Day 023: Intimidating Voter Intimidators
Summary: Kai decides that fair voting means no lurking around the ballot box intimidating people.
Date: 14 June 2016
Related: None directly, but generally those about Sonia's offer. This log leads to Hot For Teacher.
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been beaten back, underbrush and low-hanging branches cleared to try and expose as much of the gnarled hills around the landing site as possible. There are still trees around the walls, even close to them, but they have been shorn of branches as high as can be reached.

23 Days After Landing

Ariadne ducks as her lanky frame exits the tent she shares with shi. She holds the opening for Shi to follow her and she nods toward the center of camp where people tend to hang out. "Find us a seat? I'll see about scraping us up something to eat." She has her bow slung over her shoulder along with the quiver of arrows. Her movements are certainly quite cheerful today, compared to what they have been back in the box and even here on the ground. She disappears inside for a few minutes.

Shi stretches as she walks towards the clearing and nods towards Ari, she is about to say something but blushes and then gives a cocky little grin before she pulls her hood into places and everything is covered but those violet eyes. With clothing pulled to cover most all skin, she wonders into the center and camp and takes up a position that allows her to hide in whatever shadows are there and lean back against something or another that has been lifted out of the dropship.

Ariadne does eventually come from the cook tent with a few scraps of dried meat and some nuts. She plops down next to Shi and opens her hand to offer her some. "Once you can use the bow, if we're still alive, we can go hunting. Maybe get a squirrel or a rabbit or something. I'm pretty sure we can figure out how to stick it over a fire and cook it." She leans in against Shi and sighs. "Been a lot of hurry up and wait around here lately, huh?"

Shi smirks at Ari's comment but takes the offered food and then rolls her eyes, "Ari, did you forget what I am kinda sorta good at? I know how to cook over a fire, and find the wood and the herbs to dress it with. /When/ we go out and hunt, I'll cook up something good. I've just stayed out of the cook tent because Cookie is very good at what she's doing.." She offers the other girl in that husky voice as she leans against her side, popping a nut into her mouth before her eyes close, "As for the whole hurry up and wait, trust me, it could be much worse…"

Grey looks up at the sun as he hauls a bag of twisted metal shards away from the dropship, his right arm lifting — painfully by his grimace — to shade his eyes. Still just shy of midday. Thankfully he can't really chew on a fingernail while carrying his armored jacket, the bag of makeshift caltrops, and his slung rifle. But when he hands the clinking bag of parachute-cloth over to another Delinquent for spreading duty, he lets out a breath in a sigh, looking north to the wall's gate, and like clockwork, one of his hands comes up so he can nibble at a nail. Forcing himself to turn away from the gate and drop his hand, he spots the two teens in the shade and nods over to them, moving in their direction with slow steps. "Still lots to be done. But yeah… the waitin's killer."

"Well yeah, we could be dead." Ariadne grins at Shi and crunches down on a nut before gnawing on the piece of dried meat. As she chews she looks up at Grey. "Every day we buy gives us more time to prepare, but it makes us all a little crazier. Hell, if the ark ever does come down it's likely find a gaggle of babbling lunatics." She gives a lopsided grin. She's kidding, imagine that - she has a sense of humor after all. "You need help with anything? Looks like you should be taking it easy." Her eyes settle on the wound for a minute before she looks back to his face. "Better to take it easy now and be able to fight later than to mess yourself up even more and be useless when it's really important."

Shi rolls her eyes at Ari, but there is a tiny smile there that the other girl seems to be loosing up, even if it is to tell reallly bad jokes. But as Ari calls attention to Grey she tilts her head to the side, "Don't make me follow you around and make you rest Grey, I already have one big boy running away from me, let's not try and make it two, yes?" She winks but it's clear if he remembers anything about her, she isn't going to sit by and let someone do something silly.

Grey snorts at Ariadne's mention of the rest of the Arker's coming down, "Screw that. I'm gonna wave my arm in Councilor Kane's face," He lifts his left arm, to show that he's one of the few still wearing his vital-signs bracelet after comms went down, "and give him shit 'cause a Grey made somethin' of themselves. If that counts as babbling lunatic, sign me up." Shaking his head at the query, he glances down at the burns on his side, "Naw. I'm doin' okay. Still hurts like a bitch, but if I sit still, I'll go mad. So I've just been workin' on caltrops and talkin' to folks. Remindin' them that we outnumber them for now, and that we still got the guns. That sorta stuff." He snorts again at Shi's threat, "You already got your hands full with Stone. Besides, I'm a shitty patient, but I'm not that bad."

Speaking up on a medical topic is something that's so ingrained in her that she does it without thinking, though it's not particularly a bag of worms she wants opened. "Probably best to keep him moving Shi. Biggest threat may be infection, but if he stays still the skin could tighten as it heals. Then he'd be looking at a whole new set of problems." She looks up at Grey and says, "So when's the next shooting lesson? I figure the more weapons you can use the better."

There's not a lot for a botanist to do while preparing for siege and war, but Cameron has been keeping himself busy. He's as good at anyone at carving the tips of branches into spears to put in holes for drop traps, so that's what he's been doing. Over by his tent, quietly and by himself. Only now he gets up and emerges from tentville carrying a few short spears, and goes to plop on a pile by the gate, and rolls his shoulders and takes a slightly feline stretching moment. He looks around and offers a quick smile, "Hi, guys." He has a small pouch with him, too.

"And this is why I just sit there and talk to the patients Ari.." Shi says before she is.. blushing, but her hood is in place so it is only along the very top of her cheeks that it might be noticed as Shi eyes Grey a long moment, "And you know how well /that/ is going.." She growls, up, bring up Stone and the tiny girl growls, it's cute really. But as Ari asks about shooting lessons she let's her eyes flicker back to Grey, "And can there be one at Night? Aiming during the day is a big difference than in the evening.." When Cameron appears, she offers him a tiny smile and nods, "Hey Cameron.."

