Day 028: Intel. Plan. Weapons... Food
Summary: After a rude awakening, the surviving Delinquents at Camp Jaha discuss the need to rescue their fellows and be useful, versus the need to catch a breath and plan ahead.
Date: 26 June 2016
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Infirmary — Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
28 Days After Landing

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Morgan woke up a while ago, not having had any real injuries to complicate his recovery from the gas or exhaust him beyond what would be expected of someone who was in a major battle less than a day ago. It wasn't really difficult to recognize a place he grew up in and asked to know what the hell was going on. After a brief explanation, he asked where Cameron was. This was when he demanded his stuff — clothes, weapons, and armor — had a brief argument about where the fuck his gun was, got dressed and left to search for Cam just in case the quack of a doctor didn't know what Cam looked like. And when he was nowhere to be found, Morgan came back to the infirmary. "Fiona! Grey! Wake up damn it. No I will NOT be quiet," he tells the nurse.

Cassandra has not slept like this in a month; maybe longer. Idle hands do not stay alive for long on Earth, and on the Ark, there was always that hum, and the noise of the raucous Skybox that reached her even in Solitary. She looks more peaceful than any of her fellow delinquents have seen her in a while, and is even following doctor's orders not to move her head, for a change. The actual doctors — trained more extensively than their capable Med-Techs in training such as Morgan have been — have assured anyone asking about her that she's fine, just dehydrated, and in need of rest. Were it not for this, the fact she's been out now since she was brought here may have been cause for concern.

Finally she cracks open her swollen brown eyes when she hears the all-too-familiar sound of Morgan yelling. At first she stares up at the ceiling, accepting that she must be in the Dropship, but it soon becomes clear that something about her environment isn't right. This is not the Dropship she remembers coming down in; she is not in a tent, not in the outdoors she's grown so fond of; she's somewhere with a queerly uncanny resemblance to the Ark, with no clue how she got here. She sits up sharply and suddenly, drawing an audible breath through her formerly bloodied nose, and looks around with the sudden panic of a caged wild animal, only to be shoved down by the nurse. Nurse? Since when is there a nurse? "…What?" she haplessly pleads to know.

Grey was sleeping so very nicely — which is to say, he was basically passed the hell out. The emphatic speaking of his name causes him to start awake in the overflow bunk that he's been assigned, reaching under his pillow for the knife that isn't there, and then groaning and holding his bandage-wrapped head, "Ow… ow… shit. Head-wound hangover is the worst hangover ever." The panic from Cassandra gets a groan, another press of his palm to his unwounded temple, "We're safe, Cass. For a bit. I think. From what I heard."

Fiona upon arrival was seen to medical, rather than to Jaha — no, wait, Kane — as she insisted. Instead, she was examined, given an opportunity to shower, change clothes, eat, and was then put on observation, given saline for hydration, and ordered to sleep. But she was starting to drift back to consciousness anyway when she hears her named called, and lifts her head, blinking blearily around the room. "Morgan?" she says uncertainly. It'll take her a moment to focus.

Having gotten himself cleaned up and changed into normal clothing sometime after the earlier morning, Elias makes his way back to the infirmary with a more weary gait. Folding his arms over his chest, he walks further into the infirmary just as Morgan has started shouting. He blinks a few times, but doesn't say anything for the moment. Instead, he starts looking around to check on people. A look in particular is given to Cassandra as she seems to be a bit more worse off. "Hey, Cass," he greets her, his tone entirely flat. Nothing more is said to her, his attention instead settling on Morgan. For once, the noise doesn't seem to bother him as much. Or it doesn't seem to. A look to Grey is given then. "Easy," he tells him, his voice kept lowish.

Lionel Tobias Weeks has finally gotten some sleep after his early morning guard shift, and he is looking a bit more chipper. He saunters into the infirmary, giving the guard on duty a quick squeeze of shoulders in a companionable passing. The guard is out of his uniform of armor and his rifle isn't present, and he has chosen comfortable jodhpurs tucked into solid combat boots, and a loose henley-style long-sleeve shirt loose at the waist. He has a toothpick tucked between his left molars, the little stick of cedar jutting out of his mouth. Lionel always likes his toothpicks. He is stepping over toward The 100 Project kids, and his hand immediately falls on Elias's shoulder to give the Argo-Tech boy a gentle squeeze. Kai's lack of presence is noted, but the guard tries not to look nonplussed. "Eli," he murmurs, and then his arms cross as he looks at the others. "Morning," he offers, voice chipper. "Who wants some breakfast?"

