop, but with the group found within the square, she slows her steps, curiosity marking her gaze that sweeps the gathering. In the back of the wagon, one might get a glimpse of a plow, along with a few bushels of vegetables peeking out - lots of what looks like greens of different types — lettuce, cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, along with tomatoes and peppers. The closer she gets, the more of conversation might be picked up on, including that which seems to suggest some tattoo work that Ginia might work on in the near future. Intrigued, she turns her horse from Que's workshop to get closer to the group, watching as some leave, nodding politely enough. No words from her for now.

The Skaikru and Ginia have gathered in the three sided stall that the grounder woman does her work out of. They are certainly easily noticed from just about anywhere in the square. "It is a simple design. I can have it down in a bare amount of time." it is very simple compared to the designs that most sport on thier body "Three hares will do for the tattoo." though they could get the tattoos, ink and the recipe for the black ink for a bracelet. But she will leave it to them to remember that. When Morgan indicates his arm she nods "That is a good spot. The more muscle and fat a place has the less painful it is." as Silas departs she gives him a wave. Watching him leave she notices Chesa arriving and she offers a wave of greeting to the woman. A curious look going to the goods in the back of the wagon.

"I was planning to do that." Morgan agrees. "Once I get another shirt." Even if he removed the sleeves of the Grounder jacket, it would be too warm for summer. "Upstairs in the pre-war building, Silas." he calls over his shoulder as the other starts to wander off. The sound of the horse and wagon is hard to miss and he nods a distracted greeting to Chesa. "So they're not just for riding." Horses suddenly became even higher on his 'I want' list. When Ginia answers, he turns back and looks to Cam before he nods. "Okay. We'll do it. Once the summit is over." Because it ending well is the only acceptable option.

Cameron seems satisfied by this trade, and nods his head, "If I can't get a bracelet, I'll get the hides. I can manage that for sure, just might take a day or two. Which is good, it'll give me something to occupy my mind with during the Summit." He turns his head over and looks at Chesa and smiles by way of greeting, dimples showing, and bobbing his head, "Al leek Cameron Scott kum Skaikru." He's still butchering the front of that, alas. "Heya." is added as the greeting in their tongue. That one at least he can manage. As an aside to Morgan he murmurs, "There's a reason 'horsepower' is a word in the old records."

"Heya." Chesa finally says aloud once she's close enough to the group to do so without having to yell it. A quirk of a brow is given at Morgan's comment, her horse huffing softly at her ear and lipping at her shoulder. To the curious look from Ginia, she smiles speaking in her own tongue to Ginia, "I have the vegetables promised for the work to continue?" Barter is the way to go! With the greeting offered in her own language, she tries out her English, and likely mangles it just as badly as Cameron does her own, "I be Chesa kom Trikru. Farmer." As if the plow and vegetables weren't clue enough to that last bit she offered. And closer now, they could see just how lovely her vegetables are - blue ribbon winners if ever there were some! In fact, there may be a lot of what she has, that they may not know or recognize. The Ark was limited in what it grew in many ways. (This last bit gained in talks with Andromeda!)

"Horses?" Ginia questions Morgan on his comment, following his gaze to the horse "They serve many purposes." she tells the young man "There is no rush. A tattoo is a permanent thing. I want you to be committed to it should you get one." removing them is more painful then getting them and the results aren't pretty. "<In Trigedasleng> Heya." Ginia greets Chesa, nodding at whatever it is that is told to her "<In Trigedasleng> Wonderful. Luka," her 4 year old son, "<In Trigedasleng> won't be happy about it though." what 4 year old likes to eat thier vegetables, certainly not hers.

"Morgan kom Skaikru. Doctor." he replies, giving Chesa a quick smile as he flicks his eyes back over to the horse again. "I'm sure, Ginia. Coming down here makes everything totally different. It seems like a good way to show that. What was it you said before? How do we show our victories?" Something like that. "So yeah, I know what I want. And I'm pretty sure that Cam loves the idea of me having his art permanently on me." he adds, grinning at him.

Cameron's eyes shift over and he eyes the vegetables with interest, "I'm a botanist. Someone who studies plants." He moves away from Morgan and Ginia, and approaches to peek, and he blinks, "Is that a turnip?" he asks, eyes wide, "I've been making a point to look for some root vegetables to start our farm!" Yes, he's getting all excited about a turnip. Nope, for the moment, Cam's not paying attention to Morgan. That's a /turnip/.