Grey gestures to Ariadne, "There we go. That's totally the reason I'm up and about, not 'cause I can't sit still for long. Already killin' me that I can't do push-ups and sit-ups." Yes, the big idiot has apparently been doing those on top of the hard work of just living on the Ground. He crouches down opposite Ariadne and Shi, adjusting the fall of the slung rifle on his back after a moment. It's still not a natural part of moving for him, shifting the rifle around. "I think Gideon's got somethin' planned for this afternoon. Somethin' a little close-range, 'cause we've got plenty of knives and spears, even if we don't have as many rifles as I'd like." Nodding to Shi, he adds, "Yeah, that's a good idea. I think we're gonna have to be on-watch tonight, since her stand-down ends this evening, but we might be able to arrange somethin'." He upnods to Cameron as the other teen approaches, "Workin' hard, or hardly workin'?" The sarcastic question is accompanied by a snort and a shake of his head.

As Cameron approaches Ariadne's eyes lift and she gives him a brief nod, "Hey." She says this pleasantly enough, and continues to chew on the dried meat in her hand. "Count me in, Grey. I'll be there." She sits back and thinks for a moment before she adds thoughtfully. "Probably, anyway. It's not like I have a full social calendar or anything." She gives a brief glance to Shi and gives her a lopsided smile before nudging her with her elbow.

"Hi, Shi." greets Cameron, before he turns a grin over at Grey with a shrug, "Working hard, well as hard as I can couped up in camp. A botanist is not exactly the most useful guy to have around right now, so mostly grunt work. I'm actually about to mix up some black ink so it has time to set for fauxtatting purposes." Then he nods his head slightly, "I heard about that. I'm in for sure. For Gideon's training thing I mean. Though I still want a gun during the shooting part of the thing, sooner or later the traps are gonna run out and and wall will fail and we're going to be in the melee." And he grins suddenly, "And before anyone says it, no, I'm not being fatalistic or negative. We're going to win this thing."

Shi nods towards Grey and then pats the ground near the three if Cam wishes to take a seat, she gives him a knowing look about the botanist part and can't help a soft, "Tell me about it.." But then she steals a nut from Ari's plate and sticks her tongue out at the other girl. "I'm always on night watch, so you might as well keep me company, but I'll also show up for Gideon's training, I can get out of the way, it's just hitting things that doesn't seem to work.." And no, short jokes!

Grey gasps in mock-horror at Ariadne, "What? And such a pretty girl, too. Boys are stupid." And then his wide lips curve up into a smirk with more than a little teasing, and perhaps even a touch of mocking to it. Then again, exactly who he might be mocking is up for debate. He nods at Cameron's response, his features starting to harden in frustration before Cameron clarifies, and he nods again, "Yeah. Rabid Sonia's fifty might not make it over the wall, not if we're on our game, but when Indra's folks get here, they'll probably make it into camp. And we'll still kick their asses." Finally, he shrugs at Shi's comment, "Gettin' out of the way's the important part. So long as you can do that, someone else can put on the hurt, or you can run."

Cameron gives a firm upnod to Grey, in complete agreement with his assessment, "That's my thoughts, yep. We'll be ready. I'm not so worried about Sonia except the water situation: we probably need to organize a heavily armed expedition. Her 50 aren't a serious threat to us with these defenses going up, I think— the hell do I know but that's what I think— except the siege means we're going to run low on water, real soon now. If we start rationing water so we're thirsty when they hit, we'll be weakened… Can't have that." He turns an encouraging smile on Shi, "Hey, you might not be great at knife-fu, but you'd be surprised how fast we can learn things when faced with disaster. You can get it done. If you want any extra sparring practice, I'm happy to help. I'm not an expert or anything, but I've got a bit of experience now."

Someone. Has been intimidating voters. And at least one person has come to Kai about how 'her thugs' specifically are intimidating voters. And that is why the lean ex-C is currently striding out of tent city, rolling up her sleeves, with murder in her eyes to head straight for the vote table and the gaggle of people lurking around it to snarl,"Which one of you assholes thinks it's okay to tell people they're gonna die if they vote to sacrifice?"

Ariadne's brown eyes move to Grey and she smirks and shakes her head. "Oh yeah, their loss, totally." She does, however shoot Shi a little grin and she pops another nut in her mouth and turns her attention back to Cameron and Grey. "If you're going out on a scouting mission I'll go if you need people. I'm going stir crazy here in this camp."

Cole is sitting near the top of the ramp on dropship. He's not saying much, just kinda sitting there, watching the progression of life pass before him. For his part, he drink a bit of water from a makeshift metal cup he's constructed in whatever free time he has available to him when he's not building explosives. But for the moment, he's content to just sit, watch, and listen. Maybe he just needs a mental break or something.

Near the center of the camp are two piles of stones, one generally light and the other generally dark. It's not easy to find 'black' and 'white' stones in a forest, but folks have done the best that they can. There are also a couple of Delinquents, male and female alike, lingering in the area of the piles and the associated container. At least the container is opaque and has a cover, but folks are still watching. One of the women blinks as Kai comes up to her, starting back, "What? No one's sayin' that." A short, wiry guy chimes in, "Yeah. We're just makin' sure no one screws with the votes. And just… you know… mentioning that the people who want to sacrifice people better be first in line to volunteer."

Cameron is gonna say more to Grey, but he blinks when Kai comes in and he frowns, going over to stand by her side, "Wait, someone's doing that? The fuck, guys. No one's going to be intimidating anyone or they're going to get their ass kicked, and I say that as someone who is annoyed we're even talking about this nonsense. Of course we're not giving seven people to that crazy bitch."

Grey nods to Cameron, "Water's the big deal. And yeah, we'll have to make a group run at some point. But it'll be nasty work when we have to do it." He blinks at Ariadne, "Scouting mission? Sounds like a good way to get killed." And then Kai's snarling around the voting table, and Grey rises from his crouch, heading over in that direction also, "If I thought the Camp wouldn't freak at not being asked, I'd just have said hell no right then and there. But…" and he gestures to the stones and the container."

"Live free or die hard." Cole notes over at Cameron, perhaps sharing the other man's sentiment, taking another sip from his cup. The matter of voter intimidation, he glances between the teens standing 'guard' over the table, and then to Kai. Not really getting involved in that, beyond agreeing with the idea that giving up seven appease the Grounders is really silly idea.