"Cam's been taken by the Mountain Men," Morgan tells them then adds as an obvious afterthought "Others too. Except for the Arkers, they're the only ones with the tech to use that red gas to knock us out like that." And blaming the Ark for it would take a much more paranoid person than he is. Elias gets a nod of acknowledgement when he shows up but it's the other two who are his focus. "We need to get him – them — back. We need the Arkers for their resources and firepower," he says to Grey, the 'I'll bring everyone back' Guard wannabe then looks to Fi, the Bandrona. "And the Grounders for what they know. They've got to be alive or they wouldn't have bothered to gas us." He glances back over his shoulder as someone speaks up but just turns back, though his stomach does growl at the mention of breakfast.

Whether or not she trusts Grey, hearing his assurances that they are safe at least seems to put Cassandra at ease, but she still shakes at the nurse holding her down. "Who is this?" she asks, presumably speaking of the nurse in third person before she deigns to address him directly. "Who are you?" She struggles rather needlessly, and the nurse, who is not used to patients quite as appalling as her, eventually lets up enough for Cass to roll to her side and stare at Fiona and crease her brow at Elias. It's been a while since she's seen the Bandrona and her former Agro-Station neighbour, since they departed on a supposed suicide mission. Her eyes roam, and at the sight of Lionel, whom she vaguely recognises, her expression turns to deep suspicion in contrast to his chipper demeanour. She silently listens to Morgan speak, her fingers clutching the mattress as she takes slow, deep breaths. Though few of his words make sense to her, she's able to piece enough together in her only half-awake state to recall the fireworks show from last night, and guess her location with just one word: "Ark."

Grey blinks up at Elias. "Eli, you're still here?" And then Morgan's words sink home, and he starts to push himself up, groaning in pain as he does. The new Guardsman looks a little ridiculous in his combat boots, cargo pants, bandages on his left shoulder and around his head… and a hospital gown. "I'm up, I'm up." He's not yet, but he's working on it slowly, or at least trying to. "Yeah. Heard. Going to go get 'em, no matter what." That'd be 'no matter what the Chancellor and Security Officer Marcus Kane says about it,' but he doesn't verbalize that at least. "Need intel. Plan. Weapons." He looks to Lionel, and his stomach grumbles audible. "Food."

"We saw it fall," Fiona acknowledges, sitting up and letting her legs dangle down over the bed. With a wince, she pulls the IV out of her arm and walks over to Grey. She looks at the supine young man for a moment, and then going up on tiptoe, puts her arms around him and gives him a silent, hard hug.

The medtech hovering over Cassandra smiles a little indulgently, for all that the 'tech is bone-weary from a long night and a stressful week before that, "My name's Rhys MacDonnel. You can call me Mac," of course, "You're on Alpha Station." There's a pause, and then full of wonder, "On Earth."

Looking 'round to Lionel, Elias gives him a tired glance in his direction. The look is furtive and he keeps his tone even. "What have we been working on as far as recovering Agro Station?" he asks the Guard. "I'm going to need to have a chat with the other Agro-Techs, scientists, and engineers. We'll need climate control on anything we're trying to grow." There's a glance back to Cassandra, but it's Grey's question that catches his attention. The only thing he offers Grey in return to his question is a nod. Another look is given to Lionel then. "Where do I report after I'm done visiting? I'm fit for work immediately."

"Now, don't take this as being patronizing, but you guys need a day to breathe," Lionel says in his big brother tone — a comforting lilt to his already soft baritone. He steps away from Elias, moving to speak to one of the med-techs who is looking over one of the still-unconscious kids. The guard is all charm and boyish smiles with the other man, gesturing to those who are awake, and saying something about food provisions. The med-tech looks dubious, and nods, and moves to speak to one of the guards on shift at the infirmary door. Lionel spins back on heel, returning to his previously evacuated place. He notes the hug from Fiona to Grey, and he clucks his tongue in amusement. "It is still the same ol' paste from the Ark, but I got some breakfasts coming." As if Lionel is totally responsible for feeding these guys. "The food nerds are already bouncing from foot to foot at the premise of expanding their menu from multi-colored soy." He smile is wide and relaxed — an easy expression. Then he sobers a bit at Elias's question, and he shakes his head. "Still looking. There's teams out searching… Saint-Claire thinks she's got the trajectory of Factory station, and it is close. They said Farm hit south… far south. We're going to need a better sense of this region. Our satellite imagery is out of date." No, duh.