Chesa nods in agreement to Ginia's words, at least those about the horse. As for that in Trigedasleng, there comes a low chuff of laughter from the tall woman, before she speaks again to the tattooist. "<In Trigedasleng> Tell him I will have honey soon as well?" What kid doesn't like sweets? With Cameron's approach, and his obvious surprise, she turns to peer at what he's looking at in her cart, "Turnip, yes." She sort of missed what he said he was, however. Botanist is out of her understanding. She goes about pointing at the other vegetables, naming them each for the Sky boy. Lots of yummies back there. "More to come. These first spring vegetables."

"Or in this case dedicating yourself to this new part of your life." Ginia looks between Morgan and Cameron, she isn't blind and has come to realize the relationship they share. "Quite a few couples in our culture get tattoos to show they are bonded." she tells the two boys, probably prematurely, but she has no idea how long they have been together and Grounders do that sort of thing at a younger age than Skaikru certainly. "<In Trigedasleng> He won't be the only happy one to hear that." she looks to the two teen boys "<In Trigedasleng> They might as well." considering how many things honey can be used for, including the medicinal uses for it.

Morgan smiles at Cam's response to the vegetables. Turnips. To each their own. He nods his agreement with Ginia. A very new part indeed but then he blinks as she goes on. Umm. Bonded? His eyes flick over to Cam a moment but he doesn't comment. "So let's assume the meeting goes well. What's the process from the start? And how long do you think it'll take?"

Cameron listens to the names as Chesa points out the vegetables, nodding along, and looking wistful, "If they let us open trade, we'll be wanting to trade with you for some seeds. Also some food. But some seeds, primarily. Our foraging for wild seeds that can be cultivated into a farm isn't going so terribly well." He smiles, and then heads back over to stand by Morgan, though he does say to Chesa again, "But they look quite healthy. Congratulations." He missed this talk of bonding, distracted by turnips as he was, but he does glance at Ginia with a curious tilt of his head as he does hear Morgan's latest question. "How painful is it?" He doesn't sound worried, just curious.

If Chesa hears the comments about bonding, she doesn't show it, seeming to enjoy pointing out her fine vegetables to someone who actually shows appreciation for them! Not that the clan doesn't, but it never hurts to have someone so excited about them! Aside to Ginia, she chuckles, "<In Trigedasleng> You think so?" She seems to ponder this, turning back to Cameron, "If things go good, we talk about this, yes?" A nod of her head is given, a quick grin given, "Harder to find things in wild." This she will acknowledge.

"For something like that," Ginia gestures to the inked drawing "No for than a few hours." she tells him "Less if we take no breaks." Cameron gets a furrowed brow at his question "That depends on where the tattoo is and the pain tolerance of the person." a nod is then given to Chesa. She is about to say something else but another of her people come into the stall bringing her some baked goods and she excuses herself from the conversation to talk business with her fellow grounder.

"It'll hurt less than an arrow in the chest." Of that, Morgan is certain. Which makes it negligible. "Thanks Ginia." He drapes an arm around Cam's shoulders and says "I'm looking forward to this now. How far away is your farm, Chesa?" he asks the Grounders.

"Good point." remarks Cam to Morgan with a wry grin. He leans into Morgan's arm, nodding his head with a smile to his question of Chesa, "I'd love to look at it, sometime, if you didn't mind. I've only ever seen the Sky City's hydroponic farms— the only natural farms we have ever seen are in teaching vids and pics." He pauses, and adds, "See the last time I tried to explain a technical word I got lectured at for assuming she was stupid, so please, don't take it that way. But hydroponics, if you don't know, is a way of growing plants without soil. We have no dirt in the sky, so we grow all our plants in air and water. It'd be interesting to see your farms, the kinds of tools you use."

Chesa nods to Ginia when she must step aside to take care of other business, the woman turning back to Morgan and Cameron when questioned about her farm. Lifting a hand, she points towards the apple orchard - or at least the trees off to the side, "Past the orchard, near the small river. Not too far." As Cameron speaks of the way things were done in the sky, she frowns a little, "You must have had poor plants in the sky. Need more than just air and water to grow healthy and big." This way of growing things sounds horrible to her! "If Oxfor says it is okay, you can come to farm. " It's then she calls attention to the large plow in the wagon, "Crafter Que is going to work on plow. Sharpen it again." For the curious, she'll explain in short words, how it is hooked to a horse, and pulled behind to dig up the dirt for planting.