Kai beads in on the wiry guy, reaching for his shirt. Quite possibly she doesn't hear Cameron, at least she doesn't seem to react to his presence at all in favor of trying to get hold of her target of the moment, stalking after him with clenched fists if he manages to wisely elude thug princess' grip,"Oh yeh?" she demands,"Y'think seven people is bad? You gonna be up on the wall when they attack, huh? Have you bothered to volunteer for training? I haven't seen you out building the goddamn defenses. People have a goddamn right to vote their opinion and you don't have the right to volunteer them to die."

Araidne just looks at Grey and says, "Water's important." Her eyes turn back to Grey and she repeats, "I'll go if you need me." Then her attention is on the voting and the two delinquents standing near the pile. She shifts and allows her legs to cross in front of her and she leans forward to watch, with her elbows resting comfortably on her thighs. She grunts a quite, "Hmm." as she watches the goings on.

Coming out of the tech tent was Lark. As far as things went, she looked rough. A bit on the dirty side of the force, circles under her eyes, and her jacket scuffed. But beyond that look - yes, an aura of 'tired' hung around her, but - her demeanor was brisk enough.

Rifle slung across her back, and a stone in her left hand that she was juggling by tossing up into the air and catching it, her eyes turn - sweeping across the group here. And settling upon Kai and the altercation there. Immediately, her eyes narrow.

"Hey, fuck off, man." That could be to Kai or Cameron or Grey, but the wiry kid crosses his arms over his narrow chest, and the young woman steps up beside him, backing him as he speaks, "You want people to vote to kill seven of us randomly without bein' at the top of the damned list to be one of those seven, you're crazy." When Kai grabs for his shirt, however, he flails his arms at hers, and the girl at his side steps forward, brandishing a knife, "Hands off him!" The third of the trio, a guy who was probably a little pudgy to start with and now looks slightly deflated, snarls, "We've been helping. I got gun training. She's been on the wall. Don't look at us like we're leeches or something. It's the people voting to kill seven of us who are the traitors."

Cassandra does not look happy right now. When does she ever? She might have an excuse today, which is that she's recovering from a serious head injury and needs plenty of rest, rest she's struggling to achieve with the din of rowdy, quarrelsome delinquents barreling around camp. The girl emerges from some brawny bully's oversized, muscle-earned tent — Asher's, to be specific — ducking her bandaged head out form under the repurposed parachute material with a thin short-bow slung over her shoulder. When she sees that Kyler Adams is at the centre of this latest ruckus near the voting piles, she frowns, loitering a short distance away swollen but keen, attentive eyes. A questioning brow rises towards the wiry fellow whose shirt is in Kai's grip, over the ex-C's shoulder.

"Eh, you probably did the right thing." admits Cam to Grey, with a little shrug, "Now just doesn't seem like the time to be worrying about voting. We don't really have time for anything but doing. But… yeah." Says a guy who took a couple hours break to run a truth or dare session, but whatever. He glances up at Cole and gives him a quick grin, before turning his most menacing stare at the target of Kai's ire, crossing his arms over his chest. He's clearly on Team Kai right now. "Everyone has a right to their vote, or there's no point of voting. Who says you're in charge?" And then someone's pulling a knife? "You pull a knife on a cadet, girlfriend, and you're just asking to get that knife stuck in your eye. Don't be an idiot." Says the guy who once pulled a knife on a cadet.

There's a shove of the guy in Kai's grip,"There's already fucking volunteers you goddamn idiot." the ex-C seethes as her gaze rounds on the girl with the knife,"Try it." she doesn't address Grey or Cam or Cole or anyone right away, a little.. absorbed, in her own fury,"You've been helping? Then get back to fucking helping. This? This is not helping. If you've cast your goddamn votes get back to work." her eyes stay on the girl with the knife as her hands flex, like really, she's just waiting for one of them to make the mistake of taking a swing at her.

Grey steps forward to put a hand on Kai's shoulder, although his dark glare is for the woman with the knife out, "Put that thing away. We got enough enemies out there," he nods toward the wall and the forest beyond, "Without makin' 'em in here. And Adams… leggo, yeah? They may be damned idiots for doin' what they're doin', but we don't need anyone else in the medbay tonight." He keeps his eyes and his attention on the confrontation, even as he responds to Ariadne, "Oh, water run. Yeah. Need that. Thought you mean scouting."

Morgan wanders out of the tent he shares with Cam, the noise having alerted him to something going on. With the warm weather, he's pretty much stopped wearing shirts completely though his sword is always at his hip. "What the hell's going on?" he asks as he looks around and then his eyes narrow. Oh, good. Some of the people he wanted to discuss things with. For certain definitions of discuss.

Cole watches on, but doesn't look to interfere. Seems like the mechanic isn't going to bother with something appears to be safely in hand. "Save your anger for the Grounders. They're the ones you want to kill, not each other. Besides, who's to say they didn't give this 'option' just so we'd start fighting with each other? Seems like something they'd do. Sow dissent among our own ranks. This would be a good way to do it."

Shi shakes her head from where she is sitting, she glances towards Ari and then moves to stand up slowly, she stretches as those violet eyes stay on the action in the middle of the grounds. Well right next to the voting. "Ari, have you voted?" She asks softly, but that husky voice carries as she nods towards the pile of stones and moves that direction, though she is careful to keep out of the way of the fight holding group.

"Kai was just expressing her opinions on these fellows intimidating people against voting to send the sacrifices." explains Cameron with a look over his shoulder and a quick, dimpled smile to Morgan, but then a serious look back to the people. Kai doesn't need it for sure, but Cam's standing backup anyways.

Kai violently shrugs off Grey's hand as she continues to glare at the girl with the knife,"It's a free goddamn vote." the female ex-C grinds out, mostly for the trio, but with decided lack of volume control, she wants it very clear for anyone listening that she does not approve, has not sanctioned, and definitely doesn't condone the trio's behavior.. as if from her body language that wasn't clear already, and it seems she's quite content to stay there like a lion guarding it's kill to wait for the three to move off about their business.