Once she's done hugging Grey, Fiona looks over hr shoulder at Lionel. "I need to talk to Ja - to Kane." she says bluntly. "As soon as possible. I need to debrief him about Trikru. Jaha may have been the one who tasked me with it, but I still have report to whoever's calling themselves Chancellor now. Where is he?" She has not asked about Hydra Station or even her parents. Maybe she's afraid to ask.

"Mac. Great. Spare me the cheese," Cass commands, evidently not in the mood to Make Friends and Influence People. Her eyes are as bone-weary as Rhys' when she looks into them, still faintly bruised from the head injury she suffered a few weeks ago; a head-injury which she's only managed to aggravate the healing process of since, during last night's battle.

"I'm fine." No one asked her, but Cassandra informs the medtech of this preemptively, as a defense, shrugging her shoulders and his hand away. She tries to sit up, more slowly this time, so at least she's in less risk of further hurting herself by doing so. The more she looks around, the more fidgety her ankles get, and so maybe Lionel's advice about needing a day to breathe isn't a bad one, in her case at least. She has little to offer to all the talk of climate control, rescuing their people from Mount Weather (what?) and, unsurprisingly, doesn't express any concern for the missing Ark Stations. What she wants more than anything is to get up and leave, and her toes dance towards the floor before she realises that someone has removed both her boots and her weapons. Biting her lip, she looks towards the designated adult with a toothpick in his mouth, admitting, "I'm hungry. Since you're offering."

Morgan nods, satisfied at Grey's response. He might not like him but he trusts him when it comes to rescues. "Fi, will they still listen to you? Do you think Oxfor will help us or are they too scared of the Mountain Men? Wren practically shit himself just talking about them." As hungry as he is, and he is, the thought of Ark food is about as appealing as raw deer.

Then what the older guy said is replayed and he frowns, turning to look at him and Elias. "One of the stations went down north of here? That's Azgeda territory. The Ice Nation. From what I've been told, they are not nice people."

Grey is… very much not a hugger. He actually flinches a little as Fiona steps close, his frame every so subtly bending backward. He isn't steady enough on his feet, however, to actually avoid the embrace. Instead he stands there for a second, and then his arm's come up, all totally awkward, and actually return the gesture, a brief squeeze of the political, even leaning on her a bit more than he would like to admit, before he releases her and steps back… just so he can get a hand on the wall, of course. "Good to see you too, Fi." Lionel's suggestion of a day to breathe causes Grey to chuckle… actually it's closing in on a giggle there for a moment before he smothers it, "Man, Weeks… we haven't had a day to breathe for… shit… 28 days now. No, 27. We totally screwed around the day after we got here. But wait until you taste deer. I mean, after the couple of days where you want to puke it all up. Then… shit it's good." Right… captives. He looks back to Morgan, "Yeah. Rescue. Wanna put in a report. Get some food. Gear." he looks down at his hospital gown, "Yeah. Clothes. Then rescue." Another nap would probably be good. He nods carefully at Morgan's description of what's up north, "Dependin' on how far north it was, I think."

And the edges on Mac's temper start to show a little as he snaps at Cassandra, "Look, maybe you've gotten used to being down here, but yesterday I was planning my last hours up in space, so it's pretty amazing. And you're not fine. You're better off than Mister Grey over there," somehow he makes the title condescending, "but you're not fine."

Again, Elias nods to Lionel as he mentions that Farm Station has fallen far to the north. While his jaw briefly clenches, he acknowledges the words. "I don't have the time or patience for R&R right now, Weeks." The response is curt and to the point. "Work to be done." With that, he looks around at the people expressing hunger. "I'll help Lionel get some food," he says with a nod and particularly spoken to Grey and Cassandra. Shifting his attention once more to Morgan, he raises a brow. "Yes. Thank you," he says in response to Azgeda, his face blank. "You should get some more rest." He looks to Lionel with a raised brow then as if challenging him to say something about him helping to get food.