"Yes, they do. And any chemicals plants need to live are added to the water." Morgan answers. Which is pretty much the limit of what he knows about hydroponics. He is indeed curious and listens to Chesa's explanation. "I wonder if they can set up some kind of relay down here to the Ark's computers." he says to Cam once she's finished. "It would be so useful if once they were down, we could still access the computer banks and videos. I bet there's a lot of them that show farming."

"It works better then you are probably imagining." offers Cameron with a friendly smile, "It just takes a lot of work. Instead of someone just having a farm, doing the hard work of … tilling the soil, and putting seeds in the ground and doing… uh, what you do." He makes an apologetic look, "You have specialists like botanists and hydrologists all buzzing around like bees making sure all the complicated details are just right, because if anything goes even a little wrong, an entire crop can fail. So." He nods, "It worked in the sky, but down here, we're going to have to learn your way." And he does sound fascinated as Chesa explains the details of how the dirt is prepared for planting, seeming wistful, "Believe me, I'm /thrilled/ to be on a /planet/ that almost /wants/ to be made to grow. Its a wonderful gift, nature." He does nod to Morgan, his expression thoughtful, "It should be possible, if they plan for it. Someone should see if Jaha will make it a priority. Hey, maybe I'll call Dad — at the very least, he might be able to hook up some systems into the agrotech database."

Chesa listens, and when something is said she doesn't quite understand, she asks questions to better break it down. "Hmm. There is much that goes into farming. Knowing when to plant. What to plant when. What nutrients they need and how to go about getting them into the soil. Knowing how to rotate crops. When to let certain field lay fallow. " When he speaks of bees, she smiles, "We have bees. Hives. They do their work same as I do." Still, she considers, and then says without hesitation, "Videos will show you only basics. Things do change, and some you can only learn by doing. Farming is not easy. Certainly not as easy as it was in the sky." And if they thought it was hard, they got another think coming to them!

Morgan isn't going to comment on which is harder. Nope. The arm around Cam tightens in a quick hug as he says "I'm going to go find Oxfor and make sure it's okay for Silas to stay. If it's not, he should head back soon so he's not still walking when it's dark. It was nice meeting you Chesa. Maybe you can show me your farm once the summit is done."

Cameron is just going to nod and smile, accepting Chesa's words, and not make an argument about it. He does turn and lean up to give a quick kiss to Morgan's cheek and a nod, "Okay, see you later." Then he looks back to Chesa and says, "We look forward to starting our farming, even though we know it will take a lot of work. Some of us miss some good vegetables— meat's been one of the biggest things we've had to get used to down here. For a hundred years, our people haven't had any meat at all. Now we're hunting! Its a beautiful world."

Chesa offers a nod ot Morgan, "Leidon, Morgan." Watching him head off, she turns back to Cameron, "No meat? At all?" That is beyond her thinking. There's always meat down here! She does pause, and ask, "How did doctor get put with other sky people?" She's curious,and not one to hold her questions.

Cameron nods his head slightly, looking wistful, "Yeah. There are no animals at all in the Sky City. The first animal I ever saw in my life was a deer, two days after we landed. Some of us are… awed by your horses. Some terrified of them. They're so big and strong." Cam seems neither awed nor afraid himself, "But, yeah. No animals at all." He hesitates, trying to work through her last question and givign an apologetic expression, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite make out what it is you were asking there?"

"I cannot think of not having animals." Chesa is surrounded by various ones all the time on the farm. When he speaks of the horse, she smiles, "Well, some are good to be scared of. They have temper. But others are good to have." She reaches up to offer a pat to the horse's neck before she turns back to him, "They say all are criminals? But you are doctor? What… did you do?" Perhaps not the best thing to go asking someone, but she's curious.

"Oh!" Cameron winces slightly, "Morgan's a doctor, I'm a botanist— a scholar of plants. I was boxed for destruction of property and disturbing the peace. I… painted on some walls, some rude things about the Council— part of our leadership— because I didn't believe in what our current leadership was doing. I was trying to get people to think about injustices in the Ark, so we could have a change of leadership. I got caught, and was boxed. Er, confined into the prison we put all children who commit crimes. On the Ark, if you're an adult and commit a crime— any crime— you are killed. Children are boxed and when they become adults are given a trial, and may be forgiven."

"Oh. Sorry." She actually blushes a little, having mixed that up a little. "Names.. skills.. you all are new." Chesa will get them all straight eventually! His crime discussed, she listens, slowly nodding her head. "I see. Interesting." Certainly one way to put it. "So you have studied plants? Are there many here you found that were same up there? What plants did you grow for eating?"