Ariadne unfolds the lanky legs that she's had folded in front of her and stretches as she reaches for Shi's arm. "Wait up." She certainly takes her time moving closer to those gathered. She eyes the one with the knife warily and wraps an arm around Shi's shoulders. "Not yet. Haven't really made up my mind as yet."

Faced with two ex-Cs and several other angry folks, the trio of Delinquents back down, the young woman tucking away the knife but still glaring at Kai, Cameron, and Grey in particular. She grumbles, "No one said we're in charge. We're just makin' sure that the people votin' to kill us face the music too." Wiry snaps, "Who put you in charge, Captain Buzzkill?" Deflated shakes his head at Cole, "We are saving our anger for the Grounders." Ish.

"Yes, who did put you in charge?" Morgan asks as he stalks over to Grey and Kai. "Because I don't recall being asked about who should be able to use the guns during the fight. And I certainly wasn't asked what I was intending to be during while we were attacked. Yet some people think they get to decide that for me. And they are very, very wrong."

"Really?" Cole raises a brow. "Looks to me you're about two shades away from stabbing Kai with that knife." he observes from his perch. "You really think she was going to hurt you? Kill you? Or are you just so on edge that it might be you that's voted for said sacrifice? Think about it. Losing seven people makes us weaker when they do finally show up. And they will. Indra and all her friends are likely still going to attack anyways. Now I could be wrong, but I don't think I am in this case. But…here we are. Fighting between each other on who's going to do what. Just need to calm down a tick and not let our fear of this 'deal' get the better of us. Or we'll be doing the Grounders work for them." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, finishing off his water. "And I don't know about it, but I don't have much of a mind to make it easy on them."

Grey doesn't try to keep his hand on Kai's shoulder when she shrugs it off. "I don't think there's gonna be too many people lookin' to give up seven of us to buy a couple of days. And if they do want that, they're idiots." Morgan's complaint causes Grey to press the heel of his hand to his temple, "Can we deal with one stupid argument at a time?" That's probably just frustration speaking. And then he looks back to the trio of vote… influencers, "So. How many traitors," the air-quotes are audible, even if he doesn't make the gesture, "have you actually hassled? How many dark stones you seen?"

When the trio of vote-counting thugs step down, Cassandra steps up. She walks towards the group gathered around the voting piles at a leisurely pace, coming up behind Kai. "You know, you got some damn nerve, Captain Buzzkill," comes her droll voice. The bow that was slung over her shoulder has now flipped to be held in her hands, and there's an arrow between string and haft, although for the moment both are held very loosely, pointed downwards, and not directly threatening anyone. "I guess that's what happens when you're raised an entitled, privileged bitch. You think you and all your ex-C buddies are in charge down here? The rest of us ain't stupid. We know it's us you're going to be lining up to shove to the wolves, just like you did on the Ark before you got boxed yourself. But we don't kill our own down here. Anyone who votes for blood? They're the ones that gonna get bled. Or did you think you could intimidate all of us down here with your guns?" Her brow rises, and she glances down at her bow. See, I can shoot too. Now it's definitely a threat, if implicit.

"Cassandra, since when are you in charge? You don't get to decide anything. Least of all who goes if people vote that way. Which no one's doing. Kai isn't intimidating anyone, she's putting a stop to intimidation. Pay attention." Cameron shakes his head, and then turns and regards Morgan a moment, moving back a bit to stand by him, "Hmm? You don't want to be on medic duty?" he wonders.

"I'm not in charge." Kai growls,"But I'm sure as fuck not having you lot acting like you're on my goddamn orders, neither." the female ex-C is totally about placing herself between the trio and the voting table, visually cutting them off from that space. At least she seems to be bristling a little less, subsiding enough to shift her attention first to Cole, then to Morgan, but it's Cass who gets the lions share of it when she strolls up,"Oh so you're running for camp rep then.. good luck with that.. you're such a self-serving bitch you'd sacrifice your own fucking mother to them if it kept your ass alive one second longer."

"There haven't been any dark stones cast. You're welcome," shoots in the wiry Delinquent. But this is a whole other thing going on, with arrows nocked and implicit threats made, and so they start to get the heck out of Dodge, backing away quickly.

Morgan just glares a bit more at Grey's answers and then he's nodding at what Cassandra is saying. Yeah, that. Wait, what? Damn you for making him defend Grey, Cass. "Cass, he might be an asshole but they'd never vote to give the Grounders anyone."

"You going to do this now, Cass?" Cole still has yet to move. "Can we just settle the hell down and think exactly what's going on? We can have our little war once whether or not we're still alive. It's kind of pointless until then, yeah? I mean, unless we to start thinning our numbers for the Grounders before the fighting starts. Because that's smart."

Martin has been standing off to the side watching the events unfold with raises eyebrows and a look of mild annoyance, much like someone watching a bunch of elementary school kids yelling at one another. At Cassandra's comment, though, he shakes his head slowly and decides to stride forward. Producing a black rock, he tosses it into the bucket in front of everyone. "To make a point. I will go if this is what is decided. Still, by acting as you are, you are repeating the mistakes of the Ark. Grow up already. Let's vote and get this over with so we can focus on more important things." He then turns and heads back to where he was.

Grey steps forward this time when Cassandra speaks up, "Cass… don't be an idiot. Stone and me already said we'd volunteer if people voted for the sacrifice." He glances over to Morgan then, "There ain't no damned ex-C conspiracy." Shifting his attention back to Cassandra, he continues, "Or do you think I got raised an entitled, privileged bitch too? You remember back there," he points to just inside where the gate now stands, "where I promised I'd come after anyone who got taken? You think anything's changed that, you're damned crazy." He reaches one hand back to pat the barrel-shroud of the rifle carefully hanging at his back, "You want to get into the ex-Cs figurin' out how to pass out the rifles now? The people who actually know how to use 'em? 'Cause you sure as hell don't see me tryin' to tell the docs who to give medicine to."