Grey-green eyes opened up. Medium brown hair was atop of his head. Sitting up, Elliot groaned. "Where?" he asked groggily to no one inparitcular. As his senses kicked in, the eyes opened and closed. His eyes shot around filled with concern as this was his first time awake since hitting the area. Elliot wasn't sure what was going on and it showed on every inch of his face. Hands frantically felt around his neck and made surre ntohing too drastic was inside him. Last thing he wanted was to wake up on some operating table. Although, the comfort of the matress told him this wasn't a table, small victories.

The guard in-takes a deep breath, reaching up to rub a bit at his furrowed brow. "Yeah, well… you are all idiots if you don't take at least a few hours to catch your breaths. You aren't going to do anyone a lick of good if you're staggering around, mostly wounded, underfed, and smelling like…" He leans forward then, actually sniffs Elias, and then staggers back a step, waving his hand before his nose. He works his jaw a bit, stretching and relaxing his nostrils. "Whatever in Eden that smell is." The guard holds up his hands, showing some surrender, expecting the inevitable outrage of him daring to suggest they take a moment to just be. He does go on, explaining, "First, we know jackshit about this supposed Mountain of yours, and the Men inside it… you don't plan a rescue without intel." He fixes them all with a quirk of his chin, eyes steady. "And second, you've got people here to help… and people who are on it, too. Taking a moment to actually get your bearings and your head on right isn't going to lose you anything. We've all been through shit the last few days, so… take a moment."

Cassandra fixes Rhys with a hard stare when he snaps at her. Her right hand reaches for the hilt of her machete to instinctively threaten him, but of course it isn't there. "Then why don't you go get some fresh air and float yourself?" she suggests to the poor med-tech who was only trying to help her. "Where are my shoes?" Had she spent a moment looking around before she asked this question out loud, she would have seen them right at the base of her bed, or even felt them as her foot squishes down. Soon she's sliding off the mattress to hop into them. "I hate to say it, but Lieutenant Toothpick over there is right," she chimes in, with about the first real contribution she's had to this conversation so far. Trust Cassandra to side with controversy.

For whatever reason, Lionel's comment about smelling actually makes him pause. He didn't even dunk in the stream on the water run since they got attacked so it's been… too long. And he suddenly realizes that the armor he stripped off a corpse kinda stinks too. And his stomach keeps growling. "We need to make plans." It's kind of an agreement. "Are you offering to help? Do you have that kind of authority?" he ask Lionel, gazing steadily at the man till he remembers something and looks over at Grey. "Grey, where's Gideon? Was she in the camp when we were attacked?"

"I've showered, I've changed, I've slept, I'm fine," Fiona stresses the word, "And I need to speak to Kane. " She looks back at the beds briefly. "Cassandra, good to see you made it." That may or may not be sincere. There's a softer look for Morgan. "I don't know. But that's part of what I need to talk about with Kane." Fiona says. "We have a ceasefire now with Trikru as a whole, but only for a limited time, and not without its conditions. Then we're going to have to figure out if we're going to have any kind of help from them, assuming we can satisfy those requirements." It appears she has every intention of leaving the infirmary, unless she's stopped.

Med-Tech Mac shakes his head at Cassandra and steps away from his least-gracious patient (he hasn't had to deal with Asher yet) toward Elliot, "Alpha Station. On the ground. You're safe now."

Grey leans carefully down, sniffing… his hospital gown. That doesn't help. It smells like plastic. Grudgingly, he nods at Lionel, "Yeah. We need intel and a plan. And we're gonna need more of the Guard too. And the Trikru. And that's gonna take time. But it don't mean we can't…" He waves a touch, "…once we can stand upright without swayin', it don't mean we can't get started." He nods also to Cass and Morgan, "Naw, he's just a Guardsman." Beat pause, "Like me. And no, thank god, she slipped out last night. Uh… night before last." Time is hard. But Grey's not totally calm about Gideon's chances either, licking his lips, "I just hope she wasn't outside." Fiona's words draw his head up again, and he groans softly, more from the motion than anything else, "What kinda conditions, Fi? Nice job, by the way. Saved our asses when the dipshits ran for the dropship instead of goin' over the wall."