Cameron nods his head slowly, "The plants we had in the Ark were fairly limited— I know about a lot of plants we didn't have up there, from our database. We preserve our sciences not just to use them in the Sky, but for when the day was to come when we'd return to the ground and make use of them there. I've found a number of plants here that match up our records, but some are new, different. That's to be expected to a certain extent, plants change over time, especially when exposed to radiation." He purses his lips, then lists off some of their staple plants. Soy. Some others. They are all nutritious but… the selection is quite limited.

Chesa hmms, listening, then shakes her head. She reaches into one of the baskets and pulls out a small but ripe red tomato, "So you have not had one of these?" She asks of him, handing it over, "They're good just as is. With a little salt. Good on a sandwich with meat. Cook them down, make them into sauces. " She pulls out one of the turnip greens with it's small root. Baby turnips for now. "Thes are good, both roots and leaves as you seem to know.." Another pause, "How long are you staying here before returning to your camp? How many are there?"

Accepting the tomato, Cameron blinks a little bit, holding it gently, "I don't have anything to trade, really. But I can promise to bring you a rabbit in payment?" he offers, lifting the tomato up and smelling it. "Yeah, root vegetables are part of my long term plan, since they keep so well, we can stockpile some in a dry place and help get us through winter." That said, he glances at the Hall, "There's maybe.. 8 of us? The three representatives and those who came to assist and guard them. I'm not really of any use here, I'm just… moral support, for Morgan. He's one of our representatives. Where he goes, I go."

"No need to trade. Gift." Chesa says in offer of the tomato given to him. "Root vegetables are a good start, especially for winter. Beans can be dried and stored as well. " The reminder offered before her questions are given. "But in your camp? How man?" She's not gotten the numbers, and doesn't know if it's a question welcomed. "If Oxfor says okay, then I help you. Yes? " A pause is given before she continues, "Vegetables are just beginning to come in for spring. Others will be coming in further into summer. Then I prepare for fall vegetables to come in before winter sets in." Unlike in the Ark, they have seasons. No growing round the year for her!

"Thank you." Cameron's voice is warm and sincere, but when she explains what her real question was, he looks sheepish, "There are 92 of us left. We were 100, and unless anything has happened since we've been here, we're down to 92 now." He looks a little pained, "Eight have died in… two weeks? That's not a very good track record, but most of those were in the first week." He nods his head quickly then, "If Oxfor approves, we'll appreciate any help you can give. If we have the peace, some of us would probably come and help you on your farm, if you'd let us, so that we could learn. You could boss us around and we'd get some practical skills."

"I am sorry for those lost. It is never easy to lose those close too." Whatever reason that might existed before. "We lost many with the sky sickness." Shaking her head, she turns to better subject, "If any wish to learn, your help would be welcome on the farm. There is always plenty to do, and with my.. father.. no longer able to help.." They are short at least one very knowledgeable person.

Cameron winces slightly, "I'm sorry to hear about your father." He purses his lips, offering, "I lost my mother … a few days ago. She died to save three hundred lives in the Sky City, and to get us a machine so we could once again communicate with the Ark." Apparently he's sorta going to the very morbid assumption about Chesa's father. For a moment, his expression darkens and he glances away.

Hearing of his own loss before she might be able to correct him, Chesa ohs, stepping closer to offer a comforting touch to his shoulder, "I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was a very brave woman then." A pause, and she states quietly, "My father is not gone. A horse threw him, and he hurt his back. He has trouble walking, and cannot lift anything even little heavy. He cannot farm. Instead, he helps mother inside, and does the smaller jobs about the farm." Which really just grate on her father in some ways. But at least he is alive, yes?

Her expression changes - that light bulb went off over her head. "If things work out.. maybe father help you. Teach you. Teach others what it means to farm?" IT would give her father something to do.

Cameron blinks, wincing as his assumption turns wrong, and his expression shows unspoken apologies. But he does nod at her idea, "That would be a great idea. He's probably got all this experience, and if he can't /do/ things, he knows what /to/ do and can tell us, and we can do what he needs to get done." He nods again, looking hopeful, "I'm hoping things go well, even more now. But? I think I really need to go try to get that hunting done I was planning on doing today. It was nice to meet you… Uhh, Layden."

"That he has. Plenty of experience. And he would enjoy bossing others around besides me and my brother, and the few workers we have." Chesa adds, laughing softly as he catches on. As he speaks of going hunting, she dips her head, "Good hunting ot you then, Cameron." The goodbye is given a soft chuckle, a slight correction given, "Leidon." But he's doing well with it!

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