"No one is in charge," says Cass, the anarchist, jutting her chin Cameron's way at his assertion that she's no leader. And heck, there's even the smug little beginnings of a smile on her face — Rebel Without a Cause is a look that suits her. Cole gets a deadpan glance before her gaze focuses back on Kai, though she addresses him all the same. "I thought you thought the execution of our own was fucking barbaric, Cole. I thought you didn't want us sliding down this slippery slope. But it's funny, I see a lot of you people thinking and saying things — and not a lot of you doing things." Her jaw clenches, teeth bared, and now she speaks to everybody. "Not one of you stood up for Mags Trentin. And now, you lot, you're not gonna stand up for the next seven corpses either, are you? You're just gonna moan about how sad it is but you don't really give a damn, you just want to look good." Her eyes dart towards Grey momentarily, and by the hint of doubt in her face, it's evident he makes a point that reaches her, even if she won't verbally admit it. Stubborn little thing. "And yeah, I would sacrifice my own fucking mother. But I won't sacrifice any of you. Even those of you playing hero, which is not to say I believe you." Her gaze narrows at Grey and Martin. "Restricting who gets the right to defend themselves and who doesn't? That's the first step. This is not the Ark."

Lark pauses a handful of moments. For lack of better description, she had been watching the unfolding drama with a careful eye. Careful, because anything right now could explode into something… much much more.

With a sniff, she draws her sleeve over her nose, and remains quiet for now - the techie readjusting the strap of her rifle on her shoulder. But her eyes kinda flicker over Cassandra as she gives her speech. Listening to what she was saying for the time being.

Morgan crosses his arms over his chest but takes a literal and symbolic step away from Cass. He's not going to fight about the guns while she's going way over the top.

"Cassandra, you're being an idiot. Not one of us has voted for the sacrifice, I think. According to them, no one has, so why is it you're getting all bent out of shape pretending there's some problem, is it you just want a reason to bitch? To try to sound self-righteous and smugly superior? You're not. At all. Besides, we're not sending seven people to die. It's not going to happen. But people are getting a chance to vote because no one is in charge. Isn't that what you want?" Cameron shakes his head and grunts, "And why would anyone stand up for a murderer?" And he steps back over with Morgan after that.

Kai nods in the direction of the wall,"Oh gee, you mean you haven't looked outside of the walls? Oh.. here's my fucking surprised face. Or what, you think that all the work out there magically happened by itself, huh? And you want to call me an entitled bitch. So if you wanna shoot me with that fucking thing, go ahead, I could use the goddamn break. In fact, aim high darling.. better than waiting for your unsafe, self-centered ass to 'accidentally' shoot me in the back."

Standing back from the fighting, Ariadne has her arm casually draped over Shi's shoulders while she watches the raucous around the voting with interest. She stand casually, even casually shifting the bow that's slung over her shoulder so that she has it in her hand, though it's just hanging there.

"Nice strawman argument, Cass." Cole sighs. "This is sort of a different situation, don't you think? We weren't promised an assault by a larger force. And yet, here we are. It's not about seven corpses, it's about everyone. The individual, they mean nothing if it's at the cost of the whole. That was my point then, and it's point now. It still is a slippery slope, yeah, but does the cost play in? I think keeping us all alive is better than us being at each other's throats. But hey, if you /want/ to start killing each other over morals while the Grounders are at the gates, be my guest."

"Not gonna stand up for the next seven corpses, Cass? Are you damned well kidding me? Have you heard a word that I've been sayin' around camp? I think voting to sacrifice our own for a few days of peace is about the stupidest goddamn thing ever. And I voted to fight, just to be clear." He gestures over to Cam, and then after the now-departed voter intimidators "And those idiots just said that they hadn't seen a single damn dark stone thrown." Until Martin's, of course, which Grey has been too caught up in arguing to notice. "And we're not restricting who can defend themselves either. We don't have enough rifles for the whole camp. I damned well wish we did. So someone's gotta decide who gets them. You think it shouldn't be the people who've shown they've got the best chance to shoot the enemy and not us?" He glances to Morgan then and turns back to Cass, adding, "Or who aren't likely to have a whole lot more important things to do?"

Shi tenses up and it becomes clear it is Ari that is keeping the tiny girl from going and saying or doing something silly. But for the moment those violet eyes simply narrow and watch the "conversation" as it happens. Is there a tiny fist balled? Oh maybe..

"Morgan's a murderer," Cass points out to Cameron, and the smug half-smile she was wearing turns into a grin she cracks Cameron's way. Vaguely, she points that bow up at the medic who recently saved her life, although there's no arrow nocked, and it's only a brief, emphatic gesture before it's lowered to the ground again. "Maybe I shoot him. No one has to stand up for him, right? For that matter, so are…" She pauses. "Grey, Max, Layla, Ari, Shi and Faolan, a bunch of whom I saw on the rifle list. And that's not even counting those of you who've killed Grounders, just those who've killed 'our own'." She looks around at those gathered and cocks an eyebrow. "So, let me get this straight… you all… except Marvin." And Martin gets a very familiar, droll look, the kind that says, Why do you always spoil my fun, Marvin? "Think sending seven of us to die is a bad idea… but you think it's a worse crime to tell people not to vote people dead than it is to actually vote people dead? Your priorities are way out of whack. If these three hadn't been standing guard, and people cast a bunch of dark stones and we kill seven people, that would be better just 'cause we did it with all due process?" She clicks her tongue. "Tchk. Arkers. And we think the Grounders are the real barbarians here."

"We still have yet to decide who goes. Hopefully there would be six other volunteers," Martin says to Cass. "At which point they have chosen to go in the hopes that it would improve things. Even though, it likely won't. All that is being voted on is whether to even consider the offer. We're not voting on who has to go. I would object to such a vote. It should be voluntary."

"That's my decision to make, not yours." Morgan tells Grey evenly, flicking a glance at Cass as she gestures toward him with the bow but otherwise ignoring her. "No one, especially not the Guard wannabes, get to make that for me. There are lots of others who know how to bandage a wound and won't be fighting and others who can do more than that, like Silver and Ariadne. If things get too bad, then I'll decide where I need to be. You don't get to tell me that and especially not without even discussing it with me. Whether it's with a gun, a bow or my fucking sword, I will be there."