"Please, please," Lionel holds up his hand to Cassandra, and then points a thumb at his chest. "Guardsman Toothpick." Weeks had once been a Sergeant, but Kai's dad knocked him down to Guardsman after doing Something Stupid(tm). That's right, Captain Adams is a hardass. The guard crosses his arms at Morgan's words, and his bushy brows arch high. "I don't have to offer help, nor do I need to have authority to do so, man… The Chancellor has already ordered it." Lionel shrugs his heavy shoulders, looking pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

Bearings. Beaings were good. Elliot nodded sleepily as he was trying to get all of his motor functions working. "Yeah, Toothpick is right. Getting bearings always helps us figure out the situation, and how to solve it," he said in agreement with Morgan's idea to go with Lionel's plan. Then he looked back to Lionel, "Sorry. Name's. Bad with them right now. Mind's fuzzy." His eyes took in the others in the room. Elliot looked around before he asked, "Where are my plants?" Elliot was a Botanist in training on the Ark. The young man was useful in the camp for providing food when he landed with the other 99 that came down. Said plants were back at camp. Someone needed to fill him in on the recent ongoings.

"We have to get him back, Fi!" Morgan tells Fi's back, hands clenched. He sighs and runs a hand over his hair. "She wouldn't have stuck around close enough to be shot at, Grey. Especially not when we fired the engines. She's fine." Better than Cam is, most likely. "Kane already said he'd help recover our people?" he asks Lionel, sounding dubious. It is, after all, Kane.

Elias listens quietly, but then finally nods his head to Fiona's words. "The debrief is top priority," he says to Lionel with another curt nod of his head. "We also need to be looking into a sustainable food source, ground water, and the rest. Unless you've got agricultural geologists to spare, I suggest you let me get to work." Restlessness, likely for all that his hands fidget somewhat uncomfortably at his sides. "I don't want to hear how everything is under control until all of our people are back home safe." There's no edge to his tone whatsoever, stating things as a matter of fact.

"Where is my bow?" A lot of people are missing things. Cassandra is also a bit of a botanist, but she fancies herself more of an elf. She slides her eyes towards the departing Fi, remarking, "Conditions? Later you and I are having a talk, Bandrona." She herself rolls her shoulders, starting towards the exit, but she pauses by Lionel, looking him up and down. "Guardsman Toothpick. Please. I'm absolutely famished. You were offering breakfast? Because without my bow and sword, I can't go get my own."

Fiona looks faintly bemused at Cassandra. "I don't answer to you, Cass. No matter how much you think I do." Her gaze slides to Grey. "Later." she promises. "Trust me when I say that I don't think it's actually an unreasonable one, for now." And then she reroutes to place a hand gently on Morgan's arm. "I know. And we will. We'll get all of them back. But it'll be easier with Trikru on board, and for that I need to go talk to Kane."

Grey nods at Morgan's reassurances, letting out a little breath, "Thanks." He blinks at Lionel's assertion that Kane is already onboard, his eyebrows lifting for a moment as he continues to reconsider the conundrum of Kane not being a dick. Nodding slowly to Fiona, he glances down at his hospital gown, "I guess I'm… walkin' wounded until I get checked outta medbay," how easy he slips back into that terminology, "and get a shirt. I don't think the adults'd take kindly to me walkin' around without a shirt anymore."

Bow. That's right. "We need to get back to the dropship." Morgan says to… someone. "Some of us have got stuff in it. My bow. The needles Que made. The radio, Grey." he tells him. "Remember Mimi using it to call the Mountain Men? So can we. Maybe they'll answer this time." A shitload has changed since then. And we need to strip it of anything useful since we agreed to give it to Oxfor once we moved out." This probably qualifies. Fi gets a small nod. "Do whatever you need to to make it happen."

"S'alright, kid… You can call me Li… or if you're feeling really polite, Guardsman Weeks." Lionel then rubs thoughtfully at his jaw, mouth slightly agape as he does. Then he looks at Morgan, and then to Elias. "Alright, Eli… but I'm coming for you if you don't get adequate sleep and food while you work. You got it?" The guardsman scrubs his hand back through his short, unremarkable brown hair. "Oh, and… you should totally check out the lake outside." And he thumbs over his shoulder in the basic direction of the lake. Finally he responds to Morgan. "Of course he's going to get our people back. Why do you think we came screaming in last night to get you guys? We were assuming that things had gone south." And rightly so.

It is about at this time that some food is delivered to the infirmary. Yes, it is still that multicolored soy paste, but it has calories, and nutrients, and will do everyone just fine until the food techs figure out what else they can make. If only there was a special Cookie hanging around…

Mac shrugs at Elliot, "I'm not sure where your plants are, Mister," he checks the readout above the teenager, "Jensen. But if they were by the dropship, they're probably a little crispy. I'm sure you'll be able to grow plenty more plants here."