Cameron shakes his head slowly, staring at Cassandra a long moment before he rolls his eyes, "You can not possibly be this dense. It has to be some kind of act." He lifts a finger, "First, Morgan got put in the box for his crime, and then got dumped down here and pardoned. He's paid for his crime. You so worried about standing up for someone, what about Evie? Didn't she deserve justice? Or, no, the only people that need standing up for is the people still alive, no matter what they do. There's no line we don't forgive for crossing." Then he shakes his head, holding up a second finger, "Second, honey, I didn't say its a 'worse crime'. Either we all vote, or someone decides unilaterally and they're now King. I don't want a King. So even if I'm certain this vote will go the white stone way,…" A dark look over at Martin, "…better that we decide together to reject the crazy bitches offer."

"And maybe I stick that fucking arrow up your ass feathers first." Kai growls at Cass,"One way or another, that army is coming. One way or another, people are going to die. Seven might actually be less than will die in the attack, there's no fucking way of knowing for sure. I know that I'd prefer to give people a chance to fight and survive. But that doesn't mean that people who feel that it's better for seven volunteers to step up are wrong. Either way.. people are going to fucking die. I say /fight/. But I also say let's pick a goddamn camp representative." the lean ex-C unfolds her arms,"Because all of them, all the one's I've asked, say they will listen to someone who represents us. We're going to fight a losing goddamn battle against an army far larger and better trained and armed than us if we do not find a diplomatic solution! And I say that Fiona is the one who has the best chance to get us that diplomatic solution!"

"To be fair, I never told anyone not to vote for that if that's what they wanted to do. And personally, I don't think there should be a vote at all, sending our own to die, for whatever the reason is dumb. If someone volunteers, that's on them. That's their choice." Cole lazily comments, finally standing up, setting his cup down. "Their choice. If it's stupid choice or not, to me, well that's up to them. If that's the hill they want to die on, best of luck."

Grey shrugs at Cassandra, "People want elections, they should be fair, shouldn't they? But no, I think anyone who votes to send 7 people to die for a couple of days is a whole lot stupider than those three," he jerks a thumb over his shoulder in the direction that the vote-influencers scuttled off in. And then he draws in a slow breath and looks over to Morgan, "There's what… forty, forty-five people in camp who have some training with the rifles now, and who are even slightly interested in using one? Maybe fifty? How many people even have a chance to stop someone bleedin' to death if they get a spurter?" How's that for a set-up line? "But at the same time, we only got twenty-four rifles. While you're fixin' people, who's gonna be usin' the rifle that you were carryin' before? You want to take away one twenty-fourth of our firepower while you're savin' someone's life? I'm glad you wanna be out there with us. I hope we don't need your sword, but if we do, I'll be real glad we've got it."

Tink was working on the solar panels in the tech tent, doing some maintenance when all hell brought out on the grounds. She had already slipped out of the tent and was standing there with crossed arms when folks were going back and forth with the girl that should not have any weapons at this point. She starts to look around to see where other people are standing, but doesn't say a word. Nope, Tink is pretty serious as she looks at Cassandra's angry arguments and others reactions around her.

"Evie's dead," Cassandra firmly reminds everyone. "Killing Mags didn't solve that. Corpses don't need standing up for. They need burying. Mags? You buried her while she was still walking. And we needed her." Raising her voice, she snarls loud and clear, "We need everyone. We can't afford to lose seven, even seven of our dumbest would-be heroes, but you all know that, so I don't know what you're fighting for. Bureaucracy? Don't got the time for that." At Kai's comment, the ex-Solitary-confined delinquent hand nocks the arrow into the bow. The string isn't drawn yet, and it isn't pointing at anyone, but it's at the ready. "I notice, Kai, you got more moxie in you fighting your own than you do fighting Grounders. I got kept off that list because I pointed a gun at Tuan kom Trikru, right? Because I take precautions on what might well be a trojan horse right after his people attacked us?"

In a more casual, less contentious voice, Cass then mentions, "I got a better idea than sending seven of our own to die, anyway. Third option."

Shi facepalms, really she reaches up and places her face in her hands at something being said and then takes a very deep breath as she opens her mouth, "The simply facts. Giving up 7 of us is stupid, we agree there, but seeing as having one person say that pisses off everyone, then we did it this way. A vote, a vote that people should be able to do without being threatened. Do I think we will vote to send people? No, but like others, if it happened, I'd step out there to save the others. And isn't that what this is all about? About us /all/ wanting to live, about /us/ having a life, a chance at something we didn't have up there? We need to stand together and stop this back and forth of the same things. If a chance we all live is there, then put them out there. Fiona's idea? Needs to be heard, if you have an idea Cass, just say it without knocking everyone else down with the hate speech before it.." Somehow the girl voice can be heard in the group of so many.

"Y'mean aside from the fact I actually did more damage to them than you did when they attacked, Cass? Or how about that again.. me and Cameron and Elias have been out there building a goddamn gauntlet for them to go through next time? Oh, no, I know.. how about the fact that I've been trying to convince our best injured shooters to be up on the nest next time and I'll be on the ground.." Kai's just getting started,"Or how about I've already volunteered to run the goddamn blockade to take an offer to Indra if the rest of you can actually work together and agree to let someone represent us? And let's see.. you ran and hid like a bitch during most of the fighting, I ain't seen you out helping build the defenses, you fucking flat-out refused to help be spotter to locate Sonia and put a goddamn bullet in her head and now you want to lecture /me/ about my willingness to fight? Like fucking seriously?" she can't help the sneer that crosses her face,"You're a weak, pathetic, self-serving coward and the only thing I trust you to do is betray everyone for your own ends." and it seems, with that, that Kai is done and prepared to pivot and stalk away.

Ariadne doesn't speak as Morgan bring her name up twice now, but if her gaze could shoot daggers then he would certainly be bleeding. She shakes her head and looks down at Shi as she speaks.