Cassandra cocks an eyebrow at Fiona's cold shoulder, actually looking taken aback. For all that she tends to dish, she isn't entirely used to taking in the same measure — at least not from the Bandrona. "I'm…" She pauses, reconsidering, and then literally turns her back to the girl, reaching instead for those little packs of soy-paste calories.

Cassandra knows what it's like to starve, which is why she appreciates food. It doesn't matter that this isn't Michelin-Star-Restaurant-worthy; it has calories, and it'll do. She chews without complaint, tucking it at the corner of her mouth. After a swallow, she directs her attention towards Mac the Med-Tech, her expression suddenly morose. "Hey, man. I'm sorry I was short with you earlier. It's just been a really rough week. I'm glad you've all made it down to the Ground in one piece, those of you who did." She steps towards him, reaching out a hand to give his shoulder a squeeze and offer a conciliatory smile.

The look Elias gives Lionel is a thankful one for all that his smile is just a bit more half-hearted. "Thanks, Weeks. I'm good. I promise. I came back from the gate, ate, showered…I'm taking care of myself." Swallowing hard then, he shifts his eyes to Grey. "I'll visit until you're out. Bring a deck of cards or something by, maybe. I won't let you rot away bored." The smile he gives is a thin one, but sincere enough. "What plants?" he asks Elliot with a raised brow.

"Food Source," those were two magical words to him. "I can help with the food source once we find something with roots. Just need to get my head on straight," Elliot said trying to sound as chipper as he felt. Sure, he had no idea what had happened between the last memory and now, but Elliot had yet to leave the shore. This was a very good thing.

A nod went to Li, "Li Weeks. Got it. Elliot," he waved. Turning his body, he was readying himself to get out of bed when food came. Elliot slunk back down in bed because how often did someone bring him breakfast in bed? Never! Or was this lunch? Or dinner? Elliot didn't know. Still, it was food plus bed. Even if it was the multicolored soy-paste, the meal still counted as being pampered.

Rubbing his hands together, Elliot was getting ready to eat as if it was a feast. News of his plants came and he slumped, "I was trying to get things going for camp." This may have been why no one saw Elliot much. Someone was busy trying to grow things, vote and vocalize himself when necessary and then vanish back until needed. A heavy sigh escaped his lips, but the botanist tried to push forward. "If I can get some new supplies going I can make something better than before."
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Fiona studies Cass' back for a moment, and then looks to Lionel. "Trikru have bacon." she tells him affably. "Meat from a pig. You know how we only read about it in books and stuff? Totally lives up to the hype." She looks back at Elias then, frowning. "Why are you here?" Translation: why aren't you with Kai?

Grey's mouth drops open at Morgan's suggestion, "Oh shit. Mimi called the damned…" His eyes widen, and then he presses a hand against his temple, groaning heavily. "Shithelldamn." The curses tumble out in a mutter, and then he nods to Morgan, "Dunno if callin' them is a good idea. Surprise and shit. Maybe? I dunno." And then he looks over to Lionel, "So… Weeks… anyone get our butcher bill from last night? How many are dead, how many are missing? And… uh… thanks. For the screamin' in." He snorts at Elias, "Screw that. I'll be out in a day. Just have to pester the nice MedTechs enough for them to decide I'm takin' up too much space." He nods his agreement with Fiona's description of bacon, "Better than Bacobits flavor. Way better."

Mac lets out a breath, nodding agreeably enough at Cassandra, "Yeah. For everyone. No worries. You gotta be careful with that head of yours. Another hard knock might've given you some serious problems. Probably should stay in bed for a while. We can bring you the breakfast here."

"Thanks, man, I appreciate it…" Cassandra leans in and tries to give Mac the Med-Tech a hug. She winces, moving to take another seat on the bed, albeit this time with her boots on. "I'm just so frustrated, you know? It's hard not being able to do anything." She lets out a sigh, raising a hand to gingerly feel the discoloured bump on her head. "And my head just keeps… giving me these incredible spasms of pain. You know? Kind of makes me blow a fuse every time."