"Then I hand it off to someone else." Morgan answers, jerking his head at Cam. "Like Cam. That pistol of his uses different ammunition right? So he'll run out quick. Or anyone else who can use it. Doesn't matter who. What does matter is none of you get to decide that I'm not fighting. That's my call and only my call and if you have an opinion on the matter you damn well come talk to me about it."

Cameron stares at Cassandra a moment longer, and then he just laughs, "I'll remember that when someone finally kills you for threatening the wrong person, Cassandra. That your position is corpses don't need standing up for." And then he looks at Kai, and his expression says: I'd marry that girl, she's a lady after my own heart. Except of course Morgan. He looks back to Morgan and between him and Grey, "I know someone has to decide who gets the guns— there's not enough of them— and while I'm not terribly happy the Cadets pulled off that particular power play, okay, whatever, it is what it is. Time to move on. But he's got a point, Grey. No one should be deciding for anyone else what they do."

Still silent, Lark chews upon her lower lip. Letting her eyes track towards Cassandra a bit, she inclines her head to the woman if eyes should match briefly. Casting eyes up towards the sun, she pauses.

A breath out, and she draws herself up - tracking towards one of the tents that was hers. No doubt to find something left there.

"Only reason you asked me to be spotter is so you could have me out of the way. And if I'm going to be doing you that favour, I'm going to be doing it with a gun in my hands, not waiting to be floated at yours. Life's give and take, babe. I ain't nobody's bitch," comes Cassandra's retort to the retreating Kai. Despite having pointed her bow at Morgan very briefly moments ago (and really, just to make a point), there's a look of approval on her face now when he speaks, and from her expression, she looks to be actually listening to, and caring what he has to say. Cam's implication gets flat-out ignored, for the moment — she does have a bow in her hands, after all — but she looks at Shi, then at the others, and simply shrugs her eyebrows rather than voice that idea of hers. Girl knows when she's not being listened to. She does call out to the retreating, though. "What offer you planning to make to Indra? Or are you just going in blind without a clue? Fiona's not getting my vote for that, no matter how many Grounders she's pounding."

Grey gestures his agreement with Shi's comments, but Cass's rejoinder to Kai causes him to shake his head, "I'm pretty sure I suggested that job for you, Cass. 'Cause you know what Sonia looks like." Then he turns back to Morgan and gestures toward the walls, "Please, Morgan. Fight. Be one of the people on the wall. Help us chop down lines when they try to haul down the walls. Use your sword if they get close. Great. But we got limited rifles." He looks to Cameron then, "And they were handed to us by the folks who brought 'em in 'cause… I don't know, we actually knew how to make 'em usable when they were coated in that grease. Resources get handed out by folks who know how to use it, right?" Shaking his head, he continues, "And now…" He unslings his own rifle, "I'm gonna go hand this over to someone goin' up to the wall to watch, and I'm gonna learn how to fight better myself." Despite the wounds on his side and back and forearm. "'Cause I know we're gonna need everyone." And then he bends down with a hiss of pain to scoop up his armored jacket, and starts to move off toward the dropship.

"Not up to me, dumbass, I'm not in charge!" Kai cheerfully utters for Cassandra with a mockingly jaunty little salute and prowls off in the direction of the wall.

Shi leans against Ari's side but those eyes stay on Cass and she tilts her head to the side, "The offer stands Cass, we need all the ideas we can get. If you don't want to vote for Fiona, fine, but come at it from the other side and offer up your idea. For what it is worth, I'd listen…" She then glances towards Grey and eyes the sky a moment, "But you know where my tent is, if you want to talk to me about it. But it's about time I try and see if I can keep my pale ass out of the dirt.." She nods about the training and glances towards Ari, "Coming?"

"Handed to you to clean not own." Morgan retorts. "But you have a habit of just doing whatever the hell you want without bothering to talk to anyone despite your big talk about everyone having a say." Shooting a glare at Grey's back, he turns and heads back to his tent. He has a sword to sharpen.

With that, Cam goes to follow Morgan and help him… sharpen his sword.

Grey doesn't respond verbally to Morgan's words on his way to the dropship, just gestures with one arm to the voting container as he passes it.

With a nod of the head Ariadne says to Shi, "I'll catch up. Go on without me." She moves to follow Morgan with a bit of a sigh. She calls after him, "Hey, wait up."

Cole shakes his head. "Spit it out." he says pointedly at Cass. He looks like he's going to train as well, but he'll at least wait to see what she has to say about this whole third option thing.

With most of the more threatening presences retreating, Cass draws that arrow back away from the haft and slings it over her shoulder. She starts walking towards the voting piles, meaning to count them herself now that… someone's thugs have disappeared, but then Cole speaks up and she stops, raising an eyebrow his way. She glances around to see if anyone else is listening, then shrugs. "You know why the Grounders are helping us?" she calls towards him, canting her bandaged head. A wince follows in her swollen eyes, and she pauses, raising a hand to the back of it to take a moment. "'Cause they know we're not responsible. Juice Train Juice Town." She means Jus Drein Jus Daun, or Blood Must Have Blood. "They want the blood of those who are. And they want proof. Better idea than giving in to Sonia's demands, we give her what she actually wants — we promise proof and the blood of those actually responsible. We promise to deliver seven sacrifices, from the Ark, once it comes down." She pauses, sending a quick look around to make sure there aren't any Grounders nearby, and to be double sure, moves to approach him by the Dropship so she needn't shout across and risk being overheard.

"No one's saying we actually have to do it once they do come down. The promise buys us time. When the Ark's down again with guns, we figure out how to move forward again, and if they got seven low-lifes they want to trade, or if we have the manpower now to take Sonia's army on." A pause, and Cass adds, "We give up seven now, even seven volunteers, and we won't survive to see the Ark come down anyway. You know that. And if we don't give up seven, well, at least that many die when Sonia comes knocking on our gates." She flashes the wall-building techie a small grin then. "Sorry. Your gates."

Tink is still standing there, outside of the tech tent, not saying a damn word to Cass or anyone else.