"You didn't know?" Morgan asks Grey, trying to recall if he ever said anything to him. He told others. Perhaps not. "Yeah, a while ago. That's why the radio was put under guard. I don't know either but it's an option and we need to make sure we get the radio back before someone 'salvages' it." The air quotes are audible. Finally, he can't take it any more and goes to get some food because when you're exhausted, dehydrated and malnourished, even bad food is better than no food. "So where is the shower? I could use clean clothes too." Every last one of them has had only a single pair of underwear to their name for the last month and it's better not to think about that too long. "And just how do you clean leather?"

Elias nods once to Elliot at his further mention of food source. The two of them are the same age, but there's certainly something notably older about him in the eyes. "I've already done soil samples for the best combinations of silt, clay, and sand in the area," he says before pausing. "Well. That was near the camp, though. Do we have any lab equipment? Anything? From what I can tell, we're going to be better off with hothouses. A couple of the others had some things growing in the soil. We'll head out and search the surrounding areas for more soil, but we'll do it when Grey's up and around. Maybe some other guards."

Elias also looks to Fiona at her question and does indeed hear the way that it is asked. Clearing his throat then, he nods slowly to the girl. "I'm needed here." he states simply. For the moment, he keeps his expression as neutral as he possibly can in answering that question. "There's a lot of work that needs to be done testing soil, getting the specs for the hothouses to the engineering people…and I finally have a damn pen, so that's handy…" he rambles evasively.

"No, I knew. Just… forgot…" Grey sighs heavily at Morgan's reminder, "So… I guess they knew where to find us. I mean, besides the giant streak of fire coming down to earth." He nods to Elias, then presses his hand to his head again, "If I can get out there, I will. If not, I'm sure someone nice and patient like Weeks'll volunteer, or be voluntold." He grins at the elder Guard, then steps forward to clap a hand on Elias' shoulder as the other teen evades Fiona's real question, "And we're glad you're here, man. Ain't nothin' more to it than that."

"Let's not spread the word about Mimi, please." says Fiona. "The last thing I want is for someone from Trikru to hear that she did that. It could unravel everything." Looking around, she gives everyone a brief smile, and then heads out the door, no doubt intent on finding Kane.

Elias looked to be like someone Elliot needed to keep better eyes on. It seemed they could have paired up nicely for maintaining the food. Plus, two heads were better than one. There were also tons of old sayings about "Working Smarter, Not Harder." Elliot could have used someone that soil aeration without having to explain the concept in dumbed down terms. Not, that he wouldn't have minded help like that, but it was just refreshing to know terms like "Venturi Effect" might have been said without getting a dumbfounded stare.

Picking at his meal in bed, Elliot was liking what the day had to offer thus far. Sure, it was finding out that his hard work went up in a puff of smoke, quite literally, but when a door closed another one opened. The prospect of new and more efficient work was quite exciting.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=deception Vs MacNCheese=5
< Cassandra: Good Success MacNCheese: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Don't spread the word about Mimi. Cassandra looks up, following Fiona's departure with her eyes at that word. After a pause, her attention turns back to Mac, brows raised and pinched. The poor girl looks miserable.

"Do we have any medicine left on what's left of the Ark?" Cassie hedges gently. "I know a lot of my friends could use it. Like antibiotics, or painkillers or… something. Just anything to make this go away." She scrunches her fingers up in her hair, sloping her head in her hand and propping her elbow up on her knee as she cants her face at him sideways.

Grey nods to Fiona, "Yeah. The Trikru don't need to know that at all." And his eyes turn toward Cassandra, narrowing a moment. He can't keep the suspicion up long, however, and slowly folds himself back down to sit on his cot. "I feel for ya now, Cass. Head wounds suck ass."

Mac listens patiently to Cassandra's wheedling, and although he frowns a bit, having heard most every story to get extra meds on the Ark, eventually he shrugs a little, "You've already got some painkillers in you, but I can give you another couple in like… three more hours? But it's all still rationed, Miss Bonheur.

Morgan looks over at Cass, pausing his wolfing down goop, and reaching into the pouch hanging from his belt. "Here, boil this up in a couple inches of wood." he tells the medtech, tossing a square of bark onto a counter. "Tastes like shit so if you have something to add flavor to it, it'll help."

Cassandra nods pitifully. Like a sad puppy rejected for adoption. "I understand," she says to Mac, in the most understanding voice this reactive lunatic has ever shown in front of her fellow Delinquents. Or perhaps she's just misunderstood. With some apparent difficulty, she pushes herself arduously off the bed again with her eyes sliding towards the door, but she pauses by Grey's shoulder to give him a friendly pat on the shoulder. "You did good," she says to him, but the prospect of Morgan's willow tea doesn't add any enthusiasm to her expression.