"You really think Sonia would by that kind of deal? Not with the hard-on she currently? She's wants skaikru blood, but I don't think she's exactly picky where it comes from." Cole replies, listening, looking only slightly dubious. "I'm not saying it's a /bad/ idea, what I'm saying is more like….I don't know if there's any kind of negotiation with them. They already came at us once, and while I'm confident we can drive off fifty or so…" there's a little shrug. "But let's say the Ark does come down and they figure that out. Who's to stop them from taking their full measure of seven hundred people dying from the Ark. And let's put aside our collective hate for the Council. Seven hundred regular average Joes and Janes. But let's ignore that fact for the moment. It'd still be seven people. Unless you can round up all the Council members to…" he thinks some more, and listens when she points out not actually giving over that many people. "So you want, Sonia to, what? Take us at our word that we'll give them proof? Why would they even believe anything we have to say? Need to give them something worthwhile to make them even listen."

Martin is also standing and watching events play out. As people head off, he watches them go, somewhat happy his actions didn't cause a bigger splash than they did.

"Burn that bridge when we get to it," says Cass. She hitches her shoulder in a shrug. "Like I said, we don't have to give up our own. Even if she ends up asking for seven hundred, we'll have a lot more weapons and people — no offence —" The techie gets a pointed look. "Who really know what they're doing when it comes to engineering, can build bombs, set up traps, and all that shit. The whole of Mecha Station. Worst case scenario? The Ark crashes and burns, and by then we'll have bought more time." She starts to turn away. Now that she's just talking to Cole and not fighting the ex-Cs, her tone is more laid-back, less passionate and argumentative. "I reckon I can convince Sonia. I reckon she'll take the deal if someone like me instead of someone like Fiona Goody-Two-Shoes or Captain Buzzkill talks her into it. Because I can promise her better blood than a bunch of scrawny, harmless and already injured kids —" pointedly, she spreads out her flimsy arms. "And instead say we give them the blood of our leaders, the people who sent us down here. You may all think I'm a ruthless bitch, but I'm a practical ruthless bitch. This is a practical offer to make. The practical way to keep to it, we can see to later."

"So you'd sacrifice my parents…or maybe other people's parents?" Tink finally speaks up as she takes a step away from where she was watching the whole thing, "My dad's one of the lead engineers up there…Alpha station. You'd sacrifice him? A man who's never done anything more than devote his life to trying to keep the Ark afloat?" She starts walking over and the little pixie isn't at all happy about Cassandra's idea.

"Thanks. And fuck you too." Cole says flatly when the comment about his skill as an engineer comes into question. Don't press that button, because he's been in a much better mood this past week. Don't need the old Cole coming back. "You're presuming a lot, Cass." he warns slowly. "To be fair, I don't think you're anything, really. I don't give labels. Again, I don't think it's bad idea, but you're betting a lot on what you /think/ you can pull off. And it's a very large risk that she just won't kill you outright." There's a look over at Tink. Then a shrug. "Some would call it practical, other might just say it's leaving someone holding the bag. Then again…." There was something on his mind. "Nah, not important."

"You ain't been listening, if you think that's what I'm saying." Cassie turns towards Tink as the pixie approaches, and her tone is exasperated. "We only got to convince them that's what we're willing to do. Apparently, I can convince you of that without even trying. Even when I'm trying to convince you of the opposite." She doesn't unsling her bow again, but she does take a marked step back so that she can now face both Cole and think head on. Just in case. "It's either that, or we sacrifice seven of our own. An ante-upping counter-offer buys us time. Or we could just, you know, die. And since no one's giving me a gun, I'll be bailing camp long before that." Cole's 'fuck you too' doesn't get so much as a batted eyelash from Cass, but she does send him a vaguely curious glance when he says he doesn't give labels. One might even read a silent thanks in her brown eyes.

"You made me get sick of the sound of my own voice for this long and now you're clamping up?" the bandaged girl challenges the techie. "Spit it out."

"No…you'd make a promise that you have no intention of keeping. What I'm saying is…words have meaning. If they don't then someone else might step in and try to give them meaning. Giving her a bald face lie or worse…setting up some Arkers to hold the bag isn't going to help achieve what we're trying to do long term…which is live here." She bites her bottom lip, and glances at Cole to see if he wants to say anything else. She's not really good at this…confronting folks but she did want to make that point.

"It's not important because it's a minor issue that will probably not play or factor much into anything." Cole replies, thoughtful. "Just something that's been on my mind about the dropship. And I don't exactly have the time or energy to really ruminate or theorize about it. There's just something…'off' about it. The way it fell out of the sky. Anyways, like I said, in the long, not important. "Bailing won't help you much." he then remarks. "Fact is, you can either die here or out there, it won't make much of difference, unless you really that you at least die on your own terms. I wasn't allowed a gun either, you'll know. But, maybe that means something to some people. Then again, if I bail, I already have a place set up in mind." A shrug goes along with that, as if this was a situation he's been expecting to happen for some time. "If you think that this idea of yours has merit, then do it. I can't exactly stop you and I wouldn't try anyways. It's your choice. And in the end, the only thing that matter is we accept the consequences of them. If we don't, then…" he doesn't finish, but he figures the other two can puzzle that one out.

Cassandra raises an eyebrow at Cole's words on the second Exodus Ship, but since she's not a techie, she has little to say about it. So she listens, puts on a thoughtful expression, and pretends to be coming up with her own opinions. "If no one else is on board, making the offer on my own won't help," she submits, and gives Tink in particular a hapless shrug. "Said my piece. You get any better ideas, you let me know. Or let Kai or Fiona or one of the ex-Cs or Cole know. Not like I have any influence around here." Though she's slow to move, she starts to walk back away to Asher's over-sized tent. Maybe now she can get some rest.

Tink shoves her hands in her pants and nods, "Yeah sure…" She doesn't have any heat directed to Cassandra, now that she made her point, she settles down and looks at her retreating back, "And for what it's worth…standing up for what you believe isn't a bad thing…respect for that." She turns to Cole with a quirky smile, "Hey…I finished with the solar cell maintenance. You need anything?"

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