Looking to Grey first, he gives a quick nod of his head to the taller Guardsman. "Thanks. I'll do my best, you know." The tone of his voice is just a little bit smaller, but he seems ready enough to get to work. Another look is given to Elliot then with a glance back to Grey. "He's faking it. He'll be out tomorrow," he nearly stage-whispers, once again deflecting incoming questions about his presence. A look of sympathy is panned Cassandra's way and he nods to her in agreement with Grey's words. "I'll have the marijuana plants growing in no time, Cass. Just… Sorry. Eden…" Looking to Elliot then, he sizes him up for a moment. Not Cameron, that's for sure. "Know anything about botany?" The look is discerning, but he does let a pleasant smile curl the corners of his lips upward.

"Likewise." Grey nods to Cass, even if he flinches a little from the pat on the shoulder. It's not her, it's him. No, really. He looks down to the hospital gown, then shrugs a little and winces his way into pulling it off, leaving him in just bandages and scars from the waist up. And his two bracelets, medical and woven. "Not fakin' it. Will be out tomorrow." He flashes a little grin to Elias, then starts making his way toward the eatery, "I'm willin' to eat soy again if it means food in my belly. Breakfast time it is." He'll get — or be given — a shirt somewhere along the way, no doubt.

Cassandra, who is actually faking it, can't let up her misery act now — so the smile she sends Elias over her shoulder is a wavering albeit knowing thing, and not her usual mischievous smirk or grin. "You need any help with that, you let me know," she offers up to the newly-minted Agro-Tech. "I'm going to… I'm going to get some air." She starts towards the exit, with a final glance to Mac.

A look went to the one challenging him, "You going to talk to me about 'Climbers'? or 'Decumbents'?" A brow rose up, "What about Spkes?" he shrugged. "I can go like this all day if you want," Elliot grinned as he just eyed Elias.

"We'll eat anything if that's all there is. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't send out a party to go hunting." Morgan points out. Certainly won't feed six hundred but it'll feed them since probably the Arkers wont' want to touch deer. "Oh, Elias…" Walking over, he digs in his pouch to pull out a small vial. "When you find the lab instruments, have this analyzed. It's an antiseptic wash, almost certainly herbal. Maybe you can figure out what plant it comes from. Also…" He digs out a second vial with a different colored liquid. "Do the same for this. It's an antidote to poison. The Grounders sometimes poison their weapons."

A nod is given to Cassandra at that. "Of course," he says with a nod of his head. "I'll probably need a hand." Looking to Elliot then, he just laughs. "Nope! Just wondering if you were going to be able to fill in the blanks as far as how much we're going to get out of our crops." The two vials are taken from Morgan then for analasyis, but it's Elliot he looks at. "You heard the man. Whenever you're ready, we've got a lab to put together and you've got work to do."

"I'll need to see what I'm working with," Elliot hadn't been out of medbay. People needed to show him what hand happened. "I'll need to eat up, get my bearings and go from there."

Morgan nods once Elias takes the vials and looks over at Elliot. "Yeah. We need to know what plants they came from. Cam…" Trailing off, he just shakes his head and goes back to eating.

Elias nods to Elliot with a smile on his lips. "Yeah. Get your rest and I'll see what I can gather up in terms of lab equipment that they'll let us use." Taking a breath then, he shifts his attention over to Morgan and nods his head. "Will be back any day now and is fine. Eat up, rest up and then we can discuss plans of action. And I promise you we will be."

Elliot gave a thumbs up before he went to work on his soy paste. It wasn't the greatest, but it was better than nothing. Breathing out he just started to calm down. He was alive, somewhat safer than before, and he wasn't sleeping in a tent. This wasn't too shabby.

Morgan nods at what Elias says. "Yeah. Okay, I'm going to go find out where those showers are." He might not even bother taking anything off given how dirty everything is. "If you need me, I'll be around. Let me know if you find out anything about those vials."

Another nod is given to Elliot, though for now he leaves him to rest. To Morgan, he offers the most reassuring smile he can. "You'll know the minute I do. I promise. For now, I think I'm going to start by getting a basic lab set up. Elliott, if you have a wishlist get it to me when you can." With that, he turns and starts making his way out of the infirmary as well.